Sunday 31 July 2022

Special, Sunday 31 Jul 2022, Ajji

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
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The Sunday Crossword No 3213, Sunday 31 Jul 2022

1   Monsoon, so golf's abandoned: here's a good book! (4,2,7) SONG OF SOLOMON*
8   Shy actors (4) CAST [DD]
9   Edifies the vacuous English knight in need of reform (10) ENLIGHTENS {ThE+ENGLISH+N}* 
10 Largely superficial on-screen device (6) CURSOR CURSORy
11 Feline coils wool (he's known for playing) (3,5) TOM HANKS {TOM}{HANKS}
12 Everyman's retreated inside, mean Northern heavyweight wanting a game (9) BADMINTON {I'M<=} in {BAD}{N}{TON} What's the role of 'wanting a'?
14 Judge issued punishment verbally (4) FIND (~fined)
15 What's found in some sausages? (4) SAGE [T] Semi&lit
16 Bringing off the boil, begin clam stews (9) BECALMING*
20 Hearty piece of steak and drinks (8) CORDIALS {CORDIAL}{St..k}
21 Back-to-front Italian headgear worn by one in Gauguin's subject (6) TAHITI {IT}{1}{HAT}<=
23 Playing Castle (card game) (4-6) CATS-CRADLE {CASTLE+CARD}*
24 Perhaps Murdoch's integral to Blairism? (4) IRIS [T]
25 Honest type dated cameraman (6,7) SQUARE SHOOTER [DD]

1   Implement argument over university city in California (7) SPATULA {SPAT}{U}{LA}
2   Jottings offering twisted attack (5) NOTES<=
3   Exceed a single in cricket after six balls (7) OVERRUN {RUN}<=>{OVER}
4   Cracks up and leaves a ship on 15th March? (6,4,5) SPLITS ONES SIDES {SPLITS}{ONE}{SS}{IDES}
5   Fleshy tissue and starter of escargots with the French bean (6) LEGUME {GUM}{Es...s}<=>{LE}
6   Losing time, ultimatums resolved, needing interdependence (9) MUTUALISM ULtIMATUMS*
7   Rector leaving, no drinks drunk, not slipping about (3-4) NON-SKID {NO+DrINKS}*
13 Converted Siam dough in Indian Ocean port (9) MOGADISHU*
15 Mottos without ... without function (7) SLOGANS {S{LOG}ANS}
17 Initially, arty Roaring Twenties design embracing chrome ornamentation! (3,4) ART DECO Acrostic &lit
18 Better-dressed nephew (not primarily shabbier) (7) NATTIER {N}{tATTIER} N/Nephew?
19 More above board with fewer clouds seen (6) FAIRER [DD]
22 One lacking faith not at bank job (5) HEIST atHEIST

Reference List
English = E, Knight = N, Northern = N, Italian = IT, University = U, Ship = SS, 15th of March = IDES, The in French = LE, Time = T, Rector = R

Saturday 30 July 2022

No 13622, Saturday 30 Jul 2022, Dreamer


8   Scold a boring group of stars (6) VIRAGO {VIR{A}GO}
9   Unrealistic nationalist movement by the travelling people (8) ROMANTIC {TIC}<=>{ROMAN} I thought travelling people are ROMANI? (Addendum - {N}{TIC}<=>{ROMA} - See comments)
10 Ace setter surprisingly avoids latest in crosswords and the like (2,6) ET CETERA {AcE+SETTER}* (Correction - {ACE+sETTER}* - See comments)
11 Unknown vehicle introduced in books is a vehicle pulled by animals, say (6) OXCART {X}{CAR} in {OT}
12 Possibly refer to parking zone that charges no tax on goods, for example (4,4) FREE PORT {REFER+TO+P}*
13 Centre for Biotechnology, Cuba developed soft cover used on the wheel of a vehicle (6) HUBCAP {b...cHn...y}{CUBA*}{P}
14 Order from workroom and atelier (7) MANDATE [T]
17 It makes the eyes smart with a great sulphur compound (4,3) TEAR GAS {A+GREAT+S}*
20 Is petitioner a legal entity that sells securities? (6) ISSUER {IS}{SUER}
22 Pennsylvania politician Henry gave permission to make brochure (8) PAMPHLET {PA}{MP}{H}{LET}
25 Swimmer reviewed system with automated computer program (6) TURBOT {RUT<=}{BOT}
26 Careless Curie in isolation (8) SOLITUDE  SOLIciTUDE
27 Model I hit is essentially consuming an Italian dessert (8) TIRAMISU {T}{I}{RAM}{IS}{c..sUm..g}
28 Angry son punched, biting face of Robert Bailey in the end (6) SHIRTY {S}{HI{Ro...t}T}{b...eY}


1   British queen and Roman goddess (8) VICTORIA [DD]
2   Prepared note in cell (6) GAMETE {GAME}{TE}
3   Do without minimum of food at a US state, for the most part (6) FOREGO {Food}{OREGOn}
4   Hint about depth and width (7) BREADTH {BREA{D}TH}
5   Vessel mainly transports controversial energy drink (8) SMOOTHIE {S{MOOT}HIp}{E}
6   Rob keeps a piece of nougat and cake in buffet (5,3) SNACK BAR {S{N}ACK}{BAR}
7   I make a mistake in South American mountain range (6) SIERRA {S{I}ERR}A}
15 Tattoo of stupid European crossing river with a bar (8) DRUMBEAT {D{R}UMB}{E}{A}{T}
16 Run away from ultrathin building, deserting husband (4,4) TURN TAIL ULTRAThIN*
18 An English company framing director Lawrence's sketch (8) ANECDOTE {AN}{E}{C{D}O}{TE}
19 Without using recipe, ultimately prepared some soup for marsupial (7) OPOSSUM {SOMe+SOUP}*
21 Brainless princess deposits after retirement (6) STUPID {DI}{PUTS}<=
23 Attack secret agent and saint (6) MOLEST {MOLE}{ST}
24 Old Trafford primarily entertained by Mane's empty talk (3,3) HOT AIR {H{O}{T}AIR}

Reference List

Movement = TIC, Unknown = X, Books = OT, Parking = P, Soft = P, Petitioner = SUER, Politician = MP, Henry = H, System = RUT, Curie = CI,  Model = T, Son = S
Prepared = GAME, Note = TE, Hint = BREATH, Depth = D, Controversial = MOOT, Energy = E, Rob = SACK, Cake = BAR, Make a mistake = ERR, South American = SA, European = E, River = R, Bar = T, Husband = H, English = E, Company = CO, Director = D, Princess = DI, Secret agent = MOLE, Saint = ST, Mane = HAIR

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Reference list wordAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 29 July 2022

No 13621, Friday 29 Jul 2022, Hypatia


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

9   Track him struggling with a host of characters in Indian comics (4,6,5) AMAR CHITRA KATHA {TRACK+HIM} Letter Bank
10 Hysterical members ER keeps shackled (7) BERSERK [T]
11 One safeguarding kisser from rough chaps! (3-4) LIP-BALM [CD]
12 Easy-going supporter, per Rev., is a person like you (6,3) FELLOW MAN (~mellow fan to fellow man) 
14 Party vessel contains American breakfast items for Chennaiites (5) DOSAS {DO}{S{A}S}
17 Mature crowd laid-back about defeat (7) BLOSSOM {B{LOSS}OM<=}
19 Sportsman permitted to wear two articles (7) ATHLETE {A}{TH{LET}E}
21 Episode in first lady's book (5) EVENT {EVE}{NT}
23 Crawling quietly a spider swallows a fly (9) DISSAPEAR {P+A+SPIDER}* over {A}
25 Bet soft drink's returned to bar (7) PREDICT {P}{CIDER<=}{T}
27 Healthy way of cooking problem animal (7) OPOSSUM {OPOS}{SUM}
30 Largest in geometrical shapes (6,9) OBTUSE TRIANGLES {LARGEST+IN}* [RA]
1   Insult local boy (4) BARB {BAR}{B}
2   Shock in husband's voice (4) HAIR {H}{AIR}
3   Grades student chosen randomly after start of exams (8) ECHELONS {L+CHOSEN}*<=>{Ex..s}
4   State of Kardashian, perhaps unwell in broadcast earlier (6) SIKKIM {KIM}<=>{SIK(~sick)}
5   Indian address vacant with acting Bishop leaving for neighbouring country (3,5) SRI LANKA {SRI}{bLANK}{A}
6   Pesky daughter abroad called on VOIP (6) SKYPED {PESKY+D}*
7   Finally Amma bought thamaidflour to make chappatis (4) ATTA Tail Acrostic
8   Kind of hot (4) WARM [DD]
12 Note line going through Engineer's legend (5) FABLE {FA}{B{L}E}
13 Forget to keep nothing free (5) LOOSE {LO{0}SE}
15 Attack Japanese geisha houses in revolution (5) SIEGE [T<=]
16 Basically speak wilfully expressing abusive remarks (5) SWEAR Acrostic &lit
18 Think of couple embracing change (8) MEDITATE {M{EDIT}ATE}
20 It's necessary to remain balanced in trendy hangout (3,5) HIP JOINT {HIP}{JOINT}
22 Long shirt crumpled after time (6) THIRST {SHIRT}*<=>{T}
24 Heavy idols fixed over top of temple (6) STOLID {IDOLS*} over {Te...e}
25 Frequently pulold stump (4) PLOD {PuLl+OlD}
26 Consumes beef, pork etc. covering head (4) EATS mEATS
28 Only uniform (4) SOLE [DD]
29 Start to socialize in boring network (4) MESH {ME{So...e}H}

Reference List
Party = DO, Vessel = SS, American = A, Book = NT(New Testament), Quietly = P, Soft = P, Bar = T, Healthy way of cooking = OPOS(OnePot One Shot), Local = BAR, Boy = B, Husband = H, Student = L, Acting = A, Bishop = B, Daughter = D, Note = FA, Line = L, Engineer = BE, Time = T, Boring = MEH

Thursday 28 July 2022

No 13620, Thursday 28 Jul 2022, Karaoke

Solution to 9A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

9   Moneylender without initial capital remains loose (7) U?L?A?H (Addendum - UNLEASH {UNcLE}{ASH} - See comments)
10 Cryptic clue form occasionally with comma in the end causes problem to the eye (7) LEUCOMA {CLUE*}{fOrM}{c..mA}
11 Fruit mostly eaten by the great ape (5) ORANG ORANGe
12 Check for errors in the evidence and interpret (9) PROOFREAD {PROOF}{READ}
13 Suitable for occupation by mostly intern ladies in a mess (11) RESIDENTIAL {INTERn+LADIES}*
16 Able-bodied incognito did no job essentially at sea (2,4,9) IN GOOD CONDITION {INCOGNITO+DID+NO+jOb}*
18 Narcissistic damselfish? (4-7) SELF-CENTRED How do we classify this clue?  Definition by example. See comments.
22 Puzzled lots (4,2,3) LOST AT SEA {LOTS}* [RA]
24 Silly soldiers chase some booze (5) BARMY {ARMY}<=>{Bo..e}
25 Capital's appearance influenced by rich islands (7) NAIROBI {N{AIR}OB}{I}
26 Left-over uniform, clean up (7) UNEATEN {U}{NEATEN}

1   Sudoku solved without you? Say congratulations! (5) KUDOS SUDOKu*
2   50 in bill for fish (5) BLEAK {B{L}EAK}
3   Go off with anorak for boomer (8) KANGAROO {GO+ANORAK}*
4   Thrash women at work consuming heroin (4) WHOP {W}{H}{OP}
5   Pablo odd on ordering sandwiches for the life-giver (5,5) BLOOD DONOR [T]
6   Miss India cake (6) MUFFIN {MUFF}{IN}
7   Producing hit movies? Doctor sometimes does this (4,5) HOME VISIT*
8   It slices vegetables, powders almond at home (8) MANDOLIN {ALMOND*}{IN}
14 Player's double fault (6-4) SECOND-SLIP {SECOND}{SLIP} Second slip is a position and not a player per-se. See comments.
15 Agile cast played without laughing (9) AGELASTIC*
16 Mainly vodka is missing on the rocks? How rude! (8) INSOLENT INSOLvENT
17 Thankful truly to accommodate bishop and knight finally (8) INDEBTED {INDE{B}{k...hT}ED}
19 Waxwork done with this from cosmic ray only (6) CRAYON [T]
20 White House initially arrested spy for fury (5) WRATH {W}{RAT}{Ho..e}
21 First of all, have you ever noticed an animal that laughs? (5) HYENA Acrostic
23 Tree's branch hides nut essentially (4) ARUM {AR{nUt}M}

Reference List
Rich = NOB, Islands = I, Uniform = U, 50 = L, Women = W, Heroin = H, India = IN, Bishop = B, White = W, Spy = RAT

Wednesday 27 July 2022

No 13619, Wednesday 27 Jul 2022, Gussalufz

Solution to 8D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Weakness of visiting holy man: crowns from the east (4,4) SOFT SPOT {S{OF}T}{TOPS<=}
5   Jars as footwear worn by husband! (6) SHOCKS {S{H}OCKS}
9   Bun turns out lacking in taste in the middle, not overcooked (7) UNBURNT {BUN+TURNs}*
10 Exercise somehow meant to be a way to address an issue, perhaps? (3,4) PET NAME {PE}{MEANT*}
11 Cell components — X and Y, say — working to replace lost energy (5) AXONS AX(-e+on)ONS
12 I'll go and play specialised organ (3,5) OIL GLAND*
13 Lemurs find Rishikesh accommodating (6) INDRIS [T]
14 Centre for coaling drowned by changing climate: irony! (8) METALLIC {coaLing} in {CLIMATE}*
18 Faith's violent origin involving the Spanish (8) RELIGION {R{EL}IGION*}
20 End of review of integration (6) TARGET [DD] [T<=] - See comments 
23 A bit dark to change sides — something of this sort leaves a bad taste in one's mouth (8) BRACKISH B(-l+r)RACKISH
25 Frequently suppressed daily buzzer, ultimately intruding in the morning (5) ALARM {dAiLy}{A{b...eR}M} &lit
27 Tantalisingly, cup's hanging, with one over to go — so near! (7) UPCLOSE {CUP*}{LOoSE}
28 Quiet, more aloof king is absorbed and more difficult to please (7) PICKIER {P}{IC{K}IER}
29 Order of pomfret likely getting returned (6) KILTER [T<=]
30 Everything sickly green is a harmful substance (8) ALLERGEN {ALL}{GREEN*}

1   With queen and king cornered, easier to get beaten at a higher frequency (9) SQUEAKIER {QU} and {K} in {EASIER*}
2   Story on upwardly mobile French luxury fashion house's growth (7) FIBROID {FIB}{DIOR<=}
3   Exaggerating and extravagant sister's no good! (9) STRESSING {SISTERS+N+G}*
4   Duty of coach to rookie getting regularly benched (6) OCTROI {cOaCh+To+RoOkIe}
 Here, you can pay to sleep with attractive male (50% off under recession!) (5) HOTEL {HOT}{maLE<=}
7   Tea and news? English lady's start is sound! (7) CHANNEL {CHA}{NN}{En...h}{Lady}
8   Throw out recycled benches (4) S?E? (Addendum - SPEW (+s)SPEW(-s) - See comments) 
10 Signs of life plus evolution around the outskirts of space (6) PULSES {PUL{SpacE}S*}
15 Awful anal ache after sustaining very big fall (9) AVALANCHE {ANAL+ACHE}* over {V}
16 A tarmac bombed by a navy craft (9) CATAMARAN {A+TARMAC}*{A}{N}
17 Check source of priority-zero bugs (6) POLICE {Pr...y}{0}{LICE}
19 Poetic, semi-historical films from last year shown at the opening (7) LYRICAL {histoRICAL}<=>{Last}{Year}
21 Government primarily levelling status of cows, perhaps (7) GRAZING {Go...t}{RAZING}
22 Religious site or place set over hill's peak (6) CHAPEL {C{Hill}APEL*}
24 Suffocate dissenter, essentially under extremely cartoonish fine (5) CHOKE {dissEnter}<=>{Ca...sH}{OK}
26 Trash truck at last, after nearly a month! (4) JUNK {t..cK}<=>{JUNe}

Reference List
Holy man = ST, Husband = H, Exercise = PE, Energy = E, The in Spanish = EL, Over = O, Quiet = P, King = K, Queen = QU, No = N, Good = G, Attractive = HOT, New = N, English = E, Navy = N

Tuesday 26 July 2022

No 13618, Tuesday 26 Jul 2022, Avtaar

Solution to 10A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   A North American follows transport going the wrong way for about 8-9 miles in India (6) YOJANA {A}{NA}<=>{JOY<=}
5   Senator bust drug ring (8) RESONATE {SENATOR}*{E}
9   Checked out tips from Warne on South African fast bowler dismissing Indian openers in Transvaal ODI (4,4) WENT INTO {WarnE}{NTINi}{Tr...l}{Odi
10 Spooner's greeting musicians in person (2,4) BH?N?  
11 Avtaar is retained by unchanged team — gets gold in doubles (7,5) SIAMESE TWINS {S{I}AME}{SET}{WINS}
13 At sea, foreman's browsing every now and then (4) BOSN {BrOwSiNg}
14 Africans take action against arresting Europeans (8) SUDANESE {SU{DANES}E}
17 Rock salt and silver mass on a mineral deposit in a cave (8) STALAGMA {SALT*}{AG}{M}{A}
18 Wiki announcement featuring retired soldier from India (4) NAIK [T<=]
20 Doctor periodically comes out with a dream in historical production (7,5) COSTUME DRAMA {CoMeS+OUT+A+DREAM}*
23 Writer Tony gets excited after British library's inauguration (6) BLYTON {TONY}*<=>{Br...h}{Li...y}
24 Meteors spinning around Earth?? (8) EROTEMES {METEORS}* over {E} 
25 Those coming in are mostly with the Opposition (8) ARRIVALS {ARe}{RIVALS}
26 Long, loose T-shirt (6) THIRST*

2   One complex sheltering ten animals (4) OXEN {O{X}EN*}
3   Broadcast a show's launch with nail art of skilled craftsmen (9)  ARTISANAL {A+Show+NAIL+ART}*
4   Princess with a liberal temper (6) ANNEAL {ANNE}{A}{L}
5   Ordered trimmed hilsa and fried special chicken (5,6,4) RHODE ISLAND REDS {ORDERED+HILSa+AND}*{S}
6   Capsized vehicle on incline close to trees is situated immediately below (8) SUBTENDS {BUS<=}{TEND}{t..eS}
7   Picked up specialised skill? Not at all! (5) NOHOW (~know how)
8   Net broken by soldiers in occupation (10) TENANTSHIP {NET*}{ANTS}{HIP}
12 Criminal vagrant beheaded supervisor (10) CONTROLLER {CON}{sTROLLER}
15 Gran, Pop and I vacated village standing in a tall mountain (5,4) NANDA DEVI {NAN}{DAD}{I} over {Vi...gE<=}
16 Arab overcome by, say, a form of narcissism (8) EGOMANIA {OMANI} in {EG}{A}
19 Robber's lawyer rejected fine before openings in initial trial (6) DAKOIT {DA}{OK<=}{In...l}{Tr..l}
21 Basil from India carries bone for large Bantu tribesman (5) TUTSI TU(-l+t)TSI
22 John changed numbers frequently (4) MENS {NuMbErS}*

Reference List
Drug = E, Indian = I, Mass = M, Earth = E, Special = S, In = HIP, Say = EG, Lawyer = DA, Bone = T, Large = L

Monday 25 July 2022

No 13617, Monday 25 Jul 2022, Bruno

Solution to 1A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   A dry time in NY? Correct (6) A?T?S? (Addendum - ATTEST {A}{TT}{EST} - See comments))
4   Is love and sleep, on reflection, one of few similar things, chemically? (6) ISOMER {IS}{0}{REM<=}
8   Music broadcaster's explosive display of love, hugs and kisses backfired (7) BOOMBOX {BOOM}B{O}{X} Anno for B not clear (Addendum - {BO{O}MB}{XO<=} - See comments)
9   Second criminal agent captured with electric device (7) MAGNETO {M{AGENT*}O}
11 Lonely champ lost, quietly left, sad (10) MELANCHOLY {LONELY+CHAMp}*
12 1001 staff? (4) MACE {M}{ACE}
13 Spicy herb these days infected by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (5) CHIVE {C{HIV}E}
14 Plant's bitterness starting to cool off when infused with head of garlic (8) AGRIMONY A(-c+g)GRIMONY
16 Discontinue publicity or fashion magazine will lose headline (8) PROROGUE {PR}{OR}{vOGUE}
18 Herb is in a corner (5) ANISE {A}{N{IS}E}
20 Bean and lime oddly make a medicine (4) BALM {BeAn+LiMe}*
21 After heart of seeds was taken out peony nearly withered as a plant (5,5) PENNY ROYAL {PeONY+NEARLY}*
23 Respect short gangster and military man (7) ADMIRAL {ADMIRe}{AL}
24 Section of turmerica raw Ayurvedic herb (7) CARAWAY [T]
25 Communist arrested worker that complained (6) RANTED {R{ANT}ED}
26 Soldiers get tax break (6) RECESS {RE}{CESS}

1   Rose with a problem reinforced with base of bark (5) AWOKE {A}{WO{barK}E}
2   Setter's overcome by joint pain, played drums (7) TIMPANI {T}{I'M}{PAIN*}
3   Dish made from whiskey, say's good (6,3) SCOTCH EGG {SCOTCH}{EG}{G}
5   Supreme Court's first adjudication online's alarming (5) SCARY {SC}{Ad...n}{RY}
6   Smallest dress on parent (7) MINIMUM {MINI}{MUM}
7   Erect nice building with modesty (9) RETICENCE*
10 Source of protein from a bone stays labile after a bone breaks off (4,5) SOYA BEANS {A+BONE+StAYS}*
13 Herb or rice curry with stuffing (9) CORIANDER {OR+RICE}* over {AND}
15 Accountant left academy suddenly after record was prepared in advance (5-4) READY-MADE {AcaDEMY}*<=>{READ}
17 Plant mainly indoors — over/under incline (7) RAMPION {I{O}N}<=>{RAMP} (Correction - {In...s}{ON}<=>{RAMP} - See comments)
19 First person to complain about working back in the past? (4,3) IRON AGE {I}{R{ON}AGE}
21 Flight to Nepal crashed (5) PLANE*
22 Gather confession of setter's stupidity (5) AMASS {AM ASS}

Reference List
Dry = TT(Teetotaller), Time in NY = EST(Eastern Standard Time), Second = MO, Quietly = P, 1000 = M, 1 = ACE, These days = CE, Corner = E(East), Gangster = AL(Capone), Soldiers = RE(Royal Engineers), Joint = T, Good = G, Line = RY(Railway), Bone = T 

Sunday 24 July 2022

Special, Sunday 24 Jul 2022, Driver

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3212, Sunday 24 Jul 2022

1   Nutritious and well done (4,3,3) GOOD FOR YOU [DD]
6   Idolised bird in Sinai, primarily? (4) IBIS Acrostic 
9   Acquire habit of roly-poly pudding containing date, say (3,7) GET DRESSED {DESSER{D}T}{EG}<=
10 A drink then, Father (4) SODA {SO}{DA}
12 Fifty soldiers involved in transport ordinance (11) LEGISLATION {L}{E{GI'S}LATION}
15 Runs at what may be run up? (7) CHARGES [DD]
16 Ultimate challenge: getting First Lady to have a siesta? (7) EVEREST {EVE}{REST}
17 Went round half of Oxford eating snack (7) ORBITED {oxfOR{BITE}D}
19 Artist's image with donkey and duck (7) PICASSO {PIC}{ASS}{0}
20 Urged fiscal reforms: awful (11) DISGRACEFUL*
23 Removing head from French sculptor's Supreme God (4) ODIN rODIN
24 Playing viol in tunic, not keeping time, in arrangement for two (5,5) CIVIL UNION {VIOL+IN+tUNIC}*
25 Write your name on board outside pub (4) SIGN [DD]
26 Some champers is (tentatively) endless (10) PERSISTENT [T]

1   Coaches and horses: Everyman's aboard! (4) GIGS {G{I}GS}
2   German lad in bellbottoms (4) OTTO [T]
3   They're incendiary crusaders for truth, says Spooner (12) FIRELIGHTERS (~liar fighters to firelighters)
4   Ingress winding with steps down (7) RESIGNS*
5   Run obtained by England's opener twice after at least 12 balls (7) OVERSEE {E}{E}<=>{OVERS}
7   'Like the rainforest?' 'Baking: I've disrobed abruptly' (10) BIODIVERSE {IVE+DISROBEd}*
8   Male people in unwholesome condition (10) STAGNATION {STAG}{NATION}
11 Lower Court as represented in paintings (12) WATERCOLOURS*
13 Agree what must be positive or negative is folk instrumentation (10)  ACCORDIONS {ACCORD}{IONS}
14 Strongly criticising meat with a pungent taste (10) LAMBASTING {LAMB}{A}{STING}
18 Degenerate duke to lie back, topless (7) DECLINE {D}{rECLINE}
19 Mostly wheezy Southern seabirds (7) PUFFINS {PUFFINg}{S}
21 Conceal monstrous alter ego on the radio (4) HIDE (~hyde)
22 Insect with acerbic taste brought up (4) GNAT<=

Reference List
Date = D, Fifty = L, Soldier = GI, Time = T, Horse = GG, Southern = S

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday #84, Sunday 24 Jul 2022, Dr. X

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Saturday 23 July 2022

No 13616, Saturday 23 Jul 2022, Hypatia

8   Boy plus dog (6) BASSET {B}{ASSET} 
9   Run down to hum (3,5) BAD MOUTH {TO+HUM}* [RA]
10 Hear scuffles around a bar dance (8) HABANERA {H{A}{BAN}ERA*}
11 Relating to sound entirely cut by German car in the front (6) AUDIAL {ALl}<=>{AUDI}
12 American cans with beer in bargain offer (4,4) FIRE SALE {FIRES}{ALE}
13 Introduces relatives leaving wife to get closer to family (6) INLAYS INLA(-w+y)YS
14 What's drawn by a retiree? (7) PENSION [CD]
17 Fail to meet holy man joining with state (5,2) STAND UP {ST}{AND}{UP}
20 Cut and paste (6) CLEAVE [DD}
22 Settling a claim involving sweetheart's pottery (8) MAJOLICA {A+CLAIM}* over {JO}
25 Say copper in Doctor's breakfast dish? (3,3) EGG CUP {EG}{G{CU}P}
26 Trouble husband and wife had describing books with rules (3,5) HOT WATER {H}{OT}{W}{ATE}{R}
27 Firm restoring East Mylapore ignores Academy (8) EMPLOYER {E+MYLaPORE}*
28 Truthful accountant backing trade union's talk, essentially (6) ACTUAL {CA<=}{TU}{tALk}

1   Relax at Iveagh inhaling drug to let one go (8) LAXATIVE [T]
2   Elon's first revolutionary space flight (6) ESCAPE {Elon}{SPACE*}
3   Greek goddess nurtured by Corcyra the Naiad (6) ATHENA [T]
4   Devoted people putting alumni behind school (7) OBLATES {OB}{LATE}{S}
5   How Hypatia initiates card game for perfectionist (8) IDEALIST {I}{DEAL 1ST}
6   Build network without British singer (3,5) BOB DYLAN {BO{B}DY}{LAN}
7   Fixed days to travel taking time on vacation (6)  STEADY {S{TimE}ADY*}
15 Hardly spoil Church's empty library (8) SCARCELY {SCAR}{CE}{Li...rY}
16 Prove, say mobile exceeds charge (8) OVERPAYS*
18 Cleans posh building needing money in America (5,3) UNCLE SAM {CLEANS+U}*{M}
19 Avoid cold taking aromatic oil with little alcohol in flask (7) AMPHORA {cAMPHOR}{Al...l}
21 Support bird returning to pod (6) LEGUME {LEG}{EMU<=}
23 Travel fatigue from Reverend's rented car (3,3) JET LAG (~let jag to jet lag)
24 Lease includes a new and old shed (4-2) LEAN-TO {LE{A}{N}T}{O}

Reference List
Boy = B, Wife = W, Sweetheart = JO, Doctor = GP, Husband = H, Books = OT(Old Testament}, Rules = R, East = E, Academy = A, Alumni = OB, School = S, Network = LAN, British = B, Church = CE, Posh = U, Money = M, Cold = C, New = N, Old = O