Saturday 30 November 2019

No 12794, Saturday 30 Nov 2019, Arden

Saturday styling added after 8:30 AM.

9   Dressing the group on time (7) BANDAGE {BAND}{AGE}
10 State, according to a President, once lacked nothing (7) ALABAMA {A LA} {oBAMA}
11 On money, European Union rejects, they follow (7) RETINUE {RE}{TIN}EU<=}
12 Caul starts with minute thrust (7) OMENTUM {M}+{OMENTUM} = {MOMENTUM}
13 Overrun links following areas of growth (9) NURSERIES {RUN<=}{SERIES}
15 Line to cut what you own into two (5) HALVE {HAV{L}VE}
16 Choice to have a drink outside club (7) CHELSEA {CH{ELSE}A}
19 Animal less protected, no one goes back inside (7) LIONESS {L{NO 1<=}ESS}
20 In France it’s good, for America it’s a bounty (5) BONUS {BON}{US}
21 One outlet with yen you get gas (9) ACETYLENE {ACE}{LET+YEN*}
25 After time out, becomes angry and taut, say (7) TUTORED {T}{OUT*}{RED}
26 Badly niggled horse (7) GELDING {NIGGLED*]
28 A genuine short built African (7) GUINEAN {A+GENUINe*}
29 Ardent runner, regularly participates in Asia (7) EARNEST {EA{RuNnEr}ST}

1   Order boy to carry the King of fairies (6) OBERON {OBE}{RON}
2   Exotic strain a stage in the development of an insect (6) INSTAR {STRAIN*}
3   French bread // could give you bellyache, perhaps (4) PAIN (DD)
4   Once you led soldiers, independence followed for this subject (6) YEMENI {YE}{MEN}{I}
5   Musical merry-go-round (8) CAROUSEL (DD) (CD)
6   Bloodstained clothes a new theme used in gambling (4,6) GAME THEORY {G{A}{THEME*}ORY}
7   French can keep husband in bed (8) BASTILLE {BAS{TILL}E}
8   Slams her badly, but it’s safe (8) HARMLESS {SLAMS+HER*}
14 Simple way to be well off (4,6) EASY STREET {EASY}{STREET}
16 Right of navigation, rickety boat in detention (8) CABOTAGE {CA{BOAT*}GE}
17 Scientist took middle path guarded by ones in Germany (8) EINSTEIN {EIN}{ST}{EIN}
18 Cold cream —//  also found in organic chemical (8) AMANDINE (DD) Thanks to Google
22 It’s underage maybe, to be allowed to fly (6) EAGLET {AGE*}{LET} &semi-lit
23 Two short men kept it cut (6) EDITED {ED}{IT}{ED}
24 They managed to get one thousand, that’s four times the score (6) EIGHTY {THEY*} around {I}{G}
27 Change initial dimension and poet becomes fat (4) LARD {(-w+L)ARD}

Reference List

Nothing=O, On=Re, Money=Tin, European Union=EU, Line=L, One=I, America=US, One=Ace, Time=T
Order=OBE, Once you=Ye, Soldiers=Men, Independence=I, One in Germany=Ein, Thousand=G

Colour/Font Scheme
DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 29 November 2019

No 12793, Friday 29 Nov 2019, Arden

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Father’s office group, extremely classy (6) ABBACY {ABBA}{Cl..sY}
4   Told to jazz up a seaside resort (8) BRIGHTON (~brighten)
9   Construct, those people have a choice (6) THEORY {THE{OR}Y}
10 Everyone’s back inside, stand will give way (8) COLLAPSE {CO{ALL<=}PSE} Copse/Stand?
12 Russian gets amorous, said to be crackers (8) REDNECKS {RED}{NECKS}
13 Cancel private equity, stop money (6) REPEAL {RE{PE}AL}
15 Missing line, it’s child’s play (8,4) SKIPPING ROPE {SKIPPING}{ROPE}
18 Second Airport announcement, going down a slippery slope (12)  SNOWBOARDING {S}{NOW BOARDING}
21 Camaraderie of an elfin from bottom to top (6) ESPRIT (+e)ESPRIT(-e)
22 One’s on hand, two on lease (8) BRACELET {BRACE}{LET}
24 Kind of triangle which is organic (8) INTEGRAL*
25 Goldget an arm over first (6) NUGGET {GET}<=>{GUN<=}
26 Rating a small saw (8) ASSAYING {A}{S}{SAYING}
27 Fixed war casualties reported (6) MENDED (~men dead)

1   Mark checks in fasteris keen to take part (8) ASTERISK [T]
2   Container to keep your money perhaps (5,3) BREAD BIN [CD]
3   Cornering old spy, dealt with appropriately (15)  CORRESPONDINGLY*
5   Unrest, port city’s tense (4) RIOT {RIO}{T}
6   Fire protection? (6,9) GOLDEN PARACHUTE [CD]
7   A very soft instep, used to dump (6) TIPPER {TI{PP}ER}
Provoke girl about ledger line (6) NEEDLE {LEDgEr+liNE}* [CA]
11 Island accepted in a state down under (7) OKINAWA {OK}{IN}{A}{WA}
14 Forces grab our weapons (7) ARMOURY {ARM{OUR}Y}
16 Medicine meant for the elderly looted (8) PILLAGED {PILL}{AGED}
17 Cross — it cuts stone with diamonds (8) AGITATED {AG{IT}ATE}{D}
19 Uproar in Foreign Ministry about holy city (6) MEDINA {ME{DIN}A}
20 CIA takes time — it hurts (6) SPITES {SPI{T}ES}
23 Regularly play, win a piece (4) PAWN {PlAy+WiN}

Reference List
Second = S, Small = S, Tense = T, Soft = P, Diamond = D, Time = T

Thursday 28 November 2019

No 12792, Thursday 28 Nov 2019, Gridman

1   Boorish fellow therefore does not start providing voice modulation (7) CADENCE {CAD}{hENCE}
5   Anticipate what’s here (6) EXPECT [CD]
9   Doctor and I, by the way, are slightly wet (5) MOIST {MO}{I}{ST}
10 Surpass deliveries by US President (9) OVERTRUMP {OVER}{TRUMP}
11 Writing about origin of love gives hint (7) INKLING {INK{Love}ING}
12 Admirer neglects to start air freshener (7) IONISER lIONISER
13 Such a container could do with a refill (5) EMPTY [CD]
14 Jack and missionary in waterproof cloth (9) TARPAULIN {TAR}{PAUL}{IN}
16 Master mad about Dutch city (9) AMSTERDAM*
19 Pasta? Push this central dish from Japan! (5) SUSHI {paSta}{pUSh}{tHIs}
21 Fashionable ways to make progress (7) INROADS {IN}{ROADS}
23 Somehow ignore a historic period (4,3) IRON AGE*
24 Carrier of printed matter to retail it (9) NEWSSTAND [CD]
25 She originally stole your lovely pencil holder (5) SYLPH Acrostic
26 Cheats Greek character backing mineral (6) GYPSUM {GYPS}{MU<=}
27 Nonsense work with lines embedded in desk (4-3) ROLL-TOP {RO{LL}T}{OP}

1   Sympathies for deputy getting English speeches with no order (14) COMMISERATIONS {COMMIS}{E}{oRATIONS}
2   What one might do before leaving to leave the bar in a hurry (5,2) DRINK UP [CD]
3   In a stylish way, you get in dismissing ace in an insane manner (7) NUTTILY N(-a+u)UTTILY
4   Lone good date is exotic and stretched out (9) ELONGATED {LONE+G+DATE}*
5   Something fragrant swallowed by clientele mistrustingly (5) ELEMI [T]
6   Speak endlessly about AP town’s flower (7) PETUNIA {sPE{TUNI}Ak}
7   Advice the administrative body delivered orally (7) COUNSEL (~council)
8   Training job provided by nice, hip tappers (14) APPRENTICESHIP*
15 Hint about a leftover amount (9) REMAINDER {REM{A}INDER}
17 Son, with stomach extremely nasty, is unhealthily thin (7) SCRAWNY {S}{CRAW}{NastY}
18 Passes English with shortcomings (7) ELAPSES {E}{LAPSES}
19 Marriage-related opus put out on brief shop event (7) SPOUSAL {OPUS*}{SALe}
20 Red-faced, allowed evidence of injury to show up first (7) SCARLET {LET}<=>{SCAR}
22 Son and father recall writing on muscular problem (5) SPASM {S}{PA}{MS<=}

Reference List
Doctor = MO, Way = ST, Jack = TAR, Line = L, English = E, You = U, Good = G, Son = S, Father = PA

Wednesday 27 November 2019

No 12791, Wednesday 27 Nov 2019, Gridman

1   One way to ride a horse sporting a fashion look (8) BAREBACK [DD}
5   Brown back to look around legislative body (6) SENATE {SE{TAN<=}E}
9   Half a newspaper article to cover Eastern clash (7) COLLIDE {COLumn}{LID}{E}
10 Boy endlessly expresses fury over herbs (7) BORAGES {BOy}{RAGES}
11 One taking shots appeared with artist after fight (3,6) BOX CAMERA {CAME}{RA}<=>{BOX}
12 Stupid, I left you finally in disgrace (5) SULLY S(-i+u)ULLY
13 Task list: Hurry-scurry (2-2) TO-DO [DD]
14 Once leader’s gone, ahead of a long period, there’s moral decline (9) DECADENCE {oNCE}<=>{DECADE}
17 No forced entry in this kind of crime (6,3) INSIDE JOB [CD]
19 Introductions to absolutely frightening, rigorous, odd hairstyle (4) AFRO Acrostic
23 Directions to youth are full of information (5) NEWSY {N}{E}{W}{S}{Y}
24 Decorated seats broken — Labour leader took charge (9) TASSELLED {SEATS}*{La...r}{LED}
25 Glorify learner and clear the air (7) LIONISE {L}{IONISE}
26 Radical once broke up meter (7) EXTREME {EX}{METER*
27 Strip study due for restoration (6) DENUDE {DEN}{DUE*}
28 Excessive adoration adroitly placed here and there (8) IDOLATRY*

1   Talk spitefully about second snack (8) BACKBITE {BACK}{BITE}
 Let go pseudo Alex caught by the Communist (7) RELAXED {R{ALEX*}ED}
3   Report curb of wedding (6) BRIDAL (~bridle)
4   Met men cheered wildly — because of alcoholic drink (5,2,6) CREME DE MENTHE*
6   For example, urges Prince to leave through these? (8) EGRESSES {EG}{pRESSES}
7   A no-good priest beginning to change? Very good! (7) ANGELIC {A}{N}{G}{ELI}{Ch...e}
8   Tries at literary compositions (6) ESSAYS [DD]
10 Don’t be on a tight leash — have nothing to do (2,2,1,5,3) BE AT A LOOSE END [DD}
15 Exalt and almost mark up — how one has become used to life in Chennai (8) CITYFIED {DEIFY}{TICk}<=
16 Fighters join closely around one youth leader (8) SOLDIERY {SOLD{1}ER}{Yo..h}
18 Perhaps monoform of a heavenly sight (3,4) NEW MOON {MONO}* [RA]
20 Fine, brite display around large tree (7) FILBERT {F}{I{L}BERT*}
21 Bounder, stripped, catches boy in nude form (6) UNCLAD {boUNder}{C}{LAD} Bounder stripped should have been UN only
22 Match large Roman priestess (6) VESTAL {VESTA}{L}

Reference List
Eastern = E, Artist = RA, Directions = N,S,E,W, Learner = L, Prince = P, No = N, Good = G, Fine = F, Large = L, Catch = C

Tuesday 26 November 2019

No 12790, Tuesday 26 Nov 2019, Gridman

1   Works hard and long with some three of bulkier security devices (8) BULLOCKS {BULkier}{LOCKS}
6   Pole, be lenient endlessly (4) SPAR SPARe
9   Trying times are usual for these bench sitters (6) JUDGES [CD]
10 Thanks to the French girl for winged sandals (7) TALARIA {TA}{LA}{RIA}
13 Fit to be restricted (9) QUALIFIED [DD]
14 Fuel found in Virginia. There it is! (5) VOILA {V{OIL}A}
15 Sailor and journalist are retired (4) ABED {AB}{ED}
16 Supporter in rage to look for ideas (10) BRAINSTORM {BRA}{IN}{STORM}
19 Prince, be with wild rider member of old regiment (10) HALBERDIER {HAL}{BE}{RIDER*}
21 One abandons a piece of furniture for English domestic (4) CHAR CHAiR
24 Little weight in pronouncement (5) OUNCE [T]
25 Tries to enter actual practice (9) REHEARSAL {RE{HEARS}AL}
26 Uproar from two leaders of Russia about hard, catty comment (7) RHUBARB {R{H}Ussia}{BARB}
27 Queen startled over one like horse (6) EQUINE {EQU{1}NE*}
28 Single old lawyer gets Scotch mate (4) SODA {S}{O}{DA}
29 Girl goes around star in US city (3,5) LAS VEGAS {LAS{VEGA}S}

2   Howl boys leave bird worried (7) ULULATE {bULbUL}{ATE}
3   Gigolo, dropping a ring, running to a gallery (6) LOGGIA {GIGOLo}{A}
4   Head of clan has less healthy-looking boy dismissed (9) CASHIERED {Clan}{ASHIER}{ED}
5   Investigators have journalist put in place (5) SITED {SIT}{ED}
7   Concealed support I consider for porch (7) PORTICO [T]
8   These high navy officers do come to the front (4,8) REAR ADMIRALS [CD]
11 Liberal Whip embraces six (6) LAVISH {LA{VI}SH}
12 Woos after soft drink in sport arenas (6,6) SQUASH COURTS {COURTS}<=>{SQUASH}
17 Dismantle cheesiest Arctic covers (3,6) ICE SHEETS*
18 Almost vague family divisions (6) GENERA GENERAl
20 Lacking vigour, network manager stops short (7) LANGUID {LAN}{GUIDe}
22 Almost excited, son and girl give a cry of praise (7) HOSANNA {HOt}{S}{ANNA}
23 Heard you are embraced by friend who is grown-up (6) MATURE (~you are){UR} in {MATE}
25 Beer splashes — lady’s first to rise (5) REBEL {BEER*}{Lady}

Reference List
Thanks = TA, Sailor = AB, Journalist = ED, Supporter = BRA, Hard = H, Single = S, Old = O, Boy =
 B, Boy = ED, Son = S

Monday 25 November 2019

No 12789, Monday 25 Nov 2019, Gridman

1   Very happy, cloned union fittingly (2,5,4) ON CLOUD NINE*
9   Give the right to label (7) ENTITLE [DD]
10 All jittery — how restaurant visitor leaves girl and you in France (7) NERVOUS {diNER}{VOUS}
11 In France, nothing about principal player is mature (5) RIPEN {RI{Pl...r}EN}
12 Direct premier worker (9) FIRSTHAND {FIRST}{HAND}
13 Hostile behaviour of Gadag group (5) AGGRO [T]
15 True, dater broke up sorrowfully at last recently (9) YESTERDAY {YES}{DATER*}{s...lY}
18 Be told cheat’s writhing in emotional anguish (9) HEARTACHE {HEAR}{CHEAT*}
21 Poem part of which is totally rich (5) LYRIC [T]
22 Apt corner fixed for business associate (9) COPARTNER*
24 Sir’s head is knocked off in darkness (5) NIGHT kNIGHT
26 Clives ill with a little enlarged sac (7) VESICLE {CLIVES*}{En...d}
27 Even old news agency has class (7) UNIFORM {UNI}{FORM}
28 As Sone rose at an inappropriate time? (3,2,6) OUT OF SEASON {AS+SONE}* [RA]

1   Suitor and advocate lose their heads and go too far (9) OVERREACH {lOVER}{pREACH}
2   Disappointed TUC? (3,2) CUT UP {TUC}<=
3   Dismissed twice? Absolutely! (3-3-3) OUT-AND-OUT {OUT}{AND}{OUT}
4   Thoroughly cook river fish putting in a little pepper (4-3) DEEP-FRY {DEE}{Pe...r}{FRY}
5   Man at last enters faulty drains showing guts (7) INNARDS {IN{maN}ARDS*}
6   Rue bird’s dropped its head (5) EGRET rEGRET
7   More unfriendly, going over a new vessel (8) COLANDER {COL{A}{N}DER}
8   Utilised utilised oil I rejected (4) USED UtiliSED
14 Bar — end — stop by hook or crook (8) GOALPOST {GOAL}{STOP*}
16 Climber somewhat inelegant (9) EGLANTINE*
17 Yes, lively chats by staff sailor (9) YACHTSMAN {Y}{CHATS*}{MAN}
19 Essentially seconds latest faster challenge (7) CONTEST {seCONds}{laTEst}{faSTer}
20 It provides cover for the listener (7) EARMUFF [CD]
22 Man’s incomplete insurance (4) COVE COVEr
23 Right side of directory (5) RECTO [T]
25 Disgusting group, large and primarily stupid (5) GROSS {GR}{OS}{St...d}

Reference List
Girl = DI, You in French = VOUS, Nothing in French = RIEN, New = N, Yes = Y, Group = GR, Large = OS

Sunday 24 November 2019

Special, Sunday 24 Nov 2019, K Koteswar Rao

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM. (Annotations compulsory)
Please submit all your answers in one comment.

1   We carry volume around to make sound of speech (5)
4   Respect of honour is heart disease (9)
9   Providing passage for vessels via Bengal perhaps (9)
10 Flying merely without unknown blackbird (5)
11 Item of property like television (5)
12 You will find them in washing machines and in political action (9)
13 Home doorway, outdoor, alternatively (7)
15 The bush telegraphs, say, travel South with drinks (7)
18 Left ignored terminal is reconstructed as tower (7)
20 Despicable criminal ignored CBI and slipped away (7)
21 East and West 6 -10 at church for survival (9)
23 Eclipse 90 in general review (5)
25 Knowledge destroyed church from that time (5)
26 Iron-handed captain is dismissed in an accord surprisingly (9)
27 Drawing book in untidy desk contains a bad patch (6,3)
28 Retired hurt on transports (5)

1   5 and 6 violently cause damage to property (9)
2   Do they accept our different views? (5)
3   Astronomical distance during daytime? (5,4)
4   Working lunches will be provided here perhaps? (2-5)
5   Flatfish left lake in the early part of night (7) 
6   Mails delivered at this place (5)
7   Managed about company with spasms and drugs (9)
8   They are in brief responsible for business administration (5) 
14 Self-imposed punishment by intuition (9)
16 He takes the blame for hanging special coat around a peg (9)
17 Boy is having the diseases of old age about pursuing auxiliary activities (9)
19 Strengthened a democrat in setback (5,2)
20 Gemstone is a mere setting on or off with lord? (7)
21 Get the hell out of complaints, it comforts (5)
22 He, at the helm, goes after tea reportedly. He drinks too much tea (5) 
24 Take the chill off the cat/mouse here (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at KKR 31


The Sunday Crossword No 3075, Sunday 24 Nov 2019

1   Fruit salad (6) TOMATO [DD]
4   Catching chum? Bait is unnecessary (1,3,4) A BIT MUCH*
9   Headbanger? (6) NUTTER [E]
10 Runs obtained by English in cricket, perhaps with no-one watching (2,6) IN SECRET {R}{E} in {INSECT}
12 Clumsy tragedian, not a star (3,5) RED GIANT TRaGEDIAN*
13 Four admitted to surrealist festival (6) DIVALI {D{IV}ALI}
15 Make little 'uns surround chaps with flowers (6-2-4) FORGET-ME-NOTS {FORGE}{T{MEN}OTS}
18 PM having shag and a lie-down (9,3) AFTERNOON NAP {AFTER NOON}{NAP}
21 President to be suspended, admitting nothing (6) HOOVER {HO{0}VER}
22 Opposite number in disguise, seen intermittently (8) CONVERSE {CO{N}VER}{SeEn}
24 Left ... left ... voila! Cubs assembled shelters (8) BIVOUACS {VOIlA+CUBS}*
25 Home with tatty walls, heartless relatives (2-4) IN-LAWS {IN}{WAlLS}*
26 Special sci-fi device that's used by Banksy (5,3) SPRAY GUN {SP}{RAY GUN}
27 For starters, I'll serve this halloumi marinated in strips (6) ISTHMI Acrostic

1   Drunken teens endlessly abounding on resort island (8) TENERIFE {TEENs}*{RIFE}
2   In conversation, Damon is keen on Spanish performers (8) MATADORS (~matt adores)
3   'Buoyant Eel Thief', unusual Booker winner (3,4,2,6) THE LINE OF BEAUTY*
5   Bowled over by two names for old capital (4) BONN {B}{O}{NN}
6   Art event that Serena wasn't in time for? (3,5,2,5)  THE BIRTH OF VENUS [DD]
7   Fantastic to unwind, they say (6) UNREAL (~unreel)
8   Shock: describing most of the bible as cobblers (3,3) HOT AIR {H{OT}AIR}
11 Men I see struggling? (7) ENEMIES* Definition?
14 Biblical character, fellow apparently lasting forever (2,3,2) ON AND ON {ONAN}{DON}
16 Impose second of levies on North Carolina fish (8) ENCROACH {lEv..s}{NC}{ROACH}
17 Evening of fun with squeeze, getting into a kiss? Not half (5-3) SPEED-SKI ?? SPEEDS{KIss} (Addendum - APRES SKI {A}{PRESS}{KIss} - See comments)
19 Some writhe besottedly in old city (6) THEBES [T]
20 Lover's ravished you (6) SOLVER*
23 Booze cruise: case of white? Not quite (4) ECRU [T]

Reference List
Runs = R, English = E, Nothing = 0, Number = N, Left = L, Home = IN, Special = SP, Bowled = B, Over = O, Name = N, Bible = OT

Saturday 23 November 2019

No 12788, Saturday 23 Nov 2019, Bruno

6   Container found to release energy (5) CRATE CReATE
7   Programmer’s app put on company desk’s oddly missing (8) UBERGEEK {UBER}{GE}{EK}
10 Virginia’s elk run (7) VAMOOSE {VA}{MOOSE}
11 Traffic cop’s account on review outlined offense (7) TROOPER {REPORT}<= over {O} O for Offense?
12 Placate church occupants with tree extract (7) CATECHU [T]
13 Setter infiltrated sect for a story (7) FICTION F(-a+i)ICTION
14 After work, one left before end of day for a break (11) OPPORTUNITY {OP}{PORT}{UNIT}{daY}
19 Gain from gamble’s criminal fine must be levied (7) BENEFIT {BE{FINE*}T}
21 Protection for liberal acts repealed — only first half of each was included (7) SEAWALL  {L}{LAWS}<= over {EAch}
23 Trace of complex compounds extracted & made regularly (7) SOUPCON COmPOUNdS*
25 World body had extremes of hierarchy — also displayed missing dexterity (7) UNHANDY {UN}{Hier{AND}archY}
26 Try to block Harry taking clothes off and another article of clothing (8) HEADGEAR {HE{bADGEr}AR}
27 Approach from side at dawn to kill leader (3-2) RUN-UP Anno pending (Addendum - {R}{sUN UP} - See comments)

1   Tropical plant spreading around metal pot (8) PALMETTO*
2   Courageous gathering rejoicing at heart (6) HEROIC {gatHERing}{rejOICing}
3   Official’s craftily starting to unravel Arab truce (10) BUREAUCRAT {Un...l+ARAB+TRUCE}*
4   Lay out capital in short underwear (4) VEST inVEST
5   Height of pollution encountered in Indian city and another city (6) DELPHI {DEL{Po...n}HI}
6   Subject’s convictions were debated perhaps not on release (6) CIVICS ConVICtIonS*
8   Potato product from Congo mostly raised with biological energy (7) GNOCCHI {CONGo<=}{CHI}
9   Triple-A rating snagged by metal debenture, finally (5) TRINE {T{R}IN}{d...rE} R for Rating? What's the role of 'A'?
13 Kid’s game of 16? (10) FOURSQUARE [DD]
15 Humourless — having coffee with no pep at work, when upset (2-5) PO-FACED {DECAF}{OP}<=
16 Desire for making money after ending in penury (8) YEARNING {p...rY}{EARNING}
17 Big wardrobes easy to hide (5) OBESE [T]
18 Emphasize quietly — that's an easy 2 points (4,2) PLAY-UP {P}LAY-UP {P}{LAY}UP Anno pending (Addendum - {P}{LAY UP} - See comments)
20 Impartial book about Europe by Eastern King (6) NEUTER {N{EU}T}{E}{R}
22 Stick notice on TH crossword page? (6) ADHERE {AD}{HERE}
24 Want to be born dead... (4)NEED {NEE}{D}

Reference List
Energy = E, Company = GE, Setter = I, Liberal = L, Work = OP, Quietly = P, Book = NT, Eastern = E, King = R, Notice = AD, Born = NEE, Dead = D, Side = R

Colour/Font Scheme
DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 22 November 2019

No 12787, Friday 22 Nov 2019, Avtaar

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Devil-like beast (6) IMPALA {IMP}{A'LA}
5   One who chronicles old coin series (8) ANNALIST {ANNA}{LIST}
9   Stadium with fashionable address (8) LORDSHIP {LORDS}{HIP}
10 Insist on guests eating Chinese, perhaps? (6) TONGUE [T]
11 One could get advanced on this score, maybe? (6,6) CREDIT BUREAU [CD]
13 Paint lady from Zagreb right away (4) COAT CrOAT
14 Sweet woman finally dumps a dreamer (8) AROMATIC {A}{ROMAnTIC}
17 Avtaar ran away from Bahrain and Dubai travelling to this capital (3,5) ABU DHABI {BAHrain+DUBAI}*
18 Lose game having rallied for long periods of time (4) AGES [T<=]
20 He painted chemical gel on building after crossing chimney’s top (12) MICHELANGELO {CHEMICAL+GEL}* over {Ch...y}* (Addendum - {cHEMICAL+GEL+ON}* - See comments)
23 Marry again? Indeed! (6) REALLY {RE ALLY}
24 Swimmers from Spooner’s water body... a regular feature on breakfast menus (8) OATMEALS (~moat eels to oat meals)
25 Like a man taking staff to a well-known embankment? (5,3) ASWAN DAM {AS}{A}{M} over {WAND}
26 It is not possible to prove a murder with this menial (6) NOBODY {NO BODY}

2   Controversial introductions to men ooutstanding talent (4) MOOT Acrostic
3   Retired sailor gave orders after steward’s second goes missing (9) ABDICATED {AB}{DICtATED}
4   Missing currency at the opening, teller becomes whiter (6) ASHIER cASHIER
5   What Bond needs to put in to get the top job, say? (11,4) APPLICATION FORM {APPLICATION FOR M} &lit
6   Corner has to be designed for a computer (8) NOTEBOOK {NO{TO+BE}*OK}
7   Fantastic... essentially grand... blumoon-like (5) LUNAR {gRANd+bLUe}*
8   Engineer drives around country that one often sees submerged (5,5) SCUBA DIVER {S{CUBA}DIVER*}
12 British man, departing from metropolis, made masala movies (10) POTBOILERS {B+mETROPOLIS}*
15 “Depressed bowel movement” featured in a sticker (2,1,3,3) AT A LOW EBB {BOWEL}* in {A}{TAB}
16 Woman everyone ogled at is fierce (per Shakespeare) (4,4) WALL EYED {W}{ALL}{EYED}
19 Battered boy’s taken in (6) BEATEN {B}{EATEN}
21 Indian sweet woman and man exchanged for a game on board (5) HALMA HAL(-w+m)MA
22 Small caps mostly plummeted (4) SLID {S}{LIDs}

Reference List
Right = R, Avtaar = I, Man = M, Sailor = AB, British = B, Woman = W, Boy = B, Small = S

Thursday 21 November 2019

No 12786, Thursday 21 Nov 2019, Hypatia

1   Second student drafting answers initially by mail (6) POSTAL {POST}{An...s}{L}
4   Bit of code left (6) MORSEL {MORSE}{L}
9   Starts to appreciate reed instrument accompanying long solo (4) ARIA Acrostic
10 Horrid urge destroyed cavalryman (5,5) ROUGH RIDER*
11 One needs to be behind babies? (6) DIAPER [CD]
12 Nearly divide ornamental fish left for folk remedy (5-3) SHARK OIL {SHARe}{KOI}{L}
13 Also, a pope rarely conducts a TV program! (4,5) SOAP OPERA [T]
15 On either side, we assumed? (4) WORE {W{OR}E}
16 Say light meals (4) FARE (~fair)
17 Weapons’ leader boasts to Spooner (9) CROSSBOWS (~ boss crows to cross bows)
21 Energy produced trapped again in trees and bushes (8) GREENERY {G{RE}ENERY*}
22 Fall, possibly breaking head for right cause (6) REASON {(-s+r)REASON}
24 Like one’s aunt say, in comparison? (10) RELATIVELY [DD]
25 Essentially lazy, gets allowance (4) DOLE inDOLEnt
26 Change identity because man erroneously inscribed in Persian (6) RENAME {RE{MAN*}E} Ree/Persian? [T<=] See comments
27 Notice toilet cleaned by husband for one neighbour (6) ADJOIN {AD}{JO(-h+1)IN}

1   Co-op forced to display “Right to Information” in waiting area (7) PORTICO {PO{RTI}CO*}
2   Scientist’s first instrument that’s smart (5) SHARP {Sc...t}{HARP}
3   Couple softly went after doctor taking nothing for delivery (3-4) AIR-DROP {(-p)AIR{DR}{O}(+p)P}
5   Part of animal in unopened container picked up right away (2-4) OX-HEAD {bOX}{HEArD}
6   Makes sweater — rose and soft black to clothe homeless man (could be smelly!) (5,4) STINK BOMB {KNITS<=}{B{OM}B} Anno for OM pending (Addendum - {KNITS<=}{B{hOMe}B} - See comments)
7   Check slippery fish reversing current (3,4) LEE TIDE {EDIT}{EEL}<=
8   Cursory anniversary songs loved by kids? (7,6) NURSERY RHYMES (cursory~nursery~anniversary)
14 No replica made in China (9) PORCELAIN*
16 Avoid bring up sibling in concern (7) FORBEAR {F{BRO<=}EAR}
18 Showered close to temples and worshipped (7) SPRAYED {t...eS}{PRAYED}
19 Fresh student can, after admission, be picked up to fleece (7) WOOLLEN {NE{L}{LOO}W}<=
20 Mean psychic (6) MEDIUM [DD]
23 Heard from the mouth of princess — “Old is Gold”, above all (5) AUDIO {DI}{O}<=>{AU}

Reference List
Student = L, Left = L, Again = RE, Right = R, Notice = AD, Softly = P, Man = HE, Can = LOO, Princess = DI, Old = O

Wednesday 20 November 2019

No 12785, Wednesday 20 Nov 2019, Hypatia

9   French official boarding party bus condemned hypocrisy (6,9) DOUBLE STANDARDS {DO}{UB{LE STANDARD}S*}
10 Busy Santa Claus oddly left dried fruit (7) SULTANA {SANTA+cLaUs}*
11 Since French and German articles are separated (7) ASUNDER {AS}{UN}{DER}
12 Drama staged in front of love sick creature (9) ARMADILLO {DRAMA*}{ILL}{0} Is the sequence of wordplay correct?
14 Thin recorder? (5) TAPER [DD]
17 Say, extras in total, e.g. by estimation (3,4) LEG BYES [T]
19 Sensible paper trashed without liberal notion (7) INKLING {thINK{L}ING}
21 Stole and returned without a fight (5) SCARF FRACaS<=
23 Cushy life at her Edinburgh house (9) FEATHERED [T]
25 Eat bear (7) SWALLOW [DD]
27 Around lunch time, two queens became increasingly lustful (7) RANDIER {R}{AND}{1}{ER}
30 Face up to something else (7,3,2,3) ANOTHER CUP OF TEA {FACE+UP +TO}* [RA]

1   They’re not even large to cover priest (4) ODDS {O{DD}S}
2   Roll up flag after fine address (4) FURL {F}{URL}
3   When it doesn’t rain on Spooner’s beloved earth (5,3) CLEAR DAY  (~dear clay)
4   Attack gangster without one back-up (6) ASSAIL {A{1}L}<=>{ASS}
5   Ratnam, perhaps devours Italian’s favourite pasta (8) MACARONI {MA{CARO}NI}
6   Judge wore a clean suit (6) ADJUST {A}{D{J}UST}
7   Boring book finally offered for reading to a toddler (4)  ARID {A}{(-k+r)RID}
8   For starters, ultimately someone employing resources (4) USER Acrostic &lit
12 World-class book for students? (5) ATLAS [DD]
13 Mother and grandmother rock! (5) MAGMA {MA}{G}{MA}
15 Former busybody on the telephone (5) PRIOR (~prier)
16 Hard cryptic grid cracked by Incognito, at first (5) RIGID {RIG{In...o}D*}
18 Picked up comfy clothes for program (8) SOFTWARE (~ soft wear)
20 Robbed diamond that made Robinhood broke (3-1-4) KOH-I-NOOR {robINHOOd+bROKe}* [CA]
22 Awkwardly lift hubby’s coat that’s dirty (6) FILTHY {LIFT*}{HubbY}
24 Launching regularly, can ISRO gain gravity with World body’s projectile? (3,3) AIR GUN {cAn+IsRo}{G}{UN} Projectile or Weapon?
25 Members go up and trade (4) SWAP<=
26 Crazy man in perfect condition (4) AMOK {M} in {A OK}
28 Hint: Reverse the first 9 letters (4) IOTA {A TO I}<=
29 Scan metal with the other hand (4) READ (-l+r)READ

Reference List
Party = DO, Love = 0, Paper = TH, Liberal = L, Queen = R, ER, Large = OS, Priest = DD, Fine = F, Gangster = AL, Judge = J, Reading = R, Grand = G, Gravity = G, Man = M

Tuesday 19 November 2019

No 12784, Tuesday 19 Nov 2019, KrisKross

1   Read out one of the gospels as a farewell message (4,4) DEAR JOHN {READ}*{JOHN}
5   Entrance of sadly empty plant (6) SPURGE {Sa..y}{PURGE}
9   Computer to be assembled during recess (8) NOTEBOOK {N{TO+BE}*OOK}
10 Alert to look around for sustenance (6) UPKEEP {UP}{PEEK<=}
12 Mostly ride llama around ring — a tame animal (9) ARMADILLO {RIDe+LLAMA}*{O}
13 Strange to exchange rook for knight, or another piece (5) QUEEN QUEE(-r+n)N
14 Home of the ape perhaps — man’s original race (4) ZOOM {ZOO}{Man}
16 Where you can see a matinee program at three (7) THEATRE* &lit
19 Universities welcoming queen with money for key component of Manhattan project (7) URANIUM {U}{RANI}{U}{M}
21 Punch bag (4) POKE [DD]
24 One regularly beating up even elders, unfortunately (5) PULSE {UP+eLdErS}*
25 He can recall everything in moments, surprisingly (9) MNEMONIST* Semi&lit
27 Private eye, when talking on the phone, pulled over (6) INWARD (~eye){I}{DRAWN<=}
28 Believe it or not, Bill heartily denounced a friend (8) ACTUALLY {ACT}{denoUnced}{ALLY}
29 Slept off as agreed (6) NODDED [DD]
30 Daughter headed off outside, as mentioned (8) ADVERTED {A{D}VERTED}

1   Study short story about canines, perhaps (6) DENTAL {DEN}{TALe}
2   Sons and I somehow got lost in Rocky Mountains (US) this season (6) AUTUMN {MoUNTAins+Us}*
3   One substituting nothing in work by editor, gets derided (5) JIBED {J(-o+1}IB}{ED}
4  Buzz circulating over crazy old gangster (7) HOODLUM {H{O}{OLD*}UM}
6   Nobody quips about wearing crown (9) PIPSQUEAK {P{QUIPS*}EAK}
7   Again chooses rock, pop etc. over core classical (8) REELECTS {REEL}{ETC*}{clasSical}
8   Used long pole’s tip for support, finally (8) EXPENDED EX(-t+p)PENDED
11 Student going through note gets a shock (4) JOLT {JO{L}T}
15 Tore helter-skelter around burning English shrub (5,4) OLIVE TREE {O{LIVE}TRE*}{E}
17 Bottle with sticker on top: “Please turn it over” (8) GUMPTION {GUM}{Pl...e}{IT<=}{ON}
18 Permitted husband to lead, being worthy of respect (8) HALLOWED {H}{ALLOWED}
20 Poem I made up describing an actor (4) MIME [T<=]
21 Hurt and angry without a piece of chocolate after dessert (7) PIERCED {PIE}{R{Ch...e}ED}
22 KrisKross will break iron bar to make a narrow strip (6) FILLET {F{I'LL}E}{T}
23 Remained calm in discussion (6) STAYED (~staid)
26 Cracked by you: “Love” cryptically means “egg” (5) OVULE {U+LOVE}*

Reference List
Ring = O, Rook = R, Knight = N, University = U, Money = M, Daughter = D, Over = O,  Student = L, English = E, Husband = H, Bar = T, You = U