Saturday 31 December 2016

No 11892, Saturday 31 Dec 2016, Arden


1. Basically watching if girl can hold a drink (7)  CHALICE {watCHing}{ALICE]
5. Give market review – showing nervousness (7) ELASTIC {SALE<=}{TIC}
9. Express pain initially during attack (5) RAPID {RA{Pain}D}
10. Found one at opening rate (9) CASTIGATE {CAST}{I}{GATE}
11. Relatives gang up and throw things at her (4,5) AUNT SALLY {AUNT S}{ALLY}
12. He has the choice to get new replacement (5) OWNER {O{NEW*}R}
13. Japan gains by saving Yen (4) PANG (T)
15. Soil on top, not bottom for North Indian chili (8) BESMIRCH {BESt}{MIRCH}
18. Return – keep out damn politician (8) DEMOCRAT {D{COME<=}RAT}  Addendum {RETURN} = {COME BACK}. It took me some time to figure that one
19. Show no interest to return via Greenways road (4) YAWN (T<=)
22. Corner occupying the minimum (3,2) HEM IN (T)
24. Service is sacrosanct, no point getting killed (9) MASSACRED {MASS}{sACRED}
26. Affect American interest? Put one back in office (9) REINSTATE {A+INTEREST}*
27. For one with sex drive, not to perform is an excuse (5) ALIBI {A}{LIBIdo}
28. Number of deaths – it makes way to take fifty lethally (7) FATALLY {FATAL(-it+L}Y}
29. American priest intervenes, rejecting immoral behaviour (7) KNAVERY {Y{REV}ANK}<=


1. Grain stored before in state (6) CEREAL {C{ERE}AL}
2. Attachment will take place, husband will go with daughter on time (9) APPENDAGE {hAPPEN}{D}{AGE}
3. Most people in India pluck the top of Hibiscus flower (5) INDUS {hINDUS}
4. Old dog guards 27's short sword (9) EXCALIBUR {EX}{C{ALIBi}UR}
5. Try paper (5) ESSAY (DD)
6. Being so huge, another Independence day takes place (9) ADIPOSITY  {ADI{POSIT}Y*}
7. Coach in singular or plural is the same (5) TRAIN (DD)
8. Keen to take her fruit (6) CHERRY {C{HER}RY}
14. Unwanted growth, reasons for central help (9) GROUNDSEL {GROUNDS}{hELp}
16. Drunk so upset – get high if you will (2,2,5) SO TO SPEAK {SO T}{O S<=}{PEAK
17. Noel's cool, showing the white feather (9) COWARDICE {COWARD}{ICE}
20. Small woman provided for the Arab dignitary (6) SHERIF {S}{HER}{IF}
21. Every other thing's unknown – isn't it strange? (6) ODDITY {ODD}{IT}{Y}
23. Wet and only limited visibility outside (5) MOIST {M{O}IST}
24. Tuck into my fleshy part (5) MEATY {M{EAT}Y}
25. Lizard caught climbing over a magazine (5) AGAMA (T<=)

Friday 30 December 2016

No 11891, Friday 30 Dec 2016, Buzzer

6   Small trim roast cut of pork (5-3) SPARE-RIB {S}{PARE}-{RIB}
9   Made some shoe repair or mended reportedly (6) HEELED (~healed)
10 Welcome shower (4) HAIL [DD]
11 Way of doing things to share control (10) MODERATION {MODE}{RATION}
12 Consider right thing returning charges upfront (3,3) SEE FIT {SEE F<=}{IT}
14 Republic of Malta deploying an army (7) MYANMAR {M}{AN+ARMY}*
15 I perhaps prepare lettuces for tossing (5-4,6) UPPER-CASE LETTER*
18 Warrior in say mural is all unfinished (7) SAMURAI {SAy}{MURAl}{Is}
20 Perceived struggle to marry (6) VIEWED {VIE}{WED}
22 Mad friend I set right (4-6)  FAIR-MINDED*
23 Endless hard work to become a tennis player (4) GRAF GRAFt ?
24 Judge beer twice as sweet (6) JALEBI {J}{ALE}{BI} Oh Boy! My mouth is watering
25 Sign of the times, hotline playing a rock piece (8) XENOLITH {X}{HOTLINE}*

1   Test periodically? Not really (4) ORAL {nOt}{ReAlLy}
2   Drive in the morning, a habitual movement that is thrilling (8) DRAMATIC {DR}{AM}{A}{TIC}
3   Ultimately rhythmic to listen, a spinning wheel (6) CHARKA {r...iC}{HARK}{A}
4   CM in recent time, out of sorts (10) CENTIMETRE*
5   Appeal to turn off AC in a sporting venue (8) RECOURSE RacECOURSE
7   Nothing new in remorse for past conduct bringing calm (5) PEACE PEnAnCE
8   Submits heartily for a healthy measure? (4,4,5) BODY MASS INDEX {suBMIts}
13 Street shops moving fast to secure a spot (4,6) FLEA MARKET {A}{MARK} in {FLEET}
16 Tricky phase, strife in Asian city (8) PESHAWAR {PHASE}*{WAR}
17 Mitt no good over a pet (5,3) LOVED ONE {gLOVE}{D ONE}
19 Where in India mobs govern? (4,2) REIN IN [T]
21 Out of alternate transport (5) EXALT {EX}{ALT}
23 Hit over in a game of course (4) GOLF <=


Thursday 29 December 2016

No 11890. Thursday 29 Dec 2016, Buzzer

1   Leaving behind drab, and on men, tedious clothes (11) ABANDONMENT [T]
9   Face masks with international festival (6) DIWALI {DI{W}AL}{I}
10 One is very creative artily (8) SOLITARY {SO}{ARTILY*}
11 Take away from Times Square's ultimate (5) ERASE {ERAS}(s...rE}
12 Fantastic being in university to study? About right (7) UNICORN {UNI}{CO{R}N}
13 Naturally one wild is ferocious (2,6) OF COURSE FEROCiOUS*
15 When hot during November, not oddly picks West Indian city (6) NASHIK {N}{AS}{H}{pIcKs}
16 Daughter that is holding attention, a loved one (6) DEARIE {D}{EAR}{IE}
18 Giant live male insect (8) BEHEMOTH {BE}{HE}{MOTH}
20 Briefly sound hesitant interrupting POTUS in flight (2,3,2) TO SUM UP {UM} in {POTUS}*
21 Good acceleration to guzzle fuel (3,2) GAS UP {G}{A}{S UP}
22 Foreign educated, I am left to lead (8) IMPORTED {I'M}{PORT}{ED}
23 Prophet Samuel's teacher's pilgrimage is over (6) ELIJAH {ELI}{HAJ<=}
24 Gambler circling bar primarily looking for capital (5,6) BLOCK LETTER {B{LOCK} {Lo...g}ETTER}

2   Average commercial in Britain, nothing but bluster (7) BRAVADO {BR}{AV}{AD}{O}
3   Simple out-of-town aboriginal (5) NAIVE NAtIVE
4   Dark old book has deadly curse (7) OBSCURE {O}{B}{CURSE*}
5   May say divided by 49/51 yields a fraction (9) MILLIONTH {IL/LI} in {MONTH}
6   Isn't our setting consisting of Nitrogen? (7) NITROUS*
7   A genera seen together frequently? (4,5,4) TIME AFTER TIME {TIME} {AFTER} {TIME}
8   Use black band making ponytail (5,4,4) BRING INTO PLAY {B}{RING} {PONYTAIL}*
14 Creaky sounding room, attic? (9) RHEUMATIC (~ room attic)
17 Fragrance emanated from earth beginning to fade (4,3) ROSE OIL {ROSE} {sOIL}
18 Having two feet up in the air, piebald (7) BIPEDAL*
19 My service is huge (7) MASSIVE {MASS}{I'VE}
21 Visitor from east caught in a storm (5) GUEST {GU{E}ST}

Wednesday 28 December 2016

No 11889, Wednesday 28 Dec 2016, Neyartha

1   Some furniture items placed around the premium personal computers (8) DESKTOPS {DESK{TOP}S}
5   Signs in the sky? (6) ZODIAC [CD]
9   Navigator in trouble after disregarding a type of gauge boson (8)  GRAVITON NaVIGATOR*
10 Short summaries about an aid for laying tiles (6) SPACER <=
11 Find ill species at sea by controlling one's own impulses (4-10) SELF-DISCIPLINE*
14 A set of closely related notes for the Chinese mafia (5) TRIAD [DD]
16 Reconsiders change after I ignored the departed Cuban leader's supporters (9) ENDORSERS {REcONSiDERS}*
17 A varied collection in the vessel on the river by an old city abutting Rhode Island (9) POTPOURRI {POT}{PO}{UR}{RI}
19 Barramundis cooked partially in a dance hall (5) DISCO [T]
20 Grip a red carpet crumpled with a thick sheet for drawings (9,5) CARTRIDGE PAPER*
23 Tesla and Oscar get behind the speaker's mortgage for the rough shelter (4-2) LEAN-TO (~lien){LEAN}-{T}{O}
24 Decisive blow by the new government behind the Chinese warehouse in the former Crown colony (4,4) HONG KONG {HONG} {KO}{N}{G}
25 Surrenders grounds after the force gets taken out by the Yankee (6) YIELDS (-f+y)YIELDS
26 Take off from the east to interrupt talk on daydreaming (8) SLEEPING {S{PEEL<=}ING}

1   Follows closely with the hounds (4) DOGS [DD]
2   A treacherous one in the grass? (5) SNAKE [CD]
3   Very loud one caught in the sludge's upset by a fictional plant (7) TRIFFID {FF}{1} in {DIRT<=}
4   Overcharged peer for edit under the influence (11) PROFITEERED*
6   Officially being supported by the auditor's salary to make a relaxed sound on the radio (2,5) ON PAPER {ON} {PA}(~pay){PER}(~purr)
7   It's kept around some Asians briefly to produce an irritating sensation (9) ITCHINESS {IT{CHINESe}S}
8   Joint purchase at the British convenience store (6,4) CORNER SHOP {CORNER} {SHOP}
12 Agitated Olivier, cold, gets a source of some vitamins (3-5,3) COD-LIVER OIL*
13 Clay pit lay in ruins in a manner that is not representative (10) ATYPICALLY*
15 Cross boundary after the leading fielder gets overwhelmed by a student (9) INTERLACE INTER(-f+l)LACE
18 Danish physicist stretched the truth after discarding the vat (7) OERSTED OvERSTatED
19 Slowly follow student introduced to the poor Democrat at the wrong place (7) DRAGGLE {L} in {(+d)DRAGGE(-d)}
21 Bacterium species revealed in some cases of ulcerative colitis (1,4) E COLI [T]
22 Highly excited by the German's entry into the rising Indian state (4) AGOG {G} in {GOA<=}


Tuesday 27 December 2016

No 11888, Tuesday 27 Dec 2016, Gridman

1   Promiser put out flower (8) PRIMROSE*
5   Almost everybody uttered falsehoods to be in something together (6) ALLIED {ALl}{LIED}
9   One who chooses loses his head but still remains one who chooses (7) ELECTOR sELECTOR
10 Endure TV news segment (7) WEATHER [DD]
11 Italian dairy product Tamil leader put in italic all round appropriately (9) LATTICINI {Ta..l} in {IN+ITALIC}* Guess work confirmed from Google
12 Mark ace leaving out detail that's confusing (5) TILDE DETaIL*
13 Pretence produces endless embarrassment (4) SHAM SHAMe
14 They give minute warning before breakfast serving (3,6) EGG TIMERS [CD]
17 Having given details, son calmed down, seeing a vowel-change (9) SPECIFIED {S}{P(-a+e)ECIFIED}
19 Frequently goes after society that's not strict (4) SOFT {S}{OFT}
23 Anni, 24, at gateway of education, is silly (5) INANE {ANNI}*{Ed...n}
24 Embarrassed by late sale I managed (3,2,4) ILL AT EASE*
25 Heavily defeat leaders of terrorists' ring with little weight (7) TROUNCE {Te...s}{Ring}{OUNCE}
26 We lot squirm uneasily/approve sexy kind of scene in our films (7) WETLOOK {WE+LOT}*{OK}
27 Strip guy going round the mid-section of Vienna (6) DENUDE {D{viENna}UDE}
28 He struggles often to get out of a hold (8) WRESTLER [CD]

1   Don't look that much! It's without equal! (8) PEERLESS {PEER}{LESS}
2   I somehow retain staying power (7) INERTIA {I}{RETAIN*}
3   Give an account of a sort of trade (6) RETAIL [DD]
4   Storing away, away from ' Rocks', thanks to which deliveries are made properly (7,6) SORTING OFFICE {STORING}* {OFF}{ICE}
6   The French somehow made it in preparation period (4,4) LEAD TIME {LE}{MADE IT}*
7   It is used while suffering from cold – one's now beginning to get more healthy (7) INHALER {1}{Now}{HALER}
8   Obscure boat in hiding place (6) DARKEN {D{ARK}EN}
10 Tell-all referee? (13) WHISTLEBLOWER [DD]
15 Checked for being shown in a theatre (8) SCREENED [DD]
16 One who runs out of clothes (8) STREAKER [CD]
18 Philosopher on a group of soldiers (7) PLATOON {PLATO}{ON}
20 Doing well – how a ball thrown down may be (2,1,4) ON A ROLL [DD]
21 Suitable man given the equipment (6) FITTED {FIT}{TED}
22 Now America reveals rank (6) STATUS {STAT}{US}


Monday 26 December 2016

No 11887, Monday 26 Dec 2016, Gridman

1  Sanctimonious and greedy lapping up last drop of sambar (8) PRIGGISH {P{s...aR}IGGISH}
6  Father's old panel (4) DADO {DAD}{O}
9  Officer in an apartment keeping self-sufficient (6) AFLOAT {A}{FL{O}AT}
10 Correspondence arising from a record in a city (7) ANALOGY {A}{N{A}{LOG}Y}
13 That's being simple – lacking meaning in any manner, we hear (9) INNOCENCE (~ in no sense)
14 Police officer with 50 per cent of money around to organise things (3,2) RIG UP {IG} in {RUPees}
15 Expressed regret orally for having been impolite (4) RUDE (~rued)
16 Is cluing it in a different way related to language? (10) LINGUISTIC*
19 Fine chest in part of football ground (7,3) PENALTY BOX {PENALTY} {BOX}
21 Fine radish woman discarded for lady's fingers (4) OKRA {OK}{RAdish}
24 Cards that can be telling, predictably (5) TAROT [CD]
25 Homes were relocated in unspecified place (9) SOMEWHERE*
26 Put up with very big, endless squeeze (7) BEAR HUG {BEAR} {HUGe}

27 Old pottery with the French mix (6) MINGLE {MING}{LE}
28 Animal doesn't complete dash (4) ELAN ELANd
29 Troublesome girl, losing head, flirting lightly (8) ANNOYING {ANN}{tOYING}

2  Whistleblower in Beed regularly got rid of dirty elements (7) REFINED {REF}{IN}{bEeD}
3  Chronic complainer's great cry of pain (6) GROUCH {GR}{OUCH}
4  Means to let daughter go out provided you initially pick up (9) INTENSIFY {INTENdS}{IF}{You}
5  Toss the man on road (5) HEAVE {HE}{AVE}
7  Mingling with doctor overwhelmed by unsettled feeling (7) AMONGST {A{MO}NGST}
8  GO simply came to put together a sporting event (7,5) OLYMPIC GAMES*
11 Fearful of Air Force attack (6) AFRAID {AF}{RAID}
12 Controversial to have protected centre of harems. Scandalous! (12) DISREPUTABLE {haREms} in {DISPUTABLE}
17 Wedding attendant gives neat appearance to fellow (9) GROOMSMAN {GROOMS}{MAN}
18 Big group on church in a big spot (6) BLOTCH {B}{LOT}{CH}
20 Blissful state in which grandmother embraces one former President (7) NIRVANA {1}{RV} in {NANA}
22 King disoriented limner in a Russian citadel (7) KREMLIN {K}{LIMNER*}
23 Twin ends typing beginnings of score (6) TWENTY {TWin}{ENds}{TYping}
25 Black mark leaving out model Greek letter (5) SIGMA StIGMA

Sunday 25 December 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 25 Dec 2016


1   Scan some card involved in method of finding data (6,6) RANDOM ACCESS*
9   Compel prisoners to join procession (9) CONSTRAIN {CONS}{TRAIN}
10 Main artery, part of great road to the west (5) AORTA [T<=]
11 Secretary with variable income (3) PAY {PA}{Y}
12 A eulogy a man arranged for poet (4,7) MAYA ANGELOU*
13 Mediterranean port tests limits of trade (7) TRIESTE {TRIES}{TradE}
15 Before noon I moan, ordered to get cleaning fluid (7) AMMONIA {AM}{I+MOAN}*
17 Worked together in trouble, back with struggling side (7) LIAISED {AIL<=}{SIDE*}
19 Under half of energy used to fill tub (7) BENEATH {B{ENErgy}ATH}
20 Subversive motive in chart (11) TREASONABLE {T{REASON}ABLE}
22 Used to be necessary to know a subject (3) WAS [T]
23 Fine area, quiet one for ruminant (5) OKAPI {OK}{A}{P}{1}
24 Lecture from ruler occupying total broadcast (7-2) TALKING-TO {KING} in {TOTAL}*
25 Failing doctor with desire reflected in notes (7,5) FOLDING MONEY {FOLDING} {MO}{YEN<=}

1   Summary concerning surrender (14) RECAPITULATION {RE}{CAPITULATION}
2   City with character portrayed in Oliver Twist (5) NANCY [DD]
3   Chooses to screen one film for hopeful people (9) OPTIMISTS {1}{MIST} in {OPTS}
4   Break down in twisting lane, say (7) ANALYSE*
5   Hypocrisy at heart of grand choral composition (7) CANTATA {CANT}{AT}{grAnd}
6   Good to follow inclination, having no time for jargon (5) SLANG {SLANt}{G}
7   Larks in a changing nation (3,5) SRI LANKA*
8   Understandable background for scientific study (7,7) NATURAL HISTORY {NATURAL} {HISTORY}
14 Year's aid distributed, presumably (1,4,3) I DARE SAY*
16 Chap raised alarm over minute quirk (9) MANNERISM {MAN}{SIREN<=}{M}
18 Old-fashioned hugs about to be given (7) DONATED {D{ON}ATED}
19 Little left, nothing new, in ancient place (7) BABYLON {BABY}{L}{O}{N}
21 County fielder endlessly on move (5) SLIGO {SLIp}{GO}
22 Vehicle secured with load of silver (5) WAGON {W{AG}ON}


Saturday 24 December 2016

Special, Saturday 24 Dec 2016, Balderdash

TWO ANSWERS per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide your answers in one comment.            
                                             A SPECTRAL SYMBOL FOR X'MAS                                     

As against the two dimensions, which are familiar to crossword solvers, i.e.  ‘Across’ and ‘Down’, this puzzle is 3 dimensional. The third dimension is ‘Away’. The cubical grid is visualised as five layers (each layer being a 5x5 square) of the cube in the grid below. The directions Across, Down and Away are marked alongside the grid for your reference. All answers are 5 letters long, but one of them is made up of two words. Solve like you would solve a regular puzzle – you have crossings from an additional direction as you go along. It might make things easier if you fill in the Across and Away answers first, and then the Down clues.

After solving. if you look around the middle of cube, you may find some connections to the festive season, as indicated in the title. Though at the heart of it, you will find a sweet nothing. These may be mentioned in the blog after the entire puzzle has been solved here.


1  Ace loses first place resulting in strain
4  Joint bowel movement?
7  Run around a fortune-teller’s aid
10  To some extent, bosun cleans relative
13  G-man who treats spirit
14  Sir, returning key terminals can be dangerous
15  Flyer one buried in piece of land
18  Mason arrived carrying sound equipment
19  Look around a zoo initially, and take possession by force


1  Provide online joke
2  Do better with some luck after old age
3  Time to let out river
4  Slightly moves borders
5  Sportsman brought into this world around first of June
6  Watt consumed right liquid, for example
7  Badly frustrated after loss of well-organised trade in areas under control
8  Initially, respected Indian sadhu having intellect
9  Meth manufactured around end of July for Herb


1  First lady takes books to convention, perhaps
2  Queen embraces Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. That’s hot stuff!
3  Idiot gobbles egg, for example
10  Old city(German)’s presser
11  Go over religious symbol
12  Portal’s bad net/line
15  Violently opposes, leaving Post Office, to get money
16  Nail broken when travelling around American island
17  Number of Magi’s dimensions found in this puzzle

This format of the puzzle is not supported by AcrossLite. Hence, a printable version is available at


Solution Grid

Two Themed entries CROSS and GHOST run across the centre of the central layer, forming the symbol of a cross.  At the absolute centre of the cube is a O or 0 signifying 'Shunya' or nothing.

It is a pangram

No 11886, Saturday 24 Dec 2016, Gridman

1  Fouls in race by dishonest society scrubbers (5,6) FALSE STARTS {FALSE} {S}{TARTS} Scrubber/Tart ?
9   Asafoetida ruled out – it's goose egg (7) NOTHING {NOT}{HING}
10 Is inclined to be in church to purify (7) CLEANSE {C{LEANS}E}
11 Gosh! These dismissed the fliers (5) GEESE {GEE}{theSE}
12 Sing about each district magistrate being routine (9) TREADMILL {TR{EA}{DM}ILL}
13 Croat resettles in south Indian city (5) ARCOT*
15 Bygone Beatles classic (9) YESTERDAY [DD]

18 Inset: Huns in makeshift shelter (6,3) NISSEN HUT* Our first house after marriage was in one of these!
21 South African rodent, playing hard to get, turns up (5) COYPU {COY}{UP<=}
22 Protester to turn down relatives coming back (9) REFUSENIK {REFUSE}{KIN<=}
24 Regretful feeling over road crash (5) PRANG {P{R}ANG}
26 Create crop (7) PRODUCE [DD]
27 Fighter intended to announce suffering (7) ALIMENT {ALI}{MENT}(~ meant) I think Gridman has made a mistake in the definition
28 Items strewn about Parliament (11) WESTMINSTER*

1  Excellent! Nearly excellent to have one quality that's desirable in a photograph (4-5) FINE-GRAIN {FINE}-{GRA{1}Nd}
2  Loiter around losing nothing out of liquid measure (5) LITRE LoITER*
3  Mostly spectacular, Union Government's focal point (9) EPICENTRE {EPIc}{CENTRE}
4  Drunk lay disheartened in a constricting way (7) TIGHTLY {TIGHT}{LaY}
5  Insects not originating affliction (7) RICKETS cRICKETS
6  Son and daughter besiege writer while away (5) SPEND {S}{PEN}{D}
7  Limitless puns please in a cruel manner (8) UNKINDLY {pUNs}{KINDLY}
8  Cad's command to dog (4) HEEL [DD]
14 Is this money always on the move, coming and going? (8) CASHFLOW [CD] Seems to have hit a roadblock in India nowadays!
16 Expect different leader coming up as special case (9) EXCEPTION {EXPECT}*{NO 1<=}
17 Solver, hoodlum's leaving Georgia as juvenile (9) YOUNGSTER {YOU}{gaNGSTER}*
19 Vandals remove top of fortifications and get hard (7) HUNKERS (-b+h)HUNKERS
20 Set one's sights and capture top-class military leader (4,3) TAKE AIM {TAKE} {A1}{Mi...y}
22 Revolutionary leader, on a target, is engrossed (4) RAPT {Re...y}{APT}
23 Native American wife's endless protest (5) SQUAW SQUAWk
25 Hail red Ford and Dodge (5) AVERT {AVE}{R}{T}


Friday 23 December 2016

No 11885, Friday 23 Dec 2016, Gridman

1   Being senior to father, I would receive much (8) OVERPAID {OVER}{PA}{I'D}
5   Early in the morning almost broke into a bit of poetry (6) IAMBUS {1 AM}{BUSt}
9   "___ ___, the centre of my sinful earth" (Shakespeare) (4,4) POOR SOUL [GK]
10 Fellow with more ancient case (6) FOLDER {F}{OLDER}
12 Rescue command some beginning to hail (4) SAVE {Some}{AVE}
13 Notice aura issuing out of plane navigation (10) AERONAUTIC*
15 Taking on without notice is an alternative (6) OPTION adOPTION
17 Message the cinema ill-advisedly put out (5) EMAIL [T]
20 Cab doesn't start without maiden – that's taken for granted (5) AXIOM {tAXI}{O}{M}
21 Strike outdaughter chose not to accept CD (6) DELETE {D}{ELEcTEd}
24 Literary assistant is a fellow with uses in working order (10) AMANUENSIS {A}{MAN}{USES+IN}*
27 German wife's deceit falls short (4) FRAU FRAUd
29 21 initially complaining lance's broken (6) CANCEL {Co...g}{LANCE}*
30 Remarks old boy starts a volley (8) OBSERVES {OB}{SERVES}
31 Autographed and gestured everybody to leave (6) SIGNED SIGNallED
32 Lots of secreted stuff former girlfriends take out heartily (8) EXUDATES {oUt} in {EX}{DATES}

1   Stand against operation on model (6) OPPOSE {OP}{POSE}
2   Woman takes a little book to develop (6) EVOLVE {E{VOL}VE}
3   Put up sentry's station (4) POST [DD]
4   Intercourse disorderly rector ignored, being otherwise engaged (2,3) IN USE INtercoUrSE
6   Gypsy people follow a sweet smell (5) AROMA {A}{ROMA}
7   Deb's date changed furniture for sleeping (8) BEDSTEAD*
8   Rigorously cagey, having swallowed a near-ploy by Tamil leader (8) STRICTLY {S{TRICk}{Tamil}LY}
11 American university cut tree (6) CORNEL CORNELl
14 Unwanted messages bring up charts (4) SPAM <=
16 Order set right (6) INDENT [DD]
17 Consumes salami and pastrami, e.g., without a dash of mayonnaise (4) EATS mEATS
18 Adjusts bank figures (8) BALANCES [DD]
19 Encounter a problem as a thing falls (3,1,4) HIT A SNAG*
22 Credit a girl model for fancy neckwear (6) CRAVAT {CR}{AVA}{T}
23 Care-givers lose head getting President’s top prize amounts (6) PURSES (-n+p)PURSES
25 You finally seem to be pliable: "I can assist" (3,2) USE ME (yoU}{SEEM}*
26 One new seating area from where to clear papers (2-3) IN-BOX {1}{N}-{BOX}
28 Sailor's first objective's to ship out (4) SEND {Sa...r}{END}


Thursday 22 December 2016

No 11884, Thursday 22 Dec 2016, Scintillator

1  It's a small distance, mum! (6) MICRON {mum} See comments
4  Crimes in the US reported from guards (8) OFFENSES {~ of fences}
9  Makes a case against supporters (6) FRAMES [DD]
10 All clips destroyed in part of gate (4-4) CLAP-SILL*
12 Remote chance of a sixer? (4,4) LONG SHOT [DD]
13 Groom's house talk picked up frequently with hesitation (6) OSTLER {hOuSe+TaLk}{ER}
15 Wheel's part, say (4) ROLL (~role) I still have one lying around!
16 Level urban ground's exposed to danger (10) VULNERABLE*
19 Field with fruit for marsupial (10) PADDYMELON {PADDY}{MELON}
20 Mistake to forget saucing cooked dish (4) GUAC sAUCinG* Cheated for this as it was the only one left
23 One snaps all relations with this (6) CAMERA [CD]
25 Be busy with meet (4,2,2) LIVE UP TO {LIVE} {UP TO}
27 Cross/in-between/hybrid ensuing castration (8) UNSEXING {X} in {ENSUING}*
28 Snake's fury to rise high (6) ASPIRE {ASP}{IRE}
29 Look to tuck into key piece of meat (8) ESCALOPE {ESCA{LO}PE}
30 Readily take excellent PC (6) LAPTOP {LAP}{TOP}

1  Obstinate person's right to include very loud noise suppressor (7) MUFFLER {MU{FF}LE}{R}
2  Failed, and hence student concentrated in US (9) CHANNELED {AND+HENCE+L}*
3  Generous servings – not gross but unworthy the second time (3-3) ONE-USE {gENErOUS}*
5  It could be a short and thin sheet (4) FILM [DD]
6  Exhibition certainly will get publicity (8) EXPOSURE {EXPO}{SURE}
7  Yet it is not moving! (5) STILL [DD]
8   Police novice yearning to overspend (7) SPLURGE {SP}{L}{URGE}
11 Makes a good image from costless utilities (7) FOCUSES FOC{USES}  Anno pending (Addendum - {FOC}{USES} - See comments)
14 No rift possibly can involve one that's committed (2,3,2) IN FOR IT {1} in {NO+RIFT}*
17 Sad? Drown worries essentially in beer – That's the plan! (9) BLUEPRINT {BLUE}{P{worRies}INT}
18 Unknown person sneaking in slyly, dryly...OH, OH! (8) HYDROXYL {X} in {DRYLY+OH}*
19 Get this to understand; see this for entertainment (7) PICTURE [DD]
21 Warring couples become silent (5,2) CLOSE UP*
22 A spire high in ancient Iran (6) PERSIA*
24 Bug bites us in harmony (5) MUSIC {M{US}IC}
26 Break utensils by dropping upside down (4) SNAP <=

Wednesday 21 December 2016

No 11883, Wednesday 21 Dec 2016, Aspartame

1   Scab to hit vessel with small rod (13) STRIKEBREAKER {STRIKE}{B{Rod}EAKER}
8   Pressure on Legolas to make black money (4) PELF {P}{ELF}
9   Misinformed one devised all pointless actions (3-7) ILL-ADVISED {1+DeVISED+ALL}*
10 First-born parent steps down from pedestal being relocated (6) ELDEST pEDESTaL*
11 One watching a show for the second time? (8) REVIEWER [E]
12 Instrument to yield highest returns (9) ACCORDION {ACCORD}{NO1<=}
14 Lunar effect about to change (4) EDIT<=
15 Industrialist armies (4) TATA {TA}{TA}
16 The Spanish editor travels west to meet informed reporter found in the Alps (9) EDELWEISS {EL}<=>{ED}{WEISS}(~wise)
20 Fruit family – primarily lychee put in oven (8) LIMEKILN {LIME}{KI{L}N}
21 Deliveries done halfway? That's overstated (6) OVERDO {OVER}{DOne}
23 Ashram icon is brewing liqueur (10) MARASCHINO*
24 Team mixed up right with left end of sail (4) CLEW C(-r+l)LEW
25 Band producing on sets (7,6) ROLLING STONES {ON+SETS}*

1   Resin exterior starts to accumulate crud (7) SHELLAC {SHELL}{Ac...e}{Crud}
2   Search thoroughly for gun (5) RIFLE [DD]
3   Shivering kitten got tiny dress that's stitched (7) KNITTED {KITTEN}*{Dr..s}
4   Mob Anglican lord practising Samba (8,7) BALLROOM DANCING {MOB+ANGLICAN+LORD}*
5   Plant in Kiev I'd need to take back (6) ENDIVE [T<=]
6   Cut corners, keep a bit of savings aside – the situation could go either way (5-4) KNIFE-EDGE {KNIFE}{EDGEs}
7   Film on oriental cat oddly to win in votes again (2-5) RE-ELECT {RE-EL}{E}{CaT}
13 Alert like Messi during a match? (2,3,4) ON THE BALL [DD]
15 Agitated son lost in North Sinai going nowhere (4,3) THIN AIR {noRTH+sINAI}*
17 Beware of guard (7) LOOKOUT [DD]
18 Son overcomes onset of insanity, misery (7) SADNESS (-m+s)SADNESS
19 Fruit extracts control itching (6) LITCHI [T]
22 Start to leave renting out one encyclopedia for one who served time (2-3) EX-CON lEXiCON


Tuesday 20 December 2016

No 11882, Tuesday 20 Dec 2016, The Phantom

8   Elite army gathered behind leader of French pedigree (6,4) FAMILY TREE {F}{ELITE+ARMY}*
9   Discomfort for a man catching cold (4) ACHE {A}{C}{HE}
10 Note, thin bloke is sacked for not working (2,3,5) ON THE BLINK {N+THIN+BLOKE}*
11 About to take off robe … (4) CAPE {C}{APE}
12 … licentious girl is rusticated by principal (6) CARNAL CARdiNAL
14 Key often used to open small window (8) SKYLIGHT {KeY} in {SLIGHT}
15 Bob following snow cat around lake (7) FLOUNCE {F}{L}{OUNCE}
17 Tabloid probing information that's delicate (7) FRAGILE {F{RAG}ILE}
20 Bowler injured runs out having bowled maiden earlier (8) SOMBRERO {M}{B} in {SORE}{RO}
22 Mistake to cross over to the other side (6) DEFECT [DD]
24 Destroy rundown houses (4) UNDO [T]
25 Difficult for umpire to keep player in line (10) REFRACTORY {REF}{R{ACTOR}Y}
27 Basic part of home repaired (4) MERE [T]
28 Consumed dairy product with a seasoned meat loaf (10) HEADCHEESE {H{E}AD}{CHEESE} Insertion of E in HAD seems to be an error here See comments

1   One occupying leading position becomes conceited (4) VAIN {VA{1}N}
2   Straw for example is thrown oddly away after drink (6) SIPHON {SIP}{tHrOwN}
3   Limbo dancing in sync, not natural for representative (8) SYMBOLIC {LIMBO}* in {SYnC}
4   Time to gather crowds quietly for trek (7) TRAIPSE {T}{RAI{P}SE}
5   Talk periodically in a feeble manner (6) WEAKLY (~weekly)
6   Run feature in periodical that's making progress (8) MARCHING {R}{CHIN} in {MAG}
7   A hip school trained compulsive buyer (10) SHOPAHOLIC*
13 Versatile sportsman’s event introduced each year regularly (3-7) ALL-ROUNDER {ALL}-{ROUND}{yEaR}
16 Continuous shelling on bunker (8) UNBROKEN*
18 One participated in race and ran in joy (8) RADIANCE {1} in {RACE+AND}*
19 Metal spring recoils with force (7) WOLFRAM {FLOW<=}{RAM}
21 They are mostly crude and unsophisticated (6) EARTHY {THEY+ARe}*
23 Priest greatly disturbed by article (6) FATHER {FA{THE}R}
26 Removing top layer of corrosion (4) RUST cRUST


Monday 19 December 2016

No 11881, Monday 19 Dec 2016, Afterdark

1   Guy has issue going across one house... (7) MANSION {MAN{S{1}ON}
5   ...plagued with bitterness about one disagreement primarily (7) HAUNTED {HA{UN}TE}{Di...t}
9   For starters, Honeychile Rider joined Bond and had small type of fish (9) CHORDATES {C{Ho...r}ORD}{ATE}{S}
10 Have to take chlorine for lustre (5) ECLAT {E{CL}AT}
11 Note given after cooking samba rice (7) BASMATI {SAMBA}*{TI}
12 Sid returned with Jack to centre of bar to pull apart (7) DISJOIN {SID<=}{J}OIN Anno pending
13 Limits relaxed gestures partly (5) EDGES [T]
15 Learning to understand projection (9) KNOWLEDGE {KNOW}{LEDGE}
17 Uncle suffering with cold without money, managed at the end; settled (9) CONCLUDED {UNCLE+COlD}*{m...eD}
19 Small children at the beginning mock thin person (5) SCRAG {S}{Ch...n}{RAG}
21 Guess on Sunday, American Sweetheart will receive Oscar essentially (7) SUSPECT {S}{US}{PE{osCar}T}
23 Nobelium rays bring forth tetanus frequently; recently come into prominence (7) NOUVEAU {NO}{UV}{tEtAnUs}
25 Marks is zero; contradict endlessly (5) OBELI {O}{BELIe}
26 Perplexed that nobody gets advantage with head of department (9) NONPLUSED {NON{PLUS}E}{De...t}
27 Trees felled in Kuala Lumpur to get a bird (7) KESTREL {K{TREES*}L}
28 Issue application to registered consumer (3,4) END USER {END} {USE}{R}

1   Horrible club; confines a bishop and rabbi (7) MACABRE {MAC{A}{B}{R}E}
2   Alright to prevent boy being sent back to retreats (5) NOOKS {OK} in {SON<=}
3   One new leader instils bit of awareness in us (7) INDIANS {1}{N}DI{Aw,,,s}N Anno not clear
4   Edward gets preference after Minny frequently criticized (9) NITPICKED NI{T{PICK}ED} MINNY frequently is IN. How does it get reversed?
5   Member of Jewish sect gives birth to one daughter (5) HASID {HAS}{1}{D}
6   Device on middle stump, tracking edges, nicks primarily is rejected by league (7) UTENSIL {stUmp}{Tr...g}{Ed..s}{Ni..s}{IS<=}{L}
7   Formidable task to alter construction about God (4,5) TALL ORDER {ALTER}* over {LORD}
8   Journalist returns to camp to primarily ease and relaxing of tension (7) DETENTE {ED<=}{TENT}{Ease}
14 Criminals having empty guns in strange building (9) GANGSTERS {GunS} in {STRANGE}*
16 Order weapons to protect India (9) ORDINANCE {IN} in {ORDNANCE}
17 Caught ship commander stealing a knight's garment (7) CASSOCK {C}{A}{SS}{OC}{K}
18 First Lieutenant's scary, regiment is more suspicious (7) LEERIER {Li...t}{EERIE}{R}
19 A lake overflowing with marine creature that's disgusting (7) SQUALID {SQU{A}{L}ID}
20 Leaving a female for another girl, architect will become bankrupt (2,5) GO UNDER {(-f+g)GOUNDER}
22 Not turning; a rookie says about variations in pitch (5) TONAL {NOT<=}{A}{L}
24 Moderates from overseas escaped (5) EASES [T]