Friday 28 February 2014

No 11020, Friday 28 Feb 2014, Afterdark

Happiness day I presume for all those who wanted it that way ;-)
1   T uber in a vessel at examination (6) POTATO {POT}{AT}{O}
4   H unts the wayward actress who lost direction (6) TRACES ACTRESs* Mistake needs to be TRACED !
9   E xcitable calibre man has? No, just the opposite (4) CALM {CAL}{M}
10 T he braless served up in suspense (10) BREATHLESS*
11 W ell-organised Reich with love can become chivalrous (6) HEROIC {REICH+O}*
12 E nforces exodus at El Salvador to capture the darling (8) EXECUTES {EX}{E{CUTE}S}
13 N o end for sloppy chances to get fungi (9) MUSHROOMS {MUSHy}{ROOMS}
15 T rousers police sergeant wore had insect inside (5) PANTS {P{ANT}S} Imagine a policeman with ants in his pants!!
16 Y ou enter pub from back entrance with nothing outside and take over (3,2) BUY UP {B{UoY} UP}<=
18 F ree peacekeepers by bay accosting communists (9) UNCOVERED {UN}{COVE}{RED}
22 I mmoral fellows at the bar found in the cellar (8) BASEMENT {BASE}{MEN}{T}
23 F ullness seen in outside practice specialist has (6) PLENTY {PL{ENT}Y}
25 T rains via Ohio derail on departures (10) VARIATIONS {TRAINS+VIA+O}* O for Ohio?
26 H ummed a saying unknown setter left outside (4) SANG SAyiNG
27 G ives Evelyn a facelift symmetrically (6) EVENLY*
28 R eformed slut follows condition of grown-ups (6) ADULTS {AD}{SLUT*} What condition is AD? See comments

1   I llustration on gold table (7) PLATEAU {PLATE}{AU}
2   D ischarged upset pilot officer on time (5) TEMPO {TEM<=}{PO}
3   T o nearly withdraw Commanding Officer with cigarette? (7) TOBACCO {TO}{BACk}{CO} Is injurious to health
5   H arassed marathoner left riotous Oman by preference (6) RATHER maRATHonER*
6   A cute call made to plan (9) CALCULATE*
7   N ew timidness I’m taking out from protest (7) DISSENT TimIDNESS*
8   K iller instinct seen from French end (13) DETERMINATION {DE}{TERMINATION}
14 S pouse to store sewing items perhaps? (9) HOUSEWIFE [DD]
17 F lummoxed warehouseman misses dilapidated homes in the dark (7) UNAWARE WAREhoUsemAN*
19 O bstructed work submitted (7) OPPOSED {OP}{POSED}
20 L engthens former spouse’s care on Sunday (7) EXTENDS {EX}{TEND}{S}
21 K inky lad hugs specialist of teeth (6) DENTAL {D{ENT}AL*}
24 S ee Los Angeles differently through a frame (5) EASEL {SEE+LA}*

Thursday 27 February 2014

No 11019, Thursday 27 Feb 2014, The Phantom

Pangramatic wordplay cooked up from the skull cave.
8   Riches for wife with condition to shun first husband (6) WEALTH {W}{hEALTH}
9   Union’s strike backing individual in agitation (8) MARRIAGE {MAR<=}{R{I}AGE}
10 Initially, Bajaj introduced revolution with small two-wheelers (8) BICYCLES {B}{I}{CYCLE}{S} Remembered the good old Vespa with years of waiting lists.
11 TV host rushed right back to receive actor-politician (6) ANCHOR {(-r)AN{CHO}(+r)R}
12 Shop announced bargain with fixed rate? (6) BETRAY (~buy){B(RATE*}Y}
13 Provided Oriental with chewing tobacco, often popped in (8) EQUIPPED {E}{QUI{PoPpEd}D}
15 A small amount radical, without right appropriated (7) ASSUMED {A}{S}{SUM}{rED}
17 Cancelled contract without permit (7) DELETED {DE{LET}ED}
20 File regarding fauna (8) WILDLIFE {FILE}*
22 Hold walking stick perhaps, switching hands (6) CLUTCH C(-r+l)LUTCH
23 Announced escalation agreement (6) ASSENT (~ascent)
25 Probe John’s stock book withdrawal (4,4) LOOK INTO {LOO}{K IN}{TO<=}
26 Contest in Delhi, dropping girl, coming next after tenth (8) ELEVENTH {dEL{EVENT}Hi}
27 Lyric in use with inaugural song for theatres (6) ODEONS {ODE}{ON}{S}

1   The Spanish frogman boxes small bears (8) DELIVERS {D{EL}IVER}{S}
2   Quietly leave good ball in cricket field, for example (10) PLAYGROUND {P}{LAY}{G}{ROUND}
3   Freezing cold at bottom of valley below mountain (6) CHILLY {C}{HILL}{valleY}
4   Surface-to-air missile rose, dropped — bridges destroyed (7) SMASHED {S{MAS<=}HED}
5   Treatment involving right drug — a trial initially on animal (8) CREATURE {C{R}{E}{A}{T}URE}
6   Molten Zircon yields yellow metal (4) ZINC ZIrCoN (Correction - {ZIrCoN}* - See comments)
7   Disregard evidence, initially deficient, about alternative source of energy (6) IGNORE {sIGN}{OR}{E}
14 Astute judge rescued private eye from preconceived convictions (10) PREJUDICED Anno pending (Addendum - PREJUDICES {J+RESCUED+P+I}* - See comments}
16 Retired, sit idly at home. Beginning of good living! (8) EXISTING {EX}{SIT*}{IN}{G}
18 Electrifying going with speed of light! (8) EXCITING {EX{C}ITING}
19 Strong man, a military officer, high-flyer at heart (7) HEALTHY {HE}{A}{LT}{H}{flYer}
21 Slight stylish model possessing small build — nothing odd (6) INSULT {IN}{S}{bUiLd}{T}
22 Study about decay of plant (6) CROTON {C{ROT}ON}
24 Crave article from English fleet (4) ENVY {E}{NaVY}

Wednesday 26 February 2014

No.11018, Wednesday 26 Feb 2014, xChequer

1 Staff involved in compensation farce (6) PARODY (ROD in PAY)
          One rank, one pay?
4 Unconventional people, tense with society, responsible for scraps (8) ODDMENTS (ODD MEN T S)
10 Main river feature, grand-looking (9) SEARCHING (SEA R CHIN G)
           I once heard a chap from Chennai say "I am churching for chumbody in Chelam" . One of the rare cases I preferred Chennai over Madras (which I am more prone to use) due to alliteration.
11 Party means to exert pressure taking contrary sides (5) REVEL (LEVER with sides (R and L) switched)
12 Animal you loaded with heavy weight getting stressed at the end (7) OXYTONE (OX TON in YE)
13 Shift near the city (7) TEHERAN (NEAR THE)*
          Teheriye hosh mein aa loon, ...
14 Solid state circuits with switch (4) SWAP 2 Not sure about the electronics part of it...
15 Strike back against lack of knowledge overlooking men’s evil nature (10) MALIGNANCE (LAMn IGNorANCE)
19 Translated funny dig that is distasteful (10) UNEDIFYING (FUNNY DIG I.E.)*
20 First time convict, 21 maybe, needs to reflect (4) STAR (RATS<) 21=rodents=rats fits, but I don't get the convict part of it. Maybe freshman convicts are called Stars? Or may be xC is ref. to the one currently on parole?
23 Aircraft storage compartment contains only rubbish (7) BALONEY (LONE in BAY)
26 Seared fish accompanied by wine perhaps (7) CHARRED (CHAR RED)
27 Debate runs in a sticky matter left unaddressed (5) ARGUE (R in A GLUE-L)
28 Hundred years without unity, pine for romantic holiday (9) HONEYMOON (H Y outside ONE, MOON)
          The intervening period between love and war ... . Wodehouse says this is the period when men, in a state of stupor or indulgence, do silly things, like converting their bank accounts into joint accounts ...
29 Cutting out historic city from pleasure trip, one provides a substitute (8) EXCISION (EXCURSION-UR+1)
30 Sins go away with spiritual knowledge (6) GNOSIS (SINS GO)*

1 Ministers and personal assistant to king — isolated sections (7) PASTORS (PA S(TO R)S)
2 “Hardly bespoke money”, said the housekeeper (5-4) READY MADE (READY=money, ~maid)
3 Opportunity seized, about time to manipulate (6) DOCTOR (DOOR around C T)
5 Appreciate what Preity and Sushmita have in common: figure? (5) DIGIT (DIG IT, the common letters, or oomph, whichever way you want to see it)
6 Dealer ordered lining for parchments (8) MERCHANT (pARCHMENTs)*
7 At no time you get two of this in the hire purchase system (5) NEVER (Hire Purchase is also called "Never Never")
8 Muzzle is golden maybe? (7) SILENCE CD

9 Change without current information, in retrospect, may leave you peevish (8) VINEGARY (VARY outside I GEN)
16 Clean barring pronounced smell (8) INNOCENT (INN O CENT ~scent) liked the way barring gets split as bar=INN and ring=O
          Remembered a Malayalam actor, who is Innocent even if he commits an offence
17 Daffy Duck on tour is having a bad image (9) NOTORIOUS (duck=O ON TOUR IS)*
18 Innovators will be first to rise among equals (8) PIONEERS (NO1< in PEERS)
19 Dress up in posh garments essentially causing resentment (7) UMBRAGE (GARB< in U garMEnts)
21 Too much to take, breaks into tears seeing squirrels for instance (7) RODENTS (overdose=OD in RENTS)
          Rats !
22 Gorge on sweets in the beginning, no place for food at the end (6) CANYON (CANdY ON)
          Reminded me of the famous pun on Grand Canyon -  It's gorgeous !
24 Reason private couples look conservative (5) LOGIC (GI couples(joins) LO C)
25 Brute, primarily a hood, locked up (5) YAHOO (T)

Tuesday 25 February 2014

No 11017, Tuesday 25 Feb 2014, Sunnet

Pangram specialist has produced another double today with plenty of eatables Pizaa and a lot of toppings thrown in, not forgetting the Kanji for the healthfood freaks.

1   We over-engineered and worked on the loom again (6) REWOVE*
4   Part of air shows, to display forgotten techniques, at the end (3-5) FLY-PASTS {FLY}-{PAST}{S}
10 Perhaps a reverse sweep to point caught inside with the stroke (6-3) SWITCH-HIT {S}{WIT{C}H}-{HIT}
11 Mediterranean food in Pakistani carrier having leaders of Zambia and Zimbabwe aboard (5) PIZZA {PI{Z}{Z}A}
12 Comes across a selection of animal flesh, say (5) MEETS (~meats)
13 Uncrowned king took a pay order to the last Chancellor of Treasury (9) EXCHEQUER {rEX}{CHEQUE}{R}
14 Sally’s last words: Large alien’s back (7) RIPOSTE {RIP}{OS}{TE<=}
16 Nerve transmitter that is seen in thorax only (4) AXON [T]
19 Yet backing a brass instrument (4) TUBA {TUB<=}{A}
21 Grace took chat message to mean a sneer (7) GRIMACE {GR{IM}ACE}
24 One puts in place fancy trial lens (9) INSTALLER*
25 Sent back self-contained note to a Major (2-3) OF-AGE {O{F-A}GE<=}
26 A system of writing using 25 % Japanese ink (5) KANJI {JApanese+INK}*
27 Untidy state of aircraft with king going over one’s head (9) GRIMINESS {G{R}IM<=}{I}{NESS}
28 Growth that is seen after a nuclear disaster (8) MUSHROOM [DD]
29 After Ottoman governor’s paid for by the chief of Damascus (6) BEYOND {BEY}{ON}{D}

1   A herb from a flower girl (8) ROSEMARY {ROSE}{MARY}
2   Accounts for increases in book value of assets (5-3) WRITE-UPS [DD]
3   Deputy’s evil habits (5) VICES [DD]
5   Columbian city to allow India’s secret service (7) LETICIA {LET}{I}{CIA}
6   Sprinkle on a bit of Italian seasoned meat (9) PEPPERONI {PEPPER}{ON}{I}
7   Use zip code to estimate (4-2) SIZE-UP*
8   Reportedly eyeballs flight components (6) STAIRS (~stares)
9   Perhaps Swiss word used to get a smile (6) CHEESE [DD]
15 A queer ski could be making a higher pitched sound (9) SQUEAKIER*
17 Backward country enters into agreement in Germany with some outfit for hot stuff (8) JALAPENO {JA}{LAPEN<=}{O}
18 Late action to capture crank case (8) DECEASED {DE{CASE*}ED}
20 Nearly maintain soldiers’ rising tempo (7) ALLEGRO {ALLEGe}{RO<=}
21 Medicinal bulb obtained from paperback written by an insurer (6) GARLIC {GAR<=}{LIC}
22 Kipling’s work supports ailing captain leaving Indian state (6) SIKKIM {SIcK}{KIM}
23 Exercise postures included in as an assignment (6) ASANAS [T]

25 Nothing existing is green perhaps (5) OLIVE {O}{LIVE}

Monday 24 February 2014

No.11016, Monday 24 Feb 2014, Vulcan

I am a few annos short !

1 Horrible travelling salesman (8) NAMELESS* (SALESMEN*)  I am presuming that there has been a typo.  But though a nameless fear = horrible fear, I am not sure nameless can be equated to horrible, per se
5 Angel? Not true we’re told (5) FALLS (~FALSE) 
9 Measure of vehicle’s acceleration by time (5) CARAT (CAR A T)
          What's up, Doc?
10 Symbolic of everyone with ego — amusing for the most part (9) ALLEGORIC (ALL EGO RICh) Rich as in 'That's rich!'
12 Victory one had in a case that’s not so significant (7) TRIVIAL (V 1 in TRIAL)
13 Small story about hard bicycle trick (7) WHEELIE (WEE LIE about H)
14 It works on shopper’s weakness (6-8) WINDOW DRESSING (CD)
          Of course, the euphemistic usage is probably better known
17 Bad film with a bad ending or a hit movie? (4,1,3,6) DIAL M FOR MURDER ((FILM A D)* OR MURDER)
          Stone the crows! I first got the crossing M from 15d and cottoned on to this. The hit=murder part came later
23 Old dialect found in a coin — central to understanding origin of civilization possibly (7) OCCITAN (A COIN T C)*
24 Goes with any cooking spray (7) NOSEGAY (GOES ANY)* Not sure if spray is a proper defn.
26 Take back espressos served (9) REPOSSESS (ESPRESSOS)*
27 Pound of broth mixture (5) THROB (BROTH*)
28 Beginning to gain power and velocity (5) SPEED (SEED to gain P)
29 English daily — excellent, very exquisite (8) ETHEREAL (E TH(=The Hindu) E REAL)

1 Fine distinction in Germanic etymology (6) NICETY (T)
2 Concoction of 4 and 1 (7) MARTINI (4=swallow (bird) = MARTIN 1) Nice device of combining numbers being used for two different purposes. My CoD
          I used this dodge yesterday and I find it here today. Some of you who got a mail from me yesterday might find this device helpful.

3 Heavy stick made from strip of wood — ironwood primarily (5) LATHI (LATH I)
4 Drink to relish after beginning of sunset (7) SWALLOW (S WALLOW)
          Reminded me of the Empress wallowing in pigswill! Hogwash!
6 Gross rage exhibited by assailant (9) AGGRESSOR (GROSS RAGE)*
7 Beautiful girl learning floral arrangement (7) LORELEI (LORE LEI)
          Remember our dashing Major Johann Schmidt whistle the tune in Where Eagles Dare?
8 Area with an enclosure to keep rebel leaders hidden (7) ACREAGE (RE in A CAGE)
11 Quieten and start off at a lesser speed (5) LOWER (sLOWER)
15 Cup of tea missed badly (9) DEMITASSE (TEA MISSED)*
          This too gets repossessed along with the Espresso in 26a
16 Put off by a bad journal’s content (7) ADJOURN (T)
18 Fizzy cola and ginger drink (7) ALCOPOP (COLA* POP) not sure of POP and ginger parts of it
19 Oz attack losing momentum (5) OUNCE (pOUNCE)
20 Reason to have fixed outlook (7) MINDSET (MIND SET)
21 Danger alert essentially used in fencing — a warning (2,5) EN GARDE (DANGER E)* But is this a CD with a chance anagram? If the anagram is intended what is the indicator? Used? Then what happens to alert?
22 Mark’s instrument, say (6) SYMBOL (2) (~cymbal)
25 French composer with South African link (5) SATIE (SA TIE) I, for one, had not heard of him and had to Google to confirm.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Special, Sunday 23 Feb 2014, Afterdark

Three answers per commenter (with annotations) till 6 PM

1   Changes made in coach's shape removing iodine particle (15)
9   Approves loss of article by adman who faces anger and gains a point (7)
10 Fighter behind engineer and doctor for an instrument (7)
11 Not quite clever, this harridan (5)
12 Taking bone from a rabid Boston Terrier makes it radical (9)
13 All Latino somehow have this speech defect (9)
15 Sounds like easy comeback after messy lab fire... (5)
16 Connected with birth to an African province (5)
18 Learner at university inspired pointlessly to be productive (9)
20 Alert everyone to collect broken marble (5,4)
23 Periods the first queen has PMS is not quiet (5)
24 Build a fashionable booth (7)
25 Talk on European Union taking a castle (7)
26 No bar fight on gin cocktail nonetheless... (15)

1   Reported coma at estate results in a surgery (15)
2   Doctor back in air with a novice officer (7)
3   Second team at the dance is mad (9)
4   Son shaken by stranger's advent (5)
5   Pasta recipe's third letter is a mix of two languages? (9)
6   Secretary's love has a beat (5)
7   Love queen for discarding unknown instrument (7)
8   Spain street grub different from other city? (5,10)
14 Sickness caused by rocky hill on earth changing sides? (3,6)
15 Transport snake by the first coach (4,5)
17 Peculiarity of players seen in journey (7)
19 Serial I adapted features foreign national (7)
21 Main road French friend took to the city (5)
22 Insurers' sex appeal permitted by law? (5)

To attempt the CW on a separate page follow the link ADB13


No 2779, Sunday 23 Feb 2014

1   Dance with former copper and seem clumsy (6-2) EXCUSE-ME {EX}{CU}{SE-ME*}
5   Material's marvellous, very amusing once abridged (6) FABRIC {FAB}{RICh}
10 Very little fly found in tin (7) SMIDGEN {S{MIDGE}N}
11 Understanding of current things in variety (7) INSIGHT {I}{THINGS*}
12 Show deficit after end of trading (5) GLOSS {G}{LOSS}
13 Active at night? No? Go in around beginning of Lent (9) NOCTURNAL {NO}{C{TURN}A}{L}
14 Film makers run into trouble blocking those advising caution? (6,8) WARNER BROTHERS {WARNER {B{R}OTHER}S}
17 Crony, architect, organised benefit show (7,7) CHARITY CONCERT*
21 We do, after a struggle, accommodate writer (9) WODEHOUSE {WE+DO*}{HOUSE}
23 Trouble after advertising Madrid gallery (5) PRADO {PR}{ADO}
24 Stylish defence saving one heading towards trouble (2,3,2) IN FOR IT {IN}{FOR {1}T}
25 English PM suppressing ambassador's nickname (7) EPITHET {E}{PIT{HE}T}
26 Go round Ayr and get lost (6) GYRATE {AYR+GET}*
27 Ratings cooked unknown fish (8) STINGRAY {RATINGS*}{Y}

1   Soldier who carries the Colours in? Gen's misleading (6) ENSIGN*
2   Fried potato - a lot cooked, served with a sausage (9) CHIPOLATA {CHIP}{OLAT*}{A}
3   Hires Mark, disciple (5,2) SIGNS ON {SIGN}{S ON}
4   Unseen establishment figures, good inside foreign ministry? (Unseen mostly) (3,2,4,5) MEN IN GREY SUITS {G in {MINISTRY+UNSEEn}*}
6   Offensive, a sailor reportedly (7) ASSAULT {A}{SSAULT}(~salt)
7   Possessed girl, a daughter of King Lear (5) REGAN [DD]
8   Spurn girl initially, girl with a refined accent? (3-5) CUT-GLASS {CUT}-{G}{LASS}
9   Military manoeuvre - could it be the making of prince? (6,8) PINCER MOVEMENT {PRINCE}*
15 Attention given to female in pub, incessant talker (9) EARBASHER {EAR}{BA{SHE}R}
16 Heather following barge, glowering (8) SCOWLING {SCOW}{LING}
18 Be left at home with that girl, Italian (7) INHERIT {IN}{HER}{IT}
19 Legend, suitable, I displayed in study (7) CAPTION {C{APT}{I}ON}
20 Somebody deserving (6) WORTHY [DD]
22 Give way in Grande ferry (5) DEFER [T]

Saturday 22 February 2014

No 11015, Saturday 22 Feb 2014, Lightning

8   Conceited one breaking vehicle (4) VAIN {VA{1}N}
9   Miner to search for gold (10) PROSPECTOR {PROSPECT}{OR}
10 Stop the unending battle with a bit of tact (6) THWART {THe}{WAR}{T}
11 Survey on the way out used to call an election (4,4) EXIT POLL {EXIT} {POLL}
12 Connected flier with journalist outside meet (8) ADJOINED {AD}{JOIN}{ED}
14 Directions to ratify standard (6) ENSIGN {E}{N}{SIGN}
16 Illogical to cut short a perennial plant (4) IRIS IRISh
17 Confine daughter in a type of community that is protected (5) GATED {GATE}{D}
18 Trump, in trouble, boots out the Parisian (4) RUFF RUFFle
19 Lightning’s past field of work? (6) BYLINE {BY}{LINE}
21 F1 driver initially circumspect about overwhelming defeat (8) MASSACRE {MASSA}{C}{RE}
23 End dance game (8) FOOTBALL {FOOT}{BALL}
26 Cushion stomach muscles with a spherical object (6) ABSORB {ABS}{ORB}
27 Advocate reshaped consul role (10) COUNSELLOR*
28 Democrat to partly censure nobleman (4) DUKE {D}{rebUKE}

1   Technology used in TV where each dot is shaped by a beam of light (7,3) CATHODE RAY {CATHODE*} {RAY} 
2   US state, well known for having a bad reputation (8) INFAMOUS {IN}{FAMOUS}
3   First time, dividing two grams of heroin, yielding precisely what is required (4,2) SPOT ON {SPO{T} ON} Anno not clear - See comments
4   Father of English leader (4) POPE {POP}{E}
5   23 player’s snap complete (5,3) SPLIT END {SPLIT} {END}
6   Investigates complaint where pawn supplants King of Sweden (6) SCOPES Anno pending (Addendum - {SCO(-r+p)PE}{S} - See comments)
7   23 player’s target score (4) GOAL [DD]
13 Piece of information provided by lawyer initially taken with hesitation (5) DATUM {DA}{T}{UM}
15 Forgo? Take a chance (2,3,5) GO FOR BROKE {FORGO}*
17 Sort of agree to embrace Satyajit’s counter to an unclear topic (4,4) GREY AREA {GRE{Y AR<=}EA*}

18 Without a bit of delay, composed shoddy rap music piece (8) RHAPSODY {SHODdY+RAP}*
20 Plan home shelter (6) INTENT {IN}{TENT}
22 Are celebrities on air on such a night? (6) STARRY [CD]
24 Old bandsman, at first, with ordinary electronic instrument (4) OBOE {O}{B}{O}{E}
25 Rookie’s struggle, initially lacking rhythm (4) LULL {L}{pULL} (Addendum - LILT {L}{tILT} - See comments)

Friday 21 February 2014

No.11014, Friday 21 Feb 2014, Klue Klux Klan

1 Scavenge, to enemy’s endless wrath (6) FORAGE (FOe RAGE)
4 Grasp of math is iffy (6) FATHOM (OF MATH)*
9 Song contained in Bihar iambics (4) ARIA (T)
10 Mission, lacking ammo initially, to suppress man (10) CONTINGENT (CONTaIN GENT)
11 Sibling, initially sceptical, replaced first filter of sieve (6) SISTER (SIFTER-F+S)
12 Give at Gates, for instance, advertisement (8) HANDBILL (HAND BILL (Gates))
13 Jibe of lad inducting Eastern photograph (5,4) CHEAP SHOT (CHAP inducting E SHOT)
          With elections round the corner, cheap shots come dime a dozen nowadays from many politicians
15 Character, non-entity, uses deodorant to mask body odour initially (5) NODDY (NOboDY uses D) Is an initial character indicator required for d for deodorant?
          Noddy reminded of words like Gollywog, Picanniny etc. which became un-parliamentary.    Though I have my doubts, looking at parliament (when there are no glitches), as to what is parliamentary and what is not.
16 Got wet behind the ears by upturned French mineral water (5) NAIVE (EVIAN<)
18 Gets rid of cartoon family that protects fashionable revolutionary (9) JETTISONS (JETSONS protects IT<) I am not sure if the 'fashionable=it' works. I thought 'it' refers to something else.
          Their dog came a few days back ... 
22 Desolate Los Angeles, become sweaty (3,6) LAY WASTE (LA SWEATY*)
23 Capital's hot, small area (6) PARISH (PARIS H)
25 Overbearing car going round bend with twitch (10) AUTOCRATIC (AUTO ARC< TIC)
26 Jewish man missing drink? (4) BREW (heBREW)
          Capitalising on an old joke: How does a Jew get tea? He brews
27 Regularly tenses sanyasi with attempts (6) ESSAYS (tEnSeS sAnYaSi)
28 Trending lungis in a whirl (6) SLUING (LUNGIS*) Gerund of Slew
           Eleventh commandment: Though shall not fiddle around with our lungis

1 Provide pot to fish innards (7) FURNISH (URN in FISH)
2 Laughing artisan leaves because of confusion (5) RIANT (ARTISAN-AS)* I thought this was French, but Chambers has it
3 Supporters, perhaps not protecting company, reverse vehicles (7) GOCARTS (GARTerS protecting CO<)
          As all William fans know garters have just one purpose - so that you can make catapults
5 Associates foreigners with Englishmen instead of Germans initially (6) ALIGNS (ALIENS0E+G)
6 Intellectuals, intoxicated, start bitter fights (9) HIGHBROWS (HIGH B ROWS)
          Typing 'Brow' reminds me of the time I used to use Foxbase. Invariably half the time I used to doggedly type the command as 'Bow'.
7 Butlers, happy, switch first two vowels, get cut up (7) MANGLED (MEN GLAD with vowels switched)
8 Rotten hens, men spoil coronations (13) ENTHRONEMENTS (ROTTEN HENS MEN)*
14 Bill promises no retirement rights to Somali leader (9) ADVOWSONS (AD VOWS ON< S) Had to Google this one. Defn. in the middle
17 Alien leaves laureates confused more often than not (2,1,4) AS A RULE (LAUREATES-ET)*
19 Local humid weather, say, not right (7) TOPICAL (TrOPICAL)
20 Retreat, regularly engage savings (4,3) NEST EGG (NEST EnGaGe)
21 So, back to kill the hawk? (6) OSPREY (SO< PREY)
          Oh! Spray?!

24 Spiritual leader, sailor sheltered by central bank (5) RABBI (AB sheltered by RBI)

Thursday 20 February 2014

No 11013, Thursday 20 Feb 2014, Skulldugger

1   Swear and argue heatedly about stake (9) GUARANTEE {GUAR{ANTE}E*}
6   Cats and dogs step out of line (4) PETS*
8   Wide roof taken apart for fuel (8) FIREWOOD*
9   Stuck up peons attend regularly (6) POSTED PeOnS aTtEnD
10 Iron Man’s a woman (6) FEMALE {FE}{MALE}
11 Lonely setter’s only love finally left, breaking date (8) ISOLATED {I}{SOLo}{DATE*}
12 Nails prison guards (6) SCREWS [DD]
15 Comic book villain who is bad to the bone? (8) SKELETOR [GK]
16 Impressive tower in our country (8) INSPIRED {IN{SPIRE}D}
19 Disorganized, messy model breaks rule (6) SYSTEM {MESSY+T}*
21 Princess, nuts, leaving lover primarily for scintillating stones (8) DIAMONDS {DI}{AlMONDS}
22 Google directions to monument (6) SEARCH {S}{E}{ARCH}
24 Thick clump of hair that is square, soft and often silky (6) HANKIE {HANK}{IE}
25 Violently race into retaliation (8) REACTION*
26 Unsuccessful despite being almost innocent (4) LEAN cLEAN
27 Protected the elders in disguise (9) SHELTERED*

1   Counsellor’s old Dutch coin missing sides (5) GUIDE GUIlDEr
2   Ordinary state: degenerate (7) AVERAGE {AVER}{AGE}
3   Roused wonder, overwhelming approval (5) AWOKE {AW{OK}E}
4   Edward passes away leaving toys (7) TEDDIES {TED}{DIES}
5   Mistresses deviously elope with my significant other heartlessly (9) EMPLOYERS {ELOPE+MY+S+R}*
6   Father’s prudent transition (7) PASSAGE {PA'S}{SAGE}
7   Consequently dismissed tax officer from prior to that time (9) THEREFORE THEREtoFORE
13 Is princess capable of going out with a suitable person? (9) CANDIDATE {CAN}{DI}{DATE} My COD
14 Park officials on street are newcomers (9) STRANGERS {ST}{RANGERS}
17 Squash and put the screws on relatives (7) PUMPKIN {PUMP}{KIN}
18 Be worthy of French Minister (7) DESERVE {DE}{SERVE}
20 Get out of here, Lawrence. Run. Disperse. (7) SCATTER {SCAT}{TE}{R}
22 Elegant electric cars return (5) SMART<=
23 Vocally string a number of notes together (5) CHORD (~cord)

Wednesday 19 February 2014

No 11012, Wednesday 19 Feb 2014, Incognito

Incognito still in 'fauji' mode after his Air Force, Navy, Army specials

1,24 Air force functionary’s tirade after fight with an authoritative person (7,7) WARRANT OFFICER {WAR}{RANT} {OFFICER}
4   Accommodate for a 25 cents coin (7) QUARTER [DD]
7   Get control over a turbulent stream (6) MASTER*
8   NCO’s insect hides under some cloth (8) SERGEANT {SERGE}{ANT}
10 King and girl carry minced bait in knapsack (6) KITBAG {K}{BAIT*}{G}
13 Coming closer, knight takes ear-ring without right (7) NEARING {N}{EAR-rING}
15 A wife in January for the Indian sepoy (5) JAWAN {J{A}{W}AN}
17 No baron drops ingot at 1200 hours (4) NOON {NO barON}
18 Trainee beaten about for a sword handle (4) HILT {HI{L}T}
20 A piece of pasteboard held by Dracula when returning (4) CARD [T<=]
21 First serviceman has ordered a decorative girdle (4) SASH {S}{HAS*}
22 Network engineer’s spear (5) LANCE {LAN}{CE}
24 See 1 across
25 Ordinary sailor’s evaluation (6) RATING [DD]
29 Continued existence of mutated virus before lava flowed back endlessly (8) SURVIVAL {{VIRUS*}{aVAL<=}
30 Roguish Zulu regiments with first strike helicopters … (6) IMPISH {IMPI}{S}{H}
31 … go before the first pioneers return (7) PRECEDE {P}{RECEDE}
32 After loss of a round, sub-editor sent it out for a JCO (7) SUBEDAR {SUB-ED(-it+a)AoR}

1   West Indian military policeman is a sissy (4) WIMP {WI}{MP}
2   Irish-Indian conceals an Indian sage (5) RISHI [T]
3   Lady rebuilt manor (5) NORMA*
4   Royal parent like the once “Smiling Duchess’’, say (5,6) QUEEN MOTHER {QUEEN}{MOTHER}
5   Place three consecutive letters between two articles for this countryman (6) AFGHAN {A}{FGH}AN}
6   Regularly, star found Aditi violating custom (9) TRADITION {sTaR}{ADITI}{fOuNd}
9   Tie; go back inside with one another (8) TOGETHER {T{OG<=}ETHER}
11 Cosby is biting heartlessly (4) BING BItiNG
12 Army transport sometimes used for a state funeral (3,8) GUN CARRIAGE [CD]
14 Bouncers to throw out other ranks (8) EJECTORS {EJECT}{ORS}
16 Crew, put some relish into a wok for the civil engineer (9) WORKFORCE {WO{R}K}{FOR}{CE}
19 Strong lieutenant has a suite (4) FLAT {F}{L{A}T}
23 Author put a cradle in the south east (6) SCRIBE {S{CRIB}E}
26 Goodbye! Give up the ghost in Australia (5) ADIEU {A{DIE}U}
27 Diana becomes a nymph (5) NAIAD*
28 Fish caught by Acharya (4) CHAR [T]

Tuesday 18 February 2014

No 11011, Tuesday 18 Feb 2014, Mover

Attempt at a pangram from Mover has lost its 'Z'ing.

1   Getting back bit in Radio Telephony for evidence of payment (7) RECEIPT {R{ECEIP<=}T}
5   A legendary musician, he joins us after turning professional (7) ORPHEUS {ORP<=}{HE}{US}
9   Watch for order containing fifty boxes with arrows (9) FLOWCHART {F{L}OWCHART*} Singular plural mismatch
10 Simply missing the point, I suggest (5) IMPLY sIMPLY
11 Former prongs may furnish outer coats (7) EXTINES {EX}{TINES}
12 The sound of raindrops -- last thing in design for a model (7) PATTERN {PATTER}{N}
13 Monsieur drowned in unspecified French river (5) SOMME {SO{M}ME}
15 Right after two copper bits for gourds (9) CUCURBITS {CU}{CU}{R}{BITS}
17 Evil, it’s normal, possibly (6,3) MORTAL SIN*
19 Proficient in algebra, starting with short division (5) ADEPT {Algebra}{DEPT}
21 Juliet and I invested in suet-like snacks (7) FAJITAS {FA{J}{I}T}{AS} That's hardly a snack, more like a full meal!
23 United Nations leads a war, with Eritrean head caught napping (7) UNAWARE {UN}{A}{WAR}{E}
25 Mendacious storytellers? (5) LIARS [E]
26 Confine bear without a trade (9) CARPENTRY {CAR{PENT}RY}
27 Merchants could be card players (7) DEALERS [DD]
28 Umpire Southhead surrounding jumper provides shelter again (7) REROOFS {RE{ROO}F}{S}

1   Beams in reverse alphabetical order? (7) RAFTERS {S AFTER R}
2   Appropriate work in bed (5) COOPT  {CO{OP}T}
3   Whip up perfume (7) INCENSE [DD]
4   Conducts tense incomplete search before Tuesday, the 5th of August (9) TRANSACTS {T}{RANSACk}{T}{auguSt}
5   Readily available, like piped water (2,3) ON TAP [C&DD]
6   Boat for Landseer, perhaps (7) PAINTER [DD] A 'painter' is not a boat, it is a rope used to fasten a boat.
7   Unnecessary oath from ex-priest I’ve allowed in earlier (9) EXPLETIVE {EX}{P}{LET}{IVE} P for Priest ?
8   Statements, perhaps more than one saw (7) SAYINGS [CD]
14 Famous lover partly embraced by Maria could knock you down (9) MARIJUANA {MARI{don JUAN}A}
16 Victor William? (9) CONQUEROR [DD]
17 Quietened when learner bungled around (7) MUFFLED {MUFF{L}ED}
18 Skill is extremely troublesome for a performer (7) ARTISTE {ART}{IS}{TroublesomE}
19 He is not doing it for money; a good friend coming to ancient city (7) AMATEUR {A}{MATE}{UR}
20 See tidy artful batiks! (3-4) TIE-DYES*
22 Dismisses dry white wines (5) SACKS [DD]
24 Jetsons dog star? (5) ASTRO [DD]

Monday 17 February 2014

No.11010, Monday 17 Feb 2014, Scintillator

My deer Scintillator, I had some problems today

* Starred clues lack a definition but are members of the same ilk
1 *Not totally against what some lovers do (8) ANTELOPE (ANTi ELOPE)
5 *Toddlers on the way back (3-3) DIK-DIK (KID< in the plural)
9 A bishop’s religious pamphlet is non-realistic (8) ABSTRACT (A B'S TRACT)
10 Avoid struggle at start involved in establishing peace (6) ESCAPE (S in PEACE*)
12 Debt is done with; plan to follow (9) OVERDRAFT (OVER DRAFT)
13 *Do not take starters with beer — this will backfire (5) ELAND (D N ALE)<
14 *Chinese path that doesn’t restrict a pious person (4) TOPI (TaO PI)
          Cap of AAP? Iski topi uske sar? Ab kiske sar par hoga taaj?
16 Window of room sandwiched between ends of hall and lounge (7) LATTICE (ATTIC in L E)
19 Extra-large specimen (7) EXAMPLE (EX AMPLE)
21 *What’s there in a sudoku, dumbo? (4) KUDU (T)
24 *Semi-analytical solution (5) NYALA (ANALYtical)*
25 Of a protein-maker with limb or so operated (9) RIBOSOMAL (LIMB OR SO)* Not sure if the A comes from the definition part
27 *Ailing animal (6) NILGAI (AILING)*  Here the * is being interpreted as an anagram indicator I think, since though the animal is a part of the theme, the definition is there in the clue. Hence, unstarred and therefore the instruction accompanying the * at the top does not apply. But still a part of the theme. DG has punctured my theory. Animal is the anagram indicator, it seems. Though I am not happy with it ...
28 Nazis passing out with MBA dictating Africans (8) ZAMBIANS (NAZIS MBA)*
29 Current passes on to a metal plate (6) SALVER Anno not clear (SILVER-I+A) I=current
30 Be involved in karate and PT coaching (4,4) TAKE PART (KARATE PT)*

1 An unfinished puzzle about a woman being big (6) AMAZON (A MAZe ON)
2 One queries about street dancing (6) TESTER (STREET)*
3 Sensational and transparent inner is changed (5) LURID (LUCID with inner changed)
4 I’m at fault, I’ve to accept turning up without foreign material (7) PECCAVI (I'VE TO ACCEPT< -TOTE) 
          Has Scintillator Sindh?
6 Fashionable to go over speed limits? Caught and examined (9) INSPECTED (IN SPE(CT)ED)
7 Spectacular day strike by a jerk (8) DRAMATIC (D RAM A TIC)
8 Deeply involved to continue subduing poverty (4-4) KNEE DEEP (NEED in KEEP)
          Doubly deep ... in the clue and the solution
11 Everyone else rising from dead (4) ET AL (LATE<) I think enu is incorrectly stated
15 Harp on about time, having lost parents (9) ORPHANAGE ((HARP ON)* AGE) Is the defn. ok?
17 Right to spend month’s salary for utilities (8) REMNANTS? seems the only word to fit. Maybe I have some crossing wrong MEANINGS (M EArNINGS)
18 Such paths do not meet a match (8) PARALLEL (DD)
20 Money a conductor keeps inside? (4) EURO (nEUROn)
21 Secret tale of music band being involved in grand note (7) KABBALA (ABBA in K LA)
22 *Ceaselessly pierce with tip of axe (6) IMPALA (IMPALe A)
          Once a popular car in Indian films. The heroine used to have one sponsored by her father engaged in 'import-export business'
23 Secret seal and cross (6) CLOSET (CLOSE T)
26 *Steady and not tense (5) SABLE (STABLE-T)