Thursday 31 October 2019

No 12768, Thursday 31 Oct 2019, Neyartha

Clipping from ‘The Art of Flying’ caught live outside Brazil (12) ABBREVIATION {A{B{BR}E}VIATION}
8   Daughter takes phosphorus out of an open vessel with an excavating machine (7) DITCHER (-p+d)DITCHER
9   Im missing the irregular diamonds in the optional components (3-3) ADD-ONS DiAmONDS*
11 Ivory use management by a male showing morbid interest in sordid sights (9) VOYEURISM {IVORY+USE}*{M}
12 Letters from Mount Pinatubo attached to an underwater vessel (1-4) U-BOAT [T]
14 Uncle Lous synthesized a body of protein (9) NUCLEOLUS*
16 Uneven walk resulting from being out of energy (4) LIMP {IMPeL}* [DD] - See comments
18 Dances to jazz after I bid goodbye to some clergymen suffering loss of quiet (4) BOPS BishOPS
19 Coach going west with a soldier on a ship to get an underwater vessel (9) SUBMARINE {BUS<=}{MARINE}
21 Vassal, leaping in excitement, goads enthusiastic leaders (5) LIEGE Acrostic
22 Receding ones may lead to less work for barbers (9) HAIRLINES [CD]
23 Greek character returns after an initially confusing day with a model of the inner sanctum (6) ADYTUM {MU<=} after {DAY*}{T}
25 Hanoi in ruins after the lawyer’s entry with an American resident (7) IDAHOAN {I{DA}HOAN*}
26 Gods on the silver screen? (7,5) MATINEE IDOLS [E]

2   Beat shy chap at sea in an underwater vessel (11) BATHYSCAPHE*
3   Family welcomed by the communist is given new quarters (8) REHOUSED {RE{HOUSE}D}
 Short poems about self-service at fault after the furniture’s edges get scraped (9) VERSICLES {SELf+SeRVICE}*
5   Retreating Mala goes around the castle and gets a shock (5) ALARM {M{R}ALA}<=
6   Uranium evacuated after a country nearly got to the rare metal (6) INDIUM {INDIa}{Ur...uM}
7   Hebrew alphabet noticed in an afternoon church service, reportedly (3) NUN (~none)
8   Striking isn’t right with the charming young woman caught below in an underwater vessel (6,4) DIVING BELL {DrIVING}{BELL}(~belle)
10 Railway pioneer’s relative by marriage has managed to conceal a bird (10) STEPHENSON {STEP{HEN}SON}
13 An unscientific survey? (7,4) OPINION POLL [CD]
15 Pay part of the cost for Peter out to cross the island (9) SUBSIDISE {SUBSID{IS}E}
17 Fare-reducing British pass upsets the storyteller in front of the funny person (8) RAILCARD {LIAR<=}{CARD}
20 Group of six softly getting rid of the cross in a musical composition (6) SEPTET SE(-x+p)TET
22 Sindhu managed to hide a biped (5) HUMAN [T]
24 Blind and dumb? (3) DIM [DD]

Reference List
Male = M, Energy = E, Quiet = SH, Model = T, Lawyer = DA, Castle = R, Right = R, Softly = P

Wednesday 30 October 2019

No 12767 , Wednesday 30 Oct 2019, Buzzer

Themed clues as well.

1   Batting collapses at final in Edgbaston kept one engrossed (4,1,5,2) CAST A SPELL ON {COLLAPSES+AT}{e...oN}
8   Lead cut short by tea (4) CHAI CHAIr
9   Drives from bat showing positive energy, with runs in boundaries (10) WILLPOWERS {WILL{P}OW}{E}{RunS}
11 Point saved run easily being quick (6) PROMPT {P{ROMP}T}
12 Case of century (not out) certain to become object of admiration (8) CYNOSURE {Ce...rY}{NO}{SURE}
14 Utter pace getting a wicket (4) GATE (~gait)
16 Nearly bowl a maiden to end the innings (7) DISMISS {DISh}{MISS}
18 Hide in field remaining outside ring (7) LEATHER {LEA}{oTHER}
19 Grand century on return to tie (4) KNOT {TON}{K}<=
22 One out beaten in flight having hollow stance (8) ABSENTEE {BEATEN}* over {St..cE}
23 Top ball breaking off stump (6) UPMOST {UPM{O}ST*}
24 Deserve bye, throw being wild over fielder’s head (2,6,2)  BE WORTHY OF {BYE+THROW}*}{O}{Fi...r}
26 Has a problem scoring right off the bat (1,1,1,1) ASAP [T]
27 Opening batting, tense except for power play (12) INTRODUCTION {IN}{T}{pRODUCTION}

2   This game, bit sticky so to speak (2,2,5,2) AS IT MIGHT BE*
3   Love West Indies, during peak of their time that is (2,3) TO WIT {Time}{0}{WI}{That} Semi&lit
4   Shot clips base part of bat’s handle (6) SPLICE {CLIPS*}{E}
5   Unfurling late sweep, is rolling on (9) EXPANSION {EX}{PAN}{IS*}{ON}
6   Rule change to a mode of dismissal in the middle (3) LAW L(-b+a)AW
7   Bit tough chasing second (5) SHARD {S}{HARD}
10 Most remarkable attributes of spinner are standout (6) RAREST [T]
13 Mostly good team, semi-poor in the past (4,4,3) SOME TIME AGO {GOOd+TEAM+SEMI}*
15 Players on field in a difficult spot after dropping catch? (6-3) TWENTY-TWO {catch 22}
17 Line say close to edge of crease results in extra (3,3) LEG BYE {L}{EG}{BY}{c...sE}
20 Bye is merely bonus conceded occasionally (3,3) SEE YOU {iS+mErElY+bOnUs}
21 One big hit brings belief ... (5) ISLAM {1}{SLAM}
23 ... one about fellow not in good form (5) UNFIT {UN{F}IT}
25 Stumped perhaps by defeat with lead in excess (3) OUT rOUT

Reference List
Positive = P, Energy = E, Point = PT, Ring = O, Century = TON, Grand = K, Ball = O,
Over = O, Batting = IN, Tense = T, Power = P, Love = 0, Base = E, Late = EX, Second = S, Line = L, Fellow = F

Tuesday 29 October 2019

No 12766, Tuesday 29 Oct 2019, Arden

Dogs hide and step back (8) WHIPPETS {WHIP}{STEP<=}
5  Service provided over a palm (6) RAFFIA {RAF}{IF<=}{A}
10 Arrays of exotic carpets (7) SPECTRA*
11 Beginning now, a side can enter nine times (7) NASCENT Acrostic Beginning on double duty
12 30’s music is child’s play (5) SWING [DD]
13 One on a visit, greets his fan (9) SIGHTSEER*
14 It’s providing fun — participate, incomes twice in game (12) ENTERTAINING {ENTER}{TA{IN}{IN}G}
18 Entertainment creates unnecessary fuss (4,3,5) SONG AND DANCE {SONG}{AND}{DANCE}
21 Flyer to fill out/fill in flock (9) BULLFINCH {BU{FILL*}NCH}
23 He loves to carry cattle fodder on the way back (5) YAHOO {00}{HAY}<=
24 Inside plant an alternate shrub (7) LANTANA [T]
25 After song have rest... (3,4) LIE DOWN {LIE}{DOWN} (Addendum - {LIED}{OWN} - See comments)
26 ...had some time to add fizz (6) AREATE {A{REA}TE}Anno pending (Addendum - {A{ERA}TE} - See comments)
27 For support take for example your pupil (8) PROTEGEE {PRO}{T{EG}EE}

1   The most learned is checking direction (6) WISEST {W{IS}EST}
2   “I live” — song came up from part of Europe (6) IBERIA {I}{BE}{AIR<=}
3   Again a top novel from Southern part of Argentina (9) PATAGONIA*
4   Can relent, stand out as being supernatural (14) TRANSCENDENTAL*
6   Like to place what you have (5) ASSET {AS}{SET}
7   Free to pick a name, sign of nervousness as one’s agitated (8) FRENETIC {FRE{N}E}{TIC}
8   Best friend’s large toe got crushed (5,3) ALTER EGO*
9   Order single support for a piece on board (6,8) KNIGHT BACHELOR {BACHELOR} after {KNIGHT}
15 Irritating for short distance, will take you far (5,4) ITCHY FEET {ITCHY}{FEET}
16 First murder victim in Spanish island was a Queen (8) ISABELLA {IS{ABEL}LA}
17 A ship providing amusement (3-5) ONE-LINER {ONE}{LINER}
19 Strip and have run-in with mob (6) THRONG {TH{R}ONG}
20 Relax with one in tow regularly (6) LOUNGE {L(O)U(N)G(E)}
22 Do provide quick energy input (5) FEAST {F{E}AST}

Reference List
Service = RAF, Love = 0, Support = TEE, Name = N, Island in Spanish = ISLA, A = ONE, Run = R, Energy = E

Monday 28 October 2019

Special, Monday 28 Oct 2019, HalliBilly

Each person may enter a maximum of three answers till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please submit all your answers in one comment.

1   Fire catapult into one thousand to reach London area (9)
6   Shell company replaced one in step (5)
10 Space traveller loses holy verses and gets confused by bird (6)
11 Timer ran backward and got lost in one chaotic church? Unworldly! (8)
12 Emperor was found playing with Tower of London occupant (5)
13 Ate a bit of rice and felt like a king (7)
16 Key ingredient in coloured Soviets (6)
17 Someone like Wilde loves Joyce’s collection endlessly (8)
18 Host went back before method for famous Roman (8)
21 Model king with no attachments; succeeded 12A (7)
23 Almost add small vessel to get something like rain (7)
24 Omnipresent medium that puts people to sleep? (5)
27 Novice member of secret society? Let’s begin (8)
28 It’s phoney to mix money with 6th letter (6)
29 Treat plaque by cleaning its end and rinsing with natural perfume (5)
30 See ships carrying cosmetics (9)

2   Mix notes with mother, child and craftsman (10)
3   Commoner lacks a chaotic sense of boorishness (7)
4   Water source trades off between Procter & Gamble for tribe (4)
5   A rope ran down continuously to be part of the equation (7)
7   Stravinsky had to scramble before French friend to learn art (7)
8   Firm conditionally wears tight hat (4)
9   Another eulogy? (9)
14 One valid man might become a type of Asian (9)
15 New age Guinea pig? (4,6)
19 Armed men placed at the disputed border before Iowa (7)
20 Formal figure at the Spanish yard sale (7)
22 Blind follower loses head to become a crafty person (7)
25 Native lost one to become one (4)
26 Colour me like a lemon tree, so to speak (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at HALLIBILLY 2


Sunday 27 October 2019

The Sunday Crossword No 3071, Sunday 27 Oct 2019

1   French pair with James Brown classic, shaking rear-ends: a theatrical device (4,2,7) DEUS EX MACHINA  {DEUs}{SEX MACHINe}{A}
8   Greedy, demanding star flipped (4) AVID<=
9   Sweet caught by hacking at tree? (7,3) CHEWING GUM {C}{HEWING}{GUM}
10 English financiers beheaded communist (6) ENGELS {E}{aNGELS}
11 Originally Byzantium, a sunlit resort? (8) ISTANBUL {By...m+A+SUNLIT}* &lit
12 Draws symbol involving face of Malcolm X (5,4) TIMES SIGN {TIES}{SIGN} over {Ma...m}
16 'By ear?' 'By ear.' 'By mouth!' (4) ORAL (~aural)
17 Siberian city? No time for Siberian city! (4) OMSK tOMSK
18 Group chant, ganglions atingle (9) SINGALONG*
23 Von Rompuy etc's sad bleatings wasting time (8) BELGIANS BLEAtINGS*
24 Clumsy poetic angler might announce this (6) OFFISH {OF}{FISH} (Addendum - OAFISH {O'FISH} - See comments)
26 Style of gown with crumpled ermine pile (6-4) EMPIRE-LINE*
27 Money invested in neuroscience (4) EURO [T]
28 Come to our gigs: dancing and a bit of philosophy (6,4,3) COGITO ERGO SUM*

1   Morse, say, imbibing a French drink, reveals genius (2,5) DA VINCI {DCI} over {A}{VIN}
2   One from France superior to two from Italy? Inappropriate (5) UNDUE {UN}{DUE}
3   Old-time Catholic customs, offering indulgences (7) EXCUSES {EX}{C}{USES}
4   Leaderless regiment bungled encounter (7) MEETING rEGIMENT*
5   Feature with topaz, vacuous floral design (6) CHINTZ {CHIN}{TopaZ}
6   Largely popular officer (2,7) IN GENERAL {IN}{GENERAL}
7   Typical: USA messed up twice, then left (2,5) AS USUAL {USA*}{USA*}{L}
13 Relaxed with a piece of cake before departure (4-5) EASY-GOING {EASY}{GOING}
14 Ionise oddly, creating connections (3) INS IoNiSe
15 In turn, oddly missing sister (3) NUN {iN}{tUrN}
17 Candid note about amateur attempt to amuse (4-3) OPEN-MIC {OPEN}{MI}{C}
19 Encourage erection of Ulster steeple (7) INSPIRE {NI<=}{SPIRE}
20 Travel on horse, holding poem, to deliver brick (4,3) GOOD EGG {GO}{ODE}{GG}
21 Casinos: Trump taking a cut; it's bogus (7) NOSTRUM [T]
22 PM with outfit, they say, to achieve success (4,2) MAKE IT (~may kit)
25 Clears ice, reportedly (5) FREES (~freeze)

Reference List
English = E, Time = T, Old time = EX, Catholic = C, Left = L, Note = MI, About = C, Horse = GG


Saturday 26 October 2019

No 12765, Saturday 26 Oct 2019, Arden


1   Moving out — taking off or in two minds? (11) VACILLATING {VAC{ILL}ATING}
7   Pan for denying right to do one's job (3) WOK {WOrK}
9 The French money was used in exchange once (5) LATIN {LA}{TIN}
10 List another prayer in Irish county (9) TIPPERARY {TIP}{PRAYER*}
11 Russians refuse to save Communist leader, a handsome lad once (9) NARCISSUS {RUSSIANS*} around {Communist}
12 Six footer on the cave (5) ANTRE {ANT}{RE}
13 Fashionable scene in a way could provoke (7) INCENSE {IN}{SCENE*|
15 Team in the movie will leave... (4) EXIT {E{XI}T}
18 reject the monster (4) OGRE {ERGO<=}
20 Bird poster? (7) TWITTER TWEETER (DD) See comments
23 Loves to be in the back, walking (5) AFOOT {AF{OO}T}
24 Drops in to replace engine part (6,3) PISTON ROD {DROPS+IN+TO*}
26 "Go away man" — head off in a state of total bliss (9) BEATITUDE {BEAT IT dUDE}
27 Airlines in pair (5) TWAIN {TWA}{IN}
28 Not odd really in Cathedral town (3) ELY {rEaLlY}
29 Used all remedies in Ireland (7,4) EMERALD ISLE {ALL+REMEDIES*}


1   Surprisingly clean, cutting through Spanish city (8) VALENCIA {V{CLEAN*}IA}
2   Falling water //  clouding vision (8) CATARACT (DD)
3   Miss Turner's island? (5) L?N?I LANAI {LANA}{I} See comments
4   Performer gets it raised — raised a bit (7) ARTISTE (T<=)
5   I am outdated, that's the dilemma (7) IMPASSE {I'M}{PASSE}
6   Endearing way to make a fruit juice (9) GRENADINE {ENDEARING*}
7   Ghost of a gunner accompanied outside (6) WRAITH {W{RA}ITH}
8   Crucial info without a well known economist (6) KEYNES {KEY}{NEwS}
14 It's different thing, being an amusement (9) NIGHTLIFE {THING*}{LIFE}
16 Shortly will begin shooting first shot of movie (4,4) STAR WARS {STARt}{WAR}{Shot}
17 Pressure underground, church shows discretion (8) PRUDENCE {P}{UNDER*}{CE}
19 Adopt and essentially checkmate (7) ESPOUSE {chEck}{SPOUSE}
20 Mosaic tile set up second time (7) TESSERA {SET<=}{S}{ERA}
21 Hook say, a dumb blonde (6) BARBIE {BARB}{IE}
22 Subject of the lad getting brown (6) BOTANY {BO{TAN}Y}
25 Chose one person to eventually develop on all fronts (5) OPTED (Acrostic)

Reference List

Right=R, The French=La, Money=Tin, Six footer=Ant, On=Re, Fashionable=In, Team=XI, Movie=ET, Loves=OO
Island=I, Gunner=RA, With=W, Pressure=P, Church=CE, Second=S, Time=Era, Say=I.E.

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 25 October 2019

No 12764, Friday 25 Oct 2019, Arden

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 6 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

6   Stone rail? (5) SLATE [DD]
7   Wrap up area under muscle (8) ABSTRACT {ABS}{TRACT}
10 It had canines in front (7) DOGSLED {DOGS}{LED} &lit
11 Cheap material, has to show silk (7) TABARET {TA{BARE}T}
12 Medical examiner finds trap empty (7) CORONER {COR{O}NER}
13 Event to carry out, involve him (7) ARCHERY {ARC{HE}RY*}
14 Reach outside of the city, avoid an agitation (11) DISTURBANCE {DIST{URBan}ANCE}
19 Change of heart, happy to agree (7) CONSENT CON(-t+s)SENT
21 Do first grade, follow second language (7)  SHINDIG {Grade} after {S}{HINDI}
23 Woken regularly wearing shoe, how to tie the laces? (7) BOWKNOT {BO{WoKeN}OT}
25 ...and scurried as a non-entity (4-3) ALSO RAN {ALSO}{RAN}
26 Serviceman, providing no cover for politician (8) COMMANDO {COMMA}{N{D}O}
27 Rattle by imbibing doubled drink (5) TODDY {TO{DD}Y}

1   Bugged by symbol of socialism (8) BADGERED {BADGE}{RED}
2   Limousine capital (6) BERLIN [DD]
3   Harry wasn't lured by a desire to see places (10) WANDERLUST*
4   Regularly poses questions, essentially calling one's attention (4) PSST {PoSeS}{q..sTi..s}
5   Spooks said to be very few (6) SCARCE (~scares)
6   Told to employ on the phone, it's trap (6) SEDUCE (~said use)
8   Polish image, it marks the boundary (7) RUBICON {RUB}{ICON}
9   Remains and supports (5) STAYS [DD]
13 Representative of a Bishop goes through service road, perhaps (10)  AMBASSADOR {A}{M{B}ASS}{ROAD*}
15 Breastbone of bird in total (7) STERNUM {S{TERN}UM}
16 Land of plenty — the Spanish artists work on both sides (8) ELDORADO {EL}{DO}{RA}{DO} Enu (8) or (2,6)?
17 Small country making aqualung (5) SCUBA {S}{CUBA}
18 After sometime starts new company, yes as a separate unit (6) AGENCY {AGE}{N}{C}{Y}
20 Unit of force went off and on (6) NEWTON {WENT*}{ON}
22 Partly drains it, usually it's not moved (2,4) IN SITU [T]
24 Colour of money on time (4) TINT {TIN}{T}

Reference List
Muscle = ABS, Second = S, Politician(Democrat) = D, Double d = DD, Bishop = B, The Spanish = EL, Artists = RA, Small = S, New = N, Company = C, Yes = Y, Money = TIN, Time = T

Thursday 24 October 2019

No 12763, Thursday 24 Oct 2019, Arden

1   Violation of art review in practice (13) CONTRAVENTION {CON{ART<=}VENTION}
10 Pennyfather in endless grief (5) MISER MISERy
11 Underline it Alice is inside (9) ITALICISE {IT}{ALIC{IS}E}
12 A shift in between opposite sides of a port (9) ARCHANGEL {A}{R}{CHANGE}{L}
13 Stalk and carry maiden (5) HAULM {HAUL}{M}
14 People of French descent in America could start, or else move (7) CREOLES {Co..d}{OR+ELSE}*
16 Brace for match, number announced (7) TIGHTEN (~tie ten}
18 Reminder — note sent in without heading (7) MEMENTO {MEME}{iNTO} (Addendum - {MEM{sENT}O} - See comments)
20 Tried out, deliberately turned to observe closely (7) EYEBALL deLiBErAtELY*
22 A gunner overseas called to the capital (5) ACCRA {A}{CC}{RA}
24 Morning breakfast, King's openly complaining (9) LAMENTING {L{AM}ENT}{kING}
26 Film shoot — something a mechanic could use (6-3) GREASE-GUN {GREASE}{GUN}
27 Cat jumped in the middle (5) OUNCE pOUNCEd
28 Compound interest meant to restore one's position (13) REINSTATEMENT*

2   Bone, lost back end in big harvester (7) OSSICLE {OS}{SICkLE}
3   Sailor boy's home, keeping things dry (9) TARPAULIN {TAR}{PAUL}{IN}
4   A noise is what copycats are doing (5) APING {A}{PING}
5   English boy better exposed to adornment in service (9) EPAULETTE {E}{PAUL}{bETTEr}
6   Tense up below the hip (5) THIGH {T}{HIGH}
7   The bard cut off the fallopian tube (7) OVIDUCT {OVID}{CUT*}
8   German maps CIA produced for false propaganda (5,8) SMEAR CAMPAIGN*
9   Nomenclatures some loitering freely (13) TERMINOLOGIES*
15 Small outside pocket is the focus of public attention (9) SPOTLIGHT {S{POT}LIGHT}
17 Union member comes in again — halfway into the backstage lounge (9) GREENROOM {G{REENters}ROOM}
19 Knife inflicts pain in regular matter (7) MACHETE {Ma{ACHE}TtEr}
21 French town will soon allow six gallons (7) AVIGNON {A{VI}{G}NON}
23 Priest decapitated, it's a serious crime (5) ARSON pARSON
25 Painter available from one to two (5) MONET [T]

Reference List
Maiden = M, Gunner = RA, Seas = CC(C's), Fast = LENT, Big = OS, Sailor = TAR, Home = IN, Tense = T, Pocket = POT, Gallon = G,

Wednesday 23 October 2019

No 12762, Wednesday 23 Oct 2019, Gridman

1   Involvement in street disturbance (8) INTEREST*
5   Congratulation for medical department's licence (6) PATENT {PAT}{ENT}
9   End-user to study problem with hesitation (8) CONSUMER {CON}{SUM}{ER}
10 Strict to get a set of bones (6) STERNA {STERN}{A}
12 General feeling is low and beginning to drop (4) MOOD {MOO}{Drop}
13 Stage play, for one, in favour of fracas without the revolution leader (10) PRODUCTION {PRO}D{rUCTION} - See comments for D
15 Stop condition limited for exchange (6) BANTER {BAN}{TERm}
17 Member newspaper (5) ORGAN [DD]
20 The day the journalist was burned out (5) FRIED {FRI}{ED}
21 Dimmer German wanted fifty per cent cut in amalgamation (6) MERGER [T] (Addendum - {dimMER}{GERman} - See comments)
24 Indistinctly hears son in business activity (5,5) SHARE ISSUE {HEARS*}{ISSUE}
27 Cooking medium man found in limits of Gingee (4) GHEE {Gin{HE}geE}
29 Monastery resident twice dead (6) OBLATE {OB}{LATE}
30 Storing large signboard (8) HOARDING [DD]
31 Specialist no longer smart-alecky (6) EXPERT {EX}{PERT}
32 Made an impression on the European rush (8) STAMPEDE {STAMPED}{E}

1   Without which there can't be outgo (6) INCOME [CD]
2   Shoddy couple of containers (6) TINPOT {TIN}{POT}
3   Endless way to defeat (4) ROUT ROUTe
4   Very thin cut, say (5) SHEER (~shear)
6   Greek storeroom? (5) ATTIC [DD]
7   Erudition left out; dollars obtained finally; that's wages (8) EARNINGS {lEARNING}{S}
8   Guiding to exercise? (8) TRAINING [DD]
11 Devotee roared deliriously (6) ADORER*
14 Trinket retrieved from Hindu agraharam (4) GAUD [T<=]
16 Most docile Tamil leader's steam dissipates (6) TAMEST {Ta..l}{STEAM*}
17 Frank's work went to no end (4) OPEN {OP}{wENt}
18 From where horse may emerge? (8) OFFSHORE [HORSE}* [RA] Definition?
19 Phileas Fogg? He's gone out to figure out computing speed unit (8) GIGAFLOP {PhILeAs+FOGG}*
22 Fare well with the river flowing endlessly (6) THRIVE {THe}{RIVEr}
23 Gear shift to grasp, for example, Caribbean music (6) REGGAE {R{EG}GAE*}

25 Is French hesitation over perfumery ingredient? (5) ESTER {EST}{ER}
26 About to capsize vessel (1-4) U-BOAT*
28 Time edge's put in shape (4) TRIM {T}{RIM}

Reference List
Study = CON, Low = MOO, Journalist = ED, European = E, Dollars = S, 'Is' French = EST, Time = T

Tuesday 22 October 2019

No 12761, Tuesday 22 Oct 2019, Gridman

Thanks to Rishikesh, Bhavan, Ramesh and Prasad for keeping the blog up and running during my absence from 28 Sep to 21 Oct.

1   Cut short cut vegetable (7) PARSNIP {PARe}{SNIP}
5   Hint the point's broken (3-3) TIP-OFF {TIP}{OFF}
9   Talisman loses edge in racing site (5) ASCOT mASCOT
10 Poet has no direction for Indian dish said to be stew (9) POTPOURRI {POeT}{POURRI}{~puri)
11 See old boy's ill-written verse (7) OBSERVE {OB}{VERSE*}
12 Farmer is hospitable after admitting fifty (7) PEASANT PlEASANT
13 Slow rate is sticking point with learner (5) CRAWL {CRAW}{L}
14 Dismounted — in no position to control (3,6) OFF SADDLE [DD]
16 Fair goal (9) OBJECTIVE [DD]
19 Brother beginning to appreciate a relative's foundation (5) BASIS {B}{Ap...e}{SIS}
21 Hardy of the French mob lacks a follower (7) DURABLE {DU}{RAbBLE}
23 Was somehow greeting on Long Island in a foreign language (7) SWAHILI {WAS*}{HI}{LI}
24 Being lax, I got a blob for musical accompaniment (9) OBBLIGATO*
25 Continue to play with stick? (5) BATON {BAT ON}
26 Lives once sites are cleaned up by removing a bit of encumbrance (6) EXISTS {EX}{SITeS*}
27 Real networking goes on forever (7) ETERNAL {REAL+NET}*

1   Instrument of a key player with some squeeze (5,9) PIANO ACCORDION [CD]
2   Tricks have ferreted out old transport vehicle (7) RICKSHA [T]
3   Brown's up on mountain that is unspoiled (7) NATURAL {TAN<=}{URAL}
4   Sausage found to be no peppier (9) PEPPERONI*
5   Infant raised to do a simple sum (3,2) TOT UP {TOT}{UP}
6   Expert sailor's up with a fair share arrangement (3,4) PRO RATA {PRO}{TAR<=}{A}
7   Presumptuous female or child (7) FORWARD {F}{OR}{WARD}
8   Gesture to the barber to cut one's hair? Not exactly (8,6) DISTRESS SIGNAL [C&DD]
15 Releases quality type of fruit (9) FREESTONE {FREES}{TONE}
17 Not one new hurt! Fight in court area (4,3) JURY BOX {inJURY}{BOX}
18 Drivers who get hailed from a pickup line (7) CABBIES [CD]
19 Bush's beginning on leisurely walk (7) BRAMBLE {Bush}{RAMBLE}
20 Struck by a Pole with a glove (7) SMITTEN {S}{MITTEN}
22 PM's tests? (5) EXAMS Anno pending

Reference List
Direction = E, Old Boy = OB, Fifty = L, Learner = L, Brother = B, A follower = B, Sailor = TAR, Female = F, One = I, New = N, Pole = S

Monday 21 October 2019

No. 12760, Monday 21 Oct 2019, Gridman

Please submit all your answers in one comment.
Maximum three answers per solver.
Note: This has since been completed.


1 Dates I've crushed act as sleep aid (8)
5 Preserve business degree-holder in wood (6)
10 One old dictator caught by strange element (7)
11 Inside, Tamil leader settles down and writes (7)
12 Take rest after minor snatch (6)
13 By stupid chance, I'm a garageman (8)
15 Born and died in want (4)
16 Fine operation around old music instrument (5-5)
18 Nobleman reported this change accepting red sleepwear (10)
20 Chatter on fabric endlessly (4)
23 Hide thus? (4,4)
24 Prince and the King are hip (6)
26 Urge fee alteration for political exile (7)
27 Stop mate as there's shortage in all previous openings (7)
28 White munition merchant is more friendly (6)
29 Such people have high interest in lending (8)


1 Wisecrack's not in? Bad! Hard to accept! (5,2,4,4)
2 Shrink, beginning to deny success, led off (7)
3 Clan-based Telangana leader's almost coarse (6)
4 Virginia parliamentarian to improvise (4)
6 Part of vessel where the fashionable may be found? (8)
7 Feeler woman sent back following a new model (7)
8 See! A consortium's representation is happy to hear (5,2,4,4)
9 Straight over to railway reference book (9)
14 Quick-tempered, he'd catch out heartless chief (9)
17 Suppress saint's right view (8)
19 More brusque gangleader reportedly more abrasive (7)
21 Try to fill in this slot! (4,1,2)
22 Gobble up Dalit leader’s oeuvre endlessly and furiously (6)
25 Goddess loses credit in time of anxiety (4)

Sunday 20 October 2019

The Sunday Crossword No 3070, Sunday 20 Oct 2019

1   He halted dig unexpectedly, being delirious (5-6) LIGHT-HEADED*
7   Supply embroidery with points? (3) SEW {S}{E}{W}
9   English pursuing common sense? Pointless (2,3) NO USE {NOUS}{E}
10 He delivers accounts including Norway – slapdash Eurocrat (9) RACONTEUR {RACO{N}TEUR*}
11 Speculate one will return with anger, seeing pet aversion (4,5) BETE NOIRE {BET}{ONE<=}{IRE}
12 If only Iceland would import some herring to begin with (1,4) I WISH Acrostic
13 Twists otter heartlessly to make a knot (7) WINDSOR {WINDS}{Ot.eR}
15 Exec, oddly stupid, 'Head of Tasking' (4) SUIT {StUpId}{Ta...g}
18 Most of maple chopped up for wood (4) PALM MAPLe*
20 Talented cooks taking time to get perfect consistency (2,5) AL DENTE TALENtED*
23 Twist its limb to subdue rook (5) WRING {W{R}ING}
24 Loser in nine-piece muffling note encountering enmity? Not half (9) NONENTITY {NONET}{enmITY}
26 Those with hourglass figures such as gets German mister in a ferment (3,6) EGG TIMERS {EG}{G}{MISTER*}
27 Splendid beer knocked back (5) REGAL<=
28 No time in prison for gentleman (3) SIR StIR
29 He'd head navy incompetently, being oppressive (5-6) HEAVY-HANDED*

1   Good actors take these weapons (8) LONGBOWS {LONG BOWS}
2   'Not guilty!': fervently I denied sin (8) GLUTTONY {NOT+GUiLTY}*
3   Ornamental item Prince put out as promotional device (3-2) TIE-IN TIEpIN
4   From longer ago, more reminiscent of a certain nobleman? (7) EARLIEST [DD]  On edit by CV: EARLIER :: See Comments below
5   Devoid of energy, heartily sickened author (7) DICKENS SICKeNED*
6   Primarily, dressed and provided with something to make a bang? (9) DANDIFIED {Dr...d}{AND}{IF}{IED} Dressed on double duty
7   Startled, since Conservative presenting agreeable views (6) SCENIC {SINCE+C}*
8   Row about your quaint local VIP (6) WORTHY {ROW<=}{THY}
14 To get across good line is hard ('Hasta la vista, baby', say) (9) SPANGLISH {SPAN}{G}{L}{IS}{H}
16 Mad Enid hung around (8) UNHINGED*
17 Visibly ashamed to admit vehicle turned to scrap, perhaps (8) RECYCLED {RE{CYCLE}D}
19 He led resurgent Africa (at least at first)? (7) MANDELA {MAN}{LED*}{At} &lit
20 Campaigners wanting many set free (7) AMNESTY* &lit
21 Affected, vacuous tidings? (6) TWEETS [CD]
22 Meddle with tariff in Germany? Partially (6) FINGER [T]
25 Opera standard? Not quite (5) NORMA NORMAl

Reference List
Points = N,S,E,W, English = E, Norway = N, Time = T, Rook = R, German = G, Prince = P, Energy = E, Conservative = C, Good = G, Line = L, Hard = H


Saturday 19 October 2019

No 12759, Saturday 19 Oct 2019, Gridman


1 Where computer models rest — where there might be pencil holders (8) DESKTOPS (DD)
5 Round wall inset with line smudged out is not clear (6) OPAQUE {O}{PlAQUE}
9 With God back, can one drink (7) MARTINI {RAM<=}{TIN}{I}
10 Tavern's dismissed help (7) SERVANT {TAVERNS*}
11 Stern enforcement makes expert depressed (9) CRACKDOWN {CRACK}{DOWN}
12 Mistake, which to a T, causes panic (5) ERROR {tERROR}
13 Foreigner loses a claim (4) LIEN {aLIEN}
14 Elegy lass rewrote is for all time (9) AGESLESSLY {ELEGY+LASS*}
17 Exit so Clare might appear (5,4) CLEAR AWAY Reverse anagram of {CLARE}
19 The chorus includes repeat (4) ECHO (T)
3 Custom makes you and me to develop (5) USAGE {US}{AGE}
24 Drunk to say I left quietly (5,4) SOTTO VOCE {SOT}{TO} {VOiCE}
25 Old male in empty house is threatening (7) OMINOUS {O}{M}{IN}{hOUSe} Empty house=HE or OUS ?
26 Cowardly member of a brood (7) CHICKEN (DD)
27 A month that is grand (6) AUGUST (DD)
28 He keeps an account of instrument (8) RECORDER (DD)


1 I am up in calm residence (8) DOMICILE {DO{I'M<=}CILE}
2 Engineer wildly tears about to notch (7) SERRATE {TEARS*} around {RA}
3 Translation's distasteful and difficult to understand (6) TRICKY {TR}{ICKY}
4 It helps one to have a better vision (4,2,7) PAIR OF GLASSES (CD)
6 Awkward way of paying a poet? (8) PERVERSE {PER}{VERSE}
7 What a bad workman may have with his tools (7) QUARREL (CD)
8 Blackmail former wife for wrong (6) EXTORT {EX}{TORT}
10 A for one? (6,7)  SINGLE ARTICLE (CD)
5 Very hungry Black? (8) RAVENOUS (D &CD)
16 Regulating device of head of State (8) GOVERNOR (DD)
18 Top court statement not soft (7) LEADING {pLEADING}
20 Dishonest Chennai leader swindled (7) CROOKED {Chennai}{ROOKED}
21 Distinctive look about golden dawn (6) AURORA {AUR{OR}A}
22 Boy wised up about one fish (6) BONITO {B}{ON{I}TO}

Friday 18 October 2019

No 12758, Friday 18 Oct 2019, Avtaar

 All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 6 PM.



1 Shell shocked Yankee's debut game (6)
4 Moulding a rock star (female) (8)
9 Maids following with dogs (6)
10 Girl from Kozhikode married an amateur boxer (8)
11 Judge breaking Carol's lock leads to tension (8,6)
13 England snaps in the middle...legislative body invites courts...mainly to get relief (4,6)
14 One's essentially following...ending in servile class (4)
16 Cry of injured wolf when tail is cut by hunter, basically (4)
18 Poem "Princess is pregnant with a pretty girl" (7,3)
21 Man out travelling to India with East European group for trekking at high altitudes (14)
23 Rooney, for one, stayed, making a comeback after forward Ole Solskjaer's finally brought back (3,5)
24 Put money on trendy underwear (6)
25 Student spread gossip about girl's ultimate make-up (3,5)
26 Rule about visiting America's North East (6)


1 Chopped cashew nut kernels (4)
2 Where you may find small kids playing checkers after leaving the gate of kindergarten (7)
3 Shows how extraordinary sex gets ordinary (8)
5 Military staff? (7,4)
6 Property seized by arboreal types (6)
7 Gilchrist's sixes in the beginning together with Warne's spin — they could chew their target (7)
8 That is, say, withdrawn after the French papers attacked violently (4,5)
12 Forces heard in Auckland, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dhaka, Hanoi, Islamabad, Jakarta, Kiev, London and Rome, say (11)
13 E.H. Palmer (explorer, chiefly) — got murdered — was he this? (9)
15 They hold devices, ultimately for entering houses and closing of rooms (3,5)
17 Finished under stress (5,2)
19 Did learn about the New Testament's beacon (7)
20 An intern catches you following closely (2,4)
22 Growth around the edges of eyesockets (4)

Thursday 17 October 2019

No 12757, Thursday 17 October 2019, Bruno

6 Perception of setter's generation (5) IMAGE [I'M + AGE]
7 Artificial intelligence starts to remove constraints on armed forces (3,5) AIR COVER [Artificial Intelligence + Remove + Constraints + OVER]
10 Corral fish quietly squeezing out head (7) PADDOCK [HADDOCK with P for H]
11 Being full of yeast — it's fermenting (7) SATIETY [YEAST IT]*
12 Back seat of auto's bouncing carrying nine — one got tossed out (7) TONNEAU [AUTO NiNE]*
13 Plant's natural to continent — needs no introduction (7) FREESIA [FREE + aSIA]
14 Empirical operator is represented by imaginary number (1,10) A POSTERIORI [OPERATOR IS]* + I
19 Receiver of tirade in company gets irate, finally (7) GRANTEE [RANT inside GE + iratE]
21 Chopper in California's heading to Oregon over inland snowy peaks (7) INCISOR [IN + California + ORegon outside Inland Snowy]
23 Set up one night stand (7) INSTALL [1 + Night? + STALL]
25 Yarn from great gallery (7) ACETATE [ACE + TATE]
26 Foot and dress regularly getting caught in part of flower (8) PEDESTAL [DrEsS inside PETAL]
27 Spread these — one to a bed? (5) SHEET [THESE]*

1 Drainage set-up for plant (8) GARDENIA [DRAINAGE]*
2 Get rid of sleep — enjoy taking lady out (6) REMOVE [REM + lOVE] l=lady?
3 Have no desire... about to become lifeless (10) LACKLUSTRE [LACK LUST + RE]
4 Online assistant-turned-Goddess (4) IRIS [SIRI <=]
5 About to get tax-break (6) RECESS [RE + CESS]
6 Guess setter's place? Bottom of pile! (6) IMPUTE [I'M + PUT + pilE]
8 Mobile technology's development cycle is endlessly complex when being released (2,3,2) ON THE GO [TECHNOLOGY - cycle ]*
9 Bird is setter's? Dont think so... (5) MYNAH [MY + NAH]
13 Strong and pliant with ego under control (10) F?R?I?A?L? Can't explain this one FORMIDABLE See comments

15 Biscuit and fizzy coke at end of tea (7) OATCAKE [COKE AT teA]*
16 To a large extent, where saunas can be found, occupied by half-dead (2,6) IN SPADES [IN SPAS outside DEad]
17 Renouncing God, falls, gets up once more (5) AGAIN [NIAGAra<=]
18 Bust of Bolivar restored somewhat (6) ARREST [T]
20 Solution on hair — evenly spreads over all directions (6) ANSWER [hAiR outside North South West East]
22 Double credit-relief (6) CREASE [CRedit + EASE] double = fold = crease?
24 Wood machine releases energy (4) LATH [LATHe]