Monday 30 September 2019

No 12743, Monday,30 Sep 2019, Vulcan

A functional blog in black and qhhite.  Visitors' comments invited.


1 Fire hose and reels redesigned (11) REFASHIONED :: Anag ofFIRE HOSEand , 'reels' being anag ind
        2      Arabian prince featured in the Mirror (4) EMIR :: hidden in thE MIRor
9 Sauce with minor twists in a key preparation (4,6) MAIN COURSE Anag of SAUCEMINOR MA
10 Pavilion’s look and smell (6) GAZEBO  :: cha of gaze + BO (body odour)
11 Safe / sitting on the fence (7) NEUTRAL  :: DD?
13 Vessel's small crew starting to smoke a joint (9) STEAMSHIP :: cha S TEAM S HIP
15 Western prophet, about 16 (5) SEWER  ::  SEER going round W (def: drain at 16)
16 Reduction in estimated rainfall (5) DRAIN  ::  hidden in estimateD RAINfall
18 She got men to dance to a signature tune (5,4) THEME SONG  :: anag of SHEGOTMEN
22 Royal, like Rajasthan! (7) STATELY  :: DD - I thin the ref s to the cricket team?
23 Novel shipped again as told (6) RECENT  :::: RE + sent (hp of  re-sent
26 Famous people and good intellectuals about town primarily (10) GLITTERATI  :: G + LITTERA(T)I/
27 Hitch during a major operation (4) ROPE  :: hidden in majoR OPEration :: What is the def? Hitch as a v. = rope, v.
28 Nice article about skilled worker (11) ELECTRICIAN anag of  NICEARTICLE


1 With force break a wall (7) RAMPART :: cha of  RAM  PART
2 Almost lose form (5) :: FORGE : Forge(t) Is the def 'lose' okay?
3 Problems first day of the week - boring calls (7) SUMMONS :: Mon in SUMS, boring is c/c ind
4 Hard to keep away from national flag (4) IRIS :: H deleted from Irish :: what is the def?
5 Steal extremely essential coin (6) NICKEL ::: cha of NICK E...L
6 For sure empty - US's bold moves (9) DOUBTLESS 
7 Property of English territory (6) ESTATE :: cha of E state
  12 Trivial match (5) LIGHT, match being what you strike when ighting a fire
14 Appear to hold complete awareness - basically not seen in a philosopher (9)
17 Upset with headless/ mindless talk (6) RATTLE
19 Swallow one's drink (7) MARTINI - martin (bird) I (1, one)LIGH
20 Eventually, reduction in energy and power with this type of bowling (7) NINEPIN - N IN E P and the rest? How do you break this up? Properly defined as an adj
21 Cheat escapes we hear (6) FLEECE v. to cheat :: hp of flees
24 Dog otherwise seen in animated imagery (5)  CORGI :: or in CGI = Computer  Graphics Interface - sree_sree?
25 Catch up and leave (4) PART :: rev of trap
Now, is there any minor theme? I leave it to my readers to point it out.


Sunday 29 September 2019

The Sunday Crossword No 3067, Sunday 29 Sep 2019

Overdose of Anagrams

1   Tiddly oaf never shakes? I don’t believe it (3,7,4) FOR HEAVENS SAKE*
10 Brief gives bum steer (5) TERSE*
11 Spice Girl given cautions about counterfeit goods (9) FORGERIES {FOR{GERI}ES}
12 Traditional intro in Raiders remake (4,3) DEAR SIR*
13 Web implicated, diet abandoned where people eat (7) DINETTE {DI{NET}TE*}
14 'Uh' sound elicited by kitsch wardrobe (5) SCHWA [T]
16 Arbitration with no time for deep thought (9) MEDIATION MEDItATION
19 Suffering when a conservative follows heartless, reactionary group (9) PURGATORY {A}{TORY} after {GRoUP<=}
20 Act immorally with American in snotty enclosure (5) SINUS {SIN}{US}
22 On 'scone', rendering given by reactionaries (7) NEOCONS*
25 Batman's seen in this hoax in American resort (4,3) CAPE COD {CAPE} {COD}
27 Bisected protozoan – 50% missing very soon (2,4,1,2) IN HALF A MO {IN HALF}{AMOeba}
28 Nannies essentially depicted in musical movie (5) ANNIE nANNIEs
29 Bashed fifth toe? Holler just because you can (3,3,4,2,2) FOR THE HELL OF IT*

 Early bit of devotion: rousing her at four (3,6) OUR FATHER*
3   Cobbler does this for despicable people (5) HEELS [DD]
4   Amoral foe tampered with sports car (4,5) ALFA ROMEO*
5   Wild deer on both sides of river went astray (5) ERRED {E{R}RED*}
6   Big mugs muffled passage on fancy keyboard instruments (9) STEINWAYS {STEIN{WAY}S}
7   Fatalist will lose weight to become famous (1-4) A-LIST fatALIST
8   Oriental festival supported by nationalist (7) EASTERN {EASTER}{N}
9   Quarrelling dads to wrestle (2,4) AT ODDS*
15 Religious leader with a 'tally-ho!': a maverick (9) AYATOLLAH*
17 Seat of learning choosy lad declined (3,6) DAY SCHOOL*
18 19, simple-minded one (8,1) INNOCENT I  Definition not clear
19 Religious leader quiet concerning difference of opinion (7) PONTIFF {P}{ON}{TIFF}
21 Primarily, somewhere you don’t necessarily expect Yukonese? (6) SYDNEY Acrostic &lit
23 As an alternative, including the alternative (5) OTHER {O{THE}R}
24 Small potatoes!? A tremendous success! (5) SMASH {S}{MASH}
26 Scotsman in post office, one of 6 (5) PIANO {P{IAN}O}

Reference List
Time = T, River R, Nationalist = N, Quiet = P, Small = S, Scotsman = IAN


Saturday 28 September 2019

No 12742, Saturday 28 Sep 2019, Anon


1. Censure fiend on stage, partly in commotion (11) PANDEMONIUM {PAN}{DEMON}{podIUM}
9. Mark first Belgian needing no introduction to language (7) BLEMISH {Belgian}{fLEMISH}
10. Box to transport regular goon (6) CARTON {CART}{gOoN}
11. Alarm seductress (5) SIREN (DD)
12. Northern Ireland firm's vicar, not odd, at European capital (7) NICOSIA {NI}{CO'S}{vIcAr}
15. Swarm back for encounter (4) MEET {TEEM<=}
16. Fasten article on Turk's head, say, to get married (3,3,4) TIE THE KNOT {TIE}{THE}{KNOT} Where knot comes from is not clear See comments
18. Grab, finish cosmetic product (4,6) NAIL POLISH {NAIL}{POLISH}
20. At peak of Mecca, Conservative leaves confused (4) ACME {MEcCA*}
23. Jumps to start placing call aboard ship (7) SPRINGS {S{Placing}{RING}S}
24. Run away with returning Eastern European (5) ELOPE {E}{POLE}<=
26. Stick to firm at this place (6) COHERE {CO}{HERE}
27. Returning crowd has missing flower (7) BLOSSOM {MOB<=} around {LOSS}
28. In a riot, pierce nests with tenacity (11) PERSISTENCE {PIERCE+NESTS*}


2. Immigrants, endlessly salient, cook (6) ALIENS {SALIENt*}
3. Leaders of departments, officially halt at Middle East city (4) DOHA Acrostic
4. Mocha stink obscured by raincoat (10) MACKINTOSH {MOCHA+STINK*}
5. Constricted flight, Oriental, in Nagaland borders (8) NARROWED {Nagalan{ARROW}{E}D}
6. Perfect patio damaged in United Nations (7) UTOPIAN {U{PATIO*}N}
7. Humiliation at a cellar (9) ABASEMENT {A}{BASEMENT}
8. Listens for first echo of vehicle (6) HEARSE {HEARS}{Echo}
13. Ornamentation of damaged regal files (10) FILLAGREES  {REGAL+FILES*}
14. Cook hates menu at American libraries (9) ATHENEUMS {HATES+MENU*}
17. Woodworkers make detailed replica aboard ship (8) SPLICERS {S{REPLICa*}S}
19. Enhance goblin herd, leaderless (7) IMPROVES {IMP}{dROVES}
21. Cheat head chef at home (6) CHOUSE {Chef}{HOUSE}
22. First off, brioche made for the brave (6) HEROIC {bRIOCHE*}
25. Skilled sailor at Himalayan city nearly (4) ABLE {AB}{LEh}

Reference List

Northern Ireland=NI, Firm=Co, Article=The, Conservative=C, Ship=SS, Eastern=E
Oriental=E, United Nations=UN, Sailor=AB

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 27 September 2019

No 12741, Friday 27 Sep 2019, Lightning

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 6 PM.

1   Censure nation backing help in retrospect (8)
5   Sailor with a large animal (6)
9   Old boy's leaving one thousand to deal with barrier (8)
10 Attendant to escape with gold ornament in the end (6)
12 Start off at upward slope of trail (5)
13 Be rough in fracas with one next door (9)
14 Had her engaged somewhat to follow exactly (6)
16 Hundred start off to see European right fielder in baseball (7)
19 Silent after website's last part of altered sentence (7)
21 A religious education housing may be known only to few (6)
23 Chimney's bottom – replace if broken (9)
25 Stuffing caught inside dish (5)
26 Proxy generally withheld what's vital to one's life (6)
27 Caretaker of plants angered by accident beside river (8)
28 Strike from French engineer going after permit (6)
29 Solemn payment always accommodated (8)

1   Retracted statement, say empty and tired (6)
2   Engineer made trams in capital city (9)
3   Ultimately fear heading off to seaside on extremely hot day (5)
4   Support ball initially with a long spear (7)
6   Doctor teaches one at first to be artistic (9)
7   Acceptable to pack plaything going north to Japanese city (5)
8   It rarely becomes formal (8)
11 Element's atomic number – 1 plus a large number before 100 (4)
15 Apparatus with potential energy men quit assembling (9)
17 Sped past deer approximately east with difficulty (9)
18 Reprimand a fine fellow going inside construction framework (8)
20 Weapon returned by master for evaluation (4)
21 Normal to declare on time (7)
22 Release detailed classified information (6)
24 Sovereign place by old river flowing north (5)
25 Concoct soft toffee (5)


Thursday 26 September 2019

No 12740, Thursday 26 Sep 2019, Incognito

7   At first, financial legislation reveals defect (4) FLAW {Fi...l}{LAW}
8   Cop's at home with corpse mangled around topmost part of thigh (9) INSPECTOR {IN}{SPEC{Th..h}OR*}
10 Drink is returned before the German's assassination (6) MURDER {RUM<=}{DER}
11 Beheaded Bond-maids are carted away in suit (8) DIAMONDS {bOND+MAIDS}*
12 I lay a ham pudding in range (8) HIMALAYA*
14 Add small program goal (6) APPEND {APP}{END}
16 Crush green olive and extract oil ... to settle a score (7) REVENGE {GREEN+oliVE}*
18 Initially procure flower part for animal (7) PANTHER {Pr...e}{ANTHER}
21 Organised a trek around Akishima, primarily to display martial art (6) KARATE {A+TREK}* over {Ak...a}
23 Indian treated (holding a bit of rice) and brought upon oneself (8) INCURRED {IN}{CUR{Rice}ED}
25 Pawnbroker Samuel's country relative? (5,3) UNCLE SAM {UNCLE}{SAM}
27 Reveal peacekeeper's initially mysterious question (6) UNMASK {UN}{My...s}{ASK}
29 Witnesses noted pens are displaced (9) DEPONENTS*
30 To start with, purple writing fluid shows healthy colour (4) PINK {Pu...e}{INK}

1   Enlighten sick university man in Europe (8) ILLUMINE {ILL}{U}{M}{IN}{E}
2   Outstanding ring! Marry! (4) OWED {O}{WED}
3   Sire is confused over artist's range in Spanish (6) SIERRA {SIRE*}{RA}
4   Secondhand automobile surprisingly raced us (4-3) USED CAR*
5   Encountered a lawyer followed by volunteers providing information about information (8) METADATA {MET}{A}{DA}{TA}
6   Fragrant oil found in cottonseed (4) OTTO [T]
9   NORAD's formulated a radioactive gas (5) RADON*
13 Near a horrible sports venue (5) ARENA*
15 Safe Sellers? (5) PETER [DD]
17 Ganger is improperly applying lubrication (8) GREASING*
19 Vespers are not odd! Therefore, no good (8) EVENSONG {EVEN}{SO}{NG}
20 Sickness ward's mail's misplaced at first (7) AILMENT {ENT}<=>{MAIL*}
22 Bristled Dewan's dancing (5) AWNED*
24 Flex muscle endlessly over Yankee ... that's inelegant (6) CLUMSY {MUSCLe}*{Y}
26 Friend returned with penny for a European (4) LAPP {PAL<=}{P}
28 Be listless about light motorcyle having no dynamo at first (4) MOPE MOPEd

Reference List
The in German = DER, Indian = IN, Peacekeeper = UN, University = U, Man = M, Europe = E, Ring = O, Artist = RA, Lawyer = DA, Volunteers = TA, No = N, Good = G, Yankee = Y, Penny = P


Wednesday 25 September 2019

No 12739, Wednesday 25 Sep 2019, Incognito

7   Englishman returns title (4) NAME {E}{MAN}<=
8   Buys brew packed in bags (9) PURCHASES {PUR{CHA}SES}
10 Romeo, sir, is to some extent an ancestor of Horus (6) OSIRIS [T]
11 Closely hold, grabbing a parish priest, conveying appreciation (8) CLAPPING {CL{A}{PP}ING}
12 They make money from cavities? (8) DENTISTS [CD]
14 King and journalist with minor under guardianship (6) EDWARD {ED}{WARD}
16 Choir dancing around stone gets the bird (7) OSTRICH {O{ST}RICH*}
18 Tomato puree with a bit of nut for a Turk (7) OTTOMAN {TOMATO}*{Nut}
21 A smile may result from misinterpretation of these internet messages (1-5) E-MAILS*
23 God! That is a famous author! (8) CHRISTIE {CHRIST}{IE}
25 Composer saint hugs wounded cherub (8) SCHUBERT {S{CHERUB*}T}
27 Top Frenchmen in clubs, perhaps (6) SUMMIT {SU{MM}IT}
29 A model gift for now (2,7) AT PRESENT {A}{T}{PRESENT}
30 Street has good device for roasting meat (4) SPIT {S{PI}T}

1   Masters run after hot pets (8) HAMSTERS {H}{MASTERS*}
2   Costly honey (4) DEAR [DD]
3   Jerks destroy maps in ship (6) SPASMS {S{MAPS*}S}
4   Accurate composition accompanied by third note of C Major scale (7) PRECISE {PRECIS}{E}
5   Least expensive primate to be housed in container (8) CHEAPEST {CHE{APE}ST}
6   Fast! Snake has swallowed tail of iguana (1,1,1,1) ASAP {ASP} over {i...nA}
9   Sister catches one confused Spanish gentleman (5) SENOR {S{ONE*}R}
13 Star is agitated by setter producing bones (5) TARSI {STAR}*{I}
15 Tiger, perhaps, in forests (5) WOODS [DD]
17 Mollycoddled female student around fantastic sets (8) COSSETED {CO-ED} over {SETS}*
19 In the beginning, sailor in Italy has one egg (2,6) AB INITIO {AB}{IN}{IT}{1}{0}
20 On board, travelling cheat hurts (7) SCATHES {S{CHEAT*}S}
22 Doctor has tea or coffee (5) MOCHA {MO}{CHA}
24 Model sister appears for exam once again (6) RESITS*
26 Unique Selling Proposition of special American mail service (1,1,1,1) USPS {USP}{S}
28 Initially, May alone supported Secret Service (4) MASS Acrostic

Reference List
English = E, Brew = CHA = Tea, Parish Priest = PP, Journalist = ED, Stone = ST, Saint = ST, Model = T, Street = ST, Good = PI, Hot = H, Ship = SS = On Board, Sister = SR, Sailor = AB, Italy = IT, Special = S


Tuesday 24 September 2019

No 12738, Tuesday 24 Sep 2019, Incognito

1   Madly hire – taking on board sailor and pirate (8) HIJACKER {HI{JACK}ER*}
5   Nice is wrongly represented in Supreme Court ... it is picturesque (6) SCENIC {S{NICE*}C}
10 Servant maid's initial attraction (5) CHARM {CHAR}{Maid}
11 Accuracy of composition by Numero Uno on return (9) PRECISION {PRECIS}{NO1<=}
12 Put an end to a kind of whiskey (6) SCOTCH [DD]
13 Appropriate English spa town (not hot!) (8) ARROGATE hARROGATE
15 Strand engineer with a child (5) BEACH {BE}{A}{CH}
17 Leave the decision to Penny (4,1,4) TOSS A COIN [CD]
19 Briefly record confusion in quadrilateral (9) RECTANGLE {REC}{TANGLE}
20 Edit and finish by morning (5) AMEND {AM}{END}
21 I boarded hybrid car, catamaran and plane (8) AIRCRAFT {A{I}RC*}{RAFT}
23 Fit weapons to a German aircraft-carrier, initially, in fleet (6) ARMADA {ARM}{A}{D}{Ai...r}
27 Indian musical instrument's note is pure (9) INVIOLATE {IN}{VIOLA}{TE}
28 Banned material that may be found next to trunk (5) IVORY [CD]
29 He wears nothing except his birthday suit, perhaps, around commencement of dance after noon (6) NUDIST {N}{U{Da..e}IST*}
30 State: "A Republican state" (8) ARKANSAS {A}{R}{KANSAS}

1   Sells, I hear, wines (5) HOCKS (~hawks)
2   RAF CO A. Jon's flying "The Maid of Orleans" (4,2,3) JOAN OF ARC*
3   Wag company's little microphone (5) COMIC {CO}{MIC}
4   Spot English Bond, for example (4) ESPY {E}{SPY}
6   Mince tail and poach to produce sausage (9) CHIPOLATA*
7   A person from Kerala has a note from Nigeria (5) NAIRA {NAIR}{A}
8   Anxious ... CERN should be covered by cone before commencement of de-ionization (9) CONCERNED {CON{CERN}E}{De...n}
9   Blue Force, indeed (9) DEPRESSED {DE{PRESS}ED}
14 Spreading grease/fat results in articulation difficulties (5,4) STAGE FEAR*
15 Wild pubs supported by Scotsman (9) BARBARIAN {BAR}{BAR}{IAN}
16 Spaces tall people need? Captain's cabins (9) HEADROOMS {HEAD}{ROOMS}
18 Musical tops for surgeons (9) OPERATORS {OPERA}{TORS}
22 Drove around and wandered (5) ROVED*
24 Food secreted in Samurai tatami (5) RAITA [T]
25 Sailor on Yankee ship shows deep chasm (5) ABYSS {AB}{Y}{SS}
26 RIP ... a mourner may shed this (4) TEAR [DD]

Reference List
Sailor = JACK, Hot = H, Child = CH, German = D, Indian = IN, Note = TE, Noon = N, Republican = R, Company = CO, English = E, Sailor = AB, Yankee = Y, Ship = SS

Monday 23 September 2019

No 12737, Monday 23 Sep 2019, Incognito

7   Complain: "It's a small bed" (4) CRIB [DD]
8   Making clear evil anger is bad (9) REVEALING*
10 Ms. Earhart, America's enterprising lady in air, for starters (6) AMELIA {AM}{En...g}{Lady}{In}{Air}
11 Mac's Croatian dressing (8) RAINCOAT*
12 If grants can be organised for firing from aircraft at ground targets ... (8)  STRAFING*
14 Goes around bistro redevelopment (6) ORBITS*
16 Little bone of sinuous snake is cut lengthwise easily, in the beginning (7) OSSICLE Acrostic
18 Legendary female I dream about after end of film (7) MERMAID {filM}{I+DREAM}*
21 Walks or stays? (6) STRUTS [DD]
23 Increases soldiers in August mobilisation, after loss of uniform (8) AUGMENTS {MEN} in {AUGuST}*
25 Pub date dances around commencement of soiree in capital (8) BUDAPEST {PUB+DATES}* over {So...e}
27 Comedian Hardy's duck's organ (6) OLIVER {O}{LIVER}
29 Ok, a sarong is designed for animals down under (9) KANGAROOS*
30 Flog political functionary (4) WHIP [DD]

1   Burns' steamer sails behind cape (8) CREMATES {C}{STEAMER}*
2   Isabella hides murder victim (4) ABEL [T]
3   Revolting Bulgarians throw buns to get sheep (6) ARGALI buLGARIAns*
4   Anger on small road is normal (7) AVERAGE {RAGE}<=>{AVE}
5   Pub note rewritten; includes one male singer (8) BARITONE {BAR}{1}{TONE}
6   Dance bar doesn't have love for gramophone record, for example (4) DISC DISCo
9   General allowance (5) GRANT [DD]
13 House-trained hornets fly away excitedly! Goodbye! (5) ADIEU hoUsetrAInED*
15 Enigma solver's explosive device, I hear (5) BOMBE (~bomb)
17 Girl hugs star in American city (3,5) LAS VEGAS {LAS{VEGA}S}
19 Riptide flows around head of Navajo brave (8) INTREPID {RIPTIDE}* over {Na...o}
20 Sketch box containing egg (7) CARTOON {CART{O}ON}
22 Main container (5) TRUNK [DD]
24 Great river carp (6) GROUSE {GR}{OUSE}
26 Champ's new skin disorder (4) ACNE {AC{N}E}
28 State: Moon's over Washington (4) IOWA {IO}{WA}

Reference List
America = AM, Uniform = U, Duck = O, Cape = C, Love = O, Egg = O, Great = GR, New = N


Sunday 22 September 2019

Special, Sunday 22 Sep 2019, K Koteswar Rao

Each person may enter a maximum of three answers till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please submit all your answers in one comment.

1   An awkward situation's greeting? (3-3-2)
5   One doubting this old man is going away, as before (6)
9   Nubile set at naught saves nothing on misty dispenser (9)
10 Deadly rifle stolen in housebreaking by the attendant (4)
11 Reportedly deformed hybrid fruit (4)
12 Being less than twenty_ It causes stress (10)
15 Notorious tiger left networking process (5)
16 Fourteen times four (5)
20 Relax! Everything depends on an affirmative response (5)
21 Make unconscious a French beast (5)
24 Noah's boat streamed reportedly in general to join by generating heat (3.7)
26 Head of herb sacrificed for lady-love (4)
28 Fortune 500, not 50 or zero! (4)
29 Collide without a mathematical derivation (5,4)
30 Work in that covering on formal occasions (3,3)
31 Caught a cold? Supported by any science? No, it's a poor choice of words! (8)

1   Don’t add underhand deal in a compound of fowls (3,3)
2   Bolting group leaves for first world-shaking (8)
3   The female hog is still to take liquid (4)
4   Practice religion at 12 (5)
6   Grassland mowed down around Australia (6)
7   Short twist to make public scandal (8)
8   Bishop enters disturbed areas in debts (7)
13 Not bad over in a short spell (2,4)
14 One of the losing scores on first throw in craps (6)
17 Dining at cocktail (3,3,2)
18 The fungus can get executed by afternoon (7)
19 Dance of firefighter possibly (8)
22 Cool cover to view snow decoration on the mountain peak (3,3)
23 Eternal City is rejected in my reminiscence (6)
25 One born under the sign grows with money (5)
27 Dr. No? Finally, thumbs-down (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at KKR 30


The Sunday Crossword No 3066, Sunday 22 Sep 2019

This puzzle appeared in The Everyman on 21 Jul 2019 as a special to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the Moon landing

1   Astronaut Glenn aims to re-enter extremely dramatically (4,9) NEIL ARMSTRONG {GLENN+AIMS+TO+Re...eR}*
10 Horse beset by frantic one with spur (3,2) EGG ON {E{GG}ON*}
11 Buzz notably with anaesthetic to suppress (6,3) NUMBER TWO {NUMBER}{T{W}O}
12 Overcoming resistance, president conducted cosmic expedition's starting points and departure (9) ABERRANCE {ABE}{R}{RAN}{Co...c}{Ex...n}
13 Nationalist wanting moon landing: adventure primarily requiring money (5) MOOLA {MOOn}{La...g}{Ad...e}
14 Earth gets horrendously toxic article, matter from afar (7) EXOTICA {E}{TOXIC*}{A}
16 People going into space? (7) ROOMFUL [CD?]
18 Immediately, Soviet leader subdued with worry: 'This is not rocket science!?' (2,5) NO SWEAT {NO{So...t}W}{EAT}
20 Niçoise ingredient? (7) CEDILLA Definition by example
22 In conclusion, this setter has to improve (5) EMEND {E{ME}ND}
24 'Ready to go off!?' 'Ready to go off.' 'Nonsense!' (9) POPPYCOCK {POPPY}{COCK}
26 Showed up with spots, ruby-red essentially: unlikely to take a selfie (6-3) CAMERA-SHY {CAME}{RASH}{rubYred}
27 Early on, 1 recalled being in space (5) ALIEN {NEIL Ar...g <=}
28 Small step among alien surroundings at first: it diverted a generation (5,8) SPACE INVADERS {S}{PACE} {IN}{VADER}{Su...g} (Addendum - {S}{PACE} {INVADER}{Su...g} - See comments)

2   Painter returning from greengrocer gleefully (2,5) EL GRECO [T<=]
3   Mentally derail nut with influence of the moon (5,4) LUNAR TIDE*
4   Enter at speed and arrest (3,2) RUN IN [DD]
5   'Balanced' lunatic emits cry about first sign of moon (9) SYMMETRIC {EMITS+CRY}* over {Moon}
6   Space, they say, is cold (5) RHEUM (~room)
7   Put heads together for veggie dish (3,4) NUT LOAF {NUT}{LOAF} Anno pending See comments
8, 9 Pinnacle: men of America walked out with message from 1 (2,4,2,5,3,3,7) WE CAME IN PEACE FOR ALL MANKIND*
9   See 8
15 Contrary and tense, I assembled hors d'œuvres (9) ANTIPASTI {ANTI}{PAST}{I}
17 Visiting the moon – or returned from journey? (2,3,4) ON DRY LAND [DD]
19 Dim son to join forces (5,2) STEAM UP {S}{TEAM UP}
21 More bananas or more nuts? (7) LOONIER [CD]
23 Architectural order seen in sand or ice (5) DORIC [T]
25 Sky etc originally passed at Yuri's tremendous velocity (3,2) PAY TV Acrostic

Reference List
Horse = GG, With = W, Resistance = R, Nationalist = N, Earth = E, Small = S, Son = S


Saturday 21 September 2019

No 12736, Saturday 21 Sep 2019, Neyartha

Plenty of stuff to eat & drink today


1. Smirking revolutionary ingesting a small amount of jellied candies (8) GUMDROPS {SMUG<=} around {DROP}
5. In America, vortices make one play boisterously (6) CAVORT (T)
9. Careens off-course to capture the performing orator's vocal quality (9) RESONANCE {CAREENS*} around {ON}
11. A chilly way to get suspended? (2,3) ON ICE (CD)
12. Asian with a pleated sari in front of a priest (7) ISRAELI {SARI*}{ELI}
14. Note about the associate sent back by the royal entourage (7) RETINUE {R{UNITE<=}E}
15. Brief congregational disturbance after the removal of a good senior citizen (12) OCTOGENARIAN {CONgREGATIONAl*}
17. Doctor annoys chorus with a description of clocks having no similarities in phase or frequency (12) ASYNCHRONOUS {ANNOYS+CHORUS*}
20. Oak Wani chopped up in a Japanese island (7)  OKINAWA {OAK+WANI*}
22. Systematic study involves putting one at the wrong place with the beautiful Oriental (7) SCIENCE {SC{+I}EN{-i}C}{E}
23. Note included with the cut fruit from the east for the Greek storyteller (5) AESOP {PEAr<=} around {SO}
24. Factory providing poor pay makes stopwatches out of Connecticut (9) SWEATSHOP {STOPWAtcHES*}
26. Lovable arrangement by the retiring sailor with an old UK school qualification (1,5) O LEVEL {LOVabLE*} Second E from?
27. Animal with flower returned after son enters with a tax official (8) ASSESSOR {ASS}{ROSE<=} around {S}


1. Fish with a taste, reportedly, for a vegetable (6) GARLIC {GAR}{~LICK}
2. Spreads // some of the edible fungi (9) MUSHROOMS (DD)
3. Dash to meet the last of the elder Bantu statesmen (3) RUN {eldeR bantU statesmeN}
4. Restrain the vocal followers of a branch of Islam under the monarch with the tailoring scissors (7,6) PINKING SHEARS {PIN}{KING}{~SHIAS}
6. Justification requiring more than just reasoning? (1,10) A POSTERIORI (CD?)
7. Vegetable from Ontario absorbs the nitrogen spread around the volcanic moon (5) ONION {O{N}{IO}N}
8. Rock forcing son to make way for the bridge player with a canopy (6) TEETER {TE(-s+E)TER}
10. Neo's nurse rose to correct the inaccuracy (13) ERRONEOUSNESS {NEO'S +NURSE+ROSE*}
13. Head off with the chairs prior to getting enough power to replace Mark's fruit for dessert (6,5) EATING APPLE {sEATING}{A(-m+P)PLE}
16. Aromatic herbs found in a bassinet designed to accommodate Henry (9) ABSINTHES {BASSINET*} around  {H}
18. Sapota toasted partially with a vegetable (6) POTATO (T)
19. Pungent seasoning lifts the salesman's spirit initially (6) PEPPER {PEP}{REP<=}
21. Proceed // with the distribution (5) ISSUE (DD)
25. Article given by you a long time back to the auditor (3) THE {~THEE}

Reference List

Priest=Eli, Note=Re, Good=G, One=I, Oriental=E, Note=So, Connecticut=CT, Sailor=AB, Son=S
Ontario=On, Nitrogen=N, Volcanic moon=Io, Henry=H, Salesman=Rep

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DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 20 September 2019

No 12735, Friday 20 Sep 2019, Buzzer

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 6 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Opposed beating of thug (6) FOUGHT*
5   Critically examine young man about offence (7) SCANDAL {SCAN}{LAD<=}
9   Fear of cast was noticeable around director (2,2,1,4,5) BE IN A COLD SWEAT {WAS+NOTICEABLE}* over {D}
11 Who oversees world peace or wrecks? (6) UNDOES {UN DOES}
12 Bury conflict in and unite (8) INUNDATE*
13 End of prayer period to reflect on (5) OMEGA {OM}{AGE<=}
14 Hope Dylan made megabucks (1,3,2,3) A BOB OR TWO
16 One recounting going round area in RV as tourist (9) TRAVELLER {T{R{A}V}ELLER}
18 Fight chills and fever getting better in the end (5) ARGUE {A{b...eR}GUE}
20 Seeing score after 12 came off over, it's all right (8) EYESIGHT {YES} in {EIGHT}(20-12)
22 Station say, one in Madras as an alternative/second to Central (6) EGMORE {EG}{Ma...s}{OR}{cEn...l} Semi&lit as well
24 Apology from one opposed to rich player? (4,10) POOR SUBSTITUTE {POOR}{SUBSTITUTE}
25 Small feeds Times editor posted (7) TWEETED {T}{WEE}{T}{ED}
26 Revising any clue endlessly is madness (6) LUNACY {ANY+CLUe}*

2   Outstanding bowling unit of proper quality (7) OVERDUE {OVER}{DUE}
3   Drink American soldier and general ordered (6,3) GINGER ALE {GI}{GENERAL}*
4   Caught a cold sharing foodstuff (4) TACO [T]
5   Majesty's special grant for us (9) SPLENDOUR {SP}{LEND}{OUR}
6   Burning gas, good going for sun? (5) ARSON AR(-g+s)SON
7   Moulded institute into training cadets (3-4)  DIE-CAST {I} in {CADETS}*
8   Say a more blunt knife? (6,6) LETTER OPENER {LETTER}{OPENER}
10 Quiz pretentious man wearing tee shirts upside-down (3,2,3,4) PUT ON THE SPOT {PUT ON}{T}{HE}{TOPS<=}
14 City of UP had a ball hosting mela ultimately (9) ALLAHABAD {HAD+A+BALL}* over {melA}
15 Ape is a nut running after fruit mostly (9) ORANGUTAN {ORANGe}{A+NUT}*
17 Breathtaking dawhestorm set off at regular intervals (7) AWESOME {dAy}{WhEn}{StOrM}{sEt}
19 Knowing song scales, a habitual thing (7) GNOSTIC {SONG<=}{TIC}
21 Cricket for one shedding conservative image (5) INSET INSEcT
23 Rest behind wheels (2,2) ET AL LATE<=

Reference List
Director = D, Area = A, Say = EG, Time = T, Editor = ED, Special = SP, Good = G, Sun = S, Institute = I, Tee = T, Conservative = C


Thursday 19 September 2019

No 12734, Thursday 19 Sep 2019, Arden

1   Consider vacating residence and pull over (6) REGARD {Re...cE}{DRAG<=}
4   Complete work, current is constant but creates adverse reaction (8) ALLERGIC {ALL}{ERG}{I}{C}
10 Hide under stone? He's mean (9) SKINFLINT {SKIN}{FLINT}  'Under'?
11 Street urchin mostly gambling (5) GAMIN GAMINg
12 Wine in the making, one gallon for a horse (7) MUSTANG {MUST}{AN}{G}
13 Stylish and neat, tailored clothing for cricket side (7) ELEGANT {NEAT}* over {LEG}
14 Material or any substitute (5) RAYON*
15 Tales of a disaster in the recent past (2,2,4)  AS OF LATE*
18 Fear grips the party, it's widespread (8) PANDEMIC {PAN{DEM}IC}
20 They're brilliantgreen, vivid, seen regularly... (5) GENII {GrEeN}{vIvId}
23 ...but it's fortified (7) REDOUBT [CD] (addendum - {BUT}* [RA] - See comments)
25 It stops, follow in a series (2,5) EN SUITE {ENSU{IT}E}
26 Vessel takes four in turn (5) PIVOT {P{IV}OT}
27 Deception is in – even beer comes in any container (9) CHICANERY {CHIC}{AN{bEeR}Y}
28 Left on board, in no time can be carried (8) PORTABLE {PORT}{tABLE}
29 Let down, bet one ends in loss (6) RENTED {REN{beT}{onE}D} (Addendum - {RE{dowN}{beT}{onE}D}

1   Railroad added to a tourist spot in South Dakota (8) RUSHMORE {RUSH}{MORE}
2   Dispute profits over a year (7) GAINSAY {GAINS}{A}{Y}
3   Avoided if rear end is shifted (9) REFRAINED*
5   Landlord forced out, it is a commercial document (6,2,6) LETTER OF CREDIT {LETTER}{FORCED*}{IT}
6   Finally the tailender comes in time to score (5) EAGLE {thE}{AG{taiL}E}
7   Athlete gets indirect tax cover for many sports (7) GYMNAST {MANY}* in {GST}
8   Nice to see one accepted as King (6) CANUTE {C{AN}UTE}
9   Indian way to help lift it a calm representation using drawings (14) DIAGRAMMATICAL {MARG}{AID}<={IT+A+CALM}*
16 It's on but delayed to do parliamentary work (9) LEGISLATE {LEG IS}{LATE}
17 Fish eye in two dimensions, surprised? (4-4) WIDE-EYED {IDE}{EYE} in {W}{D}
19 Hampshire town, a new port (7) ANDOVER {A}{N}{DOVER}
21 Most trusting, natives are free (7) NAIVEST*
22 Support for a pet (4,2) PROP UP {PRO}{PUP}
24 'Extremist' – insult rankles somewhat (5) ULTRA [T]

Reference List
Current = I, Constant = C, One = AN, Gallon = G, Cricket side = ON = LEG, Time = T, Year = Y, One = AN, Dimensions = W(width), D(depth), New = N

Wednesday 18 September 2019

No 12733, Wednesday 18 Sep 2019, Arden

Back in Bangalore after a long holiday in USA/Canada

9   Targeted at the centre, anti-corruption crusader's cry (7) HOSANNA {cHOSe}{ANNA}
10 Fatter and true reflection covering the radii at equal intervals (7) LARDIER {RaDiI} in {REAL<=}
11 In other words, I'll face adverse weather (7) ICEFALL*
12 Flipped over and over (7) UPENDED {UP}{ENDED}
13 Committed a crime as the child slept (9) KIDNAPPED {KID}{NAPPED}
15 Moldable depth in the vane... (5) BLADE Anno pending (Addendum - {D} in {ABLE}* - See comments)
16 otherwise will break for tea (7) CHELSEA {CH{ELSE}A}
19 One third of the country will gather by the countryside (7) RURALLY {RUssia}{RALLY}
20 Excellent deal, point taken (5) SWELL {S{W}ELL}
21 Reversal on last test for Ashes holder (5,4) ABOUT TURN {ABOUT} {tesT}{URN}
25 Silent place inside a small bagpipe (7) MUSETTE {MU{SET}TE}
26 A flower for sweetheart (7) DARLING [DD]
28 Hate to prance before court, essentially (7) RANCOUR {pRANCe}{cOURt}
29 I am only making this regular payment (7) ALIMONY*

1   Talent said to endure (6) SHTICK (~stick)
2   Regularly ransack and finish up (6) ASCEND {rAnSaCk}{END}
3   Point out regular pairs of old South Americans (4) INCA Anno pending (Addendum = INdiCAte - See comments)
4   Republicans allow everyone to run (6) GALLOP {GOP} over {ALL}
5   Movement of water mostly below the fish (8) FLOUNDER {FLOw}{UNDER}
6   Live under shade, even priest belongs to a special unit (5,5) GREEN BERET {GREEN}{BE}{pRiEsT}
7   Fortune in hurricane season? (8) WINDFALL {WIND}{FALL}
8   Doctor urged no drink outside, it's donkeywork (8) DRUDGERY {DR{URGED*}Y}
14 A bishop's answer is pardon (10) ABSOLUTION {A}{B}{SOLUTION}
16 Intend to have mesh made of wool... (8) CASHMERE {CA{MESH*}RE}
17 ...yet Carol provides service (8) EVENSONG {EVEN}{SONG}
18 A raised hat, makes sure they are neophytes (8) AMATEURS {A}{TAM<=}{SURE*}
22 Test done internally, not on trauma (6) ORDEAL {OR{DonE}AL}
23 Harmony is one issue (6) UNISON {UNI}{SON}
24 One under terrible agony in the city (6) NAGOYA {AGONY}*{A}
27 Trio will evenly make it muddy (4) ROIL {tRiO}{wIlL}

Reference List
Depth = D, Point = W, Bishop = B, One = UNI, One = A,


Tuesday 17 September 2019

No 12732, Tuesday 17 Sep 2019, Arden

Enroute to Washington DC, headed back to Bangalore. Next post from Bangalore.

1   Dark periods – start in opposite direction for tourist spots (6) SIGHTS (-n+s)SIGHTS
4   Tape to place in class (8) CASSETTE {CAS{SET}TE}
9   Idle one gets in tow regularly (6) LOUNGE {L(O)U(N)G(E)}
10 Arthur gets an arm around me in exchange (8) ARGUMENT {AR{GU{ME}N}T}
12 Painter has a head start over islander (8) TAHITIAN {T{A}{Head}ITIAN}
13 Movie called 'Country' (6) GREECE (~grease)
15 Record playing, too much delay makes one sad (12) DISCONSOLATE {DISC}{ON}{SO LATE}
18 Correct, let the wobble be seen as being unfair (5,3,4) BELOW THE BELT*
21 Sponge rings break in half, perhaps (6) LOOFAH {L{OO}FAH*}
22 Daughter finds a way to cut onion, as a rule (8) DOMINION {D}{O{M1}NION}
24 Crazy to combine drugs (8) CRACKPOT {CRACK}{POT}
25 Moped, half-heartedly for getting duck (6) SCOTER SCOoTER
26 No direct effect on Philosophy (8) DOCTRINE*
27 Sell by assuming different rate (6) BETRAY {B{RATE*}Y}

1   Trouble outside, left inside for privacy (8) SOLITUDE {L} in {OUTSIDE}*
2   Huge cats prowling, not the most elegant (8) GAUCHEST*
3   Drunk guy left in the rear, runs – he must keep his balance (9,6) TIGHTROPE WALKER {TIGHT}{ROPE}{WA{L}KE}{R}
5   Line below central lawn is crooked (4) AWRY {lAWn}{RY}
6   For example 9 elect rich characters to take up an impossible task (6,3,6) SQUARE THE CIRCLE {SQUARE}{ELECT+RICH}*
7   Take a leak after a peg in tent (6) TEEPEE {PEE} after {TEE}
8   Fulfils initial expectation, leads to growing respect (6) ESTEEM {MEETS}{Ex...n}<=
11 Instrument will swell up, as small becomes twice as large (7) BASSOON {B{AS}{S}OON} (Addendum - BA(-ll+ss)SSOON - See comments)
14 Time to assume tail wagging means happiness (7) ELATION {E{TAIL*}ON}
16 In other words is termed as a coalescer (8) DEMISTER*
17 Fish will remain outside ring, perhaps (8) STINGRAY {ST{RING*}AY}
19 Quiet rise in medical practice (6) PLACID [T<=]
20 Pattern of a plant disease (6) MOSAIC [DD]
23 Said to be good in France, capital in Germany (4) BONN (~bon)

Reference List
Arm = GUN, Daughter = D, Way = M1, Left = L, Guy = ROPE, Runs = R, Line = Railway = RY, Peg = TEE, Small = S, Large = L