Wednesday 30 November 2016

No 11865, Wednesday 30 Nov 2016, Buzzer

Well done Argentina

1   Attend to recreational vehicle parked in spot (5) SERVE {SE{RV}E}
4   Has doubts about spray stains (9) MISTRUSTS {MIST}{RUSTS}
9   Fluctuation in general means increase (7) ENLARGE*
10 Tennis stroke with bite, see turning (7) TOP SPIN {NIP}{S POT}<=
11 Expose one aptly wearing nothing (3,4,2) LAY OPEN TO {ONE+APTLY}* over {0}
12 Danger of exercise drill crossing limits (5) PERIL {PE}{dRILl}
13 Revolting bow, huge not small neckwear (6) CRAVAT {ARC<=}{VAsT}
15 Some footballers having navy shorts (8) KNICKERS {K{N}ICKERS}
18 Tournament stage held in very cold northern Indian state (5,3) DAVIS CUP {DA{V}IS} {C}{UP}
19 Around Middle East head for relief work (6) EMBOSS {ME<=}{BOSS}
22 Game of chance in life? No good (5) BINGO {BI{N}{G}O}
24 Mercurial Lib-Dem won over a London suburb (9) WIMBLEDON*
26 Irish man tucked into tea and some bread (7) CHAPATI {PAT} in {CHAI}
27 Bat-mobile vehicle reversed without a sound, I jumped out of the way (7) RACQUET {CAR<=}{QUiET}
28 Fresh way he sees visionary solutions (9) EYEWASHES*
29 One and only Territorial Army showing character (5) THETA {THE}{TA}

1   Female to ring up for a varnish (7) SHELLAC {SHE}{CALL<=}
2   Gathering by word of mouth, leader's dead (5) RALLY oRALLY
3   Natives be our hope, can US leaders be gone? (9) EUROPEANS {oUR}{hOPE}{cAN}{uS}
4   Volcano erupting meant overwhelming temperature (2,4) MT ETNA {T} in {MEANT}*
5   Firm and distinct characteristic, one that is needed to win some games (3,5) SET POINT {SET} {POINT}
6   Cut into pieces evenly, fruit that's oddly plump (3,2)  RIP UP {fRuIt}{Pl UmP}
7   Surer hope in a strife? (9) SUPERHERO* &lit
8   Bachelors to serenade belles, not half (7) SINGLES {SING}{belLES}
14 Benefit from a broadcast TV agenda (9) ADVANTAGE {A}{TV+AGENDA}*
16 Business member allowed to get involved in unlawful activity (9) COMPLICIT {CO}{MP}{LICIT}
17 Be over dated way to speak (8) OUTWEIGH {OUT}{WEIGH}(~way)
18 Failing without latitude be called a complete fiasco (7) DEBACLE {BE+CALlED}*
20 Singer Francis in a track is captivating (7) SINATRA [T]

21 Ability and skill shown in texting (6) SMARTS {SM{ART}S}
23 Heartily endorse Black American adjective for this president (5) OBAMA {endOrse}{B}{AM}{A}
25 Second date spurned, reason – sporting tie? (5) DEUCE DEdUCE

Tuesday 29 November 2016

No 11864, Tuesday 29 Nov 2016, Buzzer

Cartoon character seems to be the 'in subject' nowadays :-). I'm sure Gita Iyer will have a lot to say if she is reading this

8   Lie in wait in the morning hour to catch public transport (6) AMBUSH {AM}{BUS}{H}
9   Alternate avatar of Sriram at site of holy temple (8) AMRITSAR*
10 Having obtained biblical books, individual to pursue enthusiastically (2,2,4) GO TO TOWN {GO T}{O T}{OWN}
11 Reset IP of firewall protecting confidential information (3-3) TIP-OFF [T]
12 Irrationally unstable/rickety thing providing comfort (8,7) SECURITY BLANKET*
14 Periodically do it, chiefly look to become a tragic hero (7) OTHELLO {dO+iT+cHiEfLy+LoOk}
16 Eccentric, yet cope with distinct species in a habitat (7) ECOTYPE*
19 Made a mistake when recalling topic, one involving name of a cartoon character (6,3,6) DENNIS THE MENACE {SINNED<=} {THE ME}{N}{ACE} I was really tempted to put in a picture doing the rounds of late, but restricted my self :-)
22 Extra pass brings cheers (3-3) BYE-BYE {BYE}-{BYE}
24 Learned of changing reality around world essentially (8) LITERARY {woRld} in {REALITY}*
25 Tame work by setter, impassive, lacking heart (8) DOMESTIC {DO}{ME}{SToIC}
26 Spell 5 with couple of zeroes either side – 500? (6) VOODOO {V}{00}{D}{00}

1   First to admit male fashion is lacking decorum (8) IMMODEST {M}{MODE} in {1ST}
2   Be out to overcome absorbing, fine puzzle (6) SUDOKU {OK} in {SUbDUe}
3   Stories of Calvin & Hobbes primarily about the ultimate in fictional cronies (10) CHRONICLES {Ca...n}{Ho,,,s}{RONIC{f...aL}ES*}
4   Loudspeakers in back street to bother (7) TANNOYS {ANNOY} in {ST<=}
5   Book's routine and extremely dry (4) BRUT {B}{RUT}
6   Move quickly to convert set point (4,2,2) STEP ON IT*
7   Go on and on about a pancake (6) WAFFLE [DD]
13 Strange object is an iron horse (10) LOCOMOTIVE {LOCO}{MOTIVE}
15 Upsetting none is was bloody dignified (8) ENNOBLED {NONE*}{BLED} Msg from Buzzer '"I thought I had 'was' in the clue, not 'is' but looks like I made a mistake".
17 Irrational figure, timeless comic strip pirate (8) PICAROON {PI}{CARtOON}
18 Cup of tea left to cool (7) CHALICE {CHA}{L}{ICE}
20 Origin of word 'Extraterrestrial' unknown one (6) ETYMON {ET}{Y}{MON}
21 Lucknow or Ranchi brimming over limit (6) NARROW [T<=]
23 Has English poet lost his head? (4) EATS kEATS

Monday 28 November 2016

No 11863, Monday 28 Nov 2016, Gridman

1   Organisation in stir? (8) MOVEMENT [DD]
5   Exist with fifty per cent interest (6) BEHALF {BE}{HALF}
10 To throw into disorder is outrageously stupid, with head of residence inside (7) DISRUPT {Re...e} in {STUPID}*
11 One providing cover's knowledgeable and more certain (7) INSURER {IN}{SURER}
12 Tale circulation by saint is most recent (6) LATEST {TALE*}{ST}
13 Sweetheart finds boy at day's end with nothing (8) LADYLOVE {LAD}{daY}{LOVE}
15 Strange way to have right? Wrong (4) AWRY {AW{R}Y*}
16 Holds cashbox immobile (5-5) STOCK-STILL {STOCK-S}{TILL}
18 Brought forth unusual need to have sex (10) ENGENDERED {GENDER} in {NEED}*
20 Excited a girl, old girl (4) AGOG {A}{G}{O}{G}
23 A virtue, it is said, in a card game (8) PATIENCE [DD]
24 Bishop sited uncomfortably in small accommodation (6) BEDSIT {B}{SITED*}
26 Spite poured by the French in letter (7) EPISTLE {SPITE*}{LE}
27 Rice for mother in Indian slum (7) BASMATI {BAS{MA}TI}
28 Followed, quite determined (6) DOGGED [DD]
29 Chief left on first stroke of gong in great haste (8) HEADLONG {HEAD}{L}{ON}{Gong}

1   Waist problem Papa studied after a historical period (6-3,6) MIDDLE-AGE SPREAD {MIDDLE-AGE S}{P}{READ}
2   Guest gets rotis served after 6 (7) VISITOR {VI}{ROTIS*}
3   Deer said to be sweet (6) MOUSSE (~moose)
4   Mark, now ten are put together, ignoring final directions (4) NOTE {NOw}{TEn}
6   Writer says site is under construction (8) ESSAYIST*
7   Derived by logic: church official is in First Class (1,6) A PRIORI {PRIOR} in {A1}
8   For king and little boy, illumination around noon is a celestial phenomenon (6,9) FORKED LIGHTNING {FOR}{K}{ED} {LIGHT{N}ING}
9   More elaborate going over one new money manager (9) FINANCIER {F{1}{N}ANCIER}
14 Queer Street possessing character right — an exaggeration (9) STRETCHER {STRET{CH}E*}{R}
17 Disturb a Parisian? Pay up! (8) UNSETTLE {UN}{SETTLE}
19 Underwear's good — putting away without a bit of odour (1-6) G-STRING {G}-{SToRING}
21 Suggest a post to park secret police (7) GESTAPO [T]
22 Having knowledge — in poetry? (6) VERSED [CD]
25 Old Dutch colonist's not wielding right instrument (4) OBOE {O}{BOEr}


Sunday 27 November 2016

Special, Sunday 27 Nov 2016, Amrita and Arun

Welcome to our new setters Amrita and Arun.

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Odd, off colour banter without turning coarse essentially (8)
5   Africa via road provides a kind of rich pleasure (6)
9   Could be sticky when thousand leave to get chief's wisdom (8)
10 Stuck on plastic boards (6)
12 Treats crime case differently (9)
13 Oddly cool outside ambience of a place (5)
14 Finally sending message in Morse code (4)
16 On a diet one tends to perhaps steal, tucking into bites of egg sandwiches (3,4)
19 Study a wild tiger eating the gut of an antelope, not the head of a goat (7)
21 Yield from Monsanto's product announced (4)
24 Game mascot to lift displays on the counter (5)
25 Visitors stumped by fancy dress one wore (9)
27 One hundred playing, one hundred celebrated (6)
28 H&M advertisement - 'Final Sale on DIY stuff' (8)
29 Secret service receives underworld cases (6)
30 Bill has translated detailed stories on celestial body (8)

1   Erstwhile British corporation, an unforgettable symbol that invokes nostalgia for starters (6)
2   Band formed by Snoopy and his siblings, without a lead (6)
3   Champion in an automobile (5)
4   Lunatic will get rid of denials, according to the Reverend (7)
6   Detective, going back in, slowed down and resigned (9)
7   Venerated setter, sadly old with a bent side (8)
8   I rob stars stealthily of a dish of beef (3-5)
11 Man, for instance, is a part of this lesson (4)
15 Newspaper article on crude oil trade around India (9)
17 Bias told differently, by the Sun or the Star perhaps (8)
18 Looked down upon the highest path, reportedly (8)
20 Swindle layman? (4)
21 Weapon used by pirates to attack the French ship (7)
22 Upcoming story: Quit eating icecream (6)
23 Get high and dance wildly without shorts at first (6)
26 Fashionable model leaves a regime to form a pop group (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at AMRITA ARUN 1


The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 27 Nov 2016

1   Malign revolutionary supplied with answer by me (6) DEFAME {DEF<=}{A}{ME}
4   Book, turning brown, about doctor making instrument (8) BAGPIPES {B}{A{GP}IPES<=}
9   Villainous organisation of don, cruel in cunning (11) SCOUNDRELLY {DON+CRUEL} in {SLY}
11 Pointed tool beginning to work, cutting aluminium (3) AWL {A{Work}L}
12 Flower displayed by comrade going around fringes of rally with small song (13) CHRYSANTHEMUM {CH{RallY}{S}{ANTHEM}UM}
14 Gossip about fight involving mad character? (10) CHATTERBOX {C}{HATTER}{BOX}
15 Resort with northern stretch (4) SPAN {SPA}{N}
17 Hair most important according to report (4) MANE (~main)
18 Stewed pear would be yielding a pale colour (6,4) POWDER BLUE {PEaR+WOULD+BE}*
21 Amazing old partner spinning a torrid yarn (13) EXTRAORDINARY {EX}{A+TORRID+YARN}*
24 Pub sign, one with no odd features (3) INN {sIgN+oNe}
25 General endlessly astute about person beyond control (5,6) LOOSE CANNON {LOOSE} {CANNy}{ON}
26 Delight in object reflected in mirror (8) GLADNESS {GLA{END<=}SS}
27 Update from vicar and a politician (6) REVAMP {REV}{A}{MP}

1   Hurry with bit of Morse code (4) DASH [DD]
2   Hierarchy secure? Scoff over that (4,5) FOOD CHAIN {CHAIN}<=>{FOOD}
3   Time to climb in perfect tower (7) MINARET {MIN{ERA<=}T}
5   Bad lot aimed to restrict language soon enough (3,2,4,4) ALL IN GOOD TIME {LINGO} in {LOT+AIMED}*
6   Variable in speech, strangely lacking energy and soul (6) PSYCHE {Y} in {SPeECH}*
7   Son overwhelmed by prize for song (5) PSALM {P{S}ALM}
8   Amphibian in cold dish probed by fellow with hesitation (10) SALAMANDER {SALA{MAN}D}{ER}
10 Film that's eccentric gives errors, admitting swindle (9,4) RESERVOIR DOGS {DO} in {GIVES+ERRORS}*
13 Running van into pipe? (10) SCAMPERING {S{CAMPER}ING}
16 Excessive optimist with a plan only getting confused (9) POLLYANNA*
19 Agree, all awry, to give up good traditional drink (4,3) REAL ALE {AgREE+ALL}*
20 Spoil lake, home for fish (6) MARLIN {MAR}{L}{IN}
22 Country's leader for now in flowing garment (5) TONGA {TO{Now}GA}
23 Fixes up bargain (4) SNIP <=


Saturday 26 November 2016

No 11862, Saturday 26 Nov 2016, Gridman

1   Amasses quickly – libertines have arrived! (5,2) RAKES IN {RAKES} {IN}
5   Impolite sailor put out around the heart of Paris (6) ABRUPT {AB}{paRis}{PUT*}
9   Rose and fell in the main (5) TIDED [CD]
10 What one may do with cosmetic for enhancement and feel of beauty (3,1,5) ADD A TOUCH [CD]
11 "I would like to be alone" – go to extremes of the extreme (5,2) LEAVE ME {LEAVE} {e..reME}
12 For this prospect, you don't need any insight (7) OUTLOOK [CD]
13 "What are the things to do?" ... After tea, comes questions (5) TASKS {T}{ASKS}
14 Setter, having declared he's in hospital, is restless (9) IMPATIENT {I'M}{PATIENT}
16 Once educated about core of horse having descended (9) EXTRAUGHT {EX}{T{hoRse}AUGHT}
19 Religious passagea blend of lies (5) AISLE {A}{LIES*}
21 Well for the French with a mountain on all sides (7) AMBIENT {A}{M{BIEN}T}
23 All but select army officer's old flute (7) PICCOLO {PICk}{COL}{O}
24 Devotionally soldier, large, gets into returning tanker (9) RELIGIOSO {GI}{OS} in {OILER<=}
25 Daughter's left broken pottery (5) DELFT {D}{LEFT*}
26 Bride's discarded rubbish (6) DEBRIS*
27 Bandage of woman in riding seat (7) SWADDLE {S{W}ADDLE}

1   Display military power let star breathe uneasily (6,3,5) RATTLE THE SABRE*
2   Snatches – snatches of rest following joke (7) KIDNAPS {KID}{NAPS}
3   Danes are out with small section’s sorrow (7) SADNESS {DANES*}{S}{S}
4   Nine get an active way of clearing up (9) NEATENING*
5   Sound car (old) (5) AUDIO {AUDI}{O}
6   Knocking sound three times at residence's entrance in front (3-1-3) RAT-A-TAT {Re...e}{AT}-{A-T}{AT}
7   All but fat, large, extremely fine and feathery (7) PLUMOSE {PLUMp}{OS}{finE}
8   As advised to patients asked to take 'mixture' (5,3,6) SHAKE THE BOTTLE [CD]
15 Fraudulent schemes – results of real estate companies' efforts (3-2,4) PUT-UP JOBS [DD]
17 Slates cartoonist in made-up tale (7) TABULAE {ABU} in {TALE*} Got this as the cartoonist appeared yesterday as well.
18 One who gets his back is extremely vile in rage (7) AVENGER {A{VilE}NGER}
19 Song about knave in rustic setting (7) ARCADIA {AR{CAD}IA}
20 Ran, carrying fuel – it's messed up (7) SPOILED {SP{OIL}ED}
22 Blasts in drinking binges (5) TOOTS [DD]


Friday 25 November 2016

No 11861, Friday 25 Nov 2016, Gridman

1   A great many miss amorous play in marriage (8) ALLIANCE dALLIANCE
5   Attractive contact with youth leader (6) CATCHY {CATCH}{Yo..h}
9   Coveted to obtain cartoonist's support (7) PABULUM {P{ABU}LUM} New word for me
10 Very large gain from removal of corruption (5-2) CLEAN-UP [DD]
11 Little adjustment to take in queen's officer in important part (5,4) TITLE ROLE {ER}{O} in {LITTLE}*
12 Way to take hold is reported (5) ROUTE (~ root)
13 Bird to change direction, say (4) TERN (~ turn)
14 Insulted a female journalist harbouring political group (9) AFFRONTED {A}{F}{FRONT}{ED}
17 Businessman clear: begins trading grievance (9) COMPLAINT {CO}{M}{PLAIN}{Tr...g}
19 Skin No. 1 lech, to begin with (4) PEEL {PEE}{Lech}
23 Support each photograph without contempt (5) EASEL {EA}{SELfie}
24 Out-of-this-world hut nearly built up (9) UNEARTHLY*
25 Son, a non-wizard, to run (7) SMUGGLE {S}{MUGGLE}
26 A large exposition about big branch of study (7) ALGEBRA {A}{LGE{B}RA*}
27 Newsbreak about journalist in European country (6) SWEDEN {NEWS}*  around {ED}
28 Engineer goes to US city without a bit of access to find a new home (8) RESETTLE {RE}{SEaTTLE}

1   A prince's tiny desire (8) APPETITE {A}{P}{PETITE}
2   Throw rest away to produce seafood (7) LOBSTER {LOB}{REST*}
3   Dismissed pleas to keep key in bed (6) ASLEEP {E} in {PLEAS}*
4   What idli is in south Indian breakfast... (6,7) COMMON FEATURE [GK/CD]
6   A black queen's tirade is odd (8) ABERRANT {A}{B}{ER}{RANT}
7   Bond with prisoner ahead in puzzle (7) CONFUSE {CON}{FUSE}
8   Cry of joy for you harbouring giver of gratuity without any limit (6) YIPPEE {Y{tIPPEr}E}
10 Some space for son to accept beer in retail event (9,4) CLEARANCE SALE {CLEARANCE} {S}{ALE}
15 Record one rascal changing sides in close of play (8) EPILOGUE {EP}{1}{(-r+l}LOGUE}
16 Fun-loving companion put down floor covering in both ends of place (8) PLAYMATE {LAY}{MAT} in {PlacE}
18 Old boy's remedy is hard to make out (7) OBSCURE {OB'S}{CURE}
20 Show, once a great success, around the same place (7) EXHIBIT {EX}{H{IB}IT}
21 It checks the growth of population (6) CENSUS [CD]
22 Brother's scoundrel, in a manner of speaking (6) BROGUE {B}{ROGUE}


Thursday 24 November 2016

No 11860, Thursday 24 Nov 2016, Gridman

1   Broadcast about riotous march from a comfortable seat (8) ARMCHAIR {A{MARCH*}IR}
6   US exclamation about hard or clarified butter (4) GHEE {G{H}EE}
9   Small, almost loathsome pest (6) WEEVIL {WEE}{VILe}
10 Key performer has no right fabric (7) BATISTE {B}{ArTISTE}
13 Soaks tsars at EU jamboree (9) SATURATES*
14 All the works of a clergyman (5) CANON [DD]
15 Seldom seen, having partially left Zimbabwe capital (4) RARE haRARE
16 What dogs often bring in such traffic jam (4,2,4) NOSE TO TAIL [DD]
19 What Little Tommy Thin was in the nursery (7,3) NAUGHTY BOY [GK]
21 Teenage hooligan after teenage hooligan is abandoning second-grade toy (2-2) YO-YO YOb-YOb
24 Member of society who can be expected to be constructive (5) MASON [C&DD]
25 Top motion maybe, but it needs to be debated (4,5) MOOT POINT*
26 Chapter 4, a couple of lines – you start putting together in a polite manner (7) CIVILLY {C}{IV}{1}{LL}{You}
27 One church's fight for a source of coolness (6) ICEBOX {1}{CE}{BOX}
28 Fifty-one work in pool (4) LIDO {LI}{DO}
29 Hustlers turn cruel (8) RUTHLESS*

2   About to record again, as a space traveller must... (2-5) RE-ENTER [DD]
3   Cowardly move right down underground chamber (6) CAVERN C(-r)AVE(+r)RN
4   Grant poor having two different forms (9) ALLOTROPY {ALLOT}{ROPY}
5   Puzzle about public transport (5) REBUS {RE}{BUS}
7   Multitude detailed to go with girl gets high praise (7) HOSANNA {HOSt}{ANNA}
8   One having this won't get aged looks (7,5) ETERNAL YOUTH [E]
11 Magnate not coy in unravelling (6) TYCOON*
12 Huge moral actions carried out (12) ASTRONOMICAL*
17 Money specialist finds 'nil' in varied 'incomes', to start with (9) ECONOMIST {ECON{O}MIS*}{To}
18 No help spraying chemical (6) PHENOL*
20 Such a file on computer is lost (7) UNSAVED [GK]
22 Sinister mantra in America keeping order (7) OMINOUS {OM}{IN}{O}{US}
23 Howzat for charm? (6) APPEAL [DD]
25 Man's almost majestic come-back as civic official (5) MAYOR {M}{ROYAl<=}


Wednesday 23 November 2016

No 11859, Wednesday 23 Nov 2016, Spinner

Spinners tribute to the exchange turmoil!!

1   Perhaps, evilness ails bad women (12) VILLAINESSES*
10 Inexpensive hat worn by that man (5) CHEAP {C{HE}AP}
11 Engineering faulty? Hit 'Cancel'! (9) TECHNICAL*
12 Scratching head, think of an idea for site (6) ESTATE gESTATE
13 Insisted on returning sweets (8) STRESSED <=
15 Design ceramic set mostly for frozen food items (3,6) ICE CREAMS {CERAMIC+SEt}*
16 Spotted among Chinese envoys (4) SEEN [T]
20 Clever board expels leader (4) ABLE tABLE
21 Joined company with new requirement that's recruiting some clever technicians (9) CONNECTED {CO}{N}{NE{Cl...r}{Te...s}ED}
24 Somehow Trump's captured Electoral College – Basically, it's a sweep! (8) SPECTRUM {TRUMPS+El...l+Co...e}*
26 'Changeless', standing in line, legs gone – To exchange for money that can be spent! (6) ENCASH {CHANgelESs}* &lit
28 Team holding their ground in meeting (9) GATHERING {GA{THEIR*}NG}
29 Expression given by one confused about love (5) IDIOM {1}{{DI{O}M}
30 "Surprise, man! This note's gone bad!" (12) ASTONISHMENT* The 500 or the 1000 ??

2   Perfect cover for endless antics of twin (9) IDENTICAL {IDE{aNTICs}AL}
3   Cosmetic, impertinent talk gets criticism (8) LIPSTICK {LIP}{STICK}
4   Spinner's not running inside (4) INTO {I}{NOT}*
5   Compose nice text describing Spinner, causing spark (10) EXCITEMENT {NICE+TEXT}* around {ME}
6   Identifies method to get a head count in audition (6) SENSES (~ census)
7   Hits hard with soft clothing (5) SOCKS [DD]
8   Bolt's team trailing behind second (5) SCREW {S}{CREW}
9   Catapult cuts across wind evenly, moving smoothly (7) SLIDING {SL{wInD}ING}
14 Declaration to uplift man defeated by upper class's negative Income Tax returns (10) RESOLUTION {LOSER<=}{U}{IT<=}{NO<=}
17 Happiness is bypassing existing veteran leaders to get promotion (9) ELEVATION {EL{Ex...g}{Ve...n}ATION}
18 Simpleton goes through sheet with selection of text (7) PASSAGE {P{ASS}AGE}
19 Soft metal music and dancing (8) SCANDIUM*
22 Good man protects sapling on road (6) STREET {S{TREE}T}
23 Concept of cooking meth/drug (5) THEME {METH}*{E}
25 Another gift returned by old lover (5) EXTRA {EX}{ART<=}
27 Girl trapped in turbulent sea for a long time (4) AGES {A{G}ES*}


Tuesday 22 November 2016

No 11858, Tuesday 22 Nov 2016, The Phantom

8   Is our arrangement to have retired brilliant or stupid? (10) RIDICULOUS {LUCID<=} in {IS+OUR}*
9   Change of seat not permitted by University (4) VARY VARsitY
10 Opposition about to reject one's point of view (10) RESISTANCE {RE}{1'S<=}{STANCE}
11 Caught swapping ends in race for speed (4) RATE RA(-c+t)TE
12 Device to shoot from very short distance taking a lot of time (6) CAMERA {C{A}M}{ERA}
14 One from the embassy of Portugal, I am told negotiated (8) DIPLOMAT {P+I+AM+TOLD}*
15 As usual wearing pale blue dress (7) APPAREL {PAR} in {PALE}*
17 Royalty grant permission to screen play (7) MAJESTY {MA{JEST}Y}
20 Rain's again soaked new suit (8) MOISTURE {SUIT*} in {MORE}
22 Poor English seen in postgraduate’s aptitude test (6) MEAGRE {M{E}A}{GRE}
24 Suffering from service provided in hotel? On the contrary! (4) ACHE {AC{H}E}
25 Information by engineer helping production (10) GENERATION {GEN}{E}{RATION}
27 Hear judge now! (4) HERE (~ hear)
28 Striking somebody about to kill (10) NOTICEABLE Anno pending (Addendum - {NOT{ICE}ABLE} - See comments)

1   Weaken from exercises during breaks (4) PINE {P{IN}E}
2   Muscular hands pinning one in fight (6) VIRILE {VI{R}{1}{L}E}
3   Habit nowadays to carry a small item of luggage (8) SUITCASE {SUIT}{C{A}{S}E}
4   Ran helter-skelter during commotion in storm (7) TORNADO {RAN}* in {TO DO}
5   Take shelter in a small park for resting (6) ASLEEP {A}{S}{LEE}{P}
6   Never too stupid to get hint (8) OVERTONE*
7   Muscle needed for bear to climb hill (10) PROTRACTOR {PRO}{CART<=}{TOR}
13 Original Americans possessed expert techniques (10) APPROACHES {AP{PRO}ACHES}
16 Explained some Indians were Dravidians (8) ANSWERED [T]
18 Dangerous inter country rivalry with loss of leader destroys nation (4,4) ARMS RACE {hARMS} {RACE}
19 Not many bananas? Ape’s wild (7) PEANUTS {APE*}{NUTS}
21 Desperate bid under compulsion (6) URGENT {URGE}{NT}
23 Fake (duplicate) diamonds disposed of as real (6) ACTUAL Anno pending (Addendum - {ACT}{dUAL} - See comments)
26 Look frequently out for each missing eagle (4) OGLE {O}{eaGLE}


Monday 21 November 2016

No 11857, Monday 21 Nov 2016, Aspartame

Biiter/Sweet beginning to the week.

6   Bachelor and king got hot semi-liquid sweet (7) BAKLAVA {BA}{K}{LAVA}
7   Take chartered accountant inside to procure English bun (7) TEACAKE {TEA{CA}K*}{E}
9   Narrated flawless eclogue (5) IDYLL (~ ideal)
10 Spirited soldier at the helm properly guarding president (9) SPRIGHTLY {So...r}{P}{RIGHTLY}
11 Such trading can be Asians took off at the end (9) INSIDER Anno pending 
11 Such trading can be viewed as dire sin (7) INSIDER* - See comments
13 Sign of a disease (6) CANCER [DD]
15 Active mom moulded can into a spacecraft component (7,6) COMMAND MODULE  {MOM+MOULDED+CAN}*
19 Starts off to crush medicine for Noah’s pudding (6) ASHURE {mASH}{cURE} Not sure if Anno is correct. Reverse engineered after Googling the answer
20 Judge advocate (7) REFEREE [DD]
23 Fancy research animal kept by viewed as dire sin (9) ELABORATE E{LAB}ORATE Anno pending
23 Fancy research animal kept by asians took off at the end (9) ELABORATE {E}{LAB}{Off}{RAT}{E} - See comments
24 Insurance company — it is genuine (5) LICIT {LIC}{IT}
26 I headed out to fetch a tool to make a cool bag (3,4) ICE PACK {ICEP(-i+a)ACK}
27 Auditors observe coin being hardened (7) CYNICAL (~ see nickel)

1   Allow cook Mary to go out often (4) OKAY {cOoK}{mArY}
2   Sent helper to entertain the French (6) MAILED {MAI{LE}D}
3   Man rights torn muscle (9) HAMSTRING*
4   Vehicle transporting a drug is at front (8) VANGUARD {VAN}{A+DRUG}*
5   Critical element (10) PARTICULAR [DD]
6   Birdie devoured food (6) BRIDIE*
7   Bitter head caddie rotten goes for tee in vehicle (4) TART (-c+t)TART
7   Bitter head caddie goes for tee in vehicle (4) TART (-c+t)TART - See comments
8   Appendages of steely trains (6) ELYTRA [T]
12 Oracle to briefly comfort South American Yankee facing emergency (10) SOOTHSAYER {SOOTHe}{SA}{Y}{ER}
14 Come out with Nicky often to get jam (9) EMERGENCY {EMERGE}{NiCkY} Emergency and Jam?
16 Major flooding about to ruin plant (8) MARJORAM {MAJOR*}{MAR<=}
17 Go back to live in jail for Zulbia (6) JALEBI {BE<=} in {JAIL}* Whats the AInd?
17 Go back to live in rotten jail for Zulbia (6) JALEBI - See comments
18 Pulse turbulent, illness showing (6) LENTIL [T]
21 Flight money might be taken away by organisation that’s not legal (6) FELONY {FLight+mONEY}*
22 Damp and rusted piece of kiln (4) DANK {AND*}{Kiln}
25 Drops of concentrate of citric acid for plant (4) COCA   Acrostic


Sunday 20 November 2016

Special, Sunday 20 Nov 2016, Balderdash

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide your answers in one comment.


I am not referring to the present POTUS or the POTUS-elect. No, I am also not referring to the colour of your money, though that may be of topical interest. Nor am I referring to Michael Jackson’s song. I am not even referring to those squares you stare at in a crossword grid. In a world war of sorts that is raging now, one sometimes gets Black and sometimes White. Sometimes Black wins, sometimes White and sometimes neither. After a dozen battles, there is a possibility that it might move into rapid mode and  blitz or end in Armageddon.We have heard that they have even used Trumpowsky! What will be the final result? Well, we should know by the end of the month, though the winner has been, at different points, Black or White. Wouldn’t you want to know the answer in black and white? Let's see what the squares say ... 

8   Arab lads saunter to place serving greens (5,3)
9   Greek style found in medallion icons (5)
10 Lug student to nobleman (4)
11 Animal's horn's broken around midpoint (5)
12 Egg's round and has some violet and unusual mould for starters (4)
13 Shake dry in 10 shakes (6)
15 New hairstyle without using a drop of lotion results in frenzied excitement (8)
16 Excited Mongolians in absence of Ali designed parts of time-keeping devices (7)
18 Smuggle broken goblet with ring (7)
21 After garden trip commenced, had a bite with teeth (8)
23 Send away old bird (6)
25 Macy's restructured organisation for youth (1,1,1,1)
26 River animal loses tail at the end of struggle (5)
27 Gentlemen, at first, usually hold list for ordering at a restaurant (4)
29 Animal commonly seen in Kenya lately (5)
30 Tom's at Head Office with some French terminals (8)

1   Wine found rejected during a vacation (4)
2   Lothar dances and gets old tart (6)
3   Aden beer poured out for terrier, perhaps (8)
4   Maidens wait for this man? Correct! (2,5)
5   Stop going back around four swings (6)
6   Blameless Sara left non-sectarian organisation (8)
7   Prepared ten curries for inspector (10)
14 Indian moron has no right to travel in these times (4,6)
17 Mad Alan's bad drawings (8)
19 Injured humans left damaged apartment house showing dramatic performance (8)
20 Enchant female dog around beginning of Easter week (7)
22 Windbag's top class cars crashed (6)
24 Drum to manufacture initially, and repeat (3-3)
28 North Eastern England port's primary vegetable (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at BALDERDASH 8


Update 1st Dec.2016: At the World Chess Championship concluded yesterday, Magnus Carlsen retained the title of the World Chess Champion, as highlighted below in the solution grid of this puzzle:

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 20 Nov 2016

1   Measure of power in new attraction (4) WATT [T]
3   Oppressor in nation seizing moment with revolutionary nonsense (10) PERSECUTOR {PER{SEC}U}{ROT<=}
9   Called newspaper entertaining name (4) RANG {RA{N}G}
10 Doctor honours aim to be sympathetic (10) HARMONIOUS*
12 Alien in list lacking right symbol of allegiance (7) ROSETTE {ROS{ET}TEr}
13 Model from quiet region of Spain (7) PARAGON {P}{ARAGON}
14 Suggestion about thousand joining disorderly advance (12) BREAKTHROUGH {BREA{K}TH}{ROUGH}
18 Singer anxious to return once (12) COUNTERTENOR*
21 Judge starts to assess rude piece with hesitation (7) ARBITER {As..s}{Rude}{BIT}{ER}
22 Heron, distracted, following second waterbird (7) MOORHEN {MO}{HERON*}
23 Fine merit seen by fool in railway company (10) FRATERNITY {F}{RATE}{R{NIT}Y}
24 Rule out nothing after check (4) VETO {VET}{O}
25 Extended version of legend around at that time (10) LENGTHENED {LEGEND}* around {THEN}
26 Correct reflection of trend (4) EDIT <=

1   Struggle shifting bed or cupboard (8) WARDROBE {WAR}{OR+BED}*
2   Catch good fan getting upset about small element (8) TUNGSTEN {NET}{G}{NUT}<= around {S}
4   Escape notice during day before festival (5) EVADE {EV{AD}E}
5   Signal from coast about English plan (9) SEMAPHORE {SHORE} about {E}{MAP}
6   Dance around king, for example, moving into assembly (12) CONGREGATION {CONG{R}{EG}A}{INTO*}
7   Run into difficult channel (6) TROUGH {T{R}OUGH}
8   Wickedness in outfit in revolt (6) RISING {RI{SIN}G}
11 Keen sort not bothered over temperature in city (5-2-5) STOKE-ON-TRENT {KEEN+SORT+NOT}* over {T}
15 Deer hurry round new barrier (9) HINDRANCE {HIND}{RA{N}CE}
16 Plan to arrest man finally (2,3,3) IN THE END {HE} in {INTEND}
17 New intro in place for hard copy (8) PRINTOUT {P{INTRO*}UT}
19 Just left rubbish (6) LAWFUL {L}{AWFUL}
20 Get queasy in boat (6) OBTAIN*
22 Satisfied about poetic rhythm (5) METRE {MET}{RE}


Saturday 19 November 2016

No 11856, Saturday 19 Nov 2016, Afterdark


1 Extremely small sign written over incomplete/new equipment (9,4) MICROWAVE OVEN {MICRO}{WAVE} {OVEr}{N}

10 Housekeeper perhaps, introduces lady to background network (9) CASTELLAN {CASTE}{L}{LAN}
11 Postpone, buy time for female to warn (5) DETER {DE(-f+T)ER}
12 Say, paper starts late edition (5) ISSUE {tISSUE}
13 Alert assistant standing behind old baron (9) OBSERVANT {O}{B}{SERVANT}
14 Wrong strategy for Singapore to walk out of convention (6) TREATY {sTRATEgY}*
16 English side last out for flight (4) EXIT {E}{XI}{ouT}
19 For example, Iowa is a continent (4) ASIA {AS}{IA}
20 Key to secure gold on time is to get a partner (6) ESCORT {ESC}{OR}{T}
25 Cultivate apple, gain a gift (9) LAGNIAPPE {APPLE GAIN}*
26 Exceptional courage to take out officer in fight (5) ARGUE {coURAGE}*
27 Award 51 marks perhaps (5) OBELI {OBE}{LI}
28 Expert con man had date postponed (9) PROROGUED {PRO}{ROGUE}{D}
29 Machine at home kept on round table (13) ADDRESSOGRAPH {ADDRESS}{O}{GRAPH}


2 Urged dissident to yield after abdicating crown (8) INSISTED {dISSIDENT}*
3 Adjusted break-even, Bank sacked official (5) REEVE {BREAK+EVEN-BANK}*
4 Enjoy wife's grant (6) WALLOW {W}{ALLOW}
5 Polished off rupees, disappeared (8) VANISHED {VArNISHED}
6 Servants get direction to fabricate silk first (9) ORDERLIES {ORDER}{LIE}{Silk}
7 Seduce nurse at back-office (6) ENTRAP {EN}{PART<=}
8 Screenplay tips republished to include credit (6) SCRIPT {TIPS}* around {CR}
9 Talk's elaborate without note (5) ORATE {ELABORATE - E,LA,B}? {ORnATE} See comments
15 Witness at trial provided firearm often (9) TESTIFIER {TEST}{IF}{fIrEaRm}
17 Track on channel; first serenade is of musical instruments (8) BAGPIPES {BAG}{PIPE}{Serenade} PANPIPES {PAN}{PIPE}{Serenade}  See comments

18 Want leave for a game (4,4) LONG JUMP {LONG}{JUMP}
21 In trial, to get conclusion (6) TRENDY {TR{END}Y}
22 Budget Britain dispensed in election (5) ALLOT {bALLOT}
23 Admitted old king to enter (6) AGREED {AG{RE}ED}
24 Fix boxes, broken oven anew (2,4) DE NOVO {DO} around {OVEN*}
26 A doctor, nurses ( 2nd and 3rd ) have an affair (5) AMOUR {A}{MO}{nURse}

Friday 18 November 2016

No 11855, Friday 18 Nov 2016, Afterdark

9   A black girl gathering scrap, to gain central area's contract (7) ABRIDGE {A}{B}{{RID}{G}{arEas}
10 Fitting an arrow is no ordinary chore primarily, Lord! (7) NOCKING {NO}{Chore}{KING} What's the role of ordinary? Or is it N from No and O for Ordinary? (Addendum - {No}{Or...y}{Ch..e}{KING} - See comments)
11 Fools crossing over pits (7) ABYSSES {A{BY}SSES}
12 LG takes a rupee, remodels set that's biggest (7) LARGEST {L{A}{R}G}{SET*}
13 Facial feature bruised badly, nose bleeds intermittently (9) SIDEBURNS {BRUISED*}{NoSe}
15 Plant, small measure including eggs' primarily invigorating (5) MOOLI {M{OO}L}{In...g} Should this have had an Indian identifier See comments
16 Cheated leader to go, last character to supervise fall (7) DWINDLE (-s+d)DWINDLE Last character and D? (Addendum - (s)(+d)DWINDLE(-d) - See comments)
19 Us, characters without brain, nasty essentially to be the head (7) SETTERS {naSty}{lETTERS}
20 Contract upgraded concealing malfunction (3,2) ACT UP [T]
21 Finding daughter is absent, son takes over to appeal (9) SEDUCTION (-d+s)SEDUCTION
25 Mostly allergy is terrible (7) LARGELY*
26 Extensive PR issued; is deceitful (7) EVASIVE prEVASIVE (Correction - pErVASIVE - See comments)
28 Article returned; has wrong ideas on spirits (7) NAIADES {AN<=}{IDEAS*}
29 Gamble with money in part of church (7) CHANCEL {CHANCE}{L}

1   Parties demand to include graduate in place of beginner on Sunday (6) CABALS {CA(-l+ba)BAL}{S}
2   Filmed perhaps, adult film without cut at last around end of January (1-5) X-RAYED {X-RAtED} around {j...rY}
3   Customs without origin lead to poems (4) ODES mODES
4   Landlord to an extent collects nothing but rent primarily (6) LESSOR {LESS}{O}{Rent}
5   In the existing circumstances, to tour New York including Los Angeles in return is a test (8) ANALYSIS {N{LA<=}Y} in {AS IS}
6   Without colour, it's pain almost, sentimental without a point (10) ACHROMATIC {ACHe}{ROMAnTIC}
7   Trying to design more sites to eliminate spam primarily (8) TIRESOME {MORE+SITEs}*
8   Priest somehow gets leave for self-serving thoughts (3,5) EGO TRIPS {GO} in {PRIEST}*
14 Live at empty docks, lying over used drapes and sheets (10) BEDSPREADS {BE}{DockS}{DRAPES*}
16 Speaking slowly on arthouses' essential value (8) DRAWLING {vaLue} in {DRAWING}
17 Blend in, otherwise exit without drama avoiding odd characters (8) INTERMIX {IN}{TE{dRaMa}IX*}
18 Writer to test first (8) ESSAYIST {ESSAY}{1ST}
22 Say, actress Judi while crossing road gets wet (6) DRENCH {D{R}ENCH}
23 It is stupidity for princess to wear nothing as it is cold outside (6) IDIOCY {I{DI}{O}CY}
24 Gratineed legumes retaining thorn (6) NEEDLE [T]
27 First man should chop off woman's head (4) ADAM mADAM

Thursday 17 November 2016

No 11854, Thursday 17 Nov 2016, xChequer

7   Chest pain showing new blocks treated again (6) ANGINA {N} in {AGAIN}*
8   Romeo in hiding, dressing down (8) BERATING {BE{R}ATING}
9   Porky animal shot, quietly stay out of sight (3,5) LIE DOGGO {LIE}{D OG}{GO}
10 What about education being relaxed? (6) THAWED {WHAT}*{ED}
11 Finding that mufti gives no protection if at war (5) FATWA [T] (Addendum - iF AT WAr - See comments)
12 Ruined rotund virgin (6) UNTROD*
14 Keep close to ship leaving tourist haven, suspect there's hostility in the air (3,6,3,3) THE KNIVES ARE OUT {KEEp+TOURIST+HAVEN}*
17 System for PA: Wind up on time (6) T?N?O? (Addendum - TANNOY {T}{ANNOY} - See comments)
18 Discretionary bail allowing one to get out (5) ALIBI {1} in {BAIL}* &lit
22 Sound fellow in short (6) FATHOM {F}{AT HOMe}
23 Amounted to feature of a Swiss account perhaps (8) NUMBERED [DD]
24 Hangovers of drunken man given to tears (8) REMNANTS {MAN}* in {TEARS}*
25 Preamble giving brief sanction, first expressed in Constitution of India (4-2) LEAD-IN LEAD -{IN} Anno pending (Addendum - {LEt}{iNDIA}* - See comments)

1   Other than pity, a feeling of aversion (9) ANTIPATHY*
2   Bereaved spouse taking note of opportune moment (6) WINDOW {WI{N}DOW}
3   Freight vehicle's turn (5) CARGO {CAR}{GO}
4   Misleading, erratic international standards (8) CRITERIA {ERRATIC+I}*
5   Mounting bolts with lead nuts shearing off a span (8) STRADDLE {DARTS<=}{LEaD}*
6   Beginning assault (5) ONSET [DD]
8   Round robin ties won without pressure, getting notional credits (7,6) BROWNIE POINTS {ROBIN+TIES+WON}* around {P}
13 Like crow? Very sorry if you eat it (6,3) HUMBLE PIE [CD]
15 Where the ranges invariably are cold, must wear gear with layers (8) KITCHENS {KIT}{C}{HENS}
16 Ordinary rum in my gin bottles? Terrible shame (8) IGNOMINY {O} in {IN+MY+GIN}*
19 Latitude by minute reflected in position (6) LEEWAY {L{WEE<=}AY}
20 Skip and, in essence, prance about (5) CAPER PRAnCE* &lit
21 Cram plenty? So they do (5) AMPLE [T] &lit ?