Saturday 30 November 2013

No 10944, Saturday 30 Nov 2013, Arden

1   Film a retreating beast (6) ANIMAL<=
4   Male, six footer, follows direction — but is getting nowhere (8) STAGNANT {STAG}{N}{ANT} Reminded me of Kishore's recent encounter
10 I hate okra — so swapped first course for a different vegetable (9) ARTICHOKE {I+HATE+OKR(-a+c)C}*
11 Shock as a friend retains poise (5) APPAL {A}{P}{PAL}
12 He is on the move by plane and rail…. (7) MIGRANT {MIG}{RANT}
13 …It forms the plane wing’s tail-end in aero design (7) AILERON {AI{taiL}ERON*} &lit
14 This season there’s no new branch (5) SPRIG SPRInG
15 Long time before fur could be removed (8) ERASABLE {ERA}{SABLE}
18 Free repair tools in general (3,5) LET LOOSE {LE{T LOOS*}E}
20 Refuse and dismiss (5) TRASH [DD]
23 You see low growth when workers are reduced (4,3) CREW CUT {CREW} {CUT}
25 Where would you find a ruddy American? (7) FLORIDA {FLORID}{A} &lit
26 Plunder on the way (5) REAVE {RE}{AVE}
27 Secure and mature Americans could be found here (9) ANCHORAGE {ANCHOR}{AGE}
28 Two insects get a head start, it’s huge (8) BEHEMOTH {BE{H}E}{MOTH}
29 Regret? No point with the present mess (6) REPENT PREsENT*

1   He spreads fear placing a weapon in a tilted position (8) ALARMIST {A}{L{ARM}IST}
2   Number it with green revolution (7) INTEGER {IT+GREEN}*
3   May be Michael wants a substitute between sides (9) ARCHANGEL {A}{R}{CHANGE}{L}
5   Meet a fat French comic explaining a physical phenomenon (3,5,6) THE RAMAN EFFECT*
6   A much sought after cup (5) GRAIL [GK]
7   Looks like losing bid for long dress (7) APPAREL APPARE(-nt+l)L Arden's love for bridge is evident
8   Ability to hold an explosive drink inside (6) TALENT {T{ALE}NT}
9   Mainly performs to that composition (3,3,4,4) FOR THE MOST PART*
16 A sports stadium or a modest building (9) ASTRODOME*
17 The bureau gets copy at the least price (8) CHEAPEST {CHE{APE}ST}
19 Secure and keep under watch as it may flutter (7) EYELASH {EYE}{LASH}

21 Inspire a friend to get in from the south (7) ANIMATE {A}{NI<=}{MATE}
22 Swedish auto maker has vehicle, not a beetle, perhaps (6) SCARAB {S(-a+car)CARAB}
24 Best to include English in study (5) CREAM {CR{E}AM}

Friday 29 November 2013

No 10943, Friday 29 Nov 2013, Neyartha

At the dining table with Neyartha today.
1   Leader of Indian students with a remedy for cruelty (3-9) ILL-TREATMENT {I}{LL}-{TREATMENT}
8   Notice about the kick-off: It’s for the Indian robbers (7) DAKOITS {DA<=}{KO}{ITS}
9   Letters from a babu sermonising to the drug addict (6) ABUSER [T]
11 Tin missing in abnormal compensation for a representation of our satellite’s surface (9) MOONSCAPE COMPENSAtiOn*
12 Dutch painter’s silly talk on the radio (5) BOSCH (~bosh)
14 Braiding example needs participation of new clone at home (9) ENTWINING {E{N}{TWIN}{IN}G}
16 Swallow found on a flipped seal (4) GULP<=
18 Cutlery division (4) FORK [DD]
19 Land surveyor’s keynote includes Oriental lyrics (9) GEODESIST {G{E}{ODES}IST}
21 Wooden item reserved for the person coming in last? (5) SPOON [CD]
22 Curl I push about with a kind of acid (9) SULPHURIC*
23 Biased king takes out daughter to get what is needed for a kebab, say (6) SKEWER SKEWE(-d+r)R
25 Look back at wrapping delivered from the east for clothes (7) ENROBES {E{NROB}ES}<=
26 Rapidly decline and get destroyed (2,4,3,3) GO DOWN THE PAN [DD]

2   Look! Rani ate in disguise on the North American water body (4,7) LAKE ONTARIO*
3   Hurry up after call at toss for a dangerous dive (8) TAILSPIN {TAILS}{PIN<=}
4   Trapping provided by the English showing anger at the student’s dismissal (9) ENSNARING {E}{SNARlING}
5   Feudal lord in an Indian city (5) THANE [DD]
6   Former partner applies resistance at the wrong place in the regions outside cities (6) EXURBS {EX}{(-r)U(+r)RBS}
7   Audibly drag the front of the hoof (3) TOE (~tow)
8   Morning person tucks into food with a coral reef resident (10) DAMSELFISH {D{AM}{SELF}ISH} Thanks to Google
10 Cuts up envelop for label without hesitation with a cutlery item (10) CHOPSTICKS {CHOP{STICKer}S}
13 US aid circulated by Lawrence’s domain, an Asian monarchy (5,6) SAUDI ARABIA {US+AID}* {ARABIA}
15 Obtained dress for the bungling oldies who are most respectable (9) GOODLIEST {GO{OLDIES*}T}
17 Drunk gatecrasher sat out to replenish battery capacity (8) RECHARGE GatECRAsHER*
20 Not astonished by what was not telecast — a wicket for the Irish (6) UNAWED {UNA(-ir+w)WED}
22 The last one might break the camel’s back (5) STRAW [GK]
24 Barrel found amongst the smoke grenades (3) KEG [T]

Thursday 28 November 2013

No 10942, Thursday 28 Nov 2013, Neyartha

Neyartha in a medical mood today.
1 Fool in retreat packing diseased crane’s organ (8) PANCREAS {PA{CRANE*}S<=}
5 Start off taunt with a strong liquor (6) ARRACK bARRACK
9 Some return to protect boat damaged by the vigorously active (9) ACROBATIC {ACR{BOAT*}IC<=}
11 Escape with the first character’s ball which is shaped like an egg (5) OVOID {O}{VOID} (Addendum - (-a+o)OVOID - See comments)
12 Butterflies here may be a sign of nervousness (7) STOMACH [CD]
14 Strict about Union Station terminal’s emergency repair estimate initially (7) AUSTERE {A}{U}{S}{T}{E}{R}{E}
15 Characteristic of a soy candy Iris prepared (12) IDIOSYNCRASY*
17 Cleaner’s gift concealed in accommodation with kitchen facilities (4-8) SELF-CATERING*
20 Turkey abolished the different form of a title of respect (7) EFFENDI DIFFErENt*
22 Console revolutionary noble from the east (5,2) CHEER UP {CHE}{ER UP<=}
23 Nature of a stag, it’s said (5) HEART (~hart)
24 Life of a dangerous insect inside the English river (9) EXISTENCE {EX{INSECT*}E}
26 Criminal discarded winter underclothes to discover a heat unit (6) THERMA ? Anno pending (Addendum - THERMS THERMalS - See comments)
27 Support getting successfully anaesthetized in hurry to get back (8) UNDERPIN {UNDER}{PIN<=}

1   Chopra is eager to contribute to the applause (6) PRAISE [T]
2   Sedate lift manufacturer surrounded by shellfish undergoing internal turmoil (9) NARCOTISE {NA(-c)R(+c)C{OTIS}E}
3   Polish massage (3) RUB [DD]
4   Tie man in confusion as his volunteers move in with medication (13) ANTIHISTAMINE {ANTI{HIS}{TA}MINE*}
6   Hotel amenity makes the sir come over awkwardly (4,7) ROOM SERVICE*

7   Battery part described in a Horatian ode (5) ANODE [T]
8   Organ given by family doctor originally moving north with the Oriental and the Yankee (6) KIDNEY KIDN{E}{Y} {KI{D}N}{E}{Y}
10 Restraint on ousted Democrat editing what keeps a nuclear reactor functioning (5,8) CHAIN REACTION {CHAIN} {REdACTION}
13 Main fund I misused to shield IT permanently (2,9) AD INFINITUM {AD INFIN{IT}UM*}
16 Pea variety found with a sweetener on the upset vessels (5,4) SUGAR SNAP {SUGAR} {SNAP<=}
18 Does a blacksmith find iron like this easy to work with? (3,3) RED HOT [CD]
19 Anger at sparkle from gas forced out by Poland (6) SPLEEN S(-h+p)PLEEN (Correction - S(-h+pl)PLEEN - See comments)
21 Dazzle with vocal talent (5) FLARE (~flair)
25 Couple’s hamper (3) TIE [DD]

Wednesday 27 November 2013

No 10941, Wednesday 27 Nov 2013, Buzzer

1 Like position of strength (5) ASSET - as set

Cartoon by Rishi
4 They repair chinks primarily in faulty machines (9) MECHANICS - c in mehanics (anag of 'machines')
9 Romantic hero, otherwise advertising a smoke (7) CHEROOT - hidden in 'romantiC HERO OTherwise'
10 Upset about postscript that's rounded off last letter (7) CAPSIZE -  ca ps i(z)e
11 Giving one's name to open sumo wrestling around end of May (9) EPONYMOUS -  y in anag of 'open sumo'
12 Right to follow first female tennis player (5) EVERT - eve rt
13 Model car's roaring sound in an entertainment area (2,4) TV ROOM - T vroom
15 State capital is mostly spirited facing misfortune (8) BRISBANE - bris[k] bane
18 Store centre of contemporary designer Muir (8) EMPORIUM - empo + rium (anag of Muir)
19 Law-breaking in favour of a cause (6) FACTOR - act in for
22 One's trapped in burning lift (5) HOIST - is (one's, 1's) in hot
24 Rear of floor covered in intricate pure gray carpet (6,3) PRAYER RUG - r in payerug (anag of 'pure gray')
26 Rowers on team synchronised after starting off badly (7) BOATMEN - b + oatmen (anag of  onteam)
27 Call the thing electronic bug (7) TERMITE - term it E
28 Case of deftly lining rebated plastic toy (5,4) TEDDY BEAR - dy in anag of rebated
29 Less menacing sans rings (5) MINUS - oo deleted from omnious

1 Old container missing or misplaced (7) ANCIENT - anag of 'cntaine' after deleting or from container
2 Deal with broken stereo right away (3,2) SEE TO - anag of 'steeo' after deleting r from stereo
3 Half a piece of timber? (3-2-4) TWO-BY-FOUR - double definition
4 A narcotic overdose in a way (6) METHOD - meth. OD
5 Arrogant fellow getting sucker-punched (8) COCKSURE - co + cksure,  anag of 'sucker'
6 Substantial lead in test is wasted (5) AMPLE - s deleted from sample
7 Gypsy wandering in new attire (9) ITINERANT - anag of in n attire
8 House is covered in Scots heather (7) SHEATHE - hidden in 'Scots heather'

Cartoon by Rishi
14 Tear around leading to censure (9) REPRIMAND - prima in rend
16 Under a hint from skipper, bowling underarm got one beaten (5,4) SNARE DRUM - s + naredrum, (anag. of underarm), 'bowling' being the anag singal
17 Differentiating feature between awareness and doubtfulness (8) SUSPENSE - cryptic definition
18 Going to get hold of an American visa for show ... (7) EXHIBIT -  H1B in exit
20 ... turn back right before departure (7) REGRESS - r egress
21 Railway vehicle running over victim (6) MARTYR - rev of ry tram
23 Time for starter in savoury pot (5) TUMMY - anno to be provided by any reader

Cartoon by Rishi

25 Pronounced fall in monarchy (5) REIGN - sounds like rain (v. fall)

Tuesday 26 November 2013

No 10940, Tuesday 26 Nov 2013, Buzzer

8 Shakespeare's play depicting nervy husband (5,1) HENRY V :: Anag. of nervy h
9 Advocate promotion to project worker (8) ADJUTANT ::   ad jut ant
10 Unkempt afro is covering say pate (4,4) FOIE GRAS :: e.g. in foiras (anag. of afro is)
11 Essentially unruly, yet awfully sorry (6) RUEFUL ::  I had to think a bit to get the anno which is a charade of ru ef ul that are the central parts of the words unRUly, yEt, awFULly
12 Fellow ends in hot water snorting crack (4,3,6,2) FIND THE ANSWER TO ::  anag. of f ends in hot water
14 Silk cloth put around thick cheese (7) TAFFETA :: anno to be provided by any reader 
16 Pawn, likely plastic (7) PLIABLE :: p liable
19 Spontaneity from old hand is seen in speech (15) EXTEMPORISATION ::  ex temp or (is) ation
22 Precious victory associated with a fierce duel (6) VALUED :: v a lued (anag. of duel)
24 Tree is rife with bananas (5,3) WHITE FIR :: anag of rifewith
25 Often there's worry about turning adolescent (8) TEENAGER ::  tee nag er<
26 Suggest wearing regular cozy cotton fabric (6) CHINTZ :: c(hint)z

1 By-product of hard grind from some toiling Chinese tennis player (8)  SEMOLINA ::  semo (anag. of some) Lina
2 Run into a fanatic supporter (6) FRIEND :: r in fiend
3 Obvious, man takes to power too much (4-3-3) OVER-THE-TOP :: overt he top

Cartoon by Rishi

4 Officer of the armed forces we hear (7) MARSHAL ::  sounds like ‘martial’
5 Cracked alphabet jigsaw after resolving all starting letters (4) AJAR :: first letters of the words alphabet to resolving
6 More of the same drunken after-effect, not at all fine (2,6) ET CETERA :: anag of ‘atereect’ after deleting all the f’s from after-effect
7 Making U-turn around hospital is safe (6) UNHURT ::   h in unurt (anag of uturn)
13 Sort of spiel cast by hawker primarily (5,5) SALES PITCH :: salespitc (anag. of spielcast) h

Cartoon by Rishi
15 Repeated worry about heartless ruler (8) FREQUENT :: qu[e]en in fret
17 Can relative turn over probe? (4,4) LOOK INTO :: loo kin to
18 Picture of Noah's boat carrying a pair over river (7) ARTWORK ::  two r in ark
20 Partial tax rate deduction for adult (1-5) X-RATED :: hidden in ‘tax rated deduction’
21 Paper production is cut by one-third initially (6) THESIS :: anno to be provided by any reader
23 Gets home (4) DIGS :: double def - digs in the sense of understands/gets

Monday 25 November 2013

No 10939, Monday 25 Nov 2013, Gridman

Lessons in history (not my favourite subject) from Gridman today.

1   What a heavy-handed policeman wields to control mobs (3,5) BIG STICK [CD]
5   Go get the priest, short native (6) ELICIT {ELI}{CITizen}
10 A boy darts merrily around to fetch some knight wear (7) TABARDS {T{A}{B}ARDS*}
11 Generate fruits and vegetables (7) PRODUCE [DD]
12 One who rocks baby to sleep is more dim - daughter replaced by learner (6) LULLER (-d+l)LULLER
13 Choice begins late in political contest (8) ELECTION sELECTION
15 It is for you and me (4) OURS [E]
16 Clues Sibal framed are reason to fight (5,5) CASUS BELLI* Thanks to google
18 Soft champion hat for speedster (4,6) PACE BOWLER {P}{ACE} {BOWLER}
20 Bottled spirit surrounds Jack with noise (4) DJIN {D{J}IN}
23 Hurried back to commanding officer with nervous movement for drug (8) NARCOTIC {NAR<=}{CO}{TIC}
24 Indian university gets one honour after honour for the Buddhist monk (6) BHIKSU {BH{1}{K}{S}U} No idea what honours K and S are? Are they from Chess? Surprisingly this word does not appear in Chambers (Addendum - BHIKKU {BHI{K}{K}U} - See comments)
26 Imagine, it may be still! (7) PICTURE [DD]
27 Almost glorify South Indian game with discs (7) REVERSI {REVERe}{SI}
28 Ball bearer, at sea, was rife (6) TEEMED {TEE}{MED}
29 Ability that helps you put two and two together (8) NUMERARY [CD] (Correction - NUMERACY - See comments)

1   In which Babur and Ibrahim Lodi clashed (6,2,7) BATTLE OF PANIPAT [GK]
2   Chatterbox is a risk taker, not primarily modest but primarily big (7) GABBLER GA(-m+b)BBLER
3   Jack to obtain something to aim at (6) TARGET {TAR}{GET}
4   Church bends in duty (4) CESS {CE}{S}{S}
6   Newly arrived, they will grow up to be in pride (4,4) LION CUBS [CD]
7   Important credit to university amateur put up (7) CRUCIAL {CR}{U}{CIAL<=}
8   What the sepoys’ revolt of 1857 snowballed into (3,6,6) THE INDIAN MUTINY [GK]
9   A principal partner’s breaks, around fifty, get claps (9) APPLAUSES {A}{P}{P{L}AUSES}
14 Hush author - the one producing funny pages (3-6) GAG-WRITER {GAG}-{WRITER}
17 Downright sailor thus gets the instrument (8) ABSOLUTE {AB}{SO}{LUTE}
19 Conservative soothsayer in boat (7) CORACLE {C}{ORACLE}
21 Joint account by HUF head is capital (7) JAKARTA {J}{A}{KARTA}
22 Cheese from goat’s milk spreads cheer around. See? (6) CHEVRE {CHE{V}RE*}
25 Essentially pure module’s central language (4) URDU {pURe}{moDUle}

Sunday 24 November 2013

Special, THC No 7705 Saturday 21 Jun 2003

1 Three answers per commenter (with annotations) upto 6 PM.
2 Guess from the clues who the setter is.

1   Grow to dislike one’s boss to the point of total unreason (2,3,4,4)
8   On the road, yet case is badly organised (4-3)
9   Last month mail was about a tenth part (7)
11 Heard you ran to America for a Greek God (6)
13 Change harbour on authorisation to put to sea (8)
15 Render it on mild rebuke for an orchestra passage (5)
16 Lied to me about a non-alcoholic citrus drink availability (7)
18 Enormous weight of explosive power (7)
19 Nora backs son captured for his felony (5)
21 Insular type confesses to calumny (8)
23 Colour I associate with wrongdoing (6)
25 Country school accommodated south, has best returns (7)
26 Duck restrict the view (7)
28 A slip one is too unconcerned over (8,5)

2   Survive all but the final ball (7)
3   Possible response of enemy to guard’s challenge option? (3)
4   A sign to love people (4)
5   Badly need men in craft for a honeyed term (10)
6   Henry acknowledges he kicks the shins of opponent in games (5)
7   Opening for an upper member (7)
8   Rural setting for a World Cup team (11)
10 How to effect a cliff rescue, yet not live up to one’s promise (3,1,3,4)
12 Exercising employability (5)
14 Nevertheless they are identical (3,3,4)
17 Repeat to obtain an advantage (5)
18 Best to limit reorganisation of civilian soldiers (7)
20 State of mind influenced by alcohol? (7)
22 The moment was once on time (5)
24 A stud for the chief (4)
27 She can be a lawyer (3)

To attempt the CW on a separate page follow the link THC7705.


No 2766, Sunday 24 Nov 2013

1   Artist needing help, a struggling Italian painter (7) RAPHAEL {RA}{A+HELP*}
5   Bishop, American, to hand over travel permit (3,4) BUS PASS {B}{US} {PASS}
9   Select few's brief pitch (5,4) SHORT LIST {SHORT} {LIST}
10 Some swell English girl (5) ELLEN [T]
11 Authority coming from state, in this manner (3-2) SAY-SO {SAY}-{SO}
12 Philosopher extremely disagreeable actress upset (9) DESCARTES {DisagreeablE}{ACTRESS*}
13 Summoned up the courage, left the board, and got married? (4,3,6) TOOK THE PLUNGE [DD]
16 Emperor greets English girl going round Ethiopia's capital (5,8) HAILE SELASSIE {HAIL {E}S}{E}{LASSIE}
18 Agree ills may come from such aversions (9) ALLERGIES*
20 In trepidation, I treated saltpetre (5) NITRE [T]
22 A few restraining Greek in a temper (5) ANGRY {AN{GR}Y}
23 Left a group on edge? Not half! (9) ABANDONED {A}{BAND}{ON}{EDge}
24 Gossips idly with stories about teetotaller (7) TATTLES {TA{TT}LES}
25 Have a meal before start of revue in the auditorium (7) THEATRE {TH{EAT}{R}E}

1   Defy drunken sister (6) RESIST*
2   Agent for two unknowns (5) PROXY {PRO}{X}{Y}
3   Who may have identified early moon, or star twinkling? (10,5) ASTRONOMER ROYAL* &lit
4   He's landed in Scotland, having put down with king aboard (5) LAIRD {LAI{R}D}
5   Wife of Uriah Heep, initially taken in by very eccentric male graduate (9) BATHSHEBA {BAT{H}S}{HE}{BA}
6   Advice to tourists on the west coast of Italy that may be misconstrued? (3,6,3,3) SEE NAPLES AND DIE [CD]
7   Simultaneously, and without warning (3,2,4) ALL AT ONCE [CD]
8   Evil crime I back no end (8) SINISTER {SIN}{I}{STERn}
13 A problem getting into sealed rear lamp (4-5) TAIL-LIGHT {T{A}{IL-L}IGHT}
14 Article on opponent's play (3,6) THE RIVALS {THE} {RIVALS}
15 Yokel eating hot game bird (8) PHEASANT {P{H}EASANT}
17 Parish officer to stay, given new deal (6) BEADLE {BE}{DEAL*}
19 Small trading centre, well-kept (5) SMART {S}{MART}
21 Opinion expressed by third of guests entering marquee (5) TENET {TEN{guEsts}T}

Saturday 23 November 2013

No 10938, Saturday 23 Nov 2013, Gridman

1   Coffee brought by the in-charge aboard wagon (7) ARABICA {ARAB{IC}A}
5   Engineer boy’s ultimate craze to whistle again (6) REPIPE {RE}{PIP}{E}
9   Large, almost wealthy, character in Hamlet (5) OSRIC {OS}{RICh}
10 Spies going over First Street find top part of spot dry (9) MOISTLESS Anno pending (Addendum - {MO{1}{ST}LES}{S} - See comments)
11 Magical child bearing weapons (7) CHARMED {CH}{ARMED}
12 Good-line drink matures (5,2) GROWS UP {G}{ROW}{S UP}
13 Chinese principle recalled in high school affirmations (5) OATHS {OAT<=}{HS}
14 Phasa also let loose the dog (5,4) LHASA APSO*
16 Dressed crazy (6,3) TURNED OUT [DD]
19 Drift in two articles (one French) about doctor (5) AMBLE {A}{MB}{LE}
21 Graduate caught in messy arrangement in diplomatic office (7) EMBASSY {EM{BA}SSY*}
23 Vehicle to almost support reversed vehicle (7) AUTOCAB ? Anno pending (Addendum - {AUTO}{kCAB<=} - See comments)
24 Such a person presents no beautiful aspect (4-5) UGLY-FACED [CD]
25 Swiss mathematician’s crazy rule encompassing constant (5) EULER {EUL{E}R*}
26 Private Secretary’s contributions in devotional songs (6) PSALMS {PS}{ALMS}
27 Sensing agitatedly they might be flapping in the wind (7) ENSIGNS*

1   The result when a heavenly body’s ray hits you (1,5,2,3,3) A TOUCH OF THE SUN [CD]
2   Up-to-date, right direction given to sailor (7) ABREAST {AB}{R}{EAST}
3   Without which there can’t be any outgoes (7) INCOMES [CD]
4   A jolly ballyhoo about ailing mammal (9) ARMADILLO ARMAD{ILL}O Anno pending (Addendum - {A}{RM}{AD{ILL}O} - See comments)
5   Grieving Russian in government (5) RUING {RU}{IN}{G}
6   Hard part of a bone a poster set out (7) PETROSA*
7   Gymnastic exercise before second superior (5-2) PRESS-UP {PRE}{S}{S-UP}
8   A superb scooter dangled as bribe (1,3,2,8) A SOP TO CERBERUS*
15 With one leg on either side of a jockey’s seat, holding tips of tight reins (9) ASTRADDLE {A}{S{T}{R}ADDLE}
17 Artist, old star, meets the French crowds (7) RABBLES {RA}{BB}{LES}
18 “I have been half in love with __ Death” (Keats) (7) EASEFUL [GK]
19 Suitability of a training head (7) APTNESS {A}{PT}{NESS}
20 Things piled up in “in” rather than “out” (7) BACKLOG [CD]
22 A cook in the bounds of your recess talks endlessly (5) YACKS {Yo{A}{CK}uR} (Correction - {Your}{A}{CK}{recesS} - See comments)

Friday 22 November 2013

No.10937, Friday 22 Nov 2013, Gridman

Gridman has given me quite a few words to link today !

1 Perform in the same rhythm – preserve U.S. magazine (4,4) KEEP TIME
5 Let go saint moving inner and made an analysis (6) PARSED (SPARED with S moved inside)
          Exactly what you did with this clue
9 Old account in a terrible soup? Hard to understand (7) OPACOUS (O+ AC in SOUP*)
10 Ape south Indian fellow in backward state (7) SIAMANG (SI + MAN in GeorgiA<)
11 Colour as doctor’s slow to begin with and inexperienced (4,5) MOSS GREEN (MO'S S GREEN)
12 Beautiful woman comes on hearing ring (5) BELLE (~BELL)
          I have had the pleasure of hob-nobbing with one in the last few days and even drawing her! 
          No sign of 25 too, I even managed to cadge a photograph ... Kaheen ek maasoom naazuk si laDki, bahut khoobsoorat ... 
          Can't sully a lady's name, of course. Not preux chevalier. See cartoon for further details
13 Unthinking, EC leaves search out (4) RASH (SEARCH - EC)*
          Gridman may get a notice from EC. Anyhow, an explanation/denial seems to square up things.
14 Newspapers not doing well. Apply force (5,4) PRESS DOWN
17 Chauffeur Peter’s tip to reach the destination (5,4) DRIVE SAFE (Peter=safe)
19 Imitate character in old gambling game (4) ECHO (CH in E.O.)
23 Homo sapiens’s admission is capital (5) AMMAN (AM MAN)
24 Arctic end of the earth (5,4) NORTH POLE CD
25 Lax since going into one’s reserve (7) ICINESS (SINCE* going into 1'S)
26 Scales of one country in another (7) INDUSIA (US in INDIA)
27 Suspend dead tribal (6) DANGLE (D ANGLE)
           Long back when we moved to Goa a few decades back, we came across this surname Angle and pronounced 
          it in the distinctive geometric way! It turned out that it was supposed to be pronounced Anglay
28 What a knife must have to its clear advantage (4-4) KEEN EDGE CD

1 King at present touring Rome to get to learn better (4,4) KNOW MORE (K NOW ROME*)
2 Passes English with shortcomings (7) ELAPSES (E LAPSES)
3 Hard getting around royal depression (6) TROUGH (TOUGH around R)
          There, Richard, Helen has arrived, at least here! Over to Suresh for 'ankhon dekha haal' ...
4 Wrongly tells about premier’s nests (13) MISREPRESENTS (PREMIERS NESTS)*
          Richard, beware: you had got that call after Thomas!

6 A barrier on the resting place to peruse final book (4,4) ADAM BEDE (A DAM BED E)
7 Bear hardship with bird (7) SWALLOW 2
          One swallow doesn't make a summer, but several swallows make your stomach full         
8 Sword with irregular edges exchanged (6) DAGGER (RAGGED with edges, ie.R and D swapped)
10 Fires AP’s goons having botched up anthems (5,2,6) SONGS OF PRAISE (FIRES AP'S GOONS)
          Will all the goons present in the present AP be shared between the divided states?
15 On which life is full of composure (4,4) EVEN KEEL CD
16 Play in which there’s romance – or nothing! (4,4) LOVE GAME CD/DD
18 Artist and politician bring leader back to plant (7) RAMPION (RA MP NO.!<)
20 How fingers are kept, hopefully (7) CROSSED CD
21 A drive that goes haywire is altered (6) VARIED (A DRIVE)*
22 Film article held by university fellow (3,3) THE DON
          Hindi movie!  Now, did Gridman have something else in mind?

Thursday 21 November 2013

No 10936, Thursday 21 Nov 2013, Gridman

1   Made a come-back and was elected (8) RETURNED [DD]
6   Head of police cut off sound (4) PLOP {P}{LOP}
9   A day opening is coming (6) ADVENT {A}{D}{VENT}
10 Daring girl left worker (7) GALLANT {GAL}{L}{ANT}
13 I am a droll, crazy animal (9) ARMADILLO*
14 Spirits in general (one follows another) (5) GENII {GEN}{1}{1}
15 Poor writer to break into the system (4) HACK [DD]
16 One difficult task CN Tower builders had, for example (1,4,5) A TALL ORDER [C&DD]
19 What one might do manually to attract attention (5,1,4) RAISE A HAND [CD]
21 Drat! That means a word has been omitted (4) DASH [DD]
24 Problem child? (5) ISSUE [DD]
25 Would a tired laundryman look like this? (6-3) WASHED-OUT [CD]
26 Woman, woman, woman (4,3) LADY EVE {LADY} {EVE}
27 Blame one politican’s SUV (6) IMPUTE {1}{MP}{UTE}
28 Unattractive feature of fight with troop leader (4) WART {WAR}{T}
29 Mired – up to the patallae (4-4) KNEE-DEEP [C&DD]
2   Finish off Eastern rodents mostly spread over an area (7) ENDEMIC {END}{E}{MICe}
3   Completely changes soft objectives held by university (6) UPENDS {U}{P}{ENDS}
4   Gain stigma from plant disease (3,6) NET BLOTCH {NET} {BLOTCH}
5   Do try to catch girl out of sight (5) DOGGO {DO}{G{G}O}
7   Fifty got to be informed (7) LEARNED {L}{EARNED}
8   Chattier para about the church leader’s residence (12) PATRIARCHATE*
11 Kingdom of Spain taking in good Indian soldiers (6) LEGION {LE{G}{I}ON}
12 Not how men who have adopted children are called (7-2-3) FATHERS-IN-LAW [CD]
17 Big electoral victory is ground-breaking (9) LANDSLIDE [DD]
18 Hold in the highest regard one coming out of trance (6) REVERE REVERiE
20 In pressed drink, we hear, one has an advantage (7) INSIDER {IN}{SIDER}(~cider)
22 Ardent supporter of astop’ordered by the French (7) APOSTLE {A}{STOP*}{LE}
23 Outside one church, broken headpiece is put in a pile (6) HEAPED HEADPiEce*
25 Cause destruction with cracker-burst- backed car’s gone! (5) WRECK {W}{CracKER*}

Wednesday 20 November 2013

No 10935, Wednesday 20 Nov 2013, Gridman

5D seems to have been arrested by someone at The Hindu!
1   Bait GI makes in one of those no small errors (1,3,7) A BIG MISTAKE*
9   Two allowances ready as computer input (4,3) DATA SET {DA}{TA} [SET}
10 Carelessly untidy in Jharkand city, we hear (7) RAUNCHY (~ranchi)
11 Greek enchantress throws learner out of social group (5) CIRCE CIRClE
12 MRP register meets with Public Relations’reservation (4,5) LIST PRICE {LIST} {PR}{ICE} Ice from 'on ice'?
13 One caught by the fellow is a lifter (5) THIEF {TH{1}E}{F}
15 Broken, Melinda’s taking time to strip (9) DISMANTLE {DISMAN{T}LE*}
18 Small, empty talk-back for Western sack (9) SADDLEBAG {S}{ADDLE}{BAG<=}
21 Relative- one in France with measureless split (5) UNCLE {UN}{CLEft}
22 Declaration at once puts setter in hospital department (9) STATEMENT {STAT}{E{ME}NT}
24 Be reluctant to bring back the funny-peculiar journalist (5) DEMUR {DE}{MUR}<=
26 Powerful family sends troublesome Andy to a dirty place (7) DYNASTY {ANDY*}{STY}
27 Jack not part of joining King caught in noisy exchange (7) OINKING {jOIN{K}ING}
28 Be too late at the port of departure? (4,3,4) MISS THE BOAT [CD]

1   Gives up- declines to hold the investigators up (9) ABDICATES {AB{DIC<=}ATES}
2   Old university exam starting late in cold season (5) INTER wINTER
3   Expert attack passes over preposterous worries (9) MASTERFUL {MA{FRETS*}UL}
4   Came to rest, having paid all the dues (7) SETTLED [DD]
6   Supply English joke (5) EQUIP {E}{QUIP}
7   Great circle puts summon up to catch piece of film (8) ECLIPTIC {E{CLIP}TIC<=}
8   Deputy to make half a trench (4) DYKE {DY}{maKE}
14 Bharat’s kin spilt writing fluid (5,3) INDIA INK {INDIA} {KIN*}
16 Sailor at a French party finds plenty (9) ABUNDANCE {AB}{UN}{DANCE}
17 A military command looks just (4,5) EYES RIGHT {EYES}{RIGHT}
19 Last words are extra, extra small (3-4) BYE-BYES {BYE}-{BYE}{S}
20 If you__ _, you require orientation and some directions (3,4) GET LOST [CD]
22 Single old lawyer gets Scotch mate (4) SODA {S}{O}{DA} Not for me I like it on the rocks!
23 Salt track? (5) EPSOM [DD]
25 Leading men all invariably knock off young geisha (5) MAIKO {M}{A}{I}{K}{O}

Tuesday 19 November 2013

No 10934, Tuesday 19 Nov 2013, Gridman

To the zoo with Gridman today.
1   One who gives all the particulars retailed differently (8) DETAILER*
5   More work in ideal location (6) UTOPIA [DD]
9   Anteater long writhing in agony (8) PANGOLIN {PA{LONG*}IN
10 Ruddy title (6) RUBRIC [DD]
12 Money, yen, is little (4) TINY {TIN}{Y}
13 Bird woman precooked smartly (10) WOODPECKER {W}{PRECOOKED*}
15 Boxer in turmoil? (6) WELTER [DD]
17 South Indian wife’s strain (5) SIEVE {SI}{EVE}
20 Appear here and there about mutt (5) RECUR {RE}{CUR}
21 Hastener’s cry for Ekadasi observer (6) FASTER [DD]
24 Extra bit of math to a learner (10) ADDITIONAL {ADDITION}{A}{L}
27 Platform that is accepted by public relations (4) PIER {P{IE}R}
29 Surround Indian madame going round old city (6) IMMURE {I}{MM{UR}E}
30 Rally leaves street to move on to ward (8) PROTEGEE {PROTEst}{GEE}
31 Transport on which one isn’t alive (6) HEARSE [CD]
32 Warn a pretty woman embracing second name (8) ADMONISH {A}{D{MO}{N}ISH}

1   Subordinate’s obligation to include record (6) DEPUTY {D{EP}UTY}
2   One in temporary accommodation is a temporary resident (6) TENANT {TEN{AN}T}
3   Matinee hero to take it easy, we’re told (4) IDOL (~idle)
4   A wireless company drops limits for hedgehog (5) ERIZO vERIZOn
6   Right to have central leader in peace offering (5) TRUCE {TRU{C}E}
7   Favourite admits a dissolute — what a bird! (8) PARAKEET {P{A}{RAKE}ET}
8   Damned, Bill’s hopeless (8) ACCURSED {AC}{CURSED}
11 Loves so dear a transformation (6) ADORES*
14 Close to being stingy (4) NEAR [DD]
16 Felt differently about a kind of coat (6) TEFLON {FELT*}{ON}
17 Slip off into the storage building? (4) SHED [DD]
18 Widespread fear over Sikh movement is unusual (8) FREAKISH {FEAR*}{SIKH*}
19 Universities directed a chartered accountant to move up (8) ACADEMIA {AC}{A}{DEMIA}<=
22 Antelope ailing badly (6) NILGAI*
23 Disharmony, we hear, in a kind of birth (6) BREECH (~breach)
25 Prostitutes start pushing partner down (5) TARTS (-s)TART(+s)S
26 Bitter publicity about the French shout (5) ACRID {A{CRI}D}
28 The essence of the reversible German? (4) OTTO [DD]

Monday 18 November 2013

No.10933, Monday 18 Nov 2013, Sankalak

Sankalak is as entertaining as ever, but I am under the weather and under influence.  After posting this, I intend to snooze the whole day !

1 Planes in flight publicise drug deals (3,7) AIR TRAFFIC
7 Underground television (4) TUBE 2
9 See through a regulation about volume of information (6) RUMBLE (RULE about MB)
10 Substance with an effect, one corrupted with loss of time (8) CAFFEINE (AN EFFECt 1)*
11 Three notes done with and protected (8) DEFENDED (D E F ENDED)
12 Film story about knight, India’s first (6) TALKIE (TALE about K I)
13 Grow weak, losing head in mental distress (7) ANGUISH (lANGUISH)
16 Gradual destruction? Or is one mistaken (7) EROSION (OR IS ONE)*
17 Adjective that may get transferred in a rhetorical device (7) EPITHET CD
19 Shortage in capital of Panama, a university town (7) PAUCITY (PA U CITY)
22 Little one of a bird that is small, pale (6) CYGNET (Little one of a S WAN)
23 GI leaves grieved nun suffering, demoralised (8) UNNERVED (NUN SUFFERING-GI)*
26 Disagreeable chap with a painful front (4-4) FACE ACHE 
          I have a feeling I have blundered here !
27 The highest State doctor stumped (6) UPMOST (UP MO ST)
28 Tea time talk (4) CHAT (CHA T)
29 Workers affected in penal colony (6,4) LABOUR CAMP
2 Get cover without a hint of shame and get one used to it (5) INURE (INSURE -s)
3 Illustration for a skilled article carried by leaders in Time and Uttarardha (7) TABLEAU (ABLE A in T U)
4 Make a change in people in these days (5) AMEND (MEN in AD)
5 The appearance projected by a democrat in front (6) FACADE (A D in FACE)
6 A feta-rice concoction from the restaurant (9) CAFETERIA (A FETA RICE)*
7 Right back, English psychologist created a framework (7) TRELLIS (RT< ELLIS)
          When I tried to give a link now, I found the person I was thinking of was American, not English. So, I might
          have some error here!
8 Creature beginning to bill and coo in appeal (9) BANDICOOT (B AND COO in IT)
14 Skin irritation that made harpy snap perhaps (5,4) NAPPY RASH (HARPY SNAP)*
15 A doubting Thomas, the gangster was difficult to convince (9) SCEPTICAL (SCEPTIC AL)
18 Brown sahib on a line from the circle (7) TANGENT (TAN GENT)
20 Made of a metal, stylish, containing a storage device (7) CHROMIC (CHIC containing ROM)
21 Excellent meal, wanting in a bit of pungency, beginning to bore (6) SUPERB (SUPpER B)
24 Pacific island sees Uranus endlessly distorted (5) NAURU (URANUs)*
25 The salt of a racecourse! (5) EPSOM 2