Monday 31 March 2014

No.11046, Monday 31 Mar 2014, Klue Klux Klan

KKK has a trio of cities (TURIN, NAGASAKI & OSLO) and a brace of poets (YEATS & LEAR)  in the answers and wordplay, accompanied by a couple of guys with pseudonyms (SAKI & BANNER)  in the puzzle a la Incognito!

1 Liberal Tzar, bizarre innovator (11) TRAILBLAZER (LIBERAL TZAR)*
9 Regular repairman’s revolutionary pain (3,4) EAR ACHE (rEpAiRmAn CHE)
10 Fashionable group like cricket, say (6) INSECT (IN SECT)
11 City’s chance to take in one (5) TURIN (TURN to take in 1)
12 Hideout of untidy eater found within Ranipet borders (7) RETREAT (EATER* in RT)
15 Consumes beheaded poet of yore (4) EATS (yEATS) or (kEATS) having made his advent earlier, See comments
16 Rotate cart made of earthenware (5,5) TERRA COTTA (ROTATE CART)
18 Resemblance of commander with one in jail (10) COMPARISON (COM. A in PRISON)
20 Come back from 26, say, by cable car (4) TRAM (MART<)
23 Jobs makes a mistake, and accepts (7) ERRANDS (ERRS accepts AND)
24 Gabriel, for one, reverses direction at the end, evokes ire (5) ANGER (ANGEL-L+R)
26 American, Zambian, Australian leaders admitted into inn at marketplace (6) BAZAAR (A Z A in BAR)
27 Royal gallery found in clandestine surroundings (7) STATELY (TATE in SLY)
28 Never odd or even, say, these are the same either way (11) PALINDROMES DD (NEVER ODD OR EVEN<>, for eg.) my favourite fish
2 Young trustee about to replace great leader (6) RECENT (REGENT-G+C)
3 Goat is amidst nine (4) IBEX (BE in IX)
4 Newly-wed, cross, pushed first girl to end of chamber (10) BRIDEGROOM (BRID(-G)E(+G) ROOM)
5 Remove naughty brats caught in the act;… (8) ABSTRACT (BRATS* in ACT)
6 ….the outlandish can then charm (7) ENCHANT (CAN THEN)* 
7 Awareness of judge harbouring one… (9) SENTIENCE (SENTENCE harbouring 1)
8 …fungus found in sundry rotis (3,3) DRY ROT (T)
13  Confused bird led ewe astray (10) BEWILDERED (BIRD LED EWE)*
14 These might turn a Banner into a monster (5,4) GAMMA RAYS (GK-  ref to Bruce Banner who becomes The Hulk under influence of a gamma bomb)
17 Torment a writer in Japanese city (8) NAGASAKI (NAG A SAKI)
19 Wine without Indian spices is right (7) MARSALA (MASALA outside R)
21 Feel sorry for last Lear’s bird (6) REGRET (R EGRET)
22 Bill slipped in to confront misrepresentation (6) FACADE (AD in FACE)
25 Leaders of opposition stutteringly leave office in this city (4) OSLO (acrostic)


For a Sunday special in the future, a community CWD is being planned for which CV will contribute a filled-in grid. Clue writing will be by members of this blog.
Volunteers have to send a mail to chaturvasi{at}yahoo{dot}com with THCCCC in the subject line.
As there may be 30 clues, he needs 15/30 volunteers. One member will write one clue each. If there are fewer volunteers, clues will be distributed pro rata and any left-overs he will tackle.
He will assign clues to voluntary clue-writers and do the rest of the work. All are welcome including Venkatesh who, if interested, may write to him. 
Credit will be in general terms with names disclosed but not which clue number. In the email indicate the byline you want if it is not your real name.

See the comments section in yesterday's post for further on this.

Sunday 30 March 2014

Special, Sunday 30 Mar 2014, Afterdark

Three answers per commenter (with annotations) till 6 PM.

1    Son to get scrambled eggs in for a fool (6)
4    Mock good man by hugging an idot (6)
9    Heading of assignment changed by a top dunce (4)
10  Sad rebel regularly feasted on the dairy product (4,6)
11  Hit back after mother's first music class, say! (6)
12  Appeal cut short, South Africa to take innings lead at Greek province (8)
13  Working hard to make a Search Engine include eastern state (9)
15  Compliance plane ignored is ridiculous (5)
16  Cow pregnant with third calf by neutering first? You twit (5)
18  Talents of the awfully stern German this setter ignored (9)
22  Counter setter on the animal (8)
23  Grade the French and cause resentment (6)
25  Smart witch changed shape, swapping wife with a man's timekeeper (5,5)
26  Information from all directions (4)
27  State of being plump, decompose off to state a being undressed (6)
28  Contain bad stye spreading around North Carolina (6)

1    Silver in abundance at the disc, say! (7)
2    Loose hemp taken from tree with hesitation (5)
3    Shoemaker about to leave and follow girl's male bird (7)
5    Contain anger on swapping rupee with cent (6)
6    Oriental ghost men compose a signature tune (5,4)
7    Bewildered missionary may leave the composer (7)
8    Mineral heard arriving at the later part of the day (13)
14  Provided Hebrew with a, e, i , o ,u ? (9)
17  The dead managed the previous house of Popes? (7)
19  Worldly listener next (7)
20  New flaw in bat found by a cretin (7)
21  Newborn identical twin left troubled Iceland with a simpleton (6)
24  Nurse admits setter excluding a moron (5)

The interactive Across Lite version will no longer be embedded in the main post. It is available at the following link AFD Spl


No 2784, Sunday 30 Mar 2014

1   A bishop's booklet, conceptual (8) ABSTRACT {A}{B'S}{TRACT}
5   Endless dexterity required in vehicle drawn by reindeer (6) SLEIGH SLEIGHt
9   Stable studies article during series of races (8) CONSTANT {CONS}{T{AN}T}
10 Green permit displayed on front of caravan (6) CALLOW {C}{ALLOW}
11 Film barrister with experience (5,9) BRIEF ENCOUNTER {BRIEF} {ENCOUNTER}
14 Superior using a couple of books (Old Testament) (5) ABBOT {A}{BB}{OT}
15 Intricate patterns round southern parts of cathedrals (9) TRANSEPTS {TRAN{S}EPTS*}
17 Laid index out for New Orleans jazz (9) DIXIELAND*
19 A pair on part of airfield (5) APRON {A}{PR}{ON}
20 Dracula - wicked vampire, halted crossing lake (4,3,7) VLAD THE IMPALER* {VLA THE IMPA{L}ER*}
23 Key in on purpose (6) LEGEND {LEG}{END}
24 Share a hobby (8) INTEREST [DD]
25 Plantation close to Riverdale, Georgia, perhaps (6) ESTATE {E}{STATE}
26 Nurse got boiled fish (8) STURGEON*

1   Knowing tramp's got miles away (4) ARCH mARCH
2   Competitor getting under small tree for shelter (6,3) SENTRY BOX {S}{ENTRY} {BOX}
3   About to handle withdrawal (7) RETREAT {RE}{TREAT}
4   Focus on coin in box (11) CONCENTRATE {C{ON}{CENT}RATE}
6   Alliance's former measures (7) LEAGUES [DD]
7   Bay home leased (5) ISLET {IS}{LET} (Addendum - INLET {IN}{LET} - See comments)
8   King's wife's demise in novel (7,3) HOWARDS END HOWARDS {END}
12 Cryptic clue to named painter (6,5) CLAUDE MONET*
13 Poorly valued, live music hall (10) VAUDEVILLE*
16 Exercise runs rigorous? Keep at it (9) PERSEVERE {PE}{R}{SEVERE}
18 Like the dodo, once caught in shade (7) EXTINCT {EX}{TIN{C}T}
19 Layman, a friend, visiting ancient city (7) AMATEUR {A}{MATE}{UR}
21 General feeling of anxiety in Pyongyang stores (5) ANGST [T]
22 Shock heads coming over (4) STUN<=

Saturday 29 March 2014

BL Brand crossword 10, Fri, March 28, 2014, Sowmya

First of all, congrats to the setter. It is not easy to set a thematic crossword in a symmetric grid but she has been doing it consistently. In each crossword brand names appear predominantly in gridfills and where they are not in the grid, the clueing takes care. The non-thematic entries are rare or non-existent. Cluewomanship is consistently good and disputations from the solver are negligible. The setter shows competence in writing deletion clues - I think I noticed three in this crossword and they are all done well. Sometimes in the def parts, some words are to be understood. E.g., 9ac. I think there are three or four such clues. I am not objecting to them but am merely giving pointers.

This blog has involved some work, but I did all the typing happily. But please excuse any errors/omissions. You are free to point them out.

As I said, it's not easy to include thematic words in grids.. While for general words we setters have resources with pattern search facility, autofind, etc, thematic words have to fall back on 'word lists'. Whether there is any for brand names, I don't know. So congrats to the setter once again.

Finally, my personal opinion is why should we give publicity to companies and brand names week after week, even if the publisher is a business paper. And does the setter have to resist pressures from  any brandwallahs? Or do any companies bruit about their inclusion?


1. Vitamin equal essentially to Persian medicine - a drop inside that can be cleansing (9)

A (vitamin) QUA (eQUAl essentially) ... Sorry, I am yet to anno this clue fully - seeking reader help Def: 'that can be cleansing' _ For anno, see Comments

8. Exclaimed strangely losing calm, shocked by battery (5)

Anag of EXCLAIMED after deleting CALM - 'shocked' is anag ind - 'battery' is def
Because the letters to be deleted c a l m are not in the same lorder in the del fodder, the setter has used the anag signal 'strangely'

9. After two quarters loss, Akai gets right man, say for overseas communication (7)

A[ka]I R MAIL (~male) -  def: "for overseas communication" OK - but can't we use this stamp for inland communication too?
Surface reading is done carefully

10. First things first, remember to immediately swallow glasses of juice (6)

Good surface reading - Anno needs a little thinking -  OO (glasses - that is spectacles ) inserted in F R T I ( first letters of first ... immediately)
Wordplay handled competently

11. Bushman trails U-Haul, initially to church for a custom (6)

I had to think hard for the anno - Def is 'custom' -  CE is from 'church' - SAN 'Bushman' trails (comes after) U (U-Haul initially)

12. Void, once damaged appliances (8)

Anag of 'void once'; Anag signal: 'damaged'. Broad def in 'appliances'. I think that the first TV set that I owned was ECTV. This brand entered our home later.

15. Scatters RARE lens and picks up once more (8)

Anag of 'rare lens' - 'picks up once more' is def.
Good anag fodder, good anag signal and good def.
Brand name in clue.

18. -50!!! live, gets hot stuff (6)

I had to think a little to get the anno - CHIL (deleting L from chill (freezing) - IS (?to live)
I am not sure if  we can really get IS from live; for is it has to be 'lives'.
I like "-50!!! Freezing" for CHILL but the three EMs are rather too many. And for the minus sign, some special effort is needed to get it right but few subs are equal to it.
'Hot stuff' as def is acceptable, though the ans is in plural fform.
Also, as this word has many spelling variants, wordplay leads to the gridfill.

20. Child's play to reverse a car (6)

Def is car - Word breakup is TOY (?child's play)  TO (to reverse) A
Good surface reding but I am not sure if 'child's play' is OK for TOY. Toy is a plaything, not just 'play'. But I may be too persnickety.
During a visit of mine to the US, my granddaughter as a little child - not even a toddler - used to say TOYOTA whenever a car passed by on the highways (probably by looking at the insignia). When the song Bhagyadha was playing, she used to anticipate 'amma' and utter it.

21. State without English bike (7)

AVER (state) going around ENG (English) Def: bike
Could the State be UP, considering its leaders' aversion to English?!

22. Peak traffic finally to ease (5)

C (traffic finally) EASE (rest) - def: peak.
Good surface reading

23. Repossess brews, maybe from Starbucks ()

Anag of 'repossess'
Good surface reading, good anag signal, also good def
Enu left out in interactive version


2. Witticisms you exchanged last night get into one's ear (1-4)

Sub T (last night) for U (you) in QUIPS (witticisms) def: get into one's ears
Good surface reading.
Not sure if the letter sub is indicated correctly.
Some may not accept 'last night' as adequate ind for T
Def part handled well to gel with ther est of the clue..

3. Manic at core, chases power with designs in mind (6)

ANI (Manic at core)  follows ARM (power)
Good surface reading
For def, do you have to reread the clue again? Or will '[one] with designs in mind' do?

4. You hear the Italian has no way around multinational (8)

Def is multinational.  U is from 'you hear' - The rest of anno is to be given by any reader.

5. A goal for students, to some extent (6)


6. Wind down Cisco or reorganise (7)

Def is 'wind'. Anag of 'Cisco or'. Brand in the clue.

7. Does cover logo for DKNY and Chanel, perhaps (9)

11. Stray hair I extracted in cooked cutlet by ready-mix maker (9)

Delete I from 'hair'. Put HRA in CUTLET and  anagram the letters.  Wordplay handled ably. Def is
'ready-mix maker' - that is 'concrete'.

13. Find CD above (8)

'Find' is def. DISC (CD) OVER (above). Deleting Y from the TV channel name might have brought a brand in, perhaps.

14. Model goes after show with old flame and a bosom buddy (7)

PLAY (show) T (model) ex (old flame) - Def? 'bosom buddy'! - If you want, google for images. And quite honestly and really, I did and was caught out by Mrs. from behind. Had to explain!

 Excellent surface reading.

16. Shrewd Tata's upset with a loss, take about-turn and note (6)

AST (anag of Tatas after deleting a, plus U (?about-turn) TE (note)
Good surface reading.
While a regular setter might exploit 'statue' or 'staute' for wordplay, this brand setter must look for brands. And that is done well!

17. Big apple in cartons belongs to Roger or Stuart, perhaps (6)

NY (big apple) in BINS (cartons) Def: Roger or Stuart, perhaps. Textile/shipping company but defined thus. But then cricketers are now becoming brands!

19. New release from novice, trained at Italian company (5)

'Trained' is anag signal. Anag of OVICE after deleting N from 'novice'. Def is Italian company. Good deletion ind. Good surface reading.

No.11045, Saturday 29 Mar 2014, Skulldugger

This is an entertaining puzzle with several good clues and nice stories in the surfaces. If you like doing themed crosswords – especially those that rely on cross referencing clues, you might be doubly pleased. If you are like me and don’t like being sent all over the grid to solve a clue, then this may not be your cup of tea.

1,18 Good Friday, Palm Sunday or 20’s creation (1,8,5) A MOVEABLE FEAST (DD)
6 Progenitor or 20 called so affectionately (4) PAPA (DD)
8 Running amok around campsite to ensure that it happens (4,2,2) MAKE IT SO (AMOK* outside SITE*)
9 Crawler, wingless, fears twigs (6) EARWIG (fEARs tWIGs)
10 Southern lassies going gaga over 20’s work (3,3,4,5) THE SUN ALSO RISES (SOUTHERN LASSIES)*
11 Accolade 20 received tucked away in kimono belt (5)  NOBEL (T)
13 Settles a score, being secure, special, steady (4,4) GETS EVEN (GET + S + EVEN)
15 Brashest, most reckless military officers (3,5) THE BRASS (BRASHEST)*
18 See 1
20 Brash belletrist belts out 9 teen hymns (6,9) ERNEST HEMINGWAY (EARWIG TEEN HYMNS)*
23 Miami baseball team mascot makes an appearance in AT & T Stadium, Arlington (6) MARLIN (T)  Too much padding in the clue for my liking
24 Shell dweller likely to end up as hors d’oeuvre (8) ESCARGOT (E)
25 Lizards eat flies, termites and spider heads (4) EFTS (Acrostic)
26 Cricket commentator’s difficult, trying ego (4,5)  TONY GREIG (TRYING EGO)*
Who can forget lines like "They are dancing in the aisles in Sharjah" ? See more here

1 Cause embarrassment for a party (5) ABASH (A + BASH)
2 Soused stevedore removed shirt and finally became direct (7) OVERSEE (StEVEdORE)*
3 Taken in by British college, reportedly (5) EATEN (~ETON)
4 Black-market loot mysteriously discovered in Panhandle (7) BOOTLEG (LOOT* inside BEG)
5 Peeper almost took the tailless canine (3,5) EYE TOOTH (EYE + TOOk + THe)
6 I cut back on non-kosher edibles primarily, like pig (7) PORCINE (I CROP <- + N E)
7 Lacking direction without a ruler? Very amusing! (9) PRICELESS (PRInCE LESS)  Why is direction not any of the other Es or Ss?
12 One’s spouse might be dangerous for health (5,4) OTHER HALF (FOR HEALTH)*  Cue all personal anecdotes :) ?
14 Percussion instrument or How to Catch a 23? (8) CASTANET (CAST A NET)
16 Many an insect // scurries around (7) BEETLES (DD) Does't the scurrying come from how beetles move ?
17 Shady bar where the woman got beer, mostly at noon (7) SHEBEEN (SHE + BEEr + N)
19 Furiously enraged and ready for attack (2,5) EN GARDE (ENRAGED)*
21 Unidentified gnomic man vanishes mysteriously (5) INCOG (GNOmIC)* I'm now thinking if I should have let Kishore blog today!
22 In the company of a large number of new generation leaders (5) AMONG (A + M + O N G)

Friday 28 March 2014

No 11044, Friday 28 Mar 2014, Incognito

An out of turn Incognito, I wonder why?

8   Nothing like a round number (4) ZERO [DD]
9   Very different like N…….S (5,5) POLES APART [CD] [C&DD]
10 Crazier Oscar was right (6) WILDER {WILDE}{R}
11 Trickster gave out money and expressed sympathy (8) CONDOLED {CON}{DOLED}
12 Lennon’s wife has some meat in a Japanese city (8) YOKOHAMA {YOKO}{HAM}{A}
14 Marilyn is no more?! That’s horrible (6) MONROE*
16 Scottish island replaced King with model with eye problem (4) STYE S(-k+t)TYE
17 Criminals sought no egg to be broken (5) THUGS SoUGHT*
18 Replicate policy amendment after insurer was replaced by first curator (4) COPY {PO(-lic+c)CY}*
19 Beverage found in bar racks (6) ARRACK [T] [T+&lit]
21 Bend knee over head to show zest (8) KEENNESS {KNEE*}{NESS}
23 Summon soldiers for processions (8) PAGEANTS {PAGE}{ANTS}
26 Shows directions to railway switches (6) POINTS [DD]
27 Cut lathis into eating implements (10) CHOPSTICKS {CHOP}{STICKS}
28 Cupid returned rose (4) EROS* Returned as Anind? See comments of setter

1   Erotic help fashioned a flyer (10) HELICOPTER*
2,13 Gosh! Sir Drake might like to do this (4,4,1,4) LORD LOVE A DUCK {LORD} {LOVE A DUCK}
3   Paintings in a health facility in Greek city-state (6) SPARTA {SP{ART}A}
4   Dumb locals hid a group of like minded voters (4) BLOC [T]
5   Miss tuna thrown around by destructive waves (8) TSUNAMIS*
6   Residential part of an American city or Meerut, for example (6) UPTOWN {UP}{TOWN}
7   No money need be paid for releasing extra entitlement, for starters (4) FREE {F}{R}{E}{E}
13 See 2 
15 Work location resistance (10) OPPOSITION {OP}{POSITION}
17 Record instructions to a pickpocket (4,4) TAKE NOTE [C&DD]
18 Criminal was asked to pay a penalty and imprisoned (8) CONFINED {CON}{FINED}
20 Beer pop mixed in Syrian city (6) ALEPPO {ALE}{POP*}
22 Unveil an exhibition in this quadrant (6) EXPOSE {EXPO}{SE}
24 A revolutionary can be a pain (4) ACHE {A}{CHE}
25 Yes, Spanish conservative King is ill (4) SICK {SI}{C}{K}

Thursday 27 March 2014

No 11043, Thursday 27 Mar 2014, Incognito

No Samosas today only Biscuits and that too plenty of them :-)

8   Real shilling fell out of wallet (4) PURE PURsE
9   Wizardry nativity visitors conjured at first (5) MAGIC {MAGI}{C}
10,17 Shake, indeed, shake for a children’s game (4,3,4) HIDE AND SEEK*
11 He is not allowed to choose to have an egg in a pub (6) BEGGAR {B{EGG}AR}
12 Edward, after martial music, was decorated with designs on his skin (8) TATTOOED {TATTOO}{ED}
13 Public relation canvasser carries Indian hard copy (8) PRINTOUT {PR}{IN}{TOUT}
15 Tell wrongly about it it’s not large (6) LITTLE {L{IT}TLE*}
17 See 10
19 Go forward to make a down payment (7) ADVANCE [DD]
22 “Loin” ’s moll has company in this city-state (6) MONACO {MONA}{CO}
24 For starters, eastern Naga rhythmically sings and mesmerises (8) ENCHANTS {E}{N}{CHANTS}
26 Okay, everyone on the starboard side (3,5) ALL RIGHT {ALL} {RIGHT}
28 Suit cardiologists’ interests (6) HEARTS [DD]
30 City in Northern Iceland (4) NICE [T]
31 Animal that can be part of an ambush (5) TIGER [CD]
32 Melt what can change form (4) THAW*

1   Treat a dog with a drug (4) CURE {CUR}{E}
2   Dresses fishes carrying ovum (8) LEGGINGS {L{EGG}INGS}
3   Bore my hybrid fertilised egg (6) EMBRYO*
4   Unnerve by posting a soldier in front of the gallery (7) AGITATE {A}{GI}{TATE}
5   Ran hurriedly and sank a vessel (8) SCUTTLED [DD]
6   Temporary hoarseness is caused by a frog in this place (6) THROAT [GK]
7   Rim found in renovated gearboxes (4) EDGE [T]
14 A Beatle with two hoops (5) RINGO {RING}{O}
16 It is lawful for litchi to be minced when not hot (5) LICIT LITChI*
18 Brew tea behind first European pine and stretch (8) ELONGATE {E}{LONG}{TEA*}
20 After Saint was lost at last race, ordered from the menu (1,2,5) A LA CARTE {AT+LAst+RACE}*
21 Depart, after the upright lost a state, to a movie (7) VERTIGO {VERTIcal}{GO}
23 Flight crew are leaders of all intelligent robust males (6) AIRMEN {A}{I}{R}{MEN}
25 Re-rolled cheroot without ecstasy for a group of Roman soldiers (6) COHORT CHeROOT*
27 First half of 23 follows learner to den (4) LAIR {L}{AIRmen}
29 Part sent back to catch (4) TRAP <=

Wednesday 26 March 2014

No 11042, Wednesday 26 Mar 2014, Mover


1   Very close-knit like stupid criminals? (5,2,7) THICK AS THIEVES [C&DD]
10 Song about river, ocean, and lake initially (5) CAROL {CA}{R}{O}{L}
11 Dissolute pair mauls one who keeps her precious ones in a pouch? (9) MARSUPIAL*
12 Romantically inclined when shapeless undergoes pH loss (7) AMOROUS AMORphOUS
13 Extreme displeasure exhibited by an embarrassed nude god (7) DUDGEON*
14 Blood factor in ocean mammal (5) RHINO {RH}{IN}{O}
16 Anxious letters from Virgil, late as ever (3,2,4) ILL AT EASE [T]
19 Tanzanian leader knocks adornments (9) TRAPPINGS {T}{RAPPINGS}
20 Old director took note (5) DATED {D}{ATE}{D}
22 Ointment suitable for children consumed by man from UN (7) UNGUENT {UN}{G{U}ENT}
25 Must his clowns strip in the ocean? (7) ISTHMUS*
27 Tense philosopher may suit the bride? (9) TROUSSEAU {T}{ROUSSEAU}
28 Team leader left Mister Scrooge (5) MISER MIStER
29 Royal Society leaders share abnormal dry run before the first performance (5,9) DRESS REHEARSAL {R+S+LEADERS+SHARE}*

2   Cheer up Lewinsky! It produces music if blown (9) HARMONICA {HAR<=}{MONICA} It sure does !! My COD
3   Small room and leader of orchestra needed for an instrument (5) CELLO {CELL}{O}
4   Acknowledging access (9) ADMISSION [DD]
5   Sleepy returned it, blushing (5) TIRED {TI<=}{RED}
6   Overwhelmed, one sister went out (9) INUNDATED {1}{NUN}{DATED}
7   Dainty fabric Olive ordered (5) VOILE*
8   Otherwise license the rest of Hamlet (7) SILENCE*
9   Prepared lacier cream pastry (6) ECLAIR*
15 Cruelly treats work with printers (9) OPPRESSES {OP}{PRESSES}
17 Total lack of enthusiasm for girlishness in Scotland? (9) LASSITUDE {LASS}ITUDE Anno not clear
18 I go after Diana with a perennially bitter herb (9) ARTEMISIA ARTEMIS{I}{A}
19 Ridiculed nut and date confection (7) TAUNTED*
21 Abandon merit (6) DESERT [DD] 
23 Men go mad for a garden ornament (5) GNOME*
24 The men point out a topic (5) THEME {THE}{MEn}
26 Send back stopwatch (5) TIMER <=

Tuesday 25 March 2014

No 11041, Tuesday 25 Mar 2014, Scintillator

Found wanting for many annos.

1   Model on inclined planes walks heavily (6) TRAMPS {T}{RAMPS}
4   Eccentric rule supersedes ancestry of native Aussies (8) ABNORMAL {AB(-original+normal)NORMAL} (Addendum - {AB(-origin+norm)NORMAL} - See comments)
9   Enlightened by some prayer in a Mass (6) LITANY {LIT}{ANY}
10 Prevent smuggling in ecstasy pill not allowed in a bar (8) ESTOPPEL {E}{STOP}{PELlet}
12 Leaders in vehicle surveillance (8) VANGUARD {VAN}{GUARD}
13 Fields in a large region, not any bit small (6) STADIA ? Anno pending (Addendum - {aS{TAD}IA} - See comments)
15 Patch up with a flirtatious woman (4) VAMP [DD]
16 Piece of item written in blog lying rather generously (10) OBLIGINGLY {OBL{I}GINGLY*}
19 A Vedic chant uttered out hard gave protection (10) VACCINATED {A+VEDIC+ChANT}*
20 Queen possibly is worried on losing throne eventually (4) CARD {CAReD}
23 Second shot in Guardian excludes vehicle (6) RETAKE caRETAKEr
25 Bald one taking part in flawless jobs makes off quickly (8) SCARPERS Anno pending (Addendum - SCOOTERS {S{COOT}ERviceS} - See comments)
27 “Understand,” they said, “girl will be required to get cover” (3,5) SEA SHELL (~see she'll)
28 Heavy vehicle’s no good (6) TAXING {TAXI}{N}{G}
29 Gumption, which some say, is needed to make food (8) SANDWICH {SAND}{WICH}(~which)
30 Depression and respite (6) RECESS [DD]

1   In the telly, find one depression rising to reach capital (3,4) TEL AVIV {T{EL AV 1<=}V}
2   Vehicle without transmitter is powerful on its own (9) AUTONOMIC {AUTO}{NO}{MIC}
3   Frustrated kid kept out of medical field (4-2) PENT-UP {P{ENT}-UP}
5   Broken sculpture (4) BUST [DD]
6   I do not do carving of a tusk (8) ODONTOID*
7   Was roaming on a motorcycle (5) MOPED [DD]
8   A hypnotic for babies (7) LULLABY [CD]
11 A spring harvest in the year for Bedouin, say (7) ARABIAN {A}{RABI}{AN}
14 Freedom for male children to be untruthful when talking? (7) LICENCE (~lie sons} ?
17 Enrage VIP by spreading rumour (9) GRAPEVINE*
18 Rich king was in disguise in a poor man’s ride (8) RICKSHAW {RICH+K+WAS}*
19 Alternate universes without nuclear energy and corruptive influences (7) VIRUSES UnIVeRSES*
21 Plans to include Indians in good number? On the contrary (7) DESIGNS {DESI{G}{N}S}
22 Venue: Pub on top of amusement centre (6) ARCADE Anno pending (Addendum - LOCALE - {LOCAL}{amusEment} - See comments)
24 Can a researcher be roped in to teach? (5) TRAIN {T{RA}IN}
26 Drawback reportedly in forming alliance (4) BLOC (~block)

Monday 24 March 2014

No.11040, Monday 24 Mar 2014, Arden

Arden's entertaining 4th missed out in online TH. Thanks to Deepak for typing in all the clues

1   Master class with many absent and sick (7) MACABRE (MA CAliBRE)
5   Keep away from a black mark (7) ABSTAIN (A B STAIN)
9   Sir Francis marked off dismissing first mate (5) DRAKE (mARKED*)
          Sir Francis Haddock is more popular with me!
10 Is it amusing or funny? He doesn’t know (9) IGNORAMUS (AMUSING OR)*
11 Sadhus sent penitent back inside, it’s an absurdity (9) INEPTNESS (T<)
12 Tungsten has and advantage over Iron (5) WEDGE (W(=symbol for wolfram/tungsten) EDGE)
13 & 1dn. Football team on field gets publicity – free (4,6) REAL MADRID (REALM AD RID)
15 Pre-fab structure for parking in the area (8) TERRAPIN (P in TERRAIN)
18 Troublesome American private (2,6) IN CAMERA (AMERICAN*)
19 Law and order could be temporal (4) LOBE (L OBE)
          Reminded me of Calvin's lobotomy!
22 Fix with a little chat, perhaps (5) LATCH (L CHAT*)
24 Playing tic-tac-toe Charlie goes for power shift (9) PETTICOAT (TIcTACTOE+P)*
26 Naval officer’s men involved in one night stand (9) COMMODORE (OR in COMMODE=nightstand)
27 Sheet immersed in oil of Olay retrieved (5) FOLIO (T<)
28 Covering the seed in air (7) DRAPERY (RAPE(seed) in DRY)
29 Boa stretched over some distance (7) FURLONG (FUR LONG)
          For long we used this measure

1   See 13 Ac.
2   Each melon when crushed will change colour (9) CHAMELEON (EACH MELON)*
3   Cry when in trouble at least (5) BLEAT (T)
4   Saga of unfinished food – the rumblings start from here (9) EPICENTRE (EPIC ENTREe)
          For me, the rumblings start in the area of importance to the omphaloskeptic
5   She was for a long time without name (5) AGNES (AGES without(=outside) N)
6   Crazy southern men dance (9) SCREWBALL (S CREW BALL)
7   Zeroed in on me with help from outside (5) AIMED (ME with AID outside)
8   Want to have a good man who fitted things together (6) NESTED (NEED has ST)
14 See tipsy Thomas finish the wine it’s disgusting (9) LOATHSOME (LO THOMAS* E)
16 Poor Astor’s complaint over the dish (5,4) ROAST BEEF (ASTOR* BEEF)
17 Complication in accommodating fifty one in a big room, perhaps (9) IMBROGLIO (LI in (BIG ROOM)*)
20 Quiet, extremely powerful and corrosive thing (6) PLACID (PL ACID)
21 Brave astronaut lost a member (6) STRONG (armSTRONG)

23 Ram down on a place in Florida (5) TAMPA (TAMP A)
24 Flower power, may be one year later (5) PEONY (P ONE* Y)
25 Decide hell is a no-no (5) INFER (INFERno)

Sunday 23 March 2014

No 2783, Sunday 23 Mar 2014

1   Absurd, like the team that always loses? (9) POINTLESS [C&DD]
6   Start of BolĂ©ro- unaltered arrangement (5) BASIS {B}{AS}{IS}
9   Peacock's last put in to annoy Bohemian poet (5) RILKE {RIL{K}E}
10 Guide showing policeman clergyman's residence (9) DIRECTORY {DI}{RECTORY}
11 Managed to invite endless resentment (7) RANCOUR {RAN}{COURt}
12 Fiery type, husband associated with Proust novel (7) HOTSPUR {H}{PROUST*}
13 Oddity in terribly icy dairy sons may reveal (12) IDIOSYNCRASY*
17 Gofer may make off with diamonds, jewels originally in our vaults (6,6) OFFICE JUNIOR {OFF}{ICE} {J}{UNIOR*}
20 Rally rounding on head of state (7) MONARCH {M{ON}ARCH}
21 Weird row on street (7) STRANGE {ST}{RANGE}
22 Game not about to be brought round in place of cheese (9) ROQUEFORT {cROQUE{FOR}T}
23 Water animal and swine beheaded (5) OTTER rOTTER
24 Guide showing prophet round heart of marketplace (5) STEER {S{T}EER}
25 Stand for the Queen over there (9) REPRESENT {ER<=}{PRESENT}

1   Picture - left artist with it (8) PORTRAIT {PORT}{RA}{IT}
2   Poorly in one in very large state (8) ILLINOIS {ILL}{IN}{O{1}S}
3   Tired and emotional and shabby (3,5,3,4) THE WORSE FOR WEAR [CD]
4   Embarrassed, the Parisian put up church official (5) ELDER {EL}{DER}<=
5   Additional payment made by cleaner entering sweep (9) SURCHARGE {SUR{CHAR}GE}
6   Having completed a circuit, but no further forward? (4,2,6,3) BACK TO SQUARE ONE [CD]
7   Careless in dock, arrested by undercover agent (6) SLOPPY {S{LOP}PY}
8   Crime writer wasted year on board (6) SAYERS {S{YEAR*}S}
14 Happy hour - binge in one next door (9) NEIGHBOUR*
15 Duff gen? Vet it for sketch (8) VIGNETTE*
16 Genuine Greek and Italian film (4,4) TRUE GRIT {TRUE} {GR}{IT}
18 Feels upset and annoyed in trading centre in centre of Nassau (6) SMARTS {naS{MART}Sau}
19 Single and alone (6) UNIQUE [DD]
21 Build scenery at university (3,2) SET UP {SET} {UP}