Tuesday 28 February 2023

No 13800, Tuesday 28 Feb 2023, Bruno

Solution to 16A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Old and reticent person on a tram in Oklahoma's excited! (11,4) EXCLAMATION MARK {EX}{CLAM}{A+TRAM+IN+OK}*
9   Person who receives an older relative with small peg (7) GRANTEE {GRAN}{TEE}
10 Parent partial to love goddess - short like Napolean? (7) PARVENU {PARent}{VENUs}
11 Ray of moonlight's starting to appear after galestorm (5) GLEAM {Mo...t}<=>{GALE}*
12 Spooner's secure with fake weapon (9) MATCHLOCK (~latch mock to mocklatch) 
13 Should hiding love and pain be a sign of masculinity? (9) MOUSTACHE {M{0}UST}{ACHE}
15 Company spends regularly to advance grass (5) SEDGE {GE}<=>{SpEnDs}

16 Fabric's ninetyfold firm at one end tied in knots, when separated, collapses (5) N?L?N (Addendum - NYLON NiNetYfOLd* - See comments) 
18 Namedropping in private to get alliance, essentially, among other things (5,4) INTER ALIA {INTERnAL}{allIAnce}
20 Concerned with city losing inhabitants? Stick with this method of being green (9) RECYCLING {RE}{CitY}{CLING}
23 Hairy Emma intends to get shaved regularly (5) MANED {eMmA+iNtEnDs}
24 Until any individual starts mutating, these animals can only be found in water (7) NAUTILI {UNTIL+Any+In...l}*
25 Art form at its core's one form of magic, mostly (7) ORIGAMI {fORm}{1}{MAGIc*
26 Poor? Adapt fresh crops for cultivation (8,3,4) STRAPPED FOR CASH*

1   Digital bands playing in German get invited to England's south (10,5) ENGAGEMENT RINGS {IN+GERMAN+GET}* in {ENG}{S}
2   Drinks at posh house (7) CHATEAU {CHA}{TEA}{U}
3   Robot from America plants vegetable in empty urn (9) AUTOMATON {A}{Ur{TOMATO}N}
4   Sailor's crew dumps leader to one side (5) ABEAM {AB}{tEAM}
5   Indian politician - one kept in a temporary location is tense (9) IMPATIENT {I}{MP}{A}{T{1}ENT}
6   No further disrobing, One Direction! (5) NORTH {NO}{fuRTHer}
7   Tissue obtained from dead criminal contained no Iodine (7) ADENOID {DEAD}* over {NO}{I}
8   A punch on the mouth and chin wacked, slunk away (7,8) KNUCKLE SANDWICH*
14 Half of critters on ice eat fish's heart - that's savage (9) CRITICISE {CRITters}{IC{fISh}E}
15 More thrifty small credit supported by setter's platform (9) SCRIMPIER {S}{CR}{I'M}{PIER}
17 American city on the outskirts of Chandler needs to obtain what in Mexico would be "polish" (7) LACQUER {LA} on {Ch...eR} over {QUE}
19 Plant - an acacia surrounding another plant (7) LANTANA [T]
21 Communist Party recruits that man - an animal (5) CHIMP {C{HIM}P}
22 Sticky substance's very loud to detonate (2,3) GO OFF {GOO}{FF}

Reference List
Old = EX, Oklahoma = OK, Small peg = TEE, Company = GE, Name = N, Concerned with = RE, England = ENG, South = S, Posh = U, America = A, Sailor = AB, Indian = I, Small = S, Credit = CR, What in Mexican = QUE, Communist Party = CP, Very loud = FF

Monday 27 February 2023

No 13799, Monday 27 Feb 2023, Hypatia

Solution to 27A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Down time man got in concern (7) FEATHER {FEA{T}{HE}R}
5   Live match played around Thane (7) MACBETH {MAC{BE}TH*}
9   Movie managed to show fashionable mom (4,3) RAIN MAN {RA{IN}{MA}N}
10 Closer to Sunday, shelter's wide open (7) YAWNING {s...aY}{AWNING}
11 Like old people retiring in loneliness (6) SENILE [T<=]
12 Doctor strange to entertain one most furious (8) ANGRIEST {ANGR{1}EST*}
14 Suspect fellow reserved after lunch time (5) FISHY {F} and {SHY}<=>{1}
16 Silence Spooner's soggy comic (9) CLAMPDOWN (~damp clown to clampdown)
18 They love travelling most in car (9) ROMANTICS*
19 Filled in new dates (5)  SATED*
20 Boxer with others near the French riviera initially (8) WRESTLER {W}{REST}{LE}{Ri...a}
22 Text message entertaining mostly old jerks (6) SPASMS {S{PASt}MS}
26 Top soldiers wearing disheartened recruit's clothing (7) RAIMENT {A1}{MEN} in {Re...iT}
27 Stoked by family switching sides (7) K?N?L?D (Addendum - KINDLED KIND(-r+l)LED - See comments)
28 Detest rude lady eating dessert (7) STRUDEL [T]
29 A little birthday party with workers in the middle (7) ABDOMEN {A}{Bi...y}{DO}{MEN}

1   Branches supporting peak sales at last (5) FORKS {FOR}{peaK}{saleS}
2   Clay, perhaps regularly seen as outsider (5) ALIEN {ALI}{sEeN}
3   Lost yak, tailless animal chasing herd at the top of mountain range (9) HIMALAYAN {YAk+ANIMAL}*<=>{Herd}
4   Hire 26 without purpose (4) RENT RaimENT
5   Can work in a store initially entering unit for dressing (10) MAYONNAISE {MAY}{ON{IN+A+St..e}*E}
6   Cringe when caught with debtor (5) COWER {C}{OWER}
7   Reduced excess due to diet changes (6,3) EDITED OUT*
8   Noted to become stylish (4-5) HIGH-TONED {NOTED}* [RA]
13 Casual criminal behind passport, say seized by force (10) ACCIDENTAL {AL}<=>{ACC{ID}ENT}
14 Explosives in sacks retaining charge (9) FIREWORKS {FIRE{WORK}S}
15 Waiter starting to serve more lime cocktails (9) SOMMELIER {Se..e}{MORE+LIME}*
17 Held over mail torn open by day (9) POSTPONED {POST}{OPEN*}{D}
21 Leaning right into nurse (5) TREND {T{R}END}
23 City of hot males (5) SALEM*
24 Brown, perhaps under empty salvage car (5) SEDAN {DAN}<=>{Sa...gE}
25 Fine American saves recipe for vegetable (4) OKRA {OK}{R}{A}

Reference List
Time  T, Fellow = F, With = W, The in French = LE, Top = A1, Party = DO, Caught = C, Crimanal = AL(Capone), Passport, say = ID, Day = D, Right = R, American = A, Recipe = R

Sunday 26 February 2023

Special, Sunday 26 Feb 2023, Driver

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3243, Sunday 26 Feb 2023

1   Exclaims: Aha! Rabat, somewhat hot African location (6) SAHARA [T]
4   Manliest, but suffering indispositions (8) AILMENTS*
9   Spin doctor's concern: where to get strong liquors (6) OPTICS [DD]
10 Repeated: 'Everyman bought a round!?' (Right to be slightly moved) (8) ITERATED {I}{T)-r)E(+r)RATED
11 Primarily, acknowledgement hollered on yacht? (4) AHOY Acrostic &lit
12 Slur (not acceptable), curious, distorted, defamatory (10) SCURRILOUS {SLUR+CURIOuS}* 
15 Protecting Australia, Darwin shall reassemble defensive structure (8,4) HADRIANS WALL {A} in {DARWIN+SHALL}*
18 'Remarkable cure-all' – banal actress (6,6)  LAUREN BACALL*
21 Pious posse on the rampage? You're probably right (1,7,2) I SUPPOSE SO*
22 Bird seen back in Novosibirsk (4) IBIS [T<=]
24 One who travelled far with dog hostelry (a hotel) rejected (8)  HANNIBAL {LAB}{INN}{A}{H}<=
25 That which neighs loudly, being gravelly (6) HOARSE (~horse)
26 Irate, Sir? Bats? They're seldom seen (8) RARITIES*
27 Means of obtaining fish and asparagus (6) SPEARS [DD]

1   Bears' bellies (8) STOMACHS [DD]
2   Rum in peach drink that's sweet (3,5) HOT TODDY {HOT{ODD}TY}
3   Fabulous fliers in dazes, we're told (4) ROCS (~rocks)
5   Temperature in still: alcohol's making blends (11) INTERTWINES {IN{T}ERT}{WINE'S}
6   Draconian measures with everyone uprising after extra-terrestrial docked (7,3) MARTIAL LAW {MARTIAn} and {W}{ALL}<=
7   State idea, answer for duck (6) NATION N(-o+a)ATION
8   Regularly ignored staid, hirsute brute (6) SADIST {StAiD+hIrSuTe}
13 Secret agent redeployed where attention's focused (6,5) CENTRE STAGE*
14 Frustrate detectives needing a parking place (10) DISAPPOINT {DIS}{A}{P}{POINT}
16 Capital's aberrancy mostly represented (8) CANBERRA ABERRANCy*
17 Lesser celebrities in painful spots (8) BLISTERS {B-LISTERS}
19 ... and uncertain expression is to lose freshness (6) WITHER {WITH}{ER}
20 Landscapist's revolver (6) TURNER [DD]
23 Tire in America, perhaps? Bear up! (4) HOOP<=

Reference List
Right = R, Acceptable = U, Australia = A, Hostelry = INN, Hotel = H, Peach = HOTTY, Temperature = T, With = W, Answer = A, Parking = P

Saturday 25 February 2023

No 13798, Saturday 25 Feb 2023, Hypatia

1   Gulf's best breaks between trips (3,5) PIT STOPS {PITS}{TOPS}
5   Letter from lawyer chasing naive person (6) LAMBDA {DA}<=>{LAMB}
10 Regret about society dividing further (7) REMORSE {RE}{MOR{S}E}
11 Trips featuring players' lives (7) RESIDES {R{E}{S}IDES}
12 Sick author had retired in city (5) DILLI {ILL}{I'D}<=
13 Reverend's main pager - one with buzzers? (3,6) BEE KEEPER (~key beeper to bee keeper)
14 Say, Tim ran recklessly with her to elope (5,2,5) MARRY IN HASTE {SAY+TIM+RAN+HER}* 
18 In a short time, one sets challenge for artist (12) MICHELANGELO {MO} over {1}{CHALLENGE}*
21 The star attraction Daniel, terribly bores that woman (9) HEADLINER {HE{DANIEL*}R}
23 Flower close to small bark (5) GROWL {GROW}{s..lL}
24 Infatuated male drawn by model with perfect figure (7) SMITTEN {S{M}IT}{TEN}
25 Bug and ant biting African national (7) UGANDAN [T]
26 Dispatched money backing Amartya, say (4,2) SENT IN {TIN}<=>{SEN}
27 Yes, do cast characters repeatedly in sagas (8) ODYSSEYS Letter Bank 

1   Show is leaving Shangri La, say (6) PARADE PARADisE
2   Mother's anecdote about Mexican food (6) TAMALE {TA{MA}LE}
3   Stop featuring tailless animal in gallery (9) TERMINATE {T{ERMINe}ATE}
4   Negotiating faulty airbag softly tilting around (4,10) PLEA BARGAINING {P}{LEA{AIRBAG*}NING}
6   Passage from Ramayana is legendary (5) AISLE [T] Semi&lit
7   Friend copies customs essentially in city (8) BUDAPEST {BUD}{APES}{cusToms}
8   Several English stars do plays (8) ASSORTED {E+STARS+DO}*
9   Conducive place to reproduce bird gene (8,6) BREEDING GROUND {BIRD+GENE}* [RA]
15 Quickly check units capturing nothing in images (9) HOLOGRAMS HOL{O}{GRAMS} Anno not clear (Addendum - {HOLd}{O}{GRAMS} - See comments)
16 The MP has issues controlling stress (8) EMPHASIS [T]
17 Effect of time (8) OCCASION [DD]
19 Fellow dealing with dairy uses eggs basically for dish (6) FONDUE {F}{ON}{Da..y}{Uses}{Eggs}
20 Makes it impossible to see screens (6) BLINDS [DD]
22 Starts to like any treat having iced stick (5) LATHI Acrostic

Reference List
Lawyer = DA, About = RE, Society = S, Short time = MO, Male = M, Model = SIT, Money = TIN, Softly = P, English = E, Fellow = F

Friday 24 February 2023

No 13797, Friday 24 Feb 2023, Dr. X

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Finishing off bottle finally, I leavbar, tottering and unsteady (8) VARIABLE {I+LEAVe+BAR}*
5   Bone in bag, unusual (6) SACRUM {SAC}{RUM}
10 Whistle at the French model in sleeveless vest (7) SINGLET {SING}{LE}{T}
11 Bringing back gel to tackle arm pains (7) TWINGES {T{WING}ES<=}
12 Protest escalated, I hear (5) GROAN (~grown)
13 Attend to damaged teak floor (4,5) LOOK AFTER*
14 Spies suspects crossing meadow with dope (6,6) DOUBLE AGENTS {DOUB{LEA}{GEN}TS}
18 Find flyer trembling with rage in accidental shooting by own army (8,4) FRIENDLY FIRE {FIND+FLYER}*{IRE}
21 Plan to pick up parcel with English dessert (9) CHARLOTTE {CHAR{LOT}T}{E}
23 Boy breaking former pupil's record (5) ALBUM {AL{B}UM}
24 Visual of Capitol riots (7) OPTICAL*
25 Head of institute meeting potential donors inside a building (7) INDOORS {In...e}{DONORS}*
26 Stumped by spin and pace (6) STRIDE {ST}{RIDE}
27 Gives credit to nurse essentially involved in treatment of scabies (8) ASCRIBES {nuRse} in {SCABIES}*

1   Face struggle to overcome depression (6) VISAGE {VI{SAG}E}
2   Aimless national party crushed by force (6) RANDOM {RA{N}{DO}M}
3   Everybody went on trips to American city (9) ALLENTOWN {ALL}{WENT+ON}*
4   Drunk model belly dancing with oomph let loose gradually (6,2,6) LITTLE BY LITTLE {LIT}{T}{BELLY}*{IT}{LET}*
6   Start to anxiously tackle a powerful Japanese dog (5) AKITA {An...y}{KIT}{A}
7   Cook a most refreshing type of pasta (8) RIGATONI {RIG}{A}{TONIc}
8   Suspect corrosion after condensation (8) MISTRUST {RUST}<=>{MIST}
9   Shot by Tendulkar, perhaps? Outstandingly brilliant idea (6,2,6) STROKE OF GENIUS [DD]
15 Gardener gone to get hold of money plant (9) GERMANDER {GER{M}ANDER*}
16 Revolutionary special effects by performers showing special talents (1-7) X-FACTORS {FX<=}{ACTORS}
17 Smear about India's captain in column (8) PILASTER {P{In..a}LASTER}
19 Consume some crabs or beef (6) ABSORB [T]
20 Delights in morning exercises (6) AMUSES {AM}{USES}
22 Secured transaction set up to receive a little cash (5) LACED {DE{Cash}AL<=}

Reference List
The in French = LE, Model = T, Dope = GEN, English = E, Boy = B, Stumped = ST, National = N, Party = DO, Drunk = LIT, Oomph = IT, Tackle = KIT, Money = M, Special effects = FX

Thursday 23 February 2023

No 13796, Thursday 23 Feb 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 20D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1 Across is Brilliant

1   Method of killing husband? Had poisoned rum slyly (5,8) MODUS OPERANDI {hAD+POISONED+RUM}*
8   Discontinues incorporating long jumps in figure skating (5) AXELS {AXE{L}S}
9   Shone in good series with England's captain crushed by outcome (9) GLISTENED {G}{LIST}{EN{En...d}D}
11 Badly treated husband, irritated and bored, seeks end of matrimony (4,4,2) HARD DONE BY {H}{AND+BORED}*{m...nY}
12 Woman chasing a tennis pro (4) ASHE {SHE}<=>{A}
14 Needs crackers to tackle company's ciphers (7) ENCODES {EN{CO}DES*}
16 Communicated with trafficker about getting hold of ecstasy finally (7) RELAYED {DEALER}<= over {e...sY}
17 Allow one cutting grass around park to go after end of chore (7) EMPOWER {M{P}OWER}<=>{c..rE}
19 Dismissal from job - lost home, have no money (5-2) HEAVE-HO {HOmE+HAVE}*
21 Retire and live without stress finally (4) EXIT{EXIsT}
22 Rebuking a cheat pursuing innocent person (10) LAMBASTING {A}{STING}<=>{LAMB}
25 Briefly, lottery is a random betting system (9) TOTALISER {LOTTERy+IS+A}*
26 Order some Vedic texts (5) EDICT [T]
27 Where knife is pointed in position of greatest difficulty (2,3,5,3) AT THE SHARP END [DD]

2   Individual, endlessly wealthy, acquires island of dreams (7) ONEIRIC {ONE}{I}{RICh}
Confused as ball spun wide, bouncing over Dhoni's head (6,4)  UPSIDE DOWN {O+SPUN+WIDE}* over {Dh..i}
4   Element is argon perhaps (5) ORGAN*
5   Hug new bride excitedly in European capital (9) EDINBURGH {HUG+N+BRIDE}*
6   Bohemian band going topless (4) ARTY pARTY
7   Playing at Sydney, English lost in succession (7) DYNASTY {AT+SYDNeY}*
8   Desire to conduct one review about workforce's performance (11) ACHIEVEMENT {ACH{1}E}{VE{MEN}T}
10 Capturing criminal and rogue finally - want fearless person (11) DREADNOUGHT {D{AND+ROUGE}*H}{wanT} Anno for DH not clear (Addendum - {DR{AND+E}*OUGHT} - See comments}
13 Groups saving Earth cry for complete change (5,5) CLEAN SWEEP {CL{E}ANS}{WEEP}
15 Beats idiot involved in nobbling purses (9) SURPASSES {SURP{ASS}ES*}
18 Indicate mad tinpot dictators at Centre (5,2) POINT AT {TINPOT+d..tAt..s}* 
20 Omission of learner, one involved in rebellious row (7) E?I?I?N (Addendum - ELISION {L}{1} in {NOISE<=} - See comments)
23 Country formerly in trouble over money, beginning to advance (5) BURMA {RUB<=}{M}{Ad,,,e}
24 Expression of contempt about rival's latest bunkum (4) BLAH {B{r..aL}H}

Reference List
Husband = H, Long = L, Good = G, Company = CO, Park = P, Money = M, New = N, English = E, Earth = E, Learner = L

Wednesday 22 February 2023

No 13795, Wednesday 22 Feb 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 17D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Endless anger in failed state, essentially one in Asia (3,5) SRI LANKA {S{RILe}ANK}{stAte} Semi&lit
5   Man and boy in group going round ancient Egyptian city (6) THEBES {HE}{B} in {SET<=}
10 Confusion and sweat after drinking spurious rum (7) TURMOIL {T{RUM*}OIL}
11 Lovers beginning to undress frantically - they are seen in window (7) LOUVRES {LOVERS+Un...s}*
12 Large meal in Eid, primarily breaking period of starvation (5) FEAST {F{Eid}AST} Semi&lit
13 Murder of man, one moving in high society (9) ELIMINATE {ELI{MAN+1}*TE}
14 Notice hut, awfully ancient and neglected (3,2,3,4) OUT IN THE COLD {NOTICE+HUT}*{OLD}
18 What orthodontist will do to become resolute? (3,4,5) SET ONES TEETH [DD]
21 Steaming hot macaroni - blow on it! (9) HARMONICA {H+MACARONI}*
23 Concierge ultimately ignored call for alarm (5) APPAL APPeAL
24 Like diamonds of rich criminal controlling barbaric mob (7) RHOMBIC {RICH}* over {MOB}*
25 Bond removing top to stay cool! Great (7) EMINENT {cEM{IN}ENT}
26 Portion of meat from cold store, not duck (6) CUTLET {C}{oUTLET}
27 Strikes a fine century, dances around (8) AFFLICTS {A}{F}{FLI{C}TS}

1   Leave those toffee boxes (3,3) SET OFF [T]
2   Radio broadcast about Putin's latest hostile attack (6) INROAD {I{putiN}ROAD*}
3   Complete reversal in a fight with revolting fiend crushing head of rival (5-4) ABOUT-TURN {A}{BOUT}{N{Ri..l}UT<=
4   Ruthless determination of family protecting weaker son caught stealing money (6,8) KILLER INSTINCT {K{ILLER}IN}{S}{TIN}{CT}
6   Sixty minutes with one voluptuously alluring woman (5) HOURI {HOUR}{1}
7   Country prohibits drinking - source of big commotion (8) BARBADOS {BAR{Big}{ADO}S}
8   Dismisses American president involved in flings (8) SUSPENDS {S{US}{P}ENDS}
9   Defy associate involved in terribly filthy offence (3,2,3,4,2)  FLY IN THE FACE OF {A} in {FILTHY+OFFENCE}*
15 Large after misuse of a steroid hormone (9) ESTRADIOL {L}<=>{A+STEROID}*
16 Woman tucking into savoury jelly is not rotund (8) ASPHERIC {ASP{HER}IC}
17 Begin a journey in famous market (5,3) ?T?R? O?T (Addendum - START OUT {STAR}{TOUT} - See comments)
19 Shivering in cape, affected by breathing problem (6) APNEIC*
20 Criticises dishes, a little salty for prince (6) SLATES (-p+s)SLATES
22 Son lost serious card game (5) OMBRE sOMBRE

Reference List
Boy = B, Hot = H, Cool = IN, Cold = C, Duck = 0, Fine = F, Century = C, Son = S, Caught = CT, Money = TIN, Commotion = ADO, President = P, Large = L, Prince = P

Tuesday 21 February 2023

No 13794, Tuesday 21 Feb 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   What model might be doing in an advantageous position? (7,6) SITTING PRETTY [C&DD]
8   Confine new leader of insurgents in old Finnish capital (5) PENNI {PEN}{N}{In...s}
9   Hot author taking off clothes in affair (9) HAPPENING {H}{AP{PEN}ING}
11 General reviewed an edition about onset of war (10) NATIONWIDE {AN+EDITION}* over {War}
12 Pride parade letters - large, grand and extremely bright (1,1,1,1) L G B T {L}{G}{Br..hT}
14 Sweet is whipped cream containing a hint of lime (7) CARAMEL {C{A}RAME*}{Lime}
16 Nice clips extensively covering astronomical event (7) ECLIPSE [T]
17 African union also overwhelmed by recurrent trouble (7) UGANDAN {U}{G{AND}AN<=}
19 Cooking salami, room finally filled with vapour (7) MIASMAL {SALAMI+rooM}*
21 Consider losing kilo to get lean (4) THIN THINk
22 Producer from India touring Paris and Rome (10) IMPRESARIO {I}{PARIS+ROME}*
25 Lecturer cheats around, chasing extremely naive chicks (9) NESTLINGS {ST{L}INGS}<=>{NaivE}
26 Finish with excising bit of tumour in sinew (3,2) END ON tENDON
27 Fiends and deceivers disregarding independent activists (13) DEMONSTRATORS {DEMONS}{TRAiTORS}

2   Tiring exercises over bicycle, finally getting lighter (7) IGNITER {IGNIT{b...lE}R*}
3   Perfect dress a lot admire (6-4) TAILOR-MADE*
4   Currently smuggling bit of oxycodone and heroin? Not at all! (5) NOHOW {N{Ox...e}{H}OW}
5   Ripped male models firing lady's fantasy (4,5) PIPE DREAM {RIPPED+MAlE}*
6   Inquire about touring Vatican days before holiday (4) EVES {SE{V}E<=}
7   Settling with pint, guy relaxed (5,2) TYING UP*
8   Device used in emergency to track one criminal abducting victim (5,6) PANIC BUTTON {PAN}{1}{C{BUTT}ON}
10 Back of ankle got swollen up? Hope you recover quickly! (3,4,4) GET WELL SOON  {a..lE+GOT+SWOLLEN}*
13 Rests after century, breaking the English record without any problems (5,5) CLEA N SHEET {LEANS}<=>{C} and {THE+E}*
15 Explosive devices with cap of metal found in fields (9) LANDMINES {L{AND}{Me..l}INES}
18 In disagreement with associate backing lie to prosecute (2,5) AT ISSUE {A}{SIT<=}{SUE}
20 Another endless bombing raid breaks watchtower (7) MIRADOR {M{RAID*}ORe}
23 One getting out of bed in underwear is erotic (5) RISER [T]
24 Chapter on painting about Greek muse of history (4) ?L?O (Addendum - CLIO {C}{OIL<=} See comments)

Reference List
New = N, Hot = H, Large = L, Grand = G, Union = U, Kilo = K, India = I, Lecturer = L, Independent = I, Heroin = H, Lady = L, Victim = BUTT, Century = C, Associate = A, English = E, Chapter = C

Monday 20 February 2023

No 13793, Monday 20 Feb 2023, Afterdark

Solution to 27D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

9   Pleasing victory in the neighbourhood (7) WINSOME {WIN}{SOME}
10 Glaciers in space, maybe one hundred in the front (7) ICECAPS {SPACE}*<=>{1}{C}
11 A state of non-existence is present in this place (7) NOWHERE {NOW}{HERE}
12 Glance east, maybe destroyed without energy (7) EYEBEAM {E}{MAYBE*} over {E}
13 Benchmark is roughly 0.9 metres, stay with it (9) YARDSTICK {YARD}{STICK}
15 Police weapon again modelled in counter (5) TASER<=
16 Country entangled in knots after deporting alien (7) ENGLAND eNtANGLED*
19 Backed do it yourself recipe for tongue (7) YIDDISH {DIY<=}{DISH}
20 Being a provocateur in social media? Timepass? Disconnect (5) TROLL {T}{ROLL}
21 May break down in remorse for retaliation (9) REPAYMENT {REP{MAY*}ENT}
25 White of an egg is blue? Man this is crazy (7) ALBUMEN*
26 Beau has lost heart, in uncontrollable grief finding an insect (7) FIREBUG {FIRE{BeaU}G*}
28 At first, George rushed with tea reportedly to the receiver (7) GRANTEE {Ge...e}{RAN}{(~tea)TEE}
29 Member in team faces resistance (7) INSIDER {IN}{SIDE}{R}

1   Score? Third batsman ran second bye (6) TWENTY {baTs..n}{WENT}{bYe}
2   Reply of parliamentarians were held (6) ANSWER [T]
3   From the sources, London operators delivered enough ore deposit (4) LODE Acrostic
4   Good-bye men I am burying a national (6) YEMENI [T]
5   Be like Wesley, losing heart every 15 days (8) BIWEEKLY {BE+LIKE+WesleY}*
6   Desperately in trouble losing dollars again and again (10) REPEATEDLY  DEsPERATELY*
7   Terrible skater in West Indies sport (5,3) WATER SKI {W{SKATER*}I}
8   Sodium nitrate and calcium sulphate? (8) ISOMORPH I'm bad at Chemistry. Anno pending Definition by Example. See comments
14 Could be a horse that is a solid friend (10) STABLEMATE {STABLE}{MATE}
16 Divorce sergeant (8) ESTRANGE*
17 Bird becomes larger without nose (8) GROSBEAK {GROwS}{BEAK}
18 Looped in action, its nuts (8) DERANGED {DE{RANG}ED}
22 Bird in gust, one at north (6) PUFFIN {PUFF}{1}{N}
23 Represent English doctor on overdose at Yard (6) EMBODY {E}{MB}{OD}{Y}
24 Police officer in rest mauled by animals (6) TIGERS {T{IG}ERS*}
27 Stop on road (4) R?S? (Addendum - REST {RE}{ST} - See comments)

Reference List
Hundred = C, East = E, Energy = E, Alien = ET, Do it yourself = DIY, Time = T, Resistance = R, Dollar = S, With = W, North = N, English = E, Overdose = OD, Yard = Y, On = RE, Road = Street = ST

Sunday 19 February 2023

Special, Sunday 19 Feb 2023, Novice

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3242, Sunday 19 Feb 2023

1   Suggests that Mr. Men's code should be picked apart (10) RECOMMENDS*
6   Rascal's detailed deception (4) SCAM SCAMp
9   Supersonic – but faulty – instruments (10) PERCUSSION*
10 Author's 'name' – one's nameless, primarily? (4) ANON Acrostic &lit
11 Having drunk a whiskey, playing for time, obstructing discussion (12) STONEWALLING {ST{ONE}{W}ALLING}
15 Move without restriction with ladder on the house (3,4) RUN FREE {RUN}{FREE}
16 Junior having yen for a bit of lazing in relaxing chair (7) YOUNGER (-l+y)YOUNGER
17 Film's somewhat 'artistic': a bare torso (7)  CABARET [T] Semi&lit
19 With gnu and hen dancing around, I get demented (7) UNHINGE {GNU+HEN}* over {I}
20 Papa isn't inwardly calm wearing flashy jewellery in team-building exercise? (12) PAINTBALLING {P}{AINT}{B{cALm}LING}
23 Ecoterrorists protecting doves' home (4) COTE [T]
24 Terribly bad luck: a right good scoundrel (10) BLACKGUARD {BAD+LUCK+A+R+G}*
25 Small bother returning non-alcoholic fizz (4) SODA {S}{ADO<=}
26 Indiscreet, untidy – flashy? (10) IRIDESCENT*

1   Solemn announcement: Everyman's beginning to be slightly malodorous (4) RIPE {RIP}{Ev...n}
2   Central tactical unit's announced (4) CORE (~corps)
3   Ultimate destination for couples' getaway? (5,6) MOUNT ARARAT [CD/GK]
4   Soul in German city church (7) ESSENCE {ESSEN}{CE}
5   Perhaps 1 Sept 1939, according to Spooner, is an entry point (7) DOORWAY (~ war day to doorway)
7   Dependent group of soldiers? (10) CONTINGENT [DD]
8   I see German wandering around zoos (10) MENAGERIES*
12 Fancy lung? A haggis, that'll put a smile on your face (8,3) LAUGHING GAS*
13 Copper in command covered by directions for perilous situations (10) PRECIPICES {P}{RECIP{IC}ES}
14 Twice I bantered, tipsy and tiddly (10) INEBRIATED {I+I+BANTERED}*
18 Unmotorised vehicle that boasts of a feature? (7) TRAILER [DD]
19 Not bound to be free of contamination (7) UNLACED [DD]
21 Playboy's a tool (4) RAKE [DD] 
22 Tide's turning? Correct (4) EDIT<=

Reference List
Whiskey = W, Yen = Y, Right = R, Good = G, Small = S, Church = CE, Copper = P(Penny)

Saturday 18 February 2023

No 13792, Saturday 18 Feb 2023, Afterdark


Artwork by Prasanna


Rangoli by Gowri

9   Nurse in fraternity service (7) AMENITY {AM{EN}ITY}
10 Suggested to replace old with right when published (7) PRINTED P(-o+r)RINTED
11 What was 2 earlier is 3 in modern times (7) GENDERS [CD]
12 Instrument with a large needle (7) ALTHORN {A}{L}{THORN}
13 Degree issued in new solid-state compounds (9) TOTALISES {SOLId+STATE}*
15 African boss has degree in large network? No, on the contrary (5) BWANA {B{WAN}A}
16 Broke son slept (7) SNAPPED {S}{NAPPED}
19 Half beef roast made with salt (7) SORBATE {BEef+ROAST}*
20 Silver draped on earl in the past (5) AGONE {AG}{ON}{E}
21 A legal hub is fraudulent? Comical (9) LAUGHABLE*
25 Frequently down, a server 33% malfunctioning, Retards (7) DWARVES {DoWn}{A}{SERVer}*
26 Clothes are dumped here by wife has charcoal, but can be cleaned (7) WASHTUB {W}{ASH}{BUT*}
28 Dangerous crocodiles led away with wind (7) SIROCCO CROCOdIleS*
29 Complicated nerd Ray is a fox (7) REYNARD*

1   Thanks to undergraduate, White regularly gets coached (6) TAUGHT {TA}{UG}{wHiTe}
2   Judge and nurse catch a donkey (6) JENNET {J}{EN}{NET}
3   Primarily Tamils have anger on tax (4) TIRE {Ta...s}{IRE}
4   Crazy second son buys ancient cloth (6) BYSSUS {S+S+BUYS}*
5   Fires defunct pair in employment at school (8) UPRAISES {U{PAIR*}SE}{S}
 Puts bright rag in American city (10) PITTSBURGH*
7   Stumped by memory (active) thanks to connective tissues (8) STROMATA {ST}{ROM}{A}{TA}
8   Lacking teeth, at the end worried editor meets specialist (8) EDENTATE {ATE}<=>{ED}{ENT}
14 Hypocrisy and rudeness at work (3,7) LIP SERVICE {LIP}{SERVICE}
16 Careless hit and run (8) SLAPDASH {SLAP}{DASH}
17 Audio-visual at head office on travel at Rome halfway meeting Italian scientist (8) AVOGADRO {AV}{Of...e}{GAD}{ROme}
18 Fancy key we have best at retreat (8) DELUSION {DEL}{US}{NO 1<=}
22 Indiscreet fight after peacekeepers held youth leader (6) UNWARY {WAR}<=>{UN} and {Yo..h}
23 Expose Britain by two Hollywood films (6) BETRAY {B}{ET}{RAY}
24 Include demo by Harry (6) EMBODY*
27 Mythical river grips reportedly (4) STYX (~sticks)

Reference List
Nurse = EN(Enrolled Nurse), Old = O, Right = R, Large = L, Degree = D, Large network = WAN, Son = S, Earl = E, Wife = W, Thanks = TA, Judge = J, Second = S, School = S, Stumped = ST, Memory = ROM(Read Only Memory), Active = A, Travel = GAD, Key = DEL, Peacekeepers = UN, Britain = B