Tuesday 30 June 2015

No 11434, Tuesday 30 Jun 2015, Arden

1   Regular bike, energy replenished by internal combustion (6) CYCLIC CYCL(-e+ic)IC
4   Bone setter takes a blind turn (8) MANDIBLE {A+BLIND}* in ME
10 Attacking — smart to go behind sleeper (9) MOLESTING {MOLE}{STING}
11 About to lift seed (5) CAROB {CA}{ROB}
12 Counselled endlessly about eye (7) OCELLUS COUnSELLed*
13 Veto fully in order (7) NULLIFY*
14 Take out midway in language (5) ERASE {ER{wAy}SE}
15 General for a cut back in lighting (8) NAPOLEON {N{A}{POL<=}EON}
18 Stretch regularly — it boosts building activity (8) TECTONIC {sTrEtCh}{TONIC}
20 Bear with wife daily (5) WHELP {W}{HELP}
23 Being serious, one will show displeasure (7) GRIMACE {GRIM}{ACE}
25 Old animal rejected by Herb (7) OREGANO {O}{REGANO<=}
26 A minor thing to allow a point (5) NORTH [T]
27 Recurring theme of self-determination resolved after Andersen left (9) LEITMOTIF* sELF-deTerMInaTIOn*
28 Simon had organised lecture (8) ADMONISH*
29 Accustomed to be denied justice when wounded (6) INURED INjURED

1   A setter wearing jacket arrived (4,4) CAME OVER  {C{A}{ME} OVER}
2   Burn the top off, over time in a volcanic depression (7) CALDERA {sCALD}{ERA}
3   Penniless this month — introducing novel characters (9) INSOLVENT {INS{NOVEL*}T}
5   Heart ache in Singaporecan it be treated? (6,8) ANGINA PECTORIS*
6   Of Noble birth, head of clan is doubly covered (5) DUCAL {DU{Clan}AL}
7   Something to eat — one to follow a drill (7) BURRITO {BURR}{1}{TO}
8   Original human, more by evolution (6) EMBRYO*
9   Pricks make you go numb (4,3,7) PINS AND NEEDLES [C&DD]
16 Ordered wrong meal — sound like ox tongue? (3,6) LOW GERMAN*
17 Made fun about a name, got everything one needed (8) SPOONFED {SPOO{N}FED}
19 Saying it's end of the line for farm animals (7) EPIGRAM {linE}{PIG}{RAM}
21 Player follows directions, he's doing his job (7) ENACTOR {E}{N}{ACTOR}
22 Rival political groups replace party leader by force in a country (6) UGANDA  {U(-p+g)GA}{NDA}
24 WhitewashEngland tried to avoid it, to some extent (5) ASHEN [T]

Reference list

Energy = E, Internal Cumbustion = IC, Setter = ME, About = CA, Wife = W, One = ACE, Old = O, Justice = J, Name = N, Directions = N;S;E;W, Force = Gravity = G,


Monday 29 June 2015

No 11433, Monday 29 Jun 2015, Buzzer

1   Language spoken mostly by a follower (5) VOCAB {VOCAl}{B}
4   Female film star, likable, selling every other product (9) FACTORIAL {F}{ACTOR}{lIkAbLe}
9   Unexpectedly met a queen? Probably not (3,4) RAN INTO {RAN I}{NOT*}
10 The day before holiday is a high point (7) EVEREST {EVE}{REST}
11 Oriental travelling around Cambodia in a cargo vessel (3-6) OIL-TANKER {ORIENTAL}* around K
12 Reason one national umpire retires (5) INFER {1}{N}{FER<=}
13 Main issue with summer perhaps (6) SEASON {SEA}{SON}
15 Be replacing a dirty old man (5,3) UNCLE BEN {UNCLE(-a+be)BEN}
18 Lacking batting confidence without any centuries (2,4,2) IN NEED OF {cONFIDENcE}*
19 A small change in gradient (6) ASCENT {A}{S}{CENT}
22 Uniform gets old on the outside, yet fits (5) AGUES {AG{U}ES}
24 Thought highly of ad Reuters released (9) TREASURED*
26 Table Hannibal's madness at heart (7) LECTERN {LECTER}{madNess}
27 Primarily one among rowing sport's crew (7) OARSMAN {O}{A}{R}{S}{MAN} &lit
28 Thoroughbred slipped off deep ridge (9) PEDIGREED*
29 Marks from screeching wheels (5) WEALS (~wheels)

1   In transit, our visa is different (7) VARIOUS*
2   Ditch pail by a lake (5) CANAL {CAN}{A}{L}
3   Pelting along through vacant city (9) BANGALORE {BA{ALONG*}RE}
4   Bunches of phlox picked up (6) FLOCKS (~phlox)
5   Settling in a wooded area without trees (8) CLEARING [DD]
6   Daggers made of Nobelium (5) OBELI [T]
7   Fine unconventional story is beyond words (9) INEFFABLE {FINE*}{FABLE}
8   After losing openers, Slater ton in due course (5,2) LATER ON {sLATER tON}
14 A new study written up about Oz is made public (9) ANNOUNCED {A}{N}{N{OUNCE}ED<=}
16 Stalwart's tackled a backbreaker (4,5) LAST STRAW*
17 Carry on sneakily unnoticed for the most part (8) CONTINUE UNNOTICEd*
18 Friend and supporter, one upset and confused (2,1,4) IN A FLAP {1}{N A F}{LAP}<=
20 Planned operation from top to bottom to restrain papers getting news (7) TIDINGS {(-s)TING(+s)S} around {ID}
21 What breaks strong watch? (6) BEHOLD {B{EH}OLD}
23 Made in China mouth organ girl finds no good (5) SHENG {SHE}{NG}
25 Odd part of ball or dance (5) RUMBA {RUM}{BAll}

Reference list

A follower = B, Female = F, Cambodia = K, National = N, Century = C, Uniform = U, Lake = L, Papers = ID, What = EH!, No good = NG


Sunday 28 June 2015

Special, Sunday 28 Jun 2015, Raju Umamaheswar

Three answers per commenter as usual (with annotations) till 6 PM

5   After first of September, nothing in flying insect - polished? (6)
7   Weaken man in first establishment I took in (8)
10 Excited heart of man in a gamble? (8)
11 Hate having Lithium inside rock salt (6)
12 Kit gardener out with new start for very young ones? (12)
13 Part of wider microbiology of the skin (6)
15 I'd go before the French saint - worst indolent (6)
18 One taking blood away a collapsed Limper booth (12)
21 Gold before a lawyer at home to decree (6)
22 Propositions from irregular themes - or what? (8)
23 Depressed Lee with what blows (8)
24 Commander in Chief inside a marsupial - rather ornate (6)

1   Perhaps jointly manage mostly idiotic mineral (8)
2   The changes, or first impression, a Christian linguistic process (8)
3   Rip empty talk to chase off protestors? (4,3)
4   Stand by from nothing - energy almost rises (4,2)
6   Greek character to be apt for this Kashmiri leader (5)
8 and 15 Encouragement that harmonies can provide (1,4)
9   8 and 15 Required after an injury? (7)
14 Hence without a degree? Restrict! (7)
15 See 8 above (2,3,3)
16 Fruit man? Our own Kishore's favourite pastime to create? (8)
17 Receding sea (3,4)
18 Simple end to a heart? Oh, sorry! (6)
19 Island patio (5)
20 French writer rose up a tree (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at RAJU U 2


No 2847, Sunday 28 Jun 2015

Another toughie today, specially some of the definitions, like 11A.

1   Player's skill changed his aims in cup (12) MUSICIANSHIP*
9   Headdress and odd items from trip abroad (5) TIARA {TrIp AbRoAd}
10 Persistent soldier perhaps following royal female, ignoring public relations (9) INCESSANT {prINCESS}{ANT}
11 Ordinary article in house (7) VANILLA {V{AN}ILLA}
12 States Spain opposed (6) AVERSE {AVERS}{E}
14 Cross, missing northern resort (3) SPA SPAn
16 Supercilious in charge, having fresh food sent round (6-5) TOFFEE-NOSED {FOOD+SENT}* around {FEE}
17 Bit of wood used for mending fences? (5,6) OLIVE BRANCH [C&DD]
18 Vegetable from month back (3) YAM<=
20 Songbird is able to change, leaving out verse (6) CANARY {CAN}{vARY}
21 Lines about entering into legal actions (7) CREASES {C{RE}ASES}
24 Promise prize, late in being arranged (9) POTENTIAL {POT}{ENTIAL*}
25 Scene caused by saint breaking through (5) VISTA {VI{ST}A}
26 Fashion in a sense is tragic (5-7) HEART-RENDING {HEAR{T-REND}ING}

1   Doctor with obligations guarding against inducements (7) MOTIVES {MO}{TI{V}ES}
2   Produce small puppet (5) SPAWN {S}{PAWN}
3   Novelist's plan involving group on river and volcano mostly written up (9,6) CHARLOTTE BRONTE {CHAR{LOT}T}{E BRO}{aNTE<=}
4   Revised main warning about force in allegory (6,4) ANIMAL FARM {MAIN*}{AL {F}ARM}
5   Dry time for religious group (4) SECT {SEC}{T}
6   Rapturous vein then has to be modified to keep calm (2,7,6) IN SEVENTH HEAVEN {VEIN+THEN+HAS}* around {EVEN}
7   Room in church designed as crypt is lacking power (8) SACRISTY {AS+CRYpT+IS}*
8   Escort at first in touch with purpose (6) ATTEND {AT}{Touch}{END}
13 Unravel oddly absorbing account, ending in your everyday language (10) VERNACULAR {VERN{AC}ULA*}{youR}}
15 Lose support of knight, put away after a deception (8) ALIENATE {A}{LIE}{N}{ATE}
17 Interest people hold (6) OCCUPY [DD]
19 Insect problem upset horse (7) MUSTANG {MUS}{TANG}<=
22 Japanese food coming in pleases us highly (5) SUSHI [T]
23 Support lord in speech (4) PIER (~peer)


Saturday 27 June 2015

No 11432, Saturday 27 Jun 2015, Buzzer


8 Remain at sea as a soldier (6) MARINE {REMAIN*}
9 Eagerly waiting on clue to solve finally (2,6) ON TIPTOE {ON} {TIP}{TO}{E}
10 Imitation stone, it is of national importance to the Irish (8) SHAMROCK {SHAM}{ROCK}

11 Fight through great hardship initially to make progress (6) GROWTH {G{ROW}T}{H}
12 Parking and running around certain spot on holiday (8-7) PLEASURE SEEKING {P}{LEA{SURE} {SEE}KING}
14 Make a case to arrest syndicate (5,2) BRING IN {B{RING} IN}
16 One of two identical elements reacting with Phosphorus to become opposite (7) ISOTOPE {ISOTOPE+P}*=OPPOSITE
19 Hear lecture's finally broadcast (6,9) LISTEN CAREFULLY {LECTURES FINALLY}*
22 Resist killing a sheep (6) WETHER {WEaTHER|
24 Try going round meadow inhaling cold air (8) TELECAST {TE{LE{C}A}ST}
25 Pots break in a trip? (8) STOPOVER {STOPVER = POTS OVER}
26 Hoi polloi, term describing idle (6) LOITER (T)


1 Music composer's role in production of one single (8) BACHELOR {BACH}{ELOR*}
2 End up repeatedly in an aboriginal hut (3-3) MIA-MIA {AIM-AIM<=}
3 Finding victory is special in turn (10) RESOLUTION {RE{-v+S}OLuTION}
4 Publication to study risk to Spooner (7) BOOKLET (Rev. Spooner's Look bet)
5 Man without date seen in satsangs frequently (4) STAG {SaTsAnGs}
6 Small power booster, it is attached to a bike (8) SPROCKET {S}{P}{ROCKET}

7 Relax in sun regularly (6) SOFTEN {S}{OFTEN}
13 Flower from tree I'll say, exotic (6,4) EASTER LILY {TREE ILL SAY}*

15 A sudden jump in reputation? That'll never happen (3,1,4) NOT A HOPE {NOT {A} {HOP}E}
17 I continue dissecting a column (8) PILASTER {P{I}{LAST}ER}

18 Striking // group (7) BATTERY (DD)
20 Fancy side a team put together (6) IDEATE (T) Is this a valid hidden word indicator?
21 Street kid moving around endlessly (6) URCHIN {lURCHINg}
23 Talk deliriously about // excellent // party (4) RAVE (MD)

Reference list


Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator


Friday 26 June 2015

No 11431, Friday 26 Jun 2015, Neyartha

7   Simple diet represents a type of regulation (5,5) SPEED LIMIT*
9   Bar at the station (4) STOP [DD]
10 Compel by coercion to find a way to follow the retreating perjurer (8) RAILROAD {RAIL<=}{ROAD}
11 One might do this to ensure account security (3,3) LOG OFF [CD]
12 Trouble after sending out the Pole and one of the Orientals for colour (5) BEIGE BEsIeGE
13 Angel ignites concealed explosive (9) GELIGNITE [T]
14 Honour to take in a Pole on trial (7) REVERSE {REVER{S}E}
17 Craft designed to accept conditional return of an irritating type of jam? (7) TRAFFIC {TRAF{FI<=}C*}
20 I would attach a letter with the note on the equipment — it may aid the police (9) IDENTIKIT {I'D}{EN}{TI}{KIT}
22 Some trigonometric quantities reportedly fetch marks (5) SIGNS (~sines)
25 Unlimited money and a strategy gets a type of ticket (3-3) ONE-WAY {mONEy}-{WAY}
26 Cutting through the junction (8) CROSSING [DD]
27 Connect with the English leader moving up behind the unknown mythical creature (4) YETI {Y}{(+e)ETI(-e)}
28 Fictional character may ruin a train somehow (10) RURITANIAN*

1   Talk with the Greek character getting rid of the king for a sedative (6) OPIATE O(-r+pi)PIATE
2   Combines resources to go north in a sailing vessel (5) SLOOP<=
3   Bit of tin placed around an insect (7) SMIDGEN {S{MIDGE}N}
4   It's harder for one going downhill to embrace the volunteer and the student (8) STALKIER {S{TA}{L}KIER}
5   Shape concealed by the Valparaiso gondoliers (6) ISOGON [T]
6   Rain that might come down after a win? (8) CONFETTI [CD]
8   Colleague upset by the absconding criminal writes a short poem (7) ECLOGUE COLlEaGUE*
15 Risk in writing article that goes deep into gender reform (8) ENDANGER {END{AN}GER*}
16 Send hauling cart up to the place where vessels are built (8) SHIPYARD {SHIP}{YARD<=}
18 Thrill in giving a facelift to son's fir (7) FRISSON*
19 Remove conflict by getting Oscar to go out for the article (7) DISCARD DISC(-o+a)ARD
21 Fledgling was acquainted with the insect, we hear (6) NEWBIE {NEW}{BIE}(~bee) (Correction - {NEW}{BIE}(~ knew bee) - See comments)
23 Calorie-reduced fondant prepared after losing heart (6) NONFAT FONdANT*
24 Going here might indicate deterioration (5) SOUTH [CD]

Reference list
Letter = EN, Note = TI, Unknown = Y, King = R, Tin = SN, Volunteer = TA, Student = L, Criminal AL, Article = AN, A, Oscar = O


Thursday 25 June 2015

No 11430, Thursday 25 Jun 2015, Neyartha

Note: Starred clues carry no direct definition, but their answers are all related to a human organ.

1   Adolescent keeping up with The Times? (11) TEENYBOPPER [CD?]
9   *Letters from the applicant Hussain (7) CANTHUS [T]
10 Bank cashier? He may count votes in an assembly (6) TELLER [DD]
11 Tailless animal with a spiritual leader (5) RABBI RABBIt
12 Wrong of the sick English leader to delay return (7) ILLEGAL {ILL}{E}{GAL<=}
15 *Ukraine detains Victor and Elizabeth (4) UVEA {U{V}{E}A}
16 Colour of the grains, wasted according to hearsay (6,4) POWDER BLUE {POWDER} {BLUE}(~blew)
18 Canny ride I arranged for the rabble-rouser (10) INCENDIARY*
20 *Revolutionary electronic assistant from Apple? (4) IRIS <=
23 *Circular letter I found in the midst of a combination of notes (7) CHOROID {CHOR{O}{I}D}
24 Interrupt the model to replace a minute herb (3,2) CUT IN {T for M in CUMIN}
26 *Cereal presented prior to an unlimited set of courses (6) CORNEA {CORN}{mEAl} Anno for EA not clear
27 Marsh is introduced to a strange ping from an old coin (7) PFENING {P{FEN}ING} Nothing strange seen in the ping!! (Addendum - PFENNIG {P{FEN}NIG*} - See comments)
28 Tending to rise with the construction of the casino lanes (11) ASCENSIONAL*

2   Cleansing that might result in a population decrease? (6) ETHNIC [CD]
3   Son goes up to meet Henry with a snack (4) NOSH {NOS<=}{H}
4   Rode out to participate in the field of an ancient racket game (10) BATTLEDORE {RODE}* in BATTLE
5   *Appreciable turn after the ice is removed (8) PALPEBRA APPReciABLE*
6   *I bellow for the audience (7) EYEBALL (~ i){EYE}{BALL}(~bawl)
7   South Carolina and Utah team to catch ring in-charge affected with a vitamin deficiency (9) SCORBUTIC {SC}{ORB}{UT}{IC}
8   Powerless moody saint got wasted (6) UNABLE UNstABLE
13 Certain Roman Catholic friars could be natives from West Indies (10) DOMINICANS [DD]
14 Celebrity's answer discarded by the Oriental in a parish house (9) PERSONAGE {E for A in PARSONAGE}
17 Overstep with the design of a fine ring (8) INFRINGE*
19 Mel ignored school-mates in trouble for working together (7) CAHOOTS {SCHOOl-mATe}* Is there an extra S in the fodder
21 *Hire Aussie leader at the wrong place (6) RETINA RET(-a)IN(+a)A
22 *Bends backward to accommodate the French (6) SCLERA {SC{LE}RA<=}
25 Occupied with the characters from the corrupt organization (2,2) UP TO [T]


Wednesday 24 June 2015

No 11429, Wednesday 24 Jun 2015, Gridman

As I have the time I am following Ramesh's format of blogging for today.

1   What a dog may have — reason for tiff (1,4,2,4) A BONE TO PICK [C&DD]
9   Beat back on sign of life (7) REPULSE {RE}{PULSE}
10 Plea to write song for a kind of concert (4-3) OPEN-AIR {O}{PEN}-{AIR}
11 Keep talking about redhead's marriage one left out (3,2) RUN ON {Red}{UNi ON}
12 Dirty Don's cruel villain (9) SCOUNDREL*
13 Non-uniform dress (5) MUFTI [E]
15 Result of chasing some calculations? (9) AFTERMATH {AFTER}{MATH}
18 Refused it? No, overindulged! (9) SURFEITED*
21 Congress leader's tilt to be spotless (5) CLEAN {Co...s}{LEAN} That will be the day!!
22 Loud clamour for Hugh, say, with Bellow (3,3,3) HUE AND CRY (~hugh){HUE} {AND} {CRY}
24 Ambi's put out some poetic measures (5) IAMBS*
26 They have no hearing (3,4) THE DEAF [E]
27 Model lubrication at work (7) TOILING {T}{OILING}
28 Perhaps less perfect sense of one's dignity (4-7) SELF-RESPECT*

1   Mafia errs in designing structures of rockets (9) AIRFRAMES*
2   Yellow pigment in round red fastener (5) ORPIN {O}{R}{PIN}
3   Flower in a gentle setting (9) EGLANTINE*
4   Command said to be across the ocean (7) OVERSEA (~oversee)
5   Settle on going into one drubbing (4,3) IRON OUT {1}{R{ON} OUT}
6   German mathematician finally took a different line (5) KLEIN {tooK}{LINE*}
7   Union bearing not hundred but thousand (8) MARRIAGE (-c+m)MARRIAGE
8   Vocalised song outside church (4) ORAL chORAL
14 Ironside gets engineer and journalist searched (8) FERRETED {FE}{R{RE}T}{ED}
16 Wrongly certifies mends (9) RECTIFIES*
17 This gives no forward view (9) HINDSIGHT [CD]
19 Being diplomatic, set right fault plaguing odd city (7) TACTFUL {FAULT}* around {CiTy}
20 The Sun, for example, omitted youth centre in Saturday's revised edition (7) DAYSTAR SATuRDAY*
22 Dislike 'cover point' (4) HATE {HAT}{E}
23 Requires massages, reportedly (5) NEEDS (~kneads)
25 One is engrossed in additional material (5) MOIRE {MO{1}RE}

Reference list

On = RE, Plea = O, Model = T, Red = R, Hundred = C, Thousand = M, Church = CH, Iron = FE, Side = RT, Engineer = RE, Journalist = ED, Point = E,

Color/Font Scheme

Definition, SolutionComponent lettersAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone Indicator


Tuesday 23 June 2015

No 11428, Tuesday 23 Jun 2015, Gridman

Eyes play funny tricks. I kept reading 'renter' in 23D as 're-enter' and wasted a long time to get that.

1   Boy always has time for a drink (8) BEVERAGE {B}{EVER}{AGE}
5   Mail-related job given to a learner (6) POSTAL {POST}{A}{L}
9   Unsuccessful over a bit falling apart (8) ABORTIVE*
10 Space station: what's up by the science room? (6) SKYLAB {SKY}{LAB}
12 “Cockney man observed,” said the twin (4) ESAU (~ 'e saw)
13 Likely bum replays horribly (10) PRESUMABLY*
15 Fear that foreign flag-carrier entertains lout (6) PHOBIA {P{HOB}IA} Hob and Lout?
17 German philosopher's more gleeful (5) GAYER {G}{AYER}
20 One direction to allow channel opening (5) INLET {1}{N}{LET}
21 Dog cosseted initially by Stan's buddy (6) COLLIE {Co...d}{OLLIE}
24 Slow rate in mollusc's universe (6,4) SNAILS PACE {SNAIL}{S PACE}
27 US exclamation's about Hindu leader, it is clarified (4) GHEE {G{H}EE}
29 City man went mad (6) RIOTED {RIO}{TED}
30 See Nancy fetching some hot peppers (8) CAYENNES*
31 Go for soft sound to make allusion (6) PREFER {P}{REFER}
32 He takes risk to voice complaints about old city to the queen (8) VENTURER {VENT}{UR}{ER}

1   Film director, while sleeping, laughed rudely (6) BRAYED {B{RAY}ED}
2   Musical instruments, half-a-dozen, also repaired (6) VIOLAS {VI}{ALSO*}
3   Observance is proper, we're told (4) RITE (~right)
4   Without whom there can't be a taker (5) GIVER [CD]
6   All right to have a lout discarding black caulking material (5) OAKUM {O{A}K}{bUM}
7   Lots ably conducted for pieces of furniture (8) TALLBOYS*
1760 philly highboy.jpg
"1760 philly highboy". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.
8   See, p-purchasers have no union as members of influence group (8) LOBBYERS {LO}{B-BuYERS}
11 Suffer following a ship attack (6) ASSAIL {A}{SS}{AIL}
14 Friendly talk promoted by tea after tea (4) CHAT {CHA}{T}
16 Big spice crushed by muscle power (6) BICEPS {B}{SPICE*} B for Big acceptable?
17 Pluck shown in enduring ritual (4) GRIT [T]
18 Landing place advertises tour (8) AIRSTRIP {AIRS}{TRIP}
19 No palace offered for gangster (2,6) AL CAPONE*
22 Complaining sort removes essential step in dentist's recommendation (6) WHINER WHIteNER
23 Gratifying person gives power away to renter (6) LEASER pLEASER
25 Loyal subject in Belgian city (5) LIEGE [DD]
26 Cezar's unhinged with the latest thing... (5) CRAZE*
28 ... not discarded by knight holding record (4) KEPT {K{EP}T}

Monday 22 June 2015

No 11427, Monday 22 Jun 2015, Gridman

1   Marginal alteration yet causing distress (8) ALARMING*
5   Pair beginning to enter wonderful house, if factory-made (6) PREFAB {Pair}{RE}{FAB}
10 Engineer's gamble concealing one fault at the front of building (7) EDIFICE {E}{D{1}{Fa..t}ICE}
11 Sample last of beer in bar (7) EXCERPT {beeR} in EXCEPT
12 Time to steer around knotty problem (6) TESTER {STEER}* around T
13 Go near to steal back chisel, say (4,4) EDGE TOOL {EDGE} {TOOL<=}
15 Others take it easy (4) REST [DD]
16 Smoker's visions? (4,6) PIPE DREAMS [CD]
18 Unleashed, at large (2,3,5) ON THE LOOSE [C&DD]
20 Pronouncedly rotten fruit (4) UGLI (~ugly)
23 Old boy works and watches (8) OBSERVES {OB}{SERVES}
24 Sriharikota event finds ace in meal (6) LAUNCH {L{A}UNCH}
26 Regretting over fifty small pronouncements (7) RULINGS {RU{L}ING}{S}
27 A church official, I inferred (1,6) A PRIORI {A} {PRIOR}{I}
28 Most like Solomon with sister endlessly fighting (6) WISEST {W}{SISTEr*}
29 Exemplar of patience to observe what Employment News does (3-5) JOB WATCH {JOB} {WATCH}

1   Optimistic gamblers today presumably look for this (1,6,8) A BETTER TOMORROW [CD]
2   Alternative names a lassie forged (7) ALIASES {A}{LASSIE*}
3   Posted with a degree, I was at the front (6) MAILED {MA}{I}{LED}
4   Can't do without rub, say (4) NEED (~knead)
6   A scientific study of temperature in part of garden (8) ROCKETRY {ROCKE{T}RY}
7   Not against money order to South Africa or Taiwan once (7) FORMOSA {FOR}{MO}{SA}
8   Encounters an angler may have till he gets the catch (7,4,4) BATTLES WITH FISH [CD\
9   All needs supplied by the English in WW II aid programme (4-5) LEND-LEASE {ALL+NEEDS}*{E}
14 Almost omit making noise on maiden's hate of change (9) MISONEISM {MISs}{NOISE*}{M} New word for me
17 It's crucial to call on Sunday for double-loop devices (3,5) KEY RINGS {KEY} {RING}{S}
19 Bandage not right — almost reduced — causes scraps (7) TUSSLES {TrUSS}{LESs}
21 Vessel involved in a kind of diplomacy (7) GUNBOAT [C&DD]
22 Litter of pigs making much noise (6) FARROW {FAR}{ROW}
25 Go down, love, for pudding ingredient (4) SAGO {SAG}{O} I hate this in my payasam, I call them 'frogs eggs'


Sunday 21 June 2015

Special, Sunday 21 Jun 2015, Afterdark

Three answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) till 6 PM.
As far as possible please provide your answers in one comment.

7   Clean space or space to clean (8)
9   I left lawless Karachi for one of centres of spiritual power (6)
10 Female escorted but escaped (4)
11 Aroused girl vanished without husband (10)
12 Excited houri's moan is rhythmic (10)
14 Facility lost its leader by murder (4)
15 New policeman's task is to nab habitual stealers (13)
18 Sahib is concealing a bird (4)
20 Decides to discourage supplies (10)
21 No lead mixed in Boost, not a bit of arsenic or other mineral (10)
23 Fit guy is bald (4)
24 Playpen Ang Lee opened in Malaysian state (6)
25 Small lid at the tip of valve (8)

1   Approximate range of a ground (8)
2   Drop the cash Edward hid (4)
3   Money oddball has for a snack (8)
4   Canoes anyway cannot be used to cross these (6)
5   Finger millet given by kid at India (4)
6   Alternative arrangement is a nightmare (6)
8   Formalin atoms can be used to create abnormalities (13)
13 Set me up for encounters (5)
14 Sheikh Adib helps to make homespun fabric (5)
16 Bragi, Odin, Loki or one of them (5,3)
17 Detective finds hospital lockers vandalised (8)
19 Locked and left (6)
20 Endorsed editor to go in front to model (6)
22 It's alright to return animal after providing oxygen (4)
23 Advance without captain to the bridge (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at ADB 19


No 2846, Sunday 21 Jun 2015

1   Satisfied, coming back with point for draw (5) TEMPT {TEM<=}{PT}
4   Silly sailor with singular language, mostly (6) ABSURD {AB}{S}{URDu}
10 Constant favourite in nation, a leader in legend (9) PERPETUAL {PER{PET}U}{A}{Le...d}
11 Fantastic agent, American, going west (5) SUPER {SU}{PER}<=
12 Second mortgage provider perhaps inadequate (7) SLENDER {S}{LENDER}
13 Temporary home with unusual merit (7) INTERIM {IN}{MERIT*}
14 Old-fashioned greeting given in turn daily (6,3,5) BEHIND THE TIMES {BE{HI}ND} {THE TIMES}
16 Line in eccentric circle on china dish (6,3,5) CHILLI CON CARNE {Line in {CIRCLE+ON+CHINA}*} That looks HOT!!
19 Bird from extremely cold north (7) BITTERN {BITTER}{N}
21 Happy to a smaller extent inside base (7) BLESSED {B{LESS}ED}
23 Time after surface broke (5) SKINT {SKIN}{T}
24 Badly need approval, giving up fine enterprise (9) ENDEAVOUR {NEED*}{fAVOUR}
25 Vigorous technique in call for attention (6) HEARTY {HE{ART}Y}
26 Endlessly eager learner beginning to enjoy university (5) KEELE {KEEn}{L}{En..y}

1   Characters in party pessimistic (5) TYPES [T]
2   Broadcast learned item on prolific actress (7,8) MARLENE DIETRICH {LEARNED+ITEM}*{RICH}
3   Philosopher after time studied boring routine (9) TREADMILL {T}{READ}{MILL}
5   Confident president covering misfortune up (7) BULLISH {BU{LLI<=}SH}
6   Tip over unexpected result (5) UPSET [DD]
7   Leave coach, crossing street and beginning to explore large shop (10,5) DEPARTMENT STORE {DEPART}{MENT {ST}OR}{Ex...e}
8   Rotten plonk, free (6) PUTRID {PUT}{RID}
9   Spirit in TV network that surprises me! (6) CRUMBS {C{RUM}BS}
15 Characteristic conclusion of pundit with comment about commercial (9) TRADEMARK {p...iT}{R{AD}EMARK}
16 Young lion? It's distracted painter (6) CUBIST {CUB}{ITS*}
17 Change name in secret (7) CONVERT {CO{N}VERT}
18 Cipher cracked by don about love (6) NOBODY {O in {BY+DON}*}
20 One in crowd scene, wide? (5) EXTRA [DD]
22 Good to interrupt dreadful lament (5) DIRGE {DIR{G}E}


Saturday 20 June 2015

No 11426, Saturday 20 Jun 2015, Gridman


1 Dresses boy seen wandering around (7) ENROBES {EN{ROB}ES*}
5 Boo! Dull! (6) BORING {B}{O}{RING}
9 These shoes have no platforms (5) FLATS (CD)
10 More rigid char fixed in southern row (9) STARCHIER {S}{T{ARCH*}IER}
11 Cavil at cost of radical (7) NITRATE {NIT}{RATE}
12 Ross let out waxy substances (7) STEROLS {ROSS LET}*
13 To the point, Tamil leader accepts a foreign language (5) TERSE {T}{ERSE}
14 Adamant sister gets into camping (9) INSISTENT {IN{SIS} TENT}
16 Engineer and sheriff's band aboard to take property back (9) REPOSSESS {RE}{POSSE}{SS}
19 Directed // the crowd? (5) DROVE (DD)
21 Ones frozen in suspense (7) ICICLES (CD)

23 Give the right // address (7) ENTITLE (DD)
24 Characteristic of Lenin team analysed (9) LINEAMENT {LENIN TEAM}*
25 Badtempered // because of having no sufficient funds (5) SHORT (DD)
26 Tough boss in party ran tests (6) TYRANT (T)
27 Merit of French verse reviewed (7) DESERVE {DE}{SERVE*}


1 Far better linen spread out for precocious child (6,8) ENFANT TERRIBLE {FAR BETTER LINEN}*
2 Church official procuring a pile (7) REACTOR {RE{A}CTOR}
3 American left with curse around part of city road (3,4) BUS LANE {B{US} {L}ANE}
4 Put in order messy site by revamping (9) SYSTEMISE {MESSY SITE}*
5 Holds // Chicago squad (5) BEARS (DD)

6 NBA team // zooms (7) ROCKETS (DD)

7 Racket about mantra is disgusting (7) NOISOME {NOIS{OM}E}
8 Bell the cat; alternatively, pester at length (5,3,6)  GRASP THE NETTLE {PESTER AT LENGTH}*
15 Thought // to have been on a detective's list? (9) SUSPECTED  (D &CD)
17 Being flexible, I play around holding no charge (7) PLIANCY {PLIA{N}{C}Y*}
18 Mistress' last month in hospital with bit of amnesia (7) SULTANA {S{ULT}AN}{A}
19 Hates Delhi's premier set after set being in ruination (7) DETESTS {D}{ETESTS*}
20 Excel or be located away! (7) OUTDOOR {OUT DO}{OR}
22 Nice little intrusion into street (5) SWEET {S{WEE}T}

Reference list

Boy=Rob,O=Ring,Southern=S,Sister=Sis,Engineer=RE,Aboard=SS(On Ship),Of French=De
American=US,Left=L,Mantra=Om,No=N,Charge=C,Last month=Ult,Street=St

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator


Friday 19 June 2015

No 11425, Friday 19 Jun 2015, Mac

1   Violently lunge at food (starter) and swallow up (6) ENGULF {LUNGE*}{Food}
5   Come back and harvest fruit (8) REAPPEAR {REAP}{PEAR}
9    “Everyone, get out of coach — last stop” (8) TERMINUS {TeachER}{MINUS} That minus sign in the clue looks more like a hyphen after the copy paste here.
10 The first believer in god (6) THEIST {THE}{1ST}
11 One from Mumbai, or Jamaica, perhaps (4,6) WEST INDIAN [CD]
12 Lower part of the leg (4) CALF [GK] [DD] - See comments
13 Old fashioned belts worn by Omanis originally are extremely outdated (8) OBSOLETE {O}{BS{Om...s}LET*}{arE}
16 In retreat, one repents (6) ATONER [T] &lit
17 Abode renovated to include grand wine cellar (6) BODEGA G in ABODE*
19 Finish second (of eleven) in contest (8) COMPLETE {COMP{eLeven}ETE}
21 They espy, essentially (4) EYES [T] &lit
22 These intimidating figures on the field stir up soccer wars (10) SCARECROWS*
25 Second-grade villain’s marked accent (6) BROGUE {B}{ROGUE}
26 Profit-making company admitted to questionable income (8) ECONOMIC CO in INCOME*
27 Clean and sober beginning, without drugs (8) SPOTLESS {So..r}{POTLESS}
28 Solution wears off bit of Nickel placed inside (6) ANSWER {Ni...l} in WEARS*

2   Relative’s centrepieces fancy sceptre is missing! (5) NIECE CENtErpIece's*
3   Man embraced by a French stranger is not satisfied (5) UNMET {UN}{M}{ET}
4   Groom-to-be has no money (7) FINANCE {FI{N}ANCE}
5   Agitated and always upset about ITs rise (7) RESTIVE {EVER}* about {STI<=} (Addendum - {RE{STI<=}VE<=} - See comments)
6   Feeler of an insect has sensation problem, so its operated upon and removed (7) ANTENNA {ANT}{sENsAtioN*}
7   Academic institution’s president’s great, I hear (9) PRESCHOOL {PRES}{CHOOL} (~cool)
8   A bishop loves playing by the (holy) book ... he forgives sinners (9) ABSOLVENT {A}{B}{LOVES*}{NT}
14 Snare made from black tool, essentially, with rotating part (9) BOOBYTRAP {B}{tOOl}{BY}{TRAP<=}
15 Govt. hires organisation for administration (9) OVERSIGHT*
18 Frugal eater surprised us — got stuffed! (7) AUSTERE US in EATER*
19 Exotic scarlet wines (7) CLARETS*
20 My abnormal uterine mass in retrospect’s a malignant tumour (7) MYELOMA {MY}{ELOM<=}{A}
23 Stir trouble over nothing, causing commotions! (5) RIOTS {O} in STIR*
24 Colour mixed with a bit of ecru (5) WHITE {WITH*}{Ecru}