Tuesday, 25 September 2018

No 12430, Tuesday 25 Sep 2018, Lightning

1   Train with royal European carriage (8) REHEARSE {R}{E}{HEARSE}
5   Good man with urge to mend (6) STITCH {ST}{ITCH}
9   Turn game around with defence (8) ARGUMENT*
10 Measure physical structure to represent in words (6) EMBODY {EM}{BODY}
12 Insurers with appeal that is legal (5) LICIT {LIC}{IT}
13 Doctors at rift, to primarily take revenge (3,3,3) TIT FOR TAT {AT+RIFT+TO}*{Take}
14 Calling for aid at emergency room (6) CAREER {CARE}{ER}
16 Radical saint, one stuffing two diamonds say in retreat (7) DRASTIC {ST}{1} in {CARD<=}
19 Continental landmass whose area is united? Not exactly (7) EURASIA {AREA+IS+U}*
21 Penny missing the first distress call when money is received (3,3) PAY DAY {P}{mAY DAY}
23 Philosopher grades car tested in part (9) DESCARTES [T]
25 Part of support curtailed by church (5) PIECE {PIEr}{CE}
26 Very quick to grab ruptured clothes (6) ABRUPT [T]
27 Summons from large town falling short of quota right away (8) CITATION {CITy}{rATION}
28 Child’s organ? (6) KIDNEY (~kid knee) Homophone indicator missing?
29 Casual mail for new arrangement (8) INFORMAL {MAIL+FOR+N}*

1   Genuinely concerning friend (6) REALLY {RE}{ALLY}
2   Tall cleaning lady boxes one furniture used for dining (4,5) HIGH CHAIR {HIGH} {CHA{1}R}
3   Let flier with appeal get married (5) ADMIT {AD}{M}{IT}
4   Spanish gentleman outwardly occupied with politician (7) SENATOR {SEN{AT}OR}
6   Engineer may report to intern (9) TEMPORARY*
7   Boast catching river fish (5) TROUT {T{R}OUT}
8   Shaky act wandering where it’s hard to find a needle (8) HAYSTACK*
11 Rivet stuck tightly under desk initially (4) STUD Acrostic
15 Lenient queen missing desire becomes simple (4,2,3) EASY AS PIE {EASY}{ASPIrE}
17 Seconds away, a prize must be arranged in a shape (9) TRAPEZIUM {A+PRIZE+MUsT}*
18 Response to toll on diamonds along with support (8) FEEDBACK {FEE}{D}{BACK}
20 Advance payment from kid without limits (4) ANTE bANTEr
21 Approve leader returning with zeal (7) PASSION {PASS}{NO1<=}
22 Core vegetable going around, consumed right now for starters (6) KERNEL {KE{Ri..t}{Now}EL<=}
24 Fragment lost without resistance (5) SHRED {SH{R}ED}
25 Private investigator with an old instrument (5) PIANO {PI}{AN}{O}


Monday, 24 September 2018

No 12429, Monday 24 Sep 2018, Incognito

8   Long way to go — mile, perhaps — to agricultural site (4) FARM {FAR}{M}
9   Tipsy Zeno gulps in oxygen gas (5) OZONE {OZ{O}NE*} Does Afterdark know that?
10 Indian king in New York is dark (4) INKY {I}{N{K}Y}
11 Cried: "Be sick during a weekday" (6) WAILED {W{AIL}ED}
12 Croon around harbour? That's playful! (8) SPORTING {S{PORT}ING}
13 Indian revolutionary follows company employee (8) COMANCHE {CO}{MAN}{CHE}
15 Give back form sent to the IRS? (6) RETURN [DD]
17 Flower? Flower inside ship? Quite the contrary! (7) BLOSSOM {BLO{SS}OM}
19 Before paramilitary force captures parliamentarian and monarch (7) EMPRESS {E{MP}RE}{SS}
22 Loved Ruby (also Carmine, Rose, and Coral, perhaps) after a party (6) ADORED {A}{DO}{RED}
24 Cloudy above California street (8) OVERCAST {OVER}{CA}{ST}
26 Common gold, Gulf money and Yen (8) ORDINARY {OR}{DINAR}{Y}
28 Creeper found in Antigua, naturally (6) IGUANA [T]
30 Stake found in Dantes' heart — it's bigger than usual (4) ANTE [T]
31 No drink during paradiddle? It's funny! (5) DROLL {Drum ROLL}
32 Thailand's in Asia Minor? (4) SIAM [T]

1   Father's two personal assistants (4) PAPA {PA}{PA}
2   Gal's mama mixes compounds (8) AMALGAMS*
3   Sleuths returned after Ron went back for Scandinavian (6) NORDIC {RON<=}{CID<=}
4   Fighter's removal after Judge ... (7) JOUSTER {J}{OUSTER}
5   ... Roger's erroneously mentioned in Alcoholics Anonymous' initial meeting's high flying letter (8) AEROGRAM {A{ROGER*}A}{Me...g}
6   Command: "Export damaged relics from Lake District", surprisingly (6) DIKTAT {lAKe+DIsTricT}*
7   Just like one relative (4) AKIN {A}{KIN}
14 Drunk oldie is mad (5) OILED*
16 Engineer stops in absence of work and takes a break (5) RESTS {RE{STopS}
18 Mixed mild soda for spinsters (3,5) OLD MAIDS*
20 Exciting rescue or refuge? (8) RECOURSE*
21 Husband and wife give refuge to injured cooly and divine bovine (4,3) HOLY COW {H}{COOLY*}{W}
23 Artist is extraordinarily sensuous at first — gets pay hikes (6) RAISES {RA}{IS}{Ex...y}{Se...s}
25 Skin of eland, followed by horrible bile can be eaten (6) EDIBLE {ElanD}{BILE*}
27 Indian queen managed industry at first (4) RANI {RAN}{In...y}
29 Rushed back carrying last piece of baggage. It's not far! (4) NEAR {RA{b...gE}N<=}


Sunday, 23 September 2018

Special, Sunday 23 Sep 2018, Karthikeyan

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

This crossword variant has two extra features added to the standard THC and the instructions to solve are given below:

1. Each four letter clue’s wordplay indicates one or two leading/trailing extra letters not required in its solution; 

for e.g. if the clue reads "Prove most obese doesn't have head (4)"
Wordplay leads us to the answer ATTEST; delete first 2 letters AT from ATTEST and fit the grid with TEST as the solution.

The letter deletion could be one or two either in the beginning or the end of the answer got from wordplay; solver has to make the decision on whether the deletion is starting letter(s) or ending letter(s); Also the resultant four letters arrived at will be meaningful.

All such 4-letter clues are starred and they are 10 in count. Across: 8,10,29,31;    Down: 1,3,7,26,27,28

Rest of the clues are to be solved in normal manner.

2. Taken in order, clockwise from the top left corner, on all the four sides, the letters from the outermost squares upon completion spell out seven-word phrase. 

Since this is a group solving exercise the phrase meaning is  also given and it is an extra clue to be solved;

Clue for the phrase: "trapped equally between two alternatives (7,3,5,3,3,4,3)" (Answer to this to be given only after all clues are solved in the comments)

8   College graduates jumping out on a limb without boot* (4)
9   That woman playing with the bird (5)
10 One bat fly starts off elegantly* (4)
11 Slips while beheading rowdies (6)
12 Every other place in Cairo grimly echo smoking water pipe (8)
13 Soldier comes in at last, flying like an arrow (8)
16 One of the same clan blowing the top of big gun (6)
18 Einstein's field photos capture shy reaction (7)
19 One deceased surrounded by darling daughter is bloated (7)
22 Forbid some frozen joints (6)
24 Maybe get broken into many bits (8)
25 Hugger overturned vehicle in cinder (8)
27 Careless Kasporav, when resigns, becomes Fischer's successor (6)
29 Doctor at the eye centre, source of light intitally prescribes deodorant* (4)
30 Embrocate some Indian elephant (5)
31 A mirth tuned a musical string* (4)

1   Whimper about writing a short publicity notice* (4)
2   Fuses half of them with mortals (8)
3   Monetary unit like this for Ionian ancestor* (4)
4   Long twisted inside, twisty improperly (7)
5   Cherishing victory, slipped to fifth position prostrating (10)
6   Flag upheld in Nowgong is news (6)
7   Laymen upset by spooner's stiff joint* (4)
14 With both openers dismissed, was then getting pallid (5)
15 Sundar Pitchai for one bowled a googly to Trent coach (10)
17 Bird call or posting from @narendramodi (5)
20 Not at home, aberration damaged botanical gardens (8)
21 Rising temperature envelopes master, became known (7)
23 Sudden spate of turbulent Hudson river as the diver swam out (6)
26 Doctor treated sore condition to a greater extent* (4)
27 Enthusiastically make alternate plays after fractured knee* (4)
28 Many have said it's ethical* (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at KARTHIK 5


The Sunday Crossword No 3014, Sunday 23 Sep 2018

1   Electronic fault restricting new display (6) EVINCE {E}{VI{N}CE}
4   Old bottles, emptied and preserved, hidden (8) OBSCURED {O}{Bo...eS}{CURED}
9   Revolutionary nonsense transported critic (9) DETRACTOR {ROT}{CARTED}<=
11 Shy maiden, poor, left out (5) MOUSY {M}{lOUSY}
12 Rig vote designed to cause feeling of instability (7) VERTIGO*
13 Inexpert, united, right behind a friend (7) AMATEUR {A}{MATE}{U}{R}
14 Important dancer having cracked rib, in alarm, pale (5,9) PRIMA BALLERINA*
17 Sense retreat, for example, brought about by champion defending north vigorously (4,1,9) WITH A VENGEANCE {WIT}{HAVEN}{EG<=}{A{N}CE}
21 Monk admitting naughty dance (7) LAMBADA {LAM{BAD}A}
23 Letter, second sent round by Conservative in club (7) OMICRON {MO<=}{I{C}RON}
24 One day, provoked, did nothing (5) IDLED {1}{D}{LED}
25 Conductor using baton with energy after return (9) ELECTRODE {ROD}{E} after {ELECT}
26 Aim to go back aboard schooner perhaps for pleasure (8) GLADNESS {GLA{END<=}SS}
27 Blunder, as edited, partly rubbed out (6) ERASED [T]

1   Leaf vegetable? Need, in a stew, about four (6) ENDIVE {END{IV}E*}
2   Vignette, proper text with odd parts missing, read (9) INTERPRET {vIgNeTtE+pRoPeR+tExT}
3   Beginnings of markings usually in curve upward in skull (7) CRANIUM {Ma...s}{Us...y}{IN}{ARC}<=
5   Bird found around rocky crag, lone duck (8,5) BARNACLE GOOSE {BA{CRAG+LONE}*{O}SE}
6   Contrast in heart broken by politician, heart of oak (7) COMPARE {CO{MP}{oAk}RE}
7   Speaker's beginning course (5) ROUTE (~root)
 Pleasant fantasy story finally penned by father on quantity of paper (8) DAYDREAM {DA{s..rY}D}{REAM}
10 Agitators break rule most recklessly (13) TROUBLEMAKERS*
15 Run up with documents from debtors? Not interested (9) INCURIOUS {INCUR}{IOUS}
16 Satisfactorily located in row, good home (8) DWELLING {D{WELL}IN}{G}
18 Gang ahead after a scrap (7) ABANDON {BAND}{ON} after {A}
19 Top star is in remake (1-6) A-LISTER {AL{IS}TER}
20 Batting, lean and mean (6) INTEND {IN}{TEND}
22 Type of whisky available initially in country (5) MALTA {MALT}{Av...e}


Saturday, 22 September 2018

No 12428, Saturday 22 Sep 2018, Incognito

Any more theme words from the movie 'Come September'?
Back to using the dreaded 'extraneous' indicator after abandoning it for a few weeks. Setters/solvers let me know if this is ok or if I should permanently abandon using it


7. 2/3 of 27 arrive (4) COME {COMEdy} 27a is COMEDY
8. Beep terms out in Ninth Month” (9) SEPTEMBER {BEEP+TERMS*}

10. Kirk's got a child at each side of old town (6) CHURCH {CH}{UR}{CH}
11. Young lady purloins metal and pulls wool over the eyes (8) MISLEADS {MIS{LEAD}S}
12. Interrogate poser (8) QUESTION (DD)
14. Hounds ran away to river (6) HUDSON {HOUNDS*}
16. USA mint is destroyedit may cause flooding (7) TSUNAMI {USA+MINT*}
18. One musical group's on leave (7) ABANDON {A}{BAND}{ON}
21. Ex-student saw and followed instruction (6) OBEYED {OB}{EYED}
23. Got back from uncle's shop and planted grass around river before commencement of monsoon (8) REDEEMED {RE{DEE}{Monsoon}ED}
25. Abraham has non-drinking or primarily sober criminal assistants (8) ABETTORS {ABE}{TT}{OR}{Sober}
27. Beautiful lass is initially dropped for douchebag at first! Funny business! (6) COMEDY {COME(-l+D)Y}
29. Rod's following Metropolitan Police HQ's standard? (9) YARDSTICK {YARD}{STICK}
30. Mona left famous painting for Elizabeth, perhaps (4) LISA {monaLISA}


1. Mughal queen loses a broken spur and pants (8) JODHPURS {JODHa}{SPUR*}
2. Look closely // for a person doing his job at a convenience (4) PEER (DD)
3. I'm confused about this badly! Necks of lands? (6) ISTHMI {THIS*}{I'M*}
4. Superintendent of Police at university has old crockery with froth on top (7) SPUMING {SP}{U}{MING}
5. Raj's mistress has returned ball after one, following setter's memorandum at first (8) MEMSAHIB {ME}{Memorandum}{HAS<=}{I}{B}
6. Ex-student's old English instrument (4) OBOE {OB}{O}{E}
9. Wireless Advertisement's in the river in Spain” (5) RADIO {R{AD}IO}
13. Yellowish-beige, for example, seen around New Delhi initially (5) SANDY {SA{N}{Delhi|Y}
15. Move to music and cavort in front of church (5) DANCE {AND*}{CE}
17. Mouse had run helter-skelter in lodging for nutcases (8) MADHOUSE {MOUSE+HAD*}
19. Dove rose awkwardly too much of drug, perhaps (8) OVERDOSE {DOVE+ROSE}
20. Harsh detectives return carrying mutilated rats! (7) DRASTIC {CID<=} around {RATS*}
22. Lad hugs a couple of boys for a copper (5)  BOBBY {BO{B}{B}Y}
24. Fine after last month starting of engine to remove carbon (6) DECOKE {DEC}{OK}{Engine}
26. Rent not returned around end of December (4) TORN {NOT<=} around {decembeR}
28. Military officer follows mummy for a drink (4) MALT {MA}{LT}

Reference List
Child=Ch, Old town=Ur, One=A, Ex-student=OB, River=Dee, Abraham=Abe, Non-Drinking=TT
Superintendent of Police=SP, University=U, Ball=B, One=I, Setter=Me, Old=O, English=E, Advertisement=Ad, New=N, Church=CE, Detectives=CID, Boys=B, Fine=OK, Last Month=Dec, Military Officer=Lt, Mummy=Ma

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday, 21 September 2018

No 12427, Friday 21 Sep 2018, Neyartha

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 3 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only 

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Regular cadence interrupted by Leo's blundering in the teen years (11) ADOLESCENCE {AD{LEOS*}CENCE*}
9   Yankee entering the Lok Sabha is captivated by the roles of a mythological character (7) ULYSSES {U{L{Y}S}SES}
10 A gift from the office to discard the informal information after setback (6) LEGACY {GEL<=}{AgenCY}
11 Farm with an upward slope (5) RAISE [DD]
12 Dangerous python constricting a duck in a violent storm (7) TYPHOON {TYPH{O}ON*}
15 Announced film about an animal shelter (4) COTE (~coat)
16 High pitch resulting from a health problem appearing after a quiet run (10) SHRILLNESS {SH}{R}{ILLNESS}
18 Celebration at sea after the run out is evident (10) NOTICEABLE CELEBrATION*
20 Son misplaced pipe with the part of a brake (4) SHOE (+s)SHO(-s)E
23 One exiled by the Oriental to invoke a positive feeling in a royal family member (7) EMPRESS (-i+e)EMPRESS
24 Force resulting in things getting done without realization? (5) HABIT [CD]
26 Letters from tourists enchanted by a type of green tea (6) SENCHA [T]
27 Violent windstorm making rust return to the round tops of the oil drums and nails (7) TORNADO {ROT}<={Oil}{Dr..s}{And}{Na..s}<=
28 Rude Gilbert shot for making an instrument possibly dangerous for epileptics (6,5) STROBE LIGHT*

2   Rag in a windstorm (6) DUSTER [DD]
3   Heard famous Hungarian composer's record (4) LIST (~liszt)
4   Disguised sibyl taking in a student with a crumpled lily is a fool (5,5) SILLY BILLY {SIL{L}YB*}{LILY*}
5   Get wood varnish without a bill after Peggy loses margins on a thin kind of porcelain (8) EGGSHELL {pEGGy}{SHELLac}
6   Refusal to come up for participation in a revolution in a violent storm (7) CYCLONE {CYCL{NO<=}E}
7   Shade protecting a bishop with a single container in a violent storm (9) HURRICANE {HU{RR}{1}{CAN}E}
8   Man left out by a kettledrums player for a person operating a keyboard ... (6) TYPIST TYmPanIST
13 ... takes peach jam for a miserly person (10) CHEAPSKATE*
14 Statement in the article about a braid held up with a triumphant cry (9) ASSERTION {A{1 TRESS<=}{O}N}
17 Pam ignored macroscopic changes resulting in a sandstorm (8) SCIROCCO maCROSCOpIC*
19 Saint getting rid of the king in a bad mood in the violent windstorm (7) TEMPEST TEMPE(-r+st)ST
21 Focus on the price limit for a wheel accessory (6) HUBCAP {HUB}{CAP}
22 A poor mouse could live here (6) CHURCH [CD]
25 Small bag made with the help of some quiet Uighurs (4) ETUI [T]


Thursday, 20 September 2018

No 12426, Thursday 20 Sep 2018, Buzzer

1   Door always opens to achieve success (3,2) WAY IN {wAYs} in WIN Not sure of Anno (Addendum - {W{AY}IN} - See comments)
4   Water essentially, flowing into vast channel (2,7) TV STATION {waTer}{INTO+VAST}*
9   Drop of reddish purple colour ran across (7) PLUMMET {PLUM}{MET}
10 Admit reluctantly tax shelters working fine (7) CONFESS {C{ON}{F}ESS}
11 Back opposition? (5,4) OTHER SIDE [DD]
12 Cable network group dropping the ball getting explosive material (1-4) H-BOMB {HBO}{MoB}
13 In total shambles king's address (4,2) TALK TO {K} in {TOTAL}*
15 Monitor showing W, H but not I, D? Go for return (8) WATCHDOG {W}{AiTCH}{D}{GO<=}
18 Chance of never-ending rains sweeping through UK (3,1,4) RUN A RISK {n..eR}{U{RAINS*}K}
19 Crib primarily for new baby really (2,4) IN FACT INFA(-n+c)CT
22 Greener pastures for a drunkard with restraint (5) LEASH {LEAS}H Anno pending (Addendum - ~ leash - See comments)
24 Beef or tuna teatime sandwiches, heaven-sent (9) FORTUNATE [T]
26 Picks petition describing court rule (7) PLECTRA {PLE{CT}{R}A}
27 Head waiter and helper girl carrying evenly carved turkey (6,1) MAITRE D {MAI{TuRkEy}D}
28 Signing up for battle, not a normal teen (9) ENROLMENT {NORMaL+TEEN}*
29 Fine square type yard (5) SILKY {S}{ILK}{Y}

1   Why pout? By the sound of it in disappointment (7) WIPEOUT (~why pout)
2   Juvenile one reading two-thirds of article (5) YOUTH {YOU}{THe}
3   One of an upper group in a vulgar division (9) NUMERATOR [CD]
4   Piece of tasty thing nibbled at (6) TITBIT [DD] (Addendum - {Ta..y}{IT}{BIT} - See comments)
5   Like Channel Islands and the rest of community (8) SOCIETAL {SO}{CI}{ET AL}
6   Suburb of Pune with surrounding university hospital (5) AUNDH {A{U}ND}{H}
7   Competitive No.1 dealing hiding, beats me (3,2,4) I'VE NO IDEA [T]
8   Sack be so, feeding horse? (7) NOSEBAG {BE+SO}* in {NAG} &lit
14 Listen to inner voice ignoring surging adrenaline (4,2,3) LEND AN EAR ADRENALiNE*
16 Tons of carbon and uranium found among items (9) CENTURIES {C}{ENT{U}RIES}
17 A very smooth opener for England in recent times (2,2,4) AS OF LATE {A}{SO}{FLAT}{En...d}
18 Cast pearls before swine ultimately a setback (7) RELAPSE {PEARLS*}{s..nE}
20 24 hours to compose duet say (7) TUESDAY*
21 Quick reminder (6) PROMPT [DD]
23 House rent raised for boarding place (5) HOTEL {HO}{LET<=}
25 Pair in prison judge sent away for a month (5) APRIL {jA{PR}IL}

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 105

A bright and sunny TUESDAY in the month of APRIL.

Major General Jackson wearing a SILKY blue shirt came out of the HOTEL where he was staying and  was respectfully greeted by the MAITRE 'D.

He soon entered the WAY IN at the Army HQ and was as usual PROMPT in keeping the appointment. After the introductions Jackson began to TALK TO those present.

Everyone did keenly LEND AN EAR to what he was about to say. IN FACT Jackson was brief. He said that years back they did not want to RUN A RISK in writing down the message. But to confuse the OTHER SIDE they had made a few envelopes with dummy messages.

The idea was to put the enemies on a wild goose chase and were very FORTUNATE in having achieved the same.

By efflux of time the matter and the list had lost its importance. But the enemies were kept busy!!

Uncle Sam and Gombu were relieved on the appearance of Maj. General Jackson and the clarification given.

And thus we come to the end of the Bouncer and the Dancer.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

No 12425, Wednesday 19 Sep 2018, Arden

9   Within a month offer capital (7) ABIDJAN {A}{BID}{JAN} That should have been the Economic capital. Political capital is Yamoussoukro
10 Ugly drug, girls become quiet (7) HAGGISH HA(-sh+gg)GGISH
11 Bad feeling having succeeded in two overs (7) REMORSE Anno pending (Addendum - {RE}{MOR{S}E} - See comments)
12 Once capital diplomacy used to stop mob violence (4,3) RIOT ACT {RIO}{TACT}
13 Beer drinking — everyone joins Bill as he sings (9) BALLADEER {B{ALL}{AD}EER}
15 I had returned to old state (5) IDAHO {I}{HAD<=}{O}
16 About cost there is unpredictability (7) CAPRICE {CA}{PRICE}
19 Killers trim beards evenly (7) SNIPERS {SNIP}{bEaRdS}
20 Liquor regularly sent in, you're welcome (3,2) GET IN {G{sEnT}IN}
21 Spooner's frank in using furniture outdoors (9) CAMPSTOOL (-st+c)CAMP(-c+st)STOOL Using/Cool? See comments
25 Poles take over, it spins continuously (7) NONSTOP {N{O}NS}{TOP}
26 Ships's gone away, taking everyone (7) GALLEON {ALL} in {GONE*}
28 Editors reproduce chemical... (7) STEROID*
29 ...when mass-energy are taken altogether (2,5) EN MASSE [T]

1   City girl in zebra crossing (6) ZAGREB {G} in {ZEBRA}*
2   Terrible call, second man implicated (6) DISMAL {DI{S}{M}AL}
3   Open to the ascension of Indian King (4) AJAR <=
4   Girl gets in next, essentially an extension (6) ANNEXE {ANN{nEXt}E}
5   Four in India, rest away in France (8) CHARTRES {CHAR}{REST*}
6   Avoids taking a small car, not right to give abuses (10) IGNOMINIES {IGNOr{MINI}ES}
7   Vehicle enters through empty garage in minister’s house (8) VICARAGE {VI{CAR}A}{Ga..gE}
8   He is on Times, goes around the favelas (8) GHETTOES {G{HE}{TT}OES}
14 Transfer to the said foreign country (10) ALIENATION (~ alien nation)
16 Tax over a drink, showing caution (8) CAGINESS {C{A}{GIN}ESS}
17 Granted rights on cue, need time to resettle (8) PATENTED {PAT}{NEED+T}*
18 Thrill for a day, avoid outdoors (8) ESCAPADE {ESCAP{A}{D}E}
22 It's attractive, partly over ten games (6) MAGNET [T<=]
23 Property act, take time out and return to port (6) ODESSA {ASSEt}{DO}<=
24 Inlet can be adopted for a knife (6) LANCET {L{CAN*}ET}
27 Starts with limited investment, maintaining adequate capital (4) LIMA Acrostic


Tuesday, 18 September 2018

No 12424, Tuesday 18 Sep 2018, Arden

1   Settle before paper's out, amount unknown (6) PREPAY {PAPER*}{Y}
4   Oddly, redfin caught in Venetian waterway lands up in Rome (8) CARDINAL {CA{ReDfIn}NAL}
9   It enables purchase at the lowest level (6) ANCHOR [CD]
10 A workover, say for a renegade (8) APOSTATE {A}{OP<=}{STATE}
12 A planet has to have constant source of methane (5,3) MARSH GAS {MARS}{H{G}AS}
13 Cling on to him in the middle (6) COHERE {CO{HE}RE}
15 Diner's fine over the cape (12) DELICATESSEN {DELICATE}{NESS<=}
18 Bet Hank will clean up the casino (5,3,4) BREAK THE BANK {BET+HANK}* [RA]
21 Idiots, second rate (6) ASSESS {ASSES}{S}
22 British capital picks a tory leader — it's a gamble (8) BACCARAT {B}{ACC{A}RA}{Tory}
24 Approximate time to get fibre content (8) ROUGHAGE {ROUGH AGE}
25 Arab men stop you entering inside initially (6) YEMENI {YE}{MEN}{In...e}
26 Jump into castle wharf when sea gets rougher (8) CHOPPIER {C}{HOP}{PIER}
27 Draw second boat (6) SKETCH {S}{KETCH}

1   Sadly mop ground singing hymns (8) PSALMODY*
2   Red case, part is green (8) ESCAROLE {CASE*}{ROLE}
3   Doctor they approach regularly stops at the pharmacy (11,4) APOTHECARYS SHOP {THEY+APPROACH+StOpS}*
5   Starts again, lofty peaks evacuated in Europe (4) ALPS {Ag..n}{Lo..y}{PeakS}
6   Found Count posing danger to the king (10,5) DISCOVERED CHECK {DISCOVERED} {CHECK}
7   Tidy up, initially not to be consumed (6) NEATEN {Not}{EATEN}
8   No truth in the German song (6) LIEDER {LIE}{DER}
11 Dish — it's repeated quietly (7) MANTRAP {MANTRA}{P}
14 A silent river overruns, what's left here are coffin nails (7) ASHTRAY {A}{SH}{T{R}AY}
16 Tries art design, it's extremely sticky (8) TARRIEST*
17 Lampoon — it's funny Henry should get nervous (8) SKITTISH {SKIT}{ITS*}{H}
19 Nothing at all to it, crib about the material (6) FABRIC {FA}{CRIB*} Anno for FA pending See comments
20 Mock up when they're outstanding in work (6) PSEUDO {O{DUES}P}<=
23 Fit, not very dim (4) AGUE vAGUE


Monday, 17 September 2018

No 12423, Monday 17 Sep 2018, Arden

1   Endangered? Holler and head off to save your skin (9,5) VANISHING CREAM {VANISHING} {sCREAM}
10 Left with a river bird (5) OUSEL {OUSE}{L}
11 Put in menu, placed it on table periodically (9) NEPTUNIUM*
12 Man in America protects only criminal (7) HEINOUS {HE}{IN}{US} over {O}
13 Block blocks to block bird? On the contrary (3,2,2) LET IT GO {LE{TIT}GO}
14 Man's drowning in booze, discharge (5) RHEUM {R{HE}UM}
16 Nursemaid gets a fee, one is deeply religious (9) AYATOLLAH {AY{A}{TOLL}AH}
19 Cocoon them endlessly, keep recovering (2,3,4) ON THE MEND [T]
20 Refuse ballet, evenly missing the count perhaps (5) NOBLE {NO}{BaLlEt}
22 They are sung by sycophants (7) PRAISES [CD]
25 Herb loves to bottle anger, somehow (7) OREGANO {O}ANGER*}{O}
27 Gets around in a small function, feeling gloomy (9) SATURNINE {TURN} in {A}{SINE}
28 Bloodsucker stalks a girl (5) ALICE {A}{LICE}
29 In tandem Carbon becomes genetically engineered (11,1,1,1) RECOMBINANT DNA*

2   Wanting to save money, is off booze (9) ABSTINENT {ABS{TIN}ENT}
3   One left covered in sticky stuff, it's freezing in here! (5) IGLOO {1}{G{L}OO}
4   Greeting as men fish (9) HANDSHAKE {HANDS}{HAKE}
5   Friend trailing by two points on land... (5) NEPAL {N}{E}{PAL}
6   ...nobility's pensive, it's before the race (9) COUNTDOWN {COUNT}{DOWN}
7   Fatwa — finally the grand mufti appeared before court (5) EDICT {thE}{g..nD}{m..tI}{CT}
8   Big man faces bullets — starts the hunt (7) MAMMOTH {M}{AMMO}{The}{Hunt}
9   Harry's book choice (6) BOTHER {B}{OTHER}
15 Eddy recreated Moslem art (9) MAELSTROM*
17 Stars found in Paris and Rome daily (9) ANDROMEDA [T]
18 House republican in a fix, he has to handle huge volumes (9) LIBRARIAN {LIBRA}{R}{IN+A}*
19 Is he against work? That's the question (7) OPPOSER {OP}{POSER}
21 Short boy had to run, ran away (6) ELOPED {E{LOPE}D}
23 Heard old joke (5) ANTIC (~antique)
24 "Bizarre Sacrifice" — don't care for such movies (3-2) SCI-FI SaCrIFIce*
26 Beat up? Time to make a law (5) ENACT {CANE<=}{T}


Sunday, 16 September 2018

Special, Sunday 16 Sep 2018, K Koteswar Rao

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory.
Please provide all your answers in one comment

5   Laborious work - John quits liner (6)
6   Strike following extensive windfall (3,3)
9   Lots of money hesitatingly held in aircraft (6)
10 Brood offspring in not new natural surroundings (8)
11 Dig up sandwich without hesitation (4)
12 It’s holy wild bush. Bit aweless perhaps (5,5)
13 Miserable earth? (11)
18 Spooner’s burden on head is beyond computation (10)
21 Shoemaker rejects prohibitions (4)
22 Explorer who found Sumo Club (8)
23 Mouth doctor steps into light shoe (6)
24 Pairs, not French suspects (6)
25 Everything in bottle decides polling! (6)

1   Rip off sailor in short claim. It’s likely to happen (8)
2   I brush away arrogance (6)
3   Bed offered by restaurant without right food (8)
4   Imp in religious area? It is irrational fear! (6)
5   Into a ship, artist packs snake, dead (6)
7   Interesting news flies like bird act (6)
8   Naval formation by Berlin at sea (4,7)
14 Arbiters melted cheese on toast (8)
15 Support group leaves car in resemblance in struggle (8)
16 Solid figure or bone-covered? (6)
17 Everyone in play. It tells a story (6)
19 Transport takes fixed course to Spencer, say (6)
20 Millions in troubled Basra get horny creature (6)

Across Lite version can be accessed at KKR 18.


The Sunday Crossword No 3013, Sunday 16 Sep 2018

1   Catch pitiful vehicle with ticket in end (12) DISADVANTAGE {DI{SAD}{VAN}{TAG}E}
9   Dreams, short of rations, about jelly (5) ASPIC {ASPIrations}{C}
10 Cruelly inexperienced, losing wicket, undone initially by cunning (9) CALLOUSLY {CALLOw}{Un...e}{SLY}
11 Artist, joined by number in Italian city, left without natural explanation (10) PARANORMAL {PA{RA}{NO}RMA}{L}
12 Follow story from speaker (4) TAIL (~tale)
14 Engineers in group agreed (7) SQUARED {SQUA{RE}D}
16 Mild chapter, part lacking energy (7) CLEMENT {C}{eLEMENT}
17 One inclined to question power in sect not usually in charge (7) SCEPTIC {SCE{P}T*}{IC}
18 Landed in south, confused (7) SADDLED {S}{ADDLED}
20 Piece on board for bird (4) ROOK [DD]
21 Jump around front of stage with crowd captivated by famous people (4-6) STAR-STRUCK{STAR{St..e}R}{TRUCK}
24 Essentially needing a bit of money before meeting (9) CENTRALLY {CENT}{RALLY}
25 Last letter from troublesome gangster (5) OMEGA [T]
26 Influential figure in field, mostly dull and undemanding (7,5) LEADING LIGHT {LEA}{DINGy}{LIGHT}

1   New rule up on red gate in part of airport (9,6) DEPARTURE LOUNGE*
2   Poor judge after support (6-4) SECOND-RATE {RATE} after {SECOND}
3   Staff upset about extremes of erratic colour scheme (5) DECOR {D{e,,,iC}{c...uR}OR<=}
4   Partnerships completely ruined in case (9) ALLIANCES {ALL}{IN+CASE}*
5   Run temperature? Nonsense (4) TROT {T}{ROT}
6   French author, fantastic but vague, falters (7,8) GUSTAVE FLAUBERT*
7   Mass to occupy top American college area (6) CAMPUS {CA{M}P}{US}
8   Look at rent making small hole (6) EYELET {EYE}{LET}
13 Wilful leader's weight about right? Good (10) HEADSTRONG {HEADS}{T{R}ON}{G}
15 Sporting event strangely not held outside California (9) DECATHLON {NOT+HELD}* over {CA}
17 Bits of satire I'd cite that aren't even accurate (6) STRICT {SaTiRe+Id+CiTe}
19 Youngster put up with tacky stuff in order (6) DIKTAT {KID<=}{TAT}
22 Rector's first love? University, endlessly splendid (5) ROYAL {Re...r}{O}{YALe}
23 Produced signal to stop following bishop (4) BRED {B}{RED}


Saturday, 15 September 2018

No 12422, Saturday 15 Sep 2018, Arden


1. Back end remains over the edge here in India (7) KASHMIR {bacK}{ASH}{RIM<=}
5. Fighting men also involved in the scheme (7) PLATOON {PLA{TOO}N}
9. Send man into back row (5) REMIT {TIER<=} around {M}
10. Watching over work, making excuses (9) CONDONING {CON{DO}NING}
11. Impractical to apply force when it's windy all around (4-5) AIRY-FAIRY {AIRY-}{F}{AIRY}
12. Set inelegantly, not gentle art work (5) INLAY {{INELEGANTLY}-{GENTLE}*}
13. It’s too small to carry from Agra to Mathura (4) ATOM (T)
15. A gun goes off in line with fourth of July, it's unwieldy (8) UNGAINLY {A+GUN*}{L}{IN}{julY} See comments
18. Abstainers drink them following one's bete noire (8) ANATHEMA {AN}{A{THEM}A}
19. Novel set in Bethlehem, may be (4) EMMA (T)
22. Animal husbandry is poor, people oppose on all fronts (5) HIPPO (Acrostic)
24. Opposing voices raised, bit difficult (9) DIATRIBES {RAISED+BIT*}
26. Rain on grass, rain not even a hotchpotch (9) POTPOURRI {POT}{POUR}{RaIn}
27. One against one with one left to use (5) AVAIL {A}{V}{I}{A}{L}
28. Addict has the right to check into city day care centre (7) NURSERY {N{U{R}SER}Y}
29. Conference 50 % restricted, that's half (7) SEMINAR {SEMI}{NARrow}


1. Agree to pick up on an Asian (6) KOREAN {OK<=}{RE}{AN}
2. He helps uncle, perhaps to change a train (9) SAMARITAN {SAM}{A+TRAIN*}
3. Under a second, apt to come up with a design (5) MOTIF {MO}{FIT<=}
4. Integrity time to check, reduce it going all round (9) RECTITUDE {REDUCE+IT*} around {T}
5. Flower on ponytail after break up (5) PANSY {SNAP<=}{ponY}
6. Native is a//live, taking root (9) ABORIGINE {A}{B{ORIGIN}E}
7. Hotelier broke the window (5) ORIEL {THE+ORIEL*}={HOTELIER}
8. City goes one up on painter (6) NAGOYA {AN<=}{GOYA}
14. City — city in Alaska keeps time (9) METRONOME {METRO}{NOME}
16. Perhaps grains are stored in such places (9) GRANARIES {GRAINS+ARE*} &lit
17. One is stupid to seek support in menial work (9) LAMEBRAIN {MENIAL*} around {BRA}
20. A feature about work of a composer (6) CHOPIN {CH{OP}IN}
21. Stone remains 50% bigger (6) ASHLAR {ASH}{LARger}
23. Sellers perhaps will dwindle (5) PETER (DD)
24. Communist uprising followed by a meet (5) DERBY {RED<=}{BY}
25. Rule to banish half the championship side (5) REALM {REAL Madrid}

Reference List

Man=M, Work=Do, Force=F, Abstainers=AA, One=A, Against=V, One=I, Left=L, Addict=User, Right=R, City=NY (New York)
On=Re, Second=Mo, Time=T, One=An, Support=Bra, Work=Op, Communist=Red

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday, 14 September 2018

Special, Friday 14 Sep 2018, Kartikeyan

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6PM (Anotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

All clues marked with an asterisk (*) carry the same theme.

9   Newsman follows a french crude supply uncut (9)
10 Mister taken around borders of Telengana by step (5)
11 Tea maker makes fun rise (7)
12 Soviet grandmaster returned through Norway, though a Baltic native (7)
13 Working out of glory into minute parts* (4)
14 Perfect users reflect standard time* (3)
15 Saw bachelor returning to bed (6)
19 Either way it is a location finder* (5)
20 England ex-cricketer beheads yellow metal (3)
21 Concepts an early sign of  inventive designs, encouraged applied sciences(5)
22 Excited parent in awe (6)
23 Obstruct a pressure unit* (3)
24 Regularly tended to this exotic tuber (4)
27 Ten in pricey coats love going for music vigourously (7)
29 Called a lunatic Spanish Mayor (7)
30 & 25 Down; Could possibly a fielder block sunshine?* (5,5)
31 Ramayana main course cut short to focal point* (9)

1   Mountain at quay endlessly with a cause for  binary interaction of cyclones* (9,6)
2   Experienced person starting an organization is a corrupter (10)
3   Scorched judge out of order (5)
4   Build-up of carbon in volatile reaction* (9)
5   Section of silly dispute about an eclogue (5)
6   Identical value from all directions is nothing right in debatable topic* (9)
7   Directional receiver given to an ascetic leaving Ohio for good* (4)
8   Smart moisteners designed to measure visual range* (15)
16 He toiled to invent a surveying instrument* (10)
17 Weather reconnaissance device falls on Germany* (9)
18 One sugar intolerant person reported a thermodynamic process* (9)
25 See 30 Across*
26 Circuiteers regularly having a more frigid outlook* (5)
28 Leaders of Royal Academy of Britain make meteorological observations* (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at KARTHIK 4



Thursday, 13 September 2018

No 12421, Thursday 13 Sep 2018, Gridman


1   GPO spats over temporary arrangements (8) STOPGAPS*
6   The French Air Force's paper (4) LEAF {LE}{AF}
9    Bill collector’s finished, we hear, with hospital section (6) DUNNER (~done}{DUNN}{ER}
10 God about to shift pile (7) REACTOR (-c)REA(+c)CTOR
13 Random word of disgust held back on dirty Hazra road at last (9) HAPHAZARD {PAH<=}{HAZRA*}{roaD}
14 Minimum grassy fields at far end of Koraput (5) LEAST {LEAS}{k...uT}
15 Devotion loses its core. Shame! (4) PITY PIeTY
16 Lied about game worker and I joined in — we are dabblers (10) DILETTANTI {LIED*}{T}{ANT}{I} T/Game or T overlooked? (Addendum - {LIED*}{TT}{ANT}{I} - See comments)
19 Not idle about friar's breach (10) INFRACTION {FR} in {IN ACTION}
21 All but complain about tight hold (4) GRIP GRIPe
24 Informer: "It is on the lawn" (5) GRASS [DD]
25 Dress accessories hit the golf course (9) CUFFLINKS {CUFF}{LINKS}
26 Moving the goon away (2,3,2) ON THE GO*
27 Astute about right opening (6) CRANNY {C{R}ANNY}
28 No small pile of equestrian gear (4) TACK sTACK
29 Act or return kitties — it prevents a closing (8) DOORSTOP {DO}{OR}{POTS<=}

2   Surpass extremely elegant instrument (7) TRUMPET {TRUMP}{El...nT}
3   Confine fellow writer (6) PENMAN {PEN}{MAN}
4   Israeli at breaking down of high performer (9) AERIALIST*
5   Order to communist to keep quiet. That's a tiny bit (5) SHRED {SH}{RED}
7   Medical department's shower board (7) ENTRAIN {ENT}{RAIN}
8   Initial mail about top department in emergency care unit (5-3,4) FIRST-AID POST {FIRST} {A1}{D} {POST}
11 Assigns to a learner a different slot (6)  ALLOTS {A}{L}{SLOT*}
12 World leader, in the know, somehow stopping staff employed in punishment (8,4) WHIPPING POST {Wo..d}{HIP}{STOPPING*}
17 Essentially sexy and mostly bossy by virtue of position (2,7) EX OFFICIO {sEXy}{OFFICIOus}
18 Secret Service enter well causing trouble (6) HASSLE {HA{SS}LE}
20 Wild French clown's bit (7) FRANTIC {FR}{ANTIC}
22 Chance upon broken urn within the limits of Tokyo (3,4) RUN INTO {RUN}* {IN}{TokyO}
23 Never never! (6) ALWAYS [CD]
25 Delhi thief's beginning to develop emotional response (5) CHORD {CHOR}{De...p}