Monday, 10 December 2018

No 12493, Monday 10 Dec 2018, Aspartame

9   Cool teahouses often come prepared for dessert (9,6) CHOCOLATE MOUSSE {COOL+TEAHOUSES+CoMe}*
10 Rows are regular for him (7) OARSMAN [CD]
12 Surplus that's too old to be useful (7) OVERAGE [CD]
13 Treat daughter having an insect bite around fingertip (9) DISINFECT {D}{1}{SIN{Fi...p}ECT*}
14 Unit protects one northern animal (5) RHINO {RH{1}{N}O}
15 Eccentric coward has debts (7) CURIOUS {CUR}{IOUS}
18 Retaking possession that's seen during bridge (2-5) RE-ENTRY Anno pending
21 Mad villain killed a leftist leader with tool (5) ANVIL V1lLAIN*
23 Starting off with message to keep moderate urbane, happy (9) EXUBERANT {tEX{URBANE*}T}
25 Vital Phosphorus vial to be maintained (7) PIVOTAL {P+VIAL+TO}*
26 Plants ought to be sheltered to yield grains (7) SHADOWS {S{HAD}OWS} Ought/Had? Definition a bit far fetched
29 Note — trainee is taking meal as part of a learning program (9,6) REFRESHER {RE}{FRESHER}{COURSE}

1   Remains of English politician (4) ECHO {E}{CHO}
2   Addresses made to the second person in a year included old and upper class (4) YOUR {Y{O}{U}R}
3   Sitcom man dodges concealed fighter (8) COMMANDO [T]
4   Sandwich made from fresh sardine duke discarded (6) SARNIE SARdINE*
5   I adopt a round mammal (3,5) SEA OTTER {SE{A}{O}TTER}
6   He pretends to feel apologetic about burning spoons regularly, at first (6) POSEUR {sPoOnS}{RUE<=}
7   Writer took the crown from sassiest youth doctor (8) ESSAYIST {sASSIEST+Y}*
8   Man got good money demonstrating leadership (8) HEGEMONY {HE}{G}{MONEY}*
11 A water droplet reportedly signifies goodbye (5) ADIEU {A}{DIEU}(~dew)
15 Dictionary boy sold to get penny for drinks (7) CHAMPERS CHAM(-b+pe)PERS
16 Give energy to umpire having caught 66 yorkers at the start (8) REVIVIFY {RE{VI}{VI}F}{Yo...s}
17 Man has tasty cocktail in secret (8) STEALTHY ?
19 Muscle used to reach a higher level (8) ELEVATOR [DD]
20 Come back to regional heads meeting at central cinema to start watching.. (5) RENEW {REg...l}{ciNEma}{Wa...g} Heads for first two letters?
22 ...maybe a film about leaders of Turkish tribes (6) LETTER {LE{Tu...h}{Tr...s}ER<=}
24 You say nurse is bad? That's doubtful (6) UNSURE (~you){U}{NURSE}*
27 Stores kept raw vegetable (4) OKRA Anno pending
28 Foundation stone (4) SEED [DD]


Sunday, 9 December 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 3025, Sunday 09 Dec 2018

1   Ineffectual type, king going into decline (4) DRIP {D{R}IP}
3   Mixed tapes, lucid copies (10) DUPLICATES*
9   Observed number bound to catch cold (7) NOTICED {NO}{TI{C}ED}
11 Time, attached to rope, to make descent (7) LINEAGE {LINE}{AGE}
12 Distinct cost about pretence and chicanery (5,8) SHARP PRACTICE {SHARP} {PR{ACT}ICE}
14 Major airline? So essential (5) BASIC {BA}{SIC}
15 Model car involved with publicity surrounding Spielberg film (9) ARCHETYPE {CAR*}{H{ET}YPE}
17 Lack of interest in vase around northern clubs formerly (9) UNCONCERN {U{N}{C}{ONCE}RN}
19 Son in trouble with English passage (5) AISLE {AI{S}L}{E}
21 Items broadcast after hesitation in time before Christmas commercial (13) ADVERTISEMENT {ADV{ER}{ITEMS*}ENT}
24 Witticism in record, one with good force (7) EPIGRAM {EP}{{1}{G}{RAM}
25 Call film about tango mystifying (7) CRYPTIC {CRY}{P{T}IC}
26 Terrible tedium is broken by one with line creating likeness (10) SIMILITUDE {TEDIUM+IS}* over {1}{L}
27 Not working on the house (4) FREE [T] [DD]

1   Cheese and bun deli has prepared (6,4) DANISH BLUE*
2   One approaches overwhelming defeat, finally weeping (2,5) IN TEARS {1}{N{d...aT}EARS}
4   Less than regular parts of track we tackle (9) UNDERTAKE {UNDER}{TrAcK+wE}
5   Shrub that’s shown up in botanical illustration (5) LILAC [T<=]
6   Kindly captain initially just accepting team on merit (13) CONSIDERATE {Ca...n}{ON{SIDE}{RATE}LY}
7   Judge occupied by competition to make ornamental stonework (7) TRACERY {T{RACE}RY}
8   Democrat supporting witness in beginning (4) SEED {SEE}{D}
10 Vehicle expert upset during escapade on a large rocket launch site (4,9) CAPE CANAVERAL {CAP{VAN+ACE<=}ER{A}{L}
13 Referring to church with quiet story about candle’s first holder (10) RECEPTACLE {RE}{CE}{P}{TA{Ca...e}LE}
16 Certain deception very popular with December coming up (9) CONVINCED {CON}{V}{IN}{DEC<=}
18 Skull in opening of chiller set on an island possessed by spirit (7) CRANIUM {Ch...r}{R{AN}{I}UM}
20 Woman before reform not having a refuge (7) SHELTER {SHE}{aLTER}
22 Brief dispatch (5) REMIT [DD]
23 Street speaker’s source of inspiration (4) MEWS (~muse)


Saturday, 8 December 2018

No 12492, Saturday 08 Dec 2018, KrisKross

A pangram from the champ in line to retake his title shortly.

1   Fine to shatter building that's most remote (8) FARTHEST {F}{SHATTER}*
5   Summer in Mesopotamia (6) ABACUS [CD]
9   Spur mate swimming against the current (8) UPSTREAM*
10 Leaves home for a match (6) ELOPES [CD]
12 They work to make a net profit (9) FISHERMEN [CD]
13 Lazy person finished crossing river (5) DRONE {D{R}ONE}
14 Boy holding the old saw (4) EYED {E{YE}D}
16 Setter's sound asleep, surrounded by children — charming fellows (7) WIZARDS {I}{Z}(~I's) in {WARDS}
19 Do kill! (7) EXECUTE [DD]
21 Club's function (4) COSH [DD]
24 Bit crazy over girl (5) STUNG {NUTS<=}{G}
25 Nairobi TV broadcast: "Indication of earthquake" (9) VIBRATION*
27 Nonentity bats, not out, close to a century (6) NINETY noNENtITY*
28 Royal in trouble, about to start engaging Bond shortly (8) MAJESTIC {JAM<=}{En...g}{STICk}
29 Batsman in the middle tries cuts (6) SHEARS {batSman}{HEARS}
30 Sends short message, including smileys, essentially to get goods from Surat, say (8) TEXTILES {TEXT{smILEys}S}

1   Light run around University with a couple of fellows (6) FLUFFY {FL{U}{FF}Y}
2   Fight is in balance (6) RESIST {RES{IS}T}
3   Animal runs wearing stockings (5) HORSE {HO{R}SE}
4   Crowded bus, ultimately hot (7) SWARMED {S}{WARMED}
6   Pope orders to capture twelve tailless cows (9) BULLDOZES {BULL{DOZEn}S}
7   Cabinet reportedly not interested to support award (8) CUPBOARD {CUP}{BOARD}(~bored)
8   Anxiety of writer absorbed in Seuss novel (8) SUSPENSE {SUS{PEN}SE*}
11 Understood wildebeest speaking (4) KNEW (~gnu)
15 Kid shot gun end of the story (9) YOUNGSTER {GUN+thE+STORY}*
17 Soldiers carrying vegetables for countrymen (8) PEASANTS {PEAS}{ANTS}
18 Queen's upset with church order (8) SEQUENCE {QUEENS*}{CE}
20 Men vying display ill-will (4) ENVY [T]
21 Taxi with luggage, drug and cash (7) CABBAGE {CAB}{BAG}{E}
22 Cop is told to conceal weapon (6) PISTOL [T]
23 Plays correct stance (6) ENACTS*
26 Long time to book vehicle (5) AGENT {AGE}{NT}

Reference List

Boy = ED, The old = YE, Sound asleep = Z, Pope orders = BULLS, Drug = E, Book = NT

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday, 7 December 2018

No 12491, Friday 07 Dec 2018, Afterdark

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only 

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM.

Thanks for the response here's the regular blog.

1   Capturing a ruler at the end of fight (6) TAKING {f..hT}{A}{KING}
4   Only females put make up (6) OFFSET {O}{FF}{SET}
9   Bravo removes helmet, gets hurt in the afternoon, down under (4) ARVO bRAVO*
10 Perhaps gramophone's not new, time to replace picture (10) PHOTOGRAPH PHO(-n+t)TOGRAPH
11 Expedition is endless, a great distance to reach 4th position (6) SAFARI {iS}{A}{FAR}{posItion}
12 Call and talk nonsense, perhaps (8) BUZZWORD {BUZZ}{WORD}
13 Dead? No, was kept in ICU earlier to protect (9) INOCULATE {I{NO}CU}{LATE}
15 Unruly Republican sent out, Democrat coming in place is old-fashioned (5) DOWDY (-r+d)DOWDY
16 Greece excluded from Gulf War surprisingly! Shocking (5) AWFUL {gULF+WAr}*
18 Perfect twist, game over; first loss (9) MATCHLESS {MAT}{CH{Loss}ESS}
22 New Business Unit had billions invested in artificial intelligence as capital (3,5) ABU DHABI {BU+HAD}*{A{B}I}
23 Career in knots to begin with procuring a type of printer (3-3) INK-JET {IN}{Kn..s}{JET}
25 Perhaps the highest office in the world; how he suits, not quite in a way. Egoistic leader (5,5) WHITE HOUSE {HOW+HE+SUITs}*{Eg...c}
26 One's right, church has a vault (4) ARCH {A}{R}{CH}
27 Drink, but not in the plant (6) POTATO POTATiOn
28 Beauty treatment is ridiculous, lacking charisma essentially (6) FACIAL FArCIcAL How is the R deleted?

1   Odd theory on precipitation on ground (7) TERRAIN {ThEoRy}{RAIN}
2   Currency found on the outskirts of Kanpur with no source, promptly returned (5) KRONA {Ka..uR}{ANOn<=}
3   Ordered platinum, mostly for wedding (7) NUPTIAL PLATINUm*
5   Dirty female on a fight wielding axes (6) FROWZY {F}{ROW}{ZY}
6   Unofficial selection method for post-war reconstruction based on lives lost primarily... (5,4) STRAW POLL {POST+WAR}*{Li..s}{Lost}
7   ... red tape menace reduced (7) TAPERED*
8   Fact about image circulated has no authentic source; it is PTSD (6,7) COMBAT FATIGUE {FACT+ABOUT+IMaGE}*
14 Company on the raise, director's against stranger primarily attempting to takeover (4,5) COUP D'ETAT {CO}{UP}{D}{ET}{At...g}{To}
17 Complex — posh building found in online marketplace (3,4) WEB SHOP {WEB} {POSH}*
19 In these days, that man's found essentially enthralled by illusion (7) CHIMERA {C{HIM}E}{e..hRAl..d}
20 Leading shop acquiring new client for a design plate, perhaps... (7) STENCIL {Shop}{CLIENT}*
21 ...keeping stock on time, gains reputation (6) CACHET {CACHE}{T}
24 People in Meghalaya with roots at Kerala have accounts settled ingeniously (5) KHASI Acrostic


Thursday, 6 December 2018

No 12490, Thursday 06 Dec 2018, Afterdark

9   Army is prejudiced, ignores President and follows military leader (7) MARTIAL {Mi...y}{pARTIAL}
10 Condition of player? Gutted as visibility is restricted by glasses (7) PROVISO {Pl..eR}{O{VIS}O}
11 Fabric can stretch once retaining density (7) SPANDEX {SPAN}{D}{EX}
12 Opening for training lions, train to be caged (7) NOSTRIL {NOS{TR}IL*}
13 Chief doctor, one fixing my heart by therapeutic generation of heat in body (9) DIATHERMY {Do...r}{1}{MY+HEART}*
15 Old-fashioned trouser relaunched outside of US (5) RETRO TROusER*
16 Difficult to restrain a horse that's pale (7) HAGGARD {H{A}{GG}ARD}
19 Died by gunshot, one sent off to prison (7) DUNGEON {D}{GUN*}{ONE*}
20 Cook with cilantro, a standard ingredient (5) ROAST [T]
21 Commentary is against an international organisation leader executed in the past (5-4) VOICE-OVER {V}{OIC}{Ex...d}{OVER}
25 Agitation by British is nonsense (7) BLATHER {B}{LATHER}
26 Viral disease contracted through food containing salmonella primarily; have eggs without yolk (7) MEASLES {MEA{Sa...a}L}{EggS}
28 Positive terminal of battery has carbon, generating heat around centre of the body (7) CATHODE {C}{ATH{bODy}E*} I'm confused
29 Fabric Anne used to cover Kelvin and nurse (7) NANKEEN {NAN{K}E*}{EN}

1   Interested getting a leading motorcar: secondhand (6) AMUSED {A}{Mo...r}{USED}
2   Mystery articles seen after a progression of events (6) ARCANA {ARC}{AN}{A}
3   Misled by letters from Bengali educationist (4) LIED [T]
4   Potion can be procured from priest at 10, near Ireland (6) ELIXIR {ELI}{X}{IR}
5   Watchful peon attacked, keys taken from the centre and escaped at the borders (4-4) OPEN-EYED {PEON}*{kEYs}{Es...eD}
6   Demonstration is on Monday by the beach mostly, countering engineering college (10) MONSTRANCE {MON}{STRANd}{EC<=}
7   Ferocious tiger ate a cluster of feathers (8) AIGRETTE*
8   To summarise, first braise with oil, serve with spoon on the side (4,4) BOIL DOWN {Br...e}{OIL}[DO}{W}{s..oN}
14 An idol found on earth (10) HEARTTHROB {EARTH}* [RA]
16 Perhaps a book by writer about a restricted database (8) HARDBACK {H{A}{R}{DB}ACK}
17 Man hires a railway worker with a promise, in legal terms (8) GUARANTY {GU{A}{R}{ANT}Y}
18 Separated man's cover is blown in the end (8) DIVORCEE {DI{COVER*}E}
22 Proof of a man's character fetches name and fame at the end (6) IMMUNE {1}{M}{MU}{N}{famE}
23 One replacing a round in bombardment at Kashmir, perhaps (6) VALLEY V(-o+a)ALLEY
24 Take offence at teens being wayward while crossing road (6) RESENT {R}{TEENS*}
27 Relative paraded at the centre (4) AUNT flAUNTed


Wednesday, 5 December 2018

No 12489, Wednesday 05 Dec 2018, Sunnet

1   Announced stoppage of payment method (6) CHEQUE (~check)
4   Accepted notice to centre about railway officer (8) ADMITTED {AD}{MI{TTE}D}
10 Reveals heart's beats (9) OUTSCORES {OUTS}{CORES}
11 Give a ring back (5) ALLOT {A}{TOLL<=}
12 Incorrectly rated deal (5) TRADE*
13 Flung blood on us for some money (9) DOUBLOONS*
14 Bill's story (7) ACCOUNT [DD]
16 Side row (4) BANK [DD]
19 Copyright on gray money (4) CASH {C}{ASH}
21 Support from graduate's weapon (7) BALANCE {BA}{LANCE}
24 Accuracy of abstract on charged particle (9) PRECISION {PRECIS}{ION}
25 Liability of fresh girl's appeal (5) DEBIT {DEB}{IT}
26 Stretch material from two cities (5) NYLON {NY}{LON}
27 Relating to outside union in old Goa organised by American doctor who's moved a couple of steps ahead (9) EXOGAMOUS {EX}{GOA*}{US<=>MO}
28 Paragraph on new side that's ruined Eden (8) PARADISE {PARA}{SIDE*}
29 Spread of western but not eastern brew (6) STREWN WESTeRN*

1   National animal's right to love Scot (8) CROATIAN {C{R}{O}AT}{IAN}
2   Capture an opening (8) ENTRANCE [DD]
3   Lender of carbuncles (5) UNCLE [T]
5   Trouble is Pluto's dry from the bottom (7) DISTURB {DIS}{BRUT<=}
6   Tennis champion's vehicle loan in Illinois (4,5) IVAN LENDL {I{VAN}{LEND}L}
7   Fat and big cow lost its head (6) TALLOW {TALL}{cOW}
8   Hate Germany's trial (6) DETEST {DE}{TEST}
9   Rely on honour (6) CREDIT [DD]
15 Neutral UN leading deftly (9) UNALIGNED {UN}{LEADING*}
17 11 separately? (3,2,3) ONE BY ONE Definition by example
18 Dump black note on boy (8) JETTISON {JET}{TI}{SON}
20 She has great expectations from Nazi leader capturing Ireland (7) HEIRESS {HE{IRE}SS}
21 Fuel obtained from crushing bone having unknown length (6) BENZOL {BEN{Z}O*}{L}
22 To speak freely writer is introduced to publisher (6) OPENUP {O{PEN}UP}
23 Cashier a narrator (6) TELLER [DD]
25 Enlist in hard RAF training (5) DRAFT [T]


Tuesday, 4 December 2018

No 12488. Tuesday 04 Dec 2018, Skuldugger

Plenty of questions today

5   Cool musical accompaniment described by Brown (6) FROSTY {FR{OST}Y} Ost/Musical accompaniment? See comments
6   Being pockmarked, gets depressed (6) PITTED [CD]
9   Tiny bit of positivity in revolutionary statement rejecting fancy speech! (6) PROTON {Po...y}ROTON Anno pending (Addendum - {NO}{TO}{RP}<= - See comments)
10 Scribe's tools here in cocktail booth (8) INKSTAND {IN}{cocK}{STAND}
11 Framework fitted into bracket (4) RACK [T]
12 A world full of noodle soup for anti-colonialist! (10) ANGLOPHOBE {AN}{GLO{PHO}BE}
13 Interventionism: is it ruining our surroundings (11) ENVIRONMENT iNtERVENTIONisM*
18 Shock as king enters stand-off with son (10) DREADLOCKS {D{R}EADLOCK}{S}
21 Anaemic bone deficiency (4) WANT {WAN}{T}
22 Verify a relative's eligibility to drink a bit of masala chai (8) CARDAMOM CARD{A}{MOM} Card/Verify? See comments
23 Difficult to get ahead when short of money (4,2) HARD UP {HARD}{UP}
24 Pour out wine, say, for British TV presenters (6) DECANT [DD?] Anno not clear (Addendum - {DEC}{ANT} - See comments)
25 Walk in the park in light wind (6) BREEZE [DD]

 Kid gloves made of this for nanny! (8) GOATSKIN {GOATS}{KIN}
2   Tarzan's not feral at heart, can create a few lines of poetry (6) STANZA TArZANS*
3   Invalids in this vomitorium! (8) SICKROOM [CD]
4   Darn cramp! (6) STITCH [DD]
5   Official event for students (6) FORMAL {FOR}MA{L} MA from? See comments
7   German flower bed vandalised, Indian woman arrested (6) DANUBE {D{ANU}BE*}
8   Rex’s realm to get closer to the world beyond (7,4) KINGDOM COME {KINGDOM} {COME} Come/get closer?
14 Setter to ponder over half broken engine light (8) ILLUMINE {I}{MULL<=}{engINE}
15 Adapts, renews the Spanish film with items of topical interest (8) NEWSREEL {RENEWS}*{EL}
16 Her grand entrances ignored by Commission (6) ERRAND {hER}{gRAND}
17 Initiate time off before key occasion (6) INDUCE {INDUCt}{E}
19 Snowbird ensnared by mad dictator (6) ADDICT [T]
20 Circle inspector's boss present (6) SPHERE {SP}{HERE}


Monday, 3 December 2018

No 12487, Monday 03 Dec 2018, Dr, X,

1   Becomes nervous and makes the baby burp (4,3,4,2) GETS THE WIND UP [DD]
8   Wife overwhelmed by hurt, uttered profanities (5) SWORE {S{W}ORE}
9   Firm muscles, essentially sexy (9) SCLEROTIC {muSCLes}{EROTIC}
11 Unreasonable way to reach the next valley? (4-3-3) OVER-THE-TOP [DD]
12 Masked fellow is picking lock (4) WISP [T]
14 Closes wound over one small bone (7) OSSICLE {OSS{1}CLE*}
16 Vet injecting a bit of painkiller into small creature (7) INSPECT {INS{Pa...r}ECT}
17 Most venerated entertainer concealing deceit (7) HOLIEST {HO{LIE}ST}
19 Rewarding girl tackling one making fun (7) GAINFUL {GA{1}{FUN*}L}
21 Insensitive man breaks heart (4) NUMB {NU{M}B}
22 Gradually become less friendly with retired father after disagreement in spring (5,5) DRIFT APART {D{RIFT}{PA<=}ART}
25 Son, mischievous in band, becomes more punctilious (9) STARCHIER {S}{T{ARCH}IER}
26 One cooking oats and grains (5) IOTAS {1}{OATS}*
27 Effect of whiplash on thoroughly tiresome person (4,2,3,4) PAIN IN THE NECK [DD]

2   Wanting time perhaps to sleep around, a little recklessly they run away (7) ELOPERS {tO+SLEEP}* over {Re...y}
3   They help some folks see finer shows (10) SPECTACLES [DD]
4   Society gripped by animosity and foolhardiness (5) HASTE {HA{S}TE}
5   Group securing permit indulging (9) WALLOWING {W{ALLOW}ING}
6   Average novel by Agatha Christie? (4) NORM {N or M}
7   Straighten out nut splashing alcoholic drink (7) UNTWINE {NUT*}{WINE}
8   Vote that happens at the end of poker round (4,2,5) SHOW OF HANDS [DD]
10 Angry at clause limiting mine yields (11) CAPITULATES {AT+CLAUSE}* over {PIT}
13 Flying into Paris, nursing a dream (10) ASPIRATION {INTO+PARIS}* over {A}
15 Force tore into rogue grabbing vote (9) EXTORTION {TORE+INTO}* over {X}
18 Buddhist monk coming to grips with sinful dance (7) LAMBADA {LAM{BAD}A}
20 Fellow charged with incomplete evidence upset and distressed (7) FRANTIC {F}{RAN}{CITe<=}
23 Keep husband out (5) FORTH {FORT}{H}
24 Hardly any time left to study (4) SCAN SCANt


Sunday, 2 December 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 3024, Sunday 02 Dec 2018

1   Partner in punt next to bank (8) SIDEKICK {SIDE}{KICK}
5   Loose plug split (6) ADRIFT {AD}{RIFT}
10 Section of vital links wiped out (3,2)  ALL IN [T]
11 Catches in actual practice (9) REHEARSAL {RE{HEARS}AL}
12 Odd game disrupted search (7) RUMMAGE {RUM}{GAME}*
13 One qualified to operate system initially and press ahead (7) SURGEON {Sy...m}{URGE ON}
14 Show impatience in talk about politician with silly hat, I bet (5,2,3,3) CHAMP AT THE BIT  {CHA{MP}{HAT+I+BET}*T}
17 Saint provides charter for county (13) STAFFORDSHIRE {ST}{AFFORDS}{HIRE}
20 Fierce aquatic creature? Old man, to catch one, worked hard (7) PIRANHA {P{1}{RAN}{H}A}
21 Defamation put down in sermon? Not half (7) SLANDER {S{LAND}ERmon}
23 Terribly egocentric, having no time for hotel employee (9) CONCIERGE EGOCENtRIC*
24 Smashing odd bits of sculpted alabaster finally (5) SUPER {ScUlPtEd}{a...eR}
25 Farmyard enclosure was first to be designed (6) STYLED {STY}{LED}
26 Irritation in places about unfair arrangement (6-2)  STITCH-UP {ST{ITCH}UP<=}

1   Fiction with foundation in Irish emblem (8) SHAMROCK {SHAM}{ROCK}
2   Problem raised in middle of eating fruit? Not on (7) DILEMMA {AM{MELon}ID}<=
3   Range over unknown area in country (5) KENYA {KEN}{Y}{A}
4   Wild ranter during strike gives publicity to topical events (7,7) CURRENT AFFAIRS {CU{RANTER*}FF}{AIRS}
6   Group of people in rising uttered verbal attacks (9) DIATRIBES {DIA{TRIBE}S<=}
7   Examine bug restricting power (7) INSPECT {INS{P}ECT}
8   Story not without heart and skill (6) TALENT {TALE}{NoT}
9   Glowing broadcast cons the shopper (14) PHOSPHORESCENT*
15 Simple obligation, guarding against being mournful (9) PLAINTIVE {PLAIN}{TI{V}E}
16 Sweet daughter after attention surrounded by support (4,4) PEAR DROP {P{EAR}{D}ROP}
17 Elastic band round plant? On the contrary (7) SPRINGY {SP{RING}Y}
18 Detailed description's first suppressed by useless hotel (2-5) IN-DEPTH  {IN{De...n}EPT}{H}
19 Empty areas in resort dry up (6) SPACES {SPA}{SEC<=}
22 Advantage when prepared (5) ASSET {AS}{SET}


Saturday, 1 December 2018

No 12486, Saturday 01 Dec 2018, Dr. X


1. Unpopular act involving tax (8) DETESTED {DE{TEST}ED}
5. Drunk woman aboard spirited horse (6) STEWED {STE{W}ED}
10. Taste a bit of lasagna in gala (5) FLAIR {F{Lasagna}AIR}
11. Good luck fixing leak in rickety barge (5,1,3) BREAK A LEG {LEAK*} IN {BARGE*}
12. Concealing ball tampering, liar tries to get rid of sandpaper finally in a game (9) SOLITAIRE {LAIR+TrIES*} around {O}
13. Scapegoats easily kept perplexed (2,3) AT SEA (T)
14. Love the wings of white exotic bird (6) TOWHEE {O+THE+WhitE*} Thanks to Col.

15. Engineer // put to death (7) EXECUTE (DD)
18. Crime of dealer in stolen goods (7) OFFENCE {OF}{FENCE}
20. One providing timber stock heartlessly (6) POPLAR {POPuLAR}
22. Comments given by nationalist for victory in elections (5) NOTES {(-v+N)OTES}
24. Careless girl chasing hot men having sex appeal (3-2-4) HIT-OR-MISS {H{IT} {OR}}{MISS}
25. Performing after desire in sack grew rapidly (9) BURGEONED {B{URGE}{ON}ED}
26. Roused by astonishment over sanction (5) AWOKE {A{OK}WE}
27. What might hamper a murder investigation? Mediocrity (6) NOBODY {NO}{BODY}
28. Force husband to break unfortunate impasse (8) EMPHASIS {H} in {IMPASSE*}


1. Agent backing operation to reduce tension (6) DEFUSE {FED<=}{USE}
2. Upper-class person receiving protests becomes quieter (6,3) TRAILS OFF {T{RAILS} OFF}
3. What a person with lice infestation might do // to express bewilderment? (7,4,4) SCRATCH ONES HEAD (DD)
4. Deep recession? (3,4) EBB TIDE (CD)
6. Doctor's instruction while checking with stethoscope –//  'Relax!' (4,1,4,6) TAKE A DEEP BREATH (DD)
7. Reasons to arrest student making flags (5) WILTS {WI{L}TS}
8. Perverts drag revolutionary involved in raising issue (8) DEGRADES {DE{DRAG*}ES<=}
9. Hard to dissolve marriage finally (6) SEVERE {SEVER}{marriagE}
16. Concerted move to remove Republican facing hostility around globe (9) UNANIMOUS {rUN}{ANIM{O}US}
17. Where people might be in two minds? (5,3) LOONY BIN (CD)
19. Gas beneath ground exuding trace of butane (6) ETHANE {bENEATH*}
20. Spot renegade meeting crazy revolutionary in European city (7) POTSDAM {SPOT*}{MAD<=}
21. Snakes surrounding fellows! Losing head, they tremble in forest (6) ASPENS {ASP{mEN}S}
23. Beat heartless star (5) THROB {heartTHROB}

Reference List

Woman=W, Ball=O, Love=O, Nationalist=N, Victory=V, Hot=H, Men= OR, Sex Appeal=It, Husband=H
Agent=Fed, Student=L, Republican=R, Globe=O

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Friday, 30 November 2018

No 12485, Friday 30 Nov 2018, xChequer

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only 

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

7   Those having policies perhaps not wanting society to get desensitized (6) INURED INsURED
8   Long recital wasted on some (6) LITANY {LIT}{ANY}
10 Cold dosh and no debt primarily with supply? (4,4) CASH DOWN {C+DOSH+ANd+W}* &lit
11 Try queen's auditor (6) HEARER {HEAR}{ER}
12 Improper to sleep in it (5) INAPT {I{NAP}T}
14 A lead in rubber with rule of 11 in slam (7) ARRAIGN {A}{Ru...r}{RAIGN}(~rein)
15 The definition one's left — unlikely on vacation, while working! (2,3,4,2,4)  IN THE LINE OF DUTY {THE+{DEFINITION(-i+L)}+Un...lY}*  &lit
18 About to throw up? Consume small lumps of chewed food (7) BOLUSES {LOB<=}{USE}{S}
19 Ganja's local hash from Zaire (5) AZERI*
20 Roman characters used with Latin everyday (6) NORMAL {ROMAN*}{L}
21 Illustrates with old pens (8) EXPOUNDS {EX}{POUNDS}
23 Class is taught to integrate further (6) ASSIST [T]
24 Irregularly judge cloistered nuns in order, not given due credit (6) UNSUNG {jUdGe} over {NUNS}*

1   Bloating no end with one lousy drink (8) LIBATION {BLOATINg+1}*
2   Plenty to raise a stink about bores (4) MUCH {H{C}UM<=}
3   Sharp reply on wrongful action (6) RETORT {RE}{TORT}
4   Leading actor's time constrained following success till date (8) HITHERTO {HIT}{HER{T}O}
5   Jack's do without adult nonsense (10) TARADIDDLE {TAR}{A}{DIDDLE}
6   Wife's very silly name for monster in arms (6) WYVERN {W}{VERY*}{N}
9   Free of blemishhasn't got ruined in a way (11) UNTARNISHED {HASNT+RUINED}* As per the clue it should be anagram of RUINED in HASN'T?
13 Aspect of displayed colours while mourning? (2,4-4) AT HALF-MAST [CD]
16 Heel reduced limp (8) LISTLESS {LIST}{LESS}
17 This time could be lucky time for senior living (5,3) THIRD AGE {THIRD} {AGE}
18 Shoe tore after bachelor passed up repair (6) BROGAN {B}{R{GO<=}AN}
19 Young swans like to come above some trees (6) ASPENS {AS}{PENS}
22 Ox extinct from planet? Couple of animals left (4) URUS {URanUS}


Thursday, 29 November 2018

No 12484, Thursday 29 Nov 2018, xChequer

7   Little by little oxygen forced inside chest (6) LOWBOY {LOW}{B{O}Y}
8   Exclusive rights to custom location for grave (6) SOLEMN {SOLE}{c...oM}{l...oN}
10 Abrupt in parts when coming to the end (8) CURTAINS {CURT}{A{IN}S}
11 More elegant for a uniform fix (6) NEUTER NE(-a+u)UTER
12 Paper trial (5) ESSAY [DD]
14 Playboy founder releasing new films, sex turning more substantial (7) HEFTIER {HEFn{IT<=}ER}
15 Police caught crook leaving small stunt for challenging affair (5,3,2,5) TOUGH NUT TO CRACK  {CAUGHT+CROOK+sTUNT}*  Police is anagram indicator?
18 Domestic national well out of borders, remains at large here (7) CHARNEL {CHAR}{N}{wELl}
19 Might and right surrounding ordinary civic official (5) MAYOR {MAY}{O}{R}
20 Informed about pair liberated from jail (6) SPRUNG {S{PR}UNG}
21 Dandy on the whole? That's right (4,4) ALLS WELL {ALL}{SWELL}
23 Small setback in position play (6) LEEWAY {L{WEE<=}AY}
24 Account of soldier in retreat, heart-rending (6) REPORT TROoPER<=

1   Intimate lines in a mixed duet on love (6,2) ALLUDE TO {LL} in {A+DUET}*{O}
2   Pulls up a bookworm (4) SWOT <=
3   Day providing modest gains for index (6) CODIFY {CO{D}{IF}Y}
4   Seesaw for a daughter, not unusual (2,3,3) TO AND FRO {FOR+A+D+NOT}*
5   Oddly cruel play beginning to irritate fans (10) PECULIARLY {CRUEL+PLAY+I}*
6   Draw needing boundary, no aspiration to try (6) ENDEAR {END}{hEAR}
9   Criminal rich at least savvy? (2,4,5) IS THAT CLEAR*
13 Giant wheels bound to go round with special endorsements (10) SIGNATURES {S{GIANT*}URE}{S}
16 Established norm again discounted by one in mass, one in a billion (8) NANOGRAM {NORM+AGAiN}*
17 Allowed in entertainment performance but essentially barred in bands (8) CIRCLETS {CIRCu{LET}S}
18 A dock raised under copper furnace (6) CUPOLA {CU}{A+LOP<=}
19 Must calm partners (6) MILDEW {MILD}{EW}
22 Court finally approved deal for one (4) WOOD {WOO}{a...eD}


Wednesday, 28 November 2018

No 12483, Wednesday 28 Nov 2018, Vulcan

1   Temper tantrums one displayed in matches (11) TOURNAMENTS*
8   Dispose of mobile phone, say (4) SELL (~cell)
9   Single shoe, one without the second in store (5-5) STAND-ALONE {S{sTore}ANDAL}{ONE}
10 It's wound in gold, by the way (6) OBITER {O{BITE}R}
11 Stopped to embrace in bed (7) BLOCKED {B{LOCK}ED}
13 To be always within a certain limit? At no time (9) NEVERMORE N{EVER}MORE Anno pending
15 Rowdy perhaps would demand this (5) DOWRY* Semi&lit
16 Group having tea at home (5) CHAIN {CHA}{IN} 'Secure' yesterday is 'Group' today!!
18 Fungus that's rare maybe (9) EARTHSTAR*
22 Politician appearing in real time broadcast (7) TRUMPET {TRU{MP}E}{T}
23 Mistakes uncommon, rare with army (6) ERRATA {RARE}*{TA}
26 This drug, Ecstasy, starting to react, must hurt badly (5,5) TRUTH SERUM {E+React+MUST+HURT}*
27 Composition of top users (4) OPUS [T]
28 Took advantage of a disciple, tantric leader a phoney (11) CAPITALISED {A+DISCIPLE+Ta...c+A}*

1   Rock artist's outro in high voice (7) TREMBLE [DD?]
2   Section kept/left dark (5) UNLIT {UN{L}IT}
3   No way this drink is a remedy (7) NOSTRUM {NO}{ST}{RUM}
4   Hostile, say (4) MEAN [DD]
5   Head led out after salute (6) NODDLE {NOD}{LED*}
6   Indecent American, a social misfit basically (9) SALACIOUS {A+SOCIAL}*{US}
7   Engage target listener (6) ENDEAR {END}{EAR}
12 Indian rebel leader held during protest (5) GROAN {G{Re..l}OAN}
14 Mysterious one with magnetic waves (9) ENIGMATIC {1+MAGNETIC}*
17 Capital of Hungary, a fine city (6) HARARE {Hu...y}{A}{RARE}
19 Either Malibu is somewhat hot or warm (7) THERMAL [T]
20 A perfect time to enter and surprise (7) ASTOUND {A}{S{T}OUND}
21 Raises after one takes 6 games! (4,2) SETS UP [DD]
24 Heritage roads announced (5) ROOTS (~routes)
25 Daring rituals that display courage (4) GRIT [T]


Tuesday, 27 November 2018

No 12482, Tuesday 27 Nov 2018, Anon

1   Fight, cautiously at first, with headless marsupial (6) COMBAT {Ca...y}{wOMBAT}
4   Sign up for core agency with form (6) ENLIST {agENcy}{LIST}
9   Essential oil erases trace of lint from church (4) ATAR AlTAR I thought it was ATTAR?
10 Notice of official’s run (10) ADMINISTER {AD}{MINISTER}
11 Mexico’s national flower for Wooster’s aunt (6) DAHLIA [DD]
12 Most untidy doctor sees diet (8) SEEDIEST*
13 Rebel met apsara with artificial sweetener (9) ASPARTAME*
15 Endlessly regretting system’s initial damages (5) RUINS {RUINg}{Sy...m}
16 Stableboy goes first, returns from heath (5) GROOM {Goes}{MOOR<=}
18 Duped by game of journalist (9) SNOOKERED {SNOOKER}{ED}
22 On duty, apes, tipsy, did not go to bed (6,2) STAYED UP*
23 Certificate to indicate alien (6) TICKET {TICK}{ET}
25 Oddly, Im muscular in effigy (10) SIMULACRUM*
26 Snakes pass all over the place (4) ASPS*
27 Regularly warn those people of song (6) ANTHEM {wArN}{THEM}
28 Pineapple fruits without origin (6) ANANAS bANANAS

1   Hack girl with weapon (7) CUTLASS {CUT}{LASS}
2   Remove initial stain from bit of mushroom (5) MOREL MORsEL
3   First man, insect stubborn (7) ADAMANT {ADAM}{ANT}
5   Behead tenants violently at French city (6) NANTES tENANTS*
6   Set up conservatory (9) INSTITUTE [DD]
7   The primary cause of betrayal (7) TREASON {The}{REASON}
8   Cook makes menu part of funfair (9,4) AMUSEMENT PARK*
14 Newspaper columnist, young, at an organisation (5,4) AGONY AUNT*
17 Wine head sommelier wrapped in tissue layer (7) RETSINA {RET{So...r}INA}
19 Footstool for Turk (7) OTTOMAN [DD]
20 Dismisses former eccentric temps (7) EXEMPTS {EX}{TEMPS}*
21 Envisage single male finally in engagement (6) IDEATE {1}{D{malE}ATE}
24 Secure tea at home (5) CHAIN {CHA}{IN}