Tuesday 31 October 2017

No 12150, Tuesday 31 Oct 2017, Incognito

It's the end of the first Wizarding War today. (Thanks to Google)

8   Ferocious carnivore's mark of injury (4) SCAR [T]
9   Old student's priest gets daggers (5) OBELI {OB}{ELI}
10 Hand over money to cover Riddle's penultimate drama (4) PLAY {P{r..dLe}Y}
11 Gad! Ron's turned into a legendary creature (6) DRAGON*
12 Housekeeper moulded hard clay (8) CHARLADY*
13 Coaches may be found near this dais (8) PLATFORM [DD]
15 At home, little sister starts to take a firm stand (6) INSIST {IN}{SIS}{To}
17 State's old media (7) EXPRESS {EX}{PRESS}
19 Endlessly lunges in Don's prison (7) DUNGEON {D{lUNGEs}ON}
22 Rubber found in Riviera seraglio (6) ERASER [T]
24 Complicated MIT poser for pretender (8) IMPOSTER*
26 Attend to clergyman around 1 (8) MINISTER {MIN{1}STER}
28 Elixir container No.1 returned (6) POTION {POT}{NO1<=}
30 Leaders of explorers prosecuted in China? That's a long story! (4) EPIC Acrostic
31 Trouble prince (5) HARRY [DD]
32 Evil mutation is still despicable (4) VILE*

1   Maple: Initially, a Canadian emblem, right? (4) ACER Acrostic
2   More intelligent boy's correct English reading (8) BRIGHTER {B}{RIGHT}{E}{R}
3   Carried nothing to island (6) BORNEO {BORNE}{O}
 Gladly receive leading witch and a couple of elves accompanied by tailless space traveller (7) WELCOME {Witch}{ELves}{COMEt}
5   Sweet French friend follows last robber wearing crumpled suit (8) TIRAMISU {r...eR}{AMI} in {SUIT*} Most popular sweet amongst CW Setters
6   Lists letters of 'Abracadabra', 'Alohomora', 'Riddikulus' and the like (6) SPELLS [MD]
7   For starters, wizard Aditya nullified Draco's magic baton (4) WAND Acrostic
14 Gallivanting begum left Luxembourg building for Egyptian city (5) LUXOR LUXembOuRg Building was not required
16 Some ships to Netherlands rock (5) STONE [T]
18 Damaged yachts sailing around Costa Rica (8) SCRATCHY {S{CR}ATCHY*}
20 Vets Goa's fantastic range (3,5) GAS STOVE*
21 Sign on line in newspaper's morgue, for example (7) LIBRARY {LIBRA}{RY}
23 Ishan releases first attacker and goes round to capture Gaunt's final college informer (6) SNITCH {ISHaN} over {g..nT}{C}
25 Couple of letters from Parvati Patil about an unknown fruit (6) PAPAYA {PAr...i}{P{A}{Y}Atil}
27 Rascals, I am at police station (4) IMPS {I'M}{PS}
29 Billy Bunter's leaves the messengers at Hogwarts? (4) OWLS [DD] Why leaves? (Addendum - {OWL}{S} - See comments)


Monday 30 October 2017

No 12149, Monday 30 Oct 2017, Arden

Arden revisits the goof-up at the 2017 Oscars

1   Formula for writing set piece (6) RECIPE {R}{PIECE*}
4   The blonde managed to get him back, is under moral obligation (8) BEHOLDEN {B{HE<=}OLDEN*}
10 Happy to be outdoors in Africa, say (9) CONTINENT [DD] (Addendum - {CONT{IN}ENT} - See comments)
11 Want to straighten dog's tail, it may sound funny (5) TWANG {WANT*}{doG}
12 Wrong to scare an old Arab (7) SARACEN*
13 Noble and Nobel, essentially you've one on each side (7) EARLOBE {EARL}{nOBEl}
14 Allow for a day, boy will return (5) ADMIT {A}{D}{TIM<=}
15 The panel treated the animal (8) ELEPHANT*
18 Wooden weight supports life at sea (8) PLANKTON {PLANK}{TON}
20 Jockey's caveat (5) RIDER [DD]
23 Land merged into sea (7) ESTONIA*
25 Electra is awfully sweet (7) TREACLE*
26 Doctor informs, if missing rules (5) NORMS iNfORMS*
27 Spooner's a fool, may consider it the best picture... (9) MOONLIGHT {(-l+m)MOON}{(-m+l)LIGHT}

28 ... but all and sundry around the city heard this one was the best (2,2,4) LA LA LAND {ALL+AND}* over {LA}
29 Sunday after vacation — deny transport to city (6) SYDNEY {Su..aY}{DENY*}

1   Sick moved to hospital in rudimentary form of transport (8) RICKSHAW {R{SICK*}{H}AW}
2   Money strangely acts as the back bone (7) CENTRUM {CENT}{RUM}
3   Royal not promoted by this university (9) PRINCETON {PRINCE}{NOT<=}
5   One and 2 exit, probably for the last rites (7,7) EXTREME UNCTION {ONE+CENTRUM+EXIT}* 
6   Fish eater gets the open draw (5) OTTER lOTTERy
7   Delay in annexing old railroad (7) DRAGOON {DRAG{O}ON}
8   Push into barrel, come up with gold (6) NUGGET {T{EGG}UN}<=
9   An alderman then relocated — lived in Europe long time ago (11,3) NEANDERTHAL MAN*
16 Arab drama is fun and frolic (9) HORSEPLAY {HORSE}{PLAY}
17 The odd tally follows me zealously (8) ARDENTLY {ARDEN}{TaLlY}
19 Sideways it's two times in all, roughly (7) LATERAL {LA{T}{ERA}L*}
21 Figure how a month of pain could be limited (7) DECAGON {DEC}{AGONy}
22 Core of the navy found in ship's bottom (6) KERNEL {KE{RN}EL}
24 How does 11 sound to you? (5) NASAL [CD]


Sunday 29 October 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2967, Sunday 29 Oct 2017

1   Tips for safety connected with worry about second tree (8) SYCAMORE {Sa..tY}{CA{MO}RE}
5   Exclude bishop for hurtful remark (4) BARB {BAR}{B}
10 Affair created by mail, for instance, right away (5) AMOUR ArMOUR
11 State sources, including name, with love and thanks (9) MINNESOTA {MIN{N}ES}{O}{TA}
12 Situation? Summit's opening, amid enmity, without delay (4-5) POST-HASTE {POST}-{HA{Su..t}TE}
14 Walk miles in westward region (5) TRAMP {M} in {PART<=}
15 Drama with end ruined by writing that's undistinguished (11) NONDESCRIPT {NO}{END*}{SCRIPT}
18 Small orchestra's wavering tone is faint (11) SINFONIETTA* Thanks to Google
21 Revise measure in printing last section (5) EMEND {EM}{END}
22 Article university issues discounting English tests (9) AUDITIONS {A}{U}{eDITIONS}
23 Flawed rascal, free, in trouble with court (9) IMPERFECT {IMP}{FREE*}{CT}
25 Deduce sign of fear, odd characters having fled (5) INFER {sIgN+oF+fEaR}
26 Helpful style (4) KIND [DD]
27 Excited by spoils, perhaps (8) POSSIBLY*

1   Smart agent inhibiting rest (6) SNAPPY {S{NAP}PY}
2   Vote for champs vocally (6) CHOOSE (~chews)
3   Feature with good system, being covered by damages for dismissal (8,6) MARCHING ORDERS {CHIN}{G}{ORDER} in {MARS}
4   Odd unverified reports, not ours (3) RUM RUMours
6   Old artist up above rival endlessly capturing one with fragrant quality (8) AROMATIC {O}{RA}<={MAT{1}Ch}
7   Actor in hole after day gripped by horror (4,4) BRAD PITT {D}{PIT} in {BRAT}
8   Partisan, popular, challenged about religious education (10) INTERESTED {IN}{TE{RE}STED}
9   Changing topic at tea, list names for pieces of shortbread (9,5) PETTICOAT TAILS*
13 Associations with strange days in sect (10) SYNDICATES*
16 Short of time, savour chance to be a star (8) ASTERISK {tASTE}{RISK}
17 Support stirring dinner up (8) UNDERPIN*
19 Fool with fantastic gossip (6) CONFAB {CON}{FAB}
20 Off course since attempt to skirt area (6) ASTRAY {AS}{TR{A}Y}
24 Number aboard slow train upset (3) TWO [T<=]

Saturday 28 October 2017

No 12148, Saturday 28 Oct 2017, Arden


9. Unusual move university makes way for Mike, an old student (7) ALUMNUS {UNUS(-u+M)AL}*
10. Every one's gone, belong at centre level (7) ECHELON {EaCH}{bELONg}
11. Countryman returned to old country without hesitation (7) NAMIBIA {MAN<=}{IBerIA}
12. One in space vehicle's killed (3,4) RAN OVER {R{AN} OVER}
13. Stillroom — takes time for show (9) PAGEANTRY {P{AGE}ANTRY}
15. Boredom in the open, nuisance tolerated (5) ENNUI (T)
16. John's unhappy with straight talk (7) CANDOUR {CAN}{DOUR}
19. It prevents the child bawling its head off after a respite (7) LULLABY {LULL}{bABY}
20. Talked about rules in code (5) MORSE Anno not clear {~MORES} See comments
21. Very cold beer rejected it's to do with the royal representative (9)  VICEREGAL {V}{ICE}{LAGER<=}
25. Will happen again on our cycles kept inside (7) REOCCUR {RE}{O{C}{C}UR}
26. Force on work group (7) FACTION {F}{ACTION}
28. A canoe moving around island — many islands here (7) OCEANIA {A+CANOE}* around {I}
29. Missing a length, in great difficulty (2,5) AT LARGE {A}+ {L} in {GREAT*}


1. Captain Cook — one's gone to sleep (6) CATNAP {CAPTAiN}*
2. Spice in overturned stone cask (6) NUTMEG {{GEM}{TUN}}<=
3. Rolls up, just disregard (4) SNUB {BUNS<=}
4. A way to get computers connected diagonally (6) ASLANT {A}{S{LAN}T}
5. Hand gets frazzled making payment (8) DEFRAYAL DE{FRAY}AL} Frazzled=Fray or Frayed?
6. Head of Government's taken a risk reviewing voter's list (10) CHANCELLOR {CHANCE}{ROLL<=}
7. It's hot, set sail, go around the land (8) SLOVENIA {SAIL*} around {OVEN}
8. Grave crime to be hoarding gold amidst all the hostility (8) ENORMITY {EN{OR}MITY}
14. Youth rise to accept payment (10) ADOLESCENT {A{DOLE}SCENT}
16. State able to nab straying Romeo (8) CAMEROON {CA{ROMEO*}N}
17. Came closer in the end about missile storage (8) NARROWED {END}* around {ARROW}
18. It doesn't make a difference to a palindrome (8) REVERSAL (CD)
22. Able to take back robe (6) CAFTAN {C{AFT}AN}

23. Complaint it's in blood (6) GOITRE {GO{IT}RE}
24. Spread tentacles, set out with a knife (6) LANCET {TENtACLes}*

27. Share includes fifty in the group (4) CULT {CU{L}T}

Reference List
University=U, Mike=M, One=A, Hesitation=Er, One=An,John=Can,  Very=V, On=Re, Cycles=CC, Force=F, Island=I, Length=L
One=I, Way=St, Gold=Or, Fifty=L

Colour/Font Scheme
DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 27 October 2017

No 12147, Friday 27 Oct 2017, Arden

1   Like in wine, it has its roots (6) CASAVA {C{AS}AVA}
4   Trouble wearing spikes in West Indies (8) BARBADOS {BARB{ADO}S}
9   Pigs stay in and around Chinese hut (6) SHANTY {S{HAN}TY}
10 Subject in a large settlement (8) ALGERIAN*
12 Appeal from top to bottom, King gives green signal (3,5) ALL CLEAR {(-c)ALL(+c) C}{LEAR}
13 Lost identity in pile-up, it's stress (6) ACCENT ACCidENT
15 Payment in instalmentsa fool assumes it is at random (12) AMORTISATION {A}{MOR{IT+IS+AT}*ON}
18 Wild partying, so we get stamina (7,5)  STAYING POWER*
21 Twists, turns energy input creates disturbance (6) UNREST {UNR{E}ST*}
22 One’s on bed within nine it's habit forming (8) NICOTINE {N{1}{COT}INE}
24 Flow is not regulated, discard (8) JETTISON {JET}{IS+NOT}*
25 51% — he gets the last fruit (6) LICHEE {LI}{C}{HE}{thE}
26 Railing is allowed in talk (8) BANISTER {BAN{IS}TER}
27 Swear by race tips, only version (4,2) RELY ON {RacE}{ONLY*}

1   Throw out one who is marooned (8) CASTAWAY {CAST}{AWAY}
2   Horse frisky, last seen with another animal (8) STALLION {LAST*}{LION}
3   Important data — Ideally comes in multiples of 12 (5,10) VITAL STATISTICS (36-24-36)
5   Meeting? Take friend (4) ALLY [DD] (Addendum - rALLY - See comments)
6   A word not keptproof that's in Chambers, probably (6,2,7) BREACH OF PROMISE {PROOF+IE+CHAMBERS}*
7   Indian traffic rule, makes no sense (6) DRIVEL DRIVE on LEFT "In India it should be drive anywhere :-)"
8   Notice Brown getting back into the house (6) SENATE {SE{TAN<=}E}
11 Stone divider on the road (4,3) CATS EYE [CD]
14 Silent about working on the template (7) STENCIL {STEN{C}IL*}
16 Silly, how foolish it's to be acting in a scholarly fashion (8) OWLISHLY*
17 Spooner's call to release bird from plant (4,4) TREE FERN {(-f+t)TREE} {(-t+f)FERN}
19 State something amusing, when in North India (6) PUNJAB {PUN}{JAB}
20 The fool's got power, entered quietly (6) CRETIN {CREpT IN}
23 Storyteller's taken to writing — read (4) PORE {PO{R}E}


Thursday 26 October 2017

No 12146, Thursday 26 Oct 2017, Arden

1   Doctor doesn't try to admit group, just ignore (4,2,8)  SEND TO COVENTRY {COVEN} in {DOESNT+TRY}*
10 Country was short of money once (5) FRANC FRANCe Wonder if CGB has any of these?
11 Flower power — a coin in a different form (9) POINCIANA {P}{A+COIN+IN+A}* Thanks to Google. Also known as 'Flame of the forest'
12 Land at the centre of chaotic Cairo (7) CROATIA {CRO{AT}IA*}
13 Irritated that rival parties had to share a joint (7) RANKLED {R}{ANKLE}{D} R-Republican and D-Democrat
14 Feudal lord in the outskirts of Mumbai (5) THANE [DD]
16 It's current carrying cable, worker's agreeing (9) ACCORDANT {AC}{CORD}{ANT}
19 Not even cold at the top, extremely bright (9) CLEVEREST {CoLd}{EVEREST}
20 Delight as fish market opens (5) CHARM {CHAR}{Ma...t}
22 He's never happy, is in grave muddle (7) VINEGAR*
25 Issue when you forget a name, can recollect a bit (7) EMANATE [T<=]
27 Bones broken, I am at rest (9) METATARSI*
28 Ran away from Montreal, managed to find a place to stay (5) MOTEL MOnTrEaL*
29 Experiment done on electron, may be admitted in court (4,10) NOLO CONTENDERE*

2   Pack up, talk is rich (9) ELABORATE {BALE<=}{ORATE}
3   Essentially teach, it's gone out of circulation (5) DUCAT eDUCATe
4   Change picture and run as thousands leave children's home (9) ORPHANAGE {mORPH}{mANAGE}
5   Serious about rejecting American willow (5) OSIER SERIOus*
6   Rum fruitcake (9) ECCENTRIC [DD]
7   Follow right inside (5) TRAIL {T{R}AIL}
 It was long time ago, still going over relaid road (4,3) YEAR DOT {YET} over {ROAD}*
9   Discount share of waste material (6) OFFCUT {OFF}{CUT}
15 Full of vigour, no force on General to get in (9) ENERGETIC {gENER{GET}IC}
17 Violent act by a heartless protagonist like miss Deneuve, perhaps (9) CATHERINE {ACT*}{HERoINE}
18 State abandoned master, rest worked on marble (9) ALABASTER {ALABAma}{REST*} Marble?
19 Native American sheds inertia becomes like his forefather (4,3) CAVE MAN {natiVe+AMEriCAN}*
21 Use half the millet, cook breakfast (6) MUESLI {USE+MILlet}*
23 Time of birth entered is noon, at a local hospital (5) NATAL [T]
24 Repeat performance, maybe in return tin is extracted (5) RERUN {in+REtURN}
26 Dream about getting fortified (5) ARMED*


Wednesday 25 October 2017

No 12145, Wednesday 25 Oct 2017, Buzzer

1   Tap dancing with a cute female (6) FAUCET {A+CUTE+F}*
5   I have entered relationship briefly (4-2) LIVE-IN {LI'VE}INk} &lit
10 Crushing take-down, nothing but an art form (3,4,2) TAE KWON DO {TAKE+DOWN+O}*
11 Mellow and so to speak wry writer (5)  RIPEN (~wry){RI}{PEN}
12 Right time to introduce ace backing vocalist (5) TENOR {R}{ONE}{T}<=
13 Highly detailed crime lab or a tech centre (9) ELABORATE [T]
14 Like a large tree, over furlong in diameter (2,1,4) OF A KIND {O{F}AK}{IN}{D}
16 Girlfriends receiving touching gifts (7) DONATES {D{ON}ATES}
18 Pair working together to identify running mate (3,4) TAG TEAM {TAG} {MATE*}
20 A spiritual offering sister to find total, unlimited sham (7) SRADDHA {SR}{ADD}{sHAm}
21 It pains admitting to silly bloomer in space (5,4) ELBOW ROOM {OW} in {BLOOMER}*
23 Half-heartedly hauled with difficulty and rode a toboggan (5) LUGED {LUGgED}
25 Bucolic painting depicting river at its origin (5) RURAL {R}{URAL} (Addendum - (-m+r)RURAL - See comments)
26 Spotted taking in happening number (9) SEVENTEEN {S{EVENT}EEN}
27 One needing money to pay the bill? No kidding! (2,4) MY FOOT {MoneY} {FOOT}
28 Water sport sparking fights (6) ROWING [DD]

2   Regional organisation release a new offering (5) ASEAN [T]
3   Commander cool about division showing timidity (9) COWARDICE {CO}{WARD}{ICE}
4   Century openers for England added in Old Trafford ultimately in vain (2,2,3) TO NO END {TON}{ENgland}{O}{t...rD}
5   Fat toe caught up inside stretchy fabric (7) LEOTARD {L{TOE<=}ARD}
6   So first drops, a sign from heaven? (5) VIRGO Anno pending  (Addendum - {VI}{eRGO} - See comments)
7   Ill-timed housing scheme put in place firmly (9) IMPLANTED {IM{PLAN}TED*}
8   Modern country, frequently a hub (5-2-3-3) STATE-OF-THE-ART {STATE}{OFT}{HEART}
9   Arrangement to remove redundant sign (13) UNDERSTANDING*
15 Two playful gray seals beginning to bicker and quarrel (4-5) ARGY-BARGY {GRAY*}{Bi...g}{GRAY*}
17 Rarely used first name among north-eastern women (6-3) NEARLY-NEW {N{EARLY}{N}EW}
19 Second beginning? It is time for retiring satellite (7) MOONSET {MO}{ONSET}
20 Singular aroma wafting around very exotic tea urn (7) SAMOVAR {S}{AROMA}* over {V}
22 What signifies compliance from wily cop crossing limits (5) WILCO {WILy}{COp}
24 Gradually collect data from government bank (5) GLEAN {G}{LEAN}


Tuesday 24 October 2017

No 12144, Tuesday 24 Oct 2017, Gridman

1   I met novel way of thinking in an FB feature (8) TIMELINE {I+MET}*{LINE}
5   Bill has a levy for admission (6) ACCESS {AC}{CESS}
10 True, one detours along the way in France (2,5) EN ROUTE*
11 Repetition about radio gets prize (7) ROSETTE {RO{SET}TE}
12 Police at last raved wildly about person who gets away (6) EVADER {p...cE}{RAVED*}
13 Repeatedly exclude in-charge found unfriendly (8) BARBARIC {BAR}{BAR}{IC}
15 Protuberance in nook does make odd appearance (4) NODE {NoOk+DoEs}
16 With not all rats at small room, I make pasta (10) VERMICELLI {VERMIn}{CELL}{I}
18 Time old British PM accepts old Russian chess master's gossip (10) TATTLETALE {T}{ATTLE{TAL}E}
20 A son, allowing religious man in, says further (4) ADDS {A}{DD}{S}
23 It won't float, much less rock, the boat (3,5) LOW WATER [CD]
24 Obstinate enough to have some fun in testament (6) WILFUL {WIL{FUn}L}
26 Tie up! Tear out! Repeat! (7) ITERATE {TIE*}{TEAR*}
27 Love story (7) ROMANCE [CD]
28 Roam about to obtain device (6) GADGET {GAD}{GET}
29 Idea beginning to keep lot of marine organisms (8) PLANKTON {PLAN}{Keep}{TON}

1   Who knows? It's a secret! (6,2,7) THERES NO TELLING [DD]
2   I'm armed to fight mythical swimmer (7) MERMAID*
3   Honour for Hardy's companion (6) LAUREL [DD]
4   Call for hit with a low blow, by an account (4) NEED (~ kneed)
 Financial promo provided by a HSBC a/c — 1000 (4-4) CASH-BACK {A+HSBC+AC}*{K}
7   Charm partner in worked-up lather (7) ENTHRAL {N} in {LATHER}*
8   Cheerless Vipin's trotted out a proverb for not keeping quiet (6,2,7) SPEECH IS SILVERN*
9   Dreary routine could be mild later (9) TREADMILL*
14 A weak classification of women in the past — no rough-and-tumble in bed (6,3) GENTLE SEX {GENTLE S}{EX} (Correction - [DD] - See comments)
17 A bust-up might show this hollow (8) CLEAVAGE [CD]
19 Transport officer, white, possessed, grabs English blonde with tousled hair (7) TOWHEAD {TO}{W}{H{E}AD}
21 Dead clever about group leaving sides (7)  DEFUNCT {DEF{bUNCh}T}
22 Flighty person in the forces (6) AIRMAN [CD]
25 River rising in spectacular upper reaches (4) URAL [T<=]


Monday 23 October 2017

No 12143, Monday 23 Oct 2017, Gridman

1   Pensive woman, if lust vaguely affects her (7) WISTFUL {W}{IF+LUST}*
5   Without scruples, a man's taking exam (6) AMORAL {A}{M}{ORAL}
9   One may tremble when next to a writer (5) ASPEN {AS}{PEN}
10 Business's fallen — uneasy dread within city (5,4) TRADE DOWN {T{DREAD*}OWN}
11 It may bat or flutter in one's face (7) EYELASH [CD]
12 Take into consideration duo in my building (4,3) MIND YOU*
13 Fat honour almost fixed (5) OBESE {OBE}{SEt}
14 If you stop here, you won't reach the bank (9) MIDSTREAM [CD]
16 Fear arrest (9) APPREHEND [DD]
19 Farewell to foreign aid by group of states (5) ADIEU {AID*}{EU}
21 Pushy type lifts Tamil leader's painting (7) UPSTART {UPS}{Tamil}{ART}
23 Out of it, you won't hear (7) EARSHOT [CD]
24 Parcel is back; give an address that is detailed (9) ELABORATE {BALE<=}{ORATE}
25 Cobra recoils around a tree (5) CAROB*
26 An expression of regret in part of one's letter to oneself (4,2) DEAR ME [DD]
27 Woman and man, admitting a model, to find cover (7) SHEATHE {SHE}{A}{T}{HE}

1   What we might say when a joke falls flat (2,3,3,6) WE ARE NOT AMUSED [CD]
2   Wrongly presume it's the most important (7) SUPREME*
3   Flourish what admirer's going rate is, perhaps (7) FANFARE {FAN}{FARE}

4   What you might say when you don't want those things to be disturbed (3,4,2) LET THEM BE [CD]
5   In the manner of jolly awakener (5) ALARM {ALA}{RM} RM = Royal Marine = Jolly
6   Try never to fish in unsustainable manner (7) OVERNET*
7   Priest's attendant's disturbed yet after a pass (7) ACOLYTE {A}{COL}{YET*}
8   Base can be given cover around so it can't be scaled (14) INSURMOUNTABLE {INSUR{MOUNT}ABLE}
15 They shuffle — more strange among active folks dropping out (9) DODDERERS {ODDER} in {DoERS}
17 Journey of servant captures heart of classes (7) PASSAGE {P{clASSes}AGE}
18 Strange rouĂ© catches upcoming fellow’s charm (7) ENAMOUR {E{MAN<=}OUR*}
19 Timeless article about you at last — a hearty section (7) AURICLE {ARtICLE} around {yoU]
20 One numbhead, by their disposition, to receive by will (7) INHERIT {1}{Nu...d}{THEIR*}
22 Model at competition gets hint (5) TRACE {T}{RACE}


Sunday 22 October 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2966, Sunday 22 Oct 2017

1   Dull, not married, longed to be in a relationship (8) ATTACHED {mATT}{ACHED}
6   Avoid work making bakery product (4) LOAF [DD]
10 Sloping surface around hard new frame (7) CHAMFER {C}{H}{FRAME*}
11 United in support for innovator (7) PIONEER {PI{ONE}ER}
12 Monsieur with set of principles about French wine (5) MEDOC {M}{CODE<=}
13 Start development of giant site (9) INSTIGATE*
14 Still trendy, doctor with edge grew plant yielding essential oil (7,8) EVENING PRIMROSE {EVEN}{IN}{G P}{RIM}{ROSE}
17 Deprived of right to vote since friends had changed (15) DISENFRANCHISED*
20 Gesture brought about by a direct love for sculptor (9) DONATELLO {NOD<=}{A}{TELL}{O}
22 Unacceptable hesitation in proposal (5) OFFER {OFF}{ER}
23 Tale of horror in country around lake and river (7) CHILLER {CHI{L}LE}{R}
24 Opening with some soporific effects (7) ORIFICE [T]
25 Turned back with yen for ascetic discipline (4) YOGA {Y}{AGO<=}
26 Separate revolutionary agents infiltrating different side (8) DISPERSE {REPS<=} in {SIDE}*

2   Tourist, initially with bundle, led astray? That's nonsense (7) TWADDLE {To...t}{WAD}{LED*}
3   One under influence, just about consumed with love (14) AFFECTIONATELY {AFFECT}{1}{ON{ATE}LY}
4   Herald getting hot and bothered bearing first of reports (9) HARBINGER {H}{BEARING}*{Re...s}
5   Cheats held up essential cases (5) DUPES [T]
7   Newspaper covering latest in cuisine with duck and herb (7) OREGANO {OR{c...nE}GAN}{O}
8   Distant church in absurd situation (5) FARCE {FAR}{CE}
9   One going into swirling mud's heroic old salt (6,8) SODIUM CHLORIDE {1} in {MUDS+HEROIC+OLD}*
10 Two thousand in company stop and salute (7) COMMEND {CO}{MM}{END}
15 Bitter artist with wit stifling exclamation of surprise (9) RANCOROUS {RA}{N{COR}OUS}
16 Advocate in conclusion less good, lacking weight (7) ENDORSE {END}{wORSE}
18 Wrong monarch in decline (7) SINKING {SIN}{KING}
19 Sentimental types thus following obligations (7) SOFTIES {SO}{F}{TIES}
20 Editor coming up with modest enticement (5) DECOY {ED<=}{COY}
21 Sensational club without boundaries, free (5) LURID {cLUb}{RID}


Saturday 21 October 2017

No 12142, Saturday 21 Oct 2017, Gridman


1. Royal newspapers besiege old national party (8) PRINCESS {PR{INC}ESS}
5. Model goes after clear but mixed shade (6) CLARET {CLEAR*}{T}
9. Darts thrown at old man of fame (7) STARDOM {DARTS*}{O}{M}
10. Tackle // power repairer? (7) LINEMAN (DD)
11. Facilities created for seeing (9) PROVISION {PRO}{VISION}
12. Fair about right monastery resident (5) FRIAR {FAIR*}{R}
13. Free Oriental journey (4) RIDE {RID}{E}
14. Setter reflects the said girl's at hospital to decorate (9) EMBELLISH {ME<=}{~BELLE=BELL}{IS}{H}
17. Crime that was not done from without (6,3) INSIDE JOB (CD?) Surface seems off
19. Resonance from the chowkidar (4)  ECHO {T)
23. Is cutting into tree for fibre (5) SISAL {S{IS}AL}
24. Markedly affected by setter confessing he's hard put (9) IMPRESSED {I'M}{PRESSED}
25. Crazy // area of London (7) BARKING (DD)
26. Pasta dish Mercara violinist tucked in (7) RAVIOLI (T)

27. Every utterance initially a record that is ultimately very high praise (6) EULOGY {Every}{Utterance}{LOG}{verY} "that's" instead of "that is" would have given a better cryptic reading ?
28. Two girls, almost complete in integration — a view for the optimist? (8) GLASSFUL {G}{LASS}{FULl}


1. Document lets old man have a little sly fun (8) PASSPORT {PA}{Sly}{SPORT}
2. Shortly — thus! (2,1,4) IN A WORD (D&Defn by example)
3. He carries the drivers with him (6) CADDIE (CD)
4. Get-together of top mountaineers, perhaps (6,7) SUMMIT MEETING (CD)
6. Get father everything — the earth! (8) LANDFALL {LAND}{F}{ALL}
7. What is left such as 16 Dn. (7) REMAINS (DD)
8. It's plain frozen (6) TUNDRA (CD)
10. Soldier cut business exam (5,8) LANCE CORPORAL {LANCE} {CORP}{ORAL}
15. Is plastic // giving way? (8) YIELDING  (DD)
16. Remains of a creature that couldn't get across (8) ROADKILL (CD)
18. It's breathing space for all of us (7) NOSTRIL (CD)
20. Abandoned actors not working (4,3) CAST OFF {CAST}{OFF}
21. You and I, fit and fit to be tried (6) USABLE {US}{ABLE}
22. Doesn't go for foliage (6) LEAVES (DD) Doesn't go = leaves?

Reference List
Old national party=INC, Model=T, Old=O, Man=M, Right=R, Oriental=E, 'S=IS, Hospital=H, Girl=G, Girl=Lass, Old man=Pa
Father=F, You and I=Us

Colour/Font Scheme
DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 20 October 2017

No 12141, Friday 20 Oct 2017, Gridman

1   Audacity of Czech taking shed with a term of disgust (8) CHUTZPAH {C{HUT}Z}{PAH}
6   Party animal? (4) STAG [DD]
9   Chart featuring God is fabricated (4,2) MADE UP {MA{DE U}P}
10 Party insurers get a copy (7) REPLICA {REP}{LIC}{A}
13 Mister mad to swim where current may be the strongest (9) MIDSTREAM*
14 Cat heard in golf course (5) LINKS (~lynx)
15 Large boat in escapade (4) LARK {L}{ARK}
16 Day locater went here and there in European resort (5,5) MONTE CARLO {MON}{LOCATER*}
19 No. 1 cleaner, on-tour commercial ship (5,5) OCEAN LINER*
21 Fellow-crack? (4) CHAP [DD]
24 Get a smile out of morning exploit (5) AMUSE {AM}{USE}
25 Sudden move by lawyers to secure old part of pub (6,3) LOUNGE BAR {L{O}UNGE} {BAR}
26 Naturally sounding and grammatically correct? No, Mother, senseless! (7) IDIOTIC IDIOmaTIC
27 Noter working around a fancy (6) ORNATE {ORN{A}TE*}
28 Want massage recommended loudly (4) NEED (~knead)
29 Princess’ mention includes son's aversion (8) DISTASTE {DI}{STA{S}TE}

2   More difficult is having old collector (7) HOARDER {H{O}ARDER}
3   Deal with any final agreement (6) TREATY {TREAT}{anY}
4   With spirit, a hearty Sonia gets sausage (9) PEPPERONI {PEP}{PER}{sONIa}
5   Hear about maiden in women's quarters (5) HAREM {HEAR*}{M}
7   Choultry located in the far end of Kolar is less crowded (7) THINNER {TH{INN}E}{k..aR}
8   "Chirpy characters" — Rags about people buying what's in store (12) GRASSHOPPERS {RAGS*}{SHOPPERS}
11 Friend's expert in regal home (6) PALACE {PAL}{ACE}
12 Improvement with changed email address (12) AMELIORATION {EMAIL*}{ORATION}
17 Fearful as outer slum undergoes demolition (9) TREMULOUS*
18 Order tinned mixture (6) INDENT*
20 Use vile means to remain hard to catch (7) ELUSIVE*
22 By custom, a little time in the home ground (7) HABITAT {HABIT}{A}{Time}
23 Country needing upper-class look, say (6) UGANDA {U}{GANDA}(~gander)
25 Not all fortune I declared initially is clear (5) LUCID {LUCk}{I}{De...d}


Thursday 19 October 2017

Special, Thursday 19 Oct 2017, GRIN

Welcome to yet another new setter GRIN. 
Bouquets and Brickbats welcome

FOUR answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please provide all your answers in one comment

10, 30D What Diwali is - with all those diyas or illumination (8)
11 Col's headless animal (3)
13 Run and distribute in absence of drink (3)
14 Lugs electrical and radio systems in the beginning (4)
15 Kitty's upper garment is returned (3)
16 Sends messages, substituting soprano for tenor, to get dulcet creations (6)
17 Batter discarded first two letters giving an expression of disgust (3)
18 Verne circulated bottle (5)
19 Responsibility is upon you and me (4)
20 Last heifer's released from cowshed in Scotland ... farewell! (3)
21 God surprisingly vanishes after sacrifice of fluttering hens (4)
23 Philologist's expression of mirth on the net (3)
24 Shabby, sloppy unit's accompanied by dirty youngsters, for starters (6)
27 One's confused about a time period (3)
28 Slight Pitman, I hear (5)
29 Dread tailless horse losing direction with right soldiers! (6)
30 Buddhist priest's old school has no pass (4)
33 Tightly hold government leader and hack (4)
34 Old ship returns carrying nothing for some time (4)
35 Perhaps a planet with alien space transport (6)
37 Similar to the thumbs-up button in social media (4)
39 Australian god's distinctive character (4)
40 Misdirected wolf to Eastern river - river in Crossword-land (6)
41 Consumer is United States resident initially ... possesses Ecstasy (4)
43 State lecturer's aim (4)
45 Andhra Pradesh's south eastern church's part (4)
46 Not even that thing has peculiarity at the end - a quirk (6)
47 Cite which Latin daughter left note (5)
48 Reversing Vanautu's vehicle (1,1,1)
50 Father's favourite engine component (6)
52 Previous evening's first woman (3)
53 Mummy's cross with Indian dress (4)
54 Had tea concoction (3)
58 Grows older - has silver at the ends of eyebrows (4)
59 Hardy plants mutilated Ernest, dropping name (5)
60 Criminal follows good girl (3)
61 Agitated counsellor dropped lens pieces and amber, for example (6)
62 Heard couple excessively (3)
63 Without circular letter, non-government organisation's not ready to proceed (2-2)
64 Runner's slide does not end (3)
65 South African, Zulu and Turkish instrument (3)
66 Blast! School stops assignation with paramour (8)

1   Reportedly look at path - a shipping route (6)
2   Indian woman's course incomplete (5)
3   A big marine command (5)
4   Critical praise for public library's survey (7)
5   Be up and get hot drenching (4)
6   Handheld firework - a real gem! (8)
7   Do some key work (4)
8   Rent-free? (3,3)
9   Grand chukka or wheeling firecracker (6,7)
12 Yet it might offer space for more than one (6,4)
22 Over a dress (4)
24 Such a firecracker has no chance of display (5)
25 Broadcast on Nepal's fiery firecracker (8)
26 Failure of explosive device? (4)
30 See 10 across (2,6)
31, 46D What Diwali is said to celebrate (7,2,4)
32 Sport of only Hindi friend having lost way repeatedly (4)
36 A number leaves Tamil Nadu town for a pilgrim city (4)
38 Clothes that may be worn out but are not worn-out (3,7)
40 Big meal to celebrate extraordinary feats (5)
42 Runaway win in endless course (4)
44 Tiny bit from all the other mindleaders (4)
46 See 31 dn (4,4)
49 Go off with former policeman at end of lane (7)
51 Somehow I stop lad's first shooter (6)
55 Remarks to provoke relatives going after model (6)
56 Critical account subdued endlessly (5)
57 Reflection from top of ghagra's fuzz (5)
59 Throw loaded one back to son (4)
60 Look, pilfer sweets from supermarket shelf and get right out (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at GRIN


Wednesday 18 October 2017

No 12140, Wednesday 18 Oct 2017, Spinner

1   Conte goes berserk on winning first spot! (6) NOTICE {NOT{1}CE*}
4   Its found in victim, returned by fake people (8) PLASTICS {SC{ITS}ALP}<=
10 Break instrument that's extremely troublesome (7) VIOLATE {VIOLA}{Tr...mE}
11 Set covered with Spinner’s essence (7) PLANTED {PLA{spiNner}TED}
12 Maiden with Spinner learns about buried treasures (8) MINERALS {M}{I}{LEARNS*}
13 Troop finally left mountain range having diverse elements (6) PLURAL {t..oP}{L}{URAL}
15 Receive appreciation to receive point! (4) EARN {EAR}{N} Something is not right here See comments
17 Extraordinary feat gets prize but drains energy, subsequently (9) AFTERWARD {FEAT*}{ReWARD}
20 Subdued journalism featuring in newspaper column (9) OPPRESSED {OP{PRESS}ED}
21 Fragment of the English alphabet, just the first half? (4) ATOM  A to M
24 Nation is standing by upset king involved in tragedy (6) ISRAEL {IS}{LEAR<=}
25 Recall associate after opening of real evidence (8) REMEMBER {Real}{Ev...e}{MEMBER}
28 Exact prices manipulated to acquire drug (7) PRECISE {E} in {PRICES}*
29 Quintessential Indian drink in small volume (7) CLASSIC {C{LASSI}C}
30 Made plans and consented to take classes at the end (8) DESIGNED {DE{c...eS}IGNED}
31 Intrinsically supersonic figure (6) PERSON suPERSONic

1   Month when mob never groomed! (8) NOVEMBER*
2   Basically, tooting bell causes irritation! (5) THORN {To...g}{HORN}
3   Oversees locks after onset of crime (6) CHAIRS {Cr..e}{HAIRS}
5   Love is proclaimed subtly, starting from these parts of face (4) LIPS Acrostic
6   Son delights everybody inside with drinks (8) SWALLOWS {S}{W{ALL}OWS}
7   Shed light on player kicked out by publicity in cyberspace (9) INTERPRET {INTER{-n+pr}PRET}
8   Apply pressure on dishonest leader involved in shady deals (6) SADDLE {Di...t} in {DEALS}*
9   Swimmer, initially jittery, gets mischievous on drinking a bit of laced yoghurt (9) JELLYFISH {Ji...y}{EL{La..d}{Yo...t}FISH}
14 Backing due to respect, even as victory makes way for failure (9) REFERENCE RE(-v+f)FERENCE
16 Those who write on content from fabulous retro period making a comeback (9) REPORTERS [T<=]
18 Mutating bird gene creating issues (8) BREEDING*
19 A heinous crime by an inhabitant of Las Vegas! (8) AMERICAN {A}{CRIME*}{AN}
22 Lowered pipe designed to fit between ends of deckbed (6) DIPPED {PIPE}* in {De...eD}
23 Turned into insect employing charms regularly! (6) BECAME {BE{ChArMs}E}
26 Low frequency’s primarily important, the fundamental thing! (5) BASIS {BAS{Im...t}S}
27 You and I maintain two women! (4) WEVE {W}{EVE}