Sunday, 2 November 2014

No 2815, Sunday 02 Nov 2014

1   Polish last of jewellery, a precious stone (4) RUBY {RUB}{jewellerY}
3   Amateur demanding expenses, no matter what (2,3,5) AT ALL COSTS {A}{T ALL} {COSTS}
10 This musical instrument could be graduate's shortly (7) BASSOON {BA'S}{SOON}
11 Large animal seen in stream in Indian state (7) GORILLA {GO{RILL}A}
12 Bulb lit up unexpectedly (5) TULIP*
13 Felon aims at sea for a British Crown possession (4,2,3) ISLE OF MAN*
14 Think about chapter on model (11) CONTEMPLATE {C}{ON}{TEMPLATE}
16 Am leaving city on the Trent for ailing part of London (7,4) NOTTING HILL {NOTTING Ham {ILL}
21 One gets them in Scottish town, right away, mostly (2,3,4) IN THE MAIN {1}{N {THE M}AIrN}
23 Girl in French city (5) NANCY [DD]
24 Plan revealed railway track (7) OUTLINE {OUT}{LINE}
25 Leader of outfit helping to make a speech (7) ORATION {Outfit}{RATION}
26 Flat harlot refurbished, notwithstanding (3,3,4) FOR ALL THAT*
27 Son thrown in fountain for a joke (4) JEST {JE{S}T}

1   Dubious beer at a discount (6) REBATE*
2   Quartz, perhaps, used in bar of a magnificent Roman building (9) BASILICAN {BA{SILICA}N}
4   Tenor saving money for annuity scheme (7) TONTINE {TON{TIN}E} Never heard of this had to cheat for it.
5   Fielder on by mistake (3,4) LEG SLIP {LEG} {SLIP}
6   Just the levy for one with a potbelly? (11,3) CORPORATION TAX [CD]
7   Auction fetches millions in state capital (5) SALEM {SALE}{M}
8   Produces small chess pieces (6) SPAWNS {S}{PAWNS}
9   Headlining excellent TV police series (7,3,4) TOPPING THE BILL {TOPPING} {THE BILL}
15 A rose, for example, worker planted in row (9) EGLANTINE {EG}{L{ANT}INE}
17 Most senseless, two homes being occupied by first letter (7) INANEST {IN}{A}{NEST}
18 Boat almost left with unstable load (7) GONDOLA {GONe}{LOAD*}
19 What a nark may do is endless (3,3) TIP OFF [DD]
20 Sounds like the type of ring for a young bird (6) CYGNET (~signet)
22 Decisive defeat round end of August upset school (5) TUTOR {TU{Tsugua}OR}<=


  1. 22D : Decisive defeat round end of August upset school (5) TUTOR {TU{Tsugua}OR}<=
    Is it defeat 'round' or defeat 'around' pl?

    1. If you interpret the Col's anno correctly, there will be no need for this query, I think.

      If you ask whether 'round' should actually be 'around' , my answer is: whether you go round the mulberry tree or around the mulberry tree, it's all the same, I think.

  2. Why silence is prevailing? Nothing about IXL too?

  3. Comparatively tough puzzle this week. For one clue confusion prevails on which of the two answers to use. In cryptic singh site, crossword rules are not strictly followed. I have seen it many times in ACAD clues. So I am keeping my fingers crossed for one letter of one clue. Otherwise the puzzle was looking easy after solving.

  4. I too completed at leisure today as I had to be present in a tree planting campaign at my Complex , by kids. Fairly easy and this time, I took hints of Shuchi and kept my patience and as they say for the exams, did a 'once-over' before hitting the button.

    Comments in the columns are interesting-- one need not go into a flap as the "" decision of the Management is final'' . It could help certainly if the Rules are clearly spelt out as some entrants seem to get frenzied which could cause an unnecessary and avoidable coronary thrombosis !!

    Enter to complete and not compete and maybe, you will get on the Leaderboard?

    Renga: Congrats for winning today's DC Prize crossword. Do you send them online or by post?

  5. Thanks Raju, I don't think there is a provision to send it online. I send it by post only.

  6. IXL- You can see the filled grid AFTER submitting your solution. I got all correct today. No need to wait with fingers crossed.

    1. How do you know all your answers are correct. The solution has not yet been uploaded

    2. Paddy,
      You can see 2 grid fill for week 1 to week 7 (your solution and our (organisers) under solution section not for week 8 . Week 8 has only 1 grid with answers that's yours only . They will upload their solution grid only on next Saturday night

    3. You blew my balloon! I was so happy for a short while that I got 100%. Anyway... hope continues.

    4. If the solution was available to all those who have submitted the grid, one could easily ace the contest by creating a doppelgänger account, entering absurd answers as quickly as possible to get access to the solution, and using that to enter the answers through the regular account. The whole thing would hardly take five minutes.

  7. I think I am still a novice in gimmicks!