Thursday 30 November 2023

No 14033, Thursday 30 Nov 2023, Vidwan

Solution to 18A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Drunkard drinking 'The Macallan'! At heart is a highlander! (4) SCOT {S{T...mCa...n}OT}
4   It's amateur kind of distress (10) TRAUMATISE*
9   Cooking idli! Guy's hard-working! (8) DILIGENT {IDLI}*{GENT}
10 Online shopping place - a mother's territory mostly (6) AMAZON {A}{MA}{ZONe}
11 Tie? Large one! (4) LACE {L}{ACE}
12 Popular English feature - 'Prejudice' (10) INEQUALITY {IN}{E}{QUALITY}
13 Bachelor routine, almost completely beastly! (6) BRUTAL {B}{RUT}{ALl}
15 A microscopic part like pupil (8) EYEPIECE {EYE PIECE}
17 Victory ends before time for the most bombastic (8) WINDIEST {WIN}{DIES}{T}
18 Bid to make bet? Trade thus in beef! (6) E?F?R? (Addendum - EFFORT {BET with (EF FOR T) becomes BEEF}
19 Old cribs! Set to do childbirth management! (10) OBSTETRICS {O}{CRIBS+SET+TO}*  There's an extra O in the fodder
21 Open, mutinous refusal (4) NOPE*
23 Immediately in favour of not working (6) PRONTO {PRO}{NOT*}
24 Jewish priest embracing US President, retrospectively looks distasteful! (8) INEDIBLE {EL{BIDEN}I}<=
25 Outdated fellow raves about English cosmetics (10) DEODORANTS {D{E}ODO}{RANTS}
26 Royal, mostly ahead of time (4) EARL EARLy

2   Friend from church in America (5) CHINA [T] Rhyming slang
3   Experimented with clothes! Party is split into three parts (9) TRISECTED {TRI{SECT}ED}
4   Neighbourhood Jane? (3,4,4,4) THE GIRL NEXT DOOR [CD]
5   Moving out in a car, one going around to pick a professional who repairs car batteries say (4-11) AUTO-ELECTRICIAN {OUT+IN+A+CAR+1}* over {ELECT}
6   Male user senses deceptively small unfathomable quality (15) MEASURELESSNESS {MALE+USER+SENSES}*{S}
7   Dog catching right scent (5) TRAIL {T{R}AIL}
8   Flaunt injury mark? 911 on wheels, say! (6-3) SPORTS-CAR {SPORT}{SCAR} 
14 Right! That is about men at stock exchange giving out zero refund! (9) REIMBURSE {R}{IE<=}{M}{BoURSE}
16 Popular line about hill dweller is puerile (9) INFANTILE {IN}{F{ANT}ILE}
20 United without unity! Somehow brought to harmony! (5) TUNED UNiTED*
22 Love left trapped by mean cold (5) POLAR {P{O}{L}AR}

Reference List
Large = L, Popular = IN, English = E, Bachelor = B, Time = T, Old = O, Small = S, Right = R, Men = M, Left = L

Wednesday 29 November 2023

No 14032, Wednesday 29 Nov 2023, Karaoke

Solution to 4D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Patron Saint wielding Indian sabre (8) STALWART {S{TALWAR}T}
6   Some addressees awfully go from one extreme to the other (6) SEESAW [T]
9   Overheated mobile causes blood clots (6) EMBOLI*
10 Ceremonial cleansing area is racy, stay away, I say (8) ABLUTION {A}{(~blue shun)BLUTION}
11 Say, dollar maybe more than enough (3,7) FOR EXAMPLE {FOREX}{AMPLE}
12 Part of sheep, fool reported (4) UNIT (~ewe nit)
13 Spooner supplied wire. It's deadly to step on it (8) LANDMINE (~ manned line to lindmine)
15 It captures illusory mirage (6) IMAGER*
16 Department fired unusually dormant prison officer (6) MATRON dORMANT*
18 Wear thin, otherwise wear nothing (2,3,3) IN THE RAW*
20 Nothing sounds like beat of the ear (4) OTIC {O}{(~tick)TIC}
21 Erotic entertainment book about model wanting cold comfort (10) STRIPTEASE STRIP{T}{EASE} Anno pending (Addendum - (Sc{T}RIPT}{EASE} - See comments}
23 Brown sugar in tea? Rare medicine in review (8) DEMERARA [T<=]
24 Brotherhoods wasted billion on frontiers (6) ORDERS bORDERS
25 Dead body of king found in the bushes (6) CORPSE {CO{R}PSE}
26 A little cat's cry coming from son's old cap (8) SOMEWHAT {S}{O}{MEW}{HAT}

2   Doctor cutting knife, maybe taking a chance? (7) TOMBOLA {TO{MB}OL}{A} Iffy definition
3   Canadian coin, not new for short lieutenant (5) LOOIE LOOnIE American english slang
4   State of being alive is an impersonation, not in sex! (9) A?I?A?I?N (Addendum - ANIMATION {AN}{IMitATION} - See comments)
5   Monsieur enthralled by gin and the French squash (7) TRAMPLE {TRA{M}P}{LE}
6   What you do here? Replace answer with nothing in preparation? (5) SOLVE S(-a+o)OLVE
7   Drug agent illegally abducts our staff (9) ENTOURAGE {E}{NT{OUR}AGE*}
8   Bombard enemies at first after most artificial intelligence failed (7) ATOMISE {En...s}<=>{MOST+AI}*
14 Ignoring cold, practiced with hot pants for a song (4,5) DIRT CHEAP {PRAcTICED+H}*
15 Pinto, performing extremely well? (2,3,4) IN TOP FORM {PINTO}* [RA]
17 Designing style of smart decoder (3,4) ART DECO [T]
18 Advances by naughty Adonis to attract girls essentially (7) INROADS {ADONIS+giRls}*
19 Country's gold streak (7) AUSTRIA {AU}{STRIA}
21 Government to satisfy collecting tax primarily (5) STATE {S{Tax}ATE}
22 Have party inside new building (5) ENDOW {EN{DO}W*} Have or Give?

Reference List
Saint = ST, Area = A, Department = D, Model = T, Cold = C, Billion = B, King = R, Son = S, Old = O, New = N, Sex = IT, Monsieur = M, The in French = LE, Answer = A, Drug = E, Hot = H, Party = DO

Tuesday 28 November 2023

No 14031, Tuesday 28 Nov 2023, Gussalufz

Solution to 24A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Authoritarian king killed for money in bazaar (8) MARTINET MAR(-k+tin)TINET
6   Small readjustment wins egg race (6) SLALOM {SLAL{O}M*}
9   Animal eating extremely rowdy animal (4) ORYX {O{RowdY}X}
10 Conviction? Use a prison creatively (10) PERSUASION*
11 He bats at No. 1 — backed and protected by pure nepotism (6) OPENER [T<=]
12 Hurried over shower, getting injured (8) SPRAINED {SP{RAIN}ED}
13 Narration of my romance novel (including a touch of titillation) (10) COMMENTARY {MY+ROMANCE}* over {Ti...n}
15 God of destruction firing a weapon (4) SHIV SHIVa
17 Cut seen regularly in western New Delhi (4) HEWN {NeW+dElHi}<=
18 Drops into conversation: "I flamboyantly rent planes about to break" (10) INTERJECTS {I}{RENT*}{JE{C}TS}
20 Farmer's meadow's yield? Half, unfortunately, having cut a bit of labour (8) HAYFIELD {YIELD+HAlF}*
22 Sent husband away (had a bit of drink) (6) SIPPED ShIPPED
24 Spooner's rock isle is impregnable (10) ?A?E?T?G?T (Addendum - WATERTIGHT (~ totter wight to watertight) - See comments)
26 Approve of hairy animal with round back (4) OKAY {YAK}{O}<=
27 From dawn to dusk, daughter disrupts calm (3-3) ALL-DAY {ALL{D}AY}
28 Youngster's complaint mentioned afternoon meal item (8) TEETHING {(~tea)TEE}{THING}

2   Wind instrument played here (Poona) (9) AEROPHONE*
3   It's dangerous to consume, and to refuse, upon reflection (5) TOXIN {TO}{NIX<=}
4   Part of a kidney bean's tip quietly gobbled by wild heron (7) NEPHRON {beaN}{E{P}HRON*}
5   Harmful result of smoking with naked celebrities (3) TAR sTARs
6   Country gentleman, short on money — gutted and looking embarrassed (7) SQUIRMY {SQUIRe}{MoneY}
7   Basics at sea: rough sea coordinates (9) ABSCISSAE {BASICS}*{SEA}*
8   Bozo needlessly full of gas (5) OZONE [T]
12 Snow vehicle conveying worker on a slope (7) SLANTED {SL{ANT}ED}
14 Tricky situation for me, having loudly and foolishly lied (9) MINEFIELD {MINE}{F}{LIED*}
16 "Somewhat restrain them" — AI naysayers, generally (2,3,4) IN THE MAIN [T]
18 In record time, only after running in a clumsy way (7) INEPTLY {IN}{EP}{T}{onLY}
19 Mechanical learning secures class prize (7) ROSETTE {RO{SET}TE}
21 A type of order that is really tough under any circumstances (2,3) AT ALL {A}{TALL}
23 Box up hot dog (5) POOCH {COOP<=}{H}
25 Time after time dropping a catch (3) GET {T}<=>{aGE}

Reference List
King = K, Money = TIN, About = C, Husband = H, Daughter = D, Quietly = P, Loudly = F, Record = EP(Extended Play), Time =T, Hot = H

Monday 27 November 2023

No 14030, Monday 27 Nov 2023, Avtaar

Artwork by Prasanna
Solution to 29A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Unrests starting off in Russian capital (7) ROUBLES tROUBLES
5   Persuades leader of students to bunk class for a date (5,2) LEADS ON {LE(-s+a+d)ADSON
10 Superior blouses, evenly cut (4) BOSS BlOuSeS
11 Abnormal temperature draining energy in sound receiver (3,7) EAR TRUMPET TEMPERATURe*
12 Substitution of Democrat with Republican in team meeting leads to difficulty (6) HURDLE HU(-d+r)RDLE
13 Stop before director probes this (8) PRECLUDE {PRE}{CLU{D}E}
14 Engineer readies TV broadcast (9) ADVERTISE*
16 Former revolutionary near British Columbia smuggling drug in pirate ship (5) XEBEC {EX<=}{B{E}C}
17 Street actor regularly returns for musical ensemble (5) OCTET {sTrEeT+aCtOr<=}
19 Model is seen holding meet to raise awareness (9) SENSITISE {IS+SEEN}* over {SIT}
23 Rudeness upset consumers (3,5) END USERS*
24 Neglected wildebeest revived by one in Toulouse (6) UNSUNG {GNUS<=}<=>{UN}
26 Flower from the back of Saddleworth Moor captivates well-known poet (10) HELIOTROPE {s...tH}{ROPE} over {ELIOT}
27 Legendary captain of ship rejected portent (4) OMEN<=
28 Green complex with extremely classy style of architecture (7) REGENCY {GREEN*}{Cl..sY}
29 One thrown into Underground is no more (7) ?E?T?E? (Addendum - NEITHER {NE{1}THER} - See comments)

2   Stout old pole drilled with raised hexagonal metal block (7) OROTUND {O}{RO{NUT<=}D}
3   Installed floor across wings of arcades (5) BASED {B{Ar...eS}ED}
4   I, for one, vote for guys replacing Conservative (7) ELEMENT ELE(-c+men)MENT
6   Where heads of eagles' young, remaining incubated, emerge slowly (6) EYRIES Acrostic Semi&lit
7   Soothing cryptic clue by Avtaar turned up in degree books (9) DEMULCENT {CLUE*}{ME<=} in {D}{NT}
8   Almost certainly in debt with unpaid EMIs, to start with (7) OVERDUE {OVER}{DUE} (Correction - {O{VERy}D}{Un...d}{Emi} &lit - See comments)
9   Bent group of coppers probing journalists, charged one (13) PREPOSSESSION {PRE{POSSE}SS}{ION}
15 Team stealing nice-looking cycles detained by lady official (9) EXECUTIVE {XI} over ((+e)ECUT(-e)} in {EVE}
18 Come together where mother and sisters stay taking time off before start of Easter (7) CONVENE {CONVENt}{Ea...r}
20 Sleep thus, changing positions, I say! (4-3) SHUT-EYE {THUS}*{(~i)EYE}
21 Charlie gets involved in crime before Frank (7) SINCERE {C} in {SIN}{ERE}
22 Chaotic new format of the ICC (6) HECTIC*
25 Spy is regularly sick and absent (5) SCOUT {SiCk}{OUT}

Reference List
Date = D, Energy = E, Democrat = D, Republican = R, Director = D, Drug = E, One in French = UN, Conservative = C, Degree = D, Books = NT(New Testament), Time = T, Charlie = C

Sunday 26 November 2023

Special, Sunday 26 Nov 2023, Driver

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3282, Sunday 26 Nov 2023

4013 3D, 
1   At times, lags repurposed mineral deposits (11) STALAGMITES*
9   In forum, greeting with fury: that's mean? (7) AVERAGE {AVE}{RAGE}
10 Hamburger, perhaps English finding appropriate (7) GERMANE {GERMAN}{E}
11 Once again, secure some sureties (5) RETIE [T]
12 Battle song winning Eurovision (8) WATERLOO [DD}
14 Lingua franca never starting to be translated for Central American (10) NICARAGUAN {lINGUA+fRANCA}*
15 Regularly unsteady, second-hand (4) USED UnStEaDy
17 Those working for newspaper's fees (4) SUBS [DD]
19 Mentor gone berserk somewhere in the Balkans (10) MONTENEGRO*
21 Denature bananas and ingest too little (8) UNDEREAT*
23 In the end, burnt serving of beef heart? (5) TRUMP {b..nT}{RUMP}
25 Tell the story of electoral procedure (7) RECOUNT [DD]
26 Motel's installation: nifty invention bearing alcoholic refreshment, primarily? (7) MINIBAR Acrostic Semi&lit
27 Speak the same language, as pupils do? (3,3,2,3) SEE EYE TO EYE [C&DD]

1   I doubt 100 will enter kind of tank (7) SCEPTIC {S{C}EPTIC}
2   Dabblers: one ripens with energy rising (8) AMATEURS {A}{MAT(+e)UR(-e)S}
3   Notice: bachelor Everyman's beginning to tuck in, not seizing the day (4) ABED {A{B}{Ev...n}D}
4   John OKed this refined armagnac: cheers! (5,5) MAGNA CARTA {ARMAGNAC}*{TA}
5   Fit cast, we're told (5) THROE (~throw)
6   They bind potatoes, rice etc (7) STAPLES [DD]
7   Country in fashion – out of fashion – honestly! (4,3,6) FAIR AND SQUARE {FA{IRAN}D}{SQUARE}
8   Maybe drop scone fried with seconds to spare? Unbeatable (6,7) BEYOND COMPARE {MAYBE+DROP+sCONE}* 
13 Bishop giving way to tirade, dishonourably, displaying lack of knowledge (10) IGNORANTLY IGNO(-b+rant)RANTLY
16 Mention, as example, trendy position (8) INSTANCE {IN}{STANCE}
18 Following hygiene issue, daughter does away with tight garments (7) BODICES {BO}{D}{ICES}
20 Complain, taking extract of strong rum blearily (7) GRUMBLE [T]
22 Stir up arguments in speech (5) ROUSE (~rows)
24 Bits of soot in opening, Santa belly up (4) SMUT {Sa..a}{TUM<=}

Reference List
English = E, 100 = C, Energy = E, Bachelor = B, Cheers = TA, Seconds = S, Bishop = BTrendy = IN, Hygiene issue = BO(Body Odour), Daughter = D

Saturday 25 November 2023

No 14029, Saturday 25 Nov 2023, Hypatia

1   In America growth has to be painful? (8) MUSTACHE {MUST ACHE}
5   Bones that are more rigid in the ear (6) STERNA (~sterner)
10 Play sitar with a new singer (7) SINATRA {SITAR+A+N}*
11 Break queues as students frequently leave in pairs with.. (7) EQUATES {brEak+QueUes+As+sTudEntS}
12 ..the rest returning right afterwards (5) LATER {ET AL<=}{R}
13 Curiously see him take up mobile language (9) EUPHEMISM {SEE+HIM}* over {UP} and {M}
14 Escape routes left a savvy criminal rest essentially (6,6) SAFETY VALVES {LEFT+A+SAVVY}*{rESt}
18 Brew for one feeling sick spreads relief etc. (6,6) FILTER COFFEE {OFF} in {RELIEF+ETC}*
21 Spare without unit cost (9) EXONERATE {EX}{ONE}{RATE}
23 Characters from Chennai display colour (5) HENNA [T]
24 Remains litigating for releasing (7) ISSUING {IS}{SUING}
25 Hate crop top shirts, desi silk pants (7) DISLIKE {DEsI+SILK}*
26 Flower bands Oriental wears (6) GANGES {GANG{E}S}
27 Discussed dance school's sagas (8) ODYSSEYS {(~odissi)ODYSSEY}{S}

1   Drop recipe to make rasam with lead oddly in seasoning (6) MASALA {rASAM}*{LeAd}
2   Reason to put back money in state (6) SANITY {SA{TIN<=}Y}
3   Most anteaters left in the wild follow one another (9) ALTERNATE {ANTEATERs+L}*
4   Each Gen X in row (6,8) HEATED EXCHANGE {EACH+GEN+X}* [RA]
6   He curtly crosses over rest (5) TRUCE [T<=]
7   Rescue dog's tail cut (8) RETRIEVE RETRIEVEr
8   Like breed of cat scratching one's tongue (8) ASSAMESE {AS}{SiAMESE}
9   How scuba divers feel when insulted? (6,8) DEEPLY OFFENDED [CD]
15 Gems gathered in abandoned stash close to robbery (9) AMETHYSTS {MET} in {STASH+r...rY}*
16 Love fine heavy metal band's dedication (8) OFFERING {O}{F}{FE}{RING}
17 Lets angry in-laws look inside (6,2) ALLOWS IN {IN+LAWS}* over {LO}
19 Sound echoes in new rail tunnel regularly (6) ENTIRE {nEw+RaIl+TuNnEl<=}
20 Bets dogs are disheartened (6) WAGERS WAGgERS
22 Emiratis love indulging top expats, basically the crème de la crème (5) ELITE Acrostic

Reference List
New = N, Right = R, Mobile = M, Oriental = E, School = S, recipe = R, Left = L, Fine = F, Look = LO

Friday 24 November 2023

No 14028, Friday 24 Nov 2023, Hypatia

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

7   Wheels of a car on road rage (7-4) RUNNING-GEAR {RAGE}* [RA]
8   Softly cutting edges, eat this roll (3) PAV {P}{hAVe}
10 Suspect judge released in a short time (4) IFFY jIFFY
11 Fellow has a pinch of lemony spice (5) CLOVE {C{Le...y}OVE}
12 University with no operating system (4) UNIX {U}{NIX}
13 Active bachelor on vacation lives close to park (5) BRISK {Ba...oR}{IS}{parK}
15 Good time? Seize it freely! That's the spirit (9) ZEITGEIST {G+T+SEIZE+IT}*
16 Avoid mesucaPrem regularly (6) ESCAPE [mEn+SuCh+As+PrEm}
18 Cling on to eggs (6) CLUTCH [DD]
21 Separate clock for a shifty worker? (4-5) PART-TIMER {PART}{TIMER}
23 Wishes to ignore concerned Indians (5) DESIS DESIreS
25 Instrument starts to lag, yet remains entertaining (4) LYRE Acrostic
26 GoshI lost a board game (5) SHOGI
27 Bird without quarrel or fight (4) SPAR SPARrow
28 State of cycles in the past (3) GOA (+a)GO(+a)A
29 Doctor or scientist first suppressed and forced (11) CONSTRAINED {OR+SCIENTist+AND}*

1   Charges to travel and bother animals per Spooner (3,5) BUS FARES (~fuss bears to bus fares)
2   Diplomat devoid of love or jealousy (4) ENVY ENVoY
3   Nibble popcorn, ultimately in bag (5) SNACK {S{p...rN}ACK}
4   Pays no attention to topless Italian men (7) IGNORES sIGNORES
5   Harry, James and Mark - most like a king (8) MAJESTIC {JAMES*}{TICk}
6   Merchants selling new vests (6) BANIAS BANIAnS
9   Rest left around Europe due to wars (8) QUIETUDE {QUI{E}T}{DUE*}
14 Begin again with Kirk's leading TV show (4,4) STAR TREK {START}{RE}{KirkMy all time favorite TV Show
17 Issue in English girl's charge (8) EMISSION {E}{MISS}{ION}
19 Supply chains regularly delivering metal through oceanic area (5,3) CHINA SEA {CHAINS}*{mEtAl}
20 Regret climbing sites Rome rightfully preserves (7) REMORSE [T<=]
22 Oddly annoy husband and hug wife carelessly (6) ANYHOW {AnNoY}{H}{O}{W}
24 Amount of liquid drunk by troops (5) LITRE {LIT}{RE}
27 Task involves wearing strip (4) SKIN [T]

Reference List
Softly = P, Judge = J, University = U, Good = G, Time = T, Concerned = RE, New = N, Europe = E, Again = RE, English = E, Husband = h, HUG = O, Wife = W, Troops = RE(Royal Engineers)

Thursday 23 November 2023

No 14027, Thursday 23 Nov 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 5A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Case of demonstrative bequest for committee (8) DELEGACY {De...vE}{LEGACY}
5   Stops rebellious fool stealing object (6) ?A?S?S (Addendum - PAUSES {SAP<=} over {USE} - See comments)
10 Run back to save guys in trouble (7) TORMENT {TOR{MEN}T<=}
11 Almost caught cuddling miss with love (5,2) CLOSE TO {C{LOSE}T}{O}
12 Postmodern style inspiring German artist (5) ERNST [T]
13 Pioneer flying to Nigeria (9) ORIGINATE*
14 Craft gone with life raft not attached (4-8) FREE-FLOATING {GONE+LIFE+RAFT}*
18 Immaculate beach outside best resort close to lagoon (5,3,4) SPICK AND SPAN {S{PICK}AND}{SPA}{l...oN}
21 Container with game bird caught for prince (9) CARTRIDGE (-p+c)CARTRIDGE
23 Want cocaine to party (5) CRAVE {C}{RAVE}
24 Membranes covering spores of bush essentially found in Asian country (7) INDUSIA {IND{bUSh}IA}
25 Lawyer makes up a story about leading industrialist in newspapers (7) DAILIES {DA}{In...t}{LIES}
26 Bristly drunkard's back in court (6) SETOSE {SE{SOT<=}E}
27 Order starter of chicken in trendy bar (8) INSTRUCT {IN}{STRU{Ch...n}T}

1   Desires to hire posh model for assignments (6) DUTIES {D{U}{T}IES}
2   Seducing lady in a little dingy shed (6) LURING {L}{dURING}
3   Talk with regret about fifty killed in Northward migration of Boers (5,4) GREAT TREK {TAlK+REGRET}*
4   What forensic pathologist will do to completely ignore a person (3,7,4) CUT SOMEONE DEAD [DD]
6   Excellent oil used to make sauce (5) AIOLI {A1}{OIL*}
7   Censor a shot featuring nudists essentially in programme (8) SCENARIO {CENSOR+A}* over {nudIsts}
8   Scene describing individual in prehistoric period (5,3) STONE AGE {ST{ONE}AGE}
9   Part of leg hurt, overwhelmed by pain - lad gets hold of nurse (8,6) ACHILLES TENDON {ACH{ILL}E}{S{TEND}ON}
15 A revolting crime! Time to catch sly revolutionary (9) ANARCHIST {A}{SIN<=}{T} over {ARCH}
16 Chapter in physics about mediums (8) PSYCHICS {PSY{C}HICS*}
17 Doctor, I'm desperate for tablet of LSD (8) MICRODOT*
19 South American stork shot by one on brief outing (6) JABIRU {JAB}{1}{RUn}
20 Discovers gun outside abandoned set (4,2) GETS AT {G{SET*}AT}
22 Mounts difficulties, scoring century (5) RISES cRISES

Reference List
Caught = CT, Beach = SAND, Resort = SPA, Caught = C, Prince = P, Cocaine = C, Lawyer = DA, Court = SEE< Trendy = IN, Posh = U, Model = T, Lady = L, Fifty = L, Excellent = A1, Time = T, Sly = ARCH, Chapter = C, Gun = GAT, Century = C 

Wednesday 22 November 2023

No 14026, Wednesday 22 Nov 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 16A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Easily sense husband getting a touch tipsy after drinking shot (7,1,5) WITHOUT A HITCH {WIT}{H} and {A+TOUCH}* over {HIT}
8   Saved by doctors resuscitating relapsed addicts (5) USERS [T<=]
9   Can do reconstruction of retina (9) CONTAINER {CON}{RETINA*}
11 Woman worried on flight about son starting to panic in wet whirlwind (10) WATERSPOUT {W}{ATE}{R{S}{Pa..c}OUT}
12 Full moon party, entertaining band (4) HOOP {H{O}OP}
14 Communicates by wireless with distressed roadies (7) RADIOES*
16 Many avoiding crowd to tackle spike in infectious disease (7) C?O?E?A (Addendum - CHOLERA {C{HOLE}RAm} - See comments)
17 Belligerent man drinking, turning very intoxicated in retreat (7) HOSTILE {H{SO<=}{LIT<=}E}
19 Repaired most of electric network (7) RETICLE ELECTRIc*
21 Edible root from east, peculiar on reflection (4) EDDO {E}{ODD<=}
22 Hospital worker beginning to frantically transfuse fluid (5,5) STAFF NURSE {Fr...y+TRANSFUSE}*
25 Detective catches maiden and unionist cavorting in Indian state (5,4) TAMIL NADU {TA{M}IL}{AND+U}* Was lost for a while as I have always been writing it as one word!!
26 Waving, ran triumphantly to receive award (5) GRANT [T]
27 Where one might experience tremors in a weak position (2,5,6) ON SHAKY GROUND [DD]

2   One went out to have unrestricted sex and conceived (7) IDEATED {1}{D{sEx}ATED}
3   Affected by bad rhinitis, receiving oxygen at onset of Covid-19 (10) HISTRIONIC {HISTRI{O}NI*}{Co...9}
4   Free from limits in university, sleep around casually at first (5) UNCAP {U}{N{Ca...y}AP}
5   Reporter's article on new cure, revolutionary (9) ANNOUNCER {AN}{ON+N+CURE}*
6   Lives on a yacht primarily? My word! (1,3) I SAY {IS}{A}{Ya..t}
7   Pardon criminal? OK (7) CONDONE {CON}{DONE}
8   Most disreputable suitor went crazy outside hotel (11) UNWORTHIEST {SUITOR+WENT}* over {H}
10 Injured player out of tourney finally, join as substitute (11) REPLACEMENT {PLAyER}*{CEMENT}
13 Travelling on metro, gathering information about country (10) MONTENEGRO{ON+METRO}* over {GEN<=}
15 Flatter track, having little turn to begin with (5-4) SWEET-TALK {S{WEE}{Turn}TALK}
18 Supporting musician and soprano plan to entertain millions with number (7) SIDEMAN {S}{IDE{M}A}{N}
20 Dog can have glaucoma, eventually becoming blind (7) CURTAIN {CUR}{T{g...mA}IN}
23 Cast starting to feel a little nervous in drag (5) FLUNG {Feel}{LU{Ne...s}G}
24 Dull black tie, not special (4) BLAH {B}{LAsH}

Reference List
Husband = H, Do = CON, Woman = W, Many = M, Son = S, Intoxicated = LIT, East = E, Maiden = M, Unionist = U, University = U, New = N, Hotel = H, Soprano = O, Millions = M, Number = N, Black = B

Tuesday 21 November 2023

No 14025, Tuesday 21 Nov 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 12A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Actor flirts with a maiden outrageously (4,4) FILM STAR {FLIRTS+A+M}*
5   Pet in basket, a little present for husband (6) PAMPER (-h+p)PAMPER
10 Truant rattled by master's outburst (7) TANTRUM {TRUANT*}{M}
11 Element or essence of tequila in a rum cocktail (7) URANIUM {teqUila}{IN+A+RUM*}
12 Pick up rupees in bank (5) L?A?N (Addendum - LEARN {LEA{R}N} - See comments)
13 Ordered one book, it's about lexicographer of new words (9) NEOLOGIST {ONE*}{LOG}{ITS*}
14 Unstable situation in hospital managed so far with doc conducting operation (5,2,5) HOUSE OF CARDS {H}{SO+FAR+DOC}* over {USE}
18 Singer in bar hit right note (12) COUNTERTENOR {COUNTER}{R+NOTE}*
21 Passed through old, abandoned ground in road test (9) TRANSITED {IN+RoAD+TEST}*
23 Fellow in squadron is out of shape (5) UNFIT {UN{F}IT}
24 Medicine given for psychological benefit in rank body odour (7) PLACEBO {PLACE}{BO}
25 Model, say, going topless - enthralled by pot (7) PATTERN {PA{uTTER}N}
26 Sheep start to roam around field (6) SPHERE {SHEEP+Roam}*
27 Robbery in hotel conducted by couple exceptionally (8) THIEVERY {T{H}IE}{VERY}

1   Damaged flute is mostly useless (6) FUTILE {FLUTE+Is}*
2   Want a taste of nice tropical fruit (6) LONGAN {LONG}{A}{Nice}
3   Queen in daze with painful problem, getting addicted to a drug (6,3) STRUNG OUT {ST{R}UN}{GOUT}
4   Wonder about revolting misdeed by Tesla's management (14) ADMINISTRATION {ADMI{SIN<=}{T}RATION}
6   Monumental amount to preserve Texas landmark (5) ALAMO [T]
7   Turned tipsier after drinking shots heartily in French city (8) POITIERS {TIPSIER}* over {shOts}
8   Most secluded and calm, getting hold of book in retreat (8) REMOTEST {R{TOME<=}EST}
9   Reason for sinking in water - unable to cope (3,2,4,5) OUT OF ONES DEPTH [C&DD]
15 Flirtatious woman entertaining king is a dish (9) CROQUETTE {C{R}OQUETTE}
16 Leading expert manages to conserve extremely tiny forms of adapted subspecies (8) ECOTYPES {Ex...t}{CO{TinY}PES}
17 Ready to captivate posh boy? Dress showily (3,1,4) CUT A DASH {C{U}T}ADASH (Addendum - {C{U}{TAD}ASH} - See comments)
19 Enfeebled in conclusion, giving up cocaine and ecstasy (6) EFFETE {EFFEcT}{E}
20 The blue films can be disgusting (6) STINKY {S{TIN}KY}
22 Box contains oriental weapon (5) SPEAR {SP{E}AR}

Reference List
Maiden = M, Husband = H, Master = M, Rupees = R, Hospital = H, Right = R, Old = O, Fellow = F, Hotel = H, Queen = R, Tesla = T, King = R, Posh = U, Oriental = E

Monday 20 November 2023

No 14024, Monday 20 Nov 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 17A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Very strange reason for wanting to move to another planet (4,7,2,5) LIKE NOTHING ON EARTH [C&DD]
8   Republican involved in manipulation of vote? That's obvious (5) OVERT {OVE{R}T*}
9   X-ray image with most bones of forearm, head, back and arm broken (9) RADIOGRAM {RADIi}{GO<=}{ARM*}
11 Very obvious twist in a sad play (5,2,3) PLAIN AS DAY*
12 Record broken by son on national sports channel (4) ESPN {E{S}P}{N}
14 Writes a musical score, enthralled by revolutionary sunset at Ontario (7) NOTATES [T<=]
16 Moans as girl stimulates (7) GROUSES {G}{ROUSES}
17 Consider mushroom recipe for diner's inauguration (7) E?P?O?E (Addendum - EXPLORE EXPLO(-d+r)RE - See comments)
19 Wine with Latin bloke on vacation resulting in bloomer (7) ASTILBE {ASTI}{L}{BlokE}
21 Depression from twist of fate (4) MOOD <=
22 Love is strong, inspired husband to change (10) FRIENDSHIP {F}{INSPIRED+H}*
25 More suggestive of hurricane perhaps (9) RAUNCHIER*
26 Paramour and lady on screen, going topless (5) LOVER {L}{cOVER}
27 Be quiet about incident with associate in flat getting ecstasy (7,6) SEVENTH HEAVEN {S{EVENT}HH}{E{A}VEN}

2   Erroneous account checked by officer at centre later (7) INEXACT {AC} in {offIcer}{NEXT}
3   Death resulting from abuse of nicotine, essentially toxic over time (10) EXTINCTION {NICOTINE+toXic}* over {T}
4   Organiser goes to control revolting brutes (5) OGRES [T<=]
5   Plant in Dutch field, surrounded by loose hay (9) HYDRANGEA {HY{D}{RANGE}A*}
6   New labourer passing primarily pungent gas (4) NEON {N}{pEON}
7   Fragrant roots from old hills across river (7) ORRISES {O}{R{R}ISES}
8   Pioneer, he worked with initiators of Manhattan Project (11) OPPENHEIMER {PIONEER+HE+Ma...n+Pr...t}* &lit
10 Building new empires to conquer earth in computer game (11) MINESWEEPER {NEW+EMPIRES} over {E}
13 Sausage is fresh, having small amount with everyone in retreat (10) MORTADELLA {MOR{TAD}E}{ALL<=}
15 Herb in special fruit punch (9) SPEARMINT {S}{PEAR}{MINT}
18 Find rope perhaps to restrain scoundrel (7) PROCURE {PRO{CUR}E*}
20 Reveal criminal smuggling heroin in French city (2,5) LE HAVRE {LE{H}AVRE*}
23 See 1 Across
24 Overwhelmed by nausea, chest pain (4) ACHE [T]

Reference List
Republican = R, Son = S, National = N, Girl = G, Recipe = R, Latin = L, Strong = F, Husband = H, Lady = L, Associate = A, Account = AC, Time = T, Dutch = D, New = N, Old = O, River = R, Earth = E, Heroin = H

Sunday 19 November 2023

The Sunday Crossword No 3281, Sunday 19 Nov 2023

1   Fall to the ground (touch of hydrophobia) (4) DROP [T]
3   Extremely dark sweatshirt worn (10) SWARTHIEST*
9   Soldiers, Italian, following peacekeepers (4) UNIT {IT}<=>{UN}
10 Teach a lesson in specialist area (10) DISCIPLINE [DD]
11 Feeling giddy before stakes amassed in sports venue (8,4) SWIMMING POOL {SWIMMING}{POOL}
15 Madness without Suggs at the front? It's meaningless (7) INANITY INsANITY
16 Twisted conceit: Tolkien's monster's a meanie (7) SCROOGE {EGO}{ORCS}<=
17 Ape with neck out of shape: it's a bone (7) KNEECAP {APE+NECK}*
19 A little ecstatic at a language that's spoken in Iberia (7) CATALAN [T]
20 Son has cloudy disposition in place of learning (6,6) SUNDAY SCHOOL*
23 Actors' performances, amateur, drawn out: pretends to enjoy it (5,5) PLAYS ALONG {PLAYS}{A}{LONG}
24 Is unable to sermonise (4) CANT [DD]
25 Priest's set off to find relative (10) STEPSISTER*
26 Naked, bashful, praiseful verses (4) ODES mODESt

1   Chicken pieces, as seen in steel pan (10) DRUMSTICKS [DD]
2   Begins and gives a speech having consumed one drink (10) ORIGINATES {OR{1}{GIN}ATES}
4   Dash with money from the South to get to Houston? (7) WHITNEY {WHIT}{YEN<=}
5   Initially playing for time, intones instructions (7) RECIPES RECI(-t+p)PES
6   Big beast close to Arctic, barking a kind of oath (11) HIPPOCRATIC {HIPPO}{ARCTIC*}
7   In earliest stages (elsewise, romantically), Ireland's name? (4) ERIN Acrostic & lit
8   Reportedly, players proliferate (4) TEEM (~team)
12 Seaways offering larger things to eat (4,7) MAIN COURSES [DD]
13 Playwright having chicken after Christmas (4,6) NOEL COWARD {COWARD}<=>{NOEL}
14 Once again, blows up ten flares ... I digress (10) REINFLATES*
18 Quietly confuses those propelling a boat (7) PADDLES {P}{ADDLES}
19 Urge to tuck into something sugary that's spicy (7) CAYENNE {CA{YEN}NE}
21 Work's over; drink up (4) OPUS {SUP}{O}>= (Correction - {O}{SUP<=} - See comments)
22 A passing diversion, Everyman's beginning to lose freshness (4) FADE {FAD}{Ev...n}

Reference List
Italian = IT, Time = T, Quietly = P, Over = O