Saturday 31 August 2013

No 10866, Saturday 31 Aug 2013, The Phantom

Was 'winded' googling and reading the long winded clues.
8   Gratify Henry’s ilk no end leaving to fool around (6) PANDER  Anno pending (Addendum - P(-h)(-ilk)ANDER - See comments)
9   European politician’s allegiances; commitments basically are most hollow (8) EMPTIEST {E}{MP}{TIES}{commiTments}
10 Highway 78 perhaps missed out marker (8) MILEPOST {MI}LEPOST Anno pending (Addendum - {MI}{L{EP}OST} - See comments)
11 Prophet and priest on outskirts of Judea, heading for Haifa (6) ELIJAH {ELI}{JudeA}{H}
12 Blonde frayed at the edges, with silver lining; sign of seniority (3,3) OLD AGE {gOLD {AG}En}
13 Resurgences of servitude binding one vassal, beginning to return, as year ends (8) REVIVALS {yRE{VI}VALS}<= Not sure of Anno See comments
15 Ridicule report about garment and casual wear (1-6) T-SHIRTS {T-{SHIRT}S}(~tease) I thought ridicule report would be 'tsk', rom tsk-tsk? See coments
17 We declined carnation from a girl, back in USA (7) FLORIDA {FLOweR}{IDA}
20 New independent national character, for instance, reflected in African (8) NIGERIAN {N}{I}{GE<=}{RIAN<=} (Addendum - {N}{I}[{GE}{RIA}{N}<=] - See comments)
22 Mammal in Manila harassed (6) ANIMAL*
23 A road crossing short alley at an angle (6) ASLANT {A}{S{LANe}T}
25 Opera scripts in book, strangely written, without covers (8) LIBRETTI {LIB}{wRITTEn}* Lib from Library? Then it should have been books.
26 Poisonous plants perhaps brought about the end of Socrates? (8) HEMLOCKS [GK]
27 Clears peculiar looking membrane around the eyes (6) SCLERA*

1   Exceptionally prepared sir, and — voila — see pasta dishes! (8) RAVIOLIS {SIR+VOILA}*
2   Ground stroke featuring Nadal, in the centre, raises excitement levels (10) ADRENALINE {NADAL+IN+REE?}* ?(Addendum - {A{naDal)RENA}{LINE} - See comments)
3   Hollow in wood? Nothing in it! (6) GROOVE {GRO{O}VE}
4   Ultimately length etc., perhaps a measure, couple finally needed, for unit of area (7) HECTARE {H}{ETC*}{A}{measuRE}
5   Turmoil in Indian state; unending happiness cut short by gangster (8) UPHEAVAL {UP}{HEAVen}{AL} Unending and then cut short to remove two letters?
6   Court order with conditional decree, carried by Tunisian (4) NISI [T]
7   Mule revolts, beset by pain and torture (6) ASSAIL {A{SSA<=}IL}
14 Chop removing core and fillet basically into say extremely, long strands of pasta (10) VERMICELLI VERMIC{tELLIf} Anno pending (Addendum - {VER{MInCE}{fiLLet}I}(~very) - See comments)
16 Three panelled artwork showing travel by Greek goddess of fortune, briefly (8) TRIPTYCH {TRIP}{TYCHe}
18 People using drawing boards are mainly designers of roof supports (8) DRAFTERS {D}{RAFTERS}
19 Girl’s report announces agenda for expert maybe (7) ANALYST (~anna}{ANA}{LYST}(~list)
21 Rhythmic march on foot (6) INSTEP {IN}{STEP}
22 Is she superior born, to be protected by President’s security service? (6) ABBESS {A{B}BE}{SS} Why 'Is she'?
24 Jack, the French expert (4) ABLE {AB}{LE}

Friday 30 August 2013

No.10865, 30 Aug 2013, xChequer

Keep Billowing, xChequer !

1 Cocktail, iced, dispensed in Hong Kong possibly (7) SIDECAR (ICED* in SAR=Specially Administered Region, like HK)
          Remembered Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

5 Consequently accepted managerial qualification restriction (7) EMBARGO (ERGO accepts MBA)
9 Formal document of privileges covering a club card (9) CHARACTER (CHARTER covering A C)
10 Convincing force of argument for one about to pursue record (5) LOGIC (1 C pursuing LOG)
          You must trust my logic on this anno
11 Out-and-out scholar ran tutorial houses (6) ARRANT (T)
12 Pulled up second edition, binding no longer fresh (7) SCOLDED (S ED binding COLD)
          I once had to scold my socks
14 Spoils life situation without love (4) LOOT (LOT without=outside O)
15 Obsession with one working aspect (10) COMPLEXION (COMPLEX 1 ON)
          Ref. cartoon below
19 Flourished, unique identity overcoming ruin at a point (10) BRANDISHED (BRAND overcoming DISH(=ruin) E)
20 Facts a bit contrary (4) DATA (A TAD<)
22 Way stores freely give a holy text (3,4) RIG VEDA (RD=road stores GIVE*,A)
          Not only veda, we even rig elections
25 Bedraggled unit collapsed, definitely lacking guts (6) UNTIDY (UNIT* DefinitelY)
27 Trace element in geologic core (5) TINGE (T)
28 Upset, furiously burst in, departed (9) DISTURBED ((BURST* in DIED) Typo corrected
29 Long-established mysterious group (4-3) DEEP SET (DEEP=mysterious SET)
30 Right exit to go back (7) REGRESS (R EGRESS=exit)

1 Groom, say, refusing a church (4) SYCE (SaY CE)
2 Attack repulsed, a hero knocked up the runs (9) DIARRHOEA (RAID< AHERO*)
          When you periodically run for the throne
3 Perhaps tie and whip half-raving prisoner (6) CRAVAT (CAT=whip having RAVing prisoner)
4 Cycles from Central Station complex (9) ROTATIONS (fROm STATION)*
5 Observers described royal circuit courts (5) EYRES (EYES describing R)
6 Inflated charge is outstanding (8) BILLOWED (BILL OWED)
7 Rapidly spread fashion died (5) RAGED (RAGE D)
8 Unplanned outsourcing primarily replaced a person from the West (10) OCCIDENTAL (ACCIDENTAL-A+O)
           Would a Westernised Oriental Gentleman qualify?
13 Worked out at length, filled with joy, filled with wind (10) ELABORATED (ELATED filled with BORA)
16 A sign of something coming before it appears on the computer screen (9) PRECURSOR (PRE CURSOR)

17 Bombed a building, somewhat short echo not heard (9) INAUDIBLE (A BUILDINg E)*
18 Unoccupied head’s state of inactivity (8) IDLENESS (IDLE NESS=head)
21 Threaded ends of short crosspiece (6) STRUNG (ShorT RUNG)
23 Grade beginner before granting admission to new class (5) GENRE (G ERE granting admission to N)
24 Inspect underground opening to check shaft (5) AUDIT (U in ADIT)
26 Poems on desk left unfinished (4) ODES (On DESk) See comments

Thursday 29 August 2013

No 10864, Thursday 29 Aug 2013, Sunnet

Field day for robbers with no cops around ;-)

1   A meal around a large boat (6) LAUNCH {L{A}UNCH}
4   A trapper damaged printing material (3,5) ART PAPER*
10 Light-headed, rambling fool with virus (9) FRIVOLOUS*
11 Bitter resistance seen in a police department (5) ACRID {A}{C{R}ID}
12 Tesla’s feeble twist (5) TWEAK {T}{WEAK}
13 Courage of bold worker with some rye (9) GALLANTRY {GALL}{ANT}{RYe}
14 Damage a chemist’s workplace within India’s coast (7) MALABAR {M{A}{LAB}AR}
16 Genuine currency of Brazil (4) REAL [DD]
19 A crust’s nearly back again (4) SCAB {S}{kCAB<=} 'S' from 's ?
21 An army officer and an outlaw (7) BRIGAND {BRIG}{AND}
24 Howling aloud until the chief of demons left awkwardly (9) ULULATION {ALOUd+UNTIL}*

25 Danger for many following Persian fairy (5) PERIL {PERI}{L}
26 Protection for a dealer of stolen goods (5) FENCE [DD]
27 Reportedly see extremity in Capone’s gangsters (9) CRIMINALS (~see){C}{RIM}{IN}{AL'S}
28 Urged the former host Edward to take some students out for a little rave (8) EXHORTED {EX}{HOst}{Rave}{TED}
29 Decapitate Belgium’s chief (6) BEHEAD {BE}{HEAD}

1   Forever finding a little insect rising up in spirit (8) LIFETIME {LIF{ETIM<=}E}
2   Together one’s led haywire by Yankee (8) UNITEDLY {UNIT}{LED*}{Y}
3   Caught castle’s dishonest man (5) CROOK {C}{ROOK}
5   He is responsible for neat take-aways (7) RUSTLER [CD]
6   Father takes jar back with a note for Hindu god (9) PRAJAPATI {P{RAJ<=}APA}{TI}
7   Sufi master took in a robber… (6) PIRATE {PIR}{ATE}
8   Communist, I heard, in a late night flight (3,3) RED EYE {RED} {EYE}(~i)
9   Smith’s a counterfeiter (6) FORGER [DD]
15 Reckless businessman’s puppy is sent back by staff positioned near the emergency room (9) BUCCANEER {BUC<=}{CANE}{ER}
17 Possibly a result of taking steps around the fire? (8) MARRIAGE [CD]
18 Admired unfinished puppet held by one northbound overseas Indian (8) IDOLISED {1}{DOLl}{ISED<=} I thought a 'Desi' would be an Indian indian?
20 French roll and cheese stuffed with unlimited mocha (7) BRIOCHE {BRI{mOCHa}E}
21 Proscribed the thing say for a thief (6) BANDIT {BAND}{IT}(~banned it)
22 Soften the noise of beast of burden that’s doubly loud inside (6) MUFFLE {MU{FF}LE}
23 Satisfy a desire of heartless royal’s companion of honour (6) QUENCH {QUeEN}{CH}
25 Award displayed by Capri zealots (5) PRIZE [T]

Wednesday 28 August 2013

No 10863, Wednesday 28 Aug 2013, Vulcan

Crisp concise clues from Vulcan. Though I found some definitions a bit iffy and some clues making it look  like a quick CW.

1   Movie’s very funny; its excellent (7) TOOTSIE {TOO}{ITS*}{E} E for Excellent? Not in Chambers.
5   Girl’s changing second name? Dislike it fundamentally (7) MAIDENS Anno pending (Addendum - {S+NAME+Dislike+It}* - See comments)
9   Alsatians tore into an attacker (9) ASSAILANT*
10 Indulge in intricate roles (5) CATER [T]
11 It’s a lot of paperwork! (7) ORIGAMI [CD]
12 Woke up, drank tea — fresh and cheerful (7) ROSEATE {ROSE}{TEA*} (Addendum - {ROS{TEA*}E} - See comments)
13 Do this if you don’t want to pay any cash (5,4) FLASH CARD [CD]
15 Remains in dire straits (4) REST [T]
17 A large number killed (4) SLEW Anno not clear [DD] - See comments
18 Protectors of god’s vision above all (9) EYESHADES {EYES}{HADES}
22 A target set out for a sporting event (7) REGATTA*
25 Lessons about time primarily for us humans (7) MORTALS {MOR{T}ALS}
26 From 1st of October change the egg supplier (5) OVARY {O}{VARY}
27 Develop and train a sprinter (9) TRANSPIRE*
28 Small southern bank perhaps (7) SLENDER {S}{LENDER}
29 Current’s rough we’re told (7) DRAUGHT (~draft) I have always been mispronouncing this word!

1   Separate attention rich guy’s attracting (4,3) TEAR OFF {T{EAR} OFF}
2   Firm’s old books evacuated — neat and its organised (9) OBSTINATE {O}{BookS}{NEAT+IT}*
3   Vegetable chaps cooking and eating at home (7) SPINACH {SP{IN}ACH*}
4   Get rid of iced tea. A shot of rum ordered (9) ERADICATE {ICED+TEA+A+R}*
5   Pilot: “Temperature inside the cabin rising” (5) MOTOR {MO{T}OR<=}
6   Cut in proportions, say (6) INCISE {IN}{CISE}(~size)
7   Very old art form (5) EXTRA {EX}{ART*}
8   Certain force goes into it in excess (7) SURFEIT {SUR{F}E}{IT}
14 Where we’d like to be in reality too (9) DREAMLAND [CD]
16 Winning the last audition without leader (9) ENDEARING {END}{hEARING}
17 Difficult and dangerous (7) SERIOUS [DD]
19 Spicy sauce from a state in the east — eggless — with hot topping (7) HARISSA {H}{A}{oRISSA}
That looks wicked. My mouth is on fire just looking at it!
20 Believe an accused (7) SUSPECT [DD]
21 Continued to be sober as told (6) STAYED (~staid)
23 Standard list (5) GRADE [DD]
24 Branch’s top 2 positions vacant? More likely (5) APTER chAPTER

Tuesday 27 August 2013

No 10862, Tuesday 27 Aug 2013, Lightning

Enjoyed doing the Physic(al)s set by Lightning.
1   Attracts intern with top tier starting salary (6) TEMPTS {TEMP}{T}{S}
4   Betrayer to tell on king (8) SQUEALER {SQUEAL}{ER}
10 Draft, not completely prejudiced towards India, perhaps (9) PENINSULA {PEN}{INSULAr}
11 Compel on behalf of church (5) FORCE {FOR}{CE}
12 Land without a lamp (5) LIGHT aLIGHT
13 Reserve nice, erect building (9) RETICENCE*
14 Importance of the effect of attraction (7) GRAVITY [DD]
16 Lawyer leaves woman admitting one cripple (4) MAIM {MAda{I}M}
19 Signal to let go after losing heart (4) WAVE WAiVE
21 Lazy one with a tendency to remain at rest (7) INERTIA {INERT}{1}{A}
24 One well-organised record is mandatory at first to reveal a new word (9) NEOLOGISM {ONE*}{LOG}{IS}{M}
25 Lived with daughter, for the most part healthy and fit at last (5) DWELT {D}{WELl}{T}
26 Salad from Andorra I tasted (5) RAITA [T]
27 Detailed test to primarily mark isotopic chemicals having three indivisible units per molecule (9) TRIATOMIC {TRIAl}{TO}{M}{I}{C}
28 Mayor Yen assembled a cavalry unit (8) YEOMANRY*
29 Control fee (6) CHARGE [DD]

1   Most important record about old, unknown network configuration (8) TOPOLOGY {TOP}{O}{LOG}{Y}
2   Symbol for single unit of weight (8) MONOGRAM {MONO}{GRAM}
3   Camp embracing oriental belief (5) TENET {TEN{E}T}
5   Queen, with hesitation, describing a book in part (7) QUANTUM {QU}{A}{NT}{UM}
6   Faulty? Remove the top, insert a trace of fuel and it becomes useful (9) EFFECTIVE {dEF{F}ECTIVE}
7   Novel ruling is enticing (6) LURING*
8   Recommend sheltering European at joint (6) REEFER {RE{E}FER}
9   Ask a king to supplant eastern mine (6) QUARRY {QU(-e+(a)(r)}ARRY}
15 Absurd mania surrounding old sailor returning to girlfriend (9) INAMORATA {INAM{O}{RAT<=}A*}
17 Ship covering royal banner (8) STREAMER {ST{R}EAMER}
18 Separate one oddly culled grain (8) PARTICLE {PART}{1}{CuLlEd}
20 Signalling device secret, time-traveller held back (7) EMITTER [T<=]
21 Characteristic of a stressed foot? (6) IAMBIC [CD]
22 Heartlessly get into the borders of Germany exhibiting forcefulness (6) ENERGY {ENtER}{GermanY}
23 An effect, perhaps of mood in disarray (6) DOMINO*
25 Abandon trench (5) DITCH [DD]

Monday 26 August 2013

No.10861, Mon 26 Aug 2013, Klue Klux Klan

Chirp, Chirp ?!

1 Transfer blame to the cup, bask ingloriously (4,3,4) PASS THE BUCK (THE CUP BASK + a bonus S from unknown sources)*
         There was a great cartoon on this in The Hindu on Friday
9 When boiled, shell withholds pain (7) POACHED (POD holds ACHE)
10 Array missing thousand real world objects (6) REALIA (REgALIA)
11 Most of the time, I’d be meek (5) TIMID (TIMe I'D)
12 Beat amateur for love of sour milk (7) CLOBBER CLABBER (CLOBBER-o+A) See comments
15 Eagle found in danger nearby (4) ERNE (T)
16 School lint used for garments (10) LOINCLOTHS (SCHOOL LINT)*

18 Batsman on a purple patch is said to be thus (2,4,4) IN GOOD FORM (CD)
20 Austen heroine’s premise taken for granted? Not initially (4) EMMA (LEMMA-L)
23 Compose, at beginning of time, lyric for vacuum tube? (7) PENTODE (PEN T ODE)
24 Adult’s exclamation backed saying (5) ADAGE (A EGAD<)
26 State with love for a belief (6) NOTION (NATION-A=O)
27 Clothing for Indian father and some kin (7) APPAREL (APPA RELative)  
          A south Indian father, to be precise, except in Tulu where Appe is mother and guess what, Amme is ...  
28 Some strengths the first lady values, maintains (11) ASSEVERATES (ASSets+EVE+RATES)

2 Insects concealed in unending recess (6) APHIDS (HID in APSe)
3 Make a hash of episode; erase author’s profile (4) SIDE (EPISODE-POE*)
4 Tough ships for uncompromising conservatives (10) HARDLINERS (HARD LINERS)
5 Bird that makes abbot sick (8) BOATBILL (ABBOT* ILL) Indirect Anagram  See comments
6 Most elegant Conservative’s ethics gone awry (7)  CHICEST (C ETHICS*)
7 A father, conceptual, loses Swedish currency, is indifferent (9)  APATHETIC (A PA THEmaTIC) Not sure how Swedish currency is ma) (A PA THEoreTIC) See comments
8 Orderly opener, for one, loses heart (6) BATMAN (BATsMAN)
13 Intimate, incomplete enclosures for Italian poet (10) CONFIDANTE (CONFInes DANTE)
14 Guiltily, Indian girl’s potpourri lacks one direction (9) ASHAMEDLY (ASHA MEDLeY)
17 Repentant that the trick’s hackneyed, … (8) CONTRITE (CON TRITE)
19 … monkeys bruise nun’s ego (7) GUENONS (NUNS EGO)*
          Genuinely deserves a high five from PP !
21 The kind of rage in Klue Klux Klan is inadequate (6) MEAGRE (RAGE* in ME)
22 A taste is enough? (6) SAMPLE ('S AMPLE)
25 Priest cut short yesteryear actress’ comeback (4) LAMA (AMALa< Is the Actress referred to Amala of the Pushpak fame?)

Sunday 25 August 2013

Special, Sunday 25 Aug 2013, Afterdark

Three answers per commenter with annotations.



Adding the Acroslite version below

I am sorry, folks, but I am unable to upload the Acrosslite file or give a link to it.

Here's the link

Special, Sunday 25 Aug 2013, Afterdark

Three answers per commenter with annotations.

1   Been confused, but intonation that followed gave the blessing (11)
9   Killer strangulates fit leader (7)
10 Spinning magnetic poles to emit signals about the contest (7)
11 Report on slips is wrong (5)
12 Altar pieces uses rare red roses in modification (9)
13 Priest to bar return of two (5)
15 Extensive areas lead to slaughters (9)
18 Disagreements due to girl’s dreams? (9)
21 Symbolically indifferent clothing? (5)
22 Argument around deposits in anticipation (9)
24 Stranger she courted was all air (5)
26 African in pentagonal building lets pet out (7)
27 Hideout in Indian base supplements (7)
28 Key US commie funnily is a cartoon character (6,5)

1   Tree supported all around, yet failed (9)
2   Writer went back to American state instead of another country (5)
3   Do acerbic men escape this condition? (9)
4   Bulls eye! 100% right inside (7)
5   They don’t change as a non-entity (2,5)
6   Wanderer is not crazy (5)
7   Sen, as we hear, is more certain to be the one who reprimands (8)
8   All points bulletin (4)
14 Black lady faces ire after a drink (8)
16 Battered team dreams of losing direction in the capital (9)
17 Southern university girl hidden in the tall grass (5,4)
19 Member in charge is a natural (7)
20 Install the statue I built (7)
22 Safe armour hides panic (4)
23 Trade maiden in TN city (5)
25 Unsighted gets out, converts religion (5) 

To attempt the crossword on a separate page follow the link AFTERDARK7


No 2753, Sunday 25 Aug 2013

1   Hero of poem (Will's second) Hathaway, mostly, edited (8) HIAWATHA {wIll+HATHAWAy}*
5   Start series of 20 games poorly (3,3) SET OFF {SET} {OFF}
9   Fish can do on lines (4,4) JOHN DORY {JOHN} {DO}{RY}
10 Short article on what sounds like unlawful crowd (6) THRONG {THe}{RONG}(~wrong)
11 Tight finish (5) CLOSE [DD]
12 It shows what's to be sung then - my composition about the woman (4,5) HYMN SHEET {HYMN {SHE}ET*}
14 Cold counter containing cod? (11) STANDOFFISH {STAND}{OF}{FISH}
18 US state: join copper going through it (11) CONNECTICUT {CONNECT}{I{CU}T}
21 American bandleader's open-air restaurant (9) TEAGARDEN [DD]
23 To rub out is simplicity once end of rubber's held (5) ERASE {E{R}ASE}
24 Draw French artist framing original for gallery (6) MAGNET {MA{G}NET}
25 Target in range on circling island (8) AMBITION {AMBIT}{I}{ON}
26 Par got by an Australian golfer (6) NORMAN {NORM}{AN}
27 What can make lemon melon and peach cheap? (8) ANAGRAMS [CD]

1   Commandeer hospital, one overlooking London, say (6) HIJACK {H}{1}{JACK}
2   Choreographer has unfortunately not returned (6) ASHTON {HAS}*{NOT<=}
3   Intended recipient of letter to speak to key European (9) ADDRESSEE {ADDRESS}{E}{E}
4   Unfeeling, like Hannah or Ethel? (4-7) HARD-HEARTED [GK] Also etHel
6   Distinctive character of Harriet Hosmer (5) ETHOS [T]
7   Only note in old old song (1,4,3) O SOLE MIO {O} {SOLE} {MI}{O}

8   Avoid argument with cast (5,3) FIGHT SHY {FIGHT} {SHY}
13 Magician in Florentine banking family - note title brought up (8,3) MEDICINE MAN {MEDICI}{N}{E MAN<=}
15 Creating large male band (9) FATHERING {FAT}{HE}{RING}
16 Northerner once seen flying along the track? (8) SCOTSMAN [DD]
17 Threaten to close, wind up (8) ENDANGER {END}{ANGER}
19 Airman out of place in yacht station (6) MARINA*
20 Evil trap set up for game (6) TENNIS {TEN}{NIS}<=
22 Ring any number in region (5) ARENA {ARE{N}A}

Saturday 24 August 2013

No 10860, Saturday 24 Aug 2013, Skulldugger

Where has Tester gone?

1   He might have an ace up his sleeve (4,5) CARD SHARP [CD]
6   Nearly knock back one’s head (4) CONK KNOCk <=
8   Stay-at-home matriarch taking off shirt before assembly (8) ARMCHAIR MAtRIARCH
9   Insult by being short (6) SNUBBY {SNUB}{BY} Is 'Snubby' short? I thought it was 'Stubby'!
10 Survivor of a bygone age becomes antique with time (6) RELICT {RELIC}{T}
11 Unfit for intake (8) INEDIBLE [E]
12 Many singles chasing sex primarily with the likes of tarts and cupcakes (6) SCONES {Sex}{C}{ONES}
15 Bacon, say, found in scorched sties (8) ESSAYIST {ES{SAY}IST*}
16 An alternative ending comes up — one that lacks reverberation (8) ANECHOIC {AN}{(+e)ECHOIC(-e)}
19 Swanky dresser displaying jeans regularly, to strip (6) DENUDE {D{jEaNs}UDE} 'Dude' a word I hate.
21 A number of CMs to sport thongs, say (8) FOOTWEAR {FOOT}{WEAR} A number of CMs will become a M !!
22 Pontificate quick to retain secretary (6) PAPACY {PA{PA}CY}
24 South American wrangler lacking social graces almost finds love (6) GAUCHO {GAUCHe}{O}
25 Glamorize, with the proviso that young paramour model, for starters (8) BEAUTIFY {BEAU}{T}{IF}{Y}
26 It’s transmitted through biogenesis (4) GENE [T] Semi&lit
27 Down with pot! American country strains, in particular (9) BLUEGRASS {BLUE}{GRASS}

1   Rebel leader hiding in grotto cut out from rock (5) CARVE {CA{R}VE}
2   Ne’er-do-well backs into fracas (7) RUCTION {RUC<=}{INTO*} Fracas as definition and Anind?
3   Butt: small hot behind (5) SHAFT {S}{H}{AFT}
4   When the show must go on (7) AIRTIME [CD]
5   Spirited? (9) POSSESSED [E]
6   Indecency rude, uncouth, department heads exhibited in New York, say (7) CRUDITY {C{R}{U}{D}ITY}
7   Undesirable gunners fired, exploded and turned to mist (9) NEBULISED UNDESIraBLE*
13 Undulatory dance from the South immediately comes in for heavy fire (9) CANNONADE {CAN{NONA<=}DE*}
14 “Non-Lethal Weapon” to fare miserably at the box office; “Hot Air” given top billing (5,4) SMOKE BOMB {SMOKE} {BOMB}
17 Outer layer of carved diamonds drilled by laser head (7) CUTICLE {CUT}{IC{L}E}
18 A reindeer’s career is bouncy, in part (7) CARIBOU {CAReer}{Is}{BOUncy} 'In part' is not equal over the three words!
20 Sodium and Hahnium absorbed a measure of acidity over time to form volatile hydrocarbon (7) NAPHTHA {NA}{PH}{T}{HA}
22 Failing to start.…Started…Crash (5) PRANG sPRANG
23 Arrests made when fight-starter was brought down after the last two were killed (5) CUFFS (-s)CUFFle(+s)S