Thursday, 17 January 2019

No 12525, Thursday 17 Jan 2019, Buzzer

1   Variety in clueing often is bending and bowing (12) GENUFLECTION*
8   Most of publisher's book description is smear (4) BLUR Anno pending 
9   Discover heavenly body with green light right away (4,2,4) COME TO KNOW {COMET}{OK}{NOW}
11 Up-to-date comedian a success (4-2) WITH-IT {WIT}{HIT}
12 Crazy about sell-off they have nothing in their possession (4,4) NULL SETS {NU{SELL*}TS}
14 Attributes of born-again Indian (4) NAGA [T]
16 English cricketer won good contest after batting with only tail (1,1,5) W G GRACE {W}{G}{b...nG}{RACE}
18 Sound from TV describing catch (7) TENABLE {TE{NAB}LE}
19 Foolish one dropping off in jacket (4) JERK JERKin
22 Custom length, about right for mini vehicle (5,3) MODEL CAR {MODEL}{CA}{R}
23 Settling on a loveless endless routine (2,1,3) IN A RUT {RoUTINe}* over {A} &lit
24 Bowled with urgency finding an edge to dismiss (5,5) BRUSH ASIDE {B}{RUSH}{A}{SIDE}
26 Unit showing resistance to the end, hardly that's a surprise (2,2) OH MY {OHM}{h...lY}
27 Those with ticks kept at arm's length? (5,7) WRIST WATCHES [CD]

2   Elements of fear, then war engulfing Terracotta? (11) EARTHENWARE [T]
3   Oh no, uncouth and rough (5) UNCUT UNCoUTh
4   Monsieur tends to embrace French city (2,4) LE MANS {LE{M}ANS}
5   To crack a clue got a checklist? (9) CATALOGUE*
6   Kind of dairy product needing no introduction (3) ILK mILK
7   Comprehensive career with neither start nor end in sight (3-2) ALL-IN {cALLINg}
10 Scientific study of light and time down to three subject matters (6) OPTICS (-t)OP(+t)TICS
13 Assume snappy attitude to speaker is unusual (6,1,4) STRIKE A POSE*
15 German antique figure found around a tourist city (4,5) GOLD COAST {G}{OLD}{CO{A}ST} Buzzer's residence
17 Take in with gusto Kapil of India (6) DEVOUR {DEV}{OUR}
20 Three upcoming art houses OK screening international (6) TROIKA {TR{O{I}K}A<=}
21 Singular card game like an intoxicating drink (5) RUMMY [DD]
23 Intestinal fortitude essentially on field leading to century (5) ILEAC {f..tIt..e}{LEA}{C}
25 Honorific sure is used frequently (3) SRI {SuRe+Is}


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Sloggers and Bloggers (S&B) Meet, Chennai, 20 Jan 2019

Our next S&B meet is scheduled to be held in Chennai. Details as under.

Date : Sunday the 20th Jan 2019
Location : Chennai
Venue ; To be decided
Time : 12 Noon

1. Bhavan (Buzzer)
2. Bhalachandra (xChequer)
3. Rishikesh (Gridman)
4. Col Deepak Gopinath
5. Bhargav
6. Ramki (KrisKross)
7. Padmanabhan
8. Sudarsan Balaji

1. Dr Sreenivasan
2. Sreeram

1. Koteswar Rao

1. Kurian (Skuldugger)
2. Raju
3. Karthikeyan
4. Devanathan (Arden)
5. Ram
6. VP (Lightning)
7. Abhay
8. Sandhya
9. Richard
10. Arvind
11. Dr Gayathri (In UK now)
12. Shuchi
13. Lakshmi
14. Prasanna Rao
15. Dr Satyen Nabar (Dr. X)
16. Ajeesh
17. Kishore
18. Rengaswamy

Anybody who is interested to attend may indicate the same in the comments section or send me an email at

Special, Wednesday 16 Jan 2019, IXL-18 Final Crossword 1

TWO answers per commenter as this is a 13x13, till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide both your answers in one comment.

1   Fail to notice mountain route alongside (4,2)
4   Small snake slithers around weapons (6)
9   Commendations will come, once I am settled (7)
10 Rule out more substantial drink (5)
11 Endlessly overlooked essentially fit immigrant (5)
12 Writing includes liberal hint (7)
13 It keeps on talking to get one tug (7,6)
17 Fear over middlemen's lading (7)
19 Just about fifty have aptitude (5)
21 Bug loses right part of body (5)
22 Old vessel held by staff is stout (7)
23 Home for boxer, maybe (6)
24 Sacred section of temple sees negligence of duty in morning (6)

1   Player's first critique of teaser (7)
2   'Aw, gee!' Ousting husband is terrible! (5)
3   Disney film raises popular issue in Italy (7)
5   Karakul leaves central farm crazily to find rich farmer (5)
6   Manoeuvring wife away for fishing (7)
7   Released no new timber prop (5)
8   Diversity that is brought into fixed navigator (11)
14 That woman’s relative follows girl in a pickle (7)
15 Ohio females drove, we hear, in domain for 4x4s (3-4)
16 A primarily righteous model developed royal estate (7)
17 Request to obtain fluid early in this container? (5)
18 My incomplete collection of birds (5)
20 A grown-up (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at IXL Finals 1


Tuesday, 15 January 2019

No 12524, Tuesday 15 Jan 2019, Arden


9   Girl child placed first, gets cup (7) CHALICE {CH}{ALICE}
10 Strange bloke is a character (7) OBELISK*
11 Make merry, include one in the list (7) ROISTER {RO{1}STER}
12 Snafu affected all pubs (5-2) BALLS-UP*
13 City's refusal to allow girl to enter show (9) BANGALORE {BA{N{GAL}O}RE}
15 Girl is in heaven, time for one to follow (5) HOURI {HOUR}{1}
16 Spirit of power — completely detailed hand book (7) PHANTOM {P}{HANd}{TOMe}
19 Removing your heart pain (7) OUSTING {yOUr}{STING}
20 Penguin leaves home, becomes free (5) UNPEG PENGUin*
21 Cooked with onions only, as in the final mix (9) LYONNAISE {ONLY+AS+IN+thE}*
25 Slated to stand scrutiny (7) BERATED {BE}{RATED}
26 Endowing could be late (7) OVERDUE {OVER}{DUE}
28 Objections to enter — Jesus! These Italians! (7) GENOESE {GE{NOES}E}
29 Warne gets wickets, England follow on — brave people (7) SHAWNEE {SHA{W}NE}{E}

1   Sign to stop accounts withdrawal (6) SCARAB {BAR}{ACS}<=
2   Country at ten — breaking news (6) NATION {N}{AT}{10}{N}
3   Clue for success without name (4) HINT {HI{N}T}
4   Crazy to work under the dam (6) WEIRDO {WEIR}{DO}
5   Hat is grey half way down (8) SOMBRERO {SOMBRE}{ROut}
6   Carefully picked parts of Spain (4-6) WELL-CHOSEN Anno pending (Addendum - (spa){WELL}(in){CHOSEN} - See comments)
7   Long for our independent state (8) MISSOURI {MISS}{OUR}{I}
8   Not doing exercise (8) SKIPPING [DD]
14 Voice will reach the girl, in full... (10) ALTOGETHER {ALTO}{GET}{HER}
16 ...true, still it's a plant (8) PLUMBAGO {PLUMB}{AGO}
17 A contract to procure shredded paper is evident (8) APPARENT {A}{NT} over {PAPER}*
18 Doctors deal with AIMS to treat these (8) MALADIES {DEAL+AIMS}* Semi&lit
22 Musician sure turns boisterous (6) OBOIST BOISTerOus* [CA]
23 Immoral to exclude the church — it's an order (6) INDENT INDEceNT
24 Watch over block ring (6) EYELET {EYE}{LET}
27 Style is inherent in Telangana (4) ELAN [T]


Monday, 14 January 2019

No 12523, Monday 14 Jan 2019, Arden

1   Metal bed has almost round shape (6) COBALT {CO{BALl}T}
4   Tax collection is complete waste (8) CESSPOOL {CESS}{POOL}
9   Fix a time before onslaught (6) ATTACK {A}{T}{TACK}
10 Word list lists Jack's return wearing a halo (8) GLOSSARY {GLO{ASS<=}RY}
12 Cracks appear as girl's admitted amid shouts (8) CRANNIES {CR{ANN}IES}
13 Food that is served later is corn (6) MEALIE {MEAL}{IE}
15 Number one at hiding these, it's criminal (12) ANAESTHETIST {AN}{A{THESE+ITS}*T}
18 After running a mile talk of improvement (12) AMELIORATION{A+MILE}*{ORATION}
21 Old man could be a hard nut to crack (6) ALMOND*
22 Redeploy all at once, after losing a Knight (8) LANCELOT {aLL+AT+ONCE}*
24 Scientist's red, not green (8) ROENTGEN*
25 Make some noise when doctor breaks the law (6) RUMBLE {RU{MB}LE}
26 Foreign money comes under a cloud — could be a case of hung jury (8) MISTRIAL {MIST}{RIAL}
27 First Artemis and then a Goddess (6) ATHENA {Ar...s}{THEN}{A}

1   Fuel — not even able to support daily business (8) CHARCOAL {CHAR}{CO}{AbLe}
2   Informing to set table outside to catch the sun (8) BETRAYAL {BET{RAY}AL*}
3   Helen scorns most changes, not one has been seen yet (4,4,7) LOCH NESS MONSTER*
5   Fishes on rocks, not right (4) EELS rEELS
 Bank keeps one on tenterhooks — that's another story (8,7) SUSPENSE ACCOUNT {SUSPENSE}{ACCOUNT}
7   Nothing's clear about the voice (6) ORACLE {O}{CLEAR*}
8   Replacement namely by non-professionals (6) LAYMEN*
11 Vacant slot for an opener (7) KEYHOLE [CD]
14 Aim to climb on to a seat (7) OTTOMAN {MOTTO<=}{AN}
16 Having potential to grow — include those sick in the list (8) TILLABLE {T{ILL}ABLE}
17 It's offensive to see Mike rummage through all the articles (8) ANATHEMA {AN}{A}{THE}{M}{A}
19 Either way it grows on the beach (6) MARRAM <=>
20 Eggs break, simple! (6) IMPELS*
23 Cheese is fine, pour tea later (4) FETA {F}{TEA*}


Sunday, 13 January 2019

Special, Sunday 13 Jan 2019, IXL-18 Preliminary Crossword 2

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Note to solvers: A “letter bank” is a word or phrase with no repeated letters that provides the material for a longer word or phrase containing each letter of the “bank” at least once. For example, MOTHER is a letter bank for THERMOMETER, and FRACTIONS is a letter bank for SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI.

1   See good person nearly going outside one boutique (9)
6   Sticky drone beside finger (5)
9   Lead-free air’s surrounding a few chemical compounds (7)
10 Grouch protects Latin American nation (7)
11 Dance hall music genre completely accepted by newlywed (5,8)
13 Saudi’s neighbour returned in a second (5)
14 Create bit of fever by mutating bacteria (9)
16 American river sent churning with repeated use (9)
18 Excited chap embraces English beauty (5)
20 Retrospective done away with in a kind of talk not keeping anyone awake? (13)
24 Leader of army pondering diverting (7)
25 Coppers arresting 51 customers of a law firm (7)
26 Fate closed gambling game (5)
27 Finally liberate body part caught in streetcar’s wires (9)

1   Produce British band for Thursday (5,5)
2   Botanical pores recalled as covering most of red fruit (7)
3   Ring composer maintains resistance to extremely volatile state of intense activity (9)
4   Order a stagecoach carrying dreadlocks wearer (5)
5   Rum drink quality keeps pub out front (4,5)
6   Circle at bottom of Hades: are you there? (5)
7   Mom crosses a border with black instrument (7)
8   Race day, sort of grey (4)
12 Protestants sat down at the front in lifts (10)
14 The endless presents, even though all rebuffed engagement (9)
15 Troublemaker close, hovering in a menacing way (9)
17 Certainly drop off asleep clutching front of bathrobe (2,5)
19 Choose as needed from neat cricket feature (7)
21 I contributed to Tuscany’s dear city (5)
22 Outdo forty of the Romans, we hear (5)
23 Family drops my bomb (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at IXL Preliminary 2


The Sunday Crossword No 3030, Sunday 13 Jan 2019

 Occasion of remembrance that’s made citys air altered (9,3) ARMISTICE DAYFalls on 11 Nov, when this CW appeared in Everyman
8   Decorated knight embraced by beloved (7) ADORNED {ADOR{N}ED}
9   Follow bad decline (4,3) TAIL OFF {TAIL} {OFF}
11 Levels attained by performers free from pressure (6) LAYERS pLAYERS
12 Contrive pretence, first off, about card game (8) ENGINEER {vEN{GIN}EER}
14 Uncertainty about field set by captain initially for entertaining pair (6,3) DOUBLE ACT {DOUB{LEA}{Ca...n}T}
15 Hard to follow editor, coming back with point showing intensity (5) DEPTH {H} after {ED<=}{PT}
17 Visual work with idiosyncrasy (5) OPTIC {OP}{TIC}
19 Infallible dessert with soft top (9) FOOLPROOF {FOOL}{P}{ROOF}
21 Overdrawn? Some restraint here desirable (2,3,3) IN THE RED [T]
23 Nothing right with bargain in trial (6) ORDEAL {O}{R}{DEAL}
25 Scraps in trenches (7) DITCHES [DD]
26 Letter from saint in English collection (7) EPISTLE {E}{PI{ST}LE}
27 Last moment in episode with leaders in historic hostilities, once in control, retreating (8,4) ELEVENTH HOUR {EVENT}{Hi...c}{Ho...s}{Once} in {RULE<=}

1   Soldier for instance carrying on, a guy trained to be an adviser (5,4) AGONY AUNT {ON+A+GUY}* in {ANT}
 Inorganic substance during time breaking large mass up (7) MINERAL {IN}{ERA} in {L}{M}<=
3   Bank’s team (4) SIDE [DD]
4   Chanting, enthusiastic about country (10) INTONATION {INTO}{NATION}
5   Improved condition that is seen in teddy’s stuffing (7) EDIFIED {tED{IF}{IE}Dy}
6   Unaccompanied in general on errands (5) ALONE [T]
7   Name elevated poem about time with care remembered (6,2,4) CALLED TO MIND {CALL }{ED{T}O<=}{MIND}
10 Poem read as memorial with frequency here, not out of order around autumn (3,3,6) FOR THE FALLEN {F} and HERE+NOT}* over {FALL}
13 Hold hot flannel so anxiously (4,6) HALF NELSON {H}{FLANNEL+SO}*
16 One who demonstrates corruption getting into trouble (9) PROTESTER {P{ROT}ESTER}
18 Playwright in church sorry about end of talk on old verse (7) CHEKHOV {C{EH<=}{talK}H}{O}{V}
20 Left company outside one entrance to building (7) PORTICO {PORT}{1}{CO}
22 Child, a learner, unqualified (5) TOTAL {TOT}{A}{L}
24 Network in south restricted by northward border (4) MESH {H{S}EM<=}


Saturday, 12 January 2019

No 12522, Saturday 12 Jan 2019, Arden


1. He's in low twenties, mixing drink (3,4,7) WET ONES WHISTLE {HES+LOW+TWENTIES*}
10. Lament about electronic network (5) DIRGE {E}{GRID}<=
11. A hat to wear, reckon it's for a painter (9) CATAMOUNT {C{A}{TAM}OUNT} Panther or painter? See comments
12. Country rejects custom, it goes before deluge (7) BAHRAIN {HABit<=}{RAIN}
13. Our dean composed the last movement of the sonata (7) RONDEAU {OUR+DEAN*}
14. Cat's back, goes from bottom to topchase it away (5) EVICT {(+T)CIVE(-t)<=}
16. "Aquiline feature meant none of the fellows got up" said Spooner (5,4) ROMAN NOSE {(-n+R)O MAN (+N-r)OSE}
19. Placed all in cage, looking so sweet! (9) ANGELICAL {ALL+IN+CAGE*}
20. Rock back with no book on hand (5) ELBOW {WOBbLE<=}
22. Two of them run in, say on the field (7) PRAIRIE {P{R}AIR}{IE}
25. Instill road discipline, right at the beginning (4,3) YEAR DOT {YE{ROAD*}T}
27. Warning signal as marble arch blocks everything (5,4) ALARM BELL {AL{MARBLE*}L}
28. Few people called it a battlefield (5) SOMME{ ~SOME}
29. Insist on appropriate base to house a business (4,1,4,5) TAKE A FIRM STAND {TAKE} {A FIRM} {STAND}


2. I for one, left some electrical wiring out... (9) EARTHLING {EARTH{L}ING}
3. ...only big end (5) OMEGA {O}{MEGA}
4. Confidence trick may be kind of odd (9) ECCENTRIC {KIND+ECCENTRIC*} = CONFIDENCE TRICK
5. One of the elements Tellurium used in battle (5) WATER {WA{TE}R}
6. Men came in dressed up, showing inherence (9) IMMANENCE {MEN+CAME+IN*}
7. In fact corps declare armistice (5) TRUCE {TRU{C}E}
8. Fire up then make them hire (7) ENTHUSE {THEN*}{USE}
9. Reliable, remove empty container and it can be eaten (6) EDIBLE {crEDIBLE}
15. Lie in trauma battling rabbit fever... (9) TULAREMIA  {LIE+TRAUMA*} Thanks to Google
17. ... as tongue goes up and down (9) MALAYALAM <=>
18. Doctor starts using different sample in the country, he listens to complaints... (9) OMBUDSMAN {O{MB}{Using}{Different}{Sample}MAN}
19. ...since parking will stop, it's on the road (7) ASPHALT {AS}}P}{HALT}
21. Sally, she will fade (6) WITHER {WIT}{HER}
23. One's taken so by surprise (5) ABACK (CD)
24. Gummy stuff found in diesel emissions (5) ELEMI (T)
26. What you have in the tape? (5) ASSET Anno not clear (Addendum - cASSETte - See comments)

Reference List

Electronic=E, Book=B, Run=R
Left=L, Only=O, Tellurium=Te, Corps=C, Parking=P

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday, 11 January 2019

No 12521, Friday 11 Jan 2019, Arden

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Divine refusal leads to hell (7) INFERNO {INFER}{NO}
5   Surprise! Cat's finally landed in a well (7) ASTOUND {A}{S{caT}OUND}
9   Soldier carrying a bag of bones (5) SACRA {SAC}{RA}
10 It reveals qualifications and reservations (4,5) FINE PRINT [CD]
11 Cryptic clue — visit holy text (9) LEVITICUS*
12 Partners in crime like to accept a wager (5) ABETS {A{BET}S}
13 Stop 80% of the coalition (4) BLOC BLOCk
15 Gates opposing the odd nickel — they're big guns (8) ORDNANCE {OR}{AND<=}{NiCkEl}
18 Two boys given food, sent back for payment (8) DEFRAYAL {FED<=}{RAY}{AL} The wordplay leads to {RAY}{AL}{FED<=}
19 One carries Mike to the top (4) ACME {AC{M}E}
22 Nothing rejected, taking growing plant (5) LUPIN {NIL}<= over {UP}
24 Noel repaired Smith's car (9) CHRISTMAS*
26 Crook takes time off for work, and the noise gets louder (9) CRESCENDO CRESCEN(-t+do)DO
27 A grub gets even bitter (5) ACERB {ACE}{gRuB]
28 Horse has gone crazy, lock up (7) DUNGEON {DUN}{GONE*}
29 Crook will throw rest away (7) SHYSTER {SHY}{REST*}

1   Slight gap makes it pulsating (6) INSULT pULSaTINg* [CA]
2   Force one, overrate the apparent worth (4,5) FACE VALUE {F}{ACE} {VALUE}
3   Ridicule like stemming the rot (5) ROAST {RO{AS}T}
4   Almost rundown, the plant is smelling (9) OLFACTORY {OLd}{FACTORY}
5   Girl's long time incognito (5) AGNES {AG{N}ES} Incognito=Without name
6   It's time Bopanna played a big shot (3,6) TOP BANANA {T}{BOPANNA*}{A}
7   Thing inside has flipped, free to marry (5) UNITE UN(TI<=)E
8   Don't like the basic idea of trial (6) DETEST {iDEa}{TEST}
14 Incurable case of lassitude, it's a long story (9) CHRONICLE {CHRONIC}{La...dE}
16 Annoyed, rising debts spaced out (9) DELIRIOUS {RILED<=}{IOUS}
17 Hand in cat food (9) CAMEMBERT {CA{MEMBER}T}
20 Peaceful location mostly, but side exposed (6) PLACID {PLACe}{sIDe}
21 Basically wish jobs carfeatures on the weather map (6) ISOBAR {wISh}{jOBs}{cARd}
23 Swagger after keeping soldiers in custody... (5) PREEN {P{RE}EN}
24 ...on trampled by John Bull (5) CANON {CAN}{ON}
25 Unreliable for providing shelter (5) SHADY [DD]


Thursday, 10 January 2019

No 12520, Thursday 10 Jan 2019, Gridman

1   Foreign national's leading guide (4,4) POLE STAR {POLE}{STAR}
5   Seals up hundred defective soles (6) CLOSES {C}{SOLES*}
9   Ratios between small numbers create curiosity (8) NOSINESS {NO{SINES}S}
10 Steer deviously to old audio system (6) STEREO {STEER*}{O}
12 Cad leaves the fringes of circles (4) HEEL wHEELs
13 Musician who has no accompanists — a person excluded reportedly (3-3,4) ONE-MAN BAND {ONE}{MAN}{BAND}(~banned)
15 A user's beginning to stomach new fall in the US (6) AUTUMN {A}{User}{TUM}{N}
17 My absence from reassembled Red Army causes gloom (5) DREAR {RED+ARmy}*
20 Naturally bright but when Sun is out, it's dark (5) UNLIT sUNLIT
21 Wrongly blamed the noise (6) BEDLAM*
24 Not working because not in proper sequence (3,2,5) OUT OF ORDER [DD]
27 Every other such oath put down for foreign national (4) SCOT {SuCh+OaTh}
29 Hateful cricket game by old American (6) ODIOUS {ODI}{O}{US}
30 Accountant formed a mental image of one Congress leader pulled out and taken (8) CAPTURED {CA}{P1cTURED}
31 Society leader tried to change pace (6) STRIDE {So...y}{TRIED*}
32 Party pro's game over one complaint (8) POLITICO {POL{1}{TIC}O}

1   Wrap egghead taken out of dirty hencoop (6) PONCHO HeNCOOP*
2   Teaching period cut back, we're told (6) LESSEN (~lesson) Wordplay suggests LESSON as the answer
3   Dispatch regular payment without gratuity (4) SEND StipEND
4   No doubt a hot crime (5) ARSON [CD]
6   Reveal Left's revised note (3,2) LET ON {L}{NOTE*}
7   He barely runs (8) STREAKER [CD]
8   Faultfinders more raw aboard (8) SCOLDERS {S{COLDER}S}
11 Was a sign of old soldiers stripping reds (6) OMENED {O}{MEN}{rEDs}
14 Relative to stroll without a bit of jeopardy (4) AUNT jAUNT
16 Bruno and head of nurses worried — delivery awaited (6) UNBORN {BRUNO+Nu...s}*
17 Trade in timber (4) DEAL [DD]
18 We in Delhi get men to joust outside joint — that's funny (8) HUMOROUS {HUM}{OR}{jOUSt}
19 Fool that woman looking over one tailor (8) CLOTHIER {CLOT}{H{1}ER}
22 Duty of the French king after a month (6) OCTROI {OCT}{ROI}
23 Boss nears one old workroom (6) STUDIO {STUD}{1}{O}
25 Cast located (5) FOUND [DD]
26 Muse a long time about Thanjavur's top circle (5) ERATO {ERA}{Th...r}{O}
28 And in France you and I get a decorative case (4) ETUI {ET}{U}{I}


Wednesday, 9 January 2019

No 12519, Wednesday 09 Jan 2019, Gridman

1   US money in closed-up part of classical building (8) PEDIMENT {PE{DIME}NT}
5   One who is correspondingly familiar to another (3,3) PEN PAL [CD]
10 Calling bird and fish (7) TITLING {TIT}{LING}
11 Criticism of engineer’s trial print (7) REPROOF {RE}{PROOF}
12 Head for food? (6) NOODLE [DD]
13 Cast, abroad, act badly with old way of playing (8) STACCATO {CAST*}{ACT*}{O}
15 # drug (4) HASH [DD]
16 Hindi film actor without kickstart in bind needs persuasion (10) CAJOLEMENT {C{kAJOL}EMENT}
18 Shakespearean woman not right getting picture of shrub (10) POINSETTIA {POr{INSET}TIA}
20 Exercise by Left Front for money (4) PELF {PE}{LF}
23 Rewritten preface about a headland (4,4) CAPE FEAR {PREFACE}* over {A}
24 Beat article about origin of rabi she has left unfinished (6) THRESH {TH{Rabi}E}{SHe}
26 Poorly matched a Parisienne to question young boy (7) UNEQUAL {UNE}{QU}{AL}
27 Recalled a quote about animal in bizarre collection (7) EXOTICA {A}{CIT{OX}E}<=
28 Angry slater dismissed learner's last letter as 'not authentic' (6) ERSATZ {SlATER}*{Z}
29 There's a lot to be heard from the newspaper section (8) ?L?Y?I?T (Addendum - PLAYLIST [DD] - See comments)

1   Informed and given a role in film (3,2,3,7) PUT IN THE PICTURE [DD]
2   Obedient, vehemently shouted husband out for you (7) DUTEOUS S(-h+u)UOUTED*
 In essence, mother in Londonderry is disheartened (6) MAINLY {MA}{IN}{Lo...rY}
4   Knight drops knight close by (4) NIGH kNIGHt
6   Voted to replace Liberal with unknown power that's due to arrive (8) EXPECTED E(-l+x+p)XPECTED
7   Validate will in favour of graduate and retell heartily (7) PROBATE {PRO}{BA}{reTEll}
8   Missed in the legislative measure — not featured in part of play... (4,3,2,3,3) LEFT OUT OF THE ACT [DD]
9   Place to eat for artist in race with limited ration served (9) TRATTORIA {T{RA}T}{RATIOn*}
14 Fellow's ruling to you, friend; is adhering to truth (9) FACTUALLY {F}{ACT}{U}{ALLY}
17 You finally cut furs to pieces with the right to use another's property (8) USUFRUCT {yoU}{CUT+FURS}*
19 Wow one maiden with squeeze (7) IMPRESS {1}{M}{PRESS}
21 Learner exits timelier presentation of academic retirees (7) EMERITI TILElIER*
22 Being particular, poor lad leaves day school that's ill-managed (6) CHOOSY {daY+SCHOOl}*
25 Without beginning to die, stay healthy (4) WELL dWELL


Tuesday, 8 January 2019

No 12518, Tuesday 08 Jan 2019, Gridman

1   Restricted one bit to be between 50 and 500 (7) LIMITED {L}{1}{MITE}{D}
5   Thus girl expresses hesitation for salt (6) SODIUM {SO}{DI}{UM}
9   Angry and impatient G-man's risen (3,2) FED UP {FED}{UP}
10 Study kind and top comeback of alliances (9) CONSORTIA {CON}{SORT}{A1<=}
11 Provided protection to little suckers in mini-vehicle (7) POLICED {PO{LICE}D}
12 The German's returned plate that's quite crimson (7) REDDISH {DER<=}{DISH}
13 Let header go east and stand (5) EASEL (-l)EASE(+l)L
14 Less sensitive, incomplete cover for Premier's residence (6,3) NUMBER TEN {NUMBER}{TENt}
16 Always environmentalist gets laurel for one (9) EVERGREEN {EVER}{GREEN}
19 Relish development of State (5) TASTE*
21 Winning eminence is out to be nasty (7) VICIOUS VICtorIOUS
23 Coils insidiously around oversize giants (7) COLOSSI {COL{OS}SI*}
24 From here to there to here getting drinks for Fall? (5,4) ROUND TRIP {ROUND}{TRIP}
25 Quiet individual was brilliant (5) SHONE {SH}{ONE}
26 Listen, enriched no female executive head (6) ATTEND fATTENeD
27 Gently going round to catch Hindu leader is protracted (7) LENGTHY {LENGT{Hi..u}Y*}

1   Drowning figures are fewer because of them (4,10) LIFE PRESERVERS [CD]
2   Mixes up central parts I left for you (7) MUDDLES M(-i+u)UDDLES
3   Current officer ousted by unknown representative (7) TYPICAL T(-o+y)YPICAL
4   Decline of French musical beat (9) DECADENCE {DE}{CADENCE}
5   I left old Spanish gentleman (5) SENOR SENiOR
6   Desperate one that is going after retreating Dickens character (2-2-3) DO-OR-DIE {DROOD<=}{IE}
7   Take off a French character in English novel (7) UNTWIST {UN}{TWIST}
8   Ob-gyn surgeon's fee stipulation? (4,2,8) CASH ON DELIVERY [CD]
15 Civic claim in UP squashed (9) MUNICIPAL*
17 Fence with edges frayed and reddish brown? Put a coat on! (7) ENCRUST {fENCe}{RUST}
18 Expression of surprise about partially standard dialect (7) GEORDIE {GE{ORDInary}E}
19 Reveals secrets about count and child (5,2) TELLS ON {TELL}{SON}
20 Discover American in ship abroad (4,3) SUSS OUT {S{US}S}{OUT}
22 Small bit of rail in toolhouse (5) SHRED {SH{Rail}ED}


Monday, 7 January 2019

No 12517, Monday 07 Jan 2019, Gridman

1   Prevail upon salesman to return said leather variety (8) PERSUADE {REP<=}{SUADE}(~suede)
5   Don't let footloose friend return with chicken (6) BANTAM {BAN}{MATe<=}
9   More changes around each ruler (7) EMPEROR {EM{PER}OR*}
10 To do this, one needs no invitation! (7) INTRUDE [CD]
11 Parked in wrong place, I'm clasped in a strange manner (9) MISPLACED*
12 Pertaining to birth in South African province (5) NATAL [DD]
13 German song wasn't straight (4) LIED [DD]
14 Spoken to have a cover with recipient's name on (9) ADDRESSED [DD]
17 Lay to rest religious group's split (9) INTERSECT {INTER}{SECT}
19 Chase away, snap endlessly (4) SHOO SHOOt
23 Baby bug found in circular vat (5) LARVA [T]
24 One rouser played wrong (9) ERRONEOUS*
25 It's a lot off the top when one comes out of the barber's (4,3) CREW CUT [CD]
26 In the main, America gets you finally to friend (7) USUALLY {US}{yoU}{ALLY}
27 Not a sofa for taking rest for 24 hours (3,3) DAY BED {DAY} {BED}
28 Did men leave you scented? (8) PERFUMED PERF(-or+u)MED

1   Introductory statement before leisurely walk (8) PREAMBLE {PRE}{AMBLE}
2   Rejoinder in cut poster with edges torn off (7) RIPOSTE {RIP}{pOSTEr}
3   Rude fun truly topped (6) UNRULY {fUN}{tRULY}
4   Lineage by "child" gets rare, decent credits (6,7) DIRECT DESCENT*
6   Surprise regarding shin dislocation (8) ASTONISH {AS TO}{SHIN*}
7   UT stree made legal guardian (7) TRUSTEE*
8   Muse about cover coming off dish (6) MUESLI {MUSE*}{LId}
10 Roundabout way is outre (8,5) INDIRECT ROUTE {OUTRE}* [RA]
15 Diplomatic move takes a month indeed without head of Democrats (8) DEMARCHE {DE{MARCH}Ed}
16 Squinting, chief said I should end (4-4) BOSS-EYED {BOSS}{(~i)EYE}{s...lD}
18 Consumer grabs right in New York baby's room (7) NURSERY {N{U{R}SER}Y}
20 Gangster's noise over one-third of oodles wasting away (7)  HOODLUM {H{OODLes}UM}
21 US lake is still (6) PLACID [DD]
22 Overwhelm English girl by withdrawn complaint (6) ENGULF {EN}{G}{FLU<=}


Sunday, 6 January 2019

Special, Sunday 06 Jan 2019, IXL-18 Preliminary Crossword No 1

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Called a foul as table's empty (7)
5   It's true no one went back to camp (7)
9   Sportsman left out, he carries drinks (5)
10 Flirt on the quiet, Scot's no good husband (9)
11 Turnover capital in straight line- good and uplifting (9)
12 Rope in the cultural association (5)
13 Goes up, exposes member (4)
15 Lads love to catch crabs in the pond (8)
18 Novel idea, sung as an invocation (5,3)
19 Bad from top to bottom (4)
22 Categorises differently - with escort you get protection (5)
24 Going against history - Oxford has this course (9)
26 The German cleans it up in exchange (9)
27 Sharpen writing before it flows (5)
28 Oddly early bird's in front of breeding ground (7)
29 Statute perhaps stretched to the extremes (7)

1   Right winger's lament... (6)
2   ...contrarily, on starting, it may be hurting someone (9)
3   Pound close to Dollar, both can be converted (5)
4   Prime suspect in currency rate (9)
5   Throw a stone if George becomes tense (5)
6   Measure up to block reform- it's a dare (9)
7   With diligence go after a flower (5)
8   Contricted now, a doubler is put in (6)
14 Unhappiness over quality of paving material (9)
16 Extremely devious site (9)
17 Call on the way, one comes down hard (9)
20 Look at possible danger (6)
21 It's very fast and strait (6)
23 Exuberance got us in trouble (5)
24 Mark the centre on light display (5)
25 Concealed in some super-duper surroundings (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at IXL-18 Prelim 1


The Sunday Crossword No 3029, Sunday 06 Jan 2019

1   Withdraw and wander across border, not hard (6) REMOVE {R{hEM}OVE}
4   Poor saint given the blame (8) STRAPPED {ST}{RAPPED}
9   Flimsy place in Australia with pest outside (5-4) PAPER-THIN {PA{PERTH}IN}
11 Combine in retreat, filled with love, following a principle (5) AXIOM {M{O}IX}<= after {A}
12 Precious stone in course of robbery lost (5) BERYL [T]
14 Plaster in unfinished project (9) ROUGHCAST {ROUGH}{CAST}
15 Certain tin, once damaged, fixed (13) INCONTESTABLE {TIN+ONCE}*{STABLE}
18 Act heartily, in unreal style, embracing it (13) THEATRICALITY {ACT+HEARTILY}* over {IT} Semi&lit
20 Drive away into plain and go too far (9) OVERSHOOT {OVER{SHOO}T}
22 Fool soldiers in compound (5) NITRE {NIT}{RE}
23 Smell air for meat at regular intervals (5) AROMA {AiR+fOr+MeAt}
24 Articulate poetry about Indonesian island (9) VERBALISE {VER{BALI}SE}
26 Group around judge filled with self-esteem (8) CATEGORY {CA}{T{EGO}RY}
27 Resolution keeping experts going without a break (6) RECESS {RE{aCES}S}

1   Country club ripe for reform (8) REPUBLIC*
2   Mother quietly forming plan (3) MAP {MA}{P}
3   Government ending in ruin, engulfed by corruption and acrimony (9) VIRULENCE {VI{RULE}{ruiN}CE}
5   Hard thing to say to new visitor involving mixture of wit and hesitation (6-7) TONGUE TWISTER {TO}{N}{GUE{WIT*}ST}{ER}
6   Embarrass sailor when joined by husband (5) ABASH {AB}{AS}{H}
7   Student of stamps from Hawaii absorbed by illustration on catalogue (11) PHILATELIST {P{HI}LATE}{LIST}
8   Protest over central features of latest downgrade (6) DEMOTE {DEMO}{laTEst}
10 Allotted place held by one who’s admired more than US president (7,6) HERBERT HOOVER {HER{BERTH}O}{OVER}
13 Create problems getting back to other ground (4,3,4) ROCK THE BOAT*
16 Inwardly, not half grabbed by courageous idea (9) BRAINWAVE {BRA{INWArdly}VE}
17 Write about railway climbing above spot up in mountains (8) PYRENEES {P{RY<=}EN}{SEE<=}
19 Doctor’s account about one work of decorative art (6) MOSAIC {MO'S}{A{1}C}
21 Jargon from south and north taken in by convict (5) SLANG {S}{LA{N}G}
25 Essential part of Arctic ecosystem (3) ICE [T] &lit


Saturday, 5 January 2019

No 12516, Saturday 05 Jan 2019, KrisKross


1. Cowardly person's career transformed by book (8) RECREANT {CAREER*}{NT}
5. Bill is wearing that woman's sunglasses (6) SHADES {SH{AD}E}{S}
9. Doctor therefore has to leave a plane (8) MOSQUITO {MO}{S{QUIT}O}
10. Interrogate soldier suspiciously (6) ASKANT {ASK}{ANT}
12. The mark of a legend? (9) FOOTPRINT (CD)
13. Ordered solar tests (5) ORALS {SOLAR*}
14. Rotate arms to become comfortable (4) SNUG {GUNS<=}
16. Good man, before start of elections, breaches promise and gets defeated (7) WORSTED {WOR{ST}{Elections}D}
19. Gents working to keep, say, something for a rainy day (4,3) NEST EGG {GENTS*} around {EG}
21. Cue to remove clothes for play (4) ROMP {pROMPt}
24. Dance we all love? Tango/zumba, primarily (5) WALTZ (Acrostic)

25. Without a perfect score, reportedly refuse additional time (9) EXTENSION {EX}{TEN}{~SHUN}
27. Each one is eating dessert (6) APIECE {A{PIE}CE}
28. Breaks in picture (8) SNAPSHOT {SNAPS}{HOT}
29. Say, a // landlord (6) LETTER (DD)
30. Judge's beginning to excuse a terrible sin (8) JEALOUSY {J}{Excuse}{A}{LOUSY}


1. Branch of family switching sides at war (6) RAMIFY {FAMI(-l+R)Y*}
2. Group of stars, or a single star (6) CASTOR {CAST}{OR}
3. Supply drug (crack) (5) EQUIP {E}{QUIP}
4. Love is about to be rejected by fine girl... (7) NOTHING {ON<=}{THIN}{G}
6.'s upset, got to hit a few bars! (9) HISTOGRAM {HIS}{GOT<=}{RAM}
7. Old name of city's entertainer, alias "Dancing Art" (8) DJAKARTA {DJ}{AKA}{ART*}
8. Coast around central Natal reserve (3,5) SET ASIDE {SE{naTal} ASIDE}
11. Load second tug (4) STOW {S}{TOW}
15. Chintzes designed by English philosopher (9) NIETZSCHE {CHINTZES*}{E}

17. During winter, children enjoy this // mushroom (8) SNOWBALL (DD)
18. Perhaps David's son visits a fortune-teller (8) PSALMIST {P{S}ALMIST}
20. Information about lake or valley (4) GLEN {G{L}EN}
21. Train soldiers to control rebel group (7) RETINUE {R{UNITE<=}E}
22. At heart, Ravan and Maricha possibly shun this God (6) VISHNU {raVan}{marIcha}{SHUN*}

23. Characters from Benares, not typically proud (6) SNOTTY (T)
26. North-eastern friend nation (5) NEPAL{NE}{PAL}

Reference List

Book=NT (New Testament), Bill=Ad, Doctor=MO, Soldier=Ant, Good man=St, Without=Ex, Perfect score=Ten, One=Ace, In=Hot, Judge=J
Drug=E, Girl=G, Man's=His, Entertainer=DJ, Second=S, English=E, Son=S, Information=Gen, Lake=L, Soldiers=RE, North-eastern=NE

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday, 4 January 2019

No 12515, Friday 04 Jan 2019, Afterdark

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only 

Thanks for solving, here's the regular blog.

Christmas has come late this time.

1   Son and daughter receive appropriate care; blessed (6) SACRED {S}{CARE*}{D}
4   Hymn on air about following passion mostly (6) GLORIA {GLOw}{AIR<=}
9   Perhaps greeting on Christmas and relishing dinner's foremost... (4) CARD Acrostic
10 ...these days in Rome, could be best essentially in celebrations (10) CEREMONIES {CE}{ROME+IN}*{bESt}
11 Issue carries religious instruction for the soul (6) SPIRIT {SPI{RI}T}
12 Destruction of vanity has appeal due to divine birth (8) NATIVITY {NATIV{IT}Y*}
13 Unwed woman goes out to get young man, one who is natural (9) UNSTUDIED {UNw{STUD}{1}ED}
15 Arts depicting idol... (4) STAR*
16 small, perhaps light vehicle (4) SLED {S}{LED}
17 A biracial on a safari wandering about (4-5) AFRO-ASIAN*
21 Deity reinstalled overlooking rule, resistance suppressed on festival (8) YULETIDE {Y{rULE}TIDE*}
22 At the end, network got grainy, blank with a harsh tone (6) TWANGY {aT}{WAN}{Gr..nY}
24 Perhaps, pigs are found in barracks constructed to house tibetan cattle (10) RAZORBACKS {ZO} in {BARRACKS}*
25 Lead, lead from the boundaries to get a medal, say (4) GOLD {GO}{LeaD}
26 Urge player to stretch over before a drink (6) EGGNOG {EGG}{N}{GO<=}
27 Fun and games forcibly banned by doctor (6) FROLIC FORCIbLy*

1   File kept by writer is on leading scam highlighting ambiguous riches (7) SHARPEN {Scam}{Hi...g}{Am...s}{Ri...s}{PEN}
2   Noticed archbishop carrying a tree (5) CEDAR [T]
3   Thrilled that direct taxes are rectified to include arts (7) EXCITED {DIrECT+taXEs}*
5   Restricts student, one joining US university/school (6) LIMITS {L}{1}{MIT}{S}
6   Judges ban new novel that's detailed, through reforms (9) RENOVATES {R{NOVEl}*ATES}
7   Accessory in batteries is released, rehabilitated (7) ABETTER BATTERiEs*
8   Be extraordinarily nicer, embrace Pope, face Jesus, perhaps (6,2,5)  PRINCE OF PEACE {NICER}* in {POPE+FACE}*
14 Half of them, essentially best in band compose the signature tune (5,4) THEME SONG {TH{thEM}{bESt}ONG}
16 Perhaps, meat expert touring America... (7) SAUSAGE {SA{USA}GE}
18 ...on winding routes to cross Baltimore initially, making it slower (7) OBTUSER {O{Ba...e}TUSER*}
19 Essentially man's company and love is charming, leading to be heavenly (7) ANGELIC {mANs}{GE}{Love}{Is}{Ch...g}
20 Devil possesses a bishop breaking new idol (6) DIABLO {DI{A}{B}LO*}
23 LA loses out power (5)  ANGEL {los+ANGELes}*