Thursday 31 January 2019

No 12537, Thursday 31 Jan 2019, Dr. X

1   Renegade mafia head caught leaving nation (8) APOSTATE {cAPO}{STATE}
5   Dead snake outside sanctuary (6) ASLEEP {AS{LEE}P}
10 Is ABC perhaps? (5) BASIC &lit
11 Like Lady Macbeth in the act? (3-6) RED-HANDED [CD]
12 Shoot around study and scatter (6,3) SPREAD OUT {SP{READ}OUT}
13 Because of couple’s performance, a little overcrowded (3,2) DUE TO {DUET}{Ov...d}
14 A skin problem? We’d like you to get in touch (6) CALLUS {CALL US}
15 Rushed to fire rifle (7) RANSACK {RAN}{SACK}
18 Massacre! Save songstress (7) BUTCHER {BUT}{CHER}
20 Foolishly dares to trap many snakes (6) ADDERS {AD{D}ERS*}
22 Cold heartless beauty rejects superstar (5) CELEB {C}{BElLE<=}
24 Drunk about to bother inexperienced driver! It makes one see red? (9) TAILLIGHT {T{AIL}{L}IGHT}
25 They reduce tension when sloppy amateur gets involved in rifts (9) RELAXANTS {RE{LAX}{A}NTS}
26 Life-giving source of tincture in ampoule (5) VITAL {VI{Ti...e}AL}
27 Give up unnatural diets involving shakes principally (6) DESIST {DE{Sh...s}IST}
28 Envy move trapping rook say in front (8) BEGRUDGE {B{EG}{R}UDGE}

1   Time left for a bit of bowling! Declare, taking the most optimistic view (2,4) AT BEST AT(-t+b)BEST
2   Sharp old boy on retainer (9) OBSERVANT {O}{B}{SERVANT}
3   Fill entire questionnaire to satisfy every requirement (4,3,3,5) TICK ALL THE BOXES [C&DD]
4   They cause one to feel excited! Lots outside run wild (4-3) TURN-ONS {T{RUN*}ONS}
6   Couple of bears: ‘Give us all your money!’ (5,3,7) STAND AND DELIVER {STAND} {AND} {DELIVER}
7   Ignoring start of recession? Brave to invest (5) ENDUE ENDUrE
8   Walks quietly around crop fields (8) PADDOCKS {PAD{DOCK}S}
9   Journalist travelled back to secure appeal (6) EDITOR {ED{IT}OR<=}
16 Entrance into overseas area barred and done away with (9) ABROGATED {ABRO{GATE}aD}
17 Sick boss, not quite restored to health, muddled (8) OBSCURED {BOSs}*{CURED}
19 Stout from large cask in bar (6) ROTUND {RO{TUN}D}
20 A matter under discussion (2,5) AT ISSUE {A}{TISSUE}
21 Remove or tolerate liberal British prime minister (6) ATTLEE ToLErATE*
23 Drunk consuming large pegs finally rises and falls (5) LILTS {LI{L}T}{r..eS}


Wednesday 30 January 2019

No 12536, Wednesday 30 Jan 2019, Dr. X

1   Unstable Yankee with blonde pate, he’s unacceptable (6,3,4) BEYOND THE PALE {Y+BLONDE+PATE+HE}*
8   Refuse to tease (5) CHAFF [DD]
9   Silly brat enthralled by funny singer (9) SIMPERING {S{IMP}ERING*}
11 Decisive moment at court that’s potentially fiery? (5,5) MATCH POINT [C&DD]
12 Ghastly to consume ecstasy! Gradually break one of a bad habit (4) WEAN {W{E}AN}
14 Tense about performing when one's in bed today (7) TONIGHT {T{ON}IGHT}
16 Husband tipsy? Reason to become rough (7) HOARSEN {H}{REASON}*
17 Where workers stay all night, working without complaining at last (7) ANTHILL {ALL+NIgHT}*
19 Joker holding fedoras, say! Name escapes me? (7) WHATSIT {W{HATS}IT}
21 Poor auntie loses an ornamental sewing case (4) ETUI aUnTIE*
22 Deviously organises to abduct girl in attack (10) AGGRESSION {G} in {ORGANISES}*
25 Fight in markets for payments (9) DEFRAYALS {DE{FRAY}ALS}
26 Moral principle that’s traditional, not new (5) ETHIC ETHnIC
27 What swimmer might do before jumping in? Make exploratory approach (4,3,6) TEST THE WATERS [DD]

2 Protein, ultimately popular after beginning to exercise (7) ELASTIN {Ex...e}{LAST}{IN}
3 No more designing crosswords? That’s how some survivalists live (3,3,4) OFF THE GRID [DD]
4 Bit of weed I score in nightclub (5) DISCO [T]
5 Hesitate when weak husband’s grabbed by upset hunk (3,3,3) HUM AND HAW {HUMAN}{D{H}AW<=}
6 Exuberance after securing right kind of school (4) PREP {P{R}EP}
7 One amongst many blunders! Abandons Syria essentially and waits idly (7) LOITERS {LO{1}T}{ERrS}
8 Reached a critical point but recovered consciousness earlier on (4,2,1,4) CAME TO A HEAD {CAME TO}{AHEAD}
10 Cocktail mix containing bit of Drambuie (3,3,5) GIN AND TONIC {CONTAINING+Dr...e}*
13 Pestering endlessly cruel man breaking agreement (10) HARASSMENT {HARd}{ASS{M}ENT}
15 Member to blame in disruption of the communications system (9) TELEGRAPH {LEG}{RAP} in {THE}*
18 Time to put out chocolate confection (7) TRUFFLE {T}{RUFFLE}
20 Creep cut girl (7) SLITHER {SLIT}{HER}
23 Hires a worker essentially to cut timber finer (5) RESAW [T]
24 Dash to accept a bribe (4) BAIT {B{A}IT}


Tuesday 29 January 2019

No 12525, Tuesday 29 Jan 2019, Scintillator

1   Favourite vehicle? Original Wilton (6) CARPET {CAR}{PET}
4   Try redirecting 1st, 5th, 10th bits out of a narration (8) DIEGETIC rEDIrECTInG*
9   Country game, played as is (6) RUSSIA {RU}{AS+IS}*
10 Worrying heart scare — bases eroded into inflammations (8) CATARRHS {HeART+SCARe}*
12 Primarily, the position of a lead climber? (5,3) ABOVE ALL [DD]
13 Flies off with this confused, rich woman, leaving man behind (6) CHOWRI {RICH+WOman}*
15 Bomb is undug, keep checking at regular intervals (4) NUKE {uNdUg+KeEp}
16 Block wild fornication in the absence of love (10) INFARCTION FoRNICATION*
19 They cover up speed bars broken around break of dawn (10) BEDSPREADS {SPEED+BARS}* over {Dawn}
20 Davenport yet gives up prematurely (4) SOFA {SO FAr}
23 Cool season (6) TEMPER [DD]
25 They can welcome us in afternoon to dorms, possibly (8) DOORMATS {A+TO+DORMS}* A/Afternoon? See comments
27 Mostly evade duty — off-time? (5,3) DUVET DAY {EVADe+DUTY}*
28 England quits about festering conflict (6) STRIFE FESTeRIng*
29 Son to take off loose outfit (8) SUNDRESS {S}{UNDRESS}
30 Cleaners needing right tools for plastering (6) TOWELS TrOWELS

1   Blind dog's silly antic cut short (7) CURTAIN {CUR}{ANTIc}*
2   Remain affected starting out, took a fill again (9) RESTOCKED {REST}{rOCKED}
3   Banished old capital's retrograde without hospital (6) EXILED {EX}{DELhI<=}
5   Lead priest's led astray — unfounded dilemma (4) IMAM dIleMMA*
6   Not fashionable — harping about chips' designs (8) GRAPHICS {HARPinG<=}{ICS}
7   Get rid of some upholstery (5) THROW [DD]
8   Nervous cousin calls husband in for support (7) CUSHION {H} in {COUSIN}*
11 Broad coverage (7) BLANKET [E]
14 Beard rope with ends trimmed — that adds grace to the face! (7) EARDROP {bEARD+ROPe}
17 Cold Violet is a criminal (9) ISOLATIVE*
18 Top cluesmith, an unexpected winner? (8) UPSETTER {UP}{SETTER}
19 Happens to be ahead of trends (7) BETIDES {BE}{TIDES}
21 Demands of setters? (7) ANSWERS [CD]
22 Hollow one shifting sides in good game of chance (6) GROTTO {G}{(-l+r)ROTTO}
24 Expert followers imbibing the Bible (5) MAVEN {M{AV}EN}
26 Pollutes some water available here? (4) MARS [DD?]


Monday 28 January 2019

No 12534, Monday 28 Jan 2019, Skulldugger

1   Wander around to staff houses (6) POOTLE {PO{TO<=}LE}
4   Has dealings with tense multitudes (6) TRUCKS {T}{RUCKS}
9   Stone disreputable woman (4) JADE [DD]
10 They cover knitted inner coats (10) CONTAINERS*
11 Relish having swung both ways (6) ?A?A?I (Addendum - WASABI {WAS}{A}{BI} - See comments)
12 Reactor oddly decommissioned using rationale related to the environment (8) ECOLOGIC {rEaCtOr}{LOGIC}
13 Most rum no good, drunk tasters admitted (9) STRANGEST {STRA{N}{G}EST*}
15 Satisfactory justice for female in hoax (4) JAKE (-f+j)JAKE
16 Contemptuous expression employed by Trump is horrid (4) PISH [T]
17 Tapes boxes carrying T-series leads (9) CASSETTES {CAS{SE{T}T}ES} Not sure of Anno (Addendum - {CAS({T}<=>{SET})ES} - See comments)
21 Spooner's fallen female agent's facial feature (8) FOREHEAD (From ~ whore fed)
22 Pot salesman in casualty department after act of violence (6) PUSHER {PUSH}{ER}
24 Is a secret national organisation opposing occupying forces (10) RESISTANCE {IS+A+SECRET+N}*
25 Interested in Clinton (4) INTO [T]
26 Probe swelling in eye with large needle tip tool primarily (6) STYLET {STY{L}E}{Tool} 'needle tip' seems superfluous (Addendum - {STY}{L}{n...lE}{Tool} - See comments)
27 She declares the lady's lad mad (6) HERALD {HER}{LAD*}

1   Farmer's bird kicks horse (7) PEASANT PhEASANT
2   Detailed think piece on artist's art form (5) OPERA {hOPE}{RA} What's the role of 'piece'? (Addendum - {OPEd}{RA} - See comments)
3   Luxembourg bigwig has a cold, is unavailable (7) LACKING {L}{A}{C}{KING}
5   Basis for beheading: betrayal of trust (6) REASON tREASON
6   Suitable letter (9) CONSONANT [DD]
7   Divorcees do less complicated work (7) SERVICE dIVoRCEES*
8   Navy traded in guns, violated implicit agreement (13) UNDERSTADING {N+TRADED+IN+GUNS}*
14 I stay true, manifesting ascetic quality (9) AUSTERITY*
16 Birds prove flighty around Lake Superior (7) PLOVERS {P{L}OVER*}{S}
18 Greatest √úbermenschen nearly send up king (7) SUPREME SUP{ER<=}MEn
19 Edward, succeeding Old Queen Elizabeth, applied much effort (7) EXERTED {EX}{ER}{TED}
20 Observe essence of organic liquid boil (6) SEETHE {SEE}{eTHEr}
23 Every so often, Assam Nilghai gets Asian gazelle (5) SAIGA {aSsAm+nIlGhAi}


Sunday 27 January 2019

Special,Sunday 27 Jan 2019, Amrita

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory).
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

4   Even the greatest ultimately involved in speculation (6)
6   One group within found divided (8)
9   Take away outlet behind Modern Centre (6)
10 Couple of nitwits, edges away, baits maniac gunman (8)
11 Rip in ill-fitting corset on the side showed fat (11)
15 Seduced by Edward getting nearly bare (7)
17 Nuisance receiving rubbish object (7)
18 Most colourless one from the subcontinent got diamond stolen by the Arab (11)
22 Ian for one, has bed sore marks initially in hospital (8)
23 Oft-repeated words in human tragedies (6)
24 Totally engrossed, son caught in playing Abbey Road without a last bit of worry (8)
25 Avoiding extremes of heat in polluted Delhi, I left to get cured (6)

1   Group of novel cricketers on the rise (6)
2   No! Large slippers isn't worn with suits! (10)
3   Al Gore is unfortunately found in women's quarters (8)
4   At the first signs of absolute bedlam, upstanding detective had to step down (8)
5   Dream locations on retirement? (8)
7   Say, losing side gets small commission (4)
8   Depression in daughter losing weight fast (4)
12 Tsunami devastated Latvia and 2/3 of Sweden (5,5)
13 Harry later crosses Tim heading North with payment (8)
14 Basic colours (8)
16 Go after a pest ruining a decorative rug (8)
19 Ideas of one devising games (6)
20 Borders of Saudi Arabia formed here? (4)
21 Boat's first officer's introduction on board to the captain (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at AMRITA 6


The Sunday Crossword No 3032, Sunday 27 Jan 2019

1   Decide length, cutting piece of cake (6) CLINCH {C{L}INCH}
4   Dash about, beset by mass hatred (7) MODICUM {M}{ODI{C}UM}
9   Sweet temper a prince abandoned, interrupting head of government (10,5) PEPPERMINT CREAM {TEMPER+A+PRINCE}* in {PM}
10 Clerical garment found with odd items of classy clobber (7) CASSOCK {ClAsSy}{SOCK}
11 Article as broadcast about tanks (7) AQUARIA {A}{QUA}{AIR<=}
12 Step inside theatre, admitted (5) TREAD [T]
14 Living without purpose? Find grit to reform (8) DRIFTING*
16 Fight, protecting rear, without a dagger (8) STILETTO {SET TO} over {TaIL}
18 See me in love repeatedly faced by resistance (5) ROMEO {R}{O}{ME}{O} &lit
21 Soldier in middle of foreign field, cold and mournful (7) ELEGIAC {forEign}{LE{GI}A}{C}
22 Lawyer after anger discounting thousand extra items (7) ADDENDA {mADDEN}{DA}
24 Impressed, raved about fake, endlessly accepted without question (5,3,7) TAKEN FOR GRANTED {TAKEN}{FORGe}{RANTED}
25 Communists keeping resolution? Correct (7) REDRESS {RED{RES}S}
26 Vitality needed by keener gymnasts (6) ENERGY [T]

1   Limit a large town’s power (8) CAPACITY {CAP}{A}{CITY}
2   Demon with strength having no time for deadlock (7) IMPASSE {IMP}{ASSEt}
3   Belief about party led by Conservative (5) CREDO {C}{RE}{DO}
4   Citrus fruit supplied by chap, bold European, around North African port (8,6) MANDARIN ORANGE {MAN}{DARIN{ORAN}G}{E}
5   Remove unnecessary items left, say, after December (9) DECLUTTER {DEC}{L}{UTTER}
6   Sign of sharp bend in road in Switzerland, twisting over mountain finally (7) CHEVRON {CH}{OVER*}{m...iN}
7   Animal in line following mother (6) MAMMAL {MAMMA}{L}
 Demo kept moving, not quietly in parts, creating alarms (5,9) SMOKE DETECTORS {DEMO+KEpT}* in {SECTORS}
13 Flirtation beginning to damage partnership (9) DALLIANCE {Da...e}{ALLIANCE}
15 Firm route including road, large and yellow (8) COWARDLY {CO}{WA{RD}{L}Y}
17 Modified material for jacket perhaps worn by a king (7) TWEAKED {TWE{A}{K}ED}
19 Supervise fool in dock (7) MONITOR {MO{NIT}OR}
20 Rouse scattered tribes (6) BESTIR*
23 Like match won by neither side, tense (5) DRAWN [DD]


Saturday 26 January 2019

No 12533, Saturday 26 Jan 2019, xChequer


7   Still sour after record got rejected (6) PLACID {LP<=}{ACID}
8   Paths to sure decay (6) ROUTES*
10 Explosion one gets to see on total turnaround in entertainment genre (3,5) POP MUSIC {POP}{SUM<=}{1}{C}
11 Ship's brass having limited vision (6) GALLEY {GALL}{EYe}
12 Everyone confined to island (5) ATOLL {A{TO}LL}
14 Simplistic foxtrot — quick to front, retreat, and limits to promenade pivots (3-4) ONE-STEP  {O}{NEST}{Pr...dE<=} Anno pending See comments
15 Theft at home, money mostly gone, highly emotional situation (4,2,3,6) HEAT OF THE MOMENT {THEFT+AT+HOME+MONEy}*
18 Lacuna treated allowing new tube to be inserted in body (7) CANNULA {CAN{N}ULA*}
19 Chance to drink, hence get drunk (5) BESOT {BE{SO}T}
20 Contract for nuclear energy producing cry of horror (6) SHRIEK SHRI(-n+e)EK
21 Rank best butter ex Britain from a lab (4-4) TEST-TUBE {BEST+bUTTEr}*
23 Communicates shifts (6) RELAYS [DD]
24 Stoop to conquer second ambition (6) DESIGN {DE{S}IGN}

1   Latest partner's decision perhaps (2-2-4) UP-TO-DATE {UPTO DATE}
2   Noah's issue about water finally causing damage (4) HARM {HA{R}M}
3   Money and identity, female falling for glitter (6) TINSEL {TIN}{SELf}
4   Fervently wish spell can be extended (4-4) LONG-TERM {LONG}{TERM}
5   Always supply it with last meal (2,3,5) AT ALL TIMES {IT+LAST+MEAL}*
6   Doctor please out for the count? (6) ASLEEP*
9 Leader in suit, top executive in haste, far off the mark (3,2,6) ACE OF HEARTS {ACE} OFHEARTS Anno pending (Addendum - {CEO} in {HASTE+FAR}* - See comments)
13 Apparently love, from a practical point of view, gets frustrated with time (10) OSTENSIBLY {O}{S{T}ENSIBLY}
16 Servants left in panic, yes sacked (8) FLUNKEYS {F{L}UNK}{YES*}
17 Mark well over a century, buzzer round close to completion (4,4) NOTA BENE {A}{TON}<={BE{c...oN}E}
18 Bed occupied by husband or mate (6) COHORT {CO{H}{OR}T}
19 Hamper bid in wager (6) BASKET {B{ASK}ET}
22 Ancient history captures these singularly (4) THIS [T]

Reference List

Sour = ACID, Brass = GALL, Money = TIN, Hence = SO, Retreat = NEST
Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 25 January 2019

No 12532, Friday 25 Jan 2019, xChequer

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

7   Tries to maintain tempo in suit (6) HEARTS {HEAR{T}S}
8   Split end of hair in strand (6) BREACH {B{haiR}EACH}
10 A dog barking repeatedly for food (4,4) GADO GADO {A+DOG}*{A+DOG}* Doesn't look very yummy!
11 Reason journalist is named (6) CALLED {CALL}{ED}
12 Lull using line in a lyric poem (5) ALLAY {A}{L{L}AY}
14 Sweet tone of pseudo, essentially bogus (7) EUPHONY {psEUdo}{PHONY}
15 Rumour spread to show deterrent (4,2,3,6) WORD ON THE STREET*
18 Turned on female's voice getting passionate (7) FERVENT {F}{RE<=}{VENT}
19 Titbit as test case? (5) TASTE [T] &lit?
20 Option ending initially, liable to come back (6) ECHOIC (+e)ECHOIC(-e)
21 Indiscriminately erupting Etna finally dormant (2,6) AT RANDOM {etnA}{DORMANT}*
23 Lives saved aboard Titanic reflecting a form of discrimination? (6) AGEISM {AGE{IS}M<=}
24 Apt to be faithfully remembered? (3,3) OFF PAT {APT}* [RA]

1   Cure in time, a doctor's memorable mission (3,5) THE ALAMO {T}{HEAL}{A}{MO}
2   Game for a flutter (4) FARO*
3   Rock stayed as a rock would be (6) STEADY*
4   Church training seen in president's principles (8) PRECEPTS {PRE{CE}{PT}S}
5   Militant oral bombast ultimately breaking peace with society's battle cry (4,2,4) CALL TO ARMS {CAL{L{b...sT}ORA*}M}{S}
6   Jolly keen to employ man having energy (6) CHEERY {C{HE}{E}RY}
9   The way comma modifies no matter how placed (4,4,3) COME WHAT MAY*
13 Holder seen wearing breeches (10) LEDERHOSEN*
16 Snitch embroils former copper in indefensible plea (2,6) NO EXCUSE {NO{EX}{CU}SE}
17 Observe the short dogs to love a canine (8) EYETOOTH {EYE}{TO}{O}{THe}
18 Ethnic following for radical beauty treatment (6) FACIAL (-r+f)FACIAL
19 Dispute describing a right as duty (6) TARIFF {T{A}{R}IFF}
22 Gregory Peck's backslate comes up ending in take (4) NAPE  {PAN<=}{takE} Definition not clear See comments


Thursday 24 January 2019

No 12531, Thursday24 Jan 2019, Vulcan

1   Include one terminal in domestic airport after refurbishment (11) INCORPORATE  {ONE+d...iC+AIRPORT}*
8   Attach piece of metal (4) NAIL [DD]
9   Firm with target to achieve maybe (10) WATERTIGHT*
10 Substance in Time's publication (6) TISSUE {T}{ISSUE}
11 Old woman's shown in/escorted (7) USHERED {US{HER}ED}
13 Actually, it's another kind of linearity (2,7) IN REALITY*
15 Vehicle falls into extremely steep slope (5) SCARP {Stee{CAR}P}
16 Decor altered to include some colour (5) CORAL [T]
18 Power given to local chief (9) PRESIDENT {P}{RESIDENT}
22 Leave dark liquid lying about, it could get your foot (3,4) RAT TRAP {PART}{TAR}<=
23 Chair reportedly hurled (6) THROWN (~throne)
26 Seize, eventually skin this animal (10) COMMANDEER {COMMA}{skiN}{DEER}
27 Mark's excellent round (4) SPOT<=
28 Set for a certain reduction in density (11) RAREFACTION*

1   Vulgar Latin, basically ancient, Indo-European (7) ITALIAN {LATIN+An...t+I}*
2   Peddles, say, in small rooms (5) CELLS (~sells)
3   Fighting back to cope with unfair treatment (3,4) RAW DEAL {WAR<=}{DEAL}
4   Word of Plato, a thinker (4) OATH [T]
5   One annoyed with what this clue is not (6) ACROSS {A}{CROSS}
6   Editor taken back in, showed it's proven (9) EVIDENCED {EVI{ED<=}NCED}
7   My, leader of opposition heard rambling (2,4) OH DEAR {Op...n}{HEARD*}
12 Celebrity's essentially new look (5) STARE {STAR}{nEw}
14 Metal ores possibly got this material (9) ELASTOMER*
17 One that gives his/her address (6) ORATOR [CD]
19 Sitar played by one comedian primarily given to sarcasm (7) SATIRIC {SITAR*}{1}{Co...n}
20 Nurse shows up with Harry Brown's baby (7) NEWBORN {EN<=}{BROWN*}
21 Guy about to skip a routine (6) MANNER {MAN}{NEaR}
24 Saint? Somewhat of a boorish individual (5) RISHI [T]
25 Feature of damsel/female's character (4) SELF [T]


Wednesday 23 January 2019

No 12530, Wednesday 23 Jan 2019, Anon

1   Area of former enclosure (6) EXTENT {EX}{TENT}
4   Limit removed from skirts by commands (6) ORDERS bORDERS
9   Prima donna, eager, looks back (4) DIVA<=
10 Unfortunate weak book expert (10) LAMENTABLE {LAME}{NT}{ABLE}
11 Greek goddess, in those days, was in Armenia’s boundaries (6) ATHENA {Arme{THEN}niA}
12 Flowers for seamen on strike (8) ANEMONES*
13 Gold box of Sun god’s musical group (9) ORCHESTRA {OR}{CHEST}{RA}
15 Drive last carriage at station (5) CASTE {CAST}{c...gE}
16 Found out about crowd on the radio (5) HEARD (~herd)
18 Lady users affected without a doubt (9) ASSUREDLY*
22 Ancient writing system at first crass, homogeneous (8) CUNIFORM {Cr..s}{UNIFORM} The spelling should be CUNEIFORM
23 Passionate craftsmanship outside lair (6) ARDENT {AR{DEN}T}
25 Pagan menus reconstructed with gum (10) SANGAPENUM* Used an Anagram solver for this
26 Need riot in Shangri-La (4) EDEN*
27 Feels sorry for decapitated birds (6) EGRETS rEGRETS
28 Weird boy having better than even chance of winning (4-2) ODDS-ON {ODD}{SON}

1   One who forces out last race winner (7) EVICTOR {racE}{VICTOR}
2   Feudal baron of Mumbai suburb (5) THANE [DD]
 New religious leaders, needing no introduction, at canals (7) NULLAHS {N}{mULLAHS}
5   At first, rage, ire of commando (6) RANGER {Rage}{ANGER}
6   Studied at Oriental research facility’s discourse (9) ELABORATE {E}{LAB}{ORATE}
7   Arresting foreigner in street corners (7) SALIENT {S{ALIEN}T}
8   Bans stammerer, resulting in shame (13) EMBARRASSMENT*
14 Sign of husband’s upturned undergarment in European nation (9) HARBINGER {H}{BRA<=}{IN}{GER}
17 Mimic bird belatedly (7) EMULATE {EMU}{LATE}
19 Without weapons, peacekeepers are inducting man, delinquents’ leader (7) UNARMED {UN}{AR{M}E}{De...t}
20 Light left aside, at first, for headless temp (7) LANTERN {L}{At}{iNTERN}
21 Little girl to shock darling (6) MOPPET {MOP}{PET}
24 Replace second stanza in songs with first line in fights (5) DUELS DUE(-t+l)LS


Tuesday 22 January 2019

No 12529, Tuesday 22 Jan 2019, Lightning

8   Start afresh once bakers quota has been distributed (4,2,6,3) BACK TO SQUARE ONE*
9   Is mother going after maid with appeal? (8) CHARISMA {CHAR}{IS}{MA}
10 Element of vehicle with hood partly missing (6) CARBON {CAR}{BONnet}
11 Pump is apart or assembled? (9) ASPIRATOR*
12 Summer snake? (5) ADDER [DD]
15 A special curb’s paving material (7) ASPHALT {A}{SP}{HALT}
17 Break from religious education with malice (7) RESPITE {RE}{SPITE}
19 Left recess by mistake (5) LAPSE {L}{APSE}
20 Mother packing items that melt for feast (9) CANDLEMAS {CANDLE{MA}S}
23 Allow European to arrest liberal engineer (6) ENABLE {E}{NAB}{L}{E}
25 Completely excluded — correct? (8) OUTRIGHT {OUT}{RIGHT}
26 New mini token I fetch at the precise moment (2,3,4,2,4) IN THE NICK OF TIME*

1   Snack with banana chosen in part (6) NACHOS [T]
2   Hikers miss turbulent clashes (10) SKIRMISHES*
3   Policeman and inmate in good condition (9) CONSTABLE {CON}{STABLE}
4   Torque generated around a line (7) EQUATOR {EQU{A}TOR*}
5   Caught, held by Scandinavian, say (5) DANCE {DAN{C}E} Scandanavian on double duty? See comments
6   Successor’s sound manner (4) HEIR (~air)
7   Hotel primarily owned by Penny is artless (8) INNOCENT {INN}{Ow..d}{CENT}
13 Reduce electronic price by mistake during occasion (10) DEPRECIATE {E+PRICE}* in {DATE}
14 Punishment for every issue disregarded at first (9) PERDITION {PER}{eDITION}
16 Dull man unaccompanied by hard worker around noon (8) STAGNANT {STAG}{N}{ANT}
18 Army officer at US state and Spanish island (7) MAJORCA {MAJOR}{CA}
21 Embarrass like bad actor on final stage (6) ASHAME {AS}{HAM}{s..gE}
22 Watch restrained batting by Flower (5) SEINE {SE{IN}E}
24 Physicist dull in speech (4) BOHR (~bore)


Monday 21 January 2019

No 12528, Monday 21 Jan 2019, Incognito

1   Notes stolen to get large pellet, say, 00 (8) BUCKSHOT {BUCKS}{HOT}
5   Jump softly on animal (6) POUNCE {P}{OUNCE}
10 Wish ill upon dogs having last bit of bone (5) CURSE {CURS}{bonE}
11 Alienated journalist consumed rum (9) ESTRANGED {E{STRANGE}D}
12 Films sprouts (6) SHOOTS [DD]
13 Practice about the funeral vehicle (8) REHEARSE {RE}{HEARSE}
15 Previous role, to be precise (5) EXACT {EX}{ACT}
17 Campaigns for painting materials (9) CANVASSES [DD]
19 Stop lathe turning! Produce stoves (9) HOTPLATES*
20 Each clever youth was hiding (5) EVERY [T]
21 Get Meerschaum's instruments (8) BAGPIPES {BAG}{PIPES}
23 Royal Academician? Royal Academician returns, time after time, consuming fish after discarding head and tail (6) ARTIST {RA<=}{T}{fISh}{T}
27 Thinnest soldier wearing toupee hid during trial (9) TWIGGIEST {T{WIG}{GI}EST}
28 Sketch about right ladies garment (5) SKIRT {SKI{R}T}
29 Memory stick is used to force things in (6) RAMROD {RAM}{ROD}
30 Friend substituted piano in London area to get Indian accompaniments (8) CHUTNEYS (-p+ch){CHUTNEY}{S}  S from? See comments

1   Supports two rugby players (5) BACKS [DD]
2   God! Confused Roman tyrant initially gets a bird (9) CORMORANT {COR}{ROMAN*}{Ty...t}
3   Fish exuded pong (5) SMELT [DD]
4   Finished half a dozen deliveries (4) OVER [DD]
6   Vandalised a grave; one, usually (2,7) ON AVERAGE*
7   Pour back gin, with hesitation, into river (5) NIGER {GIN<=}{ER}
8   Infinitely without any aim (9) ENDLESSLY [DD]
9   Steps seen winding, showing gradient (9) STEEPNESS*
14 Disseminated and distributed secret data endlessly (9) SCATTERED {SECRET+DATa}*
15 Shower once: broth was spilled around setter twice (9) EXHIBITOR {EX}{H{I}{B{I}TOR*}
16 Klan got it wrong and faced a lecture (7-2) TALKING-TO*
18 Cleanse and neuter (9) STERILISE [DD]
22 Folk tale collector was stern before being a bit morbid (5) GRIMM {GRIM}{Mo...d}
24 Appeared for exam once more when taser is returned (2-3) RE-SAT <=
25 Carries kids, holding end of kite (5) TOTES {TOT{kitE}S}
26 Urge noticed in Fitchburg (4) ITCH [T]


Sunday 20 January 2019

Special, Sunday 20 Jan 2019, IXL-18 Final Crossword 2

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment

1   Father concealing deceit ultimately backs risky speculations (6)
4   Criticize harshly! Shocking to grab single female (7)
8   Summon strike first and run riot (7)
9   Girl with evidence backing dissident (7)
11 Singer, endlessly conceited, lousy in circuit (10)
12 Mountaineers plausibly keep going around mountains (4)
13 Forgetting name, relatives recollect unusual but friendly form of address (5)
14 Largely overindulge devouring a lot, possibly leading to this? (8)
16 Take a bath perhaps and be overtly flirtatious? (3,5)
18 Mockery! Bit unfair on youngster (5)
20 Swimmer beginning to accelerate in concluding event (4)
21 Business associate admits debt is on a massive scale (10)
23 Plans to hide his reckless misadventures (7)
24 Ace by wife captures king, finally making contract (7)
25 Utter...utter radio silence (4,3)
26 Grain given by sailors in barge (6)

1   Right to take in student showing talent (5)
2   How poet introduced himself? Shut up! (7)
3   A character chasing girl in skirt! That's nonsense (9)
5   Take away suspicious parcel unopened (5)
6   Top arts centre renovated to stage a past event (7)
7   Shallowness and impertinence by Trump finally breaks illusion (9)
10 Jump to embrace maiden with body that's a stunner (9)
13 What one might do with champagne bottle to delay action? (4,2,3)
15 Possible to disregard old boy crushed by weapon that is thrown (9)
17 Fellow flogged and shot (7)
19 Victory for Republican! Speech gets applause (7)
21 Caught pair cavorting in Italian island (5)
22 Allowed princely leader to change sides (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at IXL 18 Final 2


The Sunday Crossword No 3031, Sunday 20 Jan 2019

1   Forceful machine one steered in quiet waterway (4,6) PILE DRIVER {P}{1}{LED}{RIVER}
6   See second best round (4) SPOT {S}{POT}
9   House style according to declaration (5) MANOR (~manner)
10 Scrambled over a dune, making an effort (9) ENDEAVOUR*
12 Part of building above foundations getting great new rust remedy - about time (14) SUPERSTRUCTURE {SUPER}{RUST*}{C{T}URE}
13 Roll into hearing in court (8) TRIBUNAL {TRI{BUN}AL}
15 Dull affair having no end (5) MATTE MATTEr
17 Reel around in circles (5) LOOPS<=
19 Final section from record, one left by villain, not right (8) EPILOGUE {EP}{1}{L}{rOGUE}
21 Heats damaged container, perhaps, depending on circumstances (2,3,4,3,2)  AS THE CASE MAY BE {HEATS}*{CASE}{MAYBE}
24 Bed occupied by male with obvious illness (9) COMPLAINT {CO{M}{PLAIN}T}
25 Area in pub became finally empty (5) INANE {IN{A}N}{b...mE}
26 Weighty book from my perspective (4) TOME {TO ME}
27 Sharp sequence in neat broadcast (10) ASTRINGENT {A{STRING}ENT*}

1   Quiz round avoided by learner (4) PUMP PlUMP
2   Weariness in tips from orator after speech giving age away (7) LANGUOR {LANGUage}{Or..oR}
3   Lacy blue dress designed for dancer (6,7) DARCEY BUSSELL*
4   Diplomacy without force supported by northern church, basically (2,7) IN ESSENCE {fINESSE}{N}{CE}
5   Colour that is picked up in bird frequenting coastal area (5) EIDER {RED}{IE}<=
7   Point about staff copper raised, getting result (7) PRODUCT {P{ROD}{CU<=}T}
8   Aimed at gain in trade all over the place (8) TARGETED {TAR{GET}ED*}
11 Compromise? Hotel for instance offers it (13) ACCOMMODATION [DD]
14 Garland around trees not normally seen in city (9) LEICESTER {LEI}{C}{TREES*}
16 Definite corruption of cruel act (5-3) CLEAR-CUT*
18 Choose centre for holiday with mother? Perfect (7) OPTIMUM {OPT}{holIday}{MUM}
20 Universal fury about doctor causing offence (7) UMBRAGE {U}{MB}{RAGE}
22 False name, sadly, one admitted (5) ALIAS {AL{1}AS}
23 Garment in attractive style (4) VEST [T]


Saturday 19 January 2019

Sloggers and Bloggers (S&B) Meet, Chennai, 20 Jan 2019

Our next S&B meet is scheduled to be held in Chennai. Details as under.

Date : Sunday  20 Jan 2019
Location : Chennai
Venue ;  Coffee shop 'Splash', Presidency Club, Ethiraj Salai
Time : 1 PM
Dress code for Gents - Shirt/T-Shirt with collar, Leather footwear (No sandals)

1. Bhavan (Buzzer)
2. Bhalachandra (xChequer)
3. Rishikesh (Gridman)
4. Col Deepak Gopinath
5. Bhargav
6. Ramki (KrisKross)
7. Padmanabhan
8. Sudarsan Balaji
9. P Suresh Babu


1. Koteswar Rao

1. Kurian (Skuldugger)
2. Raju
3. Karthikeyan
4. Devanathan (Arden)
5. Ram
6. VP (Lightning)
7. Abhay
8. Sandhya
9. Richard
10. Arvind
11. Dr Gayathri (In UK now)
12. Shuchi
13. Lakshmi
14. Prasanna Rao
15. Dr Satyen Nabar (Dr. X)
16. Ajeesh
17. Kishore (Incognito)
18. Rengaswamy
19. Dr Sreenivasan
20. PrasadVDS
21. Sreeram

Anybody who is interested to attend may indicate the same in the comments section or send me an email at

No 12527, Saturday 19 Jan 2019, Incognito

Incognito gets us to remember the Battle of Longewala. 


1. Bright Roman is least heavy (8) LIGHTEST {LIGHT}{EST}
5. Changed a diver! Changed! (6) VARIED {A+DIVER}*
10. Human being without a bit of sympathy? Evita, for example (5) PERON {PERsON}

11. Pat denies sailing in low water conditions (4,5) NEAP TIDES {PAT+DENIES}*
12. Extol piano and promote (6) PRAISE {P}{RAISE}
13. More stout storekeeper consumes iodine (8) STOCKIER {STOCK{I}ER}
15. Degree obtained, initially from Delaware and partly from Philadelphia (1,4) D PHIL {Delaware}{PHILadelphia}
17. Tour planit includes time in Indian Railway container (9) ITINERARY {IT}{IN}{ERA}{RY}}
19. Promoting advertisement, vehicle starting to campaign in Germany (9) ADVANCING {AD}{VAN}{Campaign}{IN}{G}
20. After silence, Russian's cut to pieces (5) SHRED {SH}{RED}
21. Tiller and Latin journalist wearing protective headgear (8) HELMETED {HELM}{ET}{ED}
23. On board ship, Katherine slides on ice (6) SKATES {S{KATE}S}
27. Communist worker caught editor in flagrante delicto (3-6) RED-HANDED {RED}{HAND}{ED}
28. Spanish friend's fighter aircraft is parked in a circle (5) AMIGO {A}{MIG}{O}
29. State: “Quip and punch” (6) PUNJAB {PUN}{JAB}
30. Diet training commencement for army unit (8) REGIMENT {REGIMEN}{Training}


1. Drink, pal! (3,2) LAP UP {PAL<=}
2. Ergo, Bach's agitated by Victor, a Russian leader (9) GORBACHEV {ERGO+BACH}*{V}

3. Expresses gratitude, after husband leaves, and goes down (5) TANKS {ThANKS}
4. Spades and construction material (4) SAND {S}{AND}
6. Raiders take carts around (9) ATTACKERS {TAKE+CARTS}*
7. Creatures held captive by mankind? Right! (5) INDRI (T)

8. Obliterated Helen's city after shelling initially? Indeed! (9) DESTROYED {DE{Shelling}{TROY}ED}
9. Round vehicle on crest (9) CARTRIDGE {CART}{RIDGE}
14. Princess, by way of North Dakota square, returns from company (9) DIVIDENDS {DI}{VIDE}{ND}{S}
15. That padre is straying! It is a dangerous situation ... (9) DEATHTRAP {THAT+PADRE}*
16. A wall built to protect Andamanese tribals in battlefield (9) LONGEWALA {A+WALL}* around {ONGE}
18. Flier's attack upsets sari on vehicle (3,6) AIR STRIKES {SARI*}{TRIKES}
22. Awkwardly garlanded, after grad left carrying goods (5) LADEN {garLANdED*}
24. Gurkha kit's colour? (5) KHAKI (T)
25. Photograph plumule's growth (5) SHOOT (DD)
26. Herding sheepdog hops not on precipice (4) EDGE {shEEpDoG*}

Reference List

Roman is=Est, Piano=P, Iodine=I, Time=Era, Indian=In, Railway=Ry, Advertisement=Ad, Germany=G, Silence=Sh, Russian=Red, And Latin=Et, Journalist=Ed, Ship=SS, Katherine=Kate, Communist=Red, Worker=Hand, Editor=Ed, Circle=O
Victor=V, Husband=H, Princess=Di, North Dakota=ND, Square=S

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous