Saturday 30 June 2018

No 12357, Saturday 30 Jun 2018, Anon


1. Tool to fasten last cylinder in frogman (11) SCREWDRIVER {SCREW}{D{cylindeR}IVER|
9. At home, British author loses Intellectual Property, has suspicion (7) INKLING {IN}{KipLING}
10. Regular trio’s torso is strong (6) ROBUST {tRiO}{BUST}
11. Stick to faculty (5) STAFF (DD)
12. A pillow collection at great hall of Persian palace (7) APADANA {A}{PAD}{ANA}

15. Reckless driver finally remains (4) RASH {driveR}{ASH}
16. Anger at second bridesmaid replacing first groomsman at betrothal (10) ENRAGEMENT {EN(-g+R)AGAMENT
18. Southpaw to lend father in trouble (4-6) LEFT-HANDER {LEND+FATHER*}
20. Flipper new for European (4) FINN {FIN}{N}
23. Reduce blunt pain (7) CURTAIL {CURT}{AIL}
24. Late art confuses bit player (5) EXTRA {EX}{ART*}
26. Skilful at capturing robot? Not quite! (6) ADROIT {A{DROId}T}
27. Worshipped communist outwardly, incessantly (7) REVERED {R{EVER}ED}
28. New celebrities admit to beginning with a clean slate (5,6) FRESH STARTS {FRESH}{STAR{To}S} Defn leads to Fresh start not Fresh starts?


2. Cook houses one of the rulers (6) CHIEFS {CH{I}EFS}
3. Therefore, unit of energy is nothing (4) ERGO {ERG}{O}
4. He goes from 20 to 1 or around the world? (4,6) DART PLAYER (CD?)
5. One man retired, planted (8) IMBEDDED {I}{M}{BEDDED}
6. Soul of German city at edges of campsite (7) ESSENCE {ESSEN}{CampsitE}
7. Folk singers, can be slim, stern (9) MINSTRELS {SLIM+STERN*}
8. Injure snakes with Scottish daggers (6) SKEANS {SNAKES*}

13. State's weird careerist lets go of Right Reverend, admits sister (10) ENUNCIATES {CArEErIST*} around {NUN}
14. Dad’s rants about principles (9) STANDARDS {DADS+RANTS*}
17. Acquire external second shoe for walks in living areas (8) GHETTOES {G{sHoe}ET}{TOES}
19. Originator to go to the bottom (7) FOUNDER (DD)
21. Buries at jail, almost, saves leader (6) INTERS {INTERn}{Saves}
22. South African monkey replaced right with left fabric (6) VELVET {VE(-r+L)VET}
25. Starts antagonising rowdy elements around neighbourhood (4) AREA  (Acrostic)

Reference List
At home=In, Intellectual property=IP, New=N, Late=Ex, Communist=Red
One=I, Unit of energy=Erg, Nothing=O, Man=M, Right Reverend=RR, Sister=Nun, Right=R, Left=L

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 76*

After the renovation Shangri-la's dance hall had the look of a mini APADANA.

FOUNDER Clement was indeed pleased. His highest STANDARDS had been met! 

He did not CURTAIL any expense. Even the curtailed dresses were the most expensive.

The ADROIT pole dancer was VICTORIA. And where she got that VELVET lingerie was a secret. It was "Victoria's secret".  And so were the other dresses the dancers barely wore.

EXTRA STAFF was taken in. A FINN who went by the name of Julius was the new bouncer. True to his name he was ceaselessly behind trouble makers, And Victoria.  He wished to sieze her too.

All this earned the ENRAGEMENT of the politician who got an INKLING of what was happening. He was itching to grab the assets of Shangri-la after getting his commission on the FDI deals.

But the poor fellow was not aware  that he would be taken for a ride by New Delhi!

What happened next?

* Please note that story for crossword # 12355 is Part 74 and for crossword #12356 it is Part 75.

Friday 29 June 2018

No 12356, Friday 29 Jun 2018, Lightning

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers till 2 PM thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM after which anyone is free to comment.

Thanks for the response. Here's the regular blog.

Physics class by Lighting today.

1   Page maybe a tiny piece (8) PARTICLE {P}{ARTICLE}
5   Sailor, you and I cover account with calculator (6) ABACUS {AB}{AC}{US}
9   Replaced gold sign in living quarters (8) LODGINGS*
10 Echo respect mostly joining first baseman (6) REVERB {REVERe}{Ba...n}
12 Hot inside vehicle with medium appeal (5) CHARM {C{H}AR}{M}
13 Blocked at the top, want opening in light sink (5,4) BLACK HOLE {Bl...d}{LACK} {HOLE}
14 At first tense with problem in fabric (6) TISSUE {Te..e}{ISSUE}
16 Aggressive person – popular German physicist (7) HAWKING {HAWK}{IN}{G}
19 Ordinary passage about English scientist (7) PENROSE {P{EN}ROSE}
21 Taste yummy starters, fish wraps (3-3) TRY-OUT {TR{Yu..y}OUT}
23 Arrived without bishop to free grand English town (9) CAMBRIDGE {CAM{B}E}{RID}{G}{E} (Correction - {CAM{B}{RID}{G}E} - See comments)
25 Last month with gold colour scheme (5) DECOR {DEC}{OR}
26 Firm text message describing love in universe (6) COSMOS {CO}{SM{O}S}
27 Generation caught moving upfront in response (8) CREATION (+c)CREA(-c)TION
28 Return after missing the first exit (6) EGRESS rEGRESS
29 Earth with pit oddly nicked in an area of high ground (8) EMINENCE {E}{MINE}{NiCkEd}

1   Speed around the French king’s residence (6) PALACE {PA{LA}CE}
2   Raised help splitting quota of emitted energy (9) RADIATION {RA{AID<=}TION}
3   Manner of speaking by insensible person, not entirely masculine (5) IDIOM {IDIOt}{Ma...e}
4   Bold panel big electors held back (7) LEGIBLE [T<=]
6   Separate vacation, not here (9) BREAKAWAY {BREAK}{AWAY}
7   Sacred ornaments stored for a belief (5) CREDO [T]
8   Throw beer mugs in sink (8) SUBMERGE*
11 Dull and hard subject (4) MATH {MAT}{H}
15 Saint using whatever means necessary secures display areas (9) SHOWROOMS {S}{HOW}{MOORS*} Anind missing?
17 Anointment at home event not fine (9) INUNCTION {IN}{fUNCTION}
18 Primarily estimating fraction of period with circle around another circle (8) EPICYCLE {Es...g}{PI}{CYCLE}
20 Toy at first not current (4) EDDY tEDDY
21 Proof in article more strange (7) THEOREM {THE}{MORE*}
22 Unofficial border (6) FRINGE [DD]
24 Instructor dropping temperature of device amplifying microwaves (5) MASER MAStER
25 Day before precipitation is empty (5) DRAIN {D}{RAIN}

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 74

Clement had his own set of CREDOS.  He was not bothered about the BLACK HOLE in a tunnel. He went after the light at the end of the tunnel. His business IDIOM?
Stay ahead of the pack!

He wanted to stay one step ahead of the Gemini School of Dance. He did his MATH. To increase the collections he had to go in for renovation and additions! He should increase the CHARM of his night club and make it a place of EMINENCE. He was not bothered about the DRAIN  on his finances. He had enough and more.

He wanted to TRY OUT  a completely new DECOR. 

One Stephen who was HAWKING at the end of the road was rehabilitated and given a shop in the new SHOWROOMS which he added on one side.

Pole dancing was an addition. And so was the REVERB. And many more. The CREATION of a pro from CAMBRIDGE.

After the LODGINGS too being renovated the whole place now looked like a PALACE,

What happened next?

Thursday 28 June 2018

No 12355, Thursday 28 Jun 2018, Incognito

The Bulls and The Bears!

8   A word of request, after losing last two letters, remains a request (4) PLEA PLEAse
9   French fries and crisps (5) CHIPS [CD] [DD] See comments
10 Join baron on first of December (4) BOND {B}{ON}{De...r}
11 Ashram embers contain an arm or a leg, for instance (6) MEMBER [T]
12 Substitute old coins (8) EXCHANGE {EX}{CHANGE}
13 Make into parts before New Delhi gives payoff (8) DIVIDEND {DIVIDE}{ND}
15 Fire policeman, before dark, on the walkie-talkie (6) IGNITE {IG}{NITE}(~night)
17 Leaders of East India Company consuming diet mix display memory that is photographic (7) EIDETIC {East}{In..a}{Co...y} over {DIET*}
19 In Maharashtra, you find a place to rest your butts (7) ASHTRAY [T]
22 Small clergyman appears before king and queen's agent (6) BROKER {BRO}{K}{ER}
24 Dance after prisoner's payment for postponement of delivery (8) CONTANGO {CON}{TANGO}
26 Shareholder's revelations about loss of ale sent back (8) INVESTOR REVelaTIONS*
28 Note alien's trading place (6) MARKET {MARK}{ET}
30 Dispose battery component on radio (4) SELL (~cell)
31 Exchange art returned by Delaware... (5) TRADE {ART*}{DE}
32 ... amateur and revolutionary? It’s a pain! (4) ACHE {A}{CHE}

1   Depressed boy was in front of the washroom, I hear (4) BLUE {B}{LUE}(~loo)
2   She gets married during conflict, maybe? (3,5) WAR BRIDE [CD]
3   Al Capone releases Fanny Adams initially and becomes hard to find (6) SCARCE SCARfaCE
4   Tell an untruth about an alcoholic beverage — it is actually nimbu paani (7) LIMEADE {LI{MEAD}E}
5   Mentally deranged persons leave operation theatre to persons with ESP (8) PSYCHICS PSYCHotICS
6   Get Indian after boat crash (6) OBTAIN {BOAT*}{IN}
7   Return weapons and become comfortable (4) SNUG<=
14 Electrician, after loss of broken lancet, turns more frigid (5) ICIER ElectRICIan*
16 Nasal noise made after dropping first letter from place in Arunachal Pradesh (5) TWANG TaWANG
18 Annoy deformed rare titi (8) IRRITATE*
20 Eat — it is time for some rest (3,5) TEA BREAK {EAT}* [RA]
21 University in Ghana's capital has student accumulation (7) ACCRUAL {ACCR{U}A}{L}
23 Knight born before Latin saint genuflects (6) KNEELS {K}{NEE}{L}{S}
25 ,for example, new colour (6) NUMBER {N}{UMBER}
27 Soldiers retreat, with energy, to a tree (4) NEEM {ME{E}N}<=
29 Repeat communications code before Foxtrot (4) ECHO [DD]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 73

To MARKET, to market, to buy a fat pig!

A greedy MEMBER of Parliament was told that money was flowing in the two nightclubs in Shangri-la.

Two money spinners! His INVESTOR PASSION was ignited with this news. He was keen in any ACCRUAL which paid rich DIVIDENDS. Two  BLUE CHIPS in one stone! "Let me OBTAIN both and have two more milch cows".

He had enough NUMBER two and as usual decided  to buy Incognito. The exchequer owed him money for two FDI deals he had negotiated and he could make good use of the money. 

During TEA BREAK the politician was sitting SNUG in his easy chair sipping his LIMEADE.  The BROKER sent by him came in and gave him the news:

"But they are not willing to SELL, Sir."

This IRRITATED the politician.  TWANG. He banged his ASH TRAY on the table and was in a mood to throw it at the broker. But this not so SCARCE behavior of the politician did not bother the broker. 

" Of course they wont sell you fool. Who asked you to PLEA? I said "I want to buy. Understand?"  I will send my side-kick. He will butt in with you and help you. Rest your butts and don't move till they agree."

(He KNEELS before God and thanks Him for giving "ACHHE DIN".) He called his black cat and asked him to get ready 108 coconuts..

The politician ( the white tiger ) also wanted to kill the fatted calf.

What happened next? It is left to your imagination...

Wednesday 27 June 2018

No 12354, Wednesday 27 Jun 2018, Incognito

WHy short of a Pangram?

1   Native of Italy is perhaps blind (8) VENETIAN [DD]
5   Small, shapely and despicable (6) SCURVY {S}{CURVY}
10 Artists and engineers appear together before the king? That's comparatively uncommon! (5) RARER {RA}{RE}{R}
11 After wedding, sailor displays flag (5,4) UNION JACK {UNION} {JACK}
12 Alumnus saw and followed directions (6) OBEYED {OB}{EYED}
13 Most frightening when player had decay followed by onset of toothache (8) SCARIEST {S}{CARIES}{To...e}
15 Red army surrounded Arizona city square (5) PLAZA {PL{AZ}A}
17 Fighting Que Sera, Sera singer on December 26 (6,3) BOXING DAY {BOXING} {DAY}
19 Having noble ancestry, Peru princess had avarice (9) PEDIGREED {PE}{DI}{GREED}
20 Talks about stem (5) STALK*
21 Way to cook eggs and run for your aircraft (8) SCRAMBLE [DD]
23 Apostle Saul went around outskirts of township (2,4) ST PAUL {S{To...iP}AUL}
27 Direction: military supplies to be placed around island (9) ORDINANCE {ORD{I}NANCE}
28 Cradles and complains (5) CRIBS [DD]
29 Self-centred person recycled stogie (6) EGOIST*
30 Autocrat who orders a stenographer to take notes (8) DICTATOR [DD]

1   Virudhunagar's top three government officers initially reveal celestial maiden (5) VIRGO {VIRu...r}{Go...t}{Of...s}
2   Female attendant to look after another female attendant (9) NURSEMAID {NURSE}{MAID}
3   Worried setter lost model brief (5) TERSE SEtTER*
4   Water colour seen after naval functionary goes away (4) AQUA AQUAmarine
6   Encounters frauds around fake establishment (9) CONFRONTS {CON{FRONT}S}
7   Plunder confused weaver who has lost a bit of wool (5) REAVE wEAVER*
 Incessant chatter, yet garbled, between two animals (6-3) YAKETY-YAK {YAK}{YET*}{YAK}
9   After last letter, Indian company team finally gets English zincite (4,5) ZINC OXIDE {Z}{IN}{CO}{XI}D{E} D from?
14 Sailor's roof, without a bit of cement, is falling in a controlled manner (9) ABSEILING {ABS}{cEILING}
15 Peon's peso is rolling! It can be seen near the rump of a roast bird (5,4) POPES NOSE*
16 Differences in functional inputs (9) ARGUMENTS [DD]
18 Playwright has small drink at first (9) DRAMATIST {DRAM}{AT}{1ST}
22 Do air waves result in use of communication device? (5) RADIO*
24 Implicit diplomacy is required around setter (5) TACIT {TAC{I}T}
25 Erol's hybrid is a non-winner (5) LOSER*
26 French cap discovered in Lake Piru (4) KEPI [T]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 72

The songs they hummed...(And thereby hangs a tale!!)

Some hum tunes as they like it. Some others according to their moods. But what about those in our tale? :-

LINDA:  Que sera sera. 
Margarita came like a gale. But soon thereafter Linda and Clement came to a TACIT understanding that they will not cross paths. The CONFRONTS and the ARGUMENTS ceased. Linda was often seen singing: Que sera sera. Yes. She took it upon herself that "Whatever will be, will be."

NURSEMAID: Barbie girl by AQUA.
Never in her duty will she fail.She had plenty of work to do. Clean the CRIB. Take care of the baby and feed her. Make her listen to rhymes on the RADIO. Often sang a few lines from Barbie girl.

UNCLE SAM: I'm a loser.

A disappointed male.After losing sight of the Earl and the Emir thought of himself as a Loser. Last seen singing: I'm a loser, I'm a loser And I'm not what I appear to be.

Always wanting to have a whale of a time. An EGOIST. Like a DICTATOR often asked Lily to dance to the song Piya tu. Would cry; Lilllllllly Oh my darling!

HARRY the Lilliput: Ae meri ...

Always healthy and hale. Often seen tossing his KEPI and singing: Ae meri Kepi palat ke aa. (wonder who taught him that song. Must be Kayal.

ONLOOKERS:  Let it go.
It ricocheted from nearby hill and vale. The song most sung, always sung was from the onlookers. Like an ORDINANCE:
Let it go.
Can't hold it any more(!!)
Let it go!!
What happened next?

A disgruntled reader was heard singing: Onnume puriyale ulagathile. ennamo nadakkudhu marmamai irukkudhu
( Nothing is understood in this world / Something is happening (and) it is a mystery...)

Tuesday 26 June 2018

No 12353, Tuesday 26 Jun 2018, Arden

Plenty of flower power today.

1   Herb arrived, taking a fancy car back (8) CAMOMILE {CAM{LIMO<=}E}
5   Bloomer occurs, unusually so (6) CROCUS*
10 Satellite placed, outer skin damaged (7) SPUTNIK {S{PUT}NIK*}
11 Egg her to take note — it's not this or that (7) NEITHER {N{E}IT}{HER}
12 Fish eating Yankee is misleading (5) LYING {L{Y}ING}
13 Mother receives free alerts from Whirlpool (9) MAELSTROM {M{ALERTS*}OM}
14 Smoke producer faces open outrage (12) FRANKINCENSE {FRANK}{INCENSE}
18 Most careless way to set up a plant (7,5) MALTESE CROSS*
21 King has an outside chance, not hard to get permit (9) CLEARANCE {Ch{LEAR}ANCE}
23 Flower power, essentially (5) ASTER mASTERy
24 Perplexes one to see workers having total recall (7) BEMUSES {BE{SUM<=}ES}
25 One goes through state by state (7) INDIANA {INDI{AN}A}
26 9 is almost close, finally (6) ENNEAD {NEAr} {in the END}
27 Men try to follow chosen follower (8) INFANTRY {IN}{FAN}{TRY}

1   Group of people surround large fortification (6) CASTLE {CAST{L}E}
2   Short form in forming a glacial cavity (6) MOULIN {MOULd}{IN}
3   People over time have regularly raised all kinds of animals (9) MENAGERIE {MEN}{AGE}{RaIsEd}
4   Doctor dislikes menend of uniformity in thought (4-10) LIKE-MINDEDNESS*
6   Shouts in Rajya sabha make one sick (5) RAILS {R{AIL}S}
7   Study team leader went around this place, that's clear (8) COHERENT {CO{HERE}N}{Team}
8   Attack blunted, ran out, got saved (8) SCRIMPED Anno pending (Addendum - {S{CRIMe}PED} - See comments)
9   After Bury, Rio signed deal — it's part of the architecture (8,6) INTERIOR DESIGN {INTER}{RIO+SIGNED}*
15 She warned about spreading canards about a school (9) CASSANDRA {C{A}{S}SANDRA*}
16 Warm? Warm outside cold inside (8) AMICABLE {AMI{C}ABLE}
17 Wood worker made a member of city council (8) ALDERMAN {ALDER}{MAN}
19 Said to be normal waterway (6) STRAIT (~straight)
20 Blue top, portrayed otherwise (6) DREARY [CA] {TOP+DREARY=PORTRAYED}
22 He has faith in a ruler's upbringing (5) RASTA {A}{TSAR}<=

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 71

A Hariyali, a masseuse who was adept in giving aromatherapy using FRANKINCENSE oil was among those who had accompanied Gombu taking the STRAIGHT RASTA to Shangri-la.

But let us get to the point. First things first.

Their LIKEMINDEDNESS and the fact that in yesteryears he had always been AMICABLE had made Gombu handover the envelope to Sunder Smith. Smith's explanation about the envelope being taken away had BEMUSED him. Was he LYING? Was he off the RAILS? Did he have any INTERIOR DESIGN? What he had been told by SS had NEITHER rhyme nor reason. On whose CLEARANCE had he acted? Such questions had made Gombu a CASSANDRA.

Like INDIANA Jones looking for the Ark Gombu had come looking for the truth about the envelope.

In this on-going game Gombu had realised that it was time to CASTLE.

What happened next? Allah Jaane Kya Hoga Aage!!


1. Allah Jaane Kya Hoga Aage is a song from the 1962 movie  Hariyali Aur Rasta.

Monday 25 June 2018

No 12352 Monday 25 Jun 2018, Arden

1   Poet will jump the queue, to grab cocktail (7) PUSHKIN {cocK} in {PUSH IN}
5   Fire permit no one returned (7) PASSION {PASS} and {NO}{1}<=
9   Remove cap — what's hidden is revealed (5) OVERT cOVERT
10 Chairs get damaged in the parliament house (9) REICHSTAG* Specially Indian ones!
11 Their brat could be included in it (9) BIRTHRATE* Semi&lit
12 Joey! Jesus, it's so big! (5) ROOMY {ROO}{MY}
13 Bell Tower’s listed here (4) PISA [CD]
15 Boy joining press corps, it's very secure (8) IRONCLAD {IRON}{C}{LAD}
18 Correct step, made for a mad rush (8) STAMPEDE*
19 Long long time outside America (4) LUST {L}{US}{T}
22 Know about central Ireland, perhaps (5) LEARN {iRELANd}*
24 Back on fire, it might explode (9) GELIGNITE {LEG<=}{IGNITE}
26 Writing record on edge and slate (9) REPRIMAND {REP}{RIM}{AND} (Correction - {R}{EP}{RIM}{AND} - See comments)
27 Finally it's the same number, rest is fish (5) BREAM Anno pending (Addendum - BREA(-k+m)M - See comments)
28 Agree to go through what is despatched (7) CONSENT {CON}{SENT}
29 Not poles apart, hope he goes on forever (7) NONSTOP {NO{NS}T}{hOPe}

1   Hard to stop author to be with one of the friends (6) PHOEBE {P{H}OE}{BE}
2   Herb permits an assembly (9) SPEARMINT*
3   Picture doesn't show small boat (5) KETCH sKETCH
4   A royal monarch featured in the local story (9) NARRATIVE {N{A}{R}{R}ATIVE}
5   Comes before fall — not summer (5) PRIDE [CD]
6   His parcel goes round (9) SPHERICAL*
7   Musical passage, muse stopped midway (5) INTRO INTROspect
8   City boy, not born among tribals (6) NAGOYA {NAG{bOY}A}
14 Stone blasted by a land mine (9) ALMANDINE*
16 Finish line, port has too much cargo (9) OVERLADEN {OVER}{L}{ADEN}
17 Missing money taken on the wagon (9) ABSTINENT {ABS{TIN}ENT}
20 Man of God, extremely careful with the boy (6) CLERIC {Ca...uL}{ERIC}
21 Come together when the side's winning (4,2) TEAM UP [DD]
23 Took coal from Pensacola, moved it to a place in Colorado (5) ASPEN PENSAcola*
24 Two soldiers make it big (5) GIANT {GI}{ANT}
25 Talk about a country (5) GABON {GAB}{ON}

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 71

" Our PASSIONS are in truth like the phoenix. The old one burns away, the new one rises out of its ashes at once." (Goethe)

With the TEAMING UP of Margarita and Shelley many more PASSIONS were kindled. What with the CONSENT of Clement the dances becoming furthermore OVERT.

Gaining entrance was quite a STAMPEDE. GIANT crowds. Even a CLERIC famed for being ABSTINENT  was occasionally seen earning the REPRIMAND of the locals.

There was NON STOP clapping as the two danced to the KETCHUP song "Aserege". The forward leaning of the enthusiastic put PISA to shame.

 Linda's new found LUST for money made her buy an IRONCLAD safe to put away her share of the spoils!

Those awaiting suspense in the NARRATIVE will be happy to LEARN that Gombu was on the way to Shangri-la in an OVERLADEN truck!!

What happened next?

1. The ketchup dance was quite famous in the 70s.
watch: [Just Dance 4] Asereje (The Ketchup Song) - Las Ketchup

What happened next?

Sunday 24 June 2018

Special, Sunday 24 Jun 2018, K Koteswar Rao

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Call for help in, say, month’s time (6)
4   Company runs on a brand of Havana cigar (6)
9   The real thing toe revealed is that one is completely unclothed (2,3,10)
10 A party at interval from West of the temple (6)
11 Unmentionable cock-and-bull story covering bad reign (8)
12 A liking for swan song (3,5)
14 Payback each dog (6)
15 Spin backline in the entrance (6)
18 Cockpit in turbulence? No, it is comfortable (4-2-2)
21 Another one eccentric character in movie (8)
22 Sealed bottle to cure a lump with drug (6)
24 Penetrating ruler takes puff hard (8,7)
25 Camp takes left and right for terrapin (6)
26 It is imperative that the revolutionary is sin-free (6)

1   Enigmatic in-charge relieved unceremoniously from the duty of coining (7)
2   Why woo, going topless, a deadly monster? (5)
3   Watchtower as tall as yak endlessly (7)
5   Material of government agency ends daily (7)
6   Arrive at the scene of action immediately (2,3,4)
7   Fish, drink we consume, if allowed (7)
8   A filthy place is a hindrance to probe (6)
13 Broken chair with 50% of alteration. It makes a medley of sounds (9)
16 Setter is not associated with sanitary engineer for tantric diagrams (7)
17 Ascetic returned bare with appeal for ultimate peace (7)
18 They may be civil misdeeds (6)
19 Late blight on that woman’s skin (7)
20 Number? Fifty in number, please! (7)
23 Person in the street, if not in the side view (5)

Across Lite version can be downloaded from the link at KKR 16


The Sunday Crossword No 3001, Sunday 24 Jun 2018

1   Objection with pressure losing initial support (8) BUTTRESS {BUT}{sTRESS}
5   Pair with one child in place of captivity (6) PRISON {PR}{1}{SON}
9   Satisfied about arrangement of nice easy job (8) SINECURE {S{NICE*}URE}
10 Parts of barrels, tons in stores (6) STAVES {S{T}AVES}
12 Put down narrative poem (3) LAY [DD]
13 Revolutionary book in harmony with a line that's cool (11) UNEMOTIONAL {UN{TOME<=}ION}{A}{L}
14 Shout by old man in stand, great for football club (7,6) CRYSTAL PALACE {CRY}{STAL{PA}L}{ACE}
17 Complete reconstruction of barn to do with farm (4-3-6) ROOT-AND-BRANCH {BARN+TO+DO}*{RANCH}
21 Contrast in excellence (11) DISTINCTION [DD]
22 Speak softly? Successful move in hearing (3) COO (~coup)
23 Beginning to rig inquiry partially (6) ORIGIN [T]
24 Vibrant instinct reflected in angry speech (8) RESONANT {R{NOSE<=}ANT}
25 Cheers ruler is receiving (6) TAKING {TA}{KING}
26 Alienate sergeant in disorder (8) ESTRANGE*

1   Church building I left, entering unadorned area (8) BASILICA {BAS{I}{L}IC}{A}
2   Plant becomes brown and crinkly, finally (5) TANSY {TANS}{c...lY}
Tanacetum vulgare 20041012 2570.jpg
CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
3   Describe requirement after close vote (7) RECOUNT [DD]
4   Call universe complicated, making observation (12) SURVEILLANCE*
6   Temperature wrong in most of actual wine (7) RETSINA {RE{T}{SIN}Al}
7   Number watched gripping episode (9) SEVENTEEN {S{EVENT}EEN}
8   Edges of notice, somewhat loose, curl up (6) NESTLE {No..cE}{So...aT}{LoosE}
11 Mock actor's words about struggle with singular lack of courage (12) COWARDLINESS {CO{WAR}D}{LINES}{S}
15 Standard criticism after cart overturned (9) YARDSTICK {DRAY<=}{STICK}
16 Device controlling engine's power in time, hot and dry in part (8) THROTTLE {T}{H}{RO{TT}LE}
18 Work, fashionable one concerning belief (7) OPINION {OP}{IN}{1}{ON}
19 Conducted tribunal without ending bitterness (7) RANCOUR {RAN}{COURt}
20 Run into trouble, then appeal? That's clever (6) ADROIT {AD{R}O}{IT}
22 Series about hospital patient with odd parts omitted (5) CHAIN {C}{H}{pAtIeNt}


Saturday 23 June 2018

No 12351, Saturday 23 Jun 2018, Arden


1. Thin girl has food outside, it fills out her hips (11) FARTHINGALE {FAR{THIN}{GAL{E}

7. Starts with shaddock and pineapple juice (3) SAP (Acrostic)
9. Declaimed what the soldiers quoted (5) CITED  {RE}+{CITED}=Recited=Declaimed
10. Cook is not going into canteen, it's damp (9) MOISTNESS {M{IS+NOT*}ESS}
11. Respect order, in case it's ordered (9) OBEISANCE {OBE}{IN CASE*}
12. One left in the dark (5) UNLIT {UN{L}IT}
13. Centaur's otherwise open (7) UNCRATE {CENTAUR*}
15. Hold back in Sparta (4) TRAP (T<=)
18. Starts harassing old woman longing to cry (4) HOWL (Acrostic)
20. Glass of beer — doctor's pick essentially (7) ALEMBIC {ALE}{MB}{pICk}
23. In the heart of the city, die, they say (5) HENNA {cHENNAi} Die they say=Dye
24. Thugs might support workers (9) MUSCLEMEN {MUSCLE}{MEN}
26. Normal to come in alone, once in a while (9) SPARINGLY {S{PAR}INGLY}
27. Child burdened with books, not OK with a Nobel laureate (5) BOSCH {BOokS}{CH}
28. Animal going back and forth (3) EWE (<=>)
29. "No way will you be told to wear bleeding Madras", he warned (11)  NOSTRADAMUS {NO}{ST}+{MADRAS*} around {~YOU(U)}


1. Set up creature comforts with sorcerer and retainer (8) FACTOTUM Anno not clear (Addendum - {CREATURE+COMFORTS}*-{SORCERER} = FACTOTUM [CA] - See comments)
2. Fire on shelter (8)  RETRENCH {RE}{TRENCH}
3. Hell, it's one colour from top to bottom! (5)  HADES {(-s)HADE(+S)}
4. Partly seen, I'm only putting up his name (7) NOMINEE (T<=) My anno is correct?
5. Complaint — one fifty rejected food (7) ALIMENT {A(IL<=)MENT}
6. Take time out for college, support followers (9) ENTOURAGE {EN(-c+T)OURAGE} Clue seems to asking for Time to be taken out for college instead of college being taken out for time
7. Poet drops a note – how a seashore may be (6) SHELLY {SHELLeY}
8. It was hard previously with old language (6) PASHTO {PAS{H}T}{O} Previously=In the past, It's instead of 'It was' would have worked
14. Love a party with food (9) ADORATION {ADO}{RATION}
16. Obama solved the problem of where to find rennet... (8) ABOMASUM {OBAMA*]{SUM}

17.'s cooler therefore under a plant (8) ACANTHUS {A}{CAN}[THUS}

19. Go miles travelling to French city (7) LIMOGES {GO+MILES*} Thanks to Google
20. He checks quality, like for example beer at regular intervals (7) ASSAYER {AS}{SAY}{bEeR}
21. Some people have hearts that are pure (6) CHASTE {C{H}ASTE}
22. Some while climbing get annihilated — it's natural (6) INNATE (T<=)
25. Starts late, one becomes essentially dog eared (5) LOBED (Acrostic)

Reference List
Soldiers=RE, Order=OBE, One=Unit, Left=L, Doctor=MB, Child=Ch, Way=St
On=Re, One=I, Fifty=L, Time=T, College=C, Note=E, Hard=H, Old=O, Cooler=Can, Like=As, For Example=Say, Hearts=H

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Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 70.

Linda and her ENTOURAGE (encouraged with SOPS) were busy  in getting prepared for the Anniversary celebrations which was just onE WEek away.  Linda said: "Remember that the decoration should have the ADORATION of one and all."The newly recruited dancer SHELLY LONG was seen rehearsing her CAN-CAN (The long and short of it being she may not get a chance to perform on the day.)

MUSCLEMEN were given the carte blanche to UNCRATE the boxes that had arrived. Francis the FACTORUM was busy attending to minor repairs and often repaired to the bar for his drams which came free as the expenses were factored in the budget! Linda did not RETRENCH any expenditure nor did she permit any retrenchment in the staff. The cooks wanted to know what food is to be prepared. "Elementary! It should be smooth in the ALIMENTARY canal!"

Linda had her hair dyed with HENNA to look great. While doing so she remembered and cried out: "Did you buy channa for the dhal?",  Dresses of sober SHADES were washed in the BOSCH WASHer. The FARTHINGALE however was new. Somebody had  used it SPARINGLY  and it came just for a few farthings and some ale.  In the din Linda was seen coughing and was given a bottle of ALEMBIC Glycodin.

A guy who spoke PASHTO promised to bring in his friend Keshto who was a comedian. Linda was firm in telling him that he should perform last. Her conscience constantly reminded her that paying OBESCIENCE to the dignitaries from the church was of paramount importance. The celebrations should begin with her being sighted in front of the mike CITING  from the Bible. The dancers should remain CHASTE without any haste or waste in their actions and gestures.

Among so many the Marshal who once came to their rescue was the NOMINEE to be the Chief Guest lest he should feel left out.
​What happened next?​

Friday 22 June 2018

No 12350, Friday 22 Jun 2018, Arden

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers till 2 PM thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM after which anyone is free to comment.

Thanks to everyone for the response. Here's the regular blog.

6   Department cut out for a minister (5) PADRE {PA{D}RE}
7   Maybe coincident, not in the west (8) OCCIDENT COinCIDENT*
10 They get hit, and get treatment (7) THERAPY {THE{RAP}Y}
11 One is at sixes and sevens here in Europe (7) ESTONIA*
12 It's cool as they say, for girl to be with her family (7) GHERKIN {G}{HER}{KIN}
13 Many in police department retired, it's ongoing (7) DYNAMIC {CI{MANY}D}<=
14 Spot check, a feature of smart phones (5,6) TOUCH SCREEN {TOUCH} {SCREEN}
19 Scientists are off checking dumps (7) BOFFINS {B{OFF}INS}
21 Genuine fish, could be poisonous (7) REALGAR {REAL}{GAR}
23 Taxing one rupee on open shelter (7) ONEROUS {ONE}{R}{hOUSe}
25 Argue with Turkish leader and you will be jailed for it (7) TREASON {Tu...h}{REASON}
26 Wretched old bird (8) FLAMINGO {FLAMING}{O}
27 Doctor assumes another name in the capital (5) DAKAR {D{AKA}R}

1   She lands in a pit, he follows (8) ADHERENT {A}{D{HER}ENT}
2   Unused boat in American city (6) NEWARK {NEW}{ARK}
3   Play on characters, so is 'primrose' (10) POLYANTHUS {PLAY+ON}*{THUS}
4   Top came off (4) ACME*
5   Immediately setter's come up with a fictitious name... (6) ANONYM {ANON}{MY<=}
6   ...and writer's name is in soup (6) POTAGE {PO{TAG}E}
8   It's pitched in a river, helps to remove bad blood (7) DETENTE {DE{TENT}E}
9   Missile caught in the way (5) LANCE {LAN{C}E}
13 Choose half of them and talk of colours (10) DECORATION {DECide}{ORATION}
15 Caftan essentially will constitute a dress (7) UNIFORM {tUNIc}{FORM}
16 City transport? Ask again (8) NAGASAKI*
17 Monk and a bishop reach half way down there (5) ABBOT {A}{B}{BOTtom}
18 Money exchanged, nosy parker pays out (6) KRONER {NOsy+paRKER}*
20 Said to be weekly payment made by admitted student (6) FEEBLY {FEE}{B{L}Y}
22 Programme for mature politicians (6) AGENDA {AGE}{NDA}
24 To pass an exam one has to be in right frame of mind (4) SANE [T]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 69

For Linda with the thought of TREASON always on the back of her mind, it was difficult to remain SANE.

The upcoming ANNIVERSARY of Shangri-la proved to be a welcome change for her.

She took up the ONEROUS task of arranging the DECORATION and drawing up an AGENDA. Her thought went: What bEST ON I April can I do?

She had the whole place cleaned up being fastidious in house-keeping (Like the ABBOT of Canterbury). As an ADHERENT to discipline she had white UNIFORMS stitched for the staff.

Far from being DYNAMIC, the dancers were asked to give a TRADITIONAL performance.

What happened next?