Wednesday 31 May 2017

No 12021, Wednesday 31 May 2017, Arden

1   Snow job getting more even by day's end (8) FLATTERY {FLATTER}{daY}
5   Language spooks assume ban will be revoked (6) ARABIC {CI{BAR}A}<=
10 Noble except once, perhaps? (7) BARONET {BAR}{ONE}{T} Anno not clear See comments
11 Puts off, time to hog all the attention (7) UPSTAGE {PUTS}*{AGE}
12 It's part of the hall, an airy annexe (5) LANAI [T]
13 Attack is bad (9) OFFENSIVE [DD]
14 An increase in admiration (12) APPRECIATION [DD]
18 Carrying around a snack, can say how old it is (6,6) CARBON DATING {CAR{BON DA}TING}
21 Unfulfilled desire to study, it's wrong place in the US (9) WISCONSIN {WISh}{CON}{SIN}
23 Often one doesn't like it as a pet (5) PEEVE [CD]
24 Guess it's OK to bring in wise men, no force to be used (7) IMAGINE {fI{MAGI}NE}
25 Religious claim is suspect (7) ISLAMIC*
26 Man, the horse amounts to almost nothing (6) GEEZER {GEE}{ZERo}
27 One on one, I’m mostly cordial (8) ?N?S?T?E  (Addendum - ANISETTE {AN}{1}{SETTEr} - See comments)

1   Story to emulate is essentially below the knee (6) FIBULA {FIB}{emULAte}
2   Order wife to leave — it’s complete (6) ARRANT wARRANT
3   May be sent in, for he is no amateur on court (6,3) TENNIS PRO {SENT+IN}* {PRO}
4   May be dogs and cats will pull you back a bit (10,4) RETROGRADE STEP {PETS}* [RA]
6   Leave your job? No good, you should stick with it (5) RESIN RESIgN
7   Harry is a Libra! Capital! (8) BRASILIA*
8   Brave, revolutionary urge to listen (8) CHEYENNE {CHE}{YENNE}(~yen)
9   Water has a property to rise causing disquiet (7,7) SURFACE TENSION {SURFACE} {TENSION}
15 Crusader against corruption radioed cops in the state capital (9) ANNAPOLIS {ANNA}{POLIS}(~police)
16 Writing's become extremely sporadicAuthor's looking worried (8) SCOWLING {-r+s(p...i)c}OWLING
17 Time to support Don for the event (8) DRESSAGE {DRESS}{AGE}
19 She takes boy up, he's a loner (6) HERMIT {HER}{TIM<=}
20 Prompt to follow others, mostly to save (6) RESCUE {RESt}{CUE}
22 Fruit started ripening — he wanted another helping (5) OLIVE OLIVEr


Tuesday 30 May 2017

No 12020, Tuesday 30 May 2017, Arden

6   Fancy price tag — get out of the resort (5) CAPRI {PRICe+tAg}*
7   Like to break wind, it relieves toothache (5,3) CLOVE OIL {C{LOVE}OIL}
10 Football champs drink bottles instead ... (7) CHELSEA {CH{ELSE}A}
11 last when there is so much food (7) NOODLES {wheN}{OODLES}
12 Work clothes on everyone (7) OVERALL {OVER}{ALL}
13 He draws a line (7) PAINTER [DD]
14 Fallen for a girl — fellow goes right in for a tool (5,6) ALLEN WRENCH {fALLEN} {W{R}ENCH}
19 Currency advice — accept fifty rupees later (7) GUILDER {GUI{L}DE}{R}
21 Country rejects gold, madness to support it (7) ROMANIA {OR<=}{MANIA}
23 Cost of a flower — it takes pounds (7) EXPENSE {PENS} in {EXE}
25 Battalion not to become a medieval force (7) TALIBAN BATtALIoN*
26 Came on drunkenly on the floor for a dance (8) FLAMENCO {FL}{CAME+ON}*

27 Collect contents, return instrument (5) CELLO [T<=]

1   Record time crossing border, lasts a short while (8) EPHEMERA {EP}{HEM}{ERA}
2   Doctor hesitates to ban the rest (6) SIESTA heSItATES*
3   Reliance on restoring QE II, perhaps (5,5) OCEAN LINER*
4   Horse participated in the race, got nothing (4) ROAN {R{O}AN}
5   Place to sleep under movie poster (6) BILLET {BILL}{ET}
6   Protect businesses which are running (6) COCOON {CO}{CO}{ON}
8   Increasing din, gets choice of wear (7) EROSION {NOIS{OR}E}<=
9   America online calls you in, takes a lot of interest (5) USURY {US}{U(~you)}{RY}
13 The closing remarks in every speech (10) PERORATION {PER}{ORATION} New word for me
15 Manual work, takes days for a perfume maker (7) LADANUM {D} in {MANUAL}*
16 Band playing in the auditorium is foul (8) HANDBALL {HA{BAND*}LL}
17 'White heron' — some detergent being promoted (5) EGRET [T<=]
18 Prison will refuse to allow one carrying luggage (6) BAGNIO {BAG}{N{1}O}
20 Spear the animal, the end varies (6) IMPALE IMPAL(-a+e)E
22 Rodent carries a pound of venom (6) MALICE {M{A}{L}ICE}
24 Flyer's capital, not British (4) ERNE bERNE


Monday 29 May 2017

No 12019, Monday 29 May 2017, Arden

1   You can curl up and die reportedly in such a place (6,7) BEAUTY PARLOUR [CD]
10 Open shot revolver recoils a bit (5) OVERT [T<=]
11 The osprey's off like magic (3,6) HEY PRESTO*
12 Aim between two points, as they are released (9) EMISSIONS {E}{MISSION}{S}
13 Distributed during trade, altered later (5) DEALT [T]
14 Cockney clue — reportedly felt sorry to break in (7) INTRUDE {~ 'int rued}
16 Partial towards grass cutting — awfully nice! (7) NEPOTIC {POT} in {NICE}*
18 Feel USA is becoming comfortable? (7) EASEFUL*
20 It will be thrown at an animal once more, shortly (7) ASSAGAI {ASS}{AGAIn}
22 The President has had a change of heart — he keeps moving around (5) TRAMP TR(-u+a)AMP
24 After three drinks, the French go for something non-alcoholic (6,3) GINGER ALE {GIN}GER A{LE} Anno pending
26 They're notarised correctly along the vertical axis (9) ORDINATES*
27 One line — the first clue is about the hip bone (5) ILIAC {1}{L}{A1}{Clue}
28 Too sick to study, desired to be free — short sighted? (3-10) ILL-CONSIDERED {ILL}-{CON}{DESIRED}*

2   Poet's one leg is twisted, somewhat (7) ELEGIST [T]
3   Good enough until sun sets and forces follow (2,2,5) UP TO SNUFF {UPTO} {SUN}*{FF}
4   Villager picks up fodder and essential food (5) YAHOO {HAY<=}{fOOd}
5   Transformation is by Asian country, once (9) ABYSSINIA*
6   Cover over the old city, it's gruesome (5) LURID {L{UR}ID}
7   Johnny-come-lately's new venture showing turn over (7) UPSTART {START<=>UP}
8   In milk tooth I see an old picture (4,4,2,3) SOME LIKE IT HOT*
9  Storyteller's show of nervousness — permit him the freedom to play with words (6,7) POETIC LICENCE {POE}{TIC} {LICENCE}
15 Measures to take — not a big burden to teach (9) ENLIGHTEN {EN}{LIGHTEN}
17 "Go in peace" says the flyer (9) PASSERINE (~ pass serene)
19 Scrutinize any political party in India, it will raise a stink (7) SCANDAL {SCAN}{DAL}
21 Tearing away is hard (7) GRANITE*
23 It doesn't allow you to keep a nice cool head — on the contrary it does (5) PANIC [T]
25 Say something bad while promoting a Japanese born in America (5) NISEI {IE}{SIN}<=


Sunday 28 May 2017

Special, Sunday 28 May 2017, Raju Umamaheswar

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Bovine gets a square to lose a T-square for this defence (6)​
2   Plain bee makes up for a ​ cattle class?​ (8)​
10 Fresh selling place for this town (9)​ ​
11 Binged after returning the store-----. (5)
12 Tight about 12pm -- what a twit! (5)​
13 Channel of communication beyond the senses for which they leapt. (9)
14 An aim for a​  quick​ darts player? (2,3,6)
16 Dark and blue! (3)​ ​
18 God backs down for a shut-eye (3)
20 It could be Albert's or Ted's or a ​j​awan's outfit. (11)​
22 A game point for  a protagonist. (9)
25 Shammi Kapoor was a lout to yell so? (5)
24 Was Sonu Nigam permitted to to  hear the Azaan so? (5)
25 Sick, say, unable to read the Bible , not first. (9)
26 Helium and Oxygen involved in the experiments? mere conjectures! (8)​  ​
27 Pet disorganized in animal's  place?  (6)

1   Coerce  Prisoners with chain (9)
2   Made sure to get clean wood (7)​
3   Minimum to get a point in the end. (5)​
​​5   E​equated monthly Instalments=E​MI payments are thus settled! (6,2,6)​
6   Cover when it gets not used  and spared (9)
7   An incentive for Brat getting set up without peace. (7)​
8   Dapper Nathaniel's nickname? (5)​ ​
9   You are in tricky situation when you you play this in winter (5,2,4,3)
15 I am bored and hesitate to improve the yarn. (9)
17 Circle around an unknown invention (9)
19 Demonstrate  embracing  good and stimulate (7)
21 Flash former with a greeting part. (7)
22 Look forward to a load, so to say (5)
23 Karma yogi can sh​o​w an incredible feat. (5)

Across Lite version can be accesses at RAJU 9


The Sunday Crossword No 2945, Sunday 28 May 2017

1   Change course, producing equestrian gear (4) TACK [DD]
3   Work out duty to admit hesitation (8) EXERCISE {EX{ER}CISE}
8   Kept quiet, not demonstrative (9) PRESERVED {P}{RESERVED}
9   Unite in reversing your strike (5) MARRY {YR}{RAM}<=
11 Song raises crew's help at sea (8,7) CARELESS WHISPER*

12 Support gullible person in hearing (7) SUCCOUR (~sucker)
14 Expected to cover stone with right cloth (6) DUSTER {DU{ST}E}{R}
16 Delay retreating, then cut and run (6) GALLOP {LAG<=}{LOP}
17 Note restricting most of military unit I sign (7) SCORPIO {S{CORPs}{I}O}
19 Remarkably bad error in daily tax (15) EXTRAORDINARILY*
22 Wealthy level (5) FLUSH [DD]
23 Strange rituals held by motoring organisation in country (9) AUSTRALIA {RITUALS}* in {AA}
24 Disloyalty in university mostly after letter about resistance (8) BETRAYAL {BET{R}A}{YALe}
25 Declaration of single spirit (4) SOUL (~sole)

1   Print and mould always in similar parts (8) TYPECAST {TYPE}{CAST}
2   Easy to understand pay (5) CLEAR [DD]
3   Spy arranged adverse procedure (9) EAVESDROP {ADVERSE}*{OP}
4   Provide conclusion with cry of pain (5) ENDOW {END}{OW}
5   Order answer and anger door attendant (14) COMMISIONAIRE {COMMISSION}{A}{IRE}
6   Hotel in predicament over a page showing pile of rubbish (9) SCRAPHEAP {SCRAP{H}E}{A}{P}
7   Torment parent, embracing naughty role very quickly (4,3,7) HELL FOR LEATHER {HELL} {F{OR LE}*ATHER}
10 Story long devoid of energy (4) YARN YeARN
13 Singer with stake in church employment (9) CHANTEUSE {CH}{ANTE}{USE}
14 Is suitor initially overwhelmed by awful rejection? (9) DISMISSAL {DISM{IS}{Su...r}AL}
15 Hairstyle that could have distracted any pilot? (8) PONYTAIL*
18 Worker perhaps with loud complaint (4) BEEF {BEE}{F}
20 Study variable set (5) READY {READ}{Y}
21 One with despondency missing last house (5) IGLOO {1}{GLOOm}


Saturday 27 May 2017

No 12018, Saturday 27 May 2017, Buzzer

Haleem is back in Hyderabad today, for those craving for fast food. Not sure if Ramzaan is the theme today though there are a couple of words that point to it


1 Celebration of nightlife as teenagers (5) FEAST (T)
4 Periodical in charge with doubly charming staff (5,4) MAGIC WAND {MAG}{IC} {W}{AND}
9 Puzzles be about cracking tricks? (7) REBUSES {R{BE<=}USES}
10 Scold a child gobbling a pastry (5,2) START ON {S{TART} ON}
11 Old and lacking romantic company (3,2,4) OUT OF DATE {OUT OF}{DATE}
12 German painter previously gained name (5) ERNST {ER{N}ST}
13 Legally no good, judge is corrupt and concerning (2,4) DE JURE {JUDgE*}{RE}
15 One lentil dish, healthy recipe for a festival day (2,2-4) ID AL-FITR {I}{D AL-}{FIT}{R}
18 Hit and run involving French woman and daughter (8) HAMMERED {HA{MME}RE}{D}
19 Half of play consumed by say scene showing ill-humour (6) SPLEEN {~S{PLay}EEN}
22 Spring round Iceland captivating, while ... (5) OASIS {O}{AS}{IS}
24 ... travelling itinerants lost energy on the way (2,7) IN TRANSIT {ITINeRANTS}*
26 Revolutionary movie E.T. arousing strong feelings (7) EMOTIVE {MOVIE+E.T}*
27 Rice noodle dish, home-made, a hit (3,4) PAD THAI {PAD} {A+HIT*}
28 Team's clean sweep is a blow (9) SIDESWIPE {SIDE}{SWIPE}
29 Sorry verdict acquitting criminal ultimately (5) RUING {RUlING}


1 Permanently give up work in retirement (3,4) FOR GOOD {FOR GO}{DO<=}
2 Part of morning circuit (5) AMBIT {AM}{BIT}
3 Military unit in demand, under time pressure (4,5) TASK FORCE {T}{ASK} {FORCE}
4 Highly recommended drinking California made port (6) MUSCAT {MUS{CA}T}
5 See guy losing heart to date, so moving (2,6) GO STEADY {G{(-u+(DATE+SO)*}Y}
6 Grate is hot inside a restaurant (5) CHAFE {C{H}AFE}
7 Kind of wavering at reaching top (9) ATTENTIVE {(+AT)TENT(-at)TIVE}
8 One presenting lecturer with upcoming schedule (7) DONATOR {DON}ROTA<=}
14 Fictional man's job comprising chiefly, espionage department (5,4) JAMES BOND {MANS+JOB*} around {Espionage}+{Department} &lit

16 European tour comparatively boring? Not at first (9) LAPLANDER {LAP}{bLANDER}
17 Mounting anger down to bribe possibly, it's a sickening disease (8) BERIBERI {BRIBE*}{IRE<=}
18 House deliveries, they suck (7) HOOVERS {HO}{OVERS}
20 Love kimono, thin gown to wrap around (7) NOTHING (T)
21 Key in standing firm for black pawn (6) STAPLE {STA(-b+P)LE}
23 Federer for one, mostly stylish and singular (5) SWISS {SWISh}{S}
25 Fast food is, yes horrid oftentimes (5) SEHRI {iS yEs HoRrId}

Reference list

In charge=IC, With=W, Name=N, Good=G, Concerning=Re, One=I, Recipe=R, French woman= Mme, Daughter=D, Round=O, Iceland=IS, While=As, Energy=E
Time=T, California=CA, Hot=H, House=Ho, Black=B, Pawn=P, Singular=S

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 26 May 2017

No 12017, Friday 26 May 2017, Neyartha

7   Personal appeal to assemble armchairs right away (8) CHARISMA ArMCHAIRS*
9   Bachelor packing glue at sea for a marine mammal (6) BELUGA {B}GLUE*}A}
10 Measure of strength of an animal by a prisoner of war with hesitation (10) HORSEPOWER {HORSE}{POW}{ER}
11 Letters from the astronaut (a hooligan) to the state (4) UTAH [T]
12 Shed's got the ring, reportedly (4) PEEL (~peal)
13 Review entertaining account by the Yankee with courage (8) AUDACITY {AUD{AC}IT}{Y}
16 Crowd in retreat embraces departure with a flower (7) BLOSSOM {LOSS} in {MOB<=}
18 Barrier for enclosing an area for an Olympic event (7) FENCING [DD]
20 Protrusion at the rear end of a marine mammal (8) HUMPBACK {HUMP}{BACK}
21 Graduate returning for the Romanian chess piece is out of control (4) AMOK {AM<=}O{K} Anno pending (Addendum - (-ro+[ma<=])AMOK - See comments)
23 Leading statesmen hop off, objecting to an exclamative order to disperse (4) SHOO Acrostic
24 These might involve getting into the water tummy-first (5-5) BELLY-FLOPS [E]
25 Horizontal door piece with one trading places with Edward for a protein-rich seed (6) LENTIL L(-i+e)ENTIL
26 An authority on the intricate mural in Yukon's capital (8) LUMINARY {MURAL+IN}}*{Yu..n}

1   Rhode Island banned some ceremonial carriages after model's departure in a state of confusion (5) CHAOS CHAriOtS
2   Vegetable from a capital with a river in the midst of geysers (8,7) BRUSSELS SPROUTS {BRUSSELS} {SP{R}OUTS}
3   The French rushed back around the White House to spot a marine mammal (7) NARWHAL {LA}{RAN}<= around {WH}
4   Rush with the bishop to get rid of the Asian in a mountain lift (1-3) T-BAR {T(-e+b)BAR}
5   Dilapidated condo? Could caulk make it Aristophanes's paradise? (5-6-4) CLOUD-CUCKOO-LAND*
6   A rose from the clumsy alien gent (9) EGLANTINE*
8   Student follows the primates from the south to get a part of a flower (5) SEPAL {APES<=}{L}
14 Animal obtained using the auditor's cash, informally (3) DOE (~dough)
15 Cooks rest and joke inside before killing animals for food (9) SLAUGHTER {LAUGH} in {REST}*
17 Eggs that aren't quite egg-shaped? (3) OVA OVAl
19 It could be picked for entertainment (7) UKULELE [CD]
21 Fancy embassy quarter disappears into a bottomless pit (5) ABYSM eMBAsSY*
22 Part of the harpoon's permanently in a member of the whale family (5) SPERM [T]
24 Check the roof-supporting beam (4) BALK [DD]


Thursday 25 May 2017

No 12016, Thursday 25 May 2017, Gridman

1   Game from lowly sphere (8) BASEBALL {BASE}{BALL}
5   Backward boy going round the medical department of the teeth (6) DENTAL {D{ENT}AL<=}
9   Weapon is extended before the front of ship (7) LONGBOW {LONG}{BOW}
10 Mentioned way to allow a bit of underground development (7) ROOTLET (~route}{ROOT}{LET}
11 Vessel to discharge right one — mishmash (9) POTPOURRI {POT}{POUR}{R}{1}
12 Symbol of authority provided to leading lawyer (5) GAVEL {GAVE}{La...r}
13 Vagabond leaves model accessway (4) RAMP tRAMP
14 In a little money from abroad, I have inducement (9) INCENTIVE {IN}{CENT}{I'VE}
17 Morbid hunt he lay in a bad condition (9) UNHEALTHY*
19 Erode apparel (4) WEAR [DD]
23 One follows part of Karnataka leaving out old dog (5) CORGI {COoRG}{1}
24 Feeble announcement of seven days' requirement (4-5) WEAK-KNEED (~ week need)
25 Intend to draw back the Communist in ramble (7) MEANDER {MEAN}{RED<=}
26 Smarter arrangement in part of a chair (7) ARMREST*
27 Fine distinction made by sister about a church (6) NUANCE {NU{A}N}{CE}
28 Cheat — what a beggar might say while obstructing saint (8) IMPOSTOR {I'M POOR} over {ST}

1   Approximate estimate of everyone in big power ship (8) BALLPARK {B}{ALL}{P}{ARK}
2   In sum, player's caught indeed in the inner room (7) SANCTUM {S{A{N}CT}UM}
3   Graduate gets timely blessing from primate (6) BABOON {BA}{BOON}
4   How one sinks more and more with a New World role gone awry (5,3,5) LOWER AND LOWER*
6   Extend lone, crumbling portal (8) ELONGATE {LONE}*{GATE}
7   City tale spun out by victors surrounding one (3,4) TEL AVIV {TEL A}*{V}{1}{V}
8   Not much kindled and let out (6) LITTLE {LIT}{LET}*
10 Show clock up — let people be aware of danger (5,3,5) RAISE THE ALARM [DD]
15 Stop one clubhead at intervals (8) PERIODIC {PERIOD}{1}{Club}
16 Dissolute director one expecting payments (8) CREDITOR*
18 Ravan in strange trance (7) NIRVANA*
20 First principle of one's most favourable environment (7) ELEMENT [DD]
21 Shrewdness shown by a hundred university workers (6) ACUMEN {A}{C}{U}{MEN}
22 With arms bent, novel character stands in Nigerian town (6) AKIMBO {A{KIM}BO}


Wednesday 24 May 2017

No 12015, Wednesday 24 May 2017, Gridman

1   All the dates clear and out! (8) CALENDAR*
6   Not all wizardry fetches wise men (4) MAGI MAGIc
9   Giving it a whirl is difficult (6) TRYING [DD]
10 Boisterous girl delayed taking the boy back (7) LADETTE {LA{TED<=}TE}
13 Turn very sad as it is caught in misfortune (9) ADVERSITY {IT} in {VERY+SAD}*
14 Fit to make extremely facile, witty comment (5) EQUIP {f...lE}{QUIP}
15 Partner doesn't begin mass meeting (4) ALLY rALLY
16 The head of a group who knows his score (10) BANDLEADER {BAND}{LEADER} &lit
19 Noble railway worker is a rural dweller (10) COUNTRYMAN {COUNT}{RY}{MAN}
21 Wait patiently with broken bathroom fixture (4) BIDE BIDEt
24 Second angel's instrument is raised in pitch (5) SHARP {S}{HARP}
25 A way with alien, I see, is to be uninterested (9) APATHETIC {A}{PATH}{ET}{IC}
26 Going on and on — without any purpose? (7) ENDLESS [E]
27 One hundred endlessly keen in super-cool period (3,3) ICE AGE {1}{C}{E AGEr}
28 Best parts of bikinis, for instance (4) TOPS [DD]
29 That woman — that woman — in empty pyramid is guide (8) SHEPHERD {SHE}{Pyr{HER}amiD}

2   Coming of a regional head's competitor (7) ARRIVAL {A}{Re...l}{RIVAL}
3   Political refugee central in semi-grey (6) EMIGRE [T]
4   Like single, no uppity VIP (9) DIGNITARY {DIG}{uNITARY}
5   Right, friend. Get better! (5) RALLY {R}{ALLY}
7   Startle a Tamil leader fallen in well (7) ASTOUND {A}{S{Ta..l}OUND}
8   In reality, one saint leaves fairy in a state of possessing no practical knowledge (12) INEXPERIENCE {IN}{EXist{PERI}ENCE}
11 One who is careful about eating is somewhat tired around second meal (6) DIETER {TIRED}* around {mEal}
12 What remains to cover in financial statement (7,5) BALANCE SHEET {BALANCE} {SHEET}
17 Bring things into play (9) DRAMATISE [CD]
18 Fundamental — it's a fastener! (6) STAPLE [DD]
20 Ever higher at university twice (2,3,2) UP AND UP {UP} {AND} {UP}
22 What appears at the back is an example of this (7) INTEGER Definition by example
23 Beat — beat by changing the heart of man to heart of sheep (6) THRESH THR(-a+e)ESH}
25 Goes by headless animals (5) ASSES pASSES

Tuesday 23 May 2017

No 12014, Tuesday 23 May 2017, Gridman

1   Details of Section One, curiously secular without a bit of eccentricity (11) PARTICULARS {PART}{1}{SeCULAR*}
9   Jealous Veni runs off with a bit of overture to America (7) ENVIOUS {VENI*}{Ov...e}{US}
10 Artwork by army officer and student taking a long time (7) COLLAGE {COL}{L}{AGE}
11 Small, principally clean, green turf (5) SCRAW {S}{Cl..n}{RAW}
12 A sense to hold a list that is similar (9) ANALOGOUS {A}{N{A}{LOG}OUS}
13 One who cuts hard utensil (5) HEWER {H}{EWER}
15 US magazine's female utters falsehoods: things move on all too quickly (4,5) TIME FLIES {TIME} {F}{LIES}
18 Toils with beer ingredient in factories (9) WORKSHOPS {WORKS}{HOPS}
21 Time Tamil leader acquires love for Muse of poetry (5) ERATO {ERA}{Ta..l}{O}
22 Brute's correct: change direction (4,5) BEAR RIGHT {BEAR} {RIGHT}
24 See fools dropping small receptacles (5) VASES {V}{ASsES}
26 On the outskirts of Pondy, a hint is dropped by fraternal order (7) PYTHIAN {PondY}{A+HINT}*
27 Shakespeare character, learning new, backs a wizard (7) LORENZO {LORE}{N}{OZ<=}
28 Same G-string whacked in an activity by group of criminals (11) GANGSTERISM*

1   Draw attention to who's turning up at screening for journalists (5,4) PRESS SHOW {PRESS} {WHOS}*
2   Dog that won't 'stay' in one place? (5) ROVER [DD]
3   Boy's ungrammatical declaration that he is employed in foundry (9) IRONWORKS {I RON WORKS}
4   Just beginning in high position is an arrogant person (7) UPSTART {UP}{START}
5   A small measure by mail dispensation gets high praise (7) ACCLAIM {A}{CC}{MAIL*}
6   Vassal vocalised some spirited attack (5) SALVO [T]
7   Army officer, nearly old, gets one account up for ornamental pottery (8) MAJOLICA {MAJ}{OLd}{1}{AC<=}
8   Professional charges brought up by offerers regularly (4) FEES {oFfErErS}
14 Wry and apart, form into a gang of raiders (3,5) WAR PARTY*
16 Do poets give these lines for nothing? (4,5) FREE VERSE [CD]
17 Blizzardsmall at present, most likely to acquire a bit of rage (9) SNOWSTORM {S}{NOW}{STO{Rage}M*}
19 Newspaper's operative set of principles (7) ORGANON {ORGAN}{ON}
20 Does not allow it to be taken to trial benches (7) SETTLES [CD]
22 Indian father from Colaba punished (4) BAPU [T]
23 Regretting presence of ultra in circle (5) RUING {R{U}ING}
25 Indian language not hard but soft for ancient people (5) SINDI (-h+s)SINDI

Monday 22 May 2017

No 12013, Monday 22 May 2017, Gridman

1   Flower best ward dissected (8) BEDSTRAW*
5   By half-a-minute present a small fish (6) MINNOW {MINute}{NOW}
9   Tattered like a leather watchstrap? (4-4) TIME WORN [TIME} {WORN}
10 King going through Venetian passage becomes lustful (6) CARNAL {CA{R}NAL}
12 Out to all but press forward work (4) OPUS {O}{PUSh}
13 Clumsy person's shoe (10) CLODHOPPER [DD]
15 Celebration fast dissipates – with odd wife entering (6) FIESTA {F{wIfE}STA*}
17 Man wearing old clothing in vehicle (5) TONGA {TO{N}GA} N for Man? See comments
20 One's related nice concoction to go with drug (5) NIECE {NICE+E}*
21 Wild man could summon PAC (6) MADCAP {PAC}* [RA]
24 The sort of documentation with which Father's curiously paltrier (5,5) PAPER TRAIL {PA}{PALTRIER}*
27 Chacha longingly exhibited symbol of goodness (4) HALO [T]
29 Nigh to new leader in good time (6) NEARLY {New}{EARLY}
30 Stay with more crazy puzzle (8) BEWILDER {BE}{WILDER}
31 Make a logical conclusion: 'cut' is what's needed (6) DEDUCE Anno pending [DD] (Addendum -  DEDUCT [DD] - See comments)
32 There's no doubt: it's a signal that the danger's over (3,5) ALL CLEAR [DD]

1   Continue hitting with head for a fastener? (6) BUTTON {BUTT}{ON}
2   City in West Bengal is nearly slow twice (3,3) DUM DUM DUMb DUMb
3   Pulls bookworm up (4) TOWS<=
4   A range of hearing (5) AURAL [CD] (Correction - {A}{URAL} - See comments)
6   One minute past insect's final stage (5) IMAGO {1}{M}{AGO}
7   They are set up to go down in game (8) NINEPINS [CD]
8   Being erudite, scanned perfectly (4-4) WELL-READ [DD]
11 One has to show it to prove who one is (1,1,4) I D CARD [E]
14 Exercise over the Italian's stack (4) PILE {P{IL}E}
16 Son's card game is gloomy (6) SOMBRE {S}{OMBRE}
17 Snare section put up (4) TRAP<=
18 Such a gift is still wrapped up (8) UNOPENED [CD]
19 Secretly planned material put under river (4-4) DEEP-LAID {DEE}{PLAID}
22 Women confuse duck movement (6) WADDLE {W}{ADDLE}
23 Heads of Hard Recruiters hiring men back to back results in dismay (6) HORROR {Hard}{OR}{RO<=}{Re...s}
25 Historical object about to be discarded by mad cleric (5) RELIC cLERIC*
26 Plan by learner is perfect (5) IDEAL {IDEA}{L}
28 Record of Lambadi school (4) DISC [T]


Sunday 21 May 2017

Special, Sunday 21 May 2017, Springer

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   The Wall run out by Gower, say (5)
4   Kiss and smell the hypocrite (9)
9   Own up by cheat for storing iron on ship (7)
10 Dirty punk met slyly (7)
11 Cherished object has glow right in (9)
12 Fires off fine line (5)
13 Struggle fixing rivets (6)
15 Benevolence, bequeathing late? (8)
18 Miss Rita blows nose first (8)
19 Perhaps artful but elusive one (6)
22 Lick again! the woman's back has appeal (5)
24 Bill, pause; make it likely (9)
26 Love to restrain view (7)
27 Pig's foot cooked for horse (7)
28 Noise vent out; the game is going to be played (5,2,2)
29 Hence agrees to take beans (5)

1   Heck! One hundred thousand stashed in caves (7)
2   Seven U.S.A. flights discovered the evening star (5)
3   Drowning reprieved from far downstream (4,5)
4   Pretending to sit? (6)
5   Could rain, seethe and wash one away from pot boiler (8)
6   Twist villain under turbulent skies (5)
7   Mini germs swimming under water (9)
8   Important to plump for alternative fuel (7)
14 Managed church rent by stable boy, say (5,4)
16 Delicate returns of candy pellets (9)
17 Despatches include advice and wages (8)
18 Miser's puppet has got credit for bar (7)
20 Again wins back points all round (2-5)
21 Cheat's skill is a case (6)
23 Oliver's dance (5)
25 Loco TT located in Mumbai, say (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at SPRINGER 5


The Sunday Crossword No 2944, Sunday 21 May 2017

1   Strip back mature herb (6) BORAGE {ROB<=}{AGE}
4   Bird after time swallowed by snake in country (8) BOTSWANA {BO{T}{SWAN}A}
10 Studies including verse, part of Bible I love, and prayers (9) DEVOTIONS {DE{V}{OT}{I}{O}NS}
11 Perceptive account, subtle except for odd parts (5) ACUTE {AC}{sUbTlE}
12 Narrator of novel could handle life differently (6,9) HOLDEN CAULFIELD*
13 Leading renegades in retreat (4) STAR <=
14 Common foil containing aluminium (9) PREVALENT {PREV{AL}ENT}
17 Visionary man with muscular movement after support (9) PROPHETIC {PROP}{HE}{TIC}
20 Delayed dish, quietly taken away (4) LATE pLATE
22 Man stared, never prepared to give exact reference (7,3,5) CHAPTER AND VERSE {CHAP}{STARED+NEVER}*
24 Give up disregarding small rule (5) REIGN REsIGN
25 Random expression of disgust brought about by risk (9) HAPHAZARD {PAH<=}{HAZARD}
26 Lack of confidence in film with evidence of corrosion (8) MISTRUST {MIST}{RUST}
27 Appearance made by last pair of children in turn (6) VENEER {V{c...rEN}ER}

1   Religion's founder had to change, following upward call (6) BUDDHA {DUB<=}{HAD}*
2   Rebels getting right sign about development (15) REVOLUTIONARIES {R}{EVOLUTION}{ARIES}
3   Hide rage, tooth being broken (2,2,5) GO TO EARTH*
5   Unknown book possessed by sailor? Correct (7) OBSCURE {O{B}S}{CURE}
6   Stick with workforce (5) STAFF [DD]
7   Mad scene, amateur getting excited in area with gaming machines (9,6) AMUSEMENT ARCADE*
8   A requirement, almost, to keep chapter with point in story (8) ANECDOTE {A}{NE{C}{DOT}Ed}
9   Part of boot that's excellent, up among best (6) TOECAP {TO{ACE<=}P}
15 Completely consumed, filled with endless bad temper (9) ALLEVIATE {ALL}{EVIl}{ATE}
16 Power held by faction with unusual range (8) SPECTRUM {S{P}ECT}{RUM}
18 Lights necessary to assist orchestra (7) TORCHES [T]
19 Container inadequate without right cover (6) CANOPY {CAN}{rOPY}
21 Sensitive bid (6) TENDER [DD]
23 Catch up with tips from older singer (5) TENOR {NET<=}{OldeR}


Saturday 20 May 2017

No 12012, Saturday 20 May 2017, KrisKross


1 Dim Ron maybe a stupid person (6) NIMROD {DIM+RON}*
4 Scold a pretty girl holding man's leg (8) ADMONISH {A}{D{M}{ON}ISH}
10 Gambler’s away to become more wealthy (6,3) BETTER OFF {BETTER}{OFF}
11 Lion, say, returning again to feed (5) CATER {CAT}{RE<=}
12 It is protected by King perhaps, rebellious and strong (7) DRASTIC {C{IT}{'S}ARD}<=
13 Raced back with speed to tell a story (7) NARRATE {RAN<=}{RATE}
14 It could make one go in disguise finally, with false name (5) ENEMA {disguisE}{NAME*}
15 Wit conceals American President’s initial tension (8) SUSPENSE {S{US}{President}ENSE}
18 Secret auditor helps to maintain balance (5,3) INNER EAR {INNER}{EAR}
20 Spoke about wearing an ornament (5) ADORN {A{ROD<=}N}
23 Metaphors to describe University bands (7) TROUPES {TRO{U}PES}
25 Cyclone, in ultimately hot season, moves north to south (7) TWISTER {hoT}{WI(-n+S)TER}
26 Rule broken by Oriental mathematician (5) EULER {E}{RULE*}
27 One very wild animal kept at quarantine (9) ISOLATION {I}{SO}{L{AT}ION}
28 Sounds like girl’s kidnapped in error (8) MISTAKEN {~ MISS TAKEN}
29 Not worried about cutting corners (6) SERENE {{SE}{RE}{NE}}


1 Unimportant people in an empty battlefield (8) NOBODIES {NO}{BODIES}
2 Tame hen perhaps found in marshes (7) METHANE {TAME+HEN}*
3 Open wonderful store, finally to buy and sell excessively (9) OVERTRADE {OVERT}{RAD}{storE}
5 Fears detention possibly, or an expulsion of sorts? (14) DEFENESTRATION {FEARS+DETENTION}*
6 Coveted award in heros career (5) OSCAR (T)
7 Crying damaged retinas (2,5) IN TEARS {RETINAS*}
8 Reportedly saves many people (6) HORDES {~HOARDS}
9 A part of "Murder in Retrospect" novel is set hereright inside an English county (14) WORCESTERSHIRE  {CROW<=}{IS+SET+HERE}* around {R} My COD
16 Time to command heartlessly: “Kill!” (9)  ERADICATE {ERA}{DICtATE}
17 Charm ten different people to consume a bit of narcotic (8) ENTRANCE {TEN*}{RA{Narcotic}CE}
19 Stupid people finally learn a lot (7) NOODLES {learN}{OODLES}
21 Tedious working in the open air (7) OUTSIDE {TEDIOUS*}
22 River starting to swell — run inside! (6) STREAM {Swell}{T{R}EAM}  Thanks Col. for the anno
24 Place a jacket (5) PARKA {PARK}{A}

Reference list

Man=M, Leg=On, Again=Re, Is='S, American=US, University=U, North=N, South=S, Oriental=E, One=I, Very=So, About=Re, Corner=SE, Corner=NE
Right=R, Run=R 

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 19 May 2017

No 12011, Friday 19 May 2017, Spinner

1   Knight overcomes revolutionary from the east with cavalrymen (6) RIDERS {S{RED}IR}<=
4   Hesitant defender tackled, but "Foul!" (8) DOUBTFUL {D}{BUT+FOUL}* D for defender?
10 Prominent leader of Bengaluru is back amidst unpleasant atmosphere (7) VISIBLE {Ba...e}{IS}<= in {VILE}
11 Not in favour of a good man's growth (7) AGAINST {A}{GAIN}{ST}
12 Tackle programme having bug (8) APPROACH {APP}{ROACH}
13 Schooling basically destroys talents (6) SKILLS {Sc...g}{KILLS}
15 First lady's right always! (4) EVER {EVE}{R}
16 Saving oneself from heat by removing article that's defamatory (9) INSULTING INSULaTING
20 France supports cutting Union into smaller parts (9) FRAGMENTS {FR}{AuGMENTS}
21 One rupee per square foot, say? (4) AREA {A}{RE}{A} Second A from? See comments
24 Take up and edit copy, going over every other clue (6) OCCUPY {COPY}* over {ClUe}
26 Graduate designed motor to retain heat in sauna (8) BATHROOM {BA}{T{H}ROOM*}
28 Stomachs consequences finally, at the end of relationship interrupted by crazy mum (7) TUMMIES {T{MUM*}IE}{c...eS}
29 Pant right after route running, taking a little sip (7) TROUSER {TROU{Sip}E*}{R}
30 Losing passport, eventually turning into local of a country, with no freedom! (8) COLONIAL {INtO+LOCAL}*
31 Put off by yeast sprayed on top of dough (6) STAYED {YEAST}*{Do..h}

1   Showed meat on the inside of butchered deer (8) REVEALED {RE{VEAL}ED*}
2   Retreat into paradise designed to overcome pressure (9) DISAPPEAR {PARADISE}* over {P}
3   Robin striving to protect Batman's top military honour (6) RIBBON {Ba...n} in {ROBIN}*
5   Orators robustly articulate, leveraging extremes of the mouth (4) ORAL Acrostic
6   Depend on cryptic set to get money covers (8) BLANKETS {B{L}ANK}{SET*}
7   With rain ultimately intervening, fail to play decider (5) FINAL {raiN} in {FAIL}*
8   Just in: Returning gangster put on trial (6) LATEST {AL<=}{TEST}
9   Sunk as last month's stocks finally ran out (9) DESCENDED {DE{s...kS}C}{ENDED}
14 Takes away plots after returning vehicle (9) SUBTRACTS {BUS<=}{TRACTS}
17 Rely on us to run about very restlessly (9) NERVOUSLY {RELY+ON+US}* over {V}
18 Pity agent endlessly going around African (8) EGYPTIAN {PITY+AGENt}*
19 Pounded meat that's uncooked, adding some mustard extract (8) HAMMERED {HAM}{Mu...d}{Ex..t}{RED} Not sure of Anno for RED See comments
22 Graceful engineer caught in controversial topic (6) POETIC {PO{E}TIC*}
23 Voice of wife forgotten in fling with a model (6) THROAT {THROw}{A}{T}
25 Animal is calm, walking around deserts, essentially (5) CAMEL {CALM}* over {desErts}
27 Like Spinner, one from the East (4) ASIA {AS}{I}{A} Clue leads to Asian as the answer