Sunday, 23 November 2014

No 2818, Sunday 23 Nov 2014

1   Remnant, keepsake close to heart (6) RELICT {RELIC}{T}
4   Cola - a cup drunk in Mexican resort (8) ACAPULCO*
9   End of play is completely perplexing (6) STUMPS [DD]
10 Copper - check it in chemical vessel (8) CUCURBIT {CU}{CURB}{IT}
11 Pet using force digging out new plant (3,6) DOG VIOLET {DOG} {VIOLEnT}
13 In favour of retaining the old entrance hallway (5) FOYER {FO{YE}R}
14 Makes a faux pas plugging bishop, American, with old handgun (11) BLUNDERBUSS {BLUNDER{B}{US}S}
17 Nobbled proceeds - men indemnified (11) RECOMPENSED*
20 Boy round cliff (5) OSCAR {O}{SCAR}
22 Slash girls with swords (9) CUTLASSSES {CUT}{LASSES}
24 Generate changes in youth (8) TEENAGER*
25 Sign, say, knocked over by car (6) GEMINI {GE<=}{MINI}
26 Article on sailor, vice, and drink (8) ABSINTHE {AB}{SIN}{THE}
27 Notice slit in garment is good for appearance (6) ADVENT {AD}{VENT}

1   Live on edge (6) RESIDE {RE}{SIDE}
2   Boulanger playing in part of hotel, perhaps (6,3) LOUNGE BAR*
3   Cold month, mostly, in Bay of Naples island (5) CAPRI {C}{APRIl}
5   Forge iron bar originally on it (11) COUNTERFEIT {COUNTER}{FE}{IT}
6   Sportswear, and more feminine, belonging to us (4,5) PLUS FOURS {PLUS} {F}{OURS}
7   Solicit in entrance (5) LOBBY [DD]
8   Shed tears after blooming protest (6) OUTCRY {OUT}{CRY}
12 Ably matched, surprisingly, in a Shakespearean role (4,7) LADY MACBETH*
15 Slaughtering centaur popular? Not sure (9) UNCERTAIN {CENTAUR}*{IN}
16 Criticism of face-lift? (9) SIDESWIPE {SIDE}{SWIPE}
18 Left one by a rich heiress (6) PORTIA {PORT}{1}{A}
19 A Society is in street to help (6) ASSIST {A}{S}{S{IS}T}
21 Some coaches spoil game (5) CHESS [T]
23 Correct soldiers in short commercial (5) AMEND {A{MEN}D}


  1. Replies
    1. Is the CWE proposed to be continued on Monday mornings or is it goodbye to it?

  2. Drew blank in NW corner. Only 75% today. :(

  3. 5D-
    Is 'Originally' meant to move 'counter' (bar) to the front?
    Awaiting the 'Bruno' special today.
    Happy I got Blunderbuss, but cannot say the same about Cucurbit & Dog Violet.

  4. Congrats to the IXL toppers and all the best for the Grand Finale

  5. Congratulations to the Top 10 in IXL & 'Better luck next time' to those who missed out, some of them narrowly.
    At first glance, I could count at least five of them are regulars in our blog. Next time, our aim should be to get all 10.

    1. Paddy there are 7 in the top 10 and 12 in the top 20 who are regulars here

    2. Happier still. That is why I said 'at first glance'.

  6. All correct and 58 for me in the last round, which means at least 43 have got it all correct.

  7. Of the top 10 in IXL, I have met six personally in Chennai or Bangalore or both, I know the seventh from photo.
    I have met four or five from the next 10 as well.

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    2. Thank you, doctor.
      I have also noted your email ID, should I want to contact you for any clarification.

  8. Any betting on who will be the next IXL champion?
    If there is, what could be the different bets?

    It will be a woman!

  9. Paddy: Round 10: I came back after attending a family function, submitted all correct around 2.30 p.m and got 56.

    1. I also submitted late since I could not get a couple of words and I wanted to complete this time.Maybe around 1 pm. Looks like all the crowding is in the first hour or so.

  10. It is 1111am and I'm yet to see the play function moving forward !!