Wednesday 30 November 2022

No 13724, Wednesday 30 Nov 2022, Hypatia

Solution to 8D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

9   Almost succeed in relaxing old BCCI regulations (excluding one) (5,3,2,5) CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR {O+BCCI+REGULATiONS}*
10 Grates for pickles (7) SCRAPES [DD]
11 Attempt to adopt elderly Devdas, for one (7) TRAGEDY {TR{AGED}Y}
12 Erstwhile British PM's sick after assembly (9) CHURCHILL {ILL}<=>{CHURCH}
14 Recall I've read about organ (5) LIVER [T]
17 Legendary being secure like setters (7) PEGASUS {PEG}{AS}{US}
19 Spooner disqualified filthy place for champion (5,2) STAND BY (~ banned sty to stand by)
21 Back America and free country (5) SUDAN {US<=}{AND*}
23 Criminal in bar had drunk with liberal author (5,4) ROALD DAHL {RO{AL}D}{HAD*}{L}
25 Make enchilada without essentially flat spiny creature (7) ECHIDNA ENCHIlaDA*
27 Batter, reportedly first person behind model's husband! (7) EYELASH {(~i)EYE}{LAS(-t+h)H}
30 Less sensitive to go through cold and conservative lady's accountants, say (6,9) NUMBER CRUNCHERS {NUMBER}{C}{RUN}{C}{HERS}

1   Winners run out of contests (4) ACES rACES
2   Gent keeping spectacles to fix (4) MOOR {M{OO}R}
3   Nags man softly blocking kisses (8) HENPECKS {HE}{N{P}ECKS}
4   Fresh milk used before finishing breakfast dish (6) MUESLI {MILk+USEd}*
5   Plants where spirits may reside? (8) INSTILLS {IN STILLS}
6   Son climbing above edges slowly to scribble (6) SCRAWL (+s)SCRAWL(-s)
7   Monster starts to open ghastly red eyes (4) OGRE Acrostic
8   Row in fine stream (4) ?R?Y (Addendum - FRAY  {F}{RAY} - See comments)
12 Heads of many monkeys (5) CAPES {C}{APES}
13 Pushed drug travelling around East (5) URGED {URG{E}D*}
15 Somewhat weak doves raising spirit (5) VODKA [T<=]
16 Currency including yen in den from South (5) RIYAL {RI{Y}AL<=}
18 Starting to shoot, crazy chap ran to village chieftain (8) SARPANCH {Sh..t}{CHAP+RAN}*
20 Public hearing (8) AUDIENCE [DD]
22 Agreed to take up study drinking rum (6) NODDED {N{ODD}ED<=}
24 Regularly deflect return serve at line (6) AVENUE {rEtUrN+sErVe+At}<=
25 Running between players for ages (4) EONS {E}{ON}{S}
26 Song that guy heard (4) HYMN (~him)
28 Fired fellow deleted sent message (4) AXED fAXED
29 Mass entertainer (4) HOST [DD]

Reference List
Old = O, Criminal = AL(Capone), Liberal = L, Model = T, Husband = H, Cold = C, Conservative = C, Run = R, Spectacles = OO, Softly = P, Son = S, Many = C, East = E, Yen = Y, Players = E,s(East and South in card game Bridge), Fellow = F 

Tuesday 29 November 2022

No 13723, Tuesday 29 Nov 2022, Karaoke

Solution to 7D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Audience get endlessly motivated here (5,7) MOVIE THEATRE {MOTIVATEd+HERE}* Semi&lit What's the Anind?
9   Hotel worker secretly rears bird (5) OWLET [T]
10 Go-getter wears essentially priceless synthetic fabric (9) GEORGETTE {GOGETTER+p..cEl..s}*
11 Some mediocre American milk substitute (7) CREAMER [T]
12 Non-stop entertainment, hide bishop in closet (7) CABINET {CAbar{B}{IN}ET}
13 A-One bird flying, carefree (8) DEBONAIR*
14 Snake in the banks of Ganges catches your breath (5) GASPS {Gan{ASP}geS}
18 Almost deep cut (5) SEVER SEVERe
20 Firm rejected dialogue to include some bonus in pay out (8) DISBURSE {DISco{Bo..s}URSE}
24 Cataract patient gets computer aided diagnosis primarily (7) CASCADE {CAS{Co...r}{Ai..d}{Di...s}E}
26 Left-leaning state scores on information, software and technology initially (7) MARXIST {(~marks)MARX}{In...n}{So...e}{Te...y}
27 She works at home with fake surname and papers (9) NURSEMAID {SURNAME*}{ID}
28 Cut corners and avoid getting married (5) SKIMP {SKI{M}P}
29 Setter indulged in manipulating mandate to win repeatedly (4,3,5) TIME AND AGAIN {I} in {MANDATE}* and {GAIN}

1   Easily influenced by master, learner drawn in by beer can (9) MALLEABLE {M{AL{L}E}{ABLE}
2   Organic compound from critical colliery with depleted ends (7) VITAMIN {VITAl}{MINe}
3   Using log finally figure out time for aubergine product (8) EGGFRUIT {loG+FIGURE}*{T} How is this related to 'Aubergine'? See comments
Jerk up and down consuming pot heartily with strong liquor (6) HOOTCH {HO{pOt}TCH}
5   All get bras shortened! - It helps to solve problems (7) ALGEBRA {ALl+GEt+BRAs}
6   Public official mostly returns to shop (3,2) RAT ON NOTARy<=
7   Do I hear nut to yield? (7) ?O?C?D?  (Addendum - CONCEDE {CON}{(~seed)CEDE} - See comments)
8   Amateur leaves shed slowly (5) LENTO LEaN-TO
15 Hell with ambiguous prediction sparing clubs (9) PERDITION {PREDIcTION}*
16 A middle course by means of communication (3,5) VIA MEDIA {VIA}{MEDIA}
17 Maybe 26 cut needless official procedure (3,4) RED TAPE {RED}{TAPE} Anno for TAPE not clear See comments
19 The French display case at Greece poorly without basic courtesy (7) ETAGERE {AT+GREEcE}*
21 Coffeemaker's staff get limited chance to take advance (7) BARISTA {BA{RISk}T}{A}
22 I testify loudly for killing (5) ICING {I}{(~sing)CING}
23 Intern in particular cleared licentiate at final examination (6) DETAIN {DETAIl}{e...oN}
25 Khan in rotten serial, never-ending (5) SERAI SERIAl*

Reference List
Bishop = B, Firm = CO, Papers = ID, Married = M, Master = M, Learner = L, Time = T, Amateur = A, Clubs = C, Advance = A, Licentiate = L

Monday 28 November 2022

No 13722, Monday 28 Nov 2022, Avtaar

Solution to 21D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Some years ago, Iberians turned over fuel from waste (6) BIOGAS [T<=]
5   Lack of current in European river - water contaminated with trace of red copper (5,3) POWER CUT  {PO}{WE{Red}{CU}T}
9   Ordering of song with cello, striking front end of stick (3,5) COL LEGNO {sONG+CELLO}* &lit
10 Crooks having the French replaced by the Spanish messengers (6) ANGELS ANG(-le+el)ELS
11 This easy life can turn romantic, perhaps? (8,4) PRIMROSE PATH {PRIMROSE PATH + CAN = ROMANTIC PERHAPS} [CA]
13 Learner entertained by John's online publication (4) BLOG {B{L}OG}
14 Dealer in elastic and rubber, principally all over India (8) SUPPLIER {SUPPL{I}E}{Ru...r}
17 Possibly, New Delhi's not originally near the boundaries of Khilji's capital? (8) HELSINKI {N+dELHIS}*{Kh..jI}
18 Haphazardly swerve, leaving corner (4) VEER swERVE* Semi&lit
20 Awe-inspiring Pranayama, maybe? (12) BREATHTAKING [DD]
23 Moon rocks our planet at regular intervals (6) EUROPA {OUR+PlAnEt}*
24 Tomb carries assassin - heartless and cruel (8) INHUMANE {INHUM{As...iN}E}
25 Picked up freezing bird moving out with young 'uns (8) CHILDREN {(~chilled) CHILD}{wREN}
26 South American female, say, in a place south of London (6) SUSSEX {S}{US}{SEX}

2   Hero in pink gown stripped every now and then (4) IKON pInK+gOwN
3   US lawyer barred from temple amidst carnivals in Ecuadorean territory (9) GALAPAGOS {GALA{PAGOda}S}
4   Iguanas killed a curious monkey (6) SAGUIN IGUaNAS* 
5   Delaying tactics of expert in probing anti-Castro revolutionary (15) PROCRASTINATION {PRO}{ANTI+CASTRO}* over {IN}
6   Where one may find folks exchanging messages in straw hats, apparently (8) WHATSAPP [T]
7   Build National Park around Indian state (3,2) RIG UP {GIR<=}{UP 
8   Wanting basic education free, learner enters for primer in French (10) UNLETTERED UN(-f+l)LETTERED
12 Nomadic group, abducted by miscreants, about to spend the night in the open (5,5) SLEEP ROUGH {GROUP}* in {HEELS<=}
15 After losing rhythm in the beginning, Laver goes berserk, winning match #1, 6-0,6-0 (4,5) LOVE GAMES {LAVEr+GOES}* over {Ma..h}
16 Threatening articles on Avtaar carried by popular newspaper at the end (2,3,3) IN THE AIR  {THE}{A}{I} in {IN}{n...eR}
19 Spectacles model wearing pants (6) SIGHTS {SIGH{T}S}
21 Dozen characters from a large islet (5) A?O?L (Addendum - ATOLL {A to L}{L} - See comments) 
22 Former Unionist escaping from leopard (4) ONCE OuNCE

Reference List
The in French = LE, The in Spanish = EL, Learner = L, John = BOG, India = I, New = N, With = W, South = S, US Lawyer = DA(District Attorney), Popular = IN, Model = T, Large = L, Unionist = U

Sunday 27 November 2022

Special, Sunday 27 Nov 2022, Driver

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3230, Sunday 27 Nov 2022

1   Importunes sadly for a new beginning (10) RESUMPTION*
6   Starters of appetising soups in Fontainebleau? I think not (2,2) AS IF Acrostic
9   In retreat, massage, good lingerie and fine wines (10) BURGUNDIES {RUB<=}{G}{UNDIES}
10 Everyman's after snack every so often, and wine (4) SAKI {I}<=>{SnAcK}
12 Shivering, cold, threw up: it happens every four years (3,5,3)  THE WORLD CUP*
15 Title is stirring for him? (7) ELITIST* &lit
16 About time, forces retreating: that's more intelligent (7) SMARTER {RE}{T}{RAMS}<=
17 Enlightenment in, we're told, (7) INSIGHT (~in site)
19 Clues go pear-shaped, sugar (7) GLUCOSE*
20 Experimental facility with artist drawing dog (11) LABRADOODLE {LAB}{RA}{DOODLE}
23 Second person in French Resistance, note, to become revolutionary (4) TURN {TU}{R}{N}
24 In this puzzle, one is – and isn't – this! (10) HORIZONTAL [CD] (1A and 1D)
25 Others snooze (4) REST [DD]
26 Settler working with map: it provides illumination along the way (6,4) STREET LAMP {SETTLER+MAP}*

1   Kids' barbecue staple (4) RIBS [DD]
2   Furious as god of love is brought up (4) SORE<=
3   Masculine fellow abandoning jet to attack resident of high altitudes (8,4) MOUNTAIN GOAT {M}{fOUNTAIN}{GO AT}
4   Coati dies, tasting a little spruce? Ever so much (7) TIDIEST [T]
5   Regularly poaches many wildcats (7) OCELOTS {pOaChEs}{LOTS}
7   At any cost I organised a kind of holiday (10) STAYCATION*
8   Perspire if consuming trifles (10) FRIPPERIES*
11 So, a reputable resort offering vehicle for fun (8,4) PLEASURE BOAT*
13 Showing some leg, Isla to rankle regulator (10) LEGISLATOR [T]
14 Oldest and shattered, little deer (so Spooner tells us) (5-5) FIRST-BORNS (~ burst fawns to first borns)
18 Reiterate call for Communist to leave? (4,3) TROT OUT {TROT}{OUT}
19 Grand Old Duke with story about York, ultimately divine (7) GODLIKE {G}{O}{D}{LI{yorK}E}
21 Evil Typhon's necropolitan abode, primarily? (4) ETNA Acrostic &lit
22 Panic in part of aircraft (4) FLAP [DD]

Reference List
Good = G, Time = T, Artist = RA, Second person in French = TU, Resistsnce = R, Note = N, Masculine = M, Fellow = F, Grand = G, Old = O, Duke = D

Saturday 26 November 2022

No 13721, Saturday 26 Nov 2022, Bruno

1   Beliefs of Native American tribe's detractors lacking contents (6) CREEDS {CREE}{De...rS}
4   Put ring on love, love-bird! (6) HOOPOO {HOOP}{0}{0}
8   One that runs away from love keen to hide beginnings of emotional reawakening (7)  AVOIDER {AV{0}ID}{Em...l}{Re...g}
9   Second player knocked out of knockout rounds gets rewards (7) PAYOFFS PlAYOFFS
11 Online article's truly with spirit (10) ETHEREALLY {E}{THE}{REALLY}
12 Resounding ego controlling Republican monster? (4) OGRE {OG{R}E*}
13 Spa building separated from hospital made of stone (5) LITHO HOspITaL*
14 Hereditary unit regressing in group that's breaking promise (8) RENEGING {R{GENE<=}ING}
16 Obscure name: "Le'Dainian" framed and decorated (8) ENAMELED [T]
18 Injuries on end of skullcap displayed by homeless people (5)  BUMPS {BUM{s...aP}S}
20 Fish's tailfin hiding in rock (4) DACE  DAnCE
21 UN rationed supply for labour organization (5,5) TRADE UNION*
23 Wound up twin chasing action regularly for entertainment (7) CINEMAS {SAME<=}<=>{aCtIoN}
24 Country collapsing into sea (7) ESTONIA*
25 Talk of unknown matter lacking mass (6) YATTER {Y}{mATTER}
26 A stiff back (6) ASTERN {A}{STERN}

1   Animal's surprisingly active after chopping head off (5) CIVET aCTIVE*
2   Famous poem in entire extract (7) EMINENT [T]
3   Stop the Spanish digging into earth for fossil fuel (6,3) DIESEL OIL {DIE}{S{EL}OIL}
5   Company sent off travelling voyager with egg (5) OVARY VOYAgeR*
6   Continue to give priest and rector tea - nothing's lost (7) PROLONG {P}{R}{OoLONG}
7   Gifts of iron bands (9) OFFERINGS {OF}{FE}{RINGS}
10 Red Scot's from American South (9) FLORIDIAN {FLORID}{IAN}
13 Being straight? In reality - it's strange (9) LINEARITY*
15 Royalty? No thanks... (9) NOBLESSES {NO}{BLESSES} 
17 Actress sat with me - and we got drunk (3,4) MAE WEST {SAT+ME+WE}*
19 A nervous handler starts visiting spy at a portal to the underworld? (7) MANHOLE {M{A}{Ne...s}{Ha...r}OLE}
21 One dodged abuse for business (5) TRADE TiRADE
22 Working with interest at functioning plant (5) ONION {ON}{I}{ON}

Reference List
Online = E, Republican = R, Mass = M, The in Spanish = EL, Company = GE, Priest = P, Rector = R

Friday 25 November 2022

No 13720, Friday 25 Nov 2022, Hypatia


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

8   Hold a clumsy little kid's drum (6) DHOLAK {HOLD+A}*}{Kid}
9   A Frenchman pursuing alliance starts to improve condition of body's structure (8) ANATOMIC {A}{M}<=>{NATO} and {Im...e}{Co...n}
10 Avoided key bit lacking capacitance (8) ESCHEWED {ESC}{cHEWED}
11 Anticipating and jumping out of parachutes initially (6) HOPING HOPpING
12 Princess bursts out in troubles (8) DISTURBS {DI}{BURSTS*}
13 Chuck out bunseating sandwiches (6) UNSEAT [T]
14 Opposed to a good man taking advantage (7) AGAINST {A}{GAIN}{ST}
17 Creatures wandering this place with us (7) TERRACE (terrace+us=creatures)
20 Gulf national in squad regularly backing international spy (6) QATARI {sQuAd} with {I}{RAT}<=
22 Partly explain for media expert (8) INFORMED [T]
25 In one university, mind's controlled (6) INDIUM {1+U+MIND}* 
26 Persistent entry in a procrastinator's schedule? (3,5) NOT TODAY [CD]
27 Lasting kiss inside and outside (8) EXTERNAL {E{X}TERNAL}
28 Go past electronic circuits in broadcast (6) ELAPSE {E}{(~laps)LAPSE}

1   Social distancing? (8) GHOSTING [CD]
2   Heading out, brazen husband and American model dated (3-3) OLD-HAT {bOLD}{H}{A}{T}
3   Pin frock's bottom hemmed by tailor (6) SKEWER {S{f..cK}EWER}
4   Rest had become impossible (7) HARDEST*
5   Spooner kept small animal in crazy place (8) MADHOUSE (~had mouse to madhouse)
6   Poet's approach, say a conundrum (8) COMPOSER {(~come)COM}{POSER}
7   Frequently Azhar tours local Indian's first plant (6) ZINNIA {aZhAr} over {INN}{In...s}
15 New game is featuring hot pictures (8) IMAGINES {GAME+IS}* over {IN}
16 Cargo of fashionable people blocking road (8) SHIPMENT {S{HIP}{MEN}T}
18 Crack Spooner, perhaps behind in Church (8) CREVASSE {C{REV}{ASS}E}
19 Say, Madras bashai is picked up in gestures (7) SIGNALS {SLANG}{IS}<=
21 Sack holding up hair dye essentially for extension (6) ANNEXE {A{hENNa<=}XE}
23 Chain female dog without lead (6) FETTER {F}{sETTER}
24 Like port and juice basically above wines (6) RIOJAS {AS}<=>{RIO}{Ju..e}

Reference List
Frenchman = M, Key = ESC, Capacitance = C, Princess = DI, International = I, University = U, Kiss = X, Electronic = E, Husband = H, American = A, Model = T, Local = INN, Hot = IN, Church = CE, Female = F

Thursday 24 November 2022

No 13719, Thursday 24 Nov 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 4D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Where one might play footsie secretly (5,3,5) UNDER THE TABLE [C&DD]
8   Cleric in church eating piece of cake (5) CINCH [T]
9   Worrying in bar about physical assault (7-2) BEATING-UP {B{EATING}UP<=}
11 Friend lives with single model inside small house (10) MAISONETTE {MA{IS}{ONE}{T}TE}
12 Stop wasting time and bowl over (4) STUN STUNt
14 Drunkard turned very very loud - put away (4,3) TOSS OFF {SOT<=}{SO}{FF}
16 Greek character involved in abominable crime is a quack (7) EMPIRIC {EM{PI}RIC*}
17 More annoyed as rogue irritates, crossing limits (7) RATTIER iRRITATEs
19 Holler about revolutionary physical training for athletic event (4,3) SHOT PUT {SHO{PT<=}UT}
21 Frail guy eating round hybrid fruit (4) UGLI [T<=]
22 Notes girl cuddling gangster after drink (10) MARGINALIA {MAR{GIN}{AL}IA}
25 Welcome a boy into chamber and enjoy oneself enormously (4,1,4) HAVE A BALL {H{AVE}{A}{B}ALL}
26 Lie back, start to observe fine digital publication (1-4) E-BOOK {BE<=}{Ob...e}{OK}
27 Exaggerate with wild promises? Have to win election primarily (13) OVEREMPHASISE {PROMISES+HAVE]* over {El...n}

2   Fools made noise, expressing obscenities at entrance outside bar (7) NINNIES {NoISE}* over {INN}
3   Elaborate on the rationale relating to study of cultures (10) ETHNOLOGIC {ON+THE}*{LOGIC}
4   Son avoids fast food (5) T?B?E (Addendum - TABLE sTABLE - See comments)
5   Accuracy of former player, sacrificing rook for knight (9) EXACTNESS {EX}{ACT(-r+n)NESS}
6   Chief is avoiding drinks in retreat? I very much doubt it! (2,2) AS IF [T<=]
7   The girl's exercising to get thinner (7) LIGHTER*
8   Achieve heavenly body, hot and rugged (4,7) COME THROUGH {COMET}{H}{ROUGH}
10 Captain's reckless plan causing episode of intense anxiety (5,6) PANIC ATTACK {CAPTAIN*}{TACK} 
13 Motive in a leak about officials (10) APPOINTEES {POINT} in {A}{SEEP<=}
15 Warning given by gun-wielding gangster (4,5) FIRE ALARM  {FIRE{AL}ARM}
18 Brief report on oral exam coming up in Middle Eastern city (3,4) TEL AVIV {TELl}{VIVA<=}
20 Revolting indiscretion involving immoral ones found in bedroom (7) PILLOWS {PIL{LOW}S<=}
23 Pull up champion in ravine (5) GULCH {LUG<=}{CH}
24 Couple split up over a little argument (4) PAIR {RI{Ar...t}P<=}

Reference List
Model = T, Time = T, Very loud = FF, Physical training = PT, Gangster = AL, Boy = B, Son = S, Rook = R, Knight = N, Hot = H, Champion = CH

Wednesday 23 November 2022

No 13718, Wednesday 23 Nov 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 23A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Terribly bad effort, conceding bishop in exchange (5-3) TRADE-OFF {bAD+EFFORT}*
5   Cocktail, if iced is divine (6) DEIFIC*
10 Obsession with models introduced by excellent car manufacturer (7) BUGATTI {BUG}{A{TT}1}
11 Introduce upper-class woman at club briefly (5,2) USHER IN {U}{SHE}{RINg}
12 Crushed by asinine verdict? Not at all (5) NEVER [T]
13 Arouse a little in order to have sex (9) TITILLATE {A+LITTLE}* over {IT} Semi&lit
14 Oh, hoarder is excitedly keeping money in piles (12) HAEMORRHOIDS {OH+HOARDER+IS} over {M}
18 Reverend, I go crazy after drinking liquor - my job's on the line! (6,6) ENGINE DRIVER {REVEREND+I}* over {GIN}
21 Hurry up and dance (5,1,3) SHAKE A LEG [DD]
23 Back starting to pain in a spot (5) A?O?T (Addendum - ADOPT {A}{DO{Pain}T} - See comments))
24 Sister having trouble getting good power tool (4,3) NAIL GUN {N{AIL}{G}UN}
25 Pick up traveller smuggling ecstasy and cocaine (7) RECOVER {R{E}{C}OVER}
26 Female crushed by miserable review, in tears (6) DASHES {DA{SHE}S<=}
27 Greek hero in work about Ulysses craftily killing many (8) ODYSSEUS {DO<=}{UlYSSES}*

1   Container aboard boat for recreational activity on water (6) TUBING {TU{BIN}G}
2   Greek person, one essentially bearing gift (6) ARGIVE {A}{beaRing}{GIVE}
3   Put up with poor internet around area (9) ENTERTAIN {ENTERT{A}IN*}
4   Expose hustler involved in cheating? OK (4,2,8) FAIR TO MIDDLING {F{AIR}{TOM}IDDLING}
6   The sly rogue wants special type of alcohol (5) ETHYL {THE+sLY}*
7   Develop a detailed procedure to make preservative (8) FORMALIN {FORM}{A}{LINe}
8   Italian noble cheating with beauty in retreat (8) CONTESSA {CON}{ASSET<=}
9   Articulate fellow involved in spree getting embarrassed and clumsy (14) BUTTERFINGERED {B{UTTER}{F}INGE}{RED}
15 Chief priests in shire, assembled around dome (9) HIERARCHS {HIER{ARCH}S*}
16 Start to appreciate boy in family becoming mature (8) SEASONED {SE{Ap...e}{SON}ED}
17 Saint in Tunisia, wandering around middle of night (8) IGNATIUS {I{niGht}NATIUS*}
19 Legends touring posh Vatican art museum (6) LOUVRE {LO{U}{V}RE}
20 Seabird aboard steamship poops (6) STERNS {S{TERN}S}
22 Maiden dumped pathetic bore (5) EAGRE mEAGRE

Reference List
Bishop - B, Model = T, Upper-class = U, Sex = IT, Money = M, Good = G, Ecstasy = E, Cocaine = C, Many = L, Area = A, Special = S, Fellow = F, Posh = U, Vatican = V, Steamship = SS, Maiden = M

Tuesday 22 November 2022

No 13717, Tuesday 22 Nov 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 5D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Spirited woman has beaten up beau involved in fling (13) SWASHBUCKLING {S{W}{HAS*}{BUCK}LING}
8   Main intellectual firing amateur (5) BRINY BRaINY
9   Begins with skit, super funny (7,2) STRIKES UP
11 How runs might be scored on the legside to get out of trouble? (3,3,4) OFF THE HOOK [DD]
12 Disreputable person about to smuggle ecstasy in dock (4) PIER {R{E}IP<=}
14 Temptress in food shop at the French hotel (7) DELILAH {DELI}{LA}{H}
16 Great moves to trap rebellious gangster on the run (2,5) AT LARGE {AT{AL<=}RGE*}
17 Excellent study about heroin and dope (7) AIRHEAD {A1}{R{H}EAD}
19 One turning out champion after end of race (7) EVICTOR {VICTOR}<=>{racE}
21 Surmounts difficulty on retirement (4) TOPS<=
22 Whiskey consumed on top of rum! Smashed beyond doubt (10) WATERTIGHT {W}{ATE}{Rum}{TIGHT}
25 Wild boyfriend hosting drunken spree (9) DESPERATE {D{SPREE*}ATE}
26 One who makes an estimate of carbon released from mouth of volcano (5) RATER cRATER
27 Seeing patient (13) UNDERSTANDING [DD]

2   Wife with bad flu in distress, getting plaintive (7) WAILFUL {W}{AI{FLU*}L}
3   Sell cheesy crackers in island nation (10) SEYCHELLES*
4   Silly talk about conservative Dutch painter (5) BOSCH {BOS{C}H}
5   Men reviewed work in case relating to large company (9) C?R?O?A?E (Addendum - CORPORATE - {C{OR}{OP<=}RATE} See comments)
6   Enjoy procession for new king (4) LIKE LI(-n+k)KE
7   Partners having a row, getting more spiteful (7) NASTIER {N}{A}{S}{TIER}
8   Televised street performers in ground (11) BROADCASTED {B{ROAD}{CAST}ED}
10 Proper planning to catch alien rogue, one who has committed a crime (11) PERPETRATOR {PERP{ET}{RAT}OR*}
13 Secluded by onset of Covid-19, son lazed around (10) CLOISTERED {Co..d}{LOI{S}TERED}
15 Retreats from hard course of action, constrained by feelings (9) HIDEAWAYS {H}{IDEA{WAY}S}
18 Persuades guy to go astray (5,2) ROPES IN {ROPE}{SIN}
20 Tying the knot? Yes, lost and tense (7) TIGHTEN {TyING+THE}*
23 Swelling in back of knee troubled dame (5) EDEMA {kneE}{DAME*}
24 Fearsome terrorist crossing boundary (4) METE [T]

Reference List
Woman = W, Beau = BUCK, Amateur = A, Ecstasy = E, Hotel = H, Gangster = AL, Heroin = H, Whiskey = W, Carbon = C, Wife = W, Conservative = C, New =N, King = K, Partners = N,S, Alien = ET, Son = S, Hard = H, Yes = Y

Monday 21 November 2022

No 13716, Monday 21 Nov 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 6D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Crushed by slap, irritated boy let loose in violent confrontation (7,6) PITCHED BATTLE {P{ITCHED}{B}AT}{LET*}
8   Special concept for album's first half (4,1) SIDE A {S}{IDEA}
9   Marijuana, most believe, contains primarily intoxicating element (9) POTASSIUM {POT}{ASS{In...g}UMe}
11 Influenced by cocaine, sod goes berserk (10) OCCASIONED*
12 Associate captivated by damsel in kimono (4) LINK [T]
14 One lad, excited about a little ride in Montreal amusement park (2,5) LA RONDE {ONE+LAD}* over {Ride}
16 One enthralled by exotic lassie in historical region of Central Europe (7) SILESIA {S{1}LESIA*}
17 Trendy consumer obtaining fine tea maker (7) INFUSER {IN}{F}{USER}
19 Drink after group calls it a day (5,2) PACKS UP {SUP}<=>{PACK}
21 Old flames kiss during date in retreat (4) EXES {E{X}ES<=}
22 Rodent biting, cutting mate (10) CHINCHILLA {CHIN{CHILL}A}
25 One caught in country for winking (9) NICTATION {N{1}{CT}ATION}
26 Frail urchin eating roll (5) LURCH [T]
27 Wrongly arresting sons for crime (13) TRANSGRESSION*

2   One persuading to invest, abandoning tense hesitation (7) INDUCER {INDUCt}{ER}
3   Company head pinches butt! That's vulgarity (10) COARSENESS {CO}{NESS} over {ARSE}
4   Couple finally canoodle endlessly in Finnish city (5) ESPOO {c...lE}{SPOOn}
5   Praises perfect taste of snacks in retro bar (7,2) BUTTERS UP {UTTER}{Sn...s} in {PUB<=}
6   Captain bowled out for nought finally? Flip! (4) T?S?  (Addendum - TOSS (-b+t)TOSS - See comments)   
7   Non-clergy groups in retreat, mostly couples (7) LAITIES {LAIr}{TIES}
8   Informer shot English goon with pistol (5,6) STOOL PIGEON {E+GOON+PISTOL}*
10 Attract a lot of attention, like one leaving the board might do? (4,1,6) MAKE A SPLASH [C&DD]
13 British misses outside shack showing extremely attractive bodies (5,5) BLACK HOLES {B}{LACK{HOLE}S}
15 Notice apparatus worn by large sci-fi character (9) EARTHLING {EAR}{TH{L}ING}
18 More vicious fire, crew frantically saving women (7) FIERCER {FIRE+CREw}*
20 Port of New Orleans (7) SALERNO*
23 Nobody going around clubs for the time being (5) NONCE {NON{C}E}
24 Liquor around middle of day? Gross! (4) GAIN {G{dAy}IN}

Reference List
Boy = B, Special = S, Trendy = IN, Fine = F, Kiss = X, Date = SEE, Caught = CT, Tense = T, Head = NESS, Bowled = B, English = E, British = B, Large = L, Women = W, Clubs = C

Sunday 20 November 2022

The Sunday Crossword No 3229, Sunday 20 Nov 2022

1   Consolidates, unusually low (12) DISCONSOLATE*
10 Batty, naked, one in France getting sun acclimatizes (7) ATTUNES {bATTy}{UNE}{S}
11 Pooh's friend Rabbit's beginning to intervene and provoke (7) TRIGGER {T{Ra...t}IGGER}
12 Considerable part of molecular genetics (5) LARGE [T]
13 Dependent sweetheart suppressing fury (6-2) HANGER-ON {H{ANGER}ON}
15 A pair such as the solver and a sheep? (10) HOMOPHONES {you~ewe) Definition by example 
16 Natural element, odourless and noble, primarily? (4) NEON Acrostic &lit
18 Temperature dropped in important medicine bottle (4) VIAL VItAL
20 Enormous pleasure boat navy's left in condition of poor visibility (10) CLOUDINESS {CLOUD nINE}{SS}
22 Adore old resort, fabulous place (2,6) EL DORADO*
24 Say earl is retreating seeing military blockade (5) SIEGE {EG}{E}{IS}<=
26 Stinking king, endeavouring to abandon son (7) REEKING {R}{sEEKING}
27 Rise above horse chestnut, we're told (7) CONQUER (~conker)
28 Needleworkers with southeastern American accents (12) SEAMSTRESSES {SE}{AM}{STRESSES}

2   Caretaker in Bury on WhatsApp? (7) INTERIM {INTER}{IM}
3   Right-wing politician to invite scorn (8) CONTEMPT {CON}{TEMPT}
4   Meddlesome Everyman too bumptious and fussy in the end (4) NOSY Tail Acrostic
5   New Age, tortuous, time wasted: intolerable! (10) OUTRAGEOUS {AGE+tORTUOUS}*
6   Copying what a microwave might produce (5) APING {A PING}
7   Agitated, enraged swordsman's call (2,5) EN GARDE*
8   Everyone getting trim in sports: is anyone listening? (5,4,4) WALLS HAVE EARS {W{ALL}{SHAVE}EARS}
9   What could be sharp, ensuring reshaping? (7,6) PRUNING SHEARS* &lit
14 According to Spooner, Holmes' creator pleads for simple culinary fare (6,4) BOILED EGGS (~ doyle begs to boiled eggs)
17 Fussy dustiness: no university objects (8) DISSENTS DuSTINESS*
19 Lecture that might be a little flat (7) ADDRESS [DD]
21 Carry out – take out, officially (7) EXECUTE [DD]
23 Self-portrait 'accidentally' includes healthy foodstuff (5) RAITA [T]
25 Cliff and Mark left following injury (4) SCAR [DD]

Reference List
One in French = UNE, Sun = S, Sweetheart = HON, Temperature = T, Earl = E, King = R, Son = S, Americam = AM, WhatsApp = IM(Instant Messaging), Time = T, University = U

Saturday 19 November 2022

No 13715, Saturday 19 Nov 2022, Afterdark

Solution to 4D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Say, speaker's measure is inadequate concerning opposition leader (6) STEREO {STEp}{RE}{Op...n}
9   Sort of give ten takas primarily for the drawing (8) VIGNETTE {GIVE+TEN+Ta..s}*
10 Armed ships' crew replaced for a woman (3-2-3) MEN-OF-WAR {MEN}{FOR+A+W}*
11 Mother's away to invite Hindu leader, a tamer (6) MAHOUT {MA}{OUT} over {Hi..u}
12 Condition for returning assistance; accept English soldiers by end of August (8) DEMENTIA {D{E}{MEN}{a...sT}IA<=}
13 Didn't wish Newton? Bad reporter (6) NILLED {N}{ILL}{ED}
14 Can a king's enemy pitilessly appropriate nation's leaders and vessel (7) CAKEPAN Acrostic
17 Censure auditor having a cocktail & some enchiladas and a dish (7) PANCAKE {PAN}{CA}{cocK}{En...s}
20 Almost decides to heat and unfreeze (2-4) DE-ICED DECIDEs*
22 Attempt to follow a right individual with special skill (8) ARTISTRY {TRY}<=>{A}{RT}{I}{S}
25 Idiot of a Greek character with power; has treasure (6) MUPPET {MU}{P}{PET}
26 Surpass in workout classically (8)  OUTCLASS [T]
27 Re-ad medical officer's note again (4,4) ONCE-MORE {ON}{CE}{MO}{RE}
28 Reach old canopy (6) EXTENT {EX}{TENT}

1   Strangers kidnap canine and are returning with the rest (2,6) ET CETERA {ET}{C}{ET}{ARE<=}
2   Track has little opening leading into the wood (6) GROOVE {GRO{Op...g}VE}
3   Disappear with daughter taking comedian's bird (6) GODWIT {GO}{D}{WIT}
4   Set out to cycle on surface (7) ?V?R?A?  (Addendum - OVERLAY {LAY}<=>{OVER} - See comments)
5   Say, country's excellent in retort, has no thought for others (8) EGOMANIA {EG}{OMAN}A1<=}
6   Pharmaceutical formulation to relieve trauma related to the head (8) CEPHALIC PHarmaCEutICAL*
7   Adapt a leading Tamil song (6) ATTUNE {A}{Ta..l}{TUNE}
15 Encrypt epic with new hero sacrificing nothing strangely (8) ENCIPHER {EPIC+N+HERo}*
16 Hearing out and performing with two individuals (8) AUDITION {AND+OUT+I+I}*
18 Keen about buying flower and fuel... (8) KEROSENE {KE{ROSE}NE*}
19 ...gutted angry girlfriend outside on a break (7) LAYOVER {L{AngrY}OVER}
21 'Dancing Queen'? It primarily would relate to a horse (6) EQUINE {QUEEN+It}*
23 Laugh at losing weight in social media platform (6) TITTER TwITTER
24 Bow? Instrument only has small arc at the top in the front (6) SALUTE {LUTE}<=>{S}{Arc}

Reference List
Concerning = RE, Woman = W, English = E, Newton = N, Right = RT, Special = S, Power = P, Re = ON, AD = CE, Note = RE, Stranger = ET, Canine = C, Daughter = D, Excellent = A1, New = N, Individual = I, Weight = W, Small = S