Wednesday 30 April 2014

No 11072, Wednesday 30 Apr 2014, Arden

Don't know why but found it tough going today.

9   Every other concert has to be at this time of the year (7) OCTOBER {cOnC{TO}{BE}eRt}
10 Till he joins a union (7) HUSBAND [DD]
11 I must exercise — forced or by force (7) IMPETUS {I}{M{PE}TUS*}
12 Avoid part of the composition (7) REFRAIN [DD]
13 Polls giving license to corrupt (9) ELECTIONS*
15 Going over a plot of land showing interest in plant (5) ERICA {ER{I}CA}<=
16 Get worse but gain about fiftytwo points (7) RELAPSE {RE}{LAP}{SE} (Addendum - {RE{L}AP}{S}{E} - See comments)
19 With two constants, let’s modify letter (7) EPISTLE {E}{PI}{LETS*}
20 Negative review — in all fairness unimpressive (5) MINUS [T<=]
21 Stopping tax on land is pointless (9) CESSATION {CESS}{nATION}
25 Excited player will press on, it’s swell (7) UPSURGE {UP}{SURGE} (Addendum - {UP}{S}{URGE} - See comments)
26 Both sides have a stake over northern light (7) LANTERN {L}{ANTE}{R}{N}
28 One had made mistake among scholars (7) ACADEME {AC{MADE*}E}
29 Agitated soldiers try to run away (7) RESTIVE {RE}{STrIVE}

1   I eat after ten… (6) IODINE {10}{DINE}
2   … and the main ingredient is coreless apple, by the way (6) STAPLE {ST}{APpLE}
3   Notice has no right to circulate (4) OBIT OrBIT
4   Outside, not a large painting (6) FRESCO alFRESCO
5   Period covering jail term, enough initially for the sanctimonious fellow (8) PHARISEE {PHA{RI}SE}{E}
6   Prepared a feast, do I include a flavouring? (10) ASAFOETIDA {AS{A}FOETIDA*}
7   Horrible stint as a devil worshipper (8) SATANIST*
8   Sir Anthony on gallery, lacking bite (8) EDENTATE {EDEN}{TATE}
14 Attempts to follow records of paintings (10) TAPESTRIES {TAPES}{TRIES}
16 Butter, doubtful with a fruit (8) RAMBUTAN {RAM}{BUT}{AN} A relative of the Lychee
17 Sports official’s marginalised (8) LINESMAN [CD]
18 She married outside college, after sweetheart shunned (8) ESCHEWED {swEet}{S{C}HE}{WED}
22 Wage hike after a year sadly (6) SALARY {SALA}{RY}<=
23 Ex Soviet secret police chief following one to Spain (6) IBERIA {1}{BERIA}
24 Article sent away to a place in France (6) NANTES {AN+SENT}*
27 Home is truly where the heart is (4) NEST [CD] (Addendum - hoNESTly - See comments)

Tuesday 29 April 2014

No 11071, Tuesday 29 Apr 2014, Arden

Delightful offering from Arden.

1   Cracked jokes about President in capital (6) SKOPJE {SKO{P}JE*}
4   Places to look for a word, perhaps (8) CHAMBERS [DD]
9   Reverberation among three chords (2-4) RE-ECHO [T]
10 Appeal for admission (8) ENTRANCE [DD]
12 I rave about our arrangement for so long (2,6) AU REVOIR*
13 Another phrase for an angel (6) SERAPH*
15 Getting her in trouble for pacifying the baby (8,4) TEETHING RING*
18 Control panels replace tables (12) SWITCHBOARDS {SWITCH}{BOARDS}
21 Conforms to a day suitable for school (6) ADAPTS {A}{D}{APT}{S}
22 Adding fibre to food with flourish (8) BRANDISH {BRAN}{DISH}
24 “Cut risk and monopolize” — said a bore (8) HEDGEHOG {HEDGE}{HOG}
25 A spruce outside university courtyard (6) ATRIUM {A}{TRI{U}M}
26 Bird wants me to play around centre court (4,4) MUTE SWAN {M{U}TE SWAN*}
27 European city’s revival is mired in grave negligence (6) GENEVA [T<=]

1   Workers mostly help workers (8) SERVANTS {SERVe}{ANTS}
2 & 20 dn. Individual carrying a gun said to have stopped this game of chance (3-5,6) ONE-ARMED BANDIT {ONE}-{ARMED} {BANDIT}(~banned it)
3   With his faith he made those Jews vanish (8,7) JEHOVAH'S WITNESS*
5   Straight? No way, make it sharp (4) HONE HONEst
6   She offered cake and biscuits for a troubled nation, contents of the letter show (5,10) MARIE ANTOINETTE {MARIE} {NATION*}{lETTEr}

7   Nina from Carolina (6) ENNEAD [GK]
8   Article under watch will make you hot under the collar (6) SEETHE {SEE}{THE}
11 Fuel makes oil finally catch fire (7) LIGNITE {oiL}{IGNITE}
14 You get fruits or vegetable here (7) ORCHARD {OR}{CHARD} Semi&lit
16 Cunning and skill provided diamonds (8) ARTIFICE {ART}{IF}{ICE}
17 With reduced blood supply lives with spies across border (8) ISCHEMIA {IS}{C{HEM}IA}
19 Understand it’s huge unfinished accommodation (6) FATHOM {FAT}{HOMe}
23 Artist, unknown in a state (4) GOYA {GO{Y}A}

Monday 28 April 2014

No.11070, Monday 28 Apr 2014, Arden

In this entertainer, Arden seems to have thrown in a few creatures (including a couple of poets) and given a couple of directions - Yes or No?

1 Stop profiting with counter inducement (10,4) BARGAINING CHIP (BAR GAINING CHIP)
10 Two without one is still two (5) TWAIN (TWIN without A)
11 Support two boys as they mature (9) PATRONAGE (PAT RON AGE)
12 He advances by a point, it’s meagre (7) SLENDER (S LENDER)
13 Vice-chairman started before, to be honest (7) SINCERE (Second IN Command ERE)  Just joking, SIN C ERE ly . Arden has confirmed SIN C ERE is the intended anno.
14 Stop getting atomic power (5) STEAM (STEM getting A)
16 Spanish saint steeped in sin… it goes on and on (9) INCESSANT (INCES(SAN)T)
          The nicest sort of sin?
19 During battle Lawrence almost ran away with a Cladoceron (5,4) WATER FLEA (WA(TE)R FLEd A) Had to Google Cladoceron
20 Place the Spanish will return to with ease (5) LET UP (PUT EL)<
22 Ounce of fat around retired author (7) LEOPARD (LARD around POE<)
25 Order to go away with two fruits (7)  MANDATE (MANgo DATE)
27 Models ran away from fish (3,6)  RED SALMON (MODELS RAN)*
28 Land owner put down internal resistance (5) LAIRD (LAID with R)
29 Mischief maker’s heart set in cash transaction (6,8) MONKEY BUSINESS (MON(K)EY BUSINESS)

2 Humiliation of living in such a part of building (9) ABASEMENT (A BASEMENT) & LIT
          Unless you are 'underground'
3 Try and transplant a gland (5) GONAD (GO AND*)
4 To teach one a lesson, first one should be fair (9) IMPARTIAL (IMPART I A L)
5 Strict usage will contain the attack (5) ICTUS (T)
6 On land mostly dispose of the weeds (9) GROUNDSEL (GROUND SELl)
7 The average person has to throw (5) HEAVE (HE AVE.) (T)

8 Is it a gift? (7) PRESENT 2
9 Inactivity of East German police on Sunday (6) STASIS (STASI S)
15 Preserve and hand over a boy in setter’s custody (9) MARMALADE (ARM A LAD in ME)
17 Mails can’t convert people with demands (9) CLAIMANTS (MAILS CANT)*
18 They know the risk to perform with universal sign (9) ACTUARIES (ACT U ARIES)
19 It’s very hard for the hunted to chase a hunter (7) WOLFRAM (RAM chasing WOLF)
            The answer was at the tip of my tongue. Sten?
21 Bogus claims during work brought up (6) PSEUDO (DUES in OP)<
23 Poet will rise and study (5) OGDEN (GO< DEN)
          Some people prefer to gNash their teeth 
24 Discharge of French people (5) DEMOB (DE MOB)
26 Direction only to tailor material (5) NYLON (N ONLY*)

Sunday 27 April 2014

No 2788, Sunday 27 Apr 2014

1   Singer in musical, touring (4) ALTO [T]
3   No PR in Central American country for international award (5,5) NOBEL PRIZE {NO}{BEL {PR}IZE}
10 Policeman left with US composer (7) COPLAND {COP}{L}{AND}
11 Nursed a poorly man like Fonteyn's partner? (7) DANSEUR*
12 Subject to its value, how books may be bought in addition? (2,3,4,5) BY THE SAME TOKEN [DD]
14 Dreamlike, a 50 after county side comes up short (7) SURREAL {SURREy}{A}{L}
15 26, perhaps, eating last of fruit cocktail (7) STINGER {S{T}INGER}
16 Said about part circling a large city (7) ORBITAL {OR{BIT}AL}
19 Mother's broken flask (7) THERMOS*
21 Generous supporter of mayor righted wrong (5,9) FAIRY GODMOTHER*
23 Chaotic state of affairs in a Sicilian port (7) MESSINA {MESS}{IN}{A}
24 Country hotel, so in need of refurbishment (7) LESOTHO*
25 Dear dessert? Pity (10) SWEETHEART {SWEET}{HEART}
26 Fish, black when small (4) BASS {B}{AS}{S}

1   Mysterious man, man of the church (10) ARCHBISHOP {ARCH}{BISHOP}
2   One giving better advice? (7) TIPSTER [CD]
4   Peculiar periodic social event (7) ODDBALL {ODD}{BALL}
5   Non-stop, but with no purpose? (7) ENDLESS [DD]
6   Christmas show character - I metamorphose spookily around end of Aladdin (9,5) PANTOMIME HORSE {PA{N}TOMIME HORSE*}
7   One with a cold manner in charge on English mountain (7) ICEBERG {IC}{E}{BERG}
8   Docked in good time for nobleman (4) EARL EARLy
9   Painter in quiet little avenue met Tristan unexpectedly (8,6) PAVEMENT ARTIST {P}{AVE}{MENT ARTIST*}
13 Betray radicals in the rank and file (5,5) GRASS ROOTS {GRASS} {ROOTS}
17 Money that is found in old wood (7) BRASSIE {BRASS}{IE}
18 Toboggan full of crack in suitcases (7) LUGGAGE {LUG{GAG}E}
19 Young child in red, told off (7) TODDLER*
20 Wise man's headgear held by mother (7) MAHATMA {MA{HAT}MA}
22 Prophet, a second son (4) AMOS {A}{MO}{S}

Saturday 26 April 2014

No. 11069, Saturday 26 Apr 14, Arden

It is always a pleasure to see Arden's name on a puzzle. Today was no exception with some really good clues in IMPAIR, STENO, ERGONOMIC, ONE-LINER, PUNISH, SPARLING and BEACON

1 Pipe carrying water for cows behind enclosure (8) PENSTOCK (PEN + STOCK)
5 Harm one Frenchman and two will follow (6) IMPAIR (I + M + PAIR)
10 Drink by the dock when it gets colder (7) NIPPIER (NIP + PIER)
11 Shouted warning before one is subjected to evaluation (7) BERATED (BE RATED)
12 By the way, one is back at work under a dictator (5) STENO (ST + ONE<=)
13 Designed to maximise efficiency, therefore cut income possibly (9) ERGONOMIC (ERGO + INCOMe*)
14 Instruments to influence the jury, perhaps (7,5) CONTROL PANEL (CONTROL + PANEL)
18 Appliance takes time to imitate the judge (4,8) TAPE RECORDER (T + APE + RECORDER)
21 European city inn, a clone anyway (9) BARCELONA (BAR + A CLONE*)
23 Letter containing article on volunteers (5) THETA (THE + TA)
24 Letter only a short distance away (7) OMICRON (O + MICRON)
25 See 4 dn.
26 Overshoot and bag gold (6) NUGGET (GUN<= + NET)
27 A ship for some amusement (3-5) ONE-LINER (ONE + LINER)

1 Sentence, wordplay and his adaptation (6) PUNISH (PUN + HIS*)
2 Changing planes in the city (6) NAPLES (PLANES)*
3 A standard shade after a short journey (9) TRICOLOUR (TRIp + COLOUR)
4 & 25 ac. It’s FM’s headache now — bill to enumerate shortfall (7,7,7) CURRENT ACCOUNT DEFICIT (CURRENT + AC + COUNT + DEFICIT)
6 One isn’t bright to show infatuation over Romeo (5) MORON (MOON outside R)
7 My nation’s processing a metal (8) ANTIMONY (MY NATION)*
8 Mock a former dictator protected by cruel organisation (8) RIDICULE (IDI inside CRUEL*)
9 A line from a song, // could you repeat that? (1,3,4,6) I BEG YOUR PARDON (DD)
15 Hapless having advanced, but lost it in abundance (9) PLENTIFUL (PITIFUL with LENT for IT)
16 Doubt said to make a physicist adamant (8) STUBBORN (~dout = STUB + BORN)
17 Box with fish smelt (8) SPARLING (SPAR + LING)
19 Guide’s advice to take up crime (6) BEACON (BE A CON)
20 He has balls to face and fish to fry them in (6) BATTER (DD)
22 Oriental tribe was spooky (5) EERIE (E + ERIE)

Friday 25 April 2014

No.11068, Friday 25 Apr 2014, Buzzer

A couple of awesome alternate letter clues in 14a and 5d in the real entertainer from Buzzer

6 A poorly made cinema’s one to forget (8) AMNESIAC (A CINEMAS*)
9 Match pressure to begin with is a difficult situation (6) PLIGHT (P LIGHT)
          A difficult situation indeed! Especially plighting one's troth can lead to plight
10 Drill to make one weary (4) BORE 2
11 Some people left hike so worn out (3,5,2) THE LIKES OF (LEFT HIKE SO)*
12 Actor’s hideout press detailed (2,4) DE NIRO (DEN IROn)
          His roles are ironed out!
14 That ache, it split heads like an axe (7) HATCHET (tHAT aCHE iT)*
15 Committee throws out deal successfully (4,2,5,4) COME TO TERMS WITH (COMMITTEE THROWS)*
18 Social climber’s standard way - cutting corners (7) PARVENU (PAR aVENUe)
20 Lack of harmony if rest is disturbed (6) STRIFE (IF REST)*
          Well, plighting one's troth does lead to trouble and strife, as any Londoner would agree!
22 Footwear, especially a training shoe’s ultimate (10) ESPADRILLE  (ESP A DRILL E)
23 Parliament has the last word (4) AMEN (T)
24 Cricket for one is popular with a group of people (6) INSECT (IN SECT)
25 Cut in actors’ fee (8) CASTRATE (CAST RATE)
          The relevance of the first part of the text of the cartoon to this word is purely co-incidental.
There once lived a rather little Hobbit,
Who went on a junket with a crumpet,
But after a ghastly fight,
In the middle of the night,
He discovered his wife was just like Mrs Bobbitt.
1 Yield from seed say (4) CEDE (~SEED)
2 Master virus to corrupt disc (8) VIRTUOSO ((VIRUS TO)* O)
3 Dash is small mark (6) SPRINT (S PRINT)
4 You and I, taken by exotic heroines in general (10) EISENHOWER (HEROINES* around WE)
         Two days back there was a reference to "Inky" in the blog, and today we have "Ike"
5 Not oddly, Archie doesn’t want to be dimmer (8) RHEOSTAT (aRcHiE dOeSnT wAnT)
          Archie doesn't want? Well, he is dying shortly, anyway
7 Run away from bad-tempered animal (5) MOOSE (MOrOSE)
          Yesterday, Vamoose, today, Moose! Archie's classmate? Will he also touch the finishing line with Archie?
8 Auditor’s check on bar essentially illicit in a country (5,8) CZECH REPUBLIC (~CHECK RE PUB ilLICit)
          I read somewhere that in this country, when the ladies have an abortion, they call it a cancelled cheque
13 Drunk and rambling diatribe after consuming quarter (10) INEBRIATED (DIATRIBE* consuming NE)
16 Work on job heartlessly? On the contrary (8) OPPOSING (OP POStING)
17 One kneading a lump with energy and practise (8) MASSEUSE (MASS E USE)
19 Time to limit tell-tale printing mistakes (6) ERRATA (ERA around RAT)
          Is the clue a hint to this paper's puzzle department?
21 Number of ships moving fast (5) FLEET 2
23 Arrogance shown by hairstylist (4) AIRS T

Thursday 24 April 2014

No 11067, Thursday 24 Apr 2014, Buzzer

1   Minor point Truman reviewed (11) UNIMPORTANT*
9   Standard book style is to omit introduction (6) BANNER {B}{mANNER}
10 State of Washington carried by right leader (8) DELAWARE {DELA{WA}RE*}
11 Shivering? Let’s put together a fire (5) INGLE [T]
12 New fleet in a river (7) NARMADA {N}{ARMADA}
13 Man-eater is able to nibble say (8) CANNIBAL (~can nibble)
15 Study individual entering bar from the back (4,2) BONE UP {B{ONE} UP<=}
16 Twist in novel evil or otherwise? (6) OLIVER* Wonder if we'll get a mouthful on this ;-)
18 Essentially pages, pencils best for companies (8) AGENCIES {pAGEs}{peNCIls}{bESt} 
20 Girl let out after recurring delay (4,3) TIME LAG {TIME} {LAG}<=
21 Group of singers losing heart to a rocker perhaps (5) CHAIR CH(-o+a)AIR
22 Young lady working in a store (8) SENORITA*
23 Chop stick (6) CLEAVE [DD]
24 Hope broadcast segment is outside ordinary and acceptable to all (2,9) BE AMBITIOUS {BE AM}{BIT}{I{O}{U}S}

2   Figure or number horse has on (7) NONAGON {NO}{NAG}{ON}
3   Endeavour from a code inventor (5) MORSE [DD]Endeavour not clear From Inspector Endeavour Morse
4   It is said to include row number (7) ORDINAL [DD] (Addendum - {OR{DIN}AL} - See comments)
5   Allot beer in a way that is satisfactory (9) TOLERABLE*
6   Reportedly nude on rebirth (3,4) NEW DAWN (~nude on)
7   Excellent landlord I say (7,6) CAPITAL LETTER {CAPITAL} {LETTER}
8   Traverse route that’s offbeat to find untapped wealth (8,5) TREASURE TROVE*
14 Be lumberly moving around isle (9) BERYLLIUM {BERYLL{I}UM*}
17 Leave in a hurry with case of vanilla mousse by the sound of it (7) VAMOOSE {VanillA}{MOOSE}(~mousse)
18 A sequence of alphabets written up in a language like Pashtu (7) AFGHANI {A}{FGH}{ANI<=}
19 Selection of mocha, tea usual in a French home (7) CHATEAU [T]
21 Those growing spines take steps to stop corrupt Indian leaders (5) CACTI {C}{ACT}{I}

Wednesday 23 April 2014

No 11066, Wednesday 23 Apr 2014, Neyartha

Island hopping with Neyartha

7   Rue auto-van accident in a French school of architecture (3,7) ART NOUVEAU*
9   Bohemian get-together’s leaderless (4) ARTY pARTY
10 Carribbean islands upset saint going around the extension counter (8) ANTILLES {ANTI{LLE<=}S*}
11 Knight overwhelms bachelor in row with a football player and…. (6) KICKER (-b+k)KICKER
12 ….Finally gets Turkish radio to track a disassembled barrel (5) SHOOK {S}{H}{O}{O}{K}
13 Cried on the radio after sweeping attack (9) BROADSIDE {BROAD}{SIDE}(~sighed)
14 I put mom in disguise that is perfect (7) OPTIMUM*
17 Rate broadcast covering case brought about by a pet shelter visitor, perhaps (7) ADOPTER {A{DOP<=}TER*}
20 Playful kittens go around commander with elastic knitted fabric (9) STOCKINET {ST{OC}KINET*}
22 Arrogant noble (5) LOFTY [DD]
25 Cuban yanking part of a tree (6) BANYAN [T]
26 Laugh about lawyer deeply immersed in bill causing trouble (8) HEADACHE {HE{A{DA}C}HE}
27 Charlie at the wrong place with the underworld queen’s whale (4) ORCA (-c)OR(+c)CA
28 Ill-disposed artisans infected with tuberculosis in a Caribbean island (5,5) SAINT BARTS {SAIN{T B}ARTS*}

1   Sharp worker fired from a military shelter (6) TRENCH TRENCHant
2   Daughter gets rid of the ruffian’s second letter in a listless manner (5) DULLY (-b+d)DULLY
3   Crazy to have gone this way? (7) BERSERK [CD]
4,5 Croatian’s ducks harassed in the Caribbean islands (5,3,6) TURKS AND CAICOS*
5   See 4 down
6   German number initially found inside revolutionary Greek letter with the audience member (8) ATTENDEE {AT{TEN}{DE}E<=}
8   Keralite, say, with a bird lacking wings in the capital (7) NAIROBI {NAIR}{rOBIn} Wouldn't be surprised if this capital was founded by this Keralite!!
15 Crown turns up with a Scottish terrier in a Pacific island (8) PITCAIRN {PIT}{CAIRN}
16 The Red Brigade might encourage workers to do this (8) UNIONISE [CD]
18 Root vegetable raised by king initially under father’s protection was fairly divided (3,4) PRO RATA {P{R}{O RAT<=}A}
19 American method, practical, for an engineering school to be on top of the announced cut (7) TECHNIC {TECH}{NIC}(~nick)
21 Carribbean islands with an alligator-like reptile (6) CAYMAN [DD]
23 Airtight design from Greece went missing in a Pacific island (6) TAHITI AIRTIgHT*
24 Animal tail smuggled to an island (5) MALTA [T]

Tuesday 22 April 2014

No 11065, Tuesday 22 Apr 2014, Neyartha

One for the geeks today.

1 Poland sends back Greek character after upset relatives eat out of a costly utensil (6,5) SILVER PLATE {ReLatIVES}* {PL}{ATE<=}
9 Cheer as music helps terrace the Dutch theologian (7) ERASMUS [T]
10 Student in America is after a pen that may be used on some tablets (6) STYLUS {STY}{L}{US} PEN on double duty
11 Lazy model moves in to put to rest (5) INTER IN(+t)TER(-t)
12 Russia ignored fearfully odd blank page (7) FLYLEAF FEArFuLLY*
15 Dish with an edible root from Cuba overwhelms the king (4) TACO TA(-r+c)CO
16 Active CPA in trouble for hoarding one type of (24,26) Ac. (10) CAPACITIVE {CAPACAT{1}VE*}
18 Lion’s visit affected some musicians (10) VIOLINISTS*
20 Audibly raises the wood cutting tool (4) ADZE (~adds)
23 Creeks’ issues (7) STREAMS [DD]
24,26 It may make a tablet attractive (5,6) TOUCH SCREEN [GK]
26 See 24
27 Horse carries date to Georgia’s ball in anger (7) DUDGEON {DU{D}{GE}{O}N}
28 Noisy quarrel with Charlie involved in the revision (11) ALTERCATION {ALTER{C}ATION}

2 Jail juvenile after Austria’s loss (6) IMMURE IMMatURE
3 Concealed devastation was considerable (4) VAST [T]
4 Addict sent up by officer meets workers to get the outcomes (10) RESULTANTS {RESU<=}{LT}{ANTS}
5 Assert one’s right to risk an allegation (3,5) LAY CLAIM [CD]
6 A seismic shock might set this off (7) TSUNAMI [GK]
7 Missed notice on adversities resolved by a type of (24,26 ac.) (9) RESISTIVE adVERSITIES*
8 Type of feedback that a tablet might provide? The strange chap picks it up (6) HAPTIC {HAP{TI<=}C*}
13 Simian playfully drives into a soft mineral possessing protective power (10) TALISMANIC {TAL{SIMIAN*}C}
14 Bell’s invention mostly mobile nowadays (9) TELEPHONE [CD]
17 Small church seat bracket given by the hoarder before going north (8) MISERERE {MISER}{ERE<=} Never heard of this, had to Google this one.
19 Visual showing the auditor’s mark inside an opaque gem (7) OPTICAL {OP{TIC(~tick)}AL}
21 Mild expletive’s socially acceptable for one freed from frost, say (6) DEUCED {DE(-i+u)UCED
22 Type of apartment where shootings take place? (6) STUDIO [DD]
25 Rewrite law to evict the Christian leader (4) EDIT EDIcT

THCC CC1 - Results, Tuesday 22 Apr 2014

We received the first entry from Ramesh. He is declared the winner of the competition.

His email came to me around 11 a.m. I don't mean to suggest that he took more than two hours to finish the crossword. Given the vagaries of electricity supply in many of our towns, I know that one must be in luck to get past the others. One may have the puzzle under one's belt but may be powerless above and around that accessory.

Others who sent solution (in no particular order):

Shrikanth, Suresh, Bhavan, Bhala, Vasant, Sandhya, Raju, Raghunath, Vijay, Ram, Navneeth, Rengaswamy, Mohsin, Lakshmi, Venkatesh, Sivaram Bhagavat, Vinayak Ekbote, S. Rangarajan.

I thank all clue-writers and entrants for their making this endeavour a success.

The answers:

1 A gap in ridge / leads to only new // port in Panama (5) COLON (COL)(O)(N)
4 Reportedly see / over / leaderless resistance // group (9) COMMUNITY ~see {C}{O}{[-i]MMUNITY}
9 Appear confused before starting to loosen clothes (7) APPAREL (APPARE*)(L)
10 Stiff competition Australian openers raved about (7) CADAVER (C)(A)(DAVER*)
11 Leave Elliot's creature holding side (4) EXIT E(XI)T
12 A girl is caught in mistaken identification (4) ENID (T)
13 Increases lead in competition getting out of difficult situations (5) RISES [-c]RISES
15 Wild boar disappeared in Bangalore // intersection (5) ANGLE ANGLE*-boar
16 East-facing Bangalore (Malleswaram) houses not trendy in comparison (5) LAMER <=T
17 Rugged (spikiest!) / off-piste // type of course (3) SKI* -piste; rugged - AnagrInd
18 Sabira returns concealing a part of the body (3) RIB <=T
20 External // path beginning to end (5) OUTER [-r]OUTE(+R)
23 Corrupt lame / duck led out // in a frenzy (5) AMUCK ([-l]AM[-e])([-d]UCK)
25 Doctor, brainy, / not initially navigating // via sky (2,3) BY AIR*-n
26 Ailing son goes out to model taking a moment (4) TICK [-s](+T)ICK
27 Cayman edges off exercising // supernatural power (4) MAYA [-c]YAMA*[-n] exercising- AnagrInd
30 Reacts emotionally to // rates moving / higher (5,2) TEARS UP {TEARS*} {UP} moving - AnagrInd
31 One carried by IT professional's // driver (7) TAXIMAN TAX(I)MAN  IT (Income Tax) professional - Taxman
32 Woeful sorrows / filling cryptic definitions initially // in this puzzle (9) CROSSWORD C{ROSSWOR*}D
33 What's given to a winner? Lunch, perhaps, including a bit of dal (5) MEDAL ME(D)AL

1 Split with king for the French to covet (5) CRAVE C[-le](+R)AVE
2 Running out // of drinks in the middle of get-together (7) LAPSING LAPS IN [get-to]G[ether]
3 Noah's Ark? No wonders, he is a tell-tale (4) NARK (N)(ARK)
4 Pass a greenhorn officer (7) COLONEL (COL)(ONE)(L)
5 An obstruction / under the river? Over // the surface (7) MACADAM {MAC<=}{A/DAM} over - Reversal Indicator
6 Because of competition / one's taken to court (10) UNDERTRIAL UNDER/TRIAL (CD)
7 Envelops in undergarments (7) INVESTS {IN}{VESTS} 
8 Measures of distance receive sign of approval (9) YARDSTICK (YARDS)(TICK)
14 Before sod's turned, everything is hunky-dory (3,2,5) BED OF ROSES*
15 Cricketer / after a century / is run out / by one / at cover point //like an athlete (9) ACROBATIC {A}{C}{RO}{BAT}{I}{C}
19 Support Virginia Act with bluster (7) BRAVADO {BRA}{VA}{DO}
21 What the kid got into // for summer activity perhaps? (3,2,2) TOT UP TO (TOT) (UP TO) summer - one who does addition 
22 Spoke // obtained from citizen breaking musical instrument (7) RECITED RE(CIT)ED
24 Carrying no weapon, heroic leader escaped without getting hurt (7) UNARMED UN[-h]ARMED
28 Every second earn in fuel // to neutralize (5) ANNUL A N N U L
29 Quietly the French left a specimen // for test (4) EXAM EXAM[-p le]

(Ack: Full solution with clue text and annotated answers as received from Venkatesh.)

The solved grid

The following are some of the comments that I received from participants:

Enjoyable crossword.
Last to fall EXIT. Quite devious and nice
Isn't the word "Corrupt" unnecessary in 23A.

* * *

10 Across:thought the wordplay was excellent
20 Across: Excellent!
6 Down: quite a good clue.
Also thought the whole crossword was very good in terms of cluing standard. Special thanks to you for putting this together!

* * *

I liked several clues:

10ac, 15ac, 16ac, 17ac, 20ac, 30ac, 33ac, 6dn, 8dn, 15dn.

But if I have to pick two, I'd pick 24dn as second best and 2dn as the best of the lot.

* * *

Liked these clues:

9 Appear confused before starting to loosen clothes (7) (APPARE*) L
10 Stiff competition Australian openers raved about (7)CA(DAVER*)
33 What's given to a winner? Lunch, perhaps, including a bit of dal (5) ME(D)AL

4 Pass a greenhorn officer (7)COL ONE L
14 Before sod's turned, everything is hunky-dory (3,2,5) BED OF ROSES*
22 Spoke obtained from citizen breaking musical instrument (7) RE(CIT)ED
24 Carrying no weapon, heroic leader escaped without getting hurt (7)UN h ARMED
29 Quietly the French left a specimen for test (4) EXAM p le

Thought No. 1 is 24 D, followed by 10 A and 9 A.

* * *


* * *
This was good fun! Here's the filled grid.

LOI - 2d, and I still can't work out the wordplay, so not sure if it's correct.

Fav clues: 9a, 30a, 31a

The definition in 21d is creative and the surface well-crafted, but the repetition of "to" in the defn & wordplay leaves it just short of the top list.

Another observation (will probably post it on THCC when the answers are published) - due to multiple setters not knowing the adjacent clues, there are similar devices used that a single setter for the puzzle would have avoided. e.g. Bangalore in 15a and 16a.


While I have taken every effort, any omission/error, if notified, will be rectified.

Monday 21 April 2014

No.11064, Monday 21 Apr 2014, Gridman

I know Gridman likes his coffee, but does that mean he has given up tea at the end of his over of 6 deliveries

1 Deserts a contingent on a bit of suspicion (8) ABANDONS (A BAND ON S)
5 A counter-productive tool? (6) ABACUS CD It is a productive tool on the counter
9 Dirty rush to hit beanbag in the middle (8) FLYBLOWN (FLY BLOW N)
10 Antiguan arboretum provides sanctuary for this creature (6) IGUANA (T)
12 Capital! Romantic hero loses nothing (4) ROME (ROMEo)
13 A bomb alien dropped is terrible (10) ABOMINABLE (A BOMB ALIEN)*
          A chance to re-post my abominable poem on the Yeti ! But I have already posted it a couple of times. 
15 South American leader holds monied one in Czech republic (6) CHAVEZ (HAVE in CZ) "Haves" (money one) as contrasted from "Have-nots"
17 Lost daughter found in Andean nation (5) PERDU (D in PERU)
20 Blight in the last month? Yes (5) DECAY (DEC AY)
          Remembered the old movie Blithe Spirit, where the spirit is probably a blight on the blighter from Blighty
21 Sh! With these milk containers, one is horrified (6) UDDERS (shUDDERS)
          Remembered the old comedy serial "Some udders do have them" (~Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em)
24 Getting rid of a boy for spilling oils and asafoetida (10) ABOLISHING (A B OILS* HING)
27 Wrestling with second after American backs (4) SUMO (US< MO)

29 Pamper old king welcoming Indian television channel (6) CODDLE (COLE outside DD)
30 Once, engineer, with two journalists, outstripped (8) EXCEEDED (EX CE EDx2)
31 Indian leader’s son, with maid, follows unhappy perversion (6) SADISM (I S M follows SAD)
          In normal times, I'd have said this sounds like the philosophy of a regional Indian political party. But these are not normal times, for the code of Model conduct applies.
32 One van, specially fitted, approaches Mumbai suburb in advance (8) INVASION (I VAN* SION)
          Is the Crimea advance/invasion a crime?  Probably depends on the point of view!

1 A female’s company? Say yes! (6) AFFIRM (A F FIRM)
           "I do" say yes to a female's company!
2 The depths of sailor’s unknown text message (6) ABYSMS (AB Y SMS)
3 Carnegie in depression? (4) DALE 2
4 Old Indian governor finds a woman in retrograde block (5) NAWAB (A W in BAN<)
           I am sure he is winning friends and influencing people, wherever he is
6 Started to entreat with an international organisation (5) BEGUN (BEG UN)
           A slight change in the last letter would have given the foregoing Nawab his begum!
7 Has trouble moving up in mad scramble (8) CLAMBERS (SCRAMBLE)*
           A scrambled scramble!
8 Evolves favourably resulting in phases? (6,2) SHAPES UP (SHAPES* UP)
11 Astonished by network in these times (6) AMAZED (MAZE in A.D.)
14 Reported plan to bring milk product (4) WHEY (~WAY)
           L'il Miss Muffet's aliment
16 Man’s expression of disgust in vehicle (6) VAUGHN (UGH in VAN)
17 Occupy a space in prince’s boat (4) PARK (P ARK)
18 Goes ahead and makes a loan (8) ADVANCES 2
19 Given one’s due with account that’s woven (8) ACCORDED (AC CORDED)
22 Italian town square almost free (6) QUADRI (QUAD RId)
23 Girl crosses road in country (6) JORDAN (JOAN crosses RD)
25 Does nothing but sidle with son from one end to the other (5) IDLES ((-S)IDLE(+S))
26 U.S. President put an end to working (5) NIXON (NIX ON)
           The guy who made watergate famous well before our coalgate
28 Big game shot (4) MEGA (GAME*)

PS - For those who have logged in after 8:40, there is an article by the Reader's Editor of The HINDU which has been posted in the blog today at 8:30 and can be viewed in the post below this.

The Hindu Reader's Editor on crossword errors

Sunday 20 April 2014

Special: THCC CC1, Sunday 20 Apr 2014

The clues for this Community Crossword are written by a team of volunteers who are members of this blog, some taking two clues each and others one each.
Solvers are NOT required to enter answers in the Comment section as is generally done for our Sunday specials. This time they are invited to send the solutions to chaturvasi{at}yahoo{dot}com in solution grid form or in run-on paras (Across: 1 ..., 4 ... etc. Down: 1 ..., 2 ... etc.)  before 11-59 p.m. IST Monday, the 21st April, 2014.
Clue writers too may take part, though they might already know one or two answers.
The name of the solver who sends the first all-correct entry (as received by the moderator) will be declared the winner. The names of all others who send all-correct entries will be published when the results are announced.
The moderator takes no responsibility for mails not received.
The filled-in grid was contributed by Chaturvasi.

Visitors to the blog who in the past were not able to post answers before the deadline are specially invited to send solutions, making use of the time available now. Please add your place of residence.

Those who send entries are encouraged to indicate any clues that they consider are good. When publishing the results, I will say which won most mentions.

1 A gap in ridge leads to only new port in Panama (5)
4 Reportedly see over leaderless resistance group (9)
9 Appear confused before starting to loosen clothes (7)
10 Stiff competition Australian openers raved about (7)
11 Leave Elliot's creature holding side (4)
12 A girl is caught in mistaken identification (4)
13 Increases lead in competition getting out of difficult situations (5)
15 Wild boar disappeared in Bangalore intersection (5)
16 East-facing Bangalore (Malleswaram) houses not trendy in comparison (5)
17 Rugged (spikiest!) off-piste type of course (3)
18 Sabira returns concealing a part of the body (3)
20 External path beginning to end (5)
23 Corrupt lame duck led out in a frenzy (5)
25 Doctor, brainy, not initially navigating via sky (2,3)
26 Ailing son goes out to model taking a moment (4)
27 Cayman edges off exercising supernatural power (4)
30 Reacts emotionally to rates moving higher (5,2)
31 One carried by IT professional's driver (7)
32 Woeful sorrows filling cryptic definitions initially in this puzzle (9)
33 What's given to a winner? Lunch, perhaps, including a bit of dal (5)

1 Split with king for the French to covet (5)
2 Running out of drinks in the middle of get-together (7)
3 Noah's Ark? No wonders, he is a tell-tale (4)
4 Pass a greenhorn officer (7)
5 An obstruction under the river? Over the surface (7)
6 Because of competition one's taken to court (10)
7 Envelops in undergarments (7)
8 Measures of distance receive sign of approval (9)
14 Before sod's turned, everything is hunky-dory (3,2,5)
15 Cricketer after a century is run out by one at cover point like an athlete (9)
19 Support Virginia Act with bluster (7)
21 What the kid got into for summer activity perhaps? (3,2,2)
22 Spoke obtained from citizen breaking musical instrument (7)
24 Carrying no weapon, heroic leader escaped without getting hurt (7)
28 Every second earn in fuel to neutralize (5)
29 Quietly the French left a specimen for test (4)

To attempt the Crossword on a separate page follow the link THCC CC1


Ajeesh, Bhavan, Bhalchandra, Deepak,  Devanathan, Happy Rotter, Kishore, Mohsin, Navneeth, Padmanabhan, 
Prashanth Sai, Raghunath, Raju, Ram, Ramesh, Richard, Saral, Shrikanth, Shuchismita. Vasant, Vijay, Venkatesh