Sunday 30 April 2017

Speciail, Sunday 30 Apr 2017, Dr Satyen Nabar

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please post all your answers in one comment.

8   Secret always concealed by everyone else (2, 2)
9   This may be handy while making out with amazing doll! Heaven (4, 6)
10 Extravagant publicity for game (6)
11 Managed to be next to rulers to get positions of seniority (8)
12 Lead scoundrels back (4)
13 Flat gut she developed having trained on her own (4-6)
17 Keep talking about musical instrument (4)
18 Run faster! Lose top sleuth following (5)
19 Hit rhythm (4)
20 Annoyed an important person for raise (7, 3)
22 Jot down message (4)
23 Dirtier food and alcohol, I hear (8)
27 Mark's playing well (6)
28 Completely single, involved in romps and casual affairs (10)
29 Judge without hesitation about to liberate (4)

1   Laundry can’t help? Nobody will believe (2, 4, 4)
2   Cold drink with gin? What nonsense (8)
3   Scrubs well past closing time for a fresh start (5, 5)
4   Briefly turn away to affirm (4)
5   Avoid short bypass (4)
6   Unmoved by content that explains it unambiguously (2, 4)
7   Stop advertisement (4)
14 Extremely drunk, boy lost game of chance (5)
15 Hot argument one interrupts to analyse what’s most prudent (10)
16 Neck with an extremely attractive person (4, 6)
19 Concerned if an object returned is essentially authentic (4, 4)
21 Loosely mobile obstructions! (6)
24 Limitlessly dull breed (4)
25 Acquire invention? Cue to leave country (4)
26 Evidence of leader quitting contest (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at Dr SN 13


The Sunday Crossword No 2941, Sunday 30 Apr 2017

1   Poor work disrupting railway (4) ROPY {R{OP}Y}
3   Insult hero's unusually soft style of singing (10) BARBERSHOP {BARB}{HEROS*}{P}
9   Director getting Oscar, after cheers, blustering endlessly (9) TARANTINO {TA}{RANTINg}{O}
11 Labour account about conspiratorial group (5) CABAL {LAB}{AC}<=
12 Stick with demon drink (6) IMPALE {IMP}{ALE}
13 Pragmatic people referring to ace catalogues (8) REALISTS {RE}{A}{LISTS}
15 Deeds unfamiliar to saint in order to prepare for battle (6,8) ACTION STATIONS {ACT S}{TO+SAINT}* (Correction - {ACTION S}{TO+SAINT}* - See comments)
17 Territory shown by map sadly secured by fraud and crushed (8,6) STAMPING GROUND {ST{MAP*}ING} {GROUND}
20 Neighbourhood very hostile about fashionable appeal (8) VICINITY {V}{IC{IN}{IT}Y}
21 Call for extremes of exertion before end (6) ENTAIL {Ex...oN}{TAIL}
23 Heart broken by hard task (5) CHORE {C{H}ORE}
25 Sigh woefully about bribe, confounded nonsense (9) GIBBERISH {BRIBE}* in {SIGH}*
26 Dance with skill, I note, having three elements (10) TRIPARTITE {TRIP}{ART}{I}{TE}
27 Contents of rhyme and new song (4) HYMN {rHYMe}{N}

1   Wine picked up in can is terrible (7) RETSINA [T<=]
2   Wandering from pier, awfully sad, missing hotel (11) PERIPATETIC {PIER*}{PAThETIC}
4   Assistance guarding against becoming zealous (4) AVID {A{V}ID}
5   Recoil in anger, struggling after prosperous period (9) BOOMERANG {BOOM}{ANGER*}
6   Remembrance mostly about one with dream showing obstinacy (13) RECALCITRANCE {RECALl}{C}{1}{TRANCE}
7   Fish not caught in centre of activity (3) HUB cHUB
8   Refinement in language (6) POLISH [DD]
10 One man ends all wrangling as leader of South Africa (6,7) NELSON MANDELA*
14 Oddity in wrong version of a liturgy (11) SINGULARITY {SIN}{A+LITURGY}*
16 Ruined contest, losing force and clinging (4-5) SKIN-TIGHT {SKINT}{fIGHT}
18 Teacher keeping record on Hawaii identifying marine mammal (7) DOLPHIN {DO{LP}{HI}N}
19 Investigator with eggs upset bird (6) AVOCET {TEC}{OVA}<=
22 Bishop during meal raised support (4) ABET {B} in {TEA<=}
24 Sash used by slob incorrectly (3) OBI [T]


Saturday 29 April 2017

No 11994, Saturday 29 Apr 2017, Arden


1 Shock as second seed exits playing amateur (6) TRAUMA {AMATeUR}*
4 Salt in the open will stick to the hull (8) BARNACLE {BAR{NACL}E}
9 I say yes- in short it's not enough (6) MEAGRE {ME}{AGREe}
10 Gathering outdoors- maybe an Angel will protect the little one (8) CLAMBAKE {C{LAMB}AKE}
12 Takes two to check jewellery (8) BRACELET {BRACE}{LET}
13 French man on short visit, is calm (6) SERENE {SEe}{RENE}
15 Issue's absent, law is pragmatic (6,2,4) MATTER OF ACT {MATTER}{OF F}{ACT}
18 Aground? Find a magic solution (6,6) SILVER BULLET {SILVER}{BULLET} Aground= Ag + Round
21 Makes a change- It's suitable during promotions (6) ADAPTS {AD{APT}S}
22 It's said to have happened once, date unclear (8) ANECDOTE {ONCE+DATE}*
24 Guard posted on train line (8) SENTINEL {SENT}{LINE*}
25 Release pressure for some time, hot stuff will make you squirm (6) TICKLE {(-p+Time)ICKLE}
26 Carrying something beautiful (8) FETCHING (DD)
27 Programme for mature politicians (6) AGENDA {AGE}{NDA}


1 Harry met bimbo, set off at appointed time (4,4) TIME BOMB {MET+BIMBO}* Time appears as part of clue
2 During a yatra one flipped over a plant (8) AMARANTH {AMAR(NA<=)TH}
3 She played her part to hinder Carmelite order (7,8) MARLENE DIETRICH {HINDER+CARMELITE}*
5 Reduce inner dimension of shaft (4) AXLE {AX{L}E}
6 Maybe one is going through a grind analysing data (6,9) NUMBER CRUNCHING (CD)
7 Home to teach, free student intake (6) CHALET {TEACH}* around {L}

8 Number of eels, odd? No, not odd (6) ELEVEN {EeLs}{EVEN}
11 Settle lovers' tiff, there's peace finally (7) RESOLVE {LOVERS}*{peacE}
14 Slight force split a face (7) AFFRONT {A}{F}{FRONT}
16 Brave to relocate along with family (8) ALGONKIN {ALONG}*{KIN}

17 Regularly sent empty crate on fixed rate among other things (2,6) ET CETERA  {sEnT} {CratE}{RATE*}
19 Said to be huge mountain range (6) MASSIF {~MASSIVE}
20 10 mop up stone... (6) GARNET {TEN}{RAG}<=
23 ...for him it's hollow victory, made the cut (4) HEWN {HE}{WiN}


Friday 28 April 2017

No 11993, Friday 28 Apr 2017, Arden

1   Room for tourist- one's out of this world... (5,9) SPACE TRAVELLER {SPACE} {TRAVELLER}
10 ...sore with filthy lucre (5) ULCER*
11 Passed a law on ladies accommodation (9) LEGALISED {LEG}{LADIES*}
12 It took four of them to win over the French (7) BEATLES {BEAT{LE}S} &lit (Correction - {BEAT}{LES} - See comments)
13 Trilled a tune, rejected a drink (7) SANGRIA {SANG}{AIR<=}
14 Bull- meaning found in the dictionary (5) EDICT [T]
16 At risk only when most of it is well covered (2,4,3) ON THIN ICE [CD] (Addendum - {O}{N {THINg} ICE} - See comments)
19 "Live wire will gain altitude", says Spooner (9) HIGHFLYER {Spooned from FLY HIGHER}
20 Throw fish outside one of the Windows (5) EXPEL {E{XP}EL}
22 Bandicoot will shed its coat over a period (4,3) MOLE RAT {MOL{E RA}T}
25 Not overcome by experience (7) UNDERGO {UNDER}{GO}
27 Blackball Brown- meaning bring Tom in (9) RUSTICATE {RUST}{I{CAT}E}
28 New song, "Return the money" (5) NAIRA {N}{ARIA<=}
29 Correct if royalists act in an acceptable way (14) SATISFACTORILY*

2   Promo for a girl getting ready to travel outside... (9) PACKAGING {PACK{A}{G}ING}
3   ...girl to sing? (5) CAROL [DD]
4   Stop a politician like in 19, it's unbelievable (4,5) TALL STORY Definition by example? (Addendum - {Spooners STALL TORY - See comments)
5   Protection for American soldier as water rises around him (5) AEGIS {GI} in {SEA<=}
6   It grows in a gentle fashion (9) EGLANTINE*
7   Change of heart- afterwards becomes light (5) LASER LA(-t+s)SER
8   Issue price assumes a small dimension (7) RADIATE {R{A}{DIA}TE} (Correction - {RA{DIA}TE} - See comments)
9   Mutter and grope as male goes for female (6) MUMBLE (-f+m)MUMBLE
15 They prevent you falling overboard when rafts fail to function (9) TAFFRAILS*
17 Fierce, tense, turn blue mysteriously (9) TURBULENT {T}{TURN+BLUE}*
18 Just an admission, but it's contradictory (9) IMPARTIAL {I'M}{PARTIAL} &lit
19 It's in hand, the drone will definitely go up (7) HUMERUS {HUM}{SURE<=}
21 Brush can retrace 50%, not 50 (6) LOOFAH {LOO}{HAlF<=}
23 Inclination to include an unknown composer (5) LISZT {LIS{Z}T}
24 Starts training in April, racing ahead for the crown (5) TIARA Acrostic
26 He pays for entrance, anonymously (5) DONOR {DO{N}OR} Anonymously = Without Name


Thursday 27 April 2017

No 11992, Thursday 27 Apr 2017, Buzzer

Stumped in the NE corner.

8   Love for one game, on reflection it is poetic (6) SONNET {TENN(-i+o}OS}<=
9   Element of fun be a tenet for winning (8) UNBEATEN [T]
10 Free movement of platoon around India (8) OPTIONAL {OPT{I}ONAL*}
11 Groundwork to protect new unionist? (3-3) P??-??? (Addendum - PRE-NUP {PRE-{N}{U}P} - See comments) &lit
12 Burn or blast misfortune to pieces (5,4,6) BURST INTO FLAMES*
14 Notice soldiers interrupting military commander (7) ADMIRAL {AD}{MI{RA}L}
16 All those filling RV departed as planned (7) STUDIED STU{DIED} Anno pending (Addendum - {rSTUv}{DIED} - See comments)
19 Happy key game hands a cracking match (2,7,6) IN SEVENTH HEAVEN {INS}{EVENT}{H H}{E{A}VEN}
22 The aim is to transform a small town in UP (6) AMETHI*
24 Taxi and clear off in a high form of transport (5,3) CABLE CAR {CAB} {LE CAR*}
25 A better alternative to contain ultimately, pulmonary TB (8) TERABYTE {p...rY} in {A+BETTER}*
26 Frilly clothes say no longer current (6) LEGACY {L{EG}ACY}

1   Court to make matters worse (8) COMPOUND [DD]
2   Nice sounding piece of rock (6) GNEISS (~nice)
3   Entering August, and in a weather to marvel (5,2,3) STAND IN AWE [T]
4   Wharf illuminated on the inside level (7) QUALITY {QUA{LIT}Y}
5   Serving to be spy, cut corners (4) TBSP {To}{Be}{SPy}
6   What helps market sail? (5,3) ?A??? AID  (Addendum - SALES AID (sail said) - See comments)
7   Splendid for good times to appear in a torrent (2,4) ?E ???E (Addendum - DELUXE {DELU(-g+x)XE } - See comments)
13 Do fathom InfoTech book describing article poorly (3,3,4) FIT THE BILL {F}{IT} {THE} {B}{ILL}
15 He is one from exotic Tangiers (5,3) INERT GAS*
17 Dash or head off to a spiritual meeting holding stage (8) ELEGANCE {sE{LEG}ANCE}
18 Notice singular watch (7) STICKER {S}{TICKER}
20 Song without any feeling? Only more so (6) NUMBER [DD]
21 Pay back, it unfortunately is negative (6) AVENGE NEGAtiVE [RA]
23 From Emily Dickinson uplifting poem of rustic simplicity (4) IDYL [T<=]


Wednesday 26 April 2017

No 11991, Wednesday 26 Apr 2017, Neyartha

7   Revolutionary yoga visual from an European country (10) YUGOSLAVIA*
9   See 4 Dn. (4)
10 Attack the dangerous blue boar (8) BELABOUR*
11 Charged after losing the opener and got confused (6) ADDLED sADDLED
12 Continental representation in the Olympics? (5) RINGS [CD]
13 Divert returning vehicle to get rid of carbon in the atmosphere (9) SUBLIMATE {BUS<=}{cLIMATE}
14 Cooking vessel for a ship (7) STEAMER [DD]
17 Contemplate auctioning part of the elevated land expanse (7) PLATEAU [T]
20 Forecasting expert to name revolutionary behind the inn (9) PROPHETIC {PRO}{PH}{CITE<=} PH = Public House
22 Measure of potential difference in audition for an Olympic event (5) VAULT (~volt)

25 Son's at the wrong place with the jokers of the universe (6) COSMIC CO(+s)SMIC(-s)
26 Unfair to have the rug flown out (8) WRONGFUL*
27 Withered prophet in conversation (4) SERE (~seer)
28 Sibling's lack of resistance to some bacteria threatening nickel extraction (10) STEPSISTER {STrEP}{SIniSTER}

1   Bones of a bird turning up by a river in Hawaii (6) HUMERI {EMU<=}{R} in {HI}
2   (with 16 Dn.) Duty to ring the emergency room after overturned canopy traps student at an Olympic event (5) FLOOR EXERCISE {F{L}OOR<=} {EX{ER}CISE}
3   Books that may attract punitive measures from a library? (7) OVERDUE [CD]
4   (with 9 Ac.) Jump up to receive an artist with lines by the poet (a Democrat's son) at an Olympic event (8) PARALLEL BARS {PA{RA}{LL}EL<=} {BAR(-d+s)S}
5   Alibi demanded and provided in the same place (6) IBIDEM [T]
6   Teenager at sea gets a beverage (8) GREEN TEA The enu be (5,3)
8   Going down Memory Lane? Earache might result if the directions are missed (7) OTALGIA nOsTALGIA
15 Jack, a bridge player, gets introduced to a large flatfish on an aircraft (8) TURBOJET {J}{E} in {TURBOT}
16 See 2 Dn. (8)
18 Rushes to secure gallium for making a crowd dispersal aid (4,3) TEAR GAS {TEAR {GA}S}
19 Hybrid milkweed's first leaf was plucked out around Wednesday (7) MIDWEEK MIlKWEED*
21 (with 24 Dn.) The Frenchmen follow a river with the Spanish animal to get to an Olympic event (6) POMMEL HORSE {PO}{MM}{EL} {HORSE}
23 Tree used to make wreaths of honour for a slapstick comedian (6) LAUREL [DD]
24 See 21 Dn. (5)

Tuesday 25 April 2017

No 11990, Tuesday 25 Apr 2017, Gridman

7   Overly fearful artist and leader are confined in home (8) PARANOID {PA{RA}{NO1}D}
9   Fight by foreign sea getting more hot (6) WARMER {WAR}{MER}
10 When scanties get torn, help is required (10) ASSISTANCE {AS}{SCANTIES}*
11 Timid man to eke out (4) MEEK {M}{EKE}*
12 The French partner's focal device (4) LENS {LE}{NS}
14 First, decorous old piece's placed back (10) PRIMORDIAL {PRIM}{O}{R}{LAID<=} R = Rook = Chess piece
16 Cubbon, for example, gets a winter coat (5) PARKA {PARK}{A}
17 Grown improperly - not right! (5) WRONG*
21 Source's established a new case has been emptied (10) PROVENANCE {PROVEN}{A}{N}{CasE}
22 State frankly: "Have gown with edges torn" (4) AVOW {hAVe}{gOWn}
23 Let slip no second tablet (4) PILL sPILL
24 Declare earnestly: "Fool's always worried" (10) ASSEVERATE {ASS}{EVER}{ATE}
26 Small journal's browsing site is attractive (6) MAGNET {MAG}{NET}
27 Volcanic rock found by old boy with two men (8) OBSIDIAN {OB}{SID}{IAN}

1   Stop the woman taking English spirit (7) BANSHEE {BAN}{SHE}{E}
2   A ten in half-time prepare to take off (4) TAXI {T{A}{X}Ime}
3   Throat issue revealed by a study - one conducted in old Delhi (7) ADENOID {A}{DEN}{O{1}D}
4   Model - small and quaint (4) TWEE {T}{WEE}
5   Overly proper publicity on new American diva (5,5) PRIMA DONNA {PRIM}{A D}{ON}{N}{A}
6   Fresh beginning of French boy with a single (7) RENEWAL {RENE}{W}{A}{L} L for Single?
8   Frank exposes approval in enclosure (9) OUTSPOKEN {OUTS}{P{OK}EN}
13 Rats falling over and concealing not one hungry person (10) STARVELING {RATS<=}{VEiLING}
15 " is in ___ that we are underlings" (Shakespeare) (9) OURSELVES [FITB]
18 Crafty person? (7) ARTISAN [CD]
19 Having difficulty, Spain to find a fix (2,1,4) IN A SPOT*
20 Superhero hugging old rower (7) BOATMAN {B{O}ATMAN}
24 Vehicle in which tau toured round (4) AUTO {TAU}*{O}
25 Went on highway, we hear (4) RODE (~road)


Monday 24 April 2017

No 11989, Monday 24 Apr 2017, Gridman

1   Top assistance supplied in orbiting outposts (5,8) SPACE STATIONS*
8   Go in India without ultimately angelic light (4) HALO cHALO
9   Having understanding, clear up pet caught in a mess (10) PERCEPTUAL*
10 Spot a top source for starchy food (6) POTATO [T]
11 Poor inn I'd get redone (8) INDIGENT*
12 At unending tour, not one falling or wearing down (9) ATTRITION {AT}{TRIp}{NOT+1}*
14 Advance slowly in court house (4) INCH {IN}{CH}
15 Son leaves spot for a quick kiss (4) PECK sPECK
16 Six dial USA desperately for magnifying glass, say (6,3) VISUAL AID {VI}{DIAL+USA}*
20 Perhaps relating to the whole (8) INTEGRAL*
21 Fired up, the man put away diamonds (6) HEATED {HE}{ATE}{D}
23 Government official about to give away secret behind almirah (10) BUREAUCRAT {BUREAU}{C}{RAT}
24 Muslim leader captures hearts of Lima camp (4) IMAM {lIMa}{cAMp}
25 Songs sung in place for plants? Not exactly! (7,6) NURSERY RHYMES {NURSERY} {RHYMES} How do we classify this clue? [CD} - See comments

1   A poster put out in Chennai, for example (7) SEAPORT*
2   8 get round to a Hawaii greeting (5) ALOHA {HALO}*{A}
3   Take advantage of extra — one in patch of land (7) EXPLOIT {EX}{PLO{1}T}
4   One fright in area will bring in these reservists (11,4) TERRITORIAL ARMY {TERRITOR{1}{AL ARM}Y}
5   Fashionable tear in shirt and front of underwear (6) TRENDY {T}{REND}{Y}
6   One month in the past ace cook stopped short of having many sides (9) OCTAGONAL {OCT}{AGO}{NALa}
7   Old comedian captures you finally with character that is firm (7) STAUNCH {STA{yoU}N}{CH}
13 Crook making noise about sages having stripped (9) RACKETEER {RACKET}{sEERs}
15 Publisher's bird (7) PENGUIN [DD]
17 World leaders' hard urge to disentangle (7) UNHITCH {UN}{H}{ITCH}
18 Pole's coverings, where I see paces going haywire (7) ICECAPS {I+C+PACES}*
19 Overly French-English combine admitted top drama group (6) TROUPE Anno pending (Addendum - {TRO{U}P}E} -See comments
22 Cut one old man's principle (5) AXIOM {AX}{1}{O}{M}


Sunday 23 April 2017

Special, Sunday 23 Apr 2017, K Koteswar Rao

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Safe stadia for play? It smells foul! (10)
6   Sir Isaac Newton has a complaint visibly (4)
10 Pull down in a true fashion (7)
11 Snake moves around Rhode Island for a musical instrument (7)
12 Troubling hasty power cut? Be careful (5,4,4)
14 Lara walks out of international design (9)
16 Trainer makes parrot utter back what is told (5)
17 Discard end of trough sound lost midway for drain beginning (5)
19 Endless accord most possibly for the ruler of the world (9)
21 Lives through again! Déjà vu? (2-11)
24 Coming on air obituary news relates to capital (7)
25 Old man rides around centre of trike. It’s spicy (7)
26 Enliven wildly, nothing goes smooth (4)
27 Scientist Henry is prepared for laughing uncontrollably (2 8)

1   Indian city leaves nothing in the market place (4)
2   Follow and conform the current opinions (4,4,3,4)
3   Knock down apartment number (7)
4   You gnash them when you complain angrily (5)
5   At a loss for words endlessly and located special delights (9)
7   Committee throws away to find a way of living (4,2,5,4)
8   Annoy with old when each had food (10)
9   Dirty tryout often generates fungus (3,3)
13 An act that prevents presence of Mohinder ancestry (10)
15 Penetration is inclusion by changing side and moving down (9)
18 A short jump by the animal. It’s a caterpillar (3,3)
20 One occupant hurriedly leaves article part behind the head (7) 
22 Expiate that is not necessary for one who is not in the country (5)
23 Set match randomly highlights the retrograde big ones (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at KKR 7


The Sunday Crossword No 2940, Sunday 23 Apr 2017

TH has resumed the numbering again. Didn't notice if it was there last week.

1   Gangster without assistance seizing crown (2,6) AL CAPONE {AL {CAP}ONE}
5   Direct debit cutting very large price (4) ODDS {O{DD}S}
10 Cheat turning to automatic machine (5) ROBOT {ROB}{TO<=}
11 Convey elevation in case (9) CARTRIDGE {CART}{RIDGE}
12 Writes about river safari, initially poor (9) PENNILESS {PEN{NILE}S}{Sa...i}
13 Popular point about English being awkward (5) INEPT {IN}{E}{PT}
14 Go for it, needing that leg-up, keen to work (4,3,6) TAKE THE PLUNGE*
17 Angry protests after damage outside new buildings (13) CONSTRUCTIONS {CO{N}ST}{RUCTIONS}
21 Some now energetic in retirement begin again (5) RENEW [T<=]
22 Distance after day covered by game bird (9) GOLDFINCH {GOL{D}F}{INCH}
24 Explain concern, not small, about public relations (9) INTERPRET {INTEREsT} around {PR}
25 Cross island with speed (5) IRATE {I}{RATE}
26 Chatters, getting power in voice back (4) YAPS {YA{P}S<=}
27 Left chosen ground, beginning to seek monster's abode? (4,4) LOCH NESS {L}{CHOSEN}*{Seek}

1   Brisk sailor with routine, quietly absorbed (6) ABRUPT {AB}{RU{P}T}
2   Group in government showing it can be complicated (7) CABINET*
3   Role involving a prank, worry for actor (7,7) PATRICK STEWART {P{A}{TRICK} {STEW}ART}
4   Hour during pleasant recess (5) NICHE {NIC{H}E}
6   Failure with information about old resentment (7) DUDGEON {DUD}{GE{O}N}
7   Time put into search over half of area in plant (5,3) SWEET PEA {SWEE{T} P}{arEA}
8   Be successful mostly on court in view (8) PROSPECT {PROSPEr}{CT}
9   Official threat shaking strong belief (7,2,5) ARTICLE OF FAITH*
15 Violent behaviour almost embraced in test (8) THUGGERY {T{HUGGEd}RY}
16 Shortage having lasting effect on urban area (8) SCARCITY {SCAR}{CITY}
18 Constant drama, north and south, before summit (3-4) NON-STOP {NO}{N}-{S}{TOP}
19 Soldier perhaps in secure state capital (5,2) SANTA FE {S{ANT}A FE}
20 Layers in places drilled by man (6) SHEETS {S{HE}ETS}
23 Learner with excessive love for game (5) LOTTO {L}{OTT}{O}

Saturday 22 April 2017

No 11988, Saturday 22 Apr 2017, Gridman


7 Complaint resulting from picking up fruit repeatedly (8) BERIBERI {~BERRY BERRY}
8 Saw mister carelessly leaving drug for you (6) TRUISM {MIST(-e+U)R}*
10 Company popular in retaining right associate (6) COHORT {CO}{HO{R}T}
11 The French offender leaves one man teary (8) LACRIMAL {LA}{CRIMinAL} man=Chessman=Knight=N? See Comments
12 At event, daughter enters bitterly into feud (8) VENDETTA {AT+EVENT+D}*
13 It's put back in bathroom - new cosmetic liquid (6) LOTION {LO{IT<=}O}{N}
14 Small notable person - not old, a brown (7) SWARTHY {S}{W(-o+A}RTHY}
16 We, with good girl, twist and turn (7) WRIGGLE {WE+G+GIRL}*
19 Speed along to get a fastener (6) ZIPPER {ZIP}{PER}
21 Tree-dwelling boar wanders off... True! (8) ARBOREAL {BOAR*}{REAL}
23 Resignation from small newspaper's Misc. section (8) STOICISM {S}{TOI}{MISC*}
24 A limit? On the contrary, be plentiful (6) ABOUND {A}{BOUND}
25 Observe learner taking question in Part II (6) SEQUEL {SE{QU}E}{L}
26 Say we could have this in certain garments (8) NECKLINE (CD?) (DD) See comments


1 Drink persons not confident enough on card play have with the French (3,4,7) WET ONE'S WHISTLE {WET ONES}{WHIST}{LE}
2 Princess' command causes confusion (8) DISORDER {DI'S}{ORDER}
3 "What do you do with the drum? Out!" (4,2) BEAT IT (DD)
4 Damsel I steered away from fool (7) MISLEAD {DAMSEL+I}*
5 Learner's caught up in label - 'Perfectionist' (8) STICKLER {STICK{L}ER}
6 Question is not fanciful (6) QUAINT {QU}{AIN'T}
9 Does a college-goer settle himself on it? (4,2,8) SEAT OF LEARNING (CD)
15 Rottweiler's bone falls into pit - awful! (8) HORRIBLE {HO{R}{RIB}LE}
17 Ugly sight presented by the thrashing of gay ogler (8) GARGOYLE {GAY+OGLER}*
18 Plant short Indian community put adjacent to small pit (7) JASMINE {JAt}{S}{MINE}
20 Settled lowly man, with help, at the top (4,2) PAID UP {P{AID} UP} {P}{AID}{UP} See comments
22 Arm brother on cattle station (6) BRANCH {B}{RANCH}


Friday 21 April 2017

No 11987, Friday 21 Apr 2017, Gridman

7   At times it goes to the head of a politician in India (5,3) CLOTH CAP Anno pending [CD] See comments
8   Shoo MP away with grunts (6) OOMPHS*
10 Consumer goes around old city for moneylender (6) USURER {US{UR}ER}
11 Can be depended on lier turning to get fit (8) RELIABLE {LIER}*{ABLE}
12 Where one might be safe in a burning situation (4,4) FIRE AREA [CD]
13 Difference of opinion on publicity lacking guidance (6) ADRIFT {AD}{RIFT}
14 What a man does with a woman to get to know her (4,3) ASKS OUT [CD]
16 Fans make fuss about rupees (7) ADORERS {ADO}{RE}{RS}
19 Stopped and wrote out (4,2) DREW UP [DD]
21 Takes over and happens to have no right food (8) OCCUPIES {OCCUr}{PIES}
23 Guests worried about engineer's signs (8) GESTURES {GUESTS}* around {RE}
24 Endless stigma around success in island (6) TAHITI {sTA{HIT}In}
25 National for whom I get help back within two nights (6) INDIAN {I}{N}{AID<=}{N}
26 Cad in rush fixed part of shoe anew (8) REHEELED  {RE{HEEL}ED}

1   Medical specialist left with no urges? (7,7) PLASTIC SURGEON {NO+URGES}*
2   Courses for some racetrack officials (8) STARTERS [DD]
3   Batsman who hits one-fifth of a century? (6) SCORER [DD]
4   Bushes cause anger in health resorts (7) SPIREAS {SP{IRE}AS}
5   Where measures of jet fuel are stored (8) ?O?L?A?D (Addendum - COALYARD [CD] - See comments)
6   Harm one man's mate (6) IMPAIR {1}{M}{PAIR}
9   The man will have hectic father role quite fast (4,3,7) HELL FOR LEATHER {HE'LL} {FATHER+ROLE}*
15 Greek character up with match dropping a piece of arbitration (8) UMPIRING {MU<=}{PaIRING}
17 Criminal record knocks man (foreigner) (3,5) RAP SHEET {RAP S}{HE}{ET}
18 Keep company with cheat - very right! (7) CONSORT {CON}{SO}{RT}
20 Where comedian's greeting man (6) WITHIN {WIT}{HI}{N} N for Man? See comments
22 Fielder's feat by youth is easily remembered (6) CATCHY {CATCH}{Y}


Thursday 20 April 2017

No 11986, Thursday 20 Apr 2017, Afterdark

1   In revolt, rioters peak and form a political movement (11) PERESTROIKA*
7   Continue to be evenly candid (3) ADD cAnDiD
9   First, push model to the forefront after certificate from channels (5) TUBES (+t){T}{U}{BES(-t)}
10 One going crazy collecting butter for test (9) ANGIOGRAM {A}{GOING}*{RAM}
11 Infamous company came via choppy sea, collected money and rejected assistance (4,5) EAST INDIA {SEA}*{T IN}{AID<=}
12 Support provided by India to Intelligence (5) BRAIN {BRA}{IN}
13 Everyone overwhelmed by gift bag (7) BALLOON {B{ALL}OON}
15 Person returned English title (4) NAME {MAN<=}{E}
18 Rebuke rude busmen disembarking setter (4) SNUB {BUSmeN}*
20 Tours regularly to procure red material (7) TUSSORE {ToUrS}{SORE}
23 Oarsman at bank to board ferry's jumpy (5) ROWER Anno pending (Addendum - {ROW}{fErRy})
24 After losing margins, ingenuously rebuilt a space that allows light (3,6) SUN LOUNGE {iNGENUOUSLy}*
26 Son, at hotel bar attacked by animal (5,4) SLOTH BEAR {S}{HOTEL+BAR}*
27 Medical device despatched bypassing Tiruchi border (5) STENT {S{Ti...i}ENT}
28 Denials on issue from the right (3) NOS [<=]
29 Somehow placate or inject a bit of morphine, a painkiller (11) PARACETAMOL {PLACATE+OR}* over  {A} and {Mo...e}

1   Seasoning lady added on pan with deseeded beans (8) POTHERBS {POT}{HER}{BeanS}
2   Forcefully dismissed, managed subtly (8) ROBUSTLY {RO}{SUBTLY*} RO-Run out
3   Dish Missus hid inside (5) SUSHI [T]
4   African managed to kidnap staff (7) RWANDAN {R{WAND}AN}
5   Root sprouting in downpour defying gravity (7) INGRAIN {IN}{G}{RAIN}
6   Mobs vandalized a grave earlier with explosives (4,5) ATOM BOMBS {A}{TOM B}{MOBS*}
7   A General is out of the country (6) ABROAD {A}{BROAD}
8   Urge college administrator to take money and accept daughter (6) DEMAND {DE{M}AN}{D}
14 Gate outside new building primarily shows joint possession (9) OWNERSHIP {O{NEW*}R}{Sh..s}{HIP}
16 Natural light to last till morning following month, not really a reflection (8) MOONBEAM {MO}{ON}{BE}{AM} Not sure of Anno (Addendum - {MO}{NOt<=}{BE}{AM} - See comments)
17 Amidst roar, director established support (8) PEDESTAL {PE{D}{EST}AL}
19 Returned bunch of 516 sheets after Electricity Board rejected for smudge (7) BESMEAR {EB<=}{REAMS<=}
20 Almost mislead worker immersed in action related to meditative techniques (7) TANTRIC {T{ANT}RICk}
21 Jail has an issue, press release sent in advance (6) PRISON {PR}{1}{SON}
22 After chasing tramp, sportswoman collapses and faints (6) SWOONS SpOrtSWOma*
25 Attack stone building (5) ONSET*

Wednesday 19 April 2017

No 11985, Wednesday 19 Apr 2017, Afterdark

1   Possibly strong and independent associate (11) POTENTIALLY {POTENT}{I}{ALLY}
9   Song to pacify child's not starting (7) LULLABY {LULL}{bABY}
10 Company release describes state of match (7) COUPLET {CO}{UP}{LET}
11 A channel in TV perhaps (5) INSET {IN}{SET}
12 Story about a guard trapping small animals (9) LIONESSES {LI{ONE}{SS}E}{S}
13 Is tutor holding back a tribe? (5) TUTSI [T<=]
15 Perhaps cells with no door, behind the edge of cowshed where felines are kept (9) CATTERIES {Co...d}{bATTERIES} New word for me
18 Solver’s no good, rejects grind, essentially hackles like a rebel (9) YOUNGTURK {YOU}{NG}{RUT<=}{hacKles} Shouldn't the enu be (5,4)?
21 Purchaser obtains ruby stone touring east (5) BUYER {BUY{E}R*}
22 Tries to participate in official practice (9) REHEARSAL {RE{HEARS}AL}
24 Devil is buried in an abyss at Ankara (5) SATAN [T]
26 Retired soldiers seen with hawk and one more bird (7) ROSELLA {OR<=}{SELL}{A} Parrots are not always green :-)
27 One crosses road regularly to get high class leading metal element (7) IRIDIUM {1}{R{1}D}{1}{U}{Metal}
28 Air guy maybe, beat gravity went above rain revolutionarily (11) YURI GAGARIN {AIR+GUY} over {G} and {RAIN}* &lit Enu should be (4,7) 

1   Friend led Cyrus, perhaps to the study of foretelling future (9) PALMISTRY {PAL}{MISTRY}
2   Accounts for beer in empty tankards (5) TALES {Ta..{ALE}..dS}
3   Can earth in galaxy eclipse a close shave? (9) NEARTHING [T] Again enu to be (4,5)?
4   On an empty day, chill out, roam while husband is away and be peaceful (7) IDYLLIC {DaY} in {ChILL}*
5   Boor overpowers officer as work ends, to strike (7) LOCKOUT {L{OC}{worK}OUT} Is the definition correct? As per Wiki lockout is the antithesis of strike.
6   Solvers got wet, emerging out of depth, holding the edge of yacht (5) YOUSE  {Yacht}{dOUSE}
7   Type of girl on cocaine's doubtful to let go of fellow (8) CLASSIFY {C}{LASS}{IFfY}
8   Oddly outfits made by him uplifts us (4) OTIS {OuTfItS} &lit
14 Most difficult examination containing a sketch without title (8) TOUGHEST {T{rOUGH}EST}
16 Decorating an oriental administrator in Chinese dynasty (9) EMBOSSING {E}{M{BOSS}ING}
17 Dictator dismissed, dismissed by National Guard staff (9) STRONGMAN {ST}{RO}{NG}{MAN} ST-Stumped, RO-Run Out
19 Power back-up device procured by army kept on a rack edge in the floor above (7) UPSTAIR {UPS}{TA}{1}{Rack}
20 Knight's inclined to eliminate wife for gain (7) KILLING {K}{wILLING}
22 Unusual to get right-minded, admirable, revolutionary, energetic leaders (4) RARE Acrostic
23 Everyone, oddly lacking heart in the compound (5) ALLOY {ALL}{OddlY}
25 Judge in Turkey passes sentence by mail (5) TRIER {RI}{E} in {TR} E for E-mail?


Tuesday 18 April 2017

No 11984, Tuesday 18 Apr 2017, KrisKross

1   Old short dress of mine (8) DECREPIT {DECk}{RE}{PIT}
5   Burning land (6) ALIGHT [DD]
9   Show Peter how to avoid risks (4,4) PLAY SAFE {PLAY} {SAFE}
10 Money church sent back to get cake (6) ECLAIR {RIAL}{CE}<=
12 Clean water, in select stores (5) RINSE [T]
13 Churchmen always in tears (9) REVERENDS {R{EVER}ENDS}
14 MBAs gathered for dances (6) SAMBAS {MBAS}*{AS}
16 One not working again — weary, close to collapse (7) RETIREE {RE}{TIRE}{c...sE}
19 Bear caught in Scottish river's floods (7) DELUGES {DE{LUG}E'S}
21 Computer administrators, simply exhausted, get bribes (6) SYSOPS {Si..lY}{SOPS}
23 Study tax limit (9) CONSTRAIN {CON}{STRAIN}
25 One making notes (5) STENO* &lit
26 I felt bad, pinching toddler's last toy (6) TRIFLE {t...eR} in {I+FELT}*
27 Fantastic danseuse from an African country (8) SUDANESE*
28 Poet is boring and hollow (6) DRYDEN {DRY}{DEN}
29 "American company used defective packaging", counsel finally admits (8) INCLUDES {INC}{c...eL}{USED*}

1   Caught in rebellion, President leaves to die (6) DEPART TRApPED<=
2   Protection for a knight is not trustworthy (5,4) CHAIN MAIL [DD]
3   "Result seen in error", pens University's head (5) ENSUE {ENS{Un...y}E*}
4   Makes an announcement of where to find students (7) INFORMS {IN}{FORMS}
6   Doctor appraises wounds (9) LACERATES {LACE}{RATES}
7   Piece of rag, surprisingly fashionable (5) GRAIN {RAG}*{IN}
8   Defeated and heart-broken, the lady would lose hope in the end (8) THRASHED {HeART}*{SHE'D}
11 State to prevent cutting taxes in the beginning (4) AVER AVERt
15 Sack a bank worker, mostly for a trifling amount... (9) BAGATELLE {BAG}{A}{TELLEr}
17 ...perhaps her red pen is to blame (9) REPREHEND*
18 Instructed English reporter to accept old money (8) EDUCATED {E}{DUCAT}{ED}
20 Last support (4) STAY [DD]
21 Health hazard from solar battery? (7) SUNBURN {SUN}{BURN}
22 Very wise birds going around England…London has two of them (6) VOWELS {V}{OW{E}LS} Definition by example
24 Number is finally very loud (5) NOISY {NO}{IS}{verY}
25 Hold up everyone, by the way (5) STALL {ST}{ALL}


Monday 17 April 2017

No 11983, Monday 17 Apr 2017, Spinner

1   One who fires arm alertly in rioting (12) ARTILLERYMAN*
10 Amplifier takes in unprocessed sound initially, giving processed sound (5) MUSIC {M{Un...d}{So,,d}IC}
11 Confession/Announcement — Young lady with Spinner's happening! (9) ADMISSION {AD}{MISS}{I}{ON}
12 Walk slowly on wood (6) LUMBER [DD]
13 Royal heir's corporation covered by media (8) PRINCESS {PR{INC}ESS}
15 Traditional girl caught between changing Indian culture and long-established roots (9) CLASSICAL {LASS} in {Ch...g}{In...n}{Cu...e}{And}{Long}
16 Revolutionary America is anxious to overcome eastern territory (4) ASIA [T<=]
20 Rebel leader very upset with governance, ultimately revolted (4) ROSE {Re..l}{SO<=}{g...cE}
21 Chisellers making small bowl engraved with large hills (9) SCULPTORS {S}{CU{L}P}{TORS}
24 Release writer caught between sides by mistake (8) DISPENSE {DIS{PEN}SE*}
26 Two units of Nitrogen flushed through gas pipe (6) FUNNEL {FU{NN}EL}
28 Friend touring in Monaco gains some pounds (9) COMPANION {Po...s} in {MONACO+IN}* 
29 Ages with poise, reportedly (5) GREYS (~grace)
30 Aren't Germans made for orchestration? (12) ARRANGEMENTS*

2   Looks like royal company's a Knight short! (9) RESEMBLES {R}{EnSEMBLES}
3   India cares about energy expansion (8) INCREASE {IN}{CARES*}{E}
4   Do nothing, being extremely lazy fool (4) LOAF {Lazy}{OAF}
5   Sensational reel unfolds, featuring maiden, ship & sailor (10) REMARKABLE {RE{M}{ARK}{AB}LE*}
6   Thinking without using head? Funny! (6) MUSING aMUSING
7   Interference is getting in the way of one broadcast (5) NOISE {NO{IS}E*}
8   Section of prism allows light (5) SMALL [T]
9   University's decorated alumnus has no money? That's strange! (7) UNUSUAL {U}{ALUmNUS}*
14 Spinner's nous is fantastic in debate (10) DISCUSSION {DISC}{NOUS+IS}*
17 Hardest cryptic set at the end of sequence, with setter showing no love (9) STRONGEST {STR(-i+o)ONG}{SET*} 'No love'? See comments
18 Anticipate direct runs after a bit of passing (7) PREDICT {Pa...g}{DIRECT}*
19 Toil and bust guts to overcome setter finally, getting unbounded joy (8) STRUGGLE {ST{s...eR}UG*}{LovE} (Correction - {ST{s...eR}UG*}{GLEe} - See comments)
22 Fix up extremely reconcilable couple (6) REPAIR {Re...lE}{PAIR}
23 Slab collapses, primarily triggered by explosion (5) BLAST {SLAB}*{Tr...d}
25 Country's savoury dish short of a pinch of salt (5) SAMOA SAMOsA
27 Stick needle partially into joint (4) KNEE [T]


Sunday 16 April 2017

Special, Sunday 16 Apr 2017, IXL-2016 Final

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations Compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment

7   Combative vehicle back with radio controls stripped (7)
9   Disengage couple in the grip of the French one (7)
11 Transparent cover over capital (5)
12 Twin x twin (9)
13 Op Art pattern of setter in modern Rome (5)
14 Woman raged about many stuck in marshy land (9)
16 Turkish chief, getting stone, is horror-struck (6)
18 Half-half pieces of clothes (6)
20 Offers to support old, berserk lass (9)
22 Mother doesn't finish, fellow doesn't finish constructing cottage (5)
24 Exhausted wife, beginning to alarm, shouted wildly (6-3)
26 Bird's dressing not completed (5)
27 Public notice at northern gate (7)
28 Governess leaves New York eager to get exotic cloth (7)

1   Standard measures cover every other bale (6)
2   Mess with big cups in line (6)
3   Glib queen with lot is in trouble (8)
4   Bounder hit the buffet with cleric (6)
5   Informers lifted the Bollywood success (4)
6   Submit a couple of points to the judge (7)
8   Shores up as a result of chidren's toys (7,6)
10 Tip: cable car I'm operating is visionary (13)
15 Talker's gift? (3)
17 Shakespearean character I left once (3)
18 Ambassador's urgent, leaving partners faltering (8)
19 A high comb-over might well be ... (7)
21 Officially choose one in a short time to model (6)
22 Brave beloved has lost a bit of love (6)
23 Becoming apparent daughter leaves shelter (6)
25 Magnificent number doffs hat - all squared up! (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at IXL-16 FINAL


The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 16 Apr 2017

1   Scaremonger with anxious air almost devoid of love (8) ALARMIST {AIR+ALMoST}*
5   Colour created by revolutionary artist receiving honour (5) AMBER {A{MBE}R<=}
9   Level about right for one making an effort (5) TRIER {T{R}IER}
10 Get rid of alien, biting back after time (9) ERADICATE {ET}{ACID}<= after {ERA}
11 Trust date chum arranged came up to expectations (3,3,7) CUT THE MUSTARD*
13 Container ship's contents secured by mate (5) PHIAL {sHIp} in {PAL}
14 Painting wins top prize finally (9) LANDSCAPE {LANDS}{CAP}{p..zE}
15 Tango one faced and accomplished for programme (9) TIMETABLE {T}{1}{MET}{ABLE}
17 Signify magic formula (5) SPELL [DD]
18 Clubs with areas developed by resort beside lake with super casino (7,6) CAESARS PALACE {C+AREAS}*{S PA}{L}{ACE}
21 Pass finished film (9) OVERSHOOT {OVER}{SHOOT}
22 Clutch, for instance, ring inlaid with diamonds (5) PEDAL {PE{D}AL}
23 Number born after revolution in country (5) BENIN {NINE}{B}<=
24 Spent day wandering to ridge (3-5) DOG-TIRED {D}{TO+RIDGE}*

1   Expect quote about old man supporting opponent (10) ANTICIPATE {ANTI}{CI{PA}TE}
2   Adventure novelist's ace tip followed by aviator, endlessly immaculate (8,7) ALISTAIR MACLEAN {A}{LIST}{AIR MAn}{CLEAN}
3   Officer warlike in speech (7) MARSHAL (~martial)
4   Vapour from south side (5) STEAM {S}{TEAM}
5   Beasts attack in area, upset (7) ANIMALS {SLAM}{IN}{A}<=
6   Drink in university with cross and doubtful expression after class (6,9) BRANDY ALEXANDER {BRAND}{Y ALE}{X}{AND}{ER}
7   Smell river with cry of surprise (4) REEK {R}{EEK}
8   Left gold, last of collection, in reasonable place in Switzerland (8) LAUSANNE {L}{AU}{SA{c...oN}NE}
12 Rich source, rotter with editor (4-6) WELL-HEELED {WELL}-{HEEL}{ED}
14 Note support and stick up for Canadian region (8) LABRADOR {LA}{BRA}{ROD<=}
16 Stare, bewildered about betrayal (7) TREASON {STARE}*{ON}
17 Don't move prop and frame (4,3) STAY PUT {STAY} {PUT} Put/Frame ?
19 Test muddled old argument (3-2) SET-TO {TEST}*{O}
20 Search in company with doctor (4) COMB {CO}{MB}