Edit your profile to display name

1. If you had (intentionally or unintentionally) logged into blogger.com through Google+ profile. Since Google has discontinued Google+, all that is lost.
Remedy: Login in directly at blogger, edit your profile at https://www.blogger.com/edit-profile.g and provide a display name. 

2. If you have been accessing through mobile and the display name was correctly being displayed before but suddenly became unknown. It's got to do with deleting cookies/data from chrome/Google app.
Remedy: Go to account setting, services in your mobile Google account and modify blogger service.

3. If not any of above, most likely the browser has disabled third party cookies. Please enable.

All of the above assuming you have logged in using the same email ID that tour blogger profile is associated with.

4. For first timersTo setup up your Blogger Profile, log in to your Blogger dashboard and go to Settings > User Settings. Under General > User Profile select that you want to use the Blogger . To edit your Blogger profile, click on the Edit link under the Blogger option


  1. Recently when I opened the blog through a ne device and posted a comment, Blogger told me to edit my profile. I put in my google user name and password and I was able to post my comment.

  2. As an exercise for myself, I edited my blogger image and display name.
    The steps above are very clear.

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