Monday 30 November 2015

No 11562, Monday 30 Nov 2015, Afterdark

Body parts strewn around the grid.

1   Shrewd missus seduces, conceals (6) SUSSED [T]
4   Visitor's vehicle parked outside alley is stripped (6) CALLER {CA{aLLEy}R}
9   Pitcher's against including an oriental (4) VANE {V}{AN}{E} Pitcher/Vane ? (Addendum - VASE {V{A}S}{E} - See comments)
10 Hardware store supplying ROM, almost ignores North (10) IRONMONGER {ROM+IGNOREs+N}*
11 USSR disintegrated, primarily into a different country (6) RUSSIA {USSR*}{Into}{A}
12 Agent in disguise traps Asian and evacuates elder youth (8) TEENAGER {AGENT* over E}{EldeR}
13 To humbly ask for help, auditor comes to quiet worker in between (3,2,4) HAT IN HAND HAT {IN} {HAND} Anno pending (Addendum CAP IN HAND - {CA}{P} {IN} {HAND} - See comments)
15 Cross verify missing condition (5) TESTY TESTifY
16 Silly ploy backfires, nothing in it (5) LOOPY {O} in PLOY*
18 The circle could start dynamic form of government (9) THEOCRACY {THE}{O}{Co..d}{RACY}
22 Heart has failed leading to an inflammatory condition (4,4) HEAT RASH*
23 Cost manipulated in getting an alarm bell (6) TOCSIN {COST*}{IN}
25 Show pity according to experience of a hater reborn (4,1,5) HAVE A HEART {HAVE} {A} {HATER*}
26 Meet was regularly held in a row of buildings (4) MEWS {MeEt+WaS}
27 Mass at old city near England finished (6) MATURE {M}{AT}{UR}{E}
28 Conservative bishop found in kinky orgy with a humanoid robot, maybe (6) CYBORG {C}{Y{B}ORG*}

1   Well, thanks for including university academic in making a medical instrument (7) SPATULA {SPA}{T{U}{L}A}
2   Glasses procured by police officer with some EMI at cost regularly (5) SPECS {SP}{Emi}{CoSt}
3   Inscription is what eastern religious path's about (7) EPITAPH {E}{PI}{PATH*}
5   Forge metal; take reading to make an ornament (6) ARMLET {R} in METAL*
6   Listen, love and death's related, answer lies within (4,2,3) LEND AN EAR {L}{END} {A} {NEAR} L for love? See comments
7   Once more choose spin; Thirimanne finally will get caught (2-5) RE-ELECT {RE-EL}{t...nE}{CT}
8   Noted thief has bungled; Stupid (4,2,3,4) SOFT IN THE HEAD*
14 Hospital dweller gets certificate about his heart, after a point (9) INPATIENT {1}{N}{PAT{hIs}ENT}
17 A type of pitch, unused by thrower, maybe (7) OVERARM {OVER}{ARM}
19 Endure auto's thievery, extremely corrupt (7) OUTSTAY {AUTOS+Th...rY}*
20 Lunch in Wagah to have a chat (7) CHINWAG [T]
21 Sailor returns with the river swimmer perhaps (6) BATHER {BA<=}{THE}{R}
24 Arrived with nothing for performance (5) CAMEO {CAME}{O}

Sunday 29 November 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2869), Sunday 29 Nov 2015

1   Not coy, working for magnate (6) TYCOON*
4   Man in supreme command (6) BEHEST {BE{HE}ST}
8   Despite reputation, getting behind idiot in drama (15) NOTWITHSTANDING {NO{TWIT}H}{STANDING}
10 Less than appropriate promise (9) UNDERTAKE {UNDER}{TAKE}
11 Arbiter, since retiring, in less danger (5) SAFER {SA}{FER}<=
12 Find clue with odd parts missing? That's useless (4) IDLE {fInD+cLuE}
13 Pal became excited about hot dessert (5,5)  PEACH MELBA* {H} in {PAL+BECAME}*
16 Songwriter taking firm line with journalist, right away (4,6) COLE PORTER {CO}{L}{rE PORTER}
18 Stagger, being wounded – not good (4) STUN STUNg
21 Praise former partner with revolutionary group (5) EXTOL {EX}{TOL<=}
22 Some junk now in garage in the dark (9) UNKNOWING [T]
23 Avoid attracting attention of warlike people running riot (4,1,3,7) KEEP A LOW PROFILE {OF+WARLIKE+PEOPLE}*
24 Head for alpine trail to make this? (6) ASCENT {Al...e}{SCENT} &lit
25 Recall varied stock of wine (6) CELLAR*

1   Facetious language followed by creep with cry of mock horror (6-2-5) TONGUE-IN-CHEEK {TONGUE}-{IN-CH}{EEK}
2   Controlled a nervous movement up in fortress (7) CITADEL {CIT}{A}{DEL}<=
3   Willows and wild roses covering island (6) OSIERS {I} in ROSES*
4   Wash tub's last two articles (5) BATHE {tuB}{A}{THE}
5   Corruption of demon has to be substantial (8) HANDSOME*
6   Learner in boat endlessly going over tips from unconventional expert (7) SKILFUL {SKI{L}Ff}{Un...aL}
7   Bird in display filled with passion (8) WHEATEAR {W{HEAT}EAR}
9   Feminist from different era emerging with hesitation (8,5) GERMAINE GREER {ERA+EMERGING}* {ER}
14 Examinations inhibit us, keeping quiet (5-3) CHECK-UPS {CHECK}-{U{P}S}
15 Wise to restrict pressure before bad overflow (8) SPILLAGE {S{P}{ILL}AGE}
17 Characters in correspondence (7) LETTERS [DD]
19 Test involving iodine, very little (7) TRIVIAL {TR{I}{V}IAL}
20 Sombre doctor stood up (6) MOROSE {MO}{ROSE}
22 Engineer about to reveal submarine (1-4) U-BOAT*


Saturday 28 November 2015

No 11561, Saturday 28 Nov 2015, The Phantom

Off to drop children to school. Will add the usual colours when I get back
Addendum - Added the colors. Thanks Col. for updating the Anno for Viva Voce & Usual


1 Pen writing for example in pinkish colour (6) CORRAL {COR{R}AL} 4 Accepting growing old having retired forever (8) AGREEING {AG{REE<=}ING} 10 Naked, in other words nude, without clothing (9) UNDRESSED {NUDE}* around {DRESS} 11 Throw out old fur coat with the passage of time (5) EXPEL {EX}{PELt} 12 Soldier chasing my dog (5) CORGI {COR}{GI}
13 Bulk of salt regularly extracted from Americium bromide (9) AMPLITUDE {AM}{PLatITUDE} 14 Canoe abandoned in the deep (5) OCEAN {CANOE}* 16 Writer possessing suit of this colour? (3-5) PEA-GREEN {PE{A GREE}N} 19 In disguise Arab is touring Israel's capital (8) BRASILIA {ARAB IS}* around IL 20 With practice, record … (5) WRITE {W}{RITE} 23 … next time broadcast all over radio and TV (9) IMMEDIATE {TIME}* around {MEDIA} 24 Child carrying article lost in an estate house (5) MANOR {M(-in+AN)OR} 26 Country’s national wearing ceremonial robe (5) TONGA {TO{N}GA} 27 Clearly out, bowled, in a cruel manner after scoring ninety-nine (9) OBVIOUSLY {O}{B}{VicIOUSLY} 28 Stylish dresses, clothing model’s highlighted (8) STRESSED {DRESSES}* around T 29 Let woman out of hospital board van (6) LEASED {LEA{ShE}D}


1 Cling // to power (6) CLUTCH (DD) 2 Horseman to free the queen (5) RIDER {RID}{ER} 3 Their chief being absent, Canadian minister negotiated with natives (8,7) AMERICAN INDIANS {CANADIAN MINIStER}* 5 Trouble following sea’s rising? Best wishes for safe journey (8) GODSPEED {GOD S PEED <=} 6 Flower cultivation improves green covering at home (7,8) EVENING PRIMROSE {IMPROVES GREEN}* around IN
7 Irresponsible brat turned criminal (9) IMPRUDENT {IMP}{TURNED*} 8 Ships in the middle of sea, surrounded by large volumes of water, for example (8) GALLEONS {GALL{sEa}ONS} 9 Normal people acceptable to generally everyone (5) USUAL {US}{U}{ALl} Generally=Mostly All 15 Pitman finds a large hole in the middle, that’s bottomless! (4,5) COAL MINER {CO{A}{L}{MINE}Re} 17 Prevents revolting odour using scent regularly all over (8) OBVIATES {OB<=}{VIA}{TnEcS<=} 18 Six against an English bowler of “the bodyline series” in a test (4,4) VIVA VOCE {VI}{V}{A} {VOCE} 21 Courage is never to yield (5) NERVE {NEVER*} 22 Begged, being primarily poor and always bankrupt (6) PRAYED Anno Pending P{R{AY}ED} See comments 25 Negative votes block essential passage of bills (5) NOSES {NO{pasSage}ES}

Reference list

Forever=E'er, Old=Ex, Soldier=GI, My=Cor(Exclamation), Israel=Il, With=W, Article=An, National=N, Out=O, Bowled=B, Ninety nine=IC, Model=M, Woman=W, Hospital=H 
Queen=ER, At home=In, People=Us, Acceptable=U, Large=L, Odour=BO(Body Odour), Six=VI, Against=V, An=A, Always=Ay

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone I
ndicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution Indicator


Friday 27 November 2015

No 11560, Friday 27 Nov 2015, xChequer

7   Outcast, rejected by society, revolts (6) REPELS {REPEL<=}{S}
8   Massive rump entails trousers bursting (8) ERUMPENT [T]
9   Principle round people's housing (8) TENEMENT {TENE{MEN}T}
10 Screams holding son in difficult situations (6) CRISES {CRI{S}ES}
11 Mount Road — topping action (5) STEED {ST}{dEED}
12 View a pit intended to trap an animal (6) WAPITI [T]
14 School so martial, ain't it an autocratic system? (15) TOTALITARIANISM*
17 Display a cutting instrument retracting (6) REVEAL {A} in {REVEL<=}
18 Page by playwright expressing the very idea! (5) PSHAW {P}{SHAW}
22 Import restricted with gold detector (6) SENSOR {SENSe}{OR}
23 Noiseless crowd in Lady Gaga shows — honestly (8) CANDIDLY {CrowD+IN+LADY}*
24 Pitted side against side, head for it (8) SEXINESS {SidE}{XI}{NESS}
25 Not inclined to declare, no surprise in score (6) AVERSE {AVER}{ScorE}

1   It need not upset confinement (9) DETENTION*
2   Leave formally, giving notice covering upcoming month (6) SECEDE {SE{CED<=}E}
3   Sake drunk with presents to one side (5) ASKEW {SAKE*}{W}
4   Focus of gazes in chic uniform, playing squash (8) ZUCCHINI {gaZes+IN+CHIC+U}*
5   Snake, old, holed up in dreadful pain (8) OPHIDIAN {O}{P{HID}IAN*}
6   Oracle taking note of expression of contempt (5) SNEER {S{N}EER}
8   Great sex can save unrestrained, wild excesses (13) EXTRAVAGANCES [GREAT+SEX+CAN+sAVe}*
13 Scheme set to end over lost and found (9) ESTABLISH {SET*}{ABoLISH}
15 Puzzle almost over, moment for the audience (8) ACROSTIC {ACROSs}{TIC(~tick)}
16 Topsy-turvy? Evident; in reverse? Yes, the other way round (8) INVERTED {R} in {EVIDENT}*
19 Cut and dropped without skin in casserole (6) SLICED {SL{Ca...lE}ID}
20 Sculpted attention-grabbing women (5) HEWED {HE{W}ED}
21 Keep on batting, filling in the gap (5) INLAY {IN}{LAY}


Thursday 26 November 2015

No 11559, Thursday 26 Nov 2015, xChequer

Spent two hours on this including an hour on 14A which was the last one in, despite having all the crossings!! Wonder where xC gets all these idioms from. Will ask him over a large jug of beer when we meet tomorrow.

7   A benefit in North America for sickness (6) NAUSEA {N{A}{USE}A}
8   Barge past bishop, wretched fellow (8) BLIGHTER {B}{LIGHTER}
9   Considerably lower closing score at the end of game (8) FEARLESS {FAR LESS} around {scorE}
10 Problem fit to be relieved by social security (6) HASSLE {HA{SS}LE}
11 Fibre in bristles (5) ISTLE [T]
12 Harsh-sounding nag we're told (6) HOARSE (~horse)
14 Attempt to deceive in what women care about gaining publicity (4,3,3,5) COME THE RAW PRAWN {WHAT+WOMEN+CARE}* about {PR}
17 Caution when holding a fine glass vessel (6) CARAFE {CAR{A}{F}E}
18 Liberal phase - crowds honk (5) RALPH [T]
22 Case of upset stomachs left after stomach disorder (6) TUMULT {TUM}{Ups{L}eT}
23 Big shots taking over peg out inconsequential people (8) NOBODIES {NOB{O}{DIE}S}
24 Broken chord perhaps resulting from improvised gig in fancy opera (8) ARPEGGIO {GIG}* in {OPERA}*
25 Bad-tempered when caught out of practice (6) CRUSTY {C}{RUSTY}

1   Exploit America supporting cause, enemy in retreat (4,3,2) MAKE USE OF {MAKE} {US}{E OF<=}
2   Liberal arts academy rejected films of stars (6) ASTRAL [T<=]
3 & 21d  Shocked of course, having gained understanding to a degree (5,5) TAKEN ABACK {TAKEN} {A{BA}CK} (Addendum - {TA{KEN} {A}{BA}CK} - See comments)
4   Intellectual drunk at summit (8) HIGHBROW {HIGH}{BROW}
5   French soldier, conservative, has recurring regrets (8) CHASSEUR {C}{HAS}{SEUR<=}
6   Bank accepting pressure provides response (5) REPLY {RE{P}LY}
8   Absurd spoof on ragged, extremely low singer (5,8) BASSO PROFUNDO*
13 Raising hands, joins bartering events (4,5) SWAP MEETS {SWAP<=} {MEETS}
15 Bars finding chlorine in leaks (8) EXCLUDES {EX{CL}UDES}
16 The patrimony essentially that's evolved over time? Right to be thus described! (8) HERITAGE HERIT{AGE} Anno pending
19 Difficult time? Both losing heart and passion (6) ARDOUR {hARD}{hOUR}
20 Spray without sulphur for crop (5) QUIRT sQUIRT
21 See 3d


Wednesday 25 November 2015

No 11558, Wednesday 25 Nov 2015, Sunnet

Enjoy the show.

1   Start from Florida and move slowly (6) FLINCH {FL}{INCH}
4   Was frugal Bob ruffled? (8) SCRIMPED [DD]
10 Start to stop lofted shot by sportsman (3,6) SKI JUMPER  {JUMP} in {SKIER}

11 Bill's ram to misbehave (3,2) ACT UP {AC}{T UP}
12 Nick! The first two to China (5) NOTCH {NO}{Two}{CH} NO from ! (Addendum - {NOT}{CHina} - See comments)
13 Singer's time to fill job report's header (9) CHORISTER {CHOR{IS}{T}E}{Re...t}
14 Anxiety in Thailand's currency (7) TROUBLE {T}ROUBLE}
16 Modern society's intelligence (4) NEWS {NEW}{S}
19 Backed wickedness to survive (4) LIVE <=
21 Plastic base of pigpen is taken by a French man (7) STYRENE {STY}{RENE}
24 Rex manipulated, seized financial instrument, to get funds (9) EXCHEQUER {CHEQUE} in {REX}*
25 Carbon can send a message (5) CABLE {C}{ABLE}
26 A gas only found near Australia (5) OZONE {OZ}{ONE}
27 Indeed a popular time for drama (4,5) SOAP OPERA {SO}{A}{P OP}{ERA}
28 Disturbing, angering or provoking (8) ENRAGING*
29 Pass to Mark and French (6) TICKET {TICK}{ET}

1   Person obtains stockings (8) FISHNETS {FISH}{NETS}
2   A television hit after I do it differently (5,3) IDIOT BOX {I+DO+IT}* {BOX}
3   Sofa frame (5) COUCH [DD]
5   Vehicle to add-on animation (7) CARTOON {CAR}{TO}{ON}
6   Very much inside a large system (2,1,3,3) IN A BIG WAY {IN} {A} {BIG} {WAY}
7   Pocket a half of Togo's crop (6) POTATO {POT}{A}{TOgo}
8   Expel bear (6) DEPORT [DD]
9   Indian husband enters quickly (6) APACHE {H} in {APACE}
15 Fumed at person getting breakfast item (6,3) BOILED EGG {BOILED} {EGG}
17 Agitated bear enters wood, perhaps for rest (3,5) TEA BREAK {BEAR}* in {TEAK}
18 Empty the ruined castle for transmission (8) TELECAST {ThE}{CASTLE*}
20 Bird's left initially soaked in a ferment of almonds (7) EMULSIN {EMU}{L}{So...d}{IN}
21 Say grain, in a row (6) SERIAL (~cereal)
22 Aloof king to express feeling (6) REMOTE {R}{EMOTE}
23 Some excruciating chore's simplified by repeater (6) ECHOER {Ex...g}{CHORE*}
25 Garment from college festival (5) CHOLI {C}{HOLI} ke peeche kya hai?


Tuesday 24 November 2015

No 11557, Tuesday 24 Nov 2015, Anon

1   Scholar to toss air-mail all over the place (11) ASSIMILATOR*
9   Events at air force exhibitions (7) AFFAIRS {AF}{FAIRS}
10 Extricate extreme gent from boat races with lassos (6) REATAS REgAtTAS
11 Baron of Maharashtra city… (5) THANE [DD]
12 … to regularly engage chief intellectual (7) EGGHEAD {EnGaGe}{HEAD}
15 Leading crossword poem convention (4) CODE {Cr...d}{ODE}
16 Carries out using tools (10) IMPLEMENTS [DD]
18 Bewildered maam alerts schools (4,6) ALMA MATERS*
20 Fruit reportedly not beautiful (4) UGLI (~ugly)
23 Spies injected with right tinctures (7) ARGENTS {A{R}GENTS}
24 Symbol is round, huge (5) OMEGA {O}{MEGA}
26 Food given to the sick mostly (6) LENTIL {LENT}{ILl}
27 Write article on odd chef’s atonement (7) PENANCE {PEN}{AN}{ChEf}
28 Inutility of you and me can be senseless (11) USELESSNESS {US}{SENSELESS*}

2   Turn to spouses, from end to end, for starters at lunchtime (6) SWIVEL {(+s)WIVE(-s)}{Lu...e}
3   This month, I notice some tech leaders (4) INST Acrostic
4   Guerrillas of Baker Street commanded by Holmes (10) IRREGULARS [GK]
5   Collection of stories with incomplete idea is an abomination (8) ANATHEMA {ANA}{THEMe}{A}
6   Irish idiot’s mantra initially at sunrise (7) OMADAWN {OM}{At}{DAWN} This is how it's pronounced but not spelt.
7   With dexterity, one can trap single strategist (9) TACTICIAN {TACT}{1}{C{1}AN}
8   Frightened of air force attack (6) AFRAID {AF}{RAID}
13 Rhetorics contain nothing, say some initially (5,5) EMPTY TALKS {EMPTY} {TALK}{Some}
14 Draws out like buccaneers (9) ASPIRATES {AS}{PIRATES}
17 Cheese for them? Mad! (8) EMMENTAL {'EM}{MENTAL}
19 Code extremely laborious in bits (7) MORSELS {MORSE}{La...uS}
21 Harvests grain initially with thin shovel tip (6) GLEANS {Gr..n}{LEAN}{Sh...l}
22 Limits source of boy’s audio from end to end (6) BOUNDS {Boy}{(-s)OUND(+s)S)}
25 Length of upcoming siestas (4) SPAN <=

Monday 23 November 2015

No 11556, Monday 23 Nov 2015, Vulcan

6   Received a disc containing encrypted email (7) CLAIMED {EMAIL}* in {CD}
7   It ain't Cameron's first at sea (7) TITANIC {IT+AINT}*{Ca...n} &lit
9   Fight in which Charlie lost to a rider (5) BIKER BIcKER
10 What is on in fluorescent bulbs essentially during darkness? (4,5) NEON LIGHT {N{fluorEscent}{ON} {buLbs}IGHT} &lit
11 Constituent of a square meal? (7) RAVIOLI [CD]
13 Mark of State’s pointless approach indeed (6) TATTOO {sTATe}{TOO}
15 Ok with the old semi &lit used in clueing this film (4,4,2,3) SOME LIKE IT HOT {OK+THE+O+SEMI+LIT}*
19 Son in holy matrimony gets agreement (6) UNISON {UNI{S}ON}
20 Fast and strike with no particular purpose (7) RAPIDLY {RAP}{IDLY}
23 Girl with it, hazel eyes, beautiful, starts to dance (9) ELIZABETH {IT+HAZEL+Eyes+Be...l}*
24 Type of estate, say (5) MANOR (~manner) Shouldn't this have been 'Say, type of estate'
26 Old woman heading out to drink and unwind (7) UNTWINE {aUNT}{WINE}
27 In poverty, lived, got taunted (7) NEEDLED {NEED}{LED}

1   Worked on king's position (4) RANK {RAN}{K}
2   Buy often and more, perhaps growth starts from there (6) EMBRYO {BuY+MORE}*
3   An artificially reconstructed picture, it’s about a cave with Polynesian god’s image (9) IDENTIKIT {I{DEN}{TIKI}T}
4   Beginning to support struggling law firm (8) STALWART {LAW}* in {START}
5   One next to Bishop, a thug, brought to order (10) KNIGHTHOOD {KNIGHT}{HOOD}
6   Someone who leads a mechanical life! (6) CYBORG [CD]
7   Extremely large machine (4) TOOL {TOO}{L}
8   Plant, time and time again, eaten by animal (6) COTTON {CO{TT}ON}
12 Players and musicians welcomed in (10) VIOLINISTS {VIOL{IN}ISTS}
14 Find fault with a representative about primarily horrible tip (9) REPREHEND {REP}{{RE}{Ho...e}{END}
16 Old, a touch of old magic, strangely relating to marital custom (8) EXOGAMIC {EX}{Old}{MAGIC*}
17 Office furniture (6) BUREAU [DD]
18 Cross empty highway and an overpass, goodbye to Georgia (6) HYBRID {Hi...aY}{BRIDge}
21 News about birth of Mary’s baby (6) PAMPER {PA{Mary}PER}
22 This place is in the red (4) HERE [T]
25 Name’s uninteresting; first off, it means nothing (4) NULL {N}{dULL}


Sunday 22 November 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2868), Sunday 22 Nov 2015

1   Cheers received by Communist leader, quiet man in terrible event (11) CATASTROPHE {CA{TA}STRO}{P}{HE}
7   Grouse, not name for flightless bird (3) MOA MOAn
9   Lavish smear filled in by artist (7) LIBERAL {LIBE{RA}L}
10 Work silly dopes resisted (7) OPPOSED {OP}{DOPES*}
11 Striker, cross about conflict, following heart (6,7) CENTRE FORWARD {CENTRE}  {FOR{WAR}D}
13 Travel around, beginning to identify Polynesian language (5) MAORI {MAOR<=}{Id...y}
14 Trim coach having a change of colour (9) CHROMATIC*
15 Stern mind in conservative element (9) REARGUARD {REAR}{GUARD}
17 Part of lesson, a humourless book of the Bible (5) NAHUM [T]
19 Pompous man is left rambling about wine (4-9) SELF-IMPORTANT {MAN+IS+LEFT}* around {PORT}
22 Blushing, decline to be symbol of revolution (3,4) RED FLAG {RED} {FLAG}
23 Song packed with zest initially about part of USA (7) ARIZONA {ARI{Zest}{ON}A}
24 Occasional rum (3) ODD [DD]
25 Hot in spell, yet more shivery – not unknown indicator of fever? (11) THERMOMETER {T{H}ERM}{yET+MORE}*

1   Cry about everything (4) CALL {C}{ALL}
2   Plant obtained by explorer turning up with company (7) TOBACCO {TOBAC<=}{CO}
3   One who's withdrawn from contract, one wrongly given lot (9,6) SHRINKING VIOLET {SHRINK}{1}{GIVEN+LOT}*
4   Head? It helps one draw the line (5) RULER [DD]
5   Academic dreaded having no answer to be presented (9) PROFFERED {PROF}{FEaRED}
6   Neat, simple mixer managed innovative approach (15) EXPERIMENTALISM*
7   Odd parts for chaps in film, being this? (7) MISCAST {MIS{ChApS}T}Semi&lit
8   Assistant made cape I'd ordered (4-2-4) AIDE-DE-CAMP*
12 Rascal with eccentric air rose to become producer (10) IMPRESARIO {IMP}{AIR+ROSE}*
14 Bubbly title-holder, beaten finally in time (9) CHAMPAGNE {CHAMP}{AG{b...eN}E}
16 Made reference and raised boring article with editor (7) ALLUDED {A}{LLUD}<={ED}
18 Fashionable and extremely loud, rising quickly (7) HOTFOOT {HOT}{F<=}{OOT<=}
20 Field occupying acre, almost (5) REALM [T]
21 Reasonable exhibition (4) FAIR [DD]


Saturday 21 November 2015

No 11555, Saturday 21 Nov 2015, Lightning

Answer to yesterday's missing clue @23D was "Shame"


1 One intense, extraordinary scientist (8) EINSTEIN  {I+INTENSE}*
5 Mathematical quantity, perfect for one, cut short with logic gate (6) TENSOR {TENSe}{OR}
9 Dignified measure by generous democrat (8) ENNOBLED {EN}{NOBLE}{D}
10 Revolutionary quote about Hungary and Norway is associated with culture (6) ETHNIC {ET{H}{N}IC<=}
12 Refugee service smuggling birds (5) GEESE (T)
13 About a tide turning in the opposite direction (9) RECURRENT {RE}{CURRENT}
14 Governor carried by conservative explanation (6) THEORY (T{HE}ORY}
16 Break leg near rough (7) GENERAL {LEG+NEAR}*
19 Understood replacing Member of Parliament with rookie is not legal (7) ILLICIT {I(-mp+L)LICIT}
21 Annoying person to soar after grand promotion (6) GADFLY {G}{AD}{FLY}
23 Throw one ball near a dancer (9) BALLERINA {I+BALL+NEAR}*
25 Fanatic in part checks attempt (5) BIGOT {BI{GO}T}
26 Smooth Italian ice cream German swapped for lira (6) LEGATO {(-g+L)E(-l+G)ATO} 
27 Identify dosage in cocktail (8) DIAGNOSE {DOSAGE+IN}*
28 Accountant flipping trouser for siesta (6) CATNAP {CA}{TNAP<=}
29 Phony saint is troubled by induced sleep (8) HYPNOSIS {PHONY+S+IS}*


1 Disheartened, move into Germany’s outskirts for liveliness (6) ENERGY {ENtER}{GermanY}
2 Harmless operation finally working, allowed by hospital with a licentiate (9) NONLETHAL {ope..oN}{ON}{LET}{H}{A}{L}
3 Story about black furniture item (5) TABLE {TA{B}LE}
4 New crate ideally empty could be used to freeze water (7) ICETRAY {CRATE+IdealY}*
6 Invested at last to acquire ceremonial chair (9) ENTHRONED {EN{THRONE}D}
7 Consensus is to view houses north and south (5) SENSE {SE{N}{S}E}
8 Articles about performances (8) RECITALS {ARTICLES}*
11 Heroin sold caused acute grief for starters (4)  SCAG (Acrostic)
15 Gold box seats essentially for a performance (9) ORCHESTRA {OR}{CHEST}{R}{A} R from?
17 Devout royal priest starting to get formal acknowledgments of debt (9) RELIGIOUS {R}{ELI}{Get}{IOUS}
18 Vicious acid nearly boils over (8) DIABOLIC {ACID+BOILs}*
20 Clip extremely blunt edge (4) TRIM {blunT}{RIM}
21 It’s attractive to have appeal in sauce (7) GRAVITY {GRAV{IT}Y}
22 Importance of second lock (6) STRESS {S}{TRESS}
24 Initially lacking very little radiation (5) LIGHT {sLIGHT}
25 Start to pray at home (5) BEGIN {BEG}{IN}

Reference list

One=I, Logic gate=Or, Measure=En, Democrat=D, Hungary=H, Norway=N, About=Re, Governor=HE, Conservative=Tory, Member of Parliament=MP, Rookie=L(Learner), Grand=G, Promotion=Ad, German=G, Lira=L, Accountant=CA, Saint=S 
Working=On, Hospital=H, Licentiate=L, Black=B, North=N, South=S, Gold=Or, Royal=R, Priest=Eli, Formal acknowledgments of debt=IOUs, Appeal=It, Second=S, At home=In

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Friday 20 November 2015

No 11554, Friday 20 Nov 2015, Skulldugger

IXL participants will note that the Bogyman has struck again at 23D!!

1   Say, cricket's core group (6) INSECT {IN}{SECT}
4   Struck out, did not strike out (6) SCORED [DD]
9   Spike exhibited by beginner ahead of pro (4) LACE {L}{ACE}
10 Arose, speechified, had a drink (10) ORIGINATED {OR{1}{GIN}ATED}
11 Lady of the house reportedly does not attend (6) MISSES {~missus}
12 Chattier, animated and suited to the stage (8) THEATRIC*
13 Engineer division's personal downsizing (9) BEHEADING {BE}{HEADING}
15 Will not contracted to supply habit (4) WONT {WON'T}
16 Agitation and stress primarily make one sloppy, regressive (4) STEW {St..s}{TEW}<=
17 Pop's gun is peculiar, considering... (9) SUPPOSING*
21 Commanders ground pita in containers (8) CAPTAINS {PITA}* in {CANS}
22 Refreshed, revolutionary ate, set out (6) RESTED {SET}* in {RED}
24 Weird poems involving earth, air (10) ATMOSPHERE {POEMS+EARTH}*
25 Consort gobbled up by feral lynx (4) ALLY [T]
26 Overwhelmed and decapitated with haste (6) RUSHED cRUSHED
27 Disasters worsened after aid is withdrawn, leading to tension (6) STRESS diSaSTERS*

1   Think of a Byzantine enigma (7) IMAGINE*
2   Is the future in their mind's eye? (5) SEERS [CD]
3   Mad journalist passed over (7) CROSSED {CROSS}{ED}
5   Plunder and loot, for instance, changing hands in certain regions (6) CRIMES C(-l+r)RIMES
6   Feedback upon reviewing actioners (9) REACTIONS*
7   A bad one might say “Touché” often (7) DUELIST [GK]
8   Noted dissident I hug wildly (13) DISTINGUISHED*
14 An excess of these might dispel positivity (9) ELECTRONS [CD]
16 “Go away,” Lawrence roared initially, “Disperse” (7) SCATTER {SCAT}{TE}{Ro...d}
18 Pastor standing around female is tense (7) PERFECT {P}{ER{F}ECT}
19 Provokes with instruments (7) NEEDLES [DD]
20 Facial feature found in feeble pixies, leprechauns and elves' heads (6) DIMPLE {DIM}{Pi...s}{Le...s}{El..s}
23 (Clue missing) SPACE fits very well here, I wonder if that was Skullduggers intention

Thursday 19 November 2015

No 11553, Thursday 19 Nov 2015, Incognito

8   Look! That is seen between two consecutive letters (4) MIEN {IE} in {MN}
9   Laughs and ditches (2-3) HA-HAS [DD]
10 A detective's drug (4) ACID {A}{CID}
11 Six huns reincarnated! By god! (6) VISHNU {VI}{HUNS*}
12 Boss, cop told untruth, but obeyed (8) COMPLIED {CO}{MP}{LIED}
13 That lady goes after male with enthusiasm at first — no money is involved (8) BUCKSHEE {BUCK}{SHE}{En...m}
15 Country discusses honestly, but without talks (6) TURKEY {talk TURKEY}
17 Peacekeepers learn new numbers like x, y or z (7) UNKNOWN {UN}{KNOW}{N}
19 Attractive girl's lure has stranger after it (7) NYMPHET {NYMPH}{ET}
22 Cleaner has Romeo's tool (6) TROWEL {T{R}OWEL}
24 Philanderer's object is clever — to encircle country (8) WOMANISE {W{OMAN}ISE}
26 City located in Pakistan, Bulgaria or Turkey? (8) ISTANBUL [T]
28 Look! George's with the Queen! (6) GANDER {G}{AND}{ER}
30 Officer's wife's drink (4) MATE [MD]
31 Superb oil blended to make sauce (5) AIOLI {A1}{OIL*}
32 Citadel for the leader (4) FORT {FOR}{The}

1   New Zealander's Chinese gooseberry (4) KIWI [DD]
2   Cold, unlike Bond's martini (8) UNSHAKEN [DD]
3   Using misshapen toothbrush (not faulty boot) leads to disease (6) THRUSH tooTHbRUSH*
4   Yellow layer (7) CHICKEN [DD]
5   I try some construction resulting in a kind of transformation (8) ISOMETRY*
6   Dressmaker's tail is in the front, or behind? (6) TAILOR {TAIL}{OR}
7   Young Phantom has energy for a toy for flying (4) KITE {KIT}{E}
14 This type of claw (incorrectly called Pope's blessing) may be a result of lunar movements (5) ULNAR*
16 Standardizes gin cocktail poured out at times from 6 pm to 9 pm, perhaps (5) EVENS EVENingS
18 Rob, a feral pig (4,4) WILD BOAR  {A+ROB}*
20 Confine, stab and get a multi-function gadget (8) PENKNIFE {PEN}{KNIFE}
21 Gulp down some wine initially and give approval (7) SWALLOW {Some}{Wine}{ALLOW}
23 Spinner's first web over eaves, not spiralling initially, but starting to radiate (6) WEAVER {Web}{EAVE(-s+r)R}
25 Convoluted game involves the devout in penultimate round (6) MAGPIE {MAG{PI}E*} Definition needs a relook See comments
27 For starters, splendid water-bird has primarily aesthetic neck (4) SWAN {Sp...d}{Wa..d}{Ae..c}{Neck} Semi &lit
29 Peer's real composition (4) EARL*


Wednesday 18 November 2015

No 11552, Wednesday 18 Nov 2015, Incognito

7   This is what Aryabhata was probably paid for inventing this (4) ZERO [C&DD]
8   Horny animal, before dark, makes pre-nuptial celebration (4,5) STAG NIGHT {STAG} {NIGHT}
10 Add finishing touches to a North European language (6) POLISH [DD]
11 After half of an Italian PM's party, cry in a house (8) BUNGALOW {BUNGAbunga}{LOW}
12 Fix back tough fish (8) PILCHARD {PILC<=}{HARD}
14 This, in a restaurant, may be the person serving or the guest (6) WAITER [DD]
16 Mother takes bachelor to a South African city (7) MOMBASA {MOM}{BA}{SA}
18 Treasury, after loss of money, was relocated to the mouth of a river (7) ESTUARY TrEASURY*
21 A long distance between a pole and India for a trip (6) SAFARI {S}{A}{FAR}{I}
23 Checks policemen who dropped gold (8) INSPECTS INSPECTorS
25 Punch on the chin for defensive play in bridge (8) UPPERCUT [DD]
27 Setter's cross in Karnataka city (6) MYSORE {MY}{SORE}
29 Settle old scores as a result of herpes (4,5) COLD SORES*
30 Crosby's search engine (4) BING [DD]

1   Indian chief given room after five went away and resettled (8) GERONIMO {GIvEN+ROOM}*
2   Antelope's hat? (4) TOPI [DD]
3   Street in Omaha’s rebuilt after gas leakage caused disease (6) ASTHMA {ST} in {oMAHA}*
4   Dance. Dance with a Greek character (7) LAMBADA {A+LAMBDA}*

5   X, Y or other unidentified things (8) UNKNOWNS [CD]
6   Hag has hidden a Hindi actor (4) AGHA [T]
9   Thomas carried the fifth letter for them (5) THOSE {THOS}{abcdE}
13 Snake has head support (5) COBRA {CO}{BRA}
15 After drop of temperature, unties packages and gets engaged (2,3) IN USE UNtIES*
17,20 Railway stations advise us to be wary of these porters (8,7) SUITCASE LIFTERS [DD]
19 Giving up the job and going to bed (8) RETIRING [DD]
22 Snake has chip for food (5) ASPIC {ASP}{IC}
24 Doctor has it on both sides — a snack (6) SAMOSA {SA}{MO}{SA} Where is our eye doctor?
26 Fishes found in discredited baskets (4) EELS crEELS
28 Cries after alumnus boards ship (4) SOBS {S{OB}S}


Tuesday 17 November 2015

No 11551, Tuesday 17 Nov 2015, Scintillator

Totally flummoxed on the North Western front today, even after taking a walk. I've been electrocuted.

1   Check on model gulping last of bananas (6) (Addendum - RESIST {RE}{SI{b...aS}T} - See comments}
4   Choose what's rather expensive — that's exciting (8) ELECTRIC {ELECT}{RICh}
9   Install modern wire (6) (Addendum - INDUCT {IN}{DUCT} - See comments)
10 Silent mobile, one that can measure feelings, say (8) VIBRATOR [DD]
12 Puzzle? Don't be so tame! (8) (Addendum - BEWILDER {BE}{WILDER} - See comments)
13 Ask for a fee (6) CHARGE [E] [DD] - See comments
15 Come again gathering some power (4) (Addendum - WATT (~what) - See comments)
16 Right to intercept allowing assigned production (10) THROUGHPUT {TH{R}OUGH}{PUT}
19 Deviating from norm, I made out in an open place ... (10) CIRCUITOUS {CIRCU{I}{OUT*}S
20 ... with others turning up with limited collateral (2,2) ET AL {colLATEral}<=
23 Playing ping-pong delivers goods in this country (6) NIPPON {PINg-PONg}*
25 Inability to sleep in one ramshackle mansion (8) INSOMNIA {1}{MANSION*}
27 Ravishing beauty that's endless and intense (8) UNABATED {BEAUTy+AND}*
28 Pork pie, say, shows up in one oily paste (6) TAHINI {TAH<=}{IN}{1}
29 Am not amateurish to rummage wordbooks (8) THESAURI amATEURISH*
30 Article and a register similar in the US (6) ANALOG {AN}{A}{LOG}

1   Illusory goal spanning a wide range (7) (Addendum - RAINBOW [CD] [DD] - See comments)
2   Swear at doc endlessly to prescribe aid for digestion (4,5) (Addendum - SODA WATER {SWEAR+AT+DOc}* - See comments)
3   Red tool that can cut green grass (6) (Addendum - SICKLE [CD] - See comments)
5   Face up and spread out (4) LAID <=
6   This is an old empire in California, gather ruins (8) CARTHAGE {CA}{GATHER*}
7   A revolver boomerangs for another (5) ROTOR <=>
8   I incur rental to hold it (7) CURRENT [T]
11 Bugbear has darling husband worried (3,4) PET HATE {PET} {H}{ATE}
14 Upright figures — they feature in newspapers (7) COLUMNS [DD]
17 Latent talent (9) POTENTIAL [CD] [DD] - See comments
18 Robots' vehicle followed by Hari for one (8) AUTOMATA {AUTO}{MATA}
19 Direct pipe carrying cold current is detached (7) CONDUCT {C}{ON}{DUCT} (Addendum - CONDU(-i+c)CT - See comments)
21 A princess constrained by extensive burdening (7) LOADING {LO{A}{DI}NG}
22 Deal with important concern (6) DOMAIN {DO}{MAIN}
24 Current stage? (5) PHASE [DD]
26 Drink and be a king (4) BEER {BE}{ER}