Thursday 31 December 2020

No 13133, Thursday 31 Dec 2020, Gridman

Solution to 28A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

6   The old, old fellow’s line for old British cavalry force (8) YEOMANRY {YE}{O}{MAN}{RY}
8   Wine I love in moulded jar (5) RIOJA {R{I}{0}JA*}
10 Starts anchoring a negative news shortly (4)  ANON {An...g}{NO}{N}
11 You and I with strict, odd issues to bring in the customs of the US and UK, say (10) WESTERNISE {WE}{STERN}{IsSuEs}
12 Teacher’s back; compete with artist in coastal areas (8) RIVIERAS{SIR<=} over {VIE}{RA}
14 Specify the limits of Davangere ground (6) DEFINE {Da..rE}{FINE}
16 Some took raw vegetable (4) OKRA [T]
18 Goodness of tie-up in Puducherry’s boundaries (5) PIETY {Po...{TIE*}...rY}
19 Sort of knot ship captains may not appreciate (4) REEF [DD]
20 Workers’ leaders about to go — time to agitate (6) FOMENT {FOreMEN}{T}
21 Person with a will to try and toss list back (8) TESTATOR {TEST}{ROTA<=}
24 Nag a pandit to round up wild animal (5,5) GIANT PANDA*
27 Over to last month’s design style (4) DECO {DEC}{O}
28 Wrong — idol repeats core of a piece of music (5) R?N?O (Addendum - RONDO {wRONg}{iDOl} - See comments)
29 Gandhiji’s anti-engagement policy (8) PACIFISM [CD]

1   Free issue about upcoming film (10) EMANCIPATE {EMAN{PIC<=}ATE}
2   Swear numbhead put out reply (6) ANSWER {SWEAR+Numb}*
3   Breads get promotion, we hear (4) RYES (~rise)
4   Welcoming a kind of match teams play (8) FRIENDLY [DD]
5   Managed to hide old colour (4) ROAN {R{O}AN}
7   He, Ann and Lui, all lose first place, because of low interest (5) ENNUI {hE+aNN+lUI}
9   Want sailor to change scene (7) ABSENCE {AB}{SCENE*}
13 Burnt-out writer dumped in street (5) SPENT {S{PEN}T}
15 Workers’ supervisor leaves man dumb on both sides (4,3,3) FORE AND AFT {FOREmAN}{DAFT}
17 More crazy rookie displaced after check at last (7) KOOKIER {ROOKIE}*<=>{c..cK}
18 Fix — accommodate the patient man (3-2,3) PUT-UP JOB {PUT-UP}{JOB}
22 Son’s 25 Indian dancea fragment (6) SNATCH {S}{NAuTCH}
23 Poor casting includes predators in the main (5) ORCAS [T]
25 RSTVWXYZ? Not acceptable! (3-1) NOT-U Definition by example (Correction NON-U Definition by example - See comments)
26 Brief sleep with English scruff (4) NAPE {NAP}{E}

Reference List
The old = YE, Old = O, Line = RY(Railway), News = N, Artist = RA(Royal Academician), About = RE, Time = T, Over = O, Sailor = AB, Street = ST, Man = M, Som = S, English = E

Wednesday 30 December 2020

No 13132, Wednesday 30 Dec 2020, Skulldugger

Solution to 13A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Issue involving 101 heirs (6) SCIONS {S{C}{1}ONS}
4   Lawrence to support uprising for sure (3,3) YOU BET {TE}{BUOY}<=
9   Small-scale criticism (4) FLAK FLAKe
10 Chemical weapon Territorial Army guards misused in Mississippi (7,3) MUSTARD GAS {TA+GUARDS}* in {MS}
11 Frank is able and accomplished (6) CANDID {CAN}{DID}
12 Institute’s new member (8) INITIATE [DD]
13 Political factions overwhelming Sri Lanka. Crumbs! (9) ?A?T?C?E? (Addendum - PARTICLES {PARTI{CL}ES} - See comments)
15 Shift cooler (4) STIR [DD]
16 Snow is acceptable in these times (4) COKE {C{OK}E}
17 Bad sentry harassed onlooker (9) BYSTANDER*
21 Unorthodox priest embraced by high school cool cats (8) HIPSTERS {H{PRIEST*}S}
22 Employ language used here for short time (6) ENGAGE {ENG}{AGE}
24 Funny U.S. comedian stingy with the truth (10) MENDACIOUS*
25 Gather swarm from the East (4) MEET<=
26 She doesn’t turn up for food. That hurts! (2-4) NO-SHOW {NOSH}{OW}
27 Captured fearful Camelot maiden supplanted by knight (6) SNARED S(-c+n)NARED

1   Fruit for royal consort (7) SULTANA [DD]
2   Exasperated, she nearly quit, neglected responsibility (5) IRKED shIRKED
3   Middlemen quit daemonic organisation, unsettled (7) NOMADIC DAeMONIC*
5   Cook a pistachio’s innards for African creatures (6) OKAPIS [T]
6   Game involving birds! (9) BADMINTON [CD]
7   She defects with traditional bread technique from the South (7) TRAITOR {ROTI}{ART}<=
8   Probably takes on a silly avatar (2,6,2,3) AS LIKELY AS NOT*
14 Consider Arsenal and Chelsea, say, but favour one over the other (4,5) TAKE SIDES {TAKE}{SIDES}
16 High Court ordered illegal alien to become Santiago resident (7) CHILEAN {HC*}{ALIEN*}
18 Diabolical senator’s duplicity (7) TREASON*
19 Intellectual like Humpty Dumpty? (7) EGGHEAD [DD]
20 Fastening material for straying lover beginning to cheat (6) VELCRO {LOVER+Ch..t}*
23 Less cowardly RPG enthusiast (5) GAMER [DD]

Reference List
100 = C, Lawrence = TE. Mississippi = MS, These times = CE, Knight = N

Tuesday 29 December 2020

No 13131, Tuesday 29 Dec 2020, Vulcan

Solution to 23D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Its an editors rambling essay (12) DISSERTATION*
10 For instance, first row in an examination (7) ORDINAL {OR{DIN}AL}
11 Our ball thrown round (7) LOBULAR*
12 Great article, its free and you don’t have to pay for it (6) GRATIS {GR}{A}{ITS*}
13 Upset sweets got over (8) STRESSED<=
15 Cashier’s right — a very boring tourist (9) TRAVELLER {T{R}{A}{V}ELLER}
16 Stop located on the right side — not something unknown (5) DETER DExTER
17 Chief editor backing Arsenal (5) DEPOT {TOP}{ED}
19 Heartless articles about Asian leader’s talk (4,1,4) TETE A TETE {ThE}{ThE}{As..n}{ThE}{ThE|
22 Barcodes used for expensive fabrics (8) BROCADES*
24 Arrive at a hotel in an impoverished area (6) GHETTO {GET TO} over {H}
26 Disinclination to move it back through in time (7) INERTIA {IN}{ER{IT<=}A}
27 Place to keep a vessel — space on the counter, one that’s no good (7) MOORING {ROOM<=}{1}{NG}
28 Socialist men upset with partisanship (12) SECTIONALISM*

2   State in North American country basically (7) INDIANA {NA}<=>{INDIA} Semi&lit
3   Idea of living without money primarily (9) SENTIMENT {SENTI{Mo..y}ENT}
4   Record boom (4) ROLL [DD] 
5   Everyone to repeat and use words that begin identically (10) ALLITERATE {ALL}{ITERATE}
6   Setter’s left — left unhappy with fill (5) IMBUE {IM}{BlUE}
7   Sell fake stone rings — there’s nothing in it (4,3) NULL SET {NU{SELL*}T}
8   Procured and produced right off (6) BOUGHT BrOUGHT
9   One who deals in revolutionary communist paintings (6) TRADER {RED}{ART}<=
14 One term brought up to describe youngsters — famous ones (10) GLITTERATI {1}{TAG}<= over {LITTER}
16 Stiff number (5,4) DEATH TOLL [CD]
17 Capital friend raises with zero returns (6) DUBLIN {BUD<=}{NIL<=}
18 In favour of tax growth (7) PROCESS {PRO}{CESS}
20 Nurse attempts to make notes (7) ENTRIES {EN}{TRIES}
21 Sufficient and adequate, in the end, nothing incomplete (6) ENOUGH {a...tE}{NOUGHt}
23 It’s foolish, great show missed (5) A?T?C (Addendum - ANTIC gigANTIC - See comments) 
25 Country Italian runs off to (4) OMAN rOMAN

Reference List
Great = GR, Right = R, Very = V, Unknwon = X,  Editor = ED, Hotel = H, No good = NG, Left = L, Nurse = EN(Enrolled Nurse), Runs = R

Monday 28 December 2020

No 13130, Monday 28 Dec 2020, Lightning

Solution to 17D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Reluctant to draw? (8) BACKWARD {DRAW<=} 
5   Protest against goal (6) OBJECT [DD]
9   Enticing everyone with universal jewellery (8) ALLURING {ALL}{U}{RING}
10 Hard worker on the edge for song (6) ANTHEM {ANT}{HEM}
12 Acceptable noise (5) SOUND [DD]
13 Toil with animal — one that could perform arduous tasks (9) WORKHORSE {WORK}{HORSE}
14 Carry drug left by groups in collusion (6) CARTEL {CART}{E}{L}
16 Allow smuggling one European stone (7) GRANITE {GRAN{1}T}{E}
19 English bird beside a lake is ageless (7) ETERNAL {E}{TERN}{A}{L}
21 Drinks tea at regular intervals by order (6) DIKTAT {DrInKs+TeA+aT}
23 Rewrite prose essay essentially for teacher (9) PROFESSOR {PROSE+esSay+FOR}*
25 Mostly cold near eastern country (5) CHILE {CHILl}{E}
26 Attack a ship with worry (6) ASSAIL {A}{SS}{AIL}
27 A primarily big survey on land is not concrete (8) ABSTRACT {A}{Big}{Su...y}{TRACT}
28 Oriental flower for religious festival (6) EASTER {E}{ASTER}
29 Treason by earl at resort (8) BETRAYAL*

1   Brown on the top, lift to cook slowly (6) BRAISE {Br..n}{RAISE}
2   Reckon branch of mathematics had us lost (9) CALCULATE {CALCULus}{ATE}
3   Remark about liberal group of countries (5) WORLD {WOR{L}D}
4   Authentic, detailed information interrupting restoration (7) RENEWAL {RE{NEWs}AL}
6   Stand on medium boat to get a reference point (9) BENCHMARK {BENCH}{M}{ARK}
7   Met heretic helping to make theory rejected by Einstein (5) ETHER [T]
8   Type of glass that may cause irritation? (8) TEMPERED [DD]
11 Talk proudly about bachelor on tabloid (4) BRAG {B}{RAG}
15 Entering a building for fruit (9) TANGERINE*
17 Such a number could be written down too! (9) I?A?I?A?Y (Addendum - IMAGINARY [CD] - See comments)
18 Souvenir from castle’s main tower accompanied by drink (8) KEEPSAKE {KEEP}{SAKE}
20 Endure final (4) LAST [DD]
21 Long lasting rule, bad for a change (7) DURABLE
22 Advanced by one large plant (6) LENTIL {LENT}{1}{L}
24 In the middle of toast, wish for place of safety (5) OASIS {tOASt}{wISh}
25 Take care of animal at emergency room (5) CATER {CAT}{ER}

Reference List
Universal = U, Drug = E, Left = L, European = E, English = E, Lake = L, Eastern = E, Oriental = E, Liberal = L, Medium = M, Bachelor = B, Tabloid = RAG, Large = L, Emergency Room = ER

Sunday 27 December 2020

The Sunday Crossword No 3130, Sunday 27 Dec 2020

1   Hilarious joke Planer keeps reeling off (4-7) KNEE-SLAPPER*
9   ‘Samplestorte (the lion’s share), becomes most rotund (7) AMPLEST [T]
10 Beer consumed by Doctor Who, essentially an adventurer (7) RALEIGH {R{ALE}IG}{wHo}
11 Everyman would back me in France for use of local lingo (5) IDIOM {I'D}{MOI<=}
12 Island producing whisky since – to begin with, and this is not my mistake – ‘190m years ago’ (8) JURASSIC {JURA}{Since}{SIC}
14 What dentist hates to see and tries to make attractive? (5-5) SUGAR-TOOTH [DD]
15 Vocally opposed to what poker players do (4) ANTE (~anti)
17 Hilarious character, Judas, perhaps? Not half (4) RIOT iscaRIOT
19 Idler and loner we led astray (4-2-4) NEER-DO-WELL*
21 Big cats, not maters for life, we’re told (8) CHEETAHS (~cheaters)
23 Introductory – to start with – involved with ABCs? (5) BASIC {In...y+ABCS}* [CA] &lit
25 Making changes, leaving 10 as 500 (7) EDITING E(-x+d)DITING
26 Introduce spin: England to give up (7) PRECEDE {PR}{E}{CEDE}
27 Hairdresser’s newestdo’ restyled with dye (7,4) SWEENEY TODD {NEWEST+DO+DYE}*

1   Poet sleeping quietly once replaced by student (7) KIPLING KIP(-p+l)LING
2   Increasingly ... or unceasingly (8) EVERMORE [DD]
3   Primarily: son (Eve’s third, happily!) (4) SETH Acrostic Semi&lit
4   Instruments that leave you empty-handed? (3,7) AIR GUITARS [CD]
5   One who went to war with Mexico over a dance (5) POLKA {POLK}{A}
6   Curbs Bahreins independence to some extent (5,2) REINS IN [T]
7   Alarmed as rankest picnic laid out (5-8) PANIC-STRICKEN*
8   Beat, in dangerous game, equestrian that’s gutted, jumpy character (7,6) CHICKEN LICKEN  {CHICK{LICK}EN}{Eq...aN}
13 Reforms to change open city (10) COPENHAGEN*
16 Angry about maiden over: bowled, run out – what’s needed when cap’s not up to the job? (8) SOMBRERO {SO{M}{B}RE}{RO}
18 Stand-alone siesta’s clothing? (7) ONESIES [T] &lit
20 Part of London not historically associated with aspiration? (4,3) EAST END [CD] 
22 Tired, tense author downing whiskey (5) TRITE {T}{wRITE}
24 Lively, so party regularly (4) SPRY {So}{PaRtY}

Reference List
Me in French = MOI, Ten = X, 500 = D, England = E, Quietly = P, Student = L, Maiden over = M, Bowled = B, Run out = RO, Tense = T, Whiskey = W

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday # 17, Sunday 27 Dec 2020, Incognito

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday can be accessed at the link given below. The interactive version at the link is free you just need to sign in using an email ID and password, no subscription is required.

The crossword is not being blogged as the annotations are provided in the interactive version itself which can be seen if you click on 'Show a hint' under the 'reveal' tab on the top.

The same will be posted on every Sunday at 6 AM.


Saturday 26 December 2020

No 13129, Saturday 26 Dec 2020, Incognito


8 Fight with disease in the beginning, in hospital room (4) WARD {WAR}{Disease}
9 Something worth having is found in cassettes (5) ASSET (T)
10 Ex British PM has lost 14 pounds! Happy? (4) GLAD {GLADstone}
11 Draw  small boat (6) SKETCH (DD) {S}{KETCH} See comments
12 Account by clergyman is perfectly correct (8) ACCURATE {AC}{CURATE}
13 Romeo in love with journalist is well protected (8) ARMOURED {A{R}MOUR}{ED}
15 Dal is missing in identical preparation of egg (6) INCITE {IdENTICal*}
17 Sat back in barn and hid supplies (7) STASHED {S{SAT<=}HED}
19 Fires soldier returning with tangled nets around one (7) IGNITES {GI<=}{NETS*} around{I}
22 Short-sighted setter’s small photo covers last part of video (6) MYOPIC {MY}{videO}{PIC}
24 Waylaid American president with Edward (8) AMBUSHED {AM}{BUSH}{ED}
26 Owned up and let in (8) ADMITTED (DD)
28 Barney may be close at hand (6) NEARBY {BARNEY*}
30 Military Engineering Services special dining facility (4) MESS {MES}{S}
31 Went on horse to ring at cowboy show (5) RODEO {RODE}{O}
32 Large boat’s bird (4) LARK {L}{ARK}


1 Support // front? No! (4) BACK (DD)
2 After giving up gin, horrible indigestion issues (8) EDITIONS {inDIgESTION*}
3 Collect gun kept by that lady (6) GATHER {GAT}{HER}
4 International Space Station captures terra firma and terrestrial forms like Midway, Hawaii and Japan (7) ISLANDS {IS{LAND}S}
5 Keeping inventory of just one of a pair of long socks (8) STOCKING (DD)
6 American cigar develops a kind of fungus (6) AGARIC {A}{CIGAR*}
7 Silly to drop right from preliminary document (4) DAFT {DrAFT}
14 Corrupt Terry Mulligan (5) RETRY {TERRY*}
16 Note, including skirt’s leitmotif (5) THEME {T{HEM}E}
18 Badly create alien initially and so on (2,6) ET CETERA {CREATE+ET*}
20 Fixes Britain’s tall structures to some extent (8) INSTALLS (T)
21 Dad, can I mix up yeast? (7) CANDIDA {DAD+CAN+I*}
23 Cleric forces open front of tunic (6) PRIEST {PRIES}{Tunic}
25 Bravo! Jason’s playing musical instruments! (6) BANJOS {B}{JASON*}

27 OCR error, when reading ‘clues’, leading to replacement with “out-standings” (4) DUES  During OCR 'cl' can become 'd', so 'clues' is read as 'dues'
29 What a dog does at tree’s exterior? (4) BARK (DD)

Reference List
14 Pounds=Stone, Small=S, Account=Ac, Romeo=R, Journalist=Ed, Soldier=GI, One=I, Setter's=My, American=Am, Edward=Ed, Military Engineering Services=MES, Special=S, Ring=O, Large=L, Gun=Gat, That lady=Her, International Space Station=ISS, American=A, Right=R, Note=Te, Alien initially=ET, Bravo=B
Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 25 December 2020

No 13128, Friday 25 Dec 2020, Incognito



All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM. 

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

7   Only fair (4) JUST [DD]
8   Occur beyond collapsed pier (9) TRANSPIRE {TRANS}{PIER*}
10 Like bird’s behind (6) ASTERN {AS}{TERN}
11 Love apples and minced meats too (8) TOMATOES*
12 How a switch may be used intermittently? (2,3,3) ON AND OFF [DD]
14 Show sappers some flesh (6) REVEAL {RE}{VEAL}
16 Bengali is confused about Hercule Poirot, for example (7) BELGIAN*
18 O Christ! That could be a bird (7) OSTRICH*
21 Hits insect on board ship (6) SMITES {S{MITE}S}
23 Place cleaning implements around journalist’s retirement quarters (8) BEDROOMS {B{ED}ROOMS}
25 Grape tea prepared for large mammal (5,3) GREAT APE*
27 Pa’s piano is with headless rascal (6) PASCAL {P}{rASCAL}
29 Is Santa confused about saint and devil-worshippers? (9) SATANISTS {IS+SANTA}* over {ST}
30 More than 6 balls? (4) OVER [DD]

1   BotherInn sauce is spilt! (8) NUISANCE*
2   King leaves Scottish island after taking some tincture for eye problem (4) STYE S(-k+(Ti...e)}TYE
3   Stewed and pickled isnt OK... confused? (6) STINKO*
4   Abandon what one might do after untying the painter (4,3) CAST OFF [DD]
5   Without commencing stamp cancellations, get currency in erstwhile GDR (8) OSTMARKS pOSTMARKS
6   Talent is present (4) GIFT [DD]
9   Injection sent back in same needle (5) ENEMA [T<=]
13 Dark time near end of twilight (5) NIGHT {NIGH}{t...hT} &lit
15 Six Romans and Romeo try celestial maiden? (5) VIRGO {VI}{R}{GO}
17 Keeps away from wild ass at bin (8) ABSTAINS*
19 Fought winged creature in endless comedy (8) COMBATED {COM{BAT}EDy}
20 Old boy’s ditty about one side of a coin... (7) OBVERSE {OB}{VERSE}
22 Animals in Miramar Estate (5) MARES [T]
24 Madly speed around circle and throw out from seat (6) DEPOSE {DEP{O}SE*}
26 Cast away laws (4) ACTS*
28 Southern bed for highlander (4) SCOT {S}{COT}

Reference List
Sappers = RE(Royal Engineers), Ship = SS, Journalist = ED, Piano = P, King = K, Romeo = R, Old Boy = OB, Southern = S

Thursday 24 December 2020

No 13127, Thursday 24 Dec 2020, Arden

Solution to 23A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Passing comments — final notice before a direct broadcast (6,5) OBITER DICTA {OBIT}{A+DIRECT}*
7   Starts counting only dead fish (3) COD Acrostic
9   Quiet listener, is trim (5) SHEAR {SH}{EAR}
10 Love and leave, perhaps new money is invested (9) VALENTINE {VALE{N}{TIN}E*}
11 Dropped down a cliff — having committed a crime, hide inside (9) RAPPELLED {RAP{PELL}ED}
12 Muck around in Emils place (5) SLIME<=
13 Regularly seen before defeat, last one on the way (2,5) EN ROUTE {sEeN}{ROUT}{onE}
15 The Spanish chic rejects flower (4) NILE {EL}{IN}<=
18 Two dimensions a metre apart meet, reportedly (4) LAMB {L}{A}{M}{B} Definition not understood (Addendum - (~ meat = lamb) - See comments)
20 To be cut with any switch blade (7) BAYONET {TO+BE+ANY}*
23 Pound — to book takes some time (5) T?R?B (Addendum - THROB {TO}{HR}{B} - See comments)
24 Exciting business, with our full assembly (9) COLOURFUL {CO}{OUR+FULL}*
26 View over Vatican is right for the tourist (9) SIGHTSEER {SIGHT}{SEE}{R}
27 Something to eat and drink (5) TOAST [DD]
28 Very much dead under the earth (3) SOD {SO}{D}
29 Ultra fashionable in espousing extreme left-wing views (7,4) RADICAL CHIC {RADICAL}{CHIC} [C&DD]

1   He watches over the newspaper (8) OBSERVER [DD]
2   Amateurish, inactive, retains 50% hope (8) INEXPERT (Addendum - {IN{EXPect}ERT} - See comments)
3   Notes anger welling up inside — it’s strange (5) EERIE {E}{IRE<-}{E}
4   Grant’s first lady briefly liked to travel north (7) DEVOLVE {EVe}{LOVED}<=
5   Boy stopped — once made fine pottery (7) CELADON {CE{LAD}ON*}
6   Children’s play with relative’s friend (4,5) AUNT SALLY {AUNTS}{ALLY}
7   Weeps having lost energy — is the situation so serious? (6) CRISIS {CRIeS}{IS}
8   Flower holder for mushroom? (6) DEEPEN {DEE}{PEN}
14 Capital on a brutal reformation (9) ULANBATOR* Enu Should be (4,5)
16 Relay final, remains to be seen immediately (2,1,5) IN A FLASH {FINAL}*{ASH}
17 What one needs to be lithe and act fit (8) ATHLETIC {LITHE+ACT}* &lit
19 Crook nabs Bill King, becomes stern (4,3) BACK END {B{AC}{K}END}
20 Bob Aldrich had worn a belt of sorts (7) BALDRIC [T]
21 Assist flow when blood flow is restricted (6) STASIS*
22 Force hard when cold (6) FRIGID {F}{RIGID}
25 Pending fund, still at the centre (5) UNTIL {fUNd+sTILl}

Reference List
Quiet = SH, New = N, Money = TIN, The in Spansh = EL, Dimension L & B, Metre = M, Book = B, Some time = Hour = HR,Vatican = SEE, Right = R, Dead = D, Note = E, Energy = E, Bill AC, King = K, Force = F

Wednesday 23 December 2020

No 13126, Wednesday 23 Dec 2020, Arden

Solution to 12A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

6   Keen to hear this (5) DIRGE [CD]
7   Bet last of the crooks will go and embezzle (8) PECULATE sPECULATE
10 Support against a party is just bluster (7) BRAVADO {BRA}{V}{A}{DO}
11 Had one’s fill — following Indian way in English coastal town (7) MARGATE {ATE}<=>{MARG}
12 Base set apart — moving operating tables (7) I?N?B?E (Addendum - IGNOBLE {IGNOBLE+SET+APART = OPERATING TABLES} [CA] - See comments)
13 Only 50% chance — disastrous for Kingfisher (7) HALCYON Anno pending ( Addendum - {ONLY+CHAnce}* - See comments)
14 Running inspection, a sample (4,2,5) CASE IN POINT*
19 Strange to support greed for MP’s full term, say (7) LUSTRUM {RUM}{<=>{LUST}
21 Fancy without clothes, back to yellowish orange (7) APRICOT {cAPRICe}{TO<=}
23 Against current, displeasure with bat (7) VAMPIRE {V}{AMP}{IRE}
25 West Ham's Terence Brown kept a pet (7) HAMSTER [T]
26 Drop line goes, argument follows in a shrill voice (8) FALSETTO {FAlL}{SET TO}
27 Short and sweet ending of Gaelic tongue (5) TERSE {s..eT}{ERSE}

1   Can a gram make a difference to Brandy? (8) ARMAGNAC*
2   Gold initially buried under garden soil (6) BEDAUB {AU}{Bu...d}<=>{BED}
3   No promises broken — did I hear it wrong? (10) SPOONERISM* [CD]
4   The imp leaves quietly for a hustle (4) SCAM SCAMp
5   Second Instruction a child has to follow before running race (6) STEADY {ready STEADY go} [CD]
6   Remains with teacher carrying mattress upstairs (6) DEBRIS {SIR}{BED}<=
8   She sang to the sailors till the very end... (7) LORELEI [CD]
9   ... pulse is zero after the party (5) BEANO {BEAN}{0}
13 To help than to organise an event (10) HEPTATHLON*
15 Attacks mostly cross beams (7) SORTIES {SORe}{TIES}
16 Cat’s up, before one round it’s withdrawn (8) TACITURN {CAT<=}{1}{TURN}
17 Man has left with spice (5) CLOVE {C{L}OVE} 
18 Rodents on the rise, over-exposed; deny them food (6) STARVE {RATS<=}{oVEr}
20 Craft with identical sheet, detailed (6) SAMPAN {SAMe}{PANe}
22 From South some wrote to me recently — keeping aloof? (6) REMOTE [T<=]
24 Fills position from top to bottom (4) EATS (-s)EAT(+s)S

Reference List
Support = BRA, Against = V, Party = DO, Indian way = MARG,  Line = L, Quietly = P, Man = COVE. Left = L