Tuesday 27 February 2024

No 14108, Tuesday 27 Feb 2024, Gussalufz

Solution to 2D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

9   Vegetable and mushroom pie cooked in ceremonial burner (5,4) PEACE PIPE {PEA}{CEP}{PIE*}
10 Smell of a tomato (5) AROMA {A}{ROMA}
11 Agents of strong players (7) FACTORS {F}{ACTORS}
12 Work for channel (7) PRODUCT {PRO}{DUCT}
13 Evenly trimmed your cocoa plant? (5) YUCCA {YoUr+CoCoA}
14 Vegetable gift? I gag (9) ARTICHOKE {ART}{I}{CHOKE}
16 Male, ultimately corrupt politicians, 24x7 and 7x52? (15) MULTIPLICATIONS {M}{ULT}{POLITICIANS*}
19 Embarrassing enema after exclusive party with Snoop Dogg, perhaps (5,4) STAGE NAME {STAG}{ENEMA*}
22 Story, say, about subject (5) LIEGE {LIE}{EG<=}
24 Commercial flight of Indian aviation company on duty in Rhode Island (3,4) AIR TAXI {AI}{R{TAX}I}
26 SPECTRE's leaders, in Bond's overreaching grasp, grumble about ridiculous totalitarianism (7) BOGGART Acrostic
27 I'm not sure, right or wrong (5) ERROR {ER}{R}{OR}
28 Thought of settling matter, replacing iPad finally with books (9) SENTIMENT SE(-d+NT)NTIMENT

1   Stylish cop with suspect (6) SPIFFY {SP}{IFFY}
2   Spooner's sullen, mercurial, absurd (8) ?A?C?C?L ()
3   Ornamental case shielding volatile core (10) DECORATIVE {D{CORE*}ATIVE}
4   Unhealthy atmosphere dictated setter's breathlessness (6) MIASMA (~ my asthma)
5   Country primarily following ludicrously dopiest authoritarian (8) DESPOTIC {Co...y}<=>{DOPIEST}*
6   Pet's upset over snack (4) TACO {CAT<=}{O}
7   Adjusting for outliers in metro districts, urban left's outperforming initially (6) MODULO {MetrO}{D}{Ur..n}{Left}{Ou...g}
8   Wandering wastrel bored by opening of zoo rides (8) WALTZERS {WASTREL}* over {Zoo}
15 Latticed formation fencing grazer's limits? (6,4) CATTLE GRID {LATTICED}* over {Gr..eR}&lit
16 Maiden! Tight maiden over — spinner's first; handled badly? (8) MISNAMED {M}{I{Sp...r}NAMED*}
17 Mate, soil after remixing is most fertile (8) LOAMIEST*
18 Ran and spoke pompously about exercise (8) OPERATED {O{PE}RATED}
20 Dawn of some pterosaur or archosaur (6) AURORA [T]
21 European bad boy and popular girl going out (6) EBBING {E}{B}{B}{IN}{G}
23 What's left in test at Edgbaston? (6) ESTATE [T]
25 Vibe of Jaguar car oddly ignored (4) AURA {jAgUaR+cAr}

Reference List
Strong = F, Male = M, I'm not sure = ER, Right = R, Books = NT, Over = O, Maiden = M, Exercise = PE, Bad = B, Boy = B, Girl = G

Monday 26 February 2024

No 14107, Monday 26 Feb 2024, Avtaar

Solution to 12D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Private, through road across Monaco's outskirts (6) INMOST {IN}{ST} over {Mo..cO}
4   Most helpless bees left struggling (8) FEEBLEST*
9   One running errands in US auto company hired by bank (3-3) LEG-MAN {LE{GM}AN}
10 Move by doctor to increase recall (6,2) DREDGE UP {EDGE}<=>{DR and {UP}
11 Scrap gold transported on empty hearse is put on a pedestal (4-10) HERO-WORSHIPPED {ROW}{OR}{SHIPPED}<=>{He..sE}
13 Attributes shown by expert training Republican on alliances (10) PROPERTIES {PRO}{PE}{R}{TIES}
14 Island's backing international test venue (4) BALI {I}{LAB}<=
16 Catch the butt of friendly ape (4) COPY {COP}{f...lY}
18 Free charitable activity's starting off outside President's hometown (10) BIRTHPLACE {CHaRITABLE}* over {P}
21 Driver software? (9,5) AUTOMATIC PILOT [CD]
23 Native's present in bar ahead of time (8) INHERENT {IN{HERE}N}{T }
24 Avtaar is invited by nurse for drill in dentistry (6) REAMER {REA{ME}R}
25 Settle software assurance process before portals of every department get installed (8) SITUATED {SIT}{UAT}{Ev..y}{De...t}
26 Tag carrying details embedded in hybrid car digitally (2,4) ID CARD [T]

1   Having nothing to do, I start to doodle on walls of lobby (4) IDLY {I}{Do...e}{LobbY}
2   Electric generator's silver mesh secured by tip of metal ring (7) MAGNETO {AG}{NET} in {Me..l}{O}
3   Saw Europe's nervous after US dropped naval strength (3,5) SEA POWER {SAW+EuROPEs}*
5   Brexit supporter set occupier on fire (11) EUROSCEPTIC*
6   Criminal wished to entertain cop (6) BADDIE {BAD{DI}E}
7   Anecdotes from retired legislator about ending in trouble near US city (7) EXEMPLA {EX}{t...lE}{MP}{LA}
8   Following report's closure, doctor saves copy on, say, Amazon's unlimited file storage (4,5) TAPE DRIVE {r...eT}{APE}{DR}{rIVEr}
12 Revealed steps to obtain first and surpass others (11) O?T?I?T?N?E (Addendum - OUTDISTANCE {OUT}{D{1ST}ANCE} - See comments)
13 Pig-like animals - species mostly moving around peaks of Chile, Argentina and south end of Ecuador (9) PECCARIES {SPECIEs}* over {Chile}{Ar...e}{e...oR}
15 Broken lock? (5,3) SPLIT END [CD]
17 Bar's taken up most recent random criticism (7) POTSHOT {STOP<=}{HOT}
19 Condition affecting sense of smell wreaked havoc in Samoa (7) ANOSMIA*
20 Small bird crossing river in European city (6) SMYRNA {S}{MY{R}NA}
22 Cross-bar is pressed down (4) TROD {T}{ROD}

Reference List
Road = ST, Training = PE, Republican = R, President = P, Time = T, Cop = DI, River = R

Sunday 25 February 2024

Special, Sunday 25 Feb 2024, Ghaza

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  


Starred clues do not have a definition but they have a common theme.


The Sunday Crossword No 3295, Sunday 25 Feb 2024

1   Producing a lot of fear? Very much (10) DREADFULLY {DREAD}{FULLY}
6   Milky duck, mate? (4) OPAL {O}{PAL}
9   Around forest, finally decomposing, socks that'll feed plants (6,4) GARDEN HOSE {ARDEN} in {d...nG}{HOSE}
10 Time flying saucer returned to give us something to eat (4) TOFU {T}{UFO<=}
12 Incognisant – unsettled – backing (11) SANCTIONING*
15 Long time back, Everyman's included as potential success (7) NOMINEE {EON<=} over {MINE}
16 I'm surprised seeing Frenchman with salad, as a rule (4,3) OHMS LAW {OH}{M}{SLAW}
17 How you may draw back, wanting time: mistakenly (2,5) IN ERROR {IN tERROR}
19 Is the writer tucking into fish somewhere on the Med? (7) TUNISIA {TUN{IS}{I}A}
20 Blow a fuse, as you did with News of the World, Mr. Murdoch? (4,4,3) LOSE ONES RAG [C&DD]
23 Seabird or two, as we can hear (4) ERNE (~ earn (2D))
24 Hot Priest, we're told, achieved a noisy mode of transport (10) HELICOPTER {H}{ELI}{(~copped a)COPTER}
25 Soft, incredibly lustrous kimono at the outset? (4) SILK Acrostic &lit
26 Who shouted 'Eureka!' and screamed 'Hi!' running around? (10) ARCHIMEDES*

1   Appreciates accommodation (4) DIGS [DD]
2   Gross dollop of Béarnaise (4) EARN [T]
3   Part of salad board in actor's space (8,4) DRESSING ROOM {DRESSING}{ROOM}
4   Get mad? Aunt rethinks anger at heart (7) UNHINGE {aUNt}{retHInks}{aNGEr}
5   Monarchy taking part in raffle: so thoughtful! (7) LESOTHO [T]
7   Academic reimagined islets to no avail (10) PROFITLESS {PROF}{ISLETS*}
8   Raw, one careens with luge and sweats, perhaps (10) LOUNGEWEAR {RAW+ONE+LUGE}*
11 Terrible scene, woven on goddam weaving device (4,3,5) DOOM AND GLOOM {ON+GODDAM}*{LOOM}
13 Cricketers botched friendlies (10) INFIELDERS*
14 Aloof crossword setter's public image, ultimately: awful (10) IMPERSONAL {I'M PERSONA}{a...uL}
18 Hoofed mammals travelled to this place in East London (3,4) ROE DEER (~ rode 'ere)
19 Language used when specifying a kind of bath (7) TURKISH [DD]
21 Nail that may be put to use in stable (4) STUD [DD]
22 Most of cheek in undergarments (4) BRAS BRASs

Reference List
Time = T, Frenchman = M, Hot = H

Saturday 24 February 2024

No 14106, Saturday 24 Feb 2024, Hypatia

Wordplays.com has restarted it's old tricks again by picking up Hypatia's crossword to show the solutions!!!

1   Cowards exploit special work sacking you finally (8) MILKSOPS {MILK}{S}{OPuS}
Slowly, Adiga novel connects to core of B'lore (6) ADAGIO {ADIGA}*{blOre}
10 Essentially recall horse cart around fierce competition (3,4) RAT RACE Anno pending <= See comments
11 Sailor performing "show-and-tell", lost when drunk (3,4) OLD SALT {ShOw+AnD+TeLL}*
12 Conscious of a funeral (5) AWAKE {A}{WAKE}
13 Support for stocking American consumer banks (9) SUSPENDER {S{US}PENDER}
14 Quarter joyful after relaxing US holiday (6,2,4) FOURTH OF JULY {FOURTH}{JOYFUL}*
18 Unfortunately, a taciturn student's boring i.e., tongue tied (12) INARTICULATE {A+TACITURN}* over {L} in {IE}
21 Taking risk ultimately forces new board to collapse (9) BREAKDOWN {risK} in {NEW+BOARD}* Semi&lit
23 Cool Kung Fu Panda's a large mammal (5) HIPPO {HIP}{PO}
24 General change reflected in river current (3,4) LEE TIDE {LEE}{EDIT<=}
25 Slaves working in short skirts (7) MINIONS {MINI{ON}S}
26 Occasionally, rich family's met lawyer coolly (6) CALMLY {riCh+fAmiLys+Met+LawYer}
27 Body building (8) ASSEMBLY [DD]

1   Host starting to make milk products on the counter (6) MYRIAD {Make}{DAIRY<=}
2   Lease adjacent to aerospace co.? That’s disastrous (6) LETHAL {LET}{HAL}
3   Cops struggling with a gate to reach victim (9) SCAPEGOAT {COPS+A+GOAT}*
4   Wasted resources in game of chance? One needs to let off steam! (8,6) PRESSURE COOKER {P{RESOURCES*}OKER}
6   Basically duck or dive, generally evade! (5) DODGE Acrostic &lit
7   State managed to get German university in Greece (8) GRANDEUR {G{RAN}{DE}{U}R}
8   Stray holders of posts in offices (3-5) OUT TRAYS {STRAY}* [RA]
9   Laurie's medical genius and cast in Sherlock, say, are celebrities (9,5) HOUSEHOLD NAMES {HOUSE}{HOL{AND*}MES} 
15 Reverend's talk followers? No way! (3,6) FAT CHANCE (~chat fans to fat chance)
16 Bad coalition making NATO this ruthless (8)  DIABOLIC {BAD+COaLItIoa}* [CA]
17 We're wandering in trip for so long (8) FAREWELL {FA{WERE*}LL}
19 Pick up father and see doctor in confidence (6) APLOMB {PA<=}{LO}{MB}
20 Meek as described by anonymous eyewitnesses (6) MOUSEY [T]
22 Finish off eating a bit of red plankton (5) KRILL {K{Red}ILL} Krill are not Plankton. They feed on Plankton.

Reference List
Special = S, Student = L, Cool = HIP, German = DE, University = U, Father = PA, See = LO, Doctor = MB

Friday 23 February 2024

No 14105, Friday 23 Feb 2024, Hypatia

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

7   Sourness essentially from lime and gold fish in hodge-podge (11) GALLIMAUFRY {GALL}{lIMe}{AU}{FRY}
8   Steal cycles in a round (3) ORB (-r)O(+r)RB
10 Playboy's comb (4) RAKE [DD]
11 Minister retracting ban on Bangladeshi imports initially (5) RABBI {BAR<=}{Ba...i}{Im...s}
12 Chiefly romantic offering, serenading sweetheart! (4) ROSE {Ro...c}{Of...g}{Se...g}{swEet} Semi&lit
13 Passage extracted from novels I actually recalled (5) AISLE [T<=]
15 American soldiers taking part in Salute to union (9) AGREEMENT {A}{GREE{MEN}T}
16 Say Dennis is changing name at Church (6) MENACE {NAME*}{CE}
18 Women wait outside for turn (6) SWERVE {S{W}ERVE}
21 Angry players seen fighting were rational (4,5) MADE SENSE {MAD}{ES}{SEEN*}
23 Kid eats bananas and the last piece of cake (5) TEASE {EATS*}{cakE}
25 Bond's usually OKespecially undercover (4) YOKE [T]
26 Old and dreary smell (5) ODOUR {O}{DOUR}
27 Sad fool retired without money (4) GLUM {MU{L}G}<=
28 Pick up, scatter and stitch (3) SEW (~sow)
29 Thorough inspection of English bridge after cruise in ship (5,6) STRIP SEARCH {E}{ARCH}<=>{S{TRIP}S}

1   Hanger-on in wild American parties (8) PARASITE {A+PARTIES}
2   Plant's only losing money essentially (4) ALOE ALOnE
3   Shrewd asset manager, let us select regularly (5) SMART {asSet+ManAgeR+leT}
4   As per Spooner, tramp embraces cheats (7) HUMBUGS (~ bum hugs to humbugs)
5   Running shoes for coaches (8) TRAINERS [DD]
6   Prayer's regularly put up in worshiroom (6) ORISON {iN+wOrShIp+RoOm}<=
9   First show of love in Bollywood that is concerning (8) PREMIERE {PREM}{IE}{RE}
14 Made light of abrupt delaeven in chaos (8) LEAVENED {DELAy+EVEN}*
17 They bravely cross Europe to Oman's capital in a chopper, perhaps (3,5) EYE TOOTH {THEY}* over {E}{TO}{Oman}
19 Explorer held up by hiccup severely (8) VESPUCCI [T<=]
20 Country blending into sea (7) ESTONIA*
22 Starting from Oliver Twist, reads books and relishes (6) ADORES {Ol...r} in {READS}
24 Active teacher's up to visit Bangkok on vacation (5) BRISK {SIR<=} in {Ba...oK}
27 Attack nanny (4) GOAT {GO+AT}

Reference List
American = A, Soldiers = MEN, Church = CE, Women = W, Players = E,S Old = O, Money = L, English = E, Ship = SS, Love in Bollywood = PREM, Concerning = RE, Europe = E

Thursday 22 February 2024

No 14104, Thursday 22 Feb 2024, Dr. X

Solution to 12A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1 & 24 What demolition workers might do to make audience applaud enthusiastically (5,3,5,4) BRING THE HOUSE DOWN [DD]
8   Allow member to enter passage into mine (5) ADMIT {AD{M}IT}
9   Incessant drinking - starting to become aloof (9) UNBENDING {UN{Be...e}ENDING}
11 Money gone, stolen outside West Hollywood (10) TINSELTOWN {TIN}{SELTO{W}N*}
12 Declining number of bees in capital of Polynesian country (4) ?P?A (Addendum - APIA APIAn - See comments)
14 Fellow entertaining a crowd endlessly in Mexican city (7) GUAYMAS {GU{A}Y}{MASs}
16 Gap in combustible rock without carbon is shaped like an egg (7) OVOIDAL {cO{VOID}AL}
17 One making allegations about rebellious cocaine addict (7) ACCUSER {CA<=}{C}{USER}
19 Media magnate is often defending Republican party (7) MURDOCH {MU{R}{DO}CH}
21 Debonair billionaire touring revolutionary city in Middle East (4) IBRI [T<=]
22 Try sweets perhaps after ordinary seafood dish (6,4) OYSTER STEW {TRY+SWEETS}*<=>{O}
25 Analysis of real-time info finally becoming better (9) MELIORATE {REAL+TIME+infO}*
26 CPR, oxygen saves delegate (5) PROXY [T]
27 Pay for stable over exotic isle in due course (2,4,7) AT ONES LEISURE {ATONE}{S{ISLE*}URE}

2   Old chap abducted by revolting character in European country (7) ROMANIA {O}{MAN} in {AIR<=}
3   Lowest possible rent, home's close to market (10) NETHERMOST {RENT+HOMES}*{m...eT}
4   Dump husband, press for custody (5) TRUST ThRUST
5   Bowl more craftily, allowing no space (5,4) ELBOW ROOM*  {BOWL+MORE}* over {0}
6   Has drinks, loses head (4) OWNS dOWNS
7   Skidded and hurtled over edge (7) SLIPPED {S{LIP}PED}
8   Visual problem in a spot with murky mist (11) ASTIGMATISM {A}{STIGMA}{MIST*}
10 Girl entertaining old wealthy rogue to have sex (2,3,3,3) GO ALL THE WAY {G{O}AL}{WEALTHY*}
13 Very mean reviews in press primarily show envious reaction (4,6) SOUR GRAPES {SO}{URG{PAR<=}E}{Show}
15 They are used by graffiti artists in bridges to cover beam with bit of colour (5,4) SPRAY CANS {SP{RAY}{Co...r}ANS}
18 Piece of armour of king in fancy closet (7) CORSLET {CO{R}SLET*}
20 Come first, getting gold in the open air (7) OUTDOOR {OUTDO}{OR}
23 Gist of article on case of malpractice (5) THEME {THE}{Ma...cE}
24 See 1 Across

Reference List
Member = M, Money = TIN, West = W, About = CA, Cocaine = C, Republican = R, Party = Do, Ordinary = O, Old = O, Husband = H, Mean = PAR, King = R

Wednesday 21 February 2024

No 14103, Wednesday 21 Feb 2024, Dr. X

Solution to 8A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Difference in attitudes breaking up ageing parent and son essentially (10,3) GENERATION GAP {AGEING+PARENT+sOn}* &lit
8   Forces controlled by Maoist in underground revolution (5) U?I?S ()
9   Men reviewed problem with main knob controlling church pipes (5,4) ORGAN STOP {OR}{SNAG<=}{TOP}
11 & 18 Detailed narrative in breezy weather report? (4-2-4,7) BLOW-BY-BLOW ACCOUNT {C&DD]
12 Hotel just needs strong locks (4) HAIR {H}{fAIR}
14 Characters in terrible unrest around America (7) NATURES {N{A}TURES*}
16 Rebellious writer in European country acting out awkwardly (7) INEPTLY {I{PEN<=}TaLY}
17 Worrying about daughter hooking up on the internet (1-6) E-DATING {E{D}ATING}
19 Granitic rock is found in lawn (7) GREISEN {GRE{IS}EN}
21 Every beauty's topless (4) EACH pEACH
22 Swindle by phoney tourism company (10) CONSORTIUM {CON}{TOURISM*}
25 More courageous with money belt (9) DOUGHTIER {DOUGH}{TIER}
26 Dog picking up right scent (5) TRAIL {T{R}AIL}
27 Gain an advantage over some charlatan easily (5,1,5,2) STEAL A MARCH ON*

2   Remove part of text from it due to blunders (4,3) EDIT OUT* &lit
3   Order of demolition finally liberates Cold War capital (4,6) EAST BERLIN  {d...oN+LIBERATES}*
4   America, Britain hosting gathering about nuclear weapon (1-4) A-BOMB {A}{MOB<=}{B}
5   Popular girl arguing is getting under one's skin (9) INGROWING {IN}{G}{ROWING}
6   Number series, new for student (4) NINE (-l+n)NINE
7   Seduce a model with finesse, overcoming resistance (7) ATTRACT {A}{T}{T{R}ACT}
8   Myth or otherwise, a blunder to consume dope (5,6) URBAN LEGEND {A+BLUNDER}* over  {GEN}
10 Socialite raised drink, cuddling pretentious maiden in a retreat (5,6) PARTY ANIMAL {LAP<=} over {ARTY}{M+IN+A<=}
13 Erotic item shaped like a heavenly body (10) METEORITIC*
15 Unmarried Italian woman and character cavorting on air (9) SIGNORINA {SIGN}{ON+AIR}*
18 See 11 Across
20 Largely formal event featuring a Greek dish (7) STIFADO {STIFf}{A}{DO}
23 Extremely scary broadcast about Middle Eastern country (5) SYRIA {ScarY}{AIR<=}
24 Hunter heartlessly traps bird (4) RHEA [T]

Reference List
Men = OR, Hotel = H, Strong = F, America = A, Acting = A, Daughter = D, Right = R, Britian = B, Girl = G, New = N, Student = L, Model = T, Resistance = R. Dope = GEN, Maiden = M, Event = DO

Tuesday 20 February 2024

No 14102, Tuesday 20 Feb 2024, Dr. X

Solution to 8A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1 & 26 Conceited reason to buy new footwear (3,3,3,4,5) TOO BIG FOR ONES BOOTS [C&DD]
8   Nevertheless getting rid of old planes (5) E?E?S (Addendum - EVENS {EVEN So} - See comments)
9   Prince inherits rare medical condition (9) NEPHRITIS {P+INHERITS}*
11 Wild animal behind mysterious den surrounded by round blue plants (10) DANDELIONS {LION}<=>{DEN}* in {SAD<=}
12 Nail criminal crossing river (4) BRAD {B{R}AD}
14 Tempts by endlessly seducing artfully (7) INDUCES {SEDUCINg}*
16 One sold fresh strips of pasta (7) NOODLES*
17 Mexican dish contains most cheap brand of sauce (7) TABASCO {TA{BASe}CO}
19 Romp with primarily sexy male in escapade (7) SCAMPER {Sexy}{CA{M}PER}
21 Excited since beginning of game (4) AGOG {AGO}{Game}
22 Pub having unhealthy, substandard oriental menu (4,2,4) BILL OF FARE {B{ILL}{OFF}AR}{E}
25 Tripping on pure LSD in show (9) SPLENDOUR*
26 See 1
27 Little shots drunk after consuming drugs - they make women higher? (8,5) STILETTO HEELS {LITTLE+SHOTS}* over {EE}

2   Love exotic dance featuring island's sea nymph (7) OCEANID {O}{CEAN{I}D*}
3   Spooner's coffin found in wreck (6,4) BASKET CASE (~casket base to basket case)
4   Bottled spirits? That is gin, rum (5) GENII {IE+GIN}*
5   Postpone broadcast about nuclear rivals (9) OPPONENTS {POSTPONE}* over {N}
6   Bulldog repeatedly bites fiend (4) OGRE [T]
7   Note a bit of lump within the intestine (7) ENTERAL {ENTER}{A}{Lump}
8   Taken in by charms, misdeed by model has an unhappy outcome (4,2,5) ENDS IN TEARS {END{SIN}{T}EARS}
10 Encounter maiden lost in distress around byroads (4,7) SIDE STREETS {mEET} in {DISTRESS}*
13 Master uttered with enthusiasm about boy's ethical courage (5,5) MORAL FIBRE {M}{ORAL}{FI{B}RE}
15 Angry leader of insurgents trapped by stalwart engaged in a decisive gunfight (4,2,3) SHOT IT OUT {S{HOT}{In...s}TOUT}
18 Brochure in trunk about deer in retreat (7) BOOKLET {BOO{ELK<=}T}
20 Wolf and ape injured pheasant (7) PEAFOWL*
23 Passage to be performed slowly by girl in vocal round (5) LARGO {G} in {ORAL<=}
24 Reviewed isolated organic compound (4) ENOL <=

Reference List
Old = O, Prince = P, River = R, Male = M, Island = I, Nuclear = N, Model = T, Maiden = M, Master = M, Boy = B, Girl = L

Monday 19 February 2024

No 14101, Monday 19 Feb 2024, Dr. X

Solution to 1A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   I turned confused during audition, being most nervous (8) T?M?D?S? (Addendum - TIMIDEST {T{I}{DIM<=}EST} - See comments)
5   Worries about one getting tooth decay (6) CARIES {CAR{1}ES}
10 English poet's fantastic response, expressing love (7) SPENSER RESPoNSE*
11 Maniac in a cult perhaps (7) LUNATIC*
12 Mites in a vehicle on island (5) ACARI {A}{CAR}I}
13 Discussion about extreme of lassitude with cocaine withdrawal (9) SECESSION {S{l...dE}{C}ESSION}
14 Rehab centre in hospital's lousy! Yeah, so awful (7,5) HALFWAY HOUSE {H}{YEAH+SO+AWFUL}*
18 Thoughtless rogue defrauds girl (12) DISREGARDFUL*
21 New club has retro band (9) ORCHESTRA {C+HAS+RETRO}*
23 Food around noon as planned (5) MEANT {MEA{N}T}
24 Celebrate in fancy resort around lunchtime (7) ROISTER {RO{1}STER*}
25 Most important person in family starting to prattle, enthralled by drink (7) KINGPIN {KIN}{G{Pr...e}IN}
26 Himalayan native and girl in health resort (6) SHERPA {S{HER}PA}
27 Writer enthralled by ultimate hard drug, one causing sorrow to be forgotten (8) NEPENTHE {NE{PEN}T}{H}{E}

1   Italian model initially under scrutiny (6) TUSCAN {T}{Un..r}{SCAN}
2   Frenzied woman and guy consuming ecstasy on a date (6) MAENAD {MA{E}N}{A}{D}
3   Break up as boyfriend imbibes, continues to drink (9) DISSIPATE {D{IS}{SIP}ATE}
4   Hair starting to fall, right? Operation certain to tackle medical problem (6,8) STRESS FRACTURE {TRESS}{Fall}{R}{ACT} in {SURE}
6   Declines to entertain new girl (5) AGNES {AG{N}ES}
7   Thing I rue terribly - ignoring husband's love affair (8) INTRIGUE {ThING+I+RUE}*
8   Assisted criminal in vile deeds (8) SECONDED {SE{CON}DED*}
9   Coach's advice to rugby players lifting device (5,3,6) BLOCK AND TACKLE [DD]
15 High society females heartily entertained by hot nude male models (4,5) HAUT MONDE {femAles} in {HOT+NUDE+M}*
16 Interrupts a con stealing Japanese vases (8) ADJOURNS {A}{D{J}O}{URNS}
17 Discovered silicon close to the area of folded rock strata (8) ISOCLINE {SILICON+thE}*
19 Prince in trouble facing tense reprimand (6) CARPET {CAR{P}E}{T}
20 Princess wanting separate carriage (6) STANCE diSTANCE
22 Legally bar shadiest opium houses (5) ESTOP [T]

Reference List
Island = I, Cocaine = C, Hospital = H, Club = C, Noon = N, Ultimate = NET, Model = T, Ecstasy = E, Date = D, Right = R, New = N, Husband = H, Male = M, Japanese = J, Prince = P, Tense = T, Princess = DI

Sunday 18 February 2024

Saturday 02 Mar 2024, IIT (M) WGC, IIT M Crossie Open

IIT M Crossie Open
Date - Saturday 02 Mar 24
Venue - Class Room Complex (CRC), IIT Madras
Timings - Round 1 will commence at 10 AM
Conducted by - Shrikanth T aka Afterdark

Kavya - 9632225662
Abhinav - 9943486164

Nerika Mishra 

Special, Sunday 18 Feb 2024, Ajji

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3294, Sunday 18 Feb 2024

1   Highest in command initially skirts the issues (6) TOPICS {TOP}{In}{Co...d}{Sk...s}
4   Set point – fantastic – let's pick up the pace (4,2,2) STEP ON IT*
9   Clergyman rejected nonsense by idiot (6) PASTOR {ROT}{SAP}<=
10 Taunt accepted by Dad in France, English being distinguished (8) PEDIGREE {PE{DIG}RE}{E}
12 No, I engendered flipping contempt (8) DERISION {NO 1}{SIRED}<=
13 Sleep with partners in largish numbers (6) DOZENS {DOZE}{NS}
15 Refuse to camp: hope for resort and welcoming spa at the outset (7,4) COMPOST HEAP {TO+CAMP+HOPE}* over {Spa}
18 Delivering while almost asleep (8,3) DROPPING OFF [DD]
21 More painful part of stomach, i.e. reticulum (6) ACHIER [T]
22 When irritated, interfere after rector's left one of the Canaries (8) TENERIFE INTErFERE*
24 Something African National Congress tabled in opposing Nationalists, primarily? (8) SANCTION Acrostic &lit
25 Punctilious Detective Inspector leaves area (6) STRICT diSTRICT
26 Fantastic Island that can be seen in comics (8) SUPERMAN {SUPER}{MAN}
27 In the East End, he got up and wiped out? (6) ERASED (~ 'e raised)

1   Audio kit packeted ham-fistedly (4,4) TAPE DECK*
2   Kind of tense, drive over island for meat (8) PASTRAMI {PAST}{RAM}{I}
3   Everyman, perhaps mad, drew otters dancing (9,6)  CROSSWORD SETTER {CROSS}{DREW+OTTERS}*
5   Even movement of the ocean reported (4) TIED (~tide)
6   Carton half open, reptiles scurrying: nasty thing to receive in the mail (6-3,6) POISON-PEN LETTER {carTON+OPEN+REPTILES}*
7   Drinks slowly in harbours (6) NURSES [DD]
8   The Ivy's serving tripe – but only starters, I believe (6) THEIST {THE}{Ivy}{Se...g}{Tr..e}
11 Loading area in which you might go bust (7) PONTOON [DD]
14 Parts of beans that are used for worship (7) TEMPLES [DD]
16 Institute enshrined in the law finally validates insurance documents (8) POLICIES {POLIC{I}E}{v...eS}
17 Got to camp (8) AFFECTED [DD]
19 Cowboys use these in Dallas so sparingly (6) LASSOS [T]
20 Exercise in the gym? Don't look so sad (4-2) CHIN-UP [DD]
23 Up to now, Romeo not seen in comfy spot (4) SOFA SO FAr

Reference List
Dad in France = PERE, English = E, Partners = N,S, Rector = R, Island = I, Institute = I, Romeo = R

Saturday 17 February 2024

No 14100, Saturday 17 Feb 2024, Afterdark

1   Source in soldiers' training field... (7,6) ASSAULT COURSE {SOURCE}* [RA]
10 ...surrendered as per heartless order in a bizarre decision primarily (9) ABDICATED {DICtATE} in {A}{Bi...e}{De...n}
11 One taking cover from a mammal... (5) COATI {1}<=>{COAT}
12 ... allowed at Florida Keys, say (5) ISLET {IS LET}
13 Close school at Spain, talented one is expelled (9) SECRETIVE {S}{E}{CREaTIVE}
14 Rechristen king at England? Amen everywhere (6) RENAME {R}{E}{AMEN*}
16 Unusual to let go of female for some rum that's diluted (5) RUNNY {-f+r)RUNNY
19 Marriage on 1/1/1 ending early (5) UNION {ON}<=>{UN}{1}{1}
20 Avoid fish fed with some yeast having phosphorus (6) BYPASS {B{Ye..t}{P}ASS}
25 Use of money for a certain purpose for fringe characters to develop knocked often (4-5) RING-FENCE {FRINGE}*{kNoCkEd}
26 Singer seen in promos sabotaged shows in retribution (5) BASSO [T<=]
27 Difficult to blend... (5) CROSS [DD]
28 ...all fats, kale tips possibly with petiole (9) LEAFSTALK {ALL+FATS+KalE}*
29 Only our fine to set free? No way (3,2,4,4) NOT ON YOUR LIFE*

2   Relegate team position (8) SIDELINE {SIDE}{LINE}
3   A small young horse with tip of tail clipped at racecourse (5) ASCOT {A}{S}{COlT}
4   Current and old top songs on television primarily (6) LATEST {LATE}{So..s}{Te...n}
5   Hermes's staff beat up accused stealing some umbricelli (8) CADUCEUS {ACCUSED}* over {Um...i}
6   In Delhi, chacha and aunt frequently left yard in a soiled manner (9) UNCLEANLY {UNCLE}{AuNt}{L}{Y}
7   Delirious to leave London district stable (6) STATIC ecSTATIC
8   Auditor with the help of last vendor got salmon eggs (6) CAVIAR {CA}{VIA}{v...oR}
9   Wanted new idea to win first match (5) AIMED {AI{Ma..h}ED*}
15 Announcement by man & wife on losing weight before Easter essentially by order (9) MANIFESTO {MAN}{wIFE}{eaSTer}{O}
17 Make light of daughter's personal hobby (8) DOWNPLAY {D}{OWN}{PLAY}
18 Say, Sir John to lose control almost on employees (8) FALSTAFF {FALl}{STAFF}
21 Weird there's nothing good in spot (6) SPOOKY {SP{O}{OK}Y}
22 Fraud seen in that rickshaw... (5) TRICK [T]
23 ...completely in tatters primarily with glasses covering tension (2,4) IN TOTO {IN}{Ta...s}{O{T}O}
24 Fantastic lake right near university in a place in Ladakh (6) LEKARU {LAKE*}{R}{U} Something wrong here.as there is no such word or place. The place in Ladakh is just KARU
26 Herb is basically bawling like a lady (5) BASIL {Ba...g}{AS}{1}{L}

Reference List
School = S, Spain = E, King = R, England = E, Female = F, Small = S, Left =- L, Yard = Y, Weight = W, Order = O, Daughter = D, Glasses = OO, Tension = T, Right = R, University = U, Lady = L