Tuesday 31 May 2016

No 11714, Tuesday 31 May 2016, Arden

Enjoyed this one also, even though I am stuck for a few annos and have a couple of question marks. Liked 22D.

6 & 27 Ac. There is also history in the making of dentifrice in Paris (5,5) TOOTH PASTE {TOO}{TH {PAST}E} What's the role of Paris here? See comments
7   Like modern subject from old kingdom (8) ASSYRIAN {AS}{SYRIAN}
10 Two parts of circle briefly join at a place in Greece (7) ARCADIA {ARC}{A}{DIA}
11 Cloth, paper and zebra skin (7) ORGANZA {ORGAN}{ZebrA}
12 Pitman against a Greek Goddess (7) MINERVA {MINER}{V}{A}
13 Girl's disheartened, still too young to shine (7) GLITTER {GirL}ITTER Anno pending. Is it another bungled up correction here or am I wrong? (AddendumGLISTEN - {GirL}{IS}{TEN} - See comments)
14 In knowledge, payment on date amounts to nothing (7,4) CHICKEN FEED {CHIC}{KEN} {FEE}{D}
19 Royal code for a top banana (7) KINGPIN {KING}{PIN}
21 The Italian chronicle about new dish (7) LASAGNA {LA}{SAG{N}A}
23 Desperate – the country almost got it back (7) FRANTIC {FRAN{TI<=}Ce}
25 Winner, a bit offensive (7) NOISOME {NO 1}{SOME}
26 Herb's especially husked and ground (8) ALLSPICE eSPECIALLy*
27 See 6 Ac. (5)

1   One by one going through volumes – fiery and given to eruptions (8) VOLCANIC {AN} and {1} in {VOL} and {CC}
2   Drink bar comes up under a veil (6) CHADOR {CHA}{DOR<=}
3   Crazy family may bring one down (6,4) BANANA SKIN {BANANA S}{KIN}
4   European city in the middle of industrial action (4) OSLO {gO SLOw}
5   Bird, two girls and a model (6) GANNET {G}{ANNE}{T}
6   It's allowed to get into public transport with a physical injury (6) TRAUMA {TRA{U}M}{A}
8   Type of music makes a boy get into a fit (7) RAGTIME {RAG{TIM}E}

9   Browbeat two females in the family (5) HARRY Anno pending (Addendum - DAUNT {D}{AUNT} - See comments)
13 Arms stay a bit longer in his arms (10) GUNSLINGER {GUNS}{LINGER} Semi&lit
15 Originally computerised – coder removed by force (7) IMPETUS coMPUTerISEd*
16 Cramped quarters for those out of favour (8) DOGHOUSE [C&DD]
17 Canoe or craft, forces leave and trainees join (5) SKIFF SKI(-ll+ff) But trainees are leaving and forces are joining here!
18 Play a note for it to reproduce, perhaps (6) GAMETE {GAME}{TE}
20 Peer into the city, almost (6) NEARLY {N{EARL}Y}
22 Philby's cover as a mole, wasn't enough (6) SKIMPY {S{KIM}PY} Nice one
24 One in jail for killing his brother (4) CAIN {CA{1}N} &lit

Monday 30 May 2016

No 11713, Monday 30 May 2016, Arden

Enjoyed the Monday morning outing from Arden.

1   Bit plump, but he made safe journey finally (6) CHUBBY {CHUBB}{j...eY}
4   Express doubt on call to involve him in the killing (8) BUTCHERY {BUT}{C{HE}RY}
9   Sailing out, one lost the message (6) SIGNAL SAiLING*
10 Female on the run with boyfriend carrying a torch (8) FLAMBEAU {F}{LAM}{BEAU}
12 City of Lincoln – Rabbi will want to return (8) ABERDEEN {ABE}{R}{DEEN<=}
13 Fluff roll, happiness cut short (6) BUNGLE {BUN}{GLEe}
15 Determine aim – wandering in the morning (4,8) ANTE MERIDIEM*
18 Even he is part of group making annual report (7,5) BALANCE SHEET {BALANCE} {S{HE}ET}
21 Don assumes university is under pressure (6) DURESS {D{U}RESS}
22 Guy having red wine was a piano maker (8) STEINWAY {ST{WINE*}AY}
24 Changing leadership – a disaster for West (8) OCCIDENT (-a+o)OCCIDENT
25 Under one's feet some pets nip around (6) INSTEP [T<=]
26 Cursing us – it's so hot outside (8) SWEARING {S{WE}EARING} There's an extra E in the clue See comments
27 Short tribute for working capital (6) BEIRUT tRIBUTE*

1   Acts like Robinson Crusoe (8) CASTAWAY {ACTS}*
2   Tune sung sadly, they are balmy (8) UNGUENTS*
3   He is after black money – the promoter (5,10) BRAND AMBASSADOR {B}{RAND} {AMBASSADOR}
5   Not a nice fruit, they say (4) UGLY (~ugli) A seems extraneous
6   Subject will use conceptcrime will be solved (8,7) COMPUTER SCIENCE*
7   Go with blue, green and a touch of yellow (6) ENERGY {GREEN*}{Ye...w}
8   Off to buy ecstasy, that's for sure (3,3) YOU BET {TO+BUY+E}*
11 Live on royalty, able to hold a drink (4,3) BEER CAN {BE}{ER} {CAN}
14 Bill introduced to cut outlay finally, due to heavy consumption (7) EDACITY {ED{AC}IT}{o...aY}
16 It's the main ingredient (8) SEAWATER [CD]
17 When placed under supports, does not move (5,3) STAYS PUT {STAYS}<=>{PUT}
19 Loves to embrace girl, we deem it disgraceful (6) ODIOUS {O{DI}O}{US}
20 Nothing clear about the voice (6) ORACLE {O}{CLEAR*}
23 Bull not caught immediately (4) ANON cANON

Sunday 29 May 2016

Special, Sunday 29 May 2016, Dr Satyen Nabar

Three answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) as usual till 6 PM.
Please enter all your answers in one comment.

1   Grovels with fear (6)
4   One on Scotch, all shaken up lacking silly alcohol permit (7)
8   Sounds of distress (7)
9   Society has solutions for drug addicts (7)
11 Slightly dirty student leader dances drunk (4-6)
12 Endlessly boring in retrospect to express dismay (2-2)
13 Dim boy with mad king (5)
14 What an orthopaedic doctor might perhaps be called to break (8)
16 Master back in super form with knock for six (8)
18 Bathroom without Jacuzzi finally available for rent (2, 3)
20 Ladies ignore first warning (4)
21 Reciting fluently while staggering away (7, 3)
23 Avoid lad at bedtime (7)
24 Nothing helping lecture (7)
25 Like intrinsically to defame (7)
26 One with a website? (6)

1   Understand drawback to secure contract (5)
2   Model is old enough (7)
3   Fund flow to largely clear jumble (9)
5   Not right to be licked, it's revealed (5)
6   Blistering dance festival (7)
7   Most close fight in a stern conflict (9)
10 Treated a fracture when very drunk (9)
13 These are very rare unhappy daydreams (4, 5)
15 Goes ahead at full speed to give the nod to one involved in plunder (4, 2, 3)
17 Slam champion bags tough Final in style (7)
19 Tied up opening in cover (7)
21 Duties for judges (5)
22 Level of puzzle (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at Dr SN 6


The Sunday Crossword (2895), Sunday 29 May 2016

1   Endless story family doctor developed into topic (7,5) TALKING POINT {TALe}{KIN}{G P}{INTO*}
9   A door well designed for truck (3-6) LOW-LOADER*
10 Have home next to old green (5) OLIVE {O}{LIVE}
11 Plant receiving a gentle touch (6) CARESS {C{A}RESS}
12 Solid vessel in trouble (8) HARDSHIP {HARD}{SHIP}
14 If teased badly, time to be despondent (9) DEFEATIST {IF+TEASED}*{T}
15 Range covered by disco perhaps (5) SCOPE [T]
16 In distress, divided (3,2) CUT UP [DD]
17 Fearful about agent, turned and ran away (9) SCARPERED {SCAR{PER<=}ED}
19 Final net value resolved (8) EVENTUAL*
21 Stoat's hesitation in front of pit (6) ERMINE {ER}{MINE}
23 One not using animal products for example in vehicle (5) VEGAN {V{EG}AN}
24 Serious post in place in Kent (9) GRAVESEND {GRAVE}{SEND}
25 Station group angry after tea (7,5) CHARING CROSS {CHA}{RING} {CROSS}

1   Wrong test for the oddly reliable person (5,2,8) TOWER OF STRENGTH*
2   Hurry up and appear with second instrument (4,5) LOOK SHARP {LOOK} {S}{HARP}
3   Home and dry, having no heart for form of racing (4) INDY {IN}{DrY}
4   Enormous worry newspaper raised with trade union article (10) GARGANTUAN {GAR}{GAN}<={TU}{AN}
5   Egg-shaped ornament initially empty (5) OVOID {Or...t}{VOID}
6   Union rebel sighs, ordered to show sociability (15) NEIGHBOURLINESS*
7   Mild pressure applied to edge of Bakewell tart (6) PLACID {P}{b...eL}{ACID}
8   Great footballer occupied by work for human beings (6) PEOPLE {PE{OP}LE}
13 Musical song's aim is varied (4,6) MISS SAIGON*
15 Wild horse, pure one with unusual power (9) SUPERHERO*
16 Stick around with permission (6) CLEAVE {C}{LEAVE}
18 Democrat studies fears (6) DREADS {D}{READS}
20 Number on love right for singer (5) TENOR {TEN}{O}{R}
22 Powder used by hospital cleaner (4) TALC [T]


Saturday 28 May 2016

No 11712, Saturday 28 May 2016, Arden


1 I could be asleep shortly, some time left (7) NUMERAL {NUMb}{ERA}{L}
5 After a month Harry gets restless (7) FEBRILE }FEB}{RILE}
9 Capital fellow from republican state (5) ROMAN {R}{OMAN}
10 Offering bag of riceaccept condition (9) SACRIFICE {SAC}{R{IF}ICE}
11 Wastes amateur awards (9) ATROPHIES {A}{TROPHIES}
12 Can drunk man be graceful? (5) LITHE {LIT}{HE} Added link for meaning of drunk
13 Sung about horny creatures (4) GNUS {SUNG*}
15 It's a surprise when one is caught so (8) UNAWARES (CD)
18 Stick outside like a window (8) CASEMENT {C{AS}EMENT} Added link for meaning of casement
19 Work time query (4) TASK {T}{ASK}
22 Inner diameter of ring's about a foot (5) PEDAL {PE{D}AL}
24 Not a view for one having long sight (9) SPECTACLE {aSPECT}{AC{L}E}
26 Colour starts with green, then red – is used in perfumes (9) AMBERGRIS {AMBER}{Green}{Red}{IS}
27 Food from a store mostly (5) ROAST {A STORe}*
28 Bit the head off gently (7) LIGHTLY {sLIGHTLY}
29 Endless fortitude is not a threat (7) SCOURGE {lesS}{COURaGE}


1 Some say – "a wrong time to go up country" (6)  NORWAY (T<=)
2 Notes man made or original? (9) MEMORANDA {MAN MADE OR}*
3 Manage, raise the period of preparation (3-2) RUN-UP {RUN}-{UP}
4 Dandy stalks girl with sex appeal – day wasted doing nothing (9) LASSITUDE {LASS}{IT}{dUDE}
5 Confused perhaps, but endless concentration (5) FOCUS {COnFUSed}*
6 Fantastic fish – one's stuffing it (9) BRILLIANT {BRILL}{I{AN}T}
7 One's precise describing one as a fool (5) IDIOT {I}{D{I}OT}
8 Team toured extensively, sixty left (6) ELEVEN {ExtENsiVELy}*
14 Suspect flowing stream is holding up everything (5,1,3) SMELL A RAT {STREAM}* around {ALL<=}
16 Ones who check hair do play a part (9) ACTRESSES {AC{TRESS}ES} Not sure how to classify this clue
17 Everyone will talk about Sydney's suburbsa place to relax (4,5) EASY CHAIR {EA{SydneY} CH}{AIR}
20 Law shows bias over stretch (6) SPRAWL {S{PRAW<=}L} SL is Law? {SPRAW}{L}<=  Thanks Col.
21 Show courage or pay up – man makes way for son (6) METTLE {(-s+M)ETTLE} Or is it SETTLE?
23 Correct opening, wrong ending... (5) DEBUG {DEBU(-t+G)}
24 ...seconds before lazy Susan could commit a sin (5) STRAY {S}{TRAY}
25 Somebody in the Director's office (5) TORSO (T)

Reference list

Left=L Month=Feb, Republican=R, Condition=If, Amateur=A, Man=M, Like=As, Time=T, Diameter=D One=Ace Long=L
Sex appeal=It, Day=D, One=An, One=I, Law=L, Man=M, Son=S, Seconds=S

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution IndicatorLink/Connector,Extraneous


Friday 27 May 2016

No 11711, Friday 27 May 2016, Arden

1   Slight change in sensuality, easy to be overlooked (6) INSULT seNSUaLITy*
4   Regular air service (8) EVENSONG {EVEN}{SONG}
10 Look out! Is it becoming funny? (9) FACETIOUS {FACE}{OUT+IS}* 'It' is superfluous and confusing
11 Relish in bringing us together (5) GUSTO [T]
12 School will tend to go online (7) NURSERY {NURSE}{RY}
13 Get together, participate briefly and secure victory (7) ENTWINE {ENT{WIN}Er}
14 In their circle they are all equal (5) RADII [CD]
15 A study of values cut short, not born for study of life (8) AXIOLOGY {AXe}{bIOLOGY}
18 Its whereabouts little children want to know (8) PUSSYCAT [CD]

20 Those people have resistance as a unit (5) THERM {THE{R}M}
23 Place of exile is revisited by ex-chief of secret police in Russia (7) SIBERIA {IS*}{BERIA}
25 Again choose a dance movie featuring Charlie (7) REELECT {REEL}{E{C}T}
26 One had gone back to zero state (5) IDAHO {1}{DAH<=}{O}
27 Sit out, between end of May to end of July, collect pieces that are tiny (4-5) ITSY-BITSY {SIT*}{maY}-{BITS}{julY}

28 Leaves, having the time to wander through slums (8) GHETTOES {THE+T}* in {GOES}
29 Afraid a sports car has entered (6) AGHAST {A}{G{HAS}T}

1   It's fashionable to spread out and go with the men (8) INFANTRY {IN}{FAN}{TRY}
2   Sow gets dog tied up (7) SECURED {SE{CUR}ED}
3   Draws as fish eater is prone to be excluded (9) LOTTERIES {OTTER} in {LIES}
5   May be invested in exchange, street has a stake (6,8) VESTED INTEREST  {VESTED IN}*{STREET*}
6   Short article — drink up after dusk (5) NIGHT {NIG}{eHT}<=
7   Getting rid of head of state during a trip (7) OUSTING {OU{St..e}TING}
8   Girl makes lover cringe (6) GROVEL {G}{LOVER*}
9   Deploys archaic ways to make sugar (14) POLYSACCHARIDE*
16 Refuse to bother with one who makes a mess (9) LITTERBUG {LITTER}{BUG}
17 Violet will make them stay (8) AMETHYST*
19 One is clearly not happy taking it (7) UMBRAGE [CD]
21 Treacle playing a part (7) ELECTRA*
22 Demanding like a Monarch (6) ASKING {AS}{KING}
24 Some not so orderly, climbing up to perch (5) ROOST [T<=]

Thursday 26 May 2016

No 11710, Thursday 26 May 2016, Buzzer

1   Plain genius, one outstanding fictional scientist (12) FRANKENSTEIN {FRANK}{EiNSTEIN}
8   Time to squeeze a criminal (4) THUG {T}{HUG}
9   Funny one at times is flat (10) MAISONETTE*
11 Army staff screened and classified (4,2) WANT AD {WAN{T A}D}
12 Set off with one friend to work out (8) ESTIMATE {SET*}{1}{MATE}
14 North America these days regressing for nothing (4) NADA {NA}{AD<=}
16 Bound through meadow unburdened (7) LEASHED {LEA}{SHED}
18 Foyer has grass spread around wall front to back (7) HALLWAY {H{(-w)ALL(+w)W}AY}
19 Land mass surrounded by Helsinki to the west (4) ISLE [T<=]
22 Was aware of food shop mentioned in capital city (3,5) NEW DELHI (~knew deli)
23 Single man losing heart in earnest (6) SOLEMN {SOLE}{MaN}
24 Represented thus, Indian? (10) HINDUSTANI* &lit
26 Intellect is not half bright (4) NOUS lumiNOUS
27 Arcade nearly built in 12 months (8,4) CALENDAR YEAR*

2   Hang-glider sailing across top of Times Square (5-6) RIGHT-ANGLED {HANG-GLIDER}* across {Ti..s}
3   Identified growing endless need (5) NAMED DEMANd<=
4   Size up over 50% of news in online journals (1-5) E-ZINES {E-ZI{NEws}S<=}
5   Kind to restrain hot head showing impatience (9) SHORTNESS {S{H}ORT}{NESS}
6   I say look at ... (3) EYE (~ i)
7   ... tastelessly showy man wearing crown (5) CHEAP {C{HE}AP}
10 Air temperature at first to hold within certain limits (6) TETHER {Te...e}{ETHER}
13 Guardroom is cell, an early imprisoning variety (11) MISCELLANEA [T]
15 Nasty snide lady causing anger perhaps (6,3) DEADLY SIN*
17 Mansion with own lake on island (6) HAVELI {HAVE}{L}{I} That reminded me of Master Haveliram of Buniyaad
20 Spy agency to confiscate new age design bug (6) CICADA {CI{CAD}A}
21 Morning time husband spent with loved one (5) AMOUR {AM}{hOUR}
23 Bristled to turn round adversity at last (5) SPINY {SPIN}{a...tY}
25 Pulse ideally must be taken regularly (3) DAL {iDeAlLy}

Wednesday 25 May 2016

No 11709, Wednesday 25 May 2016, Buzzer

1   Different guises presumably (1,5) I GUESS*
5   Mean to run a seafood stall overlooking a lake (7) SELFISH {SELl FISH}
9   At one point or another sitting around at home suspended (3,2,9) NOT IN OPERATION {AT+ONE+POINT+OR}* around {IN}
11 First event in a series is key (6) OPENER [DD]
12 African people in Denmark content to take legal action (8) SUDANESE {SU{DANES}E}
13 Proper ritual by the sound of it (5) RIGHT (~rite)
14 Recordings to broadcast fun tips (9) PLAYLISTS {PLAY}{LISTS}
16 Wild animal, one in water, skating over Nile (9) WOLVERINE {Wa..r}{OVER+NILE}*
18 Live with old group of people in Kerala (2,3) ON AIR {O}{N AIR}
20 Ability to read in light that is blue (8) LITERACY  {LITE}{RACY}
22 Crazy about a silk casing fabric (6) DAMASK {DAM<=}{A}{SilK}
24 Gradually deem it at a pet's, enough cages around? (3,4,2,1,4) ONE STEP AT A TIME [T<=]
25 Church next to a German city centre (7) ESSENCE {ESSEN}{CE}
26 Behave unacceptably out of envy? No good at all (2,4) BE RUDE {BEgRUDgE}

2   Thug briefly had urge to become a better person (4,3) GOOD EGG {GOOn}{'D} {EGG}
3   Erect pine rotten in the middle (9) EPICENTRE*
4   Openers for Sri Lanka open to opening (4) SLOT Acrostic
5   Form a baseless theory to invest in stocks (9) SPECULATE [DD]
6   Capital city of Louisiana, home to bears (5) LHASA {HAS} in {LA}
7   Lack of affection is thawing since, on the inside (7) ICINESS {I{SINCE*}S}
8   Way to protest German attack under Attila perhaps (6,6) HUNGER STRIKE {HUN}{GER} {STRIKE}
10 Solver regarding mostly favourably, fellow setter? It's a pleasure (5,7)  YOURE WELCOME {YOU}{RE} {WELl}{CO}{ME}
14 Rule Yuvraj out of a cricket tournament? (9) PRINCIPLE {PRINCE} over {IPL}
15 Foreign folk are to watch over (4,5) LOOK AFTER*
17 Those lending sort of characters (7) LETTERS [DD]
19 Afraid of a Liberal having guns (7) ALARMED {A}{L}{ARMED}
21 Inform one is beyond helping (3,2) RAT ON {RATiON}
23 Put an end to objections raised (4) STUB <=


Tuesday 24 May 2016

No 11708, Tuesday 24 May 2016, Neyartha


1   Mammal's diseased organ found inside rolled-over timber (8) KANGAROO {ORGAN}* in {OAK<=}
5   Mascara, black, helps to conceal a beetle (6) SCARAB [T]
9   Crushes in the large ring for the Utah game (8) OUTPLAYS {O{UT}{PLAY}S}
10 Slips on the auditor's metal spikes (6) GAFFES (~gaffs)
11 Ben's lace Ganesh untied to show inconstancy (14) CHANGEABLENESS*
14 Mammal found with a knight at the wrong place in a tree by the French (5) KOALA {(+k)OA(-k)}{LA}
16 Disguised manipulators not missed by the animal in a pouch (9) MARSUPIAL MAnUPILAtoRS*
17 Italian starters with wine spread around North America carries a clue (9) ANTIPASTI {A{N{TIP}A}STI}
19 About to get rid of Austrian grain? It is a question of location (5) WHERE WHE(-at+re)RE
20 Amorphous nylon larcenist put straight (14) NONCRYSTALLINE*
23 Part of a flower found in letters from Murugan, the runner (6) ANTHER [T]
24 Jamaican friend returns with number from the east for American pepper (8) JALAPENO {JA}{LAP<=}{ENO<=}
25 Paddle display (6) SPLASH [DD]
26 Lexical ambiguity in 25 Ac. and 2 Dn. (8) POLYSEMY [Def by example]

1   Turn up to hit a ball hard for a tie (4) KNOT <=
2   Nick's in a narrow pass (5) NOTCH [DD]
3   City in a legendary island is overrun by the Arabian leader (7) ATLANTA ATLANT(-is+a)A
4   Airplane passengers might prefer these to remain unused (6,5) OXYGEN MASKS [CD]
6   Poet Geoffrey ingests drink (not this French recipe) in an impressive country house (7) CHATEAU {CHA{TEA}Ucer}
7   I have a note on the British power cord on top that's self-referent (9) REFLEXIVE {RE}{FLEX}{I'VE}
8   One treasured by shop owners? (4,6) BEST SELLER [C&DD]
12 I ask for a bun to be cooked in the country (7,4) BURKINA FASO*
13 In a ski, Arun gets disturbed by some people from Kiev (10) UKRAINIANS*
15 Unlimited ridicule attached to a former South African province before birth (9) ANTENATAL {bANTEr}{NATAL}
18 Computer programs using leading algorithms to replace superior ship officers (7) PARSERS P(-u+a)RSERS
19 Strategy to hold party in retreat with a mammal (7) WALLABY {WA{LLAB<=}Y}
21 Relative in French city on the radio (5) NIECE (~nice)
22 Large vase abandoned in voyage with the young animal (4) JOEY JOurnEY


Monday 23 May 2016

No 11707, Monday 23 May 2016, Neyartha

Neyartha's at the stock market today.

7   Substitutes tolerate offence (6,2) STANDS IN {STAND}{S IN}
9   Time to overcome the resistance to a distinguishing symbol in the shopping centre (6) MARKET MARKE(-r+t)T
10 Ridiculous canoe logo attached to the unknown branch of science (10) OCEANOLOGY {CANOE}*{LOGO}*{Y}
11 One moving forward to produce a symbol (4) ICON (+1)ICO(-1)N
12 Countryman freed without repercussions? (4) SCOT SCOTfree
13 Spasm returns after pixel corruption becomes clear (8) EXPLICIT {PIXEL}*{TIC<=}
16 Nut containing lithium for the bird (7) PELICAN {LI} in {PECAN}
18 Branded and cleaned piano was abandoned (7) STRIPED STRIpPED
20 European control of the woman's headgear (5,3) DUTCH CAP {DUTCH} {CAP}
21 As per Kabul laws, captured the mammal (4) BULL [T]
23 Caught naked mammal (4) BEAR (~bare)
24 Spotted ... (4,4,2) LAID EYES ON [E]
25 Awkwardly limn a frame for the American on a fabric (6) MUSLIN {US} in {LIMN}*
26 Doctor, irate, embraced by boy going west with certifying officials (8) NOTARIES {IRATE}* in {SON<=}

1   Family reputation (5) STOCK [DD]
2   Does going below this lead to a freezing experience? (9,6) ANTARCTIC CIRCLE [CD]
3   Game's opening salvo needs Otago opener Kirsten's elegant response (7) SNOOKER Acrostic
4   Brought back the balance initially lacking after test loss and gets an award (4) EMMY Anno pending (Addendum - {sYMMEtry <=} - See comments)
5   Type of implant seen in Africa hit retail by mistake (10,5) ARTIFICIAL HEART*
6   Setback after the legends turn up with a first class cover for extraterrestrial stones (9) AEROLITES {A{EROL<=}1}{SET<=}
8   Brief call to substitute uranium by the king (5) SHORT SHO(-u+r)RT
14 Fix by getting rid of one half of a golf club (3) PUT PUTter
15 Suitor with a note on Oxford University's pleasing to the eye (9) BEAUTEOUS {BEAU}{TE}{OU'S}
17 Bow found in a sacred chest reportedly (3) ARC (~ark)
19 Bent spoon alloyed with titanium provides choices (7) OPTIONS {TI} in {SPOONS}*
21 Stable attachment suppressing the sound from an animal (5) BLEAT [T]
22 Protect the blanket (5) COVER [DD]
24 Not in favour of delay getting extended (4) LONG proLONG

Sunday 22 May 2016

Special, Sunday 22 May 2016, Saral

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory).
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

7   Furs from small fresh bales  (6)
8   That man sore about protagonists (6)
11 Introduction of rhymes initially within verse (5)
12 The French graduate returned to give speech rich in detail (9) 
13 English with the French guys tastes scooped out things on a table (8)
14 Turndown, sent back the Spanish fashionable editor  (6)  
16 Care about marathon (4)
18 Instrument initially played in any new orchestra (5) 
19 Nocturnal birds return to attack (4)
23 Nullify again a toll (6) 
24 Country symbol's outstanding feature  (8)
27 Excellent fish I am not trying  at first  (8) 
28 Roman reconstructed palace (5)
29 Escorts argued badly sparing English senator initially (6) 
30 Need an unfamiliar group of nine (6)

1   Promise secretary with a part in a play (6)
2   Soft wood artisan (7)
3   Find out for sure when new train attaches empty carriage (9) 
4   Many hate bad swindler (5)
5   Thickets with circular furrows (7)
6   Dame perhaps with record of gold winner, say  (8)
9   Issue a new paper (6)
10 Remedy from the allergy (4)
15 Peacekeepers startled, start off unflustered (9)
17 Top crust around one kind of pepper (8)
20 Thirteen is dozen for them (6)
21 Sewers use torn sail not new (7)
22 A crazy climbing worker is stubborn (7)
23 Steal English judge's attire (4)
25 Article added to cancel a yearly report, say (6)
26 Almost tough, quiet, severe (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at SARAL 3


The Sunday Crossword (2894), Sunday 22 May 2016

1   Physicist showing new path he's worked out with chess piece (7,7) STEPHEN HAWKING {NEW+PATH+HE'S}*{KING}
9   So marsh, except for odd parts, happens to be fertile spot (5) OASIS {sO+mArSh}{IS}
10 Carnivore in rage, very unhappy, coming back with new energy (9) WOLVERINE {WOL}{V}{ERI}<={N}{E}
11 Increasing taxation initially relating to jewellery (8) TREBLING {Ta...g}{RE}{BLING}
12 Most unusual depth in poem by saint (6) ODDEST {OD{D}E}{ST}
14 End of annual period around Christmas (4) NOEL {NOE}{a...aL}<=
15 Dignified arrangement of a quest set up without pressure (10) STATUESQUE {A+QUEST+SET+Up}*
18 Fruit began to go rotten in vehicle (10) LOGANBERRY {LO{BEGAN*}RRY}
19 Search with horse covering miles (4) COMB {CO{M}B}
21 Meal, excellent, quietly consumed (6) SUPPER {SUP{P}ER}
23 On the whole exhausted before melodrama's last lines (3,2,3) ALL IN ALL {ALL IN} {m...mA}{LL}
25 Passed area in open range (9) OVERTAKEN {OVERT}{A}{KEN}
26 Material from speech in order (5) CHINO [T]
27 Crime writer's odd gems one ignores (7,7) GEORGES SIMENON*

1   Print lingo boss translated for football team (8,6) SPORTING LISBON*
2   Point for example about registration mark's hidden feature (6,3) EASTER EGG {EAST}{E{R EG}G}
3   Trouble with fluttering lashes (6) HASSLE*
4   Occasionally negative, therefore receiving stick (3,3,4) NOW AND THEN {NO}W AND} {THEN}
5   Clever chart from which temperature is taken (4) ABLE tABLE
6   Very involved requirement in store (4-4) KNEE-DEEP {K{NEE-D}EEP}
7   Sound from hooter, overwhelming one (5) NOISE {NO{1}SE}
8   Get through election mostly working for high-flying data collector (7,7) WEATHER BALLOON {WEATHER} {BALLOt}{ON}
13 Plots beginning to subvert Conservative policies (10) STORYLINES {Su...t}{TORY}{LINES}
16 Extract estimate of cost (9) QUOTATION [DD]
17 Doctor cares not for predecessor (8) ANCESTOR*
20 Funny series? Some miss it completely (6) SITCOM [T]
22 Bit quiet, vocally (5) PIECE (~peace)
24 King unknown in middle of desert island (4) SKYE {deS{K}{Y}Ert}


Saturday 21 May 2016

No 11706, Saturday 21 May 2016, Gridman

Addenda - Higlighted the 6 special words in the grid 


1 Tend // to the Reverend (8) MINISTER (DD)
5 Sack backward cricketer of Cambridge (6) CANTAB {CAN}{TAB<=}
10 Ruler's passing over even banshee sound (7) KEENING {K{E'EN}ING}
11 Cast out, one former wife is in river (2,5) IN EXILE {I}{N {EX}ILE}
12 In a growth period, pound is flourishing (6) ABLOOM {A}{B{L}OOM}
13 Stalemate from poor deal made in harbour (8) DEADLOCK {DEAL}* in {DOCK}
15 All of which are a preparation (small) for attentive listening (4) EARS {ARE}*{S} Not sure how to classify this
16 Very careful lookout to snap up low catches (5,5) CLOSE WATCH {LOW CATCHES}*
18 When the cat's out of the bag, it's ... ... (4,6) OPEN SECRET (CD)
20 Leaders of Ettayapuram bluster, brandishing some flags (4) EBBS (Acrostic)
23 Top town maybe, a road is out of line (8) UNTOWARD {U}{NTOW*}{A}{RD}
24 Trial arranged around 2nd of June for ceremonial (6) RITUAL{TRIAL}* around U
26 Rain falling around Indian State overwhelmingly (2,1,4) IN A ROMP {IN A R*}{O}{MP}
27 Repeat party gets a score (2,5) DO AGAIN {DO}{A}{GAIN}
28 Like Hell, enter rashly, bearing a bit of hubris (6) NETHER {ENTER}* around Hubris
29 Make the most of woman's garment, semi-worn out (8) MAXIMISE {MAXI}{SEMI*}


1 Determine to produce a second answer? (4,1,10) MAKE A RESOLUTION {MAKE}{A}{RE-SOLUTION}
2 A teasing type, the last of men leered mischievously (7) NEEDLER {meN}{LEERED*}
3 It's one short role reversal for deckhand (7) SAILOR {SA}{I}{eLOR<=}
4 Journalist fellow disheartened and nervously irritable (4) EDGY {ED}{GuY}
6 What every day is at sunrise (1,3,4) A NEW DAWN (CD)
7 Consider carefully - with 1,000 gone, become sparse (4,3) THIN OUT {THINk} {OUT}
8 Finally speak up (this is how you get 'the license') (5,3,7) BREAK THE SILENCE Rev Anag of 'THE LICENSE'
9 Unalterable measure - with which one can't dance (5,4) FIXED STEP {FIXED} {STEP}
14 Lazily pores over need for what may be used for walking on in the circus tent (5,4) SLACK ROPE {S{LACK} ROPE*}
17 All things considered // in toto (2,1,5) AS A WHOLE (DD)
19 Pull out old pamphlet (7) EXTRACT {EX}{TRACT}
21 Indian style of singing taking Union Territory's native (7) BHUTANI {BH{UT}ANI}
22 Another native bit short, with hair disarranged (6) BIHARI {BIt}{HARI*}
25 Put together (answer inexchange of views in West Bengal (4) ADDA {ADD}{A}? {A} from? {ADD}{A} 'answer in' added to the clue via mail from Gridman.

Reference list

One=I, Former wife=Ex, Pound=L, Small=S, Top=U, Road=Rd, Around=O, Indian State=MP
It=SA (Sex Appeal), Journalist=Ed, 1000=K, Old=Ex, Union Territory=UT, Answer=A

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution IndicatorLink/Connector

Friday 20 May 2016

No 11705, Friday 20 May 2016, Gridman

1   Good money a mother returns to a relative (7) GRANDMA {G}{RAND}{M)(A<=}
5   Fine distinction as a number undergoes a change in third place (6) NICETY NI(-n+c)CETY
9   Promises crop around top of hill (5) OATHS {OAT{Hill}S}
10 Unadorned body of boaters or others (4,5) BARE TORSO*
11 Wise about son and worker consuming cake (7) SAPIENT {S}{A{PIE}NT}
12 Head of sorcerers, without any flying aid, is coming down (7) SLOWING {So...s}LO{WING} Anno pending (Addendum - SNOWING {So...s}{NO WING} - See comments)
13 Objects to guards (5) MINDS [DD]
14 Fellows in large party heard where to park (3,6) OFF STREET {O{FF} S}{TREET}(~treat)
16 Gandhian leader, worried, stops reconstructing fence supporters (9) GATEPOSTS {Ga...n}{ATE}{STOPS}*
19 French woman fetches millions in payment (5) FEMME {FE{MM}E}
21 Depleting vitality grabbing a couple of princesses (7) ZAPPING {Z{A}{PP}ING}
23 Ominous sign left by medical speciality (7) PORTENT {PORT}{ENT}
24 More mischievous - nothing that is right (9) NAUGHTIER {NAUGHT}{IE}{R}
25 Bat haven in restaurant restored (5) ANTRE [T]
26 Remains to dash against a religious retreat (6) ASHRAM {ASH}{RAM}
27 Cry loudly, almost frightened by top head of terrorists (4,3) YELL OUT {YELL Ow}{U}{Te...s}

1   Does this periodical prompt one to reflect? (6,8) GLOSSY MAGAZINE [CD]
2   A cheat has tolerated influence (3,4) ACT UPON {A}{C{T UP<=}ON}
3   Sprinters shared movement with society (7) DASHERS {SHARED}*{S}
4   Aspiring range with debt notices (9) AMBITIOUS {AMBIT}{IOUS}
5   Boy puts up papers - they are standard (5) NORMS {NOR<=}{MS}
6   Stops working and leaves early (4,3) CUTS OUT [DD]
7   One small creature's condition to be on no-small location (7) TERMITE {TERM}{sITE}
8   A doctor isn't fair if he gives this kind of ministration (5,9) ROUGH TREATMENT [CD]
15 When participants sprint or when they go on hungry? (4,5) FAST PARTY [CD]
17 CEOs of an armoury? (3,4) TOP GUNS [CD]
18 Digital scammer has hips wriggled at that woman (7) PHISHER {HIPS}*{HER}
19 Chaotic battle with a pet animal? (7) F?R?A?L {Addendum - FURBALL [DD] - See comments)
20 Distinguished composer exposes same rot (7) MAESTRO*
22 Harsh-sounding writer (5) GRIMM (~grim)

Thursday 19 May 2016

No 11704, Thursday 19 May 2016, Gridman

1   Indian magazine editor’s top hindrance recalled in cable (8) TELEGRAM TELEG{MAR<=} Anno pending (Addendum - {TEL}{Ed...r}{GRAM} <= - See comments)
5   Actor's slip, extremely trendy, is soft (6) FLUFFY {FLUFF}{t...dY}
9   Old about, about 101 (7) ANCIENT {AN{C}{1}ENT}
10 Hundred tenders for treasuries (7) COFFERS {C}{OFFERS}
11 Venture forth with industrial action abroad (6,3) STRIKE OUT {STRIKE} {OUT}
12 Ransack for firearm? (5) RIFLE [DD]
13 Affectedly quaint, short message (4) TWEE TWEEt
14 Chivalrous man's reported decline when day's done (9) NIGHTFALL (~knight){NIGHT}{FALL}
17 Layers girl backed in ploy (9) STRATAGEM {STRATA}{MEG<=}
19 Chilly powder? (4) SNOW [CD]
23 Connected group almost adjacent to you and me (5) NEXUS {NEXt}{US}
24 Break lite under refixing (9) INTERLUDE*
25 No one takes part. Disgusting! (7) NOISOME {NO}{1}{SOME}
26 Makes amends with fresh combinations (7) REPAIRS {RE-PAIRS}
27 From the foregoing take away seven to get a score (6) TWENTY {TWENTYseven}
28 Title of nobility suggesting the woman's in style (8) LADYSHIP {LADY'S}{HIP}

1   Journeys using circuitous trains on way up (8) TRANSITS {TRAINS}*{ST<=}
2   Lake - one on which animals feed (7) LUCERNE [DD]
3   Some nationals, in empty garages, cause stink (6) GREEKS {REEK} in {Ga...eS}
4   Writer, with-it, promotes musical that is definitive (13) AUTHORITATIVE {AUTHOR}{IT}{EVITA<=}

6   This might save one from being all at sea (8) LIFERAFT [CD]
7   Irritable from French flute having become out of tune (7) FRETFUL {FR}{FLUTE}*
8   Apparently they always keep saying 'aye, aye' (3,3) YES MEN [CD]
10 Hear people launch thanksgiving over place where rains are appreciated (9,4) CATCHMENT AREA {CATCH}{MEN}{Th...g} {AREA}
15 Was shy, having found supplies didn't last enough (3,5) RAN SHORT [DD]
16 Clears the floor of small, small pups squirming (6,2) SWEEPS UP {S}{WEE}{PS UP*}
18 Fabric writing on French island (7) TEXTILE {TEXT}{ILE}
20 Give sustenance though squandered in hours (7) NOURISH*
21 Free junk, noticing how strewn it is all inside (6) UNKNOT [T]
22 Visit doctor at hospital department next to vacant bay (4,2) DROP BY {DR}{OP} {BaY}


Wednesday 18 May 2016

No 11703, Wednesday 18 May 2016, Gridman

1   People gel together in thought (8) MENTALLY {MEN}{TALLY}
6   The last two of classy charabanc are in harmonisation (4) SYNC {c..sSY}{c...aNC}
9   Christmas party drink that may have taken some beating (6) EGGNOG [C&DD]
10 Rose makes priest accept blame wrongly (7) RAMBLER {BLAME}* in {RR}
13 Kitchen utensil, for example, used by girl, one in party to drive straying wild animal away (9) EGGBEATER {EG}{G}{BEATER}
14 Police officer begins jamming one room divider (5) SHOJI {SHO}{Ja...g}{1}
15 Boy in bathtub swirl (4) EDDY [DD]
16 A base a rani created in a body of water (7,3) ARABIAN SEA*
19 Training to leave direction for round of dispossessing (10) EXORCISING EX(-e+o)ORCISING
21 Saint pushes son to the far end for a long, long period (4) AGES (-s)AGE(+s)S
24 Horrify a laid-back Scandinavian (5) APPAL A}{PPAL<=}
25 With bicycle parts, the fellow is a corporate mouthpiece (9) SPOKESMAN {SPOKES}{MAN}
26 I, I tire - an exertion is not possible in this state (7) INERTIA* One I seems to have slipped the eagle eye of Gridman?
27 I am ghostly, requiring fix (6) IMPALE {I'M}{PALE}
28 No round stone used in building home (4) NEST SToNE*
29 Permanently in favour of mementoes (3,5) FOR KEEPS {FOR} {KEEPS}

2   Is occupied, having entered into conflict (7) ENGAGED [DD]
3   Kind offer (6) TENDER [DD]
4   Glues Rita mixed to have bonds (9) LIGATURES*
5   More lively, you at first get rare treatment (5) YARER {You}{RARE}*
7   Colours the old permits without top rung (7) YELLOWS{YE}{aLLOWS}
8   These are opposite of capital virtues (8,4) CARDINAL SINS [CD]
11 Omit a learner's letter (6) MISSAL {MISS}{A}{L}
12 Decline of French peer group (12) DEGENERATION {DE}{GENERATION}
17 Belt sweeps broad line (9) BANDOLIER*
18 Officer Commanding finds game at last - many a wild cat (6) OCELOT {OCE}{gamE}{LOT}
20 Put down nothing presented by primarily porno newspapers and periodicals (7) OPPRESS {O}{Po..o}{PRESS}
22 Mistake made in fitness class? Not exactly! (7) GYMSLIP ? {GYM}{SLIP} Definition? See comments
23 Cut old office aid’s endless request to constituency (6) PEOPLE {PEOn}{PLEa}
25 All but stop females in work force (5) STAFF {STAy}{FF}


Tuesday 17 May 2016

No 11702, Tuesday 17 May 2016, Exa

7   Chest smell - so masculine (5) BOSOM {BO}{SO}{M}
8   Manoeuvre made by small-time rogue to get a jewel (9) STRATAGEM {S}{T}{RAT}{A}{GEM}
10 Award finest woman with Oscar (6) BESTOW {BEST}{O}{W}
11 Waffle cake - flipping good to eat it (6,2) RABBIT ON {RAB<=}{B{IT} ON}
12 Realised I'm entitled to keep the deposit (8) SEDIMENT [T]
13 Pay back trader only 50% in time (6) AVENGE {A{VENdor}GE}
14 Run straight - make an impression (7) STRETCH {STR}{ETCH} STR for straight? Anno not clear See comments
16 Around November, intended to get back (7) FINANCE {FI{N}ANCE}
20 One'll shoot soldiers after swinging mace (6) CAMERA {MACE*}{RA}
23 I note surface is worthy of being copied (8) IMITABLE {I}{MI}{TABLE}
25 Operation - a marshal didn't carry one out (8) ADDITION {A}{DIDNT}* over {1}{O}
26 Pot? Say 'no' (3,3) OPT OUT {POT}*
27 A flower I put on rug is bound to give a pleasant smell (9) AROMATISE {A}{RO{MAT}{I}SE} How does I come after MAT? See comments
28 Upright piano fit inside for musician (5) PIPER {PI{P}ER}

1   Sound that's let out after mysterious echo (8) COHERENT {ECHO*}{RENT}
2   In court, running ritual with regret (8) CONTRITE {C{ON}T}{RITE}
3   Repeat it time after time, echo (7) ITERATE {IT}{ERA}{T}{E}
4   City in India and Bahrain perhaps put under pressure (8) PARBHANI {P}{BAHRAIN}*
5   Want a maiden that's beautiful on the outside (6) FAMINE {F{A}{M}INE}
6   Take plenty of time to be considered a member (6) BELONG {BE LONG}
9   What we eat that's sweet (4) TWEE [T]
15 Toast made is to two-wheelers (8) CHARIOTS {CHAR}{IS+TO}*
17 Butcher boar, with it, at slaughterhouse (8) ABATTOIR {BOAR+IT+AT}*
18 Biased column our journalist's written ... (8) COLOURED {COL}{OUR}{ED}
19 ... its news had to be redrafted for The Observer (7) WITNESS*
21 They help those attacking without leader (6) AIDERS rAIDERS
22 Imagined flying without wings to be a problem (6) ENIGMA iMAGINEd*
24 Figure obtained through business in banks (4) ICON {I{CO}N}