Friday 30 June 2017

No 12047, Friday 30 Jun 2017, Arden

9   Habitual criminal, a dropout from school (7) HALIBUT HaBITUAL*
10 He runs to check in two articles (7) ATHLETE {A}{TH{LET}E}
11 Blunt — essentially kept breaking rules freely (7) REPULSE {kEPt} in {RULES}*
12 Wayward son gets a child to look after going ahead (7) ONWARDS {WARD} in {SON}*
13 In the US woman not allowed on the radio communication network (9) BROADBAND {BROAD}{BAND}(~banned)
15 State of a meal ordered loudly (5) HAITI (~high tea)
16 Nationals held here a month before (7) AUGUSTA {AUGUST}{A}
19 Implement rules or construct fence all around (7) ENFORCE {FENCE}* around {OR}
20 Bird on bird? (5) REEVE {RE}{EVE} Eve/Bird? See comments
21 Conflicting order on national day (5,4) HOIST FLAG {FLAG<=>HOIST}
25 Overall blue green a lake (7) GENERAL {GREEN}*{A}{L}
26 Collecting waste fish (7) POOLING {POO}{LING}
28 Ready to enter work list, one goes out to attack (7) TORPEDO {RiPE} in {TO DO}
29 "Cover scam, make it airtight" one is told (7) CONCEAL {CON}{CEAL}(~seal)

1   Long for a massage? Not a seraph (6) CHERUB {aCHE}{RUB}
2   Dirty paedophiles shied away from war torn city (6) ALEPPO PAedOPhiLEs*
3   Mark decapitated, his brother killed him (4) ABEL lABEL
4   She was venerated later in the temperance movement (6) ATHENA {THEN} in {AA}
5   Loves to wear something wicked around neck (8) CANOODLE {CANDLE} around {OO}
6   Talk about the few characters, just gossip (4,3,3) CHEW THE FAT {CHAT} around {THE+FEW}*
7   Listen to story, said to be more satisfying (8) HEARTIER {HEAR}{TIER}
8   Each peak will make one sweat (8) PERSPIRE {PER}{SPIRE}
14 Put off departure — is Teheran on the boil? (10) DISHEARTEN {D}{IS}{TEHERAN}*
16 Cancel a short address before opening (8) ABROGATE {A}{BROther}{GATE}
17 Potential energy blanket on foliage (8) GREENERY {ENERGY}* over {RE}
18 Animals gain height when sun is farthest away (8) APHELION {AP{H}E}{LION}
22 Result of devilry? (6) IMPACT {IMP}{ACT}
23 Loaf around — thing is to get into another role (6) LOITER {IT} in {ROLE}*
24 Sound bargain — George replaces Henry (6) GAGGLE (-h+g)GAGGLE
27 Had no inkling some pigs did that (4) OINK [T]


Thursday 29 June 2017

No 12046, Thursday 29 Jun 2017, Arden

1   Rigging return match, accept defeat in short (6) DECEIT {TIE}{CEDe} <=
4   Boy from the first family leaves a mark on the capital (8) BELGRADE {aBEL}{GRADE}
9   One on the way to Kabul (6) PATHAN {PATH}{AN} &lit
10 Breakdown when police are called to take everything back (8) COLLAPSE {CO{ALL<=}PSE}(~ cops)
12 Ornately designed felt cap (8) TYROLEAN*
13 Imagine going off without a sign (6) GEMINI IMaGINE*
15 Famous TV show named cardiac arrest' (6,6) CANDID CAMERA*
18 Son in New Delhi has a house, go back... (4,1,7) BEAT A RETREAT {BE{A}TA}{RETREAT}
21 ...otherwise one drink for a start (6) ORIGIN {OR}{1}{GIN}
22 Reckon it's an admission from one dividing the property (8) ESTIMATE {EST{I'M}ATE}
24 Blockheads told to free them (3,5) LET LOOSE Anno pending (Addendum - {LET}{LOOSE}(~ loos) - See comments)
25 Sacred text finds a match (6) AVESTA {A}{VESTA}
26 One pursues this — the ultimate goal is to catch a fish (3,5) EGO IDEAL {thE}{GO{IDE}AL}
27 Game played by girl — comes in as alliance partner (6) BRIDGE {BRID{G}E}

1   One's graduated, but stupid (8) DIPSTICK [DD]
2   Kind to take note, providing sustenance (8) CATERING {CA{TE}RING}
3   I held all in, I look different, most probably (2,3,10) IN ALL LIKELIHOOD*
5   Not happy to get up, God! (4) EROS<=
6   Dog will deliver, no regret otherwise (6,9) GOLDEN RETRIEVER*
7   Opposition's taken flight, she earns her keep (2,4) AU PAIR AU P{AIR} Anno pending (Addendum - {A{UPA}IR} - See  comments)
8   Quote Arden: "climbing will make you sick" (6) EMETIC {CITE}{ME}<=
11 Shortage of peanut — regular occurrence in Chennai, perhaps (7) PAUCITY {PeAnUt}{CITY}
14 He sauntered halfway and came up to bowl (7) AMBROSE {AMBler}{ROSE} Semi&lit
16 Wine drinking wrong, it has gotten worse (8) RELAPSED {RE{LAPSE}D}
17 Cheap travelset off before times overlapped (8) STEERAGE {SET*}{ER(A)GE}
19 He works like a dog — has left for second job (6) COOLIE CO(-l+o)OLIE
20 Wine shop, writer finds a way to sneak in (6) BISTRO {BI{ST}RO}
23 A Mexican agreement on American continent (4) ASIA {A}{SI}{A}


Wednesday 28 June 2017

No 12045, Wednesday 28 Jun 2017, Arden

1   Invitees to roam free, rating's too high (14) OVERESTIMATION*
10 Philosopher will stop entertaining business (5) BACON {BA{CO}N}
11 Count up to thousand allowed for sure (2,7) NO PROBLEM {NO{PRO}BLE}{M}
12 Strait in UK has small volume of water, perhaps (7) SOLVENT {SOL{V}ENT}
13 First time met with accident, so took public transport (7) TRAMMED {Time}{RAMMED}
14 No choice, goes forward with stunt (5) DWARF ForWARD*
16 Money is time, I see it's practical (9) REALISTIC {REAL}{IS}{T}{IC}
19 Media crew, force them into service (5,4) PRESS GANG {PRESS} {GANG}
20 It raises money in other words (5) YEAST Anno pending [C&DD] See comments
22 Got to choose nothing inside ruin (2,2,3) GO TO POT {GOT}{OP{O}T}
25 Come back, soldiers receive what I send (7) RIPOSTE {I}{POST} in {RE}
27 Holy sacrament replaces air chutes (9) EUCHARIST*
28 Affiliate lost billions in spread (5) RANCH bRANCH
29 It's detrimental to a wayward tramp (14) TATTERDEMALION*

2   Shilly-shally, go and get sick (9) VACILLATE {VAC{ILL}ATE}
3   Extent of fury from bottom to top (5) RANGE (+r)RANGE(-r)
4   Hospitals dealt with riot in the capital (9) SANATORIA {RIOT}* in {SANAA}
5   Contribution is enhanced a bit when set up nicely (5) INPUT [T<=]
6   Spoken in friendship, it's not about what's right or wrong (9) AMORALITY {AM{ORAL}ITY}
7   Faith increases in normal situation (5) ISLAM [T<=]
8   I leave Dominica, off and on the move (7) NOMADIC DOMiNICA*
9   Bad mouthed an American who is retired (6) ABUSED {AB{US}ED}
15 Joint bar serves trout on a platter (9) FISHPLATE {FISH}{PLATE}
17 Set of rules affecting girl at home, no freedom essentially (9) ALGORITHM {GIRL+AT+HOMe}*
18 Attacks on artiste at random (5,4) TEARS INTO*
19 Tempting to chop head off — changes colour (7) PIGMENT tEMPTING*
21 Not even there, the process every child goes through (6) TEETHE {ThErE}{THE}
23 Understanding my inner self? Understood (5) TACIT {TAC{I}T}
24 Austria deported some criminals (5) TRIAD [T]
26 Hesitate to get into court case, there is a risk (5) PERIL {ER} in {PIL}


Tuesday 27 June 2017

No 12044, Tuesday 27 Jun 2017, Buzzer

1   Trial vehicle holding boosters to blast off (5,2,4) CROSS TO BEAR {BOOSTERS}* in {CAR}
9   Met on street, married women out west as I was going to ___ (2,4) ST IVES {ST} {wIVES} What's the role of 'Met'? See comments
10 Nursery worker gather, trims edges regularly (8) GARDENER {GAR{eDgEs}NER}
11 Run in any long stocking (5) NYLON [T]
12 Colour all-round soft toy for a child (4,3) TINY TOT {TOY}* in {TINT}
13 A no means different in agreement (2,3,3) AS ONE MAN*
15 Cleans combs (6) SCOURS [DD]
16 A movie double taking issue being topless (6) BIOPIC {BI}{tOPIC}
18 Some inverted tilak, it's a W-shaped ancient symbol (8) SWASTIKA [T<=]
20 Rustled up a pastry (7) STRUDEL*
21 Aromatic plant, rounded one’s seen in a research facility (5) BASIL {L{1'S}AB}<=
22 Declare heartily wanna be gaining some weight (8) ANNOUNCE {wANNa}{OUNCE}
23 Was a lion bloody chewing a pig's head off? (6) ROARED {R{bOAR}ED}
24 Cash on a pawnbroker? About thousand to begin with (5,6) LEGAL TENDER {LEG}{A} {L{Th...d}ENDER}

2   Juvenile very caught up in delight (5,2) REVEL IN [T<=]
3   Woman from America detained in Senegal (5) SUSAN {S{USA}N}
4   Titan said to beef up (7) TIGHTEN (~ titan)
5   Live round Cork briefly by a water body (6,3) BERING SEA {BE}{RING} {SEAl}
6   Aware of company ultimately rigging a lottery (5,2) ALERT TO {A+LOTTERy}*
7   Frantically makes amends endlessly with post (2,4,4,3) AT ONES WITS END {AT ONES} {WITh}{S END}
8   Guide, he'll steer trek every which way (6-7) HELTER-SKELTER*
14 Country club, assume excellent all round (9) MACEDONIA {MACE}{DON}{A1<=}
17 Mostly sound content to present a plan (7) PURPOSE {PURr}{POSE}
18 Outstanding broadcast featuring prizefighter (7) SALIENT {S{ALI}ENT}
19 Unused seaport going to seed (2,5) TO SPARE*
21 Tips of potherb to offer no vitamin B (5) BORON Tail Acrostic


Monday 26 June 2017

No 12043, Monday 26 Jun 2017, Neyartha


1   Research workplace's backing to get hold of an Oriental receptacle reveals deception (8) BETRAYAL {B{E}{TRAY}AL<=}
5   Way to get publicity for a cheekbone on the radio (6) MAILER (~ malar) Thanks to Google
9   German leader's overwhelmed by a trainee's case expressing ownership of a pain remedy (8) LENITIVE (-g+l)LENITIVE
10 Missing article related to body structure was really tiny (6) ATOMIC anATOMIC
11 Final practice? (5,9) DRESS REHEARSAL [E]
14 Bring up the beams for the auditor (5) RAISE (~ rays)
16 The Rajya Sabha's behind the physicist satisfied with Edward's instruments to measure resistance (9) OHMMETERS {OHM}{MET}{E}{RS}
17 Lashing out at the Austrian animal sent back by the monarch (9) ATTACKING {AT}{CAT<=}{KING}
19 Masala list includes an American shrub (5) SALAL [T]
20 Unprintable things requiring viewer discretion? (6,8) STRONG LANGUAGE [CD]
23 Cream puff made with a staple grain from the east has the French filling (6) ECLAIR {LA} in {RICE<=}
24 Crucial development across the river for a way to get publicity (8) CIRCULAR {CRUCIAL}* over {R}
25 One after the brain is a bit of a conundrum and a way to get publicity (6) TEASER [MD]
26 Syndicate in trouble, having no time to find some compounds containing carbon and nitrogen (8) CYANIDES {SYNDICAtE}*

1   Charges for a way to get publicity (4) BILL [DD]
2   Lathe operator loses right to make an apparatus for receiving radio signals (5) TUNER TUrNER
3   Site getting hammered after a re-tweet by the entertainer (7) ARTISTE {A}{RT}{SITE*}
4   Realtor Vaid gets a face-lift as a way to get publicity (11) ADVERTORIAL*
6   Start working after getting tensed about protection by an expert (7) ACTUATE {AC{TAUT<=}E}
7   Press needs no introduction to a covering for a marine animal (4,5) LAMP SHELL {cLAMP} {SHELL}
8   Sly clerks go astray and hoard a vitamin in an irresponsible manner (10) RECKLESSLY {SLY+CLERKS}* over {E}
12 Resemblance to a criminal? He got money after capturing one! (11) HOMOGENEITY {1} in {HE+GOT+MONEY}*
13 Way to get publicity for a serious newspaper (10) BROADSHEET B{ROAD}SHEET Anno pending [DD] See comments
15 Upset over retina damage in the beginning, among other things (5,4) INTER ALIA {RETINA*}{AIL<=}
18 Tell a secret to the Democrat getting rid of the new limit (7) CONFIDE CONFI(-n+d)DE
19 Hint from a lad covering the Uttar Pradesh firm (7) SOUPCON {SO{UP}{CO}N}
21 Extremely cold part of the bagel identified (5) GELID [T]
22 Rodents bring down the resistance to studies dealing with creativity and social life (4) ARTS (-r)A(+r)RTS


Sunday 25 June 2017

Special, Sunday 25 Jun 2017, Amrita

Three answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) as usual till 6 PM.
Please post all your answers in one comment.

1   Detective inspector broke into bars to get outlaw (6)
4   A very quiet, calm, prime setting soothes (8)
9   Calling nurse to the Emergency Room (6)
10 Bugs one entering a sleazy cabaret (8)
12 The king perhaps, changes side for allegiance (7)
13 Have stew now! (3)
14 Secure one in empty cage (3)
15 Classical singer very softly managed top octave (7)
19 Attachment to a cocktail? (7)
22 Jong perhaps, leaves outfit for singer (3)
23 Doorbell has an eye (3)
25 Notified about the missing new letterhead (7)
28 Can have meal counter set up (8)
29 Lands up from Somerset at seven (6)
30 A side missing on machinery's plastic vents (8)
31 One lost on sailing expedition has nothing and becomes a castaway (6)

1   Repercussion of Spooner's need to party (8)
2   Brainy, trendy model leaves corrupted (5)
3   Flawless plan laid at the outset (5)
5   Music producer's pain turns to love (5)
6   Doctor's view on date was mixed up (9)
7   Not perhaps, noting error in printing cost of screenplay (6)
8   Spots ship held/detained without document (6)
11 Dead and departed after a farewell, reportedly (6)
16 Arnab Goswami perhaps, was one pillar of strength? (9)
17 Spooner's disaster morning leads to disappointment (6)
18 Drives through sleet to put on a colour show (8)
20 Couples from Moscow save iconic design (6)
21 From Nice, good regular Islamic art form (6)
24 Cow completely loses head chasing boy (5)
26 Backs reliable man about issue over list (5)
27 Carries some cheese to take back (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at AMRITA 2


The Sunday Crossword No 2949, Sunday 25 Jun 2017

1   Element in favour of keeping law (6) FACTOR {F{ACT}OR}
4   Race between boats son selects (6) SCULLS {S}{CULLS}
10 Senseless blunders about critical point by electronic statisticians (6,9) NUMBER CRUNCHERS {NUMB}{ER {CRUNCH}{E}RS}
11 Correct, right away, to screen half of entire highlight (10) ACCENTUATE {ACC{ENTire}UrATE}
12 Hairy creature of legend one follows so far (4) YETI {YET}{1}
14 Pathetic type, casual when retreating (5) SADDO {ODD}{AS}<=
16 Shrub in fine area full of unusual history (9) FORSYTHIA {F}{HISTORY}*{A}
17 Plans duel ruined completely (3,4,2) ALL ENDS UP*
20 Spy kept in isolation in jail (5) NINJA [T]
21 Part of church, one lacking nothing, containing Bible (4) NAVE {oN{AV}E}
22 Endless recorded lines about Italy producing pasta (10) CANNELLONI {CANNEd}{LL}{ON}{I}
25 Novel rumour, futile and garbled (3,6,6) OUR MUTUAL FRIEND*
26 Neatly dressed agent with stuff going around (6) DAPPER {REP}{PAD}<=
27 Look at article and be incensed (6) SEETHE {SEE}{THE}

1   Musical info in brain was varied (7,7) FINIANS RAINBOW*
2   Funny business with microphone (5) COMIC {CO}{MIC}
3   Call for attention received by gang once trained and suited for sea travel (5-5) OCEAN-GOING {OI} in {GANG+ONCE}*
5   Token answer (7) COUNTER [DD]
6   Piece of hair from player in scrum? (4) LOCK [DD]
7   Man in novel hankers to find tiger (5,4) SHERE KHAN {HE} in {HANKERS}*
8   Republican in scrape? Not a smart person (6) SCRUFF {SC{R}UFF}
9   Fine article on science fiction one cheers, with load about rising uncertainty (2,3,2,1,6) AS FIT AS A FIDDLE {A}{S F}{1}{T A}{S A {IF<=}DDLE}
13 Generally unknown land newly rounded by boat (2,3,5) BY AND LARGE {B{Y} {AND L}*ARGE}
15 Provided research about island with colour (9) DELIVERED {DEL{I}VE}{RED}
18 Tasteless stuff covered by certain reputation (7) STATURE {S{TAT}URE}
19 Weakly carry on about place of education (6) PUNILY {P{UNI}LY}
23 Plain to see across time (5) OVERT {OVER}{T}
24 Quiz to identify type of shoe (4) PUMP [DD]


Saturday 24 June 2017

No 12042, Saturday 24 Jun 2017, Gridman

1   Country dame produced TV programme (11) DOCUMENTARY*
9   Study about Indian swan in song (7) CHANSON {C{HANS}ON}
10 Boy wins heart of puzzle-maker — loutish girl (7) LADETTE {LAD}{sETTEr}
11 Theory of one declaring he is an idol recalled (5) DOGMA {AM}{GOD}<=
12 Tickle the bird — I will have tea served (9) TITILLATE {TIT}{I'LL}{ATE*}
13 Killer woman is going around Jharkhand’s capital... (5) NINJA {NIN{Jh...d}A}
15 ...according to ex-actor (9) PERFORMER {PER}{FORMER}
18 Watching closelyeach leg collapsed before I reportedly dropped first (5-4) EAGLE-EYED {EA}{LEG*}-(~ i){EYE}{Dr...d}
21 Examine church trumpet (5) CONCH {CON}{CH}
22 A fellow on cleaned-up terrace gives support in recovery period (9) AFTERCARE {A}{F}{TERRACE*}
24 Added in next race (5) EXTRA [T]
26 Basement? Area prone to flooding? (7) LOWLAND {LOW}{LAND} Area on Double duty?
27 TV serials rest with company writings (7) SITCOMS {SIT}{CO}{MS}
28 Record: "Somehow retain the ventriloquist, say" (11) ENTERTAINER {ENTER}{RETAIN*}

1   New church found after a long period of moral decline (9) DECADENCE {DECADE}{N}{CE}
2   Chime from heads of certain low and notorious gangs (5) CLANG Acrostic
3   Out of pessimism an agent is to run badly (9) MISMANAGE [T]
4   Finally men on street work uninterrupted (3-4) NON-STOP {meN}{ON}-{ST}{OP}
5   Is there no extra in such a cast? (3-4) ALL-STAR [CD]
6   Extremely trendy poem for learner to sing (5) YODEL {t...dY}{ODE}{L}
7   Following saint is inexperienced fellow — he lacks substance (8) STRAWMAN {ST}{RAW}{MAN}
8   Big party brought about by destiny, say (4) FETE (~ fate)
14 Nobleman reported low disposition of bird (5,3) NIGHT OWL (~ knight){NIGHT} {LOW}*
16 Its members must play in unison (9) ORCHESTRA [CD]
17 One practises to try again and get homily cut by fifty per cent (9) REHEARSER {REHEAR}{SERmon}
19 Ready to change at the earliest time (4,3) YEAR DOT*
20 Medical assistant — one in the changing room? (7) DRESSER [DD]
22 Mail sorter in heart of hearts feels bad (4) AILS [T]
23 Poet fearedlost head in trouble (5) READE fEARED*
25 Prickly old letter (5) THORN [DD]

 Reference list 

Indian Swan = HANS, Study = CON, Woman = NINA, Each = EA, Examine = CON, Church = CH/CE, Fellow = F/MAN, Company = CO, Writings = MS, Record = ENTER, New = N, Street = ST, Work = OP, Learner = L, Saint = ST,

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 23 June 2017

No 12041, Friday 23 Jun 2017, Gridman

A themed CW from Gridman with plenty of fellows around.

1   Do children stretch themselves to use this kind of notebook? (8) EXERCISE [C&DD]
5  Funnies of the universe society pushed to the extreme (6) COMICS CO(-s)MIC(+s)S
9   One regrets revision of official record (8) REGISTER {1+REGRETS}*
10 Senior entertains story that's not so fresh (6) STALER {S{TALE}R}
12 Keenness noticed in 31 (4) EDGE {lEDGEr}
13 Not starting choice on ace's extremely ready list used in divine service (10) LECTIONARY {sELECTION}{A}{ReadY} (Correction - {eLECTION}{A}{ReadY} - See comments)
15 Girl and boy go through university publication (6) ANNUAL {ANN}{U}{AL}
17 French article in toilet is spotless (5) CLEAN {C{LE}AN}
20 Once more a profit (5) AGAIN {A}{GAIN}
21 This book comes in handy when needed (6) MANUAL [CD]
24 Dump income picked from collection (10) COMPENDIUM*
27 Title of respect for Bangladesh's top cartoonist (4) BABU {Ba...h}{ABU}
29 Fellow, adopting odd angle, reaches projection (6) FLANGE {F}{ANGLE*}
30 Defective hearing, in a manner of speaking (8) MISTRIAL [CD]
31 Two sides go over advantage in accounts book (6) LEDGER {L}{EDGE}{R}
32 Unknown listener to reserve 15 (8) YEARBOOK {Y}{EAR}{BOOK}

1   Hesitation about near-arrangement for one who gets paid (6) EARNER {E{NEAR*}R}
2   Put to work unruly gang in the middle of Beed (6) ENGAGE {bE{GANG*}Ed}
3   Actors discarded (4) CAST [DD]
4   Reportedly witnessed fight (5) SCENE (~seen)
6   Not in party beat? (5) OUTDO {OUT}{DO}
7   Doomed to be sickly? (3-5) ILL-FATED [CD]
8   Going off course, runs into the remaining (8) STRAYING {ST{R}AYING}
11 Hot wrap worn finally (6) STOLEN {STOLE}{worN}
14 Article's working not known (4) ANON {AN}{ON}
16 Such a thing is not created (6) UNMADE [E]
17 Tea and a piece of pizza for fellow (4) CHAP {CHA}{Pi..a}
18 Alert with over-wound timer? (8) WATCHFUL {WATCH}{FULl}
19 Kisan fellow with two measures (8) FARMHAND {F}{ARM}{HAND}
22 Better place? (6) CASINO [CD]
23 Eskimo's shoe gets dirt fortune, reportedly (6) MUKLUK (~ muck luck) Thanks to Google
25 Dog throws away a bit of beef for bird (5) EAGLE bEAGLE
26 Select group coming up stops short and takes a turn — that's useful (5) UTILE {ELITe}{U}<=
28 Southern sailor to play the lead (4) STAR {S}{TAR}


Thursday 22 June 2017

No 12040, Thursday 22 Jun 2017, Gridman

I had hardly started solving the Crossword when I finished it. :-) Many will say thank you Gridman, today, but Suresh's workout on his cycle will be short and sweet :-)

1   Stopping work and keeping away from public gaze (8) RETIRING [DD]
5   Start breaking down a multiplicity of layers (6) STRATA {START*}{A}
10 To do this, apparently, writers may have to dip into one (7) INKWELL [C&DD]
11 Understanding is capable of being envisioned, it seems (7) INSIGHT {IN SIGHT}
12 Fellow at the central well of building for worship (6) CHAPEL {CHAP}{wELl}
13 Summer spell that produces hate? (4,4) HEAT WAVE {HATE}* [RA}
15 Pat down postal token that has lost its edge (4) TAMP sTAMP
16 Small, small judge, jailing brother, rose (10) SWEETBRIER {S}{WEE}{T{B}RIER}
18 Is hesitant about contrasting idea (10) ANTITHESIS*
20 Profound daughter's lookback is unending (4) DEEP {D}{PEEp<=}
23 Being poor, toilet's almost hidden indeed (8) DEPRIVED {DE{PRIVy}ED}
24 Backing female enemies clambering over last section of gate to say "Tata" (3,3) SEE OFF {F}{FOE{gatE}S}<=
26 Old boy brusque about tantric leader in project (7) OBTRUDE {O}{B}{Ta...c}{RUDE}
27 Mother's mother with mother leaving hospital facility that is colossal (7) MAMMOTH {MA}{M}{MOTHer}
28 See sir making progression (6) SERIES*
29 Mates dancing around your old stone (8) AMETHYST {MATES}* around {THY}

1   Pour heavily and steadily so as to please domestic pet lovers? (4,4,3,4) RAIN CATS AND DOGS [CD]
2   What you should do before you shoot (4,3) TAKE AIM [CD]
3   Jacket on free distribution (6) REEFER {RE}{FREE*}
4   0 invalid (4) NULL [DD]
6   Try the London transport for an experiment maybe (4,4) TEST TUBE {TEST} {TUBE}
7   I hang around, following a female, native of Kabul (7) AFGHANI {A}{F}{I+HANG}*
8   Without delay, having lost top cover (2,3,4,2,1,3) AT THE DROP OF A HAT Definition by example
9   Hybrid being developed by boy (9) BIGENERIC {BEING*}{ERIC}
14 Badly resent taking small bribe (9) SWEETENER {WEE} in {RESENT}*
17 In elevation, learner gets out of the way for model pose (8) ATTITUDE A(-l+t)TTITUDE
19 One who can give information for the better (7) TIPSTER [CD]
21 English company keeping record of green study (7) ECOLOGY {E}{CO{LOG}Y}
22 Mirth dissipates around Oriental recluse (6) HERMIT {MIRTH}* around {E}
25 Muslim leader I sent to section of Mambosa (4) IMAM {I}{MAMbosa}


Wednesday 21 June 2017

No 12039, Wednesday 21 Jun 2017, Gridman

1   One who is incapacitated unduly vain on getting cover (7) INVALID {VAIN}*{LID}
5   Quote from notice by the chief (6) ADDUCE {AD}{DUCE}
9   Once a cheat — he was formerly in the jail (2-3) EX-CON {EX}-{CON}
10 Metallic element — it may give heart (4,5) RARE EARTH {HEART}* [RA]
11 Disaster from aunts: I'm shocked (7) TSUNAMI*
12 Woman to go at holiday revelry (7) WASSAIL {W}{ASSAIL}
13 Mark team leader's unusually idle (5) TILDE {Team}{IDLE*}
14 The spirit shown by a couple of novices in bridge-like framework (9) GALLANTRY {G{A}{LL}ANTRY}
16 Has this police action resulted in reduced use of cocaine? (9) CRACKDOWN {CRACK}{DOWN}
19 Show how cheat was packed away (5) TEACH*
21 Give way to rebuilt guild accepting new rule finally (7) INDULGE {I{N}DULG*}{rulE}
23 See! Officer Commanding and girl coming back to reduce heat (3-4) AIR-COOL {LO}{OC}-{RIA}<=
24 Certain! It has turned out to be complex! (9) INTRICATE*
25 Uniform shade (5) KHAKI [DD]
26 Stout shoe of black rascal (6) BROGUE {B}{ROGUE}
27 I sneaked into your old bar — I got it in the neck (7) THYROID {THY}{RO{I}D}

1   One faces this problem when one doesn't know who one is (8,6) IDENTITY CRISIS [E]
2   Genuine exchange of conservative for royal food (7) VICTUAL VI(-r+c)CTUAL
3   Connection leaking out (7) LINKAGE*
4   Revolutionary returns with band to perform heroic daring (7-2) DERRING-DO {RED<=}{RING}-{DO}
5   Out of handcart, boy gets missile (5) ARROW bARROW
6   Rush up to each submarine zone (4-3) DEEP-SEA {SPEED<=}{EA}
7   Fruit makes blackguard to talk wildly (7) CURRANT {CUR}{RANT}
8   Foolish girl in drunken speech to daughter hesitated (6-8) SHILLY-SHALLIED (s[h]illy s[h]ally){SHILLY-SHALLIE){D}
15 Brief note and last word by Tamil leader describing facial feature (9) LINEAMENT {LINE}{AMEN}{Ta..l}
17 Please leave commendation to old man — accounts checker (7) AUDITOR {plAUDIT}{O}{R} R for Rook for Chessman?
18 Suffering monarch out for slaughter (7) KILLING {K{ILL}ING}
19 Knight entering a country to get old jailer (7) TURNKEY {TUR{N}KEY}
20 A nearly outspoken party gets fruit (7) AVOCADO {A}{VOCAl}{DO}
22 Time almost fixed to wipe off (5) ERASE {ERA}{SEt}


Tuesday 20 June 2017

No 12038, Tuesday 20 Jun 2017, KrisKross

1   It may end explosively (8) DYNAMITE &lit
5   Muscle aches regularly during dance (6) TRICEP {TRI{aChEs}P}
9   Dirty bachelor dressed like hippie initially (8) UNWASHED {UNW{AS}{Hi...e}ED}
10 Air cover (6) SCREEN [DD]
12 Train to fly high (5) LOFTY*
13 Maybe daughter or son failed course, mostly about tax (9) SUCCESSOR {COURSe}* over {CESS}
14 Character from Athens starting to run, chased by American bull (6) TAURUS {TAU}{Run}{US}
16 Lab animals injected with appropriate virus (7) MICROBE {MIC{ROB}E}
19 They say a stupid criminal is honest (7) ETHICAL (~a thick){ETHIC}{AL}
21 Ancient city is #1? Not quite (6) THEBES {THE BESt}
23 When it's bedtime finally, you brew tea that's dilute (9) ATTENUATE {AT TEN}{yoU}{TEA*}
25 Begins to sweat, cry aloud...about to panic (5) SCARE {Sw..t}{Cry}{Al..d}{RE}
26 Calling nurse near emergency room (6) CAREER {CARE}{ER}
27 Notaries working for a young lady (8) SENORITA*
28 Wrong to open reserved drink (6) SHERRY {SH{ERR}Y}
29 In this month, a new clue — "Drained out", for example (8) INSTANCE {INST}{A}{N}{CluE}

1   Understudy turned blue after act (6) DOUBLE {DO}{BLUE*}
2   Important announcement from witness: "In the middle, saw flesh being cooked" (9) NEWSFLASH {witNess}{SAW+FLESH}*
3   Part of Stockholm is typically wet (5) MISTY [T]
4   Locks extremely suspicious characters wearing ashes perhaps (7) TRESSES {Su...oS} in {TREES}
6   Exotic day-care centre’s leader off to welcome singer (9) RECHERCHE {cRE{CHER}CHE}
7   Game where men could jump overboard (5) CHESS [CD]
8   Old man attempts to control new stores (8) PANTRIES {PA}{N}{TRIES}
11 Rogue's short trick (4) SCAM SCAMp
15 Storyteller almost managed to deceive, with true cunning (9) RACONTEUR {RAn}{CON}{TRUE*}
17 Speech about exercise, exercise (9) OPERATION {O{PE}RATION}
18 Acts of expiation in prison can possibly ease suffering, for starters (8) PENANCES {PEN}{CAN*}{Ease}{Su...g}
20 Page from "Performing Flea" (4) LEAF*
21 Moneybags present in that place (7) THEREIN {T{HERE}IN}
22 Got worker to pinch security device (6) BECAME {BE{CAM}E}
24 Trees irregularly clipped (5) TERSE*
25 Boy left running, say (5) SPORT {S}{PORT} S for son for boy?


Monday 19 June 2017

No 12037, Monday 19 Jun 2017, Sunnet

1   Mould elsewhere expire in large numbers (3,3) DIE OFF {DIE} {OFF}
4   Drew attention to sister's plait and head regularly (8) STRESSED {S}{TRESS}{hEaD}
10 Reversal of measure to obliterate without force (5-4) VOLTE-FACE {VOLT}{EfFACE}
11 Chew a bit of camel's shoulder (5) CHUMP {Ca..l}{HUMP}
12 Half-hearted note to decline is sent back (5) TEPID {TE}{DIP<=}
13 Awareness of knight present on ridge (9) KNOWLEDGE {K}{NOW}{LEDGE}
14 Dropped boy at the end of old university (7) OMITTED {O}{MIT}{TED}
16 Tax responsibility (4) DUTY [DD]
19 Book of giving it away (4) GITA [T]
21 Reportedly swallows small fruits (7) BERRIES (~buries)
24 Special treatment for Carmine's rug (3-6) RED-CARPET {RED}-{CARPET}
25 Lake duck stops generating heat (5) TAHOE {O} in {HEAT}*
26 Join cell and point (5) UNITE {UNIT}{E}
27 Fancy revelries with attendants (9) RELIEVERS*
28 A smart use of opening (8) APERTURE {A}{PERT}{URE}
29 Strategic road builder takes New Zealand's low grade alloy (6) BRONZE {BRO}{NZ}{E}

1   Commitment to back one inside county (8) DEVOTION {DEV{TO<=}{1}ON}
2   Measure police cadre's measurement system retrospectively... (8) ELLIPSIS {ELL}{IPS}{SI<=}
3   Pick up land (5) FIELD [DD]
5   Minimum support to initially establish control (7) TOEHOLD {TO}{Es...h}{HOLD}
6   Coal rates made one easier to take instead of a flight (9) ESCALATOR*
7   Muscle into ship's teams (6) SQUADS {S{QUAD}S}
8   Double cross after fall guy's left (6) DUPLEX {DUP{L}E}{X}
9   Journalist chasing money is evident (6) MARKED {MARK}{ED}
15 Al's one opponent in camp (9) TRIVALENT {T{RIVAL}ENT} Three Ones A,I,1 See comments
17 A film can be watched by you if you are past this (8) EIGHTEEN [CD]
18 Fool's an engineer and tax payer (8) ASSESSEE {ASSES}{SE}E Anno pending (Addendum - {ASS}{ESS}{EE} - See comments)
20 One who dreams of a steeple run (7) ASPIRER {A}{SPIRE}{R}
21 Daring answer for old fight (6) BATTLE B(-o+a)ATTLE
22 A host on radio — one with a warrior (6) ARJUNA {A}{RJ}{UN}{A}
23 Notice wrong recommendation (6) ADVICE {AD}{VICE}
25 It indicates possession by the Indian Railways (5) THEIR {THE}{IR}


Sunday 18 June 2017

Special, Sunday 18 Jun 2017, Fraz

Alphabet Jigsaw

Today's Crossword is an Alphabetical Jigsaw by Fraz. 

The grid contains 26 entries, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet. Clues are listed in alphabetical order by their answers, and enumerations are withheld. Solvers can piece together the grid after solving the clues.

Image/Screenshot of completed grid can be sent to me by e-mail at with a copy to I will update the post at 4 PM today with names of those who submit the completed grid with their time of submission. Even if nobody submits by 4 PM you can still send in the submission immediately on completing the grid with all answers.

In view of the above comments are not being allowed on the post till 4 PM. I will open the post for comments at 4 PM, after which each person can post three answers with Annotations. Post 4 PM while commenting with answers please do not indicate the location of the answer in the grid.

Solution grid will be posted in the blog at a later date

A   Over 8/13 of the alphabet?
B   Slovak city terror is volcanic flow
C   Colder bit of cola, not as flat
D   Obtain extracts from December, then October
E   Substitute some bankers at Zurich
F   Pour liquid into rear bed (Solution is hyphenated.)
G   English king finally awoke in big ravine
H   High above our high card in bridge
I    Cover smoother attempt to orbit area between Mars and Jupiter, maybe
J   Germany’s agreement with the Italian prison
K  Child swivelled aching body part
L   Has words shaven into hair (2 words.)
M  Firm choice changed outdated way to store newspapers
N   Dune novel stripped of cover
O   Farm labourers behead both sly animal and bird in coop
P   Falcons each look amused entering mirrored spot
Q  Fruit number 15 in Valencia
R   Accumulate influence or backing (2 words.)
S   Small parking area where coins are inserted
T   Asian country initially took flag down also
U  Offbeat marriage outside nunnery by a lake
V  Struggle with opinion
W Sadly perish in annex, speaking softly
X  Persian king, 20, embracing queen with vacant eyes
Y  Giving up dingy lei clumsily
Z  Camera attachment left in animal park restroom (2 words.)

Across Lite version without clues can be accessed at FRAZ 2.
This is being done so that an interactive grid is available to enter your answers.



Vasant Sreenivasan            12;05 PM  (All correct)
P Raghunath                       12:30 PM (One mistake) (Did not enter earlier as mail went to my spam folder)
Lakshmi Vaidyanathan        1:13 PM  (All correct)
Raju Umamaheswar            1:36 PM (All correct)
Sowmya Ramkumar            1:39 PM (All correct)
Ramki Krishnan                   2:00 PM (One mistake)
Dr Satyen Nabar                  2:01 PM (Two mistakes)
Suresh Dorbala                    2:31 PM (One mistake) (Correction sent in at 4:19 PM)
Vinayak Ekbote                   2:33 PM (One mistake)
Sreenivasan (SSV Avatar)   2:38 PM (One mistake)
Padmanabhan                      2:49 PM (One mistake)
Srinivas Venkatesh              3:35 PM (One mistake)
S Rangarajan                       3:55 PM (One mistake)


The Sunday Crossword No 2948, Sunday 18 Jun 2017

1   Reject plant in row (6) DISOWN {DI{SOW}N}
4   Benefit to a smaller extent during spree, losing energy (8) BLESSING {B{LESS}INGe}
9   Opener getting frantic rocks team (9) CORKSCREW {ROCKS*}{CREW}
11 Fly westward for example and fade (5) MIDGE {EG}{DIM}<=
12 Contemplate display (7) REFLECT [DD]
13 Replace work (7) SUCCEED [DD]
14 Excessively excited by role as a nun (12) UNREASONABLY*
18 Serious line receiving chop in silly pictorial story (7,5) GRAPHIC NOVEL {GRA{CHOP+IN}*VE}{L}
21 Sharp expert in charge capturing rook with bishop (7) ACERBIC {ACE}{R}{B}{IC}
22 Outburst from worker perhaps with spirit after end of shift (7) TANTRUM {s..fT}{ANT}{RUM}
24 Servant taking the box back full of drink (5) VALET {V{ALE}T<=}
25 Writer emerging from cinema terribly pale (3,6) IAN McEWAN {CINEMA}*{WAN}
26 Odds rise rapidly in projection (8) SPROCKET {SP}{ROCKET}
27 Prime fodder injected with revolutionary colourant (6) HEYDAY {H{DYE<=}AY}

1   Proper defeat, lacking time to break fiendish codes (8) DECOROUS {DECO{ROUt}S*}
2   Browse, catching update finally? Anger guaranteed (4-4) SURE-FIRE {SUR{u...tE}-F}{IRE}
3   Run through desert (5) WASTE [DD]
5   Racing driver revealed consuming desire and raised capital (5,8) LEWIS HAMILTON {WIS H}{LIMA<=} in {LET ON}
6   Company, restricted by trees coming up, about to give signal for pause (9) SEMICOLON {SEMI{CO}L<=}{ON}
7   Truly denied going wrong (6) INDEED*
8   Uncertain about editor being eager (6) GREEDY {GRE{ED}Y}
10 Crept over site nervously looking back (13) RETROSPECTIVE*
15 Agile graduate absorbed by word puzzle, not small (9) ACROBATIC {ACROs{BA}TIC}
16 Poor old weaver, left out, intimidated (8) OVERAWED {OlD+WEAVER}*
17 Vicious cycle stopped by people showing mercy (8) CLEMENCY {CLE{MEN}CY*}
19 Preserve most of immense painting (6) CANVAS {CAN}{VASt}
20 Merchant involved in nationwide alert (6) DEALER [T]
23 Man under arrest not entirely in ideal position (5) NICHE {NICk}{HE}


Saturday 17 June 2017

No 12036, Saturday 17 Jun 2017, Spinner


1 Rafael Nadal is one presently in form, overcoming athletes at the top (6,6) TENNIS PLAYER {PRESENTLY+IN}* around {Atheletes}
10 First digit hidden by mammoth umbrella (5) THUMB (T)
11 Rating given to person who receives protection against damage (9) GUARANTEE {G{UA}RANTEE}
12 Yet, all went wrong in the last few days! (6) LATELY {YET+ALL}*
13 Overwhelmed by uncontrolled desire, a lady's conceived! (8) REALISED {DESIRE}* around {A}{L}
15 Too many cryptic clues not wise when there's no time (9) COUNTLESS {CLUES+NOT}*{Sage}
16 One playing to win Paris' top tournament (4) OPEN {ONE}* around {Paris}
20 Very good man gets a broad (4) VAST {V}{A}{ST}
21 Cut westwards next to first concrete junction to escape law enforcers (9) POLICEMEN {LOP<=}{I}{CEMENt}
24 Went through bad experience and took to court, with proposal failing to take off (8) SUFFERED {SU{oFFER}ED}
26 If time runs out, act's bust! (6) STATUE {STATUtE}
28 Painted vehicle's roof that's rusted, with top peeling off (9) VARNISHED {Vehicle}{tARNISHED}
29 Sacking leader - Legally correct, aesthetically disagreeable! (5) AWFUL {lAWFUL}
30 Pressure increasing in hostile environment in an unforeseen way (12) SURPRISINGLY {SUR{P}{RISING}LY}

2 With heart essentially broken, one quits relationships (9) EQUATIONS {heArt+ONE+QUITS}*
3 Writer's tip on expensive eating (8) NIBBLING {NIB}{BLING}
4 Gasp as Indian man drops point (4) SIGH {SInGH}
5 Top-brass has replied in bizarre fashion (10) LEADERSHIP {HAS+REPLIED}*
6 Annual play's climax ahead of its time (6) YEARLY {plaY}{EARLY}
7 Judges call up celebrity about case finally (5) RATES {STAR<=} around {casE}
8 Robbed section of Bristol emporium (5) STOLE (T)
9 Whistle on receiving final posting (7) SENDING {S{END}ING}
14 Completely remove money from everything to win that woman! (10) ALTOGETHER {ALl}{TO}{GET}{HER}
17 Fine pull played with toe-end of bat is productive (9) PLENTIFUL {FINE+PULL} around {baT}
18 First lady's visa rejected - It's hard to obtain! (7) EVASIVE {EV{VISA<=}E}
19 Arrestin' - In other words, to keep under check (8) RESTRAIN {ARRESTIN*}
22 Respected man's Spinner's superior (6) SENIOR {SEN{I}OR}
23 Distributes lemonade also, bottled (5) DEALS (T)
25 Designed rifles without large triggers (5) FIRES {RIFlES}*
27 What an aggregator does to draw in commercials (4) ADDS {AD{D}S}

Reference list

Rating=UA, Lady=L, Time=T, Very=V, Good man=St, First=I, Junction=T, Pressure=P
Point=N, Money=L(Pound), First lady=Eve, Large=L, Draw=D 

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous