Monday 31 August 2015

No 11487, Monday 31 Aug 2015, Gridman

1   Rise! Soar excitedly for rows of beads (8) ROSARIES*
6   Reckless in collision without a bit of care or caution (4) RASH cRASH
9   Utter reconstruction around royal tower (6) TURRET {TUR{R}ET*}
10 Thin — to a certain degree (7) ANGULAR [CD]
13 Completely impressed by making a point at crease (9) AWESTRUCK {A}{WEST}{RUCK}
14 Violent behaviour of a Gulag group (5) AGGRO [T]
15 They are used to fashion models (4) KITS [CD]
16 Gone to the bathroom, Puducherry leader is kept informed (2,3,4) IN THE LOOP {IN THE LOO}{Pu...y}
19 No way? A girl denied right squirms with a bit of sentimentality (9) NOSTALGIA {NO}{ST}{A}{GIrL*}{A}
21 Nothing but a pond (4) MERE [DD]
24 Took a tumble with a jolly good bloke (5) FELLA {FELL}{A}
25 Tired? Was that man, with daughter, away from home? (6-3) WASHED-OUT {WAS}{HE}{D}-{OUT}
26 Dazed American general leans back among coterie (7) REELING {R{EEL<=}ING}
27 Get old boy's volunteers home (6) OBTAIN {OB}{TA}{IN}
28 Is in possession of papa's door fastener (4) HASP {HAS}{Papa}
29 Indeed fellows get model mad (8) DEMENTED {DE{MEN}{T}ED}

2   Nothing the French loaded in boat is rich (7) OPULENT {O}{PU{LE}NT}
3   Ma upright about one taking a heavenly drink? (6) AMRITA {AM<=}{R{1}T}{A}
4   Turning, Di found comic coming in uninvited (9) INTRUDING*
5   Make catty remarks on Poles' boat (5) SNARK {S}{N}{ARK}
7   Fast! Almost claim run out! (7) ALLEGRO {ALLEGe}{R}{O}
8   Then only Prof. broke cornucopia (4,2,6) HORN OF PLENTY*
11 Marks stages (6) GRADES [DD]
12 Sees how it goes both ways (4,3,5) BACK AND FORTH [CD]
17 To change, I got off train at second half of platform (9) TRANSFORM {TRAiN}{S}{platFORM}
18 Japanese mat the industrialist gets with a note (6) TATAMI {TATA}{MI}
20 Son states having bagged fifty trophies (7) SALVERS {S}{A{L}VERS}
22 Brought me back to books I have found stirring (7) EMOTIVE {EM<=}{OT}{I'VE}
23 The sort of track that leaves you knocked off? (6) BEATEN [DD]
25 Conducted a bit of witch-hunt with the old (5) WAGED {Wi..h}{AGED}


Sunday 30 August 2015

Special, Sunday 30 Aug 2015, Saral

Three answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) till 6 PM.
Please try and provide your answers in one comment.

7   BSP's image controllers (7)
8   Fear of carrying drug in cargo (7)
10 I lament about small disorders (8)
11 Fashionable bird trainee (6)
12 Feline I caught hiding inside plants (5)
13 Contamination arising from unlit pool (9)
15 Initially students study about one shoot (5)
16 Caught inside real ceasefire (5)
21 Syria lots baffled cavaliers (9)
23 Want, say a massage (5)
25 Again change the course, go back (6)
26 One club diver returns, at first stops growlers (8)
27 Choice by the German editor put in place (7)
28 To participate in prayer with other ranks on a liner (7)

1   World-class city (7)
2   Superficial new comet is colliding initially (8)
3   Tolerate an opinion (5)
4   Big guns not well inside vessel (9)
5   Order from lawyer? Wraps new kit on time (6)
6   Plan to accommodate one round vehicle (7)
9   New coat with small tie (5)
14 Herb and rice cooked without egg, right? (9)
17 Concentrate, examine, study gutted site (8)
18 Support English with weapon ready for a fight (7)
19 Tribal group lacking new morals (5)
20 Steal pub with profit (7)
22 A cross on top of the jewellery (6)
24 Little monk holds a fruit (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at SARAL 5


The Sunday Crossword (2856), Sunday 30 Aug 2015

1   Toy rattled, interrupting father with a variable routine (3-2-3) DAY-TO-DAY {DA{Y-TO*}D}{A}{Y}
6   Revolutionary plans for unwanted messages (4) SPAM <=
10 Five hundred wander in herd (5) DROVE {D}{ROVE}
11 Great round left for fan (9) SUPPORTER {SUP{PORT}ER}
12 Spot temperature after dance party (5,3) POLKA DOT {POLKA} {DO}{T}
13 Dark colour in strand (6) MAROON [DD]
15 Study, keen, or cry desperately for calculation aid (5,8) READY RECKONER {READ}{KEEN+OR+CRY}*
18 Dull name carried by blend not working (13) UNINTERESTING {UNI{N}TE}{RESTING}
20 Cook accepting fish willingly (6) FREELY {FR{EEL}Y}
21 Element in mobile ringtone (8) NITROGEN*
24 Go too far across section of river (9) OVERREACH {OVER}{REACH}
25 Carnivore has endlessly consuming hunger (5) HYENA {H{YEN}As} &lit
26 Responsibility for tax (4) DUTY [DD]
27 Botched raid's set to be calamity (8) DISASTER* &lit

2   Chain of islands completely enthralling first pair of tourists (5) ATOLL {A{TOu...s}LL}
3   Film in which Alec Guinness appeared sinister in dark style he developed (3,11) THE LADYKILLERS {ILL} in {DARK+STYLE+HE}*
4   Single saint taken in by attractive fraud (10) DISHONESTY {DISH{ONE}{ST}Y}
5   During party a psychiatrist talks annoyingly (4) YAPS [T]
7   Worked up prior to producing medley (9) POTPOURRI*
8   Start of research into state of the sea (6) MARINE {MA{Re...h}INE}
9   Composer having bad manners has job capturing hearts (8,6) JOHANNES BRAHMS {H} in {MANNERS+HAS+JOB}*
10 Go and catch editor up (6) DEPART {DE}{PART}<=
14 Encounters room on island, quiet in upper regions (10) SKIRMISHES {SKI{RM}{I}{SH}ES}
16 Purpose in elevated novel, not heartless fun (9) AMUSEMENT {AM{USE}ME<=}{NoT}
17 Old article about northern programme (6) AGENDA {AGE{N}D}{A}
19 Give answer following crossing (6) AFFORD {A}{F}{FORD}
22 Understanding finally about live bird (5) GREBE {u...nG}{RE}{BE}
23 Settled softly with relief (4) PAID {P}{AID}

Saturday 29 August 2015

No 11486, Saturday 29 Aug 2015, Gridman

1  Spirit of recklessness making a station master follow a primarily dangerous tube (11) ADVENTURISM {A}{Da...s}{VENTURI}{SM}
9  Mother's brew might be in it retaining warmth (7) THERMOS*
10 Sort of computer depot's disposed of, getting 1000 (7) DESKTOP {DEPOT'S}* around K
11 Low joint to get one's goat as entrance's broken (5) ANKLE rANKLE
12 Not keen to run at Celt, fallen and trembling (9) RELUCTANT*
13 The same said in French by transport officer (5) DITTO {DIT}{T}{O}
15 Might my soup end up with a fictitious name (9) PSEUDONYM*
18 Dancer's leap has teacher worried over new student's foot (9) ENTRECHAT {E{N}TRECHA*}{s...nT}
21 Seductress' emergency signal (5) SIREN [DD]
22 Woodworker to knock and go in (9) CARPENTER {CARP}{ENTER}
24 University president gets group ruffled (5) UPSET {U}{P}{SET}
26 Performance not quite right in extra game (7) PLAYOFF {PLAY}{OFF}
27 More strange, son, after daughter, walks shakily (7) DODDERS {D}{ODDER}{S}
28 Sis, sis, sis... (4-7) HALF-SISTERS [CD]

1  Alert dads moved, with legs wide apart (9) ASTRADDLE*
2  You and I told to touch type of jumper (1,4) V NECK {~we}{V} {NECK}
3  A big hit for the earliest anaesthetized individual (6,3) NUMBER ONE {NUMBER} {ONE}
4  Release from peacekeepers' bind (7) UNSTRAP {UN}{STRAP}
5  Humour eluding in different ways (7) INDULGE*
6  Strains Mylaporeans uploaded serenading Indian cheerleaders (5)  MUSIC Acrostic
7  Saint on a mount lost one kitchen gadget (8) STRAINER {ST}{RAINiER}
8  Catch sight of blemish (4) SPOT [DD]
14 Disapproval voiced by one involved in test in a how-to programme (8) TUTORIAL {TUT}{OR{1}AL}
16 Argues against boy going back to get reportedly soft leathers (9) DISSUADES {DIS<=}{SUADES}(~suedes)
17 Mints endless rupees with well-designed sites (9) MONETISES {MONEy}{SITES*}
19 Detestable! Headwear falls on spilt fuel (7) HATEFUL {HAT}{FUEL*}
20 Rants by one involved in barters (7) TIRADES {T{1}RADES}
22 Deal with Commissioner of Police with extreme patience... (4) COPE {COP}{p...cE}
23 ...His Excellency holds him up for a considerable period (5) EPOCH {E{POC}H}<=
25 South Indian woman's kitchen gadget (5) SIEVE {SI}{EVE}


Friday 28 August 2015

No 11485, Friday 28 Aug 2015, Gridman

1  Cuddle up as old canoe jolts (8) CANOODLE*
5  Exile to leave with order for answer (6) DEPORT DEP(-a+o)ORT
9  Daredevil clerks seem half-confused (8) RECKLESS {CLERKS+SEem}*
10 Intricate speed measure to try right away (6) KNOTTY {KNOT}{TrY}
12 Accumulation the Italian found in street (4) SILT {S{IL}T}
13 Abecedarians titled one ant crawling (10) DILETTANTI {TITLED+1+ANT}*
15 Strange withdrawal of quote including domestic animal (6) EXOTIC {E{XO}TIC}<=
17 Once and once again (5) TWICE [CD]
20 Head of school was in tears, having been forced into situation (5) SWEPT {Sc...l}{WEPT}
21 Virtue of Indian pilgrim centre going by the limitations of today (6) PURITY {PURI}{TodaY}
24 Stifling in the car (10) THROTTLING [C&DD] 
27 Be shipshape and get the boat ready to sail (4) TRIM [DD]
29 Almost loftier in training hand doll (6) PUPPET {P{UPPEr}T}
30 Revolutionaries departed before first Sunday (8) LEFTISTS {LEFT}{1ST}{Su...y}
31 Mentions America, in short (6) STATES [DD]
32 Comes to know converts (8) REALISES [DD]

1  A gentle stroking of son beset by worries (6) CARESS {CARE{S}S}
2  From Venice, lyre exported in a pleasing manner (6) NICELY [T]
3  One learner is overwhelmed by large paintings  (4) OILS {O{1}{L}S}
4  Girl with Indian drink (5) LASSI {LASS}{I}
6  Man stern in arrangement (5) ERNST*
7  Coming into play by one's own choice (6,2) OPTING IN [CD]
8  Such a one for mini play? (3-5) TOY-RIDER ? Solution and anno left for any solver (Addendum - TOY-SIZED [CD] - See comments)
11 One using foil might be one building a barrier (6) FENCER [DD]
14 Go - you shouldn’t come through it (4) EXIT [C&DD]
16 Tip over best place at the end of line (6) TOPPLE {TOP}{PL}{linE}
17 Adds up little ones (4) TOTS [DD]
18 Poet is so worried these may be radioactive (8) ISOTOPES*
19 Church given half of crop for work with first-class returns from tree (8) CECROPIA {CE}{CRop}{OP}{1A<=}
22 After credit, one's doubly in a big problem (6) CRISIS {CR}{1'S}{1'S}
23 Cheers up morning exercises (6) AMUSES {AM}{USES}
25 Article's on that point (5) THERE {THE}{RE}
26 Consuming drug in French city is a family member (5) NIECE {NI{E}CE}
28 And others recalled after the deadline (2,2) ET AL <=

Thursday 27 August 2015

No 11484, Thursday 27 Aug 2015, Mac

I'll say it again. Sankalak reborn.

6   Burette’s starting to drip ethanol (5) BOOZE {Bu...e}{OOZE}
7   Paternal worry during pregnancy (8) PRENATAL*
10 Country established on 4th of April, before midday (7) ESTONIA {EST}{ON}{aprIl}{dAy}
11 Looking back, Los Angeles, USA captivated us, like one would have expected (2,5) AS USUAL {AS {US}U}AL} <=
12 Hamburger served up without sides lead to resentment (7) UMBRAGE hAMBURGEr*
13 Inexpert team at Euros owned (7) AMATEUR [T]
14 Siren for one not secured by shackle lock (11) ENCHANTRESS {ENCHAiN}{TRESS}
19 Setter’s innate simplicity (7) NAIVETE Anno left for any solver (Addendum - {NA{I'VE}TE} - See comments)
21 Case involving Islamic leader losing an eye, reportedly to cataract (7) CASCADE {CAS{CADi(~eye)}E}
23 Mostly large ice formation (7) GLACIER {LARGe+ICE}* &lit
25 Person’s half female (or male)? Operate! (7) PERFORM {PERson}{F}{OR}{M}
26 Confine wild critters (8) RESTRICT*
27 Open on time (5) OVERT {OVER}{T}

1   Mobile, laptop or tablet features (8) PORTABLE [T]
2   Pain rehabilitation helping to counter agonising medical condition (6) HERNIA [T<=]
3   Be mortified as the place is in shambles (10) SPHACELATE* New word for me
4   That woman’s a goddess! (4) HERA {HER}{A}
5   Fertilizer made from initially melted and then processed urea infused with Nitrogen (6) MANURE {Me...d}{A{N}URE*}
6   Strengthen by overturning charge to enter pub (4,2) BEEF UP {B{EEF} UP} <=
8   Excessively praise / perversely laud / frequently and inordinately exalt (7) ADULATE {LAUD*}{ExAlT}*
9   Territorial army filled with dread (5) ALARM [T]
13 Expect a patient involved in an accident to get intensive care, to begin with (10) ANTICIPATE {A+PATIENT+In...e+Care}*
15 Male involved in breach of ethics is a drug dealer (7) CHEMIST {M} in {ETHICS}* They'll be up in arms with this definition!
16 Mature sperm carries a potential offspring (8) SEASONED {SE{A}{SON}ED}
17 A lake on east Georgia’s borders (5) ONEGA {ON}{E}{Ge...iA}
18 Agent backed to get prestigious university grant (6) PERMIT {PER<=}{MIT}
20 Hospice for travellers — one with free meat having partridge stuffing! (6) IMARET {1}{MA{partRidge}ET*}
22 Lecture son about sex, with hesitation at first (6) SERMON {S{ER}{M}ON} Nice one
24 Dishonest person upset by censure (4) RAIL <=


Wednesday 26 August 2015

No 11483, Wednesday 26 Aug 2015, Exa

1   Tempt graduate to join IT (4) BAIT {BA}{IT}
3   The hacks I'd engineered for dummies (10) THICKHEADS*
10 Journalist drinking rum is no longer social (9) ESTRANGED {E{STRANGE}D}
11 Float up in the air (5) ALOFT*
12 Hall, in that corner, will have a bar (7) THEATRE {THE{A}{T}RE}
13 Loser desperate to have sex is wandering aimlessly (7) LOITERS {LOSER}* around {IT} Shouldn't that be Sex appeal? See comments

14 Correspond with a girl over phone at last (5) AGREE {A}{G}{RE}{p..nE}
15 Synthesised drugs are right away sprinkled (7) SUGARED {DRUGS+ArE}*
18 Essentially spent dollars to have trimmed pants and chain (7) PENDANT {sPENt}{D}{pANTs}
21 Cover diamonds on ship (5) DRESS {D}{RE}{SS}
24 Paper boat I'd folded went around lake (7) TABLOID {BOAT+I'D}* around {L}
26 Top southern wrestler (7) SPINNER {S}{PINNER}
27 I court what's accurate (5) EXACT {EXA}{CT}
28 Shabby bar set I meant to be thrown out (9) ESTAMINET*
29 Harry Potter eyes: a trait that's grown stale with time (10) STEREOTYPE*
30 Foreigner invested in banks for business stakes (4) BETS {Busi{ET}nesS}

1   Wash clothes on air (6) BREATH {B{RE}ATH}
2   Good to feed poor, thin men for the most part (2,3,4) IN THE MAIN {A1} in {THIN+MEN}*
4   He kept longing to have some gin as it's a healthy practise (7) HYGIENE {H{Y{GIn}EN}E}
5   Cooks long-bodied fish with bits of dill laid evenly (7) CODDLES {COD{Dill}{Laid}{Ev...y}S}
6   Partner consuming sandwiches and throwing up (7) HEAVING {H{E}AVING}
7   Emerged with revolutionary army to out opponents (5) AROSE Anno left for other solvers (Addendum - {AR<=}{O}{SE} - See comments)
8   Model in the beach is meant for something more special (3,5) SET ASIDE {SE{T} ASIDE}
9   Joking bartender left the German drunk (6) BANTER  BARTENder*
16 Managed to take organ up at church — it gives out an amplified sound (9) RESONANCE {R{ESON<=}AN}{CE}
17 Southern-side grass not as much clean (8) SPOTLESS {So...n}{POT}{LESS}
19 Position beer bottles for champion (7) APOSTLE {A{POST}LE}
20 Liquid diet it’s most systematic (7) TIDIEST*
21 Student's workplace had to initially part with a sort of computer (7) DESKTOP {DESK}{TO}{Part}
22 Riddle in game needs to be worked out (6) ENIGMA*
23 Cases fancy art in extremely romantic place? Yes! (6) CRATES {r...iC}{ART}*{p..cE}{yeS}
25 Splendid bachelor party (5) BRAVE {B}{RAVE}


Tuesday 25 August 2015

No 11482, Tuesday 25 Aug 2015, Spinner

1   Grouse with layout designed horribly (12) OUTRAGEOUSLY*
10 Yellowish-brown insect eats peeled figs (5) BEIGE {BE{fIGs}E}
11 Make his parcel round (9) SPHERICAL*
12 Pole leaving from a Nordic country's end point (6) FINISH FINnISH
13 England's Root disrupting form of its star players (8) ARTISTES {ITS+STAR}* around {En...d}
15 Moving flight to a clear ground having a bit of shrubbery (9) ESCALATOR {TO+A+CLEAR}* around {Sh...y}*
16 Setter started going back to eatery (4) DELI {DEL}{I}<=
20 Trendy fashion relating to subcontinent nation (4) INDO {IN}{DO}
21 Left out, Cinderella danced with one from island country (9) ICELANDER {CINDERElLA}*
24 Husband I dreamt about is a great difficulty (4,4) HARD TIME {H}{ARD TIME}*
26 One who takes a bow before performing (6) ARCHER [CD]
28 Champions show some notes to specialists (9) EXPONENTS {EXPO}{No..s}{ENTS}
29 Relatives are basically crazy nuts (5) AUNTS {Are}{NUTS}*
30 How one would describe a massage therapist's job in a media statement (5,7) PRESS RELEASE {PRESS-RELEASE}

2   Not charged, being part of worker's group (9) UNIONISED {UN}{IONISED}
3   Variable resistance turned hotter as... (8) RHEOSTAT*
4   ... leads of galvanometer unexpectedly shorted, heightening flow (4) GUSH Acrostic
5   Throw older bananas into place reserved for expired stuff (5,5) OTHER WORLD*
6   Twist as Russian chief invades European country (6) SPRAIN {SP{Ru...n}AIN}
7   Vessel from small island capsized next to empty houseboat (5) YACHT {YAC<=}{Ho...aT}
8   Sailor's a foot behind the stern (5) ABAFT {AB}{A}{FT}
9   Typical Spinner cryptic ultimately appears under 'Variety' (7) CLASSIC {CLASS}{I}{c...iC}
14 Service areas hold 'Spinner' next to Sudoku, at first (10) CATCHMENTS {CATCH}{ME}{Next}{To}{Su...o}
17 Engineer to help ants' evolution into giant beasts (9) ELEPHANTS {E}{HELP+ANTS}*
18 Solved by folding the grid! (7) RIGHTED*
19 Batting line-up.... (8) INCREASE {IN}{CREASE}
22 ... Sehwag & Tendulkar openers, followed by genius with top-notch posture while playing (6)  STANCE {Se...g}{Te...r}{A{No..h}CE}
23 Hit or flop? (5) CRASH [DD]
25 Call off punishment, getting pressure at the top (3,2) RIP UP {RI}{P} {UP}
27 Geographical feature coming up in Helsinki (4) ISLE [T<=]


Monday 24 August 2015

No 11481, Monday 24 Aug 2015, Aspartame

6   What happens in reality, not necessarily by law (2,5) DE FACTO [CD]
7   Farmer’s disastrous spell (7) CROPPER [DD]
9   Never degrade self-confidence (5) NERVE*
10 Sold curio that became dirty (9) DISCOLOUR*
11 Tool reporter observed (7) HACKSAW {HACK}{SAW}
13 Remarkably tough woman had gone to war (6) FOUGHT {TOUGH+F}*
15 Byzantine slang primarily used with African languages (6,7) LINGUA FRANCAS  {SLANG+Used+AFRICAN}*
19 Sensex consultants who have served a term (2-4) EX-CONS [T]
20 Southern men swim in river to reach estate land (7) DEMESNE {S+MEN}* in {DEE}
23 Things related to flowers (9) HYDRAULIC [CD]
24 One can only go up from here (5) NADIR [CD]
26 People will remain powerless without him (7) LINEMAN [CD]
27 Note: Inert substance not working like pepper spray (4,3) TEAR GAS {TE}{AR Gon}{AS}

1   Spanish tennis player is backed by Ethiopian people (4) AFAR <=
2   Obtain admission (6) ACCESS [DD]
3   Excessive perspiration caused by infections? To start with, have food (4,5) COLD SWEAT {COLD S}{With}{EAT}
4   Work effectively on dress using books (2,2,4) GO TO TOWN {G{O T}{O T}OWN}
5   State supports stitching red bags which are serviceable (2,3,5) UP FOR GRABS {UP} {FOR} {R+BAGS}* Serviceable or Available?
6   Boat discovered while riding hyenas (6) DINGHY [T]
7   Clues often lead to perfect meeting point (4) CUSP {ClUeS}{Pe...t}
8   Fish with a red eye is said to be uncommon (6) RARITY {RA{R}{I(~eye)}{T}Y} T from ?
12 Tin dice con rolled at the same time (10) COINCIDENT*
14 Build and estimate using a phone ultimately (9) PREDICATE {PREDIC{A}T}{phonE}
16 Police officer with weapons escorting daughter to terrace (8) GENDARME {GEN}{D}{ARM}{E} E for terrace?
17 Students consuming the wrong vitamin is dangerous (6) LETHAL {L{THE*}{A}L}
18 Variant of red is black? That’s rubbish! (6) DEBRIS {RED+IS+B}*
21 Simple snack consisting of starters from north India (6) MENIAL {ME{North}{India}AL}
22 Family is able to hoard money (4) CLAN {C{L}AN}
25 Probes on excavations (4) DIGS [DD]


Sunday 23 August 2015

Special, Sunday 23 Aug 2015, Ramki Krishnan

Three answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) till 6 PM.
All answers to be provided in one comment, preferably.

1   Confused person reaches here finally to get an answer (8)
5   Exit from topless retreat (6)
9   Thrashing century in just six balls? (4-4)
10 Queen's attendant's let off project (6)
12 Match tip of electrical coil (5)
13 Temporary worker used to take notes quickly (9)
14 Eats heartily to understand gluttony, for example (4,2)
16 Sweet husband leaves dance for love (7)
19 Members of cabinet are possibly returning to work (7)
21 Uproar created by shouting "Howzatt"? (6)
23 Kill insect with an injection of sodium (9)
25 Completely gave up at the end of the game (5)
26 Strong, firm chap (6)
27 Variable rate bonds could be bargains (8)
28 Arrest revolutionary philosopher (6)
29 "American Company used defective packages" -  Counsel finally admits (8)

1   Cyclone from the south almost inundates very big shelters (6)
2   Offer: "New cars provided in case of emergency" (9)
3   One going around empty menagerie for fresh air (5)
4   Harshly treats a less favoured child (7)
6   Relative is initially glad about a kid (5-4)
7   Minor artist without talent could be rejected (5)
8   Fixed sink in place (8)
11 Little woman goes on vacation and exercises (4)
15 Shopkeeper burst into tears (9)
17 Humiliated leader undergoing a sex change, becomes strong (9)
18 You may need them to see your friends, for instance (8)
20 Dash in street, going from one end to the other (4)
21 Fat baker playing host to bishop and you, say (7)
22 Period when chaps should exhibit sensitivity, to start with (6)
24 Good to enter Martian vehicle? Not very, but okay (5)
25 Shake a bird (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at RAMKI 3


The Sunday Crossword (2855), Sunday 23 Aug 2015

1   Employees receiving nod resolved deadlock (5-3) STAND-OFF {STA{ND-O*}FF}
5   Bullet ends in target under tree (6) TRACER {t...eT}{u..eR}{ACER}
9   Clubs in chains (5) IRONS [DD]
10 Company managed decline, losing large frequency (9) INCIDENCE {INC}{DEClINE*}
12 One dispute, a perfect example, beset by hollow scorn (13) DISPARAGEMENT {D{1}{SPAR}{A}{GEM}ENT}
15 Case about skill with clear, good English (9) CARTRIDGE {C}{ART}{RID}{G}{E}
16 Fish paste trader carries (5) TETRA [T]
17 Plain across middle of plateau (5) OVERT {OVER}{plaTeau}
19 Search clothing when that is most uncomfortable (9) QUEASIEST {QUE{AS}{IE}ST}
21 Tax in store, price that's bad for part of nation's economy (7,6) PRIVATE SECTOR {VAT} in {STORE+PRICE}
23 Profound corruption of real theft (9) HEARTFELT*
24 Crumbs soldier provided for dog (5) CORGI {COR}{GI}
26 Walk out on wasteland (6) DESERT [DD]
27 Innocent yen to follow river put into action (4-4) DEWY-EYED {DE{WY-E}{Y}ED}

1   Propagandist distorted drop in cost (4,6) SPIN DOCTOR*
2   Fuss caused by commercial, then nothing (3) ADO {AD}{O}
3   Beginning to doubt psychic power, express loss of hope (7) DESPAIR {Doubt}{E.S.P.}{AIR}
4   Figure after fashion defending country honestly (4,3,6) FAIR AND SQUARE {FA{IR AN}D} {SQUARE}
6   Beef, say, about broadcast made ahead of time (3,4) RED MEAT {RE}{D MEA*}{T}
7   Part from emperor endlessly breaking agreement (11) CONSTITUENT {CONS{TITUs}ENT}
8   Feel dizzy and look unpleasantly upset (4) REEL <=
11 Solution mostly found in bond with man offering drink (5,2,6) CREME DE MENTHE {C{REME Dy}E MENT}{HE} I love this liqueur as well as Irish Cream.
13 Conceal pressure on places in film scripts (11) SCREENPLAYS {SCREEN}{P}{LAYS}
14 Architect crazy about singular style at home (10) MASTERMIND {MA{S}{TERM}{IN}D} Term and Style?
18 Swindler's wits exercised on odd parts of theory (7) TWISTER {WITS*}{ThEoRy}
20 Slight cut in region of atmosphere (7) SKETCHY {SK{ETCH}Y}
22 Drop building in garden? (4) SHED [DD]
25 Beam up in shiny armour (3) RAY [T<=]


Saturday 22 August 2015

No 11480, Saturday 22 Aug 2015, Afterdark


1 Relatively a typical move botched up with rook inside (13) COMPARATIVELY {COMPA{R}ATIVELY*}
10 Ambassador is in trouble at England facing queen (9) MESSENGER {MESS}{ENG}{ER}
11 Black? Rich colour (5) BLUSH {B}{LUSH}
12 Young ladies procured hungry lioness at an Indian sanctuary earlier (5) GIRLS {GIR}{LionesS}
13 Is getting into suspicion leading to endless troubles? (9) NUISANCES {NU{IS}ANCE}{S}
14 Observing genes I mutated (6) SEEING {GENES I}*
16 Hinge nearly fell at one point (4) AXIS {AXe}{I}{S}
19 Hunters want to conceal a bird (4) SWAN (T)

20 One's tired about getting ahead (6) ONWARD {O}{NWARD<=} O From One?
25 Call, then elope in a frenzy (9) TELEPHONE {THEN ELOPE}*

26 Cut glass object found in renovated pyramids after daybreak (5) PRISM {PyRaMIdS}*
27 Put down penny to get cake (5)  PLUMP {P}{LUMP}
28 Excluding absent adult is rude (9) INSULTING {INSULaTING}
29 Lacking direction, consult police officer about roaster and other kitchen appliances (13) REFRIGERATORS {REFeR}{IG}{ROASTER*} 


2 Strangely sober theologian returning with reporter (8) OBSERVER {SOBER*}{VER<=}
3 Skins prawn initially, later other fishes (5) PEELS {Prawn}{EELS}
4 King is getting old and violent (6) RAGING {R}{AGING}
5 Last name's informal, form rejected (8) TERMINAL {TERM}{INformAL}
6 Tremor in Nairobi; TV broadcast (9) VIBRATION {NAIROBI TV}*
7 Set up a network to include Uruguay and Switzerland (6) LAUNCH {LA{U}N}{CH}
8 Concepts of one postgraduate tabled by company chief spokesman (6) IMAGES {I}{MA}{GE}{Spo...n}
9 Spirit displayed by heads of government hospital orthopaedic section's terrific (5) GHOST {G}{H}{O}{S}{T}
15 Publication suggests, “As per ESPN broadcast, South is toppled by West” (9) NEWSPAPER {AS PER E(-s+W}PN}* 
17 Ann's marriage with Yogi's last son is trying (8) ANNOYING {ANN}{YOGI+N}* Is marriage a valid anagrind?
18 Close relatives are mostly bizarre, oddly (8) FAMILIAR {FAMILy}{bIzArRe} Oddly is being used to pick even letters?
21 Compensation for lady importing silver (6) DAMAGE {DAM{AG}{E}
22 Obstructs bribes circulated around RTO central (5) STOPS {S{rTo}OPS}
23 Condition of beginner in California, America is safe at last (6) CLAUSE {C{L}A}{US}{safE}
24 Inferior watch guards arrested (6) LESSER {LE{SS}ER}
26 Purse contains one large flier (5) PILOT {P{I}{L}OT}

Reference list

Rook=R, England=Eng, Queen=ER (Elizabeth Regina), Black=B, One=I, Point=S, Penny=P, Adult=A, Direction=E, Police officer=IG 
Theologian=Rev, King=R(Rex), Network=LAN, Uruguay=U, Switzerland=Ch, Postgraduate=MA, Company=GE, South=S, West=W, Silver=Ag, Beginner=L, California=CA, America=US, Guards=SS, Large=L 

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Friday 21 August 2015

No 11479, Friday 21 Aug 2015, Afterdark

The Bulls, The Bears and The Farm

9   Speculate release; advocate's good to go (7) VENTURE adVENTURE Not sure if Anno is correct (Addendum - {VENT}{URgE} - See comments)
10 Accountant gets depression on LA's backing and money (7) CAPITAL {CA}{A PIT}{AL<=}
11 In nutshell, without hydrogen supply, there's something that has nothing (4,3) NULL SET {NUTShELL}*
12 Stone building gets excellent returns in a country (7) ESTONIA {STONE*}{A1<=}
13 Collection work withdrawn, tour arrangement goes haywire without money, trip curtailed at both ends (9) POTPOURRI {PO<=}{T{P}OUR}{tRIp} Tour looks fine to me!
15 When closet is half-broken, it reveals money (5) ASSET {AS}{cloSET}
16 Admission depends on institute name, top score/mark in GRE written earlier (7) INGRESS {I}{N}{GRE}{Sc..e}{S} Anno not clear. Second S from Mark?
19 At the heart of Vellore, Mani constructed a road made of layers (7) LAMINAR {velLore}{MANI*}{A}{R}
20 Cancels and keeps away, when leader is absent (5) VOIDS aVOIDS
21 Rule before Supreme Court bar having a point (9) PRESCRIBE {PRE}{SC}{RIB}{E}
25 Some separate having a top life (7) SEVERAL {SEVER}{A}{Life}
26 Dumps damaged, unsold article (7) UNLOADS {UNSOLD+A}*
28 Produce eggs from high value lots essentially (7) OVULATE {VALUE+lOTs}*
29 Marketing grant disbursed, including many inaugural incentives (7) TRADING {TRA{D}{In...s}NG*}

1   Decorated venue at Parliament square (4,2) EVEN UP {EVEN U}*{P}
2   A trap to collect necklace essentially and another ornament (6) ANKLET {A}{N{necKLace}ET}
3   Acquires vehicle without money at last (4) BUYS {BU{m..eY}S}
4   One who owes Robert was beheaded, mutilated but dead earlier (6) DEBTOR {D}{rOBERT*}
5   Pain at broken nail pertains to sunflower, say (8) ACHENIAL {ACHE}{NAIL*}
6   CEO's death in photochemical reaction related to the eye (10) OPHTHALMIC PHOTocHeMICAL*
7   Selection of Best and Sinclair for substitutes (6,2) STANDS IN [T]
8   Plant store in disarray outside field (8) OLEASTER {O{LEA}STER*}
14 Cover no more, drapes are spoiled (10) OVERSPREAD {OVER}{DRAPES*}
16 One who puts money in scrap iron receives grant (8) INVESTOR {IN{VEST}OR*}
17 Releasing rogue is very shameful (8) GRIEVOUS {ROGUE+IS+V}*
18 Vendor is flexible, has interest in relationship primarily (8) SUPPLIER {SUPPL{I}E}{Re...p}
22 Quite upset with youth leader yielding ownership interest (6) EQUITY {QUITE*}{Yo..h}
23 Indian Communist leaders welcome Stalin's basic style of slanting to the right (6) ITALIC {In...n}{sTALIn}{Co...t}
24 Nose ring crafted without gold has standard (6) ENSIGN {NoSE+rING}*
27 Say, a horse or cow, changing sides to advance (4) LOAN (-r+l)LOAN

Thursday 20 August 2015

No 11478, Thursday, 20 Aug 2015, The Phantom

1   Memorial built on path beside church (8) CENOTAPH {CE}{ON+PATH}*
5   Opera for example, without work returned to assimilate again (6) RESORB RESwORB <=
9   Spending capital, couple of queens splurge (8) SQUANDER {Sp...g}{QU}{AND}{ER}
10 Guard observed vehicles entering while going out (6) SCREEN {S{CaRs}EEN}  While=As?
12 Im a leader of Muslims (4) IMAM {I'M}{A}{Mu...s} &lit
13 The pays too irregular in this branch of medicine (10) OSTEOPATHY*
15 Rogue breaking old British rule in bull market (12) TROUBLEMAKER {O+B+RULE}* in {MARKET}*
18 Statement got from book (3,9) NEW TESTAMENT {STATEMENT}*
21 Part of speech that describes “the john” but not “John”? (6,4) COMMON NOUN [CD]
22 Couple has poise and character (4) PAIR {P}{AIR}
24 Ribald celebration for wedding (6) BRIDAL*
25 Bird finally finds insect behind garbage heap (8) PHEASANT {HEAP*}{findS}{ANT}
26 Without restrictions, free to shake a leg to entertain (6) REGALE {fREe}{A+LEG}*
27 Romanticism of that man doffing hat, escorting trendy ladies (8) IDEALISM {hI{LADIES*}M}

1   Fool hidden amongst spies is a plant (6) CASSIA {C{ASS}IA}
2   Confection from sugar’s uncovered (not wrapped) (6) NOUGAT {NO{sUGAr}T}
3   Somewhat hot in the shade (4) TINT [T]
4   Journalists perhaps raw, removed from newspaper? (5,7) PRESS CUTTING {PRESS} {CUTTING}
6   Bolt designed for auditor as part of watch mechanism (10) ESCAPEMENT {ESCAPE}{MENT}(~meant)
7   Pass through gate (8) OVERTAKE {OVER}{TAKE}
8   Decomposed body near cemetery (8) BONEYARD*
11 Losing very less time they mauled Tom brutally, not Frank (5-7) MEALY-MOUTHED {tHEY+MAULED+TOM}*
14 Easy-going men drop out from a fight (4-3-3) FREE-FOR-ALL {FREE}-{F{OR}-ALL}
16 Eatery to lay off staff without final notification? (5,3) SNACK BAR {S{n...oN}ACK} {BAR}
17 Going on a diet to lose pounds, gaining weight by this activity! (8) SWIMMING S{-l+w)WIMMING
19 Malaise contracted consuming sausage? (6) SALAMI MALAISe*
20 Acting Prime Minister quelled revolt by foreign troops (3,3) PRO TEM {P{RO<=} {TE<=}M}
23 Soldier preferred to leave battlement (4) PARA PARApet


Wednesday 19 August 2015

No 11477, Wednesday 19 Aug 2015, xChequer

As usual xChequer has totally foxed me.

7   Second childhood party gate crashed (6) DOTAGE {DO}{GATE*}
8   Leather tack for carpet (8) (Addendum - LAMBASTE {LAM}{BASTE} - See comments)
9   Launch, missing bearing, able to drift on small swell (5-3) BLAST-OFF {ABLe*}{S}{T-OFF}
10 International games played as doubles (6) IMAGES {I}{GAMES*}
11 Bribery can be hard work (5) GRAFT [DD]
12 Choose first class on return to earn miles with best conditions (6) OPTIMA {OPT}{I{M}A<=}
14 Do suppose a lemon's deviously conveyed! (4,7,1,3) SOLD SOMEONE A PUP* &lit
17 Bent to escape daughter planting kiss (6) FLEXED {FLE{X}E}{D}
18 Instrument outlaw presented to sweetheart (5) BANJO {BAN}{JO}

22 Makes harsh noises with angry looks when girl is born (6)  BLARES (-g+b)BLARES
23 Very drained bucking a goddess of fate (8) (Addendum - VERDANDI {V}{DRAINED*} - See comments)
24 Hawker's rum a farce, Colonel's deprived of solace (8) FALCONER {A+FaRce+ColONELs}*
25 Venom from nearly all infesting vermin, say (6) MALICE {M{ALl}ICE}

1   Infallible Charlie's evidence (9) FOOLPROOF {FOOL}{PROOF}
2   Service provided in a compact range (6) MASSIF {MASS}{IF}
3   Bird that another one nests (5) HERON [T]
4   Dream of one working beyond reach (8) OPTIMISM {OP}TIMISM (Addendum - AMBITION {AMBIT}{1}{ON} - See comments)
5   Epic of Indian king filled with so-called worldly perception (8) RAMAYANA {RA{MAYA}NA}
6   Sprinkle essence of herbs in jug (5) STREW {ST{heRbs}EW}
8   Fairy tale films following publicity round book club (4,9) (Addendum - LIFE PRESERVER {LI{F}E} {P{RESERVE}R} - See comments}
13 Interim loan, ultimately expended in drink, awaiting legal settlement (3,6) SUB JUDICE {SUB} {JU{e...eD}ICE}
15 Hollow cement supports deviate dispersing energy, a beam can thus split (8) DIFFRACT {DIFFeR}{A}{CemenT}
16 Submissive love is a parting gift (8) OBEISANT {O}{BE{IS}{A}NT}
19 Good to grow fit following a reverse (6) ARABLE {A}{R}{ABLE}
20 Pressure to head petition (5) PLEAD {P}{LEAD}
21 Body resistance comes through stature (5) FRAME {F{R}AME}