Monday 29 February 2016

No 11637, Monday 29 Feb 16, Lightning

1   Inclination to write and say Om (8) PENCHANT {PEN}{CHANT}
5   Place where fishes learn to form a group? (6) SCHOOL [DD]
9   Arrange team trip for less than the customary duration (4-4) PART-TIME*
10 War finally moved former US president to depression (6) CRATER {C(+r)RA(-r)TER}
12 Liquid assets to cover Rupee’s fall (5) CRASH {C{R}ASH}
13 Strip detective inspector’s responsibility (9) DISMANTLE {DI'S}{MANTLE}
14 Trimming selection of generic racquets (6) RICRAC [T]
16 For the most part, growing small fruits (7) RAISINS {RAISINg}{S}
19 Passed through dock last month on the way back (7) PIERCED {PIER}{CED<=}
21 Have a look at a bird (6) GANDER [DD]
23 Spend life primarily restoring our magnificence (9) SPLENDOUR {SPEND+L}*{OUR}
25 Nearly neglected yield (5) F?R?H (Addendum FORGO FORGOt - See comments)
26 Computer manufacturer at the middle of testing plug-in (6) APPLET {APPLE}{tesTing}
27 Damage platform outside a branch office (8) SABOTAGE {SA{BO}TAGE}
28 Put up with final period in office (second half only) (6) ENDURE {END}{tenURE}
29 Intrepid sales force oddly disorganised (8) FEARLESS {SALES+FoRcE}*

1   Father disheartened clergy, office of the pope (6) PAPACY {PAPA}{ClergY}
2   Arrive at noon in order to make a statement (9) NARRATIVE {ARRIVE+AT+N}*
3   Hour-long stoppage (5) HITCH {H}{ITCH}
4   Unsettled leader gets irritated with Cuba (7) NOMADIC {NO{MAD}1}{C} 
6   Air cannot set right flower (9) CARNATION*
7   Heads of opera combine to examine talent of group of eight (5) OCTET Acrostic
8   Tip of big ship, tip of airplane (8) LARGESSE {LARGE}{SS}{a...nE}
11 Despots are sheltering despot (4) TSAR [T]
15 Storyteller that mostly recounts a funny record primarily (9) RACONTEUR {RECOUNTs+A}*{Re...d}
17 Drunkard, intoxicated to begin with, mixing tea with brine (9) INEBRIATE {In...d}{TEA+BRINE}*
18 Disciple the French dismissed had become renegade (8) APOSTATE {APOSTle}{ATE}
20 Dire fate of doctor returning after work (4) DOOM {DO}{OM<=}
21 Trash rim of bus in parking structure (7) GARBAGE {GAR{Bus}AGE}
22 Drives an influential person nuts in the end (6) WHEELS {WHEEL}{nutS} (Addendum - POWERS {POWER}{S} - See comments)
24 Fat in a body part is dangerous for starters (5) LIPID {LIP}{Is}{Da...s}
25 Ceiling raised to accommodate large storey (5) FLOOR {F{L}OOR<=}


Sunday 28 February 2016

Special, Sunday 28 Feb 2016, Jerry

Welcome to our new setter Jerry, Bouquets and Brickbats welcome.
Three answers per commenter as usual (Annotations compulsory) till 6 PM.
Please provide your answers in one comment.

1    Chief of Army learns about arms depot (7)
5    Student union's leader: "I can't work for maniac" (7)
9    Avoid party's leaderless side (5)
10 Narrator's devastated with the death of old explorer (9)
11 Arrest of Ukrainian leader by communist is regretted (4)
12 A revolutionary kidnaps man carrying weapons (5)
14 One who opposes the opening of a new training institution (4)
16 A steamship with an ultimate attack (7)
18 Sickness beginning to nurture at unhygienic body of water (6)
20 Gallery's exhibition didn't start without the head of college (6)
22 Develops application programs to seek attention (7)
25 Cover of a sweet red wine (4)
26 Generally, one dances around with feet (5)
27 Go without food in haste (4)
31 Master's truly the most brilliant (9)
33 Broken lace is not a part (5)
34 He is starting to get new lessons about a language (7)
35 Object for inspection (7)

1   Read about displacement in a logical circuit (5)
2   Suffering after sensible saints had died (7)
3   Study about getting energy requirement (4)
4   Hire the French model (3)
5   The French are planning to kidnap Germany's president (6)
6   Guys climbed up getting hold of the top of eucalyptus tree (4)
7   Story books for gifts (7)
8   Chief accountant opposes holding new celebrations (9)
13 Report correct procedure (4)
15 Beat monsieur in party (4)
16 A round pillow kept on a furniture is flexible (9)
17 Cancel United Nation's event (4)
19 Criticize harshly for speed (4)
21 Shrewd Chelsea's captain managing in absence of manager, ultimately (7)
23 A weakness to acquire all riches, primarily (7)
24 Once again, she's far off to assassinate the king of Sudan (6)
28 In the end, present spectacular dance at party (5)
29 A language is primarily to help acquire information (4)
30 Letters from Romeo's lover to a city (4)
32 Cover for gift (3)

Across Lite version can be accessed at JERRY 1


The Sunday Crossword (2882), Sunday 28 Feb 2016

1   Complete nonsense about sports car's gentle pace (7) DOGTROT {DO}{GT}{ROT}
5   Tasteless material was first dealt with (7) TACKLED {TACK}{LED}
9   Self-control in contest with old firm (9) COMPOSURE {COMP}{O}{SURE}
10 Reward bishop with responsibility (5) BONUS {B}{ONUS}
11 Held in contempt, yob is vacant (5) EMPTY [T]
12 Part that must be played, being ordered to boil bag (9) OBBLIGATO*
13 Science lab is terribly hard to reach (12) INACCESSIBLE*
17 Turning bad in cup, a yellowish-brown soup (12) MULLIGATAWNY {MU{LLI<=}G}{A}{TAWNY}
20 Committee in favour of keeping nothing built badly (9) POLITBURO {P{O}{BUILT*}RO}
21 Try to follow noise leading to wild dog (5) DINGO {DIN}{GO}
22 Layabout unusually riled (5) IDLER*
23 Devout learner, one in area mostly connected with America (9) RELIGIOUS {RE{L}{1}GIOn}{US}
24 Refusal to join inspector in raincoat, wandering (7) NOMADIC {NO}{MA{DI}C}
25 Gives up in seconds, breaking rules (7) RESIGNS {RE{S}IGNS}

1   Feeble law endlessly hollow (8) DECREPIT {DECREe}{PIT}
2   Note, accepted by willing pawn, new strategy (4,4) GAME PLAN {GAME} {P}{LA}{N}
3   Wide unknown upland area to the north (5) ROOMY {ROOM<=}{Y}
4   Contemptible person in broadcast cut out real artist (8-7) TOULOUSE-LAUTREC {LOUSE}in {CUT+OUT+REAL}*
5   Problem, part resolved, involving heather and tree (9,6) TREMBLING POPLAR {LING} in {PROBLEM+PART}*
6   Sailor in cold port hired car (9) CABRIOLET {C}{AB}{RIO}{LET}
7   Straight part of tunnel in earth (6) LINEAR [T]
8   Awkward situation after editor upset dictator (6) DESPOT {DE<=}{SPOT}
14 Edges of canal said to be untidy (9) CLUTTERED {CanaL}{UTTERED}
15 Child beset by worries getting up for last performance (8) SWANSONG {SON} in {GNAWS<=}
16 Singular arrangement of posy in small sketch (8) SYNOPSIS {S}{POSY+IN+S}*
18 Alternative procedure with oxygen in container (6) OPTION {OP}{TI{O}N}
19 All so excited before start of main race (6) SLALOM {ALL+SO}*{Main}
21 Depth for example in the role of artist (5) DEGAS {D}{EG}{AS]


Saturday 27 February 2016

No 11636, Saturday 27 Feb 2016, Incognito

Note: Starred clues have no definitions but share a common theme.


8 Japanese container found in the middle of main road (4) INRO (T)
9 Old Mexican from Arizona’s next to Lawrence and Charlie (5) AZTEC {AZ}{TE}{C}
10 First, tightly embrace a criminal (4) THUG {Tightly}{HUG}
11* That woman's after a soldier (6) ANTHER {ANT}{HER}
12* First Indian cry (8) FILAMENT {F}{I}{LAMENT}
13 Kiss large copper after time (8) OSCULATE {OS}{CU}{LATE}
15 Create electrically charged particles using material from onion? Is expensive! (6) IONISE (T)
17 Pans used for frying // eight legged creatures (7) SPIDERS (DD)
19 A six-footer on my back? Just the opposite (7) ANTONYM {ANT}{ON}{YM<=}
22 Holds hundred and fifty snakes (6) CLASPS {C}{L}{ASPS}
24 Handicapped devil broadcasted (8) IMPAIRED {IMP}{AIRED}
26 Had a second look at scene through mouthpiece of 32 (8) REVIEWED {RE{VIEW}ED} 
28* Return sauce around first (6) PISTIL {P{IST}IL<=}
30 Rush past menagerie mortuary initially (4) ZOOM {ZOO}{Mortuary}
31* Eggs are placed on a line (5) OVARY {OVA}{RY}
32 Boer is endlessly after round instrument (4) OBOE {O}{BOEr}


1 A 'no' in French can mean quite soon (4) ANON {A}{NON} 2 Baffle and persecute a dog (8) FOXHOUND {FOX}{HOUND}
3 Student renders song around the end of Lent as an adoration of the Holy Trinity (6) LATRIA {L}{ARI{lenT}A}
4 I ran after Saint suffocated (7) STIFLED {ST}{I}{FLED}
5 “Old maid, kill in Mumbai suburb!” (8) SCULLION {S{CULL}ION}
6* Soldiers follow some terrorist attackers initially (6) STAMEN {Some}{}{At..ers}{MEN}
7 Run excitedly after model and gyrate (4) TURN {T}{RUN*}
14* Leaps around (5) SEPAL {LEAPS*}
16* Found in nasty legends (5) STYLE (T)
18 Got up in front of forest tree (8) ROSEWOOD {ROSE}{WOOD}
20 Miss Ono excitedly hugged setter by oversight (8) OMISSION {MISS ONO}* around I
21 One of those grains that one might sow in the heat of youth (4,3) WILD OAT (CD)
23* Mother chases soldier retreating on street (6) STIGMA {ST}{IG<=}{MA}
25 Father has a yen for fruit (6) PAPAYA {PAP{A}{Y}A}
27 Cupid's present at the tail of a rhinoceros (4) EROS {rhinocEROS}

Reference list

Arizona=Az, Lawrence=TE, Charlie=C, That woman=Her, Soldier=Ant, First=F, Indian=I, Large=OS, Copper=Cu, Six-footer=Ant, Hundred=C, Fifty=L, First=Ist, Line=Ry, Round=O
No in French=Non, Student=L, Saint=St, Mumbai suburb=Sion, Soldiers=Men, Model=T, Setter=I, Mother=Ma, Soldier=GI, Street=St, Father=Papa, Yen=Y

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution Indicator

Friday 26 February 2016

No 11635, Friday 26 Feb 2016, Incognito

8   Insect initially found next to meadow (4) FLEA {Fo..d}{LEA}
9   Colour of Adam’s ale held by naval warrior (10) AQUAMARINE {AQUA}{MARINE}
10 Levy charged by a French king after a month (6) OCTROI {OCT}{ROI}
11,28 Meteor frequently seen in cowboy movies (8,4) SHOOTING STAR [DD]
12,18 Better neckwear may result due to CBMs (8,4) STRONGER TIES [CD]
14 Eccentric in-charge leaves and makes a list of errors (6) ERRATA {ERRATic}{A}
16 Special weapons and tactics are initially used in Pakistani valley (4) SWAT Acrostic
17 Faith displayed by ten losing second direction and ten returning subsequently (5) TENET {TEn}{TEN<=}
19 Drink stored in bar racks (6) ARRACK [T]
21 Ejaculates, “Old demands!” (8) EXCLAIMS {EX}{CLAIMS}
23 Mutilated visage of the common crossword criminal (8) SCARFACE {SCAR}{FACE}
26 Threatening words usually giving unmentioned dire alternative (2,4) OR ELSE [CD]
27 Fruit consumed with love (10) PASSIONATE {PASSION}{ATE}

1   People look up to this to find out the time (5,5) CLOCK TOWER [CD]
2   Accomplish and take away (5,3) CARRY OUT [DD]
3   Seaman's grading (6) RATING [DD]
4   Things like this that learner left may be found on billiard tables (4) CUES ClUES
5   Powerless person makes claim of being powerful (8) IMPOTENT {I'M POTENT}
6   Hole in the ground made right after the wooden box (6) CRATER {CRATE}{R}
7   In short, an unknown author will be seen soon (4) ANON [DD]
13 How far a gun can fire in the mountains (5) RANGE [DD]
15 Another most attractive appliance contains a temperature controller (10) THERMOSTAT [T]
17 What a violinist may do at the beginning and at the end of his performance? (4,1,3) TAKE A BOW [C&DD]
18 Go over retrograde art and poetry (8) TRAVERSE {TRA<=}{VERSE}
20 This clue is not that type of a clue (6) ACROSS Def by example
22 Strangler’s jewellery (6) CHOKER [DD]
24 Cold headgear’s converse (4) CHAT {C}{HAT}
25 Dame bustled and excitedly made cheese (4) EDAM*


Thursday 25 February 2016

No 11634, Thursday 25 Feb 2016, Scintillator

As usual I have a lot of unanswered questions when Scintillator appears?

1   Some teachers be lecturesome about famous people (6) CELEBS [T<=]
4   Northern state gets a reduction — that's a blow! (8) UPPERCUT {UPPER}{CUT} (Addendum - {UP}{PER}{CUT} - See comments)
9 Caught entering playfully — Judge ruled out a crime (6) INCEST {IN(-j+c)CEST}
10 Last hurrah from a graceful bird? (4,4) SWAN SONG [CD]
12 Tooth biting in sleep when it is freezing outside (8) PREMOLAR {P{REM}OLAR}
13 An alto could be jarring (6) ATONAL*
15 A crow heading out from a small stream (4) ROOK bROOK
16 Condition I see a lot is dwarfism (10) ATELEIOSIS*
19 Woollen fabrics wrinkled in some regular creases (10) CASSIMERES {In+SoMe+CREASES}* Anno not clear 
20 Reject ingredients of medical drug (4) ACID [T<=]
23 God provided your first branch (6) RAMIFY {RAM}{IF}{Your}
25 No upper-class Incas settled here? (8) SCANSION* Definition not clear (Addendum - ASUNCION* - See comments)
27 Hardly a font applicable to certification (8) NOTARIAL {NOT}{ARIAL}
28 Having false statements on bachelor's, they don't deserve to be looked at (6) UGLIES {UG}{LIES}
29 Placed golf ball around tree, swung and moved unsteadily (8) TEETERED {TEED} around {TREE}*
30 Resolute support that's outwardly cunning (6) STEELY {S{TEE}LY}

1   Cheerful carpenter, possibly (7) CHIPPER [DD]
2   Promiscuous hero seduced by crafty clues (9) LECHEROUS {CLUES}* over {HERO}
3   For two times, betray a religious leader (6) BISHOP {BI}{SHOP}
5   Uncle would take that puppet (4) PAWN [CD] [DD] See comments
6   One could be involved in intense workout (8) EINSTEIN {1} in {INTENSE}* Is this supposed to be an &lit?
7   Head of country, Queen to possess this? (5) CROWN {Co...y}{R}{OWN} &lit
8   Switches to somewhat minor bolting horse (7) TOGGLES {TO}{GG}{LESs}
11 Strongholds of religious sects supporting Left (7) CASTLES {CAST{L}ES}
14 Navy is rather depressed (7) FLUENCY Is the only thing I could fit here. Don't know how to classify the clue if it is right (Addendum - BLUEISH [DD] - See comments)
17 Let go of rule when facing coldness after a lot of axe (9) SACRIFICE {SACk}{R}{IF}{ICE}
18 Defence to show off influence (3,5) ?I? FORCE AIR FORCE (Addendum -{AIR} {FORCE} - See comments)
19 Military officer seizes yellow bag and small 7 Dn. (7) CORONET {C{OR}O}{NET} Yellow for gold?
21 Extremely deadly and foul family (7) DYNASTY {De..lY}{NASTY}
22 Honourable man emerging from dark times, say (6) KNIGHT (~night)
24 Leading milliner puts it on 3 Dn.? (5) MITRE {Mi...r}{IT}{RE} Semi&lit
26 Friend, the game ends here! (4) MATE [DD]


Wednesday 24 February 2016

No 11633, Wednesday 24 Feb 2016, Arden

Arden over the last few rounds has got me all knotted up!

1   See, worker's made a connection internally (6) DEACON [T]
4   Railing is allowed during raillery (8) BANISTER {BAN{IS}TER}
10 Only a few know to respect doctor (3,6) TOP SECRET*
11 Tell others to take it forcibly (5) WREST (~rest)
12 Catching criminal, eliminating time to escape (7) NAILING eLimINAtING*
13 Noticed fifth witness missing, solicitor dispatched (4,3) SENT OUT {SEeN}{T OUT}
14 A giant moon (5) TITAN [DD]
15 Daily business in fashion industry (3,5) RAG TRADE {RAG} {TRADE}
18 One spoke of a stout breed (8) AIREDALE {AIRED}{ALE}
20 Kingdom for a horse and cart (5) TONGA [DD]
23 Glass may be compatible if top is removed (7) ALEMBIC CoMpAtIBLE*
25 Only male in contact — more than what one can take (3,4) TOO MUCH {TO{O} {M}UCH}
26 Animal retreat in typical Ayn Rand style (5) NYALA [T<=]
27 Calling it a hobby... (9) AVOCATION {A}{VOCATION}
28 ...therefore Bahujan party ultimately represents brotherhood (8) SODALITY {SO}{DALIT}{p..tY}
29 Drug overdose — the way it's done (6) METHOD {METH}{OD}

1   Regularly sent in aid to set it off (8) DETONATE {D{sEnT}ONATE}
2   Hire one to keep a flower in a glass (7) APPOINT {A}{P{PO}INT}
3   Live and perish — in the past it meant submission (9) OBEDIENCE {O{BE}{DIE}NCE}
5   A hint to carry out novel Coue method (4-10) AUTO SUGGESTION {A}{OUT*} {SUGGESTION}
6   One from Des Moines looks pale under the moon (5) IOWAN {IO}{WAN}
7   Last chance — going in to grasp support (7) TOEHOLD {TO}{c...cE}{HOLD}
8   Renegotiates afresh, not seeing spin (6) ROTATE REnegOTiATes*
9   Changing? Rare to make this heard in church (9,5) GREGORIAN CHANT {CHANGING+RARE+TO}*
16 Relationship over drive is the motive (9) RATIONALE {RATIO}{NALE<=}
17 Turned up with study below speed of sound (8) MACHINED {MACH 1}{NED<=}
19 Cross country race (7) IRELAND ? {IRE}{LAND} See comments
21 Feed — meal to include puris essentially (7) NOURISH {pURIs} in {NOSH}
22 College girl's place in the Sun (6) CANNES {C}{ANNES}
24 Support a length of rope (5) BRAIL {BRA}{1}{L}


Tuesday 23 February 2016

No 11632, Tuesday 23 Feb 2016, Arden

1   "Daily do something", it cries out — it's typical (14) CHARACTERISTIC {CHAR}{ACT}{IT+CRIES}*
10 Repeat — drop of angostura in a drink (5) AGAIN {A{G{An...a}IN}
11 No more beer, take last orderone's doubly impressed (9) OVERPRINT {OVER}{P(o..eR}INT}
12 She entertains those travelling on board (7) HOSTESS [CD] {Addendum - {THOSE}*{SS} &lit - See comments}
13 Sponge assumes name of seafood (7) SCALLOP {CALL} in {SOP}
14 Walk about with model where she walks (5) TRAMP {T}{RAMP}
16 Cook writes about his dish (5,4) IRISH STEW {WRITES+HIS}*
19 Used connections to put 10 back — was effective (9) NETWORKED {NET<=}{WORKED}
20 Godown as tyrant loses direction (5) DEPOT DEsPOT
22 Amma's free, gets top coverage — a subject of veneration (7) MAHATMA {HAT} in {AMMA*}
25 Refusal to play the guitar — is there a cure? (7) NOSTRUM {NO}{STRUM}
27 Waste swirling saree material (9) DUNGAREES {DUNG}{SAREE*}
28 Sprocket — what you have to pay between hands (5) ROWEL {R}{OWE}{L}
29 For a race both sides accept a bet — pole position will throw some light (7,7) CHINESE LANTERN {CHINESE} {L}{ANTE}{R}{N}

2   Advantage of being called loose loose woman (4,5) HEAD START {HEAD S}{TART}
3   Alien losing way to an extent (5) RANGE stRANGE
4   Cuts credit used to pick up food (9) CHOPSTICK {CHOPS}{TICK}
5   They happen within no time — double or quits (5) EVENS EVENtS
6   Limited force, hurt when fired (9) IMPEACHED {IMPEl}{ACHED}
7   Material makes husband embrace wife (5) TWILL {TILL} over {W}
8   Hatchet man's hand seen over criminal acts (4-3) CATS-PAW {ACTS}*-{PAW}
9   Bag — the fancy bag (6) SACHET {SAC}{THE*}
15 For royalty in the country, show reverence (9) PROSTRATE {PRO}{ST{R}ATE}
17 Country makes 11 occupy another country (9) INDONESIA {ONES} in {INDIA}
18 Step forward ignoring leaders, can be very good (3-6) TOP-DRAWER {sTEP+fORWARD}*
19 Promoted some cops, a day on the move (7) NOMADIC {NOM}{A}{DIC}<=
21 Head priest's here (6) TEMPLE [C&DD]
23 Capital invested in commodities other than oil (5) HANOI [T]
24 Charlie goes for a Mediterranean Island mountain ridge (5) ARETE (-c+a}ARETE
26 Fish for Jack, as the children would say (5) SPRAT [C&DD]


Monday 22 February 2016

No 11631, Monday 22 Feb 2016, Arden

1   Wise to have a relationship when posted outside (7) SAPIENT {S{A}{PI}ENT}
5   A ticket — not only for team leader to take action (3,4) ACT UPON {A}{C(-o+t}T UPON}
9   Returned without Ted — made to repeat (5) RERUN REtURNed*
10 Overlapping signs at repositories (9) LIBRARIES {LIBR/A\RIES}
11 Meanness of making minors pay (9) PARSIMONY*
12 Echo of songs about unknown land (5) SYRIA {AIRS<=} about {Y}
13 What's done to reject cheese? (4) EDAM <=
15 Tampered with work — ripped through data storage (8) DOCTORED {DO}{C{TORE}D}
18 Keeping the Spanish wine over the sideboard (8) CELLARET {CLARET} over {EL}
19 Instrument to force out another (4) LUTE fLUTE
22 Take a month off — the dead will be relieved (5) EASED decEASED
24 Calender I'm unable to follow by month end (9) MENDICANT {M}{END}{I}{CAN'T}
26 After dusk the Queen has one, perhaps (9) SUNDOWNER {SUNDOWN}{ER} Semi&lit
27 Final admission of setter is correct (5) EMEND {ME} in {END}
28 Partners go through characteristic passage (7) TRANSIT {NS} in {TRAIT}
29 Not a setback as one writes scores (7) NOTATES {NOT}{A}{SET<=}

1   Shares storylines written within no time (6) SCRIPS SCRIPtS
2   Some game — not black bird (9) PARTRIDGE {PART}{bRIDGE}
3   You hear nine fighting boredom (5) ENNUI (~you){U+NINE}*
4   For God in later avatar, it's a formidable task (4,5) TALL ORDER {LORD} in {LATER}*
5   Can't escape from a river crossing Britain (2,3) AT BAY {A}{T {B}AY}
6   To a degree hauls up poisonous stuff (9) TOADSTOOL {TO}{A}{D}{STOOL<=}
7   A man of god in the past (5) PRIOR [DD]
8   Naval attack — officer away in Bahamas (6) NASSAU {N}{ASSAUlt}
14 Arden byline — unpalatable or sweet? (9) MELODIOUS {ME}{L}{ODIOUS}
16 Split commission, added extra (3,3,3) CUT AND RUN {CUT} {AND} {RUN}
17 Outgoing text perhaps describes party animal (9) EXTRAVERT {EXT{RAVER}T*}
20 Cheap accommodation — the thing's underneath the garden (6) BEDSIT {BEDS}{IT}
21 Adds to confusion when conflicting (2,4) AT ODDS*
23 Girl's climbing plant (5) SENNA <=
24 Painter’s picture after a day (5) MONET {MON}{ET}
25 Record breaking bid not well chosen (5) INEPT {EP} in {1 NT}


Sunday 21 February 2016

Special, Sunday 21 Feb 2016, Buzzer

Three answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) till 6 PM
Please provide all your answers in one comment.


9   Greeting monarch, bow? Empty hoary pecking order (9)
10 Criticize rubbish written about a soprano (5)
11 Replenish beer supply that is bad (13)
12 Page following 51 appeared in the middle of book (5)
13 Become apparent one leaving school's ripe for a change (9)
14 Controllers close to Mercury circling around (7)
17 Back part of a church set for preaching (7)
19 Rich uncle cuts all to pieces (9)
22 Representative to relish victory for justice (5)
24 Such fertilizers help in cultivating eg a rich loam containing carbon and sulphur (13)
26 One has a dispiriting experience being dateless (5)
27 A ship commander one had for a friend (9)

1 Mantra to overcome hard resistance unit (3)
2 Near top half of a mountain range gets nervous (6)
3 Support for light and portable mobile laptops (8)
4 In olden days, named cycles unlimited exercise (6)
5 Printing style of sort, fine and excellent (8)
6 Undercurrent surges and flags (6)
7 Detract from flashy accessories with a decorative finish (8)
8 Planet here, all year orbits in a celestial way (10)
12 Predict pro-European play gaining publicity (10)
15 About to dig into a minor kneaded variety of pasta (8)
16 Wasted money in Albania on retreat and rest (8)
18 Temporary pause, yea can be disconcerting (8)
20 Straighten out one dog's tail at last (6)
21 Those heading into restaurants should try starters for a good appetite (6)
23 Maiden voyage initially least exciting (6)
25 Fellow lacking in sense is a slippery character (3)

Across Lite version can be accessed at IS THIS ANY GOOD


The Sunday Crossword (2881), Sunday 21 Feb 2016

1   Oppose company producing cosmetic preparation (4,4) FACE PACK {FACE} {PACK}
5   In course of fever balderdash is spoken (6) VERBAL [T]
9   Friend mostly surrounded by work (5) AMIGO {AMId}{GO}
10 Direct, objective answer in votes (9) REFERENDA {REFER}{END}{A}
12 Jazz pianist liked long tune to play (4,9) DUKE ELLINGTON*

14 Country I haunt, wretchedly in trouble after revolution (9) LITHUANIA {I+HAUNT}* in {AIL<=}
15 Just accepting learner's ability (5) FLAIR {F{L}AIR}
16 Relative insider, chef dispensing with regular ingredients (5) NIECE {iNsIdEr ChEf}
18 Blissful place, Italian city, not one gripped by fear (9) DREAMLAND {DREA{MiLAN}D}
20 Ace goes into lead, being fit, unusually tireless (13) INDEFATIGABLE {A} in {LEAD+BEING+FIT}*
23 Depiction of beam in doorway (9) PORTRAYAL {PORT{RAY}AL}
24 Subject covered by Goethe methodically (5) THEME [T]
25 Agent satisfied about mood (6) TEMPER {TEM}{PER}<=
26 Hot yard deserved to be supplied with water (8) HYDRATED {H}{YD}{RATED}

1   Deceptive fault under ground (10) FRAUDULENT*
2   Pain in neck, alien insect (7) CRICKET {CRICK}{ET}
3   Colour scheme set up in perfect operation (9) PROCEDURE {DECOR<=} in {PURE}
4   Poet, eccentric lady, can run off (5,3,5) CAROL ANN DUFFY*
6   Heron for example regarding middle of water (5) EGRET {EG}{RE}{waTer}
7   Book about soldier nearly made into TV western series (7) BONANZA {B}{ON}{ANZAc}
8   Do nothing for portion of bread (4) LOAF [DD]
11 In essence, supply word of assent and agree (13) FUNDAMENTALLY {FUND}{AMEN}{TALLY}
13 Criminal receiving elevation, man in strong position (10) BRIDGEHEAD {B{RIDGE}{HE}AD}
15 Following hesitation over treatment of rat I go to get pest controller (9) FUMIGATOR {F}{UM}{RAT+I+GO}*
17 Concise saying from end of fable on two farm animals (7) EPIGRAM {fablE}{PIG}{RAM}
19 Wrongly ban item of electronic music (7) AMBIENT*
21 Urgent to include grand mournful song (5) DIRGE {DIR{G}E}
22 Exploits raised in quarrel (4) SPAT <=


Saturday 20 February 2016

No 11630, Saturday 20 Feb 2016, Arden


1 Junior gets a vital break, Mary forms an NGO (9,4) SALVATION ARMY {SON} around {A VITAL}* {MARY*} 10 Antelope part of impalas or elands? (5) SOREL (T) 11 Freeze, stop halfway in dance from east county (9) LEICESTER {LE{ICE}{STop}ER<=} 12 Process to start photosynthesis — will stop within a leaf (9) APPENDAGE {A}{P{Phot..s}{END}AGE} 13 Short and sweetultimately it's the language (5) TERSE {sweeT}{ERSE} 14 Chinaman smart — making menu (7) LISTING {LI}{STING} 16 Medallion for lapel? (7) ROUNDEL {ROUND}{EL}
18 John's still young — making a mess (7) CANTEEN {CAN}{TEEN} 20 Cartier design keeps changing (7) ERRATIC {CARTIER}* 22 Cross riding group (5) UPSET {UP}{SET} 24 Fresh dal in each dish (9) ENCHILADA {DAL IN EACH}*
26 Tailor asking her extra material to allow for this (9) SHRINKAGE {ASKING HER}* 27 Finally stripped totally (2,3) IN ALL {fIN ALLy} 28 Family's fate — receiving central help secretly (13) CLANDESTINELY {CLAN}{DESTIN{hELp}Y}


2 Concerning the short proposal made (7) APROPOS {PROPOSAl}* 3 Love — it's futile to hold fast, sweetheart (9) VALENTINE {VA{LENT}IN}{swEet} 4 American city's got time left in America (5) TULSA {T}{U{L}SA} 5 Perhaps Twist around cat's tail — points to some growth (5,4) OLIVE TREE {OLIVE {caT}R}{E}{E}
6 Stop way before road junction (5) AVERT {AVE}{R}{T} 7 Old old city, joined together in the suburbs (7) MATURED {MAT{UR}ED} 8 Sound like a sailor — swear about old military training (7,6) ASSAULT COURSE {~ A SALT} {C{O}URSE} 9 Single mistake over position accomplished — cannot be changed (13) IRREPLACEABLE {I}{RRE<=}{PLACE}{ABLE} 15 Drink large rum — the ultimate drink (6,3) GINGER ALE {GIN}{GER AL*}{thE} 17 Iranian works under British subject in Kiev (9) UKRAINIAN {UK}{IRANIAN*} 19 Shortlisting — may be losing sight of air passage (7) NOSTRIL {shORtLiSTINg}* 21 Labour brave at heart to board train (7) TRAVAIL {T{bRAVe}AIL} 23 Joint effort, finally nobody's promoted (5) TENON {efforT}{ENON<=} 25 Hundred others joined summit (5) CREST {C}{REST}

Reference list

Junior=Son, John=Can, Riding=Up
Time=T, Left=L, America=USA, Point=E, Way=Ave, Road=R, Junction=T, Old city=Ur, Old=O, Single=I(One), Drink=Gin, British=UK, Hundred=C 

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution Indicator


Friday 19 February 2016

No 11629, Friday 19 Feb 2016, Buzzer

Getting set to drive back to Bangalore.

9   Didn't deny everyone ran up debts (7) ALLOWED {ALL}{OWED}
10 New product bar put out gets cheers (7) OVATION innOVATION
11 Now and then do one's best for a start (5) ONSET {dO}{oNeS}{bEsT}
12 Irritability is true in all at sea (3,6) ILL NATURE*
13 Bit of foul oath, so mean and vile (9) LOATHSOME [T]
14 Talent for trickery (5) CRAFT [DD]
15 Showing indifference a cat perhaps retreated lazily (7) TEPIDLY {TEP<=}{IDLY}
17 Seriously wild or feral (3,4) FOR REAL*
19 Swallow going over river in flood (5) DROWN {R} in {DOWN}
20 Like a popular period drama (4,5) SOAP OPERA {SO}{A}{P OP}{ERA}
22 Slyly manipulates, wanting me for an apostle (5,4) SAINT PAUL {mANIPULATeS}*
24 Currently hip but certain to end in failure (2-3) NO-WIN {NO-W}{IN}
25 A piece of poetry in Old English guide (7) OVERSEE {VERSE} in {OE}
26 Continue to receive support (7) SUSTAIN [DD]

1   Giant owl disturbed a sleeper (5-3) WAGON-LIT*
2   Place like Morocco is bloody fluid (6) PLASMA {PL}{AS}{MA}
3   Alert? No (8,2) SWITCHED ON {NO}*
4   Avoids travelling by railway following announcement (8) ADVISORY {AVOIDS}*{RY}
5   Football player to try a stretch (6) GOALIE {GO}{A}{LIE}
6   A Farewell to Arms, tragic account primarily (2-2) TA-TA Acrostic
7   Cheap amulet is fake (8) SIMULATE*
8   Broken a French record held by knight (6) UNKEPT {UN}{K{EP}T}
14 Nothing inside box's first drawer (10) CARTOONIST {CART{O}ON}{1ST}
16 If backing, see behind ultimately (8) PROVIDED {PRO}{VIDE}{b...nD}
17 Female unrestrained? That's perfect (8) FLAWLESS {F}{LAWLESS}
18 Tendency to suppress resistance for education (8) LEARNING {R} in {LEANING}
19 One with absolute power is especially disrupting. (6) DESPOT {ESP} in {DOT}
20 Certain use a ledger has (6) SEALED [T]
21 Sort of new music cover (6) ENWRAP {NEW*}{RAP}
23 Time to remove man from cover-up job (4) TASK {T}{mASK}

Thursday 18 February 2016

No 11628, Thursday 18 Feb 2016, Buzzer

1   One gets into hot water for brewing a drink (3,3) TEA BAG [CD]
5   Another way of looking at second actor (2-4) CO-STAR {S+ACTOR}* &lit
10 Stupidity of ill-treating caring one (9) IGNORANCE*
11 Feature of an audio tape having words spoken in an undertone? (5) ASIDE {A}{SIDE}
12 Lacking very instrument to remove frost (2-3) DE-ICE {DEvICE}*
13 Perhaps wild or raw hostilities (5,3,1) WORLD WAR I*
14 Slender woman — sick, old and extremely weedy (7) WILLOWY {W}{ILL}{O}{WeedY}
16 Dad taking risk swallowing special red pepper (7) PAPRIKA {RIsK} in {PAPA}
18 Most exciting and periodically cut-throat cricket match (7) HOTTEST {tHrOaT}{TEST}
20 Lively music I'm any day content in backing (7) DYNAMIC [T<=]
21 Show irrational dislike towards refreshing pedicure around Japan (9) PREJUDICE {PEDICURE}* around {Japan}
23 Sign a voucher (5) TOKEN [DD]
25 Act outright aloof (5) EMOTE rEMOTE
26 Is column dug through hard soil? (9) DISCOLOUR {D{IS}{COL}OUR}
27 Public gym included pole dancing (6) PEOPLE {POLE}* in {PE}
28 Utter a heartily lurid tirade (6) ARRANT {A}{luRid}{RANT}

2   Drunken nuisance contributing to feeling of weariness (5) ENNUI [T]
3   Turning to run, get hold of a boat propeller (9) BARGEPOLE {BARG}{EPOLE}<=
4   Crowd move out of section in an aisle (7) GANGWAY [DD] (Addendumm - {GANG} {sWAY} - See comments)
5   Resolve to improve (5,2) CLEAR UP [DD]
6   S-solid fragment (5) SHARD {S}{HARD}
7   Mailman is on the run from beastly behaviour (9) ANIMALISM*
8   Operating system to skip having a browser (6-7) WINDOW SHOPPER {WINDOW S}{HOPPER} (Addendum - {WINDOW S}{HOP}{PER} - See comments)
9   Declaim recent changes to a hospital (7,6) MEDICAL CENTRE*
15 Low-cal feeds, man's mantra to be slim (9) LITHESOME {LIT{HE'S}{OM}E}
17 Point out best recipe for a red wine (5,4) PINOT NOIR {POINT}* {NO 1}{Re...e}
19 Time taken by Duckworth-Lewis going through extra tweak (7) TWIDDLE {T}{WID{DL}E}
20 From the bottom up, rate each marine (4-3) DEEP-SEA {DEEP-S<=}{EA}
22 American and European Union power to deplete (3,2) USE UP {US}{E U}{P}
24 Kind of wine often seen as commonplace (5) KNOWN {KiNd}{Of}{WiNe}


Wednesday 17 February 2016

No 11627, Wednesday 17 Feb 2016, Neyartha

1   Inflammable element America discarded with the CRT coating material (8) PHOSPHOR PHOSPHORus
5   Joker's cry (6) SCREAM [DD]
9   Dispensable conifer leaf on the steamship (8) NEEDLESS {NEEDLE}{SS}
10 Attempt organiser made to shield the buyer (6) EMPTOR [T]
11 Sensibly left mat factory in disguise (6-2-6) MATTER-OF-FACTLY*
14 It's valid tender only when filthy (5) LUCRE [CD]
16 Saucer broken by upset cat getting in with some shelled arthropods (9) CRUSTACEA {CAT}* in {SAUCER}*
17 Subscriber losing head in confusion becomes more stunted (9) SCRUBBIER sUBSCRIBER*
19 Listener's rush to get a twilled woollen fabric (5) SERGE (~surge)
20 Genuine chip I sent up to get an alloy used in fine flatware (8,6) STERLING SILVER {STERLING} {S(+i)IL(-i)VER}
23 Thin plate flipped by a beast (6) ANIMAL <=
24 Skin tumour makes graduate acquire confidence with sacred chant (8) MELANOMA {M{ELAN}{OM}A}
25 Number of the strong oriental pushing out the Frenchman (6) EIGHTY (-m+e)EIGHTY
26 Instigate knight attached to the European Union to wear a belt (6,2) STRIKE UP {K}{EU} in {STRIP}

1   Monarch quietly replaces the original keyboard for a network command (4) PING (-k+p)PING
2   Georgia follows Oscar and me to find the Greek character (5) OMEGA {O}{ME}{GA}
3   Caught a portable goods-moving platform with a part of a suit of armour (7) PALETTE (~pallet)
4   Upset contributors getting rid of the king's embargo (11) OBSTRUCTION CONTrIBUTORS*
6   Firm agreement (7) COMPACT [DD]
7   Spanish model at the competition climbing a station wagon (6,3) ESTATE CAR {ES}{T}{AT}{E CAR <=}
8   Lively producer, one celebrating in a noisy party? (10) MERRYMAKER {MERRY}{MAKER}
12 Newspaper featuring enclosure designed for a lighting fixture (11) FLUORESCENT {ENCLOSURE}* in {FT}
13 Does this narrow escape leave one with nary a stubble? (5,5) CLOSE SHAVE [DD]
15 Tag Prince created for a rug (9) CARPETING*
18 American criminal involved in an explosion gets a current stabiliser (7) BALLAST {B{AL}LAST}
19 Graduate turns up to participate in a silly dance with plans (7) SYLLLABI  {BA<=} in {SILLY}*
21 Standoffish after commencement to show one's feelings (5) EMOTE rEMOTE
22 Squall amplified partly by an artificial light source (4) LAMP [T]