Tuesday 31 August 2021

No 13340, Tuesday 31 Aug 2021, Incognito

Solution to 3D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Murmur, “Russian tour’s extraordinary” (11) SUSURRATION
9   Crustacean’s uncooked; place in empty pan (5) PRAWN {Pa{RAW}N}
10 Excavates around water source including new houses (9) DWELLINGS {D{WELL}I{N}GS}
11 Im a creator designing incineration facilities (10) CREMATORIA*
12 Cheese from buffet appreciated (4) FETA [T]
13 Time to get direction and rub out (5) ERASE {ERA}{SE}
15 Give description about sex appeal? Sure! (8) DEFINITE {DEFIN{IT}E}
17 King is after Scotsman with damaged reel and marine creature (8) MACKEREL {MAC}{K}{REEL*}
19 Start over. Ready? (5) ONSET {ON}{SET}
22 Knights consume eggs at 12 in daytime (4) NOON {N}{00}{N}
23 Rascals wrongly counsel about doctor before commencement of surgery (10) SCOUNDRELS  {COUNSEL}* over {DR} then {Su...y}
26 Matriarch in a warehouse hides crockery (9) CHINAWARE [T]
27 Receive accountant’s intelligent solution excitedly, for starters, getting a pay-hike (5) RAISE Acrotic
28 Bosses lost small purse containing six gold shillings (11) SUPERVISORS {S+PURSE}* over {VI} and {OR}{S} 

1   Wrongly takes some seafood (5) SKATE*
2   Sri Lankan’s transgression? He consumes drinks! (9) SINHALESE {SIN}{H{ALES}E}
3   To some extent, retired hotelier was highly attractive (3,3) R?D ?O? (Addendum - RED HOT [T] - See comments)
4   A woman I feel may be a local female (7) ALEWIFE {A+W+I+FEEL}*
5   Land surrounded by water mentioned in Hajis letter (4) ISLE [T]
6   Repairs ruins including North, North Eastern and Eastern convents (9) NUNNERIES {RUINS}* over {N}{NE} and {E}
7   Indian revolutionary’s after a pop (6) APACHE {CHE}<=>{A}{PA}
 Get away from Spain’s promontory (6) ESCAPE {ES}{CAPE}
14 Ivan chose flying fish (9) ANCHOVIES*
16 So that drone flies around amidst tumultuous riot (2,5,2) IN ORDER TO {DRONE}* in {RIOT}*
17 Threaten top pilot going after soldiers (6) MENACE {ACE}<=>{MEN}
18 English chapter’s first lesson on radio is unencrypted (7) ENCLAIR {EN}{C}{Le...n}{AIR} Enu should have been (2,5)
20 Elephant trek arranged around America (6) TUSKER {T{US}KER*}
21 Mike leaves go-getter with some ivory and bones (6) HUMERI {HUmMER}{Iv..y}
24 Knots ties around cross and leaves (5) EXITS {E{X}ITS*}
25 Initially park behind vehicle and crib (4) CARP {Park}<=>{CAR}

Reference List
New = N, Sex appeal = IT, King = K, Knight = N, Small = S, Shilling = S, Spain = ES, English = EN, Chapter = C, Mike = M

Monday 30 August 2021

No 13339, Monday 30 Aug 2021, Arden

Artwork by Prasanna Rao

Solution to 2D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   OK, shifted as ordered but it’s sure to fail (4,2,5) KISS OF DEATH*
7   Doctor comes right away, is prompt (3) CUE CUrE
9   All exposed, deny one quit due to boredom (5) ENNUI {dENy}{oNe}{qUIt}
10 Try to limit deprivation with very short skirt (5,4) GLOSS OVER {G{LOSS}O}{VERy}
11 Give politician the money collected in church (9) OFFERTORY {OFFER}{TORY}
12 Land or farm machinery? (5) TRACT TRACTor
13 Exotic scenes covering oriental spirit (7) ESSENCE {ESS{E}NCE*}
15 Winger caught in sheer neglect (4) ERNE [T]
18 Affirm a pledge (4) AVOW {A}{VOW}
20 Open an airline? That would be a bloomer (7) FREESIA {FREE}{SIA}
23 Love to get protection right away (5) AMOUR ArMOUR
24 Herb crossing lunar crater is a violation (9) SACRILEGE {SA{CRILE}GE}
26 Tick off money, collecting record margin (9) REPRIMAND {R{EP}{RIM}AND}
27 Fire wall, finally it doesn’t make any sense (5) DRIVE DRIVEl
28 Where it’s odd to be small (3) WEE WhErE
29 Hat of straw rejected by crazy follower (11) DEERSTALKER {REED}{STALKER}

1   Growing vegetable done — turn upside down (4,4) KEEL OVER {LEEK<=}{OVER}
2   Group singing, choirs assembled for “sign of the cross” (8) S?N?F?S? {Addendum - SONGFEST [CA] {SONGFEST+CHOIRS}* = SIGN OF THE CROSS
3   More comfortable, Charlie’s willows? (5) OSIER cOSIER
4   Almighty flower? (3,4) DOG ROSE {GOD}<=
5   Bridge convention yet to be used by novice (7) ACOLYTE {ACOL}{YET*}
6   Before a perch, stop — so full of self doubt (9) HESITANCE {A}<=>{SIT} in {HENCE}
7   Eggs go through in a vehicle (6) CAVIAR {CA{VIA}R}
8   Wrong list changes the heart rate (6) ERRATA [CA] ERRATA+THE = HEART RATE
14 Take up study about parasites? Forget it (5,4) NEVER MIND {NE{VERMIN}D<=}
16 Criminal tries to mediate, invite star (8) ASTERISK {A{TRIES*}SK}
17 He pilots a ship of sorts (8) CAMELEER [CD]
19 Refuse salary, get away (7) WASTAGE {W{A}{ST}AGE}
20 Breaking safe, the rascal enters wearing masks (7) FACADES {FA{CAD}ES*}
21 Dolly’s local scene (6) BARROW {BAR}{ROW}
22 Dead body found close to border, in the forest (6) CORPSE {CO{b...eR}PSE}
25 Chosen to help from the south of the country (5) INDIA {IN}{AID<=}

Reference List
Right = R, Oriental = E, Lunar crater = CRILE, Record = EP(Extended play), Charlie = C, Bridge convention = ACOL, Way = ST

Sunday 29 August 2021

Special, Sunday 29 Aug 2021, Saral

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3165, Sunday 29 Aug 2021

1   Reading – Amsterdam, perhaps – discussed by these? (4,6) BOOK GROUPS Definition by example
6   He's not out of US Cabinet (4) SCAB [T]
9   Horrid child is vain? Not half, the French admitted: that's capital (10) BRATISLAVA {BRAT}{IS}{LA}{VAin}
10 Soundly defeat a character from Greece (4) BETA {(~beat)BET}{A}
12 Punch drunk earlier, journalist giving little away (5-6) TIGHT-FISTED {FIST}<=>{TIGHT} and {ED}
15 Rectangle ... hang on ... maybe bit unclear ... squashed, primarily! (7) RHOMBUS Acrostic Semi&lit
16 Pamphlet tersely conveys messages (7) LETTERS [T]
17 A priest, old-fashioned, got around, moved with the times (7) ADAPTED {A}{DA{P}TED}
19 Greek and a Scandinavian heading west to W Indies location (7) GRENADA {GR}{A+DANE<=}
20 Well-aimed dart, very fine to bag five hundred and one: drink? (6,5) DOUBLE VODKA {DOUBLE}{V}{O{D}K}{A}
23 Curry accompaniment, whichever way you look at it! (4) NAAN <=>
24 Empty room getting statuary displaying monarch (4,6) MARY STUART {RooM+STATUARY}*
25 Orders essentially insane physio (4) SAYS {inSAne}{phYSio}
26 Having gone backward, Spanish car's finally gone forward – fixed! (4-6) DEEP-SEATED {PEED<=}{SEAT}{gonE}{f...rD}

1   Two arts degrees, that's sweet (4) BABA {BA}{BA}
2   Romania, a little country (4) OMAN [T]
3   Initiate violence, toilet bag not prepared (2,4,6) GO INTO BATTLE*
4   Requires bilge, so babbles (7) OBLIGES*
5   Important rising star oddly missing football (7) PIVOTAL {VIP<=}{fOoTbAlL}
7   Natter about vacuous froth, wee time wasted! (4,3,3) CHEW THE FAT {CH{FrotH+WEE+T}*AT} &lit
8   Desirous boy first getting small rest and biscuit (6,4) BRANDY SNAP {RANDY}<=>{B} and {S}{NAP}
11 '51: Attlee four times suffering rumours (6-6) TITTLE-TATTLE {LI+ATTLEE+T+T+T+T}* 
13 Dogs Spooner's given M Eastern culinary staples (5,5) GREAT DANES (~ date grains to great danes)
14 In remix, bury a vocal that's list of words ... (10) VOCABULARY*
18 ... crank up Greek character I've seen with intro of drums (7) DEVIATE {ETA}{IVE}{Dr..s}<=
19 Wobbly, pudgy, round – Everyman's diet's beginning – let's go (5-2) GIDDY-UP {G{I}{Diet}DYUP*}
21 'How to catch fish?' 'Attack with dogs' (4) BAIT [DD]
22 Horse, bolt (4) STUD [DD]

Reference List
The in French = LA, Priest = P, Greek = GR, Very = V, Five hundred = D, Boy = B, Small = S, 51 = LI, Time = T

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday #51, 29 Aug 2021, Arden

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday can be accessed at the link given below. The interactive version at the link is NO LONGER free, you need to register and sign in using an email ID and password, subscription is required.

The crossword is not being blogged as the annotations are provided in the interactive version itself which can be seen if you click on 'Show a hint' under the 'reveal' tab on the top.

The same will be posted on every Sunday at 6 AM.


Saturday 28 August 2021

No 13338, Saturday 28 Aug 2021, Arden


1 Want a platform, since all are regularly getting listless(13) LACKADAISICAL {LACK}{A}{DAIS}{sInCe AlL}
10 The problem one has squeezing this fruit(5) LEMON (T)
11 Hesitate to go and get sick(9) VACILLATE {VAC{ILL}ATE}
12 Fair game, by adding bits it changes substantially(4,5) AUNT SALLY {BITS+AUNT+SALLY} = {SUBSTANTIALLY}
13 First man said to become a king(5) MIDAS {Man}{SAID*}
14 JFK perhaps was attached to music and wine(7) AIRPORT {AIR}{PORT}
16 Essentially heat metal to destroy it slowly(3,4) EAT INTO {hEAT}tIN}{TO} Anno ok?
18 Sinkhole about to swallow the tree(7)  CALDERA {C{ALDER}A}

20 Correct, some people exposed a bone(4,3) TRUE RIB {TRUE}{tRIBe}
22 Fibre mattress is always kept inside(5) SISAL (T)
24 She has a lithe body, is fitter(9) HEALTHIER {HE{A+LITHE*}R}
26 Made to follow Roman church as money is involved in trade deal(9) LATINISED {DEAL*} around {TIN}{IS}
27 Confirm right away and follow(5) ENSUE {ENSUrE}
28 Caught on — going down or stuck-up?(13) CONDESCENDING {C}{ON}{DESCENDING}


2 A recluse gets married to a social worker(7) ALMONER {A}{L{M}ONER}
3 Cattle range gets a CRT(9) KINESCOPE {KINE}{SCOPE}
4 Stayed up with Dickens(5) DEVIL {LIVED<=}
5 Perhaps if they get caught, exit on both sides need to keep moving(5,4) ITCHY FEET {IF+THEY*} around {C} +{ExiT}
6 Normal significance of promoting some religion(5) ISLAM (T<=)
7 Leave a group while playing(7) ABANDON {A}{BAND}{ON}
8 Permits booze, the whole lot must go(9,4) CLEARANCE SALE {CLEARANCES}{ALE}
9 Foolishly feed a stubborn mule(5,2,6) BEAST OF BURDEN {FEED+A+STUBBORN}
15 Wooden boxesway to be carried in trains(3,6)  TEA CHESTS {TEA CHE{ST}S}
17 Rely on title document(5,4) TRUST DEED {TRUST}{DEED}
19 See those wandering in the country(7) LESOTHO {L{THOSE*}O}
21 Stops storing sticky stuff outside home(5,2) REINS IN {RE{IN}S IN}
23 Grooved to a song about new beginning(5) LINED {LI{N}ED}
25 Beer — doubled intake will make one woozy(5) ADDLE {A{D}{D}LE}

Reference List

About=Ca, Money=Tin, Right=R, Caught=C
Married=M, Caught=C, Playing=On, Way=St, See=Lo, Home=In

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Reference list wordAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 27 August 2021

No 13337, Friday 27 Aug 2021, Arden


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Bug a North European (6) GERMAN {GERM}{A}{N}
4   Mostly positive review, check wiring if at fault (8) CULPABLE {C{PLUs<=}ABLE}
10 Place underground, see the audience (9) INTERVIEW {INTER}{VIEW}
11 Light flash, here it’s all exposed (5) LASER {fLASh+hERe}
12 Leaf cover allowing play off (4,3) LILY PAD {LI{PLAY*}D}
13 Call while lagging behind in water sports... (7) RAFTING {R{AFT}ING}
14 ... again regularly follows my breed (5) CORGI {aGaIn}<=>{COR}
15 Check everything inside, team drops ’em and gets capital... (8) VALLETA {V{ALL}ET}{TeAm}
18 ... worry over limited capital at such a short distance (8) ANGSTROM {ANGST}{ROMe}
20 Only short length inserted in the pin (5) THOLE {TH{O}{Le...h}E}
23 Song about three quarters the area of state (7) ARIZONA {ARI{ZONe}A}
25 Not happy about new date — right or wrong? (7) BLUNDER {BLU{N}{D}E}{R}
26 Love and money — right to replace a contract (5) AMOUR AMOU(-nt+r)R
27 Spot the difference — William’s on a roll, they say (4,5) TELL APART {TELL}{A}{PART}(~role)
28 Girl came in before time, left out the representative (8) EMISSARY {E{MISS}ARlY}
29 Given the power, poor Steve died (6) VESTED {STEVE*}{D}

1   Power lines are secure but things are at standstill (8) GRIDLOCK {GRID}{LOCK}
2   Former PM loses a point — within rights to call him a snake? (7) RATTLER {R}{ATTLEe}{R}

3   Last of the tea cups goes waste (9) ATROPHIES {teA}{TROPHIES}
5   Duly wrap around on the move — moving north (8,6) UPWARDLY MOBILE {DULY+WRAP}* [CA]
6   Turn up to consume a rice dish (5) PILAF {F{A}LIP<=}
7   Fish is essentially eaten by a player (7) BASSIST {BASS}{IS}{eaTen}
8   A green unusual incense (6) ENRAGE*
9   Parts of tendon rest on something — it’s triumph of will power (4,4,6) MIND OVER MATTER {MIND}{OVER}{MATTER}
16 Followers spur on as temperature becomes cold (9) ENTOURAGE EN(-c+t)TOURAGE
17 Issued and supported by editor, for your eyes only (8) SECRETED {ED}<=>{SECRET}
19 No wind can pass through, little short on capital (7) NAIROBI {N{AIR}O}{BIt}
21 He is the main raconteur (3,4) OLD SALT [CD]
22 With or without Bill in front — it’s all the same (6) FACADE {FACE or FACadE}
24 Root cause of the sirrocco, partly blowing from south (5) ORRIS [T<=]

Reference List
North = N, My = COR, Only = O, New = N, Date = D, Right = R, Contract = NT(No Trump), Left = L, Died = D, Point = E, Tend = MIND, Temperature = T, Cold = C, Editor = ED, Bill = AD

Thursday 26 August 2021

No 13336, Thursday 26 Aug 2021, Karaoke

Solution to 17A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Doctor Dolittle trimming edges of durable fabric (6) TILLOT dOLITTLe* Tillot is a bag and not a fabric?
5   Spooner’s group ridicules Lucifer’s case (8) MATCHBOX (~batch mocks)
9   Persistent objections about physicist (8) STUBBORN {BUTS<=}{BORN}
10 Plastic surgeons go off with caretakers (6) NURSES SURgEoNS*
11 Elusive smart soldier hides in exotic blanket after killing knight (10) INTANGIBLE {IN} aith {GI} in {BLANkET}*
12 Crazy setters leave Greenlanders (4) NUTS iNUiTS
13 Lay to rest — take top off in time (5) INTER wINTER
14 Capture trophy in opening Olympic competitions at Italy finally (6) OCCUPY {Ol...c}{Co...s}{CUP}{i..lY}
17 Perhaps the sycophant’s catch phrase (6) ?E?S?R (Addendum - YESSIR [CD] - See comments)
19 Bank staff may not give you this on brief strike (5) TOKEN [C&DD]
22 Scrap left by associate in dispute — false cases dismissed (4) IOTA AssOcIaTe*
24 Universal Studios initially leaves on special expedition to make humorous story (5,5) COMIC STRIP {COsMIC}{S}{TRIP}
25 Nut heard to conceal bad breath (6) CACHOU (~cashew) Definition seems incomplete
26 Battalions at sea liquidated Taleban extremists on vessel (8) SAILBOAT BAtTALIOnS*
27 Deal with volunteers about extraterrestrial feud (8) VENDETTA {VEND}{TA} over {ET}
28 They are fictional from the records revealed by soldiers (6) APEMEN {tAPEs}{MEN}

2   Look after fashionable design (6) INTEND {TEND}<=>{IN}
3   Occasionally “laid bare” sign at quiet places (9) LIBRARIES {LaId+BaRe}{ARIES}
4   It is believed husband is in testing time (7) THOUGHT {T{H}OUGH}{T}
5   Fare for the consumption of hotel guests at small court (7) MINIBAR {MINI}{BAR}
6   Say cheese cycling fruit (7) TANGELO (t)TANGELO(-t)
7   Leading actress reportedly shot one bird (5) HERON (~ heroin)
8   Commands public works (8) OVERTOPS {OVERT}{OPS}
15 He is experienced to go after rooks and thieves primarily (9) CONSTABLE {ABLE}<=>{CONS}{Th...s} Semi&lit
16 Nomad moved around shelter for drink (8) LEMONADE {LE{NOMAD*}E} 'around' or 'in' shelter?
18 What a winning contestant in poll does not like to narrate? (7) RECOUNT [DD]
19 Problematic asthma, a big fuss in India! (7) TAMASHA*
20 Spirit from borders of Kampuchea carried by neighbour (7) KACHINA {Ka...eA}{CHINA}
21 Five-dollar bill on drink brings the end (6) FINALE {FIN}{ALE}
23 Insect anticipated problem first and camouflaged (5) APHID {An...d}{Pr...m}{HID}

Reference List
Knight = K, Special = S, Volunteers = TA, Husband = H, Time = T, Five-dollar bill = FIN 

Wednesday 25 August 2021

No 13335, Wednesday 25 Aug 2021, Gussalufz

Solution to 30A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Mister, after downing one, signs contracts (7) SHRINKS {SHRI}{iNKS}
5   Still wearing extremely painful small suits? (7) PLEASES {EASE}<=>{Pl...uL} and {S}
9   Identify those responsible as mean men going berserk (4,5) NAME NAMES*
10 Adherent of church in Dublin (5) HINDU [T]
11 Greek god with horns and claws, hiding an egg in baggy attire (10) PANTALOONS {PAN}{TAL{O}ONS}
12 Crooked tendency (4) BENT [DD]
14 Model is suffering quietly in a state of panic (8) TAILSPIN {T}{AILS}{P}{IN}
16 One’s late looking for a bite (6) ZOMBIE [CD] 
19 Country’s leader of Republicans is back, protected by another country (6) RUSSIA {Re...s}{US{IS<=}A}
20 Civil misconduct (exceptionally rude!) caused grief (8) TORTURED {TORT}{RUDE*}
23 Head off to sea, finally, with maiden (4) FOAM {ofF}{tO}{seA}{M}
25 Chart showing real range of cycling choices around European city (10) NUMBERLINE NUM{BERLIN}E Anno pending (Addendum - {(-e)NUM(+e)E} over {BERLIN} - See comments)
28 Lecture about mask (5) CHIDE {C}{HIDE}
29 Macs with Cortana malfunctioning without one basic component of Siri (9) RAINCOATS {RA{1}NCOAT*}{Siri}
30 Returning without covering the greatest mineral-rich lakes? (7) S?L?N?S (Addendum - SALINAS {S{ALI}NAS<= - See comments)
31 Crores made by good merchants (7) GROCERS {G}{CRORES*}

1   Boys reportedly getting marijuana in faraway cool area (7) SUNSPOT {(~sons)SUNS}{POT}
2   Movement spanning Virgil, Cicero, Byron, Coleridge, and Shelley (9) ROMANTICS [CD] (Addendum - {ROMAN{TIC}S} - See comments)
3   Some assassin in Japan (5) NINJA [T] &lit
4   My APIs designed using Unix/Linux conventions (8) SYMPOSIA {MY+APIS}* over {OS}
5   Appointment where model is drawn? (6) POSING [CD] (Addendum - POStING &lit - See comments)
6   Imitation of one has come up regularly (4) ECHO {One+Has+ComE}<=
7   Because greed or lust leads to corruption, eventually (5) SINCE {SIN}{Co...n}{Ev...y}
8   Bus is close by, heading to township at outskirts of Lahore (7) SHUTTLE {SHUT}{To}{To...p}{La..rE} (Correction - {SHUT}{To...p}{La..rE} - See comments)
13 New Zealand cricketer called for run (4) BOLT (~ boult)
15 Send husband to fill drink (4) SHIP {S{H}IP}
17 Block uncontrolled access to club... i.e., card properly! (9) BARRICADE {BAR}{IE+CARD}*
18 Spooner calling out pitch section with uneven movement (8) WOBBLING (~ lob wing to wobbling)
19 Concentrate again and correct course, admitting a little failure (7) REFOCUS {RE{Fa...e}OCUS*}
21 Doctor sees fractured top of shoulder and bandages (7) DRESSES {DR}{SEES*}{Sh...r}
22 Peculiar actions of fast bowlers employing the middle part of arm for a bit of chucking (6) QUIRKS QUI(-c+r)RKS
24 One by one, receives two introductions to algebra, involving X/Y (5) AXIAL {A}{X}{1}{ALg...a}
26 Somewhat not certain about front page? (5) RECTO [T<=]
27 Temper bottled up by “positive India” (4) VEIN [T]

Reference List
Model = T, Quietly = P, Maiden = M, About = C, Good = G, Husband = H

Tuesday 24 August 2021

No 13334, Tuesday 24 Aug 2021, Skulldugger

Solution to 3D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

5   Coaches retinues (6) TRAINS [DD]
6   Terrible person that might give you salmonella (3,3) BAD EGG [DD]
9   A victory party Hyderabad openers kicked off in Central Court (6) ATRIUM {A}{TRIUMph}
10 Loiter about in posh region’s western suburb, intentionally hidden (8) ULTERIOR {U}{LOITER*}{Re...n}
11 How a wild Arabian may be stopped — like this! (4) WHOA* Semi&lit
12 Vice cell to bust individual? On the contrary (10) COLLECTIVE*
13 Incapable of a light touch? (5-6) HEAVY-HANDED [CD]
18 Studies gripping screenplay’s drafts (10) CONSCRIPTS {CON}{SCRIPTS} (Correction - {CON{SCRIPT}S} - See comments)
21 Partially returned dragons smack (4) SNOG [T<=]
22 Mysterious ritualism left out in trattoria treat (8) TIRAMISU RITUAlISM*
23 Infrequent panics, in a manner of speaking (6) SCARCE (~scares)
24 Freeload off alcoholic (6) SPONGE [DD]
25 Staff accommodating, nearly ingratiating at first, to setter, among others (6) CANINE {CA{Ne...y}{In...g}NE}

1   Mixture of oils and spices concocted in a dream (8) MARINADE*
2   Coming off as enigmatic (6) GNOMIC*
3   Find fault with the baroness’s core group of illustrious people (8) ?A?T?E?N (Addendum - PANTHEON {PAN}{THE}{barONess} - See comments)
4   Sorrowful feeling for feathered creature after summer’s end (6) REGRET {EGRET}<=>{s...eR}
5   Crusty as your old cakes and so on (6) TETCHY [CD] (Addendum - {T{ETC}HY} - See comments)
7   Inspect railway going up channel (6) GROOVE G(+r)RO OVE(-r)
8   Abandon a project, turn off life support (4,3,4) PULL THE PLUG [DD]
14 Very eager, excited, employing twice as many words (8) VERBIAGE {V}{ER{BI}AGE*}
15 Jumping for joy, extremely energetic tops staying inert (8) ECSTATIC {En...iC}{STATIC}
16 Blood libels regularly resulted in corpses (6) BODIES {BlOoD+lIbElS}
17 You got me to extol the virtues of head cook endlessly (6) TOUCHE {TO}{U}{CHEf} U/Virtues?
19 Salt in track discovered south of water body (3,3) SEA DOG {DOG}<=>{SEA}
20 Walk ostentatiously around tree, for example (6) SASHAY {S{ASH}AY}

Reference List
Posh = U, Left = L, Railway = R 

Monday 23 August 2021

No 13333, Monday 23 Aug 2021, Avtaar

Solution to 23A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   A worker’s final remuneration including raise midway is frozen (6) ARCTIC {A}{w...eR}{CT{raIse}C}
5   Of late, Bill never hangs around with son (8) NOWADAYS {NO W{AD}AY<=}{S} 
9   Say, King John’s Hospital mess — in disarray? (8) CHESSMAN {CAN} over {H}{MESS*}
10 Record everyone’s memory (6) RECALL {REC}{ALL}
11 Hot, grilled, basic meals for highway (12) THOROUGHFARE {HOT*}{ROUGH}{FARE}
13 Swim, say, in river Beas (4) VERB [T] Definition by example
14 Cousin wearing shoes for squash (8) PUMPKINS {PUMP{KIN}S}
17 Man cuts belt and power supply crashes (5-3) SMASH-UPS {S{M}ASH}{UPS}
18 Cereal, say, for whiskeys (4) RYES (~rice)
20 Sort of cream with hypo... try this cold treatment (12) CRYMOTHERAPY {CREAM+HYPO+TRY}* 
23 Snooker played with one lacking skill (6) ?H?A?T (Addendum - THWART {WiTH}*{ART} - See comments)
24 Couple initially offer man loaded with rupees, a place to sleep for himself and partner (4,4) TWIN ROOM {TWIN}{R}{Of..r}{OM} (Addendum - {TW{INR}O}{Of..r}{M} - See comments)
25 These guides are not really adversaries (8) ADVISERS ADVERSarIeS* Semi&lit
26 Hello! Dad is savouring a piece of Hindustani music (3,3) HIP HOP {HI}{P{Hi...i}OP}

2   In India, his time is not good, for starters (4) RAHU [CD]
3   Experimental equipment ends up in English river (4,5) TEST TUBES {TE{BUTTS<=}ES}
4   Big bosses have a thousand small roles to play (6) CAMEOS {C{A}{M}EOS}
5   Unable to focus on components Im starting to solder imperfectly (3,6,6) NON COMPOS MENTIS {ON+COMPONENTS+IM+So...r}*
6   Hangman, say, in brawl about lady locking up girl (4,4) WORD GAME {ROW<=}{D{G}AME}
7   Meet date on the way up for coffee (5) DECAF {FACE}{D}<= 
8   British nanny, leaving North America returned amidst Christmas with brother... finally to become a leading actor (3,7) YUL BRYNNER {YUL{BR}{YNNan<=}E}{b...eR} Remember him as the android in Westworld
12 New embroidered apron kicked by playful Doberman pinscher getting soiled (10) BESMIRCHED {DoBErMan+pInSCHER}*
15 It makes locks secure, perhaps? (5,4) KIRBY GRIP [CD] Thanks to Google
16 Onscreen text that is suggestive about sex (8) SUBTITLE {SUBT{IT}LE}
19 Somewhat behind in math, Sita longs to move up (6) LATISH [T<=]
21 Avtaar wound up in a coastal metropolis (5) MIAMI {I}{MAIM}<=
22 Combat training centre’s after-party scrap? Time to go (4) DOJO {DO}{JOt}

Reference List
Remuneration = CTC(Cost to Company), Bill = AD, Son = S, John = CAN, Hospital = H, Shoes = PUMPS, Man = M, Rupees = INR, Thousand = M, Girl = G, Date = D, New = N, Sex = IT, Time = T

Sunday 22 August 2021

Special, Sunday 22 Aug 2021, Metacryptix

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
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The Sunday Crossword No 3164, Sunday 22 Aug 2021

1   Drinking quickly, setter unsteady somewhere in London (7,6) DOWNING STREET {DOWNING}{SETTER*}
 Freaks of nature: mongrels ain't regularly included (7) MUTANTS {MUT{AiNt}TS}
9   A bit of ghastly cheese and fruit (7) LYCHEES [T]
11 Greek character to provide roof for bird (8) NUTHATCH {NU}{THATCH} 
12 Perhaps hearing report of euro's make-up (5) SENSE (~cents)
14 Painter (grand), returned a casual greeting (4) GOYA {G}{A YO<=}
15 Novel about brash strongman (5,5) CLOUD ATLAS {C}{LOUD}{ATLAS}
17 Household devices prepared cold salmon (3,3,4) ALL MOD CONS*
19 To be heard, provoke ravens' calls (4) CAWS (~cause)
21 Light bike moved aimlessly (5) MOPED [DD]
22 I can be seen among bald men challenging part of bill (8) MANDIBLE {I} in {BALD+MEN}*
25 What's seen in a chest, or somewhere below one? (7) DRAWERS [DD] 
26 Shelters knight in an annexe with son (7) AWNINGS {A}{W{N}ING}{S}
27 Mint tea I aim to turn into modern culinary proposition (9,4) IMITATION MEAT*

2   Last longer than most of your stat might suggest? (7) OUTSTAY {YOUr+STAT}*
3   Hitman in Japan's hidden? (5) NINJA [T] Semi&lit
4   'Hulk' not half succeeds on getting reboot: chance'd be a fine thing (2,4,4) NO SUCH LUCK {HULK+SUCCeeds+ON}*
5   One mason's silent, essentially (4) SOLE {maSOns}{siLEnt}
6   Light vehicle strains to turn left (8) RICKSHAW {RICKS}{HAW}
7   With times moving on, that may be seen to become timeless (7) ETERNAL ExTERNAL
8   Groom with 'Mad Men' stylings, like a fancy hanky? (11) MONOGRAMMED*
10 Pop quintet is short, stunted family group (11) STEPSISTERS {STEPS}{IS}{TERSe}
13 Fertiliser reserves upset man's invested in somewhere in Cuba (10) GUANTANAMO {GUAN{TA}{MAN<=}O}
16 Timidity caught by ancient poetry (4,4) COLD FEET {C}{OLD}{FEET}
18 Everyman, blood pressure rising in the French lake with Frenchman wanting protection from elements (3,4) LIP BALM {L{I}{BP<=}A}{L}{M}
20 Adriatic land, Balkan? Assigned name: Illyria? Absolutely, at first! (7) ALBANIA Acrostic Semi&lit
23 Material extracted from ground, sent up (5) DENIM<=
24 Listen to me: some apps stink (4) PSST [T]

Reference List
Grand = G, About = C, Knight = N, Son = S, Times = X, Reserves = TA(Territorial Army), Caught = C, The in French = LA, Frenchman = M