Friday 31 January 2014

No.10996, Friday 31 Jan 2014, Gridman

In the first ball of his 'Over', Gridman gives us some paired words: Calabooses and Panopticon, Chez and Dacha, Kiosk and Godown, Titled and Earl, Trek and Packsack, Seraglio and Coop, Skippers and Overs, and may be some more ... (Left as an exercise to readers as CV says)

1 Tavern where one may soothe up, perhaps (8) POTHOUSE (SOOTHE UP)*
5 Admission by father among Poles in boat (6) SAMPAN (S(AM PA)N)
9 Tent rope rolled in warehouse (8) ENTREPOT (TENT ROPE)*
10 Ire has no place in eroticism played out in show of levity (6) SITCOM (EROTICISM-IRE)*
          Lotsa people dislike these when they have canned laughter obliterating the next lines
12 At the home of the revolutionary, zest begins (4) CHEZ (CHE Z)
          PGW used to use this like this: An S&B was held at Chez Gopinath
13 Jails for wily Baloo involved in lawsuits (10) CALABOOSES (CA(BALOO*)SES)
15 Got around a piece of rock to reach small cave (6) GROTTO (G(R)OT TO)
17 Father doesn’t finish tea in country house (5) DACHA (DAd CHA)
20 Akka essentially hoards tens in sales booth (5) KIOSK (KK hoarding 10S)
21 Be beaten in warehouse? (6) GODOWN (GO DOWN)
24 Cop on tap in wild place where everything is visible (10) PANOPTICON (COP ON TAP IN)*
          Did not know this one
27 Pen for company work (4) COOP (CO OP)
29 Rubs out and relaxes, holding tip of rubber (6) ERASES (E(R)ASES)
          How would this have sounded if Gridman had used 'Uses rubber' instead of 'rubs out'?
30 One loser unfortunately left silver inside women’s quarters (8) SERAGLIO (AG in 1LOSER*)
31 Salon appliance or worker (6) STYLER 2
32 Old musical instrument makes players puzzle over time (8) PSALTERY (PLAYERS* around T)
1 Force way into church after gaining support (6) PIERCE (CE after PIER)
2 Noble bird was in the front (6) TITLED (TIT LED)
3 Frank appeal to writer? (4) OPEN (O PEN)
4 Bear hardship with no church opening (5) STOMA (STOMAch)
6 Friend backs scholar with one government order (5) AMIGO (MA< 1 GO)
7 Soft acknowledgement, small acknowledgement for hitchhiker’s burden (8) PACKSACK (P ACK S ACK)
8 Fellow rises to request a royal salutation in India (8) NAMASKAR (MAN< ASK A R)
11 Beaten, authorised Leader of Opposition to drop down (6) KAYOED (OKAYED with O dropping down)
14 Tibetan leader on peak of Kanchenjunga in difficult expedition (4) TREK (T RE K)
16 One’s following striped animal that dropped a piece of eland in river (6) TIGRIS (TIGeR 1'S)
17 It breaks every day (4) DAWN CD

18 Goods transporters leave harbour to get cocktail for captains (8) SKIPPERS (SHIPPERS-H+K)
          Loved the cocktail!
19 The limit of the Chepauk stadium? (8) BOUNDARY CD
22 Girl’s maiden skateboarding trick (6) MOLLIE (M OLLIE)
          I wonder what Stan would say. Probably "Oooer!"
23 Bewitching spot is occupied by none, right? (6) SPOOKY (O OK in SPY)
          Reminded me of the cartoon character.  Boo!
25 Scrap artist not present in pastry-eating contest (5) PIECE (PIE raCE)
26 Excesses in cricket? No, they are appropriate deliveries (5) OVERS CD/DD
28 Give attention to London’s top nobleman (4) EARL (EAR L)
          Reminded me of the chap who owns the Empress

Thursday 30 January 2014

No 10995, Thursday 30 Jan 2014, Sankalak

1   Malicious gossip who had better be kept in one’s sight! (9) BACKBITER [CD] That should have been 'gossiper'
5   Poplar variety, a species easily nurtured initially (5) ASPEN {A}{SP}{E}{N}
8   Icy lunar formation shows the kind of skill needed in the kitchen (8) CULINARY*
9   Emotional problem? Put the phone down (4-2) HANG-UP [DD]
11 Overweight, like some of these bovines in retreat (5) OBESE [T<=]
12 Dote on duo oddly and find which one doesn’t quite belong (3,3,3) ODD ONE OUT*
13 Plump pixie retreats, self-conscious (6) FLESHY {FLE<=}{SHY}
14 It’s a man’s version of a part of the logarithm (8) MANTISSA*
16 Worthy of admiration, girl is outwardly fit (8) ADORABLE {A{DORA}BLE}
18 Jolts caused by slightly sweet white wines (6) SHOCKS {S}{HOCKS}
22 Such a dinner might as well be due to power outage (9) CANDLELIT [CD]
23 In the fireplace it has a good charge (5) GRATE {G}{RATE}
24 Became straight — from a corrupt state? (6) UNBEND [CD]
25 Rare mice variety with more fat (8) CREAMIER*
26 Time to request squadron leader for jobs (5) TASKS {T}{ASK}{S}
27 Piece of cardboard much prized by wannabe NRIs (5,4) GREEN CARD [CD]

1   Footballer, no longer fresh, may retreat from action (4,3) BACK OFF {BACK} {OFF}
2   In a mix of pics article is replaced by English place of learning (7) COLLEGE COLL(-a+e)EGE
3   Banned healers in confusion get top attention in newspapers (6,9) BANNER HEADLINES*
4   Fish found by petty officer in mountain lake (6) TARPON {TAR{PO}N}
5   Not in favour of rice, say, contrary to natural inclination (7,3,5) AGAINST THE GRAIN {AGAINST} {THE GRAIN}
6   Unpleasant people take a long time with birds (7) PIGEONS {PIG{EON}S} A pair of Spotted Doves have set up home on my terrace.
7   Oil that causes new ulcer in the mouth (7) NAPHTHA {N}{APHTHA}
10 Attach an American weapon to get the antelope (5) ADDAX {ADD}{AX} Never heard of thia antelope before
15 In a secretive way, unknown ills are treated (5) SLILY {Y+ILLS}*
16 Report on a relationship with the bank (7) ACCOUNT [DD]
17 Stand-in, in a short time, returns with a combined edition of books (7) OMNIBUS {OM}{NI}{BUS}<=
19 Old empress caught with gold threadnew article (7) CZARINA {C}{ZARI}{N}{A}
20 Cut off, was that woman a revolutionary? (7) SHEARED [SHE}{A}{RED}
21 Celebrity, very English, can go without food (6) STARVE {STAR}{V}{E}

Wednesday 29 January 2014

No 10994, Wednesday 29 Jan 2014, Sankalak

Having solved 1A and 8A as the first two words, I thought Sankalak was giving us a themed crossword.

1   Belligerent chap goes after cache of money in a landmark place in aviation (5,4) KITTY HAWK {KITTY} {HAWK}
5   Possessed but was in debt, toting name (5) OWNED {OW{N}ED}
8   Flier, who was a knockout, included in facts and statistics (6) DAKOTA {DA{KO}TA}
9   Forebear who sent Cora wandering (8) ANCESTOR*
11 Country group formed by leaders of earnest, faithful, talented administrations (1,1,1,1) E F T A
12 It gives flavour to food but may cause pacer to slip (5,5) CAPER SAUCE*
14 Never go to work suppressing fungal disease (5) ERGOT [T]
15 Fuel mixture figuring in  note found in the can (7) GASOHOL {GA{SOH}OL}
16 Game John played covered by periodical (3-4) MAH-JONG {MA{H-JON*}G}
17 Lover boy has the right letter in code (5) ROMEO [DD]
19 With accents displaced, the spy can’t do English translation (10) SYNCOPATED*
20 Marsupial which lost heart on African tree (4) KOLA KOaLA
22 This tool designed for granules in the inner ear (8) OTOLITHS* Displacement of these cause vertigo I'm told
23 In which case is a person unable to cope? (6) BASKET [CD]
24 Set right the machinery to heal rift around the east (5) REFIT {R{E}FIT*}
25 Telescope revealing nuclear equipment in France? Quite the opposite (9) REFRACTOR {RE{FR}ACTOR}

1   Vital part giving the solution to contain awful din (6) KIDNEY {K{DIN*}EY} This solution was an object of discussion in Spinner's CW ;-)
2   Spoil the brilliance as would a spinner with a new ball (4,3,5,3) TAKE THE SHINE OFF [C&DD]
3   Abominable one, an alien in the outskirts of Yadagiri (4) YETI {Yada{ET}girI}
4   Grinder taken for repair to a children’s school (12) KINDERGARTEN* I wonder if it really did get repaired!!
5   Magic words for unrestricted access (4,6) OPEN SESAME [CD]
6   Unattractive lunch took tomato pureed (3,4,2,4,2) NOT MUCH TO LOOK AT*
7   Author who was gloomy about odd bits in Rarden (7) DURRELL {DU{RaRdEn}LL}
10 The mapmaker took the motor to chat with the girl about the origin of geography (12) CARTOGRAPHER {CAR}{TO}{G}{RAP}{HER}
13 A crop production expert to monitor gas formation (10) AGRONOMIST*
16 He performs wrongly: the same is accepted by Scrooge (7) MISDOER {MIS{DO}ER}
18 Friendly teasing in urban terminology (6) BANTER [T]
21 Epic character in volcanic output (4) LAVA [DD]

Tuesday 28 January 2014

No 10993, Tuesday 28 Jan 2014, Sankalak

The answer to 23A says its all.
1   In most cases it is not, however, exclusive to brass hats (2,1,7,4) AS A GENERAL RULE [CD]
8   The fad that a periodical had (6) MAGGOT {MAG}{GOT} Didn't know this meaning
9   Situation of severe trial for the club: rice gone bad (8) CRUCIBLE*
11 A missile in the birdhouse; nothing could be more restrictive (9) NARROWEST {N{ARROW}EST}
12 Trainer trades cents for power to hunt illegally (5) POACH (-c+p)POACH
13 Get possession of a quantity of paper, about 100 (7) ACQUIRE {A}{C}{QUIRE}
15 Dried, it somehow was made unclean (7) DIRTIED*
17 Contract to take a hundred from one noted for eccentricity (7) CHARTER CHARacTER
19 The amateur escorting prisoner is short and to the point (7) LACONIC {LA{CON}IC}
21 Standards for new writing about gold (5) NORMS {N}{OR}{MS}
23 Rams flute played with the authority of an expert (9) MASTERFUL*
25 Salesperson, first girl carrying prison term, gets a deferment (8) REPRIEVE {REP}{RI}{EVE}
26 Aid distributed in space station in the skies (3-3) MID-AIR {MI{D-AI*}R}
27 Such a report about climate cites space body with nothing national (14) METEOROLOGICAL {METEOR}{O}{LOGICAL} National appears to be a typo for 'rational'

1   Cleaning agent for bullets in a mess (7) AMMONIA {AMMO}{NIA*}
2   Boring tool to portend the outcome, say (5) AUGER (~augur)
3   Expert in the science of wealth in eastern business with no haze (9) ECONOMIST {E}{CO}{NO}{MIST}
4   Fizzy and top-grade assessment given, containing energy (7) AERATED {A}{E}{RATED}
5   Cover the top again for a summary (5) RECAP [DD]
6   Sign followed by returning Keralite, one taking care of the books (9) LIBRARIAN {LIBRA}{RIAN<=}
7   System, some times seen in madness as well (6) METHOD [C&DD]
10 High point, reportedly, for a dog (4) PEKE (~peak)
14 Penny caught in courtyard regulation consisting of four parts (9) QUADRUPLE {QUAD}{RU{P}LE}
16 Going up rapidly, like prices in super-inflation (9) ROCKETING [CD]
17 Baseless rumour finally replaced by unknown bird (6) CANARY CANAR(-d+y)Y

18 Little time taken by aimless priest, one helping you change homes (7) REMOVER {RE{MO}VERend}
19 Shoemaker’s model, the final thing (4) LAST [DD]
20 Colourless liquid for beginnings of cold, hypothermia and laryngitis, administered by the mouth (7) CHLORAL {C}{H}{L}|{ORAL}
22 A bit of bread for a golf shot (5) SLICE [DD] Along with 'draw' my bugbear in golf !!
24 Currency managed in capitals of France and Croatia (5) FRANC {F{RAN}C}

Monday 27 January 2014

No.10992, Monday 27 Jan 2014, Spinner

Spinner's bowling spell goes well. Apart from themed words in the pangram grid, a few season the clues as well.

1 P uddle around first Peruvian mammal (6) POTTER (P OTTER)
4 S omalian neighbour’s spell breaks into two after original Disarming Jinx (8) DJIBOUTI (D J BOUT in II)
10 I nterchanges beheaded enchantresses (7) WITCHES (sWITCHES)
11 S eeds protect returning valuable spices (7) NUTMEGS (NUTS around GEM<)
12 O utside of the law, politician pushes out rookie — That’s unstated (8) IMPLICIT (MP in place of L in ILLICIT)
          "Politician pushes out rookie" Ahem, ahem!
13 L asso that lass’s bottom (6) NETHER (NET HER)
15 E rase erotic content from the fortuneteller (4) SEER (T)
17 M agical game brings money with abandon (9) QUIDDITCH (QUID DITCH)
20 N asty hog enters; Wets the kennels (9) DOGHOUSES (HOG* in DOUSES)
21 L ow, lacking energy, but has right to dazzle (4) BLUR (BLUe R)
24 Y ard divided by 36, with unlimited beds moved in gradually (6) INCHED (INCH bEDs)
25 S cented root that covered green headgear (5,3) STRAW HAT (RAW in S THAT)
28 W rongdoer flees one country for another (7) AUSTRIA (AUSTRALIA - AL (Capone))
29 E xit messy petrol station forgetting teapot (7) NOSTRIL (PETROL STATION-TEAPOT)*
30 A grees to come down in cheat’s absence and comes down (8) DESCENDS (conDESCENDS)
31 R agged debate with editor (6) FRAYED (FRAY ED)

1 T raining to cover ground is weak, but most cunning (8) PAWKIEST (PT around (IS WEAK)*)
2 H arry Potter, without hesitation, to include Umbridge’s head to total (3,2) TOT UP (POTTer U)*
          Nice to see Harry as an anagrind. My only grouse was that Harry and Potter are both in the answers too.
          But what the heck, it is a themed crossie, innit ...
3 A lien’s chin broke by native (6) ETHNIC (ET CHIN*)
5 T en to pursue Chinese dynasty’s curse (4) JINX (JIN X)
6 I n-charge follows the time after graduate becomes sentimental (8) BATHETIC (BA THE T IC)
7 M orally wrong manipulation of a hint/clue (9) UNETHICAL (A HINT CLUE)*
8 (U) Rather inure to collecting first special cover (6) INSURE (S in INURE)
          Reminded me of the days in the '70s when I used to regularly queue up at the GPO at the end of Abid Road 
          in Hyderabad for those special first day covers
9 P ersevering fool finds one couple — You and me (9) ASSIDUOUS (ASS I DUO US)
14 T urn away specialist with daughter’s alert (9) ADVERTENT (AVERT ENT with D)
16 O verwhelmers of the demons live with limitless force and top strength (9) EXORCISTS (EXIST around fORCe S)
18 N on-functioning footwear kept in shape by this (8) SHOETREE (E)
          I don't know about shoetrees, but we have some garbage-bag trees near our house. They regularly sprout garbage bags.
19 O riginally, Parseltongues made noise and spoke pointlessly (8) PRATTLED (P RATTLED)
22 G enius from zone with unlimited size (6) WIZARD (WARD with sIZe)
23 O ld Trafford’s second most selfless footballer? (6) PASSER (PASSE R)
          Rarely gets credit ... Kya set up hai!
26 O verheard whiskered badger (5) HARRY (~HAIRY)
27 D irection with magic stick (4) WAND (W AND)
          Reminded me of Wanda Witch

Some general words like Prattled and Passer are not included in the theme. Despite the 'magical' nature of Exorcists, I am told by expert HP adviser that it may not be part of the theme.

Sunday 26 January 2014

No 2775, Sunday 26 Jan 2014


1   Formal caution suggested by this court (4,7) STAR CHAMBER {STAR CH}{AMBER}
9   Spanish mayor called a lunatic (7) ALCALDE*
10 Smiled broadly having good cooked dinner (7) GRINNED {G}{DINNER*}
11 Match between local teams in English city (5) DERBY [DD]
12 Governor worried about wicket covered with weeds (9) OVERGROWN {OVERGRO{W}N*}
13 Scoff, upset by famous industrialist's film (10) GETTYSBURG {GETTY'S}{BURG<=}
15 Love quiet American work (4) OPUS {O}{P}{US}
17 Girl in public school, losing heart (4) RUBY RUgBY
18 Most uncommon to receive gen in jungle (10) RAINFOREST {RA{INFO}REST}
21 Admonished, head of council went quickly (9) CHASTENED {C}{HASTENED}
23 Exercise may make doctor unwell! (5) DRILL {DR}{ILL}
24 Variety of kilts, notice, back in Hebridean archipelago (2,5) ST KILDA {ST KIL*}{DA<=}
25 Business interest (7) CONCERN [DD]
26 Favourite in form? Note odds in the race fluctuating (8,3) TEACHERS PET {TE}{ACHER{S P}ET*}

1   Protection across the board? It may help one sleep at night (8,7) SECURITY BLANKET {SECURITY} {BLANKET}
2    Yale elmy? That could be nonsense (3,2,3) ALL MY EYE*
3   About to be included in Conservative party's statement of belief (5) CREDO {C}{RE}{DO}
4   Metal bracket in corner by press (5,4) ANGLE IRON {ANGLE} {IRON}
5    Game bird, initially with crest (6) BRIDGE {Bird}{RIDGE}
6   What Carter once did successfully, but not his predecessor? (3,3,9) RAN FOR PRESIDENT [GK]
7    Mean scoundrel after drink for pet (6) LAPDOG {LAP}{DOG}
8    Handsome youth a lecturer is after (6) ADONIS {A}{DON}{IS}
14 Bairn, surprisingly, was hard to indoctrinate (9) BRAINWASH {BAIRN*}{WAS}{H}
16 Frosty spell may cause viral infection to flare up (4,4) COLD SNAP {COLD} {SNAP}
17 Suspension of business in bay (6) RECESS [DD]
19 Special gift adult left in shelter (6) TALENT {T{A}{L}ENT}
20 Girl is excellent right away (6) STELLA STELLAr
22 Extremely debatable, my colour scheme (5) DECOR {DebatablE}{COR}

Saturday 25 January 2014

No 10991, Saturday 25 Jan 2014, Aspartame

Stumped by 27A

1   Mantra Umang employs to hide pain (6) TRAUMA [T]
4   Feel sorry for royal bird (6) REGRET {R}{EGRET}
9   See knight substituting girl during match (4) TWIN TWI(-g+n)N
10 A steed that clears oxers and fillers (4,6) SHOW JUMPER [CD]
11 Everyone returns to chase ape gorging food (6) PAELLA {APE*}{LLA<=} Gorging as AInd?
12 Hostile car heading back to U.S. state carrying Iodine (8) INIMICAL {INIM<=}{I}{CAL}
13 Bomb thrown into battle in Illinois (9) CHAMPAIGN {C{H}AMPAIGN}
15 Probabilities that coin tosses will result in this (4) ODDS [CD]
16 Briefly see writer grunt (4) OINK {lO}{INK}
17 What’s found at the end of a letter, naturally! (9) SINCERELY [DD]
21 Half the job is to register a singer (8) VOCALIST {VOCAtion}{LIST}
22 Extract student away from central movement (6) NECTAR CENTRAl*
24 Officer in charge of top-class goods (10) SUPERCARGO {SUPER}{CARGO}
25 Stir and cook taking the lid off (4) ROIL bROIL
26 More filthy end of korsi is cleaned with this (6) DUSTER DUSTiER
27 Connecting half the network team (6) FIXING ? (Addendum - WIRING - {Wi-fi}{RING} - See comments)

1   Way how model tap can be redesigned (7) TOWPATH {HOW+T+TAP}*
2   Withdraw article on ulna fractures after removing the ending (5) ANNUL {AN}{ULNa*}
3   Playing maracas can enhance one’s beauty (7) MASCARA*
5   Order opposing players to unite (6) ENJOIN {E}{N}{JOIN}
6   Left over portion that is yet to come (9) REMAINDER [E]
7   Soundly pull back seat cover (7) TOECAPS (~tow){TOE}{CAPS} Seat and Caps? Cover or Covers?
8   Cut ripe strawberry fields, maybe? (6,7) MOVING PICTURE [CD] ? (Addendum - {CUT+RIPE}* - See comments)
14 Cannibals and carnivores don’t eat without a bit of nutmeg (3-6) MAN-EATERS {Meat{A}{N}-EATERS}
16 Hollow circle circles centre’s centre. That’s convoluted! (7) OROTUND {O}{RO{cenTres}UND}
18 Songs advertised by dynamic ANZ on investments (7) CANZONI [T]
19 Properly aligned at the top (7) LEADING*
20 Revolve around the French, killing army leader (6) CIRCLE {CIRCa}{LE}
23 Dog to police mythological bird that’s rising (5) CORGI {COR}{GI}<= Police or Policeman?

Friday 24 January 2014

No.10990, 24 January 2014, Afterdark

For a moment I thought it was a journey into space, Earth, Titan,  Saturn...
(If Pluto is counted, they are also in the order one might encounter them)

1 Earth’s despair (6,5) BROKEN HEART (EARTH)* Rev.Anag.
9 Look into the river Mina foolishly got in (7) EXAMINE (MINA* in EXE)
10 National serial I produced (7)  ISRAELI (SERIAL I)*
11 For example, take a monarch to be keen (5) EAGER (A in EG. ER)
12 No matter how difficult, stay act on reform (2,3,4) AT ANY COST (STAY ACT ON)*
13 Superman’s watch, perhaps! (5) TITAN CD/DD
15 Sales isn’t manipulated, it is clean (9) STAINLESS (SALES ISN'T)*
18 Assort the assembled instruments (9) RHEOSTATS (ASSORT THE)*
21 Agitation in state park (5) UPSET (U.P. SET)
22 Agitated trade-unions do leave sombre (9) SATURNINE (TRADE UNIONS-DO)*
24 More favourable sentence for returning salesman (5) RIPER (R.I. REP<)
          London murderer lost half of his money!
26 Orange juice and egg seasoned with herb… (7) OREGANO (ORANGE O)*
27 Cancel injecting accountant with a catheter (7) CANNULA (ANNUL in C.A.)

28 Bone operated by nun’s as heard on radios (11) TRANSISTORS (T RAN ~SISTERS)
1 Buzzer’s record accepted with hesitation by warden (9) BEEFEATER (BEE FEAT ER)
2 Malay person foraging wildly to remove fruit (5) ORANG (FORAGING-FIG)*
3 Gives out instalment earlier for repatriates (9) EMIGRANTS (EMI GRANTS)
4 He! he was mad making donkey sounds (3-4) HEE-HAWS (HE HE WAS)*
5 Short excuse by a graduate about a novel character (3,4) ALI BABA (ALIBi A BA)
6 Strive to include After Dark’s initials in last minute (5) TARDY (A.D. in TRY)
7 Followers choose to jump inside river at South (8) DEVOTEES (VOTE in DEE S)
8 Cast metal on time (4) TINT (TIN T)
14 Attempts to eat in conventions (8) TREATIES (EAT in TRIES)
16 Particles knight misplaced, so added iodine particles (9) NEUTRINOS (NEUTRONS with N misplaced and I added)
17 Instructs an obnoxious person to come in at weekends (9) SATURDAYS (A TURD in SAYS)
          Type of guy who says : Extrude me, please. I don't want to raise a stink about it! 
19 Music section endless in American state (7) ARIZONA (ZONe in ARIA)
20 Parlours in ship take money (7) SPENCES (PENCE in SS) New word for me
22 Initially, Supreme Court ordered to nab foreign national (4) SCOT (S C O T)
23 Reply about performance (5) REACT (RE ACT)
25 Mickey’s pet with our forgotten neighbour! (5) PLUTO 2
          A far fetched neighbour, now thrown out of the league of planets

Thursday 23 January 2014

No 10989, Thursday 23 Jan 2014, The Phantom

The Phantom's taken on the underworld today!

8   Dread small dog that’s grown old? (6) TERROR {TERR(-ie+o)OR}
9   Trouble returning as girl with reluctance crosses path of 15 (8) GANGSTER {GAN<=}{G}{ST}{ER}
10 Crook’s crown placed on one-time gangster (8) CRIMINAL {CR}{1}{MIN}{AL}
11 Criminal directed to stay within Perth’s interiors (6) ERRANT {pER{RAN}Th}
12 Crazy losing head over pineapples (6) ANANAS bANANAS
13 Runner, complacent sprained leg in inaugural race (8) SMUGGLER {SMUG}{LEG*}{R}
15 Mobster’s cover: smokestack (7) HOODLUM {HOOD}{LUM}
17 Betrayal by agent back on Friday, taking away radium (7) PERFIDY {PER<=}{FrIDaY}
20 Doorbell fixed on cathouse (8) BORDELLO*
22 Outrage and row after umpire’s odd selection (6) UPROAR {UmPiRe}{OAR}
23 Fugitive’s awl? (6) OUTLAW {AWL}*
25 Cunningly lure trio with this purpose? (8) ULTERIOR*
26 Sailor crosses river, in time to head south to quays (8) HARBOURS {H{A{R}B}OUR}{S}
27 Couple of boys going round an antelope (3-3) DIK-DIK <=

1   Attack and rip report in two (4,4) TEAR INTO {TEAR} {INTO} (~in two)
2   Expert soldiers of French origin in air defence marched (10) PROMENADED {PRO}{MEN}{A{DE}D}
3   Apes with very large frames stood on ground (not level) (6) ORANGS {O{RAN}{Ground}S}
4   Everlasting, perhaps hair cream base found in a vessel (7) AGELESS {A}{GEL}{E}{SS}
5   Girl’s kiss sure to leave son with attachment (8) ANNEXURE {ANNE}{X}{sURE}
6   Addict’s drug supplier is outside pub (4) USER Anno pending (Addendum - pUShER - See comments)
7   Person with heart of a cheeseparer, in other words, a selfish person (6) MEANIE {M{E}AN}{IE}
14 Forgo and risk everything? (2,3,5) GO FOR BROKE {FORGO}*
16 Gun with no-good leader of L.E.T is highly illegal (8) UNLAWFUL {gUN}{L}{AWFUL}
18 Wicked individual engaged in spread of spurious oil is caught (8) DIABOLIC {B{I}AD}{OIL*}{C}
19 Fashionable and very coquettish. Not right (7) VOGUISH {V}{rOGUISH}
21 Playful jack’s dropped eyepiece (6) OCULAR jOCULAR
22 Disorganised, failing in duty (6) UNTIDY*
24 Barium used by students in research centres (4) LABS {L{BA*}S}

Wednesday 22 January 2014

N0 10988, Wednesday 22 Jan 2014, xChequer

Another Pangram today.

1   Remains because foundation recalled retiring teacher (6) DEBRIS {DEB<=}{RIS<=}
4   Tension from borders primarily seen around India (8) EDGINESS {EDG{IN}ES}{S}
10 Financial unit to check any price that’s rigged (9) PECUNIARY {PEC{U}NIARY*} 'U' for unit?
11 Records withdrawal of attack (5) NOTES {NO}{TES}<=
12 Eggs broken into a big hand (7) OVATION {OVA}{INTO*}
13 Crazy in the head, matter needing investigation (7) NUTCASE {NUT}{CASE}
14 Then how can you lose weight in this area in London? (4) SOHO {SO}{HOw}
15 Those damaging reputations left with a bill sent for reparation (10) LIBELLANTS {L}{A+BILL+SENT}*
19 Uneasy peace after son stopped living outside (10) DISQUIETED {DI{S}{QUIET}ED}
20 Low variable returns rise sharply (4) ZOOM {Z}{OOM}<=
23 Delights wife with grants (7) WALLOWS {W}{ALLOWS}
26 Literal operating environment for hot tropical storm (7) TYPHOON {TYP(-e+h)H-O}{ON} (Addendum - {TYP{H}O}{ON} - See comments)
27 Backing, backing, backing latest country (5) INDIA {IN}{DIA<=}
28 After act of kindness regularly hit the pet (9) FAVOURITE {FAVOUR}{hIt}{ThE}
29 Very thin, sleek in a way, tall to an extent (8) SKELETAL {SLEEK*}{TALl}
30 Mercury and Earth, say two females in orbit? (6) HERMES {E+HER+MS}* (Addendum - {HER}{M{E}S} - See comments)

1   Initially daring gambits securing ultimately favourable positions (7) DEPLOYS {D}{E}{PLOYS}
2   Support clear winners overcoming heart and spinal problems (9) BACKACHES {BACK}{AC{H}ES}
3   Isn’t it necessary to include title of respect for people in some Arctic regions? (6)  INNUIT Anno pending (Addendum - {INN{U}IT} - See comments)
5   Most prominent member out of twelve having a change of heart (5) DOYEN {DO(-z+y)YEN}
6   Naturally any inlet flows (8) INNATELY*
7   Complex trauma nursing not required (5) EXTRA [T]
8   Resists being a front for sorority members (7) SISTERS*
9   No date appears in canned juice, a recipe for disease (8) JAUNDICE {J{A}U{ND}ICE} (Addendum - {JAU{N}{D}ICE*} - See comments)
16 English court preventing engineering to be made optional subject (8) ELECTIVE {E}LE{CT}IVE Anno pending (Addendum - {E}{L{E}{CT}IVE} - See comments)
17 Old record is received by people coming back for new term (9) NEOLOGISM {NE{O}{LOG}{IS}M<=}
18  Use a machine, perhaps one of a pair to tail a car (8) AUTOMATE {AUTO}{MATE}
19 Diamonds and gold that’s included with primarily silver wedding gifts (7) DOWRIES {D}{O{W}R}{IE}{S}
21 Good behaviour: a point required in anyone’s wife (7) MANNERS {M{A}{NNE}RS}
22 Tidy tree (6) SPRUCE [DD]
24 Rim beyond end of continental shelf (5) LEDGE {L}{EDGE}
25 Furniture sent across Italy’s capital (5) SOFIA {SOF{I}A}

Tuesday 21 January 2014

No 10987, Tuesday 21 Jan 2014, Sunnet

Enjoyed a day at the "Double Pangram Circus" with Sunnet today.

1   River houses, West provided, for a former spouse (2-4) EX-WIFE {EX-{W}{IF}E}
4   Means of transport for the young, obtained from top youth congress leader, within a short time (8) TRICYCLE {TRIC{Y}{C}{L}E} Initially I was wondering how to fit R.... Baba in here!
10 Illustration of hysterical England at the beginning (9) ENGRAVING {ENG}{RAVING}
11 Containing gold supplied by Maurice (5) AURIC [T]
12 Hack a man clutching gold shilling (5) HORSE {H{OR}{S}E}
13 A unit of the first social reformer with some money (4,5) TROY POUND {The}{ROY} {POUND}
14 Persistent refusal by bridge partners to start playing (7) NONSTOP {NO}{NS}{TO}{P}
16 Almost rest on a beast (4) LION {LIe}{ON}
19 Some closet extremists communicate using a cell phone (4) TEXT [T]
21 Dress a large bird from the east, after taking a fee upfront (7) COSTUME {COST}{UME<=|
24 Start to signal, adopting oriental pattern, with spaces in between (4,5) OPEN WEAVE {OPEN} {W{E}AVE}
25 Register it back with a resident of the Sundarbans (5) TIGER {TI}{GER}<=
26 Fool king with a different side (5) CLOWN C(-r+l)LOWN
27 Kit’s joke found by soldiers in Ethiopia (9) EQUIPMENT {E{QUIP}{MEN}T}
28 Find completed record in the front (8) DISCOVER {DISC}{OVER}
29 Honourable circle found within some small medieval tournament (6) JOUSTS {J{O}UST}{S}

1   Does this large animal become burdensome when pale? (8) ELEPHANT [CD]
2   Hesitation in engaging in making a bet (8) WAGERING {WAG{ER}ING}
3   Wafer, at first, floating on a sheet of water (5) FLAKE {F}{LAKE}
5   Plaything to tease an attractive person (3,4) RAG DOLL {RAG} {DOLL}
6   Defends studies around the site of the Vijayanagar empire (9) CHAMPIONS {C{HAMPI}ONS}
7   Greek enchantress nearly takes us to a public spectacle (6) CIRCUS {CIRCe}{US}
8   Once worried of Parisian scramble (6) ENCODE {ONCE*}{DE}
9   Large crown in ringmaster’s province (3,3) BIG TOP {BIG} {TOP}
15 Hewed teak, collected by a party, to demonstrate a martial art (9) TAEKWONDO {TEAK*}{WON}{DO}
17 Catch and throw entertainers in jail using right legs (8) JUGGLERS {JUG}{R+LEGS}*
18 Pledges to marry alien held in stocks (8) BETROTHS {B{ET}ROTHS}
20 Snare, Zee set, for a swinging bar in the air (7) TRAPEZE {TRAP}{ZEE*}
21 Quebec supports revolutionary means of money transfer (6) CHEQUE {CHE}{QUE}
22 Obligatory cross seen around church (6) FORCED {FOR{CE}D}
23 Zambia’s topless stars? They amount to nothing (6) ZEROES {Z}{hEROES}
25 Blood group of pet, you for the most part, treated (4,1) TYPE O {PET+YOu}*

Monday 20 January 2014

No.10986, Monday 20 January 2014, Vulcan

Some anno.s pending in this good one from Vulcan!

1 Violent Somalian picture (4,4) MONA LISA (SOMALIAN*)

5 Opening in rear part of human body, say (6) BREACH (~breech)
9 Check tin content in a vessel (8) DECANTER (CAN in DETER)
          The most popular piece of equipment at The DronesUsed to wet whistles
10 Chamber of a radioactive isotope — of Hydrogen, not Titanium (6) ATRIUM (A TRITIUM-Ti) 
12 Institute not quite keen to rope in University as associate (9) COLLEAGUE (U in COLLEGE, I thought, but could not get the whole anno) (COLL U in EAGEr) Please see comments
13 Edit out bad language in unforgettable epic (5) BLEEP (B L and then unsure) (T)
14 Movie I’d try perhaps (5,7) DIRTY DANCING (rev. anag. of I'd try)
          Mambo !
18 Designs never fashioned for dinner wear, say (7,5) EVENING DRESS (DESIGNS NEVER)*
23 Lawbreaker starting to look around for cover (5) GLAZE (L in GAZE)
24 Ban and bury a book (9) INTERDICT (INTER DICT. for dictionary)
26 A message lacking sense of right or wrong (6) AMORAL CD (Correction - {A}{MORAL} - See comments)
27 One working for a better cause! (8) CROUPIER CD Good pun on 'better'
          The guy who seems to collect the whole caboodle !
28 It grows more by processing (6) EMBRYO (MORE BY)*
29 End of the wedge is broken — on the outside (8) EDGEWISE (thE WEDGE IS)*

1 Doctor’s order mostly placed in Missouri (6) MEDICO (EDICt in MO)
2 Well, diamonds left lying in New York (6) NICELY (ICE L in N.Y.)
3 Cut into a narrow road and caught in (5) LANCE (C in LANE)
          A doctor who did this frequently was knighted. Sir Lancelot
4 Auditor’s little trick (7) SLEIGHT (~SLIGHT)
6 Pesticides used for killing ants bear labels — after all, dangerous (9) RATSBANES (ANTS BEAR)* S Not clear where the extra S comes from. Please see comments
7 Land sheltering cows with ailment (8) AKINESIA (KINE in ASIA)
          Neat, huh ?!
8 Part of website dwelling on a legendary guitarist (4,4) HOME PAGE (HOME on PAGE)
11 Bow and surrender (4) BEND 2
15 One small rare change in schedule (9) ITINERARY (1 TINY outside RARE*)
16 Capital of Belgium, class! (8) BELGRADE (BEL GRADE)
          And I thought it was History that was rewritten, not Geography! But G too gets redrawn ...
17 Sacrifice of old Macbeth maybe (8) HECATOMB (O MACBETH)*
          I could have waited Birnam wood remove to Dunsinane or the kine came home and I would not have got this word
19 Take over Purchase (4) GAIN 2
          A bit confused here. GRIP also seems to work.
20 Left exhausted after lecture ends (7) RETIRED (TIRED after lectuRE)
21 One going in for good cycling outfit (6) BIKINI (BIKING-G+1)
          I initially thought of drawing ML wearing this
22 Staff’s resisting — beginning to fast (6) STARVE (STAVE around R)
25 Wake up and head off to make a complaint (5) ROUSE (aROUSE) (gROUSE)

Sunday 19 January 2014

Special, Sunday 19 Jan 2014, Exa

Welcome to our new setter Exa.
Three answers per commenter (with annotations) upto 6 PM.
Constructive criticism welcome with comments.

1   Spell of work with neighbours (4)
3   Animal pornos I rate right away as XXX? (10)
9   New wind oboe needs individual capital (7)
11 Messy garbage bags left for girl could be a problem (7)
12 First trip. First tripper (7)
13 With time, gold class act turns hit (7)
14 You won't need a pilot when you take this flight (9)
16 Big limo or convertible shows complication (9)
22 Later, I stripped before Romeo to provide a teaser (7)
25 A representative in Rome could've been this on reflection? (7)
26 Singer's crazy about a new mix (7)
27 Enduring little pain before dumping the chief guest's head aboard (7)
28 What x could be to a coder? (In programming) (2-8)
29 Left without large and small newts (4)

1   Present engagement rings to men finally (6)
2   Harsh pupil is ditching one for small mistakes (4-3)
4   Indicator for the purpose of taking a U-turn (7)
5   Etihad air travels in daytime starts flying out of this ancient Alpine province (7)
6   Row about the Grand as there's a yellow layer on it (5)
7   It's more problematic around the start of bridge card game (5)
8   Put a bit of salt in one's stew (6)
10 Craft or mostly sorcery spun by one (7)
15 Film extracts observed in negatives can be obscure (7)
17 Business capital falls after recession for the second time, losing a deal (7)
18 Actor loved cooking old stew out of ham (7)
19 Ground rules of one's individuality (7)
20 It's descriptive of "The Inseparables" (6)
21 Cold breaks at mountain peaks? (6)
23 One's needed by a dumb duo to have a normal conversation (5)
24 Wired LED circuits around home (5)

To attempt the crossword on a separate page follow the link EXA 1


No 2774, Sunday 19 Jan 2014

1   Barmy story about automobile in island republic (10) MADAGASCAR {MAD}{A}{GAS}{CAR} (Addendum - {MAD}{AGAS<=}{CAR} - See comments)
6   Film star getting rid of old clothes (4) GARB GARBo
10 Right oven for joint (5) ROAST {R}{OAST}
11 Dash back across Ohio, say, in station wagon (6,3) ESTATE CAR {E{STATE} CAR<=}
12 Couple on stage dance (3-4) TWO-STEP {TWO}-{STEP}
13 Further publication concerning affair (7) REISSUE {RE}{ISSUE}
14 Desperate, guys in band soon see a different way (2,4,4,4) ON ONES BEAM ENDS {ON ONES BEA{M EN}DS*}
17 How grandmasters play each other, generally (6-3-5) ACROSS-THE-BOARD [DD]
21 Cooked neat new North American dish (7) ANTENNA {NEAT+N*{NA}
22 Royal court official spoils prince (7) MARSHAL {MARS}{HAL}
23 What might keep me warm, I wondered, shivering (9) EIDERDOWN*
24 A graduate, with it, returned violin (5) AMATI {A}{MA}{TI<=}
25 Whitish wooden post (4) PALE [DD]
26 Small house on estate I'm getting converted (10) MAISONETTE*

1   Hat Norma lost in race (8) MARATHON*
2   Top game (7) DIABOLO [DD]
3   PMs do it regularly, visit Chequers? (2,2,3,7) GO TO THE COUNTRY [CD]
4   Prize may make son cry (5) SWEEP {S}{WEEP}
5   Outcome of mowing at the farm (9) AFTERMATH*
7   Blamed copper in fixed case ending in bird (7) ACCUSED {AC{CU}SE*}{D}
8   Bishop with book in bed (6) BORDER {B}{ORDER}
9   Make a deal once more to save pub after industrial action (6,1,7) STRIKE A BARGAIN {STRIKE} {A {BAR}GAIN}
15 Steps taken to control a rising river (5,4) BOSSA NOVA {BOSS}{A} {NOVA<=}
16 Girl receiving help to get to Australian city (8) ADELAIDE {ADEL{AID}E}
18 Keep clubs I dealt out (7) CITADEL {C}{I}{DEALT*}
19 Basically, try to interrupt a race (2,5) AT HEART {A}{T {HEAR}T}
20 Highly delighted having buried the hatchet (4,2) MADE UP [DD]
22 Lacking bit of muscle in America (5) MINUS {M}{IN}{US}