Thursday 31 December 2015

No 11588, Thursday 31 Dec 2015, The Phantom

Bye Bye 2015

Some smashing surfaces today to end the year.

1   Spot around dock is wet (6) SLOPPY {S{LOP}PY}
4   Excellent squash Carol’s sipping (8) SMASHING {S{MASH}ING}
10 Old husband sterile, wife unhappy? (9) ERSTWHILE {H+STERILE+W}*
11 One caught in stampede about to suffer (5) INCUR {1}{N{C}UR<=}
12 Teacher expressing annoyance at four regular absentees (5) TUTOR {TUT}{fOuR}
13 Abbess having love, first for church say (9) PRONOUNCE {PRO}{N{O}UN}{CE}
14 Sunday's fight is tough (5) STIFF {S}{TIFF}
16 Birds often returned to exact locality (8) DISTRICT {sDrIb<=}{STRICT}
19 Son takes regular care to clean yacht’s grating (8) SCRATCHY {S}{CaRe}{YACHT}*
20 Outgoing men always find excitement (5) FEVER ForEVER
23 … undressed, or nude and promiscuous (9) UNADORNED*
24 Difficult chore to obtain this pigment (5) OCHRE*
26 Lawless region’s out of control (5) REIGN REGIoN*
27 Guy to run campaign against King is a radical (5,4) YOUNG TURK {GUY+TO+RUN*{K}
28 Ask girl in brown to get painter’s equipment (5,3) SPRAY GUN {PRAY}{G} in {SUN}
29 Execute and bury Englishman in grave (6) BEHEAD {E}{HE} in {BAD}

1   Man wearing small hat used for covering (6) SHEATH {S+HAT}* around {HE}
2   Start working with group (5) ONSET {ON}{SET}
3   We got involved in arranging notary for poet as a proxy legal authority (5,2,8) POWER OF ATTORNEY {WE} in {NOTARY+FOR+POET}*
5   Memory aid for irresponsible men forgetting Monica’s article (8) MNEMONIC {MEN*}{MONICa}
6   Son feels uptight resulting in a verbal bloomer (4,2,3,6) SLIP OF THE TONGUE*  Mix up in the intended fodder, there's an extra S and an O missing ('Soon feel uptight' would have worked)
7   Reward money I have after getting elected (9) INCENTIVE {IN}{CENT}{I'VE}
8   Member wearing men's clothing (8) GARMENTS {G{ARM}ENTS}
9   Joint operation mounted to get animal (5) HIPPO {HIP}{PO<=}
15 Row about bowler getting run out got hoarser (9) THROATIER {T{H{RO}AT}IER}
17 Without question, nonconformist art uses drawing tools (1, 7) T SQUARES {ART+USES}* around {Q}
18 Wave hanky out expressing gratitude (5,3) THANK YOU*
21 Quietly leaving stage in shame (5) ODIUM pODIUM
22 Became weak having climaxed? (6) PEAKED [DD]
25 Gardening tool found outside American’s home (5) HOUSE {HO{US}E}

Wednesday 30 December 2015

No 11587, Wednesday 30 Dec 2015, xChequer

7   Fortune beset, so flipping hairy (6) PILOSE {SO<=} in {PILE}
8   Explosive sound in axle breaking at rear of lorry reflecting terrible fit (8) APOPLEXY {POP} in {AXLE}*{Y}
9   It is not considered witty to bow comically in pairs (3,2,3) TWO BY TWO {WitTY+TO+BOW}*
10 Temperament of child longing to return (6) KIDNEY {KID}{NEY<=}
11 Petitions to pay tribute heard (5) PRAYS (~praise)
12 Hammered Black? Bingo! (6) BLOTTO {B}{LOTTO}
14 Needing specific order, how to pour, say, is the ultimate point of question! (5,4,6) WHAT'S YOUR POISON {HOW+TO+POUR+SAY+IS+q...oN}* &lit
17 Content in hole, ant obtains shelter (4-2) LEAN-TO [T]
18 Favourite knocking out rookie in fair contest (5) FIGHT (-l+f)FIGHT
22 Lawyer gathering abuse for code of conduct (6) DHARMA {D{HARM}A}
23 Innovative names to describe the German waffles (8) MEANDERS {DER} in {NAMES}*
24 Nobility crushed under a united Greece (8) GRANDEUR {GR}{A+UNDER}* (Addendum - {A+UNDER}* in {GR} - See comments)
25 Adjusting VAT on foreign gin (6) TUNING {TUN}{GIN*}

1   Good to take off casual clothes, throw on change (9) AIRWORTHY {AIR{THROW*}Y}
2   Threaten son and he may punch (6) COWBOY {COW}{BOY}
3   Against shifting seat in match (5) VESTA {V}{SEAT*}
4   Upright officer kept marching, saving seconds in marching style (8) LOCKSTEP {COL<=}{K{S}TEP*}
5   Happy pouring oil over one's bloomers (8) GLADIOLI {GLAD}{1}{OIL*}
6   Larger than large, said to stand out (5) EXCEL (~xl)
8   Chilled-out person of course, too calm to get agitated (1,4,8) A COOL CUSTOMER* &lit
13 Bugging the inhabited flat (9) BOTHERING {BO{THE}RING}
15 Available for hire, hosts dashed liberal (8) TOLERANT {RAN} in {TO LET}
16 Ever the optimist, unmarried Mary eyes a bum (8) YEASAYER {mARY+EYES+A}*
19 Bid to keep study in order (6) INDENT {DEN} in {1 NT}
20 Smart contract form to protect right (5) SHARP {SHA{R}Pe}
21 Compartment to store dry nuts (5) BATTY {BA{TT}Y}

Tuesday 29 December 2015

No 11586, Tuesday 29 Dec 2015, xChequer

7   Man having plenty of feudal workers (6) HELOTS {HE}{LOTS}
8   Study holding up, can't be shaken (4-4) CAST-IRON {C{AST-IR}ON}
9   Mind goes wandering a bit (8) SMIDGEON*
10 You say ruined no end? (6) UNDONE {~you){U}{NO+END}* &lit ?
11 Silly grin a nerd may sport (5) INANE [T]
12 Asiad tournaments primarily conducted here? (6) STADIA {ASIAD+To...t}* &lit
14 Sought highest office, combined front earns pride (3,3,9) RAN FOR PRESIDENT*
17 Unfortunate setback is hard to be factored into plan (6) MISHAP {M{IS}{H}AP}
18 Gleaming in silver and blue (5) AGLOW {AG}{LOW}
22 This enables big shots to cheat without an end to corruption (6) CANNON {CON} around {AN}{c...oN}
23 Shuts up with one million sterling (8) IMPOUNDS {1}{M}{POUNDS}
24 Tether an unruly cow (8) THREATEN*
25 Fuel sticks to opening in grate set back on exhaust (6) FAGGOT {FAG}{Gr..e}{OT<=}

1   Amnesia, sadly, veils an unknown chapter — one obsessed with what it might represent (3,6) SEX MANIAC {SE{X} MANIA*}{C}
2   Barrier to act in serial broadcast (6) CORDON {DO} in {CORN}(corn = cereal = ~serial))
3   When losing weight, when pale (5) ASHEN {AS}{wHEN}
4   Spread as mounds of ferns (8) OSMUNDAS*
5   Possibly minor vices, silly child leaving home, questionable character perhaps (8) WILDCARD {ChILD}* in {WARD}
6   Healthy-looking lad, about nineteen, exhausted (5) BONNY {BO{Ni...eN}Y}
8   It connotes an unexpected fear ultimately being harboured (13) CONSTERNATION {feaR} in {IT+CONNOTES+AN}* &lit
13 Handy wool pants in no particular fashion (3,3,3) ANY OLD HOW*
15 Agitated people getting tense, cutting enemy dead (8) FOMENTED {FO{MEN}{T}E}{D}
16 Respond sympathetically to judge taking a breather while rising (8) RESONATE {R{ESON<=}ATE}
19 Weapon toting radical, say, brought up in filth (6) GRUNGE {G{R}UN}{GE<=}
20 Wash article after picking up tar (5) BATHE {BA<=}{THE}
21 Attractiveness of species provided by female (5) SPIFF {SP}{IF}{F}

Monday 28 December 2015

No 11585, Monday 28 Dec 2015, Sunnet

Sunnet's hit the gambling table on his vacation?

1   Object to outrageous gear in race (6) TARGET {GEAR}* in {TT}
4   Note about former prisons for nationals (8) MEXICANS {M{EX}I}{CANS}
10 Complete set making use of hull (4,5) FULL HOUSE*
11 Screen without an exit (5) BLIND [DD]
12 Locate gold sent back by sovereign (5) ROYAL {RO}{YAL} <=
13 Also left guerrilla's stone workbox (4,5) TOOL CHEST {TOO}{L} {CHE}{ST}
14 Disregards Italian gentleman whose cap is down (7) IGNORES (-s)IGNORE(+s)S
16 Female's shabby pleat (4) FOLD {F}{OLD}
19 Reportedly skin a couple (4) PAIR (~pare)
21 Bonanza from John's weed (7) JACKPOT {JACK}{POT}
24 To replace slim and hot implement maker (9) TOOLSMITH {TO}{SLIM+HOT}*
25 Public squares having a speck of leafy vegetation (5) FLORA {F{Le..y}ORA}
26 Bag with right metal rod (5) POKER {POKE}{R}
27 Smearing of base gold can add glitter at first (9) BEDAUBING {BED}{AU}{BIN}{Gl...r}
28 Display feather in face-off (8) SHOWDOWN {SHOW}{DOWN}
29 Mad Hatter is a menace (6) THREAT*

1   Drag up large and weak barrier in ship (8) TAFFRAIL {TAF<=}{FRAIL}
2   Signalling engineer to delay female force inside (8) RELAYING {RE}{LA{YIN}G}
3   Measure around the girl (5) ETHEL {E{THE}L}
5   Make up from seven offers (4,3) EVEN OFF [T]
6   Silly of setter to climb ice building (9) IMBECILIC {I}{CLIMB+ICE}*
7   Originated from a sentence to a Bengali (6) ARISEN {A}{RI}{SEN}
8   Staid girlfriend follows footloose set (6) SEDATE {SEt}{DATE}
9   Cites estimates (6) QUOTES [DD]
15 Cheered up on getting fool's turn to colour (9) REASSURED {RE}{ASS}{U}{RED}
17 Head Office interferes with a reward to use pithy sayings in the US (8) APHORIZE {A}{P{HO}RIZE}
18 Neat, narrow channel, say (8) STRAIGHT (~strait)
20 Bob to chase lavish, visionary goal (7) RAINBOW {RAIN}{BOW}
21 Sir, in India, workers lose heart in holy wars (6) JIHADS {JI}{HAnDS}
22 Lays over at a small shrine (6) STUPAS {STUP<=}{A}{S}
23 Liked excessively by knight's circle (4,2) TOOK TO {TOO}{K T}{O}
25 Crimson outpouring (5) FLUSH [DD]


Sunday 27 December 2015

Special, Sunday 27 Dec 2015, IXL-2015 Prelim 2 CW, C.G. Rishikesh

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment as far as possible.

1   Agitated trainer detains one physician ahead for being dogmatic (11)
9   Coax IXL 2015 to entertain the man led away (7)
10 Come on! Pick up public transport to the end of Broadway! (3,4)
11 One who would love to have a gander? (5)
12 See Hindu goddess in suitable embrace with Eastern double (4-5)
13 Bond in no-win situation (3)
14 Let in - or let on? (5)
16 Great! That woman's beginning to overtake glory hunter (9)
19 Staying power needed to finish university course having a little naivety (9)
22 Playwright turns ashen (5)
23 Pester old horse (3)
24 Family at English city in massacre (9)
26 Got on with female, a Communist (5)
28 Rubbish container in French rail station (7)
29 New Indian transforms as Desh ki Beti (7)
30 Extra emcees represent atypical example (7,4)

1   Belittle depressed class? Dead wrong! Not right! (9)
2   Commanding Officer has reportedly perused set of beliefs (5)
3   Such a day is important -- there's  cardinal correspondence (3-6)
4   Want the French sewing-kit items (7)
5   Cliquey set's pouring out (2-5)
6   Run in the next race (5)
7   Trade's concern (8)
8   Latter sections of only rare instrument (4)
15 Ordinary setter's one possessed by 2 madly (8)
17 Call receiver for comprehensive barrier (4,5)
18 Excessive activity across road (9)
20 Eastern circus most available (7)
21 Improve opponents' fortune limitlessly (7)
24 Bothers from computer glitches (4)
25 Physician to take off cover (5)
27 Indian dish for one in Indian chariot (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at IXL-2015 Prelim 2


The Sunday Crossword (2873), Sunday 27 Dec 2015

1   Protective covering quickly attached to vehicle (8) CARAPACE {CAR}{APACE}
5   Problem created by show-off (5) POSER [DD]
9   Set out east and cross level area (7) EXPLAIN {E}{X}{PLAIN}
10 Spoke angrily, having become influenced (7) GROWLED {GROW}{LED}
11 Conclusion of prayer almost correct (4) AMEN AMENd
12 Unwarranted disorder of August riot (10) GRATUITOUS*
14 Brilliant and smart, securing century, batting until middle of day (13) SCINTILLATING {S{C}{IN}{TILL}{dAy}TING}
17 Book following mad hero's search involving old sea creature (9,4) HORSESHOE CRAB {B} after {HERO'S+SEARCH+O}*
19 Cartoon clowns stumble (5,5) COMIC STRIP {COMIC S}{TRIP}
21 Gain diamonds in turn (4) WIND {WIN}{D}
23 Note start of tour through north of Baltic state (7) LATVIAN {LA}{Tour}{VIA}{N}
24 Secure, holding nerve about cultivation (7) TILLAGE {TI{LLAG<=}E}
25 Abrupt arbiter settled cases (5) TERSE [T]
26 Evocative colour Oscar supplied (8) REDOLENT {RED}{O}{LENT}

1   Concern initially about vessel containing small crack (8) CREVASSE {Co...n}{RE}{VAS{S}E}
2   Supply assistant, admitting offence, completely upset (9) REPLENISH {REPLE{NIS}H}<=
3   Put under pressure in drama (4) PLAY {P}{LAY}
4   Strange change in latter system keeping place warm (7,7) CENTRAL HEATING*
5   Forbidden expert, disguised, grabbing snack (10) PROHIBITED {PRO}{HI{BITE}D}
6   Barrage of colossal volume (5) SALVO [T]
7   Ingredient of salad presented by artist on plate (6) RADISH {RA}{DISH}
8   Crime writer's novel has tragic hate consuming one (6,8) AGATHA CHRISTIE {1} in {HAS+TRAGIC+HATE}*
13 Pretty busy after a dry run (10) ATTRACTIVE {A}{TT}{R}{ACTIVE}
15 Airmen get trained and develop (9) GERMINATE*
16 Base that is held by criminal not yielding (8) OBEDIENT {BED}{IE} in {NOT}*
18 Carve stone inlaid with copper disc (6) SCULPT {S{CU}{LP}T}
20 Drive miles round hill (5) MOTOR {M}{O}{TOR}
22 Fables not without odd features too (4) ALSO {fAbLeS}{nOt}


Saturday 26 December 2015

Special Announcement

Since there is no CW in the print edition as well as in the epaper, I will publish at 8:30 AM today one of the 15 x 15 CWs used in the preliminary rounds of the IXL Finals which was held yesterday. The second one will be posted tomorrow. and both the CWs used in the final on stage round will be posted next Sunday

Friday 25 December 2015

No 11584, Friday 25 Dec 2015, Anon


1   Prospective groom’s fund missing new source (6) FIANCE FInANCE
4   One replaces a knife with shovel (6) DIGGER D(-a+1)1GGER
9   Forbid extract of clove tobacco (4) VETO [T]
10 Receptionists fasten returning officials? (4,6) ROOM CLERKS {ROOM<=} {CLERKS}
11 Repents decapitating herons (6) EGRETS rEGRETS
12 Lampoon social evil’s advance (8) SATIRISE {SATI}{RISE}
13 This might be a revealing form of entertainment (5,4) STRIP SHOW [CD]
15 Run away with returning European to last refuge (5) ELOPE {ELOP<=}{r..gE}
16 Right to behead trainer of insect (5) ROACH (-c+r)ROACH
18 Trickster to burn South African province retreat (9) CHARLATAN {CHAR}{LATAN<=}
22 Let slip that artist protects first lady of the French democratic leader (8) REVEALED {R{EVE}A}{LE}{De...c}
23 Fruit for father? Yes! (6) PAPAYA {PAPA}{YA}
25 Monarchs of the Soviet get rid of Income Tax rules (10) SOVEREIGNS {SOViEt}{REIGNS}
26 Cut, sent back rolls (4) SNUB <=
27 Somehow athletes lose a final game in Jewish village (6) SHTETL aTHLeTES*
28 Attempts to answer, starting off with compositions (6) ASSAYS {A}{eSSAYS}

1   Fear grips last one in carriage (7) FREIGHT {FR{onE}IGHT}
2   Abode made from brick (5) ADOBE*
3   Dead bodies right amongst the bushes (7) CORPSES {CO{R}PSES}
5   Prompt company to be semi-polite (6) INCITE {INC}{polITE}
6   Irregular to change sides in irregular confusion (9) GUERRILLA IRREGULA(-r+l)L*
7   Discovers empty artwork in torn purse (5,2) RAKES UP {R{Ar...rK}ES UP*}
8   Gets good ethos somehow but becomes ruined (4,2,3,4) GOES TO THE DOGS*
14 Changing sides during expansion is nasty (9) INCLEMENT INC{-r+l)LEMENT
17 Difficult for one to curtail anger (7) ONEROUS {ONE}{ROUSe}
19 Rests, consumes father’s meals (7) REPASTS {RE{PA}STS}
20 Shelters a Yankee leader in run-down neighbourhoods (7) ASYLUMS {A}{S{Ya...e}LUMS}
21 Wealthy, lose a fortune initially, become liquid (6) FLUENT afFLUENT
24 Father has confused Turkish military leader (5) PASHA {PA}{HAS*}

Thursday 24 December 2015

No 11583, Thursday 24 Dec 2015, Vulcan

1   Understanding a case (7) PATIENT [DD]
5, 22 ac. That which manages dirty clothes at home (7,7) WASHING MACHINE [E] (Addendum - {WHICH+MANAGES}* around {IN} - See comments)
9   One who psychoanalyses the criminal (9) THERAPIST {THE}{RAPIST}
10 Smells of jalapeno's essence (5) NOSES [T]
11 This lake still exists (4,3) DEAD SEA [GK]
12 Hitchcock, primarily a film director, one who thought he was superior (7) HAUTEUR {Hi...k}{AUTEUR}
13 It's illegal to drink this nonsense (9) MOONSHINE [DD]
15 Electric current is stored in a plate (4) DISC {D{IS}C}
17 Deprived, deprived of right to get this meat (4) BEEF BErEFt
18 Twisted lowly republican caught in the act (9) MEANDERED {MEAN}{DE{R}ED}
25 Member’s in with a drink, say (7) INSIDER {IN}{SIDER}(~cider)
26 To break up is mostly hard (5) SEVER SEVERe
27 Woman's power to give a speech and let off steam (9) EVAPORATE {EVA}{P}{ORATE}
28 Satisfaction gotten from a place selling food, good hot tempura for starters (7) DELIGHT {DELI}{G}{H}{Te...a}
29 Constant need to expand and acquire large ship (7) ENDLESS {END{L}E*}{SS}

1   German city's infamous spot, a wall (7) POTSDAM {SPOT}*{DAM}
2   Finally got sick — red meat contained round worm (9) TREMATODE {goT}{RED+MEAT}* around {O}
3   Sees all over the place, circles round and slips away (7) ELAPSES {LAP} in {SEES}*
4   Clip covering Asian Island's primitive beliefs (9) TRIBALISM {BALI'S} in {TRIM}
5   A thing that is said for a magician (5) WITCH (~which)
6   Enough booze to leave drunk in the end, wicked (6) SINFUL SkINFUL
7   Publish a topic (5) ISSUE [DD]
8   Stomach is big? A stricter eating gives the answer (7) GASTRIC [T]
14 Time say, not a time to kill (9) ERADICATE {ERA}{DICtATE}
16 Shed light on Island's topography, basically in arid area that's mostly hostile (9) IRRADIATE {I}+{To...y} in {ARID +AREa}*
17 Remain married, old and confused (7) BEMUSED {BE}{M}{USED}
19 Dance on the road making unpleasant sounds (7) DISCORD {DISCO}{RD}
20 Gets gloomy in shelter, it’s inside a tunnel, scary initially (7) DARKENS {D{ARK}EN}{Scary}
21 Angry mob leaving, fiery imbroglio in an otherwise boring place (3,3) OIL RIG  ImbRoGLIO*
23 Find fault in computer program's file format, it's large (5) CAVIL {C}{AVI}{L}
24 Discuss during the lecture (5) ELECT [T]

Wednesday 23 December 2015

No 11582, Wednesday 23 Dec 2015, Lightning

Crisp definitions from Lightning

1   Clear-cut argument against councillor settled evenly (8) CONCRETE {CON}{CR}{sEtTlEd}
5   Grand conclusion in North America breaking record (6) FINALE {FI{NA}LE}
9   Democrat nearly has to change course in period of recession (8) DOWNTURN {D}{OWNs}{TURN}
10 Heist to steal royal necklace, say (6) STRING {R} in {STING}
12 Suggest slim plywood walls (5) IMPLY [T]
13 PM in pursuit of nuclear option, overrules national leaders (9) AFTERNOON {AFTER}{Nu...r}{Op...n}{Ov...s}{Na...l}
14 Earth for one, is special at present (6) SPHERE {SP}{HERE}
16 Get ready before cut back (7) PREPARE {PRE}{PARE}
19 Decline a prize (7) ATROPHY {A}{TROPHY}
21 Untidy mat has caused respiratory illness (6) ASTHMA*
23 Type of document describing account (9) CHARACTER {CHARTER} around {AC}
25 Sip some tea with speed after commencement (5) TASTE {Tea}{hASTE}
26 Line from thesis about resistance (6) TROPIC {T{R}OPIC}
27 Conclude international gold is poor in quality (8) INFERIOR {INFER}{I}{OR}
28 Head of company to present unfinished energy providing beverage (6) COFFEE {Co...y}{OFFEr}{E}
29 Very few edges of Gillespie go through fielding position after first spell (8) SMIDGEON {S}{Gi..pE} in {MID-ON} after {Spell}

1   Dishonourable man to stop living with assistant (6) CADDIE {CAD}{DIE}
2   Four points by essay on The Guardian, perhaps (9) NEWSPAPER {N}{E}{W}{S}{PAPER}
3   Rogue disheartened by attempt to prosecute again (5) RETRY {RoguE}{TRY}
4   Carter raced to protect open area (7) TERRACE [T]
6   Recent tip criminal cut off (9) INTERCEPT*
7   A male police officer and old friend (5) AMIGO {A}{M}{IG}{O}
8   Design locomotive with electric rotor to begin with (8) ENGINEER {ENGINE}{El...c}{Ro..r}
11 Block second spinner (4) STOP {S}{TOP}
15 Smoke hemp with a magnitude of stress (9) EMPHASIZE {HEMP*}{A}{SIZE}
17 Member cities arranged truce (9) ARMISTICE {ARM}{CITIES*}
18 Rushed back to bed with one essentially effective painkiller (8) NARCOTIC }NAR<=}{COT}{1}{effeCtive}
20 Still one mythical creature (4) YETI {YET}{1}
21 Mark following a close friend to NASA? (7) ACRONYM {A}{CRONY}{M}
22 Cell essentially lacking subatomic particle (6) NEURON NEUtRON
24 A person without intelligence is rejected, becomes reserved (5) ALOOF {A}{LOOF<=}
25 About to split small step (5) TREAD {RE} in {TAD}

Tuesday 22 December 2015

No 11581, Tuesday 22 Dec 2015, Skulldugger

Trouble in the SW corner.

5   Undergo detailed transformation to make verb form (6) GERUND UNDERGo*
6   Leader of elves follows Santa with article (6) CLAUSE {CLAUS}{Elves}
9   Regain consciousness in bed holding setter with love (4,2) COME TO {CO{ME} T}{O}
10 Discerns inaccurately and countermands (8) RESCINDS*
11 Make out during break-up song (4) SNOG*
12 Braid had ya going mad during disastrous spell (3,4,3) BAD HAIR DAY*
13 Where criminals hang out as part of sentence? (11) CONJUNCTION {CON}{JUNCTION}
18 Mark of possession that's perhaps too obscure (10) APOSTROPHE* My COD
21 Vexed, upset by desire (4) EROS <=
22 Sound elements doctor downloaded into cells (8) (Addendum - PHONEMES {ME} in {PHONES} - See comments)
23 Systematic orderly structure reportedly leads to duty on alcohol, for instance (3,3) SIN TAX (~ syntax)
24 Road surface could be “car mat”? (6) TARMAC*
25 Many a freshwater carnivore flounders around after decapitation (6) OTTERS tOTTERS

1   Properly organised opera gig might feature one (8) ARPEGGIO* &lit
2   Lay to rest nurse and doctor who embraced void after end of shift (6) ENTOMB {EN}{shifT}{O}{MB}
3   A thing of superior quality — affirmative action perhaps! (5,3) CLASS ACT {DD?Anno pending See comments
4   Younger panel member heartlessly besieges Northern Ireland (6) JUNIOR {NI} in {JUrOR}
5   Justification for yesterday's grind (6) GROUND How do we classify this clue? [DD] - See comments
7   Make appealing, even extremely expensive (6) ENDEAR {EveN}{DEAR}
8   Rotting pads decomposing in remote commercial establishment (7,4) TRADING POST*
14 I, being French, admire sad lamentation (8) JEREMIAD {JE}{ADMIRE*}
15 Hero's sweetheart pursuing love's bloom (8) OLEANDER {O}{LEANDER}
16 Happy hunter's final result (6) UPBEAT UPSHOT ? {UP}{SHOT} - See comments
17 Slippery creatures' conventions in speech (6) MORAYS (~mores)
19 More than one way to preserve a tomato? (6) (Addendum - SUNDRY [DD] )
20 Substitute trapezist leaving pit acrobatically (6) ERSATZ TRApEZiSt

Monday 21 December 2015

No 11580, Monday 21 Dec 2015, Incognito

I'm seeing and hearing double today. I wonder if it's the effect of the drinks at the celebrations over the last three days with the Madras Sappers!!!

8   Indian uncle's American mother (4) MAMA [DD]
9   Reckless auction endlessly rigged in India and the States (10) INCAUTIOUS {AUCTIOn}* in {IN}{US}
10 Child goes back twice to antelope (3-3) DIK-DIK <=
11 He croons around boat (8) SCHOONER*
12 Arab boor toured Pacific island (4,4) BORA BORA*
14 After turn, one pot is returned to a fabulous island (6) UTOPIA {U}{TOP}{1}<={A}
16 Planter’s stake (4) ANTE [T]
17 Lucifer's game (5) MATCH [DD]
18 Remove from operation theatre in America? Quite the opposite! (4) OUST {O{US}T}
19 Tintin's dance? (6) CANCAN {CAN}{CAN}

21 Goodbye toast (4-4) CHIP-CHIP [DD] From 'Goodbye Mr Chips'? (Addendum - CHIN-CHIN [DD] - See comments)
23 A rag is returned by chief with money for some gelatinous substance (4-4) AGAR-AGAR {A}{GAR<=} {AGA}{R}
26 Kolkata's airport area’s forbidden ordnance (3,3) DUM DUM [DD]
27 Kenyan conservation area's non-government organisation gets royal order twice (10) NGORONGORO {NGO}{R}{O} x 2 How do we pronounce that!
28 Hear about bird (4) RHEA*

1   Carolina, if reformed can become The Golden State (10) CALIFORNIA*
2   Cobra's enemy's plant (8) MANDRAKE [DD]
3   Going around with king, leads to maidenhair tree (6) GINKGO {K} in {GOING}*
4   Broken case for top cards (4) ACES*
5   Quiet! Quiet! It's top secret! (4-4) HUSH-HUSH {HUSH}-{HUSH}
6   Male escort initially got a girl and open lips osculation for starters (6) GIGOLO {Got}{1}{G} {Open}{Lips}{Os...n}
7   Greek letter carried by the French animal (4) MULE {MU}{LE}
13 Funny act has funny action after dropping an egg (5) ANTIC ACTIoN*
15 Starts educational establishments (10) INSTITUTES [DD]
17 Adam, for example, is getting on and running (8) MANAGING {MAN}{AGING}
18 Encore — danced around Missouri again (4,4) ONCE MORE {MO} in {ENCORE}*
20 Relieve from disease using a red poison (6) CURARE {CUR{A}{R}E}
22 No radio broadcast without primary antenna inside (6) INDOOR {NO+RaDIO}*
24 Legal officer in Georgia is mad (4) GAGA {AG} in {GA}
25 Othello, perhaps, returned to living area (4) ROOM <=


Sunday 20 December 2015

Special, Sunday 20 Dec 2015, Sridhar Krishnan

Welcome to our new setter Sridhar Krishnan. Compliments and brickbats on the CW are welcome.
Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations to be compulsorily provided with answers)
As far as possible please try to put all your answers under one comment.

1   King of Judah, vagrant buried in a lot of paper (8)
5   Almost fire back at composer losing key to African palace (6)
10 Attendant's sweetheart leaves baseball team (5)
11 Restores confidence of backward country lacking unity in prophet (9)
12 Turns politician back, first-timer replacing last veteran (7)
13 State of neutron housed where it belongs in retrospect (7)
14 Lifeline for worryingly bulimic daughter consuming ground coral (9,4)
19 They instruct a lot of fish attending golf tournament (13)
25 Disease, mental disorder one's in (7)
27 Mogul, an attraction, one's told (7)
28 Fighter, boy, one swallowed by croc (9)
29 Fit for a king, drink is rejected (5)
30 Theatre's first actor shows appreciation (6)
31 Desperate state, one more, for conductor (8)

1   Priest before worship (6)
2   Babe, perhaps, following head first, flat out misleading (9)
3   Bozo's topper, silly hat, yet sent up to get a cleaning here (7)
4   Spray also-ran hugging topless hero (7)
6   Weapons left after a snare is spread (7)
7   Graduate drinking rum cocktail in former country (5)
8   Conserves heritage leader of American groups (8)
9   Photographer climbs pointlessly to treetop to see runway (6)
15 The Italian protecting lady is unwell (3)
16 He leaves the hub for painting (3)
17 Merriment without pause after Mafia bosses are decapitated for carnage (9)
18 Grated carrot tips and cored oranges for mollusc (8)
20 Honour woven silk monument (7)
21 Transform Greek letter gallery (6)
22 Warriors from island concealing recovering addicts drinking alcohol (bottoms up) (7)
23 Devour excitedly, go green (7)
24 All clear is blown, Al leaves basement (6)
26 Beast trapped in squall, a marsupial (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at SRIDHAR KRISHNAN 1


The Sunday Crossword (2872), Sunday 20 Dec 2015

1   Red borders in fleece (7) CRIMSON {C{RIMS}ON}
5   Airman with uncertainty in film, not aggressive (7) PACIFIC {P{AC}{IF}IC}
9   Rare object, endlessly old, sorted then crushed (4,2,3,6) THIN ON THE GROUND {THINg} {O}{N THE*} {GROUND}
10 Domain covered by clear enactment (5) ARENA [T]
11 Alien, quite altered alien back in good form (9) ETIQUETTE {ET}{QUITE*}{TE<=}
12 English spies in division with unknown strength (10) SPECIALITY {SP{E}{CIA}LIT}{Y}
14 Price? Not even shilling (4) ODDS {ODD}{S}
16 Endured weary drill (4) BORE [MD]
17 Record retreat involving me in denial (10) DISCLAIMER {DISC}{LAI{ME}R}
20 Dispatched to guard area with stuff for ritual (9) SACRAMENT {S{A}{CRAM}ENT}
22 Extracted opinion in hearing (5) MINED (~mind)
23 Regardless of circumstances in romance, hero is prepared (4,4,2,5) COME RAIN OR SHINE*
24 Bad snag ruined element of flood protection (7) SANDBAG*
25 Licences, tons ending in pile in rubbish (7) PATENTS {PA{T}{pilE}NTS}

1   Kind of sword characters regularly seen in court always use (7) CUTLASS {CoUrT}{aLwAyS}{uSe}
2   Song from one with nice whim, far out of order, grabbing attention (2,1,4,1,4,3) IF I WERE A RICH MAN {1}{F I WER{E A R}ICH MAN*}

3   Fresh crop said to be scattered (8) SPORADIC*
4   Fool about with ingredient of gunpowder (5) NITRE {NIT}{RE}
5   Sanctimonious tips I cite after conversion (9) PIETISTIC*
6   Relax initially during cruise at sea, ignoring eastern cloud (6) CIRRUS {Re..x} in  {CRUISe}*
7   Boundary hostility brought about hard, gloomy time (6,9) FOURTH DIMENSION {FOUR}{T{H} {DIM}ENSION}
8   Chapter on start of disco set in American clubs (7) CUDGELS {C}{U{Disco}{GEL}S}
13 Lingering, having injured leg in riot (9) LOITERING*
15 Spoil second series of games, being a monkey (8) MARMOSET {MAR}{MO}{SET}
16 Crosses, dry in parts (7) BISECTS {BI{SEC}TS}
18 Put clothes on again? Correct (7) REDRESS [DD]
19 Capital city some remember, gazing northward (6) ZAGREB [T<=]
21 Bad time coming up for military unit (5) TROOP {T}{ROOP}<=


Saturday 19 December 2015

No 11579, Saturday 19 Dec 2015, Incognito


7   Oracle acquired this // type of coffee // from Raja Varma (4) JAVA (T)
8   On water, Red Army thug slid uncontrollably (10) AQUAPLANED {AQUA}{PLA}{NED}
10 Bachelor gets credit, I hear, with son for brightly coloured fabrics (6) BATIKS {BA}{~TICK}{S}

11 A journalist having low weight came down (8) ALIGHTED {A}{LIGHT}{ED}
12 X 3.5 = Result of Deep Thought? (5-3) FORTY-TWO (Math+Gk)
14 Knock out doctor with half of dose for a reptile (6) KOMODO {KO}{MO}{DOse}

16 Assault on // a fortified emplacement of guns (7) BATTERY (DD)
18 Football cup made from E-marked material (7) MERDEKA {E MARKED}*
21 State: "Irma violently captures couple of ladies" (6) AFFIRM {IRMA}* around FF
23 Every oracle loses a round and changes - this means you can come out of hiding (3,5) ALL CLEAR {ALL}{oRACLE*}
25 Local birds start to attack six local animals (8) AVIFAUNA {Attack}{VI}{FAUNA}
27 Messed up hair around U.P. can get you money (6) RUPIAH {HAIR*} around UP
29 Denkali man tangentially covers Borneo (10) KALIMANTAN (T)
30 Beginning to mate behind menagerie? Run ... (4) ZOOM {ZOO}{Mate}


1   A throw back by soldier resulted in a curve (8) PARABOLA {PARA}{BOL A<=}
2   Bail can be arranged in city (4) BALI {BAIL*}
3   King leaves container for small hound (6) BASSET {BAS(-k+S)ET}
4   Manage a second kiosk finally and go mad (3,4) RUN AMOK {RUN}{A}{MO}{kiosK}
5   Throw marlinspike! Not bad! Aim and pepper! (8) SPRINKLE {maRLiNSPIKE}*
6   Clean The Evergreen State briefly (4) WASH {WASHington}
9   Correct! Aim around setter (5) EMEND {E{ME}ND}
13 African tribal trade union sit out (5) TUTSI {TU}{SIT*}
15 Gong for last bread in repast (5) MEDAL {ME{breaD}AL}
17 After Burma migration, Brown gets fruit (8) RAMBUTAN {BURMA*}{TAN}

19 On the radio, crack a toe on a volcanic island that disappeared (8) KRAKATOA {~CRACK A TOE}{A}{~CRACK A TOE} See comments
20 Jammu and Kashmir architect's road traffic analysis, to start with, for capital (7) JAKARTA (Acrostic)
22 Tempestuous love affair in absence of cultivated flair leads to depression (5) FOVEA {lOVE AFfair}*
24 Wild cat has a primarily round-shaped sound box (6) LARYNX {L{A}{R}YNX}
26 Have a bit of fish and water in Indonesia's flea market (4) FAIR {F}{AIR}
28 Author turned up and returned small quantity (4) PUZO {PU<=}{Z0<=}


Friday 18 December 2015

No 11578, Friday 18 Dec 2015, Arden

  1 Study the ground and link it to game (8,6)  CONTRACT BRIDGE :: Charade of CON TRACT and BRIDGE
10  Keen observer gets an excellent score (5) EAGLE :: DD
11  Dried skin? People wrap dry towel on top (9) PARCHMENT :: MEN in PARCH T
12  Church gets one to serve (7) MINSTER :: If I is included in MINSTER, you get Minister (v.) serve
13  Basic skill in Bridge (7) SPARTAN :: ART in SPAN
14  Retracing, some we serrate and stitch again (5) RESEW :: rev hidden in somE WE SERrate
16  Military science nicely overlooked -- making truce (9) ARMISTICE ::  Deleting NICELY from  MILITARYSCIENCE and jumbling the rest
19  Ban study? It's banned (9) FORBIDDEN :: Cha of  FORBID DEN
20  It's logical to go out and find a flower (5) LILAC :: Deleting GO from LOGICAL and jumbling the rest
22  Collects inside information, rejects savings (4,3) NEST EGG :: Put GETS in GEN and reverse the result GGETSEN
25  Local part defective, gets low review (7) TAPROOM ::  cha of anag of PART and rev of MOO (v., to low, to bellow)
27  Pantry, however has space (5,4) STILL ROOM :: Cha of STILL and ROOM
28  Pacific Island adds bit of spice to an Indian delicacy (5) SAMOA :: If you insert S in SAMOA you get SAMOSA 
29  Battle arena for those wishing to unite (10,4) ENGAGEMENT RING :: Cha of ENGAGEMENT and RING
   2  Official promoting some resin  -- a grouting (9) ORGANISER :: rev hidden inRESIN A GROuting
   3  River / trip... (5) TRENT :: DD
   4  ...and a man on the beach holds each (9) AMPERSAND :: PER in A M SAND
   5  Doughnut for example -- it's rejected by foreign tourists (5) TORUS :: deleting ITS from TOURISTS and jumbling the rest
   6  What one picks up during genuine practice (9) REHEARSAL :: HEARS in REAL
   7  Lived and died with a mark (5) DWELT :: cha of D and WELT
   8  Come in shortly, note absence of love and understanding (7) ENTENTE :: Cha of ENTE[r] and NTE, after delting O from Note
   9  Where a merchant keeps a tool (6) REAMER ::  hidden in wheRe A MERchant
 15  We get hit and lose strength for showing peaceful intentions (5,4) WHITE FLAG :: HIT in WE plus FLAG (v.):: 
 17  Dwarf packs a lot of destructive power (9) :: Answer and anno to be provided by any reader
 18  Ellan Vannin's son -- if male by accident (4,2,3) ISLE OF MAN :: anag of SON IF MALE
 19  Diplomacy is a tricky manoeuvre (7) FINESSE :: DD
 21  War film about doctor (6) COMBAT :: COAT going around MB
 23  Smart / cheat (5) STING ;; DD
 24  Finally, living space for a life partner (5) GROOM :: cha of [livin]G ROOM
 26  Question / a model (5) POSER :: DD