Tuesday 23 April 2024

No 14156, Tuesday 23 Apr 2024, Dr. X

Solution to 17D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Reviewed excellent book in outstanding discussion (8) DIALOGUE {D{A1<=}{LOG}UE}
5   Thrash husband in office - chasing women! (6) WRITHE {RIT{H}E}<=>{W}
10 Rocky after end of round, knocked out (7) DRUGGED {RUGGED}<=>{r..nD}
11 Implants hip with small incision, revolutionary (7) INSTILS {IN}{S}{SLIT<=}
12 Tongue in meal at inn (5) LATIN [T]
13 Turning surgical beam around, pick up drill (9) REHEARSAL {RE{HEAR}SAL<=}
14 Remarkably on a roll, fine girl is uncompromising (3-2-7) ALL-OR-NOTHING {ON+A+ROLL}*{THIN}{G}
18 & 23 Where surfer might be enjoying a run of success (2,3,5,2,1,4) ON THE CREST OF A WAVE [DD}
21 Displays a rampant, abnormal growth of cells (9) DYSPLASIA*
23 See 18
24 Unruly imp about to devour English dish (4,3) MEAT PIE {M{EAT}PI*}{E}
25 Letch slyly filming a model in thong (7) LATCHET {L{A}{T}CHET*}
26 New drug smuggled by reckless drug pusher (6) NUDGER {N}{UDG{E}R*}
27 Old film about time travel at inauguration is theatrical (8) OPERATIC {O}{P{ERA}{Tr...l}IC}

1   Led astray after drinking rum in picnic (6) DODDLE {D{ODD}LE*}
2   Sharpness of unionist in American town (6) ACUITY {A}{C{U}ITY}
3   Egg allergen affected specialised part of cell (9) ORGANELLE {O}{ALLERGEN*}
4   Sick, surrounded in wraps - man's emaciated (14) UNDERNOURISHED {SURROUNDED+IN}* over {HE}
6   Scoundrel abducting son, a dreaded Jamaican perhaps? (5) RASTA {RA{S}T}{A}
7   Error to capture pawn after time trouble in state of panic (8) TAILSPIN {S{P}IN}<=>{T}{AIL}
8   Institute in Senegal transformed process of preserving fodder (8) ENSILAGE {ENS{I}LAGE*}
9   Perky comedian perfects voice-over without distress (4,4,4,2) WITH ONES TAIL UP {WIT}{HONES}{T{AIL}UP<=}
15 Favoured fork to eat salad (4,5) TOOK AFTER*
16 Hunters pursue small opossum finally into lair (8) WOODSMEN {WOO}{D{S}{o...uM}EN}
17 Reportedly international model turned despondent, tackling bulimia essentially (2,2,4) ?T ?S ?A?D () 
19 Importance of pain in both sides of chest (6) CACHET {Che{ACHE}sT}
20 Feverish man with cold and spasm (6) HECTIC {HE}{C}{TIC}
22 Slip in base after drinks (5) LAPSE {E}<=>{LAPS}

Reference List
Husband = H, Women = W, Hip = IN, Small = S, Girl = G, English = E, Model = T, New = N, Drug = E, Old = O, Unionist = U, American = A, Son = S, Pawn = P, Time = T, Institute = I, Cold = C, Base = E

Monday 22 April 2024

No 14155, Monday 22 Apr 2024, Dr. X

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   One looking to get a good deal naughtier with new bra, kinky (7,6) BARGAIN HUNTER {NAUGHTIER+N+BRA}*
 Lady in group, initially obese, getting a heavenly body (5) PLUTO {P{L}UT}{Ob..e}
9   Thief is silent, slyly stealing fancy car (9) LARCENIST {L{CAR*}ENIST*}
11 Criminal in a boat infiltrated by detectives, about to surrender (10) ABDICATION {IN+A+BOAT}* over {CID<=}
12 Separate from husband, wanting change (4) SIFT ShIFT
14 Arouses strong passion with drink (5,2) FIRES UP {F}{IRE}{SUP}
16 Bit of Chanel for model, great perfume (7) INCENSE IN(-t+c)CENSE
17 Pastries covered by mould, most substandard (7) ROPIEST {RO{PIES}T}
19 French artist and damsel cuddling at start of exhibition (7) MATISSE {M{AT}ISS}{Ex...n}
21 Maudlin lyrics enthral thoroughly (4) INLY [T]
22 Only remaining option for starlets desperately wanting lead in films (4,6) LAST RESORT {fOR+STARLETS}*
25 Dress up bride more extravagantly (9) EMBROIDER*
26 Throwing one rope to save person who is doomed (5) GONER [T]
27 X-ray with anterior end of coronoid fractured is unusual (13) EXTRAORDINARY {X+RAY+ANTERIOR+c...iD}*

2   Top doctor and a nurse, drifting apart (7) ASUNDER {Do...r+A+NURSE}*
3   Get closer perhaps after drinking rum heartily in English city (10) GLOUCESTER {GET+CLOSER}* over {rUm}
4   Lives on rent in small island (5) ISLET {IS}{LET}
5   Sing to entertain, roaming endlessly, playing musical instrument (9) HARMONIUM {H{ROAMINg*}UM}
6   Retired chaps conserving oriental tree (4) NEEM {ME{E}N<=}
7   Issue of rebellion ousting head of state (7) EDITION sEDITION
8   Stall serving starter of meat pie outside lodge by castle (4,3,4) PLAY FOR TIME {Meat+PIE}* over {LAY}{FORT}
10 Where tenant's complaints go exactly (2,3,6) TO THE LETTER [DD]
13 Caught with target slaughtered, star conceals firearm (10) SCATTERGUN {C+TARGET}* in {SUN}
15 Finish golf stroke, employing power to speed up ball (3,4,2) PUT PAID TO {PUT{P}{AID}T}{O}
18 Sick boy overwhelmed by viral disease - getting case containing medicine (7) PILLBOX {P{ILL}{B}OX}
20 One who's contemptuous of striker's first free kick (7) SCORNER {St...r}{CORNER}
23 Knocking back Italian wine, getting drowsy (5) TIRED {IT<=}{RED}
24 Tower's burning, I hear (4) ?O?R (Addendum - SOAR (~sore) - See comments)

Reference List
New = N, Lady = L, Husband = H, Strong = F, Model = T, Oriental = E, Caught = C, Power = P, Boy = B, Italian = IT

Sunday 21 April 2024

Special, Sunday 21 Apr 2024, Ghaza

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3303, Sunday 21 Apr 2024

1   Polar animal's stomach? (4) BEAR [DD]
3   Performing culinary operation on – foolishly – rock pigeon (10) PRECOOKING*
9   In conversation, much time shared by you and me (4) OURS (~hours)
10 Eggs and lice covering rancid president's workplace (4,6) OVAL OFFICE {OVA}{L{OFF}ICE}
11 Cheers that man, earlier sad, starting to brood (4,3,5) DOWN THE HATCH {HE}<=>{DOWN}{To} and {HATCH}
15 Sluggishness, batting: time to win it back? (7) INERTIA {IN}{ER{IT<=}A}
16 Dog's cross: that is, a little labradoodle (7) SPANIEL {SPAN}{IE}{La...e}
17 Unbroken, like a Manx cat? (7) ENDLESS [DD]
19 Colloquially, largest; most like the ocean? (7) TIDIEST [DD]
20 Some sets of twins resemble each other (7,5) DOUBLES MATCH {DOUBLES}{MATCH}
23 Trade ideas, wild wishes (10) DESIDERATA*
24 Illegally assist a venture (4) ABET {A}{BET}
25 Flights that may lead to landings? (10) STAIRCASES [CD]
26 Step back, seeing Afghans, Abyssinians, etc? (4) PETS<=

1   Dilapidated sideboards getting batterings (10) BROADSIDES*
2   So, hardware flying around? (10) ARROWHEADS* &lit
4   Region including villas in exclusive resort areas, primarily? (7) RIVIERA Acrostic &lit
5   Blearily recalls wine in large amounts (7) CELLARS*
6   Ministry of Defence to get 'non-clerical' if Foreign Office to retire bureaucrats (11) OFFICIALDOM {MOD}{LAIC}{IF}{FO}<=
7   Everyman is to receive visitor, finally: one bearing large showy flowers (4) IRIS {I}{v...oR}{IS}
8   Celt's outburst can be heard (4) GAEL (~gale)
12 Champion with spine, usually? (5-6) TITLE-HOLDER [C&DD]
13 Note, twice: establishment for racehorses where multiplication is demanded (5,5) TIMES TABLE {TI}{ME}{STABLE}
14 Hot drinks or dry Rieslings? (4,6) FLAT WHITES {FLAT}{WHITES}
18 I will be found in Balkan state: bold to move to find unwelcoming place (7) SIBERIA {I} in {S(+b)BER(-b)IA}
19 Well-earnt rest, leisurely accepting support (7) TRESTLE [T]
21 Poems praising systems of regulation not started (4) ODES cODES
22 Accept only part of repurchase agreement, being in the Black? (4) ASEA [T]

Reference List
Batting = IN, Non=clerical = LAIC, Note = TI, ME, Bold = B

Saturday 20 April 2024

No 14154, Saturday 20 Apr 2024, Afterdark

1   Attention; it's party time after criminal Oscar is put in can (13) CONSIDERATION {SIDE}{RA} after {CON} with {TI{O}N} Time/RA?
10 Returns from international breaks after end of leave (9) INTERESTS {INT}{l..vE}{RESTS}
11 Notify the French in drawing (5) ALERT {A{LE}RT}
12 Shocks husband with look and sexy top (5) HAIRS {H}{AIR}{Sexy}
13 Pleasure in morning exercise? Meant heartlessly (9) AMUSEMENT {AM}{USE}{MEaNT} 
14 Desserts after two smalls, a bite of turkey and salmon (6) SWEETS {S}{WEE}{Tu...y}{Sa...n}
16 Composed the second half of the phrase (4) CALM {cool and CALM} ?
19 Force = ma? And kinetic energy (4) MAKE {MA}{KE}
20 Leading instructor shares examples (6) IDEALS {In...r}{DEALS}
25 Responding to a news broadcast on phone... (9) ANSWERING {A+NEWS}*{RING} 
26 ...grin and stay mum in laborious exigencies primarily (5) SMILE Acrostic
27 I love artwork displayed in the front road (5) TRAIL {I}{L}<=>{ART}*
28 In the absence of leader, shortcoming leads to reflection (9) IMITATION lIMITATION
29 Appliances have errors, frigate damaged (13) REFRIGERATORS*

2   No time to exit, seconds to get in to fetch plans (8) OUTLINES {OUTL{IN}Et}{S} 
3   Orders for ship to detain soldiers getting tense (5) SORTS {S{OR}{T}S}
4   Deputy taking wrong aims in distress (6) DISMAY {D{AIMS*}Y}
5   Soldier's sharp these days having supplies (8) RESOURCE {RE}{SOUR}{CE}
6   Laver dealt without ace, served and progressed (9) TRAVELLED {LAVER+DEaLT}*
7   Launched old writer with editor's backing (6) OPENED {O}{PEN}{ED}
8   Resistance against force, wars can lead to sanctions (6) RIGHTS (-f+r)RIGHTS
9   Capitals of Sikkim, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Telangana and one final land (5) STATE {Si...m}{Tr...a}{Ar...h}{Te...a}{onE}
15 At the end, dinars exchanged for rands by this 6 down person (9) TRAVELLER TRAVELLE(-d+r)R
17 Sleeping in, writer takes week off , gets disturbed by midnight (8) RETIRING {IN+wRITER}*{niGht}
18 Nothing, mother-in-law's liar, crossed line everyday (8) FAMILIAR {FA}{MIL}{lIAR}
21 Pseudo man is evicted in meeting (6) SEEING SEEmING
22 Delays the intervals (5) WAITS [DD]
23 Establishment worried about development (6) ESTATE {EST}{ATE}
24 Undergraduate's story on leading Reader is more hideous (6) UGLIER {UG}{LIE}{Re...r}
26 Sharp prick (5) SMART [DD]

Reference List
The in French = LE, Husband = H, Small = S, Love = L, Time = T, Second = S, Ship = SS, Soldiers = OR, Tense = T, Deputy = DY, Soldier = RE(Royal Engineers), These days = CE, Ace = A, Old = O, Editor = ED, Resistance = R, Force = F, Dinars = D, Rands  =R, Week = W, Nothing = FA(Fanny Adams), Line = L, Man = M, Establishment = EST, Undergraduate = UG

Friday 19 April 2024

No 14153, Friday 19 Apr 2024, Afterdark

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Mostly, muscletend to repair with emollients (10) DEMULCENTS {MUSCLEs+TEND}*
6   Prohibits graduates to skirt rule (4) BARS {BA{R}S}
10 Corruption in election, university to bar a dean ultimately (9) POLLUTION {POLL}{U}{T{I}O}{deaN}
11 Use of javaillegal? Not entirely (5) AVAIL [T]
12 Google and Yahoo can hire designers in a heap after director quits (13) SEARCHENGINES {CAN+HIRE+dESiGNErS}*
14 Kate is running, catch. (4) TAKE*
15 Certainly betrayer was beheaded and butchered in the recent past (10) YESTERYEAR  {YES}{bETRAYER}*
17 Ohio writer met Frank, perhaps (4-5) OPEN-FACED {O}{PEN}{FACED}
21 Criminals are working in computer science (4) CONS {C{ON}S}
23 Considerately US agent withdrew English partner without dissension at island (13) DEFERENTIALLY {FED<=}{E}{ALLY} over {RENT}{I}
25 Japanese cartoon cinema shot without opening credits (5) ANIME cINEMA*
26 Cold legal claim let loose on leading entrepreneur by customers (9) CLIENTELE {C}{LIEN}{LET*}{En...r}
27 Skipper moves to the end, close to win (4) EARN (-n)EAR(+n)N
28 Conceptually, sailor's essay's lousy, lacking substance (10) ABSTRACTLY {ABS}{TRACT}{LousY}

1   Dismissal of evidence... (10) DEPOSITION [DD]
2   ...breaks law between Michigan and UK taking two drugs to a US city (9) MILWAUKEE {MI}{LAW*}{UK}{E}{E}
3   Dispatch meal beyond 1 (6) LAUNCH {L{A}UNCH} Beyond as containment indicator?
4   Spell at the far end at Brisbane's nasty? Yes, almost (4,3) EVIL EYE {b...nE}{VILE}{YEs}
5   Newton's old, eighty in heart this evening (7) TONIGHT  {newTON}{eIGHTy}
7   Assemble in Indian state where morning arrives earlier (5) AMASS (+am)AMASS(-am)
8   Austin takes storage for grains from Saint Louis (4) SILO {SILO+AUSTIN=SAINT LOUIS} [CA]
9   One who prohibits colours! (6) BANNER [DD]
13 Group of church elders almost urge bishop to add territory within 2 years (10) PRESBYTERY {PRESs}{B}{Y}{TER}{Y}
16 Lee Milton partying with Salve (9) EMOLLIENT*
18 Fussed on nothing, two females engageheartlessly (6) FAFFED {FA}{FF}{En...eD}
19 Core of maize taken by sailors in two companies at Britain (7) CORNCOB {CO}{RN}{CO}{B}
20 Doctor's study? It's shabby leading to tension (7) DENTIST {DEN}{ITS*}{Te...n}
22 Struggle to get accommodation, finally not available in capital (6) VIENNA {VIE}{a...oN}{NA}
23 Gadget of doctor that is razor-sharp at the end (5) DRIER {DR}{IE}{Ra...p}
24 Save broken container (4) VASE*

Reference List
Rule = R, University = U, Director = DIR, Computer science = CS, English = E, Island = I, Cold = C, Sailor = AB, Drug = E, Old = Not new, Bishop = B, Territory = TER, Year = Y, Nothing = FA(Fanny Adams), Female = F, Sailors = RN(Royal Navy), Britain = B

Thursday 18 April 2024

No 14152, Thursday 18 Apr 2024, Afterdark

Solution to 16A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

9   One has to restrict professor's leave (7) ABANDON {A}{BAN}{DON}
10 Plans for a new outlet sabotaged at the beginning (7) INVENTS {1}{N}{VENT}{Sa...d}
11 Dirty old book with picture (7) OBSCENE {O}{B}{SCENE}
12 Disregard criminal party, one without leader (7) CONDONE {CON}{DO}{oNE}
13 This leading prosecutor gatecrashed for pasta (9) SPAGHETTI {THIS+Pr...s+GATE}*
15 Ground rice in the silo basically (5) GRITS Acrostic Semi&lit
16 Company returns to collect an animal for finding total weight of the species (7) B?O?A?S (Addendum - BIOMASS {MO{1}B<=}{ASS} - See comments)
19 Avoid females or put up with (7) FORBEAR {F}{OR}{BEAR}
20 Weakness is systematically concealed by a cowardly person (5) SISSY [T]
21 Once, a Zimbabwean and a Greek character built a side with one player! (9) RHODESIAN {RHO}A+SIDE}*{N}
25 Rules to stay indoors for some dogs outside (7) CURFEWS {CUR{FEW}S}
26 Nominated a film cameraman perhaps, Edward (7) ADOPTED {A}{DOP}{TED}
28 Isabel, Eva, Teresa huddled inside lift (7) ELEVATE [T]
29 Commercial I appeared in lens by introductions (4-3) LEAD-INS {LE{AD}{I}NS}

1   Female caught a tailless rodent and became well-known (6) FAMOUS {F}{A}{MOUSe}
2   Last piece of Lamington taken at Australia with decaf regularly led to vomiting (6) NAUSEA {l...oN}{AUS}{dEcAf}
3   I don't laze easily, in the beginning it was opposite (4) IDLE Acrostic 
4   Poison in iron caplet? Purge stomach (6) INFECT {IN}{FE}{CapleT} 
5   Lady cut short meeting captain for bad behaviour (8) MISCHIEF {MISs}{CHIEF}
6   Overcoming resistance, advantage garnered by innovative group (5-5) AVANT-GARDE {R} in {ADVANTAGE}*
7   Organise marriage with kinsmen regularly (8) UNIONISE {UNION}{kInSmEn}
8   Appraiser of animals standing at front gate (8) ASSESSOR {ASSES}{St...g}{OR}
14 Perhaps Mercury's type of music (5,5) HEAVY METAL [DD]
16 New scales between B and F shown by a symbol (4,4) BASS CLEF {B}{SCALES*}{F}
17 In contact with Stokes's club, seen sacking captain, skirting rules in public view (2-6) ON-SCREEN {ON}{S}{C}{sEEN} over {R}
18 Urged son to keep hair tied in half (8) STRESSED {S}{TRESS}{tiED}
22 Skipper of vessel expelled by seer (6) ORACLE cORACLE
23 Perhaps Eskimo arrests leading Thai suspect (6) INTUIT {IN{Thai}UIT}
24 One who bares pundits brutally after overcoming pressure (6) NUDIST pUNDITS*
27 A gem at work, a leader of learners (4) OPAL {OP}{A}{Le...s}

Reference List
New = N, Old = O, Book = B, Party = DO, Females = F, Player = N, Commercial = AD, Resistance = R, Gate = OR, Club = S, Son = S, Pressure = P, Work = OP

Wednesday 17 April 2024

No 14151, Wednesday 17 Apr 2024, Vidwan

Rangoli by Gowri
Artwork by Prasanna
Solution to 5A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

5   Bully her about naked actor (6) ?E?T?R (Addendum - HECTOR {HE{aCTOr} - See comments)
7   Very popular curry – old and essentially Goan! (8) VINDALOO {V}{IN}{OLD+gOAn}* &lit
9   We are so excited about opening of ports and naval strength (3,5) SEA POWER {WE+ARE+SO}* over {Po..s}
10 Accepted amount of popular view (6) INTAKE {IN}{TAKE}
11 Piano's no good! Can't record sadly! (7,5) CONCERT GRAND  {NG+CANT+RECORD}*
13 It's old, weathered and dull (6) STOLID*
15 Size of old portable shelter (6) EXTENT {EX}{TENT}
18 Basically kids involved in 'terror' tactic, wanting piece of chocolate, perhaps (5,2,5) TRICK OR TREAT {Kids} in {TERROR+TACTIc}* &lit
21 Shared during festival, autumn retreats (6) MUTUAL [T<=]
22 Conflict, contest involving some unspecified doctrine (8) MISMATCH {M{ISM}ATCH}
23 I turn one around for a quantum entity (8) NEUTRINO*
24 Poor, quiet and weird? Yes! (6) SHODDY {SH}{ODD}{Y}

1   Unusual like a loose clay pit (8) ATYPICAL {A}{CLAY+PIT}*
2   One making sketches for storage (6) DRAWER [DD]
3   Picture pronounced covetousness and a guru (8) ENVISAGE {(~envy)ENVI}{SAGE}
4   Unkempt like Mathew and Theodore (6) MATTED {MAT}{TED}
6   The toy, one occasionally modified for a canine (3,5) EYE TOOTH {THE+TOY+OnE}*
7   Amazon starts to vandalise indiscriminately and runs back (6) VIRAGO {Va...e}{In...y}{R}{AGO}
8   Like a particular tree? Ya! Ok! Maybe! (4) OAKY*
12 Increased and hence excited (8) ENHANCED*
14 What is seen on parade ground, little thing that crushes (8) DRILLBIT {DRILL}{BIT}
16 Bitumen and piece of cloth on a European herb (8) TARRAGON {TAR}{RAG}{ON}
17 Standing posture of top Korean leader, bold and basically overconfident (6) AKIMBO {A}{KIM}{B}{Ov...t
18 Firm model, out of practice (6) TRUSTY {T}{RUSTY}
19 Weather is boring! Sleep! (6) RESIST {RES{IS}T}
20 Festival hosted by many ulemas (4) YULE [T]

Reference List
Very = V, Popular = IN, No good = NG, Unspecified doctrine = ISM, Quiet = SH, Yes = Y, Bold = B, Runs =R, Model = T

Tuesday 16 April 2024

No 14150, Tuesday 16 Apr 2024, Pixie Dust

Solution to 17A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Vacation from extremely remote duty (6) RECESS {Re..tE}{CESS}
5   Mope, having had enough at first - It's a phase! (4,4) FULL MOON {MOON}<=>{FULL}
9   Designated spots for caregivers also accommodating chief doctor (8) BEDSIDES {BE{Do...r}SIDES}
10 Get me a cracked egg! (6) GAMETE*
11 Surprisingly pretty pics of document (10) TYPESCRIPT*
12 Nobody like Mother Teresa, say (4) NONE (~nun)
13 Indian State's leading man, heartlessly torments social-climbers (8) UPSTARTS {UP}{STAR}{To...tS}
16 Passionate engineer dotes on her, bites off nose sadly! (3,3) RED HOT {DOTes+on+HER}*
17 Tapestry of Hebrew Prophet (6) ?O?A?C (Addendum - MOSAIC [DD] - See comments)
19 Alternatively take cab around beginning of December to validate retrospectively (8) BACKDATE {TAKE+CAB}* over {De...r}
21 Quit going back for containers (4) POTS<=
22 Without break basically, tries to solve problems of bad weather conditions (10) RAINSTORMS bRAINSTORMS
25 Fabric made from hairs of Mustang or Appaloosa (6) ANGORA [T]
26 Agent Bean at sea, loses inclination essentially, to surrender (8) ABNEGATE {AGENT+BEAn}*
27 Prophet at church goes around street for a Roman coin (8) SESTERCE {SEER}{CE} over {ST}
28 One leg broken after trespass (6) SINGLE {LEG*}<=>{SIN}

2   In case of emergency, people turn to the opposition (5) ENEMY {Em...{MEN<=}..cY}
3   France, US, Nepal hold back issue (5) ENSUE [T]
4   Lothario, say, rescued for a change! (7) SEDUCER*
5   Remains petrified, every second if boss is aimless? (7) FOSSILS {iF+bOsS+iS+aImLeSs}
6   Less heavier match (7) LIGHTER [DD]
7   Reverend's tongue-tied and furious guardians! (3,3,3) MUM AND DAD (~dumb and mad to mum and dad)
8   How's a donut perfect? (3,3,3) OUT AND OUT {A+DONUT}* [RA]
14 She substitutes for woman at church, say! (9) PRONOUNCE {PRONOUN}{CE}
15 Rant about entertainment in ship (9) TRANSPORT {RANT*}{SPORT}
18 Oh, My God! Special song for buccaneer (7) CORSAIR {COR}{S}{AIR}
19 Doctor's kidnapped by dangerous European Company (7) BRIGADE {B{RIG}AD}{E} 
20 Better places could always succeed in nurturing outstanding student leaders (7) CASINOS Acrostic
23 Mean agronomist has upset member (5) ORGAN [T<=]
24 Say, Iron Man and others (5) METAL {M}{ET AL}

Reference List
Church = CE, Street = ST, Special = SEuropean = E, Man = M

Monday 15 April 2024

No 14149, Monday 15 Apr 2024, Crescent

Solution to 13D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

8   Shades reducing glare worn by Italian tourists (8) VISITORS {VIS{IT}ORS}
9   Tears every second, soap starts the works? (6) OPERAS {tEaRs+SOAP}*
10 Enchantress welcomes learner to ring (6) CIRCLE {CIRC{L}E}
11 Are old without exception using smart schemes? (8) ARTFULLY {ART}{FULLY}
12 Say Ireland's approach leaving English a ticklish issue (8) COMPOSER {COMe}{POSER}
14 Claw on base for optical instrument (6) ETALON {TALON}<=>{E}
15 Tea sheikh often brews following eclipse (4,3,5,3) TAKE THE SHINE OFF {TEA+SHEIKH+OFTEN}*{F}
18 What one uses to keep making very black balls? (6) GLOBES GLO(-v+b)BES
20 Guide caught, picked up on female facing pressure (8) SHEPHERD {(~heard)HERD}<=>{SHE}{P}
22 Arrest past pupil caught in parade (8) OBSTRUCT {OB}{STRU{C}T}
24 Fast attack craft ordered to base (1-5) E-BOATS*
25 Prisoner cycling naked entertains the disheartened (6) DETENU {(-nu{DE(+nu)NU} over {ThE}
26 Religious leaders never soft about arguments (8) PONTIFFS {NO}{P}<={TIFFS}

1   Bachelor, one entering bathing beach showing 'Sex Drive' (6) LIBIDO {LI{B}{1}DO}
2   Minute piece crumbling in pastry dish (5,3) MINCE PIE {MIN}{PIECE*}
3   Grouse that setter's term uses incorrectly applied reference work (6,9) ROGETS THESAURUS {GROUSE+THAT+s...eR+USES}* 
4   India spreads like a continent (4) ASIA {I} in {AS A}
5   Fastness in deer saving skin might be up at present (3,3,4,5) FOR THE TIME BEING {FORT+IN+dEEr+MIGHT+BE}*
6   Group of horses on wet soil initially agitated (6) REMUDA {RE}{MUD}{Ag...d}
7   Impoverished, being significantly below standard? (5,3) BADLY OFF [DD]
13 Run, point and start to shoot devices (5) R?S?S ()
16 Be ribald shocking one speaking freely (2-6) AD-LIBBER*
17 State of Amethi, opiate imbibing section (9) ETHIOPIA [T]
19 Abstainer stopping drink could be Trump (6) BETTER {BE{TT}ER}
21 Grass providing hay, ultimately okay (6) RATIFY {RAT}{IF}{haY}
23 This Sultan's immediate antecedents being shot? (4) TIPU Anno not clear (Addendum {sT+hI+oP+tU} - See comments)

Reference List
Italian = IT, Learner = L, Are old = ART, English = E, Base = E, Following = F, Very = V, Black = B, Past pupil = OB(old Boy), Caught = C, Soft = P, Bachelor = B, India = I, On = RE, Abstainer = TT

Sunday 14 April 2024

Special, Sunday 14 Apr 2024, IIT(M) Word Games Club Prelim, Afterdark

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3302, Sunday 14 Apr 2024

Rangoli by Gowri

1   Supports – or declines to intervene? (6,2) STANDS BY [DD]
5   Gives a place to gradMIT spellbound (to some extent) (6) ADMITS [T]
9   'Relaxing'? Terrifying! (8) CHILLING [DD]
10 Weighty and large stones (6) GRAVEL {GRAVE}{L}
11 African shivering with cold; time: 10.35? (7,8) DECIMAL FRACTION {AFRICAN+COLD+TIME}*
13 What's found in first-aid kit? In part, swab and a gel (7) BANDAGE [T] 
14 I and others are ... or used to be ...? (4) WERE {WE'RE} 
18 Reportedly deserves coffee in large quantities, here (4) URNS (~earns)
19 Meal prepared with headless fish for Abraham's son (7) ISHMAEL {MEAL+fISH}*
23 Patient type is fast at work, case bringing professional pride (3,12) JOB SATISFACTION {JOB}{IS+FAST}*{ACTION}
24 Peninsula? Wrong answer (6) CRIMEA {CRIME}{A}
25 'Plaiting twists': some youngsters talk this way (3,5) PIG LATIN
26 Star is earnest, did you say? (6) SIRIUS (~serious)
27 Without changes, Benedict's regularly failing, in my view (2,1,3,2) AS I SEE IT {AS IS}{bEnEdIcT}

1   Break away from some predecessors, being revolutionary (6) SECEDE [T<=]
2   One coin per person (6) APIECE {A}{PIECE}
3   Sam and Everyman cover up problems (8) DILEMMAS {SAM}{ME}{LID}<=
4   Report by young fellow: is he perhaps from S. Asia? (11) BANGLADESHI {BANG}{LAD}{IS+HE}*
6   What the Coen Brothers do is straightforward (6) DIRECT [DD]
7   Accounts consisting of utterances (8) INVOICES {IN}{VOICES}
8   Unwisely realigns with US author (8) SALINGER*
12 Urchins having sport, largely, in itinerant funfairs (11) RAGAMUFFINS {RA{GAMe}UFFINS*}
15 Lays open the topics (8) SUBJECTS [DD]
16 Somewhat nastier, overprivileging bluer blood in élitist reactions, primarily? (8) SNOBBIER Acrostic &lit
17 Removes crusted matter from stinking sled case (8) DESCALES*
20 Golden Gate – first, cake! (6) GATEAU {AU}<=>{GATE}
21 Circus venue's not quiet: audience finally seeing 'Piggy' (3,3) BIG TOE BIG TO(-p+e)E
22 Allow granny to hang loose? (6) UNKNOT [CD]

Reference List
Large = L, Answer = A, Quiet = P

Saturday 13 April 2024

No 14148, Saturday 13 Apr 2024, KrisKross

1   Rigidity of government initially blocks drive for improvement (8) PROGRESS {P{Ri...y}{Of}{Go...t}RESS}
5   I can't possibly drink tonic, essentially astringent (6) TANNIC {I+CANT}* over {toNic}
9   Warning sign guided correctly, says Spooner (3,5) RED LIGHT (~led right to red light)
10 Spot betel leaves in Indian chair (6) JAMPAN {JAM}{PAN}
12 Online workers in America had to develop (9) ELABORATE {E}{LABOR}{ATE}
13 Gamekeeper's beginning to look at headless lizard (5) GECKO {Ga...s}{dECKO}
14 Finally have milk, pulse as supplements (4) EKES Tail Acrostic
16 Chennai's sure to shelter revolutionary European (7) RUSSIAN [T<=]
19 Unstable structure where Jack resides? (5,2,5) HOUSE OF CARDS [C&DD]
21 Delivered wine to the audience (4) READ (~red)
24 Unfair using force to dismiss one for duck (5) WRONG WR(-i+o)ONG
25 Every carriage includes, say, hollow seat to relax (4,5) EASY CHAIR {EA{SaY}CH}{AIR}
27 Take charge of island surrounded by very rebellious Middle Easterners (6) OMANIS {MAN}{I} in {SO<=}
28 Bird, not very hungry, nibbling tip of leaf (8) STARLING {STARv{Leaf}ING}
29 Article in sorcerer's control (6) MANAGE {M{AN}AGE}
30 Utensil is shelling peas, not oysters primarily (8) TEASPOON {PEAS+NOT+Oy...s}*

1   One carrying ale (6) PORTER [DD]
2   Are old dances a challenge? (6) ORDEAL*
3   Animal with one piercing, curved horn (5) RHINO {RH{1}NO*}
4   Champion, during breaks, gets hard liquor (7) SCHNAPS {S{CH}NAPS}
6   Obsessive KrisKross welcomed by sage, treated to get freedom from pain (9) ANALGESIA {ANAL}{GES{I}A*}
7   Playing back movie's enjoyable - missing the end is difficult (2,6) NO PICNIC {ON<=}{PIC}{NICe}
8   Fox in ground chasing prisoner (8) CONFOUND {FOUND}<=>{CON}
11 Stop consuming drug for support (4) BEAR {B{E}AR}
15 Leader having self-confidence to retain record and carry on (4,5) KEEP GOING {K{E{EP}GO}ING}
17 Rogue who's approaching park around display area (8) SHOWROOM {WHOS*}{MOOR<=}
18 Oscar in Bhutan runs, following a fast route (8) AUTOBAHN {UT{O}BAHN*}<=>{A}
20 Opponents in House often upset (4) FOES [T<=]
21 Decoration made from flower seen around estate regularly (7) ROSETTE {ROS{EsTaTe}E}
22 Couple of leaders in Canada like coarse fabric (6) CALICO {CAn..a}{LIke}{COa..e}
23 Continue without stopping monster (6) DRAGON {DRAG ON}
26 See 19 Across

Reference List
Online = E, Very = V, Champion = CH, Drug = E, Record = EP, Oscar = O