Tuesday 30 April 2024

No 14162, Tuesday 30 Apr 2024, Avtaar

Solution to 14A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Stunned by Queen's single (6) NUMBER {NUMB}{ER}
4   Coach and I capably overcome disability (8) HANDICAP [T]
9   Murderer's introduction in suspense film (6) SLAYER {Su...e}{LAYER}
10 They are extremely frugal, singular characters around the banks of Amazon (8) SPARTANS {S}{PART{Am..oN}S}
11 Balanced diet? (4,10) HUNG PARLIAMENT [CD]
13 Old poem featuring exhausted parlour maid dropping off regularly, is excessively stretched (10) OVERSPREAD {O}{VERS{Pa...oR}E}{mAiD}
14 One of five in a litter of horses, discovered (4) ?U?N (Addendum - QUIN eQUINe - See comments)
16 Mountain spewing Uranium chokes island nation (4) FIJI {FuJI} over {I}
18 Group of relatives fly Emirates mostly, when travelling (6,4) FAMILY TREE {FLY+EMIRATEs}* 
21 Recorded delivery by agitated deer after tigers dispersed near camp (10,4) REGISTERED POST {DEER*}<=>{TIGERS*} and {POST}
23 Flyers making short trips from half a dozen courtyards on the return journey (3,5) AIR TAXIS {SIX}{ATRIA}<=
24 Absorbing cricket match - openers from Zimbabwe, African champions, belt high above (6) ZODIAC {Zi...e}{ODI}{Af...n}{Ch...s}
25 Scenes from Sci-Fi movie inspired by cheats (8) SETTINGS {S{ET}TINGS}
26 Empty wagon haunted by very troubled monster (6) WYVERN {Wag{VERY*}oN}

1   Staff skipping college for noon meal (4) NOSH (-c+n)NOSH
2   Guarantee by Avtaar - not small amount (7) MEASURE {ASsURE}<=>{ME}
3   Stir fresh greens with bits of Indian eggplant (8) ENERGISE {GREENS+In...n+Eg...t}*
5   Name every local heading out, carrying protective gear (11) APPELLATIVE {nA{PELLA}TIVE} Anno pending (Addendum - {ALL}{nATIVE} over {PPE} - See comments)
6   Rear entrance to access Lord's ground (6) DORSAL {Ac..s+LORDS}*
7   Gas and water for the French manor (7) CHATEAU {CHAT}{EAU}
8   Was, perhaps, father nervous about street being evacuated? (4,5) PAST TENSE {PA}{TENSE} over {St..eT}
12 Exposing edges, bird, say, is placing shoots one over the other (3,8) AIR LAYERING {AIR{LAYER}ING}
13 Baker's deliveries (3-6) OFF-BREAKS {BAKERS}* [RA]
15 Extremely scratchy mandolin at the start affected musical performance (8) SYMPHONY {Sc...hY}{Ma...n}{PHONY}
17 Judge got upset with corrupt routine (3,4)  JOG TROT {J}{GOT*}{ROT}
19 Do Pranayama on top of church (7) RESPIRE {RE}{SPIRE}
20 Demand by revolutionary group to return soldier in East Africa (6) ASKARI {ASK}{IRA<=}
22 Saint John's study (4) SCAN {S}{CAN}

Reference List
Queen = ER, Singular = S, Old = O, Island = I, Cricket match = ODI, Sci-Fi movie = ET, College = C, Noon = N, Small = S, Protective gear = PPE, Judge = J, On = RE, Saint = S, John = CAN

Monday 29 April 2024

No 14161, Monday 29 Apr 2024, Bruno

Solution to 20A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Understated caption - it's released (6) SUBTLE SUBTitLE
4   Small vehicle going around Hollywood that lacks direction (6) SCALAR {S}{CA{LA}R}  Hollwood is in LA but that cannot mean Hollywood is LA
8   Value of ammos? Double, often at America (7) MODULUS {aMmOs+DoUbLe}{US}
9   Send Tom batting last (7) ENDMOST*
11 Random ancient philosopher drinks & drinks...mainly tequila (10) STOCHASTIC {STO{CHA'S}{Te...a}IC}
12 Cut one's shaft (4) AXIS {AX}{1'S}
13 Meeting place for mostly getting drink (5) FORUM {FOr}{RUM}
14 After second act, musical drama's filled with power, a bit of sadness, and vitriol (8) COPPERAS {aCt}{OP{P}ERA}{Sa...s}
16 Precision of account office (8) ACCURACY {AC}{CURACY}
18 Problem of mass lacking time (5) ISSUE tISSUE
20 Radical's also returning to base (4) ?O?T (Addendum ROOT {R}{TOO<=} - See comments)
21 Unbroken fake money - dubious bid to run off (10) C ONTINUOUS {CON}{TIN}{dUbiOUS}
23 Mathematical operator kids essentially turn to cover (7) DIVISOR {kIDs<=}{VISOR}
24 Dynamic family name recalled (7) KINETIC {KIN}{CITE<=}
25 Husband part of surprisingly great group (6) GATHER {H} in {GREAT}*
26 Insect starts to lay eggs behind vegetable (6) BEETLE {Lay}{Eggs}<=>{BEET}

1   Discharge fourth slip after second wicket (5) SPOUT {sliP}<=>{S} and {OUT}
2   Ball - one can get you thrown out? (7) BOUNCER [DD]
3   Cancer of ileum and colon mainly - cadaver regularly needs to be dissected (9) LEUCAEMIA {ILUEM+Co..n+cAdAvEr}*
5   No introduction needed for legendary figure (5) CONIC iCONIC
6   Story about alcoholic drink and non-alcoholic drink (7) LIMEADE {LI{MEAD}E}
7   Suspend while turning it in saucer with tea, mainly while stirring (9) RUSTICATE {IT<=} in {SAUCER+Tea}* 
10 Mail describing aunt's ultimate rotten and unpleasant death (6,3) STICKY END {S{aunT}{ICKY}END}
13 Mathematical operation to get information on gasket (9) FACTORING {FACT}{O RING}
15 Prudish one on TV- starting to expound about setter like a barbarian (9) PRIMITIVE {PRIM}{1}{T{I}V}{Ex...d}
17 Straighten out idiot following peacemaker by sticking a little sense in (7) UNTWIST {TWIT}<=>{UN} over {Se..e}
19 Boss and a specialist scholar (7) STUDENT {STUD}{ENT}
21 Selected carbon pipe (5) CHOSE {C}{HOSE}
22 Couple has free sex on the counter (5) UNITE UN(-ti+it}ITE

Reference List
Small = S, Power = P, Time = T, Radical = R, Husband = H, Second = S, Alcoholic drink = MEAD, Carbon = C, Sex = IT

Sunday 28 April 2024

Special, Sunday 28 Apr 2024, Economizer

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3304, Sunday 28 Apr 2024

 Jocose friend trashed United (6,6) JOINED FORCES*
10 Somewhere in Bolivia, personal assistant coming back with illuminating insights (7) APERCUS {SUCRE}{PA}<=
11 One that'll take a drink, or one that's had too many? (7) TUMBLER {DD}
12 Joint enterprise finally getting large yield (5) ELBOW {e...sE}{L}{BOW}
13 A nasty aquatic creature. One's nature? Drowning animals, primarily! (8) ANACONDA Acrostic &lit
15 Underlying – put another way, having long-term effect (10) ENDURINGLY*
16 Ribbons arranged, we're told, for fancy man (4) BEAU (~bow)
18 Most common Scrabble tiles gathered, bringing comfort (4) EASE (~ e's)
20 Tries to get a ride from ship's company: it's torturous! (10) THUMBSCREW {THUMBS}{CREW}
22 Displays gluttony having consumed tea before end of cricketing encounters (8) OVEREATS {OVER{TEA*}S}
24 Fraudulent old girl taking public transport? (5) BOGUS {B{O}{G}US}
26 Ecstasy tablets and C illegally acquired at source in Baltic state (7) ESTONIA {E'S}{TON}{Il...y}{Ac...d}
27 Uranium record held by source of wine: cunning! (7) VULPINE {V{U}{LP}INE}
28 Proved highly amusing? (6,1,5) RAISED A LAUGH [CD]

2   Taking some cover, Biden poorly estimated risk (7) OVERBID [T]
3   Wine cork removed – bravo! (4,4) NICE WORK*
4   Tear and shatter (4) DASH [DD]
5   Where a nest egg may be found to be at risk (3,2,1,4) OUT ON A LIMB [DD] Semi&lit
6   Initially chatty, Everyman's accepted by company that's put up with one trying to amuse (5) COMIC {Ch...y} and {C{I'M}O}<=
7   Quiet, because around the French (7) SILENCE {SI{LE}NCE}
8   One-time occupier of dark room who's been relatively immature? (4,9) LATE DEVELOPER {LATE}{DEVELOPER}
9   When graduates trained hoi polloi (5,8) GREAT UNWASHED*
14 Then where might I have packed those items? (2,4,4) IN THAT CASE [DD] Semi&lit
17 Being twisted, I'll abase Catholic monarch (8) ISABELLA*
19 Armpit often seen in leisurewear (7) SWEATER [DD]
21 Arranging – in a bad way – support for masts and sails (7) RIGGING [DD]
23 Feeling fed up with starters of escargots nightly, night in Paris cut short (5) ENNUI {Es...s}{Ni...y}{NUIt}
25 Somewhat nouveau – that includes Iris (4) UVEA [T]

Reference List
Personal Assistant = PA, Large = L, Old = O, Girl = G, C = 100(Ton), Ecstasy = E, Record = LP, The in French = LE

Saturday 27 April 2024

No 14160, Saturday 27 Apr 2024, Hypatia

9   Sons urge to get Transformers? (7,8) PLASTIC SURGEONS {SONS+URGE}* [RA]
10 English politician's mistake disheartened king (7) EMPEROR {E}{MP}{ERrOR}
11 Study of animals around Australian's old timber yard (7) ZOOLOGY {OZ<=}{O}{LOG}{Y}
12 Nut-free oat chips - Have one? (9) PISTACHIO {OAT+CHIPS}* over {1}
14 Next Olympics held to celebrate (5) EXTOL [T]
17 Mother's reading Thai novel in another language (7) MARATHI {MA}{R}{THAI*}
19 Regularly referred by her blogs, find about rebel (7) DISOBEY {bY+hEr+BlOgS+fInD}<=
21 Ditch tailor (5) SEWER [DD]
23 Collapse after uncontrolled rapid rise (9) DISREPAIR*
25 Without a bar, new jail produces vegetable (7) BRINJAL {BaR}{{N+JAIL}*
27 Shakes Arsenal's top scorer (7) QUIVERS {QUIVER}{Sc...r}
30 Find lifestyle changes involving criminal - one escaping coolly (4-11) SELF-CONFIDENTLY {FiND+LIFESTYLE} over {CON}

1   Lamps seen periodically in part of church (4) APSE {lAmPs+SeEn}
2   Stinging insect used to be predatory basically (4) WASP {WAS}{Pr...y}
3   Spooner's average introduction for key role (4,4) STAR PART (~par start to star part)
4   My school's covering what a singer can do! (6) SCORCH {S{COR}CH}
5   Catchphrase or term in Spelling Bee? (4,4) BUZZ WORD [DD]
6   Take no notice of flower on girl - some rose (6) IGNORE [T<=]
7   Fast food in two seconds (4) MOMO {MO}{MO}
8   Spot where buses stop regularly at terminals (4) ESPY Tail Acrostic 
12 Draws little dogs cuddling master (5) PUMPS {PU{M}PS}
13 Yellow and green under stone (5) STRAW {RAW}<=>{ST}
15 Starts to tap and beat lightly above percussion instrument (5) TABLA Acrostic Semi&lit
16 Bird's out early? (5) LAYER*
18 At home, work fast and slow (8) INDOLENT {IN}{DO}{LENT}
20 Spice used by 50% of people, for example (8) SPECIMEN {SPICE*}{MEN} 
22 Second veto (6) REJECT [DD]
24 Pursue victory, we hear it makes one shine (6) SEQUIN (~ seek win)
25 Extra towel initially removed from hamper to sunbathe (4) BASK BASKet
26 Lazy hero gets picked up (4) IDLE (~idol)
28 Has leader lost from constituencies (4) EATS sEATS
29 Dark sauce containing egg's cooked, say (4) SOYA {O} in {SAY}*

Reference List
English = E, Old = O, Yard = Y, Reading = R, New = N, My! = COR, School = SCH, Second = MO, Master = M, Stone = ST, At home = IN

Friday 26 April 2024

No 14159, Friday 26 Apr 24, Hypatia

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Instructions to cook crepe mixed with maida essentially (6) RECIPE {REC{maIda}PE*} Semi&lit
4   Group looked around ruins (6) WASTES {SET}{SAW}<=
9   Grows older when leaves shed softly (4) AGES pAGES
10 Spoke about old city next to river that's enclosed (10) SURROUNDED {S{UR}{R}OUNDED}
11 Secret cabinet (6) CLOSET [DD]
12 Fine returning to fetch an old gran's knitted jumper (8) KANGAROO {OK<=} over {A+GRAN+O}*
13 Expert setter's books become famous (9) PROMINENT {PRO}{MINE}{NT}
15 Basically bachelors aren't immune ttemptation (4) BAIT Acrostic
16 Browse online - it's mostly safe and fine (4) SURF {SURe}{F}
17 Understand one's lost in vehicles behind schedule (9) TRANSLATE {TRAiNS}{LATE}
21 Secure initially high sum on return - it can grow fast (8) MUSHROOM {MOOR}{High}{SUM}<=
22 Value Eskimo men trimming traps (6) MOMENT [T]
24 Crowds welcoming hot and ultimately chic royals (10) PRINCESSES {PR{IN}{chiC}ESSES}
25 Time's endless for nobody (4) NOON {NO ONe}
26 Say, is IT team not even providing network (6) SYSTEM {SaY+iS+iT+tEaM}
27 Kind offer (6) TENDER [DD}

1   Right attack left and argue as usual (7) REGULAR {R}{L+ARGUE}*
2   Expenses rising in most societies (5) COSTS [T<=]
3   Afghan president has bad time with global body (7) PASHTUN {P}{HAS*}{T}{UN}
5   For starters, all male orangutans use nimble toes supply (6) AMOUNT Acrostic
6   Essentially customer loan via mobile that's useless (2,2,5) TO NO AVAIL {cusTOmer}{LOAN+VIA}*
7   That woman had to keep a nanny (3-4) SHE-GOAT {SHE}{GO{A}T}
8   Breach of trust by repsIMO (6,7) BROKEN PROMISE {REPS+IMO}* [RA]
14 Traders gathered orders finally around busy ranch (9) MERCHANTS {ME{RANCH*}T}{o...rS}
16 Queen wearing Indian drapes spurns English suits (7) SQUARES {S{QU}AReES}
18 Like teacher initially checking label for greeting (7) NAMASTE {NAM{AS}{Te...r}E}
19 Spooner's fully cooked dal, say in clay oven (7) TANDOOR (~ done toor to tandoor)
20 Sailor in comics to look after dad (6) POPEYE {EYE}<=>{POP}
23 Dug up jeans from below (5) MINED<=

Reference List
Softly = P, Old city = UR, River = R, Old = O, Books = NT(New Testament), Fine = F, Hot = IN, Right = R, Left = L, President = P, Time = T, Queen = QU

Thursday 25 April 2024

No 14158, Thursday 25 Apr 2024, Dr. X

Solution to 12A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Excessive consumption of alcohol in big dinner parties by star (5,8) BINGE DRINKING {BIG+DINNER}*{KING}
8   Martial arts instructor's endless wisdom (5) SENSE SENSEi
9   Macho male is perhaps taking special pleasure in being dominated (9) MASOCHISM {MACHO+M+IS} over {S}
11 Growing trend of crash dieting is primarily ridiculous (6,4) RISING TIDE* {DIETING+IS+Ri...s}*
12 Stand by one breaking down on retirement (4) ?A?S (Addendum - DAIS {SA{1}D<=}- See comments))
14 New jockey crushed by mistake, getting more jittery (7) NERVIER {N}{ER{VIE}R}
16 Confront prince - chucked cup of tea angrily (7) OUTFACE {CUp+OF+TEA}*
17 Clear the dirty boxes connected electrically to the ground (7) EARTHED [T]
19 Enliven proceedings at premiere with crystal meth in drink (5,2) SPICE UP {S{Pr...s}{ICE}UP}
21 Horseman terrified to tackle rebellious Italian mount (4) ETNA [T<=]
22 Not lucrative to maintain university for bird-rearing (10) AVICULTURE {LUCRATIVE}* over {U}
25 Male star playing lead in Chinatown as a clever dick (5,4) SMART ALEC {MALE+STAR}*{Ch...n}
26 Good deception, snaring Dravid at first slip (5) GLIDE {G}{LI{Dr...d}E}
27 Reason to visit trichologist leads to quibbling (4-9) HAIR-SPLITTING [DD]

2   Device improving air quality inside - infection is eradicated (7) IONISER [T]
3   Endlessly kiss lady in darkness? OK! (5,5) GREEN LIGHT {GREEt}{N{L}IGHT}
4   Resign from department over issue (5) DEMIT {D}{EMIT}
5   Cunning shown by unpleasant Aussies finally for victory (9) INSIDIOUS IN(+s-v)SIDIOUS
6   High boot (4) KICK [DD]
7   One enthralled by knocking back drink at a Japanese city (7) NIIGATA {GI{1}N<=}{AT}{A}
8   Eccentricity of one on dope, overwhelmed by tension (11) STRANGENESS {STR{AN}{GEN}ESS}
10 Outstanding work by team with precise moves (11) MASTERPIECE {TEAM+PRECISE}*
13 Error found in minute - it will brighten things up! (5,5) STRIP LIGHT {S{TRIP}LIGHT}
15 Rebuild deep love, making up after a little rift (9) REDEVELOP {DEEP+LOVE}<=>{Rift}
18 Rush with gun, start to attack settlement in Kiribati (7) RUNGATA {RUN}{GAT}{At...k}
20 Escape in mounting commotion, stealing large carbuncle at centre (7) ELUSION {NOISE<=} over {L}{c..bUn..e}
23 Cause of communicable, clinical infections primarily (5) COCCI acrostic &lit
24 Wanting a set of steps for song and dance (4) STIR STaIR

Reference List
Special = S, New = N, Prince = P, University = U, Good = G, Lady = L, Department = D, Victory = V, Dope = GEN, Gun = GAT, Large = L

Wednesday 24 April 2024

No 14157, Wednesday 24 Apr 2024, Dr. X

Solution to 21A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Ordeal after girl in bash turned most intoxicated (8) TIGHTEST {TEST}<=>{H{G}IT<=}
5   Powder in back of closet - salt containing cocaine (6) TALCUM {c...eT}{AL{C}UM}
10 & 13 What DJs want everyone to do? Comply with what they want (5,2,5,4) DANCE TO THEIR TUNE [C&DD]
11 Small sample of antivenom in a lab (7) NOMINAL [T]
12 Son ignored insult in match (5) LIGHT sLIGHT
13 See 10
14 Cash, say, spent in altering film (6,6) TENNIS PLAYER {SPENT+IN}*{LAYER}
18 Retd bachelor about to marry someone who is much younger (3,3,6) ROB THE CRADLE*
21 Musical troupe is smooth, entertaining group with bit of blues (5,4) S?I?G ?A?D (Addendum - SWING BAND {S{WING}{Bl..s}AND} - See comments)
23 Abandon movement to secure independence (5) WAIVE {WA{I}VE}
24 A rebellious chap consuming ecstasy on island getting cold and pale (7) ANAEMIC {A}{M{E}AN<=}{I}{C}
25 Talk foolishly with woman after starting to become drunk (7) BLITHER {HER}<=>{Be...e}{LIT}
26 Crushed oilseed yielding ordinary oil (6) DIESEL oILSEED
27 Assess racehorse gambolling round shed (8) RESEARCH RACEHoRSE*

1   Slightly drunk in bar, lazily cuddling date (6) TIDDLY {T}{ID{D}LY}
2   Ornamental tree in good tattoo on head (6) GINKGO {G}{INK}{GO}
3   Hitter went berserk, scoring runs in last over of IPL match (9) TWENTIETH {HITTEr+WENT}*
4   Reasonable likelihood of force catching person (8,6) SPORTING CHANCE*
6   American male picking up joint with hesitation in Indian city (5) AJMER {A}{J}{M}{ER}
7   Perhaps as bouncy as cylindrical channel markers (3,5) CAN BUOYS*
8   Happy to conserve extremely unusual British tree (8) MULBERRY {M{Un...aL}{B}ERRY}
9   Bend a rule craftily to secure position as expected (14) UNDERSTANDABLE {BEND+A+RULE}* over {STAND}
15 Faultless liberal beginning to irritate the wily rogue (4-5) LILY-WHITE {L}{Ir...e}{THE+WILY}*
16 Supporter on top of stage runs wearing blue armband (8) BRASSARD {BRA}{St..e}{SA{R}D}
17 Decline to tackle detectives on reflection and surrender (8) ABDICATE {AB{DIC}<= ATE}
19 Nobody backs film star releasing flops essentially (6) CIPHER {PIC<=}{HERo}
20 Make out with hot model over area around fireplace (6) HEARTH {HEAR} with {H}{T}<=
22 Easy putt in golf that is over millimetres (5) GIMME {G}{I{MM}E}

Reference List
Girl = G, Cocaine = C, Son = S, Independence = I, Ecstacy = E, Island = I, Cold = C, Ordinary = O, Bar = T, Date = D, Good = G, Runs = R, American = A, Male = M, Joint = J, British = B, Liberal = L, Supporter = BRA, Hot = H, Model = T, Golf = G

Tuesday 23 April 2024

No 14156, Tuesday 23 Apr 2024, Dr. X

Solution to 17D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Reviewed excellent book in outstanding discussion (8) DIALOGUE {D{A1<=}{LOG}UE}
5   Thrash husband in office - chasing women! (6) WRITHE {RIT{H}E}<=>{W}
10 Rocky after end of round, knocked out (7) DRUGGED {RUGGED}<=>{r..nD}
11 Implants hip with small incision, revolutionary (7) INSTILS {IN}{S}{SLIT<=}
12 Tongue in meal at inn (5) LATIN [T]
13 Turning surgical beam around, pick up drill (9) REHEARSAL {RE{HEAR}SAL<=}
14 Remarkably on a roll, fine girl is uncompromising (3-2-7) ALL-OR-NOTHING {ON+A+ROLL}*{THIN}{G}
18 & 23 Where surfer might be enjoying a run of success (2,3,5,2,1,4) ON THE CREST OF A WAVE [DD}
21 Displays a rampant, abnormal growth of cells (9) DYSPLASIA*
23 See 18
24 Unruly imp about to devour English dish (4,3) MEAT PIE {M{EAT}PI*}{E}
25 Letch slyly filming a model in thong (7) LATCHET {L{A}{T}CHET*}
26 New drug smuggled by reckless drug pusher (6) NUDGER {N}{UDG{E}R*}
27 Old film about time travel at inauguration is theatrical (8) OPERATIC {O}{P{ERA}{Tr...l}IC}

1   Led astray after drinking rum in picnic (6) DODDLE {D{ODD}LE*}
2   Sharpness of unionist in American town (6) ACUITY {A}{C{U}ITY}
3   Egg allergen affected specialised part of cell (9) ORGANELLE {O}{ALLERGEN*}
4   Sick, surrounded in wraps - man's emaciated (14) UNDERNOURISHED {SURROUNDED+IN}* over {HE}
6   Scoundrel abducting son, a dreaded Jamaican perhaps? (5) RASTA {RA{S}T}{A}
7   Error to capture pawn after time trouble in state of panic (8) TAILSPIN {S{P}IN}<=>{T}{AIL}
8   Institute in Senegal transformed process of preserving fodder (8) ENSILAGE {ENS{I}LAGE*}
9   Perky comedian perfects voice-over without distress (4,4,4,2) WITH ONES TAIL UP {WIT}{HONES}{T{AIL}UP<=}
15 Favoured fork to eat salad (4,5) TOOK AFTER*
16 Hunters pursue small opossum finally into lair (8) WOODSMEN {WOO}{D{S}{o...uM}EN}
17 Reportedly international model turned despondent, tackling bulimia essentially (2,2,4) ?T ?S ?A?D (Addendum IT IS SAID {I}{SIT<=}{SA{bulImia}D} - See comments) 
19 Importance of pain in both sides of chest (6) CACHET {Che{ACHE}sT}
20 Feverish man with cold and spasm (6) HECTIC {HE}{C}{TIC}
22 Slip in base after drinks (5) LAPSE {E}<=>{LAPS}

Reference List
Husband = H, Women = W, Hip = IN, Small = S, Girl = G, English = E, Model = T, New = N, Drug = E, Old = O, Unionist = U, American = A, Son = S, Pawn = P, Time = T, Institute = I, International = I, Cold = C, Base = E

Monday 22 April 2024

No 14155, Monday 22 Apr 2024, Dr. X

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   One looking to get a good deal naughtier with new bra, kinky (7,6) BARGAIN HUNTER {NAUGHTIER+N+BRA}*
 Lady in group, initially obese, getting a heavenly body (5) PLUTO {P{L}UT}{Ob..e}
9   Thief is silent, slyly stealing fancy car (9) LARCENIST {L{CAR*}ENIST*}
11 Criminal in a boat infiltrated by detectives, about to surrender (10) ABDICATION {IN+A+BOAT}* over {CID<=}
12 Separate from husband, wanting change (4) SIFT ShIFT
14 Arouses strong passion with drink (5,2) FIRES UP {F}{IRE}{SUP}
16 Bit of Chanel for model, great perfume (7) INCENSE IN(-t+c)CENSE
17 Pastries covered by mould, most substandard (7) ROPIEST {RO{PIES}T}
19 French artist and damsel cuddling at start of exhibition (7) MATISSE {M{AT}ISS}{Ex...n}
21 Maudlin lyrics enthral thoroughly (4) INLY [T]
22 Only remaining option for starlets desperately wanting lead in films (4,6) LAST RESORT {fOR+STARLETS}*
25 Dress up bride more extravagantly (9) EMBROIDER*
26 Throwing one rope to save person who is doomed (5) GONER [T]
27 X-ray with anterior end of coronoid fractured is unusual (13) EXTRAORDINARY {X+RAY+ANTERIOR+c...iD}*

2   Top doctor and a nurse, drifting apart (7) ASUNDER {Do...r+A+NURSE}*
3   Get closer perhaps after drinking rum heartily in English city (10) GLOUCESTER {GET+CLOSER}* over {rUm}
4   Lives on rent in small island (5) ISLET {IS}{LET}
5   Sing to entertain, roaming endlessly, playing musical instrument (9) HARMONIUM {H{ROAMINg*}UM}
6   Retired chaps conserving oriental tree (4) NEEM {ME{E}N<=}
7   Issue of rebellion ousting head of state (7) EDITION sEDITION
8   Stall serving starter of meat pie outside lodge by castle (4,3,4) PLAY FOR TIME {Meat+PIE}* over {LAY}{FORT}
10 Where tenant's complaints go exactly (2,3,6) TO THE LETTER [DD]
13 Caught with target slaughtered, star conceals firearm (10) SCATTERGUN {C+TARGET}* in {SUN}
15 Finish golf stroke, employing power to speed up ball (3,4,2) PUT PAID TO {PUT{P}{AID}T}{O}
18 Sick boy overwhelmed by viral disease - getting case containing medicine (7) PILLBOX {P{ILL}{B}OX}
20 One who's contemptuous of striker's first free kick (7) SCORNER {St...r}{CORNER}
23 Knocking back Italian wine, getting drowsy (5) TIRED {IT<=}{RED}
24 Tower's burning, I hear (4) ?O?R (Addendum - SOAR (~sore) - See comments)

Reference List
New = N, Lady = L, Husband = H, Strong = F, Model = T, Oriental = E, Caught = C, Power = P, Boy = B, Italian = IT

Sunday 21 April 2024

Special, Sunday 21 Apr 2024, Ghaza

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3303, Sunday 21 Apr 2024

1   Polar animal's stomach? (4) BEAR [DD]
3   Performing culinary operation on – foolishly – rock pigeon (10) PRECOOKING*
9   In conversation, much time shared by you and me (4) OURS (~hours)
10 Eggs and lice covering rancid president's workplace (4,6) OVAL OFFICE {OVA}{L{OFF}ICE}
11 Cheers that man, earlier sad, starting to brood (4,3,5) DOWN THE HATCH {HE}<=>{DOWN}{To} and {HATCH}
15 Sluggishness, batting: time to win it back? (7) INERTIA {IN}{ER{IT<=}A}
16 Dog's cross: that is, a little labradoodle (7) SPANIEL {SPAN}{IE}{La...e}
17 Unbroken, like a Manx cat? (7) ENDLESS [DD]
19 Colloquially, largest; most like the ocean? (7) TIDIEST [DD]
20 Some sets of twins resemble each other (7,5) DOUBLES MATCH {DOUBLES}{MATCH}
23 Trade ideas, wild wishes (10) DESIDERATA*
24 Illegally assist a venture (4) ABET {A}{BET}
25 Flights that may lead to landings? (10) STAIRCASES [CD]
26 Step back, seeing Afghans, Abyssinians, etc? (4) PETS<=

1   Dilapidated sideboards getting batterings (10) BROADSIDES*
2   So, hardware flying around? (10) ARROWHEADS* &lit
4   Region including villas in exclusive resort areas, primarily? (7) RIVIERA Acrostic &lit
5   Blearily recalls wine in large amounts (7) CELLARS*
6   Ministry of Defence to get 'non-clerical' if Foreign Office to retire bureaucrats (11) OFFICIALDOM {MOD}{LAIC}{IF}{FO}<=
7   Everyman is to receive visitor, finally: one bearing large showy flowers (4) IRIS {I}{v...oR}{IS}
8   Celt's outburst can be heard (4) GAEL (~gale)
12 Champion with spine, usually? (5-6) TITLE-HOLDER [C&DD]
13 Note, twice: establishment for racehorses where multiplication is demanded (5,5) TIMES TABLE {TI}{ME}{STABLE}
14 Hot drinks or dry Rieslings? (4,6) FLAT WHITES {FLAT}{WHITES}
18 I will be found in Balkan state: bold to move to find unwelcoming place (7) SIBERIA {I} in {S(+b)BER(-b)IA}
19 Well-earnt rest, leisurely accepting support (7) TRESTLE [T]
21 Poems praising systems of regulation not started (4) ODES cODES
22 Accept only part of repurchase agreement, being in the Black? (4) ASEA [T]

Reference List
Batting = IN, Non=clerical = LAIC, Note = TI, ME, Bold = B