Tuesday 31 January 2023

No 13776, Tuesday 31 Jan 2023, Gussalufz

Solution to 12A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Someone to identify the theme and the theme words.

1   "Fabric is certainly from Germany" — king, maybe while clothing queen (8) JACQUARD {JA}{C{QU}ARD}
6   After backing explosive claims, Gujarat's leader has a problem (6) ENIGMA {M{Gu...t}INE<=}{A}
9   Recess on the counter in office space (4) APSE [T<=]
10 Article with murky origins leads to speculation (10) THEORISING {THE}{ORIGINS*}
11 Desperately tries to chase married man (6) MISTER {TRIES}*<=>{M}
12 Garbage recycled, say, after moving to small waste bins (8) A?H?R?Y? (Addendum - ASHTRAYS {(-tr)ASH(+tr)TR}{SAY*} - See comments)
13 Dr. X's Y? That's it! (3,2,5) END OF STORY {Y is end of story)
15 Hollow, easily forgotten past promise (4) BOND BONeD (Addendum - BeyOND - See comments)
17 Labour blocks its second candidate's aspiration (4) SEAT SwEAT
18 Get rid of water, honey, urn, myrrh (items devotees originally used during worship) (10) DEHUMIDIFY {Ho..y}{Urn}{My..h}{It..s}{De...s} in {DEIFY}
20 Korean vote surprisingly expresses no new change in leadership (8) TAKEOVER {KOREAn+VoTE}*
22 Warden and Woburn, for example, getting bowled for fifty twice in back streets (6) ABBEYS A(-ll+bb)BBEYS
24 Engineer random changes in parent note (10) MEMORANDUM {E}{RANDOM*} in {MUM}
26 A bit of nerve, taking clothes off in taxi in use! (4) AXON {tAXi}{ON}
27 Go through dessert, skipping one staple food item (6) PIERCE {PIE}{RiCE}
28 Screamed after suppressing a cry of anguish and turned pale (8) YELLOWED {YELL{OW}ED}

2   Can I mash in fruit blender? (9) APPLIANCE {CAN+I}* in {APPLE}
3   Seeking technique studied secretly (5) QUEST [T]
4   Habits of extremely affluent bores (7) ATTIRES {Af...nT}{TIRES}
5   Prescribed food, not timepass! (3) DIE DIEt
6   Sensual and without reservations when out of India, husband moves lower (7) EARTHLY (-h)EART(+h)HiLY
7   "Angry Birds" — nice, impressively written (9) INSCRIBED*
8   Penny perhaps king's taken from fool (5) MONEY MONkEY
12 A different one, found in America, not here (7) ANOTHER [T]
14 Regularly worn hot Nehru cap of officials (2,3,4) ON THE HOUR {HOT+NEHRU+Of...s}*
16 New gas masks gain approval for military manoeuvre (2-3,4) NO FLY ZONE {N}{O{FLY}ZONE}
18 Married woman had to stray (7) DEVIATE {DEVI}{ATE}
19 Foul-smelling salami that's spoiled after a month (7) MIASMAL {SALAMI}*<=>{M}
21 Asian jazz genre — it's covered frequently (5) AZERI {jAzZ+gEnRe+It}
23 A couple of slices of bread, and eggs over well done (5) BRAVO {BRead}{OVA<=}
25 Period and comma, say, basically? (3) DAY Tail acrostic

Reference List
Certainly in German = JA, Queen = QU, Married = M, Easily = E, Bowled = B, Fifty = L, Engineer = E, India = I, Husband = H, King = K, New = N, Month = M

Monday 30 January 2023

No 13775, Monday 30 Jan 2023, Avtaar

Congrats to Avataar for his Half Century in The Hindu.

Solution to 1A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   One among every other feline gets lost (7) ?O?L?R? (Addendum - FORLORN - {F or L or N} - See comments)
 Nobleman in Paris who visits another planet (7) MARQUIS {MAR{QUI}S}
10 Flatness, oddly, in propellers (4) FANS {FlAtNeSs}
11 Veteran international loads semi-automatic pistols just right (10) GOLDILOCKS {G{OLD}{I}LOCKS}
12 Revolutionary work in alternative medicine (6) POTION (OP<=TION)
13 Moderate leader of India welcomed by comrade recently (8) PALLIATE {PAL}{L{In..a}ATE}
14 Flatland in Palo Alto, almost completely destroyed (9) ALTIPLANO {IN+PALO+ALTo}*
16 Peasant from backward district in Maharashtra (5) KISAN<= 
17 Quick! Say,"Cheese" before start of filming (5) BRIEF {BRIE}{Fi...g}
19 Squad captivated by how Detective Sergeant cracked murder cases (9) WHODUNITS {UNIT} in {HOW+DS}*
23 Iron strap reflecting "L" carried by beginner (4-4) GOLF-CLUB {FLOG<=}{C{L}UB}
24 Very old, large bird echoing sound (6) VOLUME {V}{O}{L}{EMU<=}
26 Long off? (10) SABBATICAL [CD]
27 Division backing king (4) FORK {FOR}{K}
28 Sex joints getting aired, apparently (2,5) IT SEEMS {IT}{SEEMS(~seams)}
29 Squeeze lock to eavesdrop, says Spooner (4,3) BEAR HUG (~hair bug to bear hug)

2   Where one may find films enjoying a good run (2,1,4) ON A ROLL [DD]
3   Unlimited vintage drink (5) LASSI cLASSIc
4   Trendy, majestic clothes of the Queen (7) REGINAL {REG{IN}AL}
6   Commercial featuring carefree life away from home (6) AFIELD {A{LIFE*}D}
7   Incomplete citation by Indian nationalist put out in daily (9) QUOTIDIAN {QUOTe}{InDIAN}
8   African politicians drink at Hampstead bars (7) INKATHA [T]
9   New black sat phone? Congratulations! (4,2,3,4) SLAP ON THE BACK*
15 Story by popular English fellow is beyond description (9) INEFFABLE {FABLE}<=>{IN}{E}{F}
18 Warning to stop terrible, unending atrocity (4,3) RIOT ACT ATROCITy* Semi&lit
20 Delegate's review of electric vehicle - much adored (7) DEVOLVE {EV}{LOVED}<=
21 In the Philippines, wild buffalo is detained by gnu - a ram attacks from below (7) TAMARAU [T<=]
22 Donald Thomas, after cutting hands badly, drops a drink (3,3) OLD TOM {dOnaLD+ThOMas}
25 Long-time prisoner initially locked-up in farmhouse escapes resourcefully (5) LIFER Acrostic

Reference List
Who in French = QUI, International = I, Detective Sergeant = DS, Very = V, Old =O, Large = L, King = K, Sex = IT, Trendy = IN, Commercial = AD, Nationalist = N, Popular = IN, English = E, Fellow = F, Electric vehicle = EV

Sunday 29 January 2023

Special, Sunday 29 Jan 2023, Driver

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3239, Sunday 29 Jan 2023

 Means of contact represented in ladies' dreams (5,7) EMAIL ADDRESS*
9   Goes quickly: beers found here (7) BARRELS [DD]
10 In France, is one almost beginning to investigate a country? (7) ESTONIA {EST}{ONe}{In...e}{A}
11 Everyman's beginning to get kiss, first to occur (5) EXIST {Ev...n}{X}{1ST}
12 A key assistant in S. Australian city (8) ADELAIDE {A}{DEL}{AIDE}
14 Legendary Celt in groundbreaking art: hurrah! (4,6) KING ARTHUR [T]
15 Playful bow (4) ARCH [DD]
17 We're told that man'll get better (4) HEAL (~ he'll)
19 A Catholic demanding act of praise (10) ACCLAIMING {A}{C}{CLAIMING}
21 Where to buy goose and gander (8) BUTCHERS [DD]
23 Old photo more likely to exude its fluid, you say? (5) SEPIA (~seepier)
25 At least one northern zone redeveloped – right, duck? (3-4) NON-ZERO {N+ZONE}*{R}{0}
26 Where cuts are – and are not – performed? (7) THEATRE [C&DD]
27 In the States, a wrong number (12) ANAESTHETIST*

2   Bird seen around Australia, very remote creature (7) MARTIAN {MARTI{A}N}
3   Granite's disintegrating; it's not chemically reactive (5,3) INERT GAS*
4   And some primordial soup (4) ALSO [T]
5   Incredibly appallingly (10) DREADFULLY [DD]
6   Old flame to get to 50 and celebrate (5) EXTOL {EX}{TO}{L}
7   Increasingly fine and restrain Greek characters from the South (7) SUNNIER {REIN}{NUS}<=
8   Model's partner gathered nuts to do what's necessary (4,3,5) MAKE THE GRADE {MAKE}{GATHERED*}
9   Cause insupportable costs, as flooded river may? (5,3,4) BREAK THE BANK [DD]
13 Food's kept here; cook storms out (10) STOCKROOMS*
16 Most squiffy? Advice: short nap (8) TIPSIEST {TIP}{SIESTa}
18 Insect queen held up appendage (7) ANTENNA {ANT}{ANNE<=}
20 Drive? Sadly, time's up (7) IMPETUS*
22 Hysterically yelling, extremely noisy animal, primarily! (5) HYENA Acrostic Semi&lit
24 Upset, hot and cold, tense: I feel irritation (4) ITCH {H+C+T+I}<=

Reference List
Is in French = EST, Kiss = X, Catholic = C, Northern = N, Right = R, Australia = A, 50 = L, Hot = H, Cold = C, Tense =T

Saturday 28 January 2023

No 13774, Saturday 28 Jan 2023, Bruno

All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Chaotic Union surprisingly spied on deceased individual (6-4) UPSIDE-DOWN  {U}{SPIED*}{D}{OWN}
6   Man was struggling at first and travelled through water (4) SWAM {M}{<=>WAS}* 
9   River pass set for storage (10) DEEPFREEZE {DEE}{P}{FREEZE}
10 Meaningless chatter on boy's computer reviewed (4) BLAH {B}{HAL<=}
12 Chinese premier's wallowing in fake cheap glory - that's literally a job! (12) LEXICOGRAPHY  {XI} in {CHEAP+GLORY}*
15 One's set to travel overseas? (7) ICEBERG [CD]
16 Bigwig wearing green cloaked in recycled pink (7) KINGPIN {KIN{G}{IN}P*}
17 Wife's anger starting to thin-out - Dad returned device (7) WIRETAP  {W}{IRE}{Thin}{PA<=}
19 River barge's stern has ropes and logs (7) RECORDS {R}{bargE}{CORDS}
20 Servile rogue - one with a temptress' starting to drown in double gin cocktail (12) INGRATIATING {RAT}{1}{A}{Te...s} in {GIN}*{GIN}*
23 Turn to replace offensive toy that's boring (4) DULL D(-o+u)ULL
24 Massive province invites upper class landowner to drive out internal rabble-rousing leaders (10) STATUESQUE {U+ESQUire} in {STATE} E from?
25 Groudoes regularly become unpleasant (4) RUDE {gRoUp+DoEs}
26 Check vehicle while driving through essentially icy road - that may get you some points... (6,4) CREDIT CARD {EDIT}{CAR} in {iCy}{RD}

1   Upset.. is not loud in fun party (4) UNDO {fUN}{DO}
2   Childless partners' issue (4) SPEW {SP}{EW}
3   Civil condition replacing abuse finally at Gulf (12) DIFFERENTIAL {D(-e+if)IFFERENTIAL
4   Considering setter's in poverty, put up a thousand? (7) DEEMING {N{I'M}EED}<={G}
5   Fool from Washington went to sleep at pier - lost head (7) WAZZOCK {WA}{ZZ}{dOCK}
7   Wife and personal assistant grasped everything - gym, even brass and house decorations (10) WALLPAPERS {W}{ALL}{PA}{PE}{bRaSs}
8   Religious person's a saint - a short hymn has been composed (10) MAHAYANIST * {A+SAINT+A+HYMn}
11 Extraordinary coach sends one out on track to embrace goal (12) TRANSCENDENT {TRAiN}{SC{END}ENT}
13 Red wine if drunk with a little vermouth can make things look clearer? (10) VIEWFINDER {RED+WINE+IF+Ve...h}*
14 Engineer hauled around lake was wet (10)  BEDRAGGLED {BE}{DRAGG{L}ED}
18 Artist seen in spa in terminal (7) PAINTER [T]
19 Moved staff around gallery (7) ROTATED {RO{TATE}D}
21 Blue queen enters organization to quit drinking (4) AQUA {A{QU}A}
22 Details prepared for study (4) READ READy

Reference List
Union = U, Deceased = D, Man = M, Pass = P, Boy = B, Computer = HAL, Chinese Premier = XI, Green = G, Wife = W, River = R, Offensive = O, Upper class = U, Loud = F, Partners = E,W, Thousand = G, Sleep = ZZ, Personal assistant = PA, Gym = PE, Lake = L, Queen = QU, Organisation to quit drinking = AA(Alcoholics anonymous)

Friday 27 January 2023

No 13773, Friday 27 Jan 2023, Hypatia

Solution to 5D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Sister accepting a church's suggestion (6) NUANCE {NU{A}N}{CE}
4   Spice shelf mostly returned to daughter by a mother (8) CARDAMOM {RACk<=}{D}{A}{MOM}
9   Reportedly country provides oil (6) GREASE (~greece)
10 One lamp lit in study to find fault (8) COMPLAIN {CO{1+LAMP}*N}
12 Economic imbalance of area housing elderly in retirement (5,3) TRADE GAP {P{AGED}ART}<=
13 He shoots needles from behind with hesitation (6) SNIPER {PINS<=}{ER}
15 They're exchanged by participants in union? (7,5) WEDDING BANDS [CD]
18 Concerned with feasting - not grand or massive (12) ASTRONOMICAL gASTRONOMICAL
21 European entering international transaction for old specialist (6) EXPERT EXP(-o+e)ERT
22 Turn very appealing to block the French kiss (8) OSCULATE {SO<=}{CU{LA}TE}
24 Discuss in college about poetry (8) CONVERSE {C}{ON}{VERSE}
25 Satisfied to consume rough food grain (6) MILLET {M{ILL}ET}
26 Doctor, mayor and general returning to fish (5,3) MORAY EEL {MAYOR*}{LEE<=}
27 Note to seize free capital of Yemen 24 hours before the weekend (6) FRIDAY {F{RID}A}{Ye..n}

1   Work long with one who turns in late? (5,3) NIGHT OWL {LONG+WITH}*
2   Structure deal with assistant in city (8) ADELAIDE {DEAL*}{AIDE}
3   Guys err in process of reconstruction (8,7) COSMETIC SURGERY {GUYS+ERR}* [RA]
5   Crazy maiden hiding in America's fine (4) A?O? (Addendum - AMOK {M} in {A}{OK} - See comments)
6   Nehru admired Apu's versatile author (6,2,7) DAPHNE DU MAURIER*
7   French footballer's chart contains British exercise (6) MBAPPE {M{B}AP}{PE}
8   Say Om, engraved by craftsman traditionally (6) MANTRA [T]
11 What's naturally sweet like Mick of the Rolling stones? (7) JAGGERY [DD]
14 Main judge is fighting religious order (7) JAINISM {MAIN+J+IS}*
16 Scribbled about women rocking cradles (8) SCRAWLED {SCRA{W}LED*}
17 Infection at hospital ward luckily cleared out smoothly (8) FLUENTLY {FLU}{ENT}{Lu...lY}
19 View the fab, futuristic mega slim terminals in electronic device (6) WEBCAM Tail Acrostic
20 Some stop energetic Rohit Sharma, for one (6) OPENER [T]
23 Man, perhaps lives life on vacation (4) ISLE {IS}{LifE}

Reference List
Church = CE, Daughter = D, Study = CON, Grand = G, European = E, Old = O, The in French = LA, College = C, Note = FA, With = W, British = B, Exercise = PE, Maiden = M, America = A, Judge = J, Women = W, Hospital ward = ENT

Thursday 26 January 2023

No 13772, Thursday 26 Jan 2023, Hypatia



Artwork by Prasanna


Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 9A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

7   Showcased Lucknowi clothes from behind road with no other outlet (3-2-3) CUL-DE-SAC [T<=]
9   Sister cycling in boxer's rings (6) A?N?L? (Addendum - ANNULI   {A{(+n)NNU(-n)}LI} )
10 Lake in lush place (4) SLOT {S{L}OT}
11 Recollect secret port's encrypted (10) RETROSPECT*
12 Read about rupee getting firm (6) STURDY {STU{R}DY}
14 Discourses involving relationship in working society (8) ORATIONS {O{RATIO}N}{S}
15 Is oat chip healthy plant food? (9,4) PISTACHIO NUTS {IS+OAT+CHIP}* [RA]
18 Wedding vows recalled in saga containing many parts (8) EPISODIC {EP{I DOS<=}IC} 
20 Drink sadly on vacation, drowning husband by mistake (6) SHERRY {SadlY} over {H}{ERR}
21 Spooner’s leading lady missing in imdb.com, say (6,4) DOMAIN NAME (~ no main dame to domain name)
22 Founder's flag (4) SINK {S}{INK} [DD] - See comments 
23 Writer starts to plagiarise every new chapter in library (6) PENCIL Acrostic
24 He and I dash, sent away behind the Spanish (8) ELEMENTS {EM}{SENT*}<=>{EL}

1   Period lost with flu spreading at the start of pandemic (4,4) FULL STOP {LOST+FLU}*{Pa...c}
2   Modify diet or change (4) EDIT*
3   Bird rising thus before fiery end (6) OSPREY {SO<=}{PRE}{f..rY}
4   Some feeding a dog a dodgy Asian dish (4-4) GADO-GADO [T]
5   Putin tried fighting with Europe to camouflage Russian leader's lack of skill (10) INEPTITUDE {PUTIN+T(-r+e)EID}*
6   The French study backs fine perfume bottle (6) FLACON {LA}{CON}<=>{F}
8   Throw out and catch these to avoid wasting time (3,2,3,5) CUT TO THE CHASE {OUT+CATCH+THESE}*
13 Mutating insects are fighting (10) RESISTANCE*
16 Senior setter, frequently at play passionately (8) ARDENTLY {ARDEN}{aT+pLaY}
17 Picking up rule, engineer gets nth power (8) STRENGTH {R} in {GETS+NTH}*
19 President strayed? It's documented (6) PROVED {P}{ROVED}
20 Say Sushmita's packing to marry in country (6) SWEDEN {S{WED}EN}
22 King lost in search for maiden to appear (4) SEEM SEE(-k+m)M

Reference List
Lake = L, Rupee = R, Society = S, Husband = H, Dash = EM, The in Spanish = EL, Europe = E, Russia = R, The in French = LA, Fine = F, Senior setter = ARDEN, Rule = R, President = P, King = K, Maiden = M

Wednesday 25 January 2023

No 13771, Wednesday 25 Jan 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 16D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Frightening offence by husband wanting money (8) SINISTER {SIN}{mISTER}
5   Wife enthralled by grass is simpering in retreat (6) MISSIS [T<=]
10 Old characters in secret romance (5) RETRO [T]
11 Look trendy, extremely casual and wildly hot in one-piece garment (9) LOINCLOTH {LO}{IN}{Ca..aL}{HOT*}
12 Rushed back to serenade princess in Asian city (9) NARSINGDI {RAN<=}{SING}{DI}
13 Person who observes poor rodent dropping dead (5) NOTER ROdENT*
14 Trouble in European capital after Left topples Right (6) PLAGUE P(-r+l)LAGUE
15 Revolutionary experience in ravine leaves fellow elated (7) GLEEFUL {G{FEEL<=}ULf}
18 Knife in alcove beside round bag (7) BAYONET {BAY}{O}{NET}
20 Insensibility of rebellious degenerates drinking at university (6) STUPOR {ST{UP}OR<=}
22 Fights hard from start to finish (5) TIFFS (-s)TIFF(+s)S
24 Protecting female seen tottering in bar (9) DEFENSIVE {F+SEEN}* in{DIVE}
25 Person starts to cry, horrified by insane rat race (9) CHARACTER {Cry}{Ho...d}{RAT+RACE}*
26 Angered by one revolutionary abducting king (5) IRKED {1}{R{K}ED}
27 Finished reviewing absorbing chapter on principle of Enigma cipher (6) ENCODE {DO{C}NE<=}{En...a}
28 Embraced and undid lace, frantically releasing clasp at centre (8) INCLUDED {UNDID+LaCE}*

1   Runs limited by turn and good bounce (6) SPRING {SP{R}IN}{G}
2   Absolutely sozzled nut going around a jamboree (9) NATURALLY {N{A}TU*}{RALLY}
3   Revealing plans when son and his girl fight over nothing (7,4,4) SHOWING ONES HAND {WHEN+SON+AND+HIS+G}* over {0}
4   Finally compose revolutionary work, inspired by idea for pastoral poem (7) ECLOGUE {c...sE}{CL{GO<=}UE}
6   Minor artfully nails it with queen capturing rook (15) INCONSEQUENTIAL {NAILS+IT+QUEEN}* over {CON}
7   Play piano in class (5) SPORT {S{P}ORT}
8   Small ball-shaped object in treatment of heel spur (8) SPHERULE*
9   Injured nilgai is suffering (6) AILING*
16 Fine lap dance finally in bar - made merry (9) F?O?I?K?D (Addendum - FROLICKED {F}{RO{LICK}{d..cE}D} -  See comments)
17 Check new sob story about Cleopatra at launch (8) OBSTACLE {SOB*}{TA{Cl...a}LE}
19 Lawyer shot outside, close to comatose until now (2,4) TO DATE {TO{DA}T}{c...sE}
20 Small, slight model wanting shade (7) SAFFRON {S}{AFFRONt}
21 Bonded with liberal director enthralled by marijuana (6) WELDED {WE{L}{D}ED}
23 Head of family managed club in Swiss capital (5) FRANC {Fa...y}{RAN}{C}

Reference List
Money = M, Look = LO, Trendy = IN, Princess = DI, Dead = D, Right = R, Left = L, Fellow = F, University = UP, Female = F, King = K, Chapter = C, Runs = R, Good = G, Girl = G, Rook = CON, Piano = P, Fine = F, Lawyer = DA, Shot = TOT, Model = T, Liberal = L, Director = D, Club = C

Tuesday 24 January 2023

No 13770, Tuesday 24 Jan 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 15D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Some unusual words today.

1   Gratifyingly brief film about Dr Watson reviewed (5,3,5) SHORT AND SWEET {SHEET} over {DR+WATSON}*
8   Coats and hats around back of store (5) CAPES {CAP{s..rE}S}
9   Prompt to take afternoon rest (9) REMAINDER {REM{A}INDER}
11 Police line-up has Bihar's foremost criminal (10) PUNISHABLE {LINE+UP+HAS+Bi..r}*
12 Seaweed in botanical garden (4) ALGA [T]
14 Dash back, carrying money to get beer and dish of meat (7) TIMBALE {B{M}IT<=}{ALE}
16 Weatherperson in lecture describing recurrent climate phenomena (2,5) EL NINOS [T<=] Semi &lit
17 Vigorously cleans front of protective camera accessory (4,3) LENS CAP {CLEANS*}{Pr...e}
19 Like a cross fastened over entrance to surgical hospital (1-6) T-SHAPED {T{Su...l}{H}APED}
21 Fell initially, learning a jump in figure skating (4) AXEL {AXE}{Le...g}
By original work: Nellinka (originally from File:Axel-Paulsen-Sprung.png) modification by User:Nordelch 
22 Student in dilemma rebelliously abandons poorly understood subjects (5,5) BLIND SPOTS {B{L}IND}{STOPS<=}
25 Entire rift developed after assassination of king and queen (9) NEFERTITI {ENTIRE+rIFT}*
26 Same blunders across ten tests (5) EXAMS {E{X}AMS*}
27 Consuming drink, evil cheat misbehaves, inviting English female's rebuff (4,2,3,4) SLAP IN THE FACE {S{LAP}IN}{TH{E}{F}ACE*}

2   Word that's more specific in short song about small horse (7) HYPONYM {HY{PONY}Mn}
3   Rise up! Stand and fight (10) RESISTANCE {RISE*}{STANCE}
4   Technique to tackle round opening of aneurysm in blood vessel (5) AORTA {A{O}RT}{Aa...m}
5   Soothing medicine is satisfactory, having reduced swelling all round (9) DEMULCENT {DE{LUMp<=}CENT}
6   Keen head of infotech cracks revolutionary code (4) WAIL {In...h} in {LAW<=}
7   Oddly evil old novel about phantom (7) EIDOLON {EvIl}{OLD*}{ON}
8   Top Italian criminal bagging good profit from sale of asset (7,4) CAPITAL GAIN {CAP}{ITALIAN}* over {G}
10 Speaks with enthusiasm, animatedly praises husband hosting small retro party (11) RHAPSODISES {PRAISES+H}* over {S}{DO<=}
13 Where book might be no longer useful (2,3,5) ON THE SHELF [DD]
15 Lies trembling after receiving kiss, excited about performing in the sack (9) E?P?L?I?N (Addendum - EXPULSION {E{X}{UP<=}LSI*}{ON} - See comments) 
18 Den with fuel blown up as stipulated (7) NEEDFUL {DEN+FUEL}*
20 Film about American civil rights activist is mundane (7) PROSAIC {P{ROSA}IC}
23 Knocking back drink after consuming ecstasy, start to hysterically snicker (5) NEIGH {GI{E}N<=}{Hy...y}
24 Republican in depression over blunder (4) TRIP {PI{R}T}<=

Reference List
Afternoon = A, Money = M, Hospital = H, Student = L, King = R, Ten = X, English = E, Female = F, About = ON, Good = G, Husband = H, Small = S, Party = DO, Kiss = X, Ecstasy = E, Republican = R

Monday 23 January 2023

No 13769, Monday 23 Jan 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 21D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Kick in crotch? That is awful (8) RICOCHET {CROTCH+IE}*
5   Game of chance after bachelor's extremely drunk (6) BLOTTO {LOTTO}<=>{B}
10 Gathering of witches in cavern at end of Halloween (5) COVEN {COVE}{h...eN}
11 Canoodling with a star in opening when husband's away (6,3) MAKING OUT {M{A}KING}OUTh}
12 Distributed special protein bars, over 500 (9) PORTIONED {PORTI{O}NE*}{D}
13 Crushed by runout, really shocking (5) OUTRE [T]
14 Immature desire to get hold of joint increases (6) WIDENS {WI{DEN}Sh}
15 A canoe floating around island in Pacific region (7) OCEANIA {A+CANOE}* over {I}
18 Bad-tempered woman's fury overwhelming students at college (7) HELLCAT {HE{LL}{C}AT}
20 Dropping good equipment, scowl and utter explosively (3,3) RIP OUT {RIg}{POUT}
22 Close after introducing new surgical bypass tube (5) SHUNT {SHU{N}T}
24 Love energy after consuming very strong drug (9) AFFECTION {A{FF}{E}CTION}
25 India's opener on zero - absorbing start to Test, man's nervous (2,1,6) IN A DITHER {In..a}{NADI{Test}{HE}R}
26 First off, warn about hot volatile liquid (5) ETHER {dET{H}ER}
27 Cry of huntsmen is so icky, barbaric (6) YOICKS*
28 Becomes uneasy as rebellious teens drink (6,2) TENSES UP {TEENS*}{SUP}

1   Method is perfect to smuggle ecstasy and cocaine (6) RECIPE {R{E}{C}IPE}
2   Model in club finished back massage and left (5,4) COVER GIRL {C}{OVER}{RIG<=}{L}
3   Cheat playing cricket fined for deception (10,5) CONFIDENCE TRICK {CON}{CRICKET+FINED}*
4   Animals crushed by pachyderm in estate (7) ERMINES [T]
6   Make money dishonestly from fake old pennies in ornamental cases (4,4,7) LINE ONES POCKETS {O+PENNIES}* in{LOCKETS}
7   Swimmer is tense, starting to overexert in channel (5) TROUT {T}{R{Ov...t}UT}
8   Where yoga practitioner might be seen being reprimanded (2,3,3) ON THE MAT [DD]
9   Most willingly, child enters snowmobile (6) SKIDOO {S{KID}OOn}
16 Nurses in hospital involved in treatment of neurosis (9) NOURISHES {NOURIS{H}ES*}
17 Many impatient to have sex in the unmarried state (8) CHASTITY {C}{HAST{IT}Y}
19 Kitschy painting reviewed and withdrawn (6) TRASHY {ART<=}{SHY}
20 Adjudicate about liberal tackling intolerance at Centre (7) REFEREE {RE}{F{i...lEr...e}REE}
21 Dishonest boy escapes punishment for trick (6) ?N?R?P (Addendum - ENTRAP {bENT}{RAP} - See comments)
23 Extract of kokum, a mildly savoury taste (5) UMAMI [T]

Reference List
Bachelor = B, Husband = H, 500 = D, Over = O, island = I, Student = L, College = C, Good = G, New = N, Very strong = FF, Drug = E, Hot = H, Drink = SUP, Old = O, Tense = T, Hospital = H, Many = C, Sex = IT, About = RE, Boy = B

Sunday 22 January 2023

Special, Sunday 22 Jan 2023, IIT M Word Games Club, KrisKross

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3238, Sunday 22 Jan 2023

1   Brief, displaying discretion (10) DIRECTIONS*
6   At the outset, 'Terrible' sort; aristocratic Russian! (4) TSAR Acrostic &lit
9   Heavily stomp over boundary where sportsperson may jump (10) TRAMPOLINE {TRAMP}{O}{LINE}
10 Laid back? Don't touch that... ! (4) DIAL<= 
11 Following calm, canoe lost in vast watery expanse (7,5) PACIFIC OCEAN {PACIFIC}{CANOE*}
15 A doctor, way back, that's describing a gland (7) ADRENAL {A}{DR}{LANE<=}
16 $10,149 for Banksy piece? (7) STENCIL {S}{TEN}{C}{IL}
17 Perhaps change revolted expression on initially seeing nibbles (7) CASHEWS {CASH}{EW}{Se...g}
19 At sea, Sea Lord primes weaponry again (7) RELOADS*
20 Two moons fail to display Newtonian principles (4,2,6) LAWS OF MOTION*
  1. A body remains at rest, or in motion at a constant speed in a straight line, unless acted upon by a force.
  2. When a body is acted upon by a force, the time rate of change of its momentum equals the force.
  3. If two bodies exert forces on each other, these forces have the same magnitude but opposite directions.
23 Heard, in short walk, an aquatic bird (4) TERN (~turn)
24 Eccentric star is paid with indoor plant (10) ASPIDISTRA*
25 Retired horse unhappy to race (4) DASH {H}{SAD}<=
26 Compromised? Stop seething (10) ENDANGERED {END}{ANGERED}

1   See what you can get from a palm tree (4) DATE [DD]
2   Money in imperialism (4) RIAL [T]
3   Better nominate extraordinary explorer (7,4) CAPTAIN NEMO {CAP}{NOMINATE*}
4   Everyman shall pass on acrimony (3,4) ILL WILL {I'LL}{WILL}
5   Fools childminders (independent, not amateur) (7) NINNIES N(-a+i)INNIES
7   It has white and brown meat, bird cooked with capers (6,4) SPIDER CRAB {BIRD+CAPERS}*
8   Stern seller sent bananas (10) RELENTLESS*
12 Watching from above ... or not noticing at all? (11) OVERLOOKING {OVER}{LOOKING}
13 Was divisive, perhaps premeditated (10) CALCULATED [DD]
14 This is one of those tirades (10) CROSSWORDS [C&DD]
18 Ultimately, Marge's troublemaker lad? (7) SIMPSON {m...eS}{IMP}{SON} &lit
19 Drink some clarets inappropriately (7) RETSINA [T]
21 Lead actor that's over 8 on board? (4) STAR (* - it's over 8 on the keyboard)
22 The French rehashed gutted calorific ingredient (4) LARD {LA}{Re...eD}

Reference List
Over = O, Boundary = LINE, $ = S, 149 = CIL, Horse = H, Independent = I, Amateur = A, The in French = LA

Saturday 21 January 2023

No 13768, Saturday 21 Jan 2023, Dr. X

Brilliant surfaces in all clues today.

1   Massage hot aristocrat immediately (5,3) RIGHT OFF {RIG}{H}{TOFF}
5   Partners captivated by snake beside one ornamental tree (6) BONSAI {BO{N}{S}A}{1}
10 Stumble in street, say (7) STUTTER {ST}{UTTER}
11 Expose husband meeting one babe at entrance in retreat (7) EXHIBIT {EX{H}{1}{Babe}IT}
12 Worm behind small grass-like plant (5) SEDGE {EDGE}<=>{S}
13 Wild hedonist consuming ecstasy secretly (2,3,4) ON THE SIDE {HEDONIST}* over {E}
14 School for young children organised trek in garden (12) KINDERGARTEN*
18 Be aware of what is going on, like a music conductor? (4,3,5) KNOW THE SCORE [C&DD]
21 Quickly prepares formula containing extremely sweet drink (7,2) RUSTLES UP {RU{SweeT}LE}{SUP}
23 Good, seasoned beef (5) GRIPE {G}{RIPE}
24 Member consumed by reactionary hatred is nitpicking (7) INSIDER [T<=]
25 Twists and turns, chasing leader of terrorists (7) TANGLES {ANGLES}<=>{Te...s}
26 Yearning to dance with popular girl (6) HOPING {HOP}{IN}{G}
27 Everyone beginning to enjoy murderous tale (8) ALLEGORY {ALL}{En..y}{GORY}

1   Strikes artfully, sacrificing knight to give check (6) RESIST STRIkES*
2   Crafty rogue stealing diamonds and money in Haiti (6) GOURDE {GOUR{D}E*}
3   Drink gets man at hotel lit up completely (2,3,4) TO THE HILT {TOT}{HE}{H}{LIT*}
4   Found a dormouse scurrying inside as well (3,4,7) FOR GOOD MEASURE {FORGE} over {A+DORMOUSE}*
6   Colour of brooch, reddish-yellow (5) OCHRE [T]
7   Self-restraint is essentially important in battling obesity (8) SOBRIETY {SOB{i..oRt..t}IETY*}
8   Mean man arrested at last (2,3,3) IN THE END {INT{HE}END}
9   Crucial to have fixed tenure with cover for risky investment (7,7) VENTURE CAPITAL {V{TENURE*}{CAP}ITAL}
15 Wasted a crore to acquire horse? Revolting conceit (9) ARROGANCE {A+CRORE}* over {NAG<=}
16 Leader of anarchists leaving Kashmir is shot in encounter (8) SKIRMISH {KaSHMIR+IS}*
17 Miss consuming primarily undiluted drink blunders (6,2) LOUSES UP {LO{Un...d}SE}{SUP}
19 Fantastic tailor in Venetian commercial centre (6) RIALTO*
20 Abandoned extremely salty meal, pathetic (6) MEASLY {SaltY+MEAL}*
22 Seduced by director during Christmas in retreat (3,2) LED ON {LE{D}ON<=}

Reference List
Hot = H, Aristocrat = TOFF, Partners = N,S, Street = ST, Husband = H, Small = S, Ecstasy = E, Drink = SUP, Good = G, Dance = HOP, Popular = IN, Girl = G, Knight = K, Diamonds = D, Drink = TOT, Hotel = H, Director = D, Christmas = NOEL