Wednesday 31 August 2022

No 13649, Wednesday 31 Aug 2022, WrdPlougher

Artwork by Prasanna

Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 10A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Magician or priest deceptively shrouding figure, a trickster primarily (15) PRESTIDIGITATOR {OR+PRIEST}* over {DIGIT}{A}{Tr...r
9   Full of tea Sita brewed (7) SATIATE* Full or Fill?
10 Me, I love heartless revolutionary in science fiction (7) O?E?E?F (Addendum - ONESELF {ONE}{S{{LovE<=}F} - See comments)
11 Trace metal, germanium (5) TINGE {TIN}{GE}
12 Later, bail out of a two-faced deal? (9) BILATERAL*
13 Previously away, here in French capital of Ontario as a job perk (2,7) EX OFFICIO {EX}{OFF}{ICI}{On...o}
15 Handy with weapons? (5) ARMED [DD]
16 The Green Goblin's rules? (5) NORMS {NORM'S}
18 Attract karma, embracing a sin without a hint of conscientiousness (9) FASCINATE {F{A}{S{Co...s}IN}ATE}
20 Burning, gut trees in it badly (9) ENTERITIS*
23 Perhaps a European jacket worn by king (5) CROAT {C{R}OAT} Why perhaps?
24 Policeman very loudly breaking gate, confiscating illegal drugs (7) OFFICER {O{FF}{ICE}R}
25 Keen learner accepted by two universities, behind schedule (7) ULULATE {U}{L}{U}{LATE}
26 No Eastern Austrian open to fight Germany and Switzerland, say (8,7) EUROPEAN NATIONS {NO+E+AUSTRIAN+OPEN}*

1   Venture into unknown territory to ensure letter is delivered? (4,3,8) PUSH THE ENVELOPE [DD]
2   Reduce damage (3,4) EAT INTO [DD]
3   "Fellow combatant! Run-up before opening of Stock Exchanges?" (5-4) TRADE-OFFS {F}{F}{FOE}{DART}<={St..k}
4   Bored, exhausted, coming back to support little nerd (5) DWEEB {BoreD}<= over {WEE}
5   Favour exchanging boldness at first for beauty? (4,5) GOOD LOOKS Anno not clear
6   Stealing an article of interest finally (5) THEFT {THE}{oF}{i,,,sT} 
7   More about the above principle (7) THEOREM {MORE}*<=>{THE}
8   Order reshuffled after upset (7,8) RUFFLED FEATHERS*
14 Mug briefly raised, mood elevated around summer, in French restaurant (9) CAFETERIA {FACe<=}{AIR<=} over {ETE}
15 Touring American roughly caught in spot of bother between English and French? (9) AGINCOURT {TOURING+A} over {C}
17 Tiny motormouth rambling on topics ignorantly, forgetting every rule primarily? (7) ROTIFER Acrostic Definition should be precise for such a word. I couldn't find  this definition anywhere.
19 Fuss over loud (not large) colour (7)  AVOCADO {A{VOCAl}DO}
21 Fast bowler making a comeback to remember? (5) RECAP<=
22 Reject Spooner's first two letters on merit, reportedly (5) SPURN {SPo...r}{(~earn)URN}

Reference List

Tuesday 30 August 2022

No 13648, Tuesday 30 Aug 2022, Karaoke

Solution to 8D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Periodically I take food after 10 (6) IODINE {DINE}<=>{10}
5   Native faked a rupee note without initial technical expertise (8) EUROPEAN {A+RUPEE+NOte}*
9   No tax cost (4-4) SCOT-FREE {COST}* [RA]
10 Daughter hugged by young man without current attachments (3-3) ADD-ONS {D} in {ADONiS}
11 Insincerity in border duty (3,7) LIP SERVICE {LIP}{SERVICE}
12 Intrinsically, male actors' singing voice (4) ALTO {mALe+acTOrs}
13 William Billings camouflages metrical feet (5) IAMBI [T]
14 Number hungry Siemens fired (6) THIRTY THIRsTY
17 Consider resume (6) DIGEST [DD]
19 It measures current power in kiss (5) PIPET {P{I}{P}ET}
22 Lean bird bites first lady (4) TILT {TI{Lady}T}
24 Holder of 23 is in favour of Pierrot possibly (10) PROPRIETOR {PRO}{PIERROT*}
25 Parasite set off around faction (6) TSETSE {SET}* over {SET}
26 Unruly old boy almost shot in fit of anger (3,5) BAD BLOOD {BAD}{OLD+BOy}* 
27 A couple of pages [1 and 10] about to conclude in the supplement (8) APPENDIX {A}{PP}{I}{X} over {END}
28 Instrument of resistance fitted with U-boat at sea (6) TABOUR {R+UBOAT}*

2   Filthy rich get buried oddly in gold flower (6) ORCHID {gO{RICH*}lD}
3   It could be small or large part of main test in Edgbaston (9) INTESTINE [T]
4   The vibrator within heard rumours to some extent (7) EARDRUM [T]
5   They are discharged from duties in ripe time perhaps rejecting pension primarily (7) EMERITI {RIpE+TIME}*
6   Setter boycotted illegal agreement for substance (7) REAGENT AGREEmeNT*
7   Relief work restored in stages (5) PODIA {AID}{OP}<=
8   Internally big gun countries interpret this clue (8) A?N?T?T? (Addendum - ANNOTATE {cANNOn}{sTATEs} - See comments)
15 Where will you find pregnant dipsomaniac? (2,3,4) IN THE CLUB [CD}
16 Orders to resolve dispute involving pairs essentially (6,2) TIDIES UP {DISPUTE}* over {paIrs}
18 Player with high ranking in best pace misses first place (3,4) TOP SEED {TOP SpEED}
19 Weak fight — It collects money for the needy (4,3) POOR BOX {POOR}{BOX}
20 Gemstone is fresh, about one-day old (7) PERIDOT {PER{1}{D}{O}T}
21 Party in bustling souk causes disease (6) SODOKU {DO} in {SOUK}*
23 Maybe Mr. Right? (5) TITLE [DD]

Reference List
Daughter = D, Current = I, Siemens = S, Power = P, Page = P, Resistance = R, Day = D, Old = O, Party = DO

Monday 29 August 2022

No 13647, Monday 29 Aug 2022, Gussalufz

Solution to 29A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Dictator gets award for style (5) IDIOM {IDI}{OM}
4   Break — in theory — for European Commission in a month (9) DISMEMBER {D{-ec+ism)ISMEMBER}
9   Died horribly after consuming off-limits toxic compound (7) DIOXIDE {DI{tOXIc}DE*}
10 Anthem in American industrial city: Not Dead, Drug-Free (7) INTROIT {IN}{deTROIT}
11 Quietly substituted more brusque hotel employee? (6) PORTER (-sh+p)PORTER
12 Malt liquor that is almost alcohol-free and frequently free — new bar/tavern's revolution! (4,4) NEAR BEER {fReE+nEw+BaR+tAvErN}<=
14 Buy cycles for short journeys (4) HOPS (-s}HOP(+s)S
15 Snug orange pants? Mortified! (10) GANGRENOUS*
18 Exercising session can lead to higher achievements (10) ASCENSIONS*
19 Shouted, "Run away! Blood-sucking insect!" (4) FLEA(~flee)
22 Adjust to a new life in Rome's outskirts after leaving a Washington city (8) RESETTLE {RomE}{SEaTTLE}
24 After getting corrected, men are more unkind (6) MEANER*
26 Screen activity (7) PROJECT [DD]
27 "Game point!?" (Loses courage) (7) SQUAILS {S}{QUAILS}
28 Musicians and comics exchanging one-to-one letters (9) SITARISTS S(-a-i)IT(-i+a)ARISTS
29 Hollow males high over heroin — they are said to be attention-seeking (5) A?E?S (Addendum - AHEMS - {MAlES}* over {H}- See comments)

1   Shrink division in popular hospital getting full! (2-5) IN-DEPTH {DEPT} in {IN}{H}
2   Is upcoming Portuguese city one roughly growing equally in every direction? (9) ISOTROPIC {IS}{PORTO<=}{I}{C}
3   Field in which electron bumps one over (6) MAIDEN MAID(-a+e)EN
4   Comedy, editorially trimmed at the edges and made more colourful (4) DYED {c..eDY+EDi...y}
5   Arms crushed in SUV, legs spread across the top of wheel (6-4) SWIVEL-GUNS {IN+SUV+LEGS}* over {Wh..l}
6   Restaurants in Spain had their videos shown every now and then (8) EATERIES {E}{hAd+ThEiR+vIdEoS}
7   Liquor that is second-rate, slimy stuff (5) BOOZE {B}{OOZE}
8   About to get joint with pot, old Bob comes back (7) RETURNS {RE}{T}{URN}{S} 
13 Blows hot and cold and makes empty boasts — sick! (10) VACILLATES {VAC{ILL}ATES}
16 God will send aging men lacking clothes this machine (3,6) OIL ENGINE {gOd+wILl+sENd+aGINg+mEn}
17 King spoiled a winter woollen garment? (8) KNITWEAR {K}{A+WINTER}*
18 Poor sap potters about (7) APROPOS*
20 Hair dryer set is regularly used for nails (7) ARRESTS {hAiR+dRyEr+SeT+iS}
21 Crab, perhaps unable to run? (6) NEBULA*
23 Intrepid ticket scalper pursuing seats in front (5) STOUT {TOUT}<=>{Se..s}
25 "Like the present, sis?" Answer coming up... (2,2) AS IS {SIS}{A}<=

Reference List
Award = OM(Order of Merit), In theory = ISM, European Commission = EC, Dead = D, Drug = E, Quietly = P, SH, Point = S(South), Heroin = H, Popular = IN, Hospital = H, Roughly = C, Electron = E, Spain = E, Second-rate = B, About = RE, Joint = T, Old Bob = S(Shilling), King = K

Sunday 28 August 2022

Special, Sunday 28 Aug 2022, AD&AD

Welcome to the second half of our new setter duo. The first half is well known.
Bouquets and brickbats welcome.

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3217, Sunday 28 Aug 2022

1   Rely on doctor, having cold in a university city – he takes bloods (5,7) COUNT DRACULA {COUNT}{DR}{A}{C}{U}{LA}
10 Delays robberies (4-3) HOLD-UPS [DD]
11 Seven colours shown by East End artist? (7) RAINBOW {RA IN BOW}
12 Primarily, 'Lord' in erstwhile genuflectory England? (5) LIEGE Acrostic &lit
13 Without levity, individual, macho Australian's dismissed (8) SOLEMNLY {SOLE}{MaNLY}
15 'Veggie options?' 'Fruitcake and prune.' 'Let's.' (3,7) NUT CUTLETS {NUT}{CUT}{LETS}
16 Bother, it's French bread (4) PAIN [DD]
18 Performed hip-hop for audience, wholly engrossed (4) RAPT (~rapped)
20 Gratification in sun, aimless, unwinding (10) SENSUALISM*
22 Chronicler of nonsense Scottish island's brought back (8) NARRATOR {ROT}{ARRAN}
24 Unvariegated lowland? (5) PLAIN [DD]
26 Everyman cries loudly: take a close look (7) EYEBALL (~I bawl)
27 In summer, there's a buzz about this hairstyle (7) BEEHIVE [DD]
28 Unwillingly assembled French and German articles for exam (5,7) UNDER PROTEST {UN}{DER}{PRO}{TEST}

2   Within gazebo I lie stagnating, extremely unctuous (7) OILIEST [T]
3   United twice involved in horrible season: it's sickening (8) NAUSEOUS {NA{U}SEO{U}S*}
4   Hard turf offered up for cash (4) DOSH {H}{SOD}<=
5   Former attendant has stories to reel off (3,7) AIR HOSTESS* Why former?
6   In Whitsun I tearfully wed (5) UNITE [T]
7   Outlaw assuming pseudonym abruptly in Balkan state (7) ALBANIA {AL{BAN}IAs}
8   Northern eagle represented old American icon (3,4,6) THE LONE RANGER*
9   In arrangement, a Wagnerian may offer a seasonal song (4,2,1,6) AWAY IN A MANGER*
Away in a manger, no crib for a bed,
The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head.
The stars in the bright sky looked down where he lay,
The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.

The cattle are lowing, the baby awakes,
But little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes.
I love thee, Lord Jesus! look down from the sky,
And stay by my cradle till morning is nigh.

Be near me, Lord Jesus; I ask thee to stay
Close by me forever, and love me I pray.
Bless all the dear children in thy tender care,
And take us to heaven to live with thee there.
14 Improper to arrest working class (4-6) BLUE-COLLAR {BLUE}{COLLAR}
17 Epitaphs rewritten to become most jolly (8) HAPPIEST*
19 Spiralling up, raven is a climber of sorts (7) PARVENU*
21 CIA list altered showing characters like these (7) ITALICS*
23 Ace part of hospital getting prize (5) AWARD {A}{WARD}
25 No time for potato, perhaps in taxi (4) UBER tUBER

Reference List
Cold = C, University = U, Artist = RA(Royal Academician), Australian = A, French article = UN, German article = DER, United = U, Hard = H, Turf = SOD,  Ace = A, Time = T

Saturday 27 August 2022

No 13646, Saturday 27 Aug 2022, Avtaar


1   Pot hidden in agent's outfit (7) TURNOUT {T{URN}OUT}
5   Make holes on end of frying pan (7) GRIDDLE {RIDDLE}<=>{f...nG}
9   Old rhyme by "Anonymous" from a foreign land (7) OVERSEA {O}{VERSE}{A}
10 Giant in women's cricket, perhaps (7) WHOPPER {W}{HOPPER}
11 Single ladies press it hard with tips of nails (9) SPINSTERS {PRESS+IT}* over {NailS} Hard as Anind?
12 Yes, he basically incarcerated some people from 13 years ago (5) SHEBA [T]
13 Royal attendants having no love for country (5) YEMEN YEoMEN
15 Keep off Spooner's tie collection (5,4) STAND BACK (~band stack to stand back)
17 Fare is wrong, per vendor (9) PROVENDER*
19 Doctor starting to examine Avtaar's vision (5) DREAM {DR}{Ex...e}{AM}
22 Oaxacan native leaving European region returns gemstone (5) TOPAZ ZAPOTec <= Shouldn't European Region be EU? See comments
23 Enterprise concerned with protecting key measure of stock valuation (9) OPERATION {OP{E}{RA}TION} Not sure of anno (Addendum - {O{PE RATIO}N} - See comments)
25 ISO finally replacing yard in standard for current (7) TOPICAL T(-y+o)OPICAL
26 Tail of the mouse is stinging (7) ERODENT {thE}{RODENT}
27 One out of every five scores? (7) PERCENT [CD]
28 Secures anaesthetic in empty tubes (7) TETHERS {Tub{ETHER}eS}


1   Old Russian revolutionary jogs near Kentucky, on vacation (7) TROTSKY {TROTS}{Ke...kY}
2   Inhumer dug up an extremely rare element (7) RHENIUM*
3   Lastly, no reason to abandon British shelter (5) OASIS {nO}{bASIS} 
4   Crossed desert, struggling with a virus — exhausted! (9) TRAVERSED {DESERT+A+ViruS}*
5   Rap song about Western habits (5) GOWNS {GO{W}NS*}
6   Hardy novelsordid, intensely erotic and naughty, basically (4-5) IRON-SIDED {SORDID+In...y+Er...c+Na...y}*
7   Mosquito-like insect found in sink a couple of times (7) DIPTERA {DIP}{T}{ERA}
8   Tag section in E-boat (7) EARMARK {ARM} in {E}{ARK}
14 Discharged zealot fighting with Chinese philosopher (9) NIETZSCHE {Ze..oT+CHINESE}*
16 Green Team breaks contract (9) AGREEMENT*
17 Jars lean over and break (3,4) PIT STOP {POTS}{TIP}<=
18 Operating with soft copyultimately easier, supposedly (2,5) ON PAPER {ON}{P}{APE}{R}
20 Jinx of the vile Yemeni (4,3) EVIL EYE [T]
21 Flashes from empty U-boat stuck in trenches (7) MINUTES {MIN{UboaT}ES}
23 Young bird with large cutting toe flies (5) OWLET {W}{L} in {TOE}*
24 Touching neighbour with love at heart (5) ABOUT {AB{0}UT}

Reference List

Pot = URN, Agent = TOUT, Make holes = RIDDLE, Old = O, Anonyous = A, Women = W, Love = 0,  Key Measure of stock valuation = RA(Revenue account) PE Ratio(Price Earning Ratio), Yard = Y, Anaesthetic = ETHER
British = B, Sink = DIP, Time = T and ERA, Section = ARM, Boat = ARK, Operating = ON, Soft = P, Copy = APE, Trenches = MINES, With = W, Large = L

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Reference list wordAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 26 August 2022

No 13645, Friday 26 Aug 2022, Bruno


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   City's open proclamation starts: boring jerks off right away! (6) SKOPJE {Open}{Pr...n} in {JErKS}*
4   Heaps of small pins (6) STACKS {S}{TACKS}
8   Against Democrat, Republican finally gives censure (7) CONDEMN {CON}{DEM}{r...aN}
9   Assortment of books disappeared from gentleman's collection (7) MELANGE {GEntLEMAN}*
11 Running three-zero for England so far (10) HERETOFORE {THREE*}{0}{TO}{FOR}{E}
12 On the way back, ran into Southern radical (4) STEM {MET}{S}<=
13 Explosive American dark art, essentially hidden (5) NITRE {NIT{aRt}E}
14 Limit a large town's content (8) CAPACITY {CAP}{A}{CITY}
16 Plan for Peru's capital also to be redesigned (8) PROPOSAL {PRO}{Peru}{ALSO*}
18 Better to replace carbon with phosphorus for exhaust (5) EXPEL EX(-c+p)PEL
20 Such ones don't come back — and others return (4) LATE ET AL=
21 Holding meeting at the back of post office and school (10) POSSESSION {SESSION}<=>{PO}{S}
23 A large region devoid of gravity damaged part of aircraft (7) AILERON {A+L+REgION}*
24 Spy agency shone a light on Artificial Intelligence's resurgence with armed services (7) MILITIA {MI}{LIT}{AI<=}
25 Even bean sapling can become main course (6) ENTREE {bEaN}{TREE}
26 Withdraw speeches — dues regularly remaining (6) SECEDE {SpEeChEs+DuEs}

1   Without paying, took scarf (5) STOLE [DD]
2   Dishonourable discharge! Soldiers captured in photos essentially with rubbish (7) ODDMENT {phO{DD}{MEN}Tos}
3   Big planes, flying just over top of mountains, work up elevation, at the tip (5,4) JUMBO JETS {JUST*} over {Mo...s}{JOB<=}{El...n}
5   Message from people to everyone mainly (5) THEME {THEM}{Ev...e}
6   Old drink — a small amount to go around (7) CLASSIC {LASSI} in {CC}
7   Divided society — say's crazy! (9) SEGMENTAL {S}{EG}{MENTAL}
10 50 invaluable party representative leaders left, disenfranchised (9) VOICELESS {V}{0}{prICELESS}
13 Regulating gold in Vietnam's complicated (9) NORMATIVE {N{OR}MATIVE*}
15 Interpreter I teach's somewhat tense (9) PRETERITE [T]
17 Dislike supporting President nowadays (7) PRESENT {RESENT}<=>{P}
19 Inert proton — large and lacking mass (7) PASSIVE {P}{mASSIVE}
21 How to communicate? Mainly practice and more practice (5) PHONE {Pr...e}{HONE}
22 One way to have whiskey is with slice of olives? Good! (2,3) ON ICE {Ol...s}{NICE}

Reference List
Right = R, Small = S, Books = NT(New Testament), England = E, Southern = S, School = S, Large = L, Gravity = G, Spy agency = MI, Drink = LASSI, Society = S, Gold = OR, President = P, Proton = P, Mass = M

Thursday 25 August 2022

No 13644, Thursday 25 Aug 2022, Hypatia

Solution to 4A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Recruit scoundrel with stranger (5) CADET {CAD}{ET}
4   Old-timer's party at Japanese capital? (5) ?O?E? (Addendum - DOYEN {DO}{YEN} - See comments)
11 Country assembling nuke outside borders of Russia and central China (7) UKRAINE {UK{Ru..iA}{chIna}NE*}
12 A bit of spite essentially, in slander (7) ASPERSE {A}{Sp..e}{PER SE}
13 Hint of trait in genes (5) TINGE [T]
14 Scientist in confusion about object with velocity (9) MENDELEEV {M{END}ELEE}{V}
15 Ordinary man, made blunders saving home address on the net (6,4) DOMAIN NAME {O+MAN+MADE}* over {IN}
17 Rubbing Sita's palms (4) ITAS*
19 Attire basically stylish and rather intricate (4) SARI Acrostic
21 Gangster and criminal gladly drink, working 24 hours (3,3,4) ALL DAY LONG {AL}{LDAYL{ON}G*}
25 "Bug journalists", said Spooner dear (9) PRICELESS (~ lice press to priceless)
27 Cleric in Britain plugging American machine (5) ABBOT {A}{B{B}OT}
28 A thespian's debut is in that place! (7) THEATRE {THE{A}{Th...n}RE} &lit
29 Bird flu shot makes boy right (7) ROOSTER (-b+r)ROOSTER
30 Starts to adjust seat and nicely adopts yoga pose (5) ASANA Acrostic
31 English poet covers facial hair (5) BEARD {B{E}ARD}

2   Perhaps SMS friend in the morning (7) ACRONYM {A{CRONY}M}
3   Electronic sink repels mice producing plague, say (8) EPIDEMIC {E}{DIP<=}{MICE*}
5   Broadcast request to follow Big bird (6) OSPREY  {(~pray}PREY}<=>{OS}
6   Sincere listener at shelter (7) EARNEST {EAR}{NEST}
7   Fitted diamonds below luxurious hotel room (6) SUITED {D}<=>{SUITE}
8   Last minaret to be built near lake (8) TERMINAL {MINARET*}{L}
9   Oddly play and succeed without independent stake (4) PAWN {PlAy}{WiN}
10 Incomplete joke about the first lady's perfect butler (6) JEEVES {JE{EVE}St}
16 Ascertained mudras echo dancing with ecstasy (4,4) MADE SURE {MUDRAS+E}*{E}
18 Home Secretary transplants this tree there (8) SYCAMORE {hOMe+SECretARY}* [CA]
19 Fruit picked up from above, for instance (6) SAPOTA {ATOP}{AS}<=
20 Travellers intercepted by active thieves (7) RAIDERS {R{A}IDERS}
22 Spacecraft runs with piece checked by men (7) ORBITER {O{R}{BITE}R}
23 Crocs from mountain swamped by methane, for one (6) GATORS {GA{TOR}S}
24 Not an old scientist (6) NEWTON {TON}* [RA]
26 Remove lid from drainage vessel (4) EWER sEWER

Reference List
Stranger = ET, Party = DO, Velocity = V, Ordinary = O, Home = IN, Gangster = AL, Britain = B, American = A, Machine = BOT, Boy = B, Right = R, English = E, Electronic = E, Big = OS, Diamonds = D, Lake = L, Independent = I, Echo = E, Ecstasy = E, Active = A, Runs = R, Men = OR

Wednesday 24 August 2022

No 13643, Wednesday 24 Aug 2022, Hypatia

Solution to 20D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

 Italy's probing treaty with leader of neighbouring country (6) NATION {NAT{I}O}{Ne...g}
4   Old horse often near animal (6) ONAGER {O}{NAG}{nEaR}
9   Starts to gather around ladies at banquet (4) GALA Acrostic
10 Perhaps Freddie Mercury letting Queen down inside (4,6) LEAD SINGER {LEA{D}SING}{ER}
11 Hardly 51 rebels leaving UP city (6) BARELY BAREilLY
12 IIT alumni basically hope to rebuild country (8) ETHIOPIA {Iit+Al...i+HOPE+TO}* (Correction - {IIT+Al...i+HOPE}* - See comments)
13 Protection around handle in case (9) CARTOUCHE {CAR{TOUCH}E}
15 Unite to leave the French dynasty (4) MING MINGle
16 Frighten a stallion hiding from behind stable (4) SANE [T<=]
17 Spooner's naughty kid split Chappati, say (9) FLATBREAD (~ brat fled to flatbread)
21 Sold lawn including dog (8) RETAILED {RE{TAIL}ED}
22 Exceptionally minute tusk elephant's primary weapon (6) MUSKET {M+TUSK+El...t}*
24 They raise mountaineers? (10) CHAIRLIFTS [GK]
25 Cabs leaving bar in line (4) AXIS tAXIS
26 Polished alloy of Vanadium and Steel (6) SVELTE {V+STEEL}*
27 Formerly packed in normal cheese (6) PANEER {PA{NEE}R}

1   Falls back again near trap in the middle (7) NIAGARA {AGAIN<=}{tRAp}
2   Feudal landlord from Mumbai locality (5) THANE [DD]
3   Ringo Starr song fitting loony year at university (4,3) ONLY YOU {LOONY+Y}*{U}
5   Order Sikh to follow new oriental cursive script (6) NESKHI {SIKH}*<=}{N}{E}
6   Do longer trips taking one Italian boatman (9) GONDOLIER {DO+LONGER}* over {1}
7   Swimming freshwater eel in Gangetic banks (7) REELING [T]
8   Heated kilt to expose what's private! (4,3,3,3)  TAKE THE LID OFF {HEATED+KILT}* [RA]
14 Accountant Ali's examining stocks to torture (9) TANTALISE [T]
16 Weather vanes covered by the seven seas quivering in storms (7) SEETHES {THE+SEven+SEas}* [CA]
18 Maths puzzles involving a bit of algebra for entertainment (7) TAMASHA {MATHS}* over {A} and {Al...a}
19 Had fabrication closer to regular studio (7) ATELIER {ATE}{LIE}{r...aR}
20 Gloomy set of students pursuing current technology (3-3) ?L?-L?T (Addendum - ILL-LIT {LL}<=>{I} and {IT} - See comments)
23 See that post frequently about flood (5) SPATE {sEs+ThAt+PoSt}<=

Reference List
Italy = I, Treaty = NATO, Old = O, Queen = ER, Down = D, 51 = LI, The in French = LE, Minute = M, Bar = T, Formerly = NEE, Normal = PAR, Year = Y, University = U, New = N, Oriental = E, Student = L, Current = I, Technology = IT

Tuesday 23 August 2022

No 13642, Tuesday 23 Aug 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 1A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Conceited youngsters cribbing about extremely strenuous exercises (5-3) P?E?S-?P? (Addendum - PRESS-UPS {P{RE}{St...uS}UPS} - See comments)  
5   Careful as most stumble over carpet (6) FRUGAL {F{RUG}ALl}
10 Briefly wave old military cap (5) SHAKO {SHAKe}{O}
11 Securing stick to tackle creep (9) CLINCHING {CL{INCH}ING}
12 Extremely distressed by where luggage might be found in train (2,3,4) ON THE RACK [DD]
13 Gem in a new set (5) ANGEL {A}{N}{GEL}
14 Aperitif for every retired professor (6) PERNOD {PER}{DON<=}
15 Reckless motorist turning hard around circle — move back! (7) ROADHOG {R{O}ADH*}{GO<=}
18 Wild, upper class celebrity cuddling model on date (7) UNTAMED {U}{N{T}AME}{D}
20 Pictures of reactionary guys secured by spies (6) CINEMA {CI{MEN<=}A}
22 Energetic person inspiring fine employee who runs errands (5) GOFER {GO{F}ER}
24 Urges models to stay slim for guaranteed success (4,5) SURE THING {SURE{THIN}G*}
25 Lots raging about a defeat finally (4,2,3) LAST OF ALL {L{A}STO*}{FALL}
26 Fire individual ignoring leader (5) INGLE sINGLE
27 Most immense woman diets desperately (6) WIDEST {W}{DIETS*}
28 Prepares to master intimate activities requiring great skills (4,4) FINE ARTS {FI{NEAR}TS}

1   Chap is told to conceal gun (6) PISTOL [T]
2   Maiden in fancy canteen starting to take order (9) ENACTMENT {ENACT{M}EN*}{Take}
3   Groom finally found in dark room with sirens, appalling deception (5,3,7) SMOKE AND MIRRORS {g..oM} in {DARK+ROOM+SIRENS}*
4   Caught sharply after quiet over for a duck (7) POCHARD {C}{HARD}<=>{P}{O}
6   Expert hired by newspaper intimates about rush to meet deadline (4,7,4) RACE AGAINST TIME {R{ACE}AG}{INTIMATES*}
7   Performing with percussion instrument around lunchtime (5) GOING {GO{1}NG}
8   English girl in lounge on ecstasy, 18 perhaps (5,3) LEGAL AGE {L{E}{GAL}AG}{E}
9   Can king and queen fool around? (6) TINKER {TIN}{K}{ER}
16 Want to get hold of doctor, one that's exceptional (9) HUMDINGER {HU{MD}{1}NGER}
17 Catastrophe involving a gun going off in house (8) BUNGALOW {B{A+GUN}*LOW}
19 Miserable year for student resulting in distress (6) DISMAY DISMA(-l+y)Y
20 Italian musician playing cello to entertain royal on island (7) CORELLI {CO{R}ELL*}{I}
21 Birds in trees, flying around a little garden (6) EGRETS {E{Ga...n}RETS*}
23 A little silly feud resolved, getting married (5) FUSED {Si..y+FEUD}*

Reference List
Old = O, New = N, Upper class = U, Model = T, Date = D, Fine = F, Woman = W, Maiden = M, Caught = C, Quiet = P, Over = O, Newspaper = RAG, Lunchtime = 1(PM), English = E, Ecstasy = E, King = K, Queen = ER, Year = Y, Student = L, Royal = R, Island = I