Monday, 15 August 2022

No 13635, Monday 15 Aug 2022, Vidwan


Artwork by Prasanna

Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 23A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

9   Most nuclear waste relocation in the east is messy (7) UNCLEAN {NUCLEAr}*{r...oN}
10 Restrain men at pub consumed by self-importance (7) EMBARGO {E{M}{BAR}GO}
11 Step out with fellow spending millions a month (9) SEPTEMBER {STEP*}{mEMBER}
12 Mocking right away like Greek? (5) IONIC IrONIC
13 Smell of inlet off western coast (4) REEK cREEK
14 Use a GPS slyly as surveillance tool (7) PEGASUS*
18 Lines up! Time to join army (6) ENLIST {LINES*}{T}
19 Colourless Marconi blanched up inside (6) ALBINO [T<]
22 Club occasionally appeared in Madras, way back (7) ARSENAL {mAdRaS}{LANE<=}
23 Freed of desire? Promiscuously single! (4) ?N?Y ()
27 One who doesn't drink has little to chirp (5) TWEET {T{WEE}T}
28 Background work by everyone, every year and for everyone (9) WALLPAPER {W}{ALL}{PA}{PER}
29 I'm corona (not the last) variant! (7) OMICRON {IM+CORONa}* &lit
30 Special kind of lens for a special lady's latest frame (7) ASPHERE {A}{SP}{HER}{f..mE}

1   Found out about United Nations Security Council Resolution on radiation shield (9) SUNSCREEN {S{UNSCR}EEN}
2   Mouth organ music? (1,8) A CAPPELLA [GK]
3   Lesser, half-hearted passion (5) FEVER {FE(-w+v}VER} Half of W=V
4   Helped fit into finale (7) ENABLED {EN{ABLE}D}
5   Go back and host party again (7) RETREAT {RE-TREAT}
6   Without doubt, boy's soul travels around void occasionally (9) OBVIOUSLY {BOY+SOUL}* over {VoId}
7   Scene near a ground (5) ARENA*
8   Duke and Knight going bit sober in Scotland (5) DOUCE {D}{OUnCE}
15 A brisk walk through breaking waves on beach or some man-made stretch of grass (9) ASTROTURF {A}{S{TROT}URF}
16 Abductor or lullaby singing babysitter? (9) KIDNAPPER {KID NAPPER}
17 Sounds like a festival booking for priests (4,5) HOLY ORDER {(~holi)HOLY}{ORDER}  
20 Spirit of the masses? (3,4) RED WINE [CD]
21 Counter gold display (7) TABLEAU {TABLE}{AU}
24 Taming the most unbounded spirit (5) ETHOS {THE*}{mOSt}
25 Partly second-rate American news organisation (5) MEDIA {MEDIocre}{A}
26 Intiations of Eleusinian practices or philosophocal traditions for the beginner (5) EPOPT Acrostic &lit

Reference List
Men = M, Milliions = M, Right = R, Time = T, One who doesn't drink = TT, Work = W, Every year = PA(Per annum), Special = SP, Duke = D, Knight = N, American = A

Sunday, 14 August 2022

Special, Sunday 14 Aug 2022, Guns

It's unfortunate that this Crossword by GUNS (Cdr Ganapathi) could not be published before he left for his heavenly abode on 12th Aug. Better late than never. We were fortunate to have such a passionate Cruciverbalist at the ripe old age of 93. God Bless him. Hope he has a rocking time up there with Sankalak, Gridman and Raju.

TWO answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3215, Sunday 14 Aug 2022

1   A comically dim notion's getting repeated censure (11) ADMONITIONS {A}{DIM+NOTIONS}*
9   Who might issue tweets about primarily 'tremendous' golf scores? (7) EAGLETS {EAGLE{Tr...s}S}
10 Greek character with old poem about Arabian land (7) EMIRATE {ETA}{RIME}<=
11 Small drink the French consumed with vacant expression? (2,3) TO LET {TO{LE}T}
12 Spooner's to accumulate bulk: it's a reckoning point (8) MILEPOST (~pile most to milepost)
14 Novel may concern sorcery (10) NECROMANCY*
15 Foremost of old deities in Norse? (4) ODIN Acrostic &lit
17 Yawn, partly concealing a peeve (4) GAPE [T]
19 Film – racy, very English and liberal – put on screen (4,6) BLUE VELVET {BLUE}{V}{E}{L}{VET}
21 Decent odds on getting good choral service (8) EVENSONG {EVENS}{ON}{G}
23 You could use this to search for a loutish character (5) YAHOO [DD]
25 Opera La bohème's outsiders shown proportionately (2,5) TO SCALE {TOSCA}{La...mE}
26 Somewhat lacklustre, a clergyman's sentimentality (7) TREACLE [T]
27 Reptile's lip snarls, seeing winged creature (11) PIPISTRELLE*

1   Cake decoration, mostly sweet (7) ANGELIC ANGELICa
2   Group stitching up conductors (8) MAESTROS {SORT}{SEAM}<=
3   Loudly appreciates quality of wine (4) NOSE (~knows)
4   After time, hack desires to assemble children's novel (3,7) THE WITCHES {T}{HEW}{ITCHES} 
5   Not neat – put off (2,3) ON ICE {0}{NICE}
6   Oaf does off with sprats, etc. (7) SEAFOOD*
7   Public events: a detergent's sprayed after Everyman's seen (4-3-6) MEET-AND-GREETS {A+DETERGENTS}*<=>{ME}
8   Magenta and Ted vow to order basic meal (4,3,3,3)  MEAT AND TWO VEG {MAGENTA+TED+VOW}*
13 Reindeer herders all ran and sped in a frenzy (10) LAPLANDERS {ALL+RAN+SPED}*
16 Pretty much perfectly – or OK? (4,4) VERY WELL [DD]
18 Exercise before feast including seconds (5-2) PRESS-UP {PRE}{SUP} over {S}
20 Victor consumed lichee in tandem? (7) VEHICLE {V}{LICHEE*}
22 Press firmly – after a second, press down hard (5) STAMP {S}{TAMP}
24 Take a spoon to porridge (4) STIR [DD]

Reference List
The in French = LE, Very = V, English = E, Liberal = L, Good = G, Time = T,  Seconds = S, Victor = V 

Saturday, 13 August 2022

No 13634, Saturday 13 Aug 2022, KrisKross


1   What lawyers usually say on renewal of lease (8) LEGALESE {L}{EG}{LEASE*} Semi&lit
5   Left Blocks made more confused (6) ADDLED {ADD{L}ED}
9   Say, duck fake "Mega offer without a bit of risk" (4,4) GAME BIRD {MEGA*}{BI{Risk}D}
10 America endlessly at war for European region (6) CRIMEA AMERICa*
12 Crew may tie knots frequently (4,1,4) MANY A TIME{MAN}{MAY+TIE}*
13 Famous detective locked up inside store (5) DUPIN [T]
14 Voice of the electorate, primarily (4) VOTE Acrostic &lit
16 Works out hard, finally is surrounded by women (7) DEVISES {harD}{EV{IS}ES}
19 Made a choice with the other hand raised (7) ERECTED E(-l+r)RECTED
21 Hollow farewell (4) VALE [DD]
24 Proper English coach (5) PRIME {PRIM}{E}
25 Tip of Mount Everest a new, unreal world (9) METAVERSE {Mo..t}{EVEREST+A}*
27 Off-colour drama? Not acceptableno chance! (6) RANDOM {DRAMa+NO}*
28 Arrogant son dashing for short lunch (8) SCORNFUL {S}{FOR+LUNCh}*
29 Durga flying on a celestial bird (6) GARUDA {DURGA*}{A}
30 Strong man, mostly running a very short distance (8) ANGSTROM {STRONG+MAn}*


1   Vegetable left, say, by bird going North (6) LEGUME {L}{EG}{EMU<=}
2   Imagine leaving a mysterious sign (6) GEMINI IMaGINE*
3   Country extremely busy, overwhelmed by recurrent trouble (5) LIBYA {BusY} in {AIL<=}
4   Last confident cut by Richards for one (7) SURVIVE {SUR{VIV}E}
6   Dread a reckless person? (9) DAREDEVIL {DREAD}* [RA]
7   Where a setter may go, by the way (4,4) LAMP POST [CD]
8   Doctor agonised to identify the cause of disease (8) DIAGNOSE*
11 Father to look at daughter (4) SEED {SEE}{D}
15 Travelling, that man caught in violent tornado (2,3,4) ON THE ROAD {HE} in {TORNADO}*
17 Managed par score at lastgolf is child's play (8) LEAPFROG {PAR+s..rE+GOLF}*
18 Novice to plead with champion after losing wicket (8) BEGINNER {BEG}{wINNER}
20 Lady in bar chased by European (4) DAME {DAM}{E}
21 See in Romea boring, very stupid antic (7) VATICAN {V}{ATIC{A}N*}
22 Go for parking luxury car, including outrageous fee (6) PREFER {P}{R{FEE*}R}
23 Confusion in ground — game finishing early (6) BEDLAM {BED}{LAM?} Anno pending (Addendum - {BED}{LAMe} - See comments)
26 Observe peeled bananas possibly decay and rot (5) VERBS oBSERVe*

Reference List

Lawyers = L, Say = EG, Left = L, Offer = BID, Crew = MAN, Women = EVES, Hand = L,R, Proper = PRIM, Acceptable = A, Son = S
Left = L, Say = EG, Trouble = AIL, Daughter = D, Plead = BEG, Wicket = W, Bar = DAM, European = E, Very = V, Parking = P, Luxury car = RR(Rolls Royce)

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Reference list wordAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday, 12 August 2022

No 13633, Friday 12 Aug 2022, Gussalufz


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1  Flight delay over a short twisted wire (8) STAIRWAY {ST{A}{WIRe}*AY}
6   Mineral's amount of liquid: unknown (6) QUARTZ {QUART}{Z}
9   This servant is to turn older on the second of April (4) PAGE {AGE}<=>{April}
10 Possibility: do magic tricks including juggling etc. (10) CONJECTURE {CONJ{ETC*}URE}
11 Insect circled place repeatedly (6) TSETSE (+t)TSETSE(-t) (Correction - {(+t)TSE(-t)}{(+t)TSE(-t)} - See comments)
12 Beginner in swimming class frequently eyepool's end that's shallow (4-4) SKIN-DEEP {Sw...g}{KIND}{EyEd}{Pool}
13 Reactive effects of oxygen seen in crumbling Iron Cross (10) CORROSIONS {O} in {IRON+CROSS}*
15 TV ratings governing India's fall (4) TRIP {TR{I}P}
17 New and Old Testament, finally coming up! (4) NEXT {N}{EX}{t...nT}
18 Grow excited over fiction featuring female space traveller in the lead (4,2,4) COME TO LIFE {O}{LI{F}E}<=>{COMET}
20 The Reverend's computer cover is a medium of expression for a graffiti artist (5,3) SPRAY CAN (~ cray span)
22 Toxic husband dumped — no more could one bear! (6) ARMFUL hARMFUL
24 Someone offering quick deliveries of fresh flowers at around Bengaluru's western tip (4,6) FAST BOWLER {FLOWERS+AT}* over {Be...u}
26 This queen revolutionised nation (4) RANI {IRAN}*
27 Fast hero, very English (6) STARVE {STAR}{V}{E}
28 Set my calendar — am somehow going to do some laundry work (3-5) DRY-CLEAN {mY+CaLENDAR}*

2   Switch off rants and sit! (9) TRANSPOSE {RANTS*}{POSE}
3   Partially upturned ballpoint pen iuseless (5) INEPT [T<=]
4   With entry passes, crossed at entrance gates (7) WICKETS {W}{tICKETS}
5   Desire happy ending after taking clothes off (3) YEN {h..pY+ENd..g}
6   Queen takes queen, that is Magnus's end! Doubts? (7) QUERIES {QU}{ER}{IE}{m...uS}
7   Toad-tail concoction (containing a hint of nutmeg) having curative properties (9) ANTIDOTAL {TOAD+TAIL}* over {Nu...g}
8   Every now and then, we hear that uplifting number (5) THREE {wE+hEaR+tHaT}<=
12 Statue that can melt monster's heart right away, wow! (7) SNOWMAN {monSter}{NOW}{MAN}
14 Terror act injured muscle (9) RETRACTOR*
16 Fanzine edited after receiving oddly loucomplaint (9) INFLUENZA {INF{LoUd}ENZA*}
18 City evacuated on the double for storm (7) CYCLONE {CitY}{CLONE}
19 Beverage delivery platform's free treat: samples of Armenian yorsh (3,4) TEA TRAY {TREAT*{Ar...n}{Yo..h}}
21 Position of Jupiter, perhaps overlooking east (5) PLANT PLANeT
23 A betrayal, ultimately, after a drink is raised? The Last Supper, maybe! (5) MURAL {A}{b...aL}<=>{RUM<=}
25 Followed the personnel's backs? On the contrary! (3) LED Tail Acrostic<=

Reference List
Unknown = Z, TV ratings = TRP, India = I, New = N, Over = O,  female = F, Husband = H, Very = V, English = E, With = W, Queen = QU, ER, East = E


Thursday, 11 August 2022

No 13632, Thursday 11 Aug 2022, WrdPlougher

Artwork by Prasanna

Solution to 4D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Slipping back to old ways!!

5   Spell 500,500 out twice (6) VOODOO {V}{00}{D00} What's the role of TWICE?
7   Spelling checked by editor over chat, altered report (8) DESPATCH {SP} in {ED<=}{CHAT*} SP/Spelling? See comments 
9   Cable car carrying delegate without date (8) TELEGRAM {T{dELEGate}RAM}
10 Recycled soil absorbing rind of vine fruits (6) OLIVES {OLI{VinE}S*}
11 Thinking about restaurant criticism? (12) DELIBERATING {DELI}{BERATING}
13 Drifting east, circling ship reaching capital (6) ASSETS {A{SS}ETS*}
15 Like a rhino-hunter, disheartened having caught nothing, returning home (6) HORNED {Hun{0}teR}{DEN<=}
18 In spite of vow, changing stances (6,2,4) POINTS OF VIEW*
21 Tales of Mohammed (possessed the X factor, essentially prophetic) (6) HADITH {HAD}{IT}{p..pHe..c}
22 Write about criminal, eager to provide colour (3-5) PEA-GREEN {PE{EAGER*}N}
23 Steady fluctuating ruble in a day (4-4) TRUE-BLUE {T{RUBLE*}UE}
24 Incompetent sailor captivated by two French articles (6) UNABLE {UN}{AB}{LE}

1   Sticky poster she ripped? That's packing cover, basically (8) ADHESIVE {AD}{SHE*}{I{coVer}E}
2   On the telephone, loudmouths exchange... (6) BOURSE (~boors)
3   ... vapid anecdotes about this no surprise (8) ASTONISH {An...eS}{THIS+NO}*
4   Breeding frustration (6) ?A?I?G ()
6   See ovary doctor about egg preparation method? (4,4) OVER EASY*
7   Made me anxious to camouflage insult (6) DEMEAN [T]
8   Cared not about reputation, in short (4) CRED CaRED* A/About? What is the Anind? See comments 
12 Bizarrely, never finally made call from the centre of an STD (8) VENEREAL {NEVER*}{madE}{cALl}
14 Snub lady, gutted somewhat (8) SLIGHTLY {SLIGHT}{LadY}
16 Leans Roe, vies rather oddly to overturn repeal (8) REVERSAL {LeAnS+RoE+ViEs+Rather}<= What is the indicator to take only R from RATHER?
17 Basic tie (6) STAPLE [DD]
18 Main rule of textbook (6) PRIMER {PRIME}{R}
19 A question following operation that's murky (6) OPAQUE {A}{QUE}<=>{OP}
20 Market announced price that's reasonable (4) FAIR (~fare)

Reference List
5 = V, 500 = D, Editor = ED, Ship = SS, X factor = IT, Sailor = AB, French articles = UN,LE, Poster = AD, Rule = R

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

No 13631, Wednesday 10 Aug 2022, Lightning

Solution to 23A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Everything that exists in a French poem is gripping individual (8) UNIVERSE {UN}{1}{VERSE}
5   Design by alien for earth, perhaps (6) PLANET {PLAN}{ET}
9   Specialist doctor at hospital, not new, filled with excitement (8) ENTHUSED {ENT}{H}{USED}
10 Division of group of fish partly is methodical to begin with (6) SCHISM {SCHool}{IS}{Me...l}
12 Praise guest contributing to smooth transition (5) SEGUE [T]
13 Reasoning ability of fashionable cashier curtailed by court (9) INTELLECT {IN}{TELLEr}{CT}
14 Party with couple of unknowns in Andromeda, perhaps (6) GALAXY {GALA}{X}{Y}
16 King is missing the first holy book causing laughter (7) RISIBLE {R}{IS}{bIBLE}
19 Camera I lost in country (7) AMERICA*
21 Hasty escape after row in a place of confusion (6) BEDLAM {LAM}<=>{BED}
23 What may be happening to one mark of error pending a correction (9) E?P?N?I?G (Addendum - EXPANDING - {X+PENDING+A}* - See comments)
25 Searches dissolute person joining society (5) RAKES {RAKE}{S}
26 Medium, second perhaps, not left in what one is made of (6) MATTER {M}{lATTER}
27 Influence more or less substantial (8) HANDSOME {HAND}{SOME}
28 Where a batsman might start to feel nervous (6) NINETY [CD]
29 Use sling to change grotesque appearance (8) UGLINESS*

1   Anxious peacekeepers essentially annoy many in the end (6) UNEASY {UN}{tEASe}{manY}
2   Giant tree chopped up to make part of larger unit (9) INTEGRATE*
3   Avoid press release wasted in the beginning (5) ELUDE prELUDE
 State's commercial venture provided yen (7) SPECIFY {SPEC}{IF}{Y}
6   Scaled oil rig restricted to a place (9) LOCALISED*
7   Innocent citizen leaving Thailand (5) NAIVE NAtIVE
8   Cook to steam ordinary vegetables (8) TOMATOES {TO+STEAM+O}*
11 It's primary shining throughout a region (4) STAR Acrostic Semi&lit
15 Lamenting misplaced alliance (9) ALIGNMENT*
17 Left behind outside with depression — one may not get out of it (5,4) BLACK HOLE {B{L}ACK}{HOLE}
18 Beer introduced in ship by gent — he can be persuasive (8) SALESMAN {S{ALE}S}{MAN}
20 A police branch is sharp (4) ACID {A}{CID}
21 Large explosion — it's supposed to have created one (3,4) BIG BANG {BIG}{BANG}
22 Reckon beasts of burden slow at first (6) ASSESS {ASSES}{Slow}
24 Where a race car may stop with side spike (5) PITON {PIT}{ON}
25 Primarily rectified a distraught individual's important bones (5) RADII Acrostic

Reference List
A in French = UN, Individual = I, Alien = ET, Specialist doctor = ENT, Hospital = H, Fashionable = IN, Court = CT, Unknowns = X,Y, King = R, Mark of error = X, Society = S, Medium = M, Left = L, Peacekeepers =- UN, Yen = Y, Thailand = T, Ordinary = O, Ship = SS, Side = ON

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

No 13630, Tuesday 09 Aug 2022, Incognito

Solution to 26A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Large container with a fish (4) TUNA {TUN}{A}
9   Icelandic animal? (5) ELAND [T]
10 English mother makes cheese (4) EDAM {E}{DAM}
11 Thrust thick cord into empty pail (6) PROPEL {Pa{ROPE}iL}
12 Following orders and wriggling toe in bed (8) OBEDIENT*
13 Justifies tirades after conflict (8) WARRANTS {RANTS}<=>{WAR}
15 Praises a lieutenant during wild sex (6) EXALTS {EX{A}{LT}S*}
17 In favour of drink? Abandon! (7) FORSAKE {FOR}{SAKE}
19 Saint fared badly and attacked repeatedly from low-flying aircraft (7) STRAFED {ST}{FARED*}
22 Wild rage in front of an American president (6) REAGAN {RAGE*}{AN}
24 Wrongly get and weigh albumen (3,5) EGG WHITE {GET+WEIGH}*
26 Auditor takes loan giver's machine (8) ?A?E?D?R (Addendum - CALENDER {CA}{LENDER} - See comments)
28 Plump insect goes around Spanish hotel (6) FLESHY {FL{ES}{H}Y}
30 Vehicle with energy protection (4) CARE {CAR}{E}
31 Guy's starting to investigate acute madness (5) MANIA {MAN}{In...e}{Ac..e}
32 Carve child following alien (4) ETCH {CH}<=>{ET}

1   Funnily, Portugal releases plot for a kind of bean (4) GUAR poRtUGAl*
2   Fortifications containing animal bits (8) RAMPARTS {RAM}{PARTS}
3   German capital found invested in rubber lingerie (6) BERLIN [T]
4   Virginia and animal go away (7) VAMOOSE {VA}{MOOSE}
5   Then read damaged sticker (8) ADHERENT*
6   Perhaps the press and TV covered new city (6) MEDINA {MEDI{N}A}
7   Waving wand to make sun rise? (4) DAWN*
14 Residence built using adobe components (5) ABODE*
16 Two models carrying rescue equipment abroad initially give medical care (5) TREAT {T}{Re...e}{Eq...t}{Ab...d}{T}
18 Itinerant monks dig in countries ruled by monarchs (8) KINGDOMS*
20 Met a Chinese First lady carrying one daughter (8) ACHIEVED {A}{CH}{EVE}{D} over {1}
21 Fish having that lady's piece of jewellery (7) HERRING {HER}{RING}
23 Selfish desire to posses yen became older (6) GREYED {GRE{Y}ED}
25 Joker returns, carrying uniform, with a couple of females, getting huge laughter (6) GUFFAW G{U}{FF}AW<=}
27 Sadly, salad is rejected, after removing out a bit of dressing (4) ALAS SALAd<=
29 Pledge pawn (4) HOCK [DD]

Reference List
English = E, Mother = DAM, Saint = ST, Spanish = ES, Hotel = H, Energy = E, Child = CH, Alien = ET, New = N, Model = T, Chinese = CH, Daughter = D, Yen = Y, Uniform = U, Female = F

Monday, 8 August 2022

No 13629, Monday 08 Aug 2022, Incognito

Solution to 17D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Indian with joints stays (11) INJUNCTIONS {IN}{JUNCTIONS}
9   AT&T in-charge's room at the top (5) ATTIC {ATT}{IC}
10 Musical instrument's alternating current wire has charged particle (9) ACCORDION {AC}{CORD}{ION}
11 Soccer player's barefoot, dribbling around left line (10) FOOTBALLER {FOOTBA{L}{L}ER*}
12 Rodents run back for popular actor (4) STAR<=
13 Spanish friend's a fighter, love (5) AMIGO {A}{MIG}{0}
15 ISIS captures violent earl and some middle easterners (8) ISRAELIS {IS{EARL*}IS}
17 Wrongly suppress arm strengthening exercises (5-3) PRESS-UPS*
19 To some extent, desecrate a seer's rib (5) TEASE [T]
22 With difficulty, pull Doctor Silver (4) DRAG {DR}{AG}
23 Calm cop wrongly gets diamond for henchman (10) ACCOMPLICE {CALM+COP}*{ICE}
26 Found the Basils running amok (9) ESTABLISH*
27 Pointed part of whale-boat's harpoon (5) SHARP [T]
28 Martini poured in grotto? It may reduce gas! (11) CARMINATIVE {CA{MARTINI*}VE}

1   Ration distributed without a preamble (5) INTRO RaTION*
2   A stock job arranged to give military footwear (9) JACKBOOTS*
3   Almost before time, just after noon (6) NEARLY {EARLY}<=>{N}
4   Notices in America, perhaps, alien surrounded by insects (7) TICKETS {TICK{ET}S}
5   Fine! God creates lady's fingers! (4) OKRA {OK}{RA}
6   Isn't lilac folded a little bit? (9) SCINTILLA*
7   For starters, Royal Air Force fighters initially airlifted some kind of fibre (6) RAFFIA Acrostic

8   Aboard ship, crazy Nero sleeps soundly (6) SNORES {S{NERO*}S}
14 Plasticine moulded, after loss of pressure, becomes rigid (9) INELASTIC pLASTICINE*
16 Saint wanders around, carrying shred pita, for making Italian starters (9) ANTIPASTI {AN{PITA*}STI*}
17 Father's own home near small residence (6) P?D?E? (Addendum - PADRES {PAD}{RES} - See comments)
18 ISI chap confused about Indian game (7) PACHISI*
20 Old English representative and model is not taxable (6) EXEMPT {EX}{E}{MP}{T}
21 Biblical spy's lei lost during jail-house reconstruction (6) JOSHUA {JAil+HOUSe}*
24 Icon found in Fukushima generator (5) IMAGE [T]
25 Sailor kidnaps in boy in a type of ski lift (1-3) T-BAR {T{B}AR}

Reference List
Indian = IN, In charge = IC, Left = L, Line = L, Fighter = MIG, Diamond = ICE, Noon = N, Alien = ET, God = RA, Ship = SS, Pressure = P, Old = EX, Representative = MP, Model = T, Sailor = TAR, Boy = B

Sunday, 7 August 2022

Special, Sunday 07 Aug 2022, Novice

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3214, Sunday 07 Aug 2022

1   Fifty admitted to Everyman's average untidy home without shame (10) IMMODESTLY {I'M}{MODE}{ST{L}Y}
6   NT book appearing as true information (not false) (4) ACTS fACTS
9   A lamb seen jumping around a sailor (4,6) ABLE SEAMAN {A}{LAMB+SEEN}* over {A}
10 Somewhat run-down ruin (4) UNDO [T]
11 Arrive well dressed, look sharp (4,2,6) MAKE IT SNAPPY {MAKE IT}{SNAPPY}
15 Teacher redesigned unit (7) HECTARE*
16 Looking for date with a royal (7) SEEKING {SEE}{KING}
17 Bishop of Rome and Priest having acceptable disagreement (7) PONTIFF {P}{ON}{TIFF}
19 Reconstituted oil eaten by simple Frenchman of note (7) MOLIERE {M{OIL*}ERE}
20 Fervid Therapy gig PR arranged (7-5) TRIGGER HAPPY*
23 In speech, betray unit of spies (4) CELL (~sell)
24 Finishing putting on woollens? (8,2) WRAPPING UP [DD]
25 Find out about small South American (4) SUSS {S}{US} over {S}
26 Boring hiker? (10) PEDESTRIAN [DD]

1   This person's with mother, looking up to religious leader (4) IMAM {I'M}{MA<=}
2   Consider an island (4) MULL [DD]
3   Princess's father mad: it's critical (11) DISPARAGING {DI'S}{PA}{RAGING}
4   Climb 11th and 13th of Four-Thousanders, all with different angles (7) SCALENE {SCALE}{f...aNdErs}
5   Some clean to sanitise rudimentary structures (4-3) LEAN-TOS [T]
7   Movie buffs demanding reboot of Chile Pines (10) CINEPHILES*
8   Doddering now, greyest heron (5,5) SNOWY EGRET*
12 Deletion with pen shaking: it's a fine art (11) NEEDLEPOINT {DELETION+PEN}*
13 Cuts brief intervals in simple piano piece (10) CHOPSTICKS {CHOPS}{TICKS}
14 Boisterous sit-in calls for scraps (10) SCINTILLAS*
18 Liberal offer, including spiritual edification, without charge (3,4) FOR FREE {OFFER}* over {RE}
19 Join up with Greek character, we hear, for something to eat (4,3) MEAT PIE (~meet pi)
21 In Puglia, peeled sweet fruit (4) UGLI pUGLIa
22 Swivel / panic / invented narrative, primarily! (4) SPIN Acrostic &lit

Reference List
Fifty = L, Average = MODE, False = F, Priest = P, Small = S, South = S, American = US, Mother = MA, Princess = DI, Father = PA, Spiritual edification = RE

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday #85, Sunday 07 Aug 2022, Vidwan

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday can be accessed at the link given below. You need to register and sign in using an email ID and password, subscription may or may not be required.
The crossword is not being blogged as the annotations are provided in the interactive version itself which can be seen if you click on 'Show a hint' under the 'reveal' tab on the top.

The same will be posted on every Sunday at 6 AM.


Saturday, 6 August 2022

No 13628, Saturday 06 Aug 2022, Incognito


8   Garment from Amritsar, India (4) SARI [T]
9   Clot resulting from extraordinary oxidation after loss of axon (5) IDIOT {oxIDaTIOn}*
10 Southern Washington's season ending for bird (4) SWAN {S}{WA}{s...oN}
11 Sage's ash sprinkled around daughters at university (6) SADDHU {SA{DD}H*}{U}
12 Ordered general to hug student? It can be irritating! (8) ALLERGEN {AL{L}ERGEN*}
13 Prove Virginia and companion on romantic outing consumed fifty idlis in the beginning (8) VALIDATE {VA}{L}{Id..s}{DATE}
15 Committed person in team reshuffle (6) INMATE*
17 Badly seen girl's country (7) SENEGAL {SEEN*}{GAL}
19 Cooking vessels returned through photographer (7) SNAPPER {PANS<=}{PER} 
22 Massachusetts doctor gets arsenic in Chennai (6) MADRAS {MA}{DR}{AS}
24 Revolutionary new drone is famous (8) RENOWNED*
26 Sick after minor offence, starts to assimilate bread (8) TORTILLA {ILL}<=>{TORT} and {As...e}
28 Russian fuel's wasted... Sad! (6) RUEFUL {RU}{FUEL*}
30 Port is remaining (4) LEFT [DD]
31 Curvy character on board arranged diet including a bit of leek (5) TILDE {TI{Leek}DE*}
32 Fixed gearbox's rim (4) EDGE [T]


1   Note: Master is monk (4) LAMA {LA}{MA}
2   Fauna file (8) WILDLIFE [RA]
3   Lie before starting to unsatisfactorily labelling arm bone (6) FIBULA {FIB}{Un...y}{La...g}{Arm}
4   Motor-cyclist consumes article in Indian city (7) BIKANER {BIK{AN}ER}
5   Horse accommodation rejected top horse (8) STALLION {STALL}{NO1}
6   A marsh redeveloped as retreat for 11 (6) ASHRAM*
7   Arrived in Mesozoic America (4) CAME [T]
14 Playground in Marenahalli (5) ARENA [T]
16 For starters, tomatoes have extraordinarily rough exteriors at that place (5) THERE Acrostic
18 Total salt (material to be dissolved in solvent) (8) ABSOLUTE {AB}{SOLUTE} Anno not clear See comments
20 Prisoner of war ordered, in absence of other ranks, to ground (8) POWDERED {POW}{orDERED}
21 Sweet stuff made by mixing claret before commencement of Easter (7) TREACLE {CLARET*}{Ea...r}
23 Spin-doctor to rate (6) ROTATE*
25 Looks after sisters (6) NURSES [DD]
27 Order of Merit with English sign (4) OMEN {OM}{EN}
29 Egg surgeon to drop son (4) URGE sURGEon

Reference List

Southern = S, Washington = WA, Daughter = D, University = U, Student = L, Virginia = VA, Companion on romantic outing = DATE, Fifty = L, Girl = GAL, Through = PER, Massachusetts = MA, Doctor = DR, Arsenic = AS, Sick = ILL, Minor offence = TORT, Russian = RU
Note = LA, Master = MA, Lie = FIB, Motor-cyclist = BIKER, Article = AN, Horse accommodation = STALL, Top N0 1, Salt = AB, Prisoner pf war = POW, Other ranks = OR, Order of Merit = OM, English = EN

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