Tuesday 30 April 2013

No 10760, Tuesday 30 Apr 13, Buzzer

Nice opener from Buzzer. Liked 8A, 11A & 3D.

8   Contents of diktat to opposition made lasting impression (6) TATTOO [T]
9   Helping a learner is sensible (8) RATIONAL {RATION}{A}{L}
10 Defence may perhaps close address early (8) REBUTTAL {RE}{BUT}{TALe} Not sure if Anno is correct (Correction - {RE}{BUT}{TALk} - See comments)
11 Issue brought up by one’s sister (6) NEPHEW [CD]
12, 19 One singularly incompetent sailor, old, to crash craft on shore soon after men went off (4,2,3,6,3,6,2,4) JACK OF ALL TRADES AND MASTER OF NONE {JACK} {O}{F ALL} {TRADE}{S AND} {MASTER OF NONE*}

14 Paroled criminal one spotted (7) LEOPARD*
16 Inspector took man for woman (7) DISTAFF {DI}{STAFF} Shouldn't that be 'women'?
19 See 12
22 Outstanding like Djokovic netting trophies endlessly (6) SUPERB {S{cUPs}ERB}
24 Business’ average for entertainer (8) COMEDIAN {CO}{MEDIAN}
25 Pronounced pressure on ship attendant (8) WAITRESS (~weight){WAIT}{RE}{SS} Not sure of anno See comments
26 Remove obstacle in river (6) DELETE {DE{LET}E}

1   Best wishes to nurse … (4,4) TAKE CARE [DD]
2   … hit by small lorry (6) STRUCK {S}{TRUCK}
3   Design mascot for a family insignia (4,2,4) COAT OF ARMS*
4   Refrain from parts of central Alaska (3-2-2) TRA-LA-LA [T]
5   Put up whacky puzzle (4) STUN <=
6   Indoor growth which might yield grass? (3,5) POT PLANT [C&DD]
7   Cell door locked me in (6) GAMETE {GA{ME}TE}
13 Leotard I am wearing is perfect (6-4) TAILOR-MADE* &lit too
15 Good appearance given to capsicum (8) PIMIENTO {PI}{MIEN}{TO}
17 Punishment star suffered in creative pursuits (4,4) FINE ARTS {FINE} {STAR*}
18 Partners primarily booked over obscene acts sent across internet (7) WEBCAST {WE}{B}{ACTS*}
20 Pale, tense out of nerves (6) NEURAL NEUtRAL
21 Swelling number expected to welcome Labour leader (6) NODULE {NO}{DU{L}E}
23 Produced a bakery product say (4) BRED (~bread)

Monday 29 April 2013

No.10759, Monday 29 Apr 13, Neyartha

Challenging one. But did not get the hidden meaning, Neyartha ! 

P.S.: Sandhya has got it !

1 On-field doctor to plot unknown variable using a descriptive science (12) PHYSIOGRAPHY (PHYSIO GRAPH Y)
8 Guards get rid of the worker in the ancient Roman security force (7) VIGILES (VIGILantES)
9 Do people at the opposite ends of the earth come from here? (6) POLAND (POLES come from here)
11 Deliver the ‘one time’ joke cut short by the westbound Greek character (9) EXTRICATE (EX TRICk ETA<) as in "Lord, deliver us from this predicament"
12 Herald, a tear shedder? (5) CRIER 2 (Herald as in the town crier) He must use a lot of tissue
14 Ancient British chief awkwardly promenading in Michigan is sent off (9) PENDRAGON (PROMENADING-MI)*
16 An easy to understand book? (4) OPEN CD My life is an open book. Only you need to know the language to read it
P.S. The language is not Gibberish, which I am yet to learn
18 Wading bird seen by criminal running out of excuses (4) IBIS (ALIBIS -AL capone)
19 Decides to go and put a mark on the funny slogan (4,5) TAGS ALONG (TAG+SLOGAN*) Would 'decides to go with' be more apt?
21 Cotton garments smuggled by a Polynesian monarchy (5) TONGA (T)
22 Broken female taken out by the model investigator (9) DETECTIVE (DEFECTIVE-F+T)
23 Dishevelled king yields to the Democrat leader in the affair (6) MATTED (MATTER-R+D)
25 Stray animal carries the single tree backwards (7) AIMLESS (ASS around 1 ELM<) 

26 Foreordain conversion of pained setter (12) PREDESTINATE (PAINED SETTER)*
2 Description of some taut power transmission lines? (4-7) HIGH TENSION CD
3 Army members get fuses containing iron initially (8) SOLDIERS (SOLDERS around I) Remembered the Colonel and his Toni soldering iron
4 Lots of time to go down while employing a roar in attack (9) ONSLAUGHT (TONS with T shifted to end, around LAUGH)
5 Reportedly regret the pod piece obtained with the Indian money (5) RUPEE ~(RUE PEA)
6 Constabulary gets the author’s fur-trimmed sleeveless cape (6) POLICE (POE around sLICk) (~pelisse) See comments
7 Pine for some money (3) YEN 2 Lots of people pine for money in China. But they call it Renminbi
8 Opinions on scenes involving comic Pinto (10) VIEWPOINTS (VIEWS around PINTO*) Railway men usually view points
10 Strangers disconcerted by son’s lapse (10) TRANSGRESS (STRANGERS*+ S)
13 Spendthrift gets supply of chopped mint outside (11) IMPROVIDENT (MINT* around PROVIDE)
15 Figured out lan was taken in by the number raised by the treaty participant (9) NEGOTIANT (TEN< around GOT IAN)
17 Bleak surrounding for match arranged by the security guard (8) WATCHMAN (WAN around MATCH*) Reminded me of our olden day nightwatchmen in cricket
20 Time for Romeo to rap about gossip (6) TATTLE (RATTLE-R+T)
22 Fend off the violent dog smuggled by the editor in retreat (5) DODGE (ED< around DOG*)
24 Snake found in the Caspian Sea (3) ASP (T) Remember ASPy Engineer ?

Sunday 28 April 2013

Special, Sunday 28 Apr 13, Courtesy Raju Umamaheswar


1.   Three answers per commenter
2.   Annotations to be compulsorily provided with the answer. Do not post the answer without annotation.

9 So free the tied up or incarcerated (9)
10 Willing to, which is nice (9)
12 The chap doesn’t have complete insurance (4)
13 Suppress it? The nerve! (6)
14 Will silver fish be about where there’s rubbish? (7)
15 Don’t allow to contain copy writing (9)
17 Listen to the man and are worried (4,2,3)
18 Let move about, lean on for support (7)
19 An expert player? Well, that’s an advantage (6)
20 Still drink (4)
23 Advertising, for a doctor, is getting into trouble (9)
25 The damned birds! (3,6)
26 She’s given the apprentice a day off (4)-
27 I’m sorry for being mean to the fellow (6)
29 The spendthrift, a lawbreaker, involved the rest in (7)
32 Various Russians caught, having infiltrated the plant (9)
34 Is reversed, and covered by another silly girl (9)
35 Bones not broken though having fallen, perhaps, from an apple tree (7)
36 Is informed by tips right through (6)
37 Shouts out “Without us? Nonsense!” (4)
38 Means first to give the religious denomination (9)
39 Said to fold the wrapping paper and vamoose (9)

1 A jar containing flowers in the kitchen? (8)
2 Either give the shivers to or have no effect on (5,3,4)
3 People move in close: the band enters (8)
4 Getting the seat does clinch it (6)
5 Try to win later, locked in battle (8)
6 In sea water, a giant floating ship (10)
7 Don’t lip-read the “rumour” (7)
8 Goes in and talks about teen troubles (10) 
11 “Bit of luck” you say, “finding a thicket” (5)
16 The bad thing about having a tot play with thread (6)
19 When your number is up, drink (3)
21 Why the worn rug was thrown out? (4,8)
22 She might be easiest to get a deduction for (6)
23 Mum or dad could show you one – and did (10)
24 While away, a tin I threw out, containing runner beans (2,8)
25 1t’s “The Unfinished Melody,” child (3)
28 Does get upset over the ex: it’s very sad (8)
29 Was holding the reins loosely but with vigilance (8)
30 Having the cover broken early is tough (8)
31 How would you say “No. It has police backing” (7)
33 To disprove it, be back in your old routine (5)
34 Saves, from frost, half the buds (6) 

To attempt the crossword on a separate page follow the link RAJU 1


No 2736, Sunday 28 Apr 13

1   Publicity that's sent round to confuse (3,3) PUT OFF {PU{T O}FF}
4   One holding a sword, blackleg confronting poet (8) SCABBARD {SCAB}{BARD}
10 Fancy Lorraine getting behind France, finally, in the past? (7,2) EARLIER ON {E}{LORRAINE*}
11 Jelly shown in a small photograph (5) ASPIC {A}{S}{PIC}
12 Illegal trading in vehicles (7) TRAFFIC [DD]
13 First to tell funny story about king and revolutionary (7) TROTSKY {T}{ROTS{K}Y*}
14 So don't regret getting different dog (6,6) GORDON SETTER*
18 More than one infantryman in base joins one inside (4,8) FOOT SOLDIERS {FOOT} {SOLD{1}ERS}
21 Reveals bit of scandal gathered by the Parisian solicitor (4,3) LETS OUT {LE}{T{S} OUT}
23 Shot a line after private action that backfired? (3,4) OWN GOAL [CD] (Addendum - {OWN} {GO}{A}{L} - See comments)
24 Stole aboard alien vessel (1-4) E-BOAT {E{-BOA}T}
25 A French composer held in Fleet, ultimately extremely lucky to get free (2,7) AT LIBERTY {A}{T} {Luc{IBERT}kY} 
26 Better money for the most important officials (3,5) TOP BRASS {TOP} {BRASS}
27 Shellfish in Savoy's terrific (6) OYSTER [T]

1   Rather charming to look at (6) PRETTY [CD]
2   Danger that must involve sappers (6) THREAT {TH{RE}AT}
3   Goes mad about failure to find sandals (4-5) FLIP-FLOPS {FLIP-{FLOP}S}
5   Round-the-clock work blocking busy line in old city (14)  CONSTANTINOPLE {CONSTANT}{IN{OP}LE*}
6   Vote against party? (5)  BEANO {BE}{A}{NO} 
7   Suitable model brought in by a new Pope (8)  APPOSITE {A}{PPO{SIT}E*}
8   Weed quadrangle in naval establishment (8)  DOCKYARD {DOCK}{YARD}
9   Lines written about race, sign of insincerity (9,5) CROCODILE TEARS {CROCODILE {TEAR}S}
15 One delivering shopkeeper's goods may be confused by an order (6,3) ERRAND BOY*
16 A leader in fashion, elegant and wealthy (8) AFFLUENT {A}{F}{FLUENT}
17 Swallow, initially, a spot of outrageously used flattery (4,4) SOFT SOAP {S}{OFT SOAP*}
19 Left out of main story involving old Irish detective (6) POIROT {Pl{O}{IR}OT}
20 Actor, powerful participant (6) PLAYER [DD]
22 Fur cap removed from scoundrel (5) OTTER rOTTER

Saturday 27 April 2013

No 10758, Saturday 27 Apr 13, Neyartha

Material day today.

1   Fabric from an Indian region for the auditor (8) CASHMERE (~kashmir)
5   Got ready to ride without the leader and became confused (6) ADDLED sADDLED
9   I groan in confusion over tally by the simpleton (9) IGNORAMUS {I+GROAN}*{MUS<=}
11 Kind of stitch with a glossy fabric (5) SATIN [DD]
12 Back off into China briefly to get a fabric (7) CHIFFON {CHI{FFO<=}Na}
14 Fleet I’d employed to smuggle gets a sea water surge in the direction of the wind (3,4) LEE TIDE [T]
15 Opposition to inquiry into Robin’s Muscat accommodation (12) OBSCURANTISM* Our netas are masters at this.
17 Solemn declaration by aviators seen in disguise (12) ASSEVERATION*
20 Indian industrialist pockets note on iron and fabric (7) TAFFETA {TA{F}{FE}TA}
22 Cook cuts short retirement and edges away to see the religious recluse (7) EREMITE (rETIREMEn)(-t)* New word for me
23 Analyse clips after the Oriental moves further away (5) PARSE PAR(-e)S(+e)E
24 Lady entertaining the Spanish in Florida provided some storage information (5,4) SHELF LIFE {SH{EL}{F L}{IF}E}
26 Denmark frames article on advanced graduates with fabric (6) DAMASK {D{A}{MA'S}K}
27 First course? (8) STARTERS [E]

1   Determine the energy expended by one in grip (6) CLINCH CL(-e+i)INCH
2   Peacekeepers’ armour boxed in a ship with the automobile shades (3,6) SUN VISORS {S{UN} {VISOR}S}
3   Vishnu avatar upset by blemish (3) MAR<=
4   No representation for zero here (5,8) ROMAN NUMERALS [CD]
6   Sweet rascal’s missing son got a drink for the final course (7,4) DESSERT WINE {DESSERT} {sWINE}
7   Club with a partially flat hierarchy (5) LATHI [T]
8   Daughter getting rid of the Frenchman’s barn container is a risk (6) DANGER (-m+d)DANGER
10 Absent female’s strange penance (4-9) SELF-ABASEMENT*
13 Does this make you see things from an aquatic animal’s perspective? (7,4) FISHEYE LENS [CD]
16 Fragile sieve isn’t defective (9) SENSITIVE*
18 First step taken under pressure is downright foolish (6) STUPID{S}{T}{U}{P}{I}{D}
19 Rest in the corner (6) RECESS [DD]
2125 Dn., northbound Greek character gets to the meeting place (5) FORUM {FOR}{UM<=}
25 In favour of the number on the radio (3) FOR(~four)

Friday 26 April 2013

No.10757, Friday, 26 Apr 13, Gridman

Gridman finishes this round with a nice one. The long ones are beautifully handled.

1 Fight and quarrel over a small bird (7) SPARROW (SPAR ROW) I do not have enough time on my hands to go and photograph one at the Bangalore airport, because in Bangalore that is the only place one can hope to see one.
5 Comfort from very thin fabric (6) SOLACE (SO LACE) A quantum of it can Bond us
9 You got up reportedly for currencies (5) EUROS (~YOU ROSE)
10 Part perfect for someone worth imitating (4,5) ROLE MODEL
11 Plant daggers in the French environs (7) LOBELIA (OBELI, plural of obelix or daggers drawn as used in footnotes (†), in LA)
12 Well, son, having been bashed up, is showing signs of injury (7) SWOLLEN (WELL SON)* Reminded me of the other MSD - Air Marshal Malcom 'Mally' Shirley Dundas Wollen, VC, who also headed HAL
13 Routine vehicle? (5) CYCLE 2 Suresh's routine crossword solving vehicle
14 Bisect- one that may produce ‘ha! (3,2,4) CUT IN HALF (cutting HALF in half would produce HA)
16 Time of year when people are in a sweat (3,6) HOT SEASON (CD) In Chennai, they call this winter. Summer, as you all know, is the hottest season.
19 Ill -bred fellow’s disorderly lurch (5) CHURL (LURCH)*
21 Such a library book is not in the stacks (4-3) LENT OUT (CD) This is what it is right now, after Easter
23 Castle I build at a stretch (7) ELASTIC (CASTLE I)*
24 Apply lotion to doctor absorbed in intricate toe care (9) EMBROCATE (MB in (TOE CARE)*) Reminded me of PGW's clue from Something Fishy
25 Cut through small insects (5) SLICE (S LICE)
26 You and I, with new desire, for Chinese literary language (3-3) WEN YEN (WE N YEN) Hu knows when Yen will appreciate
27 Pedlars or potters? (7) TINKERS 2
1 Detective woman’s initial reconnoitre on secure dwelling, we hear (8,6) SHERLOCK HOLMES (SHE R LOCK ~homes) Quite elementary
2 Cobra that is executing a kind of dance (7) AEROBIC (COBRA I.E.)*
3 Determine to find an answer again (7) RESOLVE ( RE SOLVE)
4 These work up frenzy to break peace with an enemy (3-6) WAR DANCES (CD)
5 The sort of staff who do some pitching (5) SALES (CD) from Sales pitch
6 Eccentric fellow features a politician in satire (7) LAMPOON (A MP in LOON)
7 Mark I called haltingly (7) CEDILLA (I CALLED)* My Goan friend Colaco is usually addressed as 'Colaco' instead of  'Colasso' or 'Colazo' by many non Goans as the cedilla (which should have been present on the second c) is not commonly printed in the English usage of the name
8 In which players visualise men’s moves on the board (9,5) BLINDFOLD CHESS (CD) I wonder what would happen if this was merged with chess boxing. Blindfold chess boxing ? A sure-fire recipe to impress heavily upon the umpire.
15 Last one in examination is least tough (9) TENDEREST (ENDER in TEST)
17 Five pairs, clever enough, are solidly based (7) TENABLE (TEN (5 pairs) ABLE)
18 Money CO dispensed in frugality (7) ECONOMY (MONEY CO)*
19 A Danish man in study producing a song (7) CHANSON (HANS in CON) Hans(=swan in many Indian languages) is a name in North India too
20 One in France skirting one of a pair to unravel (7) UNTWINE (TWIN in UNE)
22 Coach artist wallowing in money (5) TRAIN (RA in TIN)

Thursday 25 April 2013

No 10756, Thursday 25 Apr 13, Gridman

Gridman gave me a tough time in the SE corner today, otherwise an enjoyable offering.

1   Part of plane furiously fuels anger no end (8) FUSELAGE {FUELS*}{rAGE} No end for deletion of head? Is it correct?
5   Financial fellow is almost unperturbed (6) FISCAL {F}{IS}{CALm}
10 Travels free to sing with abandon (7) RIDINGS {RID}{SING*}
11 The Hun loses foot as he lands in New York in a stylish way (7) NATTILY {N{ATTILa}Y}
12 One church to grab provider of cold comfort (3,3) ICE BAG {1}{CE} {BAG}
13 Soldier to order nothing (8) COMMANDO {COMMAND}{O}
15 Reportedly recognises part of plane (4) NOSE (~knows)
16 Priest's joy in Biblical book (10) REVELATION {REV}{ELATION}
18 I'd all peace spread out in Utopia (5,5) IDEAL PLACE*
20 U.S.astronaut loses foot in valley (4) GLEN GLENn
23 Essential multinational passing over Indian city having no head (8) INTEGRAL {INTE{aGRA}L}
24 Insect, female, not small, swallowing insect (6) MANTIS {M{ANT}ISs}
26 Mountain lake is first of highlights to lose lustre (7) TARNISH {TARN}{IS}{H}
27 Shun the ancestor lacking energy (7) FORBEAR FOReBEAR
28 Passes for groups of workmen? (6) RELAYS [DD]
29 Somewhat nosy about extremely nifty manuscript having words of a feather (8) SYNONYMS {NOSY*}{NiftY}{MS} 'Words of a feather'? Definition not clear to me. See comments.

1   Clergyman from outside is an important diplomat (7,8) FOREIGN MINISTER {FOREIGN} {MINISTER}
2   Dane's capsized ship is cause of crying (7) SADNESS {DANES}*}{SS}
3   Straight line I approach (6) LINEAR {L}{I}{NEAR}
4   Blast energy out of visitor (4) GUST GUeST
6   Hitman is disguised as a foreign national (8) ISTHMIAN*
7   Greek character not for red wine (7) CHIANTI {CHI}{ANTI}
8   What one would do to stop an ongoing war (3,4,4,4) LAY DOWN ONES ARMS [CD]

9   Disrespectfulness in maintaining no silence (9) INSOLENCE*
14 Beau's companion having terribly achy heart complaint (9) BELLYACHE {BELL{ACHY*}E}
17 Terrorist organisation's man stalking the Italian in a vexatious manner (8) PLAGUILY {PLA}{GU{IL}Y} Is the PLA really considered to be a terrorist organisation?
19 Charm from unearthly, limitless comic (7) ENTHRAL uNEARTHLy*
21 Drawing in a little lustre as a bit of painting peels off "Earthenware" (7) LOTTERY {L}{pOTTERY}
22 Head set? (6) HAIRDO [CD]
25 Touchy master quitting is doubtful (4) IFFY mIFFY

Wednesday 24 April 2013

No 10755, Wednesday 24 Apr 13, Gridman

Yesterday we had a hail storm as well as a Gayle storm in Bangalore, while it was raining hail in my area it was raining cricket balls in the MG Road area!!  
A placard seen at the stadium said "Welcome to Ben'Gayle'uru". I hope the guy who made it up has not copyrighted it.

1   Presupposed PRO will go out to bring about accelerations (5-3) SPEED UPS {prESUPPoSED}*
5   Drunkard coming back to drink is an even chance (4-2) TOSS-UP {TOS<=}{S-UP}
9   Rare book-binding in African nation (7) MOROCCO [DD]
10 Ban hollering around Chandigarh, say (4,3) SHUT OUT {SH{UT} OUT}
11 Not properly made up resulting in node (5,4) BADLY DONE {NODE}*
12 Strongly encourage one leading goon after another in time (3,2) EGG ON {E{G}{G} ON}
13 Confine Oriental lady (4) DAME {DAM}{E}
14 Trendy car might well afford permission to get in! (5,4) ENTRY CARD*
17 Stop dirty bather with aHey!’ at last! (3,3,3) BAR THE WAY {BAR THE}* {W}{A}{heY}
19 Precious start too small (4) TWEE {T}{WEE} 'I tawt I taw a Puddy Tat'

23 Dull subject unfinished (5) MATTE MATTEr
24 Describing a lady-in-waiting? (9) EXPECTANT [CD]
25 Analyse girl’s faith group (7) DISSECT {DI'S}{SECT}
26 To make a list, Tim, I see, is reordering (7) ITEMISE*
27 Woman admitting latitude in New York in a fair way (6) EVENLY {EVE}{N{L}Y}
28 The manner in which you go towards hospital rooms? (8) INWARDLY [CD]

1   A person of importance joined certain organisation (8) SOMEBODY {SOME}{BODY}
2   Mad role played out in a domain (7) EARLDOM*
3   Bad guy put up extremely tiny left finger (6) DACTYL {DAC<=}{TinY}{L}
4   Judgement from expert replacing article in declaration (13) PRONOUNCEMENT (-an+pro}PRONOUNCEMENT
6   Wealth of cruel couple adopting extreme exploitation (8) OPULENCE {OPUL{ExploitatioN}CE*}
7   Parasite hesitant following small computer game (7) SPONGER {S}{PONG}{ER}
8   Green coating of one in Bihar capital (6) PATINA {PAT{1}NA}
10 What All Fools’ Day pranksters conduct when they throw ink on victims (5,8) SMEAR CAMPAIGN [CD]
15 Late dispersal around this place is heavenly (8) ETHEREAL {ET{HERE}AL*}
16 Light accomplishment by that woman unknown (8) FEATHERY {FEAT}{HER}{Y}
18 Performer’s attires refashioned (7) ARTISTE*
20 West Indian journalist has listener fagged out (7) WEARIED {W{EAR}I}{ED}
21 Muse lazily about director-general’s blot (6) SMUDGE {SMU{DG}E*}
22 Plan remains as such after engineer makes way for academician (6) SCHEMA SCHE(-me+ma)MA

Tuesday 23 April 2013

No.10754, Tuesday 23 Apr 13, Gridman

Some really good clues here while the overall puzzle has the Gridman stamp. Liked VEILING, ABOLISHED, ISLE, SEER, SUPPOSE, AT ISSUE and ARROW.

1 Advocacy, with the sixth sense, for backward artist to abandon stimulation (8) ESPOUSAL (ESP + ar<=OUSAL)
6 Yell king is out of fight (4) BAWL (BrAWL)
9 Choose one mother for ideals (6) OPTIMA (OPT + 1 + MA)
10 Live wickedly in good covering (7) VEILING (LIVE* + IN + G)
13 Put an end to spilling oil in a second-rate warehouse (9) ABOLISHED (OIL* inside A + B + SHED)
14 For six, it’s unusual sojourn (5) VISIT (VI + IT'S*)
15 Retain // stronghold (4) KEEP (DD)
16 Reason with nobody at WTC site in New York (6,4) GROUND, ZERO (GROUND + ZERO)
19 What six of one is of the other, proverbially (4,1,5) HALF, A, DOZEN (E)
21 Piece of land one’s almost leased (4) ISLE (1'S + LEt)
24 Top saint’s practice (5) USAGE (U + SAGE)
25 Mail raising fear of danger? Not exactly (5,4) ALARM, POST (CD)
26 Collector is more difficult about circle (7) HOARDER (HARDER outside O)
27 “__ not to reason why” (Tennyson) (6) THEIRS (GK)
28 Prophet given some weight in India in the past (4) SEER (DD)
29 How a person looks in wonder (4-4) WIDE-EYED (E)

2 Imagine spouse, annoyed, keeping quiet (7) SUPPOSE (SPOUSE* outside P)
3 Short grunt about a veda’s beginning (6) ORIGIN (OINk outside RIG)
4 Hit Oriental jumper, hit! (9) SMASHEROO (SMASH + E + ROO)
5 Angry as strikingly bright leader makes room for novice (5) LIVID (VIVID with L for V)
7 A complex accumulation is up for debate (2,5) AT, ISSUE (A + TISSUE)
8 Bright times when there’s no tension (5,7) LIGHT, MOMENTS (LIGHT + MOMENTS)
11 Penetrate one new Veda rendition (6) INVADE (1 + N + VEDA*)
12 These occur when one is brooding dismally (4,8) DARK, THOUGHTS (CD)
17 Botched up Texan duel not celebrated (9) UNEXALTED (TEXAN DUEL)*
18 Termination where there might be a filter (3,3) FAG, END (CD)
20 What escapes owing to a pipe problem, perhaps (7) LEAKAGE (CD)
22 Standing firm in the rush to plague (7) SCOURGE (CO inside SURGE)
23 I’m deep-set to hinder (6) IMPEDE (I'M + DEEP*)
25 Limited non-nuclear missile (5) ARROW (nARROW)

Monday 22 April 2013

No.10753, Monday 22 Apr 13, Gridman

Gridman, as indicated in 9a has given us an anagram special.  Far from complaining, I like Oliver Goldsmith, .................................... wondered :

And as I solved the puzzle,  my wonder grew,
How many anagrams he wonderfully threw !

With apologies to The Village Schoolmaster 

1 Assistant – one giving you a portion of food ? (7,4) HELPING HAND 2
9 Ranga goes crackers over a man’s first wordplay (7) ANAGRAM (RANGA* A M)
10 A foreign soldier at the gallery causes ruffle (7) AGITATE (A GI TATE)
11 Mostly detest ruffian horse (5) STEED (DETESt)*
12 Tardy ? Late ? Rather more recent (6-3) LATTER DAY (TARDY LATE)* Nice tautological anagram, or, should I call it an anagrammatic tautology ?
13 Vessel emerges after a change of rota (5) AORTA (A ROTA*)
15 Icon Pearl etched in China (9) PORCELAIN ( ICON PEARL)* This one took me on a memory trail of Pearl S Buck's books on China. Great linking of the two.
18 Venue where a lot of foot tapping to music is made (5,4) DANCE HALL CD Brought to memory, 'The Man with Two Left Feet'
21 Oil extract in city centre for baby’s illness (5) COLIC (OIL* in C C) Rx Dimethicone-Dicyclomine drops. Though a medicine for babies, really effective for adults too. Statutory Warning: Will render you a windbag for some time.
22 Bill, returning to French city, on to trappings (9) CAPARISON (AC< PARIS ON) Coincidentally, the Thrissur Pooram, where you can see elephants with these trappings, took place yesterday
24 Bondages to big cat reported (5) LINKS (~LYNX)
26 Nails the army officer with the French money in India (7) COLLARS (COL LA RS)
27 In limitless Hampi ruins endless test on ancient two-handled jar (7) AMPHORA (HAMPi* ORAL) Still remember advertisement during  break in the circus in Asterix comics advising one to 'Drink a jar a wine a day' , which featured amphoras
28 Greeting one citizen in tale having proven existence in the past (11) HISTORICITY (HI STORY around 1 CIT)

1 Hasten Dad to rejig an upside down yogic posture (4,5) HEADSTAND (HASTEN DAD)*
2 A number to pave the way for renting contract (5) LEASE (L(=50) EASE) Does release refer to conclusion of a lease contract or renewal ?
3 Throw light on one registered judge holding up help (9) IRRADIATE (I R RATE holding AID<)
4 Girl simply discarded pinafore (7) GYMSLIP (G SIMPLY)*  Reminded me of HMS Pinafore
5 Electrical fitment girl at port installed (7) ADAPTOR (ADA PORT*)
6 Doctor, I have energy (5) DRIVE (DR I'VE) In fact, I have so much drive that I may go on a drive to a golf course and start driving at balls, and in the process, drive my caddy crazy
7 As grasped by one on the stairs (8) HANDRAIL (CD)
8 Ultimately Guv chose our tapestry too (4) VERY (V E R Y, trailing letters)
14 One lifts it to open a can of beer, say (4,4) RING PULL (CD)
16 Peculiarity has Red Indian going out, felling trees of a kind (9) EUCALYPTI (PECULIARITY)*
17 Essential never to entertain break without right (9) NECESSARY (NARY around rECESS) Remembered the Bear Necessities. Watch it and swing.
19 Helps fool to sit properly on edge of sofa (7) ASSISTS (ASS SIT* S)
20 Yearn to have a try at a tale starter (4,3) LONG AGO (LONG A GO) A DIY fib short story: Long ago ....... ever after.
22 Company about to get narcotic shrub (4) COCA (CO CA) Reminded me of 'Half a circle, full a circle, half a circle, a. Half a circle, full a circle, right angle, a'
23 Come to the limit of border, everyone (5) REACH (R EACH)
25 One fellow turning over ring to girl (5) NAOMI (1 MAN< around O) Reminded me of N. Campbell, whom I once saw in Malindi

 These pictures are not the subjects of copyrights. Not yet ...  Till then, use them with pleasure, at your leisure.  They are also not to scale.  The beer-can is not as tall as the staircase. Thank Heavens for that, or you would be in the men's room for eternity.

Sunday 21 April 2013

Special, Sunday 21 Apr 13, Spinner


1. Three answers per commenter.
2. Annotations to be compulsorily provided with the answers.


8. Throw out mould (4)
9. Circling bisector flanking good man leads to the science of birth (10)
10. Small, thriving first-year is muddy (6)
11. Don’t start declining or dismissing (8)
12. Worker, after pairs are mixed, can be a trying person (8)
14. Praises for cleats’ designs (6)
16. Croon or burn without energy (4)
17. Triumphs with first attempt on farm vehicles (5)
18. Look across the broad aisle for the stage (4)
19. To fix it, spirit somehow followed the beast (6)
21. Draw sans top players is devoid of propagators? (8)
23. Round member to grasp her oidium-content (8)
26. Rotating image around Polly, a bird (6)
27. Board enrols people from the Board? (10)
28. It is sick if one does this to one’s cookies (4)


1. Hone basics till you arrive at projectile science (10)
2. Hiding residue in operation, maybe? (8)
3. Cold returning crazy rockets (6)
4. Is the French thing in the middle of the water? (4)
5. To bribe Jew, Elsa furnished ornaments (8)
6. Concoct, say, story without ending – It’s rough (6)
7. Oversee if school principal is capable  (4)
13. Silly twist for annoying people (5)
15.  Most craving good man, in thirties, maybe (10)  
17.  Atrociously need single (8)
18. Agent dined after extremely dense section (8)
20. These creatures are a cross between bees (6)
22. Entangle Harry’s semen? (6)
24. Move due to loss in remuneration? (4)
25. Poems shuffled in a measured quantity (4)

To attempt the crossword on a separate page follow the link SPINNER 1 


No 2735, Sunday 21 Apr 13

1   Husband on board poorly lit boat (6)  DINGHY {DING{H}Y}
4   Candour unwisely shown about large witches' pot (8) CAULDRON {CAU{L}DRON}*
10 Splendid Havana, say (7) CAPITAL [DD]
11 Person vandalising cowl on chimney (7) HOODLUM {HOOD}{LUM}
12 Crude thug with money (5-3-5) ROUGH-AND-READY
14 Who will have reviewed this Sheridan play? (3,6) THE CRITIC [CD]
15 Magistrate imprisoning duke for evasion (5) DODGE {DO{D}GE}
16 Leader of opposing side is outstanding (5) OWING {O}{WING}
18 Children's author had dollar exchanged (5,4) ROALD DAHL*
21 On what a local tax may be based in area A (but level fluctuates) (8,5) RATEABLE VALUE RATEABLE VALUE*
23 Captain brought in an eastern perennial (7) ANEMONE {A{NEMO}N}{E}
24 Grandmother cutting a cotton cloth (7) NANKEEN {NAN}{KEEN}
25 Dagger found in street by messy toilet (8) STILETTO {ST}{TOILET*}
26 Opening bowler, perhaps American, catches one (6) HIATUS {H{1}AT}{US}

1   Star of French cinema's first speech (10) DECORATION {DE}{C}{ORATION}
2   New record a while ago with melody taken from 9 (7) NEPTUNE {N}{EP}{TUNE} 
3   One would expect a player to behave appropriately (3,3,5,4)  HIT THE RIGHT NOTE [CD]
5   Language used when armchair almost collapsed (7)  AMHARIC ARMCHAIr*
6   Painter cooked vindaloo and rice (8,2,5) LEONARDO DA VINCI*
7   Revolutionary university in revolutionary broadcast (7) RELAYED {R{ELAY<=}ED}
8   Celebrity from Dublin, a megastar (4)  NAME [T]
9   Earth perhaps flat? Theory, initially (6)  PLANET {PLANE}{T}
13 Very evil trap set up for game (4,6) REAL TENNIS {REAL} {TEN<=}{NIS<=}
17 One from the Middle East is one king brought over (7) ISRAELI {IS}{RAEL<=}{1<=}
18 Get near volatile chemical substance (7) REAGENT*
19 Article put in last, possibly at an angle (6) ASLANT {ASL{AN}T*}
20 Complaint from the Italian chaps stationed in the outskirts of Aldershot (7) AILMENT {Alder{IL}{MEN}shoT}
22 Girl in form caught out (4) LASS cLASS

Saturday 20 April 2013

No 10752, 20 Apr 13, Gridman

Plenty of anagrams today from Gridman.

1   Hardly ever as cycler goes round (8) SCARCELY*
5   Like a literary Dodger (6) ARTFUL [GK]
9   Taking it easy, pioneers loosen up (2,6) IN REPOSE*
10 Threaten one politician with death (6) IMPEND {1}{MP}{END}
12 Support a football player? (4) BACK [DD]
13 Come to terms with comrade taking oath (10) COMPROMISE {COM}{PROMISE}
15 Was first to take notice inside notice (6) ABIDED Anno pending (Addendum HEADED {HE{AD}ED} See comments)
17 Dance one round away from truck (5) BOGIE BOoGIE
20 Work! Girl doesn’t begin entertainment (5) OPERA {OP}{vERA}
21 Retreat to the French shelter (6) NESTLE {NEST}{LE}
24 Having extrasensory means, I let hepcat shrink (10) TELEPATHIC*
27 Managed one queen in India (4) RANI {RAN}{1}
29 Organ run by northern journalist won (6) EARNED {EAR}{N}{ED} What's run doing in the clue? See comments.
30 Develop like a plant (4,4) TAKE ROOT [CD]
31 First of strict rites modified for relative (6) SISTER {S}{RITES*}
32 It keeps in place the carpet on a flight (5,3) STAIR ROD [CD]

1   Go past bails dislodged by top Yorker (4,2) SAIL BY {SAIL B*}{Y}
2   CIA far out in this continent (6) AFRICA*
3   Imitate business policy, resorting to extremities (4) COPY {CO}{PolicY}
4   Girl on old loop line (5) LASSO {LASS}{O}
6   He’s more affected by love (5) ROMEO {MORE*}{O} &lit
7   Emotional responses to spirited dances around the heart of Beed (8) FEELINGS {F{bEEd}LINGS}
8   Gained in popularity – was in the front, having dared remarkably (8) LADDERED {L{DARED*}ED}
11 Ground breakers in suit? (6) SPADES [DD]
14 A great many welcome back good spirit (4) (Addendum DEVA {D}{EVA<=} - See comments)
16 Mean refusal in short document (6) DENOTE Anno pending (Addendum - {DE{NOT}Ed} - See comments)
17 Charge starts biting India’s leading lights (4) BILL {B}{I}{L}{L}
18 Start PC on fewer occasions — it’s ineffective (8) BOOTLESS {BOOT}{LESS}
19 Avers pound is found in creased pants (8) DECLARES {DEC{L}ARES*} 'Pants' as AInd seen as a first.
22 Hard work almost about to be snapped up by two sides (6) LABOUR {L}{ABOUt}{R}
23 Detective adopts one way that’s miserly (6) FISTED {F{1}{ST}ED} Implying tight fisted? One way on double duty?
25 Heard calm fragment (5) PIECE (~peace)
26 I pant in a way that's clumsy (5) INAPT*
28 Each one a fairy (4) PERI {PER}{1}