Wednesday 31 July 2013

No 10839, Wednesday 31 Jul 13, Sankalak

Sankalak in his elements. The printer's devil however has spoilt the fun.

1   But they can be worn also outside the Somers Isles (7,6) BERMUDA SHORTS [CD]
10 Largest living creature is greyish white, robust (4,5) BLUE WHALE {BLUE} {W}{HALE}
11 Scold a young one, no student, with energy (5) CHIDE {CHIlD}{E}
12 The street ambience is a facility for going up or down (5) STAIR {ST}{AIR}
13 Rented property that the left keep with effortlessness (9) LEASEHOLD {L}{EASE}{HOLD}
14 Showy English ship in dull setting (6) DRESSY {DR{E}{SS}Y}
16 Crooked but right in do-it-yourself (5) DIRTY {DI{RT}Y}
19 A second rate book, maybe, but staple diet (5) BREAD {B}{READ}
20 Dormant, overdue book (6) LATENT {LATE}{NT}
25 Correction of the last word by people in a small district (9) AMENDMENT {AMEN}{D{MEN}T}
26 One involved in conspiracy, an aviator (5) PILOT {P{1}LOT}
27 The lachrymose lover finds some while wine (5) MOSEL [T] 'While' seems to be a typo for 'White'
28 The way to comprehend what a good driver needs (4,5) ROAD SENSE {ROAD} {SENSE}
29 Nameless detainee let out, wanders, finds perfumed liquid (3,2,8) EAU DE TOILETTE {DETAInEE+LET+OUT}*

2   Learned upper-class man is escorted by two journalists (8) EDUCATED {ED}{U}{CAT}{ED}
3   Setter confronts conflict in a part of Rajasthan (5) MEWAR {ME}{WAR}
4   Cold and cheerless woman, without notice, becomes implacable (6) DEADLY {DEAD}{LadY}
5   Outline of dramatic work is in coarse form (8) SCENARIO*
6   Players seen in porches training for the concert (9) ORCHESTRA [T]
7   It could be eternal in an emotional situation (6) TRIGON [CD]
8   Notice about a foundation is put down (6) ABASED {A{BASE}D}
9   Two students with an objective — to find an old tennis star (5) LENDL {L{END}L}
15 Good man, close to despair, confused, was noncommittal (9) STRADDLED {ST}{R}{ADDLED}
17 Temple built around the earth by a sailor (5,3) WATER RAT {WA{TER RA}T}
18 Strong and compact, like a good sweater? (4,4) WELL KNIT [DD]
21 Tom rag taken from a bandit at terrible risk (6) TATTER [T] 'Tom rag' seems to be a typo for 'Torn rag'.
22 Mentally unsound British member close to lunacy (5) BARMY {B}{ARM}{Y}
23 Entertainer, his age suspect (5) GEISHA*
24 A trait peculiar to a place in Punjab (6) ATTARI*
26 Sticky stuff, imitation stones! (5) PASTE [DD]

Tuesday 30 July 2013

No.10838, Tuesday 30 Jul 2013, Sankalak

When Sankalak eventually hangs his boots up - and the signs are already here with the reduced runs in recent past - I'm going to miss the elegant simplicity of his puzzles. Today is no exception.

Seems like a bit of a mini theme with plants/vegetables.

1 Get rid of the girl’s motor close to the junkyard (7) DISCARD (DI'S + CAR + junkyarD)
5 Broadcaster right to help in an attack from the skies (3,4) AIR, RAID (AIR + R + AID)
9 What bolsters, spurs us to change? (8,7) BRUSSELS, SPROUTS (BOLSTERS SPURS US)*
10 City that a bovine might cross (6) OXFORD (OX + FORD)
11 A mean thing in reckoning elevation? (3,6) SEA, LEVEL (CD)
13 Southern beer, having enough strength, is in good demand (8) SALEABLE (S + ALE + ABLE)
15 Time to relax for a star — 24 hours (6) SUNDAY (SUN + DAY)
18 One who puts on a costume, black inside, is a plunderer (6) ROBBER (B inside ROBER)
19 Disadvantage for a worker, one with diminished capacity (8) HANDICAP (HAND + I + CAP)
22 Here among our mandarins he is a lover of good fare (8) GOURMAND (T)
24 Passage lined with shops, about 50, in 100 sq.m. of space (6) ARCADE (CA + D inside ARE) Typo for 500?
27 Specialist in hormones and glands is considering tool for treatment (15) ENDOCRINOLOGIST (CONSIDERING TOOL)*
28 A boon for working parents, yes, wheels in the outskirts of Dalhousie (3,4) DAY, CARE (AY + CAR inside DalhousiE)
29 Looking back, there is admiration in two ways for an attendant (7) STEWARD (AWE<= inside ST RD)

1 People who owe money get sorted out with a bit of browbeating (7) DEBTORS (SORTED* outside B)
2 Resentment caused by powdered tobacco (5) SNUFF (DD)
3 Substance swallowed by Rob abates suffering (9) ABSORBATE (ROB ABATES)*
4 Daughter, sick, gets a herb (4) DILL (D + ILL)
5 A point about Madagascar, say, found in passages (6) AISLES (A + S outside ISLE)
6 Rustic artist, close to denial, goes round old city (5) RURAL (RA + L outside UR)
7 Such medicine as may be a crude ivy preparation (9) AYURVEDIC (A CRUDE IVY)*
8 Show a record cut short by sport (7) DISPLAY (DISc + PLAY)
12 Am I ousted from the ménage by a pest? (3) FLY (FamiLY)
14 A time for toil for workers? No, a day free from work (6,3) LABOUR, DAY (CD)
16 Such meat is rare (9) UNDERDONE (E)
17 An obstacle in climbing the Sierra boldly (3) BAR (T<=)
18 Plant that spread very rapidly around the west and the east (7) RAGWEED (RAGED outside W E)
20 Appeal to accept note that is folded (7) PLEATED (PLEAD outside TE)
21 A source of salad for some women divers (6) ENDIVE (T)
23 A minute measure of a mineral silicate having a trace of resistance (5) MICRA (MICA outside R)
25 The soul of a tailless creature (5) ANIMA (ANIMAl)
26 The master, old German guard, trails unpleasant smell (4) BOSS (SS after Body Odour)

Monday 29 July 2013

No.10837, Monday 29 Jul 2013, Spinner

1 A magical mantra engineered just like this clue? (14) ANAGRAMMATICAL (A MAGICAL MANTRA)* &LIT too?
10 A poetic commendation inherent in a silken voice (5) ENVOI (T)
          An example is appended at the end of this post
11 Bird’s tail was cut off and the sound that followed was piercing (9) THRUSTING (THRUSh TING)
12, 19 Pronounce, ponder and put away the lining which children would circle on cold, frosty mornings? (8,4) MULBERRY BUSH (~MULL BURY BUSH)
          Round and round the Mulberry Bush, ...methinks there was a spider web on it ...
13 Animal that goes ‘Pop’ due to a pointed stand (6) WEASEL (W(est) EASEL) 
          Ref to Pop goes the weasel
15 Holy hippos out in the pursuit of wisdom (10) PHILOSOPHY (HOLY HIPPOS)*
16 Like the evergreen stuff that made a comeback with the sleazy Nipponese (4) PINY (T<)
          Two continuous words starting with P and ending with Y !
19 See 12 Ac.  
          (See up there, didn't Spinner tell you so ?!)
20 An effect of the recessive gene makes the British want a woman with the European Parliament (5,5) BLACK SHEEP (B LACK SHE EP)
          An African chief's wife gave birth to an albino baby. The chief went up to the white missionary and charged 
          "I black, my wife black, baby white, you white, how?" The padre, wanting to explain how albinism 
          occurs due to recessive genes, showed him the mountainside, saying "all sheep white, one sheep black,
          you black, how?". The chief, with acknowledgement of guilt, declared ceasefire with: "You no tell, I 
          also no tell".
23 The fallen man without a surname had a swelling and was extremely teary (6) HUMPTY (HUMP TearY)
          Ref to Mr H. Dumpty without his surname
25 Sybarite’s weird, unusual collection (8) BESTIARY (SYBARITE)*
27 Missing man and sailors cheat mutineer who turned his back on them (9) ABSCONDER (ABS CON DER<)

28 Game makers can consume home-food (3,2) EAT IN (EA (Ref to Electronic Arts, a video game maker, whose logo is EA) TIN)
29 Mce mce mce (5,5,4) THREE BLIND MICE (3 MICE without eyes = ~Is)
          Fell in love with this one at first sight, because love is blind

2 Television disowning one broadcast that shows new stuff (9) NOVELTIES (TELEVISION -1)*
3 Leader of the blind community? (5,3) GUIDE DOG (CD)  
          A seeing-eye dog
4 Stakes on the Brazilian city’s odd rally raised already (10) ANTERIORLY (ANTE RIO RaLlY)
5 She’s bloody as a spirited tomato (4) MARY (CD)
          Tomato juice with spirit, vodka=Bloody Mary, not Queen of Scots
6 One who analyses the canopy (6) TESTER (2)
7 Provides an upper surface to slice bananas (5) CEILS (SLICE)*
8 Part and then unite cleanly? (7) LEGALLY (LEG ALLY)
          Not sure if def. is fully apt
9 Mountain cat and alien return to form an alliance (4,2) TEAM UP (PUMA ET)<
          Sometimes we have minced 'mountain cat' for breakfast !
14 Stylish perception needed to manage an avian enclosure (7,3) CHICKEN RUN (CHIC KEN RUN)
          Another game, though not in the same class (kindergarten) as others, and not by EA 
17 Stiff final held in one nice ground (9) INELASTIC (LAST in (1 NICE)*)
18 This other map contains a line that connects the equally hot (8) ISOTHERM (T)
19 Where you would find the left lung inside-out (2,5) BY HEART (DD)
          Knowing something inside out = knowing something by heart. This is the real objective of all those games, getting 
          the songs by heart as a memory exercise ...
21 Agassi first quit running, then started practising (6) PLYING (PLAYING -A)
22 Slogged and smashed in with a trace of roughness (6) STROVE (R in STOVE)
24 Thinker recalled unfinished summary (5) MUSER (RESUMe)<
          Reminded me of Rodin's  Le PensuerThe word play reminded me that I should complete my unfinished Résumé
26 Implicit devotee of Lord originally in a lifeless form? (4) IDOL (I D O L)

Welcome, Spinner,
Our new compiler,
A web-master or a verbal shaman,
Or deliverer of a turning Chinaman ?
Looks like you are a winner !

Spinner opened with songs and games !  

Sunday 28 July 2013

No 2749, Sunday 28 Jul 2013

1   Lead astray a group of apprentices (6) ENTICE [T]
4   Astuteness shown by a copper confronting workers (6) ACUMEN {A}{CU}{MEN}
8   US state capital, a leader in trade pact (9) CONCORDAT {CONCORD}{A}{T}
11 A quarrel about right marker (5) ARROW {A}{R{R}OW}
12 Jam in cupboard (5) PRESS [DD]
13 Inspirational winning fling? It could be (9) UPLIFTING {UP}{FLING+IT}*
14 In which Olympic medals may be won, whatever happens? (2,3,6) AT ALL EVENTS [DD]
16 First-hand account of life behind bars? (6,5) INSIDE STORY [CD]
19 Second in command, without feeling, wrote cruelly (6,3) NUMBER TWO {NUMB}{ER TWO*}
21 Picture that is put in supplement? Just the opposite (5) IMAGE {I{MAG}E} opp of IE in MAG
23 Priest may be caught out soon (5) CANON {C}{ANON}
24 Mix up inn and cheap cafe (4,5) HASH HOUSE {HASH} {HOUSE}
25 Conservationists, aboard mystery tour, set about a task (4,2) TURN TO {TUR{N T}O*}
26 Shelter made from loose stones, indefinite number (6) SCREEN {SCREE}{N}

1   Flee European scene (6) ESCAPE {E}{SCAPE}
2   Not relaxed in past, say (5) TENSE [DD]
3   Brass score incompletely orchestrated in parts of cycles (9) CROSSBARS {BRASS+SCORe}*
5   Tease husband inside snack bar (5) CHAFF {C{H}AFF}
6   Singer-songwriter is merry, and so sad (9) MORRISSEY {IS+MERRY+SO}*
7   Recently developed mature philosophy (3,3)  NEW AGE {NEW} {AGE}
9   Gibberish from one's wife after large drink (6,5) DOUBLE DUTCH {DOUBLE} {DUTCH}
10 Novelist is wrong about English sets (11) TELEVISIONS {TEL{E}VISION*}
14 Historical land in area is Roman, I suspect (4,5) ASIA MINOR {A+IS+ROMAN+I}*
15 One hilt, I fancy, comes initially from Skara Brae? (9) NEOLITHIC {ONE+HILT+I}*{C}
17 Tracked vehicle kept in grounds - no Caterpillar (3-3) SNO-CAT [T]
18 Mostly dangerous northern river (6) SEVERN {SEVERe}{N}
20 German artist, long ago, small number collected (5) ERNST {ER{N}ST}
22 Entertain a goddess (5) AMUSE {A}{MUSE}

Saturday 27 July 2013

No 10836, Saturday 27 Jul 2013, Aspartame

 Aspartame needs to refine the wordplay of his cluing in my opinion. Besides having me stumped at some places.

6   Ancient author, one in Paris, clears all bases in one shot (7) HOMERUN {HOMER}{UN}
7   Girl managed a railway storehouse (7) GRANARY {G}{RAN}{A}{RY}
9   Money beside a little money plant (5) SUMAC {SUM}{A}{C} {Thanks to Kishore)
10 Put up with boy and royal bodyguard (9) HOUSECARL {HOUSE}{CARL}
11 Focus on postal necessity (7) ADDRESS [DD]
13 Cue her to play game (6) EUCHRE*
15 Peculiar tomes about gold, maybe (8,5) PRECIOUS METAL*
19 Vegetable I have to finish at first (6) ENDIVE {END}{I'VE}
20 One from China to live with god (7) TIBETAN {TI{BE}TAN} Some will object to this!
23 She left with an addict and builder (9) DEVELOPER {D{EVE}{L}OPER} Wordplay does not suit the build up of the answer.
24 Dish you and me dish out without a shred of decency (5) SUSHI {S{US}HId}*
26 Ship out aft of ship on ship (7) GALLEYS ? (Addendum - GALLEON {GALLEy}{ON} - See comments)
27 Vehicle may cover western half of Indian mountain range (7) CARAVAN Anno pending (Addendum - {C{ARAValli}N} - See comments)

1   Religious leader of Islam’s second student left for Malta (4) IMAM {IslAM}*{M} Where's the Anind ? (Addendum - {I(sl+m}MAM}- See comments)
2   Almost believe revolutionary can produce healing effect (6) TROCHE  {TRO?}{CHE} Anno pending (Addendum - {TROw}{CHE} - See comments)
3   Immediately in trouble (2-3-4) ON-THE-SPOT [DD]
4   Master engineer has Skywalker’s sword (8) MAMELUKE {MA}{ME}{LUKE}
5   Armoured rider at waterfall carrying scale (10) CATAPHRACT {CATA{PH}RACT}
6   Old Chinese leader said “King and horseman” (6) HUSSAR {HUSSA}{R} Homophone for HUSSA pending (Addendum - {HU}{SSAR}(~tsar) - See comments)
7   Satiate belly with a bit of lettuce (4) GLUT {G{L}UT}
8   He needs right eye to become a singer (6) YELLER Anno pending (Addendum - Too complicated to explain. Please see comments)
12 Reckless men defied disasters (10) DAREDEVILS {DARED}{EVILS}
14 It’s obscure for girl to point from bottom to top (9) ESOTERICA {ES<=}{OT<=}{ERICA}
16 Arrogant vicar has ale cocktail (8) CAVALIER*
17 Man at sea with sea animal (6) SEADOG {SEA}{DOG} ??
18 Medal for leaders of England at a function being aired (6) ENSIGN {ENgland}{SIGN}(~sine)
21 Brother is having tea inside a café (6) BISTRO {B{IS}{T}RO}
22 Jokes produced through self-action? (4) APES [CD] (Addendum - PUNS  - See comments)
25 Bail outbar (4) SAVE [DD]

Friday 26 July 2013

No.10835, Friday 26 Jul 2013, Afterdark

Afterdark has brought in some bacteria and gets 'back' at us in 12a,  in this nice puzzle ;-)

1 Regret taking slim hen soup for rejuvenation (13) REPLENISHMENT (REPENT outside (SLIM HEN)*)
10 Decomposed cocoon, carefully inspect grisly sources of bacteria (9) GONOCOCCI (COCOON  C I G)*
11 Artist chasing politician for a sign (5) LIBRA (LIB RA)
12 Setback following new academician’s backsides (5) NATES (N A SET<)
13 Church unorthodoxly eluded placing Pole at the top as planned (9) SCHEDULED (S CH ELUDED*)
14 Police officer gets the devious liar in a twist (6) SPIRAL (SP LIAR*)
16 Nothing odd, sailboats are plenty (1,3)  A LOT (sAiLbOaTs)
19 Drunken sot on a walkway (4) STOA (SOT* A)
20 After commencement, bursar becomes paler (6) ASHIER (cASHIER)
25 Gather last half of beer in the vessel (9) CULLENDER (CULL ENDER) Correction (CULL END  beER) See comments
26 Spore bearing cell sac collapsed on you and me (5) ASCUS (SAC* US)
27 To permit soldier inside is legal (5) LEGIT (LET outside GI)
28 Workers seem confused about tactic followed by oriental (9) EMPLOYEES (SEEM* outside PLOY E)
29 I can come up and confuse single handed (13) UNACCOMPANIED  (I CAN COME UP AND)*

2 Nervous nineties for the scientist? (8) EINSTEIN (NINETIES*)
3 Undersecretary is behind the Colonel about the position (5) LOCUS (COL< US)
4 Most charming bizarre insect (6) NICEST (INSECT*)
5 Racist sad about losing a crumpled hankie (8) SKINHEAD (SAD around HaNKIE)
6 Instruments to produce endless harmony easily with spoilt son (9) MELODEONS (MELODy E SON*)
7 Greek character on anger is desirable (6) NUBILE (NU BILE)
8 Envoys in arguments on shortage of rum (6) AGENTS (ArGumENTS)
9 Rapidest pet escapes from attacks (5) RAIDS (RApIDeSt)

15 Confirm new eat out as genuine (9) AUTHENTIC (AUTHENTICATE -EAT*)
17 Beach, that is not half good as the city (3,5) SAN DIEGO (SAND I.E. GOod)
18 Sid went back to island unattached (8) DISCRETE (SID< CRETE)
21 Oppose others accepting Spanish approval (6) RESIST (REST outside SI)
22 Priest shelters officer from bacteria (1,4) E COLI (ELI outside CO)
23 Questionable new goals to form motto (6) SLOGAN (N GOALS)*
24 End the catastrophic war President mounted (4,2) WRAP UP (WAR* P UP)
26 Ran helter-skelter around party to decorate (5) ADORN (RAN* around DO)
After the dark of yesternight, it remained dark for The Hindu as their site was not updated even at 750 am and I would not have been able to post this puzzle if not for Bhavan. Special thanks to Bhavan for posting the puzzle on Orkut. I know not what happened after 750..., it was there at 830.

Thursday 25 July 2013

No 10834, Thursday 25 Jul 2013, The Phantom

Some great construction today, e.g., 11D.

1   Woman’s heart melts; boyfriend’s given drip with downer (8) SEDATIVE {ShE}{DAT{IV}E}
5   Celestial body, universal deity of Heliopolis, in physical form rotates (6) URANUS {U}{RA}{NUS<=} Anno not clear See comments
9   Indian car model with electronic display (8) INDICATE {INDICA}{T}{E}
10 Rodent edges away, in trickery, trapped — dead (6) AGOUTI  {mAG{OUT}Ic}
12 Standoffish officer, head of department (4) COLD {COL}{D}
13 Acquisitive search party, nabs son involved in recurring crime as reported (10) POSSESSIVE {POSSE}S{S}IVE Anno pending (Addendum - {POSS{ES{S}IV<=(~vice)}E} - See comments}
15 Order to execute at end of battle cry (5,7) DEATH WARRANT {DEATH} {WAR}{RANT}
18 Model of excellence or average? (4,8) GOLD STANDARD {GOLD} {STANDARD}
21 Short boy, in brief struggle externally with rider on waves (5,5) WATER SKIER {WA{TER S{KIt}E}R} The Phantom has included himself here.
22 Beautiful return of service overwhelms ace (4) FAIR {FA{1}R<=}
24 At home, one in sheep’s skin reminisces about arrival of a stream (6) INFLOW {IN}{FLOW<=}
25 Unrehearsed, Bill told tales about Boys’ Brigade (2,6) AD LIBBED {AD} {LI{BB}ED}
26 Volunteer for silent revolution (6) ENLIST*
27 Study graph to ascertain power of vision (3,5) EYE CHART {EYE} {CHART} Graph on double duty

1   Jerk starting to leave after inauguration of stock exchange (6) SWITCH (-t+s)SWITCH
2   Girl on date, led astray to cheat (6) DIDDLE {DI}{D}{LED*}
3   Leaders to address concerns through understanding (4) TACT {T}{A}{C}{T} Definitely not Indian ones!!
4   Expression of appreciation for vet; Khan’s foot is healed (4,2,6) VOTE OF THANKS*
6   Rare tigress with depleted energy treated by officials (10) REGISTRARS REGISTRARSe*
7   Problematic report large number in India backed; concerning sailors (8) NAUTICAL (~naughty){NAUTI}{CAL<=}
8   Small knife in the Italian movie, stabbing hapless stot (8) STILETTO {ST{IL}{ET}TO*}
11 Retiring rooms we shared finally with current senator; reverted after a celebration (3,9)  ASH WEDNESDAY  {A}{SH {WE}{D}{NES<=}{DA<=}Y} My my, some construction!
14 Enumeration involving an Indian and American state is very critical (10) CENSORIOUS {CENS{OR}{IO}US}
16 Nutritive breakfast item for instance is good, perhaps with energy (3,5) EGG WHITE {EG}{G} {WITH*}{E}
17 Reluctant, female in most sullen mood is apathetic (8) SLOTHFUL {S{LOTH}{F}ULlen}
19 Meek character’s agreement in Russia with Greek character (6) LAMBDA {LAMB}{DA}
20 Praise journalist’s article on Rajaji (6) CREDIT {CR}{EDIT} (Correction - {CR}{ED}{IT} - Thanks to Ajeesh)
23 Detect deliveries missing in record (4) DISC DISCover

Wednesday 24 July 2013

No 10833, Wednesday 24 Jul 2013, xChequer

Nice and smooth from xChequer. Have a doubt on the bouquet in 5D. Liked the mouse in 1A.
1   Instrument maybe mouse and rat flipped over (6) GUITAR {GUI}{RAT<=}
4   Released vandal, deprived of leader, imprisoned (8) UNLOCKED {hUN}{LOCKED}
10 Eye specialists duck out from alternatives to cover security organisation (9) OPTICIANS {OPTI(-o+cia)CIANS}
11 Communications found in hotel exchanges (5) TELEX [T]
12 Boring pest, after a period it’s the beginning of ennui (7) TERMITE {TERM}{IT}{Ennui}
13 Lad, not so old, finally back for good (7) YOUNKER YOUN(-g+k)KER
14 Very intense near the boundary (4) DEEP [DD]
15 Impressive doctor insane about Greek character (10) MONUMENTAL {MO}{NU}{MENTAL}
19 Confront soldiers in left flank abandoned for withdrawal (10) EFFACEMENT {lEF{FACE}{MEN}T}
20 Bird caught with line (4) CROW {C}{ROW}
23 Three letter word fit to describe grand artist (7) TRIGRAM {TRI{G}{RA}M}
26 Normal to combine or unite (7) ROUTINE*
27 The most powerful energy illuminated earth (5) ELITE {E}{LIT}{E}
28 Make a mountain out of a molehill perhaps about participating in complete pretence (9) OVERREACT {OVER}{RE}{ACT}
29 Fruits or meats too well cooked (8) TOMATOES*
30 Threaten an annoying child with death (6) IMPEND {IMP}{END}

1   Smugly satisfied, behold restricted crossing (7) GLOATED {G{LO}ATED}
2   Blank paper inserted in book concealed by a relief maybe (9) INTERLEAF {I{NT}ERLEAF*}
3   Extremely cold spasm consequent to electrical discharge (6) ARCTIC {ARC}{TIC}
5   Bouquet presented to unknown busybody (5) NOSEY {NOSE}{Y} Isn't Bouquet 'NOSEGAY' rather than  'NOSE' ? See comments.
6   Bust rode perkily, thrusts out (8) OBTRUDES*
7   Wealthy Russian peasant originally kept under lock and key (5) KULAK {K}{U}{L}{A}{K}
8   Right handed driver initially takes, say, a wide left (7) DEXTRAL {D}{EXTRA}{L}
9   Second opportunity to consume beer in auction hall (8) SALEROOM {S}{ALE}{ROOM}
16 One longing to own recreational vehicle is ill at ease (8) UNNERVED {UN}{NE{RV}ED}
17 Miner laboured in gallery end (9) TERMINATE {T{MINER*}ATE}
18 Most uncommon mark, it’s French (8) SCARCEST {SCAR}{CEST}
19 Request for uncapped pen stand (7) ENTREAT {pEN}{TREAT}
21 Male abstainer sent inside to marry gets excited (7) WHETTED {W{HE}{TT}ED}
22 Aliquot part, between 3 and 7, odd number required? (6) QUORUM {aliQUOt}{RUM} Nice way to indicate the part. I'm sure Kishore will have an apt quip for this one.
24 Current fashionable uprising about international dialect (5) IDIOM {I}{D{I}OM<=}
25 Deer with low hollow shape (5) MOOSE {MOO}{ShapE}

Tuesday 23 July 2013

No.10832, Tuesday 23 Jul 2013, Sunnet

Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.
-  Samuel Coleridge (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner)

This is a stupendous effort from Sunnet to include a dozen Indian rivers into the grid. It will rightly be categorised by some solvers as being on the tough end of THC cryptic scale - probably too hard for a weekday. I wish there was a crossword editor at Hindu who can schedule puzzles like these on a Saturday so that solvers can afford to spend more time.

1 Look for power before a long time (6) VISAGE (VIS + AGE)
4 Gradually chewed through a storage unit (3-2-3) BIT-BY-BIT (BIT + BY + BIT)
10 Southern side’s fashionable transport (9) STEAMSHIP (S + TEAM'S + HIP)
RMS Titanic
11 Did this river give us our identity? (5) INDUS (CD)
12 Runner nearly knocks it back (5) TAPTI (TAPs + IT<=)
13 Like going inside an Indian market for a flower (9) MANDAKINI (AKIN inside MANDI) Flower as in one that flows
14 One of the original couple rushed over a waterway (7) NARMADA (ADAM + RAN)<=
16 Stream some cool university lectures (4) LUNI (T) Was misled by 'lectures' for a while.
19 Flower in North-East taken from a gorge (4) RAVI (RAVIne
21 Sugar from half drawn flower (7) SUCROSE (SUCked + ROSE)
24 Present for a servant (9) ATTENDANT (DD)
25 Did she get locked in on the way down to Earth? (5) GANGA (CD) Locked as in hairlocks
26 Release international organisation’s writer (5) UNPEN (UN + PEN)
27 Loathe to swallow rotten meat, one which is a source of iron (9) HAEMATITE (HATE outside MEAT* I))
28 Evened out old claim at the beginning (8) AVERAGED (AVER + AGED)
29 Joseph emptied an animal’s back for banker (6) JHELUM (JosepH + MULE<=) Banker as in one that has banks

1 Locating a computer editor ahead of travelling (8) VISITING (VI + SITING)
2 Secret ones // on the tracks (8) SLEEPERS (DD)
3 Our state flanks Montana’s river (5) GOMTI (GOI outside MT)
5 Enlist a pint-sized demon to rough up Neal (7) IMPANEL (IMP + NEAL*)
6 Sadly BRIC nations lack some sophistication and some of the oomph of the United Kingdom (9) BRITANNIC (BRIC NATIoNs)*
7 Needle a person’s relative (6) BODKIN (BOD + KIN)
8 Casually add to drunkard’s rising offence (4,2) TOSS, IN (SOT<= + SIN)
9 Begin to appreciate that man’s detailed opinion concerning non-violence (6) AHIMSA (A + HIM + SAy)
15 Burn Lanka possibly and part of Ashokavana (9) ALAKNANDA (LANKA* + AND + A)
17 Bird perhaps born in an elevated area (8) HORNBILL (BORN* inside HILL)
18 Calm deer hiding in growth (5,3) CEDAR, ELM (CALM DEER)*
20 Terrible one to unearth a book (7) IVANHOE (IVAN + HOE)
21 ...could be just protecting the French banker (6) SUTLEJ (JUST* outisde LE)
22 Edible root found regularly in Luanda’s creek (6) YAMUNA (YAM + lUaNdA)
23 Primary // pin (6) STAPLE (DD)
25 Reported a former tennis champion’s plot (5) GRAPH (~GRAF)

Monday 22 July 2013

No.10831, Monday 22 Jul 2013, Vulcan

1 Book // balance (7) RESERVE (2) 
          Not fully convinced of second definition
5 Issue not closed? Go for extension (7) COMPASS (COMe PASS) Anno not clearSee comments
          Extent is compass, but not sure of Extension.
9 Mammal, one swallowed by a reptile moving agilely (9) ACROBATIC (BAT 1 inside A CROC)
10 Fantastic run — he becomes a leader (5) NEHRU (RUN HE)*
          What a leader and orator ! Time to recall his midnight speech

11 Soldiers who aren’t professional? (7) MILITIA (CD)
12 Chief participating in Aam aadmi rally (7) ADMIRAL (T)
          Causa Proxima of THC: Admiral RD Katari

13 Speaker’s rule number one (9) PRINCIPAL (~PRINCIPLE)
15 Become equal (5) MATCH (2)
17 Gold perhaps, of King Otto (5) INGOT (T)
19 Pastry and fresh bagel in a container (6,3) DUFFEL BAG (DUFF(EL BAG) from(DUFF BAGEL*)
22 Check and discharge every other better turned in (7) SETBACK (SACK around BeTtEr<)
25 Illusion created by god of sound? (7) CHIMERA (CHIME RA)
26 Size’s right for a change (5) GIRTH (RIGHT*)
27 An office employing a thousand — in Alaska (9) ANCHORAGE (AN CHORE around A G)
28 Can I buy used amp for the instrument? (7) TIMPANI (TIN I around AMP*)
29 First half of Emmy’s over and edited (7) EMENDED (EMmy ENDED)
1 Driving or otherwise, you might need it to get where you want (4,3) ROAD MAP (CD)
2 Bob, Republican, caught making noise (9) SHRILLING (SHILLING around R)
3 Like a machine, run an instrument and check endlessly (7) ROBOTIC (R OBOe TICk)
4 Caught in a hospital section and reprimanded (9) ENTRAPPED (ENT RAPPED)
5 Old company in California making non-alcoholic beverage (5) COCOA (O CO in CA)
6 Car mother’s got — smallest (7) MINIMUM (MINI MUM)
7 Hate the sound of a yawn (5) ABHOR (A ~BORE)
8 Silence in church after protest — not a bit of action (7) SQUELCH (CH after SQUEaL)
14 File about revolution — showing series of changes from start to finish (4,5) LIFE CYCLE (FILE* CYCLE)
16 The French arrive after getting ticket to Mesa (9) TABLELAND (TAB LE LAND)
          Remembered the Mesa abode of  The Phantom
17 Move, say, with intuition (7) INSIGHT (~INCITE)
18 Complex chart on each part of respiratory system (7) TRACHEA (CHART* EA)
20 Happening part of a series (7) EPISODE (2)
21 State leader to continue (2-5) GO AHEAD (GOA HEAD)
          Manohar Parrikar, at present
23 Sound and detailed article on alcohol (5) THRUM (THe RUM)
24 Fabric colour (5) KHAKI (2)
          The colour came first, not the cloth

Sunday 21 July 2013

Special, Sunday 21 Jul 2013, The Battosai

Three answers per commenter, with annotations.

The Battosai

Author’s Note
Hiketsu is the Japanese equivalent of secret.
Try to find the words fitting the theme once you solve the crossword.
Reviews welcome on THCC or at with the subject XWord and an in-mail reference to the crossword title.
1   Assistance backing disrupted series for distinguishing mark (9)
6   Rush subverted by good gesture (5)
9   Plaster parasatic blood-sucker in offspring (5-2)
10 This is a good one! (7)
11 Idly bath as a cipher (6)
12 Anarchist is borderlessly philistine perhaps (8)
14 United Kingdom, away from Eurasian Republic, at tierce (4)
15 Transport heroic pelt in shreds (10)
18 Plant, found in European Union, with broken salty cup (10)
20 Fruit is reportedly slimy (4)
23 Preparation to die angry is clumsy (8)
24 Hidden pail with very hard-cooked rice (6)
26 Start-up in disorder due to arriviste (7)
27 Explicate the unknown in alpine outgrowth (7)
28 Colour returned, following Earl Ich's duck (5)
29 Bad conventions and a rule make a telegraph system (5,4)

1   Take off for affront with rambling mental (9)
2   Genial fit around flipped target (7)
3   Endlessly scrape decapitated creature to be snappy (6)
4   Without hospitals (4)
5   Propitious first of September for middleman is funny (10)
6   Tender to the six staying in exotic resort (8)
7   Philosoper – learner buried in satire development (7)
8   Not bad for King George to eat (5)
13 Voyeuristic individual is the result of meeting pope endlessly (7,3)
16 Clean fire collapsed the fortification (4,5)
17 Be honest for extraordinarily frail pay (4,4)
19 Sorted out the bottom right corner covered by embroiled scald (7)
21 Lieutanant away from coagulant becomes a wild animal (7)
22 We limp regularly to scarf (6)
23 Round-about tour with Oriental path (5)
25 Look back to walk (4)

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