Tuesday, 18 November 2014

No 11243, Tuesday 18 Nov 2014, Afterdark

Leaving the CW with some question marks as I have to make an early morning trip to the airport. A double Pangram (Addendum - Less I).

9   Take offence to umpire's support having lost middle of game (7) UMBRAGE UM{BRA}{GamE} Where's the P gone from the Ump?
10 Real confusion, former spouse returned with Regina's lotion (7) RELAXER {REAL*}{XE<=}{R}
11 Directs foreign office about operations... (7) FOCUSES {FO}{C}{USES}
12 ...on sailor having a large with close friends like animals (7) JACKALS {JACK}{A}{L}{S}
13 Launch weapon at captain (9) SPEARHEAD {SPEAR}{HEAD}
15 Oxford's also known as a city (5) OMAHA Anno pending (Addendum - OSAKA {O'S){AKA} - See comments)
16 Vigilant against dog, run a program (2,5)  ON GUARD*
19 Coats in English style has large shoulder cap (7) ENAMELS {E}{NAME}{L}{S}
20 Fancy Jaya short of sleep inside (5) JAZZY {JA{ZZ}Ya}
21 A person beyond criticism is ridiculously scared with women's company inside (6,3) SACRED COW {SACRED*} {CO}{W}
25 Staff allowed Latin wizard to return with a dish (7) CALZONE {CA{L}{ZO<=}NE}
26 Trust engineer's undertaking (7) BEQUEST {BE}{QUEST}
28 Whatever esteem holds is the peak (7) EVEREST [T]
29 For instance, test party leader with large note (7) EXAMPLE {EXAM}{Party}{L}{E}

1   Drinks first quality, high-class coffee extract in hollow absinthe-glass (6) QUAFFS {Qu...y}{U}{Ab...e-{coFFee}g..sS}
2   Probe cheats smuggling a tree (6) OBECHE [T]
3   Jack and Rose sank, according to sources in vessels (4) JARS Acrostic
4   General takes in oriental guards as tenant (6) LESSEE {L{E}{SS}EE}
5   Presume Juliet joined duper, wrong company (8) PREJUDGE {J+DUPER}*{GE}
6   Voters tolerate Chief Election Commissioner's blunders (10) ELECTORATE {TOLERATE+CEC}*
7   Cut former spouse about to fly leaving Italy (8) EXCAVATE {EX}{C}{AViATE}
8   Encroach the well in lock (8) TRESPASS {TRE{SPA}SS}
14 Needy Mayor manipulated cash (5,5) READY MONEY*
16 Opposed to criminal job, easy so it's said by Edward (8) OBJECTED {JOB*}{EC(~e~c)}{TED}
17 Animals look to capture English learners with school head (8) GAZELLES {GAZ{E}{LL}E}{S}
18 Stressed about making sweets (8) DESSERTS*
22 At first, caught opening bat at point; Venkatramana's second ball, all out. Spinner's trap! (6) COBWEB {C}{O}{B}{W}{vEn...a}{Ball}
23 Transport cabs leased out from cyberspace can be horrible (6) CREEPY cYbERsPaCE*
24 Conditions to let go one animal (6) WETHER WEaTHER
27 First question unknown alien yachting at the wharf (4) QUAY Acrostic


  1. 15 Oxford's also known as a city (5) {O'S}{AKA}\

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry. The deleted message was:

      Very unselfish of AD to let all and sundry to have a free reign today!

  3. Replies
    1. Any rethink on your opening comment?

    2. Or do I see a hidden message?

    3. had a relook, it's a double pangram with the I missing!!

    4. That 'I' had left for the airport ;-) (Or so I construed)

  4. 16 Opposed to criminal job, easy so it's said by Edward (8) OBJECTED {JOB*}{EC(~e~c)}{TED}

    Homophone clues are always tricky. Not sure if EC ~ easy. Also 'so' is redundant.

    1. Though {E}{C} translates to 'EASY' in this case it cannot be considered as a homophone as EC in the answer is not pronounced as 'EASY'

  5. Very nice effort by AD. Trust him to come up with something like this.

  6. Selfless crossword from AD. Enjoyable

  7. Raju Umamaheshwar @4.12pm dt.17.11.14: Thanks Raju, As you said correctly I had amassed more than 50 parker pens in the last 3 years by solving all the puzzles in Edex and Sunday Express and I gift them to my relatives'/friends' school/college going children whenever they visit us.

  8. Double emphasis on getting rid of one's ego :) So that's the hidden message.

  9. Good follow up to yesterday's CW. Did better than it looked possible at first glance. Just a couple short of centum. Thank you AD for a good mental exercise.

  10. Nice puzzle from Afterdark. Got stuck in North-West corner and missed my samosas. :-(

  11. 13A Definition needs to be highlighted pl.

  12. Just got the net back. TH too was not delivered.

    Nice one, AD. A Doubt:

    In 9a 'take offence' = take umbrage, so only offence would be the def

  13. AD seems to like GE a lot ;-)

  14. Kishore still seems to be celebrating children's day or is it a weekly celebration? Looks nice,anyway- can continue.

    1. Incidentally the snap was snipped out from a group photo taken c.1970 at my aunt's wedding reception at the Drive-in Woodlands at

    2. Fond memories of Drive in! Used to be such a nice place,centrally located,,to meet and have some good food at leisure. We used to have Sunday b'fast meets regularly for a few years around the year you mentioned.

  15. 9A cryptically right for picking of GE ?

    1. I agree with you, Ajeesh. My above comment was wrt use of Company = GE in 3d yesterday and 5d today

    2. I mean having lost middle of game doesn't quite convey to pick GE for me :-( also just* first* instead of *first of* as in 1D and to apply the same for entire words as in 27D.

  16. We have another GE today. Fortunately not Co.-so don't take umbrage!

  17. AFTERDARK did SPEARHEAD the movement to bring something new in every crossword of his.

    A lover of cricket, he is always ON GUARD to find something new.

    How does he reach such positions like the EVEREST?

    Well you see, he likes JAZZY songs and he framed the OSAKA clue when he was actually listening to this song:

    AD FOCUSES to give a RELAXER like this.

    What an EXAMPLE he sets to others!!

  18. Samosas for me today after a long time. Thanks After dark.

  19. CGB back to business. Good & enjoyable.
    AD_ seems to be server of samosas. I missed it narrowly today.