Thursday 30 September 2021

No 13365, Thursday 30 Sep 2021, WrdPlougher

Solution to 21A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Antlered hybrid shrugs off insect — lady’s animal (4) DEER antlERED*
9   Omissions excepted, writes down exactly, like, what Ali Baba declared (4,6) OPEN SESAME {O{PENS}E}{SAME} 'Omissions excepted' OE, from E&OE? Containment indicator missing
10 Passes letter bills (6) ENACTS {EN}{ACTS}
11 Air-conditioned housing as unreservedly packed as a musical performance that goes swimmingly? (8) AQUACADE {A{QUA}C}ADE Anno for ADE not clear (Addendum - {A{QUA}C}{lADEn} - See comments)
12 Held firm, overturning award — that’s a little drastic (8) OCCUPIED {CO<=}{CUP}{IE}{Dr...c}
14 Head of department lops everyone’s heads after new HOD provides no kind of resolution (6) NOODLE  {Of}{De...t}{Lops}{Ev...e}<=>{N}O Anno for O not clear (Addendum - {Of}{De...t}{Lops}{Ev...e}<=>{N}{hOd} - See comments)
16 Other wise elders organised no doctor (4) ELSE ELdErS*
17 Perhaps vegetable’s regurgitated before shedding its kernel (5) MAYBE {YAM<=}{BeforE}
18 Offer leeway (4) GIVE [DD]
19 Deviously entrap, make headway? (6) TREPAN*
21 Make use of return ticket to take model out, tour around Spain without any escort (8) Y?U?S?L? (Addendum - {Y{tOUR}{ES<=}LF<=} - See comments)
23 Cut joke after second cut (5,3) SPARE RIB {RIB}<=>{S}{PARE}
26 Greek island has an effect (6) CREATE {CRE{A}TE}
27 Best car hut invented since sliced bread? (10) BRUSCHETTA* Definition adequate?
28 Gets on with wise elder, top to bottom (4) AGES (-s)AGE(+s)S

1   Common cure not available in any form — contained in deformed larva lacking blood type (10) VERNACULAR {CURE+NA}* in {LARVa}*
2   Break free suddenly, pretend you’re captured (8) FRACTURE {FR{ACT}{UR}Ee}
3   French goods with artificial intelligence? Japanese shoot! (6) BONSAI {BONS}{AI} Good is BON but Goods/Bons! Is Bonsai a shoot??
 Second season will be in France (4) SERA {S}{ERA}
5   Coming out is nuanced — no doubts to begin with; left out in society (8) ISSUANCE {IS}{nUANCEd +S}* 
6   Choosy about love, rejecting first prospect, to head out to lunch (6) PSYCHO  {CHoOSY}*<=>{Pr...t}
7   In the middle of a bid, Im asked to return cover (4) AMID {A}{I'M<=}D Anno for D  pending (Addendum [T] - See comments)
13 Doctor Murthy finally ends drinking liqour, to start like a teetotaller (5) DRYLY {DR}{m...hY}{f...lY} over {Li...r}
15 Jackpot! Almost winning five elections — a third promise (4,6) LOVE LETTER {LO{V}{ELEctions}TTERyDefinition okay?
17 Excited man finds love, losing independence — rich year for his single-man regime? (8) MONARCHY {M{0}NA*}{RiCH}{Y}
18 Boy, girl running back-to-back laps regularly near sports department — in full throttle (3,5) GAS PEDAL {LAD}{G}<= over {lApS}{PE} What's the contaiment indicator? Definition vague?
20 Term right in the middle of term (6) PHRASE {PH{R}ASE}
22 Uncle almost had an hour out in the nude (6) UNCLAD {UNCLe}{hAD}
24 Rope around hole (4) PORE*
25 Snack chewed with drug (4) BITE {BIT}{E}

Reference List
Lady = L, Letter = EN, New = N, As = QUA, Firm = CO, Model = T, Second = S, Society = S, Independence = I, Year = Y, Girl = G, Sports department = PE, Right = R, Hour = H, Drug = E

Wednesday 29 September 2021

No 13364, Wednesday 29 Sep 2021, Arden

Solution to 19D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   I set out to find some fish (6) PLAICE {PLA{I}CE}
4   Egg sandwiches doctor got (8) PROCURED {PRO{CURE}D}
10 According to Spooner, Frank’s OK with a piece of furniture (9) CAMPSTOOL (~stamp cool)
11 There’s pressure all around — work, you’re told it will appear suddenly (3,2) POP UP {P}{OP}{(~you)U}{P}
12 Showing interest in fast game — it’s a complaint (7) LENTIGO {LENT}{I}{GO}
13 Restrain placing bomb in the city (3,4) TIE DOWN {T{IED}OWN}
14 About to include part of Kashmir in the assembly (5) CURIA {C{URI}A}
15 Six in a makeshift boat escaped, borders avoided (8) OBVIATED {OB{VI}AT*}{Es...eD}
18 Being forgetful, came in as a substitute (8) AMNESIAC*
20 Close to taking in unadulterated castor oil (5) PURGE {PUR{t...nG}E}
23 Rider and girl caught in wind (7) CODICIL {CO{DI}{C}IL}
25 Dry run will help bombing (3,4) AIR RAID {AIR}{R}{AID}
26 Called the principal state (5) MAINE (~main)
27 Lost again, in a whirl, longing (9) NOSTALGIA*
28 Close shave marines set to cross finally (4,4) NEAR MISS {MARINES*}{c..sS}
29 Was in love with a party apparatchik (6) ADORED {A}{DO}{RED}

1   Burglar told to choose timer (8) PICKLOCK (~ pick clock)
2   New normal — without middlemen one distributes money (7) ALMONER {ALMON{mEn}R*}
3   Caught with wine, an exposé to denounce (9) CASTIGATE {C}{ASTI}{GATE}
5   Cest la vie! A rule made for such a phrase in grammar (8,6) RELATIVE CLAUSE*
6   Woodland calls police (5) COPSE (~ cops)
7   Rate for repeat show (7) REPROVE {RE}{PROVE}
8   Shadow boxing — needle is for using drugs (6) DOPING {DO{PIN}G}
9   Begets after single day in the South Pacific... (7,7) SOLOMON ISLANDS {LANDS}<=>{SOLO}{MON}{1}{S}  1 and S from? (Addendum - {IS LANDS}<=>{SOLO}{MON} - See comments)
16 ... and sign for holidaymaker heading off to beach (9) AMPERSAND {cAMPER}{SAND}
17 Handled differently, annexing a peninsula (8) HEADLAND {HE{A}DLAND*}
19 Did some fighters come from this island? (7) M?D?I?A (Addendum - MADEIRA {MADE}{IRA} - See comments))
21 Authentic fish pigment (7) REALGAR {REAL}{GAR}
22 Sense a coup, not even soldiers support it (6) ACUMEN {A}{CoUp}{MEN}
24 Study about English milk product (5) CREAM {CR{E}AM}

Reference List
Pressure = P, Interest = I, About = CA, Girl = DI, Caught = C, Party = DO, Run = R, English = E

Tuesday 28 September 2021

No 13363, Tuesday 28 Sep 2021, Arden

Solution to 12A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

9   Dug up within a country — tale of a small town... (7) MALGUDI {MAL{DUG<=}I}
10 ... mean time include velocity one more time (7) AVERAGE {A{V}{ERA}GE}
11 Give it a different shape — shift more in front, towards left (7) REMODEL {MORE*}{LED<=}
12 Rated truly free (7) D?R?D?D (Addendum - DERIDED {RID} in {DEED} - See comments)
13 County gets snow — by the way, it’s part of film review (9) LEICESTER {ICE}{ST} in {REEL<=}
15 Stand topless, showing boredom (5) ODIUM pODIUM
16 Back without care (4,3) BUTT END {BUT}{TEND}
19 One eager to follow the last man of cloth (7) NANKEEN {AN}{KEEN}<=>{maN}
20 Second or third seed gets into final, that’s bare minimum (5) LEAST {L{seEd}AST}
21 Some of it explains ongoing group singing (9) PLAINSONG [T]
25 Issue is back — President hasn’t finished with his magic cure (7) NOSTRUM {SON<=}{TRUMp}
26 At home, the way everything’s put in place (7) INSTALL {IN}{ST}{ALL}
28 Bird’s fed some cheese (7) STILTON {STILT}{ON}
29 Doctor makes boy consume egg (7) SURGEON {S{URGE}ON}

1   Same form, half exposed as being unethical (6) AMORAL {sAMe}{fORm}{hALf}
2   Out on a limb, perhaps — boot out old boys (6) ALUMNI {oUt+oN+A+LIMb}*
3   Felt bad when told it’s abusive (4) RUED (~rude)
4   Chance to get sick accommodation (6) BILLET {B{ILL}ET}
5   Official language (8) MANDARIN [DD]
6   Hair cut, now no approach (4,4,2) BEAR DOWN ON {BEARD}{NOW+ON}*
7   Changed mind midway, not to step on it (8) LANDMINE {LA{MIND*}NE}
8   She gets dividends from both sides — workers, they keep the stock (8) HERDSMEN {HER}{Di...dS}{MEN}
14 Choose to talk to those who vote (10) ELECTORATE {ELECT}{ORATE}
16 Islanders stand outside crease (8) BALINESE {BA{LINE}SE}
17 Starts new socialistic movement in characteristic broadcast (8) TRANSMIT {TRA{New}{So...c}{Mo...t}IT}
18 Incomplete — I plan to raise this hormone (8) DOPAMINE {I}{MAP}<= in {DONE}
22 From Himalayas, lay out another religious doctrine (6) AHIMSA HIMAlayAS*
23 Herb’s losing head, rearing an ass (6) ONAGER oREGANO<=
24 Seen regularly during festival — will it provide some lead? (6) GALENA {GAL{sEeN}A}
27 Active agent provocateur finally nabbed (4) SPRY {SP{p...uR}Y}

Reference List
Velocity =V

Monday 27 September 2021

No 13362, Monday 27 Sep 2021, Arden

Solution to 17D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   A flask first, intend to get a jug (6) CARAFE {CAR{A}{Fl..k}E}
 Chinese women not seen cooking this dish (4,4) CHOW MEIN {CHINEse+WOMen}*
9   American bibles? Yes, distributed in places of worship (6) ABBEYS {A}{BB}{YES*}
10 Organs of poor sold cheaply (3,1,4) FOR A SONG*
12 End of Carlson, snake around Chess board? It’s true (4,4) BONA FIDE {BO{c...oN}A}{FIDE}
13 Delight as husband takes short time (6) THRILL {T{H}RILL} (Addendum - {T{HR}ILL} - See comments)
15 Harry chose network to be well informed (4,3,5) KNOW THE SCORE
18 Trimmer gets cut rose, the nightly spectacle... (6,6) METEOR SHOWER {M{ROSE+THE}*OWER}
21 ... all the movement is dangerous (6) LETHAL*
22 Tax collection breeds corruption (4,4) CESS POOL {CESS}{POOL}
24 ‘Terrier’ — this beer’s lost most of the fizz (8) AIREDALE {AIRED ALE}
25 One of those who tend to fall in succession (6) DOMINO [CD]
26 Ran as a gunman giving protection died (8) HASTENED {H{A}{STEN}E}{D}
27 He left his country before, took a plane (6) EMIGRE {E{MIG}RE}

1   Sally Lunn, say, gets some meat for the party (8) CLAMBAKE {C{LAMB}AKE}
2   He dumps a piece of cloth outside (8) ROBINSON {RO{BINS}ON}
3   Get upset knowing it’s end of half the rum (3,3,3,6) FLY OFF THE HANDLE {FLY}{END+OF+HALF+THE}*
5   Round up the bear (4) HOOP<=
6   Set thermostat where you can come out unscathed (7,3,5) WEATHER THE STORM*
7   Sexy boy has to go up (6) EROTIC {ER{TO<=}IC}
8   Complaint from flower covered girls (6) NIGGLE {NI{G}{G}LE}
11 Stuck to supplement, brought in here (7) ADHERED {AD{HERE}D}
14 Colour that kept Lewis in place (7) SCARLET {S{CARL}ET}
16 Diving lad not allowed in wading pools, perhaps (8) SWOOPING {WadING+POOlS}*
17 He wrote volumes on loose woman and middlemen (8) ?R?L?O?E (Addendum - TROLLOPE {TROLLOP}{mEn} - See comments))
19 Evacuated, yes... half turned out to be a pollutant (3,3) FLY ASH {YeS+HALF}*
20 First human settlement in America — maybe true (6) UTERUS {U{TRUE*}S}
23 Controversial usage — at both ends it’s lead (4) CLUE {Co...aL}{Us.gE}

Reference List
American = A, Bible = B, Husband = TILL, Died = D, Girl = G

Sunday 26 September 2021

The Sunday Crossword No 3169, Sunday 26 Sep 2021

1   Blooms set up in a jumble (8) PETUNIAS*
5   Computer in flipping pocket, mate (6) LAPTOP {POT}{PAL}<=
10 Partially candlelit? Is mum displaying snobbery? (7) ELITISM [T]
11 Yes, sort out seafood (7) OYSTERS*
12 Take possession of oceans, by sound of it (5) SEIZE (~seas)
13 Dutch grub includes pies most feeble (9) DROOPIEST {D}{ROO{PIES}T}
14 For each spirit, a bubbly knocked back: no sweat (12) PERSPIRATION {PER}{SPIRIT+A}*{NO<=}
18 Discloses secret: distressed staff beg, howl (5,3,4) BLOWS THE GAFF*
21 Queen, King in palace to broadcast (9) CLEOPATRA {R} in {PALACE+TO}*
23 Report of distant country (5) CHILE (~chilly)
24 God, write about air (7) NEPTUNE {PEN<=}{TUNE}
25 Sad in France, English staying in seaside city (7) TRIESTE {TRI{E}STE}
26 Son getting spa treatments lies back, rests (6) SLEEPS {S}{PEELS}<=
27 A founding father who demanded respect? (8) FRANKLIN [GK]

1   Give satisfaction, if you'd be so kind (6) PLEASE [DD]
2   Tory, in vain, regularly advanced minutiae (6) TRIVIA {ToRy+In+VaIn}{A}
3   Losing unfurled umbrella, Simon Russell Beale unusually quiet (9) NOISELESS {SImON+ruSSell+bEaLE}*
 Seas that Armada tours, going round the bend (2,3,2,1,6) AS MAD AS A HATTER*
6   Extract from reggae's oppressed storyteller (5) AESOP [T]
7   'The REM Introduction' begins with eerie instrument (8) THEREMIN [T]

8   Assuming Post Office finding location (8) POSITING {PO}{SITING}
9   Toppling Trojan King: to me, it's a serious business (2,6,6) NO JOKING MATTER*
15 Love pretentiousness? No thanks (9) AFFECTION AFFECtaTION
16 Muscle vacuous: dangerous second prisoner held, escapes (8) ABSCONDS {ABS}{Da...uS}{S} over {CON} (Correction - {ABS}{Da...uS} over {CON} )
17 Exasperated utterance, revolting slop he put before setter (2,4,2) SO HELP ME {SLOP+HE}*{ME}
19 Conks out, 'empty' sign, learner driver wanting fuel (6) DIESEL {DIES}{E}{L}
20 University official: 'Everyman's wearing, lower in reputation' (6) DEMEAN {DE{ME}AN}
22 Flop down, Chubby (5) PLUMP [DD]

Reference List
Dutch = D, King = R, Sad in French = TRISTE, English = E, Son = S, Advanced = A, Thanks = TA, Muscle = AB, Second = S

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday #55, Sunday 26 Sep 2021, Arden

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday can be accessed at the link given below. The interactive version at the link is NO LONGER free, you need to register and sign in using an email ID and password, subscription is required.

The crossword is not being blogged as the annotations are provided in the interactive version itself which can be seen if you click on 'Show a hint' under the 'reveal' tab on the top.

The same will be posted on every Sunday at 6 AM.


Saturday 25 September 2021

No 13361, Saturday 25 Sep 2021, Gussalufz


1 Old computer communication software in which student lacks belief (5) TENET {TElNET}
4 Covers sword, perhaps, in plastic net she has (9) ENSHEATHS {NET+SHE+HAS*}
9 Larger than usual tailored suit procured by lightweight engineer (7) OUTSIZE {O{SUIT*}Z}{E}
10 Exceed capacity of kitchen gadget, collecting unlimited curry on the counter (7) OVERRUN {OVE{cURRy<=}N}
11 Golden hammer, bearer’s pen (6) AUTHOR {AU}{THOR}
12 Open marriage? Promiscuous European has replaced Gussalufz, love! (8) UNFASTEN {UN(-io+FAST E) N}
14 Trumpet concerto’s last two pieces got cut, initially (4) TOOT {concerTO}{gOT}
15 National pride leads to profound atrocities through insecure, shallow men embracing public violence (10) PATRIOTISM {PAT{RIOT}ISM} 
18 Tickets she arranged? Of extremely questionable authenticity (10) SKETCHIEST {TICKETS+SHE*}
19 Recycled twisted jokes (4) PUNS {(-s)PUN(+S)}
22 Ignore mistake in edited video (7) OVERRIDE {VIDEO*} around {ERR} enu should be 8
24 Anagram of CHARGING WIRE? Not according to Cham., oddly (6)  JUMBLE {JUMper caBLE} 
26 I’m bored of drug-laden drunk husband attached to nothing (5-2) HEIGH-HO {H{E}IGH}-{H}{O}
27 Intricate art or setter’s endless pastime with setter? (7) ORIGAMI {OR}{I}{GAMe}{I}
28 Go with the set, fixed food plan (4,5) DIET SHEET {DIE}{THE+SET*}
29 Exquisite ether engulfs those under treatment by dentists (5) TEETH (T)


1 Having a couple of pieces of pie, gorging without a hint of propriety (3-4) TWO-PART {T{WO}{Propriety}ART}
2 The atom, on splitting out? (3,2,4) NOT AT HOME {THE+ATOM+ON*}
3 Stand and stumble (too many drugs) (6) TRIPOD {TRIP}{OD}
4 Cocaine dealer turns up, provides ultimate happiness (4) EDEN (T<=)
5 Reverend’s intercourse with wretched miser, following snuggle (10) SPOONERISM {SPOON}{MISER*}
6 Lift malfunctioning, leave peak! (8) ELEVATOR {LEAVE*}{TOR}
7 Pack up, in some chest or attaché (5) TAROT (T<=)

8 Another word for something extremely sexy, quite the opposite of extremely manly, perhaps (7) SYNONYM {SexY}{NON}{ManlY*}
13 Work out log(prime) and subtract 1000 to get 14, perhaps (10) PALINDROME {LOg+PRIME+AND*}
16 Cast a shadow over millions concealed by fancy urbanite (9) INUMBRATE {URBANITE*} around {M}
17 Moves very fast and gets a goal after receiving coachs tips (8) SCORCHES {SCOR{CoacH}ES}
18 Settled in Hyderabad, eh? Too surely, from the south! (7) SOOTHED (T<=)
20 Foreign dessert alien rejected (7) SWEDISH {SWEet DISH}
21 Unusual brief on account deletion (6) QUAINT {acQUAINT}
23 Throw out fabric, rejecting a couple of tons (5) EXILE {tEXtILE}
25 Artist regularly seen in protests (4) POET {PrOtEsTs}

Reference List

Student=L. Lightweight=Oz, Engineer=E, Golden=Au, European=E, Love=O, Drug=E, Husband=H, Nothing=O, Setter=I
Without=Wo, Too many drugs=OD(Over dose), 1000=G, Millions=M, Alien=ET, Account=Ac, Tons=T

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Reference list wordAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Friday 24 September 2021

No 13360, Friday 24 Sep 2021, Vidwan


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

7   Some thoracic adaptations enable it to buzz and click (6) CICADA [T] &lit
8   Cold and rain damaged an old warship (8) IRONCLAD*
9   Long poetic wanderings? (8) ODYSSEYS [DD]
10 Skin covering double black fat (6) FLABBY {FLA{BB}Y}
11 Prospect of gold in part of Central America (8) PANORAMA {PAN{OR}AMA}
12 Objective knowledge possessed by a prosecutor (6) AGENDA {A}{GEN}{DA}
13 Small conservative banker, someone like Disney? (11) STORYTELLER {S}{TORY}{TELLER}
18 We start to basically record our thoughts here (6) WEBLOG {WE}{Ba...y}{LOG} &lit
20 We morons created this place in CNN office, perhaps (8) NEWSROOM*
22 Embarassingly idle at a party (6) DETAIL
23 True representation of a Gir lion (8) ORIGINAL*
24 They reportedly attract wealth? (8) MAGNATES (~magnets) Semi&lit
25 Booted king chose to leave quietly (6) KICKED {K}{pICKED}

1   Loudmouth waving big wand (7) WINDBAG*
2   Stars pop out for papers (8) PASSPORT*
3   Filmmaker approached the Gunners (6) CAMERA {CAME}{RA}
4   Sort of global dope (8) GOOFBALL*
5   Concoct a very intrinsic kind of verse (6) OCTAVE [T]
6   Dance of monk with evil heart (7) LAMBADA {LAM{BAD}A} BAD is not exactly at the heart

8   Snappy and stylish comic book writer and model, one USA repackaged (13) INSTANTANEOUS {IN}{STAN}{T}{ONE+USA}*
14 Handle pistol that ricochets and rattles occassionally (8) REGULATE {LUGER<=}{rAtTlEs}
15 Part of telephone that is fabricated with a crepe (8) EARPIECE {IE+A+CREPE}*
16 Some serve a large organisation (7) SEVERAL {SERVE+A+L}*
17 Spread word about mature, rich, old woman (7) DOWAGER {DOW{AGE}R*}
19 Grasped that this King was a tragic character, not heartless (6) LEARNT {LEAR}{NoT}
21 Why is King going inside for a drink? (6) WHISKY {WH{IS}{K}Y}

Reference List
Black = B, Gold = OR, Small = S, King = K, Quietly = P, Gunners = RA(Royal Artllery), Model = T, Large = L

Thursday 23 September 2021

No 13359, Thursday 23 Sep 2021, Vidwan

Solution to 3D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   A casual name to describe earliest of proto-humans (6) APEMAN {A}{Proto}{NAME*} &lit
5   Knotty ones do look knotty (6) NODOSE*
10 Honour a child (5) AWARD {A}{WARD}
11 ATM’s broken! I cant’t shop! (9) CASHPOINT* Extra T, seems to be a typo
12 Holding together small time body of muslim nations (5) STOIC {S}{T}{OIC}
13 Repeat VOA broadcast is dry (9) EVAPORATE*
14 Porting camera, he’s working! (15) CINEMATOGRAPHER* &lit 
17 Working style of petty bosses? (15) MICROMANAGEMENT {MICRO}{MANAGEMENT}
22 All-time popular retriever, Greenland resident (9) EVERGREEN [T]
24 A rich criminal and a professor (5) CHAIR*
25 John on flip side is regarded as saint (9) CANONISED {CAN}{ON}{SIDE*}
26 Creation of jobs? (5) APPLE [CD]
27 Pics morphed by editor, made more savoury (6) SPICED {PICS*}{ED}
28 Free, adventurous English Royal sailor (6) REEFER {FREE*}{E}{R} 

2   Top loan processing unit (7) PLATOON*
3   A little peculiar way of working, saying time flies (7) M?D?C?M (Addendum - MODICUM {MO}{DICtUM) - See comments)
4   Husband in comfortable position (5) NICHE {NIC{H}E}
5  Love! A lasting, painful yearning for the yore (9) NOSTALGIA {0+A+LASTING}*
6   Foolishly paid around lots of money, at first, for a certificate (7) DIPLOMA {DIP{Lots}{Of}{Mo..y}A*}
7   Narrate a chapter — “A Sailor’s Addiction” (7) SPINACH {SPIN}{A}{CH}
8   Covers one with peppers (8) CAPSICUM {CAPS}{1}{CUM}
9   Misty-eyed having inflammation (4) STYE [T]
15 Run back over lines covered (9) TRAVERSED Anno pending (Addendum - {TRA{VERSE}D<=} - See comments)
16 Free trade in wine is hindered (8) RETARDED {RE{TRADE*}D}
18 Uncle and Pa made a great profit (7) CLEANUP*
19 Caring about consuming nothing natural (7) ORGANIC {O}{CARING*} Consuming would indicate a containment indicator whic is not so here.
20 Disheartened lad, leaving Cleveland, moving to some place like Vatican (7) ENCLAVE {CLEVElANd}*
21 Old palm shaped base of temple for instance (7) EXAMPLE {EX}{PALM*}{t...lE}
22 Get head shaved to impress (4) ETCH fETCH
23 Lowest point for Iranian Ruler (5) NADIR [DD]

Reference List
Small = S, Time = T, John = CAN, English = E, Royal = R, Peculiar way = MO(Modus Operandi), Husband = H, Chapter = CH 

Wednesday 22 September 2021

No 13358, Wednesday 22 Sep 2021, Vidwan

Solution to 28A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Today we have 20 full/partial anagrams ie., 62.5%

1   Trace out heart of Virgo constellation (6) CRATER {TRACE*}{viRgo}
5   Partly problematic and trivial (6) PALTRY*
10 A groovy sort of gun (5) RIFLE [CD]
11 Very lawful alternative for a person at bar (9) SOLICITOR {SO}{LICIT}{OR}
12 Disturbing aspect, quietly ignored system in India (5) CASTE ASpECT*
13 Pure and intuitive sort, one very liberated (9) UNTAINTED {AND+INTUITivE}* There's an extra I in the fodder
14 Popular site away from coast (6) INLAND {IN}{LAND}
15 Bad bug, greed and envy (8) BEGRUDGE*
17 First royal breaking ties (8) EARLIEST {EARL}{TIES*}
21 Dossier about ULFA Terrorist leaders is empty (6) FUTILE {F{Ulfa}{Te...t}ILE}
25 Thief? I can become a leader (9) CHIEFTAIN*
26 Boy bored by love song (5) CAROL {CAR{0}L}
27 Dreamt about sickly place where one keeps running without getting anywhere (9) TREADMILL {DREAMT*}{ILL}
28 One bets on these female partners (5) E?E?S (Addendum - EVENS {EVE}{N}{S} - See comments)
29 Hot? No? Lets play (6) STOLEN*
30 Mouse Girl! Be free! (6) GERBIL*

2   Saying No fur sale” vigorously (7) REFUSAL*
3   Neither moving into that place (7) THEREIN*
4   Naughty squire is daring! (6) RISQUE* An obsolete meaning
5   The hollow plate used as painter’s tool (7) PALETTE {ThE+PLATE}*
6   Braver, quietly unassuming and more fortunate (7) LUCKIER pLUCKIER
7   Took turns to read about keeping time (7) ROTATED {TO+READ}* over {T}
8   What one pays outside to do training (8) PRACTICE {PR{ACT}ICE}
9   Good free network (4) GRID {G}{RID}
16 Seer eyes gals lecherously (8) EYEGLASS*
18 Talk bombastically about ‘I’ & ‘Me’! Habit! (7) RAIMENT {RA{I}{ME}NT}
19 He doesn’t believe in field trips (7) INFIDEL*
20 It’s not a bad place (7) STATION*
22 Kin are mostly confused (7) UNCLEAR {UNCLE}{ARe}
23 One is real product of the promised land (7) ISRAELI {1}{IS+REAL}* 
24 A new goal changing an old way (6) ANALOG*
25 Winning by divide and rule in the end! (4) CUTE {CUT}{rulE}

Reference List
Quietly = P, Partners = N,S, Very = V, Time = T, Good = G, New = N 

Tuesday 21 September 2021

No 13357, Tuesday 21 Sep 2021, Vidwan

Welcome to Vidwan our new THC Setter. Bouquets and Brickbats welcome.

Solution to 7A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Too many anagrams 16 in all, including partial and full.

7   Outline of French character (6) ?E?I?N (Addendum - DESIGN {DE}{SIGN} - See comments)
8   Got into a bed, exhausted (8) OBTAINED* Exhausted as Anind Ok?
9   Exercising or playing quietly perhaps (8) APPLYING {PLAYING+P}*
10 Bum’s hot in bed surprisingly (6) BEHIND {H+IN+BED}*
11 Affleck has true glow (8) BRIGHTEN {B{RIGHT}EN}
12 Zero knowledge about algebra variables is needed for living (6) OXYGEN {0}{X}{Y}{GEN}
13 Did not like to hug before being substituted (11) REPRESENTED {RE{PRE}SENTED}
18 Sort of a good poll run (6) GALLOP {A+G+POLL}*
20 Most love and eat pulpy vegetables (8) TOMATOES {MOST+0+EAT}*
22 USA is right about this de-facto dictatorial state (6) RUSSIA {USA+IS+R}*
23 Kind of verbose, right-wing reporter (8) OBSERVER {VERBOSE}*{R}
24 Trek isnt about trifles (8) TRINKETS*
25 Surprisingly, older student passed (6) ROLLED {OLDER+L}*

1   They assist her sleep somehow after loss of energy (7) HELPERS {HER+SLeEP}*
2   Agile duo’s excited communication (8) DIALOGUE*
3   Claim it is about accepting partners (6) INSIST {IT+IS}* over {N} and {S}
4   Receipt delivered fast (8) STUBBORN {STUB}{BORN}
5   Sleepy at last? Thing to be worn (6) NIGHTY {s...pY+THING}* &lit
6   Writer mixes up sin and virtue in the end for change (7) PENNIES {PEN}{SIN+v...uE}*
8   Concerns bodies (13) ORGANISATIONS [DD?]  Same meaning
14 Embraced by nations, EPL succeeds (8) REPLACES {R{EPL}ACES}
15 Elementarily, no meal is prepared in wholesome manner (8) ENTIRELY {ELEmeNTaRIlY}* 
16 Fool around, run a riot for a month (7) JANUARY {JA{A+RUN}*Y}
17 Erased document about lease (7) DELETED {DE{LET}ED}
19 Failing to keep record about wrongdoing (6) LOSING {LO{SIN}G}
21 Promise ryots, marginally reduce distress (6) MISERY [T]

Reference List
Quietly = P, Hot = H, Good = G, Right = R, Student = L, Energy = E, Partners = N,S

Monday 20 September 2021

No 13356, Monday 20 Sep 2021, Avtaar

Solution to 9A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Floor outside terminal blew up (7) BLASTED {B{LAST}ED}
5   Cuckoo eating rejected egg pieces (7) NUGGETS {NU{EGG<=}TS}
9   Land, not essentially best in wines, lacking greenery at the entrance (7) B?R?N?I (Addendum - BURUNDI BURgUNDIes - See comments) 
10 Trace out simple charts, adjusting lines emerging at the origins with the right proportions (2,5) TO SCALE Acrostic
11 Section in sewer is contracting (7,2) DRAWING IN {DRA{WING}IN}
12 A market-linked perquisite for a storyteller (5) AESOP {A}{ESOP}
13 Design of well by old master getting reviewed (5) MOTIF {FIT}{O}{M}<=
15 Dire Straits acting in the role of old Russian royals (9) TSARITSAS {STRAITS}*{AS}
17 Flowers retracted, slipped and dropped on a hound’s tail (9) DAFFODILS {SLID}{OFF}{A}{h..nD}<=
19 Arrest by old British king (5) NABOB {NAB}{O}{B}
22 After removing shirts, come, pray with holy leader — a Muslim lord (5) OMRAH {cOMe}{pRAy}{Holy}
23 Possibly informal convention for grooming (5,4) DRESS CODE [CD] [C&DD} See comments
25 Fermented rums not a cure, is it? (7) NOSTRUM*
26 Doctor pens one article on outbreak of strange shivers (7) DITHERS {D{1}{THE}R}{St...e}
27 Untouched whiskey-tainted bottles (3-4) DRY-EYED {D{RYE}YED}
28 “Reflections in Music” — Songs without “C” and “G”, say (7) MUSINGS {MUSIc+soNGS} Anno for 'SO' not clear See comments

1   Sacking of support and maintenance heads by British ombudsman, very nearly upset the bureaucracy (7) BABUDOM {B}{OMBUDsmAn}*
2   Having kidnapped king, a brute gets in touch (7) ABREAST {A}{B{R}EAST}
3   Worthwhile investment in “Manhattan Timbers” (5) TANTI [T]
4   In Mongolia, onager is dozing on leaves — it starts to exhale and grunt awkwardly (9) DZIGGETAI {DoZInG}{IT+Ex...e+And+Gr..t}*
5   Unfair — whichever way you look at it (3,2) NOT ON <=>
6   Time taken to mature is not age? That’s basically preposterous (9) GESTATION {IS+NOT+AGE+That}*
7   Slips by the Spanish vaults in church (7) ELAPSES {EL}{APSES}
8   Kosher pasta-eating professional trekkers (7) SHERPAS [T]
14 Daring way to get Hydra (9) FOOLHARDY {HYDRA}* [RA]
16 Michaelmas daisy on wall around Malta’s port (9) AMSTERDAM {A{M}STER}{DAM}
17 Surgeon had gone under (7) DROWNED {DR}{OWNED}
18 Divine four? (7) FORESAY (~four say)
20 One old lab developed a logical system of counting (7) BOOLEAN {ONE+O+LAB}*
21 Sanctifies black vessel in sanctuaries (7) BLESSES {B}{LE{SS}ES}
23 Ill-fated love is put away — like the Taj Mahal? (5) DOMED DOoMED
24 Its changing America’s position (5) SITUS {ITS}*{US}

Reference List
Old = O, Master = M, British = B, King = R, The in Spanish = EL, Black = B, Vessel = SS, G say = SO