Monday 31 July 2017

No 12073, Monday 31 Jul 2017, Arden

1   Restrained a modelcan a man hold back a bit? (8) MANACLED [T<=]
5   All the characters are deadly (6) LETHAL*
10 Camp on top of lake bed (7) COTERIE {COT}{ERIE}
11 Controls to check wrong doing (5,2) REINS IN {REIN}{S IN}
12 City residents seen only on Sunday (5) LYONS [T]
13 National day off, wait and see anyway (9) TAIWANESE {WAIT+ANd+SEE}*
14 One caught between two vehicles is reversing — taking time at the inn (12) CARAVANSERAI {CAR}{A}{VAN}{S{ERA}I<=}
18 Introspect about accepting my drug (12) STREPTOMYCIN {INTROSPECT}* over {MY}
21 Basis for keeping say, Yuvraj out of a cricket tournament (9) PRINCIPLE {PRINCE} over {IPL}
23 Not happy about husband's support (5) SHORE {S{H}ORE}
24 Time for certain deletion (7) ERASURE {ERA}{SURE}
25 Tips from marquee sales — perhaps it could spread very fast (7) MEASLES {Ma..uE}{SALES*}
26 Hindrance to follow spy ring (6) EYELET {EYE}{LET}
27 Essential hints uncovered for big returns (8) INTEGRAL {hINTs}{LARGE<=}

1   I have bad luck, to a large extent (6) MUCKLE {M{LUCK*}E}
2   Idea of a stable atom (6) NOTION {NOT}{ION}
3   He cheats a fair deal (4,5) CARD SHARP [CD]
4   Making treacle not so simple — a study in psychology (7,7) ELECTRA COMPLEX {TREACLE}* {COMPLEX}
6   I care about this plant (5) ERICA*
7   Those on the move start looking for Railway lodge (8) HOSTELRY {THOSE*}{Lo...g}{RY}
8   It could be revealing some fish under lake (8) LINGERIE {LING}{ERIE}
9   Oh yes! He is called to serve on board (8,6) ORDINARY SEAMAN (Oh yes ~ O S )
15 Well maintained fleet, hard to copy (9) SHIPSHAPE {SHIPS}{H}{APE}
16 Pioneers in making volatile stuff (8) ISOPRENE*
17 Cross over to set up water (8) IRRIGATE {IRATE} over {RIG}
19 Monkey's faux pas (6) HOWLER [DD]
20 Metal stand, a nasty piece of work (6) WEASEL {W}{EASEL}
22 Take off the top layer, still it's rough (5) CRUDE cRUDE


Sunday 30 July 2017

Special, Sunday 30 Jul 2017, Fraz

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment

1   iPhone program by the French computer company (5)
4   As said in Chennai, let's go inside lodging — good, move slowly (4,5)
9   Cups consumed by boyfriends, empty since (7)
10 Extra little piggy outside box (2,5)
11 Feature of memorial topping Venetian bridge (6)
12 Supply new weapons to post deposing leader last (8)
14 True poet’s academic divisions (10)
15 Clutch cuff (4)
18 Never used breath freshener (4)
20 In two consecutive mornings, poor gal brewed tea blend (10)
23 Pepper — for example, a tiny bit (8)
24 Little finger pastry filled with dark fluid (6)
26 Recalled painting stump sheltering cold young animal (4,3)
27 Large shed by nice field worker (7)
28 Sultan's edict covers any ship labourer with a net (9)
29 Senior metalworker starts late (5)

1   Silent pirate runs a north-facing botanical garden (9)
2   After lifting cover, ate one Indian side dish (7)
3   Investments abandoned by one in court in recession (8)
4   Nearly flawless suggestion (4)
5   He turned fat in beatnik’s impressive buildings (10)
6   A hoarse voice repulsed a Hindu nymph (6)
7   Hot place for some butter? (2,1,4)
8   Listen to supposed caller (5)
13 Fall backward, at first, into gross, inept boxer (10)
16 Begrudge opening for each host (9)
17 Determine the way Ivan boosted concert receipts (8)
19 Fearful Roman emperor guards against us (7)
21 Graceless presentation takes week (7)
22 Greek enchantress welcomes large group of friends (6)
23 Dish made with rice if pal cooked (5)
25 Pair sleeps standing up (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at FRAZ 3


The Sunday Crossword No 2954, Sunday 30 Jul 2017

This Everyman CW came out two days after the movie on Sachin was released.

1   Instant, kind behaviour that's become habitual (6,6) SECOND NATURE {SECOND} {NATURE}
9   Discover Romeo after church in a spot (9) ASCERTAIN {A}{S{CE}{R}TAIN}
10 Rule in theatre ignored (5) REIGN [T]
11 Twisting, turning borders filled by artist (6) SPIRAL {RA} in {LIPS<=}
12 Concrete chips lay all over the place (8) PHYSICAL*
14 Accost with objection to new outlet (10) BUTTONHOLE {BUT}{TO}{N}{HOLE}
15 Deer with singular designation (4) STAG {S}{TAG}
17 Stick around in between acts (4) CANE [T<=]
18 Free issue about revolutionary film (10) EMANCIPATE {PIC<=} in {EMANATE}
20 Officer in authority loosens administrative areas (8) COUNTIES {CO}{UNTIES}
21 Familiar with outside broadcast? Not I (4,2) USED TO OUTSiDE*
24 Cause irritation, not having right joint (5) ANKLE rANKLE
25 Renewed aim to stir followers (9) IMITATORS*
26 Time in farm is for working, producing soft cheese (7,5) FROMAGE FRAIS {AGE} in {FARM+IS+FOR}*
1   Great batsman with plan, in luck, has scrambled a run (6,9) SACHIN TENDULKAR {SACH{IN TEND}ULK*}{A}{R}
2   Spice in club, for example, half of amount, minute (8) CARDAMOM {CARD}{AMOunt}{M}
3   Clever invention finally put away (4) NEAT {i...oN}{EAT}
4   Drama ending in afternoon tea left worker perhaps unconcerned (10) NONCHALANT {NO}{a...oN}{CHA}{L}{ANT}
5   Hard to break belief in force (6) THRUST {T{H}RUST}
6   Substance of dune in shifting action drags bucket down (4,4,3,4) RAIN CATS AND DOGS {SAND} in {ACTION+DRAGS}*
7   Approve route through mountains (4) PASS [DD]
8   Area with a lounge roughly parallel (8) ANALOGUE {A}{A+LOUNGE}*
13 Group after fancy exercises sobbing (10) WHIMPERING {WHIM}{PE}{RING}
14 Support heartless fraud with impertinence (8) BACKCHAT {BACK}{CHeAT}
16 Capital son holds in family account initially (8) KINSHASA {KIN}{S}{HAS}{Ac...t}
19 Outpouring from saint with quantity of paper (6) STREAM {ST}{REAM}
22 Exile got upset, missing regular characters (4) OUST {gOt+UpSeT}
23 Very loud appeal raised in quarrel (4) TIFF {FF}{IT}<=


Saturday 29 July 2017

No 12072, Saturday 29 Jul 2017, Arden


6 Subject review in college — I'll follow (5) LIEGE (T<=)
7 US government fences central camp (5,3) UNCLE SAM {UNCLE S}{cAMp}
10 Brush in use to polish (7) BURNISH {BRUSH+IN}*
11 Shirker's excuse is well known (7) NOTABLE {NOT}[ABLE}
12 Delay's ok while wearing dress (5,2) DWELL ON {D{WELL} ON}
13 Girl under cover finds something crawling (7) ANNELID {ANNE}{LID}
14 Iraq must see settlement in Manhattan (5,6)  TIMES SQUARE {IRAQ+MUST+SEE}*
19 Cure reported across the continent (7) PANACEA {~ PAN ASIA}
21 Time in the middle is outdated, nothing moves (7) IMPASSE {tIMe}{PASSE} Defn ok?
23 About to be framed in gold, at this time of the year (7) OCTOBER {O{C}{TO}{BE}R}
25 Treatment for those people accepting guilt (7)  THERAPY {THE{RAP}Y}
26 Strategy to make an orchestra keep quiet (4,4) GAME PLAN {GAME {P}LAN}
27 Hunter about to cross port (5)  ORION {O{RIO}N}


1 Extremely unusual to stride away after royal address (8) WEIRDEST {WE}{STRIDE*}
2 Friendly setter gets in a turmoil (6) GENIAL {G{IN+A*}EL} Nice. I was stuck on I/Me for setter for sometime
3 Word of comparison between two continents — no rope for mercy killing (10)  EUTHANASIA {EUrope}{THAN}{ASIA}
4 Coin tossed by Kohli, perhaps (4) ICON {COIN*}
5 Playgirl controls wild mob (6) GAMBOL {GA{MOB*}L}
6 Urge to look around in the same place (6) LIBIDO {L{IBID}O}
8 Land on site — a lay out (7) ESTONIA {ON+SITE+A}*
9 Martial art — floor takes over (5) KENDO {K{END}O}

13 Clearing bill, leaving later (10) ACQUITTING {AC}{QUITTING}
15 Ghastly to see carriage ram into horse (7) MACABRE {MA{CAB}RE}
16 Neck exposed, still transported (8) ECSTATIC {nECk}{STATIC}
17 Issue about a flowerit's a scoop (5) SPOON {S{PO}ON}
18 Know any stray subject? (6) KENYAN {KEN}{ANY*}
20 Spot weightlifting is good (3,3) NOT BAD {DAB}{ TON}<=}
22 No help using disinfectant (6) PHENOL {NO+HELP}*

24 The part left in the egg (4) ROLE {RO{L}E}

Reference list  

About=C (Circa), Gold=OR, Quiet=P (Piano), About=On
Royal address=We, Girl=Gal, Floor= KO (Knock Out), Bill=Ac, Know=Ken, Left=L, Egg=Roe

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 28 July 2017

No 12071, Friday 28 Jul 2017, Arden

1   Get past three, plus thirteen are in the picture (3,4,6) THE LAST SUPPER*
10 Grinder, used briefly in a month (5) MOLAR {M{OLd}AR}
11 Tee collar tailored for the poles, they say (9) ELECTORAL* (~ polls)
12 Long to be in the list, American left the city (9) ROCHESTER {aCHE} in {ROSTER}
13 Vessel will dock at either Gdynia or Tallinn (5) AORTA [T]
14 Saying Willy got a duck (7) SAWBILL {SAW}{BILL}
16 Praises income disbursal before middle of May (7) ENCOMIA {INCOME*}{mAy}
18 Picture frame pushed in, I must shift force (7) IMPETUS {Pi...rE} in {I+MUST}*
20 It's too big, I can't possibly cover it (7) TITANIC {I+CANT}* over {IT}
22 A hired assassin in Japan was caught (5) NINJA [T]
24 Informs freely, at times follows home (9) INTIMATES {IN}{AT+TIMES}*
26 Definitely will nab culprit, half the ring will go bust (9) SCULPTURE {S{CULPriT}URE}
27 River by the mountains in countryside (5) RURAL {R}{URAL}
28 Well exposed within family, and lot happens on the sly (13) CLANDESTINELY {CLAN}{DESTIN{wELl}Y}

2   Golly! it turned cool- why? (4,3) HOLY COW*
3   Thief dressed in scarlet (9) LARCENIST*
4   Fish raised a stink (5) SMELT [DD]
5  Best to take note of a diagnostic procedure (5,4) SMEAR TEST  {SM{E}ARTEST}
6   Starts praying to almighty before it’s eaten as daily bread (5) PITTA {Pr...g}{To}{Al...y} over {IT}
7   Read about something strange- myringa (7) EARDRUM {READ*}{RUM}
8   Painter or Dentist? (13) IMPRESSIONIST [DD]
9   Cancels order, lug in some beer- everything must go! (9,4) CLEARANCE SALE {EAR} in {CANCELS}* and {ALE}
15 Lethargy- it dogs girl, man scratches his head (9) LASSITUDE {LASS}{IT}{dUDE}
17 Could start at a marina, sadly not a single boat (9) CATAMARAN {Co..d}{AT}{A}{MARiNA*}
19 Clip and suffer in place (3,4) PIN ?U?L (Addendum - PIN CURL {P{INCUR}L} - See comments)
 21 Old city in South African province, looks genuine... (7) NATURAL {NAT{UR}AL}
23 the writer in Colorado (5) ASPEN {AS}{PEN}
25 River of wine runs through (5) TRENT {T{R}ENT}


Thursday 27 July 2017

No 12070, Thursday 27 Jul 2017, Buzzer

Z short of a Pangram. Spent ages trying to fit in a X,Y and Z in 1D and 10A which were the last ones in.

6   Test the result of 6 + 5 + 1 ÷ 5 + 0 (4,4) VIVA VOCE {VI}{V}{A} {V}{O}CE Anno for CE not clear (Addendum - {VI}{V}{A {V}{O}CE} - See comments)
9   Get by manipulation and with spin (6) WANGLE {W}{ANGLE}
10 Time period of being joyful (4) JULY JoYUfL* [RA] Correction [CA] See comments
11 Nothing odd about English (3,4,3) NOT EVEN ONE {NOT EVEN} {ON}{E}
12 Mean one channelling spirits (6) MEDIUM [DD]
14 Dismiss regret ill-mannered person expressed (4,3) RULE OUT  (~ rue lout)
15 Wed Jan 1 morn, I'm into new year (4,2,9) JOIN IN MATRIMONY {JAN+1+MORN+IM+INTO}*{Y}
18 Calls for a meeting (7) TELECON [CD]
20 Vatican City educated by first authority on holy books (6) VEDIST {V}{ED}{1ST}
22 Dear me, an absurd question breaks overemotional responder (5,5) DRAMA QUEEN {DEAR+ME+AN}* over {QU}
23 Leaves and fruits man picked off (4) GOES manGOES
24 Excerpt from maybe a Nietzsche, it goes over one's head (6) BEANIE [T]
25 Attempt to arrest big overwhelming goon primarily for violence (8) THUGGERY {T{HUG{Goon}E}RY}

1   Soft manner, cover often? (4) WAXY {WA{X}Y}
2   Solver no good, one missing capital clue for boy (5,3) YOUNG MAN {YOU}{N}{G} {MAiN}
3   Son to marry at the end of April in turn (6) SWIVEL {S}{WIVE}{a..iL}}
4   Details of run-in for mediator lacking awareness (10) UNINFORMED [T]
5   In preparation, hundred thousand drifters at sea (8) PLANKTON {PLAN}{K}{TON}
7   Occupied by negatives endlessly (2,3) IN USE mINUSEs
8   Show board staff indulging in corruption (13) ENTERTAINMENT {ENTER}{TAIN{MEN}T}
13 Press malign fine British writer (3,7) IAN FLEMING*
16 No great shakes taking time and achieving aim (2,6) ON TARGET {NO+GREAT}*{T}
17 Dance party over, sense of being famished (8) RAVENOUS {RAVE}{NOUS}
19 Fellow losing heart, shy to flirt (6) COQUET {CO}{QUiET}
21 Spot burn mark on the inside (5) SMEAR {S{M}EAR}
23 One billion going far even with regular losses (4) GIGA {GoInG+fAr}


Wednesday 26 July 2017

No 12069, Wednesday 26 Jul 2017, Gridman

1   Catch sight of short lass exiting troubled Plassey (4) ESPY PlasSEY*
3   Group of actors at the French building (6) CASTLE {CAST}{LE}
10 Difficulty of math exercise (7) PROBLEM [DD]
11 My principal officer gets traitor's endless collections of text (7) CORPORA {COR}{P}{O}{RAt}
12 Rapidity of ocean areas reviewed (5) SPEED<=
13 A teetotaller worker about to wind up as domestic aid (9) ATTENDANT {A}{TT}{END}{ANT}
14 A hospital section's trophy (5) AWARD {A}{WARD}
16 Salad green I had for a girl (8) CRESSIDA {CRESS}{I'D}{A}
19 Casual wearit's there crumpled (8) TEESHIRT*
21 Attachment to a snack of our country (5) BONDA {BOND}{A}
23 One who brokers is reportedly chap with a decoration (9) MIDDLEMAN (~ medal man)
24 Indications that there's good among wrongdoings (5) SIGNS {SI{G}NS}
26 Touching brown sahib? (7) TANGENT {TAN}{GENT}
27 American comedian's bunch not complete with south Indian actor-politician (7) GROUCHO {GROUp}{CHO}
28 Calm session beginning with oriental girlfriend (6) SEDATE {Se...n}{E}{DATE}
29 Bird takes cap off swindler (4) ROOK cROOK

1   By the way, partners overtake worker (2,7) EN PASSANT {E}{N} {PASS}{ANT}
2   Delve into prince's dress (5) PROBE {P}{ROBE}
4   Albert oversees team, in a rush, engaged in eating food (2,4) AT MEAL {A{TEAM*}L}
5   Silent Tom back with one act (8) TACITURN {CAT<=}{1}{TURN}
6   Darren's botched-up jobs (7) ERRANDS*
7   Girl, having covers, dropped daughter and moved smoothly (6) GLIDED {G}{LIDdED}
8   No working about Iranian language's symbolic system (8) NOTATION {NO}{TATI}{ON}
9   Fraction of pawn's skill (4) PART {P}{ART}
15 A man's finishing editorial work (8) AMENDING {A}{M}{ENDING}
17 It's not that one should do this job for all of 24 hours (1,4,4) A DAYS WORK [CD]
18 Expert's French word journalist put up (8) PROMOTED {PRO}{MOT}{ED}
20 Assistants to round up sheep, left and right (7) HELPERS {SHEEP+L+R}*
21 Cleric, not all of a piece, hops madly (6) BISHOP {BIt}{HOPS*}
22 Time to retire reported by Sir (6) KNIGHT (~ night)
23 Master consumed one of a pair (4) MATE {M}{ATE}
25 Lizard with energy, grabbing small, no-special piece (5) GECKO  {spECK} in {GO} They give me the creeps!


Tuesday 25 July 2017

No 12068, Tuesday 25 Jul 2017, Gridman

1   Get going with celebrity goat (5,2) START UP {STAR}{T UP}
5   Got leg to move back and forth (6) TOGGLE*
9   A tiny amount of corn, maybe (5) GRAIN [DD]
10 Criminal Deo spared foolishly (9) DESPERADO*
11 No cover for beautiful art work (7) ETCHING fETCHING
12 Small wrestler's top (7) SPINNER {S}{PINNER}
13 Depression experienced by youth caught between sailor and secret force (5) ABYSS {AB}{Y}{SS}
14 Grand Australian woman's clumsy (9) GAUCHERIE {G}{AU}{CHERIE}
16 Admission by one of being faultless is flawed (9) IMPERFECT {I'M PERFECT}
19 Gave trade a little time (5) DEALT [DEAL}{T} Took it as a telescopic first
21 Fidgety over sunburst? (7) NERVOUS {OVER+SUN}*
23 There is no latitude in this belt (7) EQUATOR [CD]
24 Beggar loses hundred, remains a beggar (9) SUPPLIANT SUPPLIcANT
25 Special vocabulary used in calling oldsters (5) LINGO [T]
26 Insect let out insect (6) BEETLE {BEE}{LET*}
27 Reject girl — small member of the pack (7) DISCARD {DI}{S}{CARD}

1   Get signatories to round up one who would not want people mixed (14) SEGREGATIONIST*
2   Clever in any chaos (7) ANARCHY {AN{ARCH}Y}
3   Intense exploitation of court shoes (7) TENNIES* Never knew this! You learn something new everyday
4   Teacher gaped wildly at rascal having lost his head (9) PEDAGOGUE {GAPED*}{rOGUE}
5   Team leader requests assignments (5) TASKS {Team}{ASKS}
6   Shire, gay, not a possibility of becoming colourless (7) GREYISH {SHIRE+GaY}*
7   Head of readers to go into not so strong a student (7) LEARNER {LEA{Re...s}NER}
8   D*** — 'Love' or 'dear' also is such a one (4-6,4) FOUR-LETTER WORD Definition by example
15 Such water may cause disease — such a disease will get worse (9) UNTREATED [C&DD]
17 The hat that one might eat as a snack? (4,3) PORK PIE [DD]
18 Said method allowed to get part of a plant (7) ROOTLET (~route){ROOT}{LET}
19 Large ones bringing in SS? (7) DOUBLES [DD]
20 Feeler put out by worker — girl returns love at last (7) ANTENNA {ANT}{ANNE<=} What's 'love at last' for? See comments
22 Go over a measure (5) SCALE [DD]


Monday 24 July 2017

No 12067, Monday 24 Jul 2017, Gridman

1   Foolishness — saint goes for Central leader's greed (8) CUPIDITY {-st+c)CUPIDITY
5   Father guarding a gallery occupant in temple (6) PAGODA {P{A}{GOD}A}
9   Underwriter, fashionable and more certain (7) INSURER {IN}{SURER}
10 Becoming good, boy quits gambling (7) GETTING {G}{bETTING}
11 Cadet up to kicking up a revolution (4,5) COUP D'ETAT*
12 Short lad in wrong is done in (5) SLAIN {S{LAd}IN}
13 Always the medieval play? Not half! (4) EVER EVERyman
14 Slow in chopping up the garlic (9) LETHARGIC*
17 What crazy pals, pleased, are... reckless! (9) SLAPHAPPY {PALS*}{HAPPY}
19 Disfigurement in rare church effaced (4) SCAR SCARce
23 Fear of a bridge player caught in awkward situation cut by half (5) PANIC {A}{N} in {PICkle}
24 Lines about a march straying away around end of July is causing tears to be shed (9) LACHRYMAL {LL} around {julY} in {A+MARCH}*
25 Panama, for one, is in this manner storing millions (7) ISTHMUS {IS}{TH{M}US}
26 Uninterruptible power supply by section is a positive improvement (7) UPSWING {UPS}{WING}
27 Girl gets to know no arithmetic — learns bit by bit (6) GLEANS {G}{LEArNS}
28 Grace obtained by woman after riper representation (8) REPRIEVE {RIPER*}{EVE}

1   Nothing taken out of novel chronicle helps in decisive move (8) CLINCHER CHRoNICLE*
2   Rural expanse beyond old city, extremely fine (7) PASTURE {PAST}{UR}{finE}
3   Make fun of French journey (6) DERIDE {DE}{RIDE}
4   But slattern he summoned could well achieve complete reversal (4,3,6) TURN THE TABLES*
6   With exotic sitar, attempt to produce craftsmanship (8) ARTISTRY {SITAR*}{TRY}
7   A man involved in beginning no new folding skill (7) ORIGAMI {ORIG{A}{M}In}
8   Again having problem with new complaint (6) ANGINA {AGAIN}* over {N}
10 Chief photographer's mandate, understand? (3,3,7) GET THE PICTURE [DD]
15 Detail soldiers to follow principally intricate sample (8) SPECIMEN {SPEC}{In...e}{MEN}
16 Intro's in favour of record, we hear (8) PROLOGUE {PRO}{LOGUE}(~log)
18 Incomplete communication over a French aperture (7) LUNETTE {L{UN}ETTEr}
20 Mingle with unruly mob in movie theatre (7) COMBINE {C{MOB*}INE}
21 Bound to croon a tune about prince... (6) SPRING {S{PR}ING}
22 ...who’s stood a tedious talker (6) PROSER {ROSE} in {PR}


Sunday 23 July 2017

Special, Sunday 23 Jul 2017, Dr Satyen Nabar

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

8/19 Local girl's a hit? Not quite (4, 4)
9    Might congress get dynamic person (10)
10 Cool place with stiff entry policy? (6)
11 Study precisely to make further changes (8)
12 Stupidly, adamant guy ignored facts (4)
13 Dilapidated machines, securing approval, puff endlessly (5-5)
17 Leader changes sides to pick fight (4)
18 Positive state (5)
19 See 8
20 Aversion to Trump leading in shaky nuclear era (10)
22 Discard lozenge (4)
23 Dog holds down songstress (8)
27 Slight irritation until taste of success (6)
28 Prison story about many escaping in rebellion!  That's very delicious (10)
29 Group having noisy room at the top (4)

1   Exam board failure can dishearten (10)
2   One showing off dress turns with grand finesse (8)
3   Loaf in top drawer (5, 5)
4   Pitcher threw erratically somewhat (4)
5   Swimmer with aortic disorder! It's reversible? No (4)
6   Record crowd leads to irresolvable situation (6)
7   This organisation terrorises Iceland twice (1, 1, 1, 1)
14 Protein substitute isn't good (5)
15 Conductor of van involved in damaging fine beer (5, 5)
16 Repeated blows that can save people? (4, 2, 4)
19 Largely covering sides of debate in a fair way (8)
21 Overturns major defeats (6)
24 Where kafir anxiously hides? (4)
25 Healthy to greet, I hear (4)
26 Way England’s leader lost -- Overwhelming defeat (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at Dr SN 14


The Sunday Crossword No 2953, Sunday 23 Jul 2017

1   Polish enthusiast (4) BUFF [DD]
3   Trained spy to dance in jazzy style? (10) SYNCOPATED*
9   Cocktail in company in small club (11) SCREWDRIVER {CREW} in {S}{DRIVER} My favourite cocktail
11 Silent majority's leader with hesitant expression (3) MUM {Ma...y}{UM}
12 Goes round with religious books in classes (7) ROTATES {R{OT}ATES}
13 Linger, keeping quiet, and capture bird (7) LAPWING {LA{P}{WIN}G}
14 Last of riddles pixie had composed (4-9) SELF-POSSESSED {r...eS}{ELF}-{POSSESSED}
18 Ace vendor not normally keeping a cake surplus (13) OVERABUNDANCE {A}{BUN} in {ACE+VENDOR}*
20 Comic fool endlessly next to Laurel? (5-2) STAND-UP {STAN}{D-UPe}
22 Old man, character without right range (7) PALETTE {PA}{LETTEr}
23 Rower in love with a river (3) OAR {O}{A}{R}
24 Song with an epic air newly enthralling me (8,3) AMERICAN PIE {ME} in {AN+EPIC+AIR}*

25 One with reserve retiring amid strain, delaying procedure (10) FILIBUSTER {FIL{1}{SUB<=}TER}
26 Man considered attractive item of jewellery (4) STUD [DD]

1   Restaurant's tips for sorbet written in pen (6) BISTRO {BI{So..eT}RO}
2   Strong point about Spielberg film for instance in trailer? (9) FORETASTE {FOR{ET}{AS}TE}
4   Measures areas adjoining buildings (5) YARDS [DD]
5   Sophisticated evil is badly disrupting police department (9) CIVILISED {CI{EVIL+IS}*D}
6   Equipment that's ruined a plan, I hear, below standard (13) PARAPHERNALIA {PAR}{A+PLAN+I+HEAR}*
7   Rhythms in music from ancient empire (5) TEMPI [T]
8   Soldier rising in protest starts to denounce some revered figures (8) DEMIGODS {DEM{GI<=}O}{De...e}{Some}
10 Building material a lad wanted but wasted (6,3,4) WATTLE AND DAUB*
15 Feathers covering extremities of pigeon with singular corpulence (9) PLUMPNESS {PLUM{Pi..oN}ES}{S}
16 First worries raised about electronic part of racket? (5,4) SWEET SPOT {TOP}{ST{E}EWS} What's the role of raised? <= See comments
17 Poorer force enemies line up (5,3) WORSE OFF {F}{FO ES}{ROW}<=
19 Famous person's stage tip (6) LEGEND {LEG}{END}
21 Learner overcome by atmosphere of hearing (5) AURAL {AURA}{L}
22 Prepare for cardinal (5) PRIME [DD]


Saturday 22 July 2017

No 12066, Saturday 22 Jul 2017, Gridman


1. Adore old kind of distribution in place of great wealth (8) ELDORADO  {ADORE+OLD}*
6. Give out the return of age (4) EMIT {TIME<=}
9. Delay robbery? (6) HOLDUP  (DD)
10. Second French darling gets a bit of zest and old movement (7) SCHERZO {S}[CHER}{Zest}{O}

13. Coach, among others, shows self-control (9) RESTRAINT {RES{TRAIN}T}
14. Ascent of Chennai's top member (5) CLIMB {Chennai}{LIMB}
15. Balanced number after son leaves (4) EVEN {sEVEN}
16. Fifty per cent of Tamils, with Ludlum hero, holding one percussion instrument (10) TAMBOURINE {TAMils}{BOUR{I}NE}

19. I feel differently about feline holding itexpress congratulations (10) FELICITATE {I+FEEL}* around {C{IT}AT}
21. Leave the City out it's wet (4) DAMP {DecAMP}
24. Fleet-based John, with a piece of news, is back (5) NAVAL {{LAV}{A}{News}}<=
25. He is not bound to release a man (4,5) FREE AGENT {FREE}{A}{GENT}
26. With a measure, a number of lawyers try for prohibition (7) EMBARGO {EM}{BAR}{GO}
27. After work, I took food — it's sleep-inducing (6) OPIATE {OP}{I}{ATE}
28. Release special engineering wizardry, to begin with (4) SPEW {SP}{E}{Wizadry}
29. Open resistance of French groom-to-be (8) DEFIANCE {DE}{FIANCE}


2. Quick inspection reveals it's 'king' in informal English (4-3) LOOK-SEE {LOO{K}SE}{E}
3. Filth rude dispersal by soldiers (6) ORDURE {OR}{RUDE*}
4. Father backing flexible adoption of conservative candidate (9) APPLICANT {PA<=}{PLI{C}ANT}
5. First appearance at the film studio? (5) ONSET {ON}{SET}
7. Small car carrying museum stuff and drink (7) MARTINI {M{ART}INI}

8. Children carrying three varieties of money in areas of unrest (7,5) TROUBLE SPOTS {T{ROUBLE} {S}{P}OTS}
11. Edges off solid vessel — that's a minor problem (6) HICCUP {tHICk}{CUP}
12. Conservationist touches what are useful in the nursery (5,7) GREEN FINGERS {GREEN} {FINGERS}
17. Gambler's absent — is with more money that way! (6,3) BETTER OFF {BETTER} {OFF}
18. Waggish Jack's left eyepiece (6) OCULAR {jOCULAR}
20. Nothing about a hungry bull is endearing (7) LOVABLE {LOV{A}{BulL}E}
22. A month, I see, is clean (7) ASEPTIC {A}{SEPT}{I C}
23. Film one in an Indian city (6) PATINA {PAT{I}NA}
25. A bank bust may cause this (5) FLOOD (CD)

Reference list  

Second=S, French darling=Cher, Old=O, Son=S, One=I, City=EC, John=Lav, Measure=Em, Work=Op, Special=Sp, Engineering=E, Of French=De
King=K, English=E, Soldiers=OR, Conservative=C, Money=Rouble, Money=S (Shillings), Money=P (Pence), Jack=J, Month=Sept, I see=IC

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Friday 21 July 2017

No 12065, Friday 21 Jul 2017, Spinner

1   Setter craving food eats a bit of lasagna, for example (12) ILLUSTRATION {I}{La...a}{LUST}{RATION}
10 Power to sack unruly groups (5) PACKS {P}{SACK*}
11 Researcher : Setter wearing perfume is extremely smart (9) SCIENTIST {SC{I}ENT}{IS}{s..rT}
12 Authentic is authentic even without proof, ultimately (6) ACTUAL fACTUAL
13 Tiniest horse extraordinarily wins leading trophy second time (8) SHORTEST {SHOR{Tr...y}E*}{S}{T}
15 Company’s Head of Relationships responded by removing article – It’s rectified! (9) CORRECTED {CO}{Re...s}{REaCTED}
16 Main man is that woman’s love (4) HERO {HER}{O}
20 Spinner finally set cryptic’s remaining part (4) REST {s...eR}{SET*}
21 Needs rice cooked at home (9) RESIDENCE*
24 Fix up broken code to get speed (8) DECORATE {CODE*}{RATE}
26 Jaw is mended with gas cutter (6) JIGSAW {JAW+IS+G}*
28 Large amount of baked good available in a disco (9) ABUNDANCE {A}{BUN}{DANCE}
29 Helps to have cold liquids that promote digestion (5) ACIDS {A{C}IDS}
30 ‘Respected Sir’ is one landlord’s introduction (6,6) LETTER OPENER {LETTER} {OPENER}

2   Cream applied around base of chest, arms and some sensitive places (9) LOCATIONS {LO{Chest}{Arms}TION}{Se...e} I feel base in a down clue would give us T and S from Chest and Arms
3   Place that’s one flight away? (8) UPSTAIRS [CD]
4   Sound of annoyance on receiving a piece of work (4) TASK {A} in {TSK}
5   Complex math I tried endlessly has hundred calculations (10) ARITHMETIC {MATH+I+TRIEd}* over {C}
6   Disregard region in turmoil (6) IGNORE*
7   One is troubled by commotion (5) NOISE*
8   Weapon at last diverts pawn’s attention (5) SPEAR {d...tS}{P}{EAR}
9   Its not a free channel! (7) STATION*
14 Approval for professional to recruit college topper with paltry wage, minus Income Tax (10) ACCEPTANCE {A{Co...e}C}{PitTANCE} AC/Professional? (Correction - {A{Co...e}CE}{PitTANCE} - See comments)
17 Unrestrained old tax including VAT exterminated, basically (9) EXCESSIVE {EX}{CESS}{In...g}{Vat}{Ex...d}
18 Measured change of guard Anil leaves India, upset! (7) GRADUAL {GUARD+AniL}*
19 Acted strangely to cover up lie that’s turned embarrassing (8) DELICATE {LIE<=} in {ACTED}* (Correction - {ACTED}* over {LIE}* - See comments)
22 Cried uncontrollably on getting technology’s top recognition (6) CREDIT {CRIED}* {Te...y}
23 She went inspecting several states, starting from European country (5) SWISS Acrostic
25 Captain to regret loss that’s heartbreaking (5) CRUEL {C}{RUE}{L}
27 Outlaw buried in massive tomb (4) VETO [T]


Thursday 20 July 2017

No 12064, Thursday 20 Jun 2017, Sunnet

Plenty of Parsis around.

1   Trace of shower on road (6) STRAIN {ST}{RAIN}
4   Perhaps Bond girls can be spotted from a distance using this (8) SPYGLASS {SPY}{G}{LASS}
10 Old religious person gets a conservative's purgative (9) EXPIATORY {EX}{PI}{A}{TORY}
11 Principal officer (5) MAJOR [DD]
12 Average is raised by Indian community (5) PARSI {PAR}{IS<=}
13 Shrink the criminal (9) THERAPIST {THE}{RAPIST}
14 Expression of dismay on finding catholic queen is more violent (7) FIERCER {FIE}{RC}{ER}
16 Goodbye and thanks once again (2-2) TA-TA {TA}{TA}
19 Trickle from bore (4) DRIP [DD]
21 Indian unit to almost question Japan (7) LACQUER {LAC}{QUERy}
24 Boiled red banana for food (4,5) NAAN BREAD*
25 Laugh hides desire of scavenger (5) HYENA {H{YEN}A}
26 Lower with potassium inside lawyer (5) VAKIL {VA{K}IL} That should have been an Indian lawyer
27 Ah! Sam knew to galvanize a soldier (9) MANEKSHAW * &lit
28 Litigates to protect individual's right over family identities (8) SURNAMES {MAN}{R}<= in {SUES}
29 Aim to absorb university's forge (6) SMITHY {S{MIT}HY}

1   Rest to get rid of rotten strips around in front (5,3) SLEEP OFF {PEELS<=} {OFF} What's the role of 'rotten'? Anno for OFF not clear See comments
2   Hack note bearer (8) REPORTER {RE}{PORTER}
3   Managed to stop two persons from Persia (5) IRANI {RAN} in {II}
5   Settlement of salary's expected disregarding the Centre (7) PAYMENT {PAY}{MEaNT}
6   Agile of me to get back into machined casting (9) GYMNASTIC {MY<=} in {CASTING}*
7   Touch Bill's tie (6) ADJOIN {AD}{JOIN}
8   Spray without any issue near luxurious accommodation (6) SPRITZ {SP}{RITZ} Anno for SP pendingGot this because it had to be a Pangram! See comments
9   Change medical practitioner (6) DOCTOR [DD]
15 This French beer damaged and completely upset portions of the brain (9) CEREBELLA {CE}{BEER*}{ALL<=}
17 Very successful president left dinner bash (8) SUPERHIT {SUpPER}{HIT}
18 Open style amusement destination in New York (8) BROADWAY {BROAD}{WAY}
20 An abnormally early arrival? (7) PREEMIE [CD]
21 Nick is after city's cargo (6) LADING {LA}{DING}
22 Rascals evenly skin birds (6) KNAVES {sKiN}{AVES}
23 Rely on king's financier (6) BANKER {BANK}{ER}
25 9 thousand and one cut meat (5) HAKIM {K}{1} in {HAM}


Wednesday 19 July 2017

No 12063, Wednesday 19 Jul 2017, KrisKross

1   Reduces uric salt through treatment (8) CURTAILS*
5   I am back wrapped in tattered coat, that can't be cut further (6) ATOMIC {I'M<=} in {COAT}*
9   Majority of Indians… (8) EIGHTEEN [GK/CD]
10 …work hard, with a new motto (6) SLOGAN {SLOG}{A}{N}
12 Short artist played instrument (5) SITAR ARTISt*
13 Old-timer? (9) HOURGLASS [CD]
14 Senior members wish to be included in parties (6) DOYENS {DO{YEN}S}
16 "Cars wrecked houses" – news by English reader (7) SCANNER {NN}{E} in {CARS}*
19 Sat casually in virgin grassland (7) PASTURE {P{SAT*}URE}
21 Stick had broken earlier (6) ADHERE {HAD*}{ERE}
23 Promise an umbrella? (4,5) RAIN CHECK [C&DD]
25 Agent is mostly penniless (5) BROKE BROKEr
26 A soft skin, according to reports, creates attraction (6) APPEAL {A}{P}{PEAL}(~peel)
27 Pole hiding a weapon without a tip, it is obvious (8) MANIFEST {MA{kNIFE}ST}
28 Criminal loves to start robbing you (6) SOLVER {LOVES*}{Ro..g}
29 What the bride says after some time – "He is madly in love" (8) IDOLATER {I}{DO}{LATER}

1   Fold sleeves of robe inside bag (6) CREASE {C{RobE}ASE}
2   Its rough at sea…around twelve, finally becomes fair (9) RIGHTEOUS {ITS+ROUGH}* over {t...vE}
3   In fact, Orson Welles was one (5) ACTOR [T] &lit
4   Worms left trees trimmed at the top (7) LEECHES {L}{bEECHES}
6   Possibly great help to communicate in the past (9) TELEGRAPH* &lit
7   Hot rock music, appreciated initially by grandmother (5) MAGMA {Mu..c}{Ap...d}{G}{MA}
8   Coy nurse perhaps is the centre of attraction (8) CYNOSURE*
11 Studies faces (4) MUGS [DD]
15 Say, oriental spies protect a lady, in order to escape at first (9) ENUNCIATE {E}{NUN}{CIA}{To}{Es...e}
17 Dart into retreat that's extremely cramped (9) NARROWEST {N{ARROW}EST}
18 They exhibited self-control, without taking leave (8) SPARTANS {SANS} taking{PART} Exhibit would have been better
20 The peer's fencing weapon (4) EPEE [T]
21 Difficult week spent in a hospital room (7) AWKWARD {A}{WK}{WARD}
22 I could be in Queer Street (6) SETTER*
24 Force politician to wear garland when rising up (5) IMPEL {MP} in {LEI<=}
25 Advertisement about river fish (5) BRILL {B{R}ILL}


Tuesday 18 July 2017

No 12062, Tuesday 18 Jul 2017, Aspartame

6   Prepared quite a large drink (7) TEQUILA {QUITE+A+L}*
7   Victories scarce for city (7) WINSLOW {WINS}{LOW}
9   Angry one left for head office to make a speech (5) ORATE (-i+o)ORATE
10 Article on grammatical construct teacher dictated to crier (9) ANNOUNCER {AN}{NOUN}{CER}(~sir)
11 Pumping device to remove bits of orange residue (7) EJECTOR {EJECT}{Or...e}{Re...e}
13 Muscleman exercises back to show hard tissue (6) ENAMEL [T<=]
15 Burdensome area of the kitchen? (8,5) DRAINING BOARD [CD]
19 Injured sent warning signals (6) HORNED [DD]
20 Analyst, in effect, exchanges pounds for rand (7) ACTUARY ACTUA(-ll+r)RY
23 Company representative discovered in-charge being involved, assisting crimes (9) COMPLICIT {CO}{MP}{L{IC}IT}
24 Not illuminated until turned on (5) UNLIT*
26 Instrument requires energy and egg to make seasoning (7) OREGANO {OR{E}GAN}{O}
27 Currently, jumper lacks direction and power – He's expected to fail (2-5) NO-HOPER {NOw}{HOpPER}

1   Water got some militia quarantined (4) AQUA [T]
2   Gets evidence against characters to rob them of power (6) DIVEST [T<=]
3   Mad tailor's stitches are unskillful (9) MALADROIT {MAD+TAILOR}*
4   Suggestion from engineers union - stop getting involved (8) INNUENDO {END} in {UNION}*
5   First American film studio's police van (5,5) BLACK MARIA [DD]
6   Tool cleaner contains drop of resin (6) TROWEL {T{Re..n}OWEL}
7   Accustomed town criminal (4) WONT*
8   Carefully fight with extremely looney individual getting surrounded (6) WARILY {WAR}{I}{Lo..eY}
12 Listening device President concealed in a tree possibly (3,7) EAR TRUMPET {TRUMP} in {A+TREE}*
14 Flower in elegant display (9) EGLANTINE*
16 What a petrol bunk worker would say of a hypothetical fluid (5,3) IDEAL GAS {I DEAL GAS}
17 Crazy person to hit without getting interrupted (6) WHACKO {HACK} in {WO}
18 Seafood soy preparation they're selling often (6) OYSTER {SOY*}{ThEyRe}
21 Coached model has to discuss.. (6) TAUGHT {T}{AUGHT}
22 ... answer copy (4) ECHO [DD]
25 Run to see training (4) LOPE {LO}{PE}