Thursday 28 February 2013

No 10708, Thursday 28 Feb 13, Arden

Another good round from Arden ends today.

1   An ideal landlord, exactly (6-7) LETTER-PERFECT {LETTER}-{PERFECT}
10 See the fury of the river (5) LOIRE {LO}{IRE}
11 Reportedly damages farm implement as it brings a vehicle to stop (5,4) BRAKE SHOE (~break){BRAKE S}{HOE}
12 Do some acrobatics to carry whiskey to the cad (9) CARTWHEEL {CART}{W}{HEEL}
13 Pictures of a large posterior (5) ALBUM {A}{L}{BUM}
14 Love is a regular racket outside a country (7) ROMANCE {R{OMAN}aCkEt}
16 Artist becomes new operatic hero (7) TRISTAN {ARTIST*}{N}
18 Openness in discussing traffic and our roads (7) CANDOUR [T]
20 Points on tin are made to catch (7) ENSNARE {E}{N}{SN}{ARE}
22 With us in India I would say it is sticky (5) HUMID {HUM}{I'D}
24 Please cut off when one misappropriates (9) PECULATES*
26 Home study on true version of the contract (9) INDENTURE {IN}{DEN}{TRUE*}
27 Follow two points before you go for litigation (5) ENSUE {E}{N}{SUE}
28 Book mark to allow correspondence (7,6) SCARLET LETTER {SCAR}{LET} {LETTER}

2   A witty line about English farm animals (7) EPIGRAM {E}{PIG}{RAM}
3   Oriental art suits Ken Atwood (3,4,2) TAE KWON DO*
4   A law covering black money (5) RUBLE {RU{B}LE}
5   Direction a girl follows signifies rank (9) EPAULETTE {E}{PAULETTE}
6   Following year perhaps, for the Norse goddess (5) FREYA {F}{YEAR*}
7   Live with the business outfit (7) COHABIT {CO}{HABIT}
8   One could sit here before departure (8,5) ELECTRIC CHAIR [CD]
9   An European gets the same, probably the French disease (6,7) GERMAN MEASLES {GERMAN} {SAME*}{LES}
15 Dubious nature of ERP solution to transport (9) ENRAPTURE*
17 Scoffing about the very word ‘Bankrupt’ (9) INSOLVENT {INSOL{V}ENT}
19 For a detective a day’s over when on the move (7) NOMADIC {NOM<=}{A}{DIC}
21 A performer in part is tested beforehand (7) ARTISTE [T]
23 He gives something new during opening (5) DONOR {DO{N}OR}
25 Crown fish holder (5) CREEL {CR}{EEL}

Wednesday 27 February 2013

No 10707, Wednesday 27 Feb 13, Arden

 Delight for 14's fans today.

1   One carat in five might be bogus (7) FICTIVE {F{1}{CT}IVE}
5   Poor Charlie ate twice the salt (7) ACETATE {C+ATE+ATE}*
9   A choice before teacher to return to the root (5) ORRIS {OR}{RIS<=}
10 Helps with neat assembly of animals (9) ELEPHANTS*
11 May be earth work inside makes one go for a quick union (9) ELOPEMENT {EL{OP}EMENT}
12 Builder recalled in Osama’s den (5) MASON [T<=]
13 Throws water over some food (4) STEW<=
15 Drainage gets these animals up in anger (8) SEWERAGE {SEWE<=}{RAGE}
18 On an animal one rides out, as it rusts (8) OXIDISER {OX}{1}{RIDES*}
19 Oddly laid net material (4) LINT {LaId NeT}
22 Tenor in the band store (5) STASH {S{T}ASH}
24 Bid to keep thousands on the run (5,4) GRAND SLAM {GRAND S}{LAM} Trust Arden to have a Bridge clue
26 Wages for shedding some light in book review (9) EMOLUMENT {EMO{LUMEN}T<=}
27 Mark leading in the first half (5) COMMA COMMAnding
28 Dispatched, having played game without a piece (7) SEGMENT {SE{GaME}NT}
29 Carried out without interest by the old lady (7) DOYENNE {DO{YEN}NE}

1& 20 dn 14 created wealth kept in cold storage (6,6) FROZEN ASSETS [DD]
2   An element of burden involved in curbing pollution (6,3) CARBON TAX {CARBON} {TAX}
3   Paper has no time for the matter (5) ISSUE tISSUE
4   Seles managed to get even with a break (9) ELEVENSES{EL{EVEN}SES*}
5   See 7 dn
6   Record by Border could be real or transitory (9) EPHEMERAL {EP}{HEM}{REAL*}
7, 5 dn & 17 dn Alternate gunmen sent as replacement for 14’s work (5,5,9) AUNT'S ARENT GENTLEMEN*
8   Reducing fifty while renting (6) EASING lEASING
14 Do we by arrangement shelter a writer? (9) WODEHOUSE {DO+WE}*{HOUSE}
16 Justified action having spoken in anger (9) WARRANTED {WAR}{RANTED}
17 See 7 dn
20 See 1 dn
21 Devil drink will kill (6) IMPALE {IMP}{ALE}
23 A girl gets a day in the middle (5) AMONG {A}{MON}{G}
24 Wind carrying oriental visitor (5) GUEST {GU{E}ST}
25 Condemn if there is no booze around parts of London (5) DECRY {D{EC}RY}

Tuesday 26 February 2013

No.10706, Tuesday 26 ÷ 2 = 13, Arden

Another enjoyable puzzle from Arden. Liked the &littish 14D best
This will be my last blog entry for a couple of weeks. See you all on March 15th again

9 & 10 ac. Cognition is considered for additional payment (7,7) THOUGHT, PROCESS (THOUGHT + PRO + CESS)
10 see 9 ac.
11 Red lame originally was green (7) EMERALD (RED LAME)*
12 Book on English pronunciation without copyright (7) EDITION (E + DIcTION)
13 Belted out if rod broke calmness (4-5) SANG-FROID (SANG + IF ROD*)
15 Human version of an old prophet (5) NAHUM (HUMAN)*
16 Scurried with the figurehead in front (7) BUSTLED (BUST + LED) Need "was in front" for LED?
19 Fools! Luddites breaking it off for middlemen (7) DELUDES (LUDDitES + E)*
20 Too big to throw a match reportedly (5) LOOSE (~LOSE)
21 Sound surprised when supporter’s extremely choosy over model’s headgear (5,4) FANCY, THAT (FAN + ChoosY + T + HAT)
25 Heartlessly you can grab at a part of Mexico (7) YUCATAN (YoU + CAN outside AT)
26 He believes medicine is mostly hard (7) PILGRIM (PILl + GRIM)
28 See if the two blood groups will do (7) OBSERVE (O B + SERVE)
29 It may throw some light, opening on parody (7) LAMPOON (LAMP + O + ON)

1 A short answer without the capital (6) ATHENS (ANS outside THE)
2 Single man losing heart is grave (6) SOLEMN (SOLE + MaN)
3 The odd Algerian found here in India (4) AGRA (AlGeRiAn)
4 Gallery makes boss go over the moon (6) STUDIO (STUD + IO)
5 Added a couple of pints when finished (8) APPENDED (A + PP + ENDED)
6 A friend follows the concept hypothetically (10) NOTIONALLY (ALLY after NOTION )
7 Enjoyed and trusted to keep quiet (8) RELISHED (RELIED outside SH)
8 Susan and Tim at sea could face monster waves (8) TSUNAMIS (SUSAN TIM)*
14 It is a possibility as Bolt finally falters (5,5) FALSE, START (AS bolT FALTERS)*
16 Fish getting too much publicity (8) BALLYHOO (DD)
17 She has cows, a hybrid to display (8) SHOWCASE (SHE COWS A)*
18 Put off having to close the Guardian (8) DEFENDER (DEFER outside END)
22 Initially not afraid to conceal weapon (6) NAPALM (N A + PALM)
23 Torment in parts of London (6) HARROW (DD)
24 Subduing way in a jet fighter’s ascent (6) TAMING (MI inside GNAT<=)
27 Can’t stand the hobble (4) LIMP (DD)

Monday 25 February 2013

No.10705, Monday 25 Feb 13, Arden

Arden, as usual, is entertaining. 24d is my CoD, what with the Finance Minister getting scary growth figures just before the budget


1 Abandon and the grand entertainer will die (4-2,3,5) GIVE UP THE GHOST (GIVE UP THE G HOST)
10 Helps the criminal as one gambles (5) ABETS (A BETS)
11 Cricket side is extremely special, anything at all for an attack (9) ONSLAUGHT (ON SpeciaL AUGHT)
12 Mum’s the word because every other clue is included (7) SILENCE (SI(cLuE)NCE)
13 Sleep by the hour when most of that is volatile (7) NAPHTHA (NAP H THAt)
14 Cubism represented without black rock, for example (5) MUSIC (CUbISM)*
16 & 19ac. They make a musket //completely (4,5,3,6) LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL (CD,DD &LIT)
19see 16 ac.

20 A bag of artist’s bones (5) SACRA (SAC RA)
22 Universe without beginning is a chemical phenomenon (7) OSMOSIS (cOSMOS IS)
25 Learned to have posted about a relationship (7) SAPIENT (S(A PI)ENT)
27 In a musical instrument a note is safe (9) INVIOLATE (IN (VIOLA) TE)
28 Failing health without hospital machinery (5) LATHE (hEALTH)*
29 Is precariously poised // at the end of a line (5,2,1,6) HANGS BY A THREAD CD,DD


2 Sailed out going after fish which is very highly regarded (9) IDEALISED  (IDE, a fish+ SAILED*)
3 German city’s soul sans the church (5) ESSEN (ESSENce)
4 Support for Catch-22 author from a Cockney will provide thrust (9) PROPELLER (PROP hELLER)
5 The nosy housekeeper brought up some green tea (5) HYSON (T<=)
6 They are upright with ambitions to get a job (9) GOALPOSTS (GOAL(POST)S)
7 Should an idea lose half of that? (5) OUGHT (thOUGHT)
8 Two-in-one bird (7) TITLARK (TIT+LARK CD) I am sure there could be other two-in-one birds like Merlinhawk, Cranehawk, Hawkowl etc., but this is the one that fits crossings

9 The price one has to pay for freedom (6) RANSOM CD
15 Second question posed during the talks broadcast (4,5) CHAT SHOWS (S HOW inside CHATS)
17 Perhaps acted slow, showing fear (4,5) COLD SWEAT (ACTED+SLOW)*
18 For this group gold is safe with god (9) ORCHESTRA (OR CHEST RA)
19 Do not allow tar and oil mixture on the quiet (7) ABOLISH (AB OIL* SH)
21 Rental accommodation for some hard growth (6) ANTLER (RENTAL*)
23 The expert is in form, avenging defeat (5) MAVEN (T)
24 Finally gets economic data for February which is alarming (5) SCARY (Acrostic of last letters)
26 Cut up with a republican totally opposite in character (5) POLAR (LOP<=  A R)

Sunday 24 February 2013

No 2727, Sunday 24 Feb 13

1   Shoulder bag, left by a chest, exploded (7) SATCHEL {L+A+CHEST}*
5   Skegness finally got hotter, and crowded (7) SWARMED {S}{WARMED}
9   Be excited about a run in vehicle (6,3) BUBBLE CAR {BUBBLE} {C}{A}{R}
10 Windproof jacket used by old man protecting chest (5) PARKA {P{ARK}A}
11 Nerd starts to dismantle Wankel engines, each bit (5) DWEEB {D}{W}{E}{E}{B}
12 Pests cause inns to be refurbished (9) NUISANCES*
13 Money no object making an Astaire film? (3,4,3,5) THE SKY'S THE LIMIT [DD]
16 More cheesed off, alarmingly, about president defining a civil right (7,2,6) FREEDOM OF SPEECH {FREEDOM OF S{P}EECH*}
18 Shock when peeper gets key (3-6) EYE-OPENER {EYE}-{OPENER}
20 Message he reportedly put on front of envelope (5) EMAIL (~he){E}{MAIL}
22 Foremost of carveries requests large barrels (5) CASKS {C}{ASKS}
23 Drops rock band, dismissing explosive type of music involved (9) TRAPDOORS {The {RAP}DOORS}
24 Wrongly praised, padre is unlikely to lose heart (7) DESPAIR**
25 Awfully bad rule, existing for a long time (7) DURABLE*

1   Correct copy reveals plot in case (7) SUBEDIT {SU{BED}IT}
2   Story about British food (5) TABLE {TA{B}LE}
3   Ridiculous, as an underdone loaf may be (4-5) HALF-BAKED [DD]
4   Fabulous creature with horns - closest men petrified (4,4,7) LOCH NESS MONSTER*
5   Plain sailing? Right on! (15) STRAIGHTFORWARD {STRAIGHT}{FORWARD}
6   Greek character employed by local pharmacist (5) ALPHA [T]
7   Two doctors describing swimming race close to Lancashire resort town (9) MORECAMBE {MO}{RACE*}{MB}{E}
8   Absolutely determined, clique departed earlier (4,3) DEAD SET {DEAD} {SET}
14 Number joining groups taking time off for morning coffee (9) ELEVENSES {ELEVEN}{SEtS}
15 I see what you're saying (3-6) LIP-READER [CD]

16 Ripped off down end of road (7) FLEECED {FLEECE}{D}
17 Bishopric? Yes, possibly in difficult situation (4,3) HOLY SEE {HOL{Y SE*}E}
19 Finished last of lasagna, Italian food (5) PASTA {PAST}{A}
21 Weapon taken from a disorderly crowd climbing on to top of building (1-4) A-BOMB {A}-{BOM<=}{B}

Saturday 23 February 2013

No 10704, Saturday 23 Feb 13, Scintillator

Cakewalk if compared with normal Scintillator standards. Quite a few Anagrams, don't recall so many in his earlier offerings.

1   Summarises engineers’ limitations (6) RECAPS {RE}{CAPS}
4   What you get with naive sympathy? (5,3) GREEN TEA {GREEN} {TEA}
9   Can splits deter a guy initially during courtship? (6) DATING {D}{A}{TIN}{G}
10 Depressed practitioner’s working for a long time (4,4) BLUE MOON {BLUE} {MO}{ON}
12 Fantastic sea view encompasses fifty fish (8) ALEWIVES {A{L}EWIVES*}
13 Account with tax entry (6) ACCESS {AC}{CESS}
15 Cure dirty linen (4) ECRU*
16 Research on chocolate causing absent-mindedness (5,5) BROWN STUDY {BROWN}{STUDY}
19 Sensational warning for Beckham? (6,4) YELLOW CARD [CD]
20 Reports say ranks took up arms (4) ROSE (~rows)
23 Not quite a colour-blind individual (6) RACIST [CD]
25 Girl’s left out request for falafel ingredient (8) CHICKPEA {CHICK}{PlEA}
27 Dream on wildly about love that’s abandoned (8) MAROONED {MAR{O}ONED*}
28 Evacuated vehicle with two lives in distress (6) CRISIS {CaR}{IS}{IS}
29 Ancient Israeli lifeboat (5,3) NOAH'S ARK [CD]
30 Hushed voices from champion teams (6) ASIDES {A}{SIDES}

1   Bureaucracy not just limited to communist states (3,4) RED TAPE [CD]
2   Car halted around St. Paul’s? (9) CATHEDRAL*
3   Least significant digit? (6) PINKIE [E]
5   Some members of revolutionary cartel irritate and annoy (4) RILE <=
6   Leaderless Congress, before start of campaign, is absorbed in a trying task (8) EXERCISE {sEX}{ER{C}{IS}E}
7   Tire of poet regularly coming up with cliche (5) TROPE {Ti}{Re}{Of}{Po}{Et} Why 'coming up'?
8   Discharge from any stem transplant (7) AMNESTY*
11 Support CD broke into pieces (7) BEDROCK*
14 Black opponents of yore are heavily disheartened (7) SWARTHY {SWART}{HeavilY} Not too sure of Anno. (Addendum - {SW}{ART}{HeavilY} - See comments)
17 Free of rivalry, popes undo conversion (9) UNOPPOSED*
18 Criticisms elevate excellent snaps (8) POTSHOTS {POT<=}{SHOTS}
19 A railway worker or a police officer in London? (7) YARDMAN [DD]
21 Slips by as sleep fades away (7) ELAPSES*
22 Money from unpleasant chores (6) OCHRES* Didn't get the connection to money?
24 This is about Indian government being terminated before conclusion (5) CIRCA CIRCAr
26 Fruit peel, say (4) PEAR (~pare)

Friday 22 February 2013

No 10703, Friday 22 Feb 13, Buzzer

From Russia With Love with some awesome anagrams today. I still have some queries though.

6   Man died during a marathon going at full speed (8) HEADLONG {HE}{A}{D}{LONG}
9   Advertising a volume by agreement in Russian newspaper (6) PRAVDA {PR}{A}{V}{DA}
10 Be full of lip (4) BRIM [DD]
11 Models of excellence in personal training (3-7) NON-PAREILS*
12 Lad expelled from final in pain (6) STITCH STITCHed In my opinion stitch by itself is not synonymous with final. Stitch up, yes. (Addendum - laST dITCH - See comments)
14 Given a try, lie becomes truth (7) REALITY*
15 Tremendous pressure batting for a place (5,10) SAINT PETERSBURG*
18 It offers notional relief from rank bad smell (7) PLACEBO {PLACE}{BO}
20 On radio joke will get a loud laugh (6) GIGGLE GAGGLE Anno pending (Addendum - {~GAG'LL} - See comments)
22 Losing its head, hen plucks eggs (10) ENCOURAGES {hEN}{COURAGES} Pluck/courage is ok, but courages?
23 Respect customs work (4) DUTY [DD] (Addendum - [TD} - See comments)
24 One engaged in rebellion saw two leaders fall (6) FIANCE deFIANCE
25 Obsession shown by artist in playing piano (8) PARANOIA {P{A}{RA}NOIA*} Origin of an 'A' not clear (Addendum - {P{ARA}NOIA*} - See comments)

1   Probably artificial cheese (4) EDAM MADE* (Addendum - MADE <=(UP) - See comments)
2   Municipality has hospital in the furthest part (8) TOWNSHIP {T{OWNS}{H}IP}
3   Perhaps a rare bottled-up spirit (6) APSARA [T]
4   Terrible mistake on a grand scale becomes well-known (5,2,3) MAKES IT BIG {MAKES IT*} {BIG}
5   Electronic device with keys having soft cover (2,6) CD PLAYER {C}{D} {P}{LAYER} Shouldn't the ennumeration be (1,1,6) - (Addendum - See comments)
7   Feels sorry for wingless bird (5) EGRET rEGRETs
8   A parenting ego fails to get this? (10,3) GENERATION GAP*
13 The same armies on either side of knight on steed (10) TANTAMOUNT {TA}{N}{TA}{MOUNT}
16 Supplement answer pages with cross-index (8) APPENDIX {A}{PP}{INDEX*}
17 Written record about soldiers’ attempt (8) REGISTRY {RE}{GIS}{TRY}
19 Made regular repairs no end (6) EARNED {rE}{pA}{iRs} {No} {En}{D}
21 I halt rioting? (5) LATHI* &lit
23 Study leading to end of Great Depression (4) DENT {DEN}{T}

Thursday 21 February 2013

No 10702, Thursday 21 Feb 13, Buzzer

Excellent opener from Buzzer with impeccable surfaces all around. Was led up the garden path, while trying to link 2 and 4 in 7!!!

1   Batting order details (11) INFORMATION {IN}{FORMATION}
9   Selection of Mozart is typical of creator (6) ARTIST [T]
10 It makes zero difference in vacuum (2,6) NO MATTER [DD]
11 Colour of rainbow not remarkable possibly (5) BROWN RaiNBOW*
12 Hug lover (7) SQUEEZE [DD]
13 West losing head after a mishap (8) ACCIDENT {A}{oCCIDENT}
15 Press officers at heart are satirical (6) IRONIC {IRON}{offICers}
16 Decision to switch sides is tempting (6) LURING (-r+l)LU(-l+r)RING
18 Rounds off unruly roadhouses in a celebration (8) DUSSEHRA RoADHoUSES*
20 Make them pay for understanding (7) EMPATHY*
21 Cabinet post finally given to daughter-in-law (5) BAHUT {BAHU}{T}
22 Record-holder in court netted advantage point (8) CASSETTE {C{ASSET}T}{E}
23 Implement a good back-up for an inexperienced soldier (6) GALOOT {G}{A}{LOOT}<=
24 Shades for visually impaired (6-5) COLOUR-BLIND [CD] (Addendum - {COLOUR}-{BLIND} - See comments)

2   Aboriginal gal goes out wandering in city (7) NAIROBI ABORIgINal*
3   It is frequently expressed in decimal (5) OFTEN {OF}{TEN}
4   Attitude encountered around India — mainly cushy (4-3) MIND-SET {M{IND}-{cuShy}ET}
5   Say seconds and minutes ticking round it (4,5) TIME UNITS {TIME UN{IT}S*}
6   Active leader of opposition to a great degree, has an inflated sense of superiority (2,3,2) ON THE GO {O}{N TH}{E GO}
7   Rural ambiance represented in 2 or 4 perhaps (6,7) ARABIC NUMERAL* My COD (one of many)
8   Decline to restrain one harangue (13) DETERIORATION {DETER}{1}{ORATION}
14 Why I get to burst into a number (6-3) EIGHTY-TWO*
17 Painting technique in my opinion captivated glory days (7) IMPASTO {IM{PAST}O}
18 Casual clothes not fit for nighttimes (7) DAYWEAR [CD]
19 Parts of speech elongated to a certain level (7) ECHELON [T]
21 Bread roll stuffing of cabbage-lettuce (5) BAGEL [T]

Wednesday 20 February 2013

No.10701, Wednesday 20 Feb 13, Neyartha

A moving puzzle from Neyartha

7 Rewrote annotations after temperature drops in a Texan city (3,7) SAN, ANTONIO (ANNOTAtIONS)*
9 Rip apart the band on the radio (4) TEAR (~TIER)
10 Factory belt? (8) CONVEYOR (CD)
11 Watches for the listener finding the connection between stories? (6) STAIRS (~STARES)
12 Mask of coldness shifts from one bridge player to another (5) FRONT (FROST with N for S)
13 A contract clause to employ aluminium in the coaster design (9) ESCALATOR (AL inside COASTER*)
14 Judge in North Carolina leaves with recommendation (7) REFEREE (REFEREncE)

17 Dance number by darlings in retreat (3-4) ONE-STEP (ONE + PETS<=)
20 Animated representation of triglyphs (9) SPRIGHTLY (TRIGLYPHS)*
22 Former school dentist’s selection (5) OLDEN (T)
25 Steps to get the bachelor to move out with a membranous sac (6) LADDER (bLADDER)
26 Kind of hospital care that a South African region adopted for a long time (8) NEONATAL (NATAL outside EON)
27 Pick up dart with force at the wrong place (4) LIFT (FLIT with F misplaced)
28 Directed adaptation after account became official (10) ACCREDITED (AC + DIRECTED*)

1 English party // workers (6) LABOUR (DD)
2 The Spanish confiscated your antiknock fluid (5) ETHYL (EL outside THY)
3 Make someone responsible for the hospital department’s decline (7) ENTRUST (ENT + RUST)
4 Somehow coax wins out of the helmsman (8) COXSWAIN (COAX WINS)*
5 Fruit-filled pastries placed upside down by the army leader on the tables (6) STRATA (TARTS<= + A)
6 Porcelain almost damaged in a ballet step (8) CAPRIOLE (PORCELAIn)*
8 Proceed with the loan (7) ADVANCE (DD)
15 What bold letters may be used to lay? (8) EMPHASIS (CD)
16 Late write up about a roll-call reply was exquisite (8) ETHEREAL (LATE<= outside HERE)
18 At sea, silly sailor admitted to making plans (7) SYLLABI (SILLY* outside AB)
19 Start off with a precious metal (metal that the Spanish ignored) for Lucifer (3,4) OLD, NICK (gOLD + NICKel)
21 A salt’s fuss about the knotted tie outside (6) IODATE (ADO<= inside TIE*)
23 Be late due to being partially ecstatic (6) ELATED (T)
24 Braided ladies get victory over Mark (5) WOVEN (WOMEN with V for M)

Tuesday 19 February 2013

No.10700, Tuesday 19 Feb 13, Neyartha

The usual bag of good tricks from Neyartha in this measured puzzle.

1 Fair in the outskirts of the old city has a degree of warmth (11) TEMPERATURE (TEMPERATE outside UR)
9 Visual with current temperature at the wrong place (7) OPTICAL (I + T + PLACE)* E for O in anagram fodder? TOPICAL with T moving ahead  See comments below
10 Significance of the pause in recital (6) WEIGHT (~WAIT)
11 Son’s serious about tempo (5) SPEED (S + DEEP<=)
12 Rang for engineer Ken to turn Dell around (7) KNELLED (KEN* + DELL<=)
15 Smart Nigerian leader usurps power to supply rations (4) NOSH (POSH with N for P)
16 Opera breaks brewer’s bow (3,7) WEB, BROWSER (BREWERS BOW)*
18 Interpretation of a disregard to the star spangled banner? (2-8) UN-AMERICAN (CD)
20 The windsail is worthless to the auditor (4) VANE (~VAIN)
23 The German’s back with a video of the bureaucratic procedure (3,4) RED, TAPE (DER<= + TAPE)

24 Call for ceasefire includes constraint (5) FORCE (T)
26 Size of coil model replaced by Bond’s boss (6) VOLUME (VOLUTE with M for T)
27 Expert studies can help one learn about rabbits initially (7) SCHOLAR (Acrostic)
28 Eternal divide bridged in an evening development (5-6) NEVER-ENDING (REND inside EVENING*)

2 Revolutionary poem about South Carolina University gets old Portuguese money (6) ESCUDO (ODE<= outside S C U)
3 Remove the charm (4) PULL (DD)
4 Rainbow got at sea in a dinghy (6,4) ROWING, BOAT (RAINBOW GOT)*
5 Large number seen in note left on cooked tortellini (8) TRILLION (TORteLLINI)*
6 Fixes a shoe as the northbound man stumbles around (7) REHEELS (HE<= inside REELS) Probably there was no need to reverse HE?
7 Unanimity shown when Rio expelled the disguised connoisseurs (9) CONSENSUS (CONNoiSSEUrS)*
8 Worry and anguish after the princess abdicates (6) STRESS (diSTRESS)
13 Dome’s area put at the bottom by man in Michigan (10) HEMISPHERE (SPHERE after HE + MI)
14 Preserve to suspend boring (6-3) FREEZE-DRY (FREEZE + DRY)
17 Baby conceived outside the womb? (4-4) TEST-TUBE (CD) Does test-tube by itself convey baby?
19 Impressive for a Spanish honour to get respect outside (7) AWESOME (ES + OM inside AWE)
21 Ignore trademark military manoeuvre without really thinking (6) AIRILY (mILItARY)*
22 Heavily knitted woollen blanket for the countryman (6) AFGHAN (DD)
25 Soiled letters from a house detective (4) USED (T)

Monday 18 February 2013

No 10699, Monday 18 Feb 13, Gridman

1   Placed set around reclining tau (8) SITUATED {SIT{UAT<=}ED}
5   Setter returned to BusinessLine with retired setter’s token (6) EMBLEM {EM<=}{B}{L}EM<=}
10 Medley from Middle Eastern angel fixed (7) MELANGE {ME}{ANGEL*}
11 Keeps away from sailors’ tangled nets (7) ABSENTS {ABS}{NETS*}
12 A primarily desirable opening coming (6) ADVENT {A}{D}{VENT}
13 With a time-out, vacationer carries out a matador’s manoeuvre (8) VERONICA VACatIONER*
15 What the weightlifter did in hut endlessly (4) HOVE HOVEl
16 Managing, Abel gets round to policeman at end of lane (4,2,4) ABLE TO COPE {ABEL*} {TO} {COP}{E}
18 One takes years to stand this and be still going (4,2,4) TEST OF TIME [CD]
20 Think and it’ll come to your mind! (4) IDEA [CD]
23 Nobleman in Germany’s capital in a phase in an election process (8) COUNTING {COUNT}{IN}{G}
24 The truth in short turn after turn (6) GOSPEL {GO}{SPELl}
26 Strike because the hair is removed? (7) LOCKOUT {LOCK}{OUT}
27 Picture fit Greek character being around (7) TABLEAU {T{ABLE}AU}
28 American pull to the finals of the race (6) YANKEE {YANK}{E}{E}
29 Unemployment of head after crashing of deli (8) IDLENESS {DELI*}{NESS}

1   Kindly solve this! (15) SYMPATHETICALLY [CD]
2   One farewell returned in the box for Israeli city (3,4) TEL AVIV {TEL} {AVIV<=} Anno not clear? 'Tel' for television = Box ? Is 'Viva' a farewell? (Addendum - {T{EL AV}{1}<=}V} - See comments)
3   Leaving something with the uncle, head of police goes into the shade (6) AWNING pAWNING
4   Woman’s right at all times (4) EVER {EVE}{R}
6   Old beast Mother was atop, losing nothing (8) MASTODON {MA}{SToOD ON}
7   Fast I move to a brownish spot (7) LENTIGO {LENT}{I}{GO}
8   Uproar masses and gal make in places where bodies are kneaded (7,8) MASSAGE PARLOURS*
9   Negotiate, by introducing conditions? (4,5) MAKE TERMS [CD]
14 Treacherous bait set on the stubborn (9) OBSTINATE*
17 Being tender in the extreme, from being wayworn (8) FOOTSORE {FOOT}{SORE}
19 Staff officer in court opposing suggestion (7) SOUPCON {SO}{UP}{CON}
21 Pete led move to lessen drastically (7) DEPLETE*
22 Do some patchwork to save one’s sole (6) COBBLE [CD]
25 Belt ornament gets endless attention (4) STUD STUDy

Sunday 17 February 2013

Special, Sunday 17 Feb 13, Sunday Express (Through Raju Umamaheswar)


1.   Two answers per commenter.
2.   Clue to be copy pasted with the answer.
3.   Annotations to be compulsorily provided with the answer.
4.   Solution grid will be uploaded at 8:30 AM tomorrow.


In the skeleton crossword, the black squares and clue numbers have to be filled in as well as the words. Four black squares and four clue numbers have been inserted to give you a start. The black squares form a symmetrical pattern; the top half matches the bottom, and the two sides correspond. You can fill in 12 more squares at once to correspond with those given. You will also have to work out the enumeration after you figure out the grid.

1 Two men being arrested
5 Pure Catholic on speed
8 Letter from the taxman, say
9 Unorthodox organ sound
10 Duped El Salvador deity!
12 Bar not opened at any time
13 Suit missing its end or middle
14 Insult from Labour’s leader - Rene’s on about it!
15 A student joining a school sadly
16 Head-hunt, slightly routine
17 Second wife - a northern bird
20 Helper holding sulphur in reserve 
21 Boat lacking heat and dirty
22 Eggs from above, we hear
23 Stupid person wearing a jacket
24 Soldier girl getting careless
2 Trendy agent not working
3 Nice family by Dartmouth
4 Rum poets read in despair
5 Future monarch, perhaps
6 Hurt beginner in great pain
7 Game or drunken come-ons
9 Bomb almost planted by a country
11 Tough call in a pig’s place
18 Type of tree with grand wood
19 A date with a married man

No 2726, Sunday 17 Feb 13

1   This will explain how to cook prime piece of rump, juicy piece (6) RECIPE {R}{PIECE*}
4   I appear in these French skating exhibitions (3,5) ICE SHOWS {I}{CE {SHOW}S}
9   Scholar holding old scarf (3) BOA {B{O}A}
10 With fervour, oppose religious drama (7,4) PASSION PLAY {PASSION} {PLAY}
12 Assess and buy shares (4,5) TAKE STOCK {TAKE} {STOCK}
13 Another military commander elected (5) AGAIN {AGA}{IN}
14 Noel has to fight for a bonus (9,3) CHRISTMAS BOX {CHRISTMAS} {BOX}
19 Head lad gets a part in panto (9,3) PRINCIPAL BOY {PRINCIPAL} {BOY}
22 Call round for drummer (5) RINGO {RING}{O}
23 Semi to let out - it may get you a few smackers (9) MISTLETOE*
25 I am a creep in comic film (8,3) AMERICAN PIE*
26 Some Jamaica rum in vehicle (3) CAR [T]
27 Skipper perished at sea (8) HESPERID*
28 Tranquil piece of music a daughter brought out (6) SERENE SERENadE

1   Form of street dance associated with jerks? (8)  ROBOTICS [CD]
2   Bananas and nuts, they may be on the table at Christmas (8) CRACKERS [DD]
3   Extremely perceptive foreign spy becomes a diarist (5) PEPYS {PerceptivE}{SPY*}
5   Caught with joint in prison (5) CLINK {C}{LINK}
6   Father Christmas, very large, captured by artist in a California city (5,4) SANTA ROSA {SANTA} {R{OS}A}
7   Broken coal in a fuel container (6) OILCAN*
8   Hanging on's no time for talking! (6) SAYING StAYING
11 English artist's wintry figure? (7) SNOWMAN {SNOW}{MAN}
15 One miser's uncertain what vicars do? (9) SERMONISE*
16 Makes a mistake and falls over (5,2) SLIPS UP [DD]
17 Old boy's story about cold bar (8) OBSTACLE {OB'S}{TA{C}LE}
18 Exclamation from pop star dropping ring (2,6) BY GEORGE {BoY GEORGE}
20 Christmas decoration causing violent anger around Egypt's capital (6) WREATH {WR{E}ATH}
21 Article takes shape identifying spirits (6) ANGELS {AN}{GELS}
23 I am to be found in Michigan tourist centre (5) MIAMI {M{I}{AM}I}
24 Subject, for example, in fiction (5) LIEGE {LI{EG}E}

Saturday 16 February 2013

No 10698, Saturday 16 Feb 13, Gridman

8D with the 1D CW.

1   Almost support accommodating four around you in outdoor site (7) BIVOUAC {B{IV}{O}{U}ACk}
5   Weight put on by party leader in spring (6) POUNCE {P}{OUNCE}
9   Bharati unnerved with partial return of boredom (5) ENNUI [T<=]
10 How a dwarf would appear ashamed? (4,5) LOOK SMALL [DD]
11 Eli’s kid developed aversion (7) DISLIKE*
12 See fair, burgeoning flower (7) FREESIA*
13 Simpleton from hotel in New York (5) NINNY {N{INN}Y}
14 Overlook? Having eyes, one shouldn’t… (4,2,3) FAIL TO SEE [CD]
16 Don’t take sides: rebel aunt’s raging (2,7) BE NEUTRAL*
19 Source of guttural sounds from riotous Tuvalu after time’s lost (5) UVULA tUVALU*
21 At first tipping lumber off cart (7) TUMBREL {T}{LUMBER*}
23 One such faux-pas will fluster a mountain climber (7) MISSTEP [CD]
24 By no means a challenging task for a mountaineer (4,5) EASY CLIMB [CD]
25 Show an old show from obscurer underground (5) RERUN [T]
26 Mount rollicking dances (6) ASCEND*
27 Girl and page check said pair of pictures (7) DIPTYCH {DI}{P}{TYCH}(~tick)

1   Primary source of income for a baker? (5,3,6) BREAD AND BUTTER [CD]
2   Removing the lid of oven, I and child get meat (7) VENISON {oVEN}{I}{SON}
3   This space is for storing household appliances or where the maid may work (7) UTILITY [E]
4   Necessary is requested (6-3) CALLED-FOR [DD]
5   Ultimately develop Thatcher’s place as validation (5) PROOF {P}{ROOF}
6   Type of hairdo that bares the forehead (7) UPSWEPT [CD]
7   Charles and sister form a body (7) CHASSIS {CHAS}{SIS}
8   Delighted by petitions journalist presented to a small magazine (7,2,5) PLEASED AS PUNCH {PLEAS}{ED} {A}{S} {PUNCH}
15 Setter’s closing report on a degraded city (9) ISLAMABAD {I}{SLAM}{A}{BAD}
17 North-east semis turning out to be one’s downfall (7) NEMESIS {NE}{SEMIS*}
18 UT cleric endlessly damaged part of the ear (7) UTRICLE {UT}{CLERIc}*
19 Madly ran up street to loosen (7) UNSTRAP {RAN+UP+ST}*
20 All say lady is heartless (7) UTTERLY {UTTER}{LadY}
22 One captured by fat Scottish landlord (5) LAIRD {LA{1}RD}