Guidelines for Sunday Specials


Original, self-created crosswords from readers are invited for possible publication on this blog.

These are expected to be 15x15 standard blocked cryptic crosswords. 13x13 grids too are accepted but not those of lesser dimensions.

Symmetrical disposition of the blocks is required. No 'free-form' grids.

The puzzles may be submitted in Word doc with the puzzle grid, clues and numbered solution grid (that is, with clue numbers in respective cells).

Optional are answers in run-on paras thus: Across: 1 ..., 2 ... etc. Down: 5 ..., 7 ... etc.  and annotations / explanations.

As we also offer an AcrossLite version of the puzzle for interactive solving by members, it will be good if, in addition to the above, you also send the effort in AcrossLite .puz format. But this is not absolutely essential as we can create one if we must.

Any novel experimentation in clue-writing is encouraged (recently, in a crossword, we had across clues in a sort of story-form without the clue numbers).

The puzzle is solved by members, each pitching in with specified number of answers. Usually the crossword is completed by participants who also offer valuable comments. Members are generally very polite and generous but please be prepared for their pointing out any errors/bloomers in the crossword. The crossword is published without any editing save a check for any indelicate/offensive gridfill or wording in clues.

In scheduling/not scheduling a puzzle and in the order of scheduling, the decision of the blog owner is final.

The copyright will rest with the setter.

To summarize, the following will be required to be sent to the e-mail ID indicated in the contacts page

  1.  Grid as a .jpeg or .png image.
  2. Clues in a word document.
  3.  Contact details of setter with address and tele/mobile numbers (this will remain confidential with the owner of the blog)
  4.  Pseudonym if desired.

  1. Solutions with annotations as indicated above, they can be in the same word document as the clues.
  2.  AcrossLite version of the CW in .puz format.
  3.  Link to the AcrossLite version in case the same has been uploaded to the AcrossLite site for sharing.


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  2. Can somebody tell me how to solve this crossword puzzle. What should be one's approach?

    1. Check out 'Links for Beginners' at