Wednesday 30 June 2021

No 13287, Wednesday 30 Jun 2021, Gussalufz

Solution to 13D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   A bunch of taxis moving swiftly (5) FLEET [DD]
4   Fanzine going gaga over leftists’ leader with upper-class complaint (9) INFLUENZA {FANZINE}* over {Le...s}{U}
9   Bus stop stalker seen regularly (7) SHUTTLE {SHUT}{sTaLkEr}
10 Find loo or skip preliminaries and take a little stroll behind walls? (7) INDOORS {fIND+lOO+oR+St...l}
11 Gussalufz’s dull spear (6) IMPALE {I'M}{PALE}
12 Quite possibly, Kenyas eradicated westbound smuggling (1,4,3) I DARE SAY [T<=]
14 No second turn for idiot (4) TWIT TWIsT
15 Sinking feeling, conclusively, during one’s breakdown (5,5) GOING UNDER {f...nG+DURING+ONE}*
18 Massive craze about Gussalufz round America (10) TREMENDOUS {TRE{ME}ND}{O}{US}
19 “Bazaarearnestly covers this subject (4) AREA [T]
22 Spooner’s appeal, frivolous in a dopey way (8) SLEEPILY (~plea silly to sleepily)
24 Composed of extremely powerful and caustic chemical (6) PLACID {Po...uL}{ACID}
26 Sad end of mammal in calamitous ice age (7) ELEGIAC {m...aL} in {ICE+AGE}*
27 Denounce a monarchy in speech (7) ARRAIGN {A}{RAIGN}(~reign)
28 Exceptional actress, really, but careless and without guile (9) ARTLESSLY {acTreSS+REALLY}*
29 Burn evil American company! (5) SINGE {SIN}{GE}

1   Control freak to switch staff around every now and then (7) FASCIST {To+SwItCh+StAfF}<=
2   Provide sound lacking, at its core, tonal balance (9) EQUIPOISE {EQUIP}{nOISE}
3   Traitors at the top sacrificed Britain in war to give away secrets (6) TATTLE {Tr...s}{bATTLE}
4   Butter from Netherlands and Austria essentially eliminated by Brexit, unfortunately (4) IBEX BrEXIt*
5   Maybe if I am drunk, to be very honest (4,6) FAIR DINKUM*
6   Behind Umbertha’s cover, crude novel hidden amidst books sold cheaply (8) UNDERCUT {Um...a}{N{CRUDE*}T}
7   Only denials and retreats (5) NOOKS {NO OKS}
8   Wasted years following a tip from bogus analyst (7) ASSAYER {YEARS}* {A}{b..uS}
13 Thick, rotating bars and barriers (10) ?O?D?L?C?S (Addendum - ROADBLOCKS {(-b)ROAD(+b)B}{LOCKS} - See comments)
16 Line delivery lands on? (9) DIRECTION [CD] (Coorrection - {DI{RE}CTION} - See comments)
17 Husband’s left, overwhelmed by penile ? This is where one can seek counsel, perhaps (8) HELPLINE {H} with {L} in {PENILE}*
18 A piece of a mosaic set awkwardly, second time! (7) TESSERA {SET*}{S}{ERA}
20 Ribald entertainment shows (not of the soft kind!) (2,5) AL DENTE [T]
21 Eagerly consumes innuendos laden with gossip, ultimately (6) SLURPS {SLUR{g...iP}S}
23 Get rid of tortuous JEE and heartless CAT! (5) EJECT {JEE*}{CaT}
25 Fancy taking a girl out to swing (4) VARY VagARY

Reference List
Upper-class = U, Second = S, Britian = B, Books = NT, Husband = H, On = RE, Left = L, Girl = G

Tuesday 29 June 2021

No 13286, Tuesday 29 Jun 2021, Avtaar

Solution to 14A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Good mental workout today, with some help from Google.

1   Do well by leaders of community, integrating all locals (6) SOCIAL {SO}{Co...y}{In...g}{All}{Lo...s}
4   Persian script used in talaqs (8) NASTALIQ* Thanks to Google
9   Rare infection of the lung? Pressure is controlled with drug (6) SPARSE {S{P}ARS}{E}
10 Sold off abandoned junk — lie detectors and similar things (2,6) ET CETERI {LIE+DETECTORS-SOLD}*
11 Cricket administrator adapted this incentive system with merit increases, to start with (6,3,5)  CARROT AND STICK (CARROT+AND+STICK+MERIT+In...s = CRICKET ADMINISTRATOR)
13 Spooner sauteed tapioca, say and raisins (5,5) DRIED FRUIT (~ fried root to dried fruit)
14 Wonderful Indian town? (4) ?G?A (Addendum - AGRA [CD] - See comments)
16 Three ways to hold a pen (4) SWAN {S}{W}{N} over {A}
18 Random person one doesn’t want to marry? (10) UNINTENDED {UN INTENDED} [C&DD] See comments
21 Seizing buffalo’s tail violently, lion feels own power like a hawk descending on its prey (2,3,4,5)  IN ONE FELL SWOOP {b...lO+LION+FEELS+OWN+P}*
23 Corner between walls and roof on lounge frequently giving way, can be moved (8) LUGGABLE {GABLE}<=>{LoUnGe}
24 Drone crashed by Avtaar gets flattened (6) IRONED {DRONE}*<=>{I}
25 Stored records in a handheld device carried by lawyers before start of examination (8) DATABASE {D{A}{TAB}AS}{Ex...n}
26 First eleven’s departures (6) ASIDES {A}{SIDES}

1   Very very fair (2,2) SO SO {SO}{SO}
2   Tea and toasted pita bread (7) CHAPATI {CHA}{PITA*}
3   Soviet leader in America pulled up by revolutionaries who are under cover, waiting for payment (8) ASSUREDS {US{So...t}A<=}{REDS}
5   National lottery uncovered lapses of vigilance (11) ATTENTIONAL {NATIONAL+loTTEry}*
6   Fly northward from West Estonia (6) TSETSE [T<=]
7   Swimmer turned round, squinting (7) LEERING {EEL<=}{RING}
8   Combination of Lillee and Thomson, perhaps, with Marsh (9) QUICKSAND {QUICKS}{AND}
12 Volunteers performed, say, a special set of Neapolitan dances (11) TARANTELLAS {TA}{RAN}{TELL}{A}{S}
13 Passed around, yet pure (9) DISTILLED {DI{STILL}ED}
15 “Cay” and “Quay” said to be essential elements for searching (8) KEYWORDS {CAY/QUAY ~ key)
17 What the trader who got registered under the Indian tax system claimed in between (7) AMONGST {AM ON GST}
19 Road on the way up had been submerged (7) DROWNED {RD<=}{OWNED}
20 Floor with gold and black polish (6) BEDAUB {BED}{AU}{B}
22 Round, blue, raised rooms in a harem (4) ODAS {O}{SAD<=}

Reference List
Pressure = P, Drug = E, Power = P, Volunteers = TA, Special = S, Black = B

Monday 28 June 2021

No 13285, Monday 28 Jun 2021,

Solution to 13D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

7   Perform / sing with boy — one that can play a supporting role? (8) DOORJAMB {DO}{OR}{JAM}{B}
9   Regretted about home being destroyed (6) RUINED {RU{IN}ED}
10 Tool that counts for auditor (4) ADZE (~adds)
11 Organising topics and streaming at last! (10) PODCASTING {TOPICS+AND+s...nG}* &lit
12 Sweet line caught in couple’s song (6) DULCET {DU{L{C}ET}
14 Queen having clothes for evening (8) EQUATING {E{QU}ATING}
15 High costs in Europe for diamond, say (8,5) PRECIOUS STONE*
18 Magnetism of mother taking daily lives ahead (8) CHARISMA {MA}<=>{CHAR}{IS}
20 Cricket, perhaps from popular camp (6) INSECT {IN}{SECT}
21 Royal ceremony sans technology returns after pandemic (10) CORONATION {NO IT}<= <=>{CORONA}
22 Duty of the French army finally protecting Vatican City (4) LEVY {LE}{armY} over {V}
23 Cheat runs away reportedly (6) FLEECE (~flees)
24 What fishermen want maybe all that you have! (3,5) NET WORTH [DD]

1   Old soft page would become paper, in future (4,4) WOOD PULP {O+P+P+WOULD}*
2   Origins of unusually rare green emerald egg (4) URGE Acrostic
3   One hanging from a Shih Tzu, maybe? (6) LAPPET {LAP PET}
4   Post dated disengagements? (5-3) BREAK-UPS [CD]
5   Assumed criminal outfit is smuggling Indian cocaine (10) FICTITITOUS {OUTFIT+IS}* over {I}{C}
6   Interested to know about player batting (4,2) KEEN ON {KE{E}N}{ON}
8   Our patient’s poor standing (3,10) BAD REPUTATION {OUR+PATIENT}* [RA]
13 Reverend’s sad expression replicated with perfect tune (5-5) C?E?R-?O?E? (Addendum - CLEAR- TONED (~ tear cloned to clear-toned) - See comments)
16 Establishes stylish gallery on board (8) INSTATES {IN}{S{TATE}S}
17 Unearth former accountant’s tax notice at the bottom (8) EXCAVATE {EX}{CA}{VAT}{thE}
19 Which person told dad, around 50 to fuss? (6) HOOPLA (~who){HOO}{P{L}A}
20 One bottling can say reflects light (6) IGNITE {1}and {E{TIN}G}>=
22 Lift device or steal (4) LOOT<=

Reference List
/ = OR, Boy = B, Line = L, Caught = C, Queen = QU, Daily = CHAR, Popular = IN, The in French = LE, Old = O, Soft = P, Page = P, Indian = I, Cocaine = C, Player = E, Batting = ON, 50 = L

Sunday 27 June 2021

Special, Sunday 27 Jun 2021, Saral

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory) 
Please submit all your answers in one comment.  



The Sunday Crossword No 3156, Sunday 27 Jun 2021

1   Credit's bad? Switch to these! (5,5) DEBIT CARDS* Semi&lit
6   Conceited runner? Not half! (4) SMUG SMUGgler
9   After Disruption, find Free Church deviation (10) DIFFERENCE {FIND+FREE}*{CE}
10 A little misty-eyed ... because of this? (4) STYE [T] &lit
12 Dog's fine, in Ghana mobile hospital, dressing removed from wounds (6,5) AFGHAN HOUND {A{F}GHAN*}{H}{wOUNDs}
15 Offered response when director quit (having undergone censorship) (7) REACTED REdACTED
16 Hold about: dull way of learning subject in food science (7) PROTEIN {P{ROTE}IN}
17 Five gold cases aunt misappropriated somewhere in South Pacific (7) VANUATU {V}{A{AUNT*}U}
19 Qualifying match entered, reserve gets roasted again? (7) REHEATS {RE{HEAT}S}
20 After training, Perth girl is more nimble (11) SPRIGHTLIER*
23 Treats ... treats injury (4) ICES [DD]
24 In Tianjin, Tim ate lychees with a certain warmth (10) INTIMATELY [T]
25 Rod's called out in hellish water (4) STYX (~sticks)
26 Cash in kind of roll from S African politicians (5,5) SWISS FRANC {SWISS} {FR}{ANC}

1   Commercial retrospective repeatedly displaying nihilistic art (4) DADA {AD<=}{AD<=}
2   Polish expert (4) BUFF [DD]
 Ultimate success, stealth deployed by the French: I don't like it (3,4,5) THE LAST LAUGH {STEALTH}*{LA}{UGH}
4   Got back engraved bust right away (7) AVENGED ENGrAVED*
5   Displaying un chose, his art mimicked plumbing, primarily! (7) DUCHAMP Acrostic Semi&lit
7   Everyman 'so robust': on the contrary, he reached age of 969! (10) METHUSELAH {ME}{THUS}{HALE<=}
8   German quality of woodwinds: always wanting more (10) GREEDINESS {G}{REEDINESS}
11 Loft and hearth he renovated for spouse (3,5,4) THE OTHER HALF {LOFT+HEARTH+HE}*
13 Apologies and attempts to hide a piece of underwear (10) TRAVESTIES {TR{A}{VEST}IES}
14 At last, Danny Dyer runs a reform school, of sorts (3,7) DAY NURSERY {d..nY+DYER+RUNS+A}*
18 Before today, author Sinclair seen with pained expression (2,2,3) UP TO NOW {UPTON}{OW}
19 Ingredient of madeira is ... insidiously ... some old grapes (7) RAISINS [T]
21 Fantastic, seeing a jewel mounted (4) MEGA {A}{GEM}<=
22 We're told to set kind of update (4) SYNC (~sink)

Reference List
Church = CE, Fine = F, Hospital = H, Director = D, From = FR, Commercial = AD, The in French = LA, Right = R, German = G 

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday #43, Sunday 27 Jun 2021, Bruno

The Hindu Cryptic on Sunday can be accessed at the link given below. The interactive version at the link is NO LONGER free, you need to register and sign in using an email ID and password, subscription is required.

The crossword is not being blogged as the annotations are provided in the interactive version itself which can be seen if you click on 'Show a hint' under the 'reveal' tab on the top.

The same will be posted on every Sunday at 6 AM.


Saturday 26 June 2021

No 13284, Saturday 26 Jun 2021, Hypatia



9 Somehow Europe must not be flatter (6,7,2) BUTTER SOMEONE UP {EUROPE+MUST+NOT+BE*}
10 Fix tariff charges basically for trade (7) TRAFFIC {TARIFF+Charges*}
11 Escort again joins one going back East (7) RETINUE {RE}{UNIT<=}{E}
12 Upset policemen per Reverend in bakeries (4,5) CAKE SHOPS {(-sh+C)AKE (-c+SH)OPS}
14 Some regularly fell back for tests (5) EXAMS {SoMe}{AXE}<=
17 Rig Veda embracing old Indian source of doctrines shunned (7) AVOIDED {VEDA*} around {O}{I}{Doctorines}
19 A “Hole-in-the-wall” diner? (7) TERMITE (CD)
21 Show tip of nose and powder over (5) ECLAT {nosE}{TALC<=}
23 At home Hypatia’s keeping loose change for carrot (9) INCENTIVE {IN}{CENT}{I 'VE}
25 Dad taking delayed turn in table (7) PLATEAU {P{LATE}A}{U}
27 Wind enters home and erodes (7) MEANDER (T)
30 Guilty // Holi players maybe discovered this way? (6,3-6) CAUGHT RED-HANDED (DD)


1 Encourage neighbour to take English for university (4) ABET {AB(-u+E)
2 Volatile Italian party Neta? (4) ETNA {NETA*}
3 Looked over drinks in fine spread (8) PERFUSED {PER{F}USED}
4 Manic killer, hacks when cycling outside yard (6) PSYCHO {(+PS){Y}{CHO(-ps)}
5 High class trams (5,3) SMART SET {TRAMS*} Reverse Anagram
6 Roughly jolt someone, initially start to elbow (6) JOSTLE {JOLT+Someone+Elbow*} semi &lit
7 A boring novel picked up in break (4) WEAN {NEW<=} around {A}
8 Beginners in all primary schools enjoy recess (4) APSE (Acrostic)
12 Obsession of bird turning North to sleep soundly (5) CRAZE {CRA(-n+Z)E}
13 Somewhat round bell on Kailasa hill (5) KNOLL (T<=)
15 An excuse often picked early in bail (5) ALIBI {In+BAIL*} ( Addendum - {eArLy+In+BaIl} - See comments)
16 Blockade in school that’s from behind, say (5) SIEGE {S}{IE}{EG<=}
18 Iraqi, driving under influence starts to spill drink (8) DAIQUIRI {IRAQI+Driving+Under+Influence*}

20 Tourist vehicle crashes near track that’s incomplete (4-1-3) RENT-A-CAR {NEAR+TRACk*}
22 What babies do — bit by bit? (6) TEETHE (CD)
24 Funny play of shy author at drive-in (6) COMEDY {CO{ME}{D}Y}
25 Ready to accommodate Cubas deal (4) PACT {PA{C}T}
26 Disney movie doesn’t end up in compound (4) ALUM {MULAn<=}
28 Perform act for an old bird (4) DODO {DO}{DO}
29 Broadcast regretted being impolite (4) RUDE {~RUED}


Reference List

Again=Re, East-E, Old=O, Indian=I, At home=In, Turn=U
English=E, University=U, Fine=F, Yard=Y, North=N, School=S, That's=I.E, Say=Eg, Author=Me, Drive=D, Cuba=C

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded linksTheme word Reference list wordAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorOpposite indicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 25 June 2021

No 13283, Friday 25 Jun 2021, Anon


All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake in the annotation someone will correct it with the right annotation.


Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

Regular solvers/Veterans can post 1 answer each, but after 11 AM only

The regular blog will replace the clues at 4 PM.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Change Greek character at famous gallery (6) MUTATE {MU}{TATE}
4   Unorthodox mandate missing a bicycle (6) TANDEM MaNDATE*
9   Addict rues mistake (4) USER*
10 Salesman feels bitter about exhibits (10) REPRESENTS {REP}{RESENTS}
11 Spirit, one in anger (6) WRAITH {WRA{1}TH}
12 Evocative elder not tipsy (8) REDOLENT*
13 Rash logic confused Russian rulers (9) OLIGARCHS*
15 Ire of heavenly messenger switching sides (5) ANGER ANGE(-l+r)R
16 Rise with first toe stuck in beach (5) STAND {S{Toe}AND}
18 Regularly sign report in reverse (9) INVERSION {sIgN}{VERSION}
22 Rarotonga district has argon air mixture (8) ARORANGIThanks to Google
23 Sleep a smaller amount? Not quite in this city (6) NAPLES {NAP}{LESs}
25 Instrument for a University teacher oddly neanightshade (10) BELLADONNA {BELL}{A}{DON}{NeAr}
26 Prosecuted complicated dues (4) SUED*
27 Designed enclosure with light emitting diode (6) STYLED {STY}{LED}
28 Idiot, alien initially stumble upon valuables (6) ASSETS {ASS}{ET}{St...e}

1   Winter wind removes one from invalid court case (7) MISTRAL MISTRiAL
2   Rotis made by trunks (5) TORSI*
3   Crucify, we hear, one who gives light (7) TORCHER (~torture)
5   Alters ridiculous demands, removes source of doubt (6) AMENDS dEMANDS*
6   Living quarters make ringing sounds around water source (9) DWELLINGS {D{WELL}INGS}
7   Sea mammal overturned silvery metal at afternoon performance (7) MATINEE MA(NAT<=)EE TAN is not a silvery metal?
8   Confused senior happens to have misgivings (13) APREHENSIONS*
14 As a rule, has army commander’s regular ploy (9) GENERALLY {GENERAL}{pLoY}
17 Rodent returns, attains goals (7) TARGETS {RAT<=}{GETS}
19 In a riot, ensnared, let go of ringleader of groups of nine (7) ENNEADS ENSNArED*
20 They walk out to face the new ball (7) OPENERS [CD]
21 Irritable single heartless canine emotes initially (2,4) ON EDGE {ONE}{DoG}{Em...s}
24 Spread ancient education at first (5) PASTE {PAST}{Ed...n}

Reference List
Alien = ET

Thursday 24 June 2021

No 13282, Thursday 24 Jun 2021, Dr. X

Solution to 26A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   In Caribbean island, leading actress ran around palm tree (8) CARNAUBA {C{Ac...s}{RAN*}UBA}
5   Disreputable character mostly cheated (6) SORDID {SORt}{DID}
10 Turning to steal from account, one gets caught, becomes penniless (7) BORACIC {ROB<=}{AC}{1}{C}
11 Creative people from Dire Straits (7) ARTISTS*
12 Girl is leaving to get hold of cotton thread (5) LISLE [T]
13 Minute amount of cocaine involved in misdeed at work by associate (9) SCINTILLA {S{C}IN}{TILL}{A}
14 By God! Bohr and men designed nuclear weapon (8,4) HYDROGEN BOMB {BY+GOD+BOHR+MEN}*
18 English frown about smooth Brexit finally getting doubly hard in last possible moment (8,4) ELEVENTH HOUR {E}{L{EVEN}{b...iT}{HH}OUR}
21 Risk by man crossing ultimately controversial border in Middle Eastern city (9) BETHLEHEM {BET}{c...aL}{HE}{HEM}
23 Anguish and love in Grammy award winning song (5) HELLO {HELL}{O}

24 Outcry about securing victory by bit of audacious trickery (7) EVASION {E{V}{Au...s}ION<=}
25 Wrong to consume heroin and crack in lively celebration (7) SHINDIG {S{H}IN}{DIG}
26 One steering boat in trouble, overwhelmed by a leaking hole (6) T?L?E? ()
27 Son worries about one nightmare essentially that’s most terrifying (8) SCARIEST {S}{CAR{1}ES}{n.hTm..e}

1   Ruins lab coat, spilling a chemical element (6) COBALT {LAB+COaT}*
2   Most exceptional artist on vacation (6) RAREST {RA}{REST}
3   Dashing eyepatch, right for model (9) ARCHETYPE {EYEPATCH+R}*
4   Assists investigator finally in exposing illicit exchange of favours (14) BACKSCRATCHING {BACKS}{C{i...oR}ATCHING}
6   Not a good cottage perhaps for group of eight (5) OCTET COTTagE*
7   Lads running wild outside one cheap bar (8) DISALLOW {D{1}SAL*}{LOW}
8   Husband goes berserk on ecstasy in Asian capital (8) DUSHANBE {HUSBAND}*{E}
9   Where concertgoers might be accepting unpleasant consequences (6,3,5) FACING THE MUSIC [DD]
15 Stood up, suppressing cry of disgust with couple becoming more indecent (9) NAUGHTIER {NA{UGH}{TIE}R<=}
16 Most unconvincing charge by leading barrister in case (8) FEEBLEST{FEE}{Ba...r}{LEST}
17 Food item to munch with slice of bread in plaza (8) MEATBALL {M{EAT}{Br..d}ALL}
19 Small toboggan contains bit of dirt and slime (6) SLUDGE {S}{LU{Dirt}GE}
20 Disregard fashion model (6) FORGET {FORGE}{T}
22 Large mineral aggregate around one river in Europe (5) LOIRE {L}{O{1}RE}

Reference List
Account = AC, Caught = C, Cocaine = C, Associate = A, English = E, Frown = LOUR, Hard = H, Victory = V, Heroin = H, Son = S, Artist = RA, Right = R, Good = G, Ecstasy = E, Small = S, Model = T, Large = L

Wednesday 23 June 2021

No 13281, Wednesday 23 Jun 2021, Dr. X

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Exhaust all resources to make the room secure? (5,4,4) SHOOT ONES BOLT [DD]
8   Backing curate to masterfully conduct a choral composition (5) MOTET [T<=]
9   Primarily boisterous saying, knocking back drink (7,2) BOTTOMS UP {Bo...s}{MOTTO<=}{SUP} &lit
11 Unruly engineers start to rant in workshop (10) REFRACTORY {RE}{F{Rant}ACTORY}
12 A kid going back for jelly (4) AGAR {A}{RAG<=}
14 Arresting many leaving all-night raves (7) HALTING {ALl+NIGHT}*
16 Girl cuddling rascal on ecstasy in university (7) ACADEMY {A{CAD}{E}MY}
17 Shall he also pick up herbal plant regarded as panacea? (7) ALLHEAL [T]
19 Found duke leaving to get hold of new cloak (7) ENVELOP {dE{N}VELOP}
21 Unpunctual son ignored reprimand (4) LATE sLATE
22 Preparing dosa and sambar for envoy (10) AMBASSADOR*
25 Anxiously argue about Republican lazily tackling onset of epidemic (9) WORRIEDLY {ROW<=}{R}{I{Ep...c}DLY}
26 Ball covered by dew becoming wet (5) MOIST {M{O}IST}
27 Praise clothing salesmen liberally for uprightness (13) BLAMELESSNESS {BL{SALESMEN*}ESS}

2   The flu spreading around area is nasty (7) HATEFUL {THE+FLU}* over {A}
3   Very rebellious actress, single, going wild in bars (10) OSTRACISES {SO<=}{ACTRESS+1}*
4   Book penned by apprentice about revolution (5) ORBIT {TI{B}RO}<=
5   Remove old bug climbing in drain (9) EXTIRPATE {EX}{TIR{TAP<=}E}
6   Lout in raid about to steal ring (4) BOOR {RO{O}B<=}
7   Rising flatulence, tucking into street food (7) LASAGNE {LA{GAS<=}NE}
8   Sweet man ensnared by escort, despondent (11) MARSHMALLOW {MARSH{M}AL}{LOW}
10 Character gets tipsy at last on liquor in festive atmosphere (5,6) PARTY SPIRIT {PART}{t..sY}{SPIRIT}
13 Suffering after picking up undergarment with an arachnid (10) HARVESTMAN {HAR{VEST}M}{AN}
15 Anxious model, glad to get top prize (4,5) GOLD MEDAL*
18 Drunk, real smashed to be precise (7) LITERAL {LIT}{REAL*}
20 Young men and women drinking vodka heartily (7) LADDIES {LAD{voDka}IES}
23 Mule crossing extremely bumpy canyon (5) ABYSS {A{BumpY}SS}
24 Endless feud over money causing concern (4) ?I?M (Addendum - FIRM {RIFt<=}{M} - See comments)

Reference List
Drink = SUP, Engineers = RE, Many = L, Ecstasy = E, Duke = D, New = N, Son = S, Republican = R, Area = A, Book = B, Old = EX, Man = M, Money = M

Tuesday 22 June 2021

No 13280, Tuesday 22 Jun 2021, Dr. X

Solution to 13A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Turning excited on cocaine, gets into fight in bar tour (3,5) PUB CRAWL {UP<=}{B{C}RAWL}
5   Loads volcanic rock aboard steamer (6) STUFFS {S{TUFF}S}
10 Musical instrument in case picked up by versatile ace (7) CELESTA {CE{LEST}A*}
11 Sea cucumber’s flavour enthrals agent (7) TREPANG {T{REP}ANG}
12 Puzzle’s fine, can decipher at last (5) FLOOR {F}{LOO}{d...eR}
13 Trouble all round after associate faces depression temporarily (2,7) A? I?T?R?M (Addendum - AD INTERIM {MIRE<=} after {A}{DINT} - See comments)
14 On beer and pot, let loose — it’s what drinker needs (6-6) BOTTLE-OPENER {ON+BEER+POT+LET}*
18 Knocking back liquor on the house, boors go berserk in American city (12) MURFREESBORO {RUM<=}{FREE}{BOORS*}
21 Furnace and boiler boiling over! Run away (3,6) OIL BURNER {BOILER}* over {RUN}*
23 Asian city overwhelmed by outbreak as overcrowding returns (5) OSAKA [T<=]
24 Naive young woman and boy killed in bungee jumping (7) INGENUE {IN+bUNGEE}*
25 How a Conservative MP might describe self as romantic (7) AMATORY {AM A TORY}
26 Body found in restroom at terminus (6) MATTER [T]
27 Suspicious cartons contain drug precursor (8) ANCESTOR {ANC{E}STOR*}

1   Quick to embrace single female and soothe (6) PACIFY {PAC{1}{F}Y}
2   Cry of pain after charges surge (6) BILLOW {OW}<=>{BILL}
3   River or sea perhaps, not a lake (9) RESERVOIR {RIVER+OR+SEa}*
4   Overcome by strong emotion, like a person with osteoarthritis might be? (4,2,3,5) WEAK AT THE KNEES [DD]
6   Greek character almost catches fellow shoplifting (5) THEFT {THE{F}Ta}
7   Notorious ex-convict managed to enter empty flat (8) FLAGRANT {Fla{LAG}{RAN}T}
8   Native American chief upset about reactionary slogan used by Trump (8) SAGAMORE {S{MAGA<=}ORE}
9   Make a deal with effort, acquiring a furniture company by take-over (6,1,7) STRIKE A BARGAIN {STR{IKEA}{GRAB<=}AIN}
15 Speak at length about early sign of femoral rupture (9) PERFORATE {PER{F}ORATE}
16 Unusually mobile, small mass causes obstruction of blood vessel (8) EMBOLISM {MOBILE*}{S}{M}
17 Amateur correctly grips both sides of coil in device providing illumination (8) ARCLIGHT {A}{R{CoiL}IGHT}
19 Sozzled actor popping bit of Viagra in romp (6) CAVORT {CA{Vi...a}ORT*}
20 Brief film about onset of war (6) LAWYER {LA{War}YER}
22 Bones in middle of trunk alongside seedy lane (5) ULNAE {trUnk}{LANE*}

Reference List
Cocaine = C, Steamer = SS, Fine = F, Associate = A, Can = LOO, Boy = B, Drug = E, Female = F, Fellow = F, Small = S, Mass = M, Amateur = A 

Monday 21 June 2021

No 13279, Monday 21 Jun 2021, Incognito

Solution to 26A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Remaining sleep, perhaps (4) REST [DD]
9   Small animal in Post Office? (5) HIPPO {HIP}{PO}
10 Even tallow, for example, is contaminated with some lard (4) FLAT {F{Lard}AT}
11 Even worried about queen’s top layer (6) VENEER {EVEN*}{ER}
12 Badly carves some smiling emojis in crack in glacier (8) CREVASSE {CARVES*}{Sm...g}{Em...s}
13 Collapse of steep dam results in mad rush (8) STAMPEDE*
15 For example, streaker’s rolling in dust (6) NUDIST*
17 Hug me on returning with couple (7) EMBRACE {ME<=}{BRACE}
19 Hide on one occasion in California (7) CONCEAL {C{ONCE}AL}
22 In blog, wrongly mentioned legendary creature (6) GOBLIN*
24 Average cuts of vegetables (8) PARSNIPS {PAR}{SNIPS}
26 Stew in American badlands (8) ?I?D?E?T (Addendum - WILDWEST {STEW}* [RA] - See comments) Enu should be (4,4) See comments
28 Intoxicated celebrants throw away crumpled cans three times (6) TREBLE cELEBRanTs*
30 Famous college returned memo (4) NOTE<=
31 A couple of small streets’ staff (5) STAVE {ST}{AVE}
32 Melody’s strain (4) TUNE [DD]

1   That lady eloped in the beginning at this place (4) HERE {HER}{E}
2   Refurbish Christmas tree after removing torn chits and pennant (8) STREAMER {chRiStMAs+TREE}*
3   Chinese, with wild rage, rush forward in attack (6) CHARGE {CH}{RAGE*}
4   A space built around hospital for some Indians in America (7) APACHES {A+SPACE}* over {H}
5   Inherit tattered coin tome (4,4) COME INTO*
6   Scared RAF aid is scattered (6) AFRAID*
7   After losing ring, chief has a low sounding voice (4) BASS B(-o+a)ASS
14 Speed displayed by defective pedometer when injured deer goes away (5) TEMPO PEdOMeTer*
16 Special musical instrument’s pointed (5) SHARP {S}{HARP}
18 Opposite talk (8) CONVERSE [DD]
20 Croc nest is destroyed for musical performances (8) CONCERTS*
21 Part of Punjab’s Patiala concerning space (7) SPATIAL [T]
23 Accounts book’s right behind shelf (6) LEDGER {R}<=>{LEDGE}
25 Cad and mother missing in city in The Netherlands (6) ROTTER ROTTERdam
27 Agitated gent left nitrogen compound and metal (4) IRON nItROgeN Compound was not required
29 Row in Dublin estate (4) LINE [T]

Reference List
Queen = ER, Hospital = H, Special = S, Right = R