Friday 31 October 2014

No.11228, Friday 31 Oct 2014, Arden

Arden's delightful fourth has  long words and phrases beautifully handled. I almost thought this was a themed one: parliaments (how about installing hammocks in parliament?), old official/leader,

1 Disgruntled chaplain, ignoring an Islamic leader (6) CALIPH (CHAPLAIN-AN)*
         IS al-Baghdadi an example? Incidentally, the word Caliph contains the name 1 caliph starting from the 2nd letter, with a length of 3 letters, and is the name of the 4th caliph: Ali ! It is also found in the alternative spelling Khalifa
4 Can teach English to you in Germany by correspondence (8) EDUCABLE (E DU CABLE)
9 Nut going away afternoon (6) NOGGIN (GOING* N) [Correction - (N GOING*) - See comments]
10 Metal and Quartz form a grand structure (8) BASILICA (BA(for Barium) SILICA)
12 One can wear something white as an old official (8) PALATINE (A TIN in PALE)
13 Scorched design, perhaps (6) SINGED (DESIGN*)
          Reminded me of an anecdote I had heard long back. A comedian (Groucho Marx?) had received a letter from a man requesting him to send a 'singed' photograph of his. Noting the spelling mistake, he gleefully took a photograph and using a cigarette lighter singed the edges and sent it. Promptly, another letter turned up: "Thank you for sending the signed photo, but I had asked for a singed one"
15 Jewish new year (4,8) ROSH HASHANAH (E/GK)
          Remembered from Harold Robbins books, where I came across a host of new words like Bar Mitzvah, Yom Kippur, Yarmulke, etc.
18 Smart to acquire processed mineral, making things simple (12) STREAMLINING (MINERAL* in STING)
21 Order a sail with a native Indian (6) OJIBWA (O JIB W A)
22 Hurry to encode (8) SCRAMBLE (2)
24 Destitute and loveless, a characteristic picture (8) PORTRAIT (POOR-O TRAIT)
25 6 — true representation of righteousness (6) VIRTUE (VI TRUE*)
26 Breaking code in bet — it's related (8) ANECDOTE (CODE* in ANTE)
          Ref. under 13a
27 Employed by a world body, absolutely new (6) UNUSED (UN USED)

1 Spin off participating in the central scheme (8) CONSPIRE (SPIN* in CORE)
2 Make it binding, say, among various allies (8) LEGALISE (EG in ALLIES*)
3 May be pertinent — what do you do in a wild party? (5,3,4,3) PAINT THE TOWN RED (PERTINENT WHAT DO)*
          I wonder which colour the colour-blind paint the town with ...
5 Stretch upward (4) DRAW (WARD<)
          I misread the first word as 'Sketch' and the clue still worked !
6 Dealt with antisocial — having an edge in making it illegal (15) CRIMINALISATION (RIM IN in ANTISOCIAL*)
7 Game for one newly married around midnight (6) BRIDGE (BRIDE around G)
          This is the word that links two of Arden's favourites: the ship and the card game
8 Garfunkel and Simon — somewhat horny creatures (6) ELANDS (T)
           Reverse order of the guys behind 'Silence of Sounds The' surprised me at first ! These guys were prescient - look, they predicted social media (ten thousand people, may be more - people talking without speaking), headphone/mobile usage that makes the user not to you when you talk directly with him/her (people hearing without listening), modern music (people writing songs that voices never share), computers/mobiles (the neon god that they had made) ...  
          On a different note, a lot of vehicle users in Bangalore are horny creatures too ...
11 Parliament seeks not to drop opposition leader after assembly (7) KNESSET (SEEKS NOT-O)*
14 Just the thing for retired swingers (7) HAMMOCK (CD)
16 Complaint when one perishes without help (8) DIABETES (DIES outside ABET)
17 Fit a tiny device initially in plant (8) AGUEWEED (AGUE WEE D)
19 Too much hype as it goes around a city (6) HOOPLA (HOOP LA)
20 May be Mary will go through it (6) PIERCE (2)
23 The thing that nourishes parliament (4) DIET (2)


Thursday 30 October 2014

No 11227, Thursday 30 Oct 2014, Arden

Struggled in the NW corner. Stumped by 2&3D and some annos.

9   A person becomes sour when it gets arduous (7) ONEROUS {ONE}{SOUR*}
10 Pretender — he advances ruthlessly and keeps quiet (7) USURPER {USUR{P}ER}
11 What's done to spite the face with twitter's restricted opening (7) NEEDFUL ? Anno pending (Addendum - NOSTRIL {NOSe}{TRILl} - See comments)
12 Take correct medicinal cover (7) CAPSULE Anno pending (Addendum - CAPTURE - {C{APT}URE} - See comments)
13 A parody on booze as sister cracks the puzzle (9) CONUNDRUM {CO{NUN}D}{RUM}
15 Change workers, short man to stand guard (5) EMEND {tE{MEN}D}
16 Regularly with cell phone, it's definite end (7) CLOSURE {CelL+phOne}{SURE}
19 Without velocity never try making it back to earth (7) REENTRY {NEvER+TRY}*
20 Herb's subject undergoes change of heart (5) THYME TH(-e+y)YME
21 Wretched climate signifies gloomy outlook (9) DOWNTREND {DOWN}{TREND}
25 Bird's cry included in the list (7) ROOSTER {RO{O}STER}
26 Old space traveller encounters gravity, runs in again (7) GAGARIN {G}{AGA{R}IN}
28 Extremely nice to be among people when coronated (7) CROWNED {CROW{NicE}D}
29 Stay back with one clutching it — it’s hard rubber (7) EBONITE {EB<=}{ON{IT}E}

1   After retirement able to try cold drink (6) COGNAC {C}{OG}{NAC}<=
2   Period hardly covered (6) ?E?S?N (Addendum - LESSON {LESS}{ON} - See comments)
3   Tie up space (4) ?O?F (Addendum - MOOR <= - See comments)
4   Stonework so odd with halo, with aura (6) ASHLAR {AS}{HaLo}{AuRa}
5   Instrument rim clued differently (8) DULCIMER*
6   Add flexible time to retain workers (10) SUPPLEMENT {SUPPLE}{MEN}{T}
7   Cleanest way to press and cut (8) SPRUCEST*
8   Warm day, Peter extremely lazy (8) FRIENDLY {FRI}{END}{LazY}
14 Revolting Nagas unite (10) NAUSEATING*
16 Approximate area surrounding a waterfall (8) CATARACT {CA}{T{A}RACT}
17 A word for example which is a little big (8) OXYMORON Definition by example
18 Older building for a party in Ophir, maybe (8) ELDORADO {OLDER*}{A}{DO}
22 Bet over name of composer (6) WAGNER {WAG{N}ER}
23 Silver wire entangled insect (6) EARWIG {AG+WIRE}
24 Dress is essential, stupid (6) DONKEY {DON}{KEY}
27 Girl's love is in jail (4) GAOL {GA{O}L}


Wednesday 29 October 2014

No 11226, Wednesday 29 Oct 14, Arden

Great surface reading in most clues, specially liked 4D and 1A.

1   Hem and haw initially in jails and they will come down heavily (13) SLEDGEHAMMERS {SL{EDGE}{Haw}AMMERS}
10 A song about cinema (5) ODEON {ODE}{ON}
11 Ten photos developed right there (2-3-4) ON-THE-SPOT*
12 I lash out with suppressed fury, directionless in heaven (7-2) SHANGRI-LA {SH{ANGRy}I-LA*} (Correction - {SH{ANGeR}I-LA*} - See comments)
13 Affected interest cost? Not affected (5) STOIC {I+COST}*
14 Strange dance, very unusual (7) ODDBALL {ODD}{BALL}
16 Ex British PM gave away daughter to a Middle Eastern man (7) ISRAELI dISRAELI
18 Insects lack a vitamin, get disease (7) RICKETS cRICKETS
20 It's very hot coming closer, reverse direction (7) SEARING (-n+s)SEARING
22 Novel writing? Send to those who are always studying (5) NERDS {R+SEND}*
24 Committee built poor structure (9) POLITBURO*
26 Agreement is rejected during assembly of fancy car (9) LIMOUSINE {LI{MOU}{SI<=}NE}
27 Perhaps once a water body (5) OCEAN*
28 It's open alongside by arrangement to help one who is retired (3-3,7) OLD-AGE PENSION*

2   Pull fish up from the protected side (7) LEEWARD {LEE}{WARD}<=
3   Put down — in other words dine where they make grilled food (9) DENIGRATE {DINE*}{GRATE}
4   It could be dangerous — that is crossing Indo-Pak border from the East (1,4) E COLI {E {COL}I}<=
5   Risk takers evenly match tour with a sign (9) ACTUARIES {mAtCh ToUr}{ARIES}
6   Finds alien in trouble almost (5) MEETS {ME{ET}Ss}
7   Rate for being in ever-changing environment (7) REPROVE {RE{PRO}VE*}
8   Robert's called regularly and you run inside — that's all there is to it (4,4,5) BOBS YOUR UNCLE {BOB'S} {YOU}{R UN}{CaLlEd}
9   Clinging to show it is a knotty problem (8,5) STICKING POINT {STICKING} {POINT}
15 Lean on Penny and Paddy for what it’s worth (4,5) LIST PRICE {LIST} {P}{RICE}
17 Repercussions from creations (9) REACTIONS*
19 His best friend protecting Arab, isn’t it sweet? (7) CARAMEL {C{AR}AMEL}
21 Possible routine before birth (2,5)  IN UTERO*
23 It's steamy animal life as female goes for old Bob (5) SAUNA (-f+s)SAUNA
25 Fib about say a vassal (5) LIEGE {LI{EG}E}


Tuesday 28 October 2014

No.11225, Tuesday 28 Oct 14, Arden

Brilliant stuff as usual. The long anagrams were quite awesome as were most of the other clue varieties. Too many good clues to list. Thank you Arden for a bright start to the day.

1 Drug dealer's very quick to contain damage (8) PHARMACY [very quick=PACY outside damage=HARM]
5 Nothing on gun clip (6) FASTEN [nothing=FA + gun=STEN]
10 Team's back — back with an inexperienced driver (7) ARSENAL [back=ARSE + AN + inexperienced driver=L<-]
11 NATO for example is a friend monsieur (7) ACRONYM [A + friend=CRONY + Monsieur]
12 Obama said to be one among people from East Africa (5) MASAI [T]
13 Arctic transport will avoid certain corridors (3-6) SKI-PLANES [will avoid=SKIP + corridors=LANES]
14 Appreciation for carrying a girl (3,2,3,4) PAT ON THE BACK [girl=PAT carrying=ON THE BACK]
18 Keen to prevent listener getting caught — it's well understood (7,5) CRYSTAL CLEAR [keen=CRY + prevent=STALL + listener=EAR outside Caught]
21 Barmaid gets empty tumbler for whisky she sells (9) TRAITRESS [barmaid=WAITRESS with TumbleR for Whisky]
23 Cross current gathers speed (5) IRATE [current=I + speed=RATE]
24 Is no more keeping order — keep out (7) ISOLATE [IS + no more=LATE outside Order]
25 Nothing changes for egg producers (7) OVARIES [nothing=0 + changes=VARIES]
26 German thinker's article by alter ego (6) GOETHE [EGO* + article=THE]
27 Stand as doctor deals with pet (8) PEDESTAL [DEALS PET]*

1 Just the thing to make one hot blooded? (6) PLASMA [CD]
2 Fools succeeded to measure (6) ASSESS [fools=ASSES + Succeeded]
3 Correct — it can become calender (9) MENDICANT [correct=MEND + IT CAN]
4 Huddled close, or perhaps ignored (4-10) COLD-SHOULDERED [HUDDLED CLOSE OR]
6 It starts with a prank (5) APRIL [CD]
7 Went on as turning tool (5, 3) TENON SAW [WENT ON AS]
8 Drink under any label's called the same (8) NAMESAKE [any label=NAME + drink=SAKE]
9 Ice leopard's toe broken by this instrument (5,9) RADIO TELESCOPE [ICE LEOPARDS TOE]
15 Time to give order, no time to destroy (9) ERADICATE [time=ERA + give order=DICtATE]
16 Sarcastic? Extremely so, it's a fixation (8) SCATHING [SarcastiC + A + fixation=THING]
17 Maybe say around hundred additional trees (8) SYCAMORE [SAY* outside hundred=C + additional=MORE]
19 Red pole's even solid inside (6) MAOIST [pole=MAST outside sOlId]
20 Kolinsky's wife takes a stand (6) WEASEL [Wife + stand=EASEL]

22 Worthless // junk (5) TRASH [DD] 

Monday 27 October 2014

No.11224, Monday 27 Oct 2014, Buzzer

The Buzz is that surfaces are real smooth Down Under. Awesome anagram in 15 lettered 15a in this theatrical one
Stumped in a few places ...

6 Cool road trips into Rocky Mountains location (8) COLORADO (COOL ROAD)*
9 Appropriate to drink an instant coffee. It is quick (6) ABRUPT (BRU in APT)
10 Baked dish in a bar (4) CAKE (2)
11 Place to look up anagram indicator? Yes (10) DICTIONARY (INDICATOR Y)*
12 Expert going over estate quickly (6) PRESTO (PRO over EST)
14 Empty old house in Berlin gets tenant finally (7) EXHAUST (EX HAUS T)
15 Small amount of change given in cheaper donation (1,4,2,3,5)  A DROP IN THE OCEAN (CHEAPER DONATION)*
18 Wistful as calamity engulfs an ancient opera house (2,5) LA SCALA (T)
20 Make certain date is in for special experience (6) ENDURE (EN(-s+d)DURE)
22 Feeling bad about taking without right (10) REGRETTING (RE GETTING around R)
23 A curse of frequent cruises (4) CUSS (CrUiSeS)
24 Man, one managed retreats in a hill station (6) MUNNAR (M UN RAN<)
25 Nobody express disappointment (8) NONEVENT (NONE VENT)

1 Essential piece of work, but not hard (4) CORE (CHORE - H)
2 Style of cooking soft roti infused with egg (8) TANDOORI (ROTI*  with AND O) with on double duty? Part of 'infused with' and with=and?
3 A local group in French capital for those into drinking (6) PARISH (PARIS as pronounced by a drunk)
4 Sounded // positive (10) PRONOUNCED (2)
5 A treetop set for a drama (8) OPERETTA (A TREETOP)*
7 Rejected part of caesarian operation being broadcast (2-3) ON AIR (T<)
8 Theatre part including a box for management (13) ORCHESTRATION (ORATION including CHEST) I am unable to explain an R (CHEST in OR RATION) See comments
13 Small amount of money set apart in providing support (10) SHOESTRING (CD,DD) (SET* in SHORING)See comments
16 Act pulled off wearing fancy clothing (6,2) DOLLED UP (DO PULLED*)
17 Upcoming hospital department nurses to unite (8) EMERGENT (ENT nurses MERGE)
19 Sweet place for tea say? (6) AFTERS (Sweets come after the meal?) (AFTER S) See comments
21 It might get sticky to commit a second crime (5) RESIN (RE SIN)
23 Rodent seen in a central government school reportedly (4) CAVY (~KV=Kendriya Vidyalaya)

Sunday 26 October 2014

No 2814, Sunday 26 Oct 2014

1   Cave deposit, old - work on it inside (10) STALACTITE {STAL{ACT}{IT}E}
6   Cheerful on a trip (4) HIGH [DD]
10 Excuse a crack about bishop (7) ABSOLVE {A}{B}{SOLVE}
11 Pilot coming from Ottawa, via Toronto (7) AVIATOR [T]
12 Writer, King, with terribly fine whittling tool (8) PENKNIFE {PEN}{K}{FINE*}
13 Perry's Della in the way? (6) STREET [DD]
15 Honour beloved heroine (5,7) GRACE DARLING {GRACE} {DARLING}
18 Yearns to meet rider dropping off son, a docker (12) LONGSHOREMAN {LONGS}{HORsEMAN}
21 Pair left in four-seater car (6) COUPLE {COUP{L}E}
22 Pop out during present sit-in (8) STOPPAGE {ST{POP*}AGE}
24 Sieve, small, lost in coach (7) TRAINER sTRAINER
25 Worker settled in sound city in New Mexico (5,2) SANTA FE {S{ANT}A FE}
26 Uniform happening to be short (4) EVEN EVENt
27 Prince not returning for a dance (10) CHARLESTON {CHARLES}{NOT<=}

1   Rogue, one providing seafood (6) SCAMPI {SCAMP}{1}
2   Nod when ordered to go (6) ASSENT {AS}{SENT}
3   Tired out, girls went swimming, freestyle (3-2,9) ALL-IN WRESTLING {ALL-IN} {GIRLS+WENT}*
4   Article on vote cast for act in talent show (3,1,6) THE X FACTOR {THE} {X} {FOR+ACT}*
5   A drop in drink, drop of rum? (4) TEAR {TEA}{R}
7   Fearless, I printed anyhow (8) INTREPID*
8   Male must leave retreat to claim birthright (8) HERITAGE HERmITAGE
9   Cake covering - top is a spread (8,6) VICTORIA SPONGE*
14 Part of a newspaper's title? Readers initially voted it changed (10) ADVERTISER {READERS+Voted+IT}*
16 Formal or unofficial relationship (5,3) BLACK TIE {BLACK} {TIE}
17 Brood at home on Caribbean island, extremely tactile (8) INCUBATE {IN}{CUBA}{TactilE}
19 Empty tin inside large container (6) VACANT {VA{CAN}T}
20 River cut off any number (6) SEVERN {SEVER}{N}
23 Leading procession miles away (4) ARCH mARCH


Congrats to the joint winners Maddy, Srivathsan and Raghunath and thanks to all who participated in CWE -2. A special thanks to CV for a stupendous analysis. Was away with guests for most of the day and came in late into the night (by my standards). 

Ok, friends, Indians, Maddy and Srivathsan (Raghunath, I think, will not mind since he has cleverly opted out) , though I am not 'the' winner of the previous CWE (others' clues were better by far), if you don't mind, I shall foolhardily venture to stick my neck out and pick up the proverbial gauntlet or as our DIY-COW friends call it, the Albatross (as in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner), and carry it (or them?) till I pass it/them on to the person who earns it, in my h.o., though my reviews may not be as sound or detailed as CV's. The winner will surely empathise with Joy, coupled with a realisation of  the daunting task ahead, when he encounters the Hindi words 'Haseen Dard' or the 'Delightful pain', which about describes the winner's state of mind.  

The good word, continuing the trend of Indian words,  that you need to tighten your belts with is CUMMERBUND. Please note that no other spelling variant of the given word is allowed. I am well known to have a rather high specific gravity at times, hence I request entrants to kindly give the full annotation, so that my denseness does not imperil their chances.

Finally, the fine print  (it is perfectly fine if you want to print it):
(What follows is a cut, paste and edit from CWE -2): One entry per person in the Comments section. Note that once posted the entry cannot be edited. Nor do I expect you to delete an entry and repost an edited clue. So think well before posting your clue. You have a lot of time - the closing time for this CWE is  Saturday, Oct 25,  23.59. Results may be posted post IXL submission on 26th.
The long duration is given so that more people can take part by using their spare time which may differ from person to person.

Finally, the winner may perhaps take on the mantle of conducting the next CWE at his/her own pace without being  deterred by time constraints or work pressure.

Saturday 25 October 2014

No 11223, Saturday 25 Oct 2014, Buzzer

Buzzer paying tribute to Mary Kom, to commemorate her Gold Medal at the Asian Games.
The CW today reminds me of the yearly Boxing event in MY school. Our Principal Rev HO Fowler used to be the referee, I vividly remember him saying at the end of  bout 'Well fought Blue, Red the Winner'

1   Fighting fit, menacing like Mary Kom (11) MAGNIFICENT*
9   Double cut so to speak (6) PAIRED (~ pared)
10 Mary Kom for one shows bite in boxing ring (8) CHAMPION {CHAMP}{I{O}N}
11 Sort of robe carried by Mary Kom say (5) BOXER {BO{X}ER*}
12 Characters from scriptwriter anticipated to be repetitive (7) ITERANT [T]
13 Mainstay of knocking heads to clinch up win (8) LINCHPIN {cLINCH}{uP}{wIN}
15 Start to jab, poke after first and second tries (6) JUDGES {Jab}{nUDGE}{S}
16 Article by magazine about island birds (6) AGAMIS {A}{GAM<=}{IS}
18 Member belonging to more than one union (8) BIGAMIST [CD]
20 Kind of boxing atmosphere mostly overwhelming one's partner (7) AMATEUR {A{MATE}URa}
21 Is able to regularly hone a craft (5) CANOE {CAN}{hOnE}
22 In essence Kom's the third one in simply fantastic sporting event (8) OLYMPICS {kOm}{LYMPI{abC}S*}
23 Run through Mary Kom's city out in far end of north-east (6) IMPALE {IMPhAL}{E}
24 Mary Kom's own story is hard to digest, right with couple of setbacks but showing pluck ultimately (11) UNBREAKABLE {UNB(+r)REA{plucK}(-r)ABLE}

2   Being unfit, aged patient requiring an x-ray is carried initially (7) APRAXIC Acrostic
3   Often a dirge betrays an emotional low (5) NADIR [T]
4   Fine fight in a ring (7) FACTION {F}{ACTION}
5   Nearly cure jet lag hitting a bottle of wine (6,3) CLARET JUG {CURe+JET+LAG}*
6   Sweep up top honours with five wins (3,4) NAP HAND {NAP<=} {Ho...s}{AND}
7   Place to get better in Reno? (8,5) GAMBLING TABLE [CD]
8   Like Manipur, name her story/tale different (5-8) NORTH-EASTERLY {N}{HER+STORY+TALE}*
14 Tries battling through bad back (9) POSTERIOR {PO{TRIES*}OR}
17 Average gains at the moment for a butcher (4-3) MEAT-MAN {ME{AT}-{M}AN}
18 Pub, first to get a coffee maker (7) BARISTA {BAR}{1'ST}{A}
19 Chap and friend seen around one university town (7) MANIPAL {MAN}{1}{PAL}
21 Dishes punch in aggressive boxing (5) CHINA [T]


Friday 24 October 2014

No 11222, Friday 24 Oct 2014, Neyartha

Baseball's the flavour today. Have highlighted the terms that I know. No clue on  17d

1   Probationers upset at the taking back of a secreted substance (12) REABSORPTION*
8   Setback involving groups of African vectors (7) TSETSES {T{SETS}ES<=}
9   Heavy weapons remove pain in a blood vessel (6) ARTERY ARTillERY
11 Abundantly produced in Rev. Oberon's building (9) OVERBORNE*
12 Pitcher's location in the store (5) MOUND [DD]
14 Son follows fiery priest with hesitation to the innkeepers (9) HOTELIERS {HOT}{ELI}{ER}{S}
16 A troll amongst the progressives (4) OGRE [T]
18 Guide for king to get rid of the learner on the fence (4) WALK WAL(-l+k)K
19 Angry manager in dry surroundings with a shrew (9) TERMAGANT {T{MANAGER*}T}
21 Initially, Fatima loved your naughty niece's Irish surname (5) FLYNN Acrostic
22 Liberal gets benefit hosting the Department of Energy ball (9) PLENTEOUS {PL{ENT}{E}{O}US}
23 It may bring things to a standstill (6) STRIKE [CD]
25 Revolutionary support from Missouri and North Dakota for a 3 dn. field (7) DIAMOND {DIA<=}{MO}{ND}
26 Resist with dignity in balance (12) COUNTERPOISE {COUNTER}{POISE}

2   Literally simple lines overwhelm the right (11) ELEMENTALLY ELEMENTA(-r+ll)LLY
3   Dropped Tesla after loss of key court game, one made popular by America (8) BASEBALL BASkEtBALL Game on double duty
4   Blocking up with a robust net at sea (9) OBSTRUENT*
5   Panel for helping (5) PEACE [CD] ? (Addendum - PLATE [DD] - See comments)
6   Confidant and volunteers, on return, go missing after a while (2,4) IN TIME INTIMatE
7   Reportedly wear away a gate (3) NOR (~ gnaw)
8   A spouse who may be held aloft or put on display? (6,4) TROPHY WIFE [CD]
10 Notified about Edward's retweet being promoted (10) ADVERTISED Anno pending (Addendum - {ADV{E}{RT}ISED} - See comments)
13 Gun room Saul designed was not challenging (11) UNGLAMOROUS*
15 Divide to tackle the mistake brought up in the submission (9) SURRENDER {SU{RRE<=}NDER}
17 Abandoned annex after allegations fly in the capital (8) ?A?T?A?O (Addendum - SANTIAGO AlleGATIONS* - See comments)
20 Unmoved by letters from the captains I tutored (2,4) IN SITU [T]
22 Ruffle's a result of the Oriental being out of place in the panel (5) PLEAT PL(+e)EAT(-e)
24 Listener's stroke leads to a spasm (3) TIC (~ tick)


Thursday 23 October 2014

Special, Thursday 23 Oct 2014, Rainmon

Three answers per commenter (with annotations) as usual till 6 PM.

1   Cross river without taxi driver? On the contrary (6)
4   Sachin’s opening at crease to save (6)
8   Communication problem with a yearly increasing number (7)
9   Excellent quality solvent (7)
11 Faulty theory won't be interesting (10)
12 Good morning, sweetheart! Play? (4)
13 Voter represented public (5)
14 Niggard's point on religious education with Psalm (8)
16 Upset with sweets from the east (8)
18 Time, time, time, time (5)
20 Put an end to road work (4)
21 Study of cricket related inquiries, perhaps (10)
23 Very sick! Time for settlement (7)
24 Love me during presentation one way or another (7)
25 Slender steel building to store vessels primarily (6)
26 Almost late to get inside jet. Absolutely! (6)

1   Forced to change without following a system of principles (5)
2   Economical user ate in a mess (7)
3   Gasbags for fishes (9)
5   Arrogant Australian farmer (5)
6   Bury outside, for example as a whole (7)
7   Pascal's note about ‘Complex number and Shadows’ (9)
10 Boss’s responsibility to give tax (5, 4)
13 Passes away before journey aboard ship (9)
15 Not to begin with Ali Baba’s words on lubricant item used for cooking (6, 3)
17 Get rid of former wife by beating (7)
19 Suffering from torn ligament and weight loss (7)
21 Rowing crew consumed food, we are told (5)
22 Upset dog swallowed egg on last Saturday as a treat (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at RAINMON 2


Wednesday 22 October 2014

No 11221, Wednesday 22 Oct 2014, Neyartha


Neyartha has me craving for an early dinner so that I can wade dig into all these yummies (except 11A which I personally don't like) besides using the other food items.

1   Unstable democracies ban parties providing a cold dessert (3,5) ICE CREAM dEMoCRACIEs*
5   Oblong pastry found with note inside rice has been returned (6) ECLAIR {EC{LA}IR<=}
9   At sea, chasten Matt after losing an international cricket game, say (4,5) TEST MATCH {CHaSTEn MATT}* Why say?
11 Take off Roy over smuggling of a dessert (5) FROYO [T]
12 Stuffed Jewish snacks Victor exchanged for quiet cutting tools (7) KNISHES KNI(-v+sh)SHES
14 Lead for the salesman finally moving to the front with a nut, reportedly (7) PRECEDE {(+p)PRE(-p)}{CEDE}(~ seed)
15 Cut after the German and the Frenchman's procedure for tattoo removal (12) DERMABRASION {DER}{M}{ABRASION}
17 Confection for corrupt Sharma mostly found inside shrubs (12) MARSHMALLOWS {M{SHARMa*}ALLOWS}
20 Automaton behind a variety of consumer electronics devices (7) ANDROID [GK]
22 Cuban leader in Spain leans back to get the refuse holder (7) CESSPIT {C}{ES}{SPIT<=}
23 It could make a good cake even better (5) ICING [CD]
24 Produce envelope for note with Muslim commander's pardon (4,5) COME AGAIN {CO{ME} {AGA}IN}
26 Pungent rhizome with an orange-brown colour (6) GINGER [GK]
27 Food item has been sent back for distribution around North Dakota and Wisconsin by Charlie (8) SANDWICH {SA{ND}{WI}{C}H<=}

1   Kind of valve that is found outside a salvaged tank (6) INTAKE {I{TANK*}E}
2   Company responsible for a subcontinent's subjugation (4,5) EAST INDIA [GK]
3   Border of an upset Russian village (3) RIM <=
4   Inebriated dipsomaniacs go around the model with a remedy for convulsions (13) ANTISPASMODIC AN{T}SPASMODIC*
6   One might find baristas here (6,5) COFFEE SHOPS [GK]
7   Roused from sleep as damaged cookware brought out an expression of surprise (5) AWOKE coOKWArE*
8   Letters from Mario terrorise the insurgent (6) RIOTER [T]
10 Abnormally high blood sugar in America (13) HYPERGLYCEMIA [E]
13 Turn hostage around with a tropical fern (5-6) HARTS-TONGUE*
16 Old model brought up by a witch on the island gets gullets (9) OESOPHAGI {O}{ESOP<=}{HAG}{I}
18 Kind of the French to leave a gap (6) CARING CleARING
19 Check the quarter for a bad smell (6) STENCH ST(-a+e)ENCH
21 Vocal native of Denmark may stoop (5) DEIGN (~ dane)
25 Supplement with father's article has been misplaced (3) ADD (+a)AD(-a)D


Tuesday 21 October 2014

No 11220, Tuesday 21 Oct 2014, Gridman

1   Plate in digging machine (8) TRENCHER [DD]
5   Job with a big gun (6) BERTHA {BERTH}{A}
10 Mournful soldier gets a place in semi-election (7) ELEGIAC {ELE{GI}{A}Ction}
11 See 1dn.
12 Nothing to write about engineer? Start again! (6) REOPEN {RE}{O}{PEN}
13 Full of integrity, son's without any wealth (8) SPOTLESS {S}{POTLESS}
15 State old tennis player has no learner (4) AVER lAVER
16 Ready, like a would-be traveller (3,3,2,2) ALL SET TO GO [C&DD]
18 Abodes from which birds have flown away (5,5) EMPTY NESTS [CD]
20 One's blown ace's objection back (4) TUBA {TUB}{A}<=
23 Tense about woman I left in evenfall (8) TWILIGHT {T{W}{I}{L}IGHT}
24 Attack is working with Russian. Be quiet! (6) ONRUSH {ON}{RU}{SH}
26 More difficult to catch Odisha's top collector (7) HOARDER {H{Odisha}ARDER}
27 Fellow you introduced in the first month is a profligate (3,4) DON JUAN {DON} {J{U}AN}
28 Boat with German mister at end of July (6) WHERRY {W}{HERR}{julY}
29 Father, good man, in a bad way, takes drug - cough drop (8) PASTILLE {PA}{ST}{ILL}{E}

1 and 11ac. Others hear how a tent gets prepared for the circus (3,8,4,2,5) THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH* Awesome anagram
2   I complete said apartment feature that helps you see who's calling (7) EYEHOLE {EYE}{HOLE}(~ i whole)
3   Cheat Greek character the French hoisted (6) CHISEL {CHI}{SEL<=}
4   Without head, give instruction to every single one (4) EACH tEACH
6   Having few teeth, attendee suffers (8) EDENTATE*
7  Walker briefly besieged by Spanish bull is wreck (7) TORPEDO {TOR{PED}O}
8   With this, not even a supernatural being has any likelihood of succeeding (1,5,2,1,6) A GHOST OF A CHANCE [CD]
9   Come round to suggest it's made up of different parts (9) COMPOSITE {COM{POSIT}E}
14 Wheels roll before turning up in some place (9) ELSEWHERE {WHEELS*}{ERE}
17 Solid gas container in the Indian kitchen (8) CYLINDER [DD]
19 Undisclosed military rank (7) PRIVATE [DD]
21 Anu and Sulu mix in a combination that is rare (7) UNUSUAL*
22 Nameless opponents finally left with team leader to loosen in a way (6) UNKNOT {UNKNOwn}{Team}
25 Aide's preposterous notion (4) IDEA*


Monday 20 October 2014

No.11219, Monday 20 October 2014, Gridman

While I liked 5a for its brevity, I loved 1d the most! The Me! cartoonist detected the theme on Friday and Bhavan found one on Saturday, but I am not able to figure out one here ...

1 Made light of editing, perhaps (7) IGNITED (EDITING)*
5 Tell, say (6) ARCHER (our old Swiss Bill, William Tell, the Archer) Defn. by example
9 Team, fashionable, not on the margin (3,2) SET IN (SET IN)
10 Dismiss the priesthood, as a sign of contrition (9) SACKCLOTH (SACK CLOTH)
11 Find a new home for that woman going back with nil employment (7) REHOUSE (HER< O USE)
12 Becoming more drunk, sire falls after extra amount (7) TIPSIER (TIP SIRE*)
13 A classic song Senior left the private (5) OLDIE (SOLDIER - SR.)
14 Very small payment to a man in charge (9) SUBATOMIC (SUBscription (TO A) M A TOM I C) How does TO A become ATO? Please see comments
16 Nature's of disturbed vampire (9) NOSFERATU (NATURES OF)*
19 Ask about Senator's prinicipal legal support group (5) POSSE (POSE about S)
21 Helped sailor and alien boy (7) ABETTED (AB ET TED)
23 Dumpling has leading gastronomer returning negative vote to Greek character (7) GNOCCHI (G CON< CHI)
24 Zealot tar gets broken down in locker (9) LAZARETTO (ZEALOT TAR)* New word for me
25 Primarily, under new formula, Indians tend to be disqualified (5) UNFIT (Acrostic)
26 Refuge Yankee found in a rundown area (6) ASYLUM (Y in A SLUM)
27 To defeat soundly, the woman will get a leading champion (7) SHELLAC (SHE'LL A C)

1 Just can't get over that writhing US man in trouble (14) INSURMOUNTABLE (US MAN IN TROUBLE)* Nice usage of a possible anind as part of fodder ...
2 Nick's appeared but not revolutionary daughter (7) NOTCHED (NOT CHE D)
3 Not going back! Certain to have a shaved crown (7) TONSURE (NOT< SURE)
4 A spy spied in a roundabout way causing a queasy feeling (9) DYSPEPSIA (A SPY SPIED)*
5 Tie at a derby? (5) ASCOT (2)
6 Show off and end up where the pilot sits (7) COCKPIT (COCK TIP<)
7 Self-centredness. Somehow it goes to man's head (7) EGOTISM (IT GOES* M)
8 The way how someone in a play or a novel behaves is appropriate (14) CHARACTERISTIC (CHARACTER IS TIC)
15 Anti-Communist type? (9) BOURGEOIS (CD)
17 Has a cold reaction, eliciting a blessing perhaps (7) SNEEZES (CD) Gesundheit !
          A person sounding a-tishoo may need a tissue ...
18 Learn, after injury, to hold the short grip (7) ENTHRAL (LEARN* around THe)
19 Public Relations Officer's current safeguard is excessive (7) PROFUSE (PRO FUSE)
20 Cask's tilted! Almost complete! That's a large quantity! (7) SACKFUL (CASK* FULL)
22 Fact is trade union is involved in obstruction (5) DATUM (TU in DAM)


Sunday 19 October 2014

No 2813, Sunday 19 Oct 2014

1   One regarded with contempt in back of Swiss taxi (4) SCAB {swisS}{CAB}
4   Clergyman, one in important church (8) MINISTER {MIN{1}STER}
10 Slow turtle can, surprisingly (9) RELUCTANT*
11 Article on daily crime (5) THEFT {THE}{FT}
12 Lose one's grip and experience a setback? (4,7) COME UNSTUCK [DD]
14 I had contracted to appear in competition easy to see (7) EVIDENT {EV{I'D}ENT}
16 Makes certain criticisms once leader's gone (7) ENSURES cENSURES
18 Very small weapon brought outside in temper (7) SWEETEN {S{WEE}TEN}
19 King in card game brother cut (7) SOLOMON {SOLO}{MONk}
20 Novel associated with Rip Van Winkle? (3,3,5) THE BIG SLEEP [CD]
24 Concede a European king needs to be ousted (5) AGREE {A}{GREEk}
25 I approach home resolutely (2,7) IN EARNEST {I}{N EAR}{NEST}
26 Star of Oh, Mr Porter! attending passion play (3,5) HAY FEVER {HAY} {FEVER}
27 Band from the south has re-formed (4) SASH {S}{HAS*}

2   Harlequin's sweetheart's flowers (10) COLUMBINES [DD]
3   Reason given for climbing Everest as I test her out (7,3,5) BECAUSE IT'S THERE {BECAUSE} {I+TEST+HER}*
5   'elpful tips about more discourteous gatecrashers (9) INTRUDERS {hINT{RUDER}S}
6   Talks to realists for a change, as people have different opinions (2,5,3,5) IT TAKES ALL SORTS*
7   Row right after cup game (4) TIER {TIE}{R}
8   Merit a percentage (4) RATE {DD}
9   Male donkey's load (4) MASS {M}{ASS}
10 Disease caused by insects? Not originally (7) RICKETS cRICKETS
13 Musicians strum, first to last enthralling boy (10) TRUMPETERS {(-s)TRUM{PETER}(+s)S}
15 Taste before gathering in fruit (9) TANGERINE {TANG}{ER{IN}E}
17 Sit around then by piano, in a place where youngsters can play (7) SANDPIT {S{AND}{P}IT}
21 Piece of news I came across after revolution (4) ITEM {I}{MET<=}
22 Birch in centre of willowy wood (4) LASH {wilLowy}{ASH}
23 Ancient city, partly destroyed (4) TROY [T]


OK, in view of the success of our previous CWE, I am conducting another CWE myself.

This time the word to clue is BUNDOBUST.

This word is used in Indian newspapers most often while mentioning the [preventive/protective] measures that the police take when a threat to the law and order situation is apprehended.

"But why all these big crowds and strict police bundobust, he wondered" - this is a quote from the novel "Such a Long Journey" by Rohinton Mistry.

So "arrangement" is a definition that you may use.

You can also use any other definition that you think is acceptable. I am sure the Hindi word must have other meanings as well ("settlement", for instance). But please give the authority that you have for using a definition other than 'arrangement' or 'settlement' - two that I find in English dictionaries.

Whether to precede the definition with 'Indian' or 'Delhi' (or any similar word) I leave it to you.

No other spelling variant of the given word is allowed. Please clue BUNDOBUST.

One entry per person in the Comments section. Note that once posted the entry cannot be edited. Nor do I expect you to delete an entry and repost an edited clue. So think well before posting your clue. You have a lot of time - the closing time for this CWE is  Saturday, Oct 18,  11.59 hrs IST. Results will be announced some time after the deadline.

The long duration is given so that more people can take part by using their spare time which may differ from person to person.

Finally, the winner may perhaps take on the mantle of conducting the next CWE at his/her own pace without being  deterred by time constraints or work pressure.

Saturday 18 October 2014

No.11218, Saturday 18 Oct 2014, Gridman

Gridman on a thematic spree? Today's was a nostalgic trip to Malgudi. Liked the puzzle as a whole.  If you see more related words that I missed, add a comment.

1 Section of a railway station — it won't accommodate your emotional issues (7,4) BAGGAGE ROOM [CD]
9 That medicine man should be in a dry spell (7) DROUGHT [medicine man=DR + should=OUGHT]
10 Aan — yarn spun by famous writer (7) NARAYAN [AAN YARN]*
11 Rather sore about catching one girl (5) ROSIE [SORE* outside one=1]
12 Apply lotion to 'em — half-brother and the girl (9) EMBROCATE  ['EM + BROther + girl=CATE] half-brother=BRO?
13 Show new evil spirit (5) DEMON [show=DEMO + New]
15 Check out equivalent in sporting event (4,5) TEST MATCH [check out=TEST + equivalent=MATCH]
18 Theologian to train fellow (9) SCHOOLMAN [to train=SCHOOL + fellow=MAN]
21 Two sides embracing expert football factory worker (5) LACER [two sides L & R outside expert=ACE]
22 Determine again to work out one more puzzle, perhaps (2-7) RE-RESOLVE [CD]
24 Handbook // to show the way (5) GUIDE [DD]
26 Martial art — it's overwhelmed by West Indian charm (7) JUJITSU [IT'S inside West Indian charm=JUJU]
27 Stressful types? (7) ITALICS [CD]
28 Accorded urgency to former edits I made out (11) PRIORITISED [former=PRIOR + EDITS I*]

1 These marks won't bring a student any good (3,6) BAD GRADES [CD]
2 Twelve dozen are // disgusting! (5) GROSS [DD]
3 Cajole to express outrage in a different way (5,4) ARGUE INTO [OUTRAGE IN]* IN on double duty?
4 Ask for doctor after people lose head (7) ENTREAT [people=mEN + doctor=TREAT]
5 Large volume in public transport (7) OMNIBUS [public=OMNI + transport=BUS]
6 Polo, for one (5) MARCO [CD]
7 Spy actin' from a sort of neural transmission (8) SYNAPTIC [SPY ACTIN]*
8 Chip in to back mount (4) ANTE [mount=ETNA<=]
14 Just a little open, a radio enthusiast backed old Indian ruler (8) MAHARAJA [just a little open=AJAR + A + radio enthusiast=HAM]<=  HAM is a radio operator?
16 Seeking to harm others, Indian gardener gets an insect around the nuthead (9) MALIGNANT [Indian gardener=MALI + insect=GNAT outside Nuthead]
17 Controllable as he's snared vigorously (9) HARNESSED [HE'S SNARED]*
19 Master dismisses learner from a town in Tamil Nadu to a novel village (7) MALGUDI [Master for Learner in town in TN=LALGUDI]
20 More in want, fade away in Indian water (7) NEEDIER [fade away=DIE inside Indian water=NEER]
22 He is from old Indian rule, for all to see (4) RAJU [old Indian rule=RAJ + for all to see=U] Raj=old British rule?
23 Put in type resulting in TES (3,2) SET UP [TES<=]
25 Climbing plants compete in leading Indian show's first section (5) IVIES [compete=VIE inside Indian + Section]

Friday 17 October 2014

No.11217, Friday 17 Oct 2014, Gridman

A large number of compact disks in this opener from Gridman

1 Bankrupt fish is very active (8) BUSTLING (BUST LING)
5 Such a customer is settled (4-2) PAID UP (CD)
9 It's a blow that must be faced (8) HEADWIND (CD)
10 That's a lot to listen to (6) EARFUL (CD)
12 Plant that is creepy (4) VINE (E/CD)
13 Thus one inches forward to some extent (4,2,4) FOOT BY FOOT (CD,DD)  I loved the use of inches wrt to foot
15 It's always on hand to identify (6) FINGER (2)
17 Novel teacher's snacks? (5) CHIPS (CD,DD) Ref to Goodbye, Mr Chips.
           Personally, I prefer Hilton's Lost Horizon to this book
20 It can break up a break-in (5) ALARM (CD)
21 Plough furrow on the reverse — it's not exciting (6) TURGID (DIG RUT)<
24 Box from Darjeeling perhaps that will give many a cup that cheers (5,2,3) CHEST OF TEA (E,CD/DD)
27 Levy a charge on one city vehicle (4) TAXI (TAX 1)
29 Therefore old actress and journalist cried (6) SOBBED (SO BB ED) Ms Bardot stars in this tear jerker
30 Give mother one primarily doughty female servant (8) HANDMAID (HAND MA I D)
31 It's believing, proverbially (6) SEEING (CD)
32 Such a reaction is immediate and spontaneous (4-4) KNEE JERK (CD)

1 Seem appropriate to live at a coastal resort in England (6) BEHOVE (BE HOVE)
          reminded me of Austin Powers' "Behave !"
2 Country lads from wagon aboard (6) SWAINS (WAIN in SS)
3 Turf material (4) LAWN (2)
4 Very small commune in Italy (5) NANNO (2)
6 Wing-shaped clock with ultimate modification (5) ALARY (ALARM with final letter modified)
7 Bulb in lift put up in Irish Assembly (8) DAFFODIL (DOFF< in DAIL)
8 The most diplomatic pilot set out (8)  POLITEST (PILOT SET)*
11 Celebrity queen is a rude observer (6) STARER (STAR ER)
14 Solid wood with melamine top (4) FIRM (FIR M)
16 Company gentleman to beat the rap (3,3) GET OFF (General Electric TOFF)
17 Muse... 100 + 50 + 10 (4) CLIO (C L 10)
18 Cusecs dumped around Australian assemblies (8) CAUCUSES (CUSECS* around AU)
19 Such a product is expected to move out of the shelf (8) SALEABLE (E,CD)
22 Head gets a new party snack (6) CANAPE (CAPE gets A N)
23 Fool turns up repeatedly to see African antelope (3-3) DIK-DIK (KID< x 2)
25 That time for catching good old Scottish landholder (5) THEGN (THEN catching G)
26 Exuberance about one Welsh girl's name (5) ELAIN (ELAN about 1)
28 Slight advantage in border (4) EDGE (2)