Thursday 30 April 2015

No 11382, Thursday 30 Apr 2015, Incognito

8   Useless plant placed back in jade ewer (4) WEED [T<=]
9   Smitten by balls thrown in wrong order (6,4) BOWLED OVER [CD] Why wrong order? See comments
10 Puzzle: UK and US return and capture Dominican Republic (6) SUDOKU {SU<=}{DO}{KU<=]
11 Pate tray sent around at Bostonian event (3,5) TEA PARTY*
12 Left editor on a London road (8) STRANDED {STRAND}{ED}
14 Japanese martial art where top child got nothing (6) AIKIDO {A1}{KID}{O}
16 Chap to desire endlessly (4) COVE COVEt
17 Even persons without a vehicle may have this type of tyre (5) SPARE [DD]
18 Boast about British newspaper (4) BRAG {B}{RAG}
19 So, Mike agitated for circumpolar people? (6) ESKIMO*
21 Entire satellite view shows only around half of it, surprisingly (4,4) FULL MOON {FULL} {MOON} Semi&lit
23 Sort each type of pirate accessory (3-5) EYE-PATCH*
26 Yarn made from useless mouse whiskers (6) MOHAIR {MOuse}{HAIR}
27 Claim Akbar constructed a police car (5,5) BLACK MARIA*
28 Daily, setter gets out of rocker, for example (4) CHAR CHAiR

1   What Sherlock Holmes makes to reduce his tax liability? (10) DEDUCTIONS [C&DD]
2   Advise lawyer (8) ADVOCATE [DD]
3   Illogical that sailor speaks Urdu rather decently at first (6) ABSURD {AB}{Sp...s}{Urdu}{Ra...r}{De...y}
4   Tows back a mugger (4) SWOT [<=]
5   18 or 21, maybe, when you start to drive or drink (5,3) LEGAL AGE [E]
6   Hairstyle of some Indians (6) MOHAWK [DD]
7   Ten pushed out knight from tent and got a message (4) TEXT TE(-n+x)XT
13 Midget found in forward war-field (5) DWARF [T]
15 Satanic and continues to be so even after criminal leaves (10) DRACONICAL {DRACONIC}{AL} (Correction - DIABOLICAL {DIABOLIC}{AL} - See comments)
17 What the theatre clocks do at matinee, perhaps? (8) SHOWTIME {SHOW}{TIME}
18 What you might expect from a proctologist is an unrealisable payment in America (3,5) BUM CHECK [DD]
20 Shrimp actually concealed the effect of collision (6) IMPACT [T]
22 Monks consume first meal in Scottish festival (6) LAMMAS {LAM(Meal)AS}
24 Scared? Shout out and scream! (4) YELL [DD] (Addendum - YELLow - See comments)
25 Musical instrument found at African cape (4) HORN [DD] Incognito's got his Geopgraphy wrong. It should have been American cape. The African one is 'Hope'. See comments


Wednesday 29 April 2015

No 11381, Wednesday 29 Apr 2015, Arden

Found it tough going in some areas. 

9   Is with women, who're wildly attractive (7) WINSOME {IS+WOMEN}*
10 Solvent finds a way in partly through glass (7) PENTANE {P{ENTry}ANE} Thanks to Google
11 Perhaps in a roll one finds capital (7) NAIROBI {IN+A}*{ROB}{1}
12 Conservative fellow got into fray when provoked (7) CHEVIED {C}{HE}{VIED}
13 My tribute turned out to be elemental (9) YTTERBIUM*
15 It's alright, birds cry over bananas (5) WACKO {WAC}{KO}<=
16 There's little change in this currency (7) BITCOIN {BIT}{COIN}
19 In a bid to make love by day's end- something unusual (7) NOVELTY {N{LOVE*}T}{daY}
20 Change sides and fetch fancy jewelry (5) BLING B(-r+l)LING
21 Harry the prince is restless (9) PHRENETIC*
25 Calling basket a helmet (7) BASINET (~bassinet)
26 A devil of a writer (7) DICKENS [DD]
28 Average returns around million- is it some kind of diffusion? (7) OSMOSIS {OS{M}OS<=}{IS}
29 Keen on a place to sell, mostly cut glass (7) CRYSTAL {CRY}{STALl}

1 and 23 dn Match scores (6) TWENTY TWENTY {2*20} My COD
2   Oil producing nation (6) ANOINT*
3   Looking out, for missing family symbol (4) LOGO LOOkinG*
4   House car beneath empty garage (6) GEMINI {Ga..gE}{MINI}
5   Cat food picked up in a small container, for example (8) SPECIMEN {S}{P{ECIM<=}EN}
6   We invent or get closely linked (10) INTERWOVEN*
7   Like crazy fellow over Iowa state (8) MANIACAL {MAN}{IA}{CAL}
8   What boy added could be stiff (4,4) DEAD BODY*
14 Regions are forced to regroup (10) REORGANISE*
16 Bombay boy's lost years, may be a case of too many issues (4,4) BABY BOOM {BOMBAY+BOy's}*
17 Punishing when you work a little (8) TOILSOME {TOIL}{SOME}
18 On reflection, people have to prevent allowing one to show favouritism (8) NEPOTISM {NE{POT{1}S}M}<=
22 Embarrassed to do and to edit (6) REDACT {RED}{ACT}
23 see 1 dn (6)
24 Move to protect the King (6) CASTLE [GK]
27 Told to recce the islands (4) CAYS (~case)


Tuesday 28 April 2015

No 11380, Tuesday 28 Apr 2015, Arden

Enjoyed the CW today, specially some of the definitions, like in 23A.

1   Shoot oneself- life gone in case of suicide (6) SELFIE {Suic{LIFE*}idE} The latest craze!! My COD
4   Deadly accommodation? Wasn't that impressive (4,4) FELL FLAT {FELL} {FLAT} For a long time I was imagining a question mark after the definition
10 The instrument Gabby plays for money (4,5) BABY GRAND {BABY G}*{RAND}
11 Colourful part of the Baloch regiment (5) OCHRE [T]
12 Some return from Syria- is in utter chaotic state (7) TUNISIA [T]
13 Vehicle carrying man's body (7) CADAVER {CA{DAVE}R}
14 Big brains collect information one by one (5) GENII {GEN}{11}
15 Feature said to be in agreement with the subjects (8) CHINAMEN {CHIN}{AMEN}
18 Standard European feature seen on government buildings (8) FLAGPOLE {FLAG}{POLE}
20 European Christian order can't be dismissed (5) IRISH cHRIStIan*
23 With Prize tend to enter and make a killing (7) CLEAN UP {C{LEAN} UP}
25 Oil producer makes our stock market break into a song (7) LINSEED {LI{NSE}ED}
26 Once a PM heard loud noise (5) BLAIR (~blare)
27 Brave to now begin a novel (9) WINNEBAGO*
28 The almighty cares about those buried here (4,4) GODS ACRE {GOD}{S ACRE*} &lit
29 A direction given verbally to charge (6) ATTACK {A}{TTACK}(~tack)

1   Cripple gets two blood groups in theatre (8) SABOTAGE {S{AB}{O}TAGE}
2   Stop sign outside northern state (7) LEBANON {LE{BAN}O}{N}
3   German girl's smart- is taking food (9) INGESTING {INGE}{STING}
5   Hormone producer will shut growing business, and linger around (9,5) ENDOCRINE GLAND {END}{OC<=}{RINE GLAND*}
6   Dolly's out with a former cricket player (5) LLOYD*
7   The French own the road inside port (2,5) LE HAVRE {LE} {HAV{R}E}
8   Construct- those people will have a choice (6) THEORY {THE{OR}Y}
9   Owner capable of change, ensuring world peace (7,2,5) BALANCE OF POWER*
16 Torn ligament initially needs to be pushed in for straightening (9) ALIGNMENT {ALIG{Needs}MENT*}
17 Fruit supplement in the bush (8) SHADDOCK {SH{ADD}OCK}
19 General on battle field, finally on the safe side (7) LEEWARD {LEE}{WAR}{fielD}
21 Some like bananas in an artistic setting (7) IKEBANA [T]
22 It's cold comfort to serve up big ace (3,3) ICE BAG*
24 Girl gets 83.3% average (5) NORMA {NORMAL*5/6}


Monday 27 April 2015

No 11379, Monday 27 Apr 2015, Arden

Learnt some new words today and found wanting for some Anno's.

6   Measure of viscosity in bearing (5) POISE [DD]
7   He was Godless- in his heart composed (8) PAGANINI {PAGAN}{IN}{hIs} Thanks to Google
10 Limited choice- has to survive with something artificial (7) PLASTIC {P{LAST}ICk}
11 Highly revered Miss Moore rejected pet (7) DEMIGOD {DEMI}{GOD<=}
12 Fastness of dialect used (7) CITADEL*
13 Sort of sausage to keep one happy (7) ASSUAGE*
14 Letter saying it's used in the timber yard (8,3) CIRCULAR SAW {CIRCULAR} {SAW}
19 French nobleman forced Tom into crime (7) VICOMTE {VIC{TOM*}E}
21 Endless money poured in the drink- to put it in a poetic form (7) SESTINA {SE{lesS}{TIN}A} Not sure if anno is correct
23 Sensible to keep out such a habit (7) SOUTANE {S{OUT}ANE} New word for me
25 Reduces regulation- so disqualified self (7) RECUSED*
26 Come into building sporting a smile or a frown (8) EMOTICON*
27 Girl spurning writer, will run away (5) ELOPE penELOPE

1   Huge boat for a stunt (8) GIGANTIC {GIG}{ANTIC}
2   Won over setter, who is oddly, retired (6) BESTED {BE{SeTtEr}D}
3   A religious practice of producing nectar (10) APICULTURE {A}{PI}{CULTURE} Practice on double duty
4   The old summoned when powerless (4) AGED pAGED
5   Hard to understand or imagine headless characters (6) ENIGMA iMAGINE*
6   Very quick to capture a pawn and pontificate (6) PAPACY {P{A}{P}ACY}
8   Siemens engineered scourge (7) NEMESIS*
9   Run in stockings, cutting tailend off snake (5) ADDER lADDER
13 People's protest makes horse jump (10) ARABSPRING {ARAB}{SPRING} Anno Enumeration should have been (4,6)
15 Safe place for some of the butter, perhaps (7) RAMPART {RAM}{PART}
16 Panel's version- Isaac Newton's not sane (8) WAINSCOT {IsaAC neWTON'S}*
17 A vessel incorporates safety first- called to stop at sea (5) AVAST {A}{VA{Sa...y}T}
18 In the fence, two days in a row (6) PADDLE {PA{DD}LE}
20 Key game, but lousy (6) CRUMMY {C}{RUMMY}
22 Venerated Bolshevik under fire, it's said (6) SACRED (~sack){SAC}{RED}
24 Inscribe picture on church (4) ETCH {ET}{CH}


Sunday 26 April 2015

Special, Sunday 26 Apr 2015, Gigabyte

Three answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) till 6 PM
As far as possible please provide all your answers in one comment.

1.   First deputy is sick within and second deputy engulfs everyone to delay (5-5)
6.   Accountant and editor scored highly (4)
8.   Push to make Tom leave upset, to agitate (5,2)
9.   Girl is returning brown pigment (6)
10. Captivated by the moon, amazed it is celebrated. (4)
11. Potter with energy makes for the highest branches (7)
12. Baked ______________ is a cake essentially (6)
13. Learnt without limits to make money (4)
17. Source background illumination not essential to Braille writing code (6)
18. Mother sits in vehicle made ready for the road surface. (6)
20. Cheese makes for no small feast. (4)
23. A California spy agency finds a shrub (6)
24. Ask for help to undo eye make-up (4,3)
25. Solicit praise (4)
26. Two old boys after heroin and narcotics primarily to socialize (6)
27. A bald person would not need this when the rain falls (4,3)
28. Honesty that does not begin causes distress. (4)
29. Copy after my story for imitation of nature (10)

1.   Princess’s husband returned station’s television service provider (4,1,1)
2.   Half of love is consumed by a tendency for a stimulating agent (9)
3.   This star is a magical being between primarily you and I (1,8)
4.   Automobile baron from a teetotaller (religious leader) (1,1,4)
5.   Men say about someone who nods in agreement (6)
6.   A rotten egg in Aam Aadmi Party indicates a time lag (3,3)
7.   Doctor am at Indo-China border – it’s striking  (8)
14. Obama’s pet when contained has a right to terminate (5)
15. Carbon and Tellurium added to Barium could cause disease (9)
16. Early action of mercy on one boy (9)
17. Rest to respire with resistance (8 )
19. Anna can throw in a plant (6)
20. Chubby Robert Harley (3,3)
21. God Defend New Zealand is sung by half the workers and them (6)
22. Good manners without love and energy is only a formal gesture (6)

Across Lite version can be accessed at GIGABYTE 4


No 2838, Sunday 26 Apr 2015

1   Enthusiastic male team heading off (6) HEARTY {HE}{pARTY}
4   A British opera, length unusual (8) ABNORMAL {A}{B}{NORMA}{L}
9   Derby winner in USA, possibly blazing a trail (9) AUSTRALIA {USA*}{A+TRAIL}*
11 Good hospital entering appropriate contest (5) FIGHT {FI{G}{H}T}
12 Fairy tale, a legend, enthrals when broadcast (6,3,6) HANSEL AND GRETEL*
13 A grant secured by the gymnast, perhaps (7) ATHLETE {A}{TH{LET}E}
15 One dubious name for a gaseous element (4) NEON {ONE*}{N}
18 Touch brass instrument in retreat (4) ABUT <=
19 Erratic heir, way out (7) HAYWIRE*
22 Unpredictable type, any one of the last three characters? (7,8) UNKNOWN QUANTITY {X,Y or Z}
24 "Chose" - past tense shown in dictionary (5) OPTED {O{P}{T}ED}
25 Make drunk supply a beer in it (9) INEBRIATE*
26 Like a minor in short dungarees, playing (5-3) UNDER-AGE DUNGAREEs*
27 Vegetable in season, one pound (6) LENTIL {LENT}{1}{L}

1   I agree to try and try (4,4) HEAR HEAR {HEAR} {HEAR}
2   Seaman's popular article is good for a drink (8) ABSINTHE {AB'S}{IN}{THE}
3   Brusque, in sister's estimation (5) TERSE [T]
5   Getting on? Put up pension (8,5) BOARDING HOUSE {BOARDING} {HOUSE}
6   Collection made by Conservative supporting bid (9) OFFERTORY {OFFER}{TORY}
7   Large number blowing top after start of match (6) MIGHTY {Match}{eIGHTY}
8   Agree to take off and attack (3,3) LET FLY {LET} {FLY}
10 Outstrip lad with vast engine, surprisingly (5,8) LEAVE STANDING*
14 Elaborate stitch (9) EMBROIDER [DD]
16 Watchful living at resort (8) VIGILANT*
17 Enjoying great health? Yes (4,4) VERY WELL {VERY} {WELL}
20 Kudos involved first to unravel puzzle (6) SUDOKU {KUDOS*}{Un...l}
21 Fish dead? Moved on ice (6) SKATED {SKATE}{D}
23 Square up holding end of lager bottle (5) NERVE {NE{lageR}VE<=}


Saturday 25 April 2015

No 11378, Saturday 25 Apr 2015, Arden

Nice one as usual from Arden

Added some links & reference as an afterthought

9 Take off keeping within limit at entrance (7) IMITATE (T)
10 Plant anatomy also includes a weed (7) LANTANA (T)
11 One perhaps felt regret over one who isn't professional (7) AMATEUR {A}{MAT}{EUR<=}
12 Be dressed as a monk (7) INHABIT CD {IN}{HABIT} see comments
13 Cabling removed from Buckingham palace in terrible state, sometime ago (9) KAMPUCHEA {bUcKingHAM PAlacE}*
15 Tie like a hammock (5) ASCOT {AS}{COT}
16 One acting strangely from father's side (7) AGNATIC {A}{ACTING}*
19 Stripper's there, mostly outside tavern (7) THINNER {TH {INN} ERe}
20 A girl not returning to Kingdom (5) TONGA {A}{G}{NOT}}<=
21 Crazy about study of coral (9) MADREPORE {MAD}{RE}{PORE}
25 Trap wire in centre of court (3,4) NET CORD {NET}{CORD}
26 In new game, ground gets significance (7) MEANING {IN N GAME}*
28 A low caste state (7) ALBANIA {A}{L}{BANIA}
29 Look back and forth while covering the play (7) OTHELLO {O{THE}L<=}{LO}


1 Grab a greeting card (6) HIJACK {HI}{JACK}
2 Win over mermaids at sea? Not me! (6) DISARM {meRMAIDS}*
3 Capital fellow (4) MALE (DD)
4 Fireside chat among the art historians (6) HEARTH (T)
5 He demands list containing sorted mail (8) CLAIMANT {C{LAIM*}ANT}
6 From earth it can be mined (10) ANTHRACITE {EARTH IT CAN}* &lit
7 Stop cabin construction as a defensive post (8) BARBICAN {BAR}{BICAN*}
8 Captain gets lieutenant to supply the brewers (8) MALTSTER {MA{LT}STER}
14 Extremist voice can never be heard (10) ULTARSOUND {ULTRA}{SOUND}
16 Feelers that girl has to catch up, with a low grade (8) ANTENNAE {AN{TEN<=}N}{A}{E}
17 Strange one- but an interesting material (8) NANOTUBE {ONE BUT AN}*
18 Invitation to help over by mid-morning? He must be joking (8) COMEDIAN {COME}{DIA<=}{morNing}
22 Plum in front of child is mother (6) DAMSON {DAM}{SON} 
23 Flyer shows zero interest in the part (6) ORIOLE {O}{R{I}OLE}
24 Went up, taking girls for a drink (6) EGGNOG {E{GG}NOG<=}
27 Beaches are somewhat long (4) ACHE (T)


Lieutenant=Lt,Low grade=E,Zero=O,Interest=I 


Friday 24 April 2015

No 11377, Friday 24 Apr 2015, Buzzer

The shape of the grid tells me that maybe there's something afoot, but I can't find it.

1   Lob's due in a tennis match? (5,7) MIXED DOUBLES {LOB'S+DUE}*
8   Party is a big hit (4) BASH [DD]
9   Hear hear, site to see (5,5) CATCH SIGHT {CATCH} {SIGHT}(~site)
11 Said to follow church hymn (6) CHORAL {CH}{ORAL}
12 Timidness or lacking heart could cost team in the front (4,4) COLD FEET [CD] (Addendum {COuLD} {FEE}{Team} - See comments)
14 On the way back encounter rain (4) TEEM <=
16 Indestructible cross left outside (7) ETERNAL ExTERNAL
18 Nice day turned toxic (7) CYANIDE*
19 A songbird with new rendition (4) WREN [T]
22 Always boxed in case, English drink (8) BEVERAGE {B{EVER}AG}{E}
23 An objection can disrupt (4,2) BUTT IN {BUT}{T IN}
24 Crimes of men involved in feuds (10) ENORMITIES {EN{OR}MITIES}
26 Difference in chap from chapel for Christmas season? (4) NOEL {NO EL}
27 Soft and squishy a mango tree's fruits (12) POMEGRANATES {P}{A+MANGO+TREES}*

2   Descent from air nice then, for a change (11) INHERITANCE*
3   Old prison mostly is beat (5) EXCEL {EX}{CELl}
4   Find fault with tenor standing in for fellow (6) DETECT DE(-f+t)TECT
5   Provide cover in court with one carrying a gun (9) UPHOLSTER {UP}{HOLSTER}
6   Kaleidoscope displaying floral arrangement (3) LEI [T]
7   Black article after article in wash (5) BATHE {B}{A}{THE}
10 Man what a week. It's a laugh (3-3) HEE-HAW {HE}{E-H!}{A}{Week}
13 Supporting popular standpoint say (3,8) FOR INSTANCE {FOR} {IN}{STANCE}
15 Sweet preparation of grenadine (9) ENDEARING*
17 Wantonly vile, rotten, gut-wrenching monster (6) WYVERN {Wa...lY}{VilE}{Ro..eN}
20 Rising temper consumed one monarch (6) REGINA {REG{1}NA<=}
21 Boundary like four, but going over (5) SIXER [CD] (Addendum - {IV<=}{ER} - See comments)
23 Place for Arabs possibly (5) BASRA*
25 Butter and jam (3) RAM [DD]


Thursday 23 April 2015

No 11376, Thursday 23 Apr 2015, Buzzer

1   Cape to put on as a protective covering (6) TOECAP*
5   Body of church to provide aid endlessly (7) CHASSIS {CH}{ASSISt}
9   Typical salesperson (14) REPRESENTATIVE [DD]
11 Wrong turn initially taken in one street in Paris (6) UNTRUE {UN}{Turn}{RUE} 
12 Platform to ride a bicycle around estate (8) PEDESTAL {PED{EST}AL}
13 Irrational jumping into ocean for ink from a cuttlefish (5) SEPIA {SE{PI}A}
14 Gained hard, difficult experience (2,7) GO THROUGH {GO T}{H}{ROUGH}
16 Doctor canonised presently (2,1,6) IN A SECOND*
18 Review system adopted say is trash (5) DREGS {DR{EG}S}
20 Gauze wrapped round leg at first is chafing (8) NETTLING {NETT{Leg}ING}
22 Training on a lake with old boat (6) PELAGO ? {PE}{L}{AGO} I don't think my answer is correct as this is a Brand name (Addendum - PEDALO {PED}{A}{L}{O} - See comments)

24 Government isn't exactly held in high regard (14) ADMINISTRATION {ADMI{ISNT*}RATION}
25 Some quickest relatives for a falcon (7) KESTREL [T]
26 Halo's surrounding yellow light (6) AURORA {AUR{OR}A}

2   Look down on public work (7) OVERTOP {OVERT}{OP}
3   Spread Iodine through clear-cut wound (9) CIRCULATE {C{I}RCULATE*}
4   Afterthought in a letter is true attention getter (4) PSST {PS}{S}{True}
5   Vain quote describing one time director (9) CONCEITED  {C{ONCE}ITE}{D}
6   Informed reportedly where to follow article (5) AWARE {A}{WARE}(~where)
7   Massage, it has us loosened (7) SHIATSU*
8   Singular athletes who possibly triumph unexpectedly (5,3,4) STEAL THE SHOW {S}{ATHLETES+WHO}*
10 Search and fingerprint holding one charged ? (8,4) QUESTION MARK {QUEST}{ION} {MARK}
14 Going round selling smuggled weed (9) GROUNDSEL [T]
15 A dog is not oddly friend to me (3,6) RED SETTER {fRiEnD} {SETTER}
17 Maiden hiding runs in dresses every so often (2,5) AT TIMES {AT TI{M}rES}
19 Charm of hair-raising tours uncovered (7) ENAMOUR {ENAM<=}{tOURs}
21 Ship left in pier's half-visible (5) LINER {L}{IN}{piER}
23 Field around new stadium (4) AREA AREnA


Wednesday 22 April 2015

No 11375, Wednesday 22 Apr 2015, Neyartha

1   Ornately decorates a parliament house after an Israelite enters the social gathering (8) BEJEWELS {BE{JEW}E}{LS}
5   Browse around with the volunteers for 3D shapes (6) FRUSTA {FRUS<=}{TA}
9   Desire of the pupil to take out the new youngster on a farm (8) YEARLING YEAR(-n+l)LING
10 Swelling reducer is enjoyable after the Pole's sent out with the tote (3,3) ICE BAG {nICE} {BAG}
11 Acts of dispatch — one even led to an all-out war! (14) ASSASSINATIONS [CD]
14 Tree-covered part of Hollywood yards (5) WOODY [T]
16 Valet's accidental entanglement after avoiding the net (9) GENTLEMAN entANGLEMENT*
17 With a lot of style, wrote a lament about the worker and the student (9) ELEGANTLY {ELEG{ANT}{L}Y}
19 Drags addresses on the radio (5) HALES (~hails)
20 Not a normal way for an infant to be born (6,8) BREECH DELIVERY [GK]
23 Get out after detaining by mistake and become a shade of red (6) INDIAN DetAININg*
24 Aimless drawing in board game (8) SCRABBLE [DD]
25 Way for Oriya leader to move back with me for the antenna housing (6) RADOME {R(-o)AD(+o)O}{ME}
26 Set aside a different date to collect the westbound toll (8) ALLOTTED {A{LLOT<=}TED*}

1   Employee's first son gets overwhelmed by the Yankee lads (4) BOYS BO(-s+y)YS Employee or Employer?
2   Coarse durable trousers — they are passed down in families reportedly (5) JEANS (~genes)
3   Bylaw designed to shelter the French with a marsupial (7) WALLABY {WAL{LA}BY*}
4    Planning prudently for the future renovation of the lodgings (4-7) LONG-SIGHTED*
6   Report on a concert in the ... (7) RECITAL [CD]
7   ... Los Angeles bus from the south carrying the mean simpleton (9) SUBNORMAL {SUB<=}{NORM}{AL<=}
8   Quality of being venerable revealed in saints following the gold rush to Nebraska (10) AUGUSTNESS {AU}{GUST}{NE}{SS}
12 Call on cynic upset about description of a stock independent of seasonal variations (11) NONCYCLICAL*
13 Chased away a rook in the fence under the fragrant rose (10) SWEETBRIER {SWEET}{BarRIER}
15 Such questions can't be answered with a single word (4-5) OPEN-ENDED [CD]
18 Praise for spreading lac inside the returned mica (7) ACCLAIM {AC{LAC*}IM<=}
19 Attempt to get silver and oxygen (4,1,2) HAVE A GO {HAVE} {A G}{O}
21 Hero bothered somewhat by an automaton (5) ROBOT [T]
22 Relationships may be improved by doing this to one's fences (4) MEND [CD]


Tuesday 21 April 2015

No 11374, Tuesday 21 Apr 2015, Neyartha

Water, water everywhere.

7   Wasp-like insect to pass over in the air behind Henry (8) HOVERFLY {H}{OVERFLY}
9   Compel doctor to go out for the student in a body of water (6) LAGOON (-dr+l)LAGOON
10 Cooked your lemons exceptionally (10) ENORMOUSLY*
11 Speaker's recorded a learning technique (4) ROTE (~wrote)
12 The rivet in the office has been cut short (4) STUD STUDy
13 Son interfering in dismantling harness shows audacity (8) RASHNESS {RA{S}HNESS*}
16 Take off as Sid comes over with a bore in disguise (7) DISROBE {DIS<=}{BORE*}
18 Ministers' cupboard (7) CABINET [DD]
20 The French rap about the Yankee quarter brings shock (8) PARALYSE {PAR}{AL}<={Y}{SE}
21 Frank gets the minor office-worker's ring to the front (4) OPEN (+o)OPE(-o)N
23 Part of the restaurant ambience (4) AURA [T]
24 Roger obeys awkwardly to get a fruit (10) GOOSEBERRY* Too sour for me, never liked them.
25 Notice to get rid of the International Space Station is depressing (6) DISMAL DISMissAL
26 Without hesitation, worship the arrangement of veins in a leaf (8) VENATION VENerATION

1   Bite that can be quoted? (5) SOUND [CD]
2   Single gangster with a weapon hides in the district with the volunteers (11,4) TERRITORIAL ARMY {TERRITOR{1}{AL} {ARM}Y}
3   Rose up to interrupt view of a blot on the landscape (7) EYESORE {EY{ESOR<=}E}
4   Letters from Randall yielded to a supporter (4) ALLY [T]
5   Acts of increasing scope making sad man resent gig at sea (15) AGGRANDISEMENTS*
6   Operettas composed by a writer of inferior rhymes (9) POETASTER* Thanks to Google
8   Jack enters shallow river area for crossing to the inlet formed by glacial erosion (5) FJORD {F{J}ORD}
14 Main picture for the audience (3) SEA (~see)
15 Pompous Inuit, half drunk (9) HIFALUTIN*
17 Infant with the bishop goes missing in a body of water (3) BAY BAbY
19 Decide to get the upset loser to the outskirts of Vellore (7) RESOLVE {LOSER*}{Ve...rE}
21 A drop in it might be insignificant (5) OCEAN [CD]
22 Squadron march (5) TROOP [DD]
24 Split in game ball replaced by the union leader (4) GULF G(-o+u)ULF


Monday 20 April 2015

No 11373, Monday 20 Apr 2015, Gridman

No end of a Pangram by Gridman.

1   Train the fellow to be tongawallah (8) COACHMAN {COACH}{MAN}
5   Place of refuge for in second line around old city (6) BURROW {B}{UR}{ROW}
10 Such an asset is easily lifted (7) MOVABLE [CD]
11 Libyan deity returns first-class cleanser (7) AMMONIA {AMMON}{IA<=}
12 Even chance to d-drink (4-2) TOSS-UP {TO}{S-S UP}
13 Lhasa one let loose? No, under control! (2,1,5) ON A LEASH*
15 Distinctive quality of a high-class artist (4) AURA {A}{U}{RA}
16 Moving TV serial inducing a waterfall (10) TEARJERKER [CD]
18 Secret in tent? (10) UNDERCOVER [DD]
20 Informal agreement — one finally is in informal agreement (4) YEAH {Y{onE}AH}
23 Quick note to friend in blood (8) LINEALLY {LINE}{ALLY}
24 Noises from the farm: they treat badly (6) QUACKS [DD]
26 Spear royal I had hidden in the shelter (7) TRIDENT {T{R}{I'D}ENT}
27 Suffer, totally in submission to the Almighty endlessly (7) UNDERGO {UNDER}{GOd}
28 Good son is in - pity - a dirty place (6) PIGSTY {PI{G}{S}TY}
29 Father to do nothing to stomach retainer (8) FACTOTUM {F}{ACT}{O}{TUM}

1   Obey a road signal — many sentences end thus (4,2,1,4,4) COME TO A FULL STOP [DD]
2   Consultant lawyer rises with an eyeshade (7) ADVISOR {AD<=}{VISOR}
3   Uproar caused by the centre over American fellow (6) HUBBUB {HUB}{BUB}
4   Declare hoarder has no son (4) AVER sAVER
6   Such snow on street is a nuisance — ice-cream thus is welcome (8) UNMELTED [C&DD]
7   Hurried to fire rifle (7) RANSACK {RAN}{SACK}
8   Threat we mothers carried out to get through a difficult period (7,3,5) WEATHER THE STORM*
9   The French inner garments go through radical washes (9) LAUNDRIES {LA}{UND{R}IES}
14 Plunging neckline to regard shortly, obtaining officer's permission (9) DECOLLETTE {DE{COL}{LET}Em}
17 Embarrassment breaks out as riotous Serbs drop weaponry (8) ARMAMENT EMbARrAssMeNT*
19 Assuming fellow's new in Gujarat's capital (7) DONNING {DON}{N}{IN}{G}
21 Sample bit of rose-milk in bar (7) EXCERPT {EXCE{}PT}
22 German connector in mine is a learned man (6) PUNDIT {P{UND}IT}
25 A male's up to beating back big cat (4) PUMA {PU}{M}{A} <=


Sunday 19 April 2015

Special, Sunday 19 Apr 2015, Prelim Chennai Crossie Open 2015 by WGC IIT(M)

Thanks to Nirmal of IIT(M) for sharing this with us.
FOUR answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) till 6PM.
Please enter all your answers in a single comment.

11 "Our country has no currency." : Queen's backer (8)
12 Facility used anytime (7)
13 Story from evocative picture (4)
14 Outside in the middle of the month (4)
15 48 crippled and headless (5)
16 Take another look at afflicted cronies, often dreary (10)
17 Tissue for Poles in labour (6)
18 Not half of the school of masochists become revolutionaries (7)
20 The British in Tokyo imbibe Japanese religion (6)
21 Small heart of 4 (4)
22 Mail in favour of order (4,3)
23 Workmen whom queens follow precisely (8)
24 Anna Hazare and Irom Sharmila, for instance, want attackers (6-8)
26 Glimpses of friends' tweets (5)
29 A party about love (5)
31 Slipping downward closer to unprecedented destruction (6,5,3)
34 Ringing sound she and I made in pleasure crafts (8)
36 Some pumpkins, mangoes for relative (7)
38 Slant constant in three directions (4)
39 Say sign again (6)
40 Betrayal of corrupt senator (7)
41 Auditor to gain nothing in shanty town (6)
42 Got leather altered entirely (10)
44 Respond to emission of charged particle from chemical process (5)
45 Unlocked, king fled westward (4)
46 Eyesore, we hear, is a sore in the eye (4)
47 Goodness, it is said, of a lady is non-existent (7)
48 Selected sailor to come by journalsit (8)

1   Illegal humanoid dens go scot-free (12)
2   Ownership of subsidy returned at parliament meeting (10)
3   Doctor disables the well-set (11)
4   Say, seven church officials met Narendra Modi and Stephen Harper (5,9)
5   Draws and averts (5,3)
6   Carry animal (4)
7   Troupe's almost around us (6)
8   School for fitness? (9)
9   Rising fire in practical can be checked (10)
10 Overseer negotiated with creditor (8)
19 Felt excited about king (7)
23 Theatre, music and dance in clothes men leave behind (10,4)
25 City embraced by libero or keeper (7)
27 147 break in snooker, a nine-dart game and a bagel are flawless plays (7,5)
28 Earthlings left out of dusk-to-dawn parties (3-8)
30 Lengthy procedures on sole arm (10)
32 Wither, then nourish with sewage (10)
33 Absence due to illness on Cutter Avenue (4,5)
35 Trade in our institute? Yes! Perfection! (8)
37 Stripped of these slits, no respiration can start (8)
40 Casual wear for the golf course? (1-5)
43 Defeat right away (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at PRELIM CCO 2015


PS: For your info Mohsin and Ajeesh completed this in half the allotted time!

No 2837, Sunday 19 Apr 2015

1   Crimes committed with collusion behind bars, damaging pieces of work (6,4) INSIDE JOBS {INSIDE} {JOBS}
6   Mark causing alarm, no end (4) SCAR SCARe
9   Helps a farm labourer after loans (5,1,4) LENDS A HAND {LENDS} {A HAND}
10 Indian's home, Central America (4) INCA {IN}{C}{A}
12 Typical member of parliament, perhaps (14) REPRESENTATIVE [DD]
14 A Spaniard, and native of one African country, heading off (7) IBERIAN lIBERIAN
15 Racing driver we upset during launch (7) STEWART {ST{EW<=}ART}
16 Girl with mate back on one of the Canary Islands (2,5) LA PALMA {LA P}{ALMA}<=
19 Clown making most of mistake in part of theatre (7) PIERROT {PI{ERROr}T}
21 Lawyer Perry and policeman George on course for state boundary (5-5,4) MASON-DIXON LINE {MASON}-{DIXON} {LINE}
23 Crucifix over entrance (4) DOOR <=
24 Free enterprise supporter in Moscow, say, is tense (10) CAPITALIST {CAPITAL}{IS}{T}
25 Pay close attention to college turning (4) NOTE <=
26 Daily row about Germany's leader, not a real threat (5,5) PAPER TIGER {PAPER} {TI{Ge...y}ER}

1   Disliking work, I must get led astray (4) IDLE {I}{LED*}
2   Seeing that about open (7) SINCERE {SINCE}{RE}
3   Lies stranded, unfortunately, in remote spot (6,6) DESERT ISLAND*
4   Lexicographer producing Gospel, very new (7) JOHNSON {JOHN}{SO}{N}
5   Fruit bats (7) BANANAS [DD]
7   Insincere talk in a rural Mexican bar (7) CANTINA {CANT}{IN}{A}
8   Official car leaving property (4,6) REAL ESTATE {REAL} {ESTATE}
11 Cook so keen to make a flan (8,4) BAKEWELL TART {BAKE}{WELL} {TART}
13 Foolish male, fellow crossing one place in field (5,3-2) SILLY MID-ON {SILLY} {M}{1}{D-ON}
17 Faint in narrow defile abroad (4,3) PASS OUT {PASS} {OUT}
18 Jumping bail, seaman, a pantomime hero (3,4) ALI BABA {ALI B*}{AB}{A}
19 Papers supporting professional image (7) PROFILE {PRO}{FILE}
20 Rating showed card (7) RANKING {RAN}{KING}
22 Ringo, short celebrity (4) STAR STARr


Saturday 18 April 2015

No 11372, Saturday 18 Apr 2015, Gridman

1   Lower the record in clothing (7) DEPRESS {D{EP}RESS}
5   Check very fiery disposition (6) VERIFY {V}{FIERY*}
9   Spirit of a slender maiden? (5) SYLPH [DD]
10 Will students take it and worshippers say it before time? (9) TESTAMENT {TEST}{AMEN}{T}
11 Rare ornamentation around geometric pattern for frequent patron (7) REGULAR {RE{GUL}AR*}
12 Cordial gathering at a fair (7) RATAFIA*
13 Means to shake lions' prides (5) MANES*
14 Little boy in one country or another (9) AUSTRALIA {AUSTR{AL}IA}
16 Slur envoy put out in a state of apprehension (9) NERVOUSLY*
19 Place of birth (5) NATAL [DD]
21 Walks quietly to provide info to vacuous examinees (7) TIPTOES {TIP}{TO}{Ex...eS}
23 Equip group with sleeve adornment (7) ARMBAND {ARM}{BAND}
24 If you do this, things may not go off the shelf quickly (9) OVERSTOCK [CD]
25 Hang medical man's animal (5) DRAPE {DR}{APE}
26 Sailor boy? One of four (6) SEASON {SEA}{SON}
27 Botched-up medical lecture (7) DECLAIM*

1   Record on border by one country is of class distinction (14) DISCRIMINATION {DISC}{RIM}{1}{NATION}
2   Only GOP can make out the figure (7) POLYGON*
3   Once healthy, son lets it all out (7) EXHALES {EX}{HALE}{S}
4   Relaxed, to begin with, such are these times! (9) SATURDAYS [CD] With SAT at the beginning
5   A face-saving device in Medieval times (5) VISOR [CD]
6   Church official acquires a pile (7) REACTOR {RE{A}CTOR}
7   Dissatisfied with French flute going awry (7) FRETFUL {FR}{FLUTE*}
8   What a disappointed person might say after awakening (2,3,3,1,5) IT WAS ALL A DREAM [CD]
15 Journalist, going after bird, indulged in frolic (9) SKYLARKED {SKYLARK}{ED}
17 Agent, allowed ultimate luxuriance, is fully satisfied (7) REPLETE {REP}{LET}{l...cE}
18 They are found among the reeds (7) OBOISTS [CD]
19 Wandering in-charge follows rise of Pythias's friend (7) NOMADIC {NOMAD<=}{IC}
20 Singsong syllables from coach — old, old cricketer (3-2-2) TRA-LA-LA TRA-{LA-LA} Anno for TRA pending
22 Clipped opening of speech on crescent part (5) SHORN {Sp...h}{HORN}