Saturday 30 April 2016

No 11689, Saturday 30 Apr 2016, Incognito

1 Deliver an open handed blow and symbolically arrest (8) HANDCUFF {HAND}{CUFF}
5 Some Kaffir men ratify (6) AFFIRM (T)
10 Superannuate without right, and join up again (5) RETIE {RETIrE}
11 Vibrates seconds after hoofed animals lose weight and gain density (9) UNDULATES {UN(-g+D)ULATE}{S} Extra S as hoofed animals gives ungulates?
12 Bridge player reserves electronic reading materials (1-5) E-BOOKS {E}{BOOKS}
13 No “Ladies first” policy in this locker area (4,4) MENS ROOM (CD)
15 Golden Temple devotees kiss the top of the head and circumambulate (5) SIKHS {KISS+Head}*
17 Actors were graded and neutered (9) CASTRATED {CAST}{RATED}
19 Vintage or outmoded, depending upon point of view (3,6) OLD SCHOOL (E)
20 Ash held by personal assistant for a governor (5) PASHA {P{ASH}A}
21 The good man that Simon Templar is, as shown by his initials (3,5) THE SAINT {THE}{SAINT} Anno is correct?
23 See 1 Dn.
27 Decent pie can be made from this insect (9) CENTIPEDE CENTIPEDE anagrams to DECENT PIE
28 Homer's book that I laid around (5) ILIAD {I LAID}*
29 Gathered together // and lifted (6) RAISED (DD)
30,3 Facetiously shove one fleshy bit into another (6,2,5) TONGUE IN CHEEK {TONGUE}{IN}{CHEEK}

1,23 Ac. Stud farm owner // commonly found in politics (5,6) HORSE TRADER (DD)
2 Well connected when the IP service was up (9) NETWORKED {NET}{WORKED}
3 See 30 Ac.
4 IV, but not intravenous (4) FOUR (E)
6 Celluloid piece tapes hallucinatory experience (9) FILMSTRIP {FILMS}{TRIP}
7 Short preamble about nitro compound (5) INTRO {NITRO*}
8 Church service about tapes, CDs etc led to mainstream communication (4,5) MASS MEDIA {MASS{{MEDIA}
9 Serve lady misbehaving badly (9) ADVERSELY {SERVE LADY}*
14 Recorded one about Dracula, for example and died (9) ACCOUNTED {AC{COUNT{E}{D}
15 Exhibits vehicle used for racing (6,3) SPORTS CAR {SPORTS}{CAR}
16 Entertain left winger who takes ecstasy instead of tea, I hear (9) SOCIALISE {SOCIALIS(-t(~tea)+E)}
18 Takes 15 for a spin, to check out, on impulse (4,5) TEST DRIVE {TEST}{DRIVE}
22 Nine went madly round the bend resulting in boredom (5) ENNUI {NINE*} around U
24 Repenting after having sounded the bell around lunchtime (5) RUING {RU{I}NG}
25 God and arch-criminal created radioactive gas (5) RADON {RA}{DON}
26 Nothing // contributed to the world of mathematics by India (4) ZERO (DD)

Reference list

Right=R, Seconds=S, Weight=G(Gram), Density=D, Bridge player=E, Personal assistant=PA
One=Ace, Died=D, Ecstasy=E, Bend=U, Lunchtime=I, God=Ra

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution IndicatorLink/Connector

Friday 29 April 2016

No 11688, Friday 29 Apr 2016, Scintillator

1   Syrian leader heading out from crisis? That would reap harvest (6) SICKLE {Sy...n}{pICKLE}
4   Angry guards manipulate supply for crop sustenance (8) IRRIGATE {IR{RIG}ATE}
9   Unoccupied office apartment broken in not long ago (2,4) OF LATE {FLAT} in {OfficE}
10 Piece of satin woven as silky nautical sheets (8) SKYSAILS {Sa..n}{AS+SILKY}*
12 In-plant web training involving pithy exercises (8) EPIPHYTE {PITHY}* in {EPE} Anno for EPE not clear (Addendum - {E}{P{PITHY*}E} See comments)
13 Football club respecting enrichment (6) MANURE {MAN U}{RE}
15 Strike in a valley in Pakistan (4) SWAT [DD]
16 Be obsessed with problem, exhausted when taking side (6,4) FIXATE UPON Anno pending (Addendum - {FIX}{ATE UP}{ON} - See comments)
19 Ideologues spell out their stories without retro-appeal (10) THEORISERS {tHEiR+STORIES}*
20 Useless plant, but not so for a user (4) WEED [C&DD]
23 Swallow innards of crabs or beetles (6) ABSORB [T]
25 Finely penned chorus increasing in volume (8) SWELLING {S{WELL}ING}
27 Ultra-thin models jilting husband to run away (4,4)  TURN TAIL {ULTRA+ThIN}*
28 Temple city employs half-Jain priest (6) PUJARI {PU{JAin}RI}
29 Theology's unstable; seldom gives another changeover (8) REMODELS {RE}{SELDOM*}
30 Toss out the outdated from the outset (6) THRESH Anno pending (Addendum - THRESHold - See comments)

1   Women's stories where nurse is murdered with garden equipment (7) SHOVELS {SHe}{nOVELS}
2   Religion had four parts to devote attention to (9) CULTIVATE {CULT}{IV}{ATE}
3   Once in a while oldie eats pine fruit (6) LITCHI {ITCH} in {oLdIe}
5   Scrape over fragment of Greek architecture (4) RAKE [T<=]
6   Without doubt I spend a dollar for renewal (2,6) IN SPADES {I+SPEND+A+S}*
7   Say a proper goodbye (5) ADIEU {A}{DIEU}(~ due)
8   Each authoritarian belonging to China? (7) EASTERN {EA}{STERN}
11 Start if planned in the early stages (2,5) AT FIRST*
14 Distresses caused by husband's darts (7) HARROWS {H}{ARROWS}
17 One gives information about the subject premise (9) PREDICATE Anno pending [DD] See comments
18 Pair spoke at length and divided fairly (8) PRORATED {PR}{ORATED}
19 Haul over capsized rubbish vehicle (7) TRACTOR {TRAC<=}{TOR<=}
21 A setter could be so brutal (7) DOG?I?H (Addendum - DOGGISH [C&DD] - See comments)
22 Go up hill, exhausted, in order to turn up soil (6) PLOUGH {GO+UP+HilL}*
24 Turkey outwardly puts up, say, some pluck (5) STRUM {TR} in {SUM}(~ some)
26 Dig into box containing cash (4) TILL [DD]


Thursday 28 April 2016

No 11687, Thursday 28 Apr 2016, Arden

1   See 10 Ac. (3,11)
10 & 1 Ac. Rightness protecteda way to begin trial (5)  START THE PROCEEDINGS {RIGHTNESS+PROTECTED+A}*
11 Help me move around, time is passing (9) EPHEMERAL {HELP+ME}* around {ERA}
12 Abandoned by many, needed to be scratched (7) DITCHED {D}{ITCHED}
13 Regularly read draftit gets monotonous (3,4) RAT RACE {ReAd}{T RACE}
14 Ask for stuff about the French (5) PLEAD {P{LE}AD}
16 Difficult task trick is to get things moving (4-5) KICK-START*
19 Estimate he gives to the householder (9) RATEPAYER {RATE}{PAYER}
20 Feel at ease within, please (5) ELATE [T]
22 They provide energy that is missing in some cricketers (7) BATTERS BATTERieS
25 Born after hospital admission? Nonsense (7) BLATHER {B}{LAT{H}ER}
27 Stand exposed — story covered is to entice (9) TANTALISE {sTANd}{TAL{IS}E}
28 The devil attains liberation, it leaves (5) SATAN ATtAiNS*
29 Writing about pressure drop from copper condenser (14) CORRESPONDENCE {COpPER+CONDENSER}*

2   Man with skill won — a living proof (9) HEARTBEAT {HE}{ART}{BEAT}
3   Undermine child's play area (5) PITCH {PIT}{CH}
4   Right on date — nothing crucial before and after (4-5) OKEY-DOKEY {O}{KEY}-{D}{O}{KEY}
5   Number three maybe? (5) ETHER*
6   Give up what you have, no time for a cup of coffee (9) DEMITASSE {DEMIT}{ASSEt}
7   Opera girl (5) NORMA [DD]
8   Sun's passage, 5 for example (7) SOLVENT {SOL}{VENT}
9   Usurped heartlessly, work finished (4,2) USED UP USUrPED*
15 Disapprove taking interest rate down (9) DEPRECATE DEPRECiATE
17 Can bribe with a trip to a holiday destination (9) CARIBBEAN {CAN+BRIBE+A}*
18 Poor chap ate it, not really bothered (9) APATHETIC*
19 Mechanical lift has something to do with hearing (7) ROBOTIC {ROB}{OTIC}
21 Sin also conveys a message (6) ERRAND {ERR}{AND}
23 What enormous relief to have a voice (5) TENOR [T]
24 Save — avoid carrying money (5) SKIMP {SKI{M}P}
26 Passage with American to Guam, perhaps (5) AISLE {A}{ISLE}

Wednesday 27 April 2016

No 11686, Wednesday 27 Apr 2016, Arden

1   Tell requirements — masseuse does the job (6) KNEADS (~needs)
4   Dread shrinking capital — it's extremely close (8) ANGSTROM {ANGST}{ROMe}
9   Follow the code of Hammurabi on way to annex England (6) AVENGE {AV{ENG}E}
10 Star is not born with such rapidity (8) CELERITY CELEbRITY
12 What some would say on a railway platform in Tokyo? (8) SAYONARA [T] &lit
13 Way fire can spread with friction (6) STRIFE {ST}{FIRE*}
15 Daily feature asking “what kind of pop?” (10,2) CLASSIFIED AS {CLASSIFIED} {AS} (Addendum CLASSIFIED AD (~ classify dad) - See comments)
18 No interest, thing left without play (7,5) TWELFTH NIGHT {THING+LEFT+WiTH}*
21 Sufficient to decline entry into huge building (6) ENOUGH {E{NO}UGH*}
22 Discourage bottles — John gets a bottle (8) DECANTER {DE{CAN}TER}
24 “No second entrance” — tourist city's complaint (8) PELLAGRA {sPELL}{AGRA}
25 Plant providing a milk shake for one (6) KALMIA {1+MILK)*{A}
26 A jingle for party girls before long (8) DOGGEREL {DO}{G}{G}{ERE}{L}

Hey diddle, diddle,
The cat and the fiddle.
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed to see such fun,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.
27 God's so upset with the girl (6) OSIRIS {SO*}{IRIS}

1   Told to sleep with rifle and bag (8) KNAPSACK (~ nap){KNAP}{SACK}
2   First woman online could be Doris — it's regular (8) EVERYDAY {EVE}{RY}{DAY}
3   Like 11, have to look solemn — not a smart thing to do (3,4,3,5) DIG ONES OWN GRAVE {DIG} {ONES} {OWN} {GRAVE}
5   Boy's back for Christmas (4) NOEL <=
6   Nothing was fastened, many adrift (5,5,5) SWEET FANNY ADAMS*
7   Dried fruit is getting wet (6) RAISIN {RA{IS}IN}
8   Disturbance for a month at the border (6) MAYHEM {MAY} {HEM}
11 Outline for records (7) PROFILE {PRO}{FILE}
14 Gods are busy, say on Sunday (7) DEITIES (~ duty){DEITIE}{S} Not impressed with the homophone (Addendum - {DEIT<=}{I.E.}{S} - See comments)
16 Urge to send money up — works for three minutes, normally (3,5) EGG TIMER {EGG} {TIMER<=}
17 Movie promotion — watched deserters crossing river (4,4) STAR WARS {STAR} {WA{R}S}<=
19 Input device is crucial stuff (6) KEYPAD {KEY}{PAD}
20 Shadow on a sharp turn (6) DOGLEG {DOG}{LEG}
23 Pressure doctor to discharge boy (4) URGE sURGEon

Tuesday 26 April 2016

No 11685, Tuesday 26 Apr 2016, Arden

9   Praises income management by middle class (7) ENCOMIA {INCOME}*{clAss}
10 Furniture maker has to stop this fancy arrangement (7) IKEBANA {IKE{BAN}A}
11 Working maid gets embarrassed when appreciated (7) ADMIRED {MAID}*{RED}
12 Support the broadcast by messenger (7) PROPHET {PROP}{THE*}
13 Land conversion plan in use (9) PENINSULA*
15 Writer's nib — broken points embedded (5) IBSEN {SE} in {NIB}*
16 Green alternative found in lead (7) POTHERB {OTHER} in {PB}
19 Work during admission always keeps increasing (7) ENTROPY {ENTR{OP}Y}
20 Well loved partyman (5) DOTED {DO}{TED}
21 Part of skeleton, land in the cupboard? (4,5) BONE CHINA {BONE} {CHINA}
25 Herb's gone chasing wheels (7) CARAWAY {CAR}{AWAY}
26 Conservative guardianship arranged — not again! (7) PRUDISH gUaRDianSHIP*
28 Cigar and high class drink rejected (7) REGALIA {REGAL}{1A}<=
29 He helps with some untenable rates (7) ENABLER [T]

1   Run on current for a month (6) DECAMP {DEC}{AMP}
2   Catch up regularly with the crew — makes sense (6) ACUMEN {cAtCh}{Up}{MEN}
3   Ruler's frozen up (4) EMIR <=
4   England-Australia match — bit of a rig (6) LANDAU [T]
5   Underworld set to move (8) DISPLACE {DIS}{PLACE}
6   Hold up inner wear, nice to be undressed — seeking pleasure? (10) HEDONISTIC {HE{DON}IST}{nICe}
7   Male prideis mom worried about endless pain? (8) MACHISMO {IS+MOM}* around {ACHe}
8   Deliberately ask for limited requirement (8) WANTONLY {WANT}{ONLY}
14 Good for nothingone dweller accommodation (4-2-4) NEER-DO-WELL*
16 Short man in the photo has no time to take care of his feet (8) PEDICURE {P[ED}ICtURE}
17 Mentoring without great preparation (8) TUTORAGE* 
18 Pass admits regular buddy of songwriter (3,5) BOB DYLAN {B uDdY} in {BOLAN}
22 He's relatively new — without wife it's tough, I tell you (6) NEPHEW {NEw}{PHEW}
23 Technicalities resolved, hesitant to go as it's frozen (6) ICICLE tEChnICaLIties
24 Follow for a day and call for attention (6) ADHERE {A}{D}{HERE}
27 State cover up accepted (4) UTAH {U}{TAH}<=


Monday 25 April 2016

No 11684, Monday 25 Apr 2016, Arden

1   In Japan, the ones who are revered (8) PANTHEON [T]
5   Chauffeur left? Nonsense (6) DRIVEL {DRIVE}{L}
10 French nobleman rings up to make moving pictures (7) VICOMTE Anno pending {MOVING + PICTURES}* - {RINGS+UP}*
11 Hail essentially damages crops all around — goes on and on (7) PROSAIC {CROPS}* around {hAIl]
12 Place of birth (5) NATAL [DD]
13 Changing realities for Jacobson, perhaps (9) ISRAELITE*
14 Worrying condition of road — a stretch on both sides (12) HYPERTENSION {HYPE}{R}{TENSION}
18 Coming weekend is the start of Christmas season (6,6) ADVENT SUNDAY {ADVENT} {SUNDAY}
21 It points to the bottom of the plant (9) ARROWROOT {ARROW}{ROOT}
23 He makes an effort getting right in step (5) TRIER {T{R}IER}
24 Basically scrap covering the pit — spreading disease (7) CHOLERA {sC{HOLE}RAp}
25 Robber faces jail in addition (7) BRIGAND {BRIG}{AND}
26 In the mountains he keeps woman well covered (6) SHERPA {S{HER}PA}
27 Endless work for base worker — one in the Army base (8) SERGEANT {lesS}{ERG}{E}{ANT}

1   Stately dance for top people — way to hold one (6) PAVANE {Pe...e}{AV{AN}E}
2   Good they removed him with finesse (6) NICETY {NICE}{TheY}
3   Greeting in Asian language, for one on the mountain range (9) HIMALAYAN {HI}{MALAYAN}
4   Say a line is on median, so line is straight (3-11) ONE-DIMENSIONAL*
6   Flower power at last, make it sharp (5) RHONE {p..eR}{HONE}
7   Putin post victory — away from lights in his den (8) VLADIMIR {V}{LA{DIM}IR}
8   Stands to decentralise organisation, lacking idea (8) LECTERNS deCENTRaLiSE*
9   Theatre feature on board... (9,5) OPERATING TABLE {OPERATING} {TABLE}
15 ...come close, it's a miss! (4,5) NEAR THING {NEAR} {THING}
16 Lawyer unravelling scam with American capital (8) DAMASCUS {DA}{SCAM*}{US}
17 Subtle hint — After second round, football club goes from top to bottom (8) OVERTONE {rOund}{(-e)VERTON(+e)E}
19 Not a fighting force surrounding country capital (6) TIRANA {IRAN} in {TA}
20 Leading company, it's under loss, gets money from the bank (6) CREDIT {Co...y}{RED}{IT}
22 Woman's aid to give birth (5) WHELP {W}{HELP}


Sunday 24 April 2016

Special, Sunday 24 Apr 2016, Cryptic XI

Welcome to our new setter group (Aakash Sridhar, Ajeesh V M[Compiler], Amrith Rajasekaran, Anjali Doney, Faten Ismail, Ganesh Nayak, Mohsin Ahmed, Ramki Krishnan, Sreeni Sreenivasan, Srivathsan Santhanam, Vinod Raman). Bouquets and Brickbats welcome.
Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   It's taken for granted Medusa's in trouble (7)
5   What Nostradamus did to compel respect, reportedly (7)
9   Modify old gallery to feature unlimited menus (9)
10 Walk better to be trim on the sides (5)
11 Get on to aircraft with setter,  heading west to Nepal, by mistake (7)
12 Put down finally and take land (7)
13 Annex extremely large in size (5)
15 Freely rest until one lets you in (9)
17 Bond is the first one to say "Hello" perhaps, while welcoming folks (9)
20 I would like to introduce key points (5)
22 Greeting kid with Ecstasy is mean(7)
24 Sliced bacon, foie gras: her special sandwiches (7)
26 I care about Heather (5)
27 Rubbish I packed into a present can be upsetting (9)
28 As reported, I run a bar (7)
29 Teams yet to admit the French player (7)

1   Unrestrained glee when busting rear, never gets old (7)
2   Depute someone to come up with a plan (5)
3   Metallic element in male genes, a mutation (9)
4   Beloved daughter essentially needs a vacation (7)
5   In team, Kohli finally replaces old senior cricket player (7)
6   Produce finally separated, head down to fourth counter (5)
7   Leader of bandits infiltrating Suriname maybe operating under water (9)
8   We sheltered soldiers one time against hot wind (7)
14 Realities about Jesus, say (9)
16 Orderly has pipes fixed around hospital (9)
17 Master made out inside college (7)
18 Handsome Oriental worker gets support (7)
19 Bladed instrument primarily in rotation - source of energy (7)
21 Sir sets cryptic for nuns (7)
23 Smart students essentially overlooked this mission (5)
25 Ban team entering the Spanish league, eventually (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at CRYPTIC XI 1


The Sunday Crossword (2890), Sunday 24 Apr 2016

Found it tough going today.

1  Thin clothes ending in storeroom? Correct (6) REMEDY {RE{s...oM}EDY}
4   Rose, when cold, finished (8) ASCENDED {AS}{C}{ENDED}
9   Star for example going around in group (5) GENUS {GE}{NUS}<=
10 Journalists breaking achievement down (9) DEPRESSED {DE{PRESS}ED}
11 Dull king with desire to occupy large land area (10) LACKLUSTRE {L}{AC{K}{LUST}RE}
12 Reportedly gather in this place (4) HERE (~hear)
14 A kind, sad heart with quiet yen to give treatment for bad behaviour (8,7) AVERSION THERAPY {A}{VERSION} {HEART*}{P}{Y}
16 Strange new depth of later orchestral piece (5,3,3,4) PETER AND THE WOLF*

18 Resistance extinguished in defeat (4) ROUT {R}{OUT}
19 Choice mattress on ground (10) ASSORTMENT*
22 Rubbish about one area not available for singer (5,4) DIANA ROSS {D{1}{A}{NA} ROSS}
23 First part covered by paint roller (5) INTRO [T]
24 Spotted having kiss in vehicle (8) SPECKLED {S{PECK}LED}
25 Expose politician finally amid hesitation before appeal (6) UNMASK {U{p...aN}M}{ASK}

1   Emblems of royalty relating to festive occasion involving island (7) REGALIA {RE}{GAL{I}A}
2   Feverish fellow in charge (5) MANIC {MAN}{IC}
3   Look certain to support record supplying revelation (10) DISCLOSURE {DISC}{LO}{SURE}
5   Great saint, one worked out, is believing irrationally (13) SUPERSTITIOUS {SUPER}{ST}{I}{OUT+IS}*
6   Happening to omit last level (4) EVEN EVENt
7   Criminal dictator endlessly holding venture up (9) DESPERADO {DESP{ERAD<=}Ot}
8   Frail and thirsty, consuming rum with enjoyment initially (7) DODDERY{D{ODD}{En...t}RY}
10 Passes over rent for shop selling bargains (8,5) DISCOUNT STORE {DISCOUNT S}{TORE}
13 One on foot scattered seed in part (10) PEDESTRIAN*
15 Followers in tune or otherwise with era (9) ENTOURAGE {TUNE+OR}*{AGE}
16 Cuts restricting commercial processions (7) PARADES {PAR{AD}ES}
17 Alien surrounded by crowd in joint (7) FETLOCK {F{ET}LOCK}
20 Former partner beginning to torment artist more (5) EXTRA {EX}{To...t}{RA}
21 Standing and revolting (4) RANK [DD]


Saturday 23 April 2016

No 11683, Saturday 23 Apr 2016, Buzzer


6 North Indian city had underground ... (5,3) DEHRA DUN {HAD UNDER}*
9 ... to take advantage of before those (4,2) PREY ON {PRE}{Y ON}
10 Boundary fence lacking height (4) EDGE {hEDGE}
11 Old nurse skilful and capable of being stretched (10) EXTENDABLE {EX}{TEND}{ABLE}
12 Iron chains round perimeter (6) FRINGE {F{RING}E}
14 Flawless 0.1 mm rings suitable for all (7) OPTIMUM {O}{PT}{I}{M{U}M}
15 Significant or groundbreaking ... (5-10) EARTH SHATTERING {EARTH}{SHATTERING}
18 ...painter's picture? Like like (7) PICASSO {PIC}{AS}{SO}
20 Shall unplug blocking around drain (6) NULLAH (T<=)
22 Struggle // meeting // contract // undertaking (10) ENGAGEMENT (MD)
23,23 Dn. Policeman circling hospital repeatedly in a hurry (4-4) CHOP-CHOP {C{H}OP}*2
24 Travel discomfort, let down in a fancy car (3,3) JET LAG {LET*} in {JAG}
25 Think about // surrender (4,4) TURN OVER (DD)


1 Lake that is below zero in the middle (4) ERIE {zERo}{IE}
2 Suffering of one out on sidelines (8) IDLENESS {SiDELINES}* &lit
3 Grasp in etude defining a music composer (6) SPINET (T)

4 Married lad, clipped butterfly (3,7) RED ADMIRAL {MARRIED LAD}*

5 Peer around bowled over by the French island (8) NOBLEMAN {{NO}{B}}<={LE}{MAN} Edited- See Comments
7 Duck is often seen behind weir (5) EIDER {bEhInD wEiR}
8 Motorman often going off the rails? Never (3,3,1,6) NOT FOR A MOMENT {MOTORMAN OFTEN}*
13 Obvious changes around end of year celebration (10) NOTICEABLE {NOTICEABLE}* around {yeaR}= CELEBRATION
16 Small program, overstated (8) APPENDED {APP}{ENDED}
17 A medicinal solution can heal over time (8) TINCTURE {TIN}{C{T}URE}
19 Dexterity mostly needed to ride a sled (6) SLEIGH {SLEIGHt}
21 Very much like one element of ade? (5) ADORE ? (Addendum - A, D or E - See comments)

Reference list

Height=H, Old=Ex, Iron=Fe, Suitable for all=U, Picture=Pic, Policeman=Cop, Hospital=H
That is=IE, One=I, Over=On, Bowled=B, The French=Le, Island=Man, Can=Tin, Time=T

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution IndicatorLink/Connector

Friday 22 April 2016

No 11682, Friday 22 Apr 2016, Buzzer

1   Second Sprite I had during game is plain (4-7) SELF-EVIDENT {S}{ELF}-{EV{I'D}ENT}
9   Institute, mediocre at educating groups (6) CREATE [T]
10 Loyal supporter beginning to accept breaking law (8) STALWART {ST{LAW*}ART}
11 Inquisitive one on the inside is buzzing (5) NOISY {NO{1}SY}
12 Criticise study after study receiving money (7) CONDEMN {CON}{DE{M}N}
13 Free time for book it is learned (8) LITERATE LI{-b+t}TERATE
15 Cirrus is pronouncedly watery (6) SEROUS (~ cirrus)
16 Sneaky chap, heartless rat (6) COVERT {COVE}{RaT}
18 Bad silt, it can cut up edges of a building (8) BASILICA {BAd}{SILt}{It}{CAn}
20 One drug induced experience (7) UNDERGO*
21 At first pious members of lower house backed a religious text (5) PSALM {Pi..s}{MLA'S<=}
22 Go through annals about some Africans (8) ANGOLANS {AN{GO}LANS*}
23 Doubly senseless going outside of society (6) INSANE {IN{S}ANE}
24 Memento that represents nowadays (2,3,6) AT THE MOMENT*

2   Look over fire pit (7) EXAMINE {EXA<=}{MINE}
3   Showy adornments not new or hot (5) FIERY  FInERY
4   Have a curved tool to pop end of black blister (7) VESICLE {'VE}{SICkLE}
5   Identifying nature of some Adivasi song aided in appreciation (9) DIAGNOSIS [T<=]
6   Date one by one? (3,4) NEW YEAR (1/1)
7   Bombastic and affectedly darn long? Quite (13) GRANDILOQUENT*
8   Declaration of professional name by a setter (13) PRONOUNCEMENT {PRO}{NOUN}{CEMENT}
14 Consequences that frame criminal (9) AFTERMATH*
17 Ethereal medium doesn't last (7) ENDMOST {M+DOESN'T}*
18 Group turning around deficit to flourish (7) BLOSSOM {B{LOSS}OM<=}
19 Mediator in trouble after raising an issue (7) LIAISON {LIA<=}{1}{SON}
21 Present philosophy in solid shape (5) PRISM {PR}{ISM}


Thursday 21 April 2016

No 11681, Thursday 21 Apr 2016, Neyartha

7   Applied mathematicians sacrifice a Scot to get data (10) STATISTICS STATISTICianS
9   It might be upped to increase the stakes (4) ANTE [DD]
10 Bag flipped by quarrel over the Kansas fuel-making factory (8) GASWORKS {GAS<=}{WOR<=}{KS}
11 Long address concealed by the split, anyway (6) LITANY [T]
12 Variety of grass (5) RANGE [DD]
13 Prejudiced Bob discarded reacting bicarbonates (9) SECTARIAN bICARboNATES*
14 Doctor and the bridge partners love playing what might make Indian farmers happy (7) MONSOON {MO}{NS}{O}{ON}
17 Male journalist replacing the first-class trophies (7) EDWARDS (-a+ed)EDWARDS
20 Melting of the iodine vat is an abnormality (9) DEVIATION*
22 Extremely cold bridge player at the wrong place in coast (5) GELID G(+e)ELID(-e)
25 Lithium found in steep rock turned over for an aromatic bulb (6) GARLIC {GAR{LI}C<=}
26 Sweet things to look at? (3,5) EYE CANDY &lit
27 Reportedly cut the lawn for practice (4) MODE (~ mowed)
28 Failure to appear with a cargo of metal results in self-denial (10) ABSTINENCE {ABS{TIN}ENCE}

1   Some teenagers run away to accompany leaders to the classes (6) STRATA Acrostic
2   Seize letters from Anu, surprisingly (5) USURP [T]
3   Deadlines altered without notice to get a source of oil (7) LINSEED DEadLINES*
4   Irregular diastole is atypical (8) ISOLATED*
5   Woman's garment with the horse trainer's equipment (6) HALTER [DD]
6   Tolerate Arabic on the democratic flag (8) STANDARD {STAND}{AR}{D}
8   Fuel for the municipalities flanking Georgia (4,3) TOWN GAS {TOWN {GA}S}
15 Cook, poor, collects darnel sent up by the wheeler dealer (8) OPERATOR {OP{ERAT<=}OR*}
16 Lens maker changes topic before Diana edges away (8) OPTICIAN {TOPIC*}{dIANa}
18 Fair to exchange ring for article in surplus (7) AVERAGE (-o+a)OVERAGE
19 Heroism interpreted such that one wants more (7) MOREISH*
21 Alternatively, the islands around Holland can get attached to the European Union (2,4) IN LIEU {I}{N L}{I}{EU}
23 Charge to write to the auditor (6) INDICT (~ indite)
24 Mail found by lifting hourglass (5) REMIT <=


Wednesday 20 April 2016

No 11680, Wednesday 20 Apr 2016, Neyartha

1   Condemn adopting the inconsiderate firm's quick and intensive training (5,6) CRASH COURSE {C{RASH} {CO}URSE}
9   Learn to earn (7) REALISE [DD]
10 Criminal following American soldier and doctor with a stabilising appliance (6) GIMBAL {GI}{MB}{AL}
11 Lazy person with a bee in the 5,22,23 is murmuring (5) DRONE [MD]
12 Make up a story about a light sound in retreat for fuel (7) LIGNITE {LI{GNIT<=}E}
15 Run to substitute Charlie's Mexican dish with a starchy root (4) TARO TA(-c+r)RO
16 American uncle breaking bishop's seat beginning to get to an oil source (6,4) SESAME SEED {SE{SAM}E} {SEED}
18 Sees clergymen taking in religious instruction by Charlie (10) BISHOPRICS {BISHOP{RI}{C}S}
20 Shelled holy Israeli port (4) ACRE sACREd
23 Means to cook chile in the outskirts of Vellore (7) VEHICLE {Vel{CHILE*}lorE}
24 Revolutionary restrained wingless insect (5) EMMET sTEMMEd <=
26 Anagrammed iconic features for a doctor (6) MEDICO [T]
27 A teacup's contents could get blended with its aid (7) STIRRER [CD]
28 Buddy on lute's out of tune certainly (11) UNDOUBTEDLY*

2   Shot doctor inured (6) RUINED*
3   Killed by a slip reportedly (4) SLEW (~slue)
4   Awareness of the company chant brought up by article on the English church (10) COGNISANCE {CO}{GNIS<=}{AN}{CE}
5   Lacking a crew to make mundane changes to accommodate a Pole (8) UNMANNED {N} in {MUNDANE}*
6   Scare resulting from the young actress's temperature going up (7) STARTLE STAR(+t)TLE(-t)
7   One getting a possibly once-in-a-lifetime shower? (5-2-2) BRIDE-TO-BE [CD]
8   Austrian leader taking out the oriental heavy fabric shows courage (6) VALOUR V(-e+a)ALOUR
13 Fuel with the retreating mob attached to a follower's Molotov cocktail (6,4) PETROL BOMB {PETROL} {BOM<=}{B}
14 Rejuvenated assembly in Paris? I abandoned the quest (9) ADVENTURE REjUVeNATED*
17 Copilot I dressed up as a party person (8) POLITICO*
19 Live from the south with Polish coverage of the unlicensed bar (7) SHEBEEN {SH{EB<=}EEN}
21 Became radicalised and smuggled a tool for surveillance (6) CAMERA [T]
22 No retweet of a main channel by the receiver (6) AERIAL Anno pending (Addendum - ArtERIAL - See comments)
25 Key found in the speaker's walkway (4) ISLE (~aisle)


Tuesday 19 April 2016

No 11679, Tuesday 19 Apr 2016, Gridman

1   Black and white Greek character with a run out, to scour badly (11) CHIAROSCURO {CHI}{A}{RO}{SCOUR*} With some help from Google
9   French friend horribly nuts in front of a main disturbance (7) TSUNAMI {NUTS*}{AMI}
10 Fish possessed at harbour (7) HADDOCK {HAD}{DOCK}
11 A chief's in first place (5) AHEAD {A}{HEAD}
12 Tear around lender's demand for what is due to him (9) REPAYMENT {RE{PAY ME}NT}
13 Staff hitting one small road after another (5) STAVE {ST}{AVE}
15 Doctor on First Street a scientist (9) PHYSICIST {PHYSIC}{1}{ST}
18 Content test is treated with contempt (9) SATISFIED {SAT}{IS}{FIED}
21 Regal rejected a tavern choice (5) LAGER <=
22 Two cricket fielders under the microscope? (5,4) COVER SLIP {COVER} {SLIP}
24 Farewell to publicity clip that is uppity at start (5) ADIEU {AD}{IE}{Up...y}
26 Make bad cutback with instrument (7) POLLUTE {POL<=}{LUTE}
27 When back, custom is to have meat product (7) SAUSAGE {SA<=}{USAGE}
28 Spread rumours, resulting in a dust-up? (4,3,4) DISH THE DIRT [C&DD]

1   Tom is passing over SHAR's fresh purge (9) CATHARSIS {CAT}{SHAR*}{IS}
2   Condition to take cover without a bit of security (5) INURE INsURE
3   Forward, perhaps, on speech (9) READDRESS {RE}{ADDRESS}
4   Under disturbance, half-a-rupee laid out for foothold of a sort (7) STIRRUP {STIR}{Rs}{UP}
5   One from France, by chance, in vacant Pondy, is sad (7) UNHAPPY {UN}{HAP}{PondY}
6   In a strange manner, bod idly missed primaries (5) ODDLY {bOD}{iDLY}
7   Great tie wrong knit (8) TOWERING*
8   Mini-play in second gear (4) SKIT {S}{KIT}
14 Man goes after fourth part of play with genuine effort (8) ACTIVELY {ACT}{IV}{ELY}
16 Disagreeable disposition caused by 19? (3,6) ILL NATURE [CD]
17 Raging, old city animal cut short in circus setting (9) TURBULENT {T{UR}{BULl}ENT}
19 Complaint? I will take Sen's exposition (7) ILLNESS {I'LL}{SENS*}
20 Be seated below silly dope's place (7) DEPOSIT {DOPE*}{SIT}
22 That's the wear for work in church (4) COPE {C{OP}E} &lit
23 Drinks in golf session (5) ROUND [DD]
25 I, artist, to question one Baghdad native (5) IRAQI {I}{RA}{Q}{1}

Monday 18 April 2016

No 11678, Monday 18 Apr 2016, Gridman

1   Cassette set out legal precedent (4,4) TEST CASE*
5   Saint's longing for work with needles (6) STITCH {ST}{ITCH}
9   Thinks well of expression of friendship (8) RESPECTS [DD]
10 Art destroyed by backward university causes emotional shock (6) TRAUMA {ART*}{AMU<=}
12 Catches a glimpse both ways (4) SEES <=>
13 Saw animal, a Dalmatian (7,3) SPOTTED DOG {SPOTTED} {DOG}
15 Deceitful snake, insecure, seeks end of matrimony (6) SNEAKY {SNAKE*}{m...nY}
17 That woman has degree from an old kingdom (5) SHEBA {SHE}{BA}
20 Joint exercise begins with blow-up (5) ELBOW {Ex...e}{BLOW*}
21 Knocked off policeman — that is deadly to begin with (6) COPIED {COP}{IE}{De...y}
24 Where to put moneythe tiny kit, perhaps (2,3,5) IN THE KITTY*
27 Look at the ship's negative balance (4) LOSS {LO}{SS}
29 Keen judgment of a copper on soldiers (6) ACUMEN {A}{CU}{MEN}
30 Cool, beta's distributed honey fungus (8) BOOTLACE*
31 Extremely nice condition of posh property (6) ESTATE {nicE}{STATE}
32 Ignore? Reportedly is aware it's pug (4,4) SNUB NOSE {SNUB} {NOSE}(~ knows)

1   Main point of military attack (6) THRUST [DD]
2   Network cosy, not firm, at branch (6) SYSTEM {coSY}{STEM}
3   Principal loses one course preparer (4) CHEF CH1EF
4   Framed organisation (5) SETUP [DD]
6   Enraged stree is curt (5) TERSE*
7   Almost correct, new copper was in the front and rolled along (8) TRUNDLED {TRUe}{N}{D}{LED} Connection between D and Copper not clear See comments
8   Chief's terrible rage for helmets and the like (8) HEADGEAR {HEAD}{RAGE*}
11 Be in the loft and remain awake for long (4,2) STAY UP [DD]
14 Chew on promoting network with girl (4) GNAW {G}{NAW}<=
16 A critic I left confused and cold (6) ARCTIC {A}{CRiTIC*}
17 By the way, two directions for meat-and-potatoes dish (4) STEW {ST}{E}{W}
18 Snack spot's choice food is tender (8) DELICATE {DELI}{CATE}
19 Block old boy on street with curt treatment (8) OBSTRUCT {OB}{ST}{CURT*}
22 A motto is to pulp fruit (6) TOMATO*
23 German city accepts principally esoteric ascetic (6) ESSENE {ESSEN}{Es...c}
25 Woman on new town's major happening (5) EVENT {EVE}{N}{Town}
26 Rose has it — beginning to trumpet (5) THORN {To}{HORN}
28 Awkward try by upcoming cricketers (4) STAB <=


Sunday 17 April 2016

Special, Sunday 17 Apr 2016, Dr Satyen Nabar

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide your answers in a single comment

1   Where the real money is? (6)
4   Track must aid spin (7)
8   Plant endless nonsense to attack (7)
9   Decline to replace team (7)
11 One heard to have excellent footwork? (4-6)
12 Expresses in a condescending manner (4)
13 All returning to arrange alternative during August (5)
14 Dad with fashionable bird? It’s a peacock (8)
16 Subordinate to pursue likely loser (8)
18 After hesitation, became embarrassed and made a blunder (5)
20 Anomalous phenomena start unquestionably from outer space (4)
21 Undergarment getting wet perhaps leading to mental aberration (10)
23 Howl in grief! Beheaded South African is dead (7)
24 One going on foot, more an informer perhaps (7)
25 Tired finish led to stalemate (4, 3)
26 I heard parasitic insects made tramp scratch head at public hall (6)

1   Pointless to be frank (5)
2   Shrink gets first class award (7)
3   Its established! It’s fashionable to be delayed (9)
5   To avoid horrible torture, be more reliable (5)
6   Sneer at uproar about AIDS disease (7)
7   Not to give as much is immoral (9)
10 Victim heading off to run away with kid (9)
13 Syndicate collapses, I hear? Does seem wrong (4, 5)
15 When one is expecting a swell time (9)
17 Stored fodder, perhaps linseed (7)
19 Time to lose head and copy due to competitive pressure (3, 4)
21 Club to decide against declaration (5)
22 Discharge guy consumed by drink (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at Dr SN 5


The Sunday Crossword (2889), Sunday 17 Apr 2016

1   Hissing bird turned and left insect (8) SIBILANT {SIBI<=}{L}{ANT}
5   Gathers energy to return prize (6) ESTEEM {E}{STEEM}<=
9   Mercy one ordered in ritual (8) CEREMONY*
10 Hollow case, prosecutor's last (6) CRATER {CRATE}{p...oR}
12 Fix article, breaking nothing (4) NAIL {N{A}IL}
13 Cry, dim hope renewed, for syringe (10) HYPODERMIC*
16 Time poorly occupied by game, second in town (9,5) TUNBRIDGE WELLS {T}{UN{BRIDGE} WELL}{S}
17 Conservative hurt by insulting campaign to win support (5,9) CHARM OFFENSIVE {C}{HARM} {OFFENSIVE}
19 Golfer modified range, retaining good standard (4,6) GREG NORMAN {GRE{G} {NORM}AN*}
20 Singer back in Scotland (4) ALTO [T<=]
22 Close attention applied to book set in New York (6) NEARBY {EAR}{B} in {NY}
24 Money from gambling factions divided by pub (8) WINNINGS {INN} in {WINGS}
25 Changing treaty, talk incessantly (6) YATTER*
26  Appeal to share (8) INTEREST [DD]

1   Instant alternative (6) SECOND [DD]
2   Exclude piece on universal merit in sedative (11) BARBITURATE {BAR}{BIT}{U}{RATE}
3   Caustic substance in tree (4) LIME [DD]
4   Novelist showing dynamic front, unusually (5,7) NANCY MITFORD*
6   Were tests designed to keep one familiar with urban life? (10) STREETWISE {WERE+TESTS}* around {1}
7   Put away in the attic (3)  EAT [T]
8   Damage airman starts to appraise, slowly rattling instruments (7) MARACAS {MAR}{AC}{Ap...e}{{Sl...y}
11 Prisoner in rage got out of order in assembly (12) CONGREGATION {CON}{IN+RAGE+GOT}*
14 Hate man with brutality dispatching one (11) MALEVOLENCE {MALE}{ViOLENCE}
15 Appalling prohibition I'm lifting, filling a trunk (10) ABOMINABLE {M'I}{NAB}<= in {A}{BOLE}
17 Firm information about year in power (7) COGENCY {CO}{GEN}{C}{Y}
18 Staff brought up and established in county (6) DORSET {DOR<=}{SET}
21 Formerly working with church (4) ONCE {ON}{CE}
23 Routine agreement, no pressure (3) ACT pACT