Friday 30 September 2016

No 11814, Friday 30 Sep 2016, Buzzer

1   Criminal famously left out of protection (6) ASYLUM fAMoUSLY*
5   Wove around model endless leathery fabric (7) TISSUED {SIT<=}{SUEDe}
9   Sorry boy in a group, Red Cross? (1,3,4,6) I BEG YOUR PARDON*
11 Brief affair lady ends in a calm manner (6) EVENLY {EVENt}{LadY}
12 Cable TV reaching an Indian village (8) TELEGRAM {TELE}{GRAM}
13 Leader to be deposed absolutely Home Secretary promises (5) OATHS {TAO<=}{HS} Not sure if this is correct (Addendum - {tO A T}{HS} - See comments)
14 German army to win empty deserted settlement (5,4) GHOST TOWN {G}{HOST} TO}{WiN}
16 Counter velocity to walk up and down area beyond moon's orbit (4,5) DEEP SPACE {DEEP S<=}{PACE}
18 Instant profit for French painter (5) MONET {MO}{NET}
20 Uncommon clairvoyance perceivable every now and then (8) ESPECIAL {ESP}{pErCeIvAbLe}
22 At home with American edition books to go over (4,2) USED TO {US}{ED} {OT<=}
24 Important cause kicked up a fuss (5,2,1,6) STORM IN A TEACUP* &lit
25 Winding? No, short letter (7) NOTELET Anno pending (Addendum - {NO}{LETTEr}* Semi&lit
26 Hospital department put in place year full of supply (6) PLENTY {PL}{ENT}{Y}

2   National issue (7) SUBJECT [DD]
3   Juvenile gal is essentially carrying sanctions (9) LEGALISES [T]
4.  Catcall setter? It pains (4) MEOW {ME}{OW}
5   See mother rocking triplet (9) THREESOME*
6   Uniform wearing guard is charming (5) SUAVE {S{U}AVE}
7   Endure piece of work in open (7) UNDERGO {ERG} in {UNDO}
8   Face value of a religious sect (12) DENOMINATION [DD]
10 You support a child (6,6) SECOND PERSON {SECOND} {PER}{SON}
14 Conflict in western state gets tense (2,7) GO AGAINST {GO A}{GAINS}{T}
15 Hard in Emirates splitting jointly owned property (9) TIMESHARE* {H} in {EMIRATES}*
17 Heroic act from old guide I noticed close to the end (7) EXPLOIT {EX}{P(-i)LO(+i)IT}
19 Set to bound surely (2,5) NO DOUBT*
21 Periodically claim/tell one can go without food or drink for long periods (5) CAMEL {ClAiM+tElL}
23 Dance unit, favourites to advance (4) STEP <=


Thursday 29 September 2016

No 11813, Thursday 29 Sep 2016, Neyartha

1   Anchor report on the amphibian spotted around the bags in retreat (8) NEWSCAST {SACS<=} in {NEWT}
5   Part of the sermon I espoused to get funds (6) MONIES [T]
9   Protozoa found in crushed ice's besieging the westbound detective (8) CILIATES {TAIL<=} in {ICES}*
10 Arrangements for the son to replace good outfits (6) SETUPS (-g+s)SETUPS
11 Swelling of the body part of a domestic help? (10,4) HOUSEMAIDS KNEE &lit
14 Briefly jeopardize the public showings (5) EXPOS EXPOSe
16 Cooked enchiladas left outside in the Spanish ranches (9) HACIENDAS ENCHIlADAS*
17 Book jacket with promotional info for a protective covering for equipment (4,5) DUST COVER [DD]
19 Bird with the Roman deity entertaining the conservative (5) JUNCO {JUN{C}O}
20 A complaint on the capital baked dish (4,10) BEEF WELLINGTON {BEEF} {WELLINGTON}
23 Our cleverness in audition fetches a vessel for hot gravy (6) ARGYLE (~our guile)
24 Fence for the posh luxury car gets intelligent coverage (8) SURROUND {RR} in {SOUND} (Correction - {U}{RR} in {SOUND} - See comments}
25 Certificates with the second son bartered for a model's book (6) SCRIPT SCRIP(-s+t)T
26 Fast musical passage trimmed on the ship after the Spanish revolutionary becomes fidgety (8) RESTLESS {pRESTo}{EL<=}{SS}

1   Taking risks might involve sticking this out (4) NECK [CD]
2   Warrant officer employs a mirrored command line interface to generate a reply on the radio (5) WILCO {CLI<=} in {WO}
3   Masochists in disguise chase Tom away to find a skeleton (7) CHASSIS mASoCHIStS*
4   Type of excavator bringing up the last two quarters in the squad's shacks (5,6) STEAM SHOVEL {(+s)STEAM(-s)} {(+s)SHOVEL(-s)}
6   Supervise the letters from Bob being put to verse effortlessly (7) OVERSEE [T] Too many superfluous words
7   Elected to confiscate fertilizer with note on an extinct herbivore (9) IGUANODON  {GUANO} in {I DO} with {N} (Addendum - {IN} over {GUANO}{DO} - See comments)
8   Removal of a mechanical system for absorbing shock (10) SUSPENSION [DD]
12 Somehow retied tunic with doubt (11) INCERTITUDE*
13 Whirlpool, after a short time, reportedly reveals plush toys (5,5) TEDDY BEARS {Time}{EDDY} {BEARS}(~bares)
15 Green spas arranged for someone on a voyage? (9) PASSENGER*
18 Bullies student and a northbound Greek character with a spring flower (7) COWSLIP {COWS}{L}{PI<=}
19 Jack gets on top of the grotto at sea with moderate pace (3,4) JOG TROT {J}{OG TROT}*
21 Om vigorously undertakes long experiments initially to find a reproductive cell (5) OVULE Acrostic
22 One might lay these to make an unfavourable bet (4) ODDS [CD]


Wednesday 28 September 2016

No 11812, Wednesday 28 Sep 2016, Neyartha

Neyartha on time :-) today unlike some others who've gone missing.

7   Indian queen in retreat shelters Lawrence, heartlessly cold, between major battles (8) INTERWAR {TE}{RaW} in {RANI<=}
9   Her missing hand-held electric blower shows the purpose of a clothesline (3-3) AIR-DRY {hAIR-DRYer}
10 Quality of some foods revealed by a fat tester at sea (10) AFTERTASTE*
11 Are greedy shopkeepers paid through this? (4) NOSE [CD]
12 Impulsive king gets rid of Democrat in strike (4) RASH (-d+r)RASH
13 First class environment for a shoot with Henry and a sailor in the capital (3,5) ABU DHABI {BUD}{H}{AB} in {A1}
16 Toy, half damaged, in the barn area (7) HAYLOFT*
18 Contribute to cutting short the underdog's transformation (7) REDOUND UNDERDOg*
20 Fit priest, well-built, upset by the French (8) ELIGIBLE {ELI}{BIG<=}{LE}
21 Protein-rich vegetable found in the Valparaiso yachts (4) SOYA [T]
23 Special and memorable time relating to us for the auditor (4) HOUR (~our)
24 Pliable, mild cheese (10) MOZZARELLA [CD] (Correction - [E/GK] - See comments)
25 An easy undertaking in the gentle wind (6) BREEZE [DD]
26 Notice story about a part of an optical instrument (8) EYEPIECE {EYE}{PIECE}

1   Powdered tobacco from the brush has carbon exchanged for nitrogen (5) SNUFF S(-c+n)NUFF
2   Green badge valet composted for a source of home produce (9,6) VEGETABLE GARDEN*
3   Formal glassware with resin sent up to attract a good man following the lines (7) CRYSTAL {RY}{ST} in {LAC<=}
4   Oriental moving to the top in the coffee shop rises to get a look (4) FACE {+e)ECAF(-e) <=
5   Befuddled chaperones fly in to a part of the South Pacific (6,9) FRENCH POLYNESIA*
6   Bracelet with the bard's twin was deformed (9) WRISTBAND*
8   Discarded the top sample piece of cloth with the timepiece (5) WATCH sWATCH
14 Caught female sheep for a function (3) USE (~ewes)
15 Upset about the single apprentice with a tusked mammal getting equipment for windsurfing (9) SAILBOARD {1}{L}{BOAR} in {SAD}
17 Electronic tab for controlling access to an extract from the Book of Obadiah (3) FOB [T]
19 Fabricated steel container for Arizona herbs (7) TEAZLES {AZ} in {STEEL}*
21 Model's profile (5) SHAPE [DD]
22 Captain left officer Charlie's kit initially to get a timepiece (5) CLOCK Acrostic
24 Matthew's blessed ones? (4) MEEK [GK]
Blessed are the meek: for they will inherit the earth. (5:5)


Tuesday 27 September 2016

No 11811, Tuesday 27 Sep 2016, Gridman

1   Refuse to lower the volume (4,4) TURN DOWN [DD]
5   That woman's science room backs a sort of remedy (6) HERBAL {HER}{LAB<=}
9   Course military unit doesn't finish (7) REGIMEN REGIMENt
10 Almost secular company endlessly pleasant and to the point (7) LACONIC {LAy}{CO}{NICe}
11 Greeting to right girl may still be unpredictable (3,2,4) HIT OR MISS {HI}{T O}{R} {MISS}
12 Reportedly aching to take off (4) SOAR (~sore)
14 One to advance heartily is the notorious ruler (4) IVAN (+1)IVA(-1)N (Addendum - {1}{adVANce} - See comments)
15 Land expert makes a good run on moist ground (10) AGRONOMIST {A}{G}{R}{ON}{MOIST*}
17 Ruthless firm attacked a number (4-6) HARD-BITTEN {HARD}-{BIT}{TEN}
19 Reportedly consider Miss Muffet's fare (4) WHEY (~weigh)
22 Observe wearing away on either side of the ear (4) OTIC nOTICe
23 Severe attack using talons. Ugh! (9) ONSLAUGHT*
25 Released group for nothing (3,4) SET FREE {SET} {FREE}
26 Fashionable member old and forgotten (2,5) IN LIMBO {IN} {LIMB}{O}
27 Live on part of a square (6) RESIDE {RE}{SIDE}
28 Repetition of one beginning to express in hypnotic state (8) ITERANCE {1}{T{Ex...s}RANCE}

1   Illuminating device set on fire twice (10) TORCHLIGHT {TORCH}{LIGHT}
2   A target set for boating event (7) REGATTA*
3   Objection to player being coy (6) DEMURE {DEMUR}{E}
4   Crossing of 't', e.g., that brought success? (7,6) WINNING STROKE [CD]
6   Intelligence agency involved in former prisoner's removal (8) EXCISION {EX}{C{ISI}ON}
7   Indian sister and girl meet one Asian (7) BENGALI {BEN}{GAL}{1}
8   Hold security device (4) LOCK [DD]
10 Miss a piece of clothing when taken to the cleaners (4,4,5) LOSE ONES SHIRT {LOSE} {ONES} {SHIRT}
13 Residential bar by one who doesn't like to go out (4-2-4) STAY-AT-HOME [CD]
16 Hidden old boy's made well (8) OBSCURED {OB'S}{CURED}
18 Goes round with list set in a different order (7) ROTATES {ROTA}{SET*}
20 Loaded dice for robbers losing direction (7) HIGHMEN HIGHwayMEN
21 Visitor's change of top is more fanciful (6) TALLER (-c+t)TALLER
24 Tom leaves second manipulator (4) USER moUSER


Monday 26 September 2016

No 11810, Monday 26 Sep 2016, Gridman

1   Censor in coarse comeback as teacher (8) EDUCATOR {EDU{CATO}R<=}
6   It takes beating by great many. Strange (4) DRUM {D}{RUM}
9   Old British administration positioned Hindu warrior (6) RAJPUT {RAJ}{PUT}
10 Ma shaky about face veil (7) YASHMAK*
13 Male sovereign (not ultimately noble) corrupt enough to administer badly (9) MISGOVERN {M}{SOVeREIGN}*
14 Solemn in final resting place (5) GRAVE [DD]
15 Reportedly put down by memory (4) ROTE (~wrote)
16 Inbred enough not to be on the edge of a chair (4-6) DEEP-SEATED [DD]
19 Comrade, fellow, worker pass over dead officer (10) COMMANDANT {COM}{MAN}{D}{ANT}
21 Girl, on edge, is serious (4) GRIM {G}{RIM}
24 Comes close to bearing appendages (5) NEARS {N}{EARS}
25 Resolve to stop explosive device (9) DETERMINE {DETER}{MINE}
26 Lift carries man and graduate with old complaint (7) LUMBAGO {LU{M}{BA}G}{O}
27 Order to secure the woman in the closet (6) LOCKER {LOCK}{'ER}
28 Girl has suffered deep cut (4) GASH {G}{HAS}*
29 Appropriate, extremely trendy home (8) PROPERTY {PROPER}{Tr..dY}

2   Late group is quite determined (4,3) DEAD SET {DEAD} {SET}
3   Cover, on a hill, one who's taken a prisoner (6) CAPTOR {CAP}{TOR}
4   Document establishing ownership? Deleted it by mistake (5,4) TITLE DEED*
5   Light old and new material (5) RAYON {RAY}{O}{N}
7   Shout about men breaking scrap (7) REMNANT {{R{MEN*}ANT}
8   What tunnellers do to get by financially (4,4,4) MAKE ENDS MEET [C&DD]
11 Autograph on paper and seal (6) SIGNET {SIGN}{ET}
12 Uncle Sam's standard (8,4) AMERICAN FLAG [CD]
17 Joke and muse, taking it up in scrupulous ceremony (9) PUNCTILIO {PUN}{C{IT<=}LIO}
18 Revulsion caused by wicked sena over gold (6) NAUSEA {SENA}* over {AU}
20 One taken in by double post-graduates in bad atmospheric conditions (7) MIASMAS {M{1}A'S}{MA'S}
22 Rani dances around setter with primarily turquoise clothing (7) RAIMENT {RAI{ME}N*}{Tu...e}
23 Tablet from model healthcare company (6) TROCHE {T}{ROCHE}
25 Department head's poor rise and decline (5) DROOP {De...t}{POOR<=}

Sunday 25 September 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 25 Sep 2016

1   Pretend to be in charge in training (8) PRACTICE {PR{ACT}ICE}
5   Bird fluttering to cave (6) AVOCET*
9   Strike and call for riot (7) RAMPAGE {RAM}{PAGE}
10 Revel in constant cause (7) CAROUSE {C}{AROUSE}
11 Mark from piano teacher (4) NOTE [T]
12 Supporter's complaint about name used by player (10) BENEFACTOR {BE{N}EF}{ACTOR}
14 Left lusty one rambling forebodingly (12) PORTENTOUSLY {PORT}{LUSTY+ONE}*
17 Silent comedian in tank sure to be in trouble (6,6) BUSTER KEATON*
20 Panic resolved by old boy with a cocktail (4,6) PINA COLADA {PINA C}*}{O}{LAD}{A}
21 Shrill greeting heard (4) HIGH (~ hi)
23 Study source behind revolutionary scrap (7) EXAMINE {AXE<=}{MINE}
24 Pal idly tossed leaf on pond (4,3) LILY PAD*
25 Present extremes of sadly unorthodox doctrine (6) HERESY {HERE}{SadlY}
26 Unaware, I admit, about drama (8) IGNORANT {I}{G{NO}RANT}

1   Standard cuts in vegetables (8) PARSNIPS {PAR}{SNIPS}
2   Artist coming up with sensible framework (8) ARMATURE {RA<=}{MATURE}
3   Rush meal and run (4) TEAR {TEA}{R}
4   Prime minister's people gossip in shelter after start of campaign (7,6) CLEMENT ATTLEE   {Ca...n}{LE{MEN}{T ATTLE}E}
6   Parts of poem about a ruinous palace (10) VERSAILLES {VERS{A}{ILL}ES}
7   Bad-tempered cur damaged enclosure (6) CRUSTY {CUR*}{STY}
8   Attempt to engage man with love for idea (6) THEORY {T{HE}{O}RY}
10 Signal at end of race varied following delay (9,4) CHEQUERED FLAG {CHEQUERED} {F}{LAG}
13 United in hunting mostly small marine creatures (3,7) SEA URCHINS {SEA {U}RCHINg}{S}
15 Sad poet I hail, missing lake in country (8) ETHIOPIA {POET+I+HAIl}*
16 Not wildly popular, cut by editor promptly (2,3,3) ON THE DOT {ON T}*{H{E D}OT}
18 Talk quietly in spot in front of church (6) SPEECH {S{P}EE}{CH}
19 Fun playing tune out of order (6) UNFAIR {FUN*}{AIR}
22 Singer in national tournament (4) ALTO [T]

Saturday 24 September 2016

No 11809, Saturday 24 Sep 2016, Gridman


1 Even on a hot day one might get this poor reception (4,7)  COLD WELCOME (CD)
9 Regulation O announced to get stack of coins (7) ROULEAU {~ RULE O}
10 Does this crisis phone service remain unused during a cold war? (7) HOTLINE (CD)
11 Old boy bets men – every otheris more than fat (5) OBESE {OB}{bEtS mEn}
12 No cadgingfree to launch a ball (2,7) GO DANCING {NO CADGING}*
13 Small, small page to examine electronically (5) SWEEP {S}{WEE}{P}
15 One can't be right when one is ___ ___ (4,5) DEAD WRONG (FITB)
18 One who personifies dishonesty and exists in it? (6,3) LIVING LIE (CD&D)
21 Direct both ways (5) REFER <=>
22 What you do when you ignore the morning alarm (4,2,3) STAY IN BED (Easy)
24 Hid to cast off ministerial wear from Tamil Nadu (5) DHOTI {HID TO}*
26 Doubly sick about Western leader's animosity (3,4) ILL WILL {ILL} {Western}ILL
27 A Hindu scripture initially tossed off energetically (7) AGITATO {A}{GITA}{Tossed}{Off}
28 Do these arguments leave the parties concerned singed? (6,5) HEATED WORDS (CD)


1 Clears our revolutionary contraption (9) CARROUSEL {CLEARS OUR}*
2 Nasty character removes top off woman's garment (5) LOUSE {bLOUSE}
3 At which point, we took that woman on UP tour (9) WHEREUPON {W{HER}E}{ON UP*}
4 Bludgeoned boys into leaving, loosened up and reclined lazily (7) LOUNGED {bLUDGEONed}*
5 Snakes concealed in ideal State (not Union Territory) (7) OPHIDIA {utOP{HID}IA}
6 All gone off the plate boy leaves defeated (5) EATEN {bEATEN}
7 Reached the target? Hatless gentleman became cordial quickly (3,2,3) HIT IT OFF {HIT}{IT}{tOFF}
8 Icy mass hits foot of bird looking up (4) BERG Anno pending {eBERG} See comments
14 Ten late in beginning. Six clever and very impressive (8) ENVIABLE {tEN}{VI}{ABLE}
16 Short talk about learner having struggle with outlook (5,4) WORLD VIEW {WOR{L}D} {VIE}{W}
17 Nice waiters about to leave with rising gentleman for military establishments (9) GARRISONS {GAR{RIS<=}SONS} {GARc{RIS<=}ONS} See comments
19 Toss a lie about a bloomer (7) LOBELIA {LOB}{A LIE*}

20 Stop play just before mating? (7) ENDGAME {END}{GAME}
22 Minor mistake (4) SLIP (DD)
23 Indian sage raises one of Emerald Isle folk (5) IRISH {(+I)RISH(-i)}
25 O, man from Kerala, it's currently happening (2,3) ON AIR {O}{N AIR}

Old Boy=OB, Small=S, Page=P, That woman=Her, Boys=B&Ed
Union Territory=UT, Boy=B, Six=VI, Learner=L, About=C, With=W, One-I

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous


Friday 23 September 2016

No 11808, Friday 23 Sep 2016, Gridman

1   Give order to coach (8) INSTRUCT [DD]
5   The new in-charge's primarily strict codes of conduct (6) ETHICS {THE*}{IC}{St...t}
9   Stopped the heartless priest indeed (8) DETERRED {DE{ThE}{RR}ED}
10 One – thus we stand proverbially (6) UNITED [CD]
12 Almost draw back vehicle (4) CART TRACe <=
13 Unusual about hundred touches in English shield (10) ESCUTCHEON {C+TOUCHES}* in {EN}
15 Girl and friend get spicy sausage (6) SALAMI {SAL}{AMI}
17 Big arrrangement of sails in vessels (5) BRIGS {B}{RIGS] B for Big?
20 One periodical endlessly recalled epic (5) ILIAD {1}{DAILy <=}
21 Reason to turn around the object the other way (6) MOTIVE {MO{IT<=}VE}
24 Timely lifts installed outside new hospital department (6-4) HEAVEN-SENT {HEAVE{N}-S}{ENT}
27 Home for endless data (4) INFO {IN}{FOr}
29 Politician in aisle drops the French legal defences (6) ALIBIS {LIB} in {AISle}
30 He's a dive going awfully wrong. That's sticky (8) ADHESIVE*
31 Indicate odd edge to letter (6) DENOTE {eDgE}{NOTE}
32 Unusual coy certain to trap player – it gets all the attention (8) CYNOSURE {CY{N}O*}{SURE}

1   Charge put in writing, say (6) INDICT {IN}{DICT} (Addendum - (~indite) - See comments)
2   It's done while closing up in theatre (6) SUTURE [CD]
3   Artist and engineer in a combination that's uncommon (4) RARE {RA}{RE}
4   Old statesman stripped messy water plant (5) CRESS {CR}{mESSy}
6   Order I left for Tamil leader's healthful drink (5) TONIC (-i+t)TONIC
7   Daring, some wanted to appoint repI demurred (8) INTREPID [T]
8   Dean sues wily African (8) SUDANESE*
11 One held by British fashion designer is attractively old-fashioned (6) QUAINT {1} in {QUANT} Thanks to Google
14 Put down face up (4) LAID <=
16 Fool accepts mad, mad marketing technique (6) ADMASS {A{MAD*}SS}
17 Turkish officer entertains five of a group (4) BEVY {BE{V}Y}
18 Didn't quite catch the crumbling of his dream (8) MISHEARD*
19 Obsession to give face-lift to headless country (8) FIXATION {FIX}{nATION}
22 Working country leaves initial direction undisturbed (2,4) IN SITU Anno pending Clue defective. See comments
23 Hold fast the company at this place (6) COHERE {CO}{HERE}
25 Order cited in a different manner (5) EDICT*
26 Children's favourite character in an odd yarn (5) NODDY [T]
28 Note setter's second (4) MEMO {ME}{MO}


Thursday 22 September 2016

No 11807, Thursday 22 Sep 2016, Spinner

1   Construction profession involving hectic travelling certainly taking away a little sleep (12) ARCHITECTURE {AR{HECTIC*}T}{sURE}
10 Pal, or turned antagonistic? (5) POLAR*
11 Australia, for instance, is happy with India! (9) CONTINENT {CONT{IN}ENT}
12 Fact: Spinner beginning to love following extraordinary date (6) DETAIL {DATE}*{I}{Love}
13 Managed to tie in jittery decider (8) DIRECTED {T} in {DECIDER}*
15 Serene arrangement of cello by foreigner from the east recorded in CD (9) COLLECTED {CELLO}*{ET<=} in {CD}
16 Bird endlessly chirped, to get some water (4) SWAN {Wa..r} in {SANg}
20 Facility to convert sea's energy (4) EASE {SEA+E}*
21 Keane finally leaves Manchester, manipulated by agents (9) MERCHANTS MANCHeSTER*
24 Unloads Silicon in warehouses (8) DEPOSITS {DEPO{SI}TS}
26 Normally, carbohydrates leaving body are broken-down carbohydrates! (6) STARCH CarboHydRATeS*
28 Convinced revolutionary to return to unfinished round? Incredible! (9) WONDERFUL {WON}{RED<=}FULl}
29 Essentially, tooth decay's spread around by germs (5) ROOTS {toOth} in {ROTS}
30 Trust speaker to be one who spits things out (12) EXPECTORATOR {EXPECT}{ORATOR}

2   Unstable, so reliant on family members (9) RELATIONS*
3   Cavity around tip of Rider's bone? That's dreadful! (8) HORRIBLE {HO{Ri..r}{RIB}LE}
4   Check staff not wearing cap (4) TICK sTICK
5   Trust uninitiated kid to run through barricade in pursuit of criminal (10) CONFIDENCE {CON}{F{kID}ENCE}
6   Integrated squad has depth, with leading Englishmen in the mix (6) UNITED {UNIT}{En...n}{D}
7   Excerpt from seventieth episode (5) EVENT [T]
8   Identifying this tool by its name might make you blunt! (5) SPADE [CD]
9   Trick involving extremely deceptive schoolboy (7) STUDENT {De...vE} in {STUNT}
14 Methodical setter cracks trail provided by Spinner's opening to crossword (10) SCIENTIFIC {SC{I}ENT}{IF}{I}{Cr...d}
17 Contest involving a bit of throwing & egg-beating at swimming pool? (5,4) WATER POLO {WA{Th...g}{Egg}R} {POOL}* &lit

18 Grasslands mowed evenly with a scythe's edge (7) MEADOWS {MOWED+A}*{Sc..e}
19 Microbes exist with operation on recirculated air (8) BACTERIA {B{ACT}E}{AIR}*
22 As skin turns numb, ... (6) ASLEEP {AS}{PEEL<=}
23 ...hunt for jacket, to retain heat (5) CHASE {C{H}ASE}
25 Pound (English) = Hundred of 'em, basically (5) PENCE {P}{EN}{C}{Em} &lit
27 "Too confidential, some secrets!" (4) ALSO [T]

Wednesday 21 September 2016

No 11806, Wednesday 21 Sep 2016, The Phantom

8   Nothing new in scan about funny bone (6) SACRUM {SCAn}*{RUM}
9   Model of the mouth describes one's trap (8) ORIGINAL {1}{GIN} in {ORAL}
10 One present is lean wearing a casual shirt (8) ATTENDEE {A}{T{TEND}EE}
11 Worker cutting corners eager to succeed (6) MANAGE {MAN}{eAGEr}
12 Believe car doesn't have a reverse movement? (6) CREDIT {CaR}{TIDE<=}
13 Element from yellow container turned green without touching (8) NITROGEN {OR+TIN<=}{GreEN}
15 Engine is hot? Cool connecting rod (7) MACHINE {H}{IN} in {MACE}
17 Get expert to repair (7) PROCURE {PRO}{CURE}
20 Party's ally left out of strategy (8) CAMPAIGN {CAMP}{AlIGN}
22 Retiring media person to some extent compensated (6) REPAID [T<=]
23 Most healthy food I am backing is sausage (6) SALAMI {SALAd}{I'M<=}
25 Room's elevation altered by interchanging a line (8) LATITUDE (a<=>l)LATITUDE
26 Cleared grass around grasslands (8) RELEASED {RE{LEAS}ED}
27 Attractive woman bowled over gents at kerb (6) LOOKER {LOO}{KERbLOO for GENTS?

1   Generally bad breath etc. brought up microorganisms (8) BACTERIA {BAd}{AIR+ETC<=}
2   Finished public relations exercises for goodwill (10) FRIENDSHIP {FINISHED+PR}*
3   In the middle of a film, director butts in (6) AMIDST {A}{MI{D}ST}
4   Narcotic is off limits being regulated by law (7) CODEINE {bEINg} in {CODE}
5   Rake flirts with a married heroine (4,4) FILM STAR {FLIRTS+A+M}*
6   Oven left in care of relatives (4) KILN {KI{L}N}
7   Junction/intersection creating jam (6) TANGLE {T}{ANGLE}
14 Take over job (10) OCCUPATION [DD]
16 Blowing nose, is it loud in the extreme? (8) NOISIEST*
18 ... restriction lifted stalks animal (8) REINDEER {REIN}{REED<=}
19 Add one new cryptic down clue (7) INCLUDE {1}{N}{D+CLUE}*
21 Perhaps maiden in a daze is bewildered (6) AMAZED {A+M+DAZE*}
22 Judge conducting trial extremely upset (6) RATTLE {TriaL} in {RATE}
24 Energy potentially required in an unknown quantity to reach Everest? (4) APEX {A}{PE}{X}


Tuesday 20 September 2016

No 11805, Tuesday 20 Sep 2016, Afterdark

9   Suspend letters from bad journalists (7) ADJOURN [T]
10 Son escapes from management of monotonies in anger (7) EMOTION MonOTONIEs*
11 Working in order to create a storm (7) CYCLONE {CYCL{ON}E}
12 Liberal in fast in between, that is new (7) LENIENT {IE}{N} in {LENT}
13 Built some diners bypassing rule in the capital of Iowa (3,6) DES MOINES {SOME+DINErS}*
15 Cut lady off, take man on drive (5) SMASH S(-l+m)MASH
16 Detains one radical, others get top security (7) ARRESTS {A}{R}{REST}{Se...y}
19 Prepared seeds to be distributed by physician (7) DRESSED {DR}{SEEDS}*
20 Say, Pondicherry is in mountain – Teacher (5) TUTOR {UT} in {TOR}
21 Neighbour can be a pain, needs supplies without surety initially (9) PAKISTANI PAKISTANI {A+PAIN}* around {KI{Su...y}T}
25 Coach is writing on racial disturbance (7) RAILCAR {R}{RACIAL}*
26 Feared intensely that doctor is sickly, dead without drug (7) DREADED {DR}{EAD{E}D*}
28 Heads to Israel at the end, parting Red Sea (7) LEADERS {i...eL}{RED+SEA}*
29 Pressure or easy, it’s always flexible (7) ELASTIC {p or e}ELASTIC

1   Indian Queen had some citron, found dead and rotten (6) RANCID {RAN{Ci...n}I}{D}
2   Discharges electrical streams with the infusion of carbon (6) EJECTS {E}{JE{C}TS}
3   Wrestler's result's zero (4) SUMO {SUM}{O}
4   In between, took new trainee... (6) INTERN {INTER}{N}
5   ...learnt about mistaken ideals (8) REALISED {RE}{IDEALS}*
6   By end of May, surgeons operated to fix bone in teenagers (10) YOUNGSTERS {maY}{OUNGS{T}ERS*}
7   Bloodstone, talc, silica could be taken from storehouse, right at last stop initially (8) MINERALS {MINE}{Ri..t}{At}{Last}{Stop} Thanks to Ramesh
8   Stole handset, somehow got caught (8) SNATCHED {C} in {HANDSET}*
14 High court collects bad debts; thwarted (10) OBSTRUCTED {COURTS+DEBTS}* As per wording of clue DEBTS* goes into COURT* which is not so
16 In honour of everyone, nevertheless (5,3) AFTER ALL {AFTER} {ALL}
17 Rest gathered in a second for wines (8) RETSINAS {REST}*{IN}{A}{S}
18 Crush given drink by force (8) SUPPRESS {SUP}{PRESS}
22 Child, sitting by a corner, has yen for organ (6) KIDNEY {KID}{NE}{Y}
23 Stadium lacks foundation, brought down on inspections (6) AUDITS STADIUm*
24 Install one new pipe (6) INDUCT {1}{N}{DUCT}
27 Reliance organized to discount rice in style (4) ELAN rELiANce

Monday 19 September 2016

No 11804, Monday 19 Sep 2016, Afterdark

1   Husband's shirt returned; disagreement on saving (6) THRIFT {H}{T}<={RIFT}
4   Without exception, atom disintegrates on the surface of article (2,1,3) TO A MAN {ATOM}*{AN}
8   A learner needs company and support to get a branch of Maths (7) ALGEBRA {A}{L}{GE}{BRA}
9   Argue stubbornly against society's interest (7) STICKLE {S}{TICKLE}
11 Standbys deputed around emergency room are witnesses (10) BYSTANDERS {STANDBYS}* around {ER}
12 Bishop's conflict with temples (4) BROW {B}{ROW}
13 Take no notice of garment (5) SHRUG [DD]
14 Skirted class; laid in couch (8) BORDERED {B{ORDER}ED}
16 Veteran prevents death; army gets revenge (8) VENDETTA {V{END}ET}{TA}
18 Trainee acted abnormally (5) CADET*
20 Displayed technique; made momos in part (4) DEMO [T]
21 Technocrat designed a garment (6,4) TRENCH COAT*
23 Incentives to get on in vehicles (7) BONUSES {B{ON}USES}
24 Divine rule set after press release (7) PREDICT {PR}{EDICT}
25 Rates negotiated at last for fake (6) ERSATZ {RATES*}{Z}
26 Digressions in a party's second assurance (6) ASIDES {A}{SIDE}{aSs...e}

1   Infrequent stay, take everyone into account (5) TALLY {ALL} in {sTaY}
2   Drug smuggled by tenant? Come again! (2-5) RE-ENTER {RE-{E}NTER}
3   Torn apart in battle in 14 days (9) FORTNIGHT {F{TORN*}IGHT}
5   Promises to have cereal at high school (5) OATHS {OAT}{HS}
6   It’s hideous to mount horse on taxi (7) MACABRE {MA{CAB}RE}
7   Mathematical term for line redrawn around vessel, new term primarily (9) NILPOTENT {NIL{POT}E*}{New}{Term} Kishore would be delighted to see this
10 New members receive article on films (9) MEMBRANES {AN} in {MEMBERS}*
13 Shop visited by woman and daughter of dockworker (9) STEVEDORE {ST{EVE}{D}ORE}
15 Cadres are endlessly troubled to accommodate many schedules (9) RACECARDS {C} in {CADRES+ARe}*
17 First day, miscreants took devices from boat (7) DROGUES {Day}{ROGUES}
19 Understood performance is restricted by 'cash on delivery' (7) DECODED {DE{COD}ED}
21 Robbery reported in paper article earlier (5) THEFT {THE}<=>{FT}
22 It is atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (5) A?C?S (Addendum - ASCUS [E] See comments)


Sunday 18 September 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 18 Sep 2016

1   Silver in swamp? It's an illusion (6) MIRAGE {MIR{AG}E}
4   Sun, great comfort (6) SOLACE {SOL}{ACE}
8   Deduction about anger with me for loss of confidence (14) DISCOURAGEMENT {DISCOU{RAGE}{ME}NT}
10 Defeats with swords (5) FOILS [DD]
11 Soldier on exercises, singular in honour (9) PERSEVERE {PE}{R{S}EVERE|}
12 Smuggled goods in car not uncommonly used by group (10) CONTRABAND {CAR+NOT}*{BAND}
14 Bishop with insolence causing deviation (4) BLIP {B}{LIP}
16 Hard, ignoring front row (4) TIFF sTIFF
18 Slim script I revised with no right to be glib (10) SIMPLISTIC {SLIM+SCrIPT+I}*
21 Expenses from past masters (9) OVERHEADS {OVER}{HEADS}
23 Absolutely excellent in speech (5) PLUMB (~plum)
24 Disorder of noisy bar held up piece by Gershwin (8,2,4) RHAPSODY IN BLUE*

25 Carbon, material for pencil (6) CRAYON {C}{RAYON}
26 Interfere with sound of gong (6) MEDDLE {~medal}

1   Second inspector going over story containing a change (12) MODIFICATION {MO}{DI}{FIC{A}TION}
2   Unfinished matter raised in controlled language (7) RUSSIAN  {R{ISSUe<=}AN}
3   List of words and tips from author in magazine (8) GLOSSARY {GLOSS{AuthoR}Y}
4   Pea soup, as gran ordered, lacking nothing (5,4) SUGAR SNAP {SoUP+AS+GRAN}*
5   Walk heavily with burden (6) LUMBER [DD]
6   Opening of cinema formerly with a large screen (7) CONCEAL {Ci...a}{ONCE}{A}{L}
7   Abandon work to follow doctor (4) DROP {DR}{OP}
9   Claimed beeps ruined animated film (10,2) DESPICABLE ME*
13 Musical benefit about gear with plug (9) BRIGADOON {B{RIG}{AD}OON}
15 Internet provider in stupid deal (8) DISPENSE {D{ISP}ENSE}
17 Say nothing to stop more uninhibited student (7) FRESHER {SH} in {FREER}
19 Riotous set, loud and untidy (7) TOUSLED*
20 Carpenter easily upset (6) CHIPPY [DD]
22 Beginning to struggle, artist lacking good protein (4) SOYA {St...e}{gOYA}


Saturday 17 September 2016

No 11803, Saturday 17 Sep 2016, xChequer

Easier than the usual xChequer, but enjoyable nevertheless 


7. Alien caught in severe deviation (6) DETOUR {D{ET}OUR}
8. Jack returns, reportedly to fetch bread (8) BAGUETTE {AB<=}{~GET}

9. Expression of gratitude from excited youth securing an introduction to king (5,3) THANK YOU {YOUTH}* around {AN}{King}
10. Cheap rum in short (6) SHODDY {SH{ODD}Y
11. Leading newspaper probed by American tax administration (5) FIRST {F{IRS}T}
12. Burn Master in Chancery (6) STREAM {MASTER*}
14. Not disheartened, further toilet trained smallest child in family (4,2,3,6) RUNT OF THE LITTER {NoT+FURTHER+TIOLET}*
17. Importance of mother before turning ten (6) MOMENT {MOM}{TEN*}
18. Bring together world body providing base in Germany (5) UNIFY {UN}{IF}{germanY}
22. Happened to remain on floor (6) BEFELL {BE}{FELL}
23. Fortunately delivered by nurse, very proficiently self-possessed (8) ENVIABLY {EN}{V}{I}{ABLY}
24. Usual cap of senior commanders (8) GENERALS {GENERAL}{Seniors}
25. New at pole dancing, lose hold (6) NELSON {N}{LOSE*}{N} First N is from Pole, Second from New


1. Method to manage last of fire and quench it (9) TECHNIQUE {firE+QUENCH+IT}*
2. Establishes hospital for female dogs (6) HOUNDS {(-f+H)OUNDS}
3. Conflicts from a short expression in speech (5) FRAYS {~PHRASE}
4. Incites underworld characterizing fragile China (8) EGGSHELL {EGGS}{HELL}
5. Reach no conclusion in mandate, refer back for further consideration (8)  RECOMMIT {RE{COMe}MIT}
6. School's duty around examination (5) STUDY {S}{DUTY*}
8. They turn criminal in recovering bonus (6,7) BOUNTY HUNTERS {THEY+TURN}* in {BONUS*} &lit

13. Foundation collapsed, wise bird ditching rookie partner (9) BEDFELLOW {BED}{FELL}{OWl}
15. Withdrawing agent in control, daughter interfered (8) TAMPERED {TAM{PER<=}E}{D}
16. Well-known Mafia circles comprising the Italian resistance (8) FAMILIAR {MAFIA}* around {IL} followed by R
19. More or less normal, ahead of schedule (6) NEARLY {N}{EARLY}
20. Shining example in tale we joke about (5) JEWEL (T<=)
21. Energy release in incident (5) EVENT {E}{VENT}

Alien=ET, Jack=AB, Nurse=EN, Very=V, Self=I, New=N, Pole=N
Hospital=H, Female=F, School=S, Rookie=L (Learner), Agent=Rep, Daughter=D, The Italian=Il, Resistance=R, Normal=N, Energy=E

Color/Font Scheme

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