Saturday 31 October 2015

No 11539, Saturday 31 Oct 2015, Gridman


1 Thanks to judge, a Prince gets to see an Indian landmark (3,6) TAJ MAHAL {TA}{J} Anno for Mahal ? {TA}{J M}{A}{HAL} See comments

6 As squash is limited, get a kind of beer (4) QUAS {sQUASh}
9 Sailor's brown plaid cloth (6) TARTAN {TAR}{TAN}

10 In effect, faced uncomfortably tense Opposition leader (2,5) DE FACTO {FACED*}{T}{Opp..n}
13 Luv, bemoan assuming such a position that's fixed (9) UNMOVABLE {LUV+BEMOAN}*
14 Ill-humour caused by the fellow drowned in drink (5) RHEUM {R{HE}UM} Rheum is ill-humour? See comments
15 Test model dismissing incomplete plea (4) EXAM {EXAMple}
16 Say differently Monsieur's measuring system is unbalanced (10) ASYMMETRIC {SAY*}{M}{METRIC}
19 Heartlessness and senselessness about you and me in India (10) INHUMANITY {IN{HUM}ANITY}
21 Gold thread brought from Hazaribagh (4) ZARI (T)
24 Yank out man by chance (5) PLUCK {P}{LUCK} P from? See Comments
25 In sneaky manner, look at character in architectural decoration (9) GUILLOCHE {GUIL{LO}{CH}E}
26 Most scramble through a short road to reach celebrity status (7) STARDOM {MOST*} around {A}{RD}
27 Examine again // critic’s assignment (6) REVIEW (DD)
28 The woman with date is in the shack (4) SHED {SHE}{D}
29 Head of anaesthetists drifts through hospital for waste containers (8) ASHTRAYS {A}{S{H}TRAYS}


2 Medical condition? I mean to stand up in Alcoholics Anonymous (7) ANAEMIA {A{{NAEM}{I}<=}A}
3 Purpose is to have it back in progress (6) MOTIVE {MO{IT<=}VE}
4 Worker and graduate get wrong washroom item (9) HANDBASIN {HAND}{BA}{SIN}
5 What sticks out is party leader abandoning promise (5) LEDGE {pLEDGE}
7 Relative Aristotle's first two letters are ill-defined (7) UNCLEAR {UNCLE}{ARis..e}
8 Exotic, matchless No. 1 mechanisms for gambling (4,8) SLOT MACHINES {MATCHLESS+NO+I}*

11 Find out if bishop-in-charge has time (6) FERRET {FE{RR}E}{T}
12 Great! I'm taking SIT's overlays (12) SUPERIMPOSES {SUPER}{I'M}{POSE}{S}
17 Head of family undergoes endless misfortune in a month (9) MATRIARCH {MA{TRIAl}RCH}
18 Exhausted donkey is caught between son and daughter (6) SMOKED {S}{MOKE}{D}
20 Drawing of man holding a classy, uppity girl (7) HAULAGE {H{A}{U}{LAG<=}E}
22 My chela's devised a gold-making practice (7) ALCHEMY {MY+CHELA}*
23 Smart — always after a century and half (6) CLEVER {CL}{EVER}
25 Ray's good Indian mother (5) GAMMA {G}{AMMA}

Reference list

Thanks=Ta, Judge=JM (Judicial Magistrate), Prince=Hal, Sailor=Tar, Brown=Tan,Tense=T, Fellow=He, Monsieur=M, You and me in India=Hum, Man=P (Pawn), Look=Lo, Character=Ch, The woman=She, Date=D, Hospital=H

Alcoholics Anonymous=AA, Worker=Hand, Graduate=BA, 1=I, Bishop=RR, Charge=Fee, Time=T, Sit=Pose,Son=S, Daughter=D, Man=He, Classy=U (Upper class), Girl=Gal, Century and half=CL, Good=G, Indian mother=Amma

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution Indicator


Friday 30 October 2015

No 11538, Friday 30 Oct 2015, Exa

1   Open with a jack, ace and king (4) AJAR {A}{J}{A}{R}
3   Armed soldiers transport beers in parts (10) CARBINEERS  {CAR}{B{IN}EERS}
10 Starting point taken with nice shot (9) INCEPTION {POINT+NICE}*
11 Short word seen in shorter sentences (5) TERSE [T]
12 Her pop knitted small jumpers (7) HOPPERS {HER+POP}*{S}
13 Drink local rum outside house (7) ALCOHOL {LOCAL}* around {HO}
14 Make rotten, bad, dud clues every now and then (5) ADDLE {bAd}{DuD}{cLuEs}
15 Pressing occasion (7) INSTANT [DD]
18 They’re planted leaving leads in plot ruses (7) LOTUSES {pLOT}{rUSES}
21 Amateur starting to stir tea bags in confusion (2,3) AT SEA {A}{T {Stir}EA}
24 Sign a picture with us at Spain (7) AUSPICE {A}{US}{PIC}{E}
26 Be cool about servant going around with husband (7) REFRESH {RE}{FRES<=}{H}
27 Stirring a fight (5) ABOUT {A}{BOUT}
28 Hateful wind, hot and barren (9) ABHORRENT {HOT+BARREN}*
29 Recording and knowing data not quite different (6,4) TAKING DOWN {KNOWING+DATa}*
30 Time to open weekend surprise (4) STUN {T} in {SUN}

1   After first left, head off straight and get down (6) ALIGHT {Af..r}{L}{rIGHT}
2   Pronunciation with apt pitching is receptive (9) ACCEPTANT {ACCENT+APT}*
4   A paper for debate (2,5) AT ISSUE {A}{T ISSUE}
5   Bangle I fashioned for Bipasha? (7) BENGALI*
6   Bills notes (7) NOTICES [DD]
7   World held by nuclear threat (5) EARTH [T]
8   Set out after hours to drink a little liquor — just like stars (8) STELLATE {SET}*{L{Li...r}ATE}
9   Attach a couple of pages on completion (6) APPEND {A}{PP}{END}
16 Mean beast exercising an act of humiliation (9) ABASEMENT*
17 Friendly countryman seen around lake (8) PLEASANT {P{L}EASANT}
19 Affected by love though condition isn't met (7) SMITTEN*
20 Set cryptic section for Guardian (7) STEWARD {SET*}{WARD}
21 Fliers raise publicity for such an occasion (3,4) AIR SHOW {AIR} {SHOW} &lit
22 A female dressed in traditional material for expedition (6) SAFARI {A}{F} in {SARI}
23 Country bar allows room for shelter (6) BHUTAN {HUT} in {BAN}
25 Numb hand injecting blow (5) SHOCK {H} in {SOCK}

Thursday 29 October 2015

No 11537, Thursday 29 Oct 2915, Spinner

For some reason I enjoyed the CW today.

1   Issue arising due to culture (4,4,4) TEST TUBE BABY [CD]
10 Red-blooded man almost caught with mistress (5) MACHO {MAn}{C}{HO}
11 Damsel running around Spinner, an extremely flirtatious guy (9) LADIESMAN {LAD{I}ESM*}{AN} Is that true Spinner?
12 Model girl wearing sweetheart's bathing garments (6) THONGS {T}{HON{G}S} Couldn't resist posting this image. No Tut-Tuts please!!
13 Illustration of batting posture (8) INSTANCE {IN}{STANCE}
15 Trimmed dog's tail and head evenly (9) CURTAILED {CUR}{TAIL}{hEaD}
16 Man from Aberdeen starts to systematically change Old Trafford (4) SCOT Acrostic
20 Pay attention to letters from the editor (4) HEED [T]
21 Heartbreak's sad very difficult to overcome it (9) ADVERSITY {IT} in {SAD+VERY}*
24 Ovation for a soft interlude involving some lullabies (8) APPLAUSE {A}{P}{P{Lu...s}AUSE}
26 Apprehends head of terrorists absconding in hideouts (6) CACHES CAtCHES
28 LIC had followed agent's copy (9) REPLICATE {REP}{LIC}{ATE}
29 Spanish gentleman admitting setter's good performance (5) DOING {DO{I}N}{G}
30 Instruction to kiss in sequence of social status (7,5)  PECKING ORDER {PECKING} {ORDER}

2   Pen regularly seen clues or maybe... (9) ENCLOSURE {sEeN}{CLUES+OR}*
3   ... ideas yet to hit papers, ultimately (8) THOUGHTS {THOUGH}{hiT}{p...rS}
4   Basically, essentially, penultimately and ultimately unsightly! (4) UGLY {UnsiGhtLY} &lit
5   Threatened to destroy by throwing grenade (10) ENDANGERED {END}{GRENADE*}
6   Stops cooking, starves endlessly (6) AVERTS STARVEs*
7   Smash enemy country (5) YEMEN*
8   Theatres finally schedule upcoming releases (5) EMITS {EMIT}{S}<=
9   Calls for playing tennis with Djokovic at the start (7) INDENTS {TENNIS+Dj...c}*
14 South Indian, with no understanding initially, composed North Indian music (10) HINDUSTANI {SoUTH+INDIAN}* Seems to be a mix-up in the deletion fodder. O to be deleted whereas U has been indicated
17 Ignite, draw, discharge (5, 4) CATCH FIRE {CATCH} {FIRE}
18 Article on art form beginning to evolve from stagecraft (7) THEATRE {THE}{ART*}{Ev...e}
19 Man from Andaman: “Earth's surrounded by liquid, Sire!” (8) ISLANDER {{SIRE}* around {LAND}
22 Guy, for starters, is a crazy, mad guy (6) MANIAC {MAN}{Is}{A}{Crazy}
23 Running in American time (5) USAGE {US}{AGE}
25 Make an appearance to call back operation on pressure increase (3, 2) POP UP {PO<=}{P} {UP}
27 Live on hollow, retreating mass of ice (4) BERG {BE}{Re...nG}

Wednesday 28 October 2015

No 11536, Wednesday 28 Oct 2015, Aspartame

Only three fruits so cannot call this a themed CW.

1   Being crammed, Edward stuck head out and moved ahead (6) TUCKED {ED}<=>{sTUCK}
4   Fruit taken from kerchief with a hole at the centre (6) BANANA BANdANA
9   Vehicle traverses ramp (4) PRAM*
10 Batch production (10) GENERATION [DD]
11 Leaders of Hungary at war annex islands in Pacific state (6) HAWAII Acrostic
12 Symbol of masculinity involves developing itch for sport (8) YACHTING {ITCH}* in {YANG}
13 Accommodates family (9) HOUSEHOLD [CD]
15 Counts meeting places in Delhi that lack basic amenities (4) ADDS ADDaS
16 It can be found in and around Shillong (4) HILL [T] &lit
17 Brought down newspaper column describing media (9) OPPRESSED {OP-ED} around {PRESS}
21 Regulate sea groin construction (8) ORGANISE*
22 Domains remain the same irrespective of the leader’s presence (6) STATES (e)STATES
24 University nearly got caught with money hoarding (10) COLLECTING {COLLE{C}{TIN}Ge}
25 Reap fresh fruit (4) PEAR*
26 Engineer and saint stealing one dollar? Halt! (6) RESIST {RE}{S{1}{S}T}
27 Side view (6) ASPECT [DD]

1   Taken apart at a party — that’s a disaster! (7) TORNADO {TORN}{A}{DO}
2   It is seen twice in a sitcom, maybe (5) COMMA [T]
3   People from Europe restored glen based on his solution (7) ENGLISH {GLEN*}{HIS*}
5   A madman reportedly found a landmass (6) AFRICA {A}{FRIC(~ freak)}{A}
6   Conducting audit tests evoked reactions (9) ATTITUDES {AUDIT+TEST}* There's an extra S in the fodder. 'Conducting test audit...' would have been better
7   Consignments of first class horses (7) AMOUNTS {A}{MOUNTS}
8   Anyplace I code gets presented and used as a reference (13) ENCYCLOPAEDIA*
14 Word builders, so to speak (9) SYLLABLES [CD]
16 Time to get drunk at bar on port (7) HARBOUR {BAR}* in {HOUR}
18 Gives in and walks out (7) RESIGNS [DD]
19 Beautiful animal lost its heart to girl (7) ELEGANT ELE(-ph+g)GANT
20 About to surround one renegade leader at American entertainment company (6) CIRCUS {C{1}{Re...e}C}{US} CC and about?
23 It’s said to be a quack repellent (5) APPLE [CD] Doctors will be up in arms at this statement!!

Tuesday 27 October 2015

No 11535, Tuesday 27 Oct 2015, Afterdark

9   Primarily red is the separating colour given to a novice (7) RECRUIT {Red}{ECRU}{Is}{The}
10 Again opt for extract from free lecture (7) REELECT [T]
11 Dance with steno wildly on the disc (3-4) ONE-STEP {ONE-ST*}{EP}
12 In midst of penalty, goalies oddly are most composed (7) COOLEST {gOaLiEs}* in {COST}
13 Son's custody fight to retain child primarily looks frightening (9) SCARECROW {S}{CARE}{Child}{ROW}
15 Painful narrative somewhat related to a bone (5) ULNAR [T]
16 Senseless native ditches mother (7) IDIOTIC IDIOmaTIC
19 Excessive usurpation; angrily left PTA (7) RUINOUS USURpatION*
20 Ridiculous rents are demanding (5) STERN*
21 Negligent one in Paris; mild fun goes wrong (9) UNMINDFUL {UN}{MILD+FUN}*
25 Religious teachers construct music hall, to keep out corrupt intentions primarily (7) MULLAHS {MUSic+HALL}*
26 DNA extracted from Red Indians can be from one of us (7) INSIDER {REd+InDIaNS}*
28 Clinic issues saline essentially to get new hormone (7) INSULIN {clINic}{isSUes}{saLIne}{N}
29 Position of Noel's complicated with internal pain of no origin (7) ECHELON {aCHE} in {NOEL}*

1   Army spot or ambush? (6) TROOPS*
2   Clumsy Mackenzie spills ink and gets inflammation on the skin (6) ECZEMA MACkEnZiE*
3   Please dress (4) SUIT [DD]
4   Mostly keep taking acceptable pills first for shock (6) STUPOR {ST{U}{Pi..s}ORe}
5   Injured social worker looks out, hides behind political leader in a competition between traders (5,3) PRICE WAR {Po...l}{soCIAl+WoRkER}*
6   Right growth is needed for change (10) REVOLUTION {R}{EVOLUTION}
7   Southerners leave ship in a shock; right away comes to this place (8) HEREUNTO sOUTHERNErs*
8   Reading into idols reaching heights (8) STATURES {STATU{R}ES}
14 Unnecessary to get tense for money, can stretch (10) EXTENDABLE EX(-p+t)TENDABLE
16 Sleeplessness in nights; some obsessively meander near illegal alcohol sources (8) INSOMNIA Acrostic
17 I develop details as a dreamer (8) IDEALIST {I}{DETAILS*}
18 Hurt missing Bravo, took cocaine in travelling (8) CRUISING (-b+c)CRUISING
22 Mathew Hayden out of the way, loses his head, takes a single but no runs scored (6) MAIDEN {MAthew+(-h+i)IayDEN}
23 Hug female instead of child, primarily in a state of confusion (6) FUDDLE (-c+f)FUDDLE
24 Lion's X-ray when developed missed one old organ (6) LARYNX {LioN+X-RAY}*
27 Leading small offices, home offices found in this London district (4) SOHO Acrostic


Monday 26 October 2015

No 11534, Monday 26 Oct 2015, Afterdark

1   Firm's agreement includes charges and unlimited fine (10) DETERMINED {DE{TERM}{fINe}ED}
6   Beginning to change shirt for good, in time (4) GERM (-t+g)GERM
10 Most appealing minister’s petty, heartless inside (9) PRETTIEST {pETTy} in {PRIEST} Heartless?
11 Slithering snake and rat (5) SNEAK*
12 Performance is record achievement, missing a ton though (13) ENTERTAINMENT {ENTER}{atTAINMENT}
14 Demands to change directions for children (5) SEEDS (-n+s)SEEDS
15 Withdraw high-priced app internally following a direction (9) DISAPPEAR {D{1}{S}{APP}EAR}
17 Cooked soups, etc in large container, possibly seafood (9) OCTOPUSES {SOUP+ETC}* in {OS} There's too much of soup in the fodder!!
21 Bob's on train... (5) WAGON {WAG}{ON}
22 ...general latrine dirty with people inside (13) INTERNATIONAL {NATION} in {LATRINE}*
24 Criminal paroled or released as a part of a cycle? (5) PEDAL PAroLED*
25 Anxious to organize PTA in time (9) IMPATIENT*
26 Say, 0101 is contiguous (4) NEXT {0{10}1} = {NE{X}T<=}
27 Spotted designer roaming around company (10) RECOGNISED {DESIGNER}* around {CO}

1   Mafia chief has electronic media primarily in dumps (10) DEPRESSION {E}{PRESS} in {DON}
2   Heard tea is supplied at frequent intervals on a menu endlessly as remedy (9) TREATMENT {T}{RE}{A}{T}{MENu}{T}
3   Somehow rest, rage inside recedes (7) RETIRES {IRE} in {REST}*
4   Iran led annihilation of another country (7) IRELAND*
5   Reaches out to former spouse and keeps an eye on (7) EXTENDS {EX}{TENDS}
7   Meeting first lady and last son at West End (5) EVENT {EVE}{soN}{wesT}
8   Appoint thousand, one thousand engineers initially (4) MAKE {M}{A}{K}{En...s}
9   Acting lead upset, strips and becomes inactive (6) ASLEEP {Ac...g}{SLEEP<=}
13 Tenant first released rental ads and relocated (10) TRANSLATED {Te...t}{RENTAL+ADS}*
16 Mechanics are somehow serene, having a drink (9) ENGINEERS {GIN} in {SERENE}*
18 Petunia, Evening Primrose, Tulip, Amaryllis, Lily, Sunflower, primarily part of flowers (6) PETALS Acrostic. Is there an extra Primrose inside or do we take E from 'Evening Primrose' in which case 'primarily' is not entirely correct.
19 Featuring in fundraiser, Viceroy provided assistance (7) SERVICE [T]
20 Cleaning agent is fake, head of police reaches crooks' hub (7) SHAMPOO {SHAM}{Po...e}{crOOks}
21 Recorded a bird mating with another bird, tit maybe (7) WRITTEN {WREN+TIT}* Why mention 'another bird' when 'Tit' is given?
22 Dine out with wrong guide (5) INDEX {DINE*}{X}
23 Order writer to be clear (4) OPEN {O}{PEN}


Sunday 25 October 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2864), Sunday 25 Oct 2015

1  Rock music CD not causing bad behaviour (10) MISCONDUCT*
6  Saint in middle of appraising wine (4) ASTI {apprA{ST}Ising}
9  Daring entertainer versatile in part (5) NERVE [T]
10 Rude article popular editor concealed (9) CURTAINED {CURT}{A}{IN}{ED}
12 Film star arranged a lover's debut (6,9) SUNSET BOULEVARD {SUN}{A+LOVER'S+DEBUT}*
13 Twitch returning in actual performance (7) RECITAL {RE{CIT<=}AL}
15 Very sad soldier in vehicle in retreat (6) TRAGIC {TRA{GI}C<=}
17 Hesitation after proper introduction (6) PRIMER {PRIM}{ER}
19 Endlessly horrible time in den (7) HIDEOUT {HIDEOUs}{T}
21 Polar explorer adjusted his level, catching stray dog (8,7) SCOTTISH TERRIER {SCOTT}{HIS*} {T{ERR}IER}
23 Carry on with abandon, desperate (4-5) LAST-DITCH {LAST}-{DITCH}
24 Request kind direction (5) ORDER [MD]
25 Protein from very variable area (4) SOYA {SO}{Y}{A}
26 Courage, pet – it's a hold-up (10) BOTTLENECK {BOTTLE}{NECK}

1  Small report missing nothing in government department (8) MINISTRY {MINI{SToRY}
2  Father with new alarm (5) SIREN {SIRE}{N}
3  Rendition of remote diva set to be exaggerated (13) OVERESTIMATED*
4  Credible reforms yielding right measure of intensity (7) DECIBEL CrEDIBLE*
5  Criminal with contented sound turned over in bed (7) CORRUPT {CO{RRUP<=}T}
7  Romanians working for republic (3,6) SAN MARINO*
8  Compound belonging to period identified (6) IODIDE [T]
11 Poet in east after a nap explored afresh (9,4) ALEXANDER POPE {A+NAP+EXPLORED}*{E}
14 Scoundrel with acknowledgement of debt scheming strangely (9) CURIOUSLY {CUR}{IOU}{SLY}
16 Science fiction series beginning with reference to edge of knowledge (4,4) STAR TREK {STAR T}{RE}{Kn...e} Semi&lit My all time favourite serial
18 Italian dish ending in disaster? It's too complicated (7) RISOTTO {d...eR}{IT'S+TOO}*
19 Devise alien axe (7) HATCHET {HATCH}{ET}
20 Sacred songs in front of shrine sheltered by trees (6) PSALMS {P{Sh...e}ALMS}
22 Awful din that is not linked to major label (5) INDIE {DIN*}{IE}


Saturday 24 October 2015

No 11533, Saturday 24 Oct 2015, The Phantom


1   Fellow's out with master swimming with the tide (10) DOWNSTREAM {DO{W}N}{MASTER}*
6   Losing time gave up, got zero in test (4) QUIZ {QUI{-t+Z}}
10 Son went out and survived (7) EXISTED {EXI{S}TED}
11 German river overflowing border that's more dirty (7) GRIMIER {G}{RIM}{IE}{R}
12 Bass starting in the manner of (sounds like) a musical instrument (9) BALALAIKA{B}{AL A}{~LIKE A}
13 Order for example's not very fair (3-2) SAY-SO {Addendum - {SAY}-{SO-so} - See comments)
14 Worries result with head of country taking back seat (5) PAINS {(-s)PAIN(+S}
15 One stood in house election essentially for laity - the masses (3,6)  HOI POLLOI Anno Pending
{HO}{I} {POLL}{fOr}{laIty} See Comments
17 Partner fled with bowel movement (9) BEDFELLOW {FLED+BOWEL}*
21 Have no medicine to stem poison? (5) VENOM (T)
22 Pity rough edge's obscured lines from scale (5) RULER {RU{L}E}{Rough}
24 America's prominent houses right for group of stars? (4,5) URSA MAJOR {U{R}SA} {MAJOR}
26 Displaying power an abstainer stopped fight (7) WATTAGE {W{A}{TT}AGE}
27 Cover for man caught in raging storm (7) SMOTHER {HE} in {STORM}*
28 Help, nothing's fair! (2,2) SO SO {SO S}{O}
29 Inventor's mobile phone's sent (10) STEPHENSON {PHONE'S SENT}*


1   Society girl going round with English nerd (5) DWEEB {D{W}{E}EB}
2   Impetuous kind of romance (9) WHIRLWIND (CD)
3   Pays the French after scheduled time (7) SETTLES {SET}{T}{LES}
4   Woman about to hug priest is somewhat embarrassed (7)  REDDISH {RE{DD}{IS}H<=}
5   One tracking fellow in Ghana exchanging foreign currency (7) AFGHANI {A{F}GHAN*}{I}
7   Union losing leader, mutiny fizzles out (5) UNITY {mUTINY}*
8   Alloy of Zinc or Barium needing ingot of this metal (9) ZIRCONIUM {ZINC OR barIUM}*
9   Administrators step in following officer's failure (6) FIASCO {F}{IAS}{CO}
14 Passengers first wriggle into bus visiting various bars (3-6) PUB CRAWLS {}{UB {CRAWL}S*} Anag Ind?
16 Old pirate's spent money for woollen underwear? (4,5) LONG JOHNS {LONG JOHN silver'S}
18 Sense of hearing to magnify with secretion from auditory canal! (6) EARWAX {EAR}{WAX}
19 Most gaudy dress often possessed by bumpkin (7) LOUDEST {LOU{DrEsS}T}
20 Wishes husband's out at university to become sophisticated (5,2) WISES UP {WIShES} {UP} P from? See Comments
21 See an animal and beat it! (7) VAMOOSE {VA}{MOOSE} (Correction - {V}{A}{MOOSE} - See comments)
23 Many holding popular flower (5) LOTUS {LOT{U}S}
25 Repeat broadcast on race (5) RERUN {RE}{RUN}

Reference list

Fellow=Don, With=W, Time=T, Zero=Z, Son=S,German=G, River=R,That's=Ie, One=I, House=Ho, Lines=L, America=USA, Right=R, Abstainer=TT, Man=He, Help=SOS, Nothing=O

Society girl=Deb, With=W, English=E, The French=Les, Time=T, Priest=DD, One-I, Administrators=IAS,Following=F, Officer=CO, Husband=H, University=Up, See=Va, Popular=U, On= Re

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution Indicator

Friday 23 October 2015

Special, THC 9305, Monday 18 Aug 2008

Three answers per commenter (Annotations compulsory) till 6 PM.
After all the answers are in guesses can be made as to who the setter is based on the style.

1   In disagreement about offensive language (2,3,5)
6   Drop the title (4)
9   Wring a few drops out of fleece (7)
10 Exhausted convict turning up in Ireland (7)
12 City still entrancing (8)
13 Venomous snakes on road make grating sounds (5)
15 Another trace will show you something is missing (5)
17 To go into detail is complicated (9)
19 Isn't boring, shaping trees isn't (9)
21 A spectacle arranged to be seen around (5)
23 Sound animal of Russian forests (5)
24 Done to death (8)
27 Smoking jackets? (7)
28 The person raising a point with the minister (7)
29 Name we hear of an area reserved for a purpose (4)
30 Narrow escape from a cutthroat (5,5)

1   Expel a good man from Open University (4)
2   He may remove people from unfriendly ball (7)
3   Resided to weld on time (5)
4   German princess who made her mark? (9)
5   I object to little medical man taking wine (5)
7   As a joke, say, a lot of stuff for eating (7)
8   Egoist trying to find his true identity (4-6)
11 Hesitantly fire having common sense going round in a jumpy state (7)
14 Text sure to be dissected by theologians (10)
16 Caterer gets involved in a domestic row (7)
18 They are said in combating arguments (9)
20 Tried to get books on spear for Poseidon (7)
22 Treacle upset Agamemnon's daughter (7)
24 Arrange lease for a frame to support a blackboard (5)
25 They are the drug addicts (5)
26 Old Irish seer is reformed (4)

Solution grid

Thursday 22 October 2015

No 11532, Thursday 22 Oct 2015, xChequer

7   Massacre as English guards crumple (6) CREASE [T]
8   Jeering masses extremely silent? That's encouraging (8) BOOSTERS {BOO{SilenT}ERS} (Correction - BOOSTING - {BOO{SilenT}ING} - See comments)
9   Spotted son getting kissed, left midway (8) SPECKLED {S}{PECK{L}ED} L is not midway though
10 When wife is new, squirm and fuss (6) NIGGLE (-w+n)NIGGLE
11 Sound in heart and body (5) OOMPH [CD] ?
12 It outlines revolutionary master plan (6) SCHEMA {SA} around CHE}{M}
14 Else I may spread tales in the middle? Unlikely, this guarantees it (2,4,3,6) MY LIPS ARE SEALED {ELSE+I+MAY+SPREAD+taLes}*
17 Furnishes base jokes (6) EQUIPS {E}{QUIPS}
18 Cold with others in summit (5) CREST {C}{REST}
22 Festive season of July (6) JOYFUL*
23 Skip through each line from messenger (8) EMISSARY {E{MISS}A}{RY}
24 Tailless felines can tax mongrel, most often biting (4,4) MANX CATS {CAN+TAX+MoSt}*
25 Licking cover (6) HIDING [DD]

1   Keen on prime minister accepting posh code name (9) CRYPTONYM {CRY}{P{TONY}M}
2   Reckless to include military assistant in plot (6) MADCAP {ADC} in {MAP}
3   Lives off films (5) VEILS*
4   Tips of arrows perhaps (8) POINTERS [DD]
5   Alternatively tag it as nailing marks? (8) STIGMATA {TAG+IT+AS}* around {Marks}  &lit
6   View when leaving caught in casual glance (5) ANGLE GLANcE*
8   Smell of sweat — addicts at heart perspire freely reading steamy novels (6,7) BODICE RIPPERS {BO}{adDICts}{E RIPPERS}*
13 Mint to tear cheap paper (9) NEWSPRINT {NEW}{SPRINT}
15 Obsession of one on irregular diet, essentially keen to eat jam (4,4) IDEE FIXE {1}{DiEt}{kE {FIX}En}
16 Brimless headgear creating pronounced row at Balmoral perhaps (8) SKULLCAP (~ scull cap)
19 Stay on edge (6) RESIDE {RE}{SIDE}
20 Gemstone crown on a Zulu (5) TOPAZ {TOP}{AZ}
21 Power of speaking little (5) MIGHT (~mite)

GRID (Same as yesterday)

Thursday 22 Oct 2015

No Crossword in any edition including the e-paper today so give your grey matter some rest :-)

Wednesday 21 October 2015

No 11531, Wednesday 21 Oct 2015, xChequer

7   Fillet of bass being eaten by kid removed so soon (6) RIBBON {RI{B}B}{soON}
8   Vixen, being independent, ran hard — foxes on either side (8) HARRIDAN {RAN+HARD}* around {I}
9   Essay on a race taking so long (8) SAYONARA [T]
10 Staunch supporter of religious work resisting change (6) VOTARY {V{OT}ARY}
11 Plans backfiring over small hiccup maybe (5) SPASM {SPA{S}M<=}
12 Dust settled on one beneath jack in workshop (6) STUDIO {DUST*}{10} (K, Q, J, 10, ...)
14 Amend this, for all fixed returns suffer financially (4,2,4,5) FALL ON HARD TIMES*
17 Silver lining over surface (6) UPSIDE {UP}{SIDE}
18 Loud cry to be united in attempt (5) SHOUT {SHO{U}T}
22 Model facing jury stripped in showboat (6) POSEUR {POSE}{jURy}
23 Gift of lace fringe (8) OFFERING {OF}{FRINGE*}
24 A sweet without filling in medication, say, close to lozenge (8) PASTILLE {P{A}{SweeT}ILL}{l...gE} &lit
25 Regret switching banks for pitiful yield (6) RELENT RE{-p+l}LENT

1   Get lost in 'Paradise Lost' — absorbing page! (9) DISAPPEAR {P} in {PARADISE}*
2   Can't stand sailor on base? Shore, not base (6) ABHORS {AB}{SHORe*}
3   Mouth requirement for massage? (5) KNEAD (~need)
4   Only if it's given (8) PROVIDED [DD]
5   Our visit touched past masters (8) VIRTUOSI*
6   Standard line behind counter (5) PARRY {PAR}{RY}
8   Listen to me: without pass, hard to reach where you live with family (6,3,4) HEARTH AND HOME {HEAR}{T{H AND} {H}O}{ME}
13 Gross ore up, dug on, can't extract any lead (9) REPUGNANT {oRE}{uP}{dUG}{oN}{cANT}
15 Both sides winning gold, each team's left half-crowned with honour (8) LAUREATE {L}{AU}{R}{EA}{TEam}
16 Seen over top of lips, is snort forced through these? (8) NOSTRILS {IS+SNORT}* over {Lips} &lit
19 Career harmed, life turning inside out (6) HURTLE {HURT}{LifE}
20 Enemy's brief flash attack (5) FORAY {FOe}{RAY}
21 Burning with absolute passion (5) AFIRE [DD] (Addendum - {A}{FIRE} - See comments)


Tuesday 20 October 2015

No 11530, Tuesday 20 Oct 2015, Anon

1   Found dim son somehow competent to stand trial (2,5,4) OF SOUND MIND*
9   Returning editor's cable causes havoc (7) DEBACLE {DE<=}{CABLE*} Causes as AInd?
10 Appearance of a tax on Sun god's return (6) AVATAR {A}{VAT}{AR<=}
11 Charged boy, on two encounters (5) LADEN {LAD}{ENc...s}
12 Imprisons imam who loses a bizarre ruse (7) IMMURES {IMaM}{RUSE*}
15 Initially take question on mission (4) TASK {Take}{ASK}
16 To American, the French are in disorder (6) TOUSLE {TO}{US}{LE}
17 Gradually the night bird flies away. That's cunning (3) SLY SLowlY
19 Remarks about enclosure surrounding ends of ravine (10) REFERENCES {RE}{FE{Ra..nE}NCES}
21 Large container containing sugar initially (4) VAST {VA{Su..r}T}
24 Basset to appear at the surface (4,3) CROP OUT [E]
25 Enough soup endlessly coming out of medical container (5) AMPLE AMPouLE
27 Team, entering on chaotic date, rode slowly (6) TAXIED {XI} in {DATE}*
28 City where penne is trimmed, dipped in tea (7) CHENNAI {pENNe} in {CHAI}
29 Doorman to guard the steak (11) PORTERHOUSE {PORTER}{HOUSE}

2   Prolific heartless eccentric protected by endowment (6) FECUND {F{Ec...iC}UND}
3   Poem first read on European river (4) ODER {ODE}{Read}
4   Mishaps close to young women (4,6) NEAR MISSES {NEAR} {MISSES}
5   Steady, assured, overwhelmed by drink (8) MEASURED {MEA{SURE}D}
6   Cleans up dirty canteens first off (7) NEATENS cANTEENS*
7   Praising, almost completely, grown-up: a conservative (9) ADULATORY {ADULt}{A}{TORY}
8   Boy, initially surrounded by assistants, puts up with it (6) ABIDES {A{Boy}IDES}
13 Sinking ruined gong renovated (5,5) GOING UNDER*
14 Regularly spying on essay about union (9) SYNTHESIS {SpYiNg}{THESIS}
18 Artist, deletes apps, edges away to become monk (8) TRAPPIST {aPPs} in {ARTIST}* Deletes as Anind?
20 A good way to taunt one leading medley (7) FARRAGO {FAR}{RAG}{One}
22 Attach part of cheap pendulum (6) APPEND [T]
23 Loosen ends of lad's tripods (6) EASELS {EASE}{LadS}
26 Heads of Entertainment Company highly opinionated about reproduction (4) ECHO Acrostic



Monday 19 October 2015

No 11529, Monday 19 Oct 2015, Vulcan

Growing old :-(

1   Is hesitant to work with opposition (10) ANTITHESIS*
9   I yell loudly and confront (7) EYEBALL ( ~ I bawl)
10 Princess ain't going gaga over lover (7) INFANTA {AINT}* over {FAN}
11 Porosity potentially is same in all directions (8) ISOTROPY*
12 Peculiar bowl, extremely old first of all (6) ODDISH {OlD}{DISH}
13 Poor English editor in New York (5) NEEDY {N{E}{ED}Y}
14 Let social structures change (9) OSCILLATE*
17 Cop associates with small-time thieves - no shame (9) DISHONOUR {DI}{S}{HO{NO}UR}
20 Agree to join a rival (5) MATCH [DD]
22 Outstanding guy impresses in audition (6) P??T? (Addendum - PRINTS (~prince) - See comments)
23 Approval to punish (8) SANCTION [DD]
25 Undermine State's reorganisation (5-2) SHAKE-UP {SHAKE}-{UP}
26 Bad time to buy new dress (7) BANDAGE {BA{N}D}{AGE}
27 Prophet starting to spread a theory so ludicrous (10) SOOTHSAYER {Sp...d}{A+THEORY+SO}*

1   Strange name given to a plant (7) ANEMONE {NAME*}{ONE}
2   Yes, for the most part, a tart prepared may be served from this (3,4) TEA TRAY {YEs+A+TART}*
3   Lens fixed to the pole (9) TELEPHOTO*
4   The villian's inherent feature (4) EVIL [T] &lit
5   Atheist from popular field disturbed (7) INFIDEL {IN}{FIELD*}
6   Fashion designer stepped down (8) RESIGNED*
7   Girl consumes a drink, develops sore throat (6) ANGINA {AN{GIN}A}
8   Run a little (4) DASH [DD]
15 Palms burn - a scar, cut and a boil (9) CARANUBAS {Correction - CARNAUBAS - See comments){BURN+A+SCAr+A}*
16 Trained, and hence, improved (8) ENHANCED*
18 Rise in IRA special recruits (6) S???A? (Addendum - SPIRAL {SP{IRA}L} - See comments)
19 He got no break, ever busy (2,3,2) ON THE GO*
20 Make fun of a desire to show up with an accent (7) MOCKERY Anno pending (Addendum - MOCKNEY {MOCK}{NEY<=} - See comments)
21 Fine song in which one could get lost (4,3) THIN AIR {THIN} {AIR}
22 Dish almost done (4) PAST PASTa
24 Small vase with a stain (4) SPOT {S}{POT}


Sunday 18 October 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2863), Sunday 18 Oct 2015

1   E.g. gorilla's rage aggravated by recording (5,3) GREAT APE {RAGE}*{T APE}
5   Song from soldier perhaps connected with border (6) ANTHEM {ANT}{HEM}
9   Livelier book with weight, entertaining one? Right (8) BOUNCIER {B}{OUNC{1}E}{R}
10 Nothing coming about after call for capital (6) DUBLIN {DUB}{LIN<=}
11 Sleuth in a romp, while confused, retaining edge (6,7) PHILIP MARLOWE {A+ROMP+WHILE}* around {LIP}
14 Host in attendance with hesitant expression (9) PRESENTER {PRESENT}{ER}
15 Animal completely rejected by mother (5) LLAMA {LLA<=}{MA}
17 Posed wearing glossy fabric (5) SATIN {SAT}{IN}
19 Learns during proper practice (9) REHEARSAL {RE{HEARS}AL}
21 Ride wave and react so excitedly (6,7) ROLLER COASTER {ROLLER} {REACT+SO}*
24 Calm, fast accepting condition (6) PACIFY {PAC{IF}Y}
25 Name a bad revolutionary in great partnership (8) ALLIANCE {A{LLI}{N}<=CE}
26 Lie, say, concocted without difficulty (6) EASILY*
27 Small pincers from fancy set were gripping zipper's head (8) TWEEZERS {SET+WERE}* around {Zi...'s}*

1   Pass fish (4) GOBY {GO}{BY}
2   Joke with guys in alien gear (9) EQUIPMENT {E{QUIP}{MEN}T}
3   One following colourist's tips in story referring to touch (7) TACTILE {TA{Co...sT}{1}LE}
4   Ancient hero, spirit broken, beginning to cry (11) PREHISTORIC {HERO+SPIRIT}*{Cry}
6   Dull, supporting neither side (7) NEUTRAL [DD]
7   Greeting, in nutshell, old-fashioned (5) HELLO [T]
8   Central ground in low resort (5,5) MONTE CARLO {CENTRAL}* in {MOO}
12 Sweet maiden protected by officer on base (11) MARSHMALLOW {MARSH{M}AL}{LOW}
13 Punctuation mark being amended too, perhaps (10) APOSTROPHE*
16 Confidence in promise (9) ASSURANCE [DD]
18 Essential end of innocence, in fun led astray (7) NEEDFUL {i...cE} in {FUN+LED}*
20 Spanning time, run into different ideas (7) ASTRIDE {AS{T}{R}IDE*}
22 Devices for fastening hair (5) LOCKS [DD]
23 Muddle becomes simpler to some extent (4) MESS [T]